How tall is Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson's Height

5ft 3 ½ (161.3 cm)

American Singer. She Said in an Oprah interview in 2006 "I'm only 5'4" although in the Toronto Star (May 1986) she is quoted saying: "I'm five foot three".

How tall is Janet Jackson
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Average Guess (24 Votes)
5ft 3.15in (160.4cm)
RoyzDaBoi said on 1/Apr/23
I agree with 5'3, she definitely has that well proportioned physique of a 5 feet to 5-4 woman.
Megrace said on 2/Apr/21
Melisentia pheiffer said on 29/Sep/20
She is obviously a 160cm and a little bit more. Isn't Paula abdul 4'11? In a YouTube video, You can see her teaching Janet to dance, and she towers over Paula! She does not even have the proportions of a 4'11 person. WTF?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/May/20
πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽΆπŸŽ‚ Happy Birthday Janet! πŸŽ‚πŸŽΆπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

Wishing Janet Jackson a very enjoyable 54th Birthday!

5ft3 πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸŽΌπŸŽ΅

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/May/19
πŸ’πŸŽ‚πŸ’ Happy Birthday Janet! πŸ’πŸŽ‚πŸ’

Have a wonderful 53rd Birthday Janet; I will plump for 5ft3.

Jtm said on 22/Sep/18
not 4'11 but probably not even a legit 5'3.
Bradley said on 19/Sep/18
5-4 for decades.
James Keffer said on 17/Sep/18
Who said she's only 4'11. WTF? IMO, 5'2.25 is the absolute minimum for her and even that seems a bit too short
Sandy Cowell said on 26/May/18
Who on Earth said that Janet is 4ft11? What a load of rubbish! She is around the 5ft3 mark, and today I am going to give her 5ft3.25, which is halfway between what is written up here and the average vote!
melisentia said on 24/May/18
no way Janet is 4'11! A 5'10 man can definitely make such a man think a 1'6 woman looks "small".
Janet Jackson looks like a 1'6 woman. Not more that.
Layla said on 20/May/18
I just watched her receive the icon award at the Billboard Music awards from Bruno Mars. He barely edged her out. He’s listed here at 5’4”, so 5’3” 1/2 seems spot on for her.
Realist said on 17/Feb/17
She's 5'3 or 162 max.
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Jan/17
Many congratulations to Janet Jackson on the birth of her first baby - a little boy!
Right now, I doubt if she's bothered whether she's 5ft3 or 5ft4! I'll go for a halfway house, so 5ft3.5 it shall be!
Siena Olifantis said on 26/Oct/16
If she admits being 5'4 it means she must be 5'1 or 2. That is a common place between celebrities ad some extra inches.
Janay.D said on 6/Sep/15
She's the same exact height as me I'm 5ft"4inch😊
lol said on 24/Dec/14
4'11"? I mean, I know people like to downgrade on this site, probably because of insecurity... You can't stand that celebs are taller than you... But to be that delusional? Wow. If she's 4'11", justin Timberlake must be 5'6"... Yeah that seems accurate. Not
jame said on 7/Dec/14
If she's around 4'11 or 5 feet, then Michael must be around 5'4.
Knowitall said on 15/Jan/14
She's no more than five feet tall. Very tiny, petite, short woman.
mark said on 16/Dec/13
Michael was 5'10. he said it himself.
me said on 7/Nov/13
I think part of that could be due to celebes appearing larger than life on the screen and then seeing them in person makes them appear smaller just like the average person. She was probably shorter than one would expect but the phenomenon probably took over.
I'd say she's around 5 ft.3 or so.
boobear said on 4/Sep/13
I think she's 5'4 that's without heels.
michaela said on 24/Jan/13
michael was 5'9 and thats it, it stands on his driver license from 1989. =)
dollyl said on 26/Jul/12
Hi, my husband met Janet when she was making the Pleasure Principle in Pasadena CA. at his job. She was very nice and took photos with a few of the Power Plant guys that were on the evening shift, including my husband. When he got home later that night he told me how tiny she was, shorter than I am.. maybe 4'11. I am 5'1" at the most and my hubby is 5'10" and in the photo she stands under his armpit height. Next time I saw Janet she was on the Tonight Show with Leno and she looked like she was 5'10" or as tall as Jay Leno..except the pants were so long you weren't able to see how tall the platforms or heel were.. I know celebrities like to be known as being tall..and like to mask shortness in many ways, like heels, platforms and short dancers and extras. But if you are secure in your talent..why fool the public or yourself.
Sara said on 17/Dec/11
So are you all saying that Michael looks 5'7? Haha lol, he's obviously about 5'10/11! Look at the Thriller video, he's skinny yeah but still at least 5'9.
My best guess is that Janet is 5'3.
CLC said on 19/Nov/11
Actually, I know someone who has seen MJ in person around 89" and he/she told me that they were shocked at how tall Michael actually was. MJ was extremely skinny so it made him appear small framed. Janet looks exactly my height...5'2" no more. She is beautiful though. In Poetic Justice she was much much shorter then 5'10" 2Pac.
Karolina said on 6/Nov/11
Wow i thought she was taller than this ... i was her height at 13 y/old i see Jackson girls are on the shorter side...
Chandra said on 20/Apr/11
Yes, the autopsy can be wrong. Remember when Tupac's autopsy said that he was 6'0? Maybe they measured MJ with boots on or something like that. I agree that MJ's height and Janet's height are both greatly exaggerated because of their fame.

I believe that Janet is 5'2 (maybe even 5'1 but I will say 5'2 just to be on the safe side) and Michael is 5'7 (anything over 5'8 is definitely an exaggeration, just look at pictures around the internet). The Jacksons are definitely a family that is on the shorter side. I love and admire them always. I'm a fan too and I have done my research.
Kitty said on 5/Apr/11
Please, his autopsy said 5'9. You think the coroner's lying for him? People on the internet are crazy, can't handle facts at all.
Asera said on 22/Jan/11
Actually I think Michael was trying to stand as straight as possible with GL in that picture,maybe he was EXACTLY 5'7 in the mornings or standing as straight as he could.Looking at other evidence he may have been only 169 cm most of the time.When he was around women who are 5'1 to 5'2 and if they weren't in heels he just didn't look that much taller...only about 5 to 5 1/2 inches at most.Michael sure is a mystery still!One thing's for sure he was never taller than 5'7 without shoes!Why is it that former child stars are often shorter than average height as adults...

And I hate how ignorant most people are about height, they just believe any old carbage the

publicity machine of Hollywood says about people's heights.Sure it's not the most important thing in the world but when you have a supposed official autopsy claiming that a man who was very clearly 5'7 or smaller all his adult life as being 5'9 you have to wonder what's really going on!Why would they lie about his height still,Michael is dead!I can't believe they woud lie just for his image,to make him seem taller? There must be some other reason.I'm pretty sure back in the 80's most people knew that MJ was only about 169-170 cm, the stupid height exaggeration probably started only later in the 90's.And this site is so silly.Janet and Michael are 5'4 and 5'9 tall ONLY when they wear their high heels!
Asera said on 19/Jan/11
Michael's biggest secret is that he's only 5'7 and Β½ inch tall!

Click Here
Asera said on 19/Jan/11
Yes, SURE Michael was 5' 3.5 inch heels!
Asera said on 18/Jan/11
Janet is 5'1 or 5'2 and that's IT!She is very tiny just like Lisa Marie and Elizabeth Taylor...they're all around 5'1 or 5'2 and no more than that. And Michael was NEVER over 5'8.

And a HUGE LOL at all the delusional ones here who say MJ is over 5'9!! You people are really hilarious!
Canopus said on 26/Oct/10
5'2" On the view she looks about an inch shorter than Elizabeth (5'4") and she has an inch platform on her shoes that Hasselbeck didn't have.
Heightgal said on 8/Nov/08
Janet is 5f1 barefoot. The reason why she towers over her bf 5f1 Dupris is because she wears 6" heels with 2" platforms. My sister and I are the same height and when she is in flip flops and when I wear .75" platforms with 4.5" heels she looks at least 3.5" shorter than me. Click Here Click Here
Josephine said on 12/Jul/08
5'4" sounds about right. She might be 5'3" but it's almost the same thing.
Carolina said on 27/Jun/08
Michael's 5'11'' so 5'4'' is about Janet's height.
mjfan said on 20/Jun/08
that picture is a photoshop! they took two different pictures of michael and janet and put them together when scream was going to come out, they werent stood together.
wtf? said on 18/Mar/08
look at this picture with brother michael he is listed as 5ft9 but looks a lot taller than that so maybe janet is smaller than suggested. take a look: Click Here
lyndsey said on 26/Feb/08
i think she is 5ft3
Meyester said on 23/Feb/08
She looked so tall next to jermain dupree even with heels and regina king is definately fatter than her
angela said on 17/Nov/07
No way is Regina King leaner than Janet. Not in Poetic Justice anyway. And she is def. not 5'2. 5ft 4in is correct.
maria said on 25/Sep/07
janet has said herself that she's 5'4
rae said on 6/Aug/07
I really do belive that she is really 5ft4in because michael jackson is about 5ft 9in or 5ft 10in
RedSimba said on 26/Jun/07
I found this YouTube video with Rosie O'Donnell, and this site gives her 5'6Β½. Just look at the beginning when they hug…

Click Here

I think she really is 5'4"
Megan said on 22/Apr/07
I always thought she was around 5'3" at the most but I guess I was wrong. She always appeared to be really tiny to me but now that she is with Jermaine Dupri she looks like a giant lol
queenofny said on 11/Mar/07
Usually, when celebs list weight and height, they are off. They never tell the truth about anything. Ragina King is taller, and leaner than Janet in the film. So I think Janet is 5'2.
redcat said on 20/Feb/07
Here's a pic of her with Diddy (who is listed here at 5'10.5")…

Click Here
anonymous said on 20/Feb/07
Correct, but "at least 2 inches taller" means that she is at least 5'3".
Anonymous said on 29/Jan/07
i think she is slightly under 5'4-maybe 5'3 3/4-close enough, i guess
J. said on 27/Jan/07
This 1993 Ebony article notes Jackson as being "just shy of 5 feet 4 inches":
Click Here

Does she round up?

Editor Rob
could do, 1/4 inch maybe
anonymous said on 16/Jan/07
Janet is listed as 5' 4" everywhere too so that comment about Regina King being 5' 3" everywhere isn't any better, no offense. Also, if you take the quiz at, 5' 4" is the correct answer. She's also taller than 5' 4" boyfriend JD when she's wearing heels, and at least 2 inches taller than 5' 1" Missy Elliott in the "Son of A Gun" music video.
Leah said on 26/Sep/06
Yeah I think 5'4" is correct. She was on Oprah yesterday and when she was talking about her weight loss she also stated she was "only 5'4"
Anonymous said on 25/Sep/06
The comment made by "Ice" on Nov 5th is right on. Janet Jackson is NOT 5'4". In fact, she may be only about 5'1". She always wears shoes with a high lift which obviously would appear to make her look taller.
ice said on 1/Jun/06
Of course Janet was shorter than Beyonce and Mary J, Both of those ladies are in the 5'5 range. And just because a magazin says a height doesn't mean it's right. I read that Lindsay Lohan was 5'7, and that's just crazy.
J. said on 30/May/06
Yup, a recent US Weekly cover story on Janet's dramatic weight loss, has her described as the '5 foot 4' star. So this height has been pretty consistent over the years.
Tweety said on 28/May/06
On the Esscence cover she is shorter than Mary J. Blige and Beyonce. So 5'4 sounds right.
ice said on 8/Nov/05
I admit that these aren
ice said on 8/Nov/05
Janet Jackson is 5'2. If you watch Poetic Justice, she is an inch shorter than Regina King. Regina King is listed EVERYWHERE at 5'3. Watch it!
Palladium said on 8/May/05
the benefit of doubt bob? i don't know, are you agreeing this time with me if i say more like 161cm (5'3")?

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