How tall is Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley's Height

5ft 11.75in (182.2 cm)

American Singer best remembered for songs such as "Suspicious Minds", "Love Me Tender", "Jailhouse Rock", "Can't Help Falling in Love", "Viva Las Vegas", "Heartbreak Hotel" and "In The Ghetto" and as an actor in films like Jailhouse Rock, Love Me Tender, King Creole, Blue Hawaii, Wild in the Country, Viva Las Vegas, Fun in Acapulco and Girls! Girls! Girls! An Army medical suggested he was 6ft 1/2 inch, although site visitor Ramiro got hold of Elvis' army medicals and he is mostly listed 6ft, with one 5ft 11 listing - See Here. A costume designer who worked with him said "[his] Chest was 42, waist was 30, 5ft 11.5, shoe size 9"

Elvis in Jailhouse Rock

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Average Guess (65 Votes)
5ft 11.73in (182.2cm)
MJKoP said on 21/Oct/17
Tom said on 20/Oct/17
MJKoP, of course they’re ‘horrible’ because they prove my point. Nothing on earth wrong with any of them.

Okay, if you're one to talk about objectivity, you might need to take a few pages out of your own book. :) But seriously, using blanket such as "they prove my point", is quite irresponsible because, yes, if those pictures you selected to share were the only things we had to gauge ABC's height(as this applies to *so* many people on this site, and, no, not just former members whose names began with the letter "F" with a number on the end), of course it would suggest that you COULD be right. But we frequently see pictures passed off as hardcore "proof" where A. Ground/footwear not visible and/or obscured B. Deceptive angles C. Making assumptions that XYZ standing next to ABC is of whatever given height.

RisingForce quite frankly irritates the heck out of me when it comes to his views on world politics, as we got into a heated debate over it and I was quite appalled by what I considered flat-out ignorance of the worst type imaginable. But I have to hand it to him - he's probably one of, if not THE, best and most comprehensive height sleuths ever to have graced this website. He backs his estimations up with rationales that actually make sense, and it more than willing to amend his guesses if he feels someone has proven him wrong. He also never fails to humbly acknowledge where he could be mistaken, but cogently explains why he is inclined to stick to his convictions. I think we could BOTH learn from his methods of arguing about height.

Tom said on 19/Oct/17
MJKoP, you say everyone overwhelmingly disagrees with me therefor I’m wrong? I don’t know whether to just laugh at such a remark or to comment that you tend to be a bit over the top.

Whether Bronson was 5'5", 5'7", 5'9", or 6'2", he did indeed have a specific height that defined him, so it wasn't a matter of opinion how tall he was a fact. We here just try to pinpoint that specific figure as closely as we can. Most of us like to try to look at the all of the evidence available and arrive at what we consider to be an intelligent, reasonable and educated guess concerning what a celeb's true height is or was. If you've reviewed everything pertaining to Bronson's vertical stature, and still conclude he was 5'7" or 5'6", then I respect that, as it's your personal opinion. Just like my opinion is that you're disregarding some very glaring evidence which strongly suggests he was taller. Of course, I'm sure your rebuttal will again be that he wore lifts and I'M the one who is being fooled, which I can respect as well.

I never implied that when the vast majority of a crowd has a differing opinion, the minority is wrong by default. But when it comes to the context of this site, what are the odds that one man(Tom), would be the one guy who somehow is on to something, and practically everyone else is just blind to the facts? I mean, the statistical probabilities of that being the case are fairly low, no? Which is all the more evidence(but obviously not PROOF!), to suggest that one could reasonable deduct that you could be Frank2/KnowitAll/Steve/et al because they all had identical unpopular opinions, so if at least four apparently separate individuals held whatever controversial viewpoints, it could bolster the case. I definitely despise Glenn far more than Frank2(whom, incidentally I really hold no grudge against, as I stated earlier), but you felt the need to clarify that you weren't Glenn either - to which I responded that I never accused you of there is NO evidence to suggest that. I presented my case for the potential of you being Frank2, and I'll let the readers and site contributors analyze it and judge for themselves. But for your sake, hopefully they're better at interpreting purported false identities than they are at guessing heights. :D

Take care.
Mike 2 said on 21/Oct/17
Hi Tom, yes Elvis would have been 6ft 2 in in his films and we all know that he wasn’t this height, even Elvis himself stated that he was only 6ft.
I disagree with the height growth in a persons twenties, unusual yes but not never. Like I said it’s well documented that Johnny Cash grew by almost two inches when he was on National service, what age he was I don’t know, but at a guess he would have been twenty plus?
Anyway , I’m sure you agree from my barefoot photos of Elvis that he and Ed Parker were the same height?
I have now submitted the photo of Parker with 6ft Joe Lewis and likewise they are also the same height, both towering over Bruce Lee. So it’s pretty obvious surely that Elvis was this height because you can’t lie with my barefoot photos.So what do you think now?????
Tom said on 21/Oct/17
Mike, people don’t grow in height in their 20’s. When Elvis entered the army he was 23. Elvis was no more than 5’11’’. I recently watched Tickle Me. Elvis wore height increasing boots. I noticed 5’10’’ Jack Mullaney wore tennis shoes with hardly any heel. That made Elvis look a lot taller than him.
Mike 2 said on 21/Oct/17
Click Here
Here you are Tom, Ed Parker with karate champ Joe Lewis who is also listed as 6ft!!!!
That is 5ft 7in- 5ft 8in Bruce Lee in the middle and he was a good friend of Parker’s.
Both Ed and Joe are wearing the same outfit so probably in the USA team and most probably the same footwear , so I am trying to find these other six footers for you!
Mike 2 said on 21/Oct/17
Tom - Ed Parker photos are with a six footer- Elvis! It wouldn’t matter what I show, you wouldn’t accept it. I don’t have to prove anything, I’ve met him and so I know and it’s not an issue for me if you can’t accept that.
Ed Parker is listed online as being that height and so if that, like Elvis’ height isn’t believed then really everyone’s listed height is incorrect and people you refer to about being a certain height can’t be believed either.
It’s not nonsense either about the height growth in the army, unlikely I accept but a possibility as it has been reported by a journalist Nancy Anderson who said that he had grown when she met him during his service.
So, Ed Parker wasn’t six foot, neither was Vernon and Linda Thompson isn’t 5ft 9in; How convenient? I think someone here is in denial.
Tom said on 20/Oct/17
MJKoP, of course they’re ‘horrible’ because they prove my point. Nothing on earth wrong with any of them.

And Mike 2, this constant referring to Ed Parker being 6’ doesn’t mean much unless you can show us photos of Parker with true six footers.

Elvis grew late? Prove it. And how late? In his twenties? Nonsense.
Mike 2 said on 20/Oct/17
Click Here
Elvis with 6 ft Ed Parker, probably barefooted Click Here
Elvis with Vernon Presley who was between 6ft 1” and 6ft 2” tall.
This is a barefoot photo and can be verified by viewing a full length shot which I submitted a few days ago.
I still believe that Elvis grew late just like Johnny Cash apparently did by up to two inches when Cash went into the airforce!
This is why barefoot photos beat anything else hands down as you can’t argue about lifts or shoe wear etc, but of course the same applies in relation to camera angles.
You can clearly see though that Elvis was tall and not an average 5ft 10in or indeed 5ft 11in . For me a definite six footer.
People can say that Ed Parker’s height and even Vernon’s can’t be verified, however to us Elvis fans and in my case 57 years and counting we know that we are correct.
MJKoP said on 19/Oct/17
Tom, these Bronson pictures are horrible for the sake of comparison. At least now you concede that Elvis was 5'11" when before you seemed pretty adamant that he was under. But the boxing ring shot shows nowhere near four inches between Charlie and Presley, which presents a major problem for a 5'7" Bronson.
Tom said on 19/Oct/17
MJKoP, you say everyone overwhelmingly disagrees with me therefor I’m wrong? I don’t know whether to just laugh at such a remark or to comment that you tend to be a bit over the top.

Elvis was most likely 5’11” but later in his career wore shoes and boots designed to boost his height to well over 6’.

Bronson was 5’7”.

I have a right to my beliefs just as you have the right to your own. But to put me down for mine tells me you’re the one needing introspection.
MJKoP said on 19/Oct/17
@Tom I've explained why I see things the way I see them, and the fact that almost everyone else agrees with me. When you're in a situation where the overwhelming majority is in opposition to you, it may call for some introspection.
MJKoP said on 18/Oct/17
@Harris Don't forget "Steve"....and perhaps a few others. ;)
Tom said on 18/Oct/17
OK. My last post on Bronson. Check out this photo. That’s Borgnine peeking over Lancaster’s left shoulder. And Bronson is on the left. Tell me Borgnine isn’t at least two inches taller. Click Here

Bronson was 5’7’’. Elvis was 5’11’’. And for the people thinking I’m someone else in a effort to belittle my views, all I can say is try to remain objective.
Tom said on 18/Oct/17
Incredibly unreasonable simply because people disagree with you? Bizarre estimates? Sounds like unless people tow the line, they’re singled out. It sadly sems to be the way of things these days.
Harris said on 18/Oct/17
Tom and our dear friend Frank2/KnowItAll would have certainly made great friends and profuse agreements with each other if both were to post their borderline bizarre estimates...unless their the same person of course!
MJKoP said on 18/Oct/17
And I never accused you of being I'd have no reason to do so.
MJKoP said on 18/Oct/17
Sorry, but this is absolutely ridiculous...the photo YOU shared, Tom, shows that Elvis was NOT a lot taller than Bronson, contrary to what you just stated on the 16th. It's one of the best shots for comparison purposes due to it being full-bodied, on a flat surface, *and* with identical footwear. I saw a solid two inches of difference - perhaps a bit more, but perhaps not. It certainly shatters the belief that Elvis was a 6'2" guy barefooted, but Elvis is still easily a very strong 5'11", and almost unquestionable over that mark. Since Bronson and Presley's heights are therefore now dependent upon one another, you definitely went far overboard with your Bronson estimates when you say he was nothing over 5'7" and possibly 5'6".

Go to the Bronson page here. Plenty of evidence presented by RisingForce showcases a 5'9" peak Bronson. Check it all out, and report back; Rising makes some very compelling arguments. Since you are absolutely not Frank2(at least according to you), I expect you to come around on this one, since Rising sells his case very well, and leaves little to no room for any counterarguments. Frank2, as entertaining as he was, could be one seriously stubborn S.O.B., to the point where he stuck to his stories of Stallone at 5'7", Gary Oldman at at least 5'10" barefoot, Michael Jackson at 5'7", et al., even when the overwhelming evidence belied his vast proclamations many times over. Frank2 was known to be incredibly unreasonable when it came to budging from his initial height estimations, but since I now am willing to accept that you are not him, I'm sure you'll read the comments and view the links on Bronson's page and come back fully convinced. ;)
Tom said on 17/Oct/17
Scroll down to the section on Vera Cruz to see how short Bronson was next to everyone else. Click Here
Harris said on 17/Oct/17
Nope. Bronson still doesn't look your insistent 5'7" claim in the group photo with Crawford, Meeker and Talman either imo. 174 cm is still passable there. And Elvis certainly didn't tower above Bronson in Kid Galahad either.
Tom said on 17/Oct/17
Scroll down to the second photo. That’s 6’ Broderick Crawford, 6’1” Ralph Meeker, 5’10” William Talman and 5’7” Charles Bronson.

Click Here
Tom said on 17/Oct/17
Rising, Borgnine himself claimed to be 5’9’’. Why would he lie? It’s extremely unusual for an actor to claim a height shorter than they really are. But I have to say that Borgnine looked more like a 5’10” guy. But no way was he 5’11’’. He’s obviously shorter than actors listed as being 6’. And he wore obvious lifts in From Here to Eternity to look taller than 5’10’’ Montgomery Clift. Borgnine admitted wearing lifts in the film in an interview I read. He said Clift was an inch taller than him.
Editor Rob: there was another quote I found for Ernest, it's on his page and he also claimed six feet earlier in his career!
Mike 2 said on 16/Oct/17
Further to my last I actually think that Vernon is wearing dark socks and not shoes.
Mike 2 said on 16/Oct/17
Click Here

I know people on here seem to prefer waist up shots with different footwear, and dislike the full length barefoot photos which actually do give you a better perspective of the real height of Elvis, however here is another one of Elvis next to 5ft 9ins beauty queen and long time girlfriend Linda Thompson. 6ft 1in - 6ft 2in Vernon Presley is also here but in shoes. It doesn’t prove everything, but it’s far better to look at and get an idea from, rather than these other photos of various films/ actors in all kinds of shoes and boots which prove absolutely nothing! TCB
Tom said on 16/Oct/17
Bronson was short. No question. There are more photos of Curtis with Bronson I couldn’t link. There was a two inch difference. But then since both men wore lifts, it’s amusing to think what they’d look like without then standing barefoot. After Douglas’s accident, he lost height. And he wasn’t that tall to begin with. For those who doubt Bronson was short, there’s nothing more to be said except camera angles can change actor’s heights as they appear together. Obviously Elvis was a lot taller than Bronson. Watch the movie.
Harris said on 16/Oct/17
@Tom, that's not a two inch difference between Tony Curtis and Charles Bronson. At the VERY most that's a one inch difference, most likely less. Their eye-levels and body frame are close, but of course Curtis has the longer head. And the pic with Douglas is hard to tell due to the camera angle, they look close in height there nonetheless. As for you saying Bronson could have been 5'6" -- you have got to be joking right!? Elvis wouldn't have been over 5'8.5" by that bizarre logic!
Tom said on 15/Oct/17
Elvis looked considerably shorter next to Walter Matthau.

Click Here

Click Here

And Elvis wasn’t that much taller than 5’9” Vic Morrow.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Tom said on 15/Oct/17
Not to belabor the point....

5’9’’ Tony Curtis is two inches taller than Bronson. Click Here

And here in this photo taken of him with Kirk Douglas who was still recovering from his near fatal helicopter crash the men are roughly the same height. You can see the bruises still on Douglas’s face. That accident compressed his spine. He had been 5’8’’, but lost a couple of inches from the accident. Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 15/Oct/17
@Tom: Bronson is standing noticeably behind Borgnine, which alone will make him look shorter, but you can see his knee bent and with them outside as opposed to on solid ground like he is with Sean Penn and Chuck Norris. I've seen many Bronson films and he mostly looks like a completely average height man to me. Including films he appeared in barefoot. Whether he wore lifts at times, he wasn't wearing Bogart's Casablanca shoes or Karloff's Frankenstein boots. I think we'll have to agree to disagree because I just don't see a possibility Bronson was under 5'8", much less 5'7". Incidentally, I can't believe Ernest Borgnine was only 5'9" in his prime. I saw him listed 5'11" in an old article and I'd bet he was closer to that than 5'9" so he was undoubtedly taller than Bronson, but not as much as that still favoring him shows.

But I can agree with you on the possibility of Elvis being 5'11" and the fact it can be tough to see an inch difference at times.
Tom said on 15/Oct/17
You seem obsessed with this person known as Frank2. I assure you that’s not me. Never has been me. Nor am I that other character Glenn. Nor am I anyone except who I am. I would never put my picture on the web. Nor would I ever use my own name. Anyone who does is a fool asking for trouble. The web can be entertaining, even enlightening. But lurking out there is a bevy of weirdos and crazed individuals. I constantly chide my wife for having a social media account.

It’s common knowledge in the industry that Bronson was 5’7’’. All you have to do is watch his films. He’s consistently shorter than other actors listed at being 5’9’’ or more. Unless Ernest Borgnine lied about his own height being 5’9’’, Bronson is nor more than 5’7’’. He could have even been 5’6’’.
MJKoP said on 14/Oct/17
@Tom: Well, according to that boxing picture with the even footwear, Elvis would have to be *under* five ten if Bronson was five seven. Such a mind blowing coincidence that you aren't Frank2, yet your height estimates mirror his like a carbon copy. Since you are a completely different person, I have to now inform you that yes, Frank2 DID consistently insist Bronson was only five foot seven, despite so many here arguing otherwise. Seeing your posts is almost literally like experiencing Déjà Vu, Tom.

Hey, could do me and the others here a small favor to ease our crazy and imaginative minds? Frank2 once posted a picture of himself standing next to others, so we all(or at least *I*) know what he looks like. Just take a quick, clear selfie of yourself holding a piece of paper that says "Tom, NOT FRANK2 @"????? Just so we can finally have proof positive that you two are different people. Since you, as someone who isn't Frank2, and seems to be a very reasonable and rational individual would have to objectively say that our suspicions are rightfully aroused. Just humor us and put our silly little minds at ease once and for all. One quick and simple photo....and I swear on my life, you won't ever have to hear the name 'Frank2' from me ever again. :)
Tom said on 14/Oct/17
Rising, check out how short Bronson is next to Ernest Borgnine. Click Here
Mike 2 said on 14/Oct/17
The article regarding the hairpiece is from a’ joke’ magazine. Elvis had white hair, dyed black and this would run into his eyes constantly under the stage lights. It’s a pity he felt the need to dye it, but I suppose it was the image thing.
Also recently heard that in ‘74 Led Zep’s management were interested in taking Elvis from the Colonel. Now that would have been interesting.
Tom said on 13/Oct/17
‘’Who cares if he wore a hairpiece anyway? He apparently contracted a disease from the army which led to hair loss, so it's not wrong or weird he wore a hairpiece. And what significance does it have to his height exactly?! None.’’

It has lots of significance because that rug added three inches! I don’t believe Elvis got some disorder in the army leading to hair loss. I believe that’s a false story. I’m good at spotting toupees. Elvis had his own hair at least until the 1970s when he was appearing on stage in Las Vegas. He might have worn that hairpiece which looked like it was made by the same person who made Liberace’s wig because it meant Elvis didn’t have to spend time having his own hair styled. Or he could have started to suffer from male pattern baldness. Dying his hair black over many years couldn’t have been beneficial to the health of his scalp.
Tom said on 13/Oct/17
Bronson was short. Watch House of Wax. No way was he anywhere near being 5’9’’.

As for Elvis being 5’11’’, I must admit that’s possible. He tended to slump a bit next to 5’10’’ Milton Berle. Also seeing an inch difference is difficult, especially considering camera angles.
Harris said on 12/Oct/17
I still think a 5'11.5" listing for Elvis might make more sense overall than a weak six foot. Bronson would have to be more 5'9.5" if Elvis was nearer 6', I admit.
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Oct/17
Bronson did not have lifts in his bare feet and some, including Rob thought Bronson looked about 5'9" in his barefoot appearances. There's also a scene early in Death Wish 3 where Bronson is sitting on a bench and his pant leg comes enough to see he doesn't look to be wearing lifts yet he was still not much shorter than 5'8.5" Deborah Raffin who was wearing heels. Keep in mind, Bronson was 63 by that point. Frank2 actually mentioned Bronson having one leg shorter than the other(Frank2 was also of the opinion Bronson was only 5'7" ;) ) and Bronson does often look to me like he has one shoe with a higher heel than the other, which actually might have mistakenly led people to believe he wore big heels when only one of his heels were big. I've only seen a few occasions where I thought he might be wearing lifts, though, and even if he did, that'd explain why he could look his official height of 5'10", which would be almost impossible if he were 5'7". As a man a bit over 5'8", I have a pretty good idea of how a 5'7" man looks and Bronson just doesn't have the build of a man that short. Although even if I'm right about Bronson being 5'9" or 5'8.5" absolute minimum, I'm still not seeing Elvis much more than 2" taller.

Although I do find Tom's photo of Elvis interesting as it may substantiate some of the lift rumors. There is at least a chance, imo, that Elvis measured 5'11" barefoot and then the 6'0" were shoe measurements. That seems much more likely than repeatedly getting measured his high and then once at his low. Though it could also be a case of an error, or some rounding.

@Rob: If Elvis measured 6'0.5" in boots, wouldn't that make 5'11.25"-5'11.5" most likely barefoot?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Oct/17
I've seen the shoes he wore on stage and in public, the heels massive. Easily add 2in+. I'm sure in person he was never without them and appeared at least 6ft2. The people at Graceland described him as being just that.
Harris said on 11/Oct/17
Who cares if he wore a hairpiece anyway? He apparently contracted a disease from the army which led to hair loss, so it's not wrong or weird he wore a hairpiece. And what significance does it have to his height exactly?! None.
Tom said on 10/Oct/17
Bronson was 5'7'' and wore lifts.

What do you make of this? Click Here

Elvis definitely wore a black full hairpiece on stage the last few years he performed. Just look at it. Click Here

Nobody has natural hair like that. It looks like a helmet.
MJKoP said on 8/Oct/17
Sorry, Tom...but I totally agree with Rising when it comes to Bronson. People only assumed he was around 5'7" because he was a cowboy star in an era with other on-screen cowboys who were very tall, and some absolute giants. With names like Arness, Walker, Connors, Parker, Wayne and Eastwood dominating the Western genre, a 5'9ish(i.e. Bronson) gentleman is going to seem like a midget in comparison.
Harris said on 1/Oct/17
Rob, since you list Elvis as a weak six foot, what do you make of the 5'11" documented on his army medical? Why would they list him that low?
Editor Rob: there's a few army related listings, even as much as 6ft 1/2 inch, though that seems to be in boots.
Tom said on 30/Sep/17
An uncle was in the US Navy. He was measured at 6'1''. His true height was slightly over 5'11''. Never trust the government!
Mike 2 said on 30/Sep/17
Tom- with all due respect , if the US army isn’t an authorised body which can’t be believed then nothing is- not even an autopsy!
Tom said on 28/Sep/17
Most actors did not wear lifts. Only the short ones or those who were of medium height who wanted to look tall. I never saw Richard Widmark wear lifts yet he was no more than 5'10''. Perhaps even 5'9''. I never saw lifts on Jack Lemmon who was reportedly 5'9''. Nor on many actors under six feet. Ty Power wore lifts in The Long Gray Line. But that was the only feature I spotted them in.

And we have no proof of anyone's height. Think about it. Unless measured and recorded by an irrefutable source such as during an autopsy, everything is pure speculation. And official heights with celebrities are always suspect.
Mike2 said on 27/Sep/17
I can’t understand this obsession with a shoe Elvis wore in GI Blues; so what?
In films, most actors probably wore lifts and you can’t say for certain that there was a lift in this shoe. But even if there was ,this photo wouldn’t make a difference to a barefooted height such as the ones I have posted, and Dave Hebler was 5ft 10.5 according to one of our fellow contributors who actually got to know him. And guess what , Dave Hebler reports EP asbeing 6 ft tall. I’m afraid your argument has no substance. If Elvis was 6ft 2 in in films due to footwear or lifts, we all agree that he wasn’t that tall, but like I said the absolute minimum was 5-11 for Elvis and anything less is just as crazy as saying he was 6 ft 2 plus.
Watch the New Gladiators film to see a barefooted Elvis with others and you will see that he was tall , and you will get a better idea of his real height instead of looking at various shoewear from his films.
And as for his heels on his boots, like I said it was the 1970,s and we all wore high heels. Elvis would have been a good couple of inches taller, but we all were. It’s obvious that Elvis didn’t have an issue with his height otherwise he wouldn’t have allowed himself to have been filmed in barefeet. It is so obvious to me that he was a six footer, which like I said earlier, isn’t over tall, he was just tall. If Elvis in barefeet was only 5ft 10in then he must have been permanently surrounded by midgets!
It makes me laugh that whenever a photo or evidence is put forward that supports Elvis being 6 ft, such as Parker’s and Hebler’s height, it is just dismissed with comments such as ‘ we have no proof of these heights’, yet if it’s a photo which leads towards a shorter Elvis, it’s an absolute definite.
Mike2 said on 27/Sep/17
Hi Amaral, this is from the NewGladiators film and you can see that Elvis was quite happy to be filmed barefooted with others around him. He was obviously not that bothered about his height. The person he is training with was I believe his stepbrother David and he is a bit taller than Elvis. Towards the end of the film when you see Elvis enter the lesson he is followed by Rick Stanley who has the blonde hair and he was six foot, the same height as Elvis. TCB
Amaral said on 26/Sep/17
Hello Mike 2 how r u ?
Could u go YouTube and watch Elvis presely - karate 6 !
In this video Elvis is praticsing karate with a tall guy , for me seem to be his stepbrother Bill or Rick .
Do u know how tall they are ?
Tom said on 26/Sep/17
Check out the shoes, especially the rear on how high up they go. Definitely lifts. They gave Elvis an extra inch. Click Here
Editor Rob: there's certainly room for a lift in a shoe like that.
Tom said on 26/Sep/17
Hebler is obviously bending his knees while Elvis is more recent. That said, I hardly see much of a difference. How do you know Hebler is exactly 5'10"?

Hebler is in the first photo linked by me. Scroll down to the third to see the boots Elvis wore. Click Here
Harris said on 26/Sep/17
I agree the 182 cm might certainly be a bit too high, but 5'11"-5'11.5" seems spot on. Elvis didn't quite look Rob's listing with Charles Bronson in Kid Galahad. If Bronson really was never over 5'8.5", then a solid 5'11" might be the most there, though I agree Bronson could look taller than his listed height at times.

Considering the fact there was a height listing of 5'11" flat on his medical record, and a 5'11.5" claim from his costume designer (who would have obviously measured him), I'm not seeing how this current listing works.
Harris said on 26/Sep/17
Tom can't be serious! Elvis wasn't under 5'11".
Mike 2 said on 25/Sep/17
Click Here

Here is Elvis with 5ft 10in Dave Hebler. Another almost barefoot photo ( Elvis has one sock on- maybe it’s to hide a lift!!)
Tom said on 25/Sep/17
Bronson was a notorious lift wearer. He also had one leg shorter than the other so perhaps without shoes he was 5'7'' on one leg and 5'8'' on the other.😂
Tom said on 24/Sep/17
Mike 2, Kirk Douglas claimed to be 5'11''. He was more like 5'8''. Peter Sellers' wife Brit Ekland claimed Sellers was 5'11''. Sellers was more like 5'8''. Tyrone power claimed he was 6' yet it's obvious watching his films he was around 5'10". My point is people inflate heights. I guess it's human nature. Nobody wants to be known as being short except really short people. For them there's no reason to lie. If Danny Devito claimed he was 5'6'' we'd all have a good chuckle.
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Sep/17
@MJKoP: Seems we're close here as I think the range has to be the range of his medical records with 5'11" the low and 6' the high, so I think 5'11.5" would be the safest guess.

@Tom: I can't see the 5'7" stuff for Bronson. I'm almost positive a 65 year old Bronson was taller than 5'8.5" Chuck Norris: Click Here and a 69 year old Bronson was definitely taller than 5'8" Sean Penn: Click Here Click Here Bronson looks like he may have a bit extra heel, but the front of the shoe would look different if he had a big internal lift. A supposedly 5'8" Dennis Hopper looks shorter than both, but I think Hopper was more 5'7.5" or so. But even if I'm right about Bronson at 5'9", I still don't see Elvis above 5'11"-5'11.5" range with him. Certainly, a 5'7" Bronson would suggest Michael Winner was more like 5'7" than 5'9" as well.

@Mike 2: It's important to remember not everyone is precise with fractions when it comes to height either. Most I know don't include 1/4" and some don't even include half inches, but rather round to the nearest inch. Although I don't think Elvis was taller than 5'11.5" myself, if he was 5'11.75" as listed here for arguments sake, most would probably call that 6' anyway. Many wound round 5'11.5" to 6' as well. And not everyone can tell the difference visually either. I think it's silly to say disregard anything where they happen to have shoes as well. 95% of the comparisons available will be with shoes. Imo, it'd be foolish to base an estimate on just one comparison. Besides, shoes are only one variable and typically the easiest to estimate. Posture, ground level and camera angles are all constant factors and can be much more difficult to estimate. For instance, if you see a pair of cowboy boots, you can say the heel is likely about 1 3/4", which will give perhaps 1 5/8" in actual height over bare feet. Angles, posture and ground can't really be quantified like that.
Mike 2 said on 23/Sep/17
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Here is a prime example of why photos in shoes can’t be relied upon. I am not 100% sure but I believe that Johnny Cash in his prime was 6ft 1.5ins, so in boots he could have been as tall as 6ft 3in.
The photo in which Elvis is in a tux and most probably normal shoes is usually the one shown, but in this JC is in a western outfit

and most probably wearing high heeled cowboy boots.
The other less seen photo of EP and JC shows them to be of similar height, so JC wasn’t much taller, if any, it’s just that people see one photo and assume things.
Tom said on 23/Sep/17
Bronson was about 5'7''. I watched Kid Galahad. They obviously used angles and tricks to adjust everyone's height. Problem besides making short actors appear taller is simply getting them into the frame. People have different heights. Imagine you're directing a movie with an actress who's barely five feet where she does a standing love scene with an actor who's well over six feet. The actress has to stand on a box, otherwise all we'd see in the frame is the tall actor. Gig Young was 6'1''. In most shots he and Elvis look to be the exact same height. But if we look at photos of Elvis with people who are 6'1" such as Johnny Cash, Elvis is shorter.

As for this character Glenn, I think spending time discussing him is a waste of time. He sounds like a total flake.
Mike 2 said on 23/Sep/17
We will have to agree to disagree, if Ed Parker had been 5-10 when I met him then I would be with you, but I can’t, he was 6ft.
Have you viewed the New Gladiators film Tom? I’m trying to offer other examples here where Elvis is barefoot. I don’t understand the obsession with film or photos which have everyone wearing all sorts of different footwear.
I think we have to be careful not to be disrespectful to people such as Col Parker’s widow who has nothing to gain, just like Linda Thompson.
Once again whenever evidence is put forward for the 6ft argument, the comments are simply dismissed saying that these people have simply inflated the heights of their husbands/ partners. These people knew them better than us! I
MJKoP said on 22/Sep/17
@Rising - You seriously crack me up. I'm sure Rob read my comment before replying to Tom's on the 13th...yeah, the whole witchcraft thing I found to be quite odd. Shows how easy it is to fool some people, I guess.

I also see Bronson as at least a strong 5'9". Elvis looks to be a weak 6'0" tops in comparison. I personally see under 5'11" as an impossibility, but maybe Tom is onto something.
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Sep/17
Why did I talk to Glenn for several years and have no idea he believed in things like casting spells? Maybe after he measured 5'6.5", he found someone to cast a spell that made him 5'8" and that's why he disregards the measurement? Does Glenn not consider there were witnesses to Hitler's final days as well? In fact, we even have accounts of his top men trying to convince him to leave Berlin while Hitler obviously insisted on staying. If a few affidavits convince him, how about affidavits signed by Rob and Jenny swearing Glenn measured 5'6.5" without shoes...would affidavits still be compelling to him? ;)

As for Elvis' height, it's a fair point about shoes, but what about Charles Bronson? He wore flat boxing shoes with Elvis: Click Here And the height difference is never much more the 2" in the film. These stills are pretty representative: Click Here Click Here Keep in mind I believe Bronson was 5'9", but many think he's shorter. Rob has him 5'8.5" and many others believe he was only 5'7"-5'8". I can see Elvis 5'11", maybe 5'11.25" with Bronson, but no more. And remember, this was a film Elvis starred in.
Tom said on 19/Sep/17
Then Milton Berle was six feet. And Steve Allen was 6'5''.

Quit frankly I don't buy it.

As for Col. Parker's widow's claim on his height, I hear lots of people inflate heights. And even by several inches. So I go by photos as well as watching movies and TV.
Mike 2 said on 18/Sep/17
Hi Tom,
Did you know that Col Parker's widow described him as being 6 ft tall!
Elvis with his large heels would have made him a good 6ft 2in in these types of boots, so I don't get the point you are trying to make. On stage Elvis stood around this same height, it's never really been disputed.
Like I said it was the fashion, even though Elvis liked wearing low heeled loafers.
My point is that you can't argue with barefoot comparisons, and surely you have to agree with this?
It's up to you if you don't accept my view about Ed Parkrt's height,
but I am telling you he was six foot tall, and yes I believe that Elvis had a slight edge which would bring him in just over 6 ft, just like Linda Thompson has said!!
Ed Parker is described on the internet as being 6 ft tall and surely from your observations of these photos you have viewed you could tell that he was definitely over 5 ft 10 ins!!
Even in the 50's Elvis was described as being tall and lanky and referred to as being taller than imagined by journalists when they met him. How tall did they think he was- 5 ft 7ins??
When Elvis says that he is six foot it is not disputed, and one journalist has him down as 6ft 2ins, so Elvis was not it appears exaggerating.
I am pleased that you think that Ed Parker was the same if not shorter than Elvis as this confirms to me that Elvis was indeed 6ft tall. I have met other friends of Elvis, and looked at photos of these people with Elvis, but the difference is that they have shoes or boots on. So I disregarded these photos, just like Berle and Allen.
Have a look at the New Gladiators film on YouTube and look at the film of Elvis doing Karate both in boots and bare feet , and see him next to 5ft 10 in Bill superfoot Wallace, and 5 ft 10 in Dave Hebler.
At least we are discussing the height of Elvis instead of talking aboutGlen whoever and other ' Mumbo jumbo'
All the best Tom.
Tom said on 15/Sep/17
"Forget all this Steve Allen and Milton Berle stuff"

Why? We know Steve Allen was quite tall and Milton Berle was 5'10". I have no proof Ed Parker was six feet. Only what you claim. I've looked at dozens of photos of Parker. In some he appears an inch shorter than Elvis.

And lots of photos taken of Elvis show him wearing shoes or boots that increased his height by at least two inches.

Early in his career before he wore such footwear he looked shorter. Just compare photos of him with Col. Parker. In the 1950's Elvis is the same height. Then into the 1960's Elvis is two to three inches taller. I doubt Col. Parker lost that much in height. In 1957, Col. Parker was 48. In 1966 he was 57. Too young to have lost two to three inches. There are lots of photos taken early on in his career showing Elvis with people who he either appears to be the same height or shorter while later shots show him being taller.
Mike 2 said on 13/Sep/17
Hi Tom, Elvis in the early years does look shorter, I agree but how do we know that the others weren't wearing lifts and built up shoes.
Perhaps you can answer this- how come a barefoot Elvis is the same height as a barefoot and 6 ft tall Ed Parker? Out of these two examples which one is the easiest to prove ?
Forget all this Steve Allen and Milton Berle stuff, surely it's far easier to compare Elvis to Ed Parkers height as they are both in bare feet?
What could be easier?
The answer is six foot and I know this because I've met Parker, just like thousands of other people have, and he was known as a 6 ft fighter decades before this site.
Have a look at images online to gauge Parker's height so that you can compare to get an idea. There are some with 5ft 7in - 5ft 8in Bruce Lee, and although it looks as though shoe wear is worn,Parker dwarfs Bruce.
Just for information the photo of Elvis and Lee is a fake , Elvis was really standing next to a Wayne Carmen.
There are many barefoot photos of Elvis but the one with Parker offers the best for comparison. Yes, Elvis wore two inch heels in the 70's , but so did I and everyone else, it was the fashion.
To try and balance things out I think I am right in saying that just about everyone interested in how tall Elvis was agrees that he was no shorter than 5-11 but I respect your opinion. TCB
MJKoP said on 13/Sep/17
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Sep/17
Wow, did Glenn really believe in that stupid Hitler/Argentina myth?

Yes...yes, he did. I was fb friends with him for many years, so I saw all of his status update alerts. He would always chime in on random UFO/paranormal/"cryptozoology" mumbo-jumbo. When it came to the Hitler escape theory, he offered that he had seen sworn affidavits from Argentinian residents. If anyone were to even gently challenge his notions, he'd blow a fuse like you wouldn't believe it - as most of us here already know all too well. "Guarded" isn't even a strong enough word to describe how I would have to handle myself whenever interacting with him.

I can now 100% confirm that he is mistaken in at least some of his beliefs because he also believed in casting spells, hexes, and I'd definitely be dead by now. :D
Tom said on 13/Sep/17
I have it on good authority with lifts Glenn topped three feet.
Editor Rob: be careful, else a spell may be cast upon you!
Mike 2 said on 13/Sep/17
Hi John 1, I'm sorry I don't know Jerry's official height, but he and Elvis were almost the same height. My problem with some of these photos is that we don't know the real heights of the other stars involved and they tend to be all wearing different footwear, and of course in movies all sorts of camera angles would be used.
There is no way that Elvis was 5ft 10 as an adult, but I see how people believe this when they see these early films. This is why I keep on banging the drum about full length bare foot photos, because height can't be disguised by lifts etc. Linda Thompson is a 5ft 9 ins former beauty queen, and karate master Ed Parker was 6 ft tall and it's clear to see that Elvis in bare feet was the same height as Parker and a few inches taller than Linda, who has nothing to gain by claiming that Elvis was 6ft 1in. She might be rounding up the possible 6ft .05 figure, but why should we ignore this, especially from a person who lived day in and day out with Elvis. She didn't exaggerate Bruce Jenner's height in her book.
Like I previously said, sometimes in photographs you don't look as tall as you imagine, and I'm sure that we have all thought this at one time, but look at the barefoot photos of Elvis and you will be able see that he was tall and in the six foot region, and definitely taller than 5 ft 10in. All the best.
John 1 said on 12/Sep/17
Hi Mike 2 , do you know how tall was jerky shilling ?
The pic that Tom posted of Elvis and Glenn shows that t Elvis is maximum 510feet .
Tom said on 12/Sep/17
Mike, please explain why Elvis was the same height as Milton Berle. Or why if he was at least six feet was he several inches shorter than Steve Allen? Or Other actors who were definitely over six feet? I think early in his career he didn't wear lifts. Then as he got older he did wear them. In photos they are easy to spot. Boots with two-inch heels, possibly built up inside.
Tom said on 12/Sep/17
This Glenn character is like out of a bad comedy movie. I had no idea such a person existed for real. Kind of sad really. But still a funny commentary by the moderator. What was Glenn thinking? If he was shorter than he advertised, then how on earth could he pull it off if he had to meet with the forum moderator?
Mike 2 said on 11/Sep/17
The plot thickens! According to Linda Thompson Elvis was 6ft 1ins and in July 1972 weighed a slender 165-170 lbs. Elvis certainly was in good shape for his August '72 stint at the Hilton, and Linda correctly refers to her Husband to be Bruce Jenner as 6ft 2ins, so why can't she be correct when mentioning Elvi's height.
Linda lived with Elvis for almost 5 years, and she herself stands st 5ft 9 ins , so she can speak with an authority on the subject.
It makes me smile when I keep on seeing these waist up film shots when who knows what lifts the other actors were wearing. Elvis in these early films was playing a young kid, so could it have been filmed this way, so that Elvis looked smaller.
Once again people on here live in denial. We have Elvis in bare feet next to a six foot man and a 5ft 9 ins woman and it's so ovious to see that he was a six foot male. No lifts, no waist up shots or shoe wear. You don't need this stuff and it makes me laugh that when I give my honest view on Ed Parker's height, who we can see that in bare feet he was the same size as Elvis, people including Tom simply airbrush it, or casually ignore it because it doesn't suit, and then post a waist up shot which could have involved all types of shoe wear and camera angles. Believe me, I'm 6ft 1ins and in some photographs I don't look that tall,even walking down the street there are plenty of people who are taller than me. 6 feet although classed as tall isn't huge. TCB
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Sep/17
Wow, did Glenn really believe in that stupid Hitler/Argentina myth? Look, I don't dismiss all conspiracies until I've at least read or heard the case--except for the truly outlandish like Elvis somehow being alive--but I don't know of any serious Hitler/WW2/Third Reich scholar who believes that. That was mostly fueled by Soviet propaganda and Soviet propaganda was probably the most unreliable in history until North Korea the last few decades. Other than that, it's a stupid marketing ploy used by the History Channel along with other sensationalist angles they argue weakly and then concede at the end of the program that it's not true while offering no new information. It kind of annoys me as someone with such an interest in history, particularly that period and Germany. Maybe I'm being unfair, but I highly doubt Glenn even knows much about Hitler.

As for Frank2, I'm 100% sure KnowItAll was him, I believe Steve is/was a better disguised version, but I'm not sure about Tom, who seems a decent enough poster either way regardless of the fact that I personally don't believe Elvis could have been less than 5'11". But I'll take Tom's word at face value as I'd have to see a pattern like the other aliases on other pages. Not that any of this is important.

Of course, if Glenn had been old enough to meet Elvis, how tall would The King have been? 6'1.5"?
Tom said on 10/Sep/17
Elvis with Wendell Corey who was around 6'1.5''. Click Here
Slim said on 10/Sep/17
MJKoP said on 4/Sep/17
MJKoP said on 1/Sep/17
Tom said on 30/Aug/17
I found a photo of Glenn with Elvis. Click Here

LOL, good one! It actually wouldn't shock me one bit if G thinks Elvis is still alive...he bought into pretty much every conspiracy theory imaginable. For example, he truly believed Hitler died in Argentina at the age of 95!!
Editor Rob: it's true, Hitler, the Abominable Snowman and Moth-man all lived in the picturesque Pueblo de Falsificaciones

....with a lakeside view of the Loch Ness Monster.
If Glenn was still secretly active in this site, who would you guess him to be?
Editor Rob: I wouldn't have a clue.!
MJKoP said on 4/Sep/17
MJKoP said on 1/Sep/17
Tom said on 30/Aug/17
I found a photo of Glenn with Elvis. Click Here

LOL, good one! It actually wouldn't shock me one bit if G thinks Elvis is still alive...he bought into pretty much every conspiracy theory imaginable. For example, he truly believed Hitler died in Argentina at the age of 95!!
Editor Rob: it's true, Hitler, the Abominable Snowman and Moth-man all lived in the picturesque Pueblo de Falsificaciones

....with a lakeside view of the Loch Ness Monster.
Tom said on 3/Sep/17
I read the article on Glenn and found it extremely amusing. What a character!

Steve Allen was supposed to be 6'3'' but in this photo he looks a good four to five inches taller than Elvis. Click Here

So either Allen was near or at 6'5'' or Elvis wasn't anywhere near 6', much less 5'11''. And check out the shoes on Elvis in that photo. Compare them to Allen's. Lifts?
PPPeter said on 2/Sep/17
5ft 11.75in his top !
5ft 11.5in is good for him ;)
MJKoP said on 1/Sep/17
Tom said on 30/Aug/17
I found a photo of Glenn with Elvis. Click Here

LOL, good one! It actually wouldn't shock me one bit if G thinks Elvis is still alive...he bought into pretty much every conspiracy theory imaginable. For example, he truly believed Hitler died in Argentina at the age of 95!!
Editor Rob: it's true, Hitler, the Abominable Snowman and Moth-man all lived in the picturesque Pueblo de Falsificaciones
Tom said on 30/Aug/17
I found a photo of Glenn with Elvis. Click Here
Mike 2 said on 30/Aug/17
Forgot to mention that ithe exhibition is being held at the 02 and tickets are now on sale.
Mike 2 said on 30/Aug/17
For anyone living in the U.K., there will be a new exhibition between November and February called Elvis on Tour which is apparently going to feature about 40 original jumpsuits and other articles from the 70's. It will probably be worth visiting, and will also allow a close up of his stage height and footwear, although the last one didn't have any heads on the mannequins, but it will still give you an idea.
MJKoP said on 29/Aug/17
Tom said on 29/Aug/17
By the way who is Glenn? I feel like Cary Grant in North by Northwest where he's mistaken for Kaplan. I don't know a Glenn, much less despise one. MJKop, I think you're suffering from hallucinations.

Fair enough. Perhaps it was all just one giant mix-up. Go to the "Height Articles" section and select "The Big Grapple" for a brief(relatively speaking) synopsis on G:The celebheights legend who only needs one single solitary letter. :P
Tom said on 29/Aug/17
By the way who is Glenn? I feel like Cary Grant in North by Northwest where he's mistaken for Kaplan. I don't know a Glenn, much less despise one. MJKop, I think you're suffering from hallucinations.
MJKoP said on 28/Aug/17
Frank2: No more trolling from me, I'm going to speak to you - man to man.

I don't have any real issues with you. I know you despised Glenn, and you understandably despised me too, for coming to his aide all those times, but in case you haven't been kept abreast, I now dislike Glenn more than probably everyone here combined. I realize that I've been quite the jackass and somewhat under Glenn's spell, but believe you me, I'm now permanently cured of that!

I'd like to apologize to you for whenever I lashed out and made you feel not welcome here. Our opinions on height may differ, but that doesn't mean I have anything against you personally. I know you were involved in the industry for many, many years and you gave us some truly astounding first-hand non-height-related stories and anecdotes about legends spanning numerous decades; some tales that were truly priceless from a true insider.

I'm aware that you exited in a huff, due to disrespectful people like myself(primarily), and I also recognize that you claimed you were never returning, so if this is all about pride and/or fear of me ridiculing you, I ask you humbly to please drop it...what you did was understandable, and nobody is going to judge you for wanting to get back in on the fun! I won't say "told ya so", or anything of the sort.

However, making multiple pseudo-comebacks with a variety of usernames(KnowItAll, Steve, Tom, et al), is kinda pointless because we know who you are, and the repeated denials of your true identity just aren't very flattering, to be frank(excuse the expression!)

Can we please have the triumphant return of the Frank2 that we all knew and loved?? You really added a lot to celebheights, and if you got past whatever irrational fear or stigma you might have of showing your face, er, name(?) around here, I think it could be a really wonderful thing.

Despite what you may believe, I really did(and still do!) admire you, and for a lot of different reasons.

As far as I know, Rob never banned you, so you have nothing at all to lose from "officially" returning, and literally everything to gain - including a lot more respect from myself and the many other Frank2 fans who miss you and still visit this site. It may very well even bring some other old timers back out of the woodwork, or encourage some of the fading original members to increase their activity!

I'll try not to keep hounding you if you want to keep up the "Tom" charade(you have a right to your privacy), but please....please try to let my words of sincerity sink in, and reconsider.

Best of regards, to you.

-ACG/MJKoP and most of the audience
MJKoP said on 28/Aug/17
Tom said on 25/Aug/17
MJKoP, read what I wrote. I never said Elvis was real and genuine. I said he was a true star based on his talent.

Well, we were previously discussing how legit these "stars" were on the pretense of their height claims, so it would be only logical for me to deduct...well, let me just quote you directly:

Tom said on 24/Aug/17
I will say Elvis was a true star. Not a fake one like we see today.

Last time I checked, real was the opposite of fake. You never mentioned talent as a factor it seems as though you're now just backpedaling.

And of course, we've established many times over that talent really has nothing to do with either height NOR honesty.
Slim183 said on 26/Aug/17
5'11" barefoot,

With boots is a long story.....
Tom said on 25/Aug/17
MJKoP, read what I wrote. I never said Elvis was real and genuine. I said he was a true star based on his talent.
Denis said on 25/Aug/17
Steve are you still around? I agree with you 100%
Slim 182 cm said on 25/Aug/17
I wouldn't argue below 180.

182 is a stretch, I doubt elvis would've been eye to eye with travis fimmel and grant Gustin.
MJKoP said on 24/Aug/17
Tom: You didn't happen to meet The King of Pop at a recording studio in 1988, per chance...did you???
MJKoP said on 24/Aug/17
Tom said on 24/Aug/17
MJKop, believe what you like. Show biz is 90% BS. Claims are made all the time that turn out to be hyped. It's an industry plagued by drugs, booze and perverts. The movies made today mostly suck. The art is gone.

I will say Elvis was a true star. Not a fake one like we see today. He had screen presence. Too bad Col. Parker stymied his acting career.

So if Elvis was so "real" and genuine maybe he actually didn't upgrade his own height by a good three inches, as you're insisting? :P
Tom said on 24/Aug/17
MJKop, believe what you like. Show biz is 90% BS. Claims are made all the time that turn out to be hyped. It's an industry plagued by drugs, booze and perverts. The movies made today mostly suck. The art is gone.

I will say Elvis was a true star. Not a fake one like we see today. He had screen presence. Too bad Col. Parker stymied his acting career.
Slim183 said on 24/Aug/17
Strong 5'11".
MJKoP said on 23/Aug/17
Tom said on 23/Aug/17
I was wrong. It's probably more like 90% BS.

Why couldn't you just have stopped after the first sentence?
Tom said on 23/Aug/17
I was wrong. It's probably more like 90% BS.
MJKoP said on 23/Aug/17
And how tall do you think Michael Jackson was....."Tom"?
MJKoP said on 23/Aug/17
Tom said on 22/Aug/17
Frank2? Who?

As for what people claim, I think 3/4ths of what show biz people claim is pure BS.

If Elvis lost his pigmentation, he must have suffered from vitiligo, the same disease Michael Jackson had. Two kings with the same disease! What are the odds?!!

Steve, there is SKIN pigmentation and HAIR pigmentation...of course, the former is much rarer and can be classified as vitiligo(as MJ suffered from), but the latter is almost inevitable when it comes to getting older. Elvis was only 42 when he passed, yet those preparing his body said they had to improvise and used black eyeliner as hair dye to conceal his pure white roots before the public viewing at Graceland.

And he never had jet black hair to begin with, he was a natural blond and for almost all of his life, he compulsively dyed his hair into those jet black locks which became one of his trademarks.

I'm familiar with a lot of random and fascinating celeb-related trivia, but I don't ever claim to KnowItAll. ;)

And I'd love to know how you arrived at that 75% statistic of BS claims in showbiz....sounds like a BS claim in of itself. :D
Tom said on 22/Aug/17
Frank2? Who?

As for what people claim, I think 3/4ths of what show biz people claim is pure BS.

If Elvis lost his pigmentation, he must have suffered from vitiligo, the same disease Michael Jackson had. Two kings with the same disease! What are the odds?!!
MJKoP said on 21/Aug/17
Tom said on 18/Aug/17
People claim Parker was 6'. But is there any conclusive proof?

I stand by my belief Elvis was no more than 5'10 1/2". In Love Me Tender he was around the same height as actor Bill Campbell who was 5'10''. And Elvis looked shorter next to Richard Egan who was 6'.

One thing I've always wondered was why towards the end of his life did Elvis appear to wear a thick black wig. Was he suffering from thinning air? He did have a thick head of hair when he was younger.

What's up, Frank2? The lowest of low bare BARE minimum he could've been was 5'11.5", as described by his costume designer. But most likely he was Rob's listing, if not that full, coveted six feet. I would say max 6'0.5".

As for his hair, his close confidants divulged that The King hadn't *lost* any hair upon his death in '77, but that it HAD lost all pigmentation...and I mean ALL. As in literally snow white. He had been dyeing his locks for quite some time, apparently.
Mike 2 said on 20/Aug/17
Hi Tom, Ed Parker is listed as being 6 ft, and having met him face to face I can confirm this, we were eye to eye, Ed was in formal shoes and I was wearing training shoes. If Elvis was 5ft 10.5, then so was Ed Parker, which would make me 5ft 11.5, however I am 6ft 1in.
Tom said on 18/Aug/17
People claim Parker was 6'. But is there any conclusive proof?

I stand by my belief Elvis was no more than 5'10 1/2". In Love Me Tender he was around the same height as actor Bill Campbell who was 5'10''. And Elvis looked shorter next to Richard Egan who was 6'.

One thing I've always wondered was why towards the end of his life did Elvis appear to wear a thick black wig. Was he suffering from thinning air? He did have a thick head of hair when he was younger.
Denis said on 18/Aug/17
my guess he was 179cms in the evening and 181cms in the morning put him in army boots and you get 184cms he was not as tall as you all think because if you look at the photo of him and ali, he is at least 3 inches shorter than ali and he's not standing there barefoot he would have boots on for sure if he was 6 foot even and 2 inch heel boots he would almost be the same height as ali but he is clearly 3 inches shorter in that pic 5 11'' at his tallest and 5 10 half inch at night check out the picture with 6 foot jack lord he looks an inch or so shorter so for mine he is no way 6 feet barefoot 5 11 at best but no more
Amaral said on 17/Aug/17
Hello Tom
I agree with you about Berle at the same time there is a pic of Elvis and Ed Parker side by side in barefoot and they have the same height and Mike 2 told me that Ed is 6"
Who should I believe ?
Have u ever search in the web to get a pic of Ed and somebody else who Has his height ?
Im trying to do this but it is dificullty
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Aug/17
@Mike 2: I appreciate your comments and the way you make your arguments, but personally, I've always been skeptical of most anecdotes of late growth spurts. The average man reaches their full height by age 18, but obviously it varies as it won't be uncommon to finish growing as early as 15 while others do grow to 21. There are rare exceptions of growth to 25 or so, but it's outside the norm. It typically seems to be someone like Ralph Macchio who seems to effectively be a teenager ten years later. In Elvis' case, he looked pretty grown to me, not like a Ralph Macchio, Leo DiCaprio type, but I do agree with you and Tom that he seemed taller than he did in the 50s. However, I think this is most likely footwear. That's the most common reason someone seems to grow in their 20s. Whether it was just the Cuban type heels he started wearing or whether the lift rumors or true is something I don't know. Elvis may very well have been taller than 5'11". but for the reasons stated, I'd personally be surprised if he was taller than 5'11.5". One thing is for sure, this will remain a mystery. At least Rob reopened the comments on this page. But I do see why you take note of Elvis' height being mentioned without shoes, but surely the other costume designer who claimed Elvis was 5'11.5" was referring to him without shoes as well because I think most of us will agree Elvis was taller than that with shoes.
Tom said on 16/Aug/17
It's like there were two Elvis Presley's. One in the 1950s who appeared to be no more than 5'10''. He was identical in height to Milton Berle. And Berle was 5'10". Berle was slightly shorter than Jerry Lewis in the Bellboy. They stand erect, side by side. Lewis looks half an inch taller.

Then we have Elvis who from the 1960s on who always looked tall. At least six feet.

So what's the answer?

Lifts. And camera angles. Plus Elvis was skinny until he gained a lot of weight in the 1970s. If Elvis was 5'10'' then lifts could easily make him over six feet. He weighed around 160 lbs.

Had Elvis looked two inches taller than Berle, I'd not be arguing his height. And in Love Me Tender as well as Jailhouse Rock Elvis looked no more than 5'10''.
Mike 2 said on 16/Aug/17
Hi Amaral, I like to think that we aren't arguing, and I think we have come to a natural conclusion. I'm sure that Rising-174cm will agree when I say that he isn't disputing that Ed Parker and Elvis were virtually the same height, he is just disputing that Ed was also 6ft, and he is obviously entitled to his opinion. I think we all have our views on this and I think that you and I are firmly in the 6 ft camp.
Forty years ago today we lost Elvis- how time flies! TCB
Amaral said on 15/Aug/17
Hello Mike 2
Why don't u stop arguing with Rising 174 and show him the pic with Elvis and Parker in barefoot .
And tell him to search in the web how tall was Parker ,
Mike 2 said on 15/Aug/17
Hi Rising-174cm
Thanks for your comments and for taking a look at the link. It's just interesting that this designer makes a specific reference to Elvis being 6ft without shoes, on the army medical notes it doesn't mention this.
Regarding shoe wear , Elvis took up to a US12 depending on the fit, he actually mentions his size 12's in a 1975 concert. The problem is that Elvis doesn't seem to be believed whatever he says. You can however see his shoes/ boots up close and I did put mine against his and they were at least the same size, and I take a UK 11.
So did he grow in his 20's? I have previously mentioned that in a Photoplay magazine printed just after Elvis passed away a reporter who followed Elvis throughout his career, and was on pretty good terms with him, described him as being taller when she met him after a few weeks of basic training. There are people who have themselves mentioned on this site that they grew up to the age of 25! However I don't want to go any further with that.
Personally I think that Elvis was bigger in reality than he looked on TV. Having been eye to eye with Ed Parker, who was in formal shoes and I am 6ft 1in, I can't see Elvis being 5ft 11 ins , but that's my opinion, and usually when asked I say that Elvis was around 6 ft tall. All the best.
Rising - 174 cm said on 13/Aug/17
@Mike 2: Thanks for the link. It's a valid reference, but Elvis just doesn't look as tall as a full 6 feet without shoes to me, unless, he got measured in the morning. But you mention discrepancies with the costume designer who said Elvis was 5'11.5", but they both measured Elvis with a 42" chest. A difference between a shoe size of 9 and 10 isn't enormous, especially since shoes fitting differently depending on the style can account for at least half a size itself. I believe a UK 9 is also roughly the equivalent of a US 10. We have a number of conflicting heights and measurements reported between 5'11", 5'11.5", 6'0" and 6'0.5". There's no way to know who did the most accurate measurement, or how long Elvis was had been awake at the time of each measurement. So it really comes down to which you think looks the most likely. Often, I think the more precise figure is the most convincing since so many people round. I can believe he was around 6'0" out of bed and would measure between 5'11"-5'11.5" later in the day, which would be normal height loss throughout a day.
Slim 182 cm said on 13/Aug/17
Guys, elvis didn't measure 6', maybe 5'11.5 at best, sticking to 181 guesstimate though. But 5'11 back in his days was really tall, wether as today, no offence to 5'11 guys but they don't give off a towering aura nor are complemented on their stature like 6'+ guys are.
Mike 2 said on 10/Aug/17
Click Here

Hi again Rising 174cm, here is the link to the Gold Suit with Nudie Cohn's measurements next to it and as you can see he specifically lists the height of Elvis as being 6ft in stocking feet without shoes. This is a very respected designer; what do you think?
Surely if Elvis had been 6 feet in shoes then he would have said so?
No ifs and buts here, just s factual statement by a respected designer who has actually listed a barefoot height measurement- how can this be dismissed ?
All the best.
Mike 2 said on 10/Aug/17
Hi Amaral, I'm sorry but I don't know whether that is BH or not in the film, but it's good viewing.

Hi Rising -174cm, if you look closely at the army photo I'm sure that Elvis is in his own footwear, as the guy behind him has his own shoes on, so the measurement wouldn't have been in army boots, if I'm correct. Also the reference to 6ft 1/2 ins is not listed anywhere official, it's a press entry, so who is it from and is definitely with shoes or not, it doesn't actually say, but rather you have to assume that it's withshoes because of the photo next to it. Like I have said, Elvis was measured several times during this induction.
What's your view on the gold suit reference to the barefoot height of Elvis- it's the only one we have seen, nothing else actually states barefoot or otherwise. This is the point I am trying to put across.
If you haven't seen it then please look back on this site as I have previously posted it.
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Aug/17
@Mike 2: I don't much about Elvis' feet so I can't really comment. But if true, then that is a cause for skepticism. Though is there a chance he means UK 9 rather than US 9? I ask honestly because you seem to have more knowledge on this than myself. However, I do happen to think 5'11.5" is believable. I personally can't see him any taller than that in bare feet. As for the photo, well I only know of one actual military measurement and that is the apparent photo of Elvis in underwear and boots with the caption saying he measured 6'0.5". I think it's a pretty reasonable assumption he was measured that time at 6'0.5" and in boots given the caption. I don't know of any other proven measurements other than that one 6'0.5" and the other 6'0" measurements with one 5'11". Otherwise, Rob would surely mention another measurement if there was enough proof. My theory is either that Elvis was rounded up from 5'11.5" to 6'0" for those and then maybe measured 5'11" at his low height, perhaps as an error or rounded down from 5'11.25". The other possibility I see would be that the 6'0" measurements were all in shoes and then the 5'11" measurement was the one barefoot measurement. Based on how tall Elvis looks to me before the years he wore big heels, I wouldn't be surprise if he was 5'11" in bare feet.

As for Parker, being listed at 6 feet does not necessarily make someone that height, otherwise, there'd be no debate on Elvis. In fact, there'd be no point in this site if listed heights were accurate. This includes athletes. At the very least, they're usually rounded to the nearest inch, so like I said, Parker could have been 5'11.5" and rather than list the half inch, they'd just round up to 6 feet. For instance, Chuck Norris has claimed to be 5'10", but he was described as 5'9" back in his own karate days, but in reality, I think he was more like 5'8.5" barefoot, just as Rob lists him. In short, I think Parker's height needs to be shown as 6'0" against at least several other people with known heights before we can use it to determine whether Elvis was in the 5'11" range or a full 6'0".

As of now, I think Elvis looked to short without heels with the people whose height I have an idea of with Berle, Bronson and Sinatra being a few examples. I do think the 5'11" listing in his medical records provides at least some food for thought as well. To be fair, I'll say there's a chance it was an error, but there's also a chance the other measurements were in shoes or not long after waking. I think we'll need some more information on that before we'll ever truly know.
Amaral said on 9/Aug/17
Hi Mike 2 how r u ?
Can you see in YouTube a video called " Rare colour footage of Elvis , meridian Mississipi , that's all right mama "
In this video we can see Elvis and guy wearing sunglasses , in the comments people say that guy could be Buddy Holly.
I search in the web and Holly was 6" .
Can you confirm this for me , because Elvis and this guy are the same height . And the year is 1955 and back then didn't use boots or hells .
Mike 2 said on 5/Aug/17
Hi Rising 174cm
Thanks for your comments, I will try and keep my response a bit shorter this time.
What are your views on the following;
You mention that Bill Belew has stated 5ft 11.5, but he then said in the same sentence that Elvis wore a size 9 shoe! We know that Elvis had much larger feet . So what else was he incorrect about?
What about the designer of the gold suit, why can't his measurements be accepted as being correct on here? Here we have a photograph which actually makes reference to a barefoot recorded height of Elvis. Doesn't this count for anything? Perhaps it is only the 6 ft height measurement which is incorrect ? What about the pant inseam or the collar measurement; are they ok ? I suspect that it would be posted everywhere if it showed 5ft 11.5, but like I said in my last post, it's just simply brushed aside- why?
Also, with regard to the army height measurements, we can't say that they were taken in boots because it doesn't say on the documents . However, if they were taken in boots then the one listing Elvis at 5ft 11ins would mean that Elvis was shorter than 5ft 10ins when taking at least a one inch heel into account, which is just as crazy as saying that Elvis was 6ft 2 in bare feet!
I know that we are debating something like 1/2-3/4 " , but what does it for me is that when I met Ed Parker he was virtually my height,100% taller than 5ft 11ins. I have been interested in heights for many years and have taken people's height hundreds of times and sadly could mostly guess accurately their height before taking it!
Ed Parker was 6ft tall, just like he was advertised in the Karate world years before being compared to Elvis. He and Elvis were the same height, the height that Elvis said he was in 1956, the height listed on his army records, driving licence, deputy application forms and the height recorded and listed by the gold suit designer. Like you said a half inch difference in estimation can make a difference, but that goes both ways!
Of course Elvis and Joe Esposito met during their service and not at the induction but as they served together I am sure that it was highly likely that they were measured at the same time, however I am skeptical about there being documentation in existence showing heights both with and without boots, but it would be interesting.
All the best and have a good day. TCB
Rising - 174 cm said on 5/Aug/17
I agree, Fisticuffs. Both the 6'1.5" and the 6' even from 1956. It is very possibly, arguably even likely he didn't mean to pass himself off 6'1.5" barefoot, but it is of interest and while I don't believe Elvis was taller than 5'11.5" barefoot, I do believe he could reach near 6'1.5" in some of those boots he wore.
Rising - 174 cm said on 4/Aug/17
@Mike 2: I appreciate your reply, as it's a thoughtful one, but I will say a few things. As I said in my previous post, I thought Elvis may have been claiming 6'1.5" in heeled boots since as we both said, that would be more relevant to the mic stand as he went on stage in those boots, not barefoot. As you see in my previous post, I did post the Hoffer interview, so we know Elvis was claiming 6 feet even in 1956, but I think that makes a 6'0.5" barefoot measurement more unlikely if Elvis even publicly admitted to being shorter. As for the 5'11.75", that's just Rob's estimate and some people may have just seen measurements mentioned at the top along with Rob's estimate and thought the precise figure meant it came from a measurement. I've seen celebheights linked on an Elvis forum discussing his height. For instance, Steve McQueen was measured at 5'9.5", but Rob gives him 5'9.75" so sometimes Rob leaves open the possibility there was a slight error in the measurenment. So we do have to view any unverified claims made on the internet about how tall Elvis measured with skepticism. I'd personally be shocked if Elvis measured 184 cm barefoot and 187 cm in those boots.

But if I'm right and Elvis was around 5'11.5" as the costume designer said, then most would round up to 6' anyway. Of course, some increase their height claims over the course of their careers so it's possible Elvis said 6'1.5" later to fit into people's larger than life perception of him, but it's also possible it was a claim meant to take into account his heels when talking about how tall the mic had to be. It's possible Elvis may have been more honest on a form he didn't think would be viewed by as many.

It's not a full pic, so it's fair to take it with a grain of salt, but Elvis looks like he may be just slightly taller than Lee Majors, who we know was only 5'11" since he admitted it: Click Here
Fisticuffs said on 4/Aug/17
@Rising - 174 cm, yeah he definitely did say "6'1.5". I think that quote should be added.
Mike 2 said on 3/Aug/17
Thinking about it, it's probably irrelevant trying to decipher the height Elvis claims on Desert Storm because if it is 6ft 1.5" he says, then it's obviously relating to his on stage height which we know was around 6ft 2".
There is in existence an interview with Elvis by Bob Hoffer in August 56 in which Bob states that he is impressed with EP's height and that he was taller than he imagined. When he asks Elvis his height, Elvis replies "even 6 Feet". This you can listen to quite easily and is in perfect quality. So if this is not believed then there is no point in debating anything else that Elvis himself says. I have also looked at a Shelby County Deputy application form from November 1974, signed by Elvis and what appears to be completed in the same handwriting, although I can't say for certain, and the height is listed as 6'. This was only two months later after Desert Storm and has I believe Elvis claiming to be the same height as when interviewed in 1956, so he wasn't; trying to pretend on this form that he was taller than 6 foot.
On numerous fingerprint forms available to view his height is listed as being 6ft 1 ins, but we don't know if this was rounded up by the person filling in the form, or whether Elvis was measured at all, but it does appear that Elvis was still happy to put down as being 6ft throughout his career.
I also have to point out that I have never seen the measurement 5ft 11 3/4" listed on any official documents. Where did this height come from. Some people say that it was from the army records, but all the army documents we see attached to this site state 6ft or or 72 ins, apart from one 5ft 11' recording. So, does anyone have a recorded army document stating 5 11 3/4 ?

In my previous message I made an error and meant to say the alleged height of Elvis in his army boots was 6ft 1 3/4 ins, and not 6ft 1.5 ins. This was apparently from Joe Esposito, and someone on a another site has stated that they have seen this army document, however I haven't seen it.
Also again the height 6ft 1/2 '' in boots ( army photo)- where did this come from? Not from any army record I believe, but perhaps a press report. It could have been referring to his height in his socks and because there is a press photo of Elvis being measured in his 'own footwear', the two are linked. I have posted on here previously another press report from when another reporter during the same period describes Elvis as being 6ft 1In!! So who is right?
Finally, why is it that whenever there is documentation proving that Elvis was indeed 6ft tall it is casually dismissed? I include virtually all the army records we have, and also the the Gold Suit designer who lists all the measurements next to the photograph of himself with Elvis in the gold suit. I have previously posted this on here too. On this photograph it clearly reads for us all to see- height in stockinged feet- without shoe 6 feet!!
So if you don't believe this man, the United States Army and also the 'man himself' then you will never be satisfied, because with all this documentation , most of which is official, Elvis will always be known as being a 6 foot male, and that's because he most probably was. All the best!-TCB
Rising - 174 cm said on 2/Aug/17
Yes, we'll certainly have to agree to disagree because I never thought for a second it sounded like "foot". Slurring words or not, an "f" doesn't sound like a vowel. I heard the "three" afterwards quite clearly as well when he was referring to the mic I believe. I know others have heard 6'1.5" as well. I just came across a discussion from a decade ago on an Elvis' message board where a couple of other people hear him claim 6'1.5". Joe Esposito was not present when Elvis was measured. Your reference heights haven't been scrutinized enough to use them to determine Elvis' height to the half inch since neither have a page on this site. If both Parker and Hebler are merely a half inch shorter than you believe them to be, then you have Elvis at 5'11.5" based on how you see their height differences. On the other hand, I've never heard of Milton Berle wearing lifts and as I showed, Bronson had flat boxing shoes in that film. Sinatra is a possibility as he did wear lifts at times, but even if he had a 1" lift in his shoes(which doesn't quite add an inch to your height) then Elvis would still look more 5'11" range with him than 6', imo since Sinatra was no taller than 5'7.5". Berle would have to be significantly taller than we think he is for Elvis to be 6 feet with him and as it is, I'm in the minority estimating Bronson at a full 5'0".

There are plenty of people who have said Elvis was under 6' and in the 5'11" range as well. Hell, one of his measurements was 5'11". Maybe a low height on a bad day, but you'd certainly think his costume designer would have to know his height as well. I can't see why a 6' tall man would be rounded down to 5'11.5". If anything, most legit 5'11.5" men will be rounded up to 6'. The caption to the photo of his Elvis in boots was that he measured 6'0.5", so it's not unreasonable assumption he measured 6'0.5" in boots. Why would Elvis be in just his underwear, but still have boots if he wasn't getting measured? Rob doesn't mention any 6'1.5" measurement. I think Frank2's estimates varied in accuracy, but I don't believe he's a liar and he claimed he overheard Elvis admit he had just missed the 6' mark. Kurt Russell stated this as well. If you look it up, this story comes from a lot of people. Doesn't necessarily make it true, but it can certainly be said to cancel out the claims Elvis was 6' or taller.

Here in 1956, Elvis claims an even 6 feet: Click Here

Elvis may have been referring to his height in the heeled boots he wore at the time when he said 6'1.5", because that is all that's relevant when comparing him to the mic as he wasn't on stage barefoot. I've heard or read Elvis described as 6'2" before so I'm not surprised that at least to my ears, Elvis claimed 6'1.5".
Mike 2 said on 2/Aug/17
I've listened dozens of times on headphones and so we will have to disagree. Elvis was measured many times in the army with and without boots. The photograph you are referring to was a promotional shot. If you go back some way on this site there is a person who was Elvis in the army who confirmed this, and that Elvis was 6 feet.
Joe Esposito has stated that measurements were taken both with and without boots and in boots Elvis was 6ft 1. 5 and 6ft .05 barefooted
Also if you look at the Gold Suit designer photograph he actually lists his height as being 6 ft in bare feet . Bill Belew his jumpsuit designer has been known to give various rights when asked.
Regarding the barefoot photos I believe they offer a very good comparison as opposed to photographs in boots etc. There are plenty of photographs and film of Elvis barefooted. Not only his 60's films, but the 1974 karate film where you will see him next to 5ft 10 ins Dave Hebler, who by the way claims that Elvis was indeed 6 ft tall. There are plenty of others too with Ed Parker and it's absolutely obvious that he and Elvis were the same height.
Regarding Desert Storm Elvis couldn't pronounce his words at all if you listen to the whole show, even sounding drunk although we know that he didn't drink, so you won't get correct pronounciation.
Rising - 174 cm said on 1/Aug/17
We can never judge someone only by how they appear barefoot because we never seen someone barefoot enough times, but a measurement is better than an estimate and we know the Army Elvis measured 6'0.5" in boots. Elvis was clearly standing straight as well, therefor, he must have been under 6' and really, no taller than 5'11.5" barefoot, which not surprisingly, his costume designer also apparently measured him at. That'd be a hell of a coincidence and if Elvis were a solid 6 feet, Charles Bronson actually would have been about 5'10", which clearly isn't the case. You could say similar things about Milton Berle, Frank Sinatra etc.

I hear Elvis pretty clearly say 6'1.5" at 32 seconds: Click Here

An F sound would be different. It's pretty clear to me he's saying "Now look, I'm six one and a half" before saying six three and a half as a description after. I can't hear all the words around the six three and a half description he makes afterwards, but I've listened over and over and I'm definitely hearing a "one" and not a "foot", even if you just listen for a vowel, it's clear. Then try again and zero in on just an "f" sound and see if you hear it. If you just listened once, I could see how someone might hear it wrong, but listen a few times, try headphones and at least to my ears, it's 6'1.5".
Mike 2 said on 1/Aug/17
Forget about the boots and heels , just focus on the bare foot photos.
I also believe that Elvis claims to be, and I quote " now look I'm six foot and a half" and not 6 1.5 on the cd Desert Storm. If you listen to the whole show he slurs his words although his singing is quite clear.
Elvis standing bare foot next to 6 ft Ed Parker and being the same height, if not a fraction taller says it all for me.
Rising - 174 cm said on 29/Jul/17
I'd give a 1/4" or even give him the 5'11.5". Those boots could have been one inch and then he called the 6'1.5" in 2" heels, but some do round any fraction to a half. He does look like a 5'11" guy a lot earlier and then taller later when Cuban heels became fashionable.
Slim 182 cm said on 20/Jul/17
5ft11 give or take a quarter inch.
Rising - 174 cm said on 18/Jul/17
I doubt these boots he wore for his 6'0.5" measurement added less than an inch: Click Here

That makes 5'11.25"-5'11.5" his most likely range. A strong 5'11" indeed. It would make sense if he was 5'11.5" since he could have arrived at that ridiculous 6'1.5" claim by using the 2 inch rule, or perhaps measured in some of his Cuban heels. The only thing that gives me pause and makes me think more 181 cm is he could look a flat 5'11" at best with Charles Bronson, Frank Sinatra and Milton Berle. But then the costume designer does verify 5'11.5" and the designer has all of Elvis' other measurements so I'd say that's slightly more likely.
Slim 181 cm said on 16/Jul/17
I take that back. Elvis was a strong 5'11. End of the mystery my friends!
Ted said on 15/Jul/17
A weak six footer.
Slim 181 cm said on 13/Jul/17
Surprised fans haven't rigged the votes to 6'0 or 6'1. the guy could of measured 180-182cm , and I don't know which is more likely, but imma take a lucky guess with 5'11.75.
even said on 8/Jul/17
RisingForce said on 7/Jul/17
Amaral, I'm not sure how tall Ed was, but one thing I'm sure about is Elvis was at least 2 inches shorter than the 6'1.5" he claimed to be.
Mike 2 said on 2/Jul/17
Hi Amaral, I have no idea about Milton Betle's height, but Ed Parker is listed as being 6ft tall and this was many years ago long before being compared to Elvis in height. If you search the web you will see for yourself. Like I said earlier I am 6ft 1 ins tall and was eye to eye with Ed when I met him, and he was wearing normal leather shoes,so I am convinced that Ed was indeed 6ft tall.
This is my opinion but like you say Elvis and Ed are the same height in bare feet, what other evidence is needed? All you need to do is verify Ed Parker's height , orLinda Thompson who is listed as 5ft 9ins.
For myself this is the best evidence , comparing Elvis to other stars who were wearing shoes etc and could have had all sorts of help such as lifts etc is completely a waste of time!
You can't lie with bare feet! If Ed Parker was 5 ft 10 ins then I would say that Elvis was that height but I can't because I know that Ed was 6 ft!!
I can't say anymore than that so I hope this helps Amaral TCB
Amaral said on 1/Jul/17
Hi Mike 2 how are you ?
Elvis is the same height of Milton Berle
And people say that Berle was 5 10"
I saw the pic u posted of Elvis and Ed
They really have the same height cause they side side in barefoot and you say that Ed is 6 "
So Berle is 6 "?
King of the hill 91 said on 28/Jun/17
182cm To 183cm peak
Mike 2 said on 25/Jun/17
Hi Amaral, Ed Parker is listed as being 6 ft tall which is the reason I posted that photo of him standing barefoot next to Elvis, who is also in bare feet . They are the same height. No need to look at shoes and possible lifts etc, the proof lies in barefoot photographs. If you read my earlier entries you will see that I have met Ed Parker and can say that in my opinion he was definitely 6 ft tall. Kind regards.
Amaral said on 25/Jun/17
Hello Rising force , do u know how tall was Ed Parker one of Elvis bodyguard ?
There is a pic of them in ed academy , Elvis is in barefoot with Linda and Ed Parker in his side and they have the same tall
-LORD- said on 23/Jun/17
Elvis was between 5'10'5" and 5'11.5" max.

His natural posture, however, was great which helped him to look much taller (in his lifts) than he actually was. Even he (Elvis) was aware of his actual height and wore his boots (lifts) in places where normally shoes weren't allowed (e.g., check out his karate videos where most are barefoot).
Bobby said on 21/Jun/17
Never imagined him as being particularly that tall, always felt he was closer to 5'7 to 5'8, as I feel that was a solid height back in his heyday.
RisingForce said on 21/Jun/17
@ Danimal, that's maybe a 2" heel max in Feb. '77, but Tom did in fact wear big footwear himself. He was known for his minimum 2+" Cuban heels in the 60s and 70s. But I do agree Elvis may have been closer to 5'11". We don't know for sure how tall Tom is though.
RisingForce said on 20/Jun/17
The lifts stuff is interesting, I must admit. Elvis did in fact say at 32 seconds in "Now look. I'm six one and a half." Click Here

It seems strange for something like that to come out of thin air from numerous sources and Elvis wearing boots with at least 2-inch heels makes it more plausible and of course, someone who inflates his height by at least 2 inches is a good candidate for lifts. I can't see Elvis any taller than 5'11.5". We know he measured 6'0.5" in boots and I don't think they were less than an inch, plus, there really is very little difference on video with a roughly 5'10" Milton Berle.

About a minute in you see his duet with 5'7.5" Frank Sinatra: Click Here The difference really doesn't look like much more than 3 inches to me when they're equal distances from the camera, here's a screenshot: Click Here Because Sinatra is said to have worn lifts at times as well, here's a shot of their shoes: Click Here

Elvis also wasn't that much taller than Charles Bronson in many scenes together on flat ground. These stills are pretty representative of how the difference looked: Click Here Click Here I saw about 2 inches between them and as you can see, Bronson wore flat shoes in that scene: Click Here I believe Charles Bronson was 5'9" as Michael Winner said, but no more.

I'd bet he was somewhere in the 5'11"-5'11.5" range.
MJKoP said on 12/Jun/17
There's few people in the world I find unintentionally funnier than those who go to a website called, find the page for the HEIGHT their favorite CELEB...and then take the time to post "Who cares how tall he/she was/is?"...and then frequently proceed to list their reasons as to why that particular CELEB'S HEIGHT doesn't matter....on a website literally called XD
Editor Rob: there are many comments like that, but only a small amount I let through...I believe this one also had a guess attached to it, hence I didn't mind it too much.

As for Elvis, I have read numerous authors mention Elvis as being a lift wearer.
Del Mar said on 8/Jun/17
Tall for his time
Lanaka said on 2/Jun/17
In my opinion the tallest we would have been was 5'10.25 barefoot
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/May/17
Colberto, I think more A-B range personally. Looked close enough to get a 6ft listing here. D looks too low. Looked more like a 6ft guy than a 5ft11 range to me...not average
Colberto said on 15/May/17
Hey Rob what do you think is the most likely
A 185 183
B 184.5 182.5
C184 182
D 183.5 181.5
E 183 181
F 182.5 180.5
G 182 180
I think he is either E or D. He struggles to look 5'11" at times and I think he at best looks 5'11 1/2". It's a mystery I think he would edge out 181cm tall guys like Leonardo DiCaprio but would look noticeably shorter than a solid 6'0" guy.
Editor Rob: C-D is believable at times
Oanh said on 30/Apr/17
Ned said on 4/Mar/17
Who cares how tall he was. He was and still is the KING!!!

But height is what this site is all about.
Editor Rob: if ever a website does what it says on the tin, this is it.

Monica said on 23/Apr/17
Tall enough for me. Gorgeous, talented and sexy man taken far too soon. Should have been taken better care of by those who made (and still make) money out of him.
Robin said on 28/Mar/17
Elvis was 183 cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Mar/17
Arch, in heels he may very well have been around that
Arch Stanton said on 15/Mar/17
Funny, in the film Charro! Elvis was described as a 6 ft 2!
Tom said on 11/Mar/17
Fact is Elvis got taller as he got older. I think he was 5-10.5, but with lifts could appear 6-1. Without lifts he was no taller than Milton Berle who was definitely 5-10.
Tejaswi said on 9/Mar/17
@editor rob Elvis Presley has been quoted as a 6ft tall man though in this picture due to his posture he looks like 5"11.5 so how tall do you think he is
Ned said on 4/Mar/17
Who cares how tall he was. He was and still is the KING!!!
Mike 2 said on 17/Feb/17
Hi Amaral, after the 1973 tv special Elvis just toured the states and played vegas, usually twice s year. Some tours were better than others however his popularity remained for his shows and he competed with other acts such as the Stones when it came to the most popular live acts. It's a real shame that Elvis didn't do a World tour after Hawaii, and a lot of fans think that he became bored with Vegas and he didn't really have any new challenges. He often is referred to as being fat etc , and yes he was very heavy at times in the last 2-3 years, however there were occasions even as late as December 1976 when he could still give great performances and be in pretty good shape. Check these shows out on youtube, the films are not of today's quality but you will see just how the fans were still crazy about him and he could still deliver. Going back to his height, Elvis does make reference to his own height on at least two fan recorded Vegas shows, the most popular show being called Desert Storm when imo he refers to himself as 6ft 1/2 "All the best.
Amaral said on 14/Feb/17
Hi Mike 2 thank you for the answer .
I just want ask u about wlvis career .
After the show in Hawai in 1973 , was Elvis forgotten by the media and public in the USA .
Because there is a gap between the show in 1973 and the last show in 1977 when he was fat and 42 years old . He didn't do any broadcast show or film and .
At that time there werent news about him him during this gap that I mentioned . I live in Brazil and I even didn't know at the time he passed away that he was a singer I thought that he was just an actor . Nothing about him was mentioned here in Brazil ,the same thing happened inside the USA ?
Ben said on 5/Feb/17
Let's not forget that the amount of or thickness of one's hair can contribute to height, albeit in a very small way. Which brings to mind whether anyone is basing their claim on Elvis hair in "Jailhouse Rock." I contend that bushy mane is a wig. If you think not, compare that 1957 hair with the thin, finely swirled hair and high forehead Elvis had in late 1955 photos on the back of his first album. Perhaps,that Elvis appears shorter than the "Jailhouse Rock" Elvis.
Danimal said on 5/Feb/17
With 6'2.5" Muhammad Ali: Click Here
Danimal said on 5/Feb/17
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Mar/16
5ft11 is garbage. He was more than just a shoddy 1in taller than Tom Jones. He actually could look 6ft1 with him. 6ft flat, no less

Footwear my optimistic friend. Footwear. Elvis wore MASSIVE heeled shoes/boots where as Tom Jones did not. Barefoot, Elvis would have just edged Tom out. 5'11"-5'11.5" barefoot for Elvis and no more.
Danimal said on 5/Feb/17
February 1977 (shortly before he died). Look at the massive 3" heels on his shoes. Starting to think he was 5'11" and wore heels to give a much taller appearance.
Click Here
Ben said on 3/Feb/17
Following up. Recall in Elvis' second appearance on Milton Berle's show (June 1956), Berle describes Elvis as "about 6' tall..." Strange, as if Berle thought he was on the radio or knew people would want to know how tall was Elvis.
Ben said on 3/Feb/17
Great to know it's not just me who's interested in height. Maybe it's buried in this blog somewhere but, if not, look at the famous "Elvis Meets Nixon" photo of 1970. Pres Nixon was 5'11". In the photo they look the same height. Surely, with Elvis' outfit he was wearing boots, likely with 1" heels. Of course, Nixon could've been "gaming" this moment and wore shoes with thicker soles & heels that day. Don't know. Conclusion: Elvis was 6' in the Army in 1958 (barefoot--the way the Army measured me in 1975) but by 1970 was more like 5'11.5".
Mike2 said on 15/Jan/17
Hi Joao,sorry for delay but my reply to you which I sent last week hasn't been posted. When I met Ed Parker he was eye to eye with me and I am 6ft 1ins, however he is described officially as being 6ft exactly.
Hope this helps.
Joao said on 10/Jan/17
Helio Mike 2
How tall was Ed Parker ?
Anti-Steve Virus said on 1/Jan/17
Tom Jones a solid 5'10" is a lot shorter than Elvis in this picture

Click Here
Eric said on 19/Dec/16
5'11.5 to 5'11.75 I would say for him. Though I would say he could've been closer to 6 feet in the morning.
Fe said on 14/Dec/16
@Editor Rob,

In this Article
Click Here

Larry Geller described Elvis "about 5'11.5" Tall", What do u think about this Rob?
Editor Rob: Fe, it is a believable figure, over 5ft 11, but not a full six foot...
Oanh said on 12/Dec/16
Tom said on 20/Apr/16
I'm beginning to believe Elvis was 5-10. Click Here

Yes, he does look almost the same as 5'10" Milton Berle.
I never thought of Elvis as being more than 5'11"
ArthurJohn said on 22/Nov/16
Rob, if there was a 5'11" listing on Elvis' army medical wouldn't that imply that he was actually measured near that?

Perhaps he was measured at 5'11.5" at his lowest after a hard day of work and they rounded down, or maybe even due to relaxed posture?
Editor Rob: ArthurJohn, there has been a few mentions of his height related to the army, it's 5ft 11, 6ft and the 6ft 0.5, which I think was in a boot.
Mike 2 said on 16/Nov/16
Hi Grizz, I did respond earlier but my comments must have been lost. Elvis did have quite large feet ,normally a US12, there is a concert from 1975 when Elvis tells the audience about how the Sweet Inspirations joke about his large feet and Elvis then mentions that he takes a 12. Not sure whether you have seen his shoe wear close up, but I have at Graceland and at the 02 and they are large, a deck shoe similar to the one which I was wearing was at least the same length as mine, and I take a UK 11. Unfortunately his costume designer has given different measurements in the past but it is widely known by fans that Elvis did indeed have much larger feet than a size 9. All the best
King of the hill 91 said on 3/Nov/16
He had back and weight problems his licence said 184 maybe he lost some before death 183 maybe
King of the hill 91 said on 3/Nov/16
He had back and weight problems his licence said 184 maybe he lost some before death
grizz said on 30/Oct/16
@Mike2, so his own costume designer got it wrong? He estimated his height with such a precision that the margin error was quarter of an inch but he missed his shoe size from 9 to 11? Right...
Judd said on 12/Oct/16
Actually I believe he was more a 5'11" guy than a solid 6' however I will bet money he was taller than a flat 5'11" guy.
IMO he was between 5'11.25" and 5'11.5"!
LORD said on 6/Oct/16
My actual height is 179cm and weight 93.40kgs, but I have come across people in the past who thought I was 6'3".
so said on 30/Sep/16
So close to six that it's kind of annoying.
D said on 25/Sep/16
The pic of Elvis with Johnny Cash posted below might be misleading. Elvis is in a formal suit and had regular shoes (other pics from the night show that), but Johnny has on C&W attire and might well have been wearing cowboy boots that made him look taller. The main reason for saying that is this pic, which shows them looking very close in height:
Click Here
Mike2 said on 18/Sep/16
Elvis wore US size 12 shoe/ boot which is a UK size 11
grizz said on 17/Sep/16
5'11.5 sounds right.
BTW small feet for a "King"
Arch Stanton said on 8/Aug/16
Yes, I think 5'11.5 seems about right Daminal, I'd agree on that. Could look 5'11 flat and indeed 6 ft flat at different times though. A decent height for his generation and even today, whatever Connor says ;-)
Matthew Robinson (190 cm) said on 14/Jul/16
I'm going to agree with Rob here and say 5'11.75" is the right listing.
Danimal (176-178cm) said on 7/Jul/16
Elvis with Johnny Cash: Click Here

Elvis with Tom Jones: Click Here & Click Here
Danimal (176-178cm) said on 7/Jul/16
Elvis with 6'2.5"-6'3" Muhammad Ali in the 1970's (Elvis looks MAX 5'11" flat): Click Here
Danimal (176-178cm) said on 7/Jul/16
5'11.5" guy barefoot. Could have dipped as low as 5'11" flat by nightfall. The 6'0.5"/6'1" was in his boots.
Beau said on 30/Jun/16
I never met Elvis, but did play him, as an actor, on the TV series "Sledge Hammer", (A spoof of Clint Eastwood's "Dirty Harry" films). Afterwards many people who knew him, would come up to me and comment on how I was about his size, but slightly taller. (I'm a solid 6'1"). Based on that, and what Elvis said he was in early interviews (6' even), I'd say he was 6'0", and a very underrated actor.
Tom said on 21/Jun/16
Depends on what you mean by tall. 5-11 was and still is considered to be tall or tallish. With boots with two inch heels Elvis was 6-1.
Joao said on 17/Jun/16
Hi gentleman how r u ?
By the video that stevie posted here
Elvis is the same height of berle
Berle as stevie said is 5 10
ao for who is elvis fan he is no more than 511 feet
It ia very disappinted , but people who ia wlvis fan habe to accept
That wlvis wasnt a tall guy
J_67 said on 16/Jun/16
Elvis was no less then 6ft tall
Barefoot. Trust me now, he was at least 6ft no question about it, Rob you may have made up your mind but I'm telling you and take my word for it Elvis Presley was 6ft tall at least.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Jun/16
Elvis was a 6fter
Arch Stanton said on 13/Jun/16
Yes, he wore quite big cowboy boots in that film Tom.
Tom said on 11/Jun/16
Watching It Happened at the World's Fair I noticed Elvis wore boots with two-inch heels. That made him roughly the same height as 6-1 Gary Lockwood.
Tom said on 11/Jun/16
I believe he was 5-11 max. Probably three-quarters of people lie about their height, almost always increasing it. Celebrities are the worst in that regard.
Stig.. said on 3/Jun/16
The fact is.... Elvis Presley was no taller than 5ft 11... Prob 5ft 10....... 5,10.5 at best..

he wore a lot of in fashion heels .. in 60s 70s.. which made him appear to be over 6ft tall.. in many pics..
Fez said on 31/May/16
@Editor Rob, there are evidences that proves Elvis was around 5'11.5" range.

- Larry Geller described Elvis "About 5'11.5" in his interview Click Here
- Elvis was measured 6'0.5" in Boots (which r no less than an inch)
- Measured by Costume Designer (aforementioned)
Arch Stanton said on 30/May/16
Looked his tallest and best in GI Blues in 1960. He looked to have lost weight for it too which made him look taller. In some scenes he could look a strong 6' actually, could pass for 6'1 with the quiff.
Mike2 said on 29/May/16
Click Here
Editor Rob: for me, 6ft 1 barefeet suggest the Doctor forgot to flatten the quiff or he was the cousin of Mr Magoo!
Arch Stanton said on 29/May/16
Looked a decent 6 ft with Dean Jagger in King Creole. Jagger in fact looked more 1.5 inches taller, though I think he lost a bit of height by late 50s.
Fez said on 27/May/16
@EditorRob, wouldn't a 5'11.5 listing b appropriate now?
Editor Rob: I don't know how the costumer guy would have measured, sometimes they could literally use a dressmaker's tape, but the 5ft 11.5 is believable too.
Mat said on 15/May/16
Rob, now that you've got that quote you should give him the 5'11.5 listing. His costume designer had probably measured him at that. He was measured 6'0.5 with boots on, and the chances that the boots gave less than 1 inch are pretty slim.

He also had a 5'11 listing in the army, no one would ever round down someone if 5'11.75. He was probably measured barely 5'11.5 like 5'11.4 and hence the 5'11 listing. The other times could have been earlier and that's why he stood nearer 6 feet and got listed.

Anyway, I think 5'11.5 would be fair, for his time he would be definitely considered tall at that mark. He may well have been nearer 5'11 in the evening that 6'. And him claiming 6'1.5 would be the applied 2 inch rule....
matilda said on 14/May/16
rob i was reading a very interesting site about his jumpsuits it said he wore 2.3 cm heels on stage so he was over 6'2, but he was 6'0 barefoot, do you think he was 6'0 barefoot like the army said?
Editor Rob: I think barefoot he was under 6ft, how much is a debate, whether a little or a half inch
Tom said on 20/Apr/16
I'm beginning to believe Elvis was 5-10. Click Here

Berle with Martin & Lewis. Click Here

Berle with Bob Hope. Click Here
Tom said on 19/Apr/16
I noticed in The Silver Chalice than Lorne Greene wearing sandals was perhaps at most an inch taller than Paul Newman. If Newman was 5-9, then Greene was no more than 5-10. Elvis looked about an inch taller than Greene so I believe Elvis was 5-11.
willie t p m said on 15/Apr/16
Every picture is like an optical illusion sometimes he looks 5 10 somtimes he looks 6 2 his father was 6 4 look at him beside ali he got him an inch ali was 6 3 i think he was 6 1 1/2 without boots my opinion and opinions come a dime a dozen lol
Tom said on 11/Apr/16
Lorne Green without lifts here with Michael Landon. Click Here
Tom said on 11/Apr/16
Lorne Green notoriously wore huge lifts on Bonanza. I doubt he was taller than 5-10.
Giulio said on 4/Apr/16
Click Here elvis and james vigeta listed 5'9 1/2 on google
Click Here elvis and jimmy dean listed 6'3 everywhere, he looks about 3 1/2 inches shorter here
Click Here
Click Here elvis and lorne green listed 6' here but 5'11 in other places, elvis looks about half an inch taller
Click Here elvis and dan blocker listed here as 6'4
Giulio said on 4/Apr/16
Click Here elvis with Glen Campbell listed 6' on google and imbd

Click Here good photo with elvis and 5'10 tom jones

i think elvis was between 5'11 and 6' , with some show disadvantage and his pretty loose neck posture it would explain why he looks shorter than you would expect with egan and milton berle

Click Here his shoe insoles are very thin in this pcture and his dad is right next to him and we know he's at least 6'1 because of these pictures with 6'2 1/2 muhammad ali: Click Here Click Here so elvis must have been at least 5'11
Tom said on 3/Apr/16
Debra Paget was most certainly a bade. Interesting that she somewhat resembled Prescilla.
Giulio said on 2/Apr/16
Tom said on 30/Mar/16
Egan is not alleged. It's him. This is Victor Mature. Click Here

alleged 6 ft not alleged egan
Tom said on 1/Apr/16
Mature was a better actor than Egan. And taller and much broader. He never took himself that seriously. But he had a definite screen presence. Mature is terrific in Kiss of Death.
Tom said on 31/Mar/16
Elvis here with Egan looking two inches shorter. That Debra Paget who was a babe! Click Here
Tom said on 30/Mar/16
Egan is not alleged. It's him. This is Victor Mature. Click Here
Giulio said on 28/Mar/16
more better pictures with alleged 6' richard egan than

Click Here
Click Here

richard is lister 6'1 1/2 on google but 6' on imbd
Giulio said on 28/Mar/16
thomas said on 25/Mar/16
hello Giulio , how tall do u think Elvis is ?
hard to tell i m leaning towards 5'11
Giulio said on 28/Mar/16
Tom said on 25/Mar/16
That's not Victor Mature but Richard Egan who was 6 feet even. Elvis looks to be at least an inch shorter.

you are right
Tom said on 25/Mar/16
That's not Victor Mature but Richard Egan who was 6 feet even. Elvis looks to be at least an inch shorter.
thomas said on 25/Mar/16
hello Giulio , how tall do u think Elvis is ?
Giulio said on 23/Mar/16
Click Here
elvis next to victor mature listed 6'1 1/2 here
Tom said on 22/Mar/16
Elvis with 6-3 Steve Allen looks to be four to five inches shorter Click Here
Dan said on 20/Mar/16
Thankyou Alexandra there clearly a big difference between the heights of Elvis and Tom Jones which was on average around 2 inches to too 2.5 inches. Plus it's a known fact that Tom Jones wore boots in this period with Cuban heels. So to me it's crazy to list Tom Jones, Paul Mccartney and John Lennon based on your evaluation even if Elvis is wearing boots too. He's clearly taller. Elvis was 6ft.
alexandra said on 17/Mar/16
rob if tom jones was really 5'10.5 in peak if you look at him and elvis in the late 60s early 70s you can see elvis it had least 2 to 2.5 inches taller, to me elvis was 6'1 barefootm in my view, he looked taller than your listing in the late 60s
Giulio said on 16/Mar/16
5ft 9.25 said on 11/Mar/16
Shoes/Person is older
Vernom was 53 years old in the tall elvis photo

link said on 11/Mar/16
hey Gulii
how tall is Vernon ?
looks around 6'1 1/2 next to muhammad ali
Click Here
Click Here
Dan said on 14/Mar/16
Tom Jones height has always been listed at 5ft 10.5 and he's always got one inch on Paul Mccartney and John Lennon in photos with them together. In all photos of tom and Elvis especially the 1969-1971 photos you can clearly see in this series of photos of which there are at least 10 that Elvis has a good 2.5 inches sometimes 3inches on Tom. But for argument sake let's say they are both wearing boots, you can still see clearly Elvis had to be at least 6ft to Tom Jones height claim. Otherwise Paul Mccartney and John Lennon are all only 5ft 8ins which we know they are not.
Gary said on 12/Mar/16
I think Elvis was more of a big and slouchy guy, than a really tall one, where people would say he was around 6ft2 or 6ft3.
Mike2 said on 11/Mar/16
Hi Thomas, I can't prove Linda's height, she is referred to as being 5ft9ins, and being a beauty queen I imagine that she was probably at the lower end of the height required to be a beauty queen. I do not know whether she had to be a certain height when she entered and won her pageants. If you have seen the karate photo you will see that Ed Parker is the same height as Elvis, and I did meet him. I am 6ft 1 ins and he was eye to eye with me in normal shoes, so to me he was 6ft as he is reported to be in the martial arts world.Hope this helps.
Hi Giulio, the photos you provide are interesting however I keep making the same point that you can't tell someone's height from waist up shots when they were in different footwear, from different angles, and in this case about 10 years apart. Vernon could have lost some height by 1969, however more likely Elvis would have had boots on with Vernon in normal shoes. It is a well known fact though in the Elvis world that Vernon was a bit taller than Elvis standing around 6ft 1ins- 6ft 2ins. All the best.
link said on 11/Mar/16
hey Gulii
how tall is Vernon ?
5ft 9.25 said on 11/Mar/16
Shoes/Person is older
Dan said on 11/Mar/16
Elvis was 6ft. The infamous mugshot was not a height measurement and gets confused as such. The infamous muhammad Ali photo is also something not to be used as a height measure either as there are several photos of Vernon, Elvis's fathers after Elvis died standing next to Ali and being of similar height. Red West was always shorter than Elvis if you look in the photos and was in fact actually 5-11 to 6ft. He was always around one inch shorter than Elvis at least. Red in turn was never shorter than 5-11. Elvis was 6ft simple as that.
5ft 9.25 said on 9/Mar/16
How would you explain the "huge" difference of 5ft 11 - 6ft .5 ? 5'11 as an bare minimum and 6' .25 out of bed okay. But since when US-Army measures such an extreme?
I suppose it belongs to 'fraction problems' and inaccurate measurement.
Editor Rob: there will be some variation depending on the time of measurement, whether the measuring device was absolutely correct to within 1-2mm, and whether the practitioner actually put the bar down onto the head and made sure it was touching the head.

All these things can throw up different measurements.
thomas said on 8/Mar/16
Hello Steve and Mike 2 how are gentleman ?
can any of you prove that Linda thompson is 59" ?
thnk you
Giulio said on 8/Mar/16
elvis can somehow go from this
Click Here

to this
Click Here
simom said on 5/Mar/16
rob elvis did say on that dessert storm tape which is on youtube i am 6'1.5, he said i am 6'1.5 and the mircophone is 6'3.5, do you think it must have been a boot measurement because the army say he is 6'0 whats your view
Editor Rob: even one of Elvis biography authors mentioned Elvis had tried claiming it, but said "He also indicated that his weight was 160 pounds, which it probably was not, and he gave his height as six-one—which it definitely was not if he took the lifts out of his shoes"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Mar/16
5ft11 is garbage. He was more than just a shoddy 1in taller than Tom Jones. He actually could look 6ft1 with him. 6ft flat, no less
priscilla said on 29/Feb/16
Rob do you think it is possible that Elvis was over 6'0 without footwear, i mean you look at him in the 1970s when he was not wearing lifts he looked a lot taller than most his mafia members, for example red west who is 6'2 which is confirmed in books he looks very similar in height, I think rob he was at least 6'1 barefoot, 5'11.75 is far too low what your view?
Editor Rob: no, I doubt he was anywhere near 6ft 1 barefoot.
amy said on 29/Feb/16
Lisa Marie Presley says elvis was 6'2?
Gx791 said on 27/Feb/16
Steve give up
Mike 2 said on 27/Feb/16
Hi Julio please look at the karate photo I posted some time ago on this thread where Elvis is barefoot facing the camera with 6ft Ed Parker on one side and 5ft 9 ins Linda Thompson on the other. Elvis was indeed taller than Milton Berle, but not by much. To me it's of no use comparing Elvis with other people when they may have on different footwear. We have this photo of Elvis and Ed Parker who was 6ft , and Elvis is the same height so that says it all to me, you can't hide anything when you're in bare feet. Who knows what sort of lifts Berle was wearing in order to bring him close to Elvis's height.
Although I am firmly in the 6ft camp it's generally accepted by anyone who has studied Elvis that he was no shorter than 5ft 11ins. All the best.
Tulsa Mclean said on 26/Feb/16
It's well known in the Elvis world that he was 6ft.......this has been verified many times.
steve said on 26/Feb/16
Think you be surprised to know that actually he was smaller than you all think at 5ft 10"

take at look at this link

Click Here
julio said on 24/Feb/16
mr Mike 2 what do you have say about Elvis and Milton berle . they have the same height .
do you know how tall is Berle ?
some say that he is 5 10
so Elvis never can be6"
Mike2 said on 19/Feb/16
Hi 5' 11" barefoot
Can you post a copy of the death certificate you have mentioned so that we can all see this height please. The only certificate I have ever come across has been the autopsy report and there is no mention of height on it. In fact ,there is a box on this report which for obvious reasons is referred to as 'length' as opposed to height and this section has been left blank. So it would be great to post the certificate you are talking about for us all to see. Also you made reference to a medical certificate. Is this one of his army medical certificates which you are referring to,as there are about four other army medial certificates in existence all of which show the height of Elvis to be 6ft.
Rob, for your information regarding Desert Storm-this a CD so you have to listen to it, however if you listen to more of this concert you will notice that Elvis does slur his words throughout and having listened to his speech about the microphone height, in my opinion he says "Now look I'm six foot and a half" as opposed to 6' 1.5" and this would be more in line with his real height. This is just how it sounds to me taking into account his very slurred speech during this show, which has become quite legendary due Elvis losing his temper when he denies the stories circulating about him. A very interesting show to listen to.
Mikesmith38 said on 19/Feb/16
Muhammad Ali was listed at 6'3''. In that picture of Ali and Elvis, Ali clearly has about a two inch height advantage over Elvis. So I clearly believe Elvis was about 6'1'' & no taller with boots on. Tom Jones is listed at 5'10''. Elvis has about an inch or two over Jones in pictures of the two of them standing together.
5'11" barefoot.. said on 18/Feb/16
People are so uneducated, Elvis was considered tall for his time...average height now is barely 5'9".. Elvis's medical record have him down at 5'11" and so does his death certificate. With lifts he would have been over 6 foot easily...So for people to act astonished as to what height they think it was, it's irrelevant. Mikesmith38 is spot on and has his head on straight...good stuff...
Mikesmith38 said on 14/Feb/16
Nixon was listed at 5'11''. In that photo of Elvis and Nixon, both of them are standing shoulder to shoulder. Elvis looks 5'11''-6'0''. Even though i can't see Elvis' footwear, I'm pretty sure he was wearing boots, his preferred footwear in the 70s. Milton Berle was listed at 5'10''. Photos of Berle and Elvis show both men at about the same height.Rudy Vallee is listed at 5'9''.In Live A Little,Love A Little, Elvis is about an inch or 2 taller than Vallee. I've read that Elvis did wear lifts in his boots. His boots in the 70s had about 2 inch heels on them. So with that being said, I believe Elvis was 5'11'' barefooted and about 6'1'' with boots on.
julia said on 12/Feb/16
rob have you seen the desert storm concert 1974 when elvis talks about the mircophone not really being high enough for him, he said the mircophone was 6ft 3 and he was 6ft 1.5 do you think that was a shoe height or barefoot because i thought elvis was about 6 feet
Editor Rob: never seen it, but he must be joking saying 6ft 1.5...maybe in boots though!
Colberto said on 10/Feb/16
Hey rob since he is listed at such a precise fraction does that still mean he is within a half an inch range like 5'11.25-5'11.75" range or is he just 5'11.75". Same thing with someone who is listed at lets say 6'1.25" does that mean he/she is within the 6'0.75-6'1.25" range. IMO elvis was either a really strong 5'11 on a bad day and on normal days he was within 5'11.5-5'11.75".
Editor Rob: even with measurements, there can still be uncertainty. I think with Elvis you can argue a fraction above/below like most listings.

With a lot of listings many would agree on the person being say 5ft 11 or 11.25, but in other cases the argument can be a greater range, they may look from 5ft 11 to 6ft.
6ft5Vinnie said on 30/Jan/16
Since when did Elvis ever wear 3-4 inch high heels?
amy said on 29/Jan/16
i born in 1986 and my grandad met elvis sometime in the mid 1960s, he told me he will always remember was that elvis was taller than he thought, he said elvis was at least as tall as him, he was at least 6ft in height and very slim, elvis could have easily been 6ft 3 in some heels
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jan/16
I wouldn't be shocked if he was pushing 6ft3 in some heels. Height was naturally a part of his larger-than-life image. I went to Graceland a few years ago and the tour guide said he was 6ft2 and getting fitted for clothes was "challenging"...
white said on 26/Jan/16
who claims that Berle is 5,9 " and if it is true , so Elvis never can be 6"
what a disapointment , hes the same height of Berle
who watched the Elvis thats the way it is , think that elvis is a tall guy , but now it is proved that he weared boots and hells
what a diapointment
Giulio said on 25/Jan/16
Click Here
0:55 6 feet says 5'10 milton berle while elvis can barely reach his height
Ian C. said on 24/Jan/16
I wouldn't trust Elvis's Army height listing. By the time he was in the Army he was rich and famous, and he was allowed special privileges. For example, he was allowed to live off-base during his service in Germany. He might have asked for a special dispensation to wear lifts for his photo, and claim six feet as his official height.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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