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6ft 2.29in (188.7cm)
Sam said on 26/Aug/11
Umm, I'm going to call bull on Quinto being taller than Bana. Bana might have a full inch over Quinto:
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johno said on 24/Aug/11
Pokemon_Lover says on 24/Apr/11
hey, rob i have watched the hulk 17 times, in an interveiw with bana and ang lee, deep within the special on features,on disk 2 bana says he's 6'2" and 1/8th, and ang lee says no your not your 6' and 1/8th, i measured you, this guy lies about his height, but don't get me wrong eric bana is cool.

At first it sounded a bit absurd, however, comparing him to the 6'0.5 - 6'1, zachary quinto, you can actually see that zachary is the taller man. Theres alot of shots with him and banner, some of them banner looks taller but when you can compare the shots where footwear is present thats it is not ambigious, you can clearly see that zachary is the taller man.

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So i'll stick with your 6'0.125 quote because it actually adds up

Zachary quinto 6'0.5-6'1
eric bana 6'0.1/8th
Hansen said on 15/Aug/11
187-188cm max. bana could't be higher.
Cranberries (18m, 193cm) said on 14/Aug/11
6'2.25" is right. Touches 6'3" in the morning perhaps, but a strong 6'2" most of the day.
Looks a bit more than an inch taller than Karl Urban...
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Shaun said on 13/Aug/11
With a brother in the 6'8" range, clearly has the genes to be very tall but he didn't quite make it. Must feel a runt at this height LOL.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 13/Aug/11
there's a pic with Dominic Purcell, listed 6ft1 and for sure no more since he looked at least 2 inches shorter than Michael Rapaport, who might be less than 6ft3, where he looks the same or a little shorter! 185 is his height! no more!
Voiceless dental fricative said on 31/Jul/11
Look at him with Quinto. He's correctly listed at 6'2.25.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jun/11
Lenad, that sounds spot on. He got measured at 6ft2.75 out of bed and maybe therefore considers his morning height his real height. I think 6ft2.5 looks good.
Terryman said on 25/Jun/11
bana is 1,87m and is the height listed on here in shoes!
Richard said on 19/Jun/11
Bana was listed as 6'4" when the Hulk film came out, he clearly looked like a big guy but actors tend to overestimate their height by one or two inches before a big movie release. He is mostly likely a solid 6'2" which is still a very tall height for man. Only about 4 percent of American men are 6-2 or taller. I know he is an Aussie but the height distribution of Aussies is similar to Americans.
Lenad said on 14/Jun/11
looking at more pics he does seem to be a solid 189cm guy. When he says just under 6ft3 my geniune impression is out of bed he measured at a solid 190cm.
realityking said on 14/Jun/11
Viper bro i guess he is 6 one and a half on the DOT. and when he says just below 6.3 i think he saying with his shoes on.
dmeyer said on 27/May/11
this guy might be nearer 6 ft 1.75 to 6 ft 2 he looks that near 5 ft 10 adam sandler and 5 ft 11 seth rogen both were in flat shoes he certenly didnt look over 6 ft 2 wih a chance of 187 cm he might be 6 ft 2.25 10am and 6 ft 1.75 to 6 ft 2 by bed time 6 ft 2 its him
Pokemon_Lover said on 26/May/11
hey rob good news, it also states 6' in a special feature part depicting him with 3 hulk sizes, this is on the first disk and is easy to find, also this is not rounding, it states exact shoe size, exact weight everything you will see it, if you need exact steps to getting to this just let me know...
ThaMessenger said on 26/May/11
He looks like a solid 6'2 at minimum
Chameleon said on 25/May/11
6'1 is not impossible given how he looked next to Pitt who's at best 5'10 hahah
Legend said on 23/May/11
He's 6'1 because he dwarfed 5'9 Adam Sandler like he was 6'1. 6'1 max, but no more than that. End of...
Lenad said on 28/Apr/11
6'0 looks too low. I'd give him 6'2-ish. Looks it to me
The Horse of FUNK said on 28/Apr/11
Pretty ridiculous that some people are even considering 6'0" for Eric Bana. Look at Viper licking his lips, lol.
Viper said on 27/Apr/11
If hes 6-0, tells you just how tall 6-0 can pull off. Hell some think hes just under 6-3, lol.
Pokemon_Lover said on 25/Apr/11
i can't find it i have a ps2 it only fast forwords times 2 and if i skip it, it returns to the feature menu i remember it's somewhere in there but it's deep in the middle of one, sorry i can't help, if you can find it, you will probably skip it, if you fast forword a little to fast, i have seen this movie to the bone. i remember clearly, ang lee's official words.
Viper said on 25/Apr/11
If hes just 6-0 Id be surprised
Pokemon_Lover said on 24/Apr/11
hey, rob i have watched the hulk 17 times, in an interveiw with bana and ang lee, deep within the special on features,on disk 2 bana says he's 6'2" and 1/8th, and ang lee says no your not your 6' and 1/8th, i measured you, this guy lies about his height, but don't get me wrong eric bana is cool.

Editor Rob
which featurette part?
SAK said on 23/Apr/11
Morning 190cm Afternoon 189cm Evening 188cm

Solid 6ft2
Viper said on 22/Apr/11
I think Bana could be 6-1. Yes he did look shorter than 6-2 Josh Hartnett. Hartnett isnt 6-3.
Shaun said on 22/Apr/11
Aaron says on 24/Jan/11
6'2" flat, 6'2.25" isn't unrealistic but he doesn't look that tall.

Seriously dude how can you tell 0.25?? You can say "he doesnt look 6'3" or something but 0.25" is miniscule and undetectable..
Shaun said on 22/Apr/11
Bana is 189-190 range.
Shaun said on 22/Apr/11
Certainly looks 6'3" next to Clarkson but he has footwear and posture advantage, Clarkson is slouching and has on flat mocassin shoes. Clarkson I think is 6'4.5" today.
Shaun said on 22/Apr/11
Bana and Selleck both view themselves as short! Selleck's father was 6'7". Just goes to show there is considerble variation in height in families if his brother is a good 5 inches taller...
Candyman said on 15/Mar/11
Looks 6'1.5" next to Quinto to me. Don't know what you guys are seeing.
ali said on 13/Feb/11
eric bana was clearly shorter than 6'3 josh harnett in black hawk down so how could he be a little over 6'2.
brooksy04 said on 12/Feb/11
Looks a little taller than 186cm Aussie Rules St Kilda FC player Lenny Hayes,look them both up in google images. I'd say bang on 6'2 maybe a bit more so this listing seems correct.
GS92efc said on 30/Jan/11
Here is Bana with Jeremy Clarkson who is 6,5. Not much difference at all. This would make Banna 6,4. So either Bana is in lifts or Clarkson is not 6,5 one thing is for sure, Clarkson is not a Lift wearer.
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Aaron said on 24/Jan/11
6'2" flat, 6'2.25" isn't unrealistic but he doesn't look that tall. Most of his appearance of height comes from his rather small head; makes him look longer. He's not a very "big" guy; just tall, and he's got some muscle, but his frame is average at best.
Anonymous said on 20/Jan/11
come on, do you see a 1.75 inch difference between him and Pine here?
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Chuck said on 15/Jan/11
Wow SAK you are wayyy far off. He towered 5'7" Jennifer Conoley (can't spell the last name) in The Hulk. I think Rob has it right, like usual. Eric looks a little over 6'2", but maybe a bit under 6'3". 6'2.25" is spot on. Tall guy for sure. Definitely taller than 6 ft or 6'1".
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/11
ive seen him around back when he used to live in Hampton, Melbourne. i am 189cm bare foot and i look him in the eye
Dooley said on 26/Nov/10
Oh Sak, you are too funny. I have absolutely nothing to feel badly about. I'm just stating the facts.

Dmeyer, yes I had a boss once in the US who claimed he was 6" and I could see several inches of air above his head. And here in Australia I've lost count of how many so called 6'4"-5" men I've met who I nearly look in the eye.

OK, I want to know: Have either of you see him up close in person? Or are you gauging this by photos and movies?
SAK said on 19/Nov/10
Dooley says on 16/Nov/10
OK folks, here's the deal. I am a 6'1-1/2" woman (translate - does not exaggerate height like 95% of the men I've met in my life). I see Eric Bana every weekend at our riding stable. I walk right past him, within a few feet. My riding boots have a 1-1/4" heel, putting me at 6'2-3/4". He wears trainers which probably have about a 3/4" heel/base. He is at least 2" shorter than me, at best, so he's lucky if he's 6 ft.
That is crap he in not 6ft, stop trying to make urself feel better,
dmeyer said on 19/Nov/10
sorry dooley but i dont believe bana could anything under 6 ft 1.5 in, at worst he is 6 ft 2.25 with sneakers ,raughly shorter than you ,to me is is probably 190cm with trainers, like you in boots, you got fooled by his posture and also distance but i totaly understand wath you say i agree 95 percent of men exagerate theyr height , i think some people got mesured in the morning and dont know we are shorter at night , some claim get mesured with shoes on and some just lie , in france people round up 1 to 2 cm in america 1 to 1.5 in at 5 ft 11.25 5 ft 11.5 i was alwais taller than 6 ft claimers and mush bigger than 5 ft 11 claimers most 5 ft 10.5 to 5 ft 11.25 men will say 6 ft and most 5 ft 9.75 to 5 ft 10.25 will claim 5 ft 11 it rare to meet somebody under 6 ft that dont round up but guys like bana who are well over 6 ft wont round up more than 0.5 in
Dooley said on 16/Nov/10
OK folks, here's the deal. I am a 6'1-1/2" woman (translate - does not exaggerate height like 95% of the men I've met in my life). I see Eric Bana every weekend at our riding stable. I walk right past him, within a few feet. My riding boots have a 1-1/4" heel, putting me at 6'2-3/4". He wears trainers which probably have about a 3/4" heel/base. He is at least 2" shorter than me, at best, so he's lucky if he's 6 ft.
Lenad said on 10/Nov/10
I think hes 6'2-ish. The 6'3 and 6'4 claims are bullocks but
E said on 4/Nov/10
Bana does not have over 4 inches on 5'10" john cho in the picture maybe a strong 6'1" maybe...
Midget said on 23/Jun/09
Solid 6'2" by most interview accounts and media print. Nearly always taller than his male co-stars. He said during an interview on the aussie program "Sixty Minutes" that he was a fraction over 6'2".(Fairly recent interview-approx 3-4months or so). This quote might be what editor Rob has stated above.

Editor Rob
that quote at the top is from 2003. I think he's pretty honest.
yoyo said on 20/Jun/09
looks 6ft2.5 with shoes.. picture of celebrities with glenn taken have to be downgraded at least an inch..
Lenad said on 5/Jun/09
In the hulk he looks a strong 6ft1, not saying he is that height
pj said on 1/Jun/09
I live around the corner from Eric Bana in Brighton and see him all the time he is definately 6'2+ probably 6'3.
Ange said on 30/May/09
He definitely looks a legit 6'2.
Lenad said on 29/May/09
In the Hulk he doesnt look 6'3 at all. More like 6'1
James said on 26/May/09
I think hes a bit over 6'1
yoyo said on 17/May/09
he looks lower than 6ft2.5 in reality. 6ft1.5 at less.
cinemagoer said on 17/May/09
for sure he is below 6'3'' mark. there's no doubt about it.
around 6'2''. nothing more.
OutBenchThis said on 29/Apr/09
On leno the other night promoting Star Trek, looked about 6'1"-6'1.5" which was a surprise..mabye he's not the full 6'2" guy I always thought he was..
luke said on 23/Apr/09
to me this guy is more around 6 ' 6' 1'' 185 top , as you can see very clearly in that pic mentioned below by "people" he just doesn't have the proportions and the shoes ! of a 190 cm guy c'mon !
Sarah said on 21/Apr/09
Thats strange. I met him last night a the Star Trek premiere in London and he seemed a little smaller than that. I'm 5'2" (I was wearing 2.5 inch heels) and I could virtually look him in the eye without craning my neck too much!
Ali said on 20/Apr/09
''INK says on 20/Mar/09
I saw Bana this week in Melbourne and stood beside him. I'm 6'2 and he is slightly shorter that me. So I'd say 6'1. He is definitely not over 6'1 - no way. I always thought he was taller.''

That is exactly what I thougt! He is the same height as Hugh Jackman
who is no 6'2.

Hollywood heights are almost always inflated.
Clay said on 19/Apr/09
Met him, he is a little over 6'2 and can look as much as 6'4 when he wears timberland style boots.
Manco said on 18/Apr/09
Dude, you must be nuts! Even to think that this guy can be under 190 cm! I just saw a photo of him standing next to Zachary Quinto, listed at 6'2. He looks two inches taller at least! Eric that is. So I think he really IS 6'4, as was reported when he just appeared.
Ali said on 18/Apr/09
I don't think this guy is over 6'2. I think he is 186 cm. 6'1.25
to 6'1.5
Clay said on 15/Apr/09
AJ, I have met Bana and he is not 6'4 at all. More like 6'2 and a half. Now Jared Padalecki is legit 6'4 actor.
Lenad said on 1/Apr/09
Doesnt come across as a big guy but he does look pretty tall. I doubt hes 6'3 though
INK said on 20/Mar/09
I saw Bana this week in Melbourne and stood beside him. I'm 6'2 and he is slightly shorter that me. So I'd say 6'1. He is definitely not over 6'1 - no way. I always thought he was taller.
anonymous said on 20/Mar/09
Bana is a solid 6 foot 2. Hugh jackman's height.
Alex said on 19/Mar/09
6'2 seems right, could be 6'2 1/2 too.
MD said on 24/Feb/09
It's fairly obvious the slope of the street not just downward towards Bana, but sloping back away from him, as well, so it's double the reduction in height.
Leung said on 24/Feb/09
Bana looking short next to Bloom? Really?
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alexa said on 24/Feb/09
Blooms standing up hill in that photo. If you image google Bana, pitt and Bloom, there are pictures where Bana looks a good few inches taller than Bloom, and a couple inches more than pitt.
people said on 24/Feb/09
why does he look so short here next to bloom?? he looks very average.

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Mr. R. said on 24/Jan/09
eric may be about 6-3. But his older brother is 6-8 and tortured him as a child.
AJ said on 23/Jan/09
Lou Ferrigno is still 6'5 probably even 6'6 he was a professionel bodybuilder and its just really bad being 6'6 as a bodybuilder same as later an actor thats why he was made 6'4
Da Man said on 22/Jan/09
If Bana was 6'4" he would be taller than Lou Ferrigno today, not ~1.5" shorter.
AJ said on 22/Jan/09
Eric Bana is AT LEAST 6'4. There are a couple (might even be 5 just search a cuple time) pages that list him 6'4. But of course he is downgraded so he get's more roles same think happens to other tall people like jackman etc. so it dosen make TOO MUCH sence to compare them with them lol
Nicole said on 6/Jan/09
Ben, my godfather told me that he met him last year in Florida.Eric was the same height as him 188,5cm.
Lisa said on 29/Nov/08
I met him today. He is around 6'3 if not a little taller. He's a tall, well built man.
Hugh said on 6/Nov/08
This seems dead on. He's a tall guy.
anonymous said on 22/Oct/08
In munich he's taller than daniel craig by an inch and a half. I would say he's just under 6 foot 2.
el toppo said on 18/Oct/08
I've met Bana in person a few times and home boy is an easy 6 foot 3.
Viper said on 10/Jul/08
Pitt is closer to 5-10.
Jim said on 8/Jul/08
If Pitt claims to be 6'1 (which I doubt, cuz he'z 5'11)...then Bana is waaayyyy up there. Definately a strong 6'3.
EB said on 7/Jul/08
This man is big I'd say 6'3
OutBenchThis said on 27/Jun/08
Eric Bana and Brad Pitt
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Lenad said on 23/Jun/08
A weak 189cm but not more. One sight claims 6'4...yeah right.
Anonymous KinG said on 18/Apr/08
Most of time he apear like 188..
Nixers said on 15/Apr/08
You should check out more photos on google because Bana is really at least one and a half inches shorter than Ferrigno and also this photo gives you clearence that between Bana and Ferrigno is a clear difference.
Nixers said on 12/Apr/08
I think we should give Bana 6'2" because he looked at leat an inch shorter than Lou Ferrigno, who is 6'3" now.
Jeff said on 1/Apr/08
Eric Bana is 6'2.5". period.
And RobertJ... he doesn't look that huge next to her, I don't see it, he looks pretty much like a 6'2" guy...
gary said on 13/Mar/08
With shoes on im 6'3.5 and i know that 5'8 comes to my lower lip and 5'9.5 to the tip of my nose and 5'11 to my eye level, he looks about 6'2 but this is if they were both flatfooted, now i am really 6'2.25 barefoot and i know what im talking about, im not guessing i really know
dude said on 3/Mar/08
there is no way eric bana is over 6 foot1 max 6foot 1 and a half..if u see troy he is 2 or 2 and a half inches taller than pitt whos 5 foot11 n for plp who thinks he wears lifts he couldnt there cause they were both in slippers or barefoot ..eric bana is an inch shorter than portrayed here..
richinkle said on 25/Feb/08
He's always looked tall to me, and looks 6'-2" in that picture, but just saw him lined up on the Leno show with Leno and Catherine O'Hara. He was about 2 1/2" taller than Leno, and no more than 6" or 7" taller than O'Hara, who is supposedly 5'-4" and was probably wearing heels. Is it possible he's more like 6'-1"?
Anonymous said on 29/Dec/07
In this article he's calles 189cm. Click Here
J.J.F said on 20/Dec/07
Not to want to be repetative - but Bana is the one 'star' I've actually seen up close in the flesh, in 2001 while standing in line for a buffet in Morocco.

He had at LEAST 2" inches (possibly more) on my 6'and-a-bit, and was also wearing sandals. Friendly bloke too - he left some scampi for the people behind him when there was very little left :)

Think his agent may have downgraded him a bit in the past so as not to scare of casting directors....
Fox said on 19/May/07
he looks 6'3
Anonymous said on 18/May/07
He looks at least 6'2 in that picture.
Irshgrl500 said on 17/May/07
Eric is tall and handsome. In my opinion he has been completely miscast as Henry VIII in the upcoming movie "The Other Boleyn Girl". Henry VIII was 6'2", as Eric appears to be. Their height is the only thing he and the 16th century King seem to have in common, as far as appearances go.
Anonymous said on 16/May/07
Look at glenns picture with Tony Hawk. Thats 6'3.
Bana is a strong 6'2 if you will.
dmeyer said on 15/May/07
i agree bana loose aleast 0.75 in by his position
Fox said on 15/May/07
6'2-6'3 id say
dmeyer said on 15/May/07
pitt can look in under bana so 5'11 for pitt even in public
wgileso said on 6/Apr/07
6'3 6'4 I have had the pleasure of meeting him same height regular shoes
Anonymous said on 19/Mar/07
I looked at the traoy premiere pics in teh Eric Bana entry of Yahoo pics. Angle of photos give different impressions but looking them all ove I have to say bana is around three inches taller than pitt. Of course i'm not sure how tall he is.
Dan said on 11/Mar/07
From what I have seen of him, I think he is exactly 3 inches taller than Pitt. So 6'2 seems likely-
Jason said on 20/Nov/06
I can't see him any shorter than 6'1 3/4''.
Aussie Bloke said on 19/Nov/06
I agree with anonymous, he does appear around the same height as pitt in the premiere pics, and his hair gives the impression he is taller than what he actually is! I think he may be only 6ft-6ft1, that is of course in bair feet
Anonymous said on 1/Nov/06
In the premiere pics of troy he looked around the same height as pitt.
Miiiiiiighty said on 31/Oct/06
He never looks like a dwarf when crossing Lou Ferrigno in Hulk ( and he's wearing a bike helmet! ) ..
No way he's taller then 6'1
Jason said on 21/Oct/06
Weird. I thought he only looked around 6'2'' in Munich.
Dave said on 20/Oct/06
I'm surprised that Bana's six-two, in the movie Munich, he looked to be about six-five but then again he was probably wearing big shoes to make him fit his character.
dmeyer said on 12/Oct/06
in most premiere pic of troy pitt looks 3 inches smaller than bana so 5'11
dmeyer said on 12/Oct/06
188 189 make since he didnt look a full 3 inches on burrows also thats whi pitt in elevator looked only 2 inches shorter i think that even in lifts brad reach about 6'1.5 so looks about 6'0.5
john said on 4/Oct/06
I saw a pic of Bana next to Lou Ferigino and he was more than an inch shorter. I met Lou with my friend Jack who is 6'3" and they were the same height. I'd say Bana is closer to 6'1" in the pic next to 6'3" lou.
Banzai Bob said on 19/Jul/06
He's definatly not under 6'2, maybe more than 6'3, maybe he's lying so he isn't too tall for some roles.
Jordan said on 25/Jun/06
He is noticably taller then 5'11 Brad Pitt and looks to be about 6'2 or 6'3. Not under 6'2 though.
Sadiq said on 6/Jun/06
well in my opinion, we shud cut an inch out of bana, jackman or whoevers height as in the pics they all woud be wearing shoes & cofeecakes u say u r 6 n wearin 3 inch shoes so jackman must b wearin sum shoes so hes 6'1 n half at max I m 184-185cm at night 12 am and in morning can go 2 range of 186-187cm n midday 186cm barefoot dat is so make sure wat u say
Coffeecakes said on 11/May/06
To me he has to at least be 6'3. I have seen some people mention that Hugh Jackman is actually 6'3 but says 6'2 so that he won't be labeled "too tall" for roles. You have Tyler Mane listed as 6'10 and he had a fight scene where he and Eric were wearig sandals, and Tyler did not look 8 inches taller. He didn't look that much taller in fact. This is a small clip, but if you watch the actual movie, Tyler isn't 8 inches taller, more like 6 or 5 inches.
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ellen said on 8/May/06
Bana IS 6 foot 4 - Jackman IS 6 foot 3.5 - notice that all the actors who are tall are all 6 foot 2?? That is the height that publicists always use (that and 5'11" for the short ones) I am 6' even - met both of them and in high heels (3 inches) almost looked Jackman dead eye level and Bana was taller than me. If you look enough, you will find early press on both of these actors in Australia and it lists the heights.
Elio said on 29/Mar/06
Now with Ferrigno re-graded to 6'3" ... does this mean Bana could be 6'2" or less? He appeared more than a inch shorter than Ferrigno in those photos. I don't know what to believe anymore.
Helen said on 23/Mar/06
Frank, see Troy again. You know that model who played his wife? She is 6ft. In the movie, he looks much taller than her
Gotxo said on 2/Feb/06
I'm with Ed, the guy always looked massive.
In Munich he's by far the tall of all cast, he has like 4" on Geoffrey Rush.
In Black Hawk he look no less than Josh Harnett.
In Troy he has no less than 3-4" on Bloom.
One thing is that he's not 6'4", but he's no less than 6'2", a pretty well defined rank for him is 6'2"-6'3".
Frank P said on 2/Feb/06
Funny, I never saw him as over 6"0 to me. I'm thinking of Troy and he didn't hit me as that tall. I'll have to look more closely next time. After reading all these posts it makes sense though.
Ed said on 28/Jan/06
I think he's definitely 6ft2.5, he towers over a lot of characters in Munich, You can see the difference between him and Daiel Craig really well, who is no more than 5ft11 with boots on. In The Hulk, he was considerably taller than Josh Lucas, and he towered over Jennifer Connely, who's fairly tall at 5ft8 for a woman. In Troy he was way taller than Orlando Bloom, and the so called 6ft Brad Pitt. 6ft2.5 is right on for one of the best, not for long lesser known actors, in Hollywood.
J.J.F said on 21/Jan/06
Bana is the only celeb I've actually stood next to (unless you count Jamie bout 5 years ago in Morocco.
Both in sandals, he definitely had 2 inches on me (I'm 6' and change) so I'd say 6'2.5" is dead on.
paleface said on 14/Jan/06
In 'Black Hawk Down' while they're in the lunch line, he has his head cocked to the side and he still only looks about a half an inch shorter than Josh Hartnett. And he's a hell of lot taller than Orlando Bloom in 'Troy'.
sam said on 11/Jan/06
In Black Hawk Down, he looked pretty close to similar height as Hartnett to me. Definitely not a 1" to 2" difference.
Jason said on 11/Jan/06
I think he's 6'2''.
Mr Roboto said on 10/Jan/06
I think he's shorter than 6'2.5, more like 6'1.5", In "Black Hawk Down" in the food line scene you see him next to many people including Josh Hartnett (6'3") who looks at least 1-2" taller than him, and also about only 3-3.5" taller than the 5'10" Orlando Bloom..
I'm pretty sure they were all mandated to wear the exact same shoe in this film as well.
Coffeecakes said on 27/Dec/05
As for the chick in the photo linked right below me, it is Saffron Burrows and she is 6 ft tall.
Coffeecakes said on 21/Dec/05
That website isn't an official site, it is merely a fansite. As far as I know, he doesn't have an official website.
Bakane said on 18/Dec/05
I don't understand all these questions...
Because when you read this page on what seems to be his official site, It writes 6'2" so... He's 6'2" max. That's all. Sorry for the double post... And for the english (I'm french :p )
paleface said on 2/Dec/05
From Gawker Stalker.
"wednesday, november 23, lobby bar at l’ermitage in bev hills - saw eric “the hulk” bana, great looking, but tiny (are male celebrities bred in a lab? handsome, but precious moments size? does that read better on camera?) stayed through his second johnnie walker red, talking to some dork who looked like he’d just come in off the golf course."

Interesting. Although it seems to contradict every other existing evidence. Maybe just someone who looked a lot like him?
sam said on 16/Sep/05
From that pic with Burrows, Bana, pitt, anniston etc, If Bana is 6"2.5 then Pitt looks over 6ft too haha, how can he be 5"11 judging by that pic? he must have huge shoes, or maybe he is 6ft plus. Or perhaps none of those stars are as tall as they say, Sean bean looks short
cantstop25 said on 24/Aug/05
I think eric and hugh are both a solid 6'3" because in x-men 2 there was a scene where hugh is talking to famke janesen who is 5'11" and hugh towers over her
Jimbo said on 31/May/05
Well, saw him at our Hotel in Morocco 5 years ago, he was at the salad bar right next to me, didnt know who he was at the time - he had a solid 2inches on me so I think 6'2" and a bit is right. I'm 6ft exactly.
Mr. R said on 31/May/05
Goran, I have met Sam Elliot at the Paramount lot when he was shooting We Were Soldiers. He is about 6-1, which is 185 cm. The listing here for Bana is pretty close to correct.
malejj said on 27/Feb/05
it must be his wide head or something because he really doesnt look it without comparison... i had him at 6.1 or so
m 605 said on 14/Feb/05
Eric Bana's Facts 6' 21/2" (1.89 m)

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