How tall is Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts Height

5ft 1 ½ (156.2 cm)

American Actress best known for appearing in films like We're The Millers, Scream 4, Aquamarine and Wild Child. In a interview she mentioned her height, saying "I was also in heels because I was too short. I'm 5'2 on a good day but I was 5'7 or 5'9 in the movie because I had shoes that weren't ideal from running away from a serial killer."

How tall is Emma Roberts
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I used to have a complex about being short. Now I love that I'm 5'2. I'm strong, and that feels really good to me.

How tall is Emma Roberts
Julia Roberts and Emma
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Average Guess (82 Votes)
5ft 1.52in (156.3cm)
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Jun/23
Poor Fiona’s face when she sees Emma in her bedroom - dancing around in a floaty red garment! I shouldn’t really say poor because Fiona, played by Jessica Lange, is a cold-hearted killer and now she’s paying the price as a new Supreme is rising and she is dying of cancer.

⭐️ Emma’s dancing is delightful!
Sandy Cowell said on 2/Jun/23
AHS can be so scary and serious. For instance, that speech Emma’s Madison makes sitting on the stairs in Coven (episode 7, I think) is both poignant, yet funny.

This could actually be the most horrific series I’ve seen, but the humour and the actors themselves make it a damn good watch, which is why I return to my boxsets time and time again.

5ft1.5 👏😁💐
Sandy Cowell said on 10/Oct/22
Standing here with her Auntie Julia, anyone would be forgiven for thinking that she’s still a little girl! 👧

Emma gets 5ft1.5.
Comentarista said on 4/Oct/22
Damselflies said on 1/Oct/22
I like how she said “I’m 5’2 on a good day”. She was thinking she could never even reach that height. I think she is actually in the 5’2” curve. 157 cm
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Mar/22
In AHS, Elene, Emma always wears high shoes.

Return to Murder House - an episode from AHS Apocalypse.

Witch Emma is returning to the original First Season’s ‘Murder House’ with a gay warlock so that they can scent out ‘where it all began’. That is the birth of Michael Langdon, the son of Satan; many of the members of the Coven can sense isn’t quite right. He’s just passed the ‘seven wonders’ test, a feat no man has ever achieved before.

Elene said on 7/Aug/21
Looks 5’1.75 more than 5’1.5
Elene said on 6/Aug/21
Could be 5’1.75 but no more than that.
Tall Sam said on 27/Jul/21
She’s a weird case in her face shape and build, she can have the looks of a taller girl like her aunt but when actually standing next to most costars, it catches me off guard how short Emma is. I got this in some thing on where her costar was Don Cheadle and he looked much taller!
Infalible said on 14/May/21
155 cm
Aj06 said on 28/Apr/21
5'1 1/2 she is cool great looks 5'2 is better then the last cliam I had heard and most cliams but 5'1 1/2.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Feb/21
💐🎂 Happy 3️⃣0️⃣th Birthday Emma! 🎂💐

Many congratulations to Emma Roberts, who celebrates her BIG 3️⃣-0️⃣ today! So much has happened for Emma in the past year, the most outstanding achievement of which was becoming a Mommy!

5ft1.75. 👱‍♀️👶💝🎊🤗 XXX

Mimi said on 10/Feb/21
Happy 30th birthday to Emma Roberts 🎉🎂 Another Emma from the 90s has turned to decade 3.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Jan/21
Many congratulations to the lovely Emma Roberts and her other half, Garrett Hedlund, on the birth of their son, a bouncing 9 pound baby boy who arrived on Sunday, 27th December.

He has been named Rhodes. 👶

Emma gets 5ft1.75, but right now, after her little Christmas miracle, I bet she's feeling 10 feet tall! 👏🤗
Jammes said on 21/Dec/20
I wonder if she went through a growth spurt during her Nick Days. Her unfabous co stars look way taller than her
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Click Here

As adults Malese Jow is only about an inch taller than Emma.
Nik Ashton said on 13/Dec/20
It’s cool she is a lot shorter than her aunt!
Robby G said on 11/Dec/20
I can't believe she's much shorter than her aunt
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Dec/20
@ Leesheff85 - 'The resting b***h face'! Very funny!


Lady Gaga isn't the only actress from AHS to be advertising a perfume this Christmas. Emma does too.


5ft1.75. 📏 I've upped her a bit!
Mimi said on 12/Nov/20
It's weird she's a significantly shorter than her aunt Julia
Leesheff85 said on 7/Oct/20
Sandy the only bad witch In that season was fiona Goode and of course madison played by the 'sweet' emma Roberts. though all the other witches kill someone but fiona is the most evil. I liked misty too plus myrtyl snow and cordilia goode
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Oct/20
@ Leesheff85 - I don't think that a great many stars from AHS are terribly sweet, 😂😂😂 unless it's in a one-off season, ie Lily Rabe's Misty Blue in AHS 'Coven' played a good-hearted witch, who brought animals back to life.
Nik Ashton said on 1/Oct/20
@ Sandy Cowell - I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G! 👌
Leesheff85 said on 30/Sep/20
Sandy she definitely isnt sweet in her American horror story performances or in scream queens shes even got the resting b***h face to perfection I remember talking about it in an interview with jimmy fallon
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Sep/20
Isn't it incredible to think that Emma's Auntie Julia is all of six and a half inches taller than her niece? 😉

Sweet young Emma gets 5ft1.5. 💐👱‍♀️
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Sep/20
🤓 Correction Time! 🤓

In my comment on Emma dated the 19th September, I wrote 'do' instead of 'so'. It's always happening on my phone, 😝 so
I have to be on my guard all the time!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Sep/20
I'm watching young Emma in a film called 'Hotel For Dogs', do she'll have been just 17 at the time. Do you know, she hasn't changed a jot? 😆

She has dark hair in this!

5ft1.5 for the delightful Emma.

Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 9/Jun/20
5'1 1/2 and 87lbs now 92 max.
Jam Cherry said on 4/May/20
5’1” at 155 cm I can’t see her taller than that
Maggie Sammoud said on 1/Apr/20
5 ft 2 and half.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Feb/20
🎂🎈🎊💝 Happy Birthday Emma! 💝🎊🎈🎂

A Very Happy Birthday to the lovely Emma Roberts, who turns 29 today.

5ft1.75. 😁👍
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Nov/19
Oh, what a happy ending to that episode and yes, Emma does play a big softie! 🌝
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Nov/19
@ Randomgirl - Hiya! I believe so, yes. I'm back into watching AHS again, and when I see 'Cult', I'll be able to embroider on my reply!

Cheers, Randomgirl! 😁👍

Emma is so witty in all her parts! She is working in a miserable old supermarket in her afterlife and is rescued by Michael Langdon. She can't do enough for him, but he declines all her offers!

Now she has been sent back to 'Murder House', and remarks before the fun and drama begins, "What a sh** hole!".

She has no idea how right she is, but she leaves the residents at peace, with help from her warlock associate.

5ft1.5. She always wears towering heels, so it's not that easy to tell. 😉
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Jun/19
What a horrible vache! 🐮

She just had little Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) her love rival, impaled. 😝

She might be funny much of the time, but if you fall for the same guy, you'd better watch out!

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Jun/19
I must say, Emma and Evan Peters make for a gorgeous real-life couple!

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Jun/19
Emma didn't last very long in AHS 'Cult'. 😝😭

I liked her as a brunette as well!
Nik said on 9/Jun/19
@ Sandy Cowell - 😁😁😁😜😜😜😜! It was probably your autocorrect but it could be down to your big toe irritatating you for 4 minutes and 33 seconds! My money is on your clumsy and irritating oaf of an autoeradicatus!

45 voters have given Emma an average vote of 5'1.6"!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jun/19
😝 Correction Time! 😝

My comment from the 4th of June should have read, 'How upsetting to see WHAT became of her...' instead of 'WAS became of her...'

It was either my autocorrect or down to the fact that my left big toe's toenail was irritating me 4 minutes and 33 seconds before I commented, causing the need to scratch the thing, thus taking my mind off what I was writing. 😣
Nik said on 6/Jun/19
I'm glad that Emma loves her height, every male and female height deserves to be loved and they are all equally loveable. I think this, many other people think this, and I hope as many people as possible will think like this.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Jun/19
I love this girl!

How upsetting to see was became of her in AHS 'Freak Show', especially as she'd confessed to all that she wasn't who she said she was. 😿

Rarely would you guess that she's tiny. She has a huge presence, and that's all you need as an actor or actress.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Jun/19
Emma wears a really wicked black hat in 'Coven'. It looks like a fashion statement, but adds to her height as well. What more could you wish for from an item of clothing?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/May/19
I tasted an example of the funny part Emma is going to be playing in the Third Season of 'American Horror Story', 'Coven', but my copy was so bad that I complained and am getting a new one!

However, Emma has been making a big impression in 'Freak Show' as well. I've been watching this pretty, dainty little actress endangering herself in the role she is playing, and falling in love with Evan's part as Kathy Bates' son, Jimmy, and thinking, "Her Dad (Eric Roberts, no stranger to the Horror genre himself), would be SO proud of his beautiful daughter! She is a breath of fresh air in this!"

Then I noticed that Eric's name popped up at the end of the show! I think he helps out with the special effects.

I know I will be seeing Emma playing in further Seasons of this excellent and original series, and I'm already hooked and head over heels for her!

She does look tiny in comparison to 5ft9.5 Evan, who I'm equally impressed with, and have no trouble in giving Emma 5ft1.5. I've getting to 'know' so many new stars in this and loving them all. The ones I knew already, like Jessica Lange, Joseph Fiennes and Kathy Bates, I love even more!

Mimi said on 10/Feb/19
Happy 28th birthday to Emma Roberts. May you do another romcom movie that I will enjoy.
Oliver S said on 10/Jan/19
Emma Roberts is 156.5-157 cm
Sandal said on 16/Nov/18
I think Emma Roberts is 157 cm
aleatorio said on 28/Oct/18
I think she is 155cm.
?ener said on 7/Oct/18
She is 5'2".
MAD SAM said on 23/Sep/18
It’s easy to say she’s under 5’2” though she’s absolutely beautiful !
berta said on 7/Sep/18
she also said that she " is 5 foot 2 but would like to be 5 foot 6 " and peopla always say that she looks taller in real life. That sound strange to me that people thought she looks taller than they thought at 156 :P
Tarik said on 4/Aug/18
Emma is look more 5ft1.50 less than 5ft2.50 Emma is probably 5ft1.75 range
Elan Mask said on 24/Jun/18
Emma can look 5ft 1.75
Turkish power said on 9/Jun/18
She looks 2 cm taller than my 154.6 cm little cousin. I think Emma Roberts is 156.6 at worst but I think Emma is 157.5 cm 5ft2.
Rocky Garcia said on 27/May/18
@Christian-6'5 3/8" I completely agree with you, anyone can make up a claim doesn't mean that it's true. Hey for all we know Emma could be like 5ft 8 and amazing at leaning. She does have really long legs in pictures. But personally I think shes anywhere between 5ft 4.75 and 5ft 6.
Nik said on 26/May/18
I am satisfied with this listing for Emma Roberts!
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 26/May/18
@Rocky Garcia

Anyone can make up a claim. It doesn't mean that it's accurate.
Rocky Garcia said on 26/May/18
Considering how much Emma Roberts leans I highly doubt that her being taller would be a good day for her. If she is 5ft2 on a good day like she claims I'm assuming she is 5ft2 1/2 and 5ft2 on a good day.
Rocky Garcia said on 26/May/18
One, this website is about celebrities lying about there height so yes she would say she was a different height to what she is. Two, how is this listing accurate when she said 5ft2 and the listing said 5ft1.5. Either way it's different to what she said.
Editor Rob
In the first quote above, she mentions 5ft 2 on a good day.

This means she has measured under the mark.
MAD SAM said on 25/May/18
Very pretty lady, one of my fav Emma though I have to say she’s nothing beyond 155 cm
lee168cm said on 23/May/18
Are you serious rocky? There's no way she's 5ft 5 she wouldn't claim 5'2 if she was and is a lot shorter than Julia Roberts this listing seems accurate
Rocky Garcia said on 10/May/18
Dear Rob, I don't think you have marked Emma Roberts height correctly considering she alleged had a complex about her height but is always leaning taking off at least 2 inches. How can someone be insecure about her height and wear ballet pumps which are completely flat then take off minium 2 inches I think she's probably 5ft5 but I can't mark her as that taller cause average guess only goes up to 5ft3 1/2.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/May/18
Short but beautiful.
Nik said on 5/May/18
I am happy with this listing for Emma!
lee168cm said on 3/May/18
Peter how is she very very very short when 5'4 is average that's like saying 5'7 and a half is very very very short for a man when i dont even think anything over 5'3 is super short for a man. Im guessing 5'1.5" is just about right for her about the same as Abigail breslin and Billie lorde
Lesley said on 14/Feb/18
It's very convenient how you can only put up to a certain height on the tour guess section, is that so less people can disagree with you?
Editor Rob
Because 2 inches above or below is more than enough of a range.

And this lady says "I'm 5'2 on a good day". I think estimating her at 5ft 3.5 is a bit cheeky 😊
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii said on 13/Feb/18
She’s taller than 5ft Sabrina
Nik said on 30/Jun/17
The average guess after 13 votes is likely to be close to what she is!
Jess said on 29/Jun/17
She is very short. Based on photos and having seen her in person, I think she is closer to 5 feet tall than 5'1".
Richard said on 6/Apr/17
She doesn't have a complex about her height . In some scripts they even use her height to joke . Scream Queens 1 The pilot ( Melanie Dorkus to Chanel Oberlin ) ; " My main problem with you , Chanel , is that you're short ... " . There are other examples of scripts where they use her height and weight as jokes . I admire her for accepting and being honest and not lying about her height . Like Rob said , her own claim is accurate .
Peter175 said on 28/Mar/17
very very very short for a white woman
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Feb/17
@ Rob - Phwew! 😨
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Feb/17
I've been looking at her picture and she could even pass for 5ft3.5-5ft4 because she's in excellent shape. It's hats off to her for that as being as she's on the small side, it is more difficult to achieve and maintain!
Sandy Cowell said on 18/Feb/17
@ Rob - Argh! If I ever saw you at a convention and I was on the heavy side, I'd bloody well run a mile because you'd know how much I weigh just by looking at me!
Yes, I'd run away screaming and end up in a straight jacket!
Once I was weighing myself at Kings Cross train station, and a team of nosy workmen sized me up and got my weight spot on! It was 110lbs, like Emma's, I'll never forget that, but not for much longer as I went on a Brussels-sprouts-and-fish-diet (to keep people away when I did the deed!) 😹😹😹
I was 18 and ever since that day, I've tried to only ever weigh myself in private unless I'm feeling pleased and proud of myself and wish to make an exhibition of my self-control!
Alas, it wouldn't apply at this moment in time! 👎
Editor Rob
Sandy, don't worry, I mainly just guess heights of celebrities...weight is notoriously tricky!
swift said on 15/Feb/17
rob , how much you think emma weighs?
Editor Rob
110 pounds.
Usuario said on 13/Feb/17
Rob, can you update Emma to 157cm?
Editor Rob
I feel her own claim is quite accurate.
swiftie said on 12/Feb/17
i think emma is at least 5'2 Click Here
phoebe said on 8/Feb/17
emma seems taller than 5ft 1 abigail breslin and around the same height as 5ft 2 lea michele so i think she definately needs an upgrade
6'7'' said on 24/Jan/17
She is 5'1''' quite tiny
Sandy Cowell said on 26/Dec/16
At last I have found out for certain that Emma really and truly is the daughter of Eric Roberts! Thanks 'tc'!
I wonder if she's seen that naughty comedy-horror her Dad's in - the final 'centipede' offering?
Usuario said on 30/Nov/16
Should Emma be upgraded to 157cm?
Frederikke said on 30/Nov/16
Is Emma most likely to be 5ft1 1/2 or 5ft 1 3/4
Delphine said on 23/Nov/16
If Emma's 5'2 on a good day, does that mean she's more 5'1.75 range?
Editor Rob
Delphine, when people say 'on a good day', it can person might be 5ft 1.25, another 5ft Emma's case I think she falls into 5ft 1.5-1.75 range. She seems quite an honest girl.
Usuario said on 16/Nov/16
Richard, you are right.I didn't read Robert's claim.And in Scream Queens the girls are always on high heels.That surely mislead my estimates.
Richard said on 14/Nov/16
No , Usuario . On Scream Queens season 1 you can see lots of times that Ariana Grande is taller than Emma Roberts . 5foot3.5 can't be possible . Also , look for Kate Mara on this site . There's a picture of Emma Roberts next to Kate Mara who is only 5foot2 and they have about the same height on that picture . 5foot1.5 is correct . She said a couple of times that she's 5foot2 on a good day . If she's really 5foot3.5 why would she say that she's shorter ?
Usuario said on 9/Nov/16
Seems marginally taller than Ariana Grande whom I belive is 5ft 3.25in.About 5ft 3.5in for Roberts.
All Black said on 8/Nov/16
She said she was 5'1 at Kelly Ripa's show.
richard said on 8/Nov/16
The height is correct . She said on Live with Kelly & Michael ( 08-08-2013 ) that she's 5 foot 2 on a good day . This can be seen on You Tube .
Editor Rob
richard, I think Emma seems reasonably honest with her height, I think she might have measured a fraction under 5ft 2...on some days it would be natural just to round off to 5ft 2, but a couple of times she's actually mentioned that 'on a good day'.
Lucy said on 9/Oct/16
How does Emma compare in height with Rachel Bilson?
Alyssa said on 2/Apr/16
Rob, do you think Emma needs a downgrade? She is a fair bit shorter than Juno Temple (5ft 2 on this site) in Wild Child.
Editor Rob
her 5ft 2 on a good day I think is believable, maybe she is more 5ft 1.5. Temple can look a decent 5ft 2 range herself at times, there was a body double wanted who was 5ft 2.5 so maybe Juno herself just goes with 5ft 2 and never says 'and a half'.
Stephanie said on 26/Mar/16
@Larry S: No one her age grows unless they slowly elongate their legs by breaking them. An extremely painful process and I don't think those extra few inches are worth it.
tc said on 25/Nov/15
Sounds about right met her in 2012 looked about 5'2. Strong family rebelence looks a lot like her dad and aunt.
Larry S said on 17/Nov/15
At her current age (24)she could still grow more if she wanted to. According to what I have read anyways.
Chris said on 3/Feb/15
Doesn't she have a bigger head for her height? This is something that i notice everytime i see her
Alex said on 2/Sep/14
Any idea how tall her Palo Alto co-star Jack Kilmer is? Emma was constantly in flats for the film too, usually ballerina flats or sneakers (Vans) the same as Kilmer.
Click Here
Click Here

170cm? 175cm at most? It'd give an insight into four or five others too, could prove important seeing as they're all budding actors and directors currently doing more stuff.
Miranda said on 25/Aug/14
about 1.6m
Jenna said on 30/Mar/14
Look at pictures of her with annasophia robb (5ft on this site). Emmas wearing bigger heels and looks only marginally taller.
nofearsorregrets said on 17/Nov/13
Well looks like Emma Roberts suddenly grew 0.25 in. at almost 23 years old,very late bloomer for a woman(irony mode).
someone said on 1/Nov/13
she looks 2 inches shorter than jennifer antison so id say shes 5'2 3/4-5'3
jess said on 24/Oct/13
she looks so much taller b/c of her long (and very thin) legs. i thought she was 5'6 at first. i'm so envious of ppl who have long, thin limbs. my mom is built like this too and she's only 5'0 but everything always gets the impression that she's 5'4-5'5.
nofearsorregrets said on 12/Oct/13
Does this means that if she gains 4 in. ´cause of heels she would only be between 5ft 5in and 5ft 5 1/2 in.?
Ally said on 31/Aug/13
Click Here
with Spring Breakers girls. She's like a waif, and shorter than I always thought she appeared.
Ally said on 31/Aug/13
Until I saw her next to the Spring Breakers cast I had no idea how TINY she is! She made Selena Gomez who is slim and 5'5 look bigger than average that's for sure.
Jessie said on 9/Aug/13
Solid 5' 1". Just saw We Are the Millers and Jennifer Aniston looked 3-3.5 inches taller than her.
Heightgirl said on 10/Jun/13
I think she's 5f2 or 5f1.5 at the least because she was the same height as Rashiada Jones who claimed 5f3 but I think Rashiada added an inch and maybe a bit too lol Click Here
Caroline said on 9/Apr/13
Seems right, she always looks so petite. But I was wondering what's her weight? She sometimes looks scary skinny..
LY said on 2/Feb/13
I think she has grown 1-2 inch.maybe 5'3 now.
Silent d said on 18/Jan/13
157cm. She is petite.
Ali said on 13/Jan/13
Id say she is about 5 foot
susan said on 3/Nov/12
i'm surprised at this listing. i know she's a small girl but i thought she was around 5'3" or 5'4" looking at her legs. maybe she's just really thin
ace said on 11/Aug/12
met her few weeks ago,..she is adorable,shy but polite! I´m 5foot3, we both were in ballerinas and she was noticeable shorter!
guess she is 5´0.5-5´1
Hob said on 31/Jul/12
without heels she just a plain 5foot. trust me i know too much of 5'1-5'2 girls in life and shes probably 5'0.5 at best.
Carl said on 10/Jan/12
Rob, if she's 5'2" and was standing at 5'9" in Scream 4 then what kind of heels or shoes was she wearing to give her such an insane boost in height?
Editor Rob
maybe she had platform heels that were called '6 inch', but give 4.5
Samantha said on 3/Oct/11
Rob if emma is 156cm and she has similar shoes with elizabeth reaser how tall you think elizabeth is.some sites claim that she is 159 but that's impossible
Click Here
Editor Rob
from one pic I would say she looks more than 159, it could be the angle adding more height to her.I think with other twilight people she does look 159-160 range
Chloe said on 14/Sep/11
Emma is 5 ft 2. She is an inch taller than 5 ft 1. She could be 5 ft or 5 ft 1.
Kaylene said on 2/Aug/11
Click Here
She seems to be about the same height as Hayden who's only 153 cms tall
Jay said on 12/Jun/11
Hadn't realised she was so tiny (she looks taller because of her legs), I think 5' 1.5" is about right, and at least she's honest about her height
caro said on 12/May/11
I know she is 5ft 1.25 cuz my dad is a makeupartist,who worked with her on a show and he told me,they were talking about beauty and all this stuff, and emma said,that she is very small with the height of 5ft 1.25 but she likes it the way it is
Chameleon said on 30/Apr/11
156cm sounds about right :D
Lily said on 26/Apr/11
She's 5'7 on a good day, she said it again in a recent interví­ew (Nylon issue, May). It's her long legs that make her seem taller than she really is.
hola said on 17/Apr/11
she's 5'2, maybe a bit taller
Max said on 16/Apr/11
Wow! She seems taller than 5'1"! I guess it doesn't matter what she was measured at
Editor Rob said on 15/Apr/11
Well she did recently claim to be 5ft 2 on a good day.
David said on 12/Apr/11
Shes like 5'1'' - 5'2'' max. Recent pics of her came out at a premier standing next to Hayden Pannetier (spell) her heels were 2 inches taller than Haydens and she was only like half an inch taller than her.
tall said on 2/Mar/11
looks pretty short here Click Here
hazel said on 13/Feb/11
now in 2011, she's 159 cm
Master Of Rolls said on 1/Jan/11
well,the stated height sounds right, if she wants to go further than that, i'd say at most she can claim at 5'3
Anonymous said on 3/Nov/10
I think she's about 5'2"..
Viktoria said on 7/May/09
Well, Emma I
emma said on 16/Apr/09
I'm tall,I think 4 my age because I'm almout 17 and I'm about 170cm.So I'm taller than most of "the stars" my age.
chlo said on 14/Jan/09
Im always wondering what hieght are celebritys which is quite weird and its cause im quite tall for my age... :-D
hattie said on 29/Dec/08
Umm, there are loads of girs on here who are worried they are short... Well i was around 5'4 when i was 15, everyone was taller than me and thought i had stopped growing. But over the last 3 yrs (im 17 now) i've grown 4.5 inches to 5'8. So you may just be growing later than you're friends, so don't worry, anyway trust me when you get tall, you wish you were shorter and could wear heels without being taller than all the guys! x
Beyonca said on 24/Dec/08
People shouldnt talk about other peoples height, she make herself grow
amy l said on 13/Nov/08
i think she's shorter. there's a photoshoot with her and zac efron.
Click Here
she's wearing heels and she doesnt look too tall so my guess is that she's 153?

dont worry ashley! you'll grow. your dad's tall.
Ashley said on 11/Nov/08
She doesn't look that short I guess. My cousin is about 5 foot to 5'1 maybe, I'm 5'5 and my sister's (faternal twin) 5'5 1/2. We're both 16 and almost 9 months. We're still both growing but not rapidly. Also we're mexican American, My dads height 6 foot maybe 6'1 and my moms 5'8, now it's 5'7 1/2. Hope I get to 5'8. Have a cousin (not related) that's 4'11 think she stopped growing at 11 or 12 years old.
denis said on 29/Oct/08
she is going to be 18 next february so 5 ft 1.5 is going to be her peak height maybe 5 ft 2 at most but with heels she'd be 5'4-5'5
jossie said on 10/Oct/08
i dont get it cause by what ive read shes around the same height as me, around 1.60, 5'3 but she just seems way taler, i dont no i feel shorter
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/08
she is the same height as shirley henderson in Wild Child.
(in the scene where henderson collects the phones, both in falts and the same height)
5"0 tops
fg said on 30/Sep/08
i saw wild child and she looked really short. im 13, 1.68 and still growing. She would be 1.60 max. She may grow a tiny bit more
ash said on 29/Sep/08
she's more like 4'11''..

anyways, i'm a 5'11'' girl and i'm just 15...
i think it's wayy better to be short, lol.
denis said on 29/Aug/08
who do you think is taller she or saoirse ronan? both beautiful starlets

(rob could you please post saoirse ronan height)
JOhnny said on 6/Aug/08
Well my doctor says im gonna be 6 foot but my dads 5'8 and my moms 4'11 but my grandpa is 5'10 and my greaT GRANDPA was 6'3 and im in the 75% tile in my hieght which means im taller then 75% of the people in my grade which is 8th grade
Anonymous said on 21/Jul/08
She is taller than Amanda Seyfried/around the same height as her in some behind-the-scenes footage for a Teen Vogue shoot. Maybe she is a little over 5'2" now?
Cate said on 13/Jul/08
To those saying you do not shrink in your 30' a nurse I can promise you that you do. A woamn shrinks about 2 inches from 30 to 70. A man a little less. By 80 it is 3 inches for a woman and 2 for a man. But begins in your 30's.
DrD said on 7/Jul/08
When I was a teenager, I really used to obsess about my height, too, as all my friends were taller than me and my parents (and most of my family) were fairly short. Now, as an adult, I'm still fairly short for a guy (5'6") and still shorter than most of my friends. It's WHO YOU ARE as a person that counts a lot more than HOW TALL you are, anyway. You don't have to be too tall to be an attractive, intelligent, respectful &/or successful person!!
Sophie said on 3/Jul/08
I'm about 5 ft 3 in now. and I'm14 I thought she was tall. Actually, I'm from asia and I'm really worring about my height right now. Do you guys now how I can grow taller, of course I'm still growing now, but for girls, our growing speed is becoming slower and slower. I really hope that I can reach 5 ft 6.
Emily said on 6/Jun/08
Hey guys I know how you all feel. I am 14 and a half and I am completely obsessed with my height. I am about 5'2" and a half, maybe 5'3". My mom is 5'6" and my dad is 5'11" and a half inches, possibly 6 feet. I don't understand why I am so short (compared to my family) and what is probably the most annoying is that my brother who is 12 and half is already reaching 5'7", and he is 23 months younger than me! I so badly wish that I would reach 5 foot 8 eight inches for my adult height, but you never know. What sort of makes me feel better is that my grandma was just over 5' when she started high school, and her adult height is anywhere from 5'3"-5'4", so I guess my family is more of the late height bloomers. (Obviously not my brother!) It does sort of make me feel better that Emma is [about] 5'2", I really thought that she was taller than that.
AKK said on 27/May/08
Actually, it depends on the level of activity. If you did a lot of jumping and other high-impact sports in your youth, it can affect your future height(eg, US football injuries will take so much cartilage out of your knees that you can lose up to 2 inches). Doing contortion in your youth can stretch your spine, giving you a little more height(padded by the inter-verterbral discs). Conversely, a bad fall will take your height down. Posture can give or take 2 inches(so you can vary as much as 4 inches depending on slouch or ramrod straightness). Shoe size can give you some idea of how much you're going to grow. I was changing shoes every term(3 month periods) from the age of 13 till I was 16, when I stopped growing. Went from 134cm in Secondary 1(12 and 2 months) to 173cm in Secondary 4(15 and 7 months). My feet went up about 1 inch for every 10 cm I grew, from 5 inches at the start to my current 9.5. This can vary, since some big people have small feet(my feet are kind of small for my height), and vice versa. Mandy Moore has size 10 feet, and she's about an inch taller than me as well.
lillo thomas said on 19/Apr/08
People don't shrink in their 30's . That's absurd. People start to shrink slowly after their 40's until their 50's when their shrinking is really notable. Still many people don't shrink at all until their 60's or 70's . My pop was 6-0 all his life until his 70 birthday. Now at 75 he lose a inch . He is now 5-11.
Elle said on 19/Apr/08
The reason why kids are taller then their parents is because you start to shrink when your 30 and girls stop growing around 16
a.v. said on 29/Mar/08
i'm a boy and didn't start growing until the month before my 14 birthday i was 5'0" eight months late 5'9" that's a big growth spurt. now i'm 18 and 6'0" and haven't grown in about a year. my mom is 5'6" and dad 5'7" don't know where the height comes from. my sisters are 16 and 5'10" and 12 and 5'4"
brother_h said on 26/Mar/08
big growth spurts are 4 inches. common growths are 1-2 inches a year.

you fully stop growing at 22 for a guy, and 16-18 for chicks. growths are random, some keep going til your at that age, and others stop and then hit you big for a year then stop for good.
starting growth under 13 is bad, your growth has started to early and your growing will be used up to fast on your small body.

not a good....thing on how to say it but its good enuff if you can read it xD
trucy said on 25/Mar/08
Hey when u have the big growth spurt beore you start grwoing how much do you usually grow? would it b like 4 inches in a year? i need to know because i dont know how much i am going to grow!
oijoijaf said on 26/Jan/08
im 5'7 my mom is 5'9" and my dad 5'11".. brother is 6'2' . im 17 and my mom didn't stop growing till like her second year in college.. its all about genetics.. i could be as tall as my mom.. or even a bit taller cuz my dads sisters are tall..and he didnt stop growing till lateer.. so who knows.. genetics affect it all. look at how your parents developed. and how much they grew or didn't.. that will give you a better idea than saying all girls stop growing at 17 ish...cuz im that age and growin genetics are the only way to tell .. but for emma. how tall are her parents..cuz so what if julia is tall.. how tall is her dad and mom? cuz that will give everyone a better idea of her finishing height.
megan said on 10/Jan/08
i dont know how tall Emma will be tall because her aunt (julia roberts)who she looks alot alike is like 5'7 but she is short right now, so we will have to see. my hight was really shocking because my mom is 5'4 but im 5'11
brother_h said on 3/Jan/08
so u think that small build girl is going to grow 7 inches in 2 years?
shes already 16 so its best to say an inch left in her.
Miss Anonymous said on 27/Dec/07
I guess I'm tall for my age, I'm 5'4 & i'm only 13.. I just turned 13 in Sept 2007...... Emma Roberts is Short, no offense!!
Cs said on 28/Oct/07
Maybe she's grown a little.. look at these...
Click Here
Click Here
AKK said on 27/Oct/07
Hmm: Well, it might be now, but back in my father's day(people born from 1940s to 1960s), people were probably about 2 inches shorter(which my dad is), which means most amenities were designed for them. Even now, I still tower over a good portion of people unless I travel to town, where the higher percentage of Caucasian and African descent tourists raise the average height significantly. :) In the Army, I was "average" in Basic(based on them organising us by height for marching order). In the Air Force, I find myself small once more, because apparently, pilots need to be 6' and above(probably since the planes are designed by Caucasians for Caucasians), so techies also need to be anywhere from 5'6 to 6', with many of them being in the taller range(I guess the preference is for the smaller guys to do the more squeezy jobs, and the taller guys should be the lanky sorts rather than the "tall n broad" types). Interestingly, I found that the East side of the island seems to have a greater number of tall people(at least, the girls) than the West. Might be due to airport fumes vs industrial fumes...

So what was my point again? Oh yeah, that it will probably be another 10-20 years before they design the buses for people my height, by which time, my own kids will probably wind up hitting THEIR heads against the roofs of buses. :D
anonymous no-name said on 21/Oct/07
in pictures taken just a couple of weeks ago she's still about 2-3" smaller than Miley Cyrus (both in flat boots), so I think 5'1.5"-5'2" is still correct for her.
Tess said on 21/Oct/07
ive noticed that this has been the height listed for quite a while...anyone know if she's grown?
brother_h said on 15/Oct/07
im 16, and 6'1 and im the shortest boy in my family. my oldest brother is 6'4 next is 6'2 then 6'7 and then me =[.
dads 5'9. mums 5'7.
i always liked being taller than famous people =p
Hmm said on 15/Oct/07
AKK, isn't 5'8" the average in Singapore?
Cs said on 3/Oct/07
I think 156cm is correct... she looks short 'cus she's she's small-sized. I'm pretty much about the average height compared to my friends but if you compare me and them, you'd think I'm alot shorter because I'm alot smaller when actually the height difference is only 1-3cm. =]
AKK said on 18/Sep/07
An inch is about 2.54cm, a foot is a little over 30cm. Easy way to remember is that 1.5m is just about 5 feet(actually it's 152.4cm, but give or take). Most of the guys on my dad's side are 5'6, except for 1 uncle who's 5'9. On my mum's side, they also only reach about 5'6. My mum is like 5'3. I'm 5'8, my brother is 5'4.5, and of the 2 blood cousins on either side who are past puberty, the one on my father's side is 5'6-7, and the one on my mum's side is the same height as me. Yeah, being this tall is a bit of a hassle in Singapore, since I wind up scraping my head against the roof on the upper decks of busses. It's worse sometimes if I forget and suddenly stand up from the seat, since I've wound up giving myself a pretty nasty bruise ramming it into the air-conditioning more than a few times.
Becky said on 10/Sep/07
anywhere from 5'4" to 5'5" is average for a girl and anywhere from 5'9" to 5'10" is average for a guy!I am average for my age and my mom is like 5'2",5'1" so she's short for her age!My dad is about average too probably like 5'10", 5'11"!I'm probably going to either stop growing or grow a little bit more
natalie said on 27/Aug/07
my height is just like emma, im 5'1.5" and 14, i used to think im very short compared to my mates who are nearly 5'4" but now when i saw that even celebs can be short, im happy just the way i am!
Kristy said on 23/Aug/07
I think she's about the same height as me. I'm only 5'2" and am 15 and going into grade 10. My dad is 5'8" and my mom is 5 almost 5'4" and all the height predictors say I'm going to be 5'3". My mom's mom was only like 5'1" and my mom thinks I am going to be taller than her since she's taller than her mom.
mary said on 23/Jul/07
im 5'3 and 15..i really REALLY! want to be a model,but they say i'm too u guys know any way I can still grow?
Hm... said on 21/Jul/07
Dun' worry. I heard in studies done, that men actually often prefer shorter women.

Average height for young adults in America is about 5'9"-10" for men, and 5'3.5"-4.5" for women.
Ellie said on 29/Jun/07
I meant to say i'm NOW going into junior year.
Ellie said on 27/Jun/07
I know someone who was 5'1" when she entered high school and is now 5'10"! Granted her parents are taller than mine but it gives me hope that i can grow at least 2 more inches (i was 5'0" my freshman year, I'm not going into junior year and i'm 5'2". my mom and dad are both average heights).
Aix said on 26/Jun/07
bananaman is so right. I'm 5'1" or 5'1.5" but a site says 99% is finished. Nope, I'm still growing and my mom's around 5'2"-5'4" and my dad's 5'6"-5'9". I don't think that's short, we're Filipinos and average is about 5'0" for women and 5'4" for men. Yup, that's true.
Zara said on 17/Jun/07
I just turned 16 last month and i'm about 5'3-5'4.About over a year and half ago, and i'm probably saying january 2006,i got measured by the doctor and was listed as 163cm.I haven't grown since then and i think i have not grown before i was measured.Seeing this do you think i am done growing,because around age 12 was when i had a growth spurt and when i also started my periods.My parent's are 5'6 and 5'7,pretty short.
Aix said on 12/Jun/07
Erwin it's because she doesn't look that tall in photos but in the Nancy Drew she may look like (you know some, if not all, detectives wear boots, and you never know how big the heels of the boots used in the photo).
jagie said on 12/Jun/07
in a magazine she says she is 5'2 but she doesn't look 5'2 she looks shorter
Ellie said on 2/Jun/07
eman, if you are a girl, then 165 (or approx. 5'5") is slightly above average. and you may be still growing depending on how old you are and whether you've had a growth spurt yet. if you're a guy, that's pretty short (the average male height is 5'10"), but if you're a teenager you'll most likely grow a lot more because guys can grow until they're 21
Erwin said on 26/May/07
Hey guys do you think I'm still growing at the age of 15years 10months 25days old? Coz they said that a male still grows until they turn 20yo. And I'm 5'5.5 at this moment. Emma is older than me about 141 days... Haha!
Erwin said on 26/May/07
Aix how did u know her height? As I her books(Nancy Drew) she looks short but still pretty...
Aix said on 24/May/07
She's exactly 3 years older than me, we're both born in Feb 10, and she's 5'1.5 and I'm 5'1. I'm young and still growing so nothing to be worried about!
RentGirl said on 23/May/07
I found the Teen Vogue article. Her height is in the second to the last paragraph.
Click Here

Editor Rob
oh right, cool rentgirl, I hadn't really read the comments on this...but she's older now and sounds like she gave that height. Maybe she's a little under though.
Aoife said on 21/May/07
I suppose most people who browse this site must be height-obsessed! I am personally obsessed with it and my parents keep bugging me! I'm 5'5" at 15 years of age and my Mom's 5'6" but she had a late growthsuprt to get there. My Dad's 5'10". I'm still growing though, so I'm happy!
Ellie said on 11/May/07
yeah, their height for her is too high, but celeb heights is a little too the may 2007 issue of teen vogue it says she is 5'2". the same age and height as me!
mai said on 12/Apr/07
i am really skinny too, but since i am in the usa i gained weight, of course as a foreign exchange student. i am so short and i look so young bc i am so skinny. and in germany everybody is at least about 5'6 or taller. THAT is depressing. i wish i could be at least as tall as jojo
Resa said on 3/Apr/07
yeah shes absolutely tiny! jojo is like.. 5'1 at the max and emma is shorter. shes 16 now, i doubt she'll grow
6'2.5'' JK said on 31/Mar/07
What about this picture Astrid Click Here
Astrid said on 31/Mar/07
Come on she's not that short.... or is she?

JoJo next to Emma Roberts (both in flattish shoes)

Click Here
Brooke said on 28/Mar/07
I a" 5'7" and WHAT'S weird is I feel short at times because I am the shortest in my family my mom is 5'9" and my dad is 5'11" and my brother is 6'2" so even though I kNOW i'M NOT SHORT i STILL SOMETIMES FEEL SHORT however there is a chance I could still grow because at my age my mom said she was 5'6". hOWEVER MY GRANDMA IS 5"6.5" AND SOME OF MY DAD'S SISTERS ARE AROUNGD THAT TOO, BUT SOME OF HIS SISTERS ARE 5'10" AND MY MOM'S SISTER IS 5'11" SO THERE IS HOPE FOR ME.
annie said on 8/Mar/07
well, my mom is 5'4 and my dad is 5'11, so I'm shocked because I'm suppose to be taller than my mom. My grandma is short, she is 5'1, but she's the only one in family short. My other grandma is 5'9. I have cousins whose height is 6'4 and most of my aunts are 5'7. Althought I'm pretty happy because I found out that I grow a little bit, now I'm 5'3, so I still have hopes.
annie said on 19/Feb/07
well, i'm 17 and i'm between 5'1.5 and 5'2.5, and hate being short! my friends are way taller than me, except for one that is like just one inch taller than me, but she looks tall. i love flats, but don't want to wear them anymore because i'm obsesse with my height. i wish i could grow at least one or two inches more.
Stephanie said on 5/Feb/07
5' 0.5" seems about right. She's turning 16 on February 10.
Remember, if you're a girl at 15/16 you COULD still grow, but there were a lot of girls in my class who didn't grow since 8th grade. They were the same height on the first day of freshman year (aged somewhere between 13-15 depending on birthdays, when their parents had them start school) as they were at graduation four years later, at age 17-19.
Ellie said on 25/Jan/07
hey i just turned 16 and 5'1.5"... i really want to grow a few more inches (my mom is 5'4" and my dad is 5'10" which are the averages for men/women). sometimes i get so frusterated because people think that i'm actually shorter than i already am becuase i'm skinny. do you guys think i could still grow? is there anything i can do to help myself grow?
OK. said on 18/Nov/06
5'5 1/2 is not tall for 13 at all, I don't see what is so bad about being tall anyway. What, would you rather be looking up at people? and saying 5'4 is the perfect height, and it is bad to be tall just makes tall people feel bad about themselves. Imagine how bad a girl at my school must feel (she is about 6'2) she is about 17 or something, and I am 13 and 5'7 and she towers over me.
Jessica said on 19/Oct/06
before i ment to say 5'4 is the perfect height for an adult woman
Jessica said on 18/Oct/06
I'm 13 and I'm 5'5 1/2.....i hope I've quit growing, because I hate being tall....everyone says being tall is great, but it's better being short. in my opinion, 5'4 is the perfect height for an adult
Rachel said on 12/Oct/06
Don't worry ladies! I was 5'1 at age 13, and I kept growing (5'5) until I was 17 . It's not that crazy unusual to grow a bit more.
lauren, 13 said on 6/Oct/06
ya, i'm 4'10 and 13 yrs old. i've been too every height predictor site thing, and they all say i won't grow past 5'2. i'm flat and short, i'm so freaked for high school- i'll look like i'm in grade 4.
ella said on 5/Oct/06
emma looks pretty short to me compared to other people she stands next to. i dont think she will grow much more. ive just turned 12 and im only 4'11" and ive been like this for about 9 months now
Megan said on 1/Oct/06
to Cat, don't worry i'm obsessed with my height too. i am 16 and i am barely 5'1" and have been this same height for years. every doctor has told me i have stopped growing and my parents aren't that tall so i am kind of stuck with this height. but i don't mind being petite, in my opinion it is actually a lot better than being tall.
Erwin, M, 15 said on 30/Sep/06
Melody I think your right coz i have classmate a girl who stops growing when shes 14. And by the way I'm 5"4.5 at age of 15 but I think i'm still growing. I think SHe's(Emma)still growing but very slow.
Melody said on 27/Sep/06
Girls usually stop growing by this age. My friend said it's usually 2 years after their first period.
Cat said on 20/Jul/06
Jeez! This site is totally depressin me!!! Im 5"3' and i feel completely petite at 15 years of age! Is anyone else obsessed with their height here?? anyways emma is pretty small so 5 foot seems right to me! X0X0X
Serene said on 14/Jun/06
S, you may be right. But we have to wait and see. She still looks short though, is her mother short?
Serene said on 4/May/06
Very nice you did there Rob. Very nice. Haha.. well.. according to Wicked Kid, this is the most 'suitable' height to consider Emma as...
Haha..I am evil.
Wicked Kid said on 4/May/06
She doesn't look like she'll get past 5'2". Isn't she 5'0?

Editor Rob
yes, I'll knock her down a little
Serene said on 26/Apr/06
5'1"?? How about abit shorter?? Don't look like one..

Even though Emma shares the same age with me.. hehe..I am just slighty taller than her.. but don't think so she is 5'1"..

Editor Rob
should I let her grow into the 5ft 1 though...that means I can just leave this page and she'll gain that final cm or 2 ;-) Yes, I am letting her away with generosity here...
Maria said on 25/Apr/06
Yeah, I definitely think shes 5'1 because she looks it. Im really not sure why in many of her sites it says 5'2 because I don't think thats true (even if its just an inch, but still). Yeah, I have seen some pictures with Jo Jo and Paxton, and she looks about 3 inches shorter than JoJo because Jo Jo's about 5 foot 4. I also think that she will grow a few more inches since shes barely 15.
Shay said on 22/Apr/06
haha,nope, shes more like 4ft11.....maybe 5ft, shes like short on everywhere,pics, tv, everywhere.

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