How tall is Eric Bana

Eric Bana's Height

6ft 2in (188 cm)

Australian actor best known for roles in movies like Star Trek, The Hulk, Chopper, The Time Traveller's Wife, Troy and Munich. In the Boston Herald (14/5/04) he commented on his tall stature, saying "[I'm] Just a little over 6-foot-2". In Total Film (2011) he mentioned "My brother's very tall. He's 6ft 7ins or 8ins, so I grew up with a short-man complex. I'm just under 6ft 3ins."

How tall is Eric Bana
Eric with Natalie Portman
Photo by PR Photos

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Average Guess (29 Votes)
6ft 2.03in (188cm)
berta said on 7/Sep/17
well he is clearly taller than pine wiith about 3 cm and pine could be 185 a weak one. so i think bana is a 188 dude that on bad days could be 3 mm under it.
Willes188 said on 29/Aug/17
Don't think this was necessary at all, the upgrade/downgrade ratio seems to be very uneven now...
Slim183 said on 15/Aug/17
I'd 6'2.25 him tbh. I don't think he'd drop into 6'1 territory before bed at all. This guy was much taller than brad pitt, keep in mind brad pitt wore approximately 2 in worth of shoe while Eric wore 1...
Ali said on 11/Aug/17
The more I see of him the more I think he is 185cm max. He does not have the size of a 6'2 person.
Slim 182 cm said on 31/Jul/17
@Pire The camera angle is in pines favour btw.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jul/17
In the past has looked 189cm
Pierre said on 18/Jul/17
Click Here Click Here Click Here =i don't know their shoes but same height as Chris Pine here
Slim 182 cm said on 18/Jul/17
So that would make Eric 189 or 189.5 in the morning.
Slim 181 cm said on 15/Jul/17
Rob, what is more promising, 6'1.75 or 6'2.25?
I'd go with the latter.
Editor Rob: at times I'd have went with solid 6ft 2 range, but then the more I've seen, I think roughly 6ft 2 flat is a good fit.
Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jul/17
Uncles seen him, says Eric is really tall and thin. 😂
Johno said on 3/Jul/17
I would say there is a very high chance of Reynolds being taller than Bana.
berta said on 18/Jun/17
out of him and ryan reynoold i would say reynold is 85 procent bigger chanse of being the taller one.
Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jun/17
Find it funny that in Troy he was bigger than brad and he didn't spend a second in the gym, while brad was his biggest. Lol 😂
Think he might be a genuine 188 guy.
He looked like a giant next to Ricky Gervais!
Willes188 said on 4/Jun/17
Classic 188.5-189cm guy
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/May/17
A very solid 6ft2 guy like Reynolds.
Willes188 said on 31/May/17
Rob, this downgrade is very questionable IMO
AD said on 17/May/17
Rob how many inches heel does Portman wear at this photo?
Editor Rob: at most 3 inches
Headbanger said on 1/May/17
Woaw "only" 6'2 flat, he looks 189cm-189.5cm in physique
S.J.H said on 27/Mar/17
Joel mchale had solid 4cm taller than bana
Sandy Cowell said on 26/Mar/17
Now here's a guy who played the part of Henry VIII and actually had the authentic height! Not often have I seen that!
6ft2 will do nicely for his estimate!

(The film was 'The Other Boleyn Girl, if I remember rightly).
mister_lennon said on 25/Mar/17
Peacegamersd95 said on 24/Mar/17
Eric Bana is 6'2 1/2. Also, I notice that he is the tallest actor to play as Bruce Banner aka the Hulk.
berta said on 24/Mar/17
189,5 in the morning and 187,6 by late evening
travis said on 23/Feb/17
why would he say he grew up a short man complex at 6'2 isnt short but anything over his height them yea
Willes189 said on 23/Feb/17
I don't agree with this at all
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Feb/17
This is fair but I wouldn't go lower. He most likely did get measured at a little over 6ft2 but maybe a little earlier in the day
Redwing said on 3/Feb/17
Wait why did you change his height?
Editor Rob: 6ft 2 on the nose I think is reasonable.
berta said on 31/Jan/17
very good update on his height :D this is max what he looks. this is fine
berta said on 29/Jan/17
yes 6 foot 2 is better listing. to me there is more chance that he is little bit under that than this listing of little bit over
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jan/17
Rob, how likely is 6ft2 flat or are you still sticking by a fraction over?
Editor Rob: Rampage, the more I see, the more just 6ft 2 may well be an honest shout.
berta said on 23/Jan/17
morgan freeman was easy half inch taller than bana 35 years ago
Redwing said on 21/Dec/16
He looked really tall next to Sean bean at the troy premiere. And that was in the early 2000s.
Aaron Zamora said on 19/Nov/16
He mentioned to be "6'2 and a bit" with Jimmy kí¼mmel. He looks 6'1.75
shiva 181 cms said on 8/Nov/16
Nope he didn't he pulled off a solid 188cms bit 189 he didn't with Josh Lucas he looked just 2.5" tall and with brad Pitt he looked 3" tops
S.J.H said on 4/Nov/16
In 2003 Hulk Premiere Lou ferrigno was nearly 2" taller than bana but few years ago ferrigno look 6'2 with 6'5.5 contributor ali baba. I assumed 2003 lou ferrigno should be 6'2.5 and that would put a barely 6'1 for bana and 6'2 with dress shoes. This is the fact that many people may not accept either do i. But is sad to say bana real height was not over 6'1 although i previously trust him to be 6'1.75-6'2
S.J.H said on 19/Oct/16
If bana is 6'2.25 i guess seth rogen easily hit up 5'11.25 and even possible 5'11.5 lol
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Sep/16
I think he did pull off a good 189cm in Troy and The Hulk.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jul/16
Rob, how likely is 187cm for Bana?
Editor Rob: wouldn't guess him that low, although arguing one inch plus or less than a listing isn't much - 2-3 inches becomes more of an outlier guess.
berta said on 13/Jun/16
i dont Think this guy is 189 ferrigno who i Think was 192-3 looked about 4 cm taller than him back when they did hulk and his shoes was about1- 1,5 cm thinner. this guy looks 187 ore at best 188 to me. Cant be 5 cm taller than Chris pine. He have short legs maybe that makes him look 187 but 188 it probably a safe bet.
Pierre said on 4/Jun/16
in pictures next to Karl Urban in the web,when they seem have the same shoes,he's about the same height than Karl,or just over.Karl next to Rob is around 182 to my eyes,Eric Bana is around 183 imo
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/May/16
Rob, could "just a little over 6ft2" be in the morning?
TJE said on 7/Apr/16
Looking at him with Kim Coates and Brad Pitt, I'm thinking that he was measured "just over 6'2" in the morning.
Johno said on 16/Mar/16
Another thing readers, AlexMahone has presented a comparion where Eric Bana is standing in front of Chris Pine and Pine in the background, making Bana look around 3.75 inches taller then Pine, forget 6'2 ------ that would make Bana 6'4 in comparion !!! What silly comparions but hey, this is what height-shills do, they inflate but have no desire to present any form of reality.

Yes Alex, that would make Brad Pitt in comparison to Eric Bana and alot of related parties subsequently shorter ---- you got alot to worry about.
Johno said on 16/Mar/16
Readers take note that the current "AlexMahone", is presenting comparisons whereby one party has on some hefty footwear; this being Bana in this case and one party is wearing low profile Vans; this being Chris Pine in this case.

Einstein, forget Eric ----- check out Zachary Quinto ---- he has 1-inch on Pine to !!! Zachary is not taller then Pine, Zachary is a solid inch shorter then Obama making him 6'0 in comparison. Chris is clearly losing height, why have you deliberately omitted these details?

Click Here

I have just posted a shot where Pine is looking taller then Eric Bana ---- what have you got to say to that?

There enough shots out there to prove that Bana isn't really taller then Chris Pine ---- Chris is 6'0.5.

If you wouldn't be such as a deliberate Shill, you would clearly see, either in your current moniker or any other, which i will gladily lookout for in any comments section.

Eric Bana 6'0.5, 6'0.75, 6'1
Chris Pine 6'0.5
Zachary Quinto 6'0 - 6'0.5
AlexMahone said on 12/Mar/16
Johno you are a terrible height judger or - I repeat myself - you have a height complex. Anyway, you are a downgrader with idiotic explanations. Here is Eric Bana with Cris Pine. The footwear is the same. Now Johno, tell me who is the taller man? Bana is at least 4-5 cm over Pine. Rob what do you think? The listing is fine.

Click Here
Editor Rob: Bana when standing tall pretty much will look a 6ft 2 range guy.
Rattajack said on 7/Mar/16
Rob I thought he was 5' 10" or shorter, he doesn't look tall in movies. I guess he gets height from his long neck.
Johno said on 18/Feb/16
Johno said on 9/Feb/16
Seems pretty height aware. Didn't look much taller then Saffron Burrows. 6'1 would be a ceiling height for him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Feb/16
You could potentially argue 6ft2½ on the nose. Put him next to legit 6ft guy and he's easily got 2in or more. Slouching he can appear 6ft1-2 range at times
Johno said on 26/Jan/16
Hasn't got hardly anything on a 6'0.5 Chris Pine does he?

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Jan/16
"Eric Bana's height is 6ft 2½in (189cm)"
You-11 said on 14/Dec/15
I think that the length of his body is 188 centimeters no more nor less
joe said on 21/Aug/15
6'3 somewhat optimistic
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Aug/15
6ft1 is a joke. Not under 6ft2. Can look 6ft3 at times
realheight said on 18/Aug/15
He looked like a solid 6'1 in Troy with 5'11 Brad Pitt
6'2 max.
Mal said on 15/Aug/15
Hi Rob, I know you pulled down all of Glenns pictures for a reason, but I have a picture of Glenn and Bana saved on my computer where Bana appears to have 5 inches on 5'7 Glenn, maybe 6 inches if there is some odd posture involved. How come you dont take those pictures into account? I dont see Bana as more than 6'1
[Editor Rob: there's a lot more variables taking street photos.]
A6'2Guy said on 16/Jul/15
What extra heel height does Natalie have in the pic I wonder?
an anonymous peach said on 10/Jul/15
6'8" is a bad height unless you're in the NBA

brb, almost brain damaged from hitting my head off everything
brb still look like a lanky freak at 210lbs
brb I'm really smelly because shower head isn't high enough
brb airplanes are the bane of my existence
brb my average sized penis looks smaller than it really is
brb I stick out like a sore thumb everywhere I go (not good if you're an introvert)

6'2" completely destroys 6'8"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jun/15
Rob, do you think would measure taller Affleck, Bana, or Cusack?
[Editor Rob: all would measure reasonably close, I think affleck at times could pull off a taller impression, but I doubt you are going to find there is much more than a fraction between them.]
OneNamePlease said on 31/May/15
Perfect height 6'2.25 (188,5cm)
Hypado said on 13/May/15
Eric Bana height is 6ft 2.25in (188,5 cm)
Amaze said on 19/Apr/15
ofcourse 6'2s perfect range tbh he probably just doesn't like looking at his younger brother who is 6'7/8 like looking up but his height(erics) is much better.

@8ball 6'2 way much better than 6'8 , id rather be 5'8 over 6'8 LOL
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" said on 24/Feb/15
We were around the same height, so I think that he's much close to 6'2" than he is to 6'3". I wouldn't even be surprised if he was only 6'2", or even 6'1.75".
8 Ball said on 22/Feb/15
At 6'2 and a quarter stating he's short is going over the line I think.His height is decent.Being 6'8 is to tall and would become a hinderence when it comes to walking through doors and taking showers:/ Being a little over 6'2 is a good height eric
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 14/Dec/14
Definitely looked 6ft 2in plus change in 'Deliver us From Evil'. Shorter than the even taller McHale though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Oct/14
Right between 6ft2-6ft3.
Dmeyer said on 2/Sep/14
Probably measured 6'2.25 and 2.75 on diferant Times
Realist said on 26/Aug/14
Yeah better call. Looks about 13 cms on Mathieu Kossovitz in Munich. Hulk actors heights: Ruffalo 5'7.25
Bana 6'1.75
Norton 5'11.25
jtm said on 19/Jul/14
he wouldn't look close to pine's height if he was really 6'2 or 6'3. 6'1 is the most i would give him.
Heightwise said on 16/Jul/14
I don't think he's over 6'2. I'd say 187-188
Splinter Cell said on 29/Jun/14
Perfect height, rob? in your opinion? he looks bang on with your listing, 6'2.25-5, suprised he had that complex, his height is better than his brothers anyway. he certainly doesn't look too tall
[Editor Rob: a very desirable height yes]
pataan19 said on 1/Jun/14
Hey Rob, how would you explain the numerous photos of him with his fellow star trek co-stars (Pine, Quinto, etc). He really doesn't seem higher than 6'2" with them???
James B said on 5/May/14
Rob is a full 6'2.5 possible? He does look it.
[Editor Rob: at times he can look 6ft 2 up to 2.5, but I think his current listing is fine]
Trueman said on 28/Apr/14
It's weird because he really didn't look tall in Troy...I'd guess 5'11 for him with Brad Pitt when they fought. Although he did look much taller in Lone Surviver.
Alucard said on 9/Mar/14
He's in the 6'-6'1 range max, i'd say 6'05 top, absolutely not 6'2, lol...
Balrog said on 3/Feb/14
He could be a 6'2" flat guy but that's it. Ludwig wasn't an inch taller than him, maybe .5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/14
Rob, do think could Eric be 6ft3 out of bed?
[Editor Rob: probably on the nose]
Lenad is sexy said on 4/Jan/14
the just under 6'3 could be a morning height
Lenad is sexy said on 4/Jan/14
the just under 6'3 could be a morning height
Lenad is sexy said on 28/Dec/13
I'd give him a full 6'2.5
Lenad is sexy said on 22/Dec/13
Just looking at some more pics and a lot of the time he does look 6'3ish. I think a solid 189cm could be a better listing.
Sam said on 18/Dec/13
Sorry, definitely closer to 6'2" than 6'1", calvinator. Can't determine height solely by build.
calvinator said on 17/Dec/13
Looks max 6'1" flat, narrow shoulder bones, looks taller in thick shoes, has short upper arms for his height.
Lenad is sexy said on 14/Dec/13
This listing is bang on.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Dec/13
"Eric Bana height: 6ft 2.5in (189cm)"

Looked 6ft3 in Troy, The Hulk and Munich.
pjk said on 9/Dec/13
Looks exactly the same height as 6ft Chris Pine ( his own words ) in those group photo's, so either Pine is considerably taller than his own stated 6ft ( 6'.05" around here ) or Bana is that height also.
Looks pretty conclusive to me that he is nowhere near 6'2". When i stand next to my friend there is a noticeable difference in height ( i am 6' and he is 6'2" in all photos ).
Pleb said on 8/Dec/13
Barely has a centimeter over Pine and Urban, see Johno pic.

1.86-1.87m, no more.
keithodub said on 2/Nov/13
He is a solid 6'2" no doubt... just watched him on top gear stand toe to toe in trainers with 6'4.5" Jeremy Clarkson
truth said on 7/Oct/13
Ok to dispell the myth, Croats average 180cm, not 190cm lol.
Rusty said on 17/Sep/13
Definitely a strong 6'2". This listing is good for him. I don't think he ever dips under the mark.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jul/13
Eric Bana - 6"2.5"(189cm)
Zachary Quinto - 6"1"(185cm)
Karl Urban - 6"0.75"(185cm)
Chris Pine - 6"0.75"(185cm)

Looked a solid 3in taller than Pitt in Troy aswell. No less than this height
wartank said on 14/Jul/13
Great Full-body shots by Johno.
Shoes and posture advantage - Pine (the heels eliminated the normal slight back-leaning posture, made the shoulders thrown back, a straight line from heel to nose)
Furthest from camera - Quinto (without standing straight)
Everyone else except Pine is 'at ease', he's at 'attention'.

Conclusion: (+-0.5cm)
Bana - 187cm
Quinto- 185cm
Urban - 184cm
Pine - 184cm

lol :)
Rey said on 4/Jul/13
I remember when Bana was listed at 6'4" and then it dropped to 6'3" and so on....
cole said on 26/Jun/13
He's more 187 than 189 imo.
MJ said on 25/Jun/13
I'm surprised Eric Bana had a short-man complex due to his brother's height. 6 ft 2 is tall! 6 ft 7 is whoa!
Roic said on 13/Jun/13
Wow, Rob, look at that picture of Johno. What do you think about that? Could it be that Bana is lying about his height?
Emil said on 14/May/13
I think he looks strong 6 foot next to Pine and Quinto in a fem photos. Do you think Quinto and Pine wear lifts?
Johno said on 6/May/13
Click Here

And if the message don't ring home here's a comparison shot of pine, bana and urban. Hardly anything between the three, footwear is visible. Angles are decent and picture quality is good. These 6'2+ estimates are very excruciating to observe since pine is 6'0.5 listed and urban, 6'0.75 although urban is a bit shorter then pine and looks 6'0/weak 6'0 with rob ie 5'11.75.

Pine 6'0.5
Bana 6'0.5
Urban 6'0
Johno said on 6/May/13
Bana is most definitely not taller then 6'0.5 chris Pine. Pine was about 4 - 4.5 inches taller then 5'8 range graham norton. Quinto would be similar in height to Bana with the same footwear, not quinto in low profile trainers and bana in some large trademark footwear.

Sorry, to me karl urban looked like a weak 6'0 with rob and pine is a bit taller then him at 6'0.5.

Bana is in the strong 6'0 range.
Chezza said on 1/May/13
Natalie is wearing very low hills, almost nothing, shes like 158 cm and hes 189 for sure.
Lenad is sexy said on 27/Apr/13
bana is half Croatian half german. him being 6'2-6'3 is equal to the average Australian being 5'9-5'10
Lenad is sexy said on 23/Apr/13
weak 189cm maybe? Whatever he is I don't think he's under 6'2. He's been listed as 6'4 on a few websites, but he never looks that tall and 6'5 is a big fat joke
lenad is sexy said on 31/Mar/13
Id give him a strong 6'2. Id like to see a pic of him standing next to Ashton Kutcher, I bet they'd look pretty much the same height
Ud190.5cm said on 24/Mar/13
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 2/Oct/12
6ft3(191cm) out of bed
6ft2.75(190cm) morning
6ft2.75(190cm) lunchtime
6ft2.5(189cm) afternoon
6ft2.5(189cm) evening
6ft2.25(189cm) night

if that is the case my friend then he's actually 6'2.5 rather than 2.25 because 6'2.25 is his absolute lowest and which is not a real legit height of that person.BTW what are your height measurements rampage?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/13
How does he remotely look 6ft5, James?
In the last pic Jackman looks to have the edge
James said on 27/Feb/13
With Hugh Jackman looks 6ft5. He also gives that impression with Natalie Portman
Sam said on 11/Jan/13
He has a slight edge I think over Hugh Jackman but their pretty similar in stature:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Connor 183cm said on 7/Jan/13
I thought eric was 6ft 0 rob what if its the shoes that gives him over 2 inches?
[Editor Rob: I don't think he's under 6ft 2]
SAMMY DERRICK said on 28/Dec/12
balrog said on 26/Dec/12
Jake in Urban page you'll see I though Urban next to Rob is clearly over 6 feet. But look at him next to Chris Pine who claims to be 6 feet tall:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

So something doesn't fit with Pine 6 feet claim I mean, the guy is pretty much same height that Quinto and taller than Urban. Bana has always looked around 6'2'' and Quinto around 6'1'' and Urban like I posted in his page looked a solid 6'0'' guy which puts Pine at 6'1'' or close to it.

So my question is why a guy who is 6'1'' would claim 6 feet? I know Pine holds a great posture but still, or either he's downplaying his height or Urban, Quinto and Bana are shorter than I expected.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Dec/12
Eric Bana 6"2.5(189cm)
Zach Quinto 6"1(185cm)
Karl Urban 6"1(185cm)
Chris Pine 6"0.75(185cm)
balrog said on 5/Dec/12
IMO: Bana 187-188
Quinto 184-185
Pine 183-184
Urban 182-183
Lenad is sexy said on 10/Nov/12
I can buy 6'1.5 at the lowest.
Claire said on 22/Oct/12
My husband is just under 6'2.5" and I am exactly 5'3". The height difference between Bana and Portman is identical to us when we are in similiar footwear.
Aragorn 5'11 said on 20/Oct/12
He's a strong 6'2. He's 3 inches taller than Brad Pitt (5'11) and is a full inch taller than Chris Pine, Karl Urban and Zachary Quinto.
balrog said on 12/Oct/12
Bana ain't under 187 cms because he has always looked at least an inch taller than Quinto and Pine.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Oct/12
6ft3(191cm) out of bed
6ft2.75(190cm) morning
6ft2.75(190cm) lunchtime
6ft2.5(189cm) afternoon
6ft2.5(189cm) evening
6ft2.25(189cm) night
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Sep/12
'just under 6ft3' is really 6ft2.75 while 'a little over 6ft2' is 6ft2.25. So if you want to get technical about it, neither of those should correspond to 6ft2.5. But since he's claimed both of those for himself you could split the difference and list him 6ft2.5(189cm)

Sound reasonable, Rob?
jtm said on 3/Sep/12
portman is no more than 5'2 flat and most likely shorter.
Jose said on 2/Sep/12
Well, Natalie Portman who is 5'3" is wearing what it appears to be 3 1/2" inch high heels, which well make her height at 5'6 1/2", while Mr. Bana looks to be wearing dress shoes, which will lift his height to about 1 1/2" to 2". Judging from this pic I see about 9 inches of difference or so, and this puts Mr. Bana at the 6'3 1/2" mark with his dress shoes on, with out them I firmly believe he is about 6' 1.5" or 6'2".
Jake: 1.82 m-- 1.83 m-- 1.84 m said on 9/Aug/12
I do think he's taller than compatriot Hugh Jackman (who I think is a hair under 6ft 2 or 187 cm).
BigT said on 25/Jul/12
185-186 cm.
Jonas said on 16/Jun/12
Close to 6'2 but not there.... 6'1.25 my bet
Penguinboy25 said on 6/Jun/12
Here he is with known 5'11.5" Josh Lucas, showing he is not near the 6'2 mark. I'd say his possible range is between 6'1 and 6'1.25". I'll say he is 186 cm.
Dani said on 6/Jun/12
He is 6'. Look at his picture with natalie portman who is 5'3". I am 6'2" and i look much taller than him.
johno said on 25/Jan/12
Chris says on 21/Jan/12
@johno. Bana always looks taller than Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine by at least one inch. He's not under 6'1.


Look at the entire the catalogue of pictures of the three. Theres numerous posted below and on zachary quinto's page. He is rarely taller then pine and pine is 6'0.5 and could be lower. Not 6'1 or above.
Jules said on 23/Jan/12
I've seen this bloke, solid 6'2" for sure.
Stood next to him at a buffet in Morocco about twelve years ago. Had a def 2 inches on me and I'm an exact 1.84m. He had 'flip flop' sandals on, as did I...
Chris said on 21/Jan/12
@johno. Bana always looks taller than Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine by at least one inch. He's not under 6'1.
johno said on 19/Jan/12
- He's not taller then pine and quinto and both these guys are 6'0.5 max.

I have posted pictures of comparisons on both this page and zachary quintos page. The only time bana looks noticably taller then quinto is when he has massive shoes on but in the same pictures, he still does not surpass 6'0.5 chris pine.

quinto 6'0 - 6'0.5
pine 6'0 - 6'0.5
bana 6'0 - 6'0.5
steven said on 14/Jan/12
anyway still not 6'2. 6'1 max approximately.
Alexandre said on 13/Jan/12
Too tall. 186cm
Sam said on 12/Jan/12
I don't buy that Bana wears elevator shoes
steven said on 11/Jan/12
honestly this guy look 6'0 to 6'1 range and the only reason he can look 6'2 is because he wore elevator shoe that atually implie to tall actors in hollywood. in reality there are rare to see tall enough person whoo wore heel from out to inside.
Chris said on 4/Jan/12
This guy is hard to pin down. He is clearly taller than Chris Pine (6'0.5 listed here) and Karl Urban (6'0.75 listed here), and at least an inch taller than Zachary Quinto (6'1 listed here). But a lot of people said those three guys are around the 5'11.5-6ft mark and honestly Chris Pine looks taller than Zachary Quinto. Maybe Bana is 6'1.5, weak 6'2?

Pics with Urban, Pine and Quinto: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Silent d said on 29/Dec/11
He always looked tall. 6 foot 1/8 is outrageous. He always looked 6 foot 2 at least. I use to think he was 6 foot 3. 6 foot 2 is right.
Chameleon said on 29/Dec/11
So another guy listed 2 inches too high? Oh man ;D
ANDREA[ITA] said on 22/Dec/11
Lan you're right! Josh Lucas is an honest 5'11/2! One of the few guys who claim their real height and he looks max 1.5 inches shorter than him! 6'2.25 sounds crazy if you see him next to Josh Lucas! Any possibility that josh is 6'1, Rob? I dont think so :)
johno said on 16/Dec/11
nothing over 6'0.5
newbie said on 28/Nov/11
Clarkson photo, allowing for Clarkson shoes and slouch, Bana looks like he's giving away 2-3 inches but no more than that. Considering Clarkson never wears big heels and looks big next to everyone, remember seeing him with Jeff Goldbloom, 6'5 is not unrealistic form. Bana would definitely be in the 6'2 range more than 6'0
Jenny said on 24/Nov/11
I met Eric Bana at Sun Studios and had a photo taken with him. My husband is 6'1" and Eric Bana is taller than him. Eric Bana is 6'2" I have no idea why anyone would suggest that he is less than 6'2".
avi said on 20/Nov/11
not even 6'2
LAN Jiao said on 8/Nov/11
in The Hulk bana look 6'1 next to honest 5'11.5 josh lucas , by shoe it look out to be bana had the advantage. 6'0-1/8 maybe his real barefoot height and with messy up hair and shiny dons shoe or lifts he can look between 6'1-6'2. i never see him look 6'2.25
LAN Jiao said on 8/Nov/11
in The Hulk bana look 6'1 next to honest 5'11.5 josh lucas , by shoe it look out to be bana had the advantage. 6'0-1/8 maybe his real barefoot height and with messy up hair and shiny dons shoe or lifts he can look between 6'1-6'2. i never see him look 6'2.25
johno said on 4/Nov/11
If i was betting on quinto being 6'0, i would be pretty nervous. The only possibility of that is late night. However, to keep quinto at 6'0.5 would be the best compromise since something as low 6'0, could be true but very controversial

6'1 could be his maximum height in the morning. I know chris pine is listed as 6'0.5 on here although he doesn't really have any detectable height difference between himself quinto. He also stated his height at 6'0. Both quinto and pine are the same height with bana be the shorter of the lot.

Karl urban is a weak 6'0. He isn't as tall as the three. I have put the picture of them four together on quintos page. The shoes all seem flat, so non of this hidden lift business. Pine is the same height as quinto, a 6'0.5 pine makes bana look close to 6'0 there. Urban, below 6'0

Bana 6'0.25
quinto 6'0.5
pine 6'0.5 ?
Urban 5'11.75 - 6'0
LAN Jiao said on 4/Nov/11
thanks for your opinion john. atually on quinto page mamun tip head was only the top of quinto top eye brown that was probably 9cm difference add on mamun 173.5cm height quinto is a flat 6'0(182.5-182.75cm) as i think in real he is min flat 6'0 on the attend on evening movie premiere he looks it. don forget quinto use to comb up his hair like a brush up hair could gave illusion abit higher than atual height so quinto is easily 6'1 w a hair and 6'0.75 morning, i believe karl urban is the same height as quinto.
for chris pine he might tip over them half a cm if measure. pine is not a easy 6footer he easily top denzel washington by a full 3cm which i ever thought denzel was 6'0 i was been fooled. eric bana could be what you mention stan lee commented him was 6'0-1/8 that could be his min barefoot.
they were just not 6'1 guys, because i have a uncle was a legit 6'1.25 morning and 6'0.85 at night he can easily pull illusion looking 6'2 unlike bana needs dons to buck up his 6'2.25 impression given people. to me pine is the tallest 6'0 among them.

i did give their minimum:

bana 6'0-1/8
quinto 6'0 flat
pine 6'0.25
urban 6'0 flat

a curious question johno, on ferrell atually you think his 6'1.25 or 6'1.5 ?
johno said on 3/Nov/11
Well, proportions of a 6'0 and 6'1 are not that different. I know 6'1 would be bana's max height but, i believe he is shorter then that.

Some people believe bana is taller then 6'0.5 - 6'1 zachary quinto but i dnt believe that. Sure when he has those massive dress shoes then yes but when they seem ordinary, i believe quinto edges him.

Bana is not even taller then chris pine and he is listed 6'0.5 here and stated 6'0 for himself. The difference between quinto, pine and bana is minimal but i believe quinto is the tallest and he is not above 6'1 and seems 6'0.5. If you believe, mamums head would reach quintos eyebrow then quinto is best 6'0.5 early afternoon and more towards 6'0 evening.

Quinto 6'0.5 - 6'1 (early afternoon height)
pine 6'0 - 6'0.5
bana 6'0.5 max ( midday height )
johno said on 3/Nov/11
Well, proportions of a 6'0 and 6'1 are not that different. I know 6'1 would be bana's max height but, i believe he is shorter then that.

Some people believe bana is taller then 6'0.5 - 6'1 zachary quinto but i dnt believe that. Sure when he has those massive dress shoes then yes but when they seem ordinary, i believe quinto edges him.

Bana is not even taller then chris pine and he is listed 6'0.5 here and stated 6'0 for himself. The difference between quinto, pine and bana is minimal but i believe quinto is the tallest and he is not above 6'1 and seems 6'0.5. If you believe, mamums head would reach quintos eyebrow then quinto is best 6'0.5 early afternoon and more towards 6'0 evening.

Quinto 6'0.5 - 6'1 (early afternoon height)
pine 6'0 - 6'0.5
bana 6'0.5 max ( midday height )
LAN Jiao said on 3/Nov/11
johno, i knew the myth of bana shoe which i had suspect bana footwear for awhile. im curious by a question to aks you: by judge of proportion/physical do you think bana is more 6'0.25 , 6'0.5 , 6.0.75 or just doted 6'1?

for me by honest atually i think for long his between 184-185cm so 6'0.75 , although i often comment his 185-186.
johno said on 2/Nov/11
Further, i remember Troy the other day, its hard not to, since it comes on nearly every other bl**dy week on sky movies but anyway, i remember watching it and i noticed, he doesn't even have a inch on the 6'0 listed saffron Burrows. Especially in that scene in the hallway before bana's character was about to meet his demise. Both of them wore sandles and honestly, bana did not edge her by much.

Saffron is listed at 6'0 but like most top billings, its a slight exaggeration. In gangster no.1 she seemed shorter, most likely in the 5'11 range.

Of the pictures avaliable online of saffron bana, you always see bana as more then a few inches taller but i am telling you, he wears mild/light lifts ie Dons or something similar. In the movie there was no such difference.

Saffron burrows 5'11 - 6'0
Bana 6'0 - 6'1 (That hulk dvd, where stan lee supposedly stated bana's height at 6'0 1/8th could be the truth)
johno said on 2/Nov/11
LAN Jiao says on 18/Oct/11
Bana is 185cm**

The pictures where bana or pine look noticably taller then quinto, ie 1 inch plus, is the times where thier shoes look suspeciously like a nice pair of shiney, slightly elevated gradient at front, Don's. I think bana wears Dons. The 2.75 inch sort which rob modelled on his youtube video.
LAN Jiao said on 20/Oct/11
bana 6'2 in the way 5-3.5 rachel mcadams becomes 5'5
LAN Jiao said on 18/Oct/11
Bana is 185cm**
LAN Jiao said on 17/Oct/11
Are u sure he was only 6'0 in shoe? I don think so. In Hulk he was an inch taller than rock solid 182cm Josh Lucus, so this Hulk movie kind of reveal his real height as 6'1ish. He looks it next to brad pitt, adam sandler and few other actors as well. With Startrek cast he look 6'1.5 impression due to shoe wise can tell also the trekcast actor only chris pine height was real at 6'0 solidly 2nd tallest main lead beside bana.

If you were trolling him at 5'11 barefoot, so how tall is people like seth rogen, adam sandler, brad pitt, josh lucas, geoffrey rush who works with banana?
Aus Man said on 16/Oct/11
Hi Guys,
I was the the Motor Show in Melbourne a few years ago when he was there,
literally next to him.
He is NOT over six foot, but with shoes close to it.
The reports on the 'net from 6'2 - 6'4 are all incorrect.
LAN Jiao said on 16/Oct/11
On 13oct i lack out my word. Which i mean bana was 6'2.25 in sneaker, 6'1.5 through out the day in sneaker. Next to 5'8.5 adam sandler he look 6'1. He is 6'1. In trekcast picture he came out 6'1.5 barefoot impression to me because he had bigger shoe compare them. Again next to brad pitt who pass 5'9.8 bana look 6'1.25 at best. 6'0.5 is too less for bana.
LAN Jiao said on 16/Oct/11
Johno not a good one. Pine is 184cm wore converse in picture , bana and quinto had advantage sneakers by 1-1.5cm. I don see bana was 2in taller than pine in picture. Quinto does't look taller even came in nike sneaker. Comparison to chris pine which result

Quinto 6'0.25
Bana - 6'1 at least. I would rule 6'1.25 in your post.
johno said on 15/Oct/11
LAN Jiao says on 13/Oct/11
Bana morning 6'2.25(188.5) so he hover 6'1.5 thats how he look n.ext to startrek cast.

Click Here

Heres a flatter picture, bana lacks any height on quinto. In the other pics, he has higher heeled shoes on, plus the angles. I posted another comparison, a few posts below where they are side by side.

Quinto 6'0.5 - 6'1
bana 6'0.5 - 6'1
LAN Jiao said on 13/Oct/11
Bana morning 6'2.25(188.5) so he hover 6'1.5 thats how he look n.ext to startrek cast.
Anden said on 10/Oct/11
I don't think he's quite a 6'2.25.

6'1.5 suits him better.
spence said on 5/Oct/11
@ Larc. You might as well say every1 is looking taller next to quinto on average karl urban chris pine all look taller then him in there not just bana So that means urban and pine are taller then quinto to? is that what ur sayin? pine looks the same height as bana in there so is he 4-5cms on zack? Bana was 2 inches shorter then lou ferrigino, not 1 but 2 and lou is 6'3
Larc 6 ft 1.75 in said on 4/Oct/11
Eric Bana at 185cm is the biggest joke of the site:

Click Here

At least 4-5cm taller than legit 6'1 Zachary Quinto, and there's no way that Quinto is anything less than 6'1, he looks it with Mamun.
DejaVu said on 2/Oct/11
I don't know what you're smoking but he definitely looks taller than Quinto. I think he is 188cm.
Duke10 said on 22/Sep/11
Bana Looks Taller than 6'2", I'm 6'5" I looked his height up, our body types are similar. Now I need to bulk up a bit!
Gaga-183.2cm-185.1cm said on 21/Sep/11
@the poster below, the angle is tricky, ahev photos taken with people within m height range and with that angle i can look 6'3 around them, i believe he is 185 or 186 the tallest i give him.
niosha said on 21/Sep/11
Eric bana is definitely taller than Urban, Pine and Quinto... so i guess he is 6ft2 at minimum!
Click Here
Star Trek Guy said on 13/Sep/11
None of the star trek cast look the same height, but they are very very close

I think:

Urban 182 cms
Pine 183 cms
Quinto 184cms
Bana 185cms

But agreed, they are all within an inch of each other (6ft-6ft1)
ANDREA[ITA] said on 13/Sep/11
agree with johno! He's gotta be 6'0.5-6'1! 6ft2.25 is insane for him!
Gaga said on 5/Sep/11
Rob, what happened with the featurette where they stated 6' as his height? Did you look for it or the poster was teasing?
Gaga said on 4/Sep/11
After a little bit of research and the photo of mamun with zachaey quinto, i can easily say an exact range for bana, we know almost for sure that quinto is 184-185 lowest aprox, so bana, from seeing videos n yutube of them together, i am very comfident he is between 184-186 lowest, with 185 being more likely the exact number for him, quinto is not more than 185, but the safer bet is 184, there is always 1 cm between them, also in the videos they weared the same soled shoes.
johno said on 27/Aug/11
- Like i said, in some pictures, bana looks taller but, he is always wearing dress shoes in those shots and they do at times look dubious since he has quinto by any inch in them shots. Whereas, the picture i supplied had both of them footwear that was your regular trainerz/sneakers where the heel was easily visible and they are next to one anothers.

In my shot, zachary is slightly taller then bana but bana is relaxed, however his shoes also seem 1 inch in height whereas zacharys seem like 0.5 inches therefore bana would have no height zachary and inturn, what not be greater the 6'1 in height, just like zachary quinto

Zachary quinto 6'0.5-6'1
bana 6'0.5-6'1
Sam said on 26/Aug/11
Umm, I'm going to call bull on Quinto being taller than Bana. Bana might have a full inch over Quinto:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
johno said on 24/Aug/11
Pokemon_Lover says on 24/Apr/11
hey, rob i have watched the hulk 17 times, in an interveiw with bana and ang lee, deep within the special on features,on disk 2 bana says he's 6'2" and 1/8th, and ang lee says no your not your 6' and 1/8th, i measured you, this guy lies about his height, but don't get me wrong eric bana is cool.

At first it sounded a bit absurd, however, comparing him to the 6'0.5 - 6'1, zachary quinto, you can actually see that zachary is the taller man. Theres alot of shots with him and banner, some of them banner looks taller but when you can compare the shots where footwear is present thats it is not ambigious, you can clearly see that zachary is the taller man.

Click Here

So i'll stick with your 6'0.125 quote because it actually adds up

Zachary quinto 6'0.5-6'1
eric bana 6'0.1/8th
Hansen said on 15/Aug/11
187-188cm max. bana could't be higher.
Cranberries (18m, 193cm) said on 14/Aug/11
6'2.25" is right. Touches 6'3" in the morning perhaps, but a strong 6'2" most of the day.
Looks a bit more than an inch taller than Karl Urban...
Click Here
Shaun said on 13/Aug/11
With a brother in the 6'8" range, clearly has the genes to be very tall but he didn't quite make it. Must feel a runt at this height LOL.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 13/Aug/11
there's a pic with Dominic Purcell, listed 6ft1 and for sure no more since he looked at least 2 inches shorter than Michael Rapaport, who might be less than 6ft3, where he looks the same or a little shorter! 185 is his height! no more!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jun/11
Lenad, that sounds spot on. He got measured at 6ft2.75 out of bed and maybe therefore considers his morning height his real height. I think 6ft2.5 looks good.
Terryman said on 25/Jun/11
bana is 1,87m and is the height listed on here in shoes!
Richard said on 19/Jun/11
Bana was listed as 6'4" when the Hulk film came out, he clearly looked like a big guy but actors tend to overestimate their height by one or two inches before a big movie release. He is mostly likely a solid 6'2" which is still a very tall height for man. Only about 4 percent of American men are 6-2 or taller. I know he is an Aussie but the height distribution of Aussies is similar to Americans.
Lenad is sexy said on 14/Jun/11
looking at more pics he does seem to be a solid 189cm guy. When he says just under 6ft3 my geniune impression is out of bed he measured at a solid 190cm.
realityking said on 14/Jun/11
Viper bro i guess he is 6 one and a half on the DOT. and when he says just below 6.3 i think he saying with his shoes on.
dmeyer said on 27/May/11
this guy might be nearer 6 ft 1.75 to 6 ft 2 he looks that near 5 ft 10 adam sandler and 5 ft 11 seth rogen both were in flat shoes he certenly didnt look over 6 ft 2 wih a chance of 187 cm he might be 6 ft 2.25 10am and 6 ft 1.75 to 6 ft 2 by bed time 6 ft 2 its him
Pokemon_Lover said on 26/May/11
hey rob good news, it also states 6' in a special feature part depicting him with 3 hulk sizes, this is on the first disk and is easy to find, also this is not rounding, it states exact shoe size, exact weight everything you will see it, if you need exact steps to getting to this just let me know...
ThaMessenger said on 26/May/11
He looks like a solid 6'2 at minimum
Chameleon said on 25/May/11
6'1 is not impossible given how he looked next to Pitt who's at best 5'10 hahah
Legend said on 23/May/11
He's 6'1 because he dwarfed 5'9 Adam Sandler like he was 6'1. 6'1 max, but no more than that. End of...
The Horse of FUNK said on 1/May/11
"Viper says on 30/Apr/11
Why Funk? Do you enjoy being wrong ALL THE DAMN TIME? You either have an agenda here to see people taller than what they really are or you flat out cant tell height for crap.

Id be a little surprised If he was 6'0, but If he was measured at 6-0 then so be it. I think he could be as low as 6-1 originally."

I just think you're a troll who gets off on his internet celebrity stardom on this website.
Viper said on 30/Apr/11
Why Funk? Do you enjoy being wrong ALL THE DAMN TIME? You either have an agenda here to see people taller than what they really are or you flat out cant tell height for crap.

Id be a little surprised If he was 6'0, but If he was measured at 6-0 then so be it. I think he could be as low as 6-1 originally.
Lenad is sexy said on 28/Apr/11
6'0 looks too low. I'd give him 6'2-ish. Looks it to me
The Horse of FUNK said on 28/Apr/11
Pretty ridiculous that some people are even considering 6'0" for Eric Bana. Look at Viper licking his lips, lol.
Viper said on 27/Apr/11
If hes 6-0, tells you just how tall 6-0 can pull off. Hell some think hes just under 6-3, lol.
Pokemon_Lover said on 25/Apr/11
i can't find it i have a ps2 it only fast forwords times 2 and if i skip it, it returns to the feature menu i remember it's somewhere in there but it's deep in the middle of one, sorry i can't help, if you can find it, you will probably skip it, if you fast forword a little to fast, i have seen this movie to the bone. i remember clearly, ang lee's official words.
Viper said on 25/Apr/11
If hes just 6-0 Id be surprised
Pokemon_Lover said on 24/Apr/11
hey, rob i have watched the hulk 17 times, in an interveiw with bana and ang lee, deep within the special on features,on disk 2 bana says he's 6'2" and 1/8th, and ang lee says no your not your 6' and 1/8th, i measured you, this guy lies about his height, but don't get me wrong eric bana is cool.

[Editor Rob: which featurette part?]
SAK said on 23/Apr/11
Morning 190cm Afternoon 189cm Evening 188cm

Solid 6ft2
Viper said on 22/Apr/11
I think Bana could be 6-1. Yes he did look shorter than 6-2 Josh Hartnett. Hartnett isnt 6-3.
Shaun said on 22/Apr/11
Aaron says on 24/Jan/11
6'2" flat, 6'2.25" isn't unrealistic but he doesn't look that tall.

Seriously dude how can you tell 0.25?? You can say "he doesnt look 6'3" or something but 0.25" is miniscule and undetectable..
Shaun said on 22/Apr/11
Bana is 189-190 range.
Shaun said on 22/Apr/11
Certainly looks 6'3" next to Clarkson but he has footwear and posture advantage, Clarkson is slouching and has on flat mocassin shoes. Clarkson I think is 6'4.5" today.
Shaun said on 22/Apr/11
Bana and Selleck both view themselves as short! Selleck's father was 6'7". Just goes to show there is considerble variation in height in families if his brother is a good 5 inches taller...
Candyman said on 15/Mar/11
Looks 6'1.5" next to Quinto to me. Don't know what you guys are seeing.
ali said on 13/Feb/11
eric bana was clearly shorter than 6'3 josh harnett in black hawk down so how could he be a little over 6'2.
brooksy04 said on 12/Feb/11
Looks a little taller than 186cm Aussie Rules St Kilda FC player Lenny Hayes,look them both up in google images. I'd say bang on 6'2 maybe a bit more so this listing seems correct.
GS92efc said on 30/Jan/11
Here is Bana with Jeremy Clarkson who is 6,5. Not much difference at all. This would make Banna 6,4. So either Bana is in lifts or Clarkson is not 6,5 one thing is for sure, Clarkson is not a Lift wearer.
Click Here
Anonymous said on 20/Jan/11
come on, do you see a 1.75 inch difference between him and Pine here?
Click Here
Chuck said on 15/Jan/11
Wow SAK you are wayyy far off. He towered 5'7" Jennifer Conoley (can't spell the last name) in The Hulk. I think Rob has it right, like usual. Eric looks a little over 6'2", but maybe a bit under 6'3". 6'2.25" is spot on. Tall guy for sure. Definitely taller than 6 ft or 6'1".
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/11
ive seen him around back when he used to live in Hampton, Melbourne. i am 189cm bare foot and i look him in the eye
Dooley said on 26/Nov/10
Oh Sak, you are too funny. I have absolutely nothing to feel badly about. I'm just stating the facts.

Dmeyer, yes I had a boss once in the US who claimed he was 6" and I could see several inches of air above his head. And here in Australia I've lost count of how many so called 6'4"-5" men I've met who I nearly look in the eye.

OK, I want to know: Have either of you see him up close in person? Or are you gauging this by photos and movies?
SAK said on 19/Nov/10
Dooley says on 16/Nov/10
OK folks, here's the deal. I am a 6'1-1/2" woman (translate - does not exaggerate height like 95% of the men I've met in my life). I see Eric Bana every weekend at our riding stable. I walk right past him, within a few feet. My riding boots have a 1-1/4" heel, putting me at 6'2-3/4". He wears trainers which probably have about a 3/4" heel/base. He is at least 2" shorter than me, at best, so he's lucky if he's 6 ft.
That is crap he in not 6ft, stop trying to make urself feel better,
dmeyer said on 19/Nov/10
sorry dooley but i dont believe bana could anything under 6 ft 1.5 in, at worst he is 6 ft 2.25 with sneakers ,raughly shorter than you ,to me is is probably 190cm with trainers, like you in boots, you got fooled by his posture and also distance but i totaly understand wath you say i agree 95 percent of men exagerate theyr height , i think some people got mesured in the morning and dont know we are shorter at night , some claim get mesured with shoes on and some just lie , in france people round up 1 to 2 cm in america 1 to 1.5 in at 5 ft 11.25 5 ft 11.5 i was alwais taller than 6 ft claimers and mush bigger than 5 ft 11 claimers most 5 ft 10.5 to 5 ft 11.25 men will say 6 ft and most 5 ft 9.75 to 5 ft 10.25 will claim 5 ft 11 it rare to meet somebody under 6 ft that dont round up but guys like bana who are well over 6 ft wont round up more than 0.5 in
Dooley said on 16/Nov/10
OK folks, here's the deal. I am a 6'1-1/2" woman (translate - does not exaggerate height like 95% of the men I've met in my life). I see Eric Bana every weekend at our riding stable. I walk right past him, within a few feet. My riding boots have a 1-1/4" heel, putting me at 6'2-3/4". He wears trainers which probably have about a 3/4" heel/base. He is at least 2" shorter than me, at best, so he's lucky if he's 6 ft.
Lenad is sexy said on 10/Nov/10
I think hes 6'2-ish. The 6'3 and 6'4 claims are bullocks but
E said on 4/Nov/10
Bana does not have over 4 inches on 5'10" john cho in the picture maybe a strong 6'1" maybe...
RobertJ said on 27/Sep/07
Not the best angle but Bana looks huge next to 5'4'' McAdams.

Click Here
ras said on 13/Jul/07
Bana looks shorter cause the tip of his nose doesn't reach Glenns top of the head.
RobertJ said on 29/May/07
Bana has very narrow shoulders, although not evident in the Glenn's pic, which can make him look smaller in comparison to Jackman.
glenn said on 22/May/07
i dont know where the pic is and its horrible.he is behind me several feet and im not looking in.jackman gives the illusion of being taller than bana.
OutBenchThis said on 22/May/07
Hey Glenn, did Jackman appear bigger than Bana? They both look around 6'2.5" mark but Bana in the pic with you looks flat on 6'2" so what about Jackman? Is rob going to post it up?

[Editor Rob: I've never seen it, glenn mentioned something about it not being good to show height?]
Fox said on 19/May/07
he looks 6'3
glenn said on 19/May/07
he appeared 6-2.i have a bad photo with jackman.
Korben said on 19/May/07
nice finally getting a pic with bana, now we need one with Jackman, where was this taken? Looks about 6'3 in that pic, big dude.
Anonymous said on 18/May/07
He looks at least 6'2 in that picture.
Irshgrl500 said on 17/May/07
Eric is tall and handsome. In my opinion he has been completely miscast as Henry VIII in the upcoming movie "The Other Boleyn Girl". Henry VIII was 6'2", as Eric appears to be. Their height is the only thing he and the 16th century King seem to have in common, as far as appearances go.
Viper said on 17/May/07
He looks 6-2.
Anonymous said on 16/May/07
Look at glenns picture with Tony Hawk. Thats 6'3.
Bana is a strong 6'2 if you will.
Anonymous said on 16/May/07
Glenn's leaning too though
Anonymous said on 16/May/07
looks like a solid 6'3
Drew said on 16/May/07
Eric Bana is clearly leaning in the pic. Looks a solid 6'3" guy.
Alex said on 15/May/07
He's looking 6'2.5 with Glenn.
dmeyer said on 15/May/07
i agree bana loose aleast 0.75 in by his position
Fox said on 15/May/07
6'2-6'3 id say
dmeyer said on 15/May/07
pitt can look in under bana so 5'11 for pitt even in public
Boxing Fighter said on 15/May/07
Yeah RobertJ.
The photo is very conclusive.
If he was wearing regular shoes, 6ft2 to 6ft3.
Anthony said on 15/May/07
Looks an even 6'2.

[Editor Rob: with Bana I can see that Glenn has slight upward head tilt, bana has a slight downward head tilt. Both bana/dicaprio have very subtle head tilts almost the same (in caprio case he doesn't look like he's got a sideway lean though) but glenn can have that too.
Anyway, one eye is raised above the effective horizontal line. If you have their heads horizontal, their eyeline would look more like the lines drawn in the picture below, but of course to me its more obvious bana has a downward tilt than leo has, I would add an easy 1/2 inch (probably nearer 1) to that eyelevel line I drew for bana if he had his head tilted looking more neutral ahead.

what I'm jabbering about.
RobertJ said on 15/May/07
Photo proves it, no less than 6'2''.
glenn said on 15/May/07
yes,a hotel.he was very nice.during the hulk,he was a jerk i heard.i was surprised he was 6-2.i thought he was taller.
TheJerk said on 15/May/07
He looks just on 6-2 (maybe) if he stood straighter here. It is more evidence that Glenn is the height he claims though.
Editor Rob said on 15/May/07
I remember seeing chopper in 2001 and thinking that guy has a chance of being big, he did look tall in that film. This was a hotel you're outside?
wgileso said on 6/Apr/07
6'3 6'4 I have had the pleasure of meeting him same height regular shoes
Anonymous said on 19/Mar/07
I looked at the traoy premiere pics in teh Eric Bana entry of Yahoo pics. Angle of photos give different impressions but looking them all ove I have to say bana is around three inches taller than pitt. Of course i'm not sure how tall he is.
Dan said on 11/Mar/07
From what I have seen of him, I think he is exactly 3 inches taller than Pitt. So 6'2 seems likely-
Jordan said on 20/Dec/06
there is alot of evidince this guy could be 6'2.5--why 6'2.25 on here

[Editor Rob: the geezer said it, a little over 6ft 2...he could have said 6ft 2.5.

A little by my book is 1/4 an inch]
Jason said on 20/Nov/06
I can't see him any shorter than 6'1 3/4''.
Aussie Bloke said on 19/Nov/06
I agree with anonymous, he does appear around the same height as pitt in the premiere pics, and his hair gives the impression he is taller than what he actually is! I think he may be only 6ft-6ft1, that is of course in bair feet
Anonymous said on 1/Nov/06
In the premiere pics of troy he looked around the same height as pitt.
Miiiiiiighty said on 31/Oct/06
He never looks like a dwarf when crossing Lou Ferrigno in Hulk ( and he's wearing a bike helmet! ) ..
No way he's taller then 6'1
Jason said on 21/Oct/06
Weird. I thought he only looked around 6'2'' in Munich.
Dave said on 20/Oct/06
I'm surprised that Bana's six-two, in the movie Munich, he looked to be about six-five but then again he was probably wearing big shoes to make him fit his character.
dmeyer said on 12/Oct/06
in most premiere pic of troy pitt looks 3 inches smaller than bana so 5'11
dmeyer said on 12/Oct/06
188 189 make since he didnt look a full 3 inches on burrows also thats whi pitt in elevator looked only 2 inches shorter i think that even in lifts brad reach about 6'1.5 so looks about 6'0.5

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