How tall is Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley's Height

5ft 7 ¼ (170.8 cm)

English Actress best known for roles in films such as Austin Powers and Bedazzled. Said in 'Human Face' when John Cleese said 5ft 6, "5ft 8 actually"

How tall is Elizabeth Hurley
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Average Guess (21 Votes)
5ft 7.19in (170.7cm)
6'4" Leprechaun said on 30/Apr/22
Yes and Cleese was 6'4.5" though would claim 6'5". I always thought Elizabeth was 100% British. She's half Irish like me. πŸ‘ That's why she was such a phenomenon on screen.
borat1 said on 19/Dec/21
Hello Rob!! While she can look strikingly tall most of the times Click Here because of her perfect posture and footwear , her claim has started to look a bit shaky recently. She was the same height as kate hudson, was barely 2 inch taller than laila rouass and quite a bit shorter than 5'8 caroline murphy.
With Gwyneth: Click Here Click Here
Kate hudson: Click Here
Caroline murphy: Click Here Click Here
Do you believe even weak 5'7 or 5'6.5 could be a good estimate??
Editor Rob
5ft 7 on the nose may well turn out a best fit. Now in her mid 50's has she lost height...I'm not sure, she kept herself looking fit and doesn't seem to have lost anything noticeable.
David Kashfi said on 28/Sep/20
I really think that Elizabeth Hurley is 5'7 1/2". Liz rounded up when she told John Cleese that she is 5'8".
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Sep/20
@ Nik - Kitten heels are a lot smaller that 2-2.25".

Elizabeth gets 5ft7.5. πŸ‘©πŸŒΉ
Craig MacIntyre said on 27/Jun/20
Elton John & David Furnish are both about 5ft7 & 5ft8 respectively.
Liz Hurley is the same height as them with stilettos.
She's 5ft5 barefoot.
Beautiful, ageless, fit, elegant and classy. "Plum wouldn't melt in her mouth" British.
Like a fine wine, she improves with age.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Jun/20
πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ Happy Birthday Liz! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽπŸŽ‚

Many Happy Returns to Liz Hurley, who turns all the fives, 5️⃣5️⃣, today. Doesn't she look stunning? I loved her performance in 'Inspector Morse', wherein she played a pupil from a very posh school!


Nik said on 29/May/20
It's amazing that John Cleese thought she was 5'6"!
Jam Cherry said on 27/May/20
I think 171.5 cm fits her perfectly Rob u should upgrade
Nik said on 8/May/20
@ Rob - Yes, a kitten heel! 🐈
David Kashfi said on 13/Feb/20
I think Elizabeth Hurley is five seven and a half.
Nik said on 7/Dec/19
@ Rob - She would be my height in flats!
Nik Ashton said on 5/Dec/19
She’s my height peeps!
Editor Rob
In heels 171cm women would always look taller than me in photos, only if they wore say a 2-2.25 heel would we look the same.
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Mar/18
She is absolutely definitely smaller than Inspector Morse, not by much, though! (Played
by the late John Thaw, 5ft9).
I can't see the schoolgirl-playing Liz in high heels. They are walking on grass with complete ease!
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Mar/18
I wonder how many people realise Liz starred in an episode of 'Inspector Morse'? Called 'Last Seen Wearing', I was watching it for years before I had a clue she was playing one of a classful of posh and priveleged schoolgirls, but there she most certainly is!

I can't see any of the girls, who include Julia Sawalha among the pupils, being actually of school age, so I assume that they're all fully grown! I don't think either that they'll have been shot to give them their full and flattering heights, so to get an accurate idea of Liz's height from this alone might be quite a tall order, but I will go along with 5ft7 anyway! (Probably an eighth over!)
Arch Stanton said on 20/Aug/17
Click Here Her son looks like he might end up close to 6 ft 6, he has that sort of body frame. Looked 6'1-6'2 now recent pic I saw and 15 and a few months. His dad is 6'4.
Scarlett Rose said on 21/May/17
You have to be at least 5 feet, 7 inches tall to be a model, but models include the height of their heels onto their natural height. I used to know someone who ran modelling classes and she said so. She counted heel height onto her natural height, whereas I always used to give my natural height. It's always your natural height, plus maximum heel height to give your max. height. It's one of the tricks of the trade, but I always feel dishonest saying I'm any taller than my natural height. 😊
Arch Stanton said on 19/Jun/16
@Ayrton, don't believe what a rag like the Sun says, he looks barely taller than her in boots there! Hardly "towering" ove rher. Still he looks like he might be near 5 ft 11 which at 13 I think is probably 6-8 inches over average height. He's obviously going to end up well over 190cm.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Jun/16
@Ayrton, that kid has a solid 6 ft 4 father though, he's going to be seriously tall once fully grown, might end up near 6 ft 6. The song "Summertime" could have been written about Hurley's son haha "Your daddy's rich, and your mom's good looking". That kid of hers has hit the jackpot and he knows it. I can't imagine what it must be like to have a mother as hot as Liz!
ayrton said on 6/Jun/16
Click Here
5 '6 at this article of the sun , while being towered over by her teen son
David said on 27/Mar/16
Absolutely beautiful
Irshgrl500 said on 2/Feb/16
Even though Liz Hurley is about 5'7" (which is still tall), and not 5'9" as she claims, she is absolutely beautiful. I can understand why she was the face of Estee Lauder for nearly 10 years. She's just breathtaking.
REDO said on 17/Nov/15
Rob here is liz standing beside 5'8 Alexandra Park . Hurley looks about an inch and a half shorter . So the most she could be is a weak 5'7 . She is most likely 5'6 '.5".

Click Here
5'10man said on 30/Oct/15
@div Warne isn't 6'0 quite, I'd say more a strong 5'11. This listing is pretty fair
pj said on 5/Sep/15
i notice she always wears shoes with extra high platform. obviously makes her even taller, which makes me think she's closer to 5'7. still tall for a woman, and she's exceptionally beautiful indeed.
div said on 22/Aug/15
5,7.5 is too low for her . In high heels she is as tall or taller than
6 foot shane warne . She is at least 5'9.
rick said on 20/Aug/15
Rob in the royals she looks over an inch shorter than 5'8
Alexandra Park . Is 5'7.5 not too tall for her.
Editor Rob
it could be, at times she can look a weak 5ft 7.
Sammy Derrick said on 9/Aug/15
In Human Face she said 5'8...It's hard to doubt she has a large personality.
moses sip said on 23/Jul/15
I like her so much she looks so pretty and gorgeous. .:)
REDO said on 13/Jul/15
Looks as tall as 5'8 Tamara Beckwith.Could you put up Tamara Beckwith Rob?.

Click Here
Silent_D said on 9/Mar/15
172cm. She is a tall beautiful actress.
Steve said on 22/Jan/15
Who cares how tall she is? She's dropdead gorgeous!
littlesue said on 17/Jan/15
Easy Gery, just have an extra long body,
gery said on 16/Jan/15
How could she be 5'8 with her short legs.
Hypado said on 9/Apr/14
Looks 170cm in Austin Powers
jtm said on 13/Nov/13
not a hair over 5'6.
The Truth said on 11/Sep/13
In what world in Liz 5' 7.5". LOL. Come on. A true beauty, wow, but very short and small. Rail thin. Maybe 5'4.5"-5'5"? If that? I've stood next to her many times, first time with Hugh at the MC Grand Prix, and Hugh was short too.
Lorne said on 12/Jun/13
Spot on. I wonder what happened to her?
kk said on 24/Apr/13
shes always a few inches shorter next to other big time models. i think 5'7, maybe 5'6.5? not sure, but she looks awfully tall in adds and prints. she is also beautiful, what a face! one of my favorite models.
Louis said on 8/Oct/12
doesn't look 171 with Kevin Zegers Click Here
Shaun said on 7/Oct/12
What would Cleese know, he's nearly a foot taller, anybody under 6 ft 2 is short in comparison!
Shaun said on 7/Oct/12
5'6" is BS. Agreed Big T. Shane Warne is near 6' and she only looks about 4 inches shorter in low boots. I'd estimate her at 5'7.5" and him at 5'11.5". Spot on I'd say.
SIlent d said on 31/Jan/12
Some people say she is taller than 5 foot 8 blake lively on gossip girl. I think higher heels. I remember she was listed as 5 foot 9 somewhere. I never thought she was 5 foot 6. She always looked close to 5 foot 9. 172cm.
bb said on 16/Nov/11
She never looked taller than Hugh Grant during red carpet events despite decent-sized heels. I think John Cleese is right - 5'6.
Big T said on 25/Oct/11
Warne is definitely taller than 5'10"! Listed 6' and probably close. I'm 179cm and he was a bit taller than me when I met him, albeit it was momentary.
linke said on 24/Oct/11
Dominic says on 28/Jul/11
linke says on 18/Feb/11
rob,what is ur estimate on shane warne,seemed 5'10 from a distance during first edition of ipl.

Warney is hard to guess. I saw him in person earlier this year (metres away from him). He was def taller than me Im 176, he looked solid 5'10, maybe 179, he had shoe advantage though.

Yea,179 is probably max that i can go for him.He was pretty chubby in 08,my guess was 5'10 flat.He was surrounded by pankaj singh,who i swear looked like a 6'5 tank.
Shaun said on 21/Oct/11
She looks some range as Zeta Jones I completely agree with Rob on 170-71 range.
jake, 1.82 m said on 19/Oct/11
Warne is probably around 5ft 11.5in
Shaun said on 20/Sep/11
Click Here

Here she is with a barefoot 5'8" David Furnish. She's 5'7".
Shaun said on 20/Sep/11
Warne looks close to 5'11" to me. Liz I think is 5'7".
Pinky said on 8/Aug/11
She doesn't look 5'7.5 next to Chace Crawford: Click Here
Dominic said on 28/Jul/11
linke says on 18/Feb/11
rob,what is ur estimate on shane warne,seemed 5'10 from a distance during first edition of ipl.

Warney is hard to guess. I saw him in person earlier this year (metres away from him). He was def taller than me Im 176, he looked solid 5'10, maybe 179, he had shoe advantage though.
Dominic said on 28/Jul/11
Rob do you think Warney is worthy of his own page or not famous enough?
Editor Rob
a scatter gun approach to adding heights would mean 15,000 pages would be up by now.

if I'd done that, I don't think the site would have half as many visitors. There's more factors to adding new pages as the site grows in 'number of pages'.

Warny, well he's probably in that category of 'possibles'
Tom said on 1/Jun/11
I have watched IPL4 throughly and Liz was there always to support Sharne. Sharne looks to be 5'10-11 max and she was always with 5" heels on she was still the same height as Sharne Warne.
john said on 15/Apr/11
Click Here

Check out the pic above with 5 foot 11 Eva Herzigove. How on earth do you guys think she is taller than 5 foot 5????????
Ariella Wong said on 27/Feb/11
My mom is Italian 5'9 and my dad is Jamaicanese (chinese/jamaican) 6'4. I'm 17 5'11 and 122 lbs. I want to be a Supermodel.
linke said on 18/Feb/11
infact in 2008 actually,not 07
linke said on 18/Feb/11
rob,what is ur estimate on shane warne,seemed 5'10 from a distance during first edition of ipl.

Editor Rob
I don't follow cricket, I did see Shayne once appear for a minute on the soap neighbours though
Samuel Anderton said on 6/Jul/09
Cherie Blair is looking 1,5 inch shorter than Liz hurley, but I have to say it, Cherie was asked by girl friend at an event, how tall she is, and she has said 5 ft.6.5, so she is not 5 ft 4! So this is a strong proof that Liz Hurley is 5 ft 8...
Big King said on 12/Jun/09
No but Hurley looked almost an inch taller than Mike Myers who claimed his height as 5'7.5" so 5'8" might be on the money for Hurley and she looks pretty tall for a woman. And she looked 5-6 inches shorter than Brendan Fraser too. So anything under 5'8" would be downgraded for Liz.
Monty said on 6/Jun/09
Take a look at her on Getty stood next to Hilary Rhonda 5'11''.At least 4 inches shorter.Big King talkin out ure ass.
Ras said on 3/Jun/09
Big King you just can't accept the possibility that this girl coul b 5'7. So what if many sources put he at 5'8-5'9? Mariah Carey is clearly shorter than Whitney Houston and she's always listed as 5'9, does this mean she's at least near it? Probably to you it is...
Big King said on 26/Apr/09
No 5'7". If she already claimed 5'8" then she's nothing under it. She's even a strong 5'8".
anonymous said on 22/Apr/09
I watched serving sara with 5 foot 11 matthew perry and she was 3 inches shorter with heels on. 5 foot 7.
Diane said on 6/Mar/09
I'm 5'6 and she's taller than me
Big King said on 21/Dec/08
If Mike Myers already claimed his height as 5'7 1/2" on his CelebHeights site then Hurley is at least 5'8" because there was a short scene in Austin Powers where both were wearing normal shoes. And there were scenes where Hurley looked almost 3 inches taller than Myers with high heels. Hurley is really at least 5'8". Maybe she could hit 5'9" out of bed and she measured herself on that time.
anonymous said on 22/Nov/08
If she is half an inch taller than mike meyers than she is 172cm. In every she wears at least 4 inch heels maybe even higher heels. I still think she's 170cm and is a hot 44 year old. Still love the magnum ad.
Big King said on 17/Nov/08
Jake, please watch the first Austin Powers part and you will see that there is a seen where the kung fu man tosses Hurley's and Myers' heads together. There Hurley doesn't wear any heels and she looks a half inch taller than Myers.
Jake said on 16/Nov/08
Big King,
Are you serious when you say that Hurley wasn't wearing any heels beside Fraser in Bedazzled? Are you kidding me? She wore the highest of heels throughout the movie - which was part of her sexy devil package. And then again, you keep comparing Hurley w/o heels to Mike Myers, when there is NO scene in Austin Powers where she wasn't wearing heels! Same with Bedazzled - there is no need for you to get so desperate. So, calm down - Piers is right that Hurley looks much, much shorter than Eva Herzigova in latest pictures; you can disagree, but that doesn't make other people insane.

And your whole assumption is based on the fact that somehow Hurley can't be of average height. Well, 5'6" is a little above average and all evidence supports that measurement. Your "evidence" on the other hand is mostly just wishful thinking - I bet you can't produce a single picture of Hurley in Austin powers or Bedazzled w/o heels. I rest my case.
anonymous said on 11/Nov/08
I would say she's a short looking 170cm. She's hot though. Love that magnum ad. Hot for a 44yr old.
littlesue said on 9/Nov/08
Well a 5ft 5 woman in 4 or 5 inch heels would never look tiny!! The paper I read it in is the Daily Mirror, it could have been a typo error or maybe she said 5ft 9 and they heard it for 5ft 9 lol!!
Big King said on 7/Nov/08
Are you completely insane or what?! Liz does never look tiny! I told ya that she's above average female height. Also your 5'5" meaning is a nonsense. Where is the evidence that you read 5'5"?!
Piers said on 6/Nov/08
Take a look at recent pics on Getty images with Eva Herzigova. She looks tiny!!!
littlesue said on 6/Nov/08
I was looking through some old papers from the early 90's at my Nan's house, she was giving an interview for the TV programme Christabel and she states her height as 5ft 5
Big King said on 5/Nov/08
Otherwise Hurley would have an average female height if she would be really under 5'7" but she's mostly listed at 5'9" and less sources say that she's at 5'8". So if Hurley already claimed 5'8" then she's that tall and nothing under. Due to her above average height I think that she's at least 5'8", more like 5'8 1/2". That Hugh Grant could be near 6'. Also 5'7 1/2" is definitely a nonsense for Hurley because she looked about 6" shorter than Fraser in Bedazzled. And also beside Fraser she didn't wear high heels. And in Austin Powers Liz appears 2 1/2" taller than 5'7 1/2" Mike Myers. Without heels, Hurley seems at least a half inch taller than Myers. So these evidences are clear that Hurley isn't under 5'8". Rob, you can leave 5'7 1/2" or you can change it to 5'8". End of discussion.
C. said on 2/Nov/08
No way is she 5'9" (are you kidding me?). She's 5'6"-ish tops. Wears the largest heels imaginable.

This woman seriously needs to be downgraded.
Jake said on 29/Oct/08
Rob, why the fuss about downgrading Hurley's height? Hurley was being self-mocking on The Human Face, that was the whole shtick of the show. She did that throughout the show - sort of making fun of herself, her beauty and to an extent her (and other celebs') vanity. Even if she was being serious, why would you take her word over what almost every piece of evidence and record suggests? Grazia listed her at 5'6.5" and Cleese certainly got his number from some record after his producers researched because he was reading from the script (Hurley probably was too). As for those comparing Mike Myers and Hurley: why are they forgetting Hurley was wearing high heels throughout the film.

Hurley was never a runway model. And she has herself stated a hundred times that she owns no flat shoes - that in itself tells you that she is very height conscious and probably is prone to lying about it (even shorties like Reese Witherspoon and others are often seen in flats in pap photos). She also told the NYTimes that how she isn't very tall like most models and that is why women are not intimidated by her and instead like her. A 5'8" women would not be making such a claim.

Look at this photo of her with Grant, where she is wearing heels and looks so much shorter than grant:
Click Here

More of Grant and her:
Click Here
Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Grant is a solid 5'11" but usually never stands straight and Hurley, even in the highest heels and a very straight posture, never caught up to him. A 5'7.5" person would have no problem doing that. The truth is that Hurley has never - and that is NEVER - appeared in public (even in pap shots outside her house) in flat shoes or even in short heels, so she can get away with claiming that she is closer to 5ft 8.

Further proof is this picture of Hurley and Cherie Blair:
Click Here
Body shot: Click Here

Cherie's on-the-record height is 5'4" and even if both she and hurley are wearing equal length heels (which is very unlikely since Cherie is much heavier and is never seen in heels as high as Hurley's), does the height difference between them look anywhere close to 4" to anyone? It looks more like 1.5-2 in.

You have the last word but the truth is evident in so many pictures and the records produced by magazines. Hurley has an awesome body frame, curvy yet pencil thin and has never been spotted without her minimum 3-4in. heels, which makes her appear taller constantly. It is time to seriously change her height to 5ft 6in. for the sake of honesty.

She's hot but let's be fair Mr. Editor ;)
Big King said on 23/Oct/08
Come on, Liz isn't short! Her height can be described as above average. She also looked a half inch taller than 5'7 1/2" Mike Myers in Austin Powers.
anonymous said on 23/Oct/08
I like the magnum ad with elizabeth hurley. I thought she was short but now I don't think she's taller than 170cm. She always looks stubby.
Big King said on 20/Oct/08
Beside 6'3" Brendan Fraser she seemed short but for a woman she looks pretty big. She's something between 5'8" and 5'9". When I'm in a good mood, I'm saying that Hurley is 5'9". Liz Hurley is so hot, I can't get it!!!
anonymous said on 16/Oct/08
I watched bedazzled and she seems short even with heels on. I would say she's 5 foot 7 max. No taller. She seems stubby. No offence to her. In a red carpet appearance she was same height as pamela anderson. Both with heels on and pamela anderson is short. She's hot though for a 43 year old.
Big King said on 3/Oct/08
Liz' height is above average. So I think that she's not under 5'8".
Big King said on 21/Sep/08
5'6" is ridiculous you joker! Liz looks tall for a woman. If she already was slightly taller than Mike Myers in Austin Powers who stated his height as 5'7 1/2", then Liz is at least 5'8".
Fanatic said on 20/Sep/08
No way is she 5'7. She looks like 5'6 to me and no more.
Big King said on 20/Sep/08
Tom, keep dreaming! Anything under 5'8" is ridiculous for Liz!
Tom said on 19/Sep/08
She's 5'5" at most 5'6"
She has short legs, on the link below there is a picture of her with Trinny Woodall who is 5'9", both have high heels on.
Click Here
Big King said on 15/Sep/08
I could agree with 5'9". I would say she's more 5'8 1/2" but 5'7 1/2" is definitely underestimated!
Anonymous said on 10/Sep/08
I agree. She appears to be tall. I figured at least 5'9" 1/2. Exquisite woman nonetheless.
Big King said on 7/Sep/08
I mean, she was slightly taller than Mike Myers in Austin Powers.
Big King said on 4/Sep/08
Hurley appears to be tall for a woman, don't underestimate her height although other women are taller than her most of the photos. Hurley is 5'8" and that's that! 5'8 1/2" maybe. Remember, she was slightly taller in Austin Powers and in Austin Powers she appeared tall.
joe II said on 4/Sep/08
king, didnt you notice her heels in bedazzled?
steve said on 1/Sep/08
Hurley never wears shoes with less than 4 inch heels (you can tell by the fact that her feet are almost straight up) and she still gets towered over by other women. On gettyimages, look up Elle Macpherson (6 feet, but always wears flats) and 5 foot 11 Eva Herzigova. Elle in flats is still 2-3 inches taller than Hurley in heels and Elle in heels is at least 6 inches taller. Hurley and Eva both in heels, Hurley comes up to her nose. She is AT MOST 5 feet 6.
Daii said on 8/Aug/08
She is one hot woman. Looks the above height!
brapp said on 1/Aug/08
5'6" MAX

Saw a picture of her with Gwyneth Paltrow. Liz was wearing platform shoes about 3 or 4cm higher than Gwyneth's and Liz was still 3 inches shorter!
Anonymous said on 1/Aug/08
"She would never have made it in high fashion at this height"

Tell that to Kate Moss!
Anonymous said on 9/Apr/08
She's probaly 5'6. in a pic with her and Gwenyth Paltrow, Gwen is towering over her by about 4 inches.
Jolietta said on 24/Mar/08
I think those claims about Hurley being 5'8 are false. She's often seen with Trinny Woodall from "what not to wear" and Trinny is at least 5'9 , Liz does appear to be at least 2 1/2 " shorter. I believe she's a strong 5'6
glenn said on 11/Mar/08
could be as low as 5-6.i believe that possible.she was my height in heels.
C. said on 10/Mar/08
I think she clearly lies about her height and just about everything. She probably is no more than 5'6", especially if someone guessed her at that height (there is no way a 5'8" woman would be guessed at 5'6", seriously).
Anonymous said on 19/Feb/08
Why grant is only 5"9' is that makes sense? He is defin 5"11'
glenn said on 6/Feb/08
seemed 5-6.5 to 5-7 to me.guess im wrong.
Reyber said on 5/Feb/08
Absolutely nonsense! I would give Hurley 5 ft 8 1/2 inches. She looks definitely taller than 5'7".
irshgrl500 said on 24/Oct/07
MF says on 12/Oct/07
She would have never made it in a high fashion at this height.
MF, Hurley was NEVER, EVER High Fashion!
mf said on 12/Oct/07
This is no way she's 5'7.5, let alone some of the lower figures being claimed here. She would have never made it in a high fashion at this height. Additionally, the very reliable Fashion Model Database lists her at 5'10". The lowest I would go with Hurley is 5'9".
BlondGirl said on 24/Jul/07
She brushed past me on her way into Selfridges, London, about 4 years ago. We were using the same door so we brushed shoulder to shoulder, although it was brief. I am a truthful 5-4 - measured myself a LOT, using the electronic thing at the gym - and I was wearing one-inch heels. I know because I had two pairs of the same shoes I wore ALL the time around the time I saw her. She wasn't that much taller than me, only an inch and a half at most, maybe an inch. Of course, I don't know what shoes she was wearing. In pap pics she is often wearing skinny jeans and flats around town, so if she was in flats that would make her 5 6.5 at the most. I just know she wasn't that much taller than me when she brushed past and I know I'm no taller than 5-4, so I reckon anything over 5-6 is stretching it.
Rut said on 19/Jun/07
Cleese said 'about five ft. seven'.

Editor Rob
no he said "about 5ft 6 high".
Kathryn said on 14/Jun/07
in a pic with Hugh Grant on i m d b she definately looks 5 cm smaller than him. AND she has on 2 inch heels. so this height is most accurate. a little taller than 5'7''.
irshgrl500 said on 2/May/07
To Anonymous 4/Aug/06, I agree, Hurley CANNOT be 5'8", either. Those pics you submitted of Grant and Hurley shows Hurley is HEELS and Grant is supposedly 5'11". If Hurley were the actual 5'9" she claims, she would be the same height as Grant in the photos. She looks to be about 1-2" shorter. I say she's 5'7".
irshgrl500 said on 2/May/07
Anonymous says on 7/Apr/07
5'5 or 5'6 estimates are ridiculous. She was a model and you have to be at least 5'7 for that.

Actually, you have to be around 5'8" or 5'9", at the very least to be a Print or Runway model. Hurley was NEVER either. She became the face for Este Lauder and prior to that had done some relevant work, in print.
Hurley thinks she was some BIG TIME Supermodel. She is and WAS VERY good at self-promotion!
Anonymous said on 7/Apr/07
5'5 or 5'6 estimates are ridiculous. She was a model and you have to be at least 5'7 for that.
Asif said on 14/Dec/06
5ft7.5inches is correct, maybe even 5ft 8. The proof is that a few months ago Hello magazine published photos of Liz Hurley's visit to Pakistan. She was shown in several photos barefoot with Imran Khan and Arun Nair. Imran who is easily min 5ft 11" or 6ft was max 4" taller than Liz and no way did Liz look 5ft 5 or 5ft 6. I dont have access to those photos but clearly she was around 5ft 8
Anonymous said on 5/Sep/06
She is just as tall as Mike Myers when she is in three plus inch shoes. (Watch Austin Powers, nemely the scenes where they are in the silver space-type outfits). He really is 5'6-7" so she cannot be taller than 5'5'. Not possible.
Anonymous said on 4/Aug/06
I believe the 5-5/5'6 estimate. Though I was really fooled. I thought for sure 5'8. But then might have to look at Grant's height again. He doesn't appear to be more than a few inches taller. Not the best pic but anyway: Click Here
Glenn said on 29/Jul/06
Thats what I saw.I could be wrong.
jasper said on 28/Jul/06
glenn so your saying pamela anderson is taller than liz hurley.
Glenn said on 25/Jul/06
Really? Liz appeared 5-8,5-9 to me in heels.Pam appeared 5-10 to me in heels.strange.
jasper said on 25/Jul/06
Glenn how do you know liz is 5'6? . she appears at least 3 inches taller than pamela anderson when ever they appear together
Glenn said on 24/Jul/06
Hurley is 5-5ish,maybe 5-6.Judd is 5-4ish.
Anonymous said on 23/Jul/06
she is the exact same height as Ashley Judd. They are both 5'5" ish.
Haylie said on 13/Apr/06
In this weeks Grazia (the one with Kelly Brook on the cover) she is listed at 5'6.5- now maybe that is closer to the truth! But they list Kelly Brook as 5'8 I didn't think she was that tall

Editor Rob
hurley slowly goes down a 1/4 inch every 6 months here...
jimbo said on 11/Apr/06
in wireimages there are pictures of her with ashley judd and they look about the same height .how tall is ashley judd?.
Anonymous said on 6/Apr/06
yess for heaven sake will u please downgrade her to 5'6 theres no point in having her at 5'7.5 when all the evidence points to 5'6!!!!!
sf said on 17/Mar/06
I thought I'd jump on this height, too. Rob, your sight is supposed to be more based on personal experience, sightings, and the OVERWHELMING majority have Liz at 5'6"...time to downgrade...

Editor Rob
yes, a little shorter than what I have her just now...for the moment
Anonymous said on 27/Feb/06
In one comedy movie she has played with Matthew Perry(from Friends). She looks 1 inch shorter than him with wearing really high boots.He was wearing flat shoes. If he is barefoot 182 ,he is 185 with shoes,i think. 10 cm heels advantage+3 cm shortage make her a least 172.(5'8)
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/06
I think Liz is more like 2 inches shorter. Her dark hair disappears in the picture by Gwyneth. And if you find the top of her head, Gwyn is only 1-2" taller (and Gwyneth is wearing huge boots wheras Hurley is in smallish heels. I think that Gwyneth is more like 5'7", having seen her several times in person, and that Hurley is about 5'5.5".
jonny5 said on 4/Jan/06
Liz is about 3 inch shorter than Gwyneth Paltrow is 5ft9 liz is at most 5ft6
elio said on 22/Dec/05
In The 2001 BBC documentary, 'crets of The Human Face', episode 3 (i think), John Cleese says that Hurley is 5'6" ... to which she corrects him to 5'8". It's scripted dialogued, and perhaps is a subtle joke about how stars (and people) exagerrate their height.

I believe the 5'6" is correct. With largeish heels this would make her stand at 5'8/5'9, which qualifies the 2-3 inch height difference between her and Hugh Grant.
Britpop said on 13/Dec/05
5'7.5 is still infalted. This is a 5'5.5. That is still tall with heels. However, there is very little evidence tat she is close to 5'7". I love liz andt I believe she is 5'5 only.
BritPop said on 5/Dec/05
Claudia Schiffer is 5'10.5". Liz is clearly not 5'8".

mike said on 23/Nov/05
Elizabeth hurley is only about 5'5, in a photo i saw of her standing beside 5'6 olivia newton john she looked about an inch shoter than her and both were wearing flat shoes .
Anonymous said on 14/Nov/05
editor with all this evidence why arent u down grading hurley's height to atleast 5'6???? having her at 5'8 is down right madness
Anonymous said on 13/Nov/05
Hugh Grant is about 5'9". Usually actors add 2 or 3 inches for hair and shoes.
Anonymous said on 13/Oct/05
jack b you say your mom is 5'8, was hurley in flats and your mom in heels or was hurley slouching not standing up straight .
Jack B said on 13/Oct/05
I was allowing for her heels.My mom is 5'8'' and she's def a couple of inches taller than Liz.
Anonymous said on 12/Oct/05
Jack B when you met hurley was she in high heels , if she was just a head shorter than you she could still be 5'8 because a persons head is only anut 8 inches and 5'10 in heels is 5'8 barefoot and hurley looked abut 4 inches taller than 5'6 pamela anderson at vanity fair party, hurley also told jay leno she was 5'8 and is a former model who has a minimum height requirement of 5'8 .
Jack B said on 12/Oct/05
No Way 5'8''.I got her autograph recently and I'm just over 6'6''.She looked straight up at me and was easily a foot shorter. Defo downgrade material.
Anonymous said on 9/Oct/05
i saw a picture of hurley standing beside 5'2 kelly osbourne and hurley only looked about 4 inches taller which would make her 5'6 she said recently in an interview she was 5'8 but hurley is 40 now and most people shrink an inch by the time they get to 40 .
Anonymous said on 30/Sep/05
Hurley is 5'6 at most there are pictures of her with 5'2 sheryl crow and she is 4 inches taller than sheryl crow at most .
Anonymous said on 24/Sep/05
See celebheight editor more
evidence that hurley is 5'6 i think you should downgrade her height .
Pippa said on 24/Sep/05
I meet lots of stars working in a west end shop and at 6'3'' look down on most of them.I stood next to Liz recently and she's about 5'6''.Abi Tittmus is about the same,but Kelly Brook is shorter and not above 5'5''.
Anonymous said on 22/Sep/05
Celebheight editor dont you think you should downgrade hurleys height to 5'6 considering that when she is standing shoulder to shoulder to 5'6 olivia newton john in that photo she and newton john look the exact same height .
Anonymous said on 12/Aug/05
If hugh grant is only 5'11 then its hard to believe liz hurley is 5'8 . liz in flat shoes looks at least 5 inches shorter than grant .
jimbo said on 13/Mar/05
Celebheight editor go to wireimages and type in elizabeth hurley and then go to the oldest pics of hurley and you will see a pic of 5'8 hurley standing beside 5'7 emma thompson and thompson is about an inch taller than hurley .
jimbo said on 19/Feb/05
I read a quote of hers before where she said she was 5'9, its hard to tell how tall she is I have seen her in photographs with emma thompson who is 5'7 and liz was slightly shorter than her but then again I have seen her standing beside 5'8 catherine zeta jones and liz was slightly taller than jones . Also when she was hanging out with 5'4 pamela anderson liz towered over her and was at least 4 inches taller than pam and mike myers who is 5'7 liz looks to be about 2 inches taller than myers .
Anonymous said on 16/Feb/05
I saw her on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and she said she is 5'8''.

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