How tall is Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne's Height

5ft 1in (154.9 cm)

Canadian singer-songwriter best known for songs such as "Complicated", "Sk8er Boi" and "Girlfriend". She has stated 5ft 1 as her height.

How tall is Avril Lavigne
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Average Guess (22 Votes)
5ft 0.92in (154.7cm)
Steven said on 25/Aug/17
Avril Lavigne has clearly said she 5ft 1inches so why hell are people saying she taller than that when she said she that her height you can't make her taller if she said that she that height then guess what she that height not 5ft 2 or 3 or whatever
I myself have met her in and meet and greet and I'm 5ft 9 and When she stood beside me she was tiny
Realist said on 26/Jun/17
She's 5'2
Lovatic said on 24/Jun/17
Idk I think she could be anywhere from 5'0 - 5'2 but probably 5'0 or 5'1 like me lol
Kelly said on 24/Jun/17
She is 5,2 she does not look 5,1
6'1-6'1.5 Guy said on 17/Jun/17
5'1 nothing more.
gfhj said on 10/Jun/17
hot as hell in her prime. short or not makes no difference there. i say 5'2"
Jazz said on 30/May/17
Strange how her little sister Michelle Lavigne towers over Avril- maybe like 5 inches or so. Good thing she is not height conscious.
Bee123 said on 19/May/17
She is maybe 5'1 or just over the 5'0 I think 155cm
LM10-196 cm(6'5'') said on 15/Jan/17
Very beautiful indeed and quite tiny too.
LM10-196 cm(6'5'') said on 14/Jan/17
She looks so hot and tiny
The 6'2''guy said on 30/Dec/16
Very beautiful
Arch Stanton said on 31/May/16
Yes, she's nice looking, but I get the impression that she would be extremely high maintenance and an emotional rollercoaster to live with. 5'1 tops.
sha said on 28/May/16
Still pretty even she stands 5ft and one only.
digling said on 27/May/16
I stood next to her at her meet&greet in 2014.. She was wearing slippers, i'm 5 10 and I can say she is 5ft 2 at least.. my friend is 5ft 1.5 and was noticeably shorter than her. To me, she was at least 5ft 2.5, but hey, who am I against several pics in different angles.
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 25/Dec/15
Yes,this look better,real tiny as she say.
Rob other question.Do you think that Chad Kroeger is a legit 6'1 ?
I mean,he is supposedly to be 1ft taller than Avril but she generally reaches his up neck area and very near to chin.5'1 reaches very close to my shoulder and I'm not even 6'1
He claimed once 6'2 but it's a big stretch.I think 5'11 and change it's more accurate but that's just my opinion.
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 20/Dec/15
Rob,why the 0,5 inch if she stated 5ft 1 flat ? Do you really think that she can pass as a bit taller ?
Editor Rob: I think at times she could look 5ft 1-1.5 range, but then in one video posted on here years ago she did just say 5ft 1, so maybe that's on the money.
Lara said on 18/Mar/14
If she has said she's 5"1, I pretty sure she's 5"1 though. If she were taller than that, she'd say it. As for people comparing her with Christina Aguilera...Xtina is no more than 5"0. Look at her next to a 5"1 Richie and 5"1 Kristen Bell and you'll see.
Brad said on 18/Jan/14
As she says. Real tiny.
seline said on 9/Jan/14
this gives me hope. lol
Jon said on 26/Sep/13
Lol Alex look at Avril's torsos shortness in that photo. Its so obvious that she is in high heels.
Silent d said on 29/Aug/13
I remember when kim kardashian was taller than her in a photo. 156cm. She is petite.
Van said on 13/Jun/13
Lol, the second comment(by TJ) says it all. She wouldn't downgrade her height, right? If she has stated her height as 5'1, then she is max 5'1.
Alex said on 19/Apr/13
Both Hayley Williams and Avril next to the American radio host Jojo Wright :
Hayley Williams with Jojo Wright ( seemingly 5'1-5'2):
Click Here
Avril Lavigne with Jojo Wright
Click Here

Hayley Williams looks MUCH shorter than Jojo Wright and Avril only looks a bit shorter than him. As Tina says, she needs an upgrade.
Tina said on 13/Apr/13
Chelsea Handler with Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens: Click Here
or a video when they greet each other:
Click Here If Vanessa who's seemingly 5'1.5 just like Avril is up to Chelsea's ears with high heels. It's IMPOSSIBLE for Ms Lavigne to be 5'1.5 as well!
Tina said on 13/Apr/13
Next to 5'6 Chelsea Handler and both in similar heels look pretty much the same height: Click Here unlike Christina Aguilera who was wearing higher heels than Chelsea and still looked a lot shorter than her: Click Here Ms Lavigne Deffo NEEDS AN UPGRADE!
K said on 6/Mar/13
5'2" max, 5'1" minimum . Although I agree with 5'1.5".
Caroline said on 2/Feb/13
Wow @Tina amazing post, thank you!
I always thought she's around 5'2 because she seems to have the same proportions as me, but looking at your pictures yeah she might be a little more.. But she always seems so small in pictures so I'm not sure she can be an average 5'4
Tina said on 16/Jan/13
She needs an UPGRADE!!

1. Next to Ashley Tisdale (5'2-5'3) and they're both without heels and Avril looks a bit taller than Ashley:
Click Here

2. Next to Taylor Momsen ( 5'8) both in high heels: Click Here
if Avril truly was 5'1 she'd look much shorter next to Taylor, taking into account both have the same inch of heels.

3. Next to Adam Levine ( 6'0): Click Here
and her heels were like this: Click Here

and if you compare Xtina Aguilera ( seemingly 5'1-5'2) wearing even higher heels with a hat with Adam Levine she looks shorter than Avril with him:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

4. Next to Alanis Morissette ( 5'4-5'5):
Click Here
Click Here
and Avril wasn't wearing heels:
Click Here

5. Next to Petra Nemcova ( 5'10) and they're both wearing similar size of heels and bending a little:
Click Here
Click Here

6. Next to Kylie Jenner( 5'9)last year and they're both bending a little and with heels:
Click Here

7. Next to Justin Timberlake (5 ft 11.5- 6 ft) :
Click Here

8. Next to Catalina Sandino ( 5'6-5'7) and both in similar sized heels:
Click Here
Click Here

9. With Vanessa Hudgens ( 5'1) both wearing similar sized heels:
Click Here

So I'd say she's definetely at least 5'3 and even 5'4.
kritina said on 2/Aug/12
wow she's 156, it's okay i love her so much and she's the best for me,,,,i don't care about her height.......
TJ said on 15/Jun/12
If Avril has given her height as 5ft 1, why go above it? If 5ft 1.5 she would have been more likely to round up than down.
Silent d said on 6/Feb/12
Joseph Munar Cruz said on 8/Dec/11
160 cm
Heightgirl said on 7/Nov/11
Avril claims 5f1 and she looks 5f1 too so there is no arguing that from me lol Lavigne wears docs a lot and that might only add approx 2 inches to her height bringing her up to 5f3 with her shoes on. As for Kim, she always seems to wear huge heels with big platforms, so you can't judge Avril's height on that because they are not wearing similar shoes at all.
Joseph said on 1/Oct/11
She is 5 ft 3in (160 cm) 5'3
CIn Cin said on 15/Sep/11
She's around 5'1,i'd doubt that
khaleese said on 23/Jun/11
Click Here if avril is 1.56 cm how come kim 1.57? In this picture avril with flat boots max givesher 1 cm height but look at Kim's shoes they are at least 10-12 cm heels :S
Aims said on 5/Jun/11
Erm, 5'1 is not average height (to the person who said it was) - try like 5'4 or 5'5 ... lol.
lala said on 26/May/11
@Melissa im 12 and 1.58m my friends r 1.61m and higher ur right shes great
Katy said on 18/May/11
Wow, I didn't know that I was slightly taller then she is. I'm about 5'2" and 5"3' And just recently I was told that I look like her. I'm not even sure how though.
Melissa said on 17/Apr/11
I'm 13 and i'm 156cm.
I thought she'd be taller, but it doesn't matter. Her music is brilliant and it's all that matters.
Aaron said on 2/Apr/11
Awww! I never realized she was so tiny! 5 years ago, when I was 12, I thought she seemed tall. Weird how our own height changes our perception. I'm easily 16 inches taller than her now.
Brad said on 14/Mar/11
5' 1" max, Kim takes off the heels she'll still have her.
Shaun said on 11/Mar/11
miri says on 14/Feb/11
personally I think 5 ft 1 is an average hight for a women

Mmm in some Asian country maybe...
Shaun said on 11/Mar/11
Mmm maybe you're right

Click Here

Kim looks barely an inch taller and we can't see her footwear in that photo. I still think 5'1" flat would be more realistic though, isn't that also what she claimed?
Shaun said on 11/Mar/11
Rob is it really possible for Kim Kardashian to only be half an inch taller accounting for heels? Accounting for footwear I see a 1-1.5 difference still. I think you list Avril at 5'1" flat, that makes more sense.. Anyway not that I care much...

[Editor Rob: I had a glance at those heels and they are massive, if she's not getting at least 4.5 actual inches I'd be surprised, even close to 5 wouldn't surprise me]
Shaun said on 11/Mar/11
Click Here

5 ft 1 flat MAX. In Doc Martens she was owned by Kim Kardashian by a good 3 inches and Kardashian wasn't exactly wearing huge heels either. She makes Kim Kardashian looks average height.
Dave said on 8/Mar/11
i don't really care how short she is, she's still hawt as :L
Brad said on 21/Feb/11
5 feet 1. Tiny.
chris said on 20/Feb/11
Saw her in person with my sis who is 5'1. they were about the same height, but avril was in big boots and my sis was in flat sandals.

she is 5ft flat for sure.
Ken said on 16/Feb/11
this girl is 5ft max. im thinkin 4'11.5
miri said on 14/Feb/11
personally I think 5 ft 1 is an average hight for a women,..the height isn´t important in comparison to her music
Ray said on 7/Feb/11
I've met her in person actually but anyways she's gotta be at least 5'2 cause when we took the photo she could barely reach my shoulder and I'm 5'10
lola taylor said on 31/Jan/11
avril is 5 ft 3. i went to one of her concerts when i was like 10. i'm now 17. i was her height when i was around that age
Séamus said on 31/Jan/11
If she was standing next to me, the top of her head would reach my bootom lip. I'm 180cm (5'11") and I'm only 15.
annomous said on 30/Jan/11
hi first she is actually 5ft 3inchs , nearly 5ft 4inchs, and im only 13 nearly 14 and im 5ft 2inchs so i would say she is about average
Riwanki Wahlang said on 29/Jan/11
Well she's nt dat mch tall,bt im nt tall either imma boy im 17 yrs n im 5'5". Wat do u thnk am i tall?
sara said on 16/Nov/10
ok. peoples. Some of you arent excatly sure is shes 5'1 or 5'2. Then its good the title of this .. thing (?) is Avril Lavigne heigh: 5 ft 1.5 etc.
I think shes beautiful. and as someone else in here said "beauty over height"

Btw samuel. Youre not that taller than her lol
Anonymous said on 7/Oct/07
At the end of the video one can see the Klitchko brothers Vitali (nearly 6"8' i'd guess) and Wladimir (6"6') and german show host Thomas Gottschalk (maybe 6"4')

Click Here
Anon said on 7/Oct/07
Avril just got made fun of for her height on Germany's Wetten Dass when Gottschalk called her "their little sister" when he was standing next to Vladimir Klitchko (or however you spell his name)
Winner said on 5/Oct/07
even reasearches shows that men prefer smaller women ^^. and i agree with it. hail girls under 160 ^^. but also women prefer taller guys :/. i`m not tall but 5'9.5'' is ok i think o.O
abs said on 1/Oct/07
redrum said on 24/Sep/07
Hey Jennifer, why do you want to be taller than 153? Are you gettin' hit on by too many guys?
Anonymous said on 23/Sep/07
Jennifer, what is that about? Height has nothing to do with what music you listen to or play. Lead guitarist for ACDC is only 5'2 or so ;-) And you're a girl so being short isn't so bad. LOTS of guys love petite girls.
glenn said on 23/Sep/07
ive been listening to metal for 24 only 5-8.
jeniffer said on 23/Sep/07
hey ive cried so many times for being 1.53cm....after reading all these i just decided to stop it!hey guys, i listen metal music, and ive heard tht only tall ppl listen metal.should i feel bad about this?
Anonymous said on 8/Sep/07
EMOLEETHAX: Scandinavians (Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, etc.) are generally tall and blond. It's genetics. Yes, the majority of them are taller than people in the US/Britain/Canada.
But Avril's still short by North American standards.
EMOLEETHAX said on 25/Aug/07
why are everyone so small? i am 14 years old and 166 cm, i will be about 172 cm when i'm done growing. that's very normal here (i live in norway). i am about right above average height in my class. are people shorter in america than here?

I'm 12 and I'm 68 inches..172CM or so. Still not done growing. Most people I know are my heigth, how do you call us short?
Franco said on 22/Aug/07
Crissy says on 14/Aug/07
HOLLYY MOLY!! Amber i am with you, but i am 14 and i'm 5'7.5!! and she's 23 and 5'1!! wow...i feel tall...again***

u overestimated your own height, try again and youll see that you're 5'6.75. :)

Avril is 5'2
Crissy said on 14/Aug/07
HOLLYY MOLY!! Amber i am with you, but i am 14 and i'm 5'7.5!! and she's 23 and 5'1!! wow...i feel tall...again
Sasha said on 13/Aug/07
Actually she is short. I got her autograph and I was definitely looking down at her. I'm only 5'2. I'm guessing she's about 5'0.
Amber said on 3/Aug/07
Wow, Avril Lavigne is 23 and her hight is 5'2"...and I am only 12 and I am 5'5"....11 yr difference and a 3" difference....that amazes me!!!!! If you want to chat to me my AIM/AOL is tomboykilt
I'm what I am said on 29/Jul/07
She may be taller since she got married. I still remember in 2002 - 2003, she was always the first person, I had to see, in a crowd because she's too tiny (about 5'- 5'1). However, it's hard to believe that she grows up. Beside 4'11 Shakira, she's 5'1 as always.
kalina said on 23/Jul/07
Avril wants to seem short...but she's normal!!I think that her height is about 5'3...i don't understand why she wnats to be short when she's not...maybe it's trendy
fushizzledizzle said on 21/Jul/07
Actually she took a few decent pictures with Nick Nolte on Wireimage. He looks as old as Yoda and looks to have shrunk to 5-9 or 5-10. Acounting for that she looked 5-3ish + heels next to him.
simon said on 21/Jul/07
Avril has just done a concert here in Italy and I was close to her!! she was wearing shoes with normal heels and probably was a little taller than but I'm 162-162,5 cm (almost as 5"4) and I swear that without heels she looks at least 5"2.5 max 5"3. But she's not 5"1.5 of course. I was in doubt too but now I know: She's taller. I SAW HER just 2 days ago.
NeckBreaker said on 9/Jul/07
Because the east Germanic people such like Danes, Nordics are suppose to be the tallest race.
I'm a 25 year old Japanese man ands only 172cm...
cec said on 9/Jul/07
why are everyone so small? i am 14 years old and 166 cm, i will be about 172 cm when i'm done growing. that's very normal here (i live in norway). i am about right above average height in my class. are people shorter in america than here?
Anonymous said on 1/Jul/07
Shakira and Avril.
Click Here
Avril seems to be wearing flats, Shakira boots. Yeah, I'll give Avril a 5'1" MAX.
Anonymous said on 1/Jul/07
WHERE on her "official site" does it state that Avril is 5'3" (160 cm) ahmuk?

On Avril's previous official website she had videos, where she clearly stated "I am 5'1". The site you're talking about is obviously a fan site/unofficial website.
ahmuk said on 30/Jun/07
stated on the official site, avril is 160 cm tall
so this data should be updated
Smellz said on 26/Jun/07
Who gives a toss? I'm a 25 year old 5ft woman and I like it. I reckon she is as tall/shirt as she states. Why would she lie? You don't do much growing after a certain age and she wasn't a child when she stated she was 5-1... but.. I mean... get the hell over it you freaks!! haha I only came in here to see if any celebs were as short as me for a laugh. You people are friggin nuts! Who cares about EXACT heights. Get a life!!! Weirdos hahaha
Viper said on 19/Jun/07
I think the 5-1 is with shoes on.
Bombay Rocker said on 19/Jun/07
Found ultimate evidence, this is a tape in which she says she is 5 feet 1 and she likes shopping in japan coz everyone is her size....she is 5 feet 1 at the very very most's the link
Click Here
vandal said on 9/Jun/07
Kayla, why would she state 5-1 if she's tall enough to round up to 5-3. That would be like she's trying to not be considered for movie roles.
Kayla said on 9/Jun/07
In recent pictures, she's taller than Shakira (who is 5'1.5") And they were wearing similar heels. So I'll say 5'2.5" for Av.
Sxc Rach said on 7/Jun/07
Hey im also proud to say im small, im 5 ft 2/3 and ive been that way since i was 14 n now im 16 lol, i have confidence to go out anywhere on the pull and it helps that im blonde lol!!! oj
sleuth said on 6/Jun/07
littlemissmay: I don't know what part of the country you live in, maybe it has a high average height. But according to the bell curve, 5' for a woman is just as prevalent in this country as 5'8" for a woman. For every 5-8 model there is a 5' doll, for every 5-9 model there is a 4-11 doll, for every 5-7 tall chick there is a 5-1 short chick, for every 5-6er there is a 5-2er, for every 5-5er there is a 5-3er. 5-4 is dead on average.
littlemissmay said on 3/Jun/07
nah, i'm 5'0 and almost no one, no one is my height, Kylie is taller than me, anyone is taller than me, and Avril looks to be taller than me. To be 5'0 is really really small. REALLY SMALL. Avril looks small, but not that small.
Crissy said on 3/Jun/07
I've seen her in real life, she's really short i was like 5'5 at that time and i was like what seemed to be 5 or more inches taller. I'd say 5 foot max
ivy said on 26/May/07
hey...i'm proud of being a small girl like only 5 ft i have a confident to go every where...
Viper said on 8/May/07
I can easily buy 5-0.
Random Person said on 7/May/07
On SNL a couple weeks ago, Avril Lavigne and Amy Poehler were standing together. Shoes completly visible (they looked similar enough), and they seemed to have similar posture. Avril was 1.5-2 inches shorter, she's 5 foot max.
punkboy957 said on 6/May/07
Avril is obviously above 5'0, because herhusband Deryck Whibley is 5'5.5 and he's not 6 inches taller than her, she generally where's Converse Old School, which adds only about .5 inches generally, depending on the shoe, sometimes it's only .4 or even .3, so she's actually 5'1.5 as they say, though with shoes she's around 162.
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/07
Avril's pretty short. She looks 5'1" and she can't be more than 5'2"
Lee Lee said on 28/Apr/07
well..i found Avril very cute, especially in "complicated" her song..i think she's very cute..and her black bra looks sexy to me.=))
Viper said on 26/Apr/07
Ive never found her to be good looking at all.
Kathryn said on 25/Apr/07
well, i think she´s 5'2'', no taller, no smaller. because she has flat shoes on, just look at the next two pictures. and so she´s 5'2'', 5'3'' tops.
AirSky said on 25/Apr/07
I agree with UNK, and she looks like a kid, small girl. Very pretty too. I thought she was 5', 5'1" should be about right.
UNK said on 23/Apr/07
Avril is 5'1". She says herself she is, and she looks it. She is also very cute and talented. Sure, she could be annoying and her songs are immature at times... but I give her credit, overall she is a good singer with a lot of energy.
Anonymous said on 22/Apr/07
There are separate shots in other albums from that night that show her feet, and you can see that she is wearing flat soled boots. Nevertheless, I never claimed she was any taller than 5'1" (although I think she may be), I just asked how tall her mother is.
What? said on 21/Apr/07
You cant even see their feet you liar, stop making up bs.

Look she is 5ft 1in, thats that.
Anonymous said on 18/Apr/07
I'm curious how tall her mother her release party, this is Avril in flat soled boots, and her mother in heels, and Avril is STILL taller...
Click Here
Michellle said on 18/Apr/07
I just saw her on Live with Regis and Kelly and she was inches shorter that Kelly Ripa who is reportably 5'3". So I think she isn't even 5'
ladyofthelake said on 16/Apr/07
the other night on snl (april 14, '07) she stood next to amy poehler at the end of the show; amy (who is reported to be 5'1" or 5'2") was substantially taller.
Franco said on 16/Apr/07
looks 5'1.5 indeed so 5'2 in shoes (flat).

her guy is 5'4 flat, 5'4.5 or 5'5 in shoes.

oh and i dont like LAVIGNE she's annoying.
Kathryn said on 15/Apr/07
she looks 5'2''-5'2.5''. not taller. but 5'1'' is too small. becuase she doesnt always wear high heels but flat heels sometimes. so 5'2'' is obvious.
Viper said on 13/Apr/07
I doubt shes even 5-1. Looks 5-0 tops.
dwarfs said on 10/Apr/07
I'm not so sure how I feel about everyone comparing her height to her husband's. His page says 5'4.5" but I'm just not convinced he's that tall. The guy is constantly walking around in these ridiculous looking platform-type shoes. Even when he got married, his groomsmen wore black dress shoes, and he was wearing those ugly platform things! This man is obviously self concious about his height. It really wouldn't suprise me if he told people he was an inch or two taller than he actually is. Not hard-core evidence or anything, but i just don't think he's a reliable comparison point.
Flory said on 9/Apr/07
I don't understand you guys! She said she was 5 ft 1!! She was already a blond sweety then, she was over 20 years so she didn't grow since then. Rob she is 5 ft 1. Come one, you heard her. That's it... Why do you want her to be taller then she is! And by the way deryck is short to, he is like 5 ft their kids are gonna be small to. So everyone come on stop saying; No she is 5 ft 2 or taller.
Well, technically, if you apply a standard equation to the image, you can create an almost exact accurate estimation to the hights of both figures. It's really rather simple...infact, I have a whole web page dedicated to it as i feel the argument is so incredibly Of course, with the simpler minds it's 'open to interpretation' but with the hard core fan know what to do.
ThisGirl said on 4/Apr/07
Check it out... Deryck is supposedly 5'4"-5"... they're both wearing flat shoes in these photos, walking right next to each other. It's obvious that she's only about 2 inches shorter than him... which means that she's 5'2"-3".
Click Here
Anonymous said on 31/Mar/07
i seriously doubt she's that short. her husband is 5'5", and she is only 2 inches shorter than him AT THE MOST. i'd say she's like 5'3"-5'4".
sunbeame said on 25/Mar/07
I really don't see anything above 5'1 after seeing these:
Click Here
ThisGirl said on 24/Mar/07
That interview is like 5 years old. She's changed since she first came out at 16 or 17 years of age.
THE GAME said on 16/Mar/07
No matter what u say bout her Height i still think she's cute. So F... u all
yourname said on 24/Feb/07
she says she's 5'1 in this backstage interview that you can check out here: Click Here (ignore the stupid title). so there, no more arguing.
shortie chic said on 19/Feb/07
it's funny how people argue over the exact height of short people... no one seems to ever dispute the heights of average people or taller people. I am 5'3 without shoes - but I wear high heels all the time - so then I get accused of being under 5 feet tall. can't we just let Avril be short and cute and leave it at that?
Anonymous said on 13/Feb/07
Franco, that comment isn't exactly "stupid" Sure, Avril wasn't barefooted, but I'd venture to bet that the person who met her at the TRL studio wasn't barefoot either. If somebody says they're 5'2", that probably means they're 5'2" barefoot, not with shoes. So if Avril, with shoes, was taller than somebody wearing shoes that's 5'2" barefoot, then it's reasonable to think that she might be 5'3"-5'4" barefoot.
Franco said on 13/Feb/07
====Martin Smith Lopez says on 21/Jan/07
I gotta agree with Tony, she needs an upgrade, she's got to be 5'3-5'4- I MET HER IN TRL STUDIOS in December and she was little taller than me, and I am 5'2.======

you see commentaries like this are very stupid (no offense)....YOU MET HER AT THE STUDIO? sure you did, but she wasn't barefooted, she had shoes, so yes.

she is 5'3-5'4 WITH SHOES.

i am sure she's 5'2 barefoot.
Random Girl..x said on 10/Feb/07
Its her own buisness wot height she is! I dont understand why people get so hooked up on looking like, acting like and being like there fave celeb!! I mean they r just ordinary people that have a talent and got a big break! Most of them i fake i bet you! Everyone has a talent but not everyone has the right people around them to help them be successful! You dont see people lookin up to someone from a farm in england do you?? Its pathetic how people can stalk celbs and think that they are the greatest people in the world and cant jest let them get on with their lives! Peace out..[x]..
ThisGirl said on 4/Feb/07
She IS 5'2". Why people can't accept that and get over it is beyond me.
Martin Smith Lopez said on 21/Jan/07
I gotta agree with Tony, she needs an upgrade, she's got to be 5'3-5'4- I MET HER IN TRL STUDIOS in December and she was little taller than me, and I am 5'2.
UNK said on 18/Jan/07
I'm thinking she is getting more than 2" out of the heels with Bruce.. probaby closer to 3".

But I agree the chick is about 5'2", maybe slightlet under, maybe slightly over.. 5'2" is safe.
jonothan said on 17/Jan/07
nope tony. she's wearing one inch boots with bowwow not heels: Click Here
she's 5'2"-5'3"
And with bruce willis.. those were surefire elevators
tony said on 17/Jan/07
woops i have to correct myself. turns out you were right on this one glenn :]. next to 6'0 bruce (in 2006 photos) she's wearing high heels and is barely past his shoulder. knowing celebrities if anything bruce would list his height as being taller or would wear elevators so if he was smaller then 6'0 at the awards itd only mean that avril is even shorter. i guess in the photo with bow wow we can say she may have had high heels on. i cant make sense of the photographs of her and perez though, unless perez's height is mislabelled by some 3 inches.
tony said on 17/Jan/07
i agree avril may have once upon a time been around 5'2 but shes definitely grown since. it may be irregular for a girl to grow past the age of 16 but it happens. presley is listed at 5'2 + 3 inch heels in that photo and shes only got tops 2 1/2 inch advantage. that'd make her what? 5'3ish which is an average height for girls. unlike guys girls have a shorter range in their height differences. in my senior year high school shoot the girls standing in a line arranged shortest to tallest looked virtually the same girl to girl obviously between shortest and tallest theres a significant difference. 5'2-5'7 is probably the range for 90% of girls some people have major heightism issues relating to women that posted here. but yes to reiterate another commenter i think avril needs an 'upgrade' to 5'3 5'4
tony said on 17/Jan/07
i agree avril may have once upon a time been around 5'2 but shes definitely grown since. it may be irregular for a girl to grow past the age of 16 but it happens. presley is listed at 5'2 + 3 inch heels in that photo and shes only got tops 2 1/2 inch advantage. that'd make her what? 5'3ish which is an average height for girls. unlike guys girls have a shorter range in their height differences. in my senior year high school shoot the girls standing in a line arranged shortest to tallest looked virtually the same girl to girl obviously between shortest and tallest theres a significant difference. 5'2-5'7 is probably the range for 90% of girls some people have major heightism issues relating to women that posted here. but yes to reiterate another commenter i think avril needs an 'upgrade' to 5'3 5'4
jonothan said on 13/Jan/07
Yes, UNK, I was trying to say that she is 5'2" according to the pictures.
UNK said on 11/Jan/07
yeah, but lisa is 5'2". and avril is probably gettin an 1" or more with those sneakers. so they would be basically be the same hieght barefoot, which is around 5'2". what is the arguement?
jonothan said on 11/Jan/07
Well Lisa's OBVIOUSLY taller because she's wearing 3 inch heels smart one.
Anonymous said on 8/Jan/07
Those pictures from Jonathan are totally different..Lisa Marie isn't even wearing the same outfit. In the first one, Avril is taller but we cant see the footwear. In the second pic we see the footwear and Lisa Marie is taller...
Dunken said on 6/Jan/07
those pictures jonothan posted... i agree, she deserves at least another inch. 5'2.5, maybe even 5'3.
anonymous said on 5/Jan/07
okay whoever says that she is 5'3 or mopre ios seriously crazy i dont even think that shes more than 5'0
jonathan said on 2/Jan/07
Actually the flip flops give her .5 inch max.
In my opinion she is no less than 5'2" but no more than 5'3"
UNK said on 2/Jan/07
He has her at 5'1.5" not 5'1".. maybe she's 5'2". All the evidence here lately is proving that she's no way bigger than 5'3". 5'4" claims are nuts. A 5'4" woman in hollywood heels (4-5") looks quite tall. No way Avril is in the range of Lindsay Lohan (5'4" ish).

Seacrest is no bigger then 5'7", and her flip-flops are giving her an inch.

Whatever though - I don't care, make her what you all want.. she looks 5'2" to me.
miriam lennox said on 30/Dec/06
Avril is definetely 5'3-5'4. I MET her and I'm 5'4, and she was about my height.
GangstaEmma said on 27/Dec/06
Hi rob, I just emailed you my pic with Avril, did you get it? If not, let me know and I'll send it again.
Leah said on 22/Dec/06
Alex, she's said 5'1" once, not "numerous times"
She is 5'2". I have received an autograph from her.
I remember thinking when I met her "Wow, she's not as short as people make her out to be"
Alex said on 20/Dec/06
She has said 5'1 numerous times and I doubt she's taller than what she says nor do I think she is shorter. She does look 5'1 to me actually,
ThisGirl said on 16/Dec/06
P.S. I definitely have to agree with GangstaEmma. Every person I know claims a certain height as if they measure themselves constantly. The truth is that most people are not exactly sure.
Not too long ago I thought I was 5'4"... I was convinced that I was at least 5'3" and even had that height put on my drivers license. Than a few months ago my boyfriend decided to measure me just for the heck of it... turns out I'm only 5'2".

Think how many other people say the same yet the truth is that they really have no clue and are probably just guessing/relying on old information.
ThisGirl said on 16/Dec/06
UNK - Those interviews and whatnot are from like 5 years ago. She was only 17 when she got famous... people grow and gain weight overtime. She definitely has gained about 10lbs since her first album came out... and she's also obviously grown probably at least an inch or two.
Leah said on 15/Dec/06
I'd have to say I'm with Emma on this one. I have too seen Avril Lavigne upclose when getting an autograph. We were both in converse, level ground and exactly the same height. I am exactly 5'2"
GangstaEmma said on 13/Dec/06
I'm not saying I want her bigger than she is. I'm sorry if I overreacted. All I am saying is that I know for a fact that I am 5'2", I have met her, and we were the same height. So I suppose I am the only one on this site who knows her real height. And why are you saying our claims are ridiculous? As surprising as it may sound, a lot of people don't know their real heights because they guess or just THINK they're that height. You have know idea how many times I've seen people tell me they were 5 feet tall and then the next day in gym class they end up being like 5'3"? And how about Britney Spears that time? She once claimed she was 5'2" in a cyber interview and she's actually 5'4.5"?
UNK said on 11/Dec/06
GangstaEmma - Nobody is downgrading her. Rob has her listed at this height because 5'1" came out of her mouth on film... look below and watch it. Maybe she is close to 5'2" and still says 5'1", who knows. What we do know is everyone putting her at 5'3"+ really doesn't want to bother with the facts. Everytime I instruct to watch Avril say her height on film, they point us to some ridiculous pic or snl clip and start the guessing again.

It's offensive that so many of you can't believe that the girl is in the 5'1"/5'2" range. Millions of women are, it's a pretty common height for a female. She is a very petite, attractive singer.. why do you want her bigger than she is?

Leah - It's very uncommon for a girl to grow past 17/18 years old. Most stop by 16. Males on the other hand usually stop around 21, some up to 25.
Leah said on 8/Dec/06
Yes, and the video was shot about 2 years back when she was 19, she might of grown since then. Also you can tell she's bending a knee in the video which takes away about 2 inches because at the end of the video she stands up straighter, which gives Snoop about a foot on her or possibly 13 inches but nevertheless she's gotta be more than what she's listed.
GangstaEmma said on 8/Dec/06
haha idiots. i think i trust my judgement next to your using pics to try to find out her height. stop downgrading already. I HAVE MET AVRIL. I AM EXACTLY 5'2" I JUST MEASURED. AVRIL AND I WERE THE SAME HEIGHT! I am emailing pictures to rob as we speak.
UNK said on 8/Dec/06
Sorry Leah, Snoop has at least a foot on her. 5'11" Fallon looks to have close to 10" on her.
Anonymous said on 8/Dec/06
Can anybody confirm that her mother is actually that short? If Avril is around 5'2", her mother looks like she can't be more than 5' (based on the wedding photo). Any other pictures of the two of them together?
UNK said on 8/Dec/06
OMG - You guys are insane. The girl gives her height all the time. She says around 5'1". And recently agreed to 5'2" in a cyber interview. There is no mystery.

Follw the instructions here (which was posted a few months ago)
element says on 8/Apr/06
If you go to and you register at Crossbonez (it's free) you can see a couple of video's. In the video "Killing Time - Part 6: Show time" she says something like "I like shopping in Japan, cause everyone is so small there. I'm like... 5'1" and a li'll under 100 pounds."

[Editor Rob: thanks element, I heard that now, yes 5ft 1...]
Jeana said on 7/Dec/06
I agree with Robb on the Cinder block wall thing. I was in my school gymnasium the other day, and after reading his comment the day before, I measured the blocks with my fingers and they were for sure 8 inches tall each
Leah said on 5/Dec/06
Go on and search "Avril Lavigne SNL" In the video she is standing next to 6'3.5" Snoop Dogg and only appears 11" to a foot shorter. She's in sneakers too. So about 5'3.5" maybe a little less?
marta said on 3/Dec/06
Click Here , and this pic is with Ashley Johnson who's 5'6, and they look about the same height, so Avril's got to be 5'4.
Tisha said on 3/Dec/06
Avril is definetely 5'4 or 5'3, just look at this pic with Catalina Sandino who's 5'7-5'8.

Click Here

Avril is definetely 5'4-5'3.
Brad said on 24/Nov/06
I swear by Converse to eliminate my height. 1/2" is right, maybe less. She wears heels now. 5' 2".
ThisGirl said on 19/Nov/06
I agree with Jeana & kelz. She is skinny and she does wear Converse like ALL the time... and lets face it, those are like the flattest shoes you can get. They add on like 1/2".
She was 5'1" maybe when she first came out, but it's obvious that she grew a bit and gained some weight.
Jill said on 18/Nov/06
I saw her in concert with butch walker. And she looks about 5'3. And i was farely close to the stage. Plus she was wearing vans. Which make people look more shorter then they are. I would change the height to 5'3
kelz said on 18/Nov/06
she had a Q&A on her official site and one person asked if it was true that she was only 5'2" and she said "yes. it's funny because whenever people see me they're like, oh how tiny you are" more evidence proving she's taller than what she's listed, i agree with jeana
Jeana said on 12/Nov/06
People downgrade her way too much. She's not 5'0, no way! She's not even 5'1.5"
She's AT LEAST 5'2" She only looks 5'0 sometimes because of what she wears, plus she's really skinny.
Viper652 said on 9/Nov/06
Id say 5-0.
UNK said on 9/Nov/06
She says she is 5'1" (and she looks 5'1"). It came out of her own mouth. There was a link to the video of her saying it some where below. Maybe she is 5.1.5", but no way 5'3.

She used to look shorter when she wore converse/vans everywhere. She is into heels. Don't be fooled!
Anonymous said on 31/Oct/06
Yeah alright, so those boots add about an inch. And Bow Wow's in sneakers which probably add about 1/2 an inch so never the less Bow wow has a 2.5 inch height advantage and he is 5'5.5"
Tisha said on 30/Oct/06
Yeah, she does need an upgrade, she's 5'3, 5'3.6
Anonymous said on 30/Oct/06
'Anonymous says on 26/Oct/06', don't forget to take her footwear into consideration. She's wearing some pretty chuinky boots.

Click Here
Click Here
ThisGirl said on 27/Oct/06
haha, I meant to say **chin**, NOT child.
ThisGirl said on 27/Oct/06
I agree with Anonymous (below). She's definitely at least 5'2". I saw her in concert and she looked about my height (we were right next to the stage)... and I'm 5'2".
Plus she usually wears flat shoes, like in the picture below... you can tell she's only a couple of inches shorter than Bow Wow, and his child is even slightly tilted upward.
Upgrade her.
Leah said on 10/Oct/06
Avril is taller than 5'1" for sure. I met her and we were the same height. I'm 5'2" I just measured again. I'll try to dig up the picture of her and I so I can e-mail it to you, Rob.
Gazelle said on 5/Oct/06
In Australian there was a quiz show that said that Missy Elliot was shorter than Avril...Missy Elliot they said was 5'1 so Avril must be taller than 5'1.
Courtney said on 30/Sep/06
Yeah, there was some video where she was talking about how it's easiest for her to shop in Japan cause they're all about her size, and she made the comment about he being "5'1" and about 100 pounds". Someone I know met her, and the on-going joke with her is that Avril and I are the shortest poeple she knows (cause I'm 5'1" also). It all depends what you wear's like an optical illusion.
Amanda said on 27/Sep/06
If she says she's 5' 1" then I think that's right. :)
Anonymous said on 22/Sep/06
oh, my god! she is not i hope, because thats way embarasing! she is beatiful, but thats like small, she lokes bigger on the screen!by, love you biatch!
celine said on 20/Sep/06
i think avril looks kinda petite but still looks great. maybe 5'2? she seems rather short
D. Ray Morton said on 9/Jul/06
Did Mademoiselle Lavigne post here while I wasn't looking?
Anonymous said on 9/Jul/06
ashley...she's already 21 (22 in September) and that's way past when she stopped growing. It's not really something to be "sorry" about because she never complained. And it's most likely that your sister who is 14 won't grow that much more because she's almost done growing.
Ashley Thomas said on 30/Jun/06
I have always loved your songs. I have the Under my Sking CD and the Let Go CD. I want to get all of your other CD's too. Your height is very short for 22 years old. I'm sorry but....yeah. My sister's height is taller than yours and she's only 14. Well, lucky you if you get another growth spurt.
UNK said on 28/Jun/06
she calls herself 5'1" guys...

"If you go to and you register at Crossbonez (it's free) you can see a couple of video's. In the video "Killing Time - Part 6: Show time" she says something like "I like shopping in Japan, cause everyone is so small there. I'm like... 5'1" and a li'll under 100 pounds.""
Emma said on 23/Jun/06
I think she is about 5"2', maybe she is higher.
When I looked at the pictures of her, she seemed tall( Of course she was wearing high-heeled shoes)
I am just about her height..
From my experience, I thin kshe is about my height.
just4girl said on 22/Jun/06
I don't see what so tiny about Avril. She looks like a normal girl to me with healthy weight. Being short doesn't make you tiny, it's about bone thickness. From what I see she looks rather average, not tiny but not "thick" as well.
savannah said on 21/Jun/06
Actually, Avril Lavigne grew about a half an inch. She was 5' 1.5" when she was 18, but now she's 5'2".
anonymous said on 9/Jun/06
For the Paris Hilton pic, you don't see their shoes. Avril could be wearing heels and Paris could be wearing flats. You can't tell from that picture.
Casey said on 6/Jun/06
Avrils 5"2 coz when i was at her concert we were exactly the same height n i was 5"2,it was really creepy
D. Ray Morton said on 9/May/06
A buddy of mine who played on her first record told me she was "really tiny...5' maybe?" Of course, she might've grown since then...
Wicked Kid said on 4/May/06
If Avril's already said she's 5'1", then why's she listed as 5'1.5"?

[Editor Rob: to annoy folk...some of these 1/2 inch heights are used for 'tracking' so to speak...]
anonymous said on 15/Apr/06
I think she truly is 5'1-5'2, but no more than that. 5'1 is more likely since it came out of her own mouth and most of the media says 5'2 minus one inch so 5'1 lol..
UNK said on 10/Apr/06
actually, she doesn't even say "like 5'1", she says "i'm 5'1". cool, she's not playin cames like the rest of these celebs... she comes right out and says her size...why shouldn't she... i like her.
element said on 8/Apr/06
If you go to and you register at Crossbonez (it's free) you can see a couple of video's. In the video "Killing Time - Part 6: Show time" she says something like "I like shopping in Japan, cause everyone is so small there. I'm like... 5'1" and a li'll under 100 pounds."

[Editor Rob: thanks element, I heard that now, yes 5ft 1...]
Anonymous said on 8/Apr/06
Is there a reason why my comment didn't go through about the magazine where Avril stated she was five feet tall?
Leah said on 26/Mar/06
I used to be a big fan. I went to her show once and got an autograph, I was standing in front of her and we were about the same height and I'm like 5'2"
I have however read at many sites that she's 5'3"
One can argue I guess. She has never really said her exact height, all she's really said was that she was short, but that's a bit obvious.
Megan said on 9/Mar/06
I saw her in concert and she look maybe 5' foot tall she looks as small as my mom tiny and petite!!!
:D said on 3/Mar/06
Well..i saw avril in concert, and she had on these big boots that were about a 1 inch bottom, and she looked about 5'3. So im gonna give her 5'2. everywhere on the internet i read it says shes 5'2. And when she was about 17 or 18 everyone said she was 5'1, so she could have grown, i mean its totally normal for people that age to grow another inch or two. And my dad too agrees she looks about 5' im gonna give her 5'2.
Editor Rob said on 25/Feb/06
Evan Taubenfeld, played with Lavigne did say he was '5ft 8'
Serene said on 23/Jan/06
I love her music.. but she looks small in the videos. I think 5'1.5" would be okay for her.. I guess
gyllenhaalic823 said on 16/Jan/06
ashley u sound like my sister a few years back. lol
ahh but i get ur pt. 5'5" and 10 is REALLY tall.
avril lavigne girl 2006 said on 14/Jan/06
avril i dont care if you are short every body is different this might be freaky for a girl to say but i wish i was 52 instead of 5 5 but you will all ways my favorite singer and my rome model when i grow up i want to follow in your foot steeps i am only 10 years old and i know i want to take after you love ashley emmett!
gyllenhaalic823 said on 3/Jan/06
Wicked Kid, my little sister is around 4'11" now, but she was more like 4'9" then. (Obviously Avril is taller lol!) But she was probably around 5'3" in her heels. I believe her to be 5'0-1", even if that sounds really low.
anonymous said on 31/Dec/05
technically Avril is "short" 5'2-5'3 is "short" for a woman
5'4 is the average height in the US and 5'8 would be considered "tall".
...on the 6th question she's asked "So short people have more to prove?"
Avrilrocksx said on 30/Dec/05
I am 5'8, i went to her concert and stood near her, and she wasn't short. i'd say she was about 5'2" - 5'3"
Wicked Kid said on 28/Dec/05
Either natalia or gyllenhaalic823 is witholding the truth. And I choose to believe gyllenhaalic823. How tall is your sister though?
natalia said on 27/Dec/05
i met her n i´m 1.63 / 5'3.5, n i was as tall as Avril
175cm16andgrowing said on 16/Dec/05
You don't have to be bone thin... and you can look tall... but yes, it'S true. 2 years ago... more than 2 years ago, in April 2003 I was skinny and 5'5.5'' or something and looked very tall... then in December, on Christmas I weighed about 130 and was 5'6'' and I don't think I looked as tall as I did before. Nowadays I'm 5'9'' but still growing. I sometimes look like I'm just bones buit I have muscles. So does AL. Every singer or actor or actress has to work out to look good...
gyllenhaalic823 said on 15/Dec/05
i was just about to comment on that punk'd!! she only looks taller because she is BONE thin! actually i have a siting also
my sister was a diehard fan a few years ago and went to her concert (she went to small-town malls all across the country for free) and my mom and sister told me that she was taller than my sister but shorter than my mom even when avril was in heels (my mom is 5'3.5")
Wicked Kid said on 20/Nov/05
I watched the episode where Avril got Punk'd. At first, I was wondering if that was Sarah Michelle Gellar cos she had blonde hair and looked so tiny that I'm willing to bet that she's 5'X the most. Maybe you all should check out that episode again.
:0 said on 5/Nov/05
I've seen her, and she is REALLY SHORT..
UNK said on 2/Nov/05
Editor, we need your expert help on this ! Go to this picture set and click each one... they are seriously good quality pics, their footware is right in your face. Problem is sometimes Avril looks much shorter than whibley, sometimes she looks only a little shorter. There must be some knee bending or posture stuff going on with these two.
UNK said on 31/Oct/05

"The bouncers force a pathway through the crowd. Four handsome, artfully styled young punk guys make for the stage. Behind, not that you can see anything of her five-foot-one tininess, comes their boss. They build ’em small these days, pop icons."

"Hopping up onstage and looking around bemusedly, Lavigne looks exactly what she is: a skinny, tiny 19-year-old girl from the backwoods of Canada who still suffers from spots"
Missy said on 31/Oct/05
I read in several magazines that she was 4'11 to 5 feet tall.
o said on 28/Oct/05
Some sites list her as 1.52cm, which is about 5 feet. I doubt she is any taller than 5 feet 1, but whatever, she does look in proportion.
tausif said on 7/Oct/05
5'1 or 5'10 it doesnt matter what matters is how big heart you got . you know that its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog
UNK said on 4/Oct/05
Mary, do you have a link to Q magazine's listing?
Mary said on 1/Oct/05
Oh and by the way.I think your unit converter is wrong. 5'2" is 1.59

[Editor Rob: well, technically it's 157.48cm, but this site stores the heights in inches and displays the cm part as rounding up/down. Hence anything like 157.00 up to 157.49 would just be displayed as 157cm, 157.51 - 157.99 would be rounded up to 158cm.]
Mary said on 1/Oct/05
The Q magazine lists as being 5'2"..and commenting too short.
UNK said on 30/Sep/05

"Has this girl really said she's 5ft 1?"
Well, here is Rolling Stone calling her 5'1. But it doesn't look like they are quoting her.

"Five feet one, eighteen years old, 4 million albums sold -- so if Avril Lavigne says she writes her own songs, who's going to tell her otherwise?"
By Jenny Eliscu
UNK said on 29/Sep/05

"It's not surprising that Avril Lavigne, at just over five feet and barely on the healthy side of 100 pounds, can almost fit into her luggage. What's remarkable is that the large black suitcase she clumsily hoists onto her bed carries all the clothes a 19-year-old girl will wear for the next six weeks. "
SuzyStretch said on 3/Sep/05
A friend of mine works in Kelowna at a hotel where she was staying after a performance. The friend said she was extremely short, especially since she wasnt wearing heals. Also, because she was with Derick Whilbey or however u spell it, the friend said he was really short too.
Amy said on 21/Aug/05
One of her official sites list her as being 5'1" and actually at some interview of her she had mentioned among others that her fans first meet her say"Oh my short you are" that means sth right?I agree,she looks taller but she is not..for sure.
TJ said on 16/Aug/05
She is 5'1. In a piece on her that I saw when she was first breaking the charts, the voice over said "Avril is only 5'1..." She's also shorter than 5'2 Lisa Marie Presley. Added to that, she's listed as 5'1 on numerous sites and as "barely five feet" in an article in The Independent from March 2005. No way this girl is 5ft 2.5. The most generous I've seen her listed is 5'2 and that is definitely generous IMO.
Christina said on 16/Aug/05
Don't get fooled.Avril is thin and that's whys he looks taller than you think.i've met her a year ago and she had the same height as me.I'm 5'1" but i was wearing shoes that add me 1 inch!So I guess she is 5'2".In cms i'm 1.54 so she must be 1.56 or 1.57!Is that clear enough?
Anonymous said on 9/Aug/05
How could she(osbourne) have grown? She's like 21 this year?? Oh, don't tell me - late growthspurt?
Anonymous said on 7/Aug/05
Dude. How ready are you to actually believe that Kelly Osbourne's 5'2"?? I mean a person's who's 120lbs and 5'2" wouldn't look like that - fat to put it crudely. It could be that she's either lying about her weight or her height. Or both. Let's say she's lying about her weight, then Avril could be 5'1", because look at this: Lavigne's wearing chunky shoes which gives Osbourne like only an inch advantage. But if Osbourne's lying about her height and her weight is true, I'd say she's 5' and Lavigne's probably 4'11 - 4'11.5"?
Anonymous said on 4/Aug/05
Did anyone notice that in the photos that Avril's shoes are high-heeled sandals? I really think she is barely 5'2" and most likely 5'1" or 5'1.5"

[Editor Rob: do a search on google for osbourne and lavigne. Based on those pics (and her saying she was 5ft 2) avril doesn't look shorter than that mark]
absent said on 4/Aug/05
I totally agree. It's all about proportion regardless whatever height you are.
Anonymous said on 4/Aug/05
It's all in the proportion of the body. She didn't look small onstage too. But it's cos her body is in proportion. Deryk's like most probably only 5'3"-5'4" max. Lol. 5'5" is a real kidder.
Amy said on 4/Aug/05
Avril must be 1.57-1.58 cm so yeah 5'1" 1/2
Z2 said on 8/Jul/05
Avril Lavigne sounds just like another "Kylie Minogue." Kylie said she was 5'1" when in fact she is only 5'0". Why do you think Avril hasn't told interviewers she is 5'2"? Because she already "rounded" her height to 5'1". Meaning, Avril is between 4'11"-5'0" in height(and clearly LOOKS it).
pcplus said on 28/Jun/05
yes, but she must be barefoot if not, its a fallace. Barefoot 1:55 cm
Amy said on 22/May/05
There's no way Avril is 163. She's teeny. I'd say 5"1 is about right.
HK said on 19/Mar/05
that sounds correct. when she was 19, she stated she was just 5'1".
Punk-Rock Girl said on 19/Mar/05
Avril's 163cm.Cuz when i met her she was about my height.

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