How tall is Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani's Height

5ft 6 (167.6 cm)

American Singer from No Doubt.

How tall is Gwen Stefani
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Average Guess (26 Votes)
5ft 6.03in (167.7cm)
Nik said on 29/Oct/20
@ deedee - I like your name but I trust Rob on this one!
Peri Wood said on 28/Oct/20
She's 164com. Very athletic and stylish. Looks very much like her Italian-American father.
Yes, I've seen her and know her stats.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Oct/20
πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŒΉπŸŽŠ Happy Birthday Gwen! πŸŽŠπŸŒΉπŸŽ‚πŸŽ

Birthday Greetings to Gwen Stefani, who today celebrates her 51st Birthday, but looks around 15 years younger.

Have a great time, Gwen! πŸŽΆπŸ‘±β€β™€οΈ

5ft6 πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ’

The French Dude said on 18/Aug/20
Gets that 5’6 for me!also has to be one of the most iconic singers ever!
Shell said on 25/Jun/20
Before she dated Blake people were trying to claim she was much shorter than 5’6, as short as 5’3, lol. She’s obviously not more than a foot shorter than him, heels or not. No way she’s shorter than 5’5 and 5’6 seems fairly accurate. She looks above average but not tall-tall.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Oct/19
πŸ’πŸŽ‚ Happy 5️⃣0️⃣th Birthday Gwen! πŸŽ‚πŸ’

I couldn't believe it when I read just now that Gwen turns the Big 5-0 today. She doesn't look it! 😯

5ft6. πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈπŸ‘

Hybrids said on 28/Jun/19
Not exactly sure how tall she is because her footwear fluctuates so much, but I can tell you I stood basically level with her wax figure in Vegas (I might have been an inch taller), and I'm only 5'6". She has to be less than me since I was wearing running shoes and she had thick boots on.
Lamont Cranston said on 9/Apr/19
I don’t know how long this will be up, but look at pictures from the 2019 CMA’s.

Pictures of her with Shelton (6’4”), and if you scroll down her in 5” heeled boots. Top of her hair is at his shoulders.

There is a lot going on here (he probably has 2” heels on his boots - you never know when you might have to rope and brand a calf during an awards show), but there are a few here claiming she is 5’9”....the pictures say β€˜not possible’

A range for her would be 5’3” - 5’6”
'Annonymous' said on 24/Mar/19
Hi Rob! I think it's time for updates for Gwen. It seems to me that 5'6" is okay for her. In this year Gwen turns 50, I'm not sure she has lost any part of her height, but maybe it's only a matter of a few years... This picture is not the best for her, please, change them because you hardly see him that she's really Gwen. Besides, Gwen deserves to be in the rock singers category instead of pop singers, I know she had a few pop songs during her career, but she's more rock singer than pop singer. Please, Rob, change her category from pop singers to rock singers and add new photo for Gwen.
Sean Hackett said on 11/Apr/18
Yep 5'6" is my guess. Plus Rob, maybe change the picture of her- I thought this was Lady GaGa at first. I zipped right passed her pic.
Tim Matthews said on 22/Oct/17
She clear is a leggy 5-10. How do you Doubters explain this photo link, where she has not more than a 3-inch punmp and appears taller than rocker David Grohl who is legit 6 feet. She also towers over 5-foot-7 Jordyn Blum in photo. Gwen appears to be crounching more than Grohl. Easily 6-1, maybe 6-2 in photo. sheClick Here
Dom said on 23/May/17
Az Celine is more like 5'8'' and she has about 2 inches on Gwen here. That would make Gwen 5'6'' indeed.
Az said on 22/May/17
See her next to Celine Dion. Gwen is 5'4"-5.
I met her in 1998 and she was really short in converses next to my 5'7"
Click Here
Yesi said on 12/Dec/15
She looked like a giant to me on stage!! Lol
Mouse22 said on 19/Nov/15
It's her very high heels which make her appear tall. In recent pictures she stood inches taller than Katy Perry shoulder to shoulder with her, but in reality even in Gwen is a full 5'6" she's still not quite as tall as her, she just wore killer heel boots.
5'5 gal said on 16/Sep/15
She's taller than Beyonce so is Beyonce shorter than 5'5-5'6?
pj said on 13/Aug/15
she comes off looking tall on stage, concert etc. I wonder if it is her build, still dont think she's quite 5'6. I'd say 5'5 1/2 tops, but probably closer to 5'5 or a hair under that. I can't see her really being any shorter than that though. There's a photo of her and Katy perry where she looks a good 2-3 inches shorter. There's also a pictures with her and Jlo where she's about 2 inches taller. Anyways, I'd give her the benefit of the doubt and say 5'5.
az said on 17/Apr/15
my friends' band opened for No Doubt in the late 1990s. We got to spend a lot of time with her backstage and after the show. She is the most amazing person and performer. She is also about 5'3.5". I dont think 5'4" but mayyyybe. Everyone was in converses and tennis shoes. She was pretty exactly the same as my 5'3" best friend and much shorter than my ex boyfriend/bass player at the time who is 5'6". :)
deedee said on 16/Mar/15
I would say about 5'3, 5'4
aruth said on 8/Feb/15
in some photos she looks tall, while in others she looks around 5'4-5'5 range, so I am not sure. Her height seems to fluctuate, shes a hard one to pinpoint height.
jess said on 13/Nov/14
In a pic with her and richard simmons she seemed tall. So i would put her at 5'6
jamie179cm said on 20/Sep/14
rob there is no way she 5ft6 shes 5ft3 or 5ft4
jnny said on 27/Aug/14
she was on chelsea handler and was an inch taller than 5'6 chelsea. both were wearing about same heel size. ive noticed other pics of her looking on the small side as well like next to 5'5 miley, so i am not sure.
jackson said on 24/Aug/14
i am convinced, after scrutinizing hundreds of photos of her that she is no more than 5'5....possibly a smidgen less
Dom said on 9/Jul/14
She looks a solid 5'6" if not a bit more
kk said on 22/Jun/14
i just don't think she's 5'6. think she's 5'5 or even 5'4.5.
Lara said on 7/Jan/14
Saw her in concert a about six years ago, she was about five metres away from me when she was in the crowd. I was shocked by how small she was. In all honesty I'd say 5"4 at the very most but more around 5"3
heightobsessed said on 25/Sep/13
Shes my idol and always thought she was tall, so id hate to say it, but i think shes closer to 5'5 maybe even a little bit under.
The Truth said on 11/Sep/13
No! she is not 5'6". I've practically tripped over her on a red carpet. Husband is not exactly all that tall either. Try more like 5'3" and a half, don't forget the half. lol. Tiny frame. Always wears serious heels.
jill88 said on 8/Sep/13
i dont like to downgrade celebs, but there's a photo of her and miley where miley looked maybe 1.5 inches taller, they also look to be wearing around the same heel heights. Unless miley is taller than 5'5. Gwen always struck me as someone who looks tall, and ive always thought she was at least 5'6...but i truly think shes 5'4.5-5'5. shes always a wee bit shorter than other celebs, case in point katie perry.
Just said on 23/Jun/13
Why is she just 5'6", if Eve is 5'7"? In the videoclip she really looks taller than Eve.
CftxP said on 23/Dec/12
In her videos and interviews together with No Doubt, she looks around the same height as Tony Kawal whose reported height is 5'6", so this is probably around right, one inch give or take.
Michaela said on 5/Dec/12
5'4-5'5 is about right. I met her at the store back in the day when I was 5'1 and she was almost a head taller than me.
Mel said on 23/Oct/12
She's 5'4. I met her a few years back and she was 2 inches taller than me, and I'm 5'2.
marla singer said on 14/Oct/12
She looked shorter than 5'5" Miley Cyrus
Dixie said on 2/Dec/11
Stop saying she's 5'3 or 5'4. She's between 5'6 to 5'7 not below or higher than that. Take a look at her videos Early winter or hollaback girl.
liita said on 27/Nov/11
I saw her in 2000 summer in LAX.She was walkind with two bodyguards.She was wearing sneakers and overall was dressed casual.I was waiting in check-in line and she walker right past me.She is very short,I would say about 5'3.There is NO wasy she is 5'6.
menivan said on 20/Apr/11
Gwen is not tall, but not short either. I believe 5f5-5f6...tops 5f6.
She doesn't look that tall to me even in videos..just average.
peyotetimes said on 9/Apr/11
On AI last night, she towered over 2 of the 3 contestants and was taller than the 3rd by a decent amount. At least one of the two she towered over was wearing heeled boots and that girl never seemed overly short. Therefore, some of these claims of 5'3" seem ludicrous.
Dom said on 13/Mar/11
She's never looked anything else than 5'6" maybe 5'6,5"
jtm said on 25/Feb/11
i don't agree with 5'3 or 5'4 like some here are claiming but 5'6 is generous in my opinion. i would say closer to 5'5.
mememme said on 24/Feb/11
she is not under 5'6 at all so everyone stop lying just becuase you are all short. she looks 5'7 sometimes in my opinion.
kyle said on 23/Jan/11
met her in soho, she looked a bit more like 5'4" but thats just what i saw. im 6',
Bernie said on 5/Dec/10
I saw a picture with her and a bunch of models for her LAMB line. She was wearing the same 4 in platforms as the models and even though she looked 5-7 inches shorter. An average model is 5'9" - 5'11". That would make hear around 5'3" - 5"4"
shell said on 12/Jun/09
"Anyone who consistently wears 4-5 inch heals has a height complex"
She used to always wear flat doc martens, so try again. She's into fashion, that's why she wears crazy heels.
kira said on 2/Jun/09
I have hung out with gwen and ND a handful of times over the years. I am 5'9 and there is NO WAY SHE IS MY HEIGHT. She is 5'5. She is the same height as Tony - a smidge taller. Here's the thing people -- 5'5 is an ideal height if you are well proportioned because you can look REALLY REALLY LONG AND SLENDER ON TV. She also wears platforms to make her appear to be 5'8. Everyone lies about height in hollywood. According to their standards I'm 5'11. :)
CaptainFat said on 7/May/09
She was shorter than Seacrest on American Idol last night. About 1.5 inches shorter or so. She had boots on too but they didn't seem to have big heels.
don said on 28/Apr/09
she said 5'7" on David Letterman a few years ago when he commented on her long legs
romeo said on 28/Apr/09
she wears platform heels...

Click Here
5 ft 3.8 said on 21/Apr/09
Sounds right.
Red mans girl said on 5/Feb/09
On SNL she looked pretty tall.. She has such long legs... I would think shes a tall woman because standing alone she always appears very tall... But next to other people, even in heels so doesn't seem overly tall... So I would say probably 5'6-ish is right.. So taller than avg., but not super tall...
Blair said on 24/Dec/08
I agree with 5'5".
Anonymous said on 2/Dec/08
Without her heels she is 5'4.
Anonymous said on 10/Nov/08
Gwen is 5'5" TOPS. Anyone who consistently wears 4-5 inch heals has a height complex.
Anonymous3 said on 21/Sep/08
whaaaaat? the top of a person's head to their nose is more than 3 inches! more like around 6 inches depending on the person! If you were up to a 5ft9 persons nose then you would be 5ft3-5ft4 but barely....Your sister must have a tiny head then
Anonymous said on 5/Sep/08
no i think she is 5"7 maybe 5"8. compared to heidi klum she is not too short. if u were 5"6 or 5"5 you would generally be upto a 5"9 (heidi klum) person's nose and i knwo this because i am a 5"6 female and my sister is 5"9 respectively
Jessie said on 31/Aug/08
I think Gwen does everything she can to look taller. For instance in her sweet escape video she was wearing massive heels and all vertical stripes. I think she is probabley 5'6ish. I bet Klum (this is serious) is around 5'6.5
Brad said on 7/Jul/08
Saw her again from 10 feet away a year later: same 5' 6". Wears huge shoes.
ale said on 22/May/08
she's 5'5 , saw her last year at the airport , we were the exact same hight with flats
robbie said on 11/May/08
she is 5'5..ive met her!
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/08
she is 5'7, her stylist said it on MTV
Treated! said on 28/Jan/08
About the "Let Me Blow Your Mind" video she is standing at 5'8 (consider they had shoes on), as well as Eve (the lines rep. two inches not one, look down to 4 ft. and 3 ft!)... Eve was on "Tyra" and stated she was 5'6.5 which should be accurate as Tyra Banks was obviously several inches taller (around 5'10) and they both had massively high heels on (5" or more I'd assume for Eve).

In person Gwen is towering in heels; I'm 5'8.5. I had flats on when I saw her and she appeared to be around 5'10 at least in her heels, making her an accurate 5'6 based on evidence.
leonari said on 9/Jan/08
the floor is tilted with Klum. Klum sluches big time while Stefani is straight...Please! anything above 5'6" for Gwen is a joke.
susan said on 8/Jan/08
in the pic with heidi she wears flip flops, no way she is 5'6'' at least 5'8''
Reality Check said on 7/Jan/08
Sounds like 5'6" is the winner! Firstly, she always(almost) is wearing heels and plus she has gams that make up most of her height :) !! Plus in "Holler Back Girl" she is about the same height as the Japanese chicks in the Grocery store...!
susan said on 7/Jan/08
i can't see the heels
look here, maybe klum is shorter than 5'9''?
Click Here
looks as if both are the same height and no way heidi is 5'9'' and gwen only 5'6''
redrum said on 4/Jan/08
no way 5-9.
Gwen in heels with 5-10ish P Diddy
Click Here
susan said on 11/Dec/07
she must be taller than this, i saw a pic of her next to heidi klum, both in flats, and she was almost taller than klum-she is at least 5'9'' cause klum is 5'9''
karieen said on 2/Dec/07
i think you all are sick. chatting about how tall is she?! ok - chatting but this is really sick...5'6. no - 5'7. no - 5'1/4 (sick)
voodoo doll said on 2/Dec/07
Let's not forget that the hirushuku girls are short which makes Gwen look tall.
Brooklyn said on 17/Nov/07
I met Gwen Stefani in November of 2006 for my birthday. Im 5'6 exactly, and she was fearing flats, as was I, and she was only a little bit taller than me. So I would put her at 5'8 without heels.
mary said on 8/Oct/07
I heard on vh1 that she is 5'6'
Bombay Rocker said on 4/Oct/07
I cant see her anything under 5 feet 8, she was on david letterman sometime back, i just saw the video on youtube and she looks at the most 2 inches under him in 3.5 to 4 inch heels and david is 6 feet 2 atleastwith his usual 1 inch heel shoes

Editor Rob
did you see her video with the marley guy?
carolyn said on 24/Sep/07
def 5'6. stood less than a foot away from her at concert on saturday night. she had flats on and was only just taller then me(5'4)
irina said on 1/Sep/07
people don't really know what their actual height is they just think thats their height. I dont think they actually measure the celebs
val said on 25/Aug/07
okay Gwen is definitley not short but she's not 5'8 either. she's got to be 5'6, she just happens to have long legs plus when have you ever seen her in flats?
anonymous5 said on 1/Jul/07
Why do people lie about their heights? we get measured and we seem well short. an old classmate who was actually really and really tall didn't really reach 5'10!!! how can those celebrities be that tall then. do they get measured in their high heels?? If it is so... hmm maybe I should get measured like that too... then I'm definitely 5'9. hahaha
Mary said on 21/Jun/07
Eh, I think she's 5'6". I saw her in concert last night and she looks to be my height.
annonymous said on 14/Jun/07
I am sorry but here she does not even look 5'5 in theseClick Here
kealan said on 20/May/07
Definitely thought she was much much taller. Atleast 5'9. Just watching the end of her film clip for her song 4 in the morning where she's barefoot, i would never of guessed 5'6. What about digitally enhanced height?
val said on 19/May/07
huh, i always thought she was taller, five foot eight at least, her legs look very long in the sweet escape video.
AKK said on 3/May/07
Hmm. With estimated 4 inch heels, she was towering over Ellen at about the same level as Rebecca Romjin(who was on the show like a day or two before her). Shaky 5'5", I think. Maybe Kingston James took more out of her than expected. ;)
Brad said on 2/May/07
Saw her a few hours ago...still 5' 6". Awesome shape.
Franco said on 16/Apr/07
jeez.....ok forget what i said earlier, she definetely a weak 5'6

Click Here
glenn said on 24/Mar/07
thank you.
glenn said on 16/Mar/07
she seemed 5-10 to me in massive did jolie.but jolies boots didnt look as crazy.5-6 for gwen,5-8 for jolie.
Brad said on 15/Mar/07
She's 5' 6". Wears lots of heels & thick bottom running gear and holds her height with the Mister.
Kimberly said on 13/Mar/07
I talked to my freind who saw her in concert, and said she was surprised how big she was...Not big as in fat, but taller...After a lot of on line research I think she is 5 foot 6...No matter what, She is soooo cool!
Chris said on 7/Mar/07
I think she's 5"4 because of the "Blow Ya Mind" video with Eve... In the beginning, they're standing in front of height chart things... like the ones in a police line-up and she's at 5"4... but I suppose heels and angles could throw someone off...

Maybe it's just because she has long legs!

Editor Rob
nah, she doesn't come to 5ft 4. The top of her cap reached somewhere like 5ft 7, but the chart wasn't greatly made, whatwith 1inch thick lines and no idea if middle/top/bottom was correct
Anonymous said on 16/Feb/07
to reply to karen's quote, beneath me, in aviator, she really did look about 5'10 in heels-which would make her neatly as tall as leo, who is 5'11 or so. if her heels were 3 inches, it means she is 5'7 barefoot. as far as enormous, i meant in heels-5'10 is pretty tall for a woman-not a bad thing, just rare. of course she's stunning, flawless even. and i am a 5'7 woman, and 120 pounds, and thin, and i get called enormous and giant all the time in heels, as skinny as i look. so, there, it wasn't an insult, it was a compliment!
karen said on 7/Feb/07
so dicaprio is only 5"11 so that makes her 5"8 and tht isnt huge like annonymous is making it out she isnt enormous shes a rely stunning woman
anonymous said on 23/Jan/07
Susan said on 17/Jan/07
Gwen is approximately 5'6" and when me and my date who is 5'11" she was alittle taller in her 6" heels. I had to look up to her and I was 5'9" in my 3" stilettos.
anonymous said on 10/Jan/07
i think gwen is closer to 5'7. her stylist said so on mtv, and she appears very tall, even w/o heels. always thought she was very short, b/c she's so petite, but now, looking at her in photos w/other celebs, she is clearly a tall woman.
CJ said on 30/Nov/06
jennifer lopez is 5'4-5'5 adn gwen is about 5'6. she isn't that short nor tall. but maybe gwen's shoes were higher than j.lo's
Anna said on 18/Oct/06
She must be 5'4" because next to JLo she is only 2" taller. JLO is 5'2" without heels and 5'6" with 4" heels.
patti said on 17/Oct/06
I met her a few years ago (we even had a little conversation)so we were very close and she wasnt wearing heels, she was wearing a pair of vans and i'm 100% certain that she's indeed 5'6''
romeo said on 26/Sep/06
Click Here
she wear very big heels...
Brad said on 14/Aug/06
5' 6" now but I remember her shorter years ago when No Doubt was the band that opened for everybody in L.A..
Mah said on 9/Aug/06
she 5 '4 in her video let me blow your mind check out for ur selves ....
Glenn said on 25/Jul/06
I finally saw Gwen a year ago.she appeared 5-10 in massive boots.Keidas strangely looked 5-10 to me in the early 90s.I believe he might be 5-9.5-8 minimum.seriously,5-9 more like it.
Cliff said on 24/Jul/06
If you check Getty images, there are photos with Gwen and Anthony Kiedis at some event, and Gwen appears to be at least AS TALL, if not TALLER than Kiedis. She also appears to be sporting very small heels fora change - if any at all. This photo gives creedance to those who claim that Kiedis is shorter than his listing here. I do think Gwen can possibly be 5ft7, as she is often times listed as this as well. If they were standing back to back in these Getty photos, Gwen would definitely be a little doubt (no pun intended).
johnny5 said on 14/Jul/06
she said 5ft6 on radio1
faiza said on 31/May/06
according to MTV she's 5'7"
jon said on 3/May/06
Seen her in concert 6 times(4 with No doubt). First time was a small extraordianary club in western Mass. Yep, she years ernormous heels. Still, in the iron horse (its small) I was about 5 feet from her and she loooked towering. Add 6 or what inch boots to 5'6 and you get 6'. think shes like mariah carey(not as tall as Carey):a tallish woman who as part of the performance wants to look taller. So, 5'6 or 7.
Jacks said on 26/Apr/06
She's 5'4 1/2 and she's my cousin.
Kats said on 15/Apr/06
If she's really closer to 5'4, I've been fooled. I thought she was one of the few who always had an accurate listing. I don't know if I'll ever be able to see evidence of 5'4 though. I saw that video with Eve a million times years ago, and never did pay attention to the chart. Who knows when I'll see the video again... I'll keep my eyes peeled. Although that wouldn't necessarily be real proof for me. It would be weird to have a chart that's lower than it should be though...
S said on 4/Mar/06
Yeah, she always wears really high heels.
TJ said on 1/Mar/06
Nate, her heels aren't just large, they are enormous!! :-)
~Nate~ said on 28/Feb/06
Yanno the more I look at her the taller she looks. I found pics where shes taller then Beyonce, I havent met her, know people who have but I would almost bet she's taller then 5'7.
Missy C said on 8/Jan/06
In The music video "let me blow you're mind" eve and gwen get arrested and have to take pictures in front of one of those height lines and it shows Gwen stefani standing at 5'4''. check it out
Marc said on 1/Jan/06
In the the ridiculous song Hollaback girl she was standing with Pharell (5'8") and he had a good 2 or 3 inches on her. I'd put her in the 5'5" - 5'6" range.
~Nate~ said on 11/Nov/05
Yeah when I went to her concert I was in the first row and although she was on a stage with flat boots on I could tell she wasnt short. My friend Jose is in love with her and has met her a few times and he's 5'6 and everytime they met she was in heels and he said she was maybe 2 inches taller then him, meaning 5'6 is prolly right.
Chloee said on 10/Nov/05
Madeline said on 9/Nov/05
Eve is 5'5" in real life. I think Gwen's 5'4".
CHLOEE said on 19/Oct/05
sisi said on 30/Sep/05
she looks more like 5'4''-5'5'' close to Eve who's 5'7''. She's at least 2 inches shorter than her.

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