How tall is Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

American Singer best remembered for songs such as Billie Jean, Thriller, Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Black or White, Man in the Mirror and Bad. On his own driving license in the 1980's he had his height down as 5-09 and weight as 120 pounds. Songwriter Siedah Garrett mentioned "He was a few inches taller than I am, and I'm 5'7".

How tall is Michael Jackson
Photo by PR Photos
Adolescence proved awkward for Michael too. He sprouted from just over five feet to five feet ten.
-- LaToya Jackson

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Average Guess (214 Votes)
5ft 9.17in (175.7cm)
Jackie Lee said on 9/Apr/21
175 or 176 cm, no more no less
Megrace said on 2/Apr/21
176 isn’t impossible and I think he’s likely that then his current listing 5’9.25”
Lawrence099 said on 13/Mar/21
Solid 5’9 imo
Almost 180cm guy said on 21/Feb/21
I am sending a few more photos of Michael alongside George H. W. Bush from 1990, in my opinion Rob, you should look at them: Click Here Click Here Click Here
I don't see a Bush below 188.5cm here if Michael really was 5ft 9 because Jackson had thicker boots than Bush. Rob, I think 1/4 inch over 6ft 2 for Bush is more likely than 1/4 inch above 5ft 9 for Michael.
GeorgeSmith said on 26/Jan/21
MJ with 5'9"

Click Here
slim 6'1 said on 5/Jan/21
A nibble over 5’9”
Almost 180cm guy said on 3/Jan/21
Well, 5ft 9.25 isn't impossible for Michael but I have no problem with a flat 5ft 9 for him. Here are some photos of Michael alongside George H W Bush from 1990: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Looking at their shoes, you can see that Michael was wearing high heels, similar to the 1995 he met Morgan Freeman. In 1990, Bush was 66 and Michael was 32, and in 1995 Michael was 37 and Morgan was 58. Freeman and Bush kept their height for a long time without any loss. Rob, will you agree with me that Michael could have made Bush looked 6ft 2.25 and Freeman 6ft 2.5?
mags said on 1/Jan/21
Rob do you think Michael had any significant height loss during his life? He had a bad back injury in the 90s and this is around the time he appeared to start wearing lifts more regularly...there’s an article describing him as 5’9.5 in the 80s (not sure how to link it). His height certainly seems a bit of a mystery, possible that he had a peak height of 5’10 and lost 3/4 of an inch before he passed with the medical issues he had.

With 6’1+ presidents (Clinton, Bush Sr and Trump in the 90s) he looks 5’10 range often wearing loafers or shoes with a 1 inch heel. A lot of the 5’9 range celebs he was photographed with (Stallone, Eddie Murphy etc) could well have been wearing lifts and still look a similar height to him.

There’s also a video of him and Naomi Campbell accepting an award on YouTube with Naomi in heels and he isn’t dwarfed by her the way you might expect him to be (considering they are both 5’9).

With Lionel Richie he looks 2 inches shorter, but it’s hard to tell as they seem to have such different head sizes!
Editor Rob
if he lost height, I feel it was a fraction, not anything like an inch.
gracie said on 5/Nov/20
Looks 5’10 range with Trump. Not sure why people think he was below 5’9 when that’s the height given for his autopsy (possibly after losing a bit of height with age). For a dancer he had quite bad posture which you can see in a lot of these pictures with others.

Also responding to below comments - his tailor said he was 5’10 not 5’7 - no way was he that short. Comparing him to his many pictures with Quincy Jones he seems a few inches taller, but shorter than Lionel Richie (‘5’11+) and Stevie wonder (6’0?). Personally think he was a strong 5’9.
R H said on 5/Nov/20
Some candid-esque shots of Michael with Donald Trump, circa 1990:
Click Here
Click Here

Michael is wearing boots in this photo:
Click Here
6'3 Julian said on 23/Sep/20
Guy I know thought he was 6’6
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Sep/20
Pytka looked more 6'4" range though.
Slim 6'1" said on 20/Sep/20
Less than 2 inches between him & Elvis
Slim 6'1" said on 20/Sep/20
178cm out of bed
Slim 6'1" said on 20/Sep/20
176cm I’m confident
James no1 said on 30/Aug/20
@ Rob what do you think of MJs height with 184cm Ronald Reagan Click Here Click Here
Editor Rob
Wouldn't have thought over 5ft 9, but at most around that mark with Ronald.
VitoCheng said on 11/Aug/20
5'9.5" maximum
Slim 6'1" said on 3/Aug/20
176 upgrade
Robby Harris said on 2/Aug/20
Michael with 5'9" Lance Bass and 5'8" Chris Kirkpatrick. 5'10.5" JC Chasez is on the far left and 5'11.5" Justin Timberlake on the far right.

NSYNC and Michael Jackson in 2001:
Click Here Click Here
Click Here Click Here
Click Here Click Here
Click Here Click Here

I could buy 5'9", but it's the most I could see here. Michael wore loafers at this event, but had one shoeless foot due to an apparent injury to it. At times he could look taller than 5'9" such as with Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey, but sometimes looked shorter such as with Brooke Shields and Frank Sinatra. His height varied a lot, but 175 looks fairly reasonable overall.
Warren said on 1/Aug/20
Admittedly 173-174cm in lowest guess but 172cm.
James S said on 10/Jul/20
@R3D T1G3R I have definitely taken everything you’ve said in to consideration but one thing I can say for sure is me and you keep going back and forth, so if you believe he’s in the 175-177cm zone that’s fine I’m sticking to mike being in the 172-174cm zone I will admit that Michael can look 5’9-10 depending on his footwear and his skinny frame
R3D T1G3R (185 cm) said on 3/Jul/20
@James Sinclair Frank Sinatra was known to wear elevator shoes. You really need to consider footwear and posture in these photos. I already told you that in the pic you sent of Michael and Stevie Wonder, Michael didn't look more than 3 inches shorter. I can't think of any celeb that's 5'9 that he generally looks shorter than besides Sylvester Stallone.

Here's Michael with 5'9 Freddie Mercury. As you can see he constantly looks about the same height. Michael looks even taller than Freddie in the first photoshoot (although, to be fair, Michael was closer to the camera):Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

Michael with 5'9-5'10 Slash:Click Here Click Here Click Here

With 5'8.5 Liberace:Click Here Click Here

Michael's posture was worse than Brook's in the picture you sent from the same show as the pic of them that I posted. Here's Michael and Brook in 1994. Michael is probably wearing heels and looks taller than Brook. Remember, Michael's heels were regular Cuban heels which give about 2 inches more than a regular shoe so if Michael can pull off looking taller than Brook with his heels, he can't be much shorter than her:Click Here

He also constantly appears taller than his brothers Tito and Marlon who are both around 5'8.

These are reasons why I personally believe he was closer to 5'9 than 5'8. Although I believe it's possible that he was closer to 5'8. Rob lists him a 5'9. I'm not sure if he was an exact full 5'9 but I believe he was closer to 5'9 than 5'8. The average vote is 5'9.25 which is his absolute morning maximum IMO but some of that probably comes from over obsessed fans saying he was like 5'10, 5'11.
James S said on 24/Jun/20
@ R3D T1G3R (185 cm)
Look here at MJ with Brooke from the same show you posted
Click Here
James Sinclair said on 24/Jun/20
@R3D T1G3R (185 cm) i clearly stated that i made a mistake by saying James Brown is 5'6 on my second message, Michael is shorter than people who are 5'9 so he cant be 5'9,look at Michael with 5'7 Frank sinatra Click Here

The picture i showed with Stevie wonder shows Michaels true height, Michael is on level with people in the 5'7-8 range the moment hes with someone 5'9 and above hes shorter
Bruce springsteen who is 5'10 with michael Jackson in 1984 Click Here
Sad BoyO Chris said on 16/Jun/20
Michael Jackson was in fact one inch taller than Frank Sinatra.The thinking five ten by most is an utter fabrication.Michael was 1.73 cm!
wallerd said on 13/Jun/20
Worth noting in the picture below of him and Ali that Michael was young and most likely had not reached his full adult height.

Based on the imagery and accounts of other people it’s obvious that MJ was minimum 5’9 (possibly taller, 5’9.5) and that with Cuban heels he could pull off looking quite tall.
Robby Harris said on 10/Jun/20
How tall would you estimate he looks with Muhammad Ali, Rob?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
Can seem 5 inches shorter
Robby Harris said on 10/Jun/20
Michael Jackson with 6'1" Steve Harvey in 2004:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Prefer Bellaxxx said on 9/Jun/20
It's so sad Michael Jackson is not on this planet anymore.He was so great,cool and adorable.Michael was a great dancer met stars alike but was pretty shy.His music is really fabulous and he's so talented.For his height i'd give him 1.73cm with one inch shoes on.
R3D T1G3R (185 cm) said on 9/Jun/20
@James S I never said James Brown was 5'6. I said he was 5'5.5. My mom who is 5'5.5 met James Brown in the 80s and they were the same height but he had probably shrunk by the time the photos I linked were taken anyways.

Brook had heels on at the 84 Grammy's. Click Here This pic is from 84 when Brook was certainly finished growing. She was probably done growing in the other pics too. Girls usually stop growing at 14, 15.

Eddie could've easily been wearing lifts under those flats as he's known to do sometimes.

In the pic you sent of Stevie, he still didn't look more than 3 inches taller than Michael.

Maccaulay Culkin is clearly taller than Mia Kunis. Rob lists Culkin as 5'6 and most of the comments and votes are in agreement.

Michael Jackson with 5'8.5-5'9 Naomi Campbell:Click Here Campbell has quite the heel when Jackson is wearing regular dress shoes, yet Campbell doesn't look more than 2' taller than Jackson.

Michael Jackson with his brother Marlon (5'8):Click Here Click Here
Robby Harris said on 1/Jun/20
Jackson could pull off looking fairly tall when he wore cuban heel boots, which may explain all the alleged "tall sightings" and encounters many say they had of him.

Michael with 6'0" Stevie Wonder in 1998:
Click Here
Click Here

Michael with 6'7" Magic Johnson in 1995:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Although, for whatever reason, he doesn't look as tall in that last photo.

Michael with a maybe weak 6'2" Bill Clinton in 2000:
Click Here
James S said on 22/May/20
@R3D T1G3R (185 cm)
I made a mistake by saying James brown is 5’6 my apologies
James S said on 22/May/20
@R3D T1G3R (185 cm)
He can’t be 5’9 because the picture I posted with Eddie has damn near flats on and you can see MJ has lifts on

Brooke shields never had flats on at the Grammys in 1984
Here in 1980 Brooke is 15 years old and she’s 5’10 here
Click Here
She grew a bit more after that resulting in MJ being much more shorter than her a the Grammys

Look at MJ with 5’8 Siedah Garret
Click Here

Those pictures of Stevie winder don’t show MJs true height
Look at this Click Here

Their are many pictures showing MJ with Stallone and he’s always losing height with him, so I won’t rule out what your saying but MJ looks 5’8 to me based on my research he’s just got a skinny frame that makes him look taller

James brown is 5’5 at most not 5’6, 5’6 is really for Ja Rule

Michael Jackson is the same height as 5’8 usher you can see that in pictures

Macaulay Culkin Is 5’4 not 5’6
Look at this picture with him and mila kunis she is 5’4
Click Here
R3D T1G3R (185 cm) said on 16/May/20
@James S Stallone and Murphy were known to wear lifts, Brooke Shields was wearing heels at the 84 Grammy's and Eddie Murphy is 5'9.5, not 5'9. Michael is 3-3.5 inches taller than 5'5.5 James Brown:Click Here Click Here. He's not more than 3' shorter than Stevie Wonder
:Click Here Click Here. With 5'6 Macaulay Culkin:Click Here.

Michael Jackson was 5'9 or 175 cm although he did occasionally wear heels to look 179-180 cm.
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 14/May/20
I'm sure MJ 5ft8 inch
James S said on 14/May/20
@ rob I think he’s really a flat 5’8 only because In the picture with Eddie Murphy you can see that MJ has some type of heals and Eddie is almost wearing flat shoes, but with shoes he seems 173.5/174cm
James Sinclair said on 13/May/20
Hi rob Looking at MJ with Sylvester Stallone who is 5'9 MJ is shorter than him Click Here

Eddie Murphy & MJ
Click Here
Click Here
MJ is shorter than 5'9 Eddie

But he seems the same height as usher who is 5'8
Click Here

MJ with Quincy who is 5'6
Click Here

MJ with 6'0 Brooke Sheilds
Click Here
Editor Rob
I've seen Michael look 5ft 8-8.5 with people, but a lot of time feel he could really have been near 5ft 9.
Robby Harris said on 27/Apr/20
Jackson with 6'2" Michael Caine and 6'1" Roger Moore in 1988:
Click Here

Michael with 6'2" Donald Trump in 1990:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Michael with 6'0" Chris Tucker in 2001:
Click Here
Click Here

Michael with 5'10" Paul McCartney in the early 80s:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He was most likely 5'9" barefoot, 5'10" in shoes, though his height could vary in photos. I agree he could pull off looking taller at times, but I think Rob's listing is a fair estimate.
Robby Harris said on 26/Apr/20
Jackson with 6'2" Michael Caine and 6'1" Roger Moore in 1988:
Click Here

Michael with 6'2" Donald Trump in 1990:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Michael with 6'0" Chris Tucker in 2001:
Click Here
Click Here

Michael with 5'10" Paul McCartney in the early 80s:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He was most likely 5'9" barefoot, 5'10" in shoes, though his height could vary in photos. I agree he could pull off looking taller at times, but I think Rob's listing is a fair estimate.
Robby Harris said on 26/Apr/20
Michael with 5'11" Lionel Richie in the 80s:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Michael with 6'2" George H. W. Bush in 1990:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Michael with 6'0" Nelson Mandela in the 90s:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Michael with 5'9" Freddie Mercury in 1980:
Click Here
Click Here

Michael with 5'8.5" Lenny Kravitz in 2001:
Click Here
Click Here
pov said on 9/Apr/20
120 lbs wow, he was skinny
viper said on 25/Mar/20
His autopsy shows that he was 5’9 at the age of 50, so he likely lost height as he got older.

He was only 50, not 70

His license had him at 5-9 in the 80s. He certainly didn't shrink
viper said on 25/Mar/20
One of his tailors said 5-7. He could look as short as that.

He was probably 5-9 at best, as his license had him as that.
viper said on 25/Mar/20
I don't know If Tupac was 5-9 for sure.

He could look 5-8 a lot.

I saw some documentary was an investigator into Tupac's death and referred to him as 5-8. He called
Suge Knight 6-2, his real height.
R3D T1G3R (185 cm) said on 24/Mar/20
@Gini there's no way Michael could be close to 5'10. He constantly looks shorter than 5'9.5 Eddie Murphy Click Here Click Here and 5'9 Sylvester Stallone Click Here Click Here. Both are known to wear lifts but I doubt they were wearing lifts in all those photos. People don't shrink before the age of 50. I know people in their early 60s who are still the same height as they were in their 20s.
R3D T1G3R (185 cm) said on 24/Mar/20
@tonny t. Tupac was taller than Michael. Tupac was 176 cm and Michael was likely in the 174-175 cm range.
tony t. said on 23/Jan/20
Who would be taller MJ or Tupac?
Gini said on 4/Jan/20
His tailor of many years said he was 5’10. If you look at other pictures of him and Lionel Richie he appears to be about 1-1.5 inches shorter, the angles of the images you linked favour Lionel Richie considerably! My estimate is that Jackson was a strong 5’9 during his peak, most likely between 5’9.5 and 5’10. His autopsy shows that he was 5’9 at the age of 50, so he likely lost height as he got older.
Omer said on 26/Dec/19
Around 5'9" to 5'10" for sure
R3D T1G3R (185 cm) said on 5/Dec/19
@Erick.mv10 In this photo from the same photoshoot, Michael actually looks slightly taller:Click Here . In this photo from a completely differnt photoshoot, they're the same height:Click Here

He looks about 5'8.5-5'9 with 5'11 (6' peak) Nelson Mandela:Click Here Click Here .

looks constantly about 2.5 inches shorter than 181 cm Lionel Richie:Click Here Click Here Click Here
Bradley said on 2/Dec/19
Near me twice. As listed. Strong 5-9.
Erick.mv10 said on 30/Nov/19
With 5'9 "Freddie Mercury: Click Here
Michael looks like a 5'7".5-5'8 "guy
Anton Miksanik said on 20/Nov/19
incorrectly. MJ could not be 5’9’’. He is smaller than Eddie Murphy, smaller than Sylvester Stallone and only 10 cm taller than his sister Janet Jackson. moreover, dancers are not always very high. Sometimes they do not even reach 175 cm or more. 5ft 8 max. on good day and on excellent dancer. And maybe even less. Who knows. Anyway, famous celebrities almost always add those few centimeters to their height so it doesn't look bad. I vote for 173 cm and no more.
Anton Miksanik said on 20/Nov/19
incorrectly. MJ could not be 5’9’’. He is smaller than Eddie Murphy, smaller than Sylvester Stallone and only 10 cm taller than his sister Janet Jackson. moreover, dancers are not always very high. Sometimes they do not even reach 175 cm or more. 5ft 8 max. on good day and on excellent dancer. And maybe even less. Who knows. Anyway, famous celebrities almost always add those few centimeters to their height so it doesn't look bad. I vote for 173 cm and no more.
Kiko said on 4/Nov/19
His tailor Michael Bush said he was 5’10, not 5’7.
R3D T1G3R (185 cm) said on 19/Oct/19
@viper you're mentioning one out of probably over 10 tailors. Other tailors have said that he's over 5'7.

Michael Jackson with 5'6 Oprah:Click Here
With 5'10.5 Brooke Shields:Click Here
With 5'6.5 George Lucas:Click Here
With 6' Stevie Wonder:Click Here

With these pics, it's safe to say he was taller than 5'7. 5'11 is ridiculous IMO but 5'7 is also ridiculous.
Kevin K. said on 14/Oct/19
According to his autopsy report he was 5'9", but that measurement was taken while he was lying on his back and had been for hours or days, which would've allowed his spine to stretch by about 2 inches.
viper said on 13/Oct/19
I do wonder If he's really 5-7-5-7.5 when his own tailor said hes 5-7
Jonas Henrikssen, said on 11/Oct/19
Skinny 5"7.5 guy with a 5"9 bodytype also constantly woore boots
nimettiez said on 17/Sep/19
I think he was about 5'9.5 in his peak (in the 80s) and then maybe stress from the 90s and 2000s brought him down to 5'9.
Bradley said on 13/Aug/19
He looked taller in person.
Dacquan Alexander said on 13/Aug/19
I give it to Michael's fame & his slender appearance to why he looks taller than 5'9.
Mon said on 27/Jul/19
A little on the low side. Look at him between Ronald Reagan and Nancy. He was wearing virtual ballet slippers. Few if any male celebrities do that

Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department booking form has him as 5'11'' and 120 lbs at the age of 45. Why would Jackson have a driving licence that overstated his height by a full three inches?
James Keffer (185 cm) said on 5/Jun/19
With 5'8.25 Usher:Click Here

With 5'9 peak Fred Astaire (likely a bit shorter when these photos were taken):Click Here Click Here

With 5'8.5 Liberace:Click Here Click Here
James Keffer (185 cm) said on 5/Jun/19
Robby Harris, I don't think he had doubles. It's all footwear and posture. Stern is just an idiot and the police report measurements likely came from Jacko's driver's license:Click Here . Also, Stern probably never even met Jackson. He probably just watched the documentary with Martin Bashir as he mentioned and assumed Bashir was average height:Click Here .
K.A 188 said on 4/Jun/19
He always seemed tallish for some reason.... I guess being skinny does wonders.
Robby Harris said on 1/Jun/19
Michael with 5'10" Mike Tyson and 6'3" Clint Eastwood in 1989:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
tree said on 26/May/19
Mr t Click Here
tree said on 26/May/19
With 174cm Michael Schumaher Click Here
Robby Harris said on 20/May/19
5'11" according to the cops. 5'9" according to the autopsy. 5'10" according to his costume maker. 5'6"-5'7" according to the "Thriller" costume maker. 6'2"(lol) according to Howard Stern. 5'8"-5'9" range according to his makeup artist. I wonder if Jacko had doubles...
James Keffer (185 cm) said on 8/May/19
@Danimal Michael was closer to the camera in the Freddie Mercury photo and Bon Jovi was leaning slightly. I don't believe he would've been closer to 5'10 than 5'9 and 5'9.5 would be My absolute max for him with a flat 5'9 being closer to the truth.

Jackson with 5'9.5 Eddie Murphy:Click Here Click Here Click Here

Jackson with 5'9 peak Marlon Brando who still might've been his peak height in the 80s:Click Here

Looks the same height as Fred Astaire who was 5'9 peak and likely shorter when these photos were taken:Click Here Click Here

Seems barely taller than 5'5.5 James Brown:Click Here Click Here
Looks barely 2 inches taller than 5'6.25 peak George Lucas:Click Here Click Here

For these reasons, over 5'9 cm seems a bit generous for Michael to me but i agree that 5'7 is ridiculous for Michael and 5'8 would be his absolute minimum for me.

And no, I don't believe Trump was 6'2 peak.
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 27/Mar/19
James Keffer (185 cm) said on 23/Dec/18
Click Here skip to 4:21. It is said that "guys need to be close to Michael's height. So 5'9, 5'10, 5'11".

Doesn't really look more than 4" shorter than 6'1.5 Donald Trump: Click Here Click Here Click Here

Donald Trump was taller than 6'1.5" in his prime! He was at least 6'2".
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 27/Mar/19
5'6" Martin Bashir with Michael: Click Here
5'10" Mike Tyson with Michael: Click Here
5'9"(claimed to be 5'9 3/4") Freddie Mercury with Michael: Click Here
5'9" Jon Bon Jovi with Michael: Click Here

I think it's fair to say that based on all the pics I provided, Michael was over a flat 5'9". He used to get a lot of 5'10" listings in the 80's. I believe that he was closer to 5'10" than 5'9". Imo, he was just under 5'10" and by the time he died (at 50 years old), he was still over 5'9" due to poor posture and aging. All these 5'7"-5'8" height listings are ridiculous.
James Keffer (185 cm) said on 29/Dec/18
@A.Nonymoua autopsies can be inaccurate since your spine compresses after you die and your toes stick out past your heels when you're lying down. I still think he was 5'9 though.
A.Nonymoua said on 28/Dec/18
Click Here
According to the autopsy report, he was 69” tall and 136 lb. He was obviously not wearing lifts at the time, and there was no reason for the coroner’s office to fib.
James Keffer (185 cm) said on 23/Dec/18
Click Here skip to 4:21. It is said that "guys need to be close to Michael's height. So 5'9, 5'10, 5'11".

Doesn't really look more than 4" shorter than 6'1.5 Donald Trump: Click Here Click Here Click Here

Looks a good bit taller than 5'8.25 Will.I.Am: Click Here Click Here

Looks 1-1.5" shorter than Kenny Rogers and Lionel Richie who are both 5'10.5: Click Here

For these reasons, I wouldn't put him under 5'9 but because of some of the things that Robby Harris, Rising, Dan The Guy and a few other people have said, I wouldn't go over that either. 175 cm seems the most likely for him but 176 and 174 and even maybe 173 are arguable for him. 172 and 177 cm are definitely out of the question for MJ, IMO.
James Keffer said on 22/Dec/18
MJKoP said on 21/Dec/18
James Keffer said on 11/Dec/18
@rising I don't think he ever wore lifts. He was more of a high heal type guy. About the first photo with 6'1.5-6'2 Bill Clinton, he looked about 2-3 inches shorter which would make him around 180-181 cm with those heals and that's about how tall he usually looked in Cuban heals because MJ's Cuban heals look like enough to make a 175 guy look like a 180-181 guy. As far as the second photo goes, as you mentioned already, MJ had a bad slouch.

"Heals"? As in 'Heel the World'??? :P
James Keffer said on 17/Dec/18
Looked 5'7 with Frank Sinatra and George Wendt

Looked 5'10 with Operah, Martin Bashir and Corey Feldman

Varied between 5'6.5 and 5'9 with Marlon Brando and George Lucas

Looked 5'9-5'9.5 with Fred Astaire and Liberace

Looked 5'8.5-5'9 with Freddie Mercury.
Dimitrius A Almazan said on 17/Dec/18
I thought he was 6ft 1
James Keffer said on 11/Dec/18
@rising I don't think he ever wore lifts. He was more of a high heal type guy. About the first photo with 6'1.5-6'2 Bill Clinton, he looked about 2-3 inches shorter which would make him around 180-181 cm with those heals and that's about how tall he usually looked in Cuban heals because MJ's Cuban heals look like enough to make a 175 guy look like a 180-181 guy. As far as the second photo goes, as you mentioned already, MJ had a bad slouch.
James Keffer said on 10/Dec/18
Here's something bizzare: Look at this pic of Michael Jackson and Marlon Brando. Click Here As you can see, Brando's a good bit taller.

Now, here's Marlon Brando and Sophia Loren. Click Here They look the same height. If not, Brando could be like a hair taller but if he is, it's probably not any more than .5 inches.

Now, here's Jackson and Loren. Click Here
Robby Harris said on 10/Dec/18
@Rising: He never seemed like a lift guy to me, but I can't say it's impossible that he might have occasionally tried some. It's strange because the varying estimates from some of those who worked with him match up with how he could look. But yeah, as far as him wearing lifts...I wouldn't doubt he tried some from time to time, especially seeing how tall he pulled off looking in cuban heels with a 6'1.5" minimum Bill Clinton in 2000: Click Here yet was at least 5" shorter than him in what were most likely penny loafers a couple years later: Click Here In fairness, Michael's got quite a bad slouch in the second pic, but he could also look fairly tall with 6' Nelson Mandela while wearing cuban heels in 1999: Click Here

As far as the AMA 1984 pics you posted, well here's a video from that event: Click Here

Interestingly, Michael doesn't look short with 5'11" Lionel Richie or 6' listed Barry Manilow there, who Kenny Rogers happens to look taller than. Diana Ross is obviously wearing heels, although I can't find a pic to estimate how much her footwear might be giving her. Michael doesn't look any more than 2" taller than 5'6.5" Quincy Jones to me there, but he did appear to be wearing those flat dance shoes he often wore in '84, which would if anything put him at a disadvantage: Click Here Still odd he could look so tiny beside 5'10.5" Shields and Rogers in the photos, even with taking their footwear into account. How they pulled off looking TALLER beside Michael than 6'2" guys like Bush and Trump did is beyond me!
Robby Harris said on 9/Dec/18
Here's some photos of Michael and Eddie Murphy on the set of the "Whatzupwitu" video in 1993: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Footwear: Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Dec/18
@James Keffer: Rob's listing for Loren is meant to be at her peak and I'd guess women do shrink faster than men for the same reason they shrink more. Take Rob and Jenny for example. They used to be the same height, but Jenny has been dropping below 5'8" for quite a few years now, probably since she was no older than Rob is now. Granted, that's just one example, but all things being equal, I'd think a woman in her early 50's like Loren in the photo would be even more likely to lose a half inch than a man the same age.
James Keffer said on 8/Dec/18
@Rising: I don't think Liberace ever wore heals but I don't think I should put it completely out of the question. I still don't think Liberace was under 173. Liberace seems like 173-174 cm guy. In fact, that photo of Liberace is one of the reasons I think Michael was a full 5'9. I agree with Rob on Loren being 5'7.5 these days but she was definitely over that in her younger years. Women do shirk faster than men but they don't seem to start earlier so there's a good chance Loren was 5'8.5 in the 80s.
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Dec/18
@James Keffer: Yeah, I agree with 181 cm for Elvis, maybe 181.5 and I don't see more than 3" there, but I'd have to know their shoes. 176 cm for Murphy seems right, but Sophia Loren is listed here at 5'7.5" and do we know she was still peak height in her 50's? Women tend to lose height faster than men.

@Robby Harris: Michael's varying height is indeed odd, both in terms of estimates and how he appears with 6'2" people vs 5'10.5" people less than a decade apart. What do you think the chances are that Michael wore lifts in the 90's? On one hand, he doesn't really seem like "the type"(if there is a type) but it would also hardly be the most surprising thing. I assume the 5'11" was taken from his ID or Michael's claim at the time as well. It also had his weight and I've never heard of the cops weighing someone. Actually, I've never heard of them truly measuring someone either, but standing in front of a height chart could be a de facto measurement at times.
James Keffer said on 17/Nov/18
Everyone, Jackson was a flat 5'9. No taller, no shorter. I have proof.

He's slightly taller than Sophia Loren at her peak height of 5'8.5 : Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

He's around half an inch shorter than 5'9.5 Eddie Murphy:Click Here Click Here Click Here

He's 4-5 inches taller than (5'5) Corey Feldman:Click Here Click Here

He's around 6 inches taller than Paul Simon who was a weak 5'3 at peak:Click Here

Michael also claims to be 5'9 on his drivers licence and he rarely ever lies. The only lie I've ever heard him tell is that he's only had 2 surgeries.
James Keffer said on 13/Nov/18
@Rising I'd guess Liberace at 174 cm since he doesn't appear much shorter than 181 cm Elvis: Click Here . So Michael's shorter than Eddie Murphy (176 cm) but taller than Liberace (174 cm) so he's in between 2 people. That would make him around 175 cm. Nolw, even though I'm downgrading Michael to a flat (5'9), I'll still keep his max at 176 cm. Michael did seem really small in the Off the Wall and Thriller eras. Probably because of his really high voice and build. I actually thought he was short until I saw this photo: Click Here . Now, at the time, I didn't know George Lucas was short so I thought "wow! MJ is a lot taller than I thought." which made me google his height which is listed at (5'9) which fits him perfectly for his posture in the Bad and Dangerous eras.
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Nov/18
@James Keffer: As far as the still with Naomi, I wouldn't guess Cuban heels like that any less than 1.5" to be conservative, but it looks to me like the ground might be slightly higher in Naomi's favor and it's difficult to tell how much height they're dropping so it's not impossible they're both the same height, which is how Rob lists them. I didn't think Liberace was taller than 5'8", but I've heard a number of heights for him so I agree he'd be a good page to add. Funny thing is by the time of Michael's arrest and later years, I thought he was fairly tall, which may have been his build or maybe I took the 5'11" listings at face value, but I did have the perception of younger Michael as small.
James Keffer said on 10/Nov/18
It's weird. When I was young, I always thought he was a 5'5, 5'6 guy. Probably because of his posture in the thriller era and his high voice. Also probably because Diana Ross could look close to his height with heals. Now, I don't see him as a tall guy or a short guy. I see him as average height. Another thing, although his daughter is kind of tall at like 172 cm (I'm pretty sure she got her height from her mom), his eldest son Prince son Prince is only like 174 cm. Prince's mom is pretty tall, but yet, he is slightly shorter than his father. Also, how come Marlon and Randy are like 5'7.5 but Jermaine looks at least 6'0. Height in that family is weird.
James Keffer said on 10/Nov/18
@Rising they could've just wanted him taller. I'm pretty sure they were the same height as their difference and Michael's shoe sole and it looks kinda weird when a guy and a girl are the exact same height so it's understandable that they wanted Michael taller. As for Liberace, he doesn't have a page here but I'd put him at around 174-175 cm. If I had to make an exact guess, I'd say 5'8.75. Rob, please make a page on Liberace.
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Nov/18
@James Keffer: Maybe it was the loafers plus posture as you say, but as far as Naomi, here's the full version of that still: Click Here Naomi barefoot and Michael in Cuban heels. I don't know about posture or an inch difference, but I read Naomi had to wear flats filming the video with Michael because she was tall. Doesn't mean he's not a full 5'9" as they probably wanted him taller, but it makes sense seeing her barefoot and Michael in cuban heels. I was actually wondering about Liberace's height because of Lou Ferrigno, but I don't think he has a page here?
James Keffer said on 8/Nov/18
@Rising women usually stop growing at around 13-14 so Brooke was probably finished growing by then or at least close.He did look really short at the Grammys but He also looked suspiciously short in We are the world so it was likely that he just didn't usually have a good posture at around that time.

Check this out: Click Here Michael with Naomi Campbell (5'9-5'9.5). They have a similar posture and Michael is around 1 inch taller. Michael also has shoes with around 1 inch soles. That would make them around the same height.

Click Here Click Here: MJ with 174-175 cm Liberace. This photo shoot was done in 1981 so Michael was almost certainly wearing loafers there and is clearly taller than Liberace.
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Nov/18
@James Keffer: In fairness, the average guess is 176 so I suppose I shouldn't make it sound unreasonable as it's just 1 cm more than I give him, but imo, anything over 5'9" flat seems optimistic. If Michael had a "slight" lean as you call it with Schumacher, that still doesn't account for Michael looking an inch shorter than a guy he's supposed to be at least a half inch taller than. And as far as Brooke, I don't see how that could be the conclusive photo when unlike the Grammy photos, it's not a full one(or doesn't even show their entire torsos) and a 15-16 year old Brooke may not have even been 5'10.5" yet. Also, I haven't seen a photo that definitively shows Brooke's heel size from the Grammys so unless you have a photo to prove it, how can you say she's wearing heels? She might be and I'm not claiming she wore flats, but a low to medium heel seems much more likely than a big 3"+ heel. In fact, you can see she wore low heels to the American Music Awards a month earlier: Click Here Click Here yet she looked a lot taller than Michael at that event too: Click Here Click Here Those photos are actually tilted against Brooke, but you can see she looked similar height to Kenny Rogers(also listed 5'10.5") and I believe Kenny wore cowboy boots so that makes sense with Brooke's moderate heel. Speaking of which, look how short Michael looked with Rogers that night: Click Here Back to the Grammys, it wasn't just Brooke that Michael looked short with. He didn't look that much taller than 5'6.5" Quincy Jones: Click Here You can see again when Quincy stands up straight before hugging Michael around 8:05. Was Quincy wearing big heels? As for Sinatra, yes, it's been said he wore elevators, but I don't recall much visual evidence of him wearing obvious elevators/lifts posted, certainly nothing like those bricks Brando walked around in late in life. And considering Sinatra was 5'7.5" peak and a high probability of a flat 5'7" by 69, you'd think he'd need some pretty big lifts to stand as tall/taller than a presumably 5'9"+ Michael. So to me, there's still some mystery around this and other examples such as Michael with Cher, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Usher, an aged Fred Astaire etc. There's even mystery to Karen Faye's statements as she claims 5'8ish, 5'8.75" and 5'9" for herself and explains the discrepancy by saying she has scoliosis, but also at one point says Michael was about her height or 5'8ish, the exact same height as her or 5'9" while claiming to have confirmed this by standing side by side in stocking feet and on one other occasion she even claimed Michael was "a smidge taller." My best guess from this is that Michael was either 5'8.75"-5'9" and so was she or she was the former and he was the latter hence a "smidge" taller. Though 5'8ish would mean 5'8"-5'8.5" range more often than not, but 5'8.75" is the only option that's consistent with all 3 of her claims.

As for the taller appearances, well considering I now think about 5'9" was most likely for Michael, I don't really have to explain them, though Trump is the only one of those men who was actually 6'1"+ and potentially 6'2" meaning Michael pulled off taller than 5'9" in the photos, but I'm not sure he looks as tall on video: Click Here I still wouldn't guess under 5'9" there, but Michael's hat makes his exact height difficult to tell. Mandela is listed 6'0" here since he put 183 cm on his 1990 passport. We'll assume he was still that height in 1999: Click Here Click Here Michael looks nothing over 5'9" there since the top of his hat is at least an inch shorter than Mandela and his eye level is around Mandela's mouth. I think Michael wore cuban heels to some of the other meetings. As for Chris Tucker, he's listed here at 6'0.5", but as I think I mentioned, I agree, Michael measured up surprisingly well in the video. Don't know if some of that was the angle, but short of that, it's one reason I now say Michael was probably the full 5'9" standing straight. But here's an actual 6'1" man Roger Moore with Michael in 1984: Click Here Michael could look more like a 5'8"-5'8.5" guy during the Thriller era. I have to assume that's mostly posture and loafers, but I'm still not certain he was a full 5'9" by any stretch, that's just my guess at the moment.
James Keffer said on 7/Nov/18
Anyone who pays attention to posture footwear and posture knows that Michael Jackson isn't tall. He isn't short He's average. He can look up to 6'0 with heals and can look as short as 5'7 with a bad posture but right now, I'd put him at around 176 cm flat although, I've seen far more evidence suggesting he's slightly shorter than that rather than slightly taller.
James Keffer said on 7/Nov/18
@mj32 I agree with your max for Michael but I'd put the minimum for him somewhere around 5'8 but yeah. I agree with you on him being around 5'9.25 or a flat 176 cm.
Yang (5ft 8 Chinese men) said on 6/Nov/18
Solid 5ft 9 175. I met MJ when I was 14 years old for my birthday party back in April 2003. April is my birthday month.. I do remember he was few inch taller than me when I was 5ft 7 back to that time frame. I stopped growing taller around 2005 when I finally reached my expected adult height 5ft 8 as several my pediatric doctor made predictions regarding my adult height based on my parents heights and nutritional environmental factors...
mj32 said on 6/Nov/18
I believe Michael is just over 5'9. Probably around 5'9.25.

Click Here As you can see, Michael is slouching by about 1.5 inches. I have the same door as the picture, so I measured the size that it looked like, extremely precisely, and then added about 1.5 inches. It came out to be about 69 inches.

So, case closed. He is at least 5'8.75, and at most 5'9.5
James Keffer said on 4/Nov/18
@Rising also, with the three people you mentioned. Brooke Shields, Frank Sinatra and Michael Schumacker, his shorter appearances can easily explained.

In the picture of Michael and Brooke at the Grammy awards, Brooke is wearing heals. A lot of people say she didn't have heals in that photo when they likely didn't even look at her footwear. Click Here in his photo, I'm 99% sure Michael wasn't wearing heals since this is the Off the Wall era and Brooke looks barely an inch taller than him. Rob has Brooke at 5'10.5 which I agree with so hat would make Michael about 176. Also, Sinatra wore elevator shoes. We've talked about this before. In that photo with Schumacker, Jackson has his head tilted down and is leaning slightly towards his right.

Also, what about his tall appearances with Chris Tucker, Nelson Mandela and Donald Trump? All of those people are/were around 6'1 but all look at most 4 inches taller than MJ.
James Keffer said on 1/Nov/18
@Rising I agree that Murphy can't be anything over 5'9.5 but I think Michael at 176 isn't that optimistic. Although My maxes for Jackson and Murphy are the same, My minimum for Jackson is much lower than My minimum for Murphy so I'm pretty sure Murphy was taller. RN, I'd give Murphy 5'9.5 and Jackson 5'9.25.

Here are some more photos from the same shoot: Click Here Click Here
In the 1st photo, MJ is leaning slightly and in the 2nd photo, Murphy is tilting his head up and has a better posture. In the video, the difference looks much bigger but it seemed like the camera angle was exaggerating it a bit.

Click Here: Michael with (5'3.5) Madonna and (5'3) Prince. I'd suspect that Madonna is wearing 2-3 inch heals since it looks like she has about 2 inches on Prince which would make her around (5'5) but none the less, MJ towers over them both.
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Oct/18
@James: The exact difference is difficult to tell because Sly is leaning in the back to back photos while both are standing similarly in the Bad photo, but their waist height is close enough in that to make me skeptical Sly has something like a 2" footwear advantage. But at the moment, I lean towards 175 or 5'9" flat for both so I do believe they were about the same height. I have Murphy at 176, but that's just one screenshot from the video. I don't know the difference is just 1/4". I think the difference between the two could be that low, but again, I wouldn't go over 5'9" flat for Michael and 5'9.5" is the most I'd give Murphy with Rob's listing being most likely, imo. Remember, Murphy could look as low as 174-175 himself at times. I think the 176 estimate for MJ is a bit optimistic with some of his shorter appearances such as with Michael Schumacher, Frank Sinatra and Brooke Shields.
James Keffer said on 26/Oct/18
@Rising - 174 cm well, in those 3 photos, Sly has about the same amount of height on Michael so it would make sense if they were wearing the same footwear in all those 3 photos. Michael could've worn whatever he wanted but he seems to be wearing the costumes from his tours. TBH, I wouldn't really be surprised if all 3 times there, Sly was wearing boots and Michael was wearing loafers. besides, if that weren't the case, Michael would probably be much shorter than your 5'9 estimate for him.
To me, Sly looks 175 and Michael looks 176 cm although I could see Michael being a bit shorter.

Look at this photo:Click Here . Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy with normal footwear. Here, Murphy looks around .25 inches taller so My 5'9.5 estimate for Murphy and My 5'9.25 estimate for Jackson add up perfectly.
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Oct/18
@Robby Harris: Yeah, Michael can look around 5'9" in some photos with Lucas. I think Lucas has probably shrunk a bit and might be 5'5.5" these days compared to 5'6" a decade ago or in the 80's. You can see him wearing flat sneakers at times in the 70's and 80's. Michael did wear loafers on stage, but you can see he was already wearing his boots a fair amount: Click Here Click Here And Sly did meet him backstage, but it looked more like a professional photo with some planning rather than a spontaneous photo op so Michael could have worn whatever he wanted. I'd say it's less likely Michael wore boots during Dangerous than Bad. Of course, Brando might have already been wearing lifts by 1985, though I suspect he wasn't in the Jackson photo or at least not those bricks he walked around on a bit later.
Robby Harris said on 24/Oct/18
@Rising: Michael could look at least 2 inches taller than Lucas, but there's unfortunately no photos of Lucas' footwear, so it's probably a safe bet to rule out heels, as you mentioned he only started wearing them more often from about 2002. But then again, this would suggest Lucas is taller than Oprah, which, if my memory isn't off, didn't appear to be the case a few years ago when they stood together...btw, the pics you provided of MJ with Sly are backstage photos from the Bad and Dangerous Tours, so he was most likely wearing loafers on both occasions, therefore Sly's footwear is more the question.

Michael with George Lucas in 1986:
Click Here
Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Oct/18
@James: I agree Michael was taller than 5'7" and as I've said, 5'8" minimum, imo, probably over that. I'm not sure I've seen Michael with a peak Brando, though as Brando was 60+ in that 1985 photo and at least as tall as Michael. Fwiw, Michael didn't look short wearing loafers with Chris Tucker in the "You Rock My World" video.
James Keffer said on 16/Oct/18
@Rising true. Michael could look 5'7 occasionally. He looked 5'7 in the we are the world music vid. However, I still think he was 5'8-5'9.5 (173-176 cm) with the 5'9-5'9.5 being more likey and the 5'8-5'9 being less likely.
If he were 5'7, than Marlon, Tito and Randy would all have to be around 5'5, Oprah would have to be around 5'3, Stevie Wonder would have to be around 5'9, Corey Feldman would have to be 5'1 and Marlon Brando would have to be 5'6.75 peak.
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Oct/18
@James Keffer: Sly looks close to Arnold's height there because he's closer to the camera and Arnold has shrunk. It's true Sly could regularly look up to 5'11" with big footwear and he might have been on at least one of those occasions, but I still think it's a reach to assume MJ was in loafers all 3 times since he was regularly wearing cowboy boots himself by the late 80's/early 90's. And that pic you posted with Sofia Loren is different from the one I posted. If anything, Sly is further in the one I posted, but yes he did have better posture. Admittedly, Sly is not a great reference, but I still can't see Jackson taller. I use to think Sly was a legit 5'10", but now I believe he was just as ex-wife Brigitte Nielsen said -- 5'9" or 174-175 cm -- no more, no less. I have to believe she'd know so I can't give him 176 anymore myself, but I can understand that guess for Sly or MJ as reasonable.

Btw, your George Lucas link didn't work when I tried it again. I wouldn't say Deborah's 5'7" estimate was as ridiculous as Stern's 6'2" for the simple reason that 5'9"is a lot closer to 5'7" than 6'2". It's understandable for some to see him shorter than he is while wearing loafers and slouching. The same way I can understand some seeing Michael at least 5'10". I'm sure he could look it with his build and big heels. Maybe he even looked taller with the type of boots he had at the VMAs with Lisa Marie.
James Keffer said on 15/Oct/18
@Rising well, 2.5-3 inches for a person who's 5'9 is enough to make you look taller than a 5'9-5'9.5 person wearing loafers.

Click Here here, Sylvester Stallone looks nearly the same height as (^'1)Arnold Shwartznegger with his usual heals for the 80s and 90s.

Click Here Stallone has a much better posture than MJ and is also closer to the camera. If Michael's posture was better, I'm pretty sure that Sly would be no taler than him.

Also, i think there's a posiblity that Sly was over 175.
Greatman said on 15/Oct/18
@Robby Harris

Worst height guesser is the guy who called Billy Idol 6'5 and said he looked about 9 feet tall to him. But yeah, calling MJ 6'2 is ridiculous.
Rising - 174 cm said on 14/Oct/18
LOL, Howard also asked Wesley Snipes if he was 6'1"! At first I thought that might have been intentional to embolden him to make a ridiculous claim(which he did by claiming 5'11"), but now I think Howard might just be that bad at guessing height. Also had to laugh at Robin saying Michael dwarfed Eddie Murphy. If anything, Murphy has been a bit taller every time I've seen them together, but there's never been a big difference between them, certainly not enough to say one could dwarf the other. There's a lesson in there about perception and memory.

Btw, while Sly didn't wear 4"-5" "heels" outside of maybe Judge Dredd, Michael looked to be wearing massive boots to rival Judge Dredd even off screen to the '94 VMAs: Click Here Speaking of big heels, Michael's cubans around that same time were as big as the raised heels Sly wore in the 80's: Click Here Click Here Click Here Someone(Robby Harris?) mentioned Michael's footwear from his later years a while back and looking at this while considering how much taller he could look at times later has made me wonder for the first time whether Michael was trying to look taller at times later on. He doesn't seem like someone who would care, but then again, anyone can want to look taller at one time or another.
James Keffer said on 14/Oct/18
@Robby Harris to be honest Deborah Landis' 5'7 guess is just as rediculus as Howard Stern's 6'2 guess.
Rising - 174 cm said on 14/Oct/18
@James Keffer: No he didn't unless you're counting the Judge Dredd costume. The biggest actual heels Sly wore outside of that were 2.5"-3" range, which would give closer to 2" in actual height. I should know, I wear boots with 2.75" Cuban heels and they give me maybe 2.1"-2.2" actual height. Sly looked his tallest from 2003-2008 and his favorite shoes then were Hogan Interactive sneakers, which have 3.5 cm soles and 2 cm insoles giving about 2" in actual height. If Sly substituted or supplemented those insoles with bigger lifts then he could have been getting 2.5"-2.7" actual height, but no more otherwise his heels literally would have slipped out the back of those sneakers. This tells us that 2.5"-3" was much more the range of elevators Sly was comfortable wearing. It's certainly possible he got 3.5"-4" in actual height on occasion with very thick elevator boots and extra long pants, but this was not typical, otherwise he would have looked much shorter while just wearing the Hogan sneakers. Assuming Sly was in his absolute biggest footwear and Michael in flats each of the 3 times they were photographed together in the late 80's/early 90's is bound to make Michael seem taller than he really was. Had this been the case, Sly's waist would have been much higher than Michael's instead of similar. Especially since Sly wore fairly high-waisted jeans back then. As for George Lucas, he started wearing big heels constantly around 2002, but not all the time before that. This is why George went from looking like a 5'6" guy a lot to looking at least 5'7".

Btw, footwear in the range you're talking about: Click Here Click Here Click Here Burt's boots gave an absolute max of 3.8"-4" and possibly only 3.5" while Brando's as big and clunky as they were likely "only" fell into that 3.5"-4" range as well. Those ridiculous platforms De Niro is wearing(to play a 6'4" character) are the only ones likely to give over 4". So no, Sly absolutely did not wear "4-5 inch heels" 90% of the time. Mariah Carey wears 4"-5" heels, not Sly.
Robby Harris said on 14/Oct/18
@Rob: Do you reckon Howard Stern's bizarre 6'2" sighting of MJ was a story he made up, or is he genuinely that horrible at guessing height? Howard might literally be the worst height judge in history! Click Here
Editor Rob
Stern is either on the wind-up, was left with a taller impression or isn't the best guesser of height.
James Keffer said on 13/Oct/18
@Rising Sly as I said before, Sly wore 4-5 inch heals and it's not hard to believe he was wearing them in all 3 pics since he wore those heals like 90% of the time in the 80s and 90s.
James Keffer said on 12/Oct/18
@Robby Harris Rowan Atkinson is 179 cm and although their postures are bad, Michael's and Rowan's are even worse than Mark's. In the picture i linked, Michael appears slightly taller than Lester when you look at posture and how close they are to the camera and I'm pretty sure Michael wasn't wearing heals there as it looks like it was taken in someone's house.

The reason Michael only barely looks taller than George Lucas is George Lucas wore elevator shoes. Click Here Lucas without elevator shoes next to Michael and Michael has at least 2 inches on him.

Click Here yes. Another pic with Marlon Brando. In this one, Brando's posture is slightly bad but even taking that into account, still appears no taller than MJ. Now, this pic is from 2001 so Brando could've shrunken a bit but in the other photo I linked of Jackson and Brando, I can't agree that Brando's posture was worse which you keep saying.

Click Here Jackson towers over 5'5 Corey Feldman.
Robby Harris said on 11/Oct/18
Michael with 181 cm listed Rowan Atkinson and Mark Lester in 2009:
Click Here

Their postures are not great, but Lester doesn't seem to be any shorter than Rowan. Admittedly, it's the only photo of them I could find, so it may not tell us much. I'd assume Michael's probably wearing those 1.5"-2" boots he'd often wear in his later years.

What's strange to me is how he at times could look barely taller than 5'6" George Lucas, but looked fairly tall next to Oprah Winfrey, who's also listed here at 5'6". If memory serves correct, I can recall seeing Lucas being interviewed by Oprah a few years ago, and them looking the same height, while both wearing shoes with a similar fairly chunky 1.5"-2" heel...I wish I could find it!
James Keffer said on 9/Oct/18
@Rising oh shoot! I meant to say Lester is closer to the camera, not further. My bad.
James Keffer said on 9/Oct/18
TBH, this is the most confusing height ever. I mean he can look the same height or even shorter than Diana Ross (5'4.5) but seems taller than (6'0) Mark Lester (although Mark's 6'0 claim is really questionable)? I think he was 176 cm though he could be as short as 173 but he can look way taller or shorter than 176 or 173. IMO, he was definetly 172-177 but could ocasionally taller or shorter than that range.
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Oct/18
@James Keffer: I've never looked into Mark's height as he doesn't have a page here, but being further from the camera would typically put someone at a disadvantage. What are the odds Jackson just happened to have loafers in both photos several years apart. The back to back photos are from the Dangerous tour. Here's another even earlier photo: Click Here Sly being noticeably taller on three occasions years apart makes it difficult for me to believe Jackson was taller. Maybe the same height and Sly was definitely in the 174-175 cm range, though I think more 175. I just don't see 176 for MJ, but 175 is certainly possible.
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Oct/18
@James Keffer: I've heard Sinatra wore elevators too and he probably did, though I've actually seen little evidence of it compared to someone like Dean Martin or even Brando in his late years. As for Sly, it's not often I've seen him with footwear I'm completely convinced gave him a full 3", much less 4". I'm sure he did on occasion not including Judge Dredd, but I'm 99% sure he had nowhere near 4" on with MJ. If you want to see consistently solid 3" elevator boots, pushing 4" at times, look at Burt Reynolds. Jackson was also wearing cowboy boots a lot by the time of the photos with Sly so it's more likely Sly had around a 1" lift advantage inside. Click Here Click Here Click Here Sly is leaning back in the back to back pics, but it's clear Sly was comfortably taller both days and I'm assuming he wore lifts, but unless Michael had loafers both times, I can't see how he'd be taller. Maybe the same height. Sorry, your link didn't work when I tried to open it.
James Keffer said on 5/Oct/18
@Rising While I will admit that Michael barely looks taller than Frank Sinatra, Frank Sinatra wore elevator shoes. Sylvester Stallone sometimes wore heals as much as 4 inches tall so... yeah. It's not hard to believe Michael was taller than Sylvester Stallone. Even though Michael Schumacker doesn't have his own page (Rob needs to add one BTW), he seems more of a 176 guy. When people compare Michael Jackson and Marlon Brando, they use the YRMW photo-shoot where Brando wore lifts. Now, Marlon Brando was 174-175 peak and in a pic of them from the 80s before Brando started shrinking which I put a link to a few comments ago, Jackson looks around 1 cm taller than Brando. Click Here Michael Jackson with mark Lester who's height isn't really accurately listed anywhere (His 6,0 google claim is ridiculous) but looks about 174-175 cm and Lester has a better posture but looks 0.5 inches taller than him at most. If their postures were even he'd probably be no taller than Michael. Probably even shorter.
Rising - 174 cm said on 5/Oct/18
@Warren: The difference between them isn't big enough there to rule out them being the same height, especially since Jackson appears to be closer to the camera and MJ's height varies far too much in photos to just go by one. They do look to have pretty similar shoes, but the black shoes blend into the dark background. She could be 5'8" or slightly over and MJ 5'8.5", even 5'9", but no taller.

@James Keffer: I don't think there's a chance Murphy is actually 177, though he can look it. I'll post some stuff on his page soon when I have time because I've made the point about Nolte and Brigitte Nielsen. I'll just add for now that if you look him up with a roughly 5'8" Antonio Banderas and 5'7" Mike Myers, you'll see Eddie can look barely 5'9" at times himself even considering the heels Antonio wears. I can't agree that 176 is most likely for MJ, though it is for Murphy just as Rob lists him, imo. If you see Michael with an aging 5'7.5" Frank Sinatra then the idea of MJ being about 2" taller seems pretty much impossible, imo. On the subject of Brando, the 5'8.75" for Brando and the 5'7.5" for Sinatra actually add up perfectly in Guys and Dolls. Similarly, MJ being 2 cm taller than 174 Michael Schumacher is a bit difficult for me to buy and it's also quite difficult for me to believe Jackson was taller than a 174-175 cm Stallone seeing them together even considering Sly could have an extra inch lift since they both tended to wear cowboy boots in the late 80's/early 90's.

@Robby Harris: I think Eddie still looked marginally taller in the video all things considered. It's definitely closer than some photos suggest, but viewing all of the pics and video as a whole, the best I could say is Michael's cowboy boots might have evened up his height with Murphy, but I'd still lean towards Murphy being taller since without a clear camera advantage, Murphy's advantage is greater in the photos where he's taller than vice versa. But yeah, Michael bending his knee could be making him look shorter at times.
James Keffer said on 4/Oct/18
@Robby Harris 174 is pretty reasonable. I think Michael was 173-176 cm but more likely in the upper part of that range since he tended to slouch alot. 172 and 177 are extremely unlikely and 171 and 178 are impossible for MJ. I saw Michael's eldest son Prince at the MMVAs this summer. Prince looked about 173-174 cm and from comparing Prince and Michael to other relatives, Prince looks around 1 cm shorter than Michael so that would make Michael 174-175 cm. However, I can't agree that Michael had a better posture than Marlon Brando. Overall, I think Michael is more likely a flat 5'9 than over on under a flat 5'9.
James Keffer said on 3/Oct/18
@Warren how tall did Michael look at the victory tour?
Robby Harris said on 3/Oct/18
@James Keffer: There's a MUCH higher chance he was under 5'9" than over it, imo. He's not taller than Brando in that pic, and as I said before, he has better posture yet still doesn't look any taller than him, possibly shorter. 174 cm is the most I'd give him.
Warren said on 2/Oct/18
Watching them in Victory at Youtube there, Randy looks slightly taller than Marlon to me.
I'd say Randy is about 1cm outgrew Marlon imo MJKoP
James Keffer said on 30/Sep/18
@Benny. Yeah! You are exactly right. He's 3 foot 6. I met him in the Mariana Trench with Santa Clause!

Just stop man, if He really was 5'6.5, than I guess Paul Simon is 5'0-5'1. He was 173-176 cm (Most likely 176 cm).
James Keffer said on 28/Sep/18
@Robby Harris you can tell that Michael does look taller than Brando there by about 1/4 inch if you pay attention to where his scalp ends and their postures were the same so if Brando was a weak 5'9 peak which I agree with, Michael would be a strong 5'9. Brooke did look about 2 inches taller than Michael in 84 but she wore heals a lot. Without heals, Brooke looks about 1.5 inches taller. I'm not ruling out that he was under a flat 5'9, I'm just saying that there's a possibility he wasn't. I think he was 5'9.5 (that's also his max IMO) although he could've been as low as a flat 5'8. Although, your right about anything under 5'8 being too low. If he was 5'7, that would mean a big downgrade for alot of other celebs. Oprah to 5'3. Naomi Campbell to 5'6.5. Eddie Murphy to 5'7.5. Marlon Brando to 5'6.75 peak. Corey Feldman to 5'1. James Brown to 5'4. Brooke Sheilds to 5'8.5 etc...
Robby Harris said on 27/Sep/18
@James Keffer: I'm not convinced he was over 5'9" and to be honest, even 5'9" flat is questionable to me. I'm sure he was over 5'8", but I'd wager around 5'8.5". Brando was a weak 5'9" and Michael doesn't look any taller than him at best there. He's got better posture than Brando too. 5'7" and 5'10" are out of question for Michael in any case. Brooke Shields had at least a good 2" on him and she's 5'10.5".

Michael and Brooke in 1984:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
James Keffer said on 26/Sep/18
@Robby Harris look at the wuzupwitu vid as that shows their heights more accurately as both their postures are good at some points and they're not wearing heals. Eddie looks about half an inch taller than Michael. IMO, Michael was 5'8-5'9.5 (most likely 5'9.5) and Murphy was 5'9-5'10 (most likely 5'9.75). Also, you said Michael probably wasn't over a flat 5'9 but look at this-Click Here Marlon Brando's peak height was about 5'9 and Michael looks about 0.25 inches taller and this pic is from 1985 so Brando was likely still at his peak height there. I'm not saying michael definitely was over at a flat 5'9 but I think there's a good chance he was.
James Keffer said on 25/Sep/18
@Warren IDK because Michael was the same height as 5'8 Usher, judging by their postures. Hair doesn't count for all of those who say MJ was still taller. Click Here maybe Usher was wearing heals? Anyways, though I think he was 5'9.5 and not 5'8, I think it still is possible. Although, it's unlikely. His brothers Tito and Randy and his daughter Paris seem more 5'8 IMO. I think Tito and Randy are the same height with Michael being slightly taller and Marlon being slightly shorter. Overall though, I think your guess of 174-175 (5'8.5-5'9) is pretty accurate. I think he was more 5'9.5 but he may have been a bit shorter. Any guess between 5'8 and 5'9.5 is believable. You should look at page 3 though. The idiots over there think he was 5'6, 5'7.
Robby Harris said on 25/Sep/18
@James Keffer: I'd personally peg Murphy at 5'9.5", but I'm not sure I could give him any more than that, considering how much his height could vary. I can't see Michael anything over 5'9" at best either. Murphy might have worn lifts from time to time, but it's still unclear if he did - which is why I don't have a solid estimate for him. I agree that Michael at 5'7" has to be impossible, seeing that would consequently make Oprah 5'3ish...

@Rising: There are a number of photos of Jackson and Murphy from that event, where Michael didn't look any shorter, if not arguably a little taller (with his cowboy boots on of course), so it's still a bit unclear. I assume his posture is what could make him appear noticeably shorter than Eddie at times throughout the video. I'm definitely certain Michael was a fair bit shorter than Eddie in reality though, sans footwear:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

This last pic is practically the same one you posted, but just angled differently. His bent leg pose might have knocked some height off, as his shoulders are notably lower than in the above pics and video:
Click Here
Warren said on 24/Sep/18
@James Keffer @Rising - 174 cm
It seems 5'8" guess is disappeared! Their heels are not much different
Click Here
James Keffer said on 24/Sep/18
@Rising oh. Also, the costume designer for "Remember the time said that Michael and Eddie were both between 5'9 and 5'10 with Eddie being slightly taller.
Warren said on 23/Sep/18
Randy actually is the shortest height in their brothers for mens, not Marlon? Thought Randy edge him out when he's late-teen like Michael did, I respect your comments MJKoP 👍

@James Keffer
Thanks for shows all members of the Jackson family guesses!
Joe shrinks that much height? I struggle to see it him being under 5'7" at he's gone.. Such a huge lost height

@Rising - 174 cm
I'd say 5'8" for Michael is gone, his lowest height is more 5'8.5"/174cm imo,
Here is the picture of him with Karen Faye thier whole body as we can see (Making of stranger in moscow) he looks decent 5'9"/175cm!
Click Here
James Keffer said on 22/Sep/18
@Rising I can agree that 5'8.5 and 5'9 are reasonable guesses for MJ. I can also agree that 5'8 was the minimum but my guess for him is 5'9.5 and that's also his max, imo. Karen Faye did seem pretty accurate about Michael being 5'8 although, in most pictures of Michael and Karen Faye, Michael looks slightly taller. The lady who designed the Thriller costume said Michael was 5'7 which I have to laugh at. I think Eddie was between 5'9 and 5'10 but all I know is he was likely around half an inch taller than Michael. Click Here here's Michael with Corey Feldman who is listed as 5'5 on this website. If Michael was really 5'8, wouldn't Corey have to be like 5'3?
James Keffer said on 20/Sep/18
@Warren imo, Michael was 5'8-5'9.5 (173-176) barefoot. Because of his slouch, I'll say 5'9.5 (176 cm). Michael's eldest son, Michael JR (Prince I) looks 175 cm though. Marlon looks about 171-172 and Randy looked 174.
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Sep/18
@James Keffer: I can't agree that's a better picture with Wendt, although I don't think the Wendt comparison is going to be what will settle this mystery one way or another. As for Marlon and the less famous Jackson siblings, I'm not any more certain about their heights than I am Michael. I put a reasonable amount of confidence in another height if Rob has them listed on this site because that means their height has been scrutinized a fair amount. I wouldn't say Murphy's barefoot height is a "strong" 5'9.5" as that's the most I believe he could be and I'd agree with Rob's listing at 1/4" below that or right in the middle of the range Brigitte Nielsen gave, but I did say Eddie could appear a solid 5'10" at times and this might be due to footwear. I still think 5'9" is a reasonable guess for Michael, as is 5'8.5". 5'8" would be the absolute lowest since I think Michael's slouch and loafers explain some of him looking shorter. His makeup artist Karen Faye seemed fairly certain Michael was 5'8ish like she was.
MJKoP said on 19/Sep/18
Warren said on 14/Sep/18
@James Keffer
If Michael actually was 174-175cm range, Marlon is like only 169-170cm imo. Randy is that one 5'8"(172-173cm)

Nah, I'm pretty certain Marlon is a good 5'8", and Randy just a smidgen shorter at about 5'7.5"-5'8".
James Keffer said on 19/Sep/18
@warren. IMO, Michael was 5'8-5'9.5 (173-176 cm) Since Michael slouched alot making him look shorter., I'm going with My upper estimate, 5'9.5 (176 cm). Marlon claims 5'8 but imo, he was 172 cm max (5'8.75). I've been studying the Jacksons' heights for quite a bit and here's a list of my guess of a lot of the jacksons' heights from tallest to shortest.
Jermaine (6'0)
Jackie (5'11.5)
Blanket (5'10.5)
Michael (5'9.5)
Joe (5'9) peak (5'6.5) at death
Prince (5'9)
Paris (5'8)
Tito (5'8)
Randy (5'8)
Marlon (5'7.5)
Katherine (5'5) peak (5'4) current
La Toya (5'4.5)
Janet (5'3.5)
Rebbie (5'2)
Warren said on 14/Sep/18
@James Keffer
If Michael actually was 174-175cm range, Marlon is like only 169-170cm imo. Randy is that one 5'8"(172-173cm)
James Keffer said on 10/Sep/18
@Dan the guy, in that picture w MJ and George Wendt, both their postures were not good. Wendt's posture was better than Michael's. Click Here here's a better pic where their postures are the same and you can see that Michael is at least the same height as George Wendt. Also, if Michael was really 5,8, how come he always looks taller than his brother Marlon (5'8). IMO, Michael was 5'8-5'9.5. No taller, no shorter than that range.
James Keffer said on 6/Sep/18
If Michael was really 5'7, that would mean a big downgrade for the rest of the Jackson 5. Marlon to 5,4, Tito and Randy to 5'5, Jackie to 5'9 and Jermaine to 5'10.
James Keffer said on 5/Sep/18
@Rising yeah. Eddie looks more 5,9.5 but I think Eddie is a strong 5'9.5 and MJ was a weak one.
McMurphy said on 4/Sep/18
The listed height is right, 176 cm.

He was not a height conscious guy.

Extremely well proportioned, long legs, wide shoulders like his father and smallish head made him appear taller in videos.
Rising - 174 cm said on 1/Sep/18
@James: I can agree with Michael at probably around 5'9" since his footwear and posture could vary and I can agree with your range of 173-176 as I said, but I couldn't give Murphy 5'10". He was more like 3" shorter than 6'0" Nick Nolte rather than 2": Click Here Click Here Nolte wore cowboy boots a lot, which he admitted could make him look taller than his 6'0", but you can see Eddie had heels himself in the 2nd photo. If you watch the film the difference seems consistently around 3". I trust Brigitte Nielsen's judgement with the 5'9"-5'9.5" she gave Eddie since they worked on a movie together and would have been in position to see each other's heights because differences can be problematic framing shots. Think about it, Eddie claims 5'10", but upgrades Brigitte to 6'2" as opposed to her real height of 6'0" or a bit over. This is very similar to Mel Gibson claiming 5'10" and insisting Sigourney Weaver was 6'1" while Sigourney gives their real heights of 5'11" for herself and 5'9" for Mel. Upgrading others is a good sign the person is overcompensating and is stretching the truth with their own claim. Brigitte also seems a good judge of height since she said Stallone was 174-175 cm and that seems spot on to me. I do agree Eddie can LOOK 5'10" at times. As for Brando, well he was apparently 5'8.75" in his prime, but he wore some of the biggest elevators I've ever seen when he got older.
James Keffer said on 30/Aug/18
@Rising-174cm ok. I think we can now agree that Eddie is taller than Michael but how much? The wuzupwithu music video shows their heights more accurately because Michael their footwear is the same height and Michael isn't slouching. In the wuzupwithu vid Michael looks around half an inch shorter than Eddie. Also, I think Eddie is 5,10 because Nichole Murphy is 5,10 and I know Nichole usually looks taller than Eddie but that's because she wears heals alot. Here they are when she isn't wearing heals Click Here . This would make Michael 5'9.5. He likely wasn't taller than that and there's a pretty good chance he was a bit shorter and as I said before, he couldn't have been under 5,8 as the only evidence that suggests he was under 5,8 was the YRMW photo shootout w Marlon Brando and Marlon Brando had to have been wearing lifts there because everywhere else, Michael appears slightly taller. Click Here Click Here. The first pic was even from the 80s when Michael wore his loafers. So most evidence suggests 173-176 and because of Michael's slouch, I'm going to say 5'9.5.
Leeh said on 29/Aug/18
Michael does look shorter than Eddie in that pic, but he looked closer to 5'10 than 5'9 with Bush 1, but maybe it was because of his thicker footwear. I don't think he was under the above listing, but at times I have to admit he can look below it. He tended to slouch a lot anyhow. He towered over Oprah. She's listed at 5'6 on here, and thus he looked at least 5'10 in comparison.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Aug/18
@James Keffer: I agree anything under 5'8" for Michael is ridiculous. I wouldn't go over 5'9" either as I said, but I think your range of 173-176 is about right for minimum to max. And yeah, the picture does favor Eddie Murphy, but Eddie looks just a bit taller in the video. I believe Murphy is nothing over or under 5'9"-5'9.5" just as Brigitte Nielsen said and he didn't look taller in 48 Hrs. with 6'0" Nick Nolte and 5'10" James Remar, but Eddie could look at least 5'10" later in his career so I wouldn't be surprised if he's worn lifts. I don't see anything unusual about Eddie's shoes with Michael, but if we even assume he passes for a solid 5'10" on stage with Michael just as he did with Mike Tyson the same year then Michael in cowboy boots could pass for at least 5'9.5" or a weak 5'10". It depends on how tall Murphy was standing that night. The picture did favor him, but he still looks a hair taller in the video, imo.
James Keffer said on 27/Aug/18
@Rising-174cm he could be shorter than 5'9.5 for sure and he's definitely not taller. However, I think he's at least 5,8. Anything under 5,8 just starts getting ridiculous because his brother Marlon (5,8) never appears taller than him and Nelson Mandela (6,1) doesn't appear more than 5 inches taller than him Click Here Click Here. About the Eddie Murphy picture, 1.Eddie Murphy is like 5,10. At least 5,9.5. 2.In that picture, Eddie's posture is slightly better than Michael's so with the cowboy boots on, they are aprox. the same height which means without the cowboy boots on, Eddie was a bit taller. I think he was 173-176 (keeping in mind the fact that he wasn't the only celeb to wear heals. Especially for his time) but to be nice, I'll give him 176.
MJKoP said on 25/Aug/18
Warren said on 21/Aug/18
He's like 6 foot proportions

Nah, I heard they were size eight. 😋
Rising - 174 cm said on 25/Aug/18
@James Keffer: Michael had cowboy boots with Eddie Murphy and still looked shorter: Click Here The difference looked smaller than that on the video: Click Here but Eddie still looked slightly taller and looks to have less footwear making it unlikely they're the same height. And Brooke Shields is listed here at 5'10.5". You can't really tell much about how they're standing in that photo, but if we assume you're right about the 2-3 inch difference then Michael would be about 5'8" with her. Maybe he was closer to 5'9" than 5'8", but I'd be surprised if he was taller than 5'9" flat. Murphy could be anywhere from 5'9"-5'9.5", imo so 176 cm seems spot on for him.

@Warren: Oddly, he could look tallish to me proportionately in the 2000's and shortish in the early 80's.
Warren said on 21/Aug/18
He's like 6 foot proportions
MJKoP said on 18/Aug/18
Benny said on 16/Aug/18
he's 5'6.5" met him about 25 years ago at concert

No, he's eight-foot-five. I met him with my postman.
Benny said on 16/Aug/18
he's 5'6.5" met him about 25 years ago at concert
James Keffer said on 11/Aug/18
Click Here

in most of Michael Jackson and Brooke Shields(6,0) where neither of them are wearing heals, Brooke appears to have 2-3 inches on Michael which would put him in the 5,9-5,10 range.

Click Here

In half the pictures of Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy(5,9), they look the same height which would put Michael at 5,9

Click Here

However Michael looks a little more than an inch taller than his brother Marlon so I'm going to say 5'9.5
Robby Harris said on 23/Jul/18
He did look surprisingly tall in cuban heels with a 6'2" Bill Clinton in this shot from 2000:

Click Here

However, even with taking his slouch into account, he didn't look anything over a flat 5'9" in probable penny loafers beside him:

Click Here
Click Here
JonK said on 21/Jul/18
Although his height seems to vary a lot there are plenty of pictures that show Michael was 5’9’’. He consistently looked at least 2 inches taller than Quincy Jones (5’7) and never looked notably shorter than the rest of Jackson 5 who all looked to be around 5’10 with Jermaine being a bit taller.
With Donald Trump he looks 4-5 inches shorter which again would put him in the 5’9 range, with Chris Tucker he looks a few inches shorter and with Eddie Murphy and Naomi Campbell he looked the same height if not slightly taller. Again if Michael was near 5’7 like some people below have claimed this would mean downgrading a lot of other celebs...
DanTheGuy said on 5/Jul/18
Click Here

Michael Looked to have between 5 and 6 inches on 5'2 Paul Simon. This was still Thriller era so the loafers were still his choice of footwear then.

Click Here

Here he is with Kenny Rodgers and Diana Ross. He only ever looked to have an inch or so over Diana in heels. Of course 5'10.5 Kenny had on his usual boots, but nonetheless, towers over both of them.
DanTheGuy said on 4/Jul/18
@Robby Harris The picture of Michael with Spielberg vs the video with Oprah proves my point exactly. The picture with Spielberg was obviously before the bad era, the era when he was still wearing the loafer type shoes every day. Once the Bad era hit, the only time he wore those shoes was when he was on stage. I would say that just because he started wearing boots during the Bad era, doesn't mean they had lifts in them. I'm sure at the time, the extra inch the boots gave over the loafers seemed like enough to him. However, much like with his earlier surgeries, it wasn't ultimately enough. The video with Oprah was around the Dangerous era, which by then, he was looking much taller in his videos than ever before. I'd say throughout the 90's he wore on average a shoe that gave around 3 inches, which is where I assume the 5'10-5'11 claims came from.

As you said in your earlier post, Michael claimed 5'10. If you go by the classic Hollywood 2 inch rule, that would have made him 5'8. I know that holds very little bearing, but I find it interesting and actually true in plenty of cases, especially before the internet.

You are right that 5'7 is too low, but because of what MJFAN1984 said the other day, 5'9 and change would have been the absolute max and even that seems to be a stretch. 172-174 is the most likely with 175 being less likely.
Robby Harris said on 2/Jul/18
Most of the evidence suggests 174-175 cm max imo, but he could occasionally look slightly shorter or taller than that range. 5'7" is just as ridiculous as 5'11" is for him though. Anything below 173 cm starts getting into the unrealistic realm.

What's interesting is he only appeared slightly taller than a 5'7.5" Steven Spielberg in the 80s: Click Here

Here's a photo of Spielberg with 5'6" Oprah Winfrey, who has a 1" footwear advantage: Click Here

Now, here's Michael Jackson with Oprah, Video: Click Here
DanTheGuy said on 2/Jul/18
@Robby Harris: I think 5'10 is the height the boots he started wearing around the bad era would have made him appear, + the 1 inch out-sole that all shoes add, making him nearer 5'11 with those boots. If the 5'8 1/2 (your guess) was true, than that would mean he would only need 2.5'' total in shoe height to be able to claim 5'10, which is reasonable. The reason I wouldn't quite say 5'8.5 is because I have seen and personally worn 2.5'' total shoes and was able to walk and appear totally normal in them. If you watch the video where Michael goes to the grocery store, there is a scene where he plays with a Frisbee and is barely able to move in those high heeled shoes he had on. I think what he had there were 1.5'' out-soles with 1.5'' insoles putting up to the 5'11 mark. 5'8 1/2 would be an absolute max in my eyes but closer to 5'8 seems more likely to me, which is a perfectly fine height for any man. 5'8 can still appear "tall" standing alone or next to some women. Under 170 is where height begins to become an issue for men.
Warren said on 2/Jul/18
His head (menton to top of head) such a short too, which makes him look taller than he actually is
MJFAN1984 said on 1/Jul/18
I've been studying his height for a while now and believe him to be around 5'8 flat +/- 1/4''.

For the people guessing anything over 5'9 flat, his autopsy said he was 5'9. So 5'9 1/4'' would be absolute max during his 20s's. MAX. However, autopsies are notorious for over-measuring for 3 reasons.

1). When you lay flat, your toes stick out past your heels by about an inch (like tip-toe standing).
2). By the time the measurement happens, the spine has had enough time to decompress fully.
3). It is the least important part on their agenda and is often done hastily or they just take the drivers license height which we all know a lot of round up happens on those.

Also, look at him in pictures where he wears a trucker hat, his head looks small for those hats, yet his head looks proportional to his body, suggesting that his body is smaller than appears on camera. Being so thin helps to appear taller on camera too.

I'll guess 5'8 but I've seen more evidence that he's slightly under that barefoot (5'7 3/4) rather than taller (unless he's wearing his boots).
Robby Harris said on 30/Jun/18
@DanTheGuy: The guy who designed those boots Jackson wore with Sr. Bush claimed he measured Jackson at 5'10" - which is certainly over the top, but he worked as his costume designer for nearly 25 years. Furthermore, he took a lot of extensive measurements of Jackson's body, which makes me wonder why he'd be so off on something as simple as his height. Jackson also described himself as 5'10" in his autobiography around the time "Bad" came out, so that could have perpetuated some confusion. I don't dismiss the possibility that he may have been wearing lifts in those boots, but I seriously doubt it. He's enigmatic, but 5'8 1/2" is all I'm giving him now.
Robby Harris said on 30/Jun/18
@Rob: Jackson appeared to be at least 2" shorter than Landis, who was supposedly 5'10.5" peak. Their height does drastically vary in the video depending on angle, but he really doesn't look over 174 cm to me there. For Jackson to be 5'9", wouldn't Landis have to have been at least 5'11"? I know Frank2 claimed he knew Landis personally and said they were roughly the same height a while ago...but that would mean Landis lost an entire inch by the time he met you at age 58...

Video: Click Here from minute 8:30 to 9:30 and 10:30 to 12:30

Any words?
Editor Rob
It can seem closer to 2 inches at times...but overall I still feel near 5ft 9 is a good fit for Jackson.
DanTheGuy said on 30/Jun/18
I would also like to add that for someone who went to such lengths to change ones appearance, certainly height "lifting" is well within the realm of possibility. 5"8 1/4'' morning max.
DanTheGuy said on 30/Jun/18
Take a look at this photo.

Click Here

The man who is to Michael's right is George Wendt (Norm from the show Cheers). This was taken during the filming of the music video for "Black or White" which George co-starred in.

Rob has his (George Wendt) height listed at 5'8.

Their postures are both good and the only missing piece to this is footwear. Best I can tell from the video, George has on your basic house loafers and he is wearing the same outfit in the picture as he is in the video. Michael on the other hand has on a different colored shirt. Macaulay Kaulkin has on the same shirt too (as does the wife) just to prove this photo was taken on the same day as the filming.

Strangely, this particular video is one where I felt Michael came off as looking taller than normal, looking almost 5'11. Now you can see that he was just soo skinny that it made him look lankier like most taller people.

On a previous point I made about his torso being short, look at his waistline compared to George's in the picture. Michael's legs are longer yet he is obviously at least 1 inch shorter.

I've never asked for this before Rob, but maybe a downgrade is in order based off of this photo. I'm going to drop to 5'8 just in case of a footwear discrepancy, what do you think?
DanTheGuy said on 30/Jun/18
I think the height varies so much because of footwear. On stage he is no more than 5'9 in those small dance shoes. He never wore those in public appearances after 1984. From 1987 on, almost every one of his costumes required the use of heeled boots, which he never wore on stage because it would be too hard to dance in those.

Look at the slope of the lace area in his pictures with H.W. Bush (steeper sloping shoes are necessary when wearing lifts inside), pair that with the external heel size and those are obviously giving him no less than 2.75'', probably more. I also doubt Bush was still the full 6'2'' in his late 60's either.

On many occasions I question the "Average Guess" section due to height jealousy (affecting the height negatively) but this is one case where I think enough height un-educated people (super-fans and whatnot) have chimed in and guessed 5'10-6' because of the dancers he surrounded himself with. None of the dancers were the northern European type and 30 years ago, 5'6 was more common than today.

I also remember watching an interview with the lady who designed the Thriller costume and said he was "maybe 5'7 and change" and I'd bet she'd know because it was basically her whole job. None of his high height claims came from this era though. Prior to 1987, everyone knew he was slightly under average and never questioned it, then he started wearing suspicious footwear and the claims of 5'11 starting randomly (and sparsely mind you) appearing and the rumors spread and confused everything.

His torso is just too short to be over 5'9. His legs look the same length as mine but his torso looks much shorter. I'd bet his sitting height is probably that of man who is 5'7. Speaking of his legs, wearing the pants that show the socks give off the impression that he has "outgrown" them and thus making him look taller. I'll give him 5'8 and 1/4 to be nice.
Warren said on 26/Jun/18
I'd say no, they are more 2 inches difference
MJ'SBIGGESTFAN said on 24/Jun/18
if Jermaine claims 6'1, he is probably around 6'0. In this pic MJ looks roughly the same height judging by his posture...

Click Here
Robby Harris said on 17/Jun/18
I did come across some odd photos where Michael looked unusually tall with 6' Adrien Brody! The shorter guy Brett Ratner is supposedly 5'8":

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Robby Harris said on 16/Jun/18
I doubt Jackson was ever over 5'9". 5'8.5" would be closer to the truth, imo. McCartney had about 1.5" on him.
MJKoP said on 10/Jun/18
Cris Judd is listed everywhere as 5'10"

Click Here
MAD SAM said on 4/Jun/18
Difficult to pinpoint his height but I think he was in 176-177 cm range
Gracian said on 1/Jun/18
In my opinion, 5'9.25" would be the best for Jackson, but I found something interesting. In 2003, his card listed him as 5'11": Click Here
Rob, could you mention this card at the top of the description of Jackson?
Robby Harris said on 26/May/18
Looked 5'9" with Trump. Looked 5'10" with Oprah. Looked 5'8"-5'8.5" max with Mandela. Looked 5'7" with Sinatra. Looked 5'9.5" in cowboy boots with Bush. Looked 5'8" with Schumacher. Height varied between 5'8" and 5'9" with Murphy and Clinton. Varied between 5'8" and 5'10" with Dick Clark...

One thing is for sure. You don't go from 5'7" one day to 5'10" the next day, and then down to 5'8"-5'9" range the next time. Jackson's height is arguably the most difficult to pin down on the forum.
MJKoP said on 8/Apr/18
Michael Kostelac said on 7/Apr/18
I have a question for MJ fans here. Not sure if it's appropriate for the page but is 6'1 good height for impersonating Michael Jackson. Do you mind if impersonator is a lot taller than MJ?

Google these names:

Michael Trapson - 6'4"
Edward Moss - 6'3"
Christof Pearson - 6'2"

On the flip side, Sergio Cortes(probably the closest look alike) can't be anything over 5'5", possibly even under.

If you're talented enough, 6'1" is as good a height as any. Best of luck!
Michael Kostelac said on 7/Apr/18
I have a question for MJ fans here. Not sure if it's appropriate for the page but is 6'1 good height for impersonating Michael Jackson. Do you mind if impersonator is a lot taller than MJ?
Warren said on 3/Apr/18
He's taller than 5'8"(173) and probably 5'8.5"(174) is his lowest, I have a proof
Jamie L said on 30/Mar/18
That's closer to a 4 inch difference and if anything his posture looks slightly worse than Bush's in most of the pics. 5'9 at the least.
jtm said on 29/Mar/18
he's at least 5 inches shorter than bush despite the clear footwear advantage and maybe even better posture. sticking with 5'8 flat and that's if bush was still 6'2.
Mr. FiveEight said on 26/Mar/18
Jackson beside President George H.W. Bush in 1990:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Now, The elder Bush was a solid 6'2" when he took office, and looks at least 4” taller than Michael, so with Mike appearing near 5'10" —- he’d be a weak or at most a flat 5'11" in 1.5" cowboy boots, which would make him no taller than 5'9.5" (176-177 cm) barefooted. Bush appeared to be wearing typical 1" work shoes. The heels on Michael’s boots don’t look like they give more than about 1.5" so it really wouldn’t be much of an advantage, especially considering he’s further from the camera in some of the shots, but here’s a clear shot of their footwear:

Click Here
M58 said on 25/Mar/18
Worth reminding, a slouching Michael in flat moccasins didn’t look much less, or much more than about 5'9" next to Donald Trump, who appeared to have better posture in most of the shots and had dress shoes on

Jackson beside 6'2" Trump in 1990:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

But here he’s with 5'10.5" listed Brooke Shields in ‘84:

Click Here
Click Here

He’s looking a lot shorter than her there! and though his posture may contribute to that, its still hard to believe he’d be able to drop THAT much height...was Brooke taller than her listing? She didn’t quite look her 6' claim next to others of known height. Perhaps Brooke’s footwear could be a question....there are photos of them where the difference doesn’t look to be any more than 2" when Jackson stood with better posture though.
Michael Kostelac said on 20/Mar/18
I've been on celebheights for maybe more than 3 years and I have to say that this is the most confusing height of all! Was this guy 5'6''? Was he 6ft? I have no idea.
M58 said on 18/Mar/18
@Ashley: Autopsies are not an accurate source for height, as seen in many cases (Tupac, Whitney Houston, Paul Walker just to name a few)...too many variables such as the possibility of rigor mortis or spinal decompression, the body position state or condition or even how the body is measured etc...autopsies don’t prove anything really.
jtm said on 17/Mar/18
Ashley said on 15/Mar/18
His autopsy report says 5’9

Maybe rob should upgrade tupac to 6'0!
M58 said on 16/Mar/18
I’ve never seen someone’s height drastically change back and forth as much as Jackson’s did.......dude must have had some crazya$* spine!
Warren said on 16/Mar/18
Naomi Campbell was actually 176cm. Karen Faye is 173cm. Michaels height was between 2 people, I have a proof yeah
Ashley said on 15/Mar/18
His autopsy report says 5’9
MJKoP said on 15/Mar/18
Thunderfin said on 15/Mar/18
Of all the photos of MJ and you choose this unflattering one...

It's not the photo, dude....
M58 said on 14/Mar/18
Here’s a few pics of Michael’s footwear from that day: Click Here Click Here Click Here

As you can see, he’s wearing what appears to be cuban heel style boots with close to a 2" boost. Not sure if this explains the 5'11" report, because as far as I can tell there’s no height chart behind Jack...just a wall: Click Here

Is it possible he was measured at the police station Rob?
Warren said on 13/Mar/18
@Billy Bobby
How tall is Brooke shields would u guess? like 6'1"? Police report was with shoes on listed I think
Billy Bobby said on 12/Mar/18
I will say 5'11 because I've seen videos of Michael and he seems extremely taller than people that are 5'8. Personally I would even go to 6'0, but with this limit, I will have to keep it at 5'11. Many people think he is short just because he is at a normal height, but extremely skinny, but from my experience with being skinny, it only adds about 1/4 of an inch. His police report also says 5'11 too.
Warren said on 12/Mar/18
173cm is him lowest height absolutely, there's no way that under 172cm
Jamie L said on 11/Mar/18
Rob are there older archives? There were 2005-2012 ones recovered a few years ago but gone now.
Editor Rob
Unfortunately on a portion of more popular pages, a purge of comments was done a couple of years ago, which I've been unable to recover.

But still, there's about 5% of pages on the site that now have all their comments from the past viewable now.
Dwight said on 10/Mar/18
Must be 172cm max. On stage you only see him dancing way closer than to other dancers who can be only 170-175cm by standarts of him (Who’s choosing) + He had long legs and wearing shoulder pads.
viper said on 6/Mar/18
Gotta be the biggest height enigma ever. From 5-6 to over 6-0
M58 said on 6/Mar/18
Forgot to mention; it would also make Chris Tucker a 5'10"-5'11" guy at best (ditto Bradley Cooper).
M58 said on 6/Mar/18
@Michael Kostelac: Thanks for the link. She mentioned he maybe had a 29" inseam, but Michael Bush claimed it was a 32": Click Here

Bush was obviously Jackson’s personal costume designer, and did claim 5'10", and though I’m not convinced he was that tall, I’d think there would at least be more validity to that, given these were actual measurements (according to him) and he’d worked for Jackson for a good 30 years (1984/5-2009)

However, back to the video...She did state Jackson was only 5'6" or so prior to what she said in the video you posted (in a Sony magazine article), and also claimed he had a 26" waist and on another occasion, 28" waist. So I’ll conclude they’re mostly just rough estimates, if anything. George H.W. Bush would have to have been a 5'11"-6' tops guy, and Oprah no more than 5'3" range at best, if we suppose Deborah Landis’ guesses have any validity to it. Only adds to the confusion really....*scratches head*

What’s your take, Rob?
Michael Kostelac said on 5/Mar/18
M58 said on 4/Mar/18
Deborah Landis actually mentioned 5'6" from what I recall.
Here is Deborah Landis referring to MJ's height Click Here 11:42
M58 said on 4/Mar/18
@Michael Kostelac: Deborah Landis actually mentioned 5'6" from what I recall.
Michael Kostelac said on 3/Mar/18
How tall is Michael Jackson(according to people who worked with him)
Michael Bush mentioned 5'10
La Velle Smith Jr. said MJ was 5'9 (I asked him personally on facebook)
Siedah Garrett mentioned "He was a few inches taller than I am, and I'm 5'7".
Deborah Landis mentioned "Michael wasn't 5'8, maybe 5'7 and change"
However, my guess is 5'8- 5'9.
MJKoP said on 1/Mar/18
JJJ said on 1/Mar/18
@Cameron: Doubt he would have shrank considering he was 51 when he died. If he lost any height at all it probably would have been around a quarter of an inch, if that. I think 175/176cm is reasonable.

He was just a bit more than two months away from his 51st birthday on 6/25/09.
JJJ said on 1/Mar/18
@Cameron: Doubt he would have shrank considering he was 51 when he died. If he lost any height at all it probably would have been around a quarter of an inch, if that. I think 175/176cm is reasonable.
DrJohnBee said on 28/Feb/18
Probably 176 in peak,
M58 said on 24/Feb/18
MJ’s height was never consistent so I still get lost on where to pinpoint him sometimes. I definitely couldn’t see him being only 5'7" though. 5'9" still seems fairly reasonable to me, but he could appear shorter or even taller at times. I’ll always be puzzled by how so many notable people who’d met the guy were able to think he appeared over six feet in person! Even solid 2" cuban heels would only at best make a 5'9" dude appear 5'10"...and he never looked taller than his claim either imo, if taking footwear into account.

He does arguably look taller than 174 cm Lenny Kravitz in this photo, given the slouch, but not by much: Click Here
Cameron said on 9/Jan/18
Peak 176, was likely just under 5'9" at his time of death.
MJKoP said on 8/Jan/18
Mark172cm said on 6/Jan/18
I do wonder how Frank2's estimate for Jackson changed so drastically over the years. He always struck me as being one of the most somewhat reliable and interesting members on the site. He claimed the meeting took place in 1988 - and we're talking back in 2006...that's near 20 years he stuck with one estimate...what sparked a change like that? A good 2-3 inch variation. He was therefore either lying in '06 or lying later on. Makes me wonder how sincere he was about on the heights of other celebrities he claimed to have met on here too. I could even recall him saying Sly was only 5'7" at one point!

I have been saying this for quite some time now. You don't just get a random epiphany decades later and remember someone as being 5'7" or 5'8" max instead of 5'9", after consistently claiming 5'9" for years. Frank2 may have been lying about the entire meeting/encounter to begin with....either that, or he'd amend his previous estimates due realizing how insane they sounded(because they usually were). He upgraded Sly from 5'7" to 5'8" when it dawned upon him that 5'7" was an utterly lost cause.

But with MJ, Frank2 downgraded him over time, starting with the death of MJ in 2009. He let his true colors show nicely, so it became extremely obvious as to why MJ went from 5'9" to 5'7" in Frank2's eyes.

"The only ones I feel sorry for are all those kids he raped" -Frank2/KnowItAll/Steve/Tom/*insert his other aliases here*(This was shortly after the death, when he still went by 'Frank2')

Brad would always praise Frank2 for his very accurate estimates.....except for when they didn't coincide with his own. Mel Gibson at 5'8"? Since they both agreed on that, Brad would mention how trustworthy Frank2 was when trying to argue 5'8" for Mel. But with the likes of MJ, Brad tried to rationalize 'F2 would downgrade his hates'. LOL....kinda a weak argument, IMO - but w/e. As a side note, Brad always seemed quite intent on upgrading what I could only assume to be his crushes. So many of the glamorous and 'hot' women would get a good extra inch if not two(sometimes even more!) from Brad. Never saw him blatantly upgrading any woman who wasn't considered to be attractive - or any man AT ALL, for that matter. Mariah, Britney, Katie Perry, Miley Cyrus, etc.....
Jose said on 7/Jan/18
Not quite sure how so many people think he might have been as short as 5’7? Aside from his autopsy saying he was 5’9, he generally looked average to tall when compared to other celebs and has consistently been described as people who have met him as being ‘tall’ so I doubt he was below 5’9...
It is true however that he seemed to have very bad posture and medical issues at some points in his life which may have made him look shorter or possibly lose height towards his later years.
Arif said on 6/Jan/18
And yes another thing u can find it by searching that Michael Bush talking about MJ's height.
There's the real answer which was told by Michael Bush( his costume maker)
There is written 5'10.
I think that's the real one
Mark172cm said on 6/Jan/18
I do wonder how Frank2's estimate for Jackson changed so drastically over the years. He always struck me as being one of the most somewhat reliable and interesting members on the site. He claimed the meeting took place in 1988 - and we're talking back in 2006...that's near 20 years he stuck with one estimate...what sparked a change like that? A good 2-3 inch variation. He was therefore either lying in '06 or lying later on. Makes me wonder how sincere he was about on the heights of other celebrities he claimed to have met on here too. I could even recall him saying Sly was only 5'7" at one point!
Andrew said on 5/Jan/18

I agree with your 5'7 statement because there is so much evidence pointing that. Actually he has long legs and wide shoulders with a good slim body and that creates some kind of illusion i think. + He's shorter than Marlon Brando that's a fact.
Warren said on 5/Jan/18
174 with shoes and increased other from 6cm lifts? how, even he never used to wear the high top sneakers in his life
thanks for an unintelligence
Warren said on 5/Jan/18
Seeing some those pictures their heights r similar but their chins and shoulders level are huge difference, Michael appears taller than him
M58 said on 4/Jan/18
@Rob: Would you say he was a weak 5-9 or a strong one?
Editor Rob
I'm going with an honest 5ft 9...I don't think he was as short as 5ft 8.5-8.75, more a man who held his own around 5ft 9 in the afternoon.
MJKoP said on 3/Jan/18
andre said on 2/Jan/18
michael was 5ft7 barefoot when he died it was what they measured him once again rob exagerates heights

michael never was any taller then 174cm with shoes when he used lifts he was 180cm

What are you talking about? His autopsy gave him 5'9". Not aware of any other post-mortem measurements.
andre said on 2/Jan/18
michael was 5ft7 barefoot when he died it was what they measured him once again rob exagerates heights

michael never was any taller then 174cm with shoes when he used lifts he was 180cm
MJKoP said on 24/Dec/17
Richard said on 21/Dec/17
The most Jackson could have been was 5'8.5". Wearing a wig probably made him appear taller.

Yeah....I used to think Michael was a taller guy who fooled many into thinking he was shorter, but now I realize it was vice versa. Even Glenn claimed MJ was the same height as he was(five foot eight!), before he went into self-preservation mode as suspicions started to arise.
Mark172cm said on 24/Dec/17
There are a few shots where Michael could look to have the edge on Murphy (with the cowboy boots on): Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here You could argue he *might* have been standing upright in these shots, and just had on the bent-knee pose and perhaps at times a slouch in the shots that had him looking shorter like here (note; the camera angle is probably just exaggerating the difference more): Click Here
Click Here
andre said on 22/Dec/17
Click Here

see this video rob of michael in russia does he looks like 5ft9?

he barely looks 5ft7 barefoot im so sorry rob but he never was any taller then 5ft7 barefoot this video proves it he was shorter then you rob
now when he used the lifts he was about 177cm to 180cm but was about 172 174cm max with shoes
Editor Rob
not sure I'd have guessed he was only 5ft 7 from watching the clip...but certainly at times he was looking 5ft 8-9 range.
Richard said on 21/Dec/17
The most Jackson could have been was 5'8.5". Wearing a wig probably made him appear taller.
Eli mcdowell said on 21/Dec/17
Siri was telling Michael Jackson was 5'11.
Warren said on 17/Dec/17
Slightly shorter than Naomi and slightly taller than Karen to be henest, he's defenitely 174-175 range (174 is more trustworthy than 175 to me)

Click Here
MJKoP said on 16/Dec/17
Perhaps Robin was looking at footage where MJ was standing on a higher platform(and their lower halves were obscured).
Mark172cm said on 16/Dec/17
They probably do look about the same height there, considering Michael seems to be bending his knee at times throughout the video which might knock off some height, but Michael is wearing cowboy boots there, which could be giving him a half inch advantage. Eddie's therefore making him look a weak 5'9" at best if he's only 176 cm.
John said on 15/Dec/17
Yep, Jackson is around 5'9 because Murphy was slightly taller than him. Click Here is at the award event that Quivers was referring to when he "dwarved" Murphy. Clearly both Stern and Quivers are both blind because in the video you can clearly see that Jackson and Murphy are near the same height, in fact Murphy is about a quarter of an inch taller.
Mark172cm said on 13/Dec/17
@Christian: That lady is Robin Quivers, and yeah what she said was absolutely ridiculous and laughable. Murphy was obviously taller than Jackson! As for Howard, a 5'9" man would be TOWERED by a 6'5" he's either TREMENDOUSLY bad at guessing height, or Michael was a shrinking and stretching genie 😱 😆
James said on 13/Dec/17
Jackson never weighed more than 140 lbs.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 13/Dec/17
Hard to believe that an honest 6'5" guy like Stern would mistake someone that's 5'9" for 6'2". Is he that bad at guessing height where he's off by 5 inches? And that lady (I don't know her name) is horrible at it too. She claimed Michael dwarfed Eddie Murphy, when ironically Eddie's listed 5'9.25", which is a hair taller than Michael. Click Here Lmao what a joke.
Mark172cm said on 12/Dec/17
@MJKoP: That's a good point about there being no photos taken from the supposed meeting, I sort of always wondered that myself...but then again I'm inclined to believe they actually did meet, because Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (famous friend of Michael's) went on the Howard Stern Show many years ago and gave Howard a gift sent from Michael himself, who apparently had asked why Howard was so hostile to him (or about him) after they had met.

You can read the full transcript here: Click Here
Mark172cm said on 12/Dec/17
I find that Brett Ratner story hard to believe. Didn't he subsequently say it was actually a friend of Michael's after receiving a bunch of negative backlash? I heard that story years ago but can recall him backtracking on it. Either way, I must say that's a bizarre story for sure.

This video was posted before, but the guy standing between Michael and Diana Ross is Barry Manilow, listed here at six foot (peak): Click Here at 3:20 onwards, Michael could at times look almost as tall as him, but doesn't seem under 5'10" there, at least with Barry...unless Barry was shorter than his listed height, but most tend to think he's taller. But here's the clearest shot of Michael and Barry I could find from that event: Click Here Not sure how he pulled that off

He certainly edged out 5'8" Yul Brynner back in 1984: Click Here Click Here Click Here

Speaking of Brynner, I still find it hilarious he had the nerve to claim six feet! I initially thought Corey Feldman was the worst height-liar listed on the site, but Brynner and perhaps Tico Torres (who was likely below 5'6" but claimed 5'9"...even though Jon Bon Jovi himself also claimed that height, looks it and towered over Tico!)
MJKoP said on 11/Dec/17
157 lbs? That's hardly thin, even for a 5'10" dude. He was always very lean at best, and sometimes downright skeletal. You say he was never emaciated? Look at him during the trial...I'll try to pull up some pictures, but his eyes were far sunken in, his cheekbones were protruding like crazy - he literally looked like death. Incredibly gaunt at that time period(when the 92 lbs was claimed by his then-physician years later).

Howard Stern is cool, but he likes to concoct these fantastical stories and relay them in a very deadpan manner. Did the two actually even meet? Why are there no pictures from this event? Nobody had a camera to capture the two Kings(of Pop and of all media) together?? Stern loves to lead people on with his elongated rants and is known to take some liberties with the truth if he thinks there's potential entertainment value to be gained. I'm a fan of his, but know to take some of his tall tales(pun intended!) for what they are.

It's funny how Stern wasn't just saying Michael was very tall, but also quite "big" and "broad-shouldered"....however in a later rant, he called Michael "you little freak" when Brett Ratner was telling him of Jackson's escapades of chucking water balloons at a presumably homeless guy through the sunroof of a stretch limo in the suburbs of LA at 3 AM. :P
Mark172cm said on 10/Dec/17
Has MJ really ever weighed that low? 92 lbs? That's even considerably underweight for a 5'4" person! I doubt he ever weighed that little.

As for his actual height, I don't think we'll ever really know. He could look tall, short or average at different periods. 5'8.5" is the lowest I'd go personally. For Jackson to be an inch below 5'9", Oprah would have to be 5'5" tops, Senior Bush 6'1" tops and Stevie Wonder 5'10" tops. But Jackson's height was definitely almost as enigmatic as Sly's, if not more so actually. I've read everything from as low as 5'6" to as much as 6'2" for him...that's a total of 8 inches!

How could a legitimate 6'5" guy like Howard Stern mistake a supposed 5'9" guy for being 6'2"? He came off sounding dead serious with that bizarro estimate at 4:55 in Click Here and even mentioned Jackson wearing penny loafers to their meeting in a non-height related text from his book. He's not the only guy who claimed to have met a tall Jackson. Many others like Pharrell Williams, Dick Zimmerman, Adam Curry, Stacy Brown and Paul Gambaccini have also shared their estimates with Howard's...what's the explanation for that? Could they have been lying? I'm not insinuating that he was anywhere near 6 feet as its obviously clear he wasn't, but its still an interesting topic that often gets dismissed.

I think his general weight throughout his lifetime fluctuated between 125 and 145 lbs, probably sitting more at around the 135-140-pound mark in his heyday. He was never "emaciated" thin, except for maybe around 1984. I did read his lowest weight was 105 lbs, so the 92-pound figure is a new one to me. He weighed 157 lbs a day before his press conference in London at the age of 50, and didn't really come off looking much heavier than he did throughout the 2005 trial.
Adijos said on 10/Dec/17
Rob, 110 votes give Michael 5'9.25" (175.9 cm) Can you give him an upgrade to 176? I really think it suits him best.
MJKoP said on 9/Dec/17
James said on 26/Nov/17
Jackson was never any taller than 5'8". His wig, extremely thin build and special shoes made him appear taller.

You may very well be correct...during his 2005 court case, his doctor at the time(not Murray, obviously), stated that MJ was down to only 92 lbs. A 5'10"-6'2" man would likely be in a coma, or at the very minimum be bed-bound....unable to even sit through the criminal proceedings. Sure, he had lost weight and looked gaunt....but a mid-to-late 40s man with a solid to above average height at that crazy-low weight, would NOT be able to stand trial - or stand PERIOD.
Warren said on 28/Nov/17
Actually he's not a broad shoulders. The high position of the shoulder which makes him look taller, long inseam too
Harris said on 26/Nov/17
He looked a lot taller than Oprah, who was likely a solid 5'6" at her peak, in 1993: Click Here

Some photos of them: Click Here Click Here Click Here
James said on 26/Nov/17
Jackson was never any taller than 5'8". His wig, extremely thin build and special shoes made him appear taller.
Warren said on 26/Nov/17
50+ is still younger, I think no downgraded at his age 50 yet but like 55 he could be, However, like Obama, he still
keeps a peak height at his age 56
Brian said on 24/Nov/17
My best guess is 5'9. He was probably 5'10 before when he was younger
James said on 21/Nov/17
Garrett also looked taller than Jackson at the Battle of the Network Stars.
Slim 185 said on 20/Nov/17
175-176, legit 5’9”er imho.
sully said on 19/Nov/17
Definitely a decent 5'9"
Warren said on 18/Nov/17
Talking about "AMA 1980"? can't see their feets
James said on 15/Nov/17
If Jackson was 5'11" then Leif Garrett was 6'2".
Harris said on 15/Nov/17
One of the staff who worked on Jackson's last tour mentioned that the male dancers needed to be "close to Michael's height" and asserted 5'9"-5'11" as the ideal range, and as for females added 5'5"-5'7" as being the ideal, as they couldn't be taller than Michael "in heels": At 4:20 on in Click Here
Arif said on 15/Nov/17
U guys can know his height by searching in Google,' Santa Barbara County Sheriff of Michael Jackson.
There it's written 5'11' in 2003 when he was arrested.
I'm sure you'll get the real result by searching it
James said on 14/Nov/17
There's no way Jackson was even 5'9" because he was shorter than Leif Garrett.

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