How tall is Pink

Pink's Height

5ft 3 (160 cm)

American Singer Alecia Moore. I remember reading an article in UK Sunday Mail around the Charlie's Angels movie time where the interviewer referred to her as 'tall'. She once said she was 5ft 4 and 1/4, although in March 2017 mentioned "Would you believe I’m 160 pounds and 5’3″".

How tall is  Pink
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5ft 3.95in (162.4cm)
Starrla said on 26/Aug/23
P!nk is taller than Drew Berrymore. They stood back to back with shoes off on Drew’s show. Pink definitely is taller than her, and I think you have Drew at 5’3”.
Leesheff85 said on 18/Aug/22
How tall would her husband carey hart be do you think rob? I think 5ft 9 range personally. Do you think he's worth a page
Editor Rob
Yes he can look that range.
Cooper Clarke 170cm 5'7 said on 5/Aug/22
@Incognito324 Short for women starts at like 5'2, so Pink is not short, even if she's only 5'3 rather than the 5'4 most people believe.
Jackie Lee said on 28/Sep/21
If that...incognito, is short then 5'9 is short for a guy too?
Marty Golubow said on 8/Jul/21
I have always loved women singing more than men singing I guess because I’m a man....I love to hear the female voice and I think it would be a great thing to get all the beautiful girls ( in great shape ) ........and have some kind of a Summer Olympics Challenge which would be a charitable thing and big help for various causes......
Leesheff85 said on 28/Mar/21
Nope it's not incognito its perfectly average
Incognito324 said on 20/Mar/21
even for woman 5'4" is the short.
J2Frenzy said on 29/Oct/20
Talk about height enhancing hair! I’m not sure how her hairstyle plays to the laws of physics!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Sep/20
🎂💝💐🎉 Happy Birthday Pink! 🎉💐💝🎂

A Very Happy 41st Birthday to the lovely, talented artiste Pink. She's one of Ellen de Generes' many friends and even wrote the theme tune to Ellie's addictive entertainment TV show.

5ft3 - because she even says so herself!

Nearly 180cm guy said on 18/Apr/20
Hey Rob! Please look at the pictures of Pink with Linda Perry from the rock band "4 Non Blondes" from 2003:
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Today Linda is 55 years old so she could lose some height but then she was only 38 so it was definitely her peak height. On the internet she is listed as 5ft 3 although I am not sure if she was so tall. Rob, how tall she looked according to you?
Sandy A Cowell said on 8/Apr/20
My brother tells me that Pink and her little son have the coronavirus. This is terrible to hear. I wish them both a speedy recovery.

5ft4. 🤗💐XX
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Sep/19
🎂🎉 Happy 4️⃣0️⃣th Birthday Pink! 🎉🎂

Many Happy Returns to Pink!

I never knew she was 5ft3!

I give her 5ft3.5. 😁

Littlelee168cm said on 14/Jan/19
If she's 5ft 3 then Carey isn't the listed 5ft 11 he's maybe 2 or so inches taller than her in heels 5ft 9 or so for him
lee168cm said on 18/Jan/18
Was recently in a music video with channing tatem and with 3 inch heels was only about 5 inches shorter than him in his shoes. The videos called beautiful trauma if you wanna take a look
sonia33139 said on 2/Jun/16
I am 5'3" and I stood in line at Walgreen's next to her. She was pushing a stroller in flip-flops and she was my exact heigh. She's supercool.
A said on 2/May/16
Hey Rob, how tall is Colt Prattes,leading dancer in her song Try.I'd say 5'8 and you?
rocknrollchef said on 17/Oct/15
Pink hired our CCR tribute band for a private party a few years back so we had a little time to meet & chat; My best guess is around 5' 4" without heels - definitely taller than 5' 2"
Bishop said on 18/Mar/15
Thought she was a lot taller.
blue said on 3/Mar/15
Hello, several websites say that she weighs 130lbs, do you think its good for this photo?
Click Here
Laura said on 5/Jul/14
I saw her live about five years ago. She is definitely not over 5"4, more like 5"3. She wears HUGE heels so she does look taller than what she is. To me she doesn't look tall at all, she has always looked between 5"2-5"4. More evidence to back up that I don't think she's her stated height is that in the 'Lady Marmalade' days, she is always about two inches shorter than a 5"5 listed Mya, (who is apparently 5"4.5). And she's only a couple of inches taller than a 5"0 Christina. So yeah, I think 5"3 max.
what said on 20/May/14
I've seen her live, she's very tall, like 5' 9".
Balrog said on 22/Feb/14
Yeah I also thought she was taller, like 5'5'', maybe is because she wears big heels a lot?
Viper said on 22/Aug/13
Figured she was taller.
CftxP said on 18/Aug/13
She doesn't look more than a few inches taller than Ellen in that video (who's said to be around 5'7") so I think this measurement is close, off by an inch at the most if anything.
Talkingabout said on 24/May/13
With Ellen Degenerous:
Granted, she's wearing heels, but she looks huge in comparison. Makes you wonder if any of the reported heights of celebs are accurate.
anto said on 4/Feb/13
with the height of pink could you say me the height of Colt Prattes? the actor in the last video of pink?
marla singer said on 9/Oct/12
I thought she was tall, something like 5'6"
Shaun said on 29/Sep/12
JSUNG says on 28/Oct/10
When P!nk worked appeared with Christina in music video for Lady marmalade,
she looked about 2inches taller than Christina. Then since christina is 5'2"(157cm), she might be 5'4"(163cm), which is same as me!

I'm dubious of 5'2 for Christina. More 5'1" or maybe and a bit of change, just checked and Rob does have her at 5'1.5" which I think is nearer what she is.
Shaun said on 29/Sep/12
Spot on, what I'd have guessed.
B.Leyda said on 4/Feb/11
I met Pink at the meet and greet in 2006 on her Try This tour in Germany. I am 5'3 and we were side by side exactly the same height 5'3 check out the Womens Health Shape magazine interview 2010 it tells her height and other details she is amazing Click Here
JSUNG said on 28/Oct/10
When P!nk worked appeared with Christina in music video for Lady marmalade,
she looked about 2inches taller than Christina. Then since christina is 5'2"(157cm), she might be 5'4"(163cm), which is same as me!
Kit said on 24/Jun/09
So what your friend is 5'4 at 15, you'll get 12 year olds that are already at that height. I do think people are getting taller, but the majority of girls are the average height of 5'4 -5'5. You'll get some that are taller and some that are shorter, but the average height is not going to jump to 5'7 any time soon. Besides we all shrink an inch or two when we get older anyway.
113 said on 21/Jun/09

I don't believe 5'4 is 'short' for women. And just cause your friend is 15, doesn't that she'll keep growing, and besides, people are getting taller all the time
kath said on 22/Feb/09
i can confirm for y'all that p!nk is the EXACT same height as me which is 163cm & when you convert that to feet it's
5' 3.5"

so she's five foot 3 point 5 inches. making me the exact same! i have told people that i was 5' 4 & 3/4" before because that's what p!nk said that she was & in knew i was her height but i think that she probably mis calculated or guessed or something i don't believe that she was intentionally lying! i am LITERALLY one of her biggest fans & i LOVE her SO much!! GO P!NK you & i can be fellow shorties cuz we are classified short in the world! woo! yeah...p!nk forever <3
Courtney said on 20/Dec/08
wow. If she's 5'4 or even shorter then that's short. My friend is 15 and she's 5'4, while Pink is like almost 30. But, she does look taller than 5'4.
Leung said on 12/Nov/08
In regards to people that over-estimate their height, yes some are lying about their height, but I do believe that many would be doing so unknowingly by saying their morning measurement or doctor measurement which in many cases would be a morning measurement. Most people they get measured, are told what their height is and that
brapp said on 12/Nov/08
Jonothan: Hey, most people "lie" about their height. Well really most people over-estimate their height by an inch or two, celebs included. Fact of life =]
Blair said on 9/Nov/08
No I remember she admitted to being 5'3 in a magazine I was reading like a year ago. She went on to say that she wished she was taller and she wished she had a pooch on her stomach.
Anonymous said on 24/Jul/08
she is def 5'3-not quite the 5'4 she always claims. glenn or rob, do u have an estimate for ex-hubby carey hart? hes usually listed at 5'11, but if shes really 5'3, he looks more of 5'10 to me. correct?
Josephine said on 12/Jul/08
I always thought she looked taller for some reason, at least 5'6"
Lmeister said on 9/Sep/07
She surely looks tall, but in reality isn't. She is soooo hot...
Taylor said on 16/Jun/07
I can't see Pink being 5'3. I'd say she's more like 5'2. She's on the shorter side...but she wears heels so it's a bit hard to tell.
the mergolaa said on 25/Mar/07
remember the pepsi advertisiment (gladiators)she looks a bir shorter than brit.i think 5.3 is her true height
???? said on 22/Feb/07
When it says for example "Pinks height is 5.3(160 cm). Is it just a guess ?

Editor Rob
every height is ultimately an estimate, less than half the time one might agree with the celebrities own declaration, the other half they are lying or being economical with the truth.

so you can believe Pink's own declaration "I'm 5ft 4 and three quarters" if you wish :) I don't though claim ;)
Viper said on 20/Jan/07
"Why does this site seem to think EVERY single celebrity is lying about their height."

Because most lie about their height.
Glitter1 said on 17/Jan/07
pooja said on 8/Dec/06
how tall is Rakhi sawant,the bolywood item girl
becky said on 20/Nov/06
pink thinks to herself as 5'4" but i really think she's 5'3 1/2" as u guys say!
becca said on 17/Oct/06
she said 5'3 3/4 she know she short she said it herself. "The two things people are suprised about when they meet me is that and short and bla bla". I've met her she's just average height in my eyes.
Manvir T. said on 31/Jul/06
Pink is at least 5 feet 3.5 inches tall cause i saw her up close and person @ MuchMusic in Toronto, Canada when she came for an interview and a performance and i myself am 5"10 AND SHE WAS 6.5 inches shorter than me
Kats said on 8/Apr/06
Hahah, I think so ice! I've joked about celebs saying a 1/2 inch to sound more believable.

I guess I've pegged her to be around 5'3. I think she's slightly below average...
rodders said on 24/Mar/06
she was just on jonathon ross, and had HUGE heels on and still looked small next to him
ice said on 23/Mar/06
LOL, i'm beginning to think that's the new in thing for celebs to say their heights down to the quarter. They probably think it makes the listing sound more believeable.

Editor Rob
'wow, pink knows her height to 3/4 of an inch', man must be true'...yep, many would buy that!
ice said on 7/Oct/05
oh yeah, one even went on to give her weight at 125
ice said on 7/Oct/05
you see, that's weird. Every magazine that had her featured when she first came out said, 5'3. She was very much an adult at the time.Oh, and for good references, Check out the Lady Marmalade video.
CelebHeights Editor said on 4/Oct/05
On Launch Yahoo back in 2000 Pink said her height as: "5' 4" and 3/4".

Maybe she meant '5ft 2 and 3/4'?

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