How tall is Geddy Lee

Geddy Lee's Height

5ft 10 (177.8 cm)

Canadian singer-songwriter and musician from the band Rush.

How tall is Geddy Lee
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5ft 9.6in (176.8cm)
jpow73 said on 2/Dec/23
In recent interviews, Geddy described Neil as a “a lanky guy, 6’2” when he first auditioned. That would likely put Geddy at 5’8 to 5’9 and Alex at 5’9 to 5’10
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Apr/23
That was rather brilliant to see Geddy on stage with Yes just now! They were performing the song Roundabout.

Lunchbox said on 4/Mar/23
I had the chance and ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to meet him and Lifeson in 2015ish(?) Around the same time they quit touring, and even then at my age I had shrunk to 5-10 flat footed, and with a modest heel from dress shoes I was miles above Geddy and about the same as Alex who I was eyeball level with so I knew the whole 5-10 statement I had heard wasn't exactly accurate. 5-8 tops, and chances are he never was his listed height. Welcome to showbiz folks! Any time you want to get a fair assumption of the height of a guitarist just look at what instrument they are using and get started...
Sandy Cowell said on 10/Jan/23
That’s very interesting, Meltdown. The closest I’ve got to Geddy Lee was by being in the front row of his Permanent Waves tour!

I know I’ve been shrinking and my shrinkage rate beats most people’s, but then I have a spinal condition, which can only get worse.

I’m singing along to 2112 right now.
Meltdown said on 5/Oct/22
@ Sandy Cowell said on 29/Sep/22

Not sure how much you know about height. But if you study the charts thoroughly as I have, you will know that on average most adults lose their first full inch by their late 50s, and the second full inch by their early 70s.

With that said, I am 5ft 10 morning height and 5ft 9 1/2 for most of the day. I was standing on Hollywood Blvd about 6 to 8 feet away from Geddy Lee at ground level immediately following the Walk of Fame ceremony in 2010. He was slightly shorter than me. I would say 5ft 8 1/2 or 5ft 9 flat at very most. Bear in mind, by this time he was in his late 50s and likely already lost an inch from his peak.

Now pushing 70, he has easily lost an inch and a half is probably no taller than 5ft 8 flat, late morning/afternoon height.

@ Rob, can we get an update here?
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Sep/22
I have the movie ‘Twins of Evil’ on, as it’s showing on Legend. When Peter Cushing and his Stuart witch-hunting comrades said “Guilty!” followed by Peter’s, “Then she must burn….”, I thought, “That does it! I have to see Rush’s video of their 1981 song ‘Witch Hunt’, so that’s exactly what I did.

I like the humorous touch of Rush’s headbanging male witch hunters. 😂👌🏼

⭐️ I’d have been burnt at the stake in the 17th Century for keeping cats! 🐈‍⬛🤪🐈

Geddy gets 5ft10.
Alanon said on 26/Aug/22
@meltdown they are turning / turned 69 this year. You said yourself Geddy was 57 in 2010, it's not 2023 yet haha!
Sandy C said on 16/Jul/22
A couple of days ago on the 14th of July, I couldn’t resist playing the Rush song ‘Bastille Day’ on the 233rd anniversary of the actual event, which led to the French Revolution and the end of the French monarchy.

The song comes from their album ‘Caress of Steel’.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Jun/22
Very interesting, Meltdown! I’d have loved to see this talented man myself so close up. 🤝😁

I saw him with the band at Hammersmith Odean back
in 1980.
Meltdown said on 15/May/22
I was about 6 feet from Geddy Lee at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in 2010. My afternoon height is 5'9.5 and he was almost an inch shorter at that time (around 57 years of age).

For GL, I'd say 5'9.5 peak height, 5'8.75 in 2010, and likely 5'8 max height now turning 70 this year.

Alex Lifeson would be 5'11 peak height. Now, maybe 5'9.5 also turning 70.

Neil Peart (RIP legend) stated on his website during the Fire On Ice music video period (2009) that he was about 6'3. That year he turned 57 and would have lost almost an inch already (especially with his posture). So for NP I'd give 6'3.5 peak, maybe 6'1.5 by end of life (2020).

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Feb/22
All three members of Rush are/were highly educated men.

Drummer Neil Peart was referred to as 'The Professor', which I picked up on this afternoon while listening to my new 'A Farewell to Kings' three-disc 40th anniversary celebration CD, complete with songs from other albums.

Both Geddy and Alex Lifeson studied at Canada's Lippising University, Ontario, getting Honorary Doctorates in Music - the first incident ever - in 2014. Alex joked in a recorded message that he'd like to celebrate by writing prescriptions for everyone, adding "...but apparently I'm not that kind of Doctor!" Very funny, Alex!

Geddy also recorded an acceptance speech.

I knew it would be worth checking out the band members' educational achievements. 🏆

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Feb/22
I'm so upset to have found out that Burke Shelley, of the rock band Budgie, has died.

He was part of the Welsh rock trio Budgie, who started making music in 1967. Shelley was frequently compared with Geddy Lee as they both had long, dark hair and shrill, high-pitched voices. I saw Budgie at the Saxon Tavern in 1983 and touched all three members.

RIP John Burke Shelley 🕯️ XXXXX 🐦
(10/4/1950 - 10/1/2022)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Jan/22
Check out the video to the song 'Witch Hunt', from Rush's 1981 album 'Moving Pictures'.

Look very carefully at the beginning and you'll notice Peter Cushing saying, "Then she must burn."

Creepy stuff, complete with a witch hunt from 17th century Stuart England, taken from a movie.

Geddy gets 5ft10. 🎶😍🎶
MaskDeMasque said on 4/Feb/21
Yea 5'10. Alex was 5'11 now he's about 5'10 maybe just under. Alex is in the latest trailer park boys show and looks an inch tops taller than 5'9 bubbles. Neil was a big guy, prob around 6'3 peak.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Sep/20
Geddy's life-long friend, drummer of Rush Neil Peart, should have been celebrating his 68th Birthday on Saturday just gone.

Geddy can have 5ft10, though he could well have been a little more back in his youth. The trio of Led Zeppelin fans got together to make similar music, but the music they made was totally individual. I got into them at 18 and one of the first albums I bought was 'Fly By Night'🦉, which was from 1975. I remember thinking "The guys were no older than me, and Geddy possibly a bit younger, when they made this!" Their album 'Rush' was released in 1974.

They were in their mid-teens when they had their hearts set on a musical career. Geddy has been voted the 13th most popular heavy rock singer out of a Top 💯 in an eminent American poll.

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Jan/20
I've just read that the drummer of Rush, Neil Peart, has died at just 67. How terrible. I saw the group in 1980 and they were terrific. It was hard to believe that three guys could play such incredible music.

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Aug/19
@ Danimal - Hmmm... That was an interesting comment you wrote on the 10th August 2017, mentioning all the heights of Rush's three members. It happens to be guitarist Alex Lifeson's birthday today and like Geddy, he is 66.

🎂🎸 Happy Birthday Alex Lifeson! 🎸🎂

As it's Geddy's page, he can have 5ft10 again!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Jul/19
🎸🎂🎁🎉 Happy Birthday Geddy! 🎉🎁🎂🎸

Wishing the great Geddy Lee a very happy 66th Birthday.

I kept seeing people with sew-on badges of Rush when I went to see Led Zeppelin at Knebworth on the 4th July 1979. I trusted my fellow fans' taste and started buying Rush LPs. I wasn't disappointed! What struck me was how young they were when they began making excellent music. I bought their triple album 'Archives', and they were mega young at the time those were made - in the earlier 70s. I have heard them dubbed 'intellectual rock' and I don't disagree.

I saw them in Summer 1980. Three guys producing such powerful music - amazing!


Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/May/19
Once on the way to work, I observed a guy in a suit and tie sitting on the train near to me. He was the spit of Geddy Lee, with the same face and long, brown hair. I couldn't resist following him to work; he was heading in my direction anyway, so the decision didn't exactly put me out. It did make me late for work though!


It was the same year I saw Rush at Hammersmith Odeon. I was 19 and worked as a secretary in London's West End.

Geddy gets five ten. I should have got a spanking! 💃
Danimal said on 10/Aug/17
Alex and Geddy have both lost close to 1" (they are in their 60's). Neil has lost more. He used to be several inches taller than Alex who was close to 6'0". Today Neil is marginally taller than Alex.
msn187 said on 19/Feb/17
With recent footage I've seen, Peart is lucky if he hits the 188 cm mark. A weak 6'2 today I'd say.
Sandy Cowell said on 26/Oct/16
Fantastic group live and in the studio alike. I saw their 'Permanent Waves' tour in 1980 at Hammersmith Odeon. Geddy and Alex, with their lovely long manes still uncut, looked much the same size. I had no idea the drummer, Neil, was so much taller. Typical!
truth said on 24/May/16
@Wipeout I agree more or less.
Wipeout said on 22/Jan/16
Geddy Lee was about 5'10 peak height, but now in his 60s is about 5'9. Alex Lifeson is just over 5'10 now and Neil Peart around 6'2.5, but remember they too being in their 60s lost about an inch from their youthful peak height.

Peak: 5'10 Current: 5'9
Peak: 5'11.25 Current: 5'10.25
Peak: 6'3.5 Current: 6'2.5
Meltdown said on 10/Jan/13
Geddy Lee 5'10
Alex Lifeson 5'11
Neil Peart 6'3
jeremy said on 17/Oct/11
geddy 5ft10.5
alex 5ft11.5
neil 6ft3
Alissa said on 31/May/09
Like I said, I have'nt ever een rush personally in concert, since I am only 13 (Still waiting for the honor :)) But I know three people who have meet The band members in the 1990's and believe this is where their heights stand:
Geddy: 5"10
Alex: 5''11
Neil: 6"4
But for Alex, I am going to have say 5'10-ish now taking into account he has gained alot of weight over the years...But Geddy is defintely 5"10, Neil is defintley 6''4
P.s. Is there any reason in paticular theres not a page for Neil, Rob? Just curious.
Alissa said on 9/May/09
Directed to Glenn:
This is a website were people can have a
disscusion on the heights of celebreties (and who's kidding who, other things to, like their music for example), and you are using it for a place to channel all your insecurities as a bitter, hyprocrite
who needs to knock others down and wave what he has (man, seriously, who cares if you have met RUSH more times
and have more photos? I don't!) in other peoples noses to make himself feel better. I am not attacking you just
because you are attacking Mr. Lee. I don't operate that way. I am just expressing my opinion, ( I am no one's
dicsiple. I'm not one of those obbsessive fans who can't wait to meet them and think they know everything about them.) which I believe you have already done enough.
Although I have never met any of the members of RUSH, nor have I even been to a concert yet, I have read every
tour book, and read Mr. Peart's articles in the News Weather and Sports section on,
as well as watched interviews, concert tapes, etc. They are Modest, confident, reserved, exremley thoughtful,
talented and inteligent men, who are always looking to take their game to the next level. They each have a good sense of humor,
and are not afraid to make fun of themselves. The important part is, they arent pefect, and they DONT TRY TO ACT LIKE IT.
Now, here you are, spewing your garbage all over this page about how rude and terrible they are.
When I first came across this site and read this page,
I was very heartbroken to hear how rude Mr. Lee had been to you and your
'friends', but then as I read more of your comments,
watching you continuallly rip down other who dared contradict you,
I relised something; why should I believe you? I have read and seen first
hand just how wrong you are. And your continually immature comments of
'I hope they are reading this!" just prove that you
are only nattering. So as to all those who have read his experinces and
are now thinking, 'Wow, I never new they were so rude!'
don't be gullible and let this guy poison your thoughts about others.
As for those of you (nancy?) who feel the need
to make up stories about these people, whether they be good or bad, it
is so obvious and I wish people had
a little more self pride. Oh, and, by the way Glenn, lay off Neil Peart.
He has never been a very public guy,
as neither am I. But he still used to go out and do countless hours of photos,
autographs and interviews after shows.
But for your information, he lost both his wife and daughter in just a
ten month time period
and he took along time to heal. It is a miracle that he is even still
putting out music and touring. I think he has earned
the right to stay out of the limelight, all the stuff that he has had to put with from people masccarading as him online, to stalkers following his bus.
And so Mr. Lifeson and Lee take care of that for him, doing even more photos and autographs and interviews then ever.
Isn't that enough for you? As for this whole thing with how ugly Geddy Lee is, who cares! I mean, I personally think
that he looked his best from the Hemispheres to the HYF era then he just ok from Roll The Bones foward, but really,
he isnt that ugly. He looks like a Polish-Jewish guy. I'm not saying he's extremley attractive either,
but anyways he has been married for 20+ years, its really about they're personality, not their looks, right?
So Glenn, for your little ecounter with Mr. Lee over your Counterparts vinyl,
you don't know what could have happened before then to make him act that way. He could have just been ambushed by the countless fans that
hide and jump out at them, he could have meet seven other people who all had a counterparts vinyl and go
'look! Counterparts on vinyl!', or he could have just been having a bad day (we all do!). I respect each of them the
greatly,and they are to me three of my musical hereos
They're music is inspirational and intresting, and as for your comment of them being rude guys who
have they're OK moments, You got it backwards man. I know they are good people, all that they've for charity, etc.
But every body has they're bad moments.
So Glenn:
Get a life.
Lisa K. Calladine said on 8/May/09
He looks about 5'10" tall,but height is not the issue here, it's the music that brings the Band Rush to mountaineous heights. I'm a later comer in both age and to the music, but I'm making up for it by buying their music and enjoying the music!!! 'If' they are rude, can you blame them sometimes. It's about their music anyway!! -
By Tor said on 1/May/09
No Way. Obviuosly, success should only come to good lookng people. Let me guess. You're one of these "individuals" who is good looking on the inside? I hate ugly, old, fat, poor, and dumb people. Thank God, if there were one, for my MENSA membership. And, yes Geddy looks like something I found in my kitchen garbage disposal.
glenn said on 29/Apr/09
templedumb-your butt hurts cause you never met anyone,or know any facts on bands.they were rude to many over the years.not just me.of course they have their good wish you were me fan boy.2 photos with geddy.1 with alex.where's yours?
Temple-One said on 29/Apr/09
LOL! This dude is still butthurt cuz Rush was rude to him a few times.
glenn said on 27/Apr/09
yes,it is unbelievable when people talk nonsense without ever meeting a celeb or a goes with the territory,the autographs and chasing.has been for decades.if one doesnt like it,stick to being a underground garage band.i wouldnt like it either.thats one of the reasons i havnt persued that career as much.but i would be grateful these people put me there and bought my hard can life be?
fansince82 said on 26/Apr/09
Unbelievable. In the defense of my favorite band...I would be rude also if I couldn't even take a piss at a baseball game without somebody coming up to me for an autograph. There is a time and a place for that. Neil's tour bus frequently gets followed (for miles) after concerts by fans seeking out autographs...they eventually have to pull over (not knowing what their intentions are) to ask them to leave...frightening. I've never met them...I would love to, however, I'm content to appreciate attending the concerts, buying the DVDs, CD's and loving the music. They don't owe me anything. I don't care how tall they are, ugly, handsome, rude, polite or whatever. The music is great, what else matters? My meager amount of money spent over the years on their CDs, concert tickets...etc... doesn't entitle me to anything. If anything, I owe them for what their music has done to inspire me during my lifetime.
Anonymous said on 8/Mar/09
Nancy I think you've been toking a bit too much. Geddy has no recollection of your story. And I asked him.
No Way said on 25/Feb/09
By Tor .. you have a wife .. and a kid?! Sorry, you just sound like you're a kid yourself. Very immature comments made by someone who probably thinks success should only come to "good looking" people.
nancy lee said on 23/Feb/09
Gentlemen: I have met Geddy twice and can vouch for his height as well as his looks and character. The first time we met was 1974 when he rescued me, a naive 18-year old, from being dragged into a hotel bathroom by an extremely inebriated Ace Frehley during Peter Criss' birthday party. Twelve years later I sent a thank-you note backstage after Rush's Richfield OH Coliseum show, at which time Geddy graciously invited me back and actually left an in-progress interview to speak with me for about 20 minutes. He not only recalled the Ace incident at the Pittsburgh Hilton in great detail (down to what I was wearing and how I wore my hair), but also remembered me at their first gig in Cleveland (!) which was held at 12 noon on a weekday and prompted me to skip school for the first and only time in my life. When I advised him that I'd committed this "crime" to drive from Youngstown with my friends to see his first show, he laughed and told me that I was a true fan to have risked the wrath of my Italian mother. We spoke of both being "first generationers", as my mother and her family fled Italy to the US during WWII, just as his parents fled to Canada after the war. He is truly a remarkable person; quite deep and thoughtful. Once it was time for me to leave, I thanked Geddy for allowing me backstage to speak with him and asked if I could have a hug in lieu of a handshake. I will never, ever forget his cheek against mine and him hugging me tight. I can emphatically state that there were no pockmarks or blemishes on his face; just cute as can be with a warm sweet smile and a long beautiful ponytail, which I implored him not to cut. For the record, I was wearing boots with a 2" heel, making me 5'9" to Geddy's 5' 10" in stocking feet (black argyle socks, LOL). I told him I hoped to see him again, to which he replied that he never forgets a true fan. Two years later, he made good on his word, calling out, "Hey Youngstown!" to me while I stood in front of the stage and - to my delight - sang "Roll the Bones" to me during the show. A year later I met and married my first husband, a professional audio engineer, which afforded me the opportunity to meet many rock & roll characters; however, Geddy Lee will always be on a pedestal because he is truly a class act and shines head & shoulders above the rest.
glenn said on 15/Jan/09
6-6? you've been saying some strange ones lately stephen king at 6-1.when he is still 6-3.bach is 6-3.and has a member in his band thats what does that make the member who is or was in his band? 7 feet? bach himself told me 6-3 and he looks it next to me.not a hair taller.
Danimal said on 14/Jan/09
Mark D. says on 13/Jan/09
Sebastian is 6'3", not 6'4", and he slouches and
stands semi-spread eagle as many tall folks do a
lot, explaining the small difference over Lee...

Try 6'6".
Mark D. said on 13/Jan/09
Sebastian is 6'3", not 6'4", and he slouches and
stands semi-spread eagle as many tall folks do a
lot, explaining the small difference over Lee...
GF said on 21/Dec/08
Geddy Lee is 5'11" and Sebastian from Skid Row is 6'4" Click Here
GF said on 21/Dec/08
glenn, more often than not my comments don't go through on this site.. i don't know what it is. i get a blank white page.
Temple-One said on 20/Dec/08
Maybe Lennon should have sneaked out of venues. He might still be alive today
glenn said on 16/Dec/08
get a life.cause you met them once big dont know them in different situations.and yes,on occasion they can be ok.still rude on the last tour i hear from friends.but not as bad.and peart sneaks out of venues till this very day.even a small club with 6 fans waiting.thats not cool.but yet your the expert.
TFMGD said on 15/Dec/08
I agree w/GF, it is ALL jealousy and a sense of entitlement from the a**hole$ posting that Geddy, Alex and Neil and are jerks/rude. I have waited my ENTIRE life to meet them (26 yrs old in 2007) and got to after their Toronto show on Sept. 22nd '07. I had heard things about them being rude, and braced for it, but they were extremely nice. I was so shocked by the difference in what I heard than the way Geddy was I accidentally blurted out "man, you guys aren't rude jerks at all!" and he LAUGHED! Asked where I had heard that and I said I had heard it many, many times through my life, and that Neil was the worst and that Alex acted like he thought he was better than everyone and that Geddy was short tempered with people. Would you like to hear his reply? It was that they can't stand the fans who ACT LIKE IT IS THEIR RIGHT TO CUT INTO THEIR PRIVATE TIME AND DEMAND STUFF FROM THEM. A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE GOTTEN "AUTOGRAPHS" OR THINGS SIGNED HAVE AMBUSHED THEM IN PUBLIC, BEFORE THE CONCERT OR RIGHT AFTER, WHEN THE HOTEL STAFFS HAVE SOLD THEIR ROOM NUMBERS TO FANS, AND PEOPLE HIDE IN THE ELEVATORS OR STAIRWELLS, OR WALK RIGHT UP TO THEIR TABLES IF THEY "DARE" TO GO TO A RESTAURANT, OR GO TO A STORE. I personally feel that THOSE PEOPLE are the rude ones. If you did something that made YOU famous, would YOU want everyone in the world to just butt into your meals or jump on you coming out of a bathroom or trying to get to your hotel room? Or when you have just been on stage BELTING YOUR LUNGS OUT AND PLAYING YOUR @$$E$ off for a bunch of people, the most of which are grateful to have the chance to see them perform, and with a good percent feeling that since they paid to see them, it is their right to hound them for autographs and photos, most of which are going to be sold on eBay (autographs) or posted on the internet for bragging rights.
SO kindly stop tearing down the GREATEST rock band ever. I have met John Kay and the rest of Steppenwolf: nice, but aloof. ALL of Aerosmith: HILARIOUS guys, but wanted to get on with the stuff they had to do. I have met CHRISTIAN artists who are ruder than rock it all just depends on how YOU perceive the artist(s) in question. If you feel THEY owe YOU something BECAUSE YOU'RE a fan, that is going to come across LOUD and CLEAR to them, and its off putting.
GF said on 20/Nov/08
Gegatso, your estimations are about exact. Although Neil might just be closer to 6'3" actually.

As per Geddy lee being ugly all I can say is people must be jealous. odd maybe, but he is not ugly at all. I see people everyday and everywhere I go who actually ARE ugly. Geddy Lee just has a typical Polish Jew look. Nothing wrong with that. Look at Nicko McBrain, Ace Frehley, Elton John, Steven Tyler, etc.. I mean I can go on and on with rockers who are ugly. If you want to talk rap and other genres the list gets longer. Why don't you pick on them instead of Geddy Lee? Oh, I think I know why. Maybe because Ged is a genius prodigious musician and all you can do is over exaggerate the size of his nose. Please.... he's no Henry Waxman. Mr Lee is a cool looking musician with a heart and mind in the right place and excellent worth ethic. A living legend, as is Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart.
Gegatso said on 2/Nov/08
I met Rush a bunch of times through the years. I'm exactly 6' which puts Ged right at 5'10" and Al about an inch taller. Neil is probably only 6'2" All great guys nonetheless.
The Stig said on 2/Oct/08
From seeing tons of photos and concerts I guess them at:
Geddy 5'11"
Alex 5' 10"
Neil 6'3" (You can also tell this by drumkit configuration, anyone under 5'10 or so would have a difficult time getting to some drums/cymbals.
They are the nicest, most humble band and have done tons of charity work including raising the most money of any celebrity/group for Katrina housing for which they get zero recognition.
On a different note, I don't know what this site says of Arnold Schwarzenegger but last year I met him face-to-face with a handshake and we were exactly the same height. I'm 6'1". With age and ailments he's probably lost an inch because I think througout his bodybilding career he was listed at 6'2".
I just spent waaaay too much time on this.
By Tor said on 30/Sep/08
In all honesty, Geddy is indeed a very nice guy. My family and I were at a Blue Jays game in Toronto and he was kind enough to shake my hand and say hello to us. However, when he leaned down to say hello to my son he cried and ran away. My wife had to spend a considerable amount of time calming our son down after the "ugly geddy" ordeal. ;) My wife said afterwards that she felt like vomiting when he smiled at her. ;) It wasn't Geddy's fault. He meant well. Like I said he's a nice friendly guy.
By Tor said on 8/Jul/08
In all honesty. Geddy Lee is one of the UGLIEST people I have ever seen. He looks like something that was jammed in my garbage disposal. So oily, greasey and stinky. Can you imagine how many holes he has in his face? He used to store alot of oil in that face. So may little white volcanos exploding.
OdDiTy said on 2/Jun/08
You'll never get a better and more honest look at their heights than you will in this YouTube Video of Rush receiving the Order of Canada about 10 years ago ..... Click Here ....this goes a long way to telling the story of their heights..... kind of a funny Video too, seeing Rock Star types all dressed up like that ..... :) ...hope you all like it.... :)
OdDiTy said on 24/May/08
Hes exactly 5ft 10 cuz Ive seen him here in Toronto before and hes eye to eye with me and Im 5 10 ..... but hes not a nice guy... it was the day after New Years and he jumped out of a car to run into a store when a middle aged dude about Geddys age extended his hand to wish him a happy New Year but Geddy basically blew right past him and embarrassed the guy in front of his Wife and Kid ... you could see the dude was excited to see him and was kinda crestfallen when Lee barely even acknowleged he was there......I thought he was a king sized jerk for doing that.... btw, you guys have a excellent site... its very interesting and I come here often and I ve turned other people onto this.....
GF said on 12/Apr/08
go to and you'll see pics of Alex and Geddy with Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighers. if Grohl is really 6' they Geddy is 5'10" and Alex about 5'11.5" or maybe 6'. That would mean Neil is between 6'3" and 6'4". pretty big dudes. not like Dream Theater where they are all under 6'
GF said on 15/Mar/08
Has anyone ever bothered to ask them their height? Duh!! HAHA

I almost agree with Minstrel Man. Just take 1 inch off each height and BAM!!! Case closed. =]
glenn said on 3/Jan/08
i agree viper.ronnie down below makes sense.and he met them.
Viper said on 3/Jan/08
I cant see Peart any taller than 6-2 1/2.
Minstrel Man said on 1/Jan/08
I saw Rush live last July. A group of the most skilled musicians around.

Lee- 5'10.5"
Lifeson- 5'11.5"
Peart- 6'4"
Ronnie said on 29/Nov/07
I've met the boys twice in the past. Once in 1977 and once in 1985. I stand about 6'-1". When I stood face to face with Geddy, the top of his head was about at my eye level and Alex was about the same height. That would put Geddy at about 5'-9" and Alex about 5'- 9" at best. It should be noted however, that Geddy WAS wearing a pretty thick sole and that would probably have given him about another 1" or so increase. Didn't get to ever meet Neil either time...he doesn't care much for public appearances unfortunately.
But HEY, I LOVE their music....and....they DO ROCK...don't they!
glenn said on 4/Nov/07
lifeson i thought was 5-9.they never stayed here in new york when they played the tri state area.they flew back to i havnt met them since the mid 90s.
dave said on 26/Oct/07
What would you peg Lifeson at Glenn? Looks 5'11'' or 6' to me.
glenn said on 10/Jul/07
rob-how come you never put up my alex lifeson pic?

Editor Rob
when was lifeson sent, sometime this year/last year, I'd have to sift through the email attachments to find it.
glenn said on 12/May/07
so far the cd is overated to me.hopefully itll grow on isnt bad,but it isnt great to me. rushfan-your pretty accurate.ill be meeting them soon.
PariahDog said on 8/May/07
I wouldn’t say that. I think Test for Echo and Vapor Trails were stepping stones and growing points for them. They both have a different feel. Test for Echo was by far not my favorite, but I’m still glad to have it in my collection. I just don’t believe it was there best effort, and you had a few filler songs such as “The Color of Right” and “Carve Away the Stone,” but that doesn’t make it crap.

As for Vapor Trails… I really liked this album. The only song I didn’t care for much was “Freeze.” Besides that, it’s just the horrible clipping and the way it was recorded that makes me upset. If they re-master it, I’d surely buy another copy.

Snakes and Arrows is absolutely wonderful though. I love all the songs, I love how they explored some areas, and I’m happy with it. I’m proud to say they can still rock like no other. The only thing I have a problem with is 2:21 on “We Hold On.” I have no idea if it was intentional, but it seems that a beat is missing, and it bothers me. Other than that, it’s another favorite for me.

As for Geddy… It’s a bit of a odd emotion. I sometimes find him absolutely handsome, and other times I wonder why I ever thought that? I dig the newer look though.

P.S The “Dark Crystal” joke made me chortle.
D. Ray Morton said on 8/May/07
"much better than Vapor Trails and Test for Echo combined."

Which still isn't saying much. I do quite like "Hope," though.

Geddy definitely does look better these days, but probably because he's found a cool get-up (shades, vest, goatee, flattering hairstyle, etc.) which suits him. He looks hip and distinguished. I recently saw an interview from the Permanent Waves era and, not to be mean or anything, but he looked like something out of the Dark Crystal.
D. Ray Morton said on 4/May/07
This ain't about height, but rather depths. New album blows. And Neil's new lyrics are so irrepressively negative. Wtf?

Anyway, back to height.
Rushfan said on 30/Mar/07
I believe that Geddy Lee is 5'10", and Neil Peart is 6'1" and Alex Lifeson is 5'8" and if taller than Geddy Lee, he's wearing high heels. Hey Glenn, did you listen to Farcry yet? It's sound like there stuff from Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures and Signals and is totally awesome! It's on their website now!
glenn said on 7/Mar/07
why do you take the time to write all this? nothing better to do? do you see me abusive with others on the site that dont get supid first? come to nyc if you have time or money,talk s*** to me and ill put you and anyone in their place,ill tell you and anyone on the site where to find me.if you approach me with manners and express yourself properly,im a great guy.i dont care about your a matter of fact dont post anymore,since your still talking s***,then come see me.otherwise,im wasnt needed to comment on my looks,since there isnt much wrong with me,so that in itself was malicious.and you actually have the time to comment is what fascinates me.typical copmputet geek loser you are.rob,get rid of this parasite.
Liam76 said on 7/Mar/07

As for meeting Rush, well, I know more then one person who
glenn said on 3/Mar/07
never out of my league buddy.your in my house now.its robs site,but i live mind your business.
mrdeppness said on 2/Mar/07
Still I hold:

Neil Peart= 6'3"
Alex Lifeson= 5'11"
Geddy Lee= 5'9"

btw Glenn, save your animosity for the AC/DC fans. You're out of your league buddy.

glenn said on 24/Feb/07
i havent seen them since 1994 is what i meant to say.first time 1991.
glenn said on 24/Feb/07
thanks for stepping in rob.
glenn said on 24/Feb/07
im not the only one with rush complaints liam.ive been hearing them for 20 years.bad reports from friends cross country even in 2002.but you just want to assume and attack me like the other nut,i am a rush fan and of course they have their moments where they are nice.but the bad reports and experiences sure or rather hopeing they will be receptive and cordial in 2008.i have seen them since for my looks again,yes in the last year or so i look pretty ugly in pics.but thats age and for the other pics its absurd to a super model compared to some.your what i call keyboard s*** and be jury and executioner hiding in front of a that junk in my face.if your in the nyc area,which i doubt,let me give a piece of my mind in person.and then ill take you to meet rush, to show you that you my friend are the problem.not serious on that offer.of course you wont take it.geographically reponse to me and assumptions are typical,predictable and elementary to say the least.i studied psychology and noticed alot of jealosy on this sit.i bid you sweet farewell.
Liam76 said on 21/Feb/07
Yeah Glenn, that's "immature” all right, but about what I’d have expected.

Insofar as having "problems with Rush fans" is concerned, well, perhaps they're not the problem, perhaps it's not them, but YOU, ever stop to consider that (obviously not)? From what I can tell the “problem” you’re referring too are people disagreeing with your ... opinion. I don't know dude, but from what I can tell you're about the only one that I can see that has met Rush and had nothing good to say about the band, why do you think that might be? That would be quite a coincidence wouldn’t you say Glenn? Seriously mate, if you treat people outside of this website anything close to as abrasively as you do here it’s hardly a surprise that people don’t respond well to you.....By the way, I highly doubt that who ever runs this site appreciates you driving people away with your abuse, just because you might “contribute” a lot to the site does not give you the right to abuse people who don’t agree with you................................

And as far as me commenting on your looks....................

Editor Rob
I can't let half your post through...what started off the geddy argument again, was it someone calling him handsome and then ugly...

Anyway, I operate the site but I'm in the position that for any nonsense directed towards me its easy to delete without thought, but its different for the main photo/sighting contributer - sometimes stuff that is argumentive or touches on certain things might piss off Glenn.

this page could end up a circle of argument, so best just dropping it.
Melissa said on 12/Feb/07
I have to agree with Katie...Geddy Lee is a very very handsome man! I've actually had the pleasure of meeting him several times, as well. I live in Toronto and have seen and talked to him about 10 times while out and about in the past few years. He is honestly one of the nicest guys I have met. I've been a Rush fan since 1987 and they definately are not rude at all!
Liam76 said on 12/Feb/07
....................the end result is that guys with attitudes like his end up driving people who want to participate in good forums like these away, I mean, people just get sick of hearing it and being attacked every time they might disagree...................
D. Ray Morton said on 12/Feb/07
In Glenn's defense, saying that someone is rude because you met them and they actually WERE rude doesn't necessarily make you look "dumb."

Now, 44-year-olds in 1987 Kiss Tour shirts...THAT looks dumb. (43 would be okay, though)
Liam76 said on 12/Feb/07
I regards to "Katie’s" post, dude, what's your problem? I mean, she finds Geddy Lee handsome, so what, that's her right and that doesn't make her "anal" or "dumb" and it certainly doesn't make her "immature?” How exactly that would make her "anal, "dumb" or "immature" I have yet to figure out? Perhaps it's that you don't know what the words you're using actually mean? Not to mention dude, but perhaps you haven't noticed, but you're not exactly a stunner in the looks department yourself. From what I’ve seen you seem to be big on calling down and abusing anyone who doesn’t agree with you like some sort of spoiled child. I think that if anyone here is acting “immature” and is suffering from a serious attitude problem it’s YOU. What you said to her was totally uncalled for and you should be MATURE enough to apologize.
Glenn said on 11/Feb/07
Thank you least someone backs me on that.Gene is sexy compared to Geddy though.they both overdosed on ugly pills.
Glenn said on 7/Feb/07
1991 to the right,1993 to the left.
Glenn said on 6/Feb/07
Im trying to figure out if I was 5-7 in those pics.that would make Geddy 5-9.
D. Ray Morton said on 6/Feb/07
I think he's got a cool look together now, with the shades and whatnot (a look which I believe was introduced to us around Conterparts). He's one of those cases where lookswise - at least presentationally-speaking - he's gotten better with age.

Nice new pic, Glenn. He looks 5'10"+ there. Were boots involved?
Katie said on 6/Feb/07
Geddy Lee is very handsome...I've heard that he is 5'9.. I am a huge Rush fan and I disagree with those of you who call them rude just makes you look dumb!
Glenn said on 12/Oct/06
No problem Dr.Ray.that ggpow is one disturbed guy.judgeing me, yet never meeting me.and he wouldnt let up harrasing me.some jealous,vicious people out there.have fun gg.JAILS dont make you take your shoes off, least not in crime town NYC.your an expert on me,jails,and Rush huh? gg? get some meds,if your not already on.your a very negative and angry headcase.
D. Ray Morton said on 5/Oct/06
Leosgf, are you in the airport scenes of the documentary by any chance?

Thanks, RS; I'll check it out.

Thanks, Glenn. It probably sounded like a stupid question, but I'm always interested in the communication process that goes on in these situations - especially the more difficult/tense ones.

Leosgf said on 4/Oct/06
Hi there

I'm From Brazil and when they came here in 2002 to record the Rush In Rio Dvd, i was on the airport to give them a warming welcome (a.k.a asking for photos and autographs hahaha)!

What i wanna say is i'm a 6'2 (188 cm) and Peart is DEFINITELY taller than me. He's probably 6'4.

And of course he didn't let me take a picture.. :(

He's shy
RS said on 4/Oct/06
D. Ray, if you want to read about the arrest, check out the Naples Daily News. It is available online. The story was big over here.
Glenn said on 4/Oct/06
6ft in heels.
Glenn said on 4/Oct/06
Its all in communication.I had the right words Dr Ray.and sick timing.bumped into him.
D. Ray Morton said on 2/Oct/06
"broke down the near impossible Elton last week.posed with me."

How did you do it?
D. Ray Morton said on 2/Oct/06
Which son? Justin?
Glenn said on 14/Sep/06
Have fun! hope you can still post,but uderstand if you dont.
Danimal said on 14/Sep/06
Counterparts was their best album since 1982. It had rock, funk, groove, melody and was heavy as hell!

BTW Glenn, flying out tonight!!
Glenn said on 14/Sep/06
Im a huge Billy Idol fan D.
Glenn said on 13/Sep/06
Yeah,I loved Counterparts.return to more metal.loved Hold Your Fire then.not sure if itll hold up well now.Presto Im not to sure of.that Rap part still sickens me.
sf said on 13/Sep/06
Yea, Geddy's voice is not for everyone, but he music is great from the early/mid 70's to early 80's. Haven't liked too much past "Hold Your Fire."
Danimal said on 13/Sep/06
White Wedding and Rebell Yell Kick ASS!!
Glenn said on 13/Sep/06
I like most Rush.70s stuff I love.but yeah,his voice can be wave music influenced artist you wouldnt expect such as Van Halen,Rush and Punker Billy Idol.all 1982-1983.
Viper652 said on 13/Sep/06
Its their only song I really like though. Most of their music does nothing for me. Also Geddy's voice is not for everyone.
Danimal said on 12/Sep/06
That's a great song Viper. Their best years were from 74-82.
Glenn said on 12/Sep/06
Oh my.more weirdness.Chicago is in town too! I remember some TALL dudes in that band.and maybe a shorty or 2.I think its something like 7 or so members.probably wont bother.too much other stuff going on.
Glenn said on 12/Sep/06 friend of mine thinks Alex is taller than Geddy most of you.however he ignores footwear and is bad at judging height.he thinks Geddy is 5-8.wait till I find my Alex photo with.if I do.we are the same height.caught him heeless.
Glenn said on 12/Sep/06
Thank you least you did something about it.want to talk about wildness and totally bizarre coincedence? my friend got a tip on Peart out of the blue today and got him to sign! he was here at I guess an airport connecting flights.I was sleeping,but dont mind cause if its my friends find,I usually work for him anyway,and wouldve had to get his albums way would he sign my albums too.lucky he obtained what he did,cause he is usually a one autograph kind of guy.what am I going to do if was there? get my friends lps done and measure him? no photos with as usual.he was somewhat nice,but perplexed as to how my friend knew and asked if someone was following him.some things dont change,at least he signed more than one.I was the first to get Alex to pose.Ill get Neil to do it one day.Im good with words.broke down the near impossible Elton last week.posed with even the impossible can happen.
Viper652 said on 12/Sep/06
The only Rush song I like is subdivisions actually.
Danimal said on 12/Sep/06
Rob, you deleted the part where I stated that there was only one Danimal and that I was just backing up Glenn, but I am definitely my own person with my own opinions. That's all.
Glenn said on 12/Sep/06
CHICAGO is recently,in the last 3 years,the worst band ever,in rudeness.tied or surpassed Rush.flashing guns at the waist,is pretty low,demented and beyond paranoid for any Rush fan or dealer to put up with.maybe he had death threats.but he was always,since 1991,at least very unfriendly and never posed with a fan.though I just heard a couple people got pics with him recently.dont know details or if even true.

Editor Rob
Ok, yes I have cleared off some of the posts on this thread as it was getting too heated and insulting. Enough ggpow, please let this thread rest in peace, or at least just discuss rush heights.
sf said on 10/Sep/06
Glenn - I am always dissapointed with your discussions of your encounters with RUSH. I've been a huge fan since the early 80's and it's dissapointing to hear that they act this way. Surprising, too, since they try to say so much in their music about this very kind of stuff. I believe your encounters, it's just sad if they do take this approach. You'd think this band, more than most, would go out of their way to appreciate the fans. Especially, too, since they haven't always been appreciated the way they should be.
Danimal said on 8/Sep/06
Glenn, very well put! I'm with you 100% and no, I'm not gay ;).
D. Ray Morton said on 6/Sep/06
Mrdeppness - just trying to levitate the situation!

Forget Dirk, Lerxst, and Milton Banana. How tall is Dukey The Dog? And what hair products does he favor?

And the wives, dammit, the wives! (Charlene looks about 5'5", Nancy about 5'8", and Carrie...not certain on her yet.)

"Listen to "Limelight." "

Yup. Or "Vital Signs" - nice commentary on the complex relationship between artist and fan. "Signals get crossed..."

"Animate" covers similar ground, no?
ggpow1 said on 6/Sep/06
This is what I understand their heights to be-Neil is 6'4", Alex is 6' and Geddy is 5'10".
mrdeppness said on 6/Sep/06
Fellas come one now. Let's talk about heights here.

Neil = 6'3"
Alex = 5'11"
Geddy = 5'9"

D.Ray Morton that was pretty funny haha. I'll get the cup ;P
Glenn said on 6/Sep/06
The music they give isnt in comparison to the luxery they get in I would NEVER think this had I not run into rude celebs and realise you gotta be kidding me,fans are their bread and butter. D-animal- thats what Ive been hearing too.the confusion with Alex in my eyes and maybe others,is that I noticed he was 5-10ish in wouldnt that mean that he is 5-8ish at best? Geddy appeared 5-9 to 5-10 in converse and other sneakers.Neil 6-2.Ill ask my friends again.they are the true Rush experts.
ggpow1 said on 5/Sep/06
Christ "Glenn", I suggest you get over it (and yourself). Did poor baby not get treated like he THOUGHT he should've? Listen, just because someone produces music that you happen to like does NOT mean that they owe you ANYTHING, get it? They don't owe you a chat, they don't owe you an autograph and they don
Danimal said on 4/Sep/06
Glenn, hasn't Geddy always been shorter than Alex in every interview, concert and video over the years? I'm just curious.
Glenn said on 4/Sep/06
Exactly Rob.
D. Ray Morton said on 4/Sep/06
Celebrities don't owe us anything but a good performance.

(And a pint of blood, if they're feeling magnanimous.)
mrdeppness said on 3/Sep/06
p.s. sorry folks about the typos. i didn't run through spell check.
mrdeppness said on 3/Sep/06
First I want to comment about Rush being mean. I haven't actuually met them, but I did however get to see Geddy Lee on the very first signing of "My Favorite Headache" in New Jersey and needless to say he stood there more than double the time was said he would and made sure that everyone got something signed. He was pretty burnt out so they had to move the line along. I gave him a drawing I did of him and he seem appreciative in an exhausted sort of way. One thing everyone has to understand about Rush- they are egoists. Their pride is on their work. That does not mean they in any way are not grateful for their fans' support. Of course they love their fans. But Rush feels the best way they could show their love and appreciation is by constantly putting out great music with every album and tour. If they meet fans, that's a added bonus. They don't do it for the fame and the social connections. They just want to write quality songs and have people enjoy them. Other than that, if you are respectful in an encounter, there is no reason they wouldn't be polite in return. Neil Peart is the most anti-social of the band but is that part of his job to meet the fans? Once again, you really have to understand the men before you judge them. They really have more integrity overall as people than anyone in the music business. Their standards are the highest and completely self-imposed. Let's appreciate that instead of whining about who is nice. If you come across as an idiot they will treat you like one. If you are intelligible and courteous they will be the same. This is the trademark of dignified men. They give you what you deserve. Honestly I would have it no other way and wouldn't expect them to be superficial and pretend that everyone is a long awaiten friend. Listen to "Limelight."

NOW back to heights. I think these two posts were pretty accurate. John says on 12/Jun/06 Rocker Boy says on 11/Jul/06 I'm going to say Alex is 5'10" - 5'11" Geddy is 5'8" - 5'9" and Neil is 6'3" - 6'4." I guarantee you this. Here is the proof once and for all.

Click Here In this pic taken in 1976 in their early 20's their heights differences are quite clear.

Click Here Here is another taken about 2 yrs later, Hemishpheres era. Once again obvious.

Click Here Twenty-six years later, in their late 40's and the height difference is exactly the same.

Click Here Finally in this Eddie Trunk Interview Geddy is clearly the shortest and Alex is dead even with him with his knees bent. Geddy evn talks about Neil being a big guy. He is. Like Gary Cooper.
Glenn said on 13/Jul/06
Your right on Geddy.WAY wrong on Alex.he is 5-9.Neal is 6-2.
Rocker Boy said on 11/Jul/06
Neil is 6'3", Alex is 6' and Geddy is 5'10". Trust me on this.
D. Ray Morton said on 16/Jun/06
"Maybe karma really does exist. If you know what I mean?"

You mean as regards the Prof? Ouch.

It's funny, because I'd heard many times how fan-friendly they *used* to be, to the point of accepting phone calls at the studio!

Neil has always struck me as someone who's best admired from a distance. Can't say anything *too* bad about the guy, though, as I've never actually met him and he did send me a very thoughtful note when I was a kid. He does *seem* slightly arrogant and elitist (I recently read a Q&A between Neil and the fans and some of his answers were admittedly quite terse), but I think when you take a guy who is majorly ill-at-ease with the spotlight to begin with and add a few disturbing fan encounters to that already precarious mix, you're going to end up with someone becomes soured and starts to shun it all just to feel normal.

Back on height...I just watched the Rio doc again yesterday evening and there are a couple spots wherein Geddy clearly looks 1"-2" taller than Alex. Geddy's wearing chucks and and Alex, sandals. Pretty weird, because I had always thought Alex was taller, too.
Glenn said on 16/Jun/06
Im not big on karma,but I sure didnt feel devestated on certain Rush news.if there is God, forgive me.Lord knows my life wasnt grand.
ray said on 14/Jun/06
Well that answers my question. Thanks Glenn. Maybe karma really does exist. If you know what I mean?
Glenn said on 13/Jun/06
No way is Alex 5-11.and do I hate RUSH music? no.the 70s period sported some of the best METAL music of all time.I have COUNTERPARTS on vinyl,not a common item you know,presented it to Geddy for him to sign, and mentioned "look,COUNTERPARTS on vinyl",he said real snotty "congragulations".surprisingly signs it and drops the pen to walk away.many incidents like this.they always try to make you feel small.where as other insanely famous musicians will take an interest in what kind of vinyl I have and conversate with me.
Glenn said on 13/Jun/06
Scott Glenn was very rude to me and my friends.he should be happy for the life he lives.he's no Brad Pitt,but Im sure he isnt struggling.Neil Peart is one the meanest,most miserable men to walk the earth.not one person has a photo with the guy and only one person I know has seen him in 12 years.he hides at econolodges and rides his bike to the venues sporting a gun toting bodyguard.he's a paranoid,miserable piece of s***.and I hope they read this.Geddy can be very,very snotty,the insanely ugly man that he is.and Alex is a dick too.Geddy is actually the most you think I have unfounded anger that I make up off the top of my head? EVERY FAN AND DEALER feels this way about RUSH when they meet them.the nicest Geddy ever was,was during promotion of his solo cd.those guys turned me off so much,I havnt gone for them in at least 10 years,maybe 12.that said,out of curiousity,Im going to make a point to meet them next year when the new cd comes out.I hear nothing but the same BS in 2002.
John said on 12/Jun/06
I've met both Geddy and Alex. Alex is definitely taller. I'm about 5'8" and Geddy seemed to be about as tall as me, or maybe just a little bit shorter. Alex appeared to be about 5'11".
Glenn said on 4/Jun/06
Biggest bunch of A**holes I ever met.met many times that is.
ray said on 4/Jun/06
I did'nt know they were a rude band.I thought that was a joke. Was there a specific incident that you remember Glenn. Can you elaborate on this?
D. Ray Morton said on 4/Jun/06
No bursting here. Neil's always openly carried resentment and distain for anyone who would want to talk to him because of his being "The Great Neil." Seems like a bit of an elitist - has a real "don't these people have anything better to do" attitude. And Geddy always presented as someone who wasn't particularly friendly, either. Both seem to be very uncomfortable with fame and all of its trappings.

OTOH "Big Al" always seemed like someone who would be the friendly, extroverted sort.
Glenn said on 3/Jun/06
1991.not to burst your bubble,but Rush is the rudest band ever.followed by Chicago.
D. Ray Morton said on 3/Jun/06
Looks like the "Roll The Bones"/"Counterparts" era.
ray said on 3/Jun/06
i think he looks cool! i love rush. they put out some really great albums. iam gonna guess this pic was taken in the early 90's.
ray said on 30/May/06
i think thats one of the best pictures ever taken of geddy lee
Glenn said on 10/May/06
3 1/2 Inches Frank.when will we agree?
D. Ray Morton said on 8/May/06
"as I've said before, it could be worse: The smallest actor in the world"

They're way off, as usual. He's no taller than 0'0"!

Editor Rob
Glenn saw him...his estimate? 1/2 inch!
Glenn said on 8/May/06
Read what I posted Kiuru.
Glenn said on 4/Mar/06
lifeson is 5-8 or 5-9.peart is 6-1.geddy is 5-10 tops.slightly under.
Glenn said on 4/Feb/06
correct on all D actuallly impressed by your know your stuff.they are also the meanest band ever next to Chicago.very rude.
D. Ray Morton said on 2/Feb/06
"5-9 and a half."


That'd put Lerxst (Lifeson) at around 5'8.5" and Peart at around 6'1".

Thanks for posting the photo, btw.
Glenn said on 1/Feb/06
5-9 and a half.
Danimal said on 1/Feb/06
Yes, he's Canadian. He is one of the best bassists of all time. He is from the rock band Rush, who have been around for close to 40 years now. I thought he was much shoter than this. I was way off. Neil Peart (the drummer) must be 6'2"-6'3" (at least)

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