How tall is Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons Height

6ft ½ in (184.2 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 1 (185.4 cm)
American Singer from 'KISS', he says on his offical site "I'm 6 foot, 2 inches tall. I've always been used to being the big guy. Not around my son (6ft 6)". In 2019 he mentioned his weight "I'm a fairly big guy — I'm 6'2″, I'm probably closer to 250 pounds." In a Circus 1977 article he said "Without my shoes I'm 6-foot-one. With the shoes I'm 6-foot-8. and that he weighed "Anywhere from 165 to 175."

How tall is Gene Simmons
Photo by PR Photos
I'm 6ft 2in and I weigh 235 pounds. I'm a big guy.
-- The Metro, 2020

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Average Guess (24 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 1.34in (186.3cm)
Current: 6ft 0.77in (184.8cm)
Jimmy_ESB_182 said on 29/Jul/22
Gene and Nick Simmons remind me of Pierce and Dylan Brosnan. Famous 6ft 1 dads who produce giant model-looking sons
David Tang said on 23/Jul/21
6'2 young 6'1 now
FanzWrestler said on 17/Apr/21
Looked very tall at a young age. Early 20s. I swear he looked 6'3. Prime I'd give him 187. Nowadays his posture has worsened due to age and the rigorous task of performing gigs in big armour and boots. I'll give him 184.5 today. A genuine big guy. He mentioned the heaviest he weighed at one time was 250 pounds. Wow.

Gene: 6'-6'3/4
Paul: 5'10 prime (5'9 now)
Ace: 5'10
Peter: 5'8
Vinnie Vincent: 5'7
Mark St. John: 6'1
Eric Carr: 5'5
Bruce Kulick: 6'2
Eric Singer: 5'5
Tommy Thayer: 6'2 3/4
JustJoey said on 11/Apr/21
A bit shorter than he says he says he is.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jan/21
Starting to look a bit under 6ft1 at times now...6ft2 peak though I wouldn't discard
Tallish Person said on 30/Jul/20
Im guessing 6'1.5 peak for Gene Simmons and 6'1 now for the Demon of Kiss.

Rob, how tall would you say Ace Frehley was at his peak height?

My guess would be 6'0.75 feet.
Elliot Willson said on 25/Jul/20
Rob, how tall was Ace Frehley at his peak in your opinion? Commonly listed as 6'1 but many on here think he was 6' at his peak.

Your thoughts?

For Simmons I'd say 6'2 peak and 6'1 now.
Editor Rob
Yeah over 6ft was probably too much
Tall In The Saddle said on 29/May/20
Simmons son Nick actually lists himself as 6'8" or a more exact 2 metres.

I would guess he's at least between 6'7" to 6'8". He absolutely towards his old man. The header pic on this page shows how deceiving angles can be, clearly in decreasing favour for those standing from left to right. You wouldn't necessarily give Nick 6'8" based on the above photo alone.

Here's another view from the same event which I think depicts Nick's advantage more accurately: Click Here

And that's not to mention the obvious fact that Gene is rocking that much more heel in his boots than Nick is in very modest heel. Funny that Nick stands nearly as tall as his old man once did in his humungous Kiss boots. Maybe Gene should dust them off so he can at least stand eye to eye with his son but at age 70 Gene might just as easily keel over in them.
diavolo said on 25/Sep/19
Here's an interesting picture from the 1970s: Click Here

Gene looks like a towering giant in his 7-inch demon boots, making him ca. 6'8.5" / 204 cm (if his peak height was 6'1.5" / 186 cm).

The guy next to him is standing on his toes, trying to reach up to Gene.

Robin Williams is listed on this site as 5'7" / 170 cm. His shoes aren't visible on the pic.

Most sources list Ace Frehley as 6' / 183 cm. He always had the lowest boots (5 inches) in Kiss. He was elevated to ca. 6'5" / 196 cm in them.
Nik Ashton said on 26/Aug/19
It’s fascinating that he claimed that his son Nick is 6’6”!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Aug/19
🎁🕯️🎂 Happy Birthday Gene! It's the Big 7️⃣0️⃣!

Yup, I still feel that Gene has faired very well for a fellow of 70. Just half-an-inch height-loss is an achievement not to be 🤧d at!

Peak? I'll go for 6ft1.5 and today, just a notch or two less.

Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 7/Aug/19
Gene was at least 6'2" in his prime. 6'1" today.
With Snoop Dogg in 2006: Click Here
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Nov/18
@ Agent Orange - I do things like that too, and then find the rock stars I've been listening to and comment on them!

With the massive shoes Gene wore onstage, he looked like a giant! I think he's fortunate to have only lost half-an-inch at his age.

6ft1 now, 6ft1.5 peak.
Agent Orange said on 3/Nov/18
Just rocking out to my fav Kiss track ‘Lick It Up’. Peak Gene was 187 cm and today 184!😃
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Sep/18
This is an improvement
Danimal 5'9 3/4 said on 28/Aug/18
Why doesn't he have a peak height Rob? He's a 70 year old man who was EASILY 6'2" in his younger days and probably closer to 6'1" today. 6'1" for his peak is far too low.
Editor Rob
Well he could have been over 6ft 1 peak.
Anonymous said on 17/Nov/17
Looks so tall in videos from 70/80s. My guess is 6ft3, but he's always using big boots. Today, i think he is weak 6ft1, and at his peak maybe 6ft2.
Normal tall guy said on 9/Oct/17
5'10 max, wears lifts
Marwah El-toolkhy said on 4/Sep/17
Is Ace 6' with the boots or without and can you tell me how tall is he with the boots and without them.
Danimal said on 6/Aug/17
Come on Rob, Gene was at least 6'2" in his younger years. He's almost 70 years old and has lost a solid 1".
RisingForce said on 12/May/17
Not sure about peak because of boots, but today he seems a weak 6'1" at best, maybe just 184 cm. Here he seems to be slouching a bit, but looks to have 3" or so on 5'9" Mel Gibson, both in cowboy type boots, but nearly 4" shorter than 6'4.5" Vince Vaughn who isn't standing straight himself: Click Here Vince Vaughn is the only one there who doesn't have fake hair ;) As for Zakk Wylde, he's claimed 6'2" himself, but he looked near 6'1" in boots when I met him years ago, but then boots like this will certainly help: Click Here Considering the boots Zakk is or was probably 6 feet even. Certainly nothing over 184 cm and he may have lost some height by now.
Thomas Veil said on 10/Apr/17
Gene was always in boots of some sort. Barefoot I'd say he was a strong 6 foot
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Dec/16
@ Mr R - Hi! I think Gene's enormous boots were all part of his stage act. Did he wear them in public as well? Surely not! That WOULD have been freaky!
Mr. R said on 9/Dec/16
But Gene is a compulsive boot freak. Every time I saw him in Hollywood, he would either be wearing cowboy boots or big biker boots.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Dec/16
Rob, how likely is his claim peak?
Editor Rob
I couldn't rule out the chance.
GL said on 3/Apr/16
Interesting thread. There is a thread at another site debating the height of Magic Johnson, who is listed as 6'9" but is more likely 6'6" or 6'7". Anyway, his stature was compared to Howard Stern's, as Howard appeared on Magic Johnson's short-lived talk show in the 1990s. Howard, who is 6'5", also had a short-lived talk show on E! from 1992 to 1993, and two of his guests on one show were Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons. At one point during the interview Howard & Gene stand up and it appears that Gene is about 2-3 inches shorter than Howard:

Click Here (fast forward to the 2:43 mark).

Btw, Gene told William Shatner that his father was 6'9". And I have heard that Mark St. John was the tallest member the band ever had (though that has been disputed here).
Brad said on 18/Feb/16
Not looking well, dumped a fortune in overseas gigs and doing test shows now, end of Kiss? You heard it here first.
Sean said on 21/Dec/15
He's 5'7, but wears those ridiculous boots all the time that add like 7 inches.
kev said on 9/Aug/15
Danimal says on 11/May/15
kev says on 25/Feb/15
Gene Simmons - 6'1
Paul Stanley - 5'10
Ace Frehley - 6'
Peter Criss - 5'8
Eric Carr - 5'5
Vinnie Vincent - 5'7
Mark St. John - 6'1
Bruce Kulick - 6'2
Eric Singer - 5'5
Tommy Thayer - 6'2

You're low balling all of them by 1" each.

No I've met them all and I'm the same height as Gene and Mark. Bruce and Tommy were around an inch taller than me. Ace was an inch or so shorter (both of us in sneakers).
Dave189 said on 6/Aug/15
Thanks man! I think both he and mr.Anselmo deserve their own pages ;-)
Dave189 said on 31/Jul/15
Rob, how tall do you think Zakk Wylde is?
Editor Rob
how much over 6ft I'm not so sure of.
Nick said on 10/Jul/15
Yeh, Paul Stanley is probably not more than 5'10.5 ft today. Tommy Thayer looks quite a bit taller than both Paul and Gene.
an anonymous peach said on 6/Jul/15
How tall do you think Paul Stanley is? He looks 179cm to me, maybe a flat 5'10"

And lol at the thought of Gene Simmons being 5'7"! We can't see the ground in that shot, for all we know, Tom might have pavement advantage and is wearing crazy lifts to boot (pun intended).
Sean said on 30/Jun/15
Gene Simmons is 5'7", stands even with Tom Cruise. :-)
Click Here
The Exorcist said on 29/Jun/15

How tall do you think his son, Nick Simmons, is?

With his dad and Tom Cruise:
Click Here

Click Here

With Taylor Swift:
Click Here
Editor Rob
he claims 6ft 8
Danimal said on 26/May/15
2015 version of Gene Simmons (66 years old) has minimum 2" on Dave Grohl (at 5:54): Click Here

Imagine was a young Gene Simmons would have had on him. 6'1" is too low. He was 1" shorter than self-proclaimed 6'3" Bruce Kulick in the mid 80's-mid 90's.
Danimal said on 12/May/15
Rob, did you delete my previous post where I provided all those images? It's in the latest comments, but when I click on it, it's not here?
Editor Rob
no, it is on this page, 2 comments I see.

It is likely just a cached page shown and not latest one...ctrl+f5 would request latest version.
Danimal said on 11/May/15
kev says on 25/Feb/15
Gene Simmons - 6'1
Paul Stanley - 5'10
Ace Frehley - 6'
Peter Criss - 5'8
Eric Carr - 5'5
Vinnie Vincent - 5'7
Mark St. John - 6'1
Bruce Kulick - 6'2
Eric Singer - 5'5
Tommy Thayer - 6'2

You're low balling all of them by 1" each.
Danimal said on 11/May/15
Gene was definitely 6'2" in his younger days. He had 1" on 6'1" Ace Frehley. Bruce Kulick has stated he was 6'3" on more than one occasion in interviews. Here are some pictures of Gene and Bruce , where Gene isn't wearing platform boots, seeing this was POST-makeup era and pre any height loss for Gene:


Click Here

Click Here

Click Here


Click Here

Click Here


Click Here

Click Here
Igee said on 14/Apr/15
He's 6'1 and his kid is a strong 6'5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Feb/15
"Peak height was 6ft 2in (188cm)"
kev said on 25/Feb/15
Gene Simmons - 6'1
Paul Stanley - 5'10
Ace Frehley - 6'
Peter Criss - 5'8
Eric Carr - 5'5
Vinnie Vincent - 5'7
Mark St. John - 6'1
Bruce Kulick - 6'2
Eric Singer - 5'5
Tommy Thayer - 6'2
dark said on 16/Jan/15

Paul with Dave Grohl
BGee said on 11/Dec/14
If he claims 6'2 (which he's obviously not, 6'1 at best) that must be why his son claims 6'8 since he's about 5 inches taller (even though he's under 6'7)
Danimal said on 6/Dec/14
Paul is not 6'1". He was 5'11" at his peak and claimed 6'0". Today at 62, he's even less. Gene has claimed both 6'2" and 6'3" for himself and was probably a solid 6'2" at his peak and today at 65 might be a flat 6'1".
the shredder said on 7/May/14
Always thought Paul was more than the 5'11 , 6 '0.
Brad said on 6/May/14
Stanley was 6' 1" easy inches from me yesterday.
Anon said on 5/May/14
Paul Stanley describes himself, in his book, as being 6-8 with seven-inch heels on.
Anon said on 13/Feb/14
Zakk actually just said he was "a good six-feet tall" in a recent Guitar World interview
RickWebb said on 23/Dec/13
Re: Zakk Wylde- I've met him. Solid 5'11"- 6 Footer. Incredibly nice guy too.
Josh said on 29/Nov/13
Now a days he´s not over 6'0
avi said on 29/Aug/13
@Danimal says on 2/Dec/12
Haha that proves nothing but I agree he looks 6'1 zone maybe barely. He never was a real 6'2 his life is boots and big elevator shoes. His son is close to 6'7 no that it matters but he has 5-6 inches on Gene and like his father he caught the gene of inflating his height with boots and bumping it up 1-1.5 inch
Nick22 said on 12/May/13
Yeh, he doesn't look taller than 185 cm today. It's possible that he was close to 6'2 when he was younger.
Jordan said on 9/Nov/12
Click Here

Gene beside 6'2" Zakk Wylde

If Gene is 6'1", Wylde is 5'11.5" lol. He looked around the same as 6'0" Steve Vai in another video.
Brad said on 9/Aug/12
Probably 6' 1" now. Paul wears lots of weaved hair now, almost a wig, lost 30% of his vocals as of last night.
Danimal said on 7/Aug/12
avi says on 4/Aug/12
Godred says on 4/Jan/12
I think if Simmons is really only 6`1 then other kiss members are - Criss- 5`6
Ace - 6`0,Stanley either 5`11 or 6 ft,Bruce Kulick - 6`2.
his son is very very skinny maybe 6'6. 6 inches on Gene

Wrong. Ace was 6'1", Stanley was 6'0", Bruce was 6'3". You've pretty much knocked an 1" off of all of their peak heights.
Danimal said on 7/Aug/12
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 17/Jul/11
His son looks more 6ft5

Oh come on, you can't tell the difference between 6'5" and 6'6" Rampage.
Danimal said on 7/Aug/12
Gene was every bit 6'2". He's a man in his 60's and has lost height. In fact, I've seen both 6'2" and 6'3" listings for him back in the day. I'll stick with 6'2" peak and 6'1" today.
avi said on 4/Aug/12
Godred says on 4/Jan/12
I think if Simmons is really only 6`1 then other kiss members are - Criss- 5`6
Ace - 6`0,Stanley either 5`11 or 6 ft,Bruce Kulick - 6`2.
his son is very very skinny maybe 6'6. 6 inches on Gene
Godred said on 4/Jan/12
I think if Simmons is really only 6`1 then other kiss members are - Criss- 5`6
Ace - 6`0,Stanley either 5`11 or 6 ft,Bruce Kulick - 6`2.
Kashfia said on 8/Nov/11
Alexi Laiho is also 6'8" like Nick Simmons. Alexi Laiho's dad taught him how to drive a car when he was 10 because he was so tall.
Tall dude said on 30/Jul/11
Most standard doors are 6'7-6'8 in height. Nick ducks under many doors (hotels, etc) as he enters ..with heeled-boots he would need to duck if he was indeed 6'7 and up. He is a legit 6'7 I think.
Jay said on 17/Jul/11
His son described him as a 6 foot tall hairy jewish man on an episode of Family Jewels
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Jul/11
His son looks more 6ft5
Cranberries (18m, 192cm dinnertime) said on 2/Jul/11
Not fair his son is 6'6"-6'8". My parents AND my grandparents are taller than his parents and I'm only 6'3" :(. lol.
TO Gene said on 11/Apr/11
Hi there. I spent some time with Gene a few years ago when a friend interviewed him. I'm 5'11 and he was considerably taller than me though he did have a good sized heel on his cowboy boots. I'd say 6'1"/ 6'1" max. Nick is allegedly 6'7"
Midnight Mark said on 1/Feb/11
nonono... he is 186 cm -.-
Tammy said on 7/Jan/11
I'M 5'2, and have always loved kiss, even dressed up for halloween as Gene. So...seeing Gene Nick together the height difference is too cool, because I'm sooooo short...I'D LIKE SOME HEIGHT BUT THE TWEED SIMMON FAMILY WOULD WORK TOOOOO. They are all cool. THANKS FOR BEING MY HERO'S SIGNING OFF Tammy five foot two and eyes of blue.
Brad said on 28/Dec/10
I've been told his son is a legit 6' 6". I've met the mother, she's very tall. Gene in big dress boots is very tall and wide. 6' 2" standing by me 15 years ago, another 3" added with huge dress boots. Funny how Paul-Ace-Peter have classic NYC accents but Gene has that overseas diplomat accent.
Eric said on 27/Dec/10
Anonymous: Where did you get that formula because it doesn't always work i plugged in my parents 6'1 and 5'6 and it says i should be 6'3 and I'm only 5'10.
john tucker said on 26/Dec/10
I was v.i.p in one of kiss concerts and gene is about 6ft 1 and hes like 6ft5 wit his signature shoes
Anonymous said on 26/Dec/10
His son has about 5 or 6inches on him. His Son is 6'6 So yes gene is no taller than 6'1. the only reason his son is so tall is cause his mother is like 5'10. if you use the formula (mother+father height /2 + 5.5) you get 77 inches or 6'5.
Brad said on 26/Dec/10
6' 2" peak. They must have put Vinnie & Eric on boxes in some publicity photos I've an in-store walking in, Gene towered over those two guys, not in the photos.
shelley said on 2/Dec/10
I'm 5'10" tall is awesome that gene and his son are over 6ft.
shelley thompson said on 2/Dec/10
I'm 5'10" tall is awesome that gene and his son are over 6ft.
dayna edwards said on 24/Nov/10
hurray for the tall people! im a 6'2' female from billings montana! i dont EVER remember the top of my refrigerater having dust upon it! we see things that others cant!
Pharme491 said on 12/Nov/10
Hello! adfeded interesting adfeded site!
guyfrommars said on 17/Jun/09
Did they wear different height platform shoes? I think they all had 8-inch monster platforms on. This made Gene 6ft9.
Tom said on 14/Jun/09
Ace and Gene are the same height? I always though Gene was taller than Ace. I guess the taller platform shoes make all the difference in the world. Gene is 6 ft 1, Ace at 6 ft 1, Paul at 5 ft 11 and Peter ar 5 ft 8
Rod said on 19/Apr/09
Gene is 6-2, Ace at 6-1, Paul is 6-0, and Peter (from different reports) anywhere from 5-7 to 5-9.
carol rein said on 13/Apr/09
Hi! Does anyone know if Paul has ever posted his own Heigh on his official website? I always wanted to know his height! I love his voice, lyrics and beautiful, fun songs. Most people here say he is 6 ft 1 and there's also "All American Man" thing but I'm not sure. Thanks for your time anyway!
Don said on 20/Mar/09
I thought Gene was taller than Ace. They are both 6 ft 1 in? Must be the platform shoes! LOL
glenn said on 3/Mar/09
and ive read 6-4 for bruce too.6-2 sounds too low.ill ask him.its weird cause he can look 6-2 or front of me.
Danimal said on 2/Mar/09
Bruce has claimed to be 6'3" as well.
Mick said on 1/Mar/09
Hey Anonymous, In the video Crazy Nights the guitarist is Bruce Kulick. Ace left the band about 4 albums before Crazy Nights. Bruce Kulick is 6'2".
mcfan said on 19/Feb/09
Paul wrote in the song, "All-American Man" that he's a "six-foot..." and I only thought he looked this. Ace was about an inch taller than him. Gene about two inches taller than Paul.
guyfrommars said on 10/Feb/09
With the 8-inch massive platforms he wore during the Kiss days, he was probably around 6ft9.
T.J. said on 2/Feb/09
if he say's he's 6'2" then why did you put 6'1" Rob, after all, shouldn't you take his word until you've got a comparison picture?
Mr. R. said on 2/Feb/09
I dont like reality shows, but for some reason, I do watch family jewels. Gene has said 6-2 a lot recently, but I never see him without boots. My guess is that he is closer to 6 feet at this point. His son is now 6-7, and Gene ALWAYS wears boots around Nick so that he does not look like a shrimp!
Hugh said on 31/Jan/09
6ft1-2 would be appropriate nowadays. 6ft2-3 peak.
Hugh said on 9/Jan/09
6ft2 peak and say 6ft1-6ft1.5 nowadays.
Anonymous said on 7/Jan/09
in the video for crazy nights he doesnt look as tall as ace frehley
Kylopod said on 6/Jan/09
I just listened to a 2002 interview with Al Franken for NPR on an audio-book. Franken told a story about playing racquetball with Simmons in 1982, and he described Simmons as "very six-two, six-three." Now, I know Franken is kind of short, and he was describing something that happened twenty years earlier, so his estimate is hardly set in stone.
Josh said on 21/Nov/08
He looks 6'0.5 now a days.
nick said on 16/Nov/08
Im 6ft 1,Ive stood next to Gene,and in big boots,he was only level with me,he was very arrogant too,shame,Im a loooooong time fan,he has been wearing wigs since 1981,
George said on 29/Oct/08
Oh, and his son looks really tall too. I was just watching that rock school thing and gene had 1.5 inch heeled boots on and his son was barefoot and still looked about 3 inches taller.
George said on 29/Oct/08
He probably did peak at 6'2, has shrunk to 6'1 because he's almost 60.
T said on 26/Oct/08
I knew Gene casually as our kids went to the same school for awhile. I'm 6'2 so my guess is that he's around 6 to 6'1. He was very funny in an odd way, didn't come across as arrogant just confident. My favorite memory was of the very first time I met him and he was telling how great the schools PTA was. KISS was my very first concert in '77 so to have the fire breathing, blood spitting demon telling me about the PTA was quite mind blowing. Shannon was nice as well and both really supported their kids and were both very involved with the kids at school.
Sam said on 19/Oct/08
I thought Gene was 6 ft 1 and 1/2 ... Did he shrink. LOL
Martin said on 31/Aug/08
Vital stats have been around forever listing Gene at 6'2", Paul at 6' and Ace at 6'1"
Clay said on 30/Aug/08
Now my memory comes back was Ace and Peter that came singing thru the lobby of the Holiday Inn, London, Ont. summer 1977 where I was a bellhop.
Clay said on 30/Aug/08
I was a bellhop at the Holiday Inn, in London, Ontario, in the summer of 1977. I had been informed KISS would be occupying a floor in the hotel. Sometime before or after midnight, I remember two of the other members of the group came thru the lobby (without make-up) singing "New York, New York." I think (31years ago as of writing) it was Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley. Sometime later Gene Simmons came in and I had been instructed by security to keep an elevator free and take him up to the floor only. As the elevator was rising Gene Simmons said to me "What are you doing up so late little man?" (I was 19, 5'6" and a bodybuilder of 150#) I was starstruck, and 'tho' usually conversive, I had no comeback. It is something to be face to face with one of your "Gods" in an elevator. Later I gave my LoveGun album to security and they returned it to me signed by all members of the band; Gene signed it "Gene $immons, ROCK ON !" A dream had been fulfilled to meet one of my idols in person. In conclusion, Gene towered over me ...literally.
Hugh said on 30/Aug/08
I'll have to agree with Brad. Gene really is a nasty piece of work. He is 6ft1.75.
Brad said on 21/Jul/08
Gene's a dick. I know somebody who asked for a second autograph and was told "you starting a business?". He's 6' 2" and wears big boots. He's uglier in person which is ugly with UGLY in big letters.
Danimal said on 18/Jul/08
Gene towered over Toni Iommi on one of the reality shows a couple of years back. I mean towered as in 4" taller.

I only used to see 6'2" and 6'3" listings for him. I believe that Gene is a strong 6'2" and Paul was 6'0". These were there PRIME heights, not their 60 year old heights.
flash_of_eden said on 17/Jul/08
rob seems to prefer setting celeb heights 1 to 2 inches lower than what they're quoted in stating, regardless of countless depositions confirming what they've said, even from reliable sources like glenn. such is the case here with Gene, or with Lou Reed. hmmm...
Anonymous said on 30/Jun/08
Peak 6'2"-6'3". Today, 6'1" and change.
Fern said on 29/Jun/08
KKK listen Rob 6,1 is way too short for him. In one of the episodes of gene simmons family jewels. Gene is barefoot next to barefoot Christopher Mcdonald who you have at 6,3 which i truly think he is that tall. I noticed they were the exact same height, like i mean mebe a .5 inch difference where Chris was taller but not even if you ask me. I think Gene should be put at 6,2 which i truly believe he is and I think he could possibly be shorter, if not you should put Mcdonald at 6,1.5 or 6,1 as well
PJ said on 18/May/08
I've got old magazines from the 70s where Gene stated he is 6'1 ... he started stating 6'2 sometime after that. He has seemed 6'1 each time I've met him, the cowboy boots are giving him a boost.
Debbie. said on 12/Apr/08
Tommy says on his own website that he is 6ft 2. I believe him. I was the one who sent him the question that was posted and he replied to it.
nate said on 28/Feb/08
i thought he was 6'1 1/2
Danimal said on 21/Feb/08
Gene will be 60 next year. Ozzy will be 60 this year. Brian Johnson is 60. Lemmy is 62. Dio is turning 66. All the legends of the 70's are around that age today.
glenn said on 21/Feb/08
in the 80s gene was always mentioned at 6-2.also has said it a few years ago.i was watching footage of paul,tommy and gene standing and talking to each other and they all look the heights i also think paul is 6ft.he can look it.but i think he is 6-1.ive heard paul say he was 6-1.and paul was an inch shorter than tommy in the footage,gene the same as thing is for sure,tommy is 6-2.5.
Frank said on 21/Feb/08
Rob, Tommy is taller than Gene and im Very Big Kiss fan i seen them from 1977 on and Gene was listed @ 6ft 1 back in the 70's and i remember him saying in a magazine I like being 6ft 8 in the Boots that had a 7inch Platform and he probably was not even 6ft 8 in those boots becasue his son was the same height as Gene with the Boots on :o)
Frank said on 21/Feb/08
Yes he's close to it Glenn Man Times go so dam fast Im going to be 46 this year :o(
glenn said on 19/Feb/08
gene is also around 60.
Frank said on 19/Feb/08
Glenn, Gene was shorter than Tito Ortiz and Gene was wearing cowboy boots on the Celebrity Apprentice and Gene was more than 2 inches shorter than the 6ft 4 Tom Selleck Maybe Gene appears taller than he is and i know he always wears boots with a good size heel
glenn said on 10/Feb/08
well,i always said gene was 6-2.tommy is indeed 6-2.i should post my pic.6-2.5 on both? i dont know.but why would he lie or be wrong? i read that a few days ago myself.
Editor Rob said on 8/Feb/08
Other kiss Tommy Thayer said "I'm 6' 2 1/2" tall. Gene and I are exactly the same height. My platforms are about 5 inches, whereas Paul and Gene's are 6 or 7 inches"
Frank said on 26/Jan/08
Gene is not 6ft 2 and never was !!! He was alot shorter than the 6ft 4 Tom Selleck in the Movir Runaway back in the early 80's He always wears Big Heels so he gives the impression he is very tall and again he was shorter than the 6ft 2 Tito Ortiz and Gene was wearing cowboy boots so he is probably 6ft.5 barefoot and no more than 6ft 1
glenn said on 25/Jan/08
ive been meeting gene for 20 years now.nice,but a fake nice.but can be very arrogant indeed.
Joe said on 24/Jan/08
I would say he was 6'1 and a half bare feet. What was he like when you met him Glenn? To me he seems a bit arrogant.
Frank said on 19/Jan/08
Gene was on the apprentice and he as shorter tha Tito Ortiz who is listed @ 6ft 2 and Gene was wearing cowboy boots so the most Gene could be is 6ft 1 like he was listed along time ago
Robin said on 7/Jan/08
gene probaly use to be taller. now i would say hes 6'1- 6'2. i wonder how tall the daughter is? I know the sons very tall, like 6'7. he towers over gene.
ou812 said on 1/Jan/08
How tall is his daughter Sophie? Her Myspace page says 5'8", but I'm having doubts.
oneguy said on 6/Dec/07
saw him in person in hollywood up close.. my guess was 6 ft 4 in.. he is a big dude.
glenn said on 30/Nov/07
i agree he doenst look as tall as he used to.
PJ said on 29/Nov/07
Also, I've met him multiple times and now approaching 60 he's not quite as tall or imposing as his younger days, but an imposing man nonetheless.
PJ said on 29/Nov/07
Huge longtime Kiss fan here ... Gene himself has said 6'2 for years, but back in the 1970s he said 6'1. Truth lies somewhere in between ...
Fredrik Farhadian said on 18/Nov/07
Like most men who have an imposing, even intimidating prescence about them, Gene looks bigger than he actually is. The costume, the make-up, the menacing scowl, the tongue...All of these things add to the myth that he is some sort of monster from another planet.
H said on 17/Nov/07
Okay. I believe you. He's six feet two inches. It must be the hat? Also, Gene Simmons has large bones -- a large skull, it seems. This might make him appear larger and taller than he actually is.
H said on 16/Nov/07
Again, these men are leaning! Six feet "four" inches is my guess for the both of them! Glenn, again you might consider including the year the photos were made. You keep changing hairdos as often as some celebrities are changing their shoes.
Robert said on 19/Oct/07
Ok, I saw Gene in person at Nashville airport last July. He is DEFINATELY at least 6'2".
Akirum byn Anaq said on 18/Aug/07
According to Gary North Click Here He's 6'7 and 18, so I think he'll top out at 6'8" no problem. He looked like Peter Mayhew next to Samberg and Kimmel.
Viper said on 18/Aug/07
His son does not look 6-6 to me. Closer to 6-4 Id say, unless hes grown some in the new season of his show.
I Know It All said on 17/Aug/07
His son is AT LEAST 6'6"!! He sayed he was 6'7"! I'd say Gene's shorter than 6'3", but taller than the listed 6 ft 1.5 in! He does look 6'1 1/2"-6'2" here but is slouching A LITTLE and how old is he?? maybe he's 6'1 1/2" barefoot!!?? cha ching!!
Reminidi said on 12/Aug/07
Aztec, yes, John Cash would pound that boy til he cried like a baby.
nikki gonzalo said on 7/Aug/07
i would say more like 6 foot because his son, on the show, looks uber huge
Akirum byn Anaq said on 4/Aug/07
Saw Nick Simmons on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he's gotta be 6'8 atleast. Andy Sandberg came just above his shoudlers.
ancient Aztec guy said on 5/May/07
I saw that old feller there Gene Simmons on that new show there. I saw him next to his 6'6" son. I would put Gene at about 6'2" or 6'2.5". I would say he was possibly a tiny bit taller than Johnny Cash. I personally believe that Johnny Cash Could pound old Gene Simmons there.
Jay said on 4/May/07
I dont think Gene is even 6'1.5, maybe in his youth. On his Gene Simmons show he has, he stood beside his wife Shannon Tweed and she is suppose to be 5'10, whether she is now I do not know, but they stood face to face talking in socks one scene and he was about 2.5 inches taller, not a big difference between them, I'd say he is about 6'1 max. Hard to judge his height most of the time cause he's always wearing some type of big heeled boots. And theres no way his son is 6'6 either, I'd say he's more in the 6'3 6'4 range, his son also wears boots alot in the show.
Kiss Fan said on 25/Apr/07
You should have a height listed for Paul Stanley as well, he made the band famous! I think Paul may be 1 inch shorter than Gene, so he would be around 6ft0.5, 184cm.
Viper said on 31/Mar/07
I dont think so.
glenn said on 30/Mar/07
is it weaved in?
Brad said on 29/Mar/07
"I don't think it is, because it showed him washing it". I'm trying to figure that out.
glenn said on 20/Mar/07
the thing with the wig,is he did wear wigs on occasion throughtout his career.i know for a fact.not always and maybe not now.
Viper said on 19/Mar/07
About the wig thing, on his show he said "people think its a wig". I dont think it is either, because it showed him washing it and he said he needed to wash out a few grey hairs he had.
glenn said on 19/Mar/07
i only saw him on cribs,and i agree 6-4.
Viper said on 19/Mar/07
I dont think his son is 6-6. Looks 6-4 tops on his show.
glenn said on 15/Mar/07
yes,it was clue on him.eric singer,eric carr,peter criss are all 5-6.anton fig is around that too.maybe 5-7.
Rick said on 14/Mar/07
I think the Psycho Circus drummer was Kevin Valentine, don't know how tall he is :)
Tally Ho said on 13/Mar/07
He's is 6-1.5 altho he claims 6-3 LOL!! No way Hosay. He is working on getting 6-3 wide though LOL
S.J said on 25/Dec/06
well Kiss is a Tall Band all the members are 6'0 well except for Peter Criss i dont know about the other 2 guys that came later when Ace and Peter left 4 awhile
Viper652 said on 18/Oct/06
6-1 1/2 looks right.
Emily said on 18/Oct/06
eh, blech..i dont know. i never liked this guy. i'll give him a 6'2
Anthony said on 23/Sep/06
Gene's 6'2. He comes from a tall family, I believe. His dad stood at about 6'7 and his son Nick is about that height now.
PJ said on 15/Aug/06
I've met many of the members ... Gene is 6'2, Paul is 6' or 6'1, Ace is 6'1, Bruce is 6'2 or 6'3, Eric Carr was approx 5'5, Singer approx 5'6.
PJ said on 15/Aug/06
Paul sings the Six Foot lyric in "All American Man", a B-side on the Alive II album.
Brad said on 8/Aug/06
Gene wore one at the NAMM show in Anaheim around '93 that looked like an animal pelt on his head, it was so bad people were almost asking if Daniel Boone gave it to him.
Glenn said on 4/Aug/06
I dont know that song.I know Kiss kinda good too.
Danimal said on 3/Aug/06
Really Glenn? Didn't Kiss have a song in the late seventies, where Paul sung that he was a SIX FOOT MAN or something?
Glenn said on 3/Aug/06
Paul Stanley 6-1.period.
Danimal said on 2/Aug/06
No Brad, Paul was 6'0" and yes, Gene has been wearing wigs for a long time and some really ugly ones.
Brad said on 2/Aug/06
Gene never came clean in his books about his hair. Does he wear a wig or not? 6' 2" and with boots he's always 6' 5" in public. Peter Criss is about 5' 6". Paul is about 5' 10" & Ace is 6' 1" with ease. I'm 6' 5" and Ace in boots was almost about my height.
Glenn said on 6/Jun/06
Circus mightve been split between singer and fig.
D. Ray Morton said on 5/Jun/06
I didn't even know that Anton played on "Psycho Circus." I remember they played it off like Peter did the whole record. I guess it was sort of a Beatles/Ringo coverup...?

I think the day after I bought "Unmasked" was the exact point at which I started losing interest (though, in retrospect, it was a good album). The combination of the demasking and Peter's exodus was a little anticlimactic and pretty disillusioning for a kid.
Glenn said on 22/May/06
Actually to be precise,Singer is 5-5.hail Anton.never properly credited.the drummer on 3 KISS albums.DYNASTY, UMASKED,PSYCHO CIRCUS.
D. Ray Morton said on 20/May/06
Wow. I know Fig and Singer are 5'6" (and Carr did look pretty short). But Peter at 5'6"?? I'm actually a little surprised.
Glenn said on 8/May/06
Every drummer in KISS was 5-6.including Anton Fig.thats 4 drummers at 5-6! and Vicent Cusano is also 5-6.
D. Ray Morton said on 7/May/06
I met Ace years ago through Richie Scarlet. Funniest guy ever. Definitely over the 6' mark - 6'1" I'd say, maybe a little more.

Glenn, have you met Peter and, if so, is he really the 5'9" that he claims? (He referred to himself as "a little 5'9" Italian-Irish kid from Brooklyn" in an interview.)

Sakanna, I highly, highly doubt that Vinnie Vincent is 5'8".
Randy Tattoo said on 15/Mar/06
I meet Gene back in 1994. I am 6-2. her had on some boots which made him 6-4
Sakanna said on 25/Jan/06
Glenn, great pic bro!
Glenn said on 23/Jan/06
1993.after an in store signing.this was the one around.the way I work.
Danimal said on 22/Jan/06
Was that pic taken on their Revenge tour, or Alive III in 1992-1993?
Glenn said on 22/Jan/06
no paul is supposed to be 6-1.he looks 5-11 to 6 feet though.he is slouching alot here.
Danimal said on 20/Jan/06
Paul looks shorter than I thought he was. He has stated his own height to be 6'0", but next to Glenn, he looks about 5'9" MAX.
Gundy said on 16/Jan/06
Tommy is the same height as Gene.
Sakanna said on 10/Jan/06
Gundy, I am afraid that you may be wrong about Tommy's height. Check this pic to see that Paul and Tommy are pretty much the same height. Gene is taller...

Sakanna said on 10/Jan/06
Great Gundy, it'd be nice if you GIVE THE ACTUAL NUMBERS though.

From what I have gathered on the net/research these are pretty acurate... or almost.
Gundy said on 21/Nov/05
Your chart for height is off a bit for the members of KISS. Tommy Thayer is taller than 6'1. Peter Criss is not 5'10....5'9 or less. Tommy is actually taller than Gene. Vinnie Vincent would be pushing 5'8.
Sakanna said on 27/Sep/05
Hey you guys!

I have met Gene and his family at a toy store in Washington, DC (Georgetown Park Mall). I am 5'11" and he did look even taller than 6'2". My head was a little above his sholders... in fact I thought he was 6'5" (he was wearing cowboy boots though)...

Yes, he is 6'2" in real life and over 7" tall with his platform shoes.

For KISS fans, I pretty much think this is the height of all members, starting from the tallest:

Bruce Kullick = 6'3"
Gene Simmons = 6'2"
Ace Frehley = 6'1"
Mark St. John = 6'1"
Tommy Thayer = 6'1"
Paul Stanley = 6'0"
Peter Criss = 5'10"
Vinnie Vincent = 5'8"
Eric Carr = 5'7"
Eric Singer = 5'6"

I believe that's acurate or pretty close.


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