How tall is Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff's Height

5ft 1in (154.9 cm)

American singer and actress best known for starring in the Lizzie McGuire TV series and films such as A Cinderella Story and Cheaper by the Dozen. At age 16 and 18 she said she was 5ft 1, although in 2010 in OK Magazine upgraded herself and in 2017 was saying "I'm only 5'2″ so I dress very specifically because I'm so short"

How tall is Hilary Duff
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I'm 5'2". I'd honestly be happy at 5'4", but I'd maybe want to be 5'5"

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Average Guess (12 Votes)
5ft 0.96in (154.8cm)
Bee123 said on 7/May/17
Always looked around 5'0/5'1 never saw her as more
Claire said on 27/Feb/17
Hilary is a beautiful girl and I would say about 5' 2". Very talented too.
Anna said on 6/Jun/16
Not all girls stop growing at 16-18 like some people are saying on here. I kept growing until I was around 20, so it's possible that she's grown since age 18.
James B said on 8/Mar/16
Surprised how short she is
Mrfish said on 15/Jan/16
5ft 1in or 5ft 2in. doesn't matter Hilary Duff is super hot, In my opinion she is more beautiful now than she has ever been and with Her new album which is outstanding.
plus said on 8/Oct/15
@theblacklab normally girls don't grow up when they reach 16. And more so when the girl is not tall. At 16 and 18 she claimed 5.1 so I think it is right
Brad said on 7/Feb/15
Comrie is 5 foot 8, Duff as listed.
Clay said on 10/Jun/14
Zed says on 3/Sep/13
Mike Comrie is seriously around 5'6.5"....his height is grossly exaggerated. Hillary Duff is around 5'0" flat foot.

He's about 5'8.5, usually NHL players listed at 5'10 are really about 5'8.5-5'9. 5'6?? That would make her 4'10'' roflmao.
Karen said on 8/Dec/13
I've seen her in person and she's more likely 5 ft tall. I'm actually 5.075 and she was a tiny shorter.
Zed said on 3/Sep/13
Mike Comrie is seriously around 5'6.5"....his height is grossly exaggerated. Hillary Duff is around 5'0" flat foot.
Jenn said on 23/Feb/13
I'm starting to think she's an honest 5'2". By looking at photos of her with husband Mike Comrie, she looks to easily be 9 inches shorter, if not just 8.5" shorter. This isn't even accounting that Mike has a footwear advantage - as he's in trainers while she's in flimsy flip flops.
Clover said on 7/Feb/13
5ft2in minimum and 5ft4in maximum, comparing with her ​​husband, who has 5ft10in
Clover said on 6/Feb/13
With 5ft10in Mike Comrie Click Here and Click Here
theblacklab said on 11/Nov/12
She may deserve an upgrade. Either she was 5'1" at 16 and is now 5'2", or she was inflating her height when she was 16 and was only about 4'11"-5'0" - so now she is a truthful 5'1". I personally think that she was about 5'0" at 16 (sneakily upgrading her height) and now she is either 5'1" or a generous 5'1.5".
anon said on 25/Oct/12
Dang who knew she was shorter thn me. N my parents r pretty tall 5'8 n 6'0 but both me n my sister are short. 5'3 (me). 5'4 (sis)
sali said on 24/Oct/12
I can't believe that she is just 5'1! I thought she was taller.
clue182 said on 1/Oct/12
true... Im 5'10" and my parents are 5'2" and 5'8". I got my height from my dad's female cousins that are 6 feet tall. Still I'm shorter than them.
marla singer said on 29/Sep/12
@svetlana: it's not the same for everyone. I have a friend whose parents are tall (her mum is 5'8" and dad is like 6'6 or 6'7) and she got her periods late (when she was 15 or so). She was 5'7" tall until 17 years old and it seemed she had stopped growing but from 18 to 19 she had a growth spurt up to 5'11", her definitive height.
svetlana said on 14/Sep/12
at 16, girls growth stopped. So if she's 155cm at 16-year-old she is still 155cm
marla singer said on 26/Jul/12
Rob, don't you think she needs an upgrade?
5'1" is too low, I see her taller than Shakira and Christina Aguilera... or at least same size... but shorter?
Aria said on 6/Jun/12
She's definitely about 5'2"
Click Here
marla singer said on 14/Feb/12
She looked 5'1 while filming Lizzie McGuire, but now she's at least 5'2. Just look at her more recent pics yourself.
SIlent d said on 24/Jan/12
Gordon on the lizzie mcguire tv show is tiny. He is shorter than hilary duff. She is 156cm. I heard she was close to 5 foot 3 somewhere. That guy probably grew a bit since then.
Dianne said on 23/Jan/12
18 is typically when girls are fully grown so she's likely 5f1 now too. Plus she looks it too.
Attila_194cm. said on 20/Jan/12
Maybe 157...under 160.
wendy k. said on 25/Nov/11
There are tall people that wish to have a 'regular' height, then there are shortys like me who wish to be taller, then there is the people that have a common height and they're bored or something and wish to be taller or smaller, so... love your height people! By doing so you will inspire other to love the way they are ;)
Eli said on 18/Aug/11
5'1 for her
jc said on 3/Aug/11
The true height of Hilary Duff is 5 & 2.5 inches so about 5.3 guys.
nofa said on 30/Jun/11
im as tall as her and she makes me satistisfied with my hieght >> I used to want to be as tall as camron diaz XD
leonari said on 4/Jun/11
This perfect. She is tiny
alayna said on 10/May/11
in a book it says that she is 5 feet,4 inches.
SimplyAngel said on 7/May/11
Hmmm, I am so inspired by the testimony of Jobina.
kids said on 30/Apr/11
lala said on 24/Apr/11
She seems taller 5'2.5ish
CoolKid said on 9/Apr/11
Do any of you people think she is in between 5ft 1, and 5ft 2? Just thinking.

Please reply yes I do think she is in between 5ft 1, and 5ft 2 if you think That she is Thanks.
Jimmy said on 8/Apr/11
On her Twitter :

@HilaryNews that made me laugh! How sweet! Buuuut... I'm 5'2" biotches!! ;)
Wondering said on 7/Apr/11
I wonder when people say about the celebs height why do they have to say about their height too? Like, "i think she is 5'1" and i am 5'9". I mean whats the point? Nobody is curious about your height!
Eli said on 6/Mar/11
I'll just say 5'1"-5'2". I am 5'9"-5'10"
Short girl said on 23/Feb/11
I never understood the "problem" with being short I actually think that's awesome and I agree with john!
Being short is sometimes difficult cuz people around u can be so mean, but I don't really care cuz I think short people are the cutest ever!! It's kind off a bonus u can be tall when ever u want just put on high heels, or be short just wear converse or something ;p
shortie xD said on 22/Jan/11
john i just fell in love with you haha...i mean, people shouldn't care about height, that doesn't define anything..really ANYTHING...there's way much more than what meets the eye ;) personal experience
peyotetimes said on 29/Nov/10
i find it funny reading about women being insecure about their height. i mean, not ha-ha funny, but interesting. most guys are more insecure about their height b/c of the female perspective...apparently not as much vice-versa?

for what it's worth, the average guy prefers a shorter-average girl, even if the media doesn't. i know of no guys in the average range discriminating against that female height and a lot of tall guys who don't either...yet most guys i know in the average range immediately discriminate against the taller girl range.
Eli Brown said on 22/Nov/10
I think she was 5'1" in her teenage years. I'm like 5'9, 5'10 or 5'11. Corey is 6'1
stynn said on 20/Nov/10
i seems 5.3"
Mariam said on 12/Oct/07
Im 5'2 And Im 15 Years Old .. And I Want To Be 5'7 Want Can I Do ? Please Give Me Some Advices
Giulia said on 8/Sep/07
I'm 5'1.5
I agree too. Short people rock. And I've seen lots of people already on this site who are around our height.
Anonymous said on 4/Sep/07
i agree with Selen I'm 5'2 and it is good to know celebs can be short
Selen said on 2/Sep/07
Well, im fifteen and i'm 5ft 1 too, actually it feels really good to know that celebrities could be short too...
Anonymous said on 2/Sep/07
She is quite short. She looks taller in some movies by wearing high heels.
Tammy said on 31/Aug/07
Actually, I am 5 feet tall-and I love it. I rarely meet tall girls who love towering over everyone else.
Anonymous said on 30/Aug/07
i'm 14 and i'm bout 4ft 10 in, chiropractors say i might only get to 5 feet or if i'm lucky a liiiiitle bit taller, i'm just glad there r short celebs so i wont feel as bad, i dont know why ppl act as if its sum kind of a crime to be short its like there mad at us, not like we can help it!!! FREAKIN TALL PEOPLE!
Anonymous said on 7/Aug/07
I just saw Hillary in Vancouver on Friday, August 3rd. I was standing beside her in an elevator and got a very good look. She is maybe 5'0... definitely no taller then 5'1. She was wearing flip-flop shoes.
Chris said on 6/Aug/07
i guess she's 5'1 (1,55 m).
she's short. i watched her movie "raise your voice" and she seems to be very short! oliver james (jay) is 1,80 m. he's not so tall and she seems to be a child by his side! she's definitely 5'1! maybe 5'2, but not more!
Crissy said on 6/Aug/07
Chloe actually is normal height for an 11 year old. I'm guessing 5'2-5'3? Well I am 14 and 5'7.5-5'8. But I was her height when I was 10!! lol. But she should be a tall girl. Unlike Hilary duff apparently
Anonymous said on 16/Jul/07
And you trust US Weekly, Hey? One time they listed Lindsay Lohan at 5'7".
Anonymous said on 16/Jul/07
Well, Chloe, you're tall for an 11 year old. You have probably more than 5 years to you'll be like 5'8-5'9"+ I'm guessing. Congratulations.
Chloe said on 14/Jul/07
I am 11 years old and I am taller than her!
Chloe said on 14/Jul/07
I am 11 years old and I am taller than her!
Flower said on 11/Jul/07
The shorter the better for women.. I mean also for the men, because they adore short women.
Hey said on 11/Jul/07
Click Here ... in the new issue of Us magazine she states she is 5'2'' and 109 pounds.
Anonymous said on 9/Jul/07
Click Here
Here's Katie & Hilary. Either way, her comparison to Katie and Meredith establishes her as 155-157 cm.
Anonymous said on 9/Jul/07
Meredeth Viera is 5'3". And she said so many times...(Click Here)

Not 5'5". Hilary is shorter than Viera. So Hilary is no more than 5'1-5'2".
Anonymous said on 7/Jul/07
Click Here

If you look at the picture of Hilary standing next to John Cusack (who is 6'2"), she is definitely more than a foot shorter.
Click Here
Franco said on 6/Jul/07
just watched MuchMusic june 2007 live in canada video of her....HOT AS HELL!!!!!

she had also heels (fetish ones like 10cm ones) she looked 163cm at most.

Hilary is no more than 156cm.
Brad said on 1/Jul/07
Couric? Viera is about 5' 5". Hilary is wearing massive heels.
Anonymous said on 1/Jul/07
She's definitely 5'1". Katie Couric is an "official" 5'1".
Click Here
Hilary and Katie are both wearing heels for sure but I can't compare since it's not in the picture. Hilary's heels are pretty big. Click Here
Brad said on 1/Jul/07
Wears massive heels but still looks short.
Anonymous said on 26/Jun/07
Franco says on 8/Mar/07
absolutely true! she just appeared on italian TV and she was short as hell even with heels. true.

1.55cm tops!

That must be a typo Franco, come on, she's got to be at least 2 cm's tall. Haha. I finally found a human that is smaller than my jock strap. She's a pocket size pop star.
Anonymous said on 24/Jun/07
Very Short...I'll stick with 5'0.5" She's shorter than Hayden Pannetiere and Avril Lavigne and Amanda Bynes makes her look like a midget so Hilary rates up there with the Olsen twins as "some of the shortest but cutest in Hollywood."
Anonymous said on 22/Jun/07
You can still grow suddenly at 18/19 years old, I'm now just a little over 5 ft and 14(almost 15)year old. In a hospital they made a picture(for my skeleton age)and they said I would grow until my 19/20, They said I would grow from now on 2 cm I'll be 5 ft 1 in. I think she is rounding up to 5 ft 1, I think she is 5 ft/5 ft and a half
Anonymous said on 10/Jun/07
She's 5'1. Shorter, maybe. No way she's more than 5'2. She looks to me about 5'4 or 5'5 in 3ish-inch heels? And after stating that she was 5'1 since she was 16... I doubt she's had a growth spurth and that's exactly why I don't believe that she turned 5'2 this year. But still, she looks tall, that's an accomplishment =D.
yay said on 7/Jun/07
she can be 155 maybe taller maybe smaller...better she should start to think bout her weight...
Daniel said on 5/Jun/07
i think she's about 5.1 (about 1,55m) but there's a thing i'm used to the metric system, and somehow it might be more accurate if someone get's the opportunity to measure her then go ahead and then say something or try to compare her with tony braxton, tony's about 1,53m
Flower said on 28/May/07
She didn't really grow up. There were rumours she suffered from anorexia so that means no doubt she can get taller. Hmm I don't know... somewhere says she could be 5'4" and people look taller on tv.
voodoo doll said on 18/May/07
I met her once outside a restoraunt and i am 4'7 and she was wearing 2 inch heals and looked the same as my friend who's 5'3 so i would guess 5'1.
glenn said on 18/May/07
where do you live?
Kassidy said on 17/May/07
She was at my school today, no lie!! I think she's about at least 5'2" or 5'3" because she had on like 3-5 inch heels and was just a smidge taller than me and I'm 5'7" & i got her pic & a copied autograph, not the real thing, but close enough coz the copy was from a real siggy. & She didn't even sing.
hayden said on 16/May/07
hilary looks taller right now cause she's thin... but i think she is 5'2..
Anonymous said on 15/May/07
if she said she is 5 ft1(I saw 2 videos)I think she is rounding up a little bit, I think she is 153 cm..but you can't see 2 cm difference good, so it doesn't matter anyway
Anonymous said on 13/May/07
In Blender Magazine, she now claims "I am five-feet-two."
Click Here
Anonymous said on 13/May/07
2007--CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN PUMPS--"Hilary Duff adds some serious height to her 5'1" stature with her wood platform pumps while out and about in L.A. and N.Y.C."
Click Here
At least one source goes by Hilary's real height--5'1"
Anonymous said on 13/May/07
Pictures can be deceiving. Just look at the picture posted on Jessica Simpson's page next to John Mayer. She looks taller than John even though John is one foot taller than she is. It's all about the camera angle.
Hilary is definitely 5'1"---she looks 5'1 next to other 5'1 people, like Hayden Panettiere and Nicole Richie.
Franco said on 2/May/07
looks kinda tallish, maybe 5'2 after this pic, maybe my impression...

Click Here
Daria Pezzella said on 27/Apr/07
She is shorter, i've seen her on flight from new york to l'Aquila, on the plane suddenly she took the feet of the steward becouse she was very nervous becouse she was angry and started screaming to us that she didn't eat girella since she became a popstar
ally said on 22/Apr/07 why does it matter that much, how tall Hilary
is? She is human and 5'1" or 5'2" is not much of a difference. If she said 5'1" to 5'7" that would make a difference! Come on...get a life people.
Sam said on 20/Apr/07
U are crazy people! why should she lie bout her height? thats not normal...Noone can tell : '' Yeah im 5'2'' and no more or no less...because like i thought im maybe 5'4'' but then i saw im 5'3'' and now i know im only 5'2'' thats just because i havent see me like many people..i`ve seen me just in mirror and i thought im taller but not im not...and sure sometimes i think im almost 5'3'' but maybe thats not true...and sometimes i look like shorter thatn 5'2''...Well i just want to say U that U can talk about her weight because weight is not still sure..or about many other things...but her height??..thats funny! ALL
aspiration said on 20/Apr/07
I agree. How can she say that she is 5'2" all of sudden after saying she is 5'2" all of these years. Here is what she said on an interview with that one blender website when asked about the type of man she wants to date,"They should be taller, which isn’t that hard, because I am five-feet-two." Yeah right hilary.
X said on 19/Apr/07
Not everyone is right on the dot of any specific height. Saying she was "5 ft. 1" and now "almost 5 ft. 2" would still put her somewhere in between 5 ft. 1 and 5 ft. 2.
Perhaps her posture got a little better between then & now and she gained a quarter of an inch (slight lessening of spinal compression).
Wannabetall said on 16/Apr/07
i was watching teen nick last night and she had to name all these random facts about herself and she said, "i'm almost 5'2" "
yeah right! it's too late to bump yourself up to 5'2" hilary, you've already said too many times that you're 5'1". plus, does 1 inch make that much of a difference anyways?
hilz said on 12/Apr/07
Yeah, I'm pretty sure she'd grow suddenly at age 19 almost 20...(note the sarcasm). Evidently, she is lying like all other celebrities do when they get older. Even if she is lying though and saying 5'2", that still means she is 5'1". She's been claiming that for almost 4 years come this September.
SiMoN said on 9/Apr/07
I'm from Italy.. and Hilary has been here few days ago and to a question she said the only thing she would change about her is her height : "I'm just 5'2" so..." . I don't know if she was right but I guess so.. sorry if my english isn't perfect.. bye bye simon
Brenda hernandez said on 7/Apr/07
im short too, and proud of it and so should other people, they shouldint feel bad about biening short.Because bieing short can have its advantages, so dont feel bad.
X said on 4/Apr/07
I've seen her listed anywhere from 5 ft. 1 to 5 ft. 5.

Her build and style can also be deceiving so it's hard for me to guesstimate this one. She is definitely one of those who appear taller or shorter depending on whom she is with in reference.
Xx candyxX said on 3/Apr/07
Just got to meet her! she's 5'1 same as my little sis exactly! both were in flip flops
Ellie said on 3/Apr/07
gaia, you can't see their shoes in that pic.
XxSusanxX said on 23/Mar/07
i never would have thought that hilary duff was 5ft 1 in i thought that she would have been taller because i am 5ft 3 in lol!
Gaia said on 17/Mar/07
hilary is 5'2'':look this pic with eva longoria hilary is taller than eva Click Here
LucyXxX said on 14/Mar/07
I thought she was 5ft 4 cos im 5 ft2 and i saw her @ her concert wen i was about 5/5ft1 and she was way taller than me and she had no shoes on!!!!!
nm said on 13/Mar/07
tk alot of people do lie about their height expesially celebertiys

i have a firend thats almost 5'8 but she tells people shes 5'6 cause she like that number more and i always thoght i was 5'8 but i just found out im 5'9 1/2
Gaia said on 9/Mar/07
she says she's 5'2''today at mtv trl italy!
Franco said on 8/Mar/07
absolutely true! she just appeared on italian TV and she was short as hell even with heels. true.

1.55cm tops!

Click Here
Brad said on 7/Mar/07
Stood right next to her in Burbank when she was signing for a cause. She's 5' 1" tops. Casting problems without big heels.
potato said on 5/Mar/07
Hilary Duff is 5"1 or 5"0 because i saw her on tv during her canadian tour and her fans said that she was shorter than they thought and there only 8!! also duff remarked on how tall the fans were.
Christy said on 18/Feb/07
Hilary duff is about 5'5 coz when i saw her backstage after the concert i am 5'4 n she was a bit taller than me and she had flats on.
TR said on 18/Feb/07
Amazing how there can be such a long discussion about one person's height. Why do people disagree with how tall she said she is? You think she's lying? You think you know better than she does? How dumb would that be to lie? It's not as if we're talking about weight. Women lie about their weight all the time, but I don't know anyone who ever lied about their height when they know they'd look like idiots if they did, and then, if they're celebrities, have to explain the dumb lie.

Anyway, the thing I wanted to point out is how do you know she's not still growing? She's like 19? Maria Sharapova is about the same age and last I heard, she was still growing like a weed. Not all girls stop growing when they're 14 or 16.

If she's still 5'1" I see why she often wears heels. I saw a pic of her at an airport in heels. Who travels in high heels? Has anyone noticed her feet kind of curl in? It could be from wearing heels too often to look taller.

The national average height for women in America is 5'4". But Hil is above the national average when it comes to talent. ;/
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/07
Saw her on The View on 2/8/07. She walked out and greeted all the ladies before sitting on the couch with them. She didn't seem that short. She was slightly shorter than Elizabeth. Don't know Elizabeth's height but she strikes me as around 5'4".
Jim said on 28/Jan/07
Hilary might be 5'5 with huge heels, but otherwise, no way. I'm 6'2, and she was noticably below my shoulder. She's at most 5'1, probably shorter, I'd guess 4'11, maybe 5'0.
carla said on 27/Jan/07
her sister (Haylie Katherine Duff) is 5"5!! So obviously if Hilary is 'a little shorter' she can be 5"3-5"4!!
Eva said on 16/Jan/07
I really don't know how hight she is.. but i can tell she doesn't look very high on pictures or in movies.. but if you look up her hight on the internet she always seems to be 5'5 in. But as someone wrote earlier her sister is around 5,2 in. and hilary is defiantly smaller than her sister... so she's got to be around 5'1 in. And on this webside it is said, that hilary herself said that she was 5'1 in. ... and that i think we just have to believe in.. end of discussion !!!
carla said on 7/Jan/07
well she wasnt wearing flats...not high heels but heels
belen said on 20/Dec/06
carla, when hilary stood next to you, was she on heels? because maybe she's taller than you because of the shoes.
Anonymous said on 16/Dec/06
In later episodes of Lizzie McGuire, LaLaine was definitely taller than her. See the screencaps provided a few posts down.
carla said on 16/Dec/06
No way is Hilary that short. She stood next to me and I'm 5"4.5. She said so herself-she is 5"5. Plus, in the old Lizzie Mcguire shows she was taller than Miranda [LaLaine] WHO IS 5"2. Hilary is 5"3 minimum. aND i remember that night when she was with Shakira, Hilary was wearing ballet flats but Shakira was wearing 3-inch heels...
carla said on 14/Dec/06
No way. She said so herself, she's 5"5. Plus, I met her and she's a couple of cms taller than me.
To Hilz, if you're reading this.
Hilz-Hope you liked the present!! Remember all the fans?? Lol it was crazy..we had to run out into the rain remember??
mir said on 6/Dec/06
yeah guys. I'm sure Hilary is just about 5 feet 1 inch.
If she's here, no way. She will think this is so crowded with many views.
Klang klangs there. She's not too tall. 5 f 5 in = 16? no, it cant be Hilary.
anonymous said on 15/Nov/06
shes got to be about 5'1-5'2. i met her sister haylie and haylie was really short like 5'2 and they are about the same height
Lovely B said on 12/Nov/06
i think hilary is less than 5'1. 5' i'd say or even 4'11.5. Her 4'10 mother hits her eyebrow. I'm 5'1 or 5'2 max and my 4'10 grandmother hits my nose.
vixen said on 20/Oct/06
Hilary CAN'T be 5'5.
I'd say 5'0 - 5'2.
Dave said on 20/Oct/06
Yes she described herself as 5 ft 1 on jay leno "can u imagine me driving a hummer? im like five one..." or something along the lines of that.
FanOfHils said on 15/Oct/06
Actually, It is true that Hils is 5'1'' she said it herself in the Perfect Man Bonus features, hangin with Hilary. I must admit that she looks taller. But hey, shes the one who knows herself best.
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/06
She's shorter than Hayden Pantierre, who can't possibly be much taller than 5'1". I think Hilary's gotta be around 5' and half an inch. The second picture shows that they seem to have on similar sized heels.

Click Here
Click Here
Anonymous said on 20/Sep/06
Hilary's heels always average around 4inches, its a general height for heels, so there you can do the math. Vanessa's there are actually around 4.75inches.
But one thing's for sure, Hilary is not taller than Haylie. And sorry studboy, but Hilary realy does win the beauty stakes.
Wicked Kid said on 9/Sep/06
Is it because of the front part of her shoes which gives her the extra inch? Then Vanessa would only be like 5'6" approx.

[Editor Rob: yeah, its an advantage to vanessa, and she very well might be 169cm]
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/06
If she's 5'3-5'4 now she must have grown much the last year,it's not impossible but i doubt it.When she said she was 5'1,she and her mom were about the same height,that makes her mom a little bit taller than 4'10,maybe 5'0 . Hilary is maybe an inch taller than her mom from recent pics,so she couldn't be more than 5'1.She's seems to be 2 inch smaller than her sis but i don't think Haylie is 5'5,maybe more like 5'3.And Joel maybe is 5'8,but he surely doesn't look it.
Anonymous said on 4/Sep/06
On this site vanessa is listed at 5'7,if she's is 5'7 then hilary is 5'0,and if she's 5'8 then hilary is 5'1.I think 5'0 sounds reasonable if her mom is 4'10,Hilary doesn't look much taller than her,and she probably add an inch or 2
Jangstrom said on 3/Sep/06
Maybe you're right,but just because she looks it,it doesn't mean that she's 5'1.My sister is 5'1 and people think that she's like 5'2,and then there's me who are 5'0 and looks 5'1.She could very well be 5'1,but if you got skinny legs it make you appear taller,like in hilary's case.
Anonymous said on 2/Sep/06
well she looks about 5'1" maybe 5'0.5". But no less than that.
Anonymous said on 2/Sep/06
That she has said that she's 5'1 doesn't make her a clearly 5'1,it only means that she's not taller than 5'1.Most celebritys add 1 inch or 2,so why wouldn't Hilary since she wants to be taller.
niyah said on 30/Aug/06
how come you deducted the cm?
anonymous said on 28/Aug/06
on the dvd the perfect man under bonuses you get to see a clip called hangin gwith hilary she is playing this game with one of the actors and she says" im tiny im only like 5ft 1 or something and hes like 6ft". so she is cleraly 5ft 1
claraj said on 25/Aug/06
hilary is very short...

look here

Click Here

amanda is 1.70

Click Here

and heather is not that tall

Click Here
Studboy said on 25/Aug/06
My guess is that she's 5'0.5" and rounds up to 5'1" I'm 5'11.5" and I tell everybody I'm 6 feet tall. Most short people are a little embarassed about their height, and they try to round up. In fact most shorties just say "I'm 5'2 when in all reality their most likely an inch or 2 or 3 shorter. Society tells us that being short isn't very attractive so everybody tries to be taller
SweetGirl21 said on 17/Aug/06
Were they at the Shakira concert that was in San Diego yesterday?
rwfender said on 17/Aug/06
I think Joel Madden is a max of 5'7...I saw him with Hilary Duff at a concert. Duff seemed 5'1 max..maybe closer to 5'
Polska said on 16/Aug/06
Wow, she looks less than an inch taller than her mom in those pics anonymous. Her mom's sandals probably give her an inch on Hilary, which would still put Hilary closer to 5 ft 0. She looks tiny there. That's really surprising, I always thought she around 5 ft 3 just from seeing her on TV.
Anonymous said on 14/Aug/06
Further proof that Hilary is a fair amount taller than her mother:

Click Here
Click Here

In these pictures, you see that Hilary's wearing paper-thin sandals, while her mother's shoes have a slight heel....and Hilary is still a bit taller than her.
Wicked Kid said on 10/Aug/06
I would say Joel Madden's 5'7"-5'8". Definately not a 5'9". But how'd you know her mom's 4'10"??
Becky said on 7/Aug/06
Her boyfriend Joel Madden from Good Charlotte is about 5'7" or even a little more and when she is wearing 3 or 4 inch heels standing next to him and he is still about 4 inches taller.
Jelena said on 30/Jul/06
ok, you see i dont get the fact that people always say that mary-cate and shley olsen are like both short, well i know they are adn they weird too but i forget which one it was but one of them is 5''1 and since hilary duff is 5''1 then why doesnt anyone make a huge deal out of that? anyhow their both hoes so id ont really care. AND! im taller then hilary duff by a hole inch!!! amazing!!!
Anonymous said on 30/Jul/06
>>Click Here

There's no way Hilary Duff is 5'5,her mom is 4'10 and Hilary is only 1 inch or 2 taller.There is even possible that she's rounding up to 5'1,because she always seems like she's want to make it clear that she's not smaller than that.
sunbeame said on 24/Jul/06
Ahh she looks so tiny and sweet in that pic!

I don't understand why she has this extra half inch, when it seems she has stated her real height a few times???
Hello said on 23/Jul/06
I think she is a solid 5'1''...her boyfriend Joel Madden is more than 5'9'' and he still towers over her...even when she's wearing heels!>Click Here
Anonymous said on 11/Jul/06
Click Here

This page has pictures of Hilary with her mom. She's definitely taller than her mom -- both appear to be wearing flat sandals, and Hilary is leaning down (while her mom is standing up straight) and still appears to be at least the same height as her.
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/06
Just like Avril Lavigne admitted to being "like 5'1", Hilary Duff also said she's "like 5'1" in this Perfect Man interview: >>>Click Here

She says near the end of the interview when asked
"What is Chris Noth like?" (He is 6'1)

Hilary says: "He's huge! He's so much bigger than me! I'm like 5'1 and he's like 6-something"...
I think Avril looks 1/2 inch taller than Hilary--I would give Avril 5'1.5 and Hilary 5'1...
Anonymous said on 5/Jul/06
If you've got short legs, it's right to not fold your pants, because it makes you look longer...
Athalanthas said on 1/Jul/06
Guys no need to do the guessing game on Hilary Duff's height. She is indeed 5 ft. 1. She said it herself here's the link: Click Here

You will have to wait for the viseo to load.

Sky said on 1/Jul/06
I'm from Australia, and when she came out here a a while back (like last year or something) a friend of mine who worked for mag and did a bio thing about her and when i read it, it said her height was 153cm-which is like 5" i think.
If she says she is 5"1 is prob closer to the truth than 5"4(everyone ups the height/downs the
She is sooo pretty-but she needs to EAT!-Ha.
Anonymous said on 1/Jul/06
hilary duff is definitly 5'1 because he said it her self in the Cameo from the Self magazine photoshoot =========> Click Here
n/a said on 27/Jun/06
I think.... (Maybe you are right. But even so hilary is around 5'1- 5'3.Im not so sure, But she is short for her age)
Anonymous said on 26/Jun/06
...seriously it looks like she's gonna trip...>>Click Here
Click Here
Anonymous said on 26/Jun/06
...And look at the pants on this girl>>>Click Here
...Most girls would get hem 'em so they don't drag across the floor like that...
Skaiste said on 24/Jun/06
If she's 5'4 or 5'5...that makes Joel like what 6'2 or someting?
She's defiantly 5'1!!!!
Anonymous said on 23/Jun/06
She is in no way 5'4 or 5'5 Hayley. Have you seen that picture of Hilary next to Carmen Electra (who is like 5'2). Hilary isn't taller than she is. It's not making celebrities shorter than they are. It's about measuring their real height.
Hayley said on 22/Jun/06
you guys ALWAYS make the celebrities shorter than they are..and for some reason that pisses me off. shes either 5'4 or 5'5.
Wicked Kid said on 29/May/06
Editor Rob, you said at age 18, Hilary said she's 5'1". So you think she's downgrading her height then?
n/a said on 15/May/06
a friend of mine went to the hilary duff concert about a month ago. She went into the meet and greets and got to meet hilary duff. Seeing the picture she got hilary is an inch taller. My friend is 5'2. So that means hilary is somewhere around 5'3.
Wicked Kid said on 4/May/06
Editor Rob will never have to climb mount everest. Lol. Hilary's heels are higher than Carmen's.
Anonymous said on 3/May/06
Isn't that Carmen Elektra next to Hilary? Now I know Hilary can't be 5'4 or even 5'3. Most likely 5'2...
Anonymous said on 2/May/06
and also, Duff had on bigger heels. She has said she's 5'1", she's 5'1"!
nazrin said on 1/May/06
ok well the girl standing by hilary duff is 5"2" and a half. have you seen the bottom of her feet, how she crosses her feet. yea well in that pic Hilary is definately an inch shorter. you wouldnt see that because of the girl by hilary duff was crossing her feet.
anonymous said on 30/Apr/06
on vh1, they were showing hilary duff and her thin weight, one of them that commented said, "The typical rule is 100lbs. for 5 feet. For Hilary Duff, that would mean at least 110-115lbs."
...that suggests that Hilary Duff is 5'2-ish..
Nazrin said on 16/Apr/06
oh dang, i messed up then. when you write actresses' names on google, they lie about their heights. They said that Haylie and Hilary are 5,5, which is getting everything mixed up now.
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/06
Nazrin, Hilary's sister is not 5'5", Haylie is 5'2".
RW said on 15/Apr/06
hilary looked anywhere from 5'0.5 to 5' best bet would be somewhere right at 5'1...noway 5'5...when i saw her i was with my 5'1 sister and hilary only looked barely taller which was because my sister had on sandles and hilary was wearing a small for Hilary Duff's bf, i give him right about 5'7.
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/06
The main reason i refuse to believe Hilary Duff is 5'5" is that, considering all the flack she gets for dropping so much weight, why is she yet to say that she had a major growth spurt and shot up four inches?
Nazrin said on 14/Apr/06
whoa there, she is not 5'1". She is 5'5". have you guys seen her stand right by her sister who is the same height as her? just picture it.
Diana said on 14/Apr/06
I think Hilary duff is 5" because ive seen a few pictures with her next to Frankie Muniz who is 5"4 and shes still smaller then him in atleast 3" heels
element said on 8/Apr/06
Click Here

This kid is supposed to be 5'8". She doesn't look much shorter. Can't be that she's wearing like 5" heels right?
Anonymous said on 8/Apr/06
Avril has claimed she's five feet, so I think Hilary is 5'0" and says 5'1". There is no way Hilary Duff is close to 5'2".
TJ said on 7/Apr/06
Pretty impossible to tell the height difference between Avril and Hillary. In the third pic, Avril looks shorter and in the first two she looks taller. Probably similar height and I'm pretty sure Avril is no more than 5ft 1.5.
Haylie said on 7/Apr/06
Even though you can't see their feet you can kinda tell Avril naturally has a little more height than Hilary, on a side note they look quite alike in that pic they could be sisters lol!
Anonymous said on 6/Apr/06
Avril Lavigne and Hilary Duff together, you can see that Avril appears to be a half inch or so taller...

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
shirley said on 5/Apr/06
yeah shes short. its all in the HEELS PEOPLE. im 5'3 i should know.
Anonymous said on 28/Mar/06
Rob,she's 5'1". Here she is with Frankie Muniz (5'4") in 3" heels.
Click Here
trueheight said on 14/Mar/06
why then does she have an extra inch? if she stated she was 5'1 this page should reflect that

[Editor Rob: you know how I love to give 1/2 inches...]
sadi said on 9/Mar/06
in the "Life story of Hilary Duff" it CLEARLY stats that she is 5'1. and since hilary gives interviews she would have been asked her height so she IS 5'1. stop saying she is talled than she is. i actually saw a sight that said she was 5'7! are you joking!
Wicked Kid said on 27/Feb/06
Lol. I think the sites copy off one another. That's why it's always either 5'4" or 5'5". I think THAT'S totally off. 5'1". Nothing more. Maybe less.
Anonymous said on 23/Feb/06
justine, hilary herself has said millions of times that she's 5'1". we don't want her to be a midget, if anyone does, she herself does!
RW said on 21/Feb/06
nah, i saw her in person...i was with my 5'1 sister so i had a good way of gauging her. She had maybe 1-2 inch heels on and was barely taller than my sister who was in sandles. I definately give her 5'1...MAYBE, 5'1.5
Justine said on 20/Feb/06
ok you guys are seriously off on hilary's height
she is around 5'4", it says everywhere. i have no idea why you want to make her so petite

[I edited out all those links you gave]

ok theres 11 sources saying that shes 5'4" (i got tired of clicking on pages) against your GUESSES. every source ive been to EXCEPT THIS ONE says shes 5'4", so why are you insisting that she's 5'1"? it makes no sense why you want to turn her into a midget...

i actually even found a place that said that shes 5'5"

[Editor Rob: in most recent photos she looks near enough 5ft me anyway...although as you may have gathered, Hilary herself was still saying she was 5ft 1 last year.

but 5ft 4 on 50+ sites simply means most of those have taken the height from another site and so it propagates...
RW said on 5/Feb/06
I was at a concert recently and saw Hilary Duff. She had on 2 inch heels and may have been an inch taller than my 5'1 sister who was with me. I'd say barefoot she is 5'0-5'1 tops, but she was very pretty
Hanna said on 3/Feb/06
Im SURE Hillary isnt 156 as it stays here. cuz she might be a bit taller than shakira, and i have been with shakira and Kylie M.shakira is very short.Im 149 cm and she was MAX 3 cm more than me, we looked the same, and Kylie was even shorter, she isnt more than 150 cm. Now Hillary cant be more than 154.In a pic shakira looks taller than Hillary but i think it was cuz of the shoes, but still how big can they be? I mean Hillary isnt more than 154cm.156 cm is a mistake. AND YES short people are all around the world.Latin girls are usually small , big ass and well formed like Salma Hayek BUT there are short people all around the world. of course in some places more than in other ones.but look at me, Im german and 149cm
Kats said on 2/Feb/06
1.) pepsi--good attitude, but Britney Spears is at least 5'4, maybe even more. But definitely at least 5'4 which is AVERAGE HEIGHT, not "very short."

2.) Why are people asking their height in a place like this? Go on the internets and look at for a "height calculator" for potential, or ask it on a message board related to height matters.

3.) Hilary said herself she is 5'1! That means she either 5'1 or a little less. Give her the benefit of the doubt at least, and lower this to 5'1 exactly.

Good day.
Anonymous said on 28/Jan/06
Don't know if this is accurate but in this pic with Heather Locklear quite a few inches shorter than her and they say heather's around 5'5" so 5'1"- 5'2" sounds about right doesn't it?
pepsi said on 25/Jan/06
i don't see the problem!! there are many celebrities (WHO ARE NOT HISPANCI BUT NORDIC!!) who are very short
and they all wonderful!
laila said on 25/Jan/06
hilary duff is very short, I'm a photographer, you can good see in the pictures, if you see photos with shakira she's shorter and shakira isn't very tall, I think she's 5 1 at max but also 5
Even if short she's pretty! w petite women :-)
lexis said on 25/Jan/06
this is a reply to emily, i'd say that you will roughly grow to be about 5'8" to 5'9". any good?
big pimpin said on 23/Jan/06
you prolly thought that hilary was 5'1"1/2 bcuz heels make u 3 inches taller and when she was standing next to rob they were exactly the same and he is 5'4"1/2 WELL have you ever thought that she might! be wearing the little heals and plus rob schneider was wearing shoes! shoes make u an inche taller so technically he would 5'5" and a half
emily said on 23/Jan/06
ayy ive already asked this question before and go an answer.. but can anyone plz tell me how tall they think i might grow. Im 5'6" or 5'7" (168.5cm) tall, i turned 13 about 2 months ago. My sister is 18.5 yrs old and 5'6". My mum and dad are both about 5'10" or 5'11". I jst want an estimate. Thanks heaps!!
Wicked Kid said on 21/Jan/06
IF Hilary, herself has said that she's 5'1" in July 2005, WHY then, is she still listed at 5'1.5"? She doesn't like being short, thus the high heels. So why would she make herself sound shorter than she is.
shelby said on 20/Jan/06
i dont think that she is too short to be going out with him and i dont think that she is ready to get married right now...
Wicked Kid said on 6/Jan/06
I'm supporting Sheyah on what she said. Hilary being near 5'3" is dumb.
Sheyah said on 5/Jan/06
Why on earth does everyone keep on insisting that Hilary is 5'2 and up when she is 5'1 max which she keeps saying many a time she is. Clearly you people think you can correct her by doing rough estimates on where she stands against other celebs that you assume are the heights they say and dont factor in many things such as exact shoe height, ground surface being level, people slouching, hairstyles, and the fact that so many fansites out there have no clue on the exact height of a celeb. They randomly get a number in their heads that sound probable to them and post it for the world to see. I'm sorry i'm not bagging out fansite creators at all as they're great sources for lots of info on our fave celebs but just because you don't know a fact about them doesn't give you the right to falsly advertise the wrong information.
I thankyou Wicked Kid & Sunbeame and everyone else who sticks with Hilary as 5'1 and it'd be fantastic if the editor's will please not say that she is 5'1-5'3 as it is a far stretch and just if you must put her down as 5'1-5'1.5 at the most. Obviusly Hilary herself knows how tall she is and it should be accepted on this site as the only truth.
Amanda said on 31/Dec/05
1.6m is 5' 3", not 5' 4"!

Hilary Duff's height is 5 ft 1 in (155 cm)
lsunbeame said on 31/Dec/05
If she's said she's 5'1 then that means she's 5'1...MAX! If anything she's probably a bit shorter but rounds up. She's hardly going to say she is shorter than she actually is.
Cassie said on 29/Dec/05
5' x 1'? That sounds like a box measurement! I think you mean 5' 1" (155 cm), which, as of September 2005, is correct. She was supposedly 5' 3" last October, but I think she had shoes on and she herself never said she was 5' 3".
Anonymous said on 28/Dec/05
exactly, hilary duff has said millions of times recently that she is 5'1". That means, 155cm.
Shannon said on 27/Dec/05
I read in a mag that Hilary said she was 5ft by 1.
Wicked Kid said on 27/Dec/05
Sigh. Didn't you guys see all her pics with Joel Madden? She's nowhere near 5'2" or more.
x_poserxcore_x said on 27/Dec/05
Possibly around 5ft 2.Maybe at 158cm.
Jessica said on 25/Dec/05
I saw a pic of her in a mag, and she was the same height of another girl, who was 12. Most 12 year old girls from where I come from are 5'1"-5'2".
KASEY said on 23/Dec/05
Hilary is 5' 1" (155 cm)
Haylie is 5' 2" (157 cm)
...and considering their ages, they're not likely to grow any more.
Anonymous said on 20/Dec/05
well, at least we all realize that hilary duff is lucky to be even 5'1". I think she's about five foot even.
Wicked Kid said on 17/Dec/05
Amanda: My point exactly. I've been trying to use photos of them to get the Editor to downgrade Hilary's height. But it isn't working.
Amanda said on 16/Dec/05
Hilary can't be taller than 5' 1". Joel Madden is 5' 8" and even in heels he's way taller than she is!
jonny5 said on 16/Dec/05
seen her on the jay leno show and she said to some guy who came on i seen your son at a party and hes like6ft10 and im like 5ft1
sunbeame said on 8/Dec/05
There's so many different ethnic groups groups in america though so there is a massive mixture of heights. When i visit Miami, with its large hispanic population, little old me at 5'0 seems about normal!
MOF said on 8/Dec/05
Don't mean to bug Americans but I've been there about 20 times to many different citiy's. Where I come from I am considered barely average for a male (I'm exactly 5'11) but in America I'm usually taller than most people I meet.
Liz said on 7/Dec/05
You are right Sunbeame but as you know the people from Southamerica are small for the most part...If you are a lady and You're 1.60 cm here that's really good :O)
sunbeame said on 7/Dec/05
I don't think it can be generalised that ALL people in america are tall!! Shorter people do exist everywhere....and Hilary Duff is one of them!
Liz said on 7/Dec/05
I'm 1'52 cm...but I'm latina, This size is very common here, but in America??? all people is really tall....anyway the size isn't everything ;O)
Carolina said on 6/Dec/05
Cuanto mide esa chica a la final????? La verdad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wicked Kid said on 27/Nov/05
Look people. The halloween photos I've provided were RECENT. If you say Hilary Duff's 5'3", where's your proof?
Rhianna said on 27/Nov/05
She is 5'1 I asked her on Oprah Winfrey show
erika said on 26/Nov/05
Hilary Duff is like 5'3 shes not that short!
Kennedy said on 26/Nov/05
Yes, Hilary is 5' 1", but women do NOT stop growing after age 15. Who told you that? I grew 5 inches since I turned SIXTEEN. I was 5' 3" then and am now 5' 8".
Kay said on 25/Nov/05
Yes, Hilary is 5'1. I doubt that she will ever grow any taller because women stop growing after age 15.
BEACH BLONDIE!!! said on 21/Nov/05
HEY!!! well first of all hilary is quiet small but she is still my hero and is extremely cool i mean u see her donating money 2 charities so yeh u have ur own opinion but just remember that!!!! I REALLY THINK SHE IS COOL!!!
Anonymous said on 20/Nov/05
because people always think that tallness goes with power and fame. which isn't always so.
Wicked Kid said on 20/Nov/05
Hello? If you watch Lizzie McGuire, you must notice that Hilary's ALWAYS in dare I say humonguos platforms. Always 3"+++. I'm surprised that she could even walk. That's why she towers Gordo. I still find it amusing that they included the "5'4" with heels" part in her bio.
sarah said on 20/Nov/05
no way on lizzie mcguire when she was like 14 that gordo guy says that he is 5'2" in one episode and shes wearing sneakers and is taller than him
sunbeame said on 19/Nov/05
If she is 5'4 in heels, then she might be a bit shorter than 5'1 or 5'1.5. Most celebs wear really high heels, i rekon Hilary wouldn't wear heels that are less than 4 inches...which would make her around the 5'0 mark. Maybe she rounds it up to 5'1. I don't see why though, why is it such a big deal to only be about 5'0 ???
Wicked Kid said on 14/Nov/05
Rob, don't bother waiting for her fans to send you that picture. The die-hard fans that have them will make sure no one else gets hold of it. They WANT to think that Hilary's 5'3"-5'4" even though she's not. And Anonymous is right, they give celebs their height listings WITH them wearing their shoes.

[Editor Rob: the mythical holy grail pic, according to legends has hilary standing beside a height chart with top of head at 5ft would not surprise me if elvis was holding the chart!]
Anonymous said on 13/Nov/05
there is no way she is 5'4". She's 5'4" in those stupid 3 inch heels she lives in. She even admitted that in this biography that they sell in a Walgreens near me. It was made in 2005 and reads "Height: 5'1" (5'4" in 3-inch heels!)" So, according to Hilary Duff's logic, your height is how tall you are bare foot plus three inches. wow, that would make me 5'6"!
Viper652 said on 13/Nov/05
She was lying

[Editor Rob: I'm still waiting for one of the gazillions of fans who have seen this girl stand against this mythical height chart to show me a picture of it...I'm beginning to think I'll have more luck finding excalibur!]
Nikki said on 13/Nov/05
On a recent Jay Leno appearence she said she was 5'4.
Anonymous said on 12/Nov/05
phillyfish, in a lot of those articles that talk about low-weight celebrities, they exaggerate their height (or take the tallest possible height they can find about them) in order to accentuate how little the celebrity weighs. Somebody being 5'1" and 95 lbs it not completely out of the ordinary. On the other hand, somebody being 5'4" and 95 lbs seems very thin.
Wicked Kid said on 7/Nov/05
Well we definately can't take "hilary duff" or "clark kent" from the comments page for it. But Sonya, on the other hand, thought she didn't have a photo for proof, gave the theory that people who LIVE in the heels look taller than they really are. Though I still think Hilary's dead on 5'.
Sonya said on 6/Nov/05
Hilary is 5'1" or possibly 5'1.5" but no taller than that. I am 5'2" and I met Hillary recently we both had heels on that were about 3 inches high and she was about an inch shorter then myself. I'm used to people being taller then me so I did look closely at her feet and her heels were similar to mine. For all the people who are going on and on about how she looks taller here and there you obviously aren't short--I live in heels and I actually had a friend of mine say to me the other day "my god you're short!" when I finally took my shoes off. I even have 3 different pairs of sneakers in different styles that give me 2 to 3 inches of height. . Bottom line, shoes can make a HUGE difference. If I ever meet her again I'll try and get my photo taken with her but trust me if she's shorter then me she's under 5'2"--I just got measured at the Dr. so I know my height is accurate.
hilary duff said on 5/Nov/05
hey u guys i am 5ft 1 1/2in
sunbeame said on 5/Nov/05
From the pictures of her i've seen she looks about 5ft. Its difficult to tell though because of the huge heels she always seems to wear! She was on a kids tv show a few weekends back and she looked so incredibly tiny next to the presenters and other guests (even in her heels!).
Anonymous said on 2/Nov/05
Well, LaLaine herself has said on her official website that she is 5'3". Of course she could be lying, but taking her word for what it is, I consider it believable if you consider the height difference between herself and Duff. Besides, I've heard Duff say in more than one interview (one with Conan O'Brien immediately comes to mind) that she's 5'1"
Clark Kent said on 2/Nov/05
She actully 5"1 I met her Im 6"3 and my dad 6"3 we are way taller than her
about 1"2
Clark Kent
Wicked Kid said on 2/Nov/05
To Anonymous: But that's always assuming that LaLaine's 5'3" isn't it? And to Kristin: Are you sure that the girl who played Deb in ND is actually 5'5"?
Anonymous said on 31/Oct/05
Wicked Kid... True that the photo does not show their shoes, but the episode does. In fact, explicit reference is made to the shoes that LaLaine is wearing, and they were normal sized soles.
Wicked Kid said on 31/Oct/05
To the first anonymous: The photo doesn't show their shoes for pete's sake. and to anonymous no. 2: I agree with you.
Anonymous said on 29/Oct/05
how do u know it wasn't the camera angle or hilary wasn't wearing lifts like she has done for other movies?
Wicked Kid said on 28/Oct/05
We definately can't measure Duff's height from Todd because Todd's height is unknown and she doesn't work with anyone popular enough whose heights we already know. So sure, Duff is taller than Todd. But I don't see how it being hard to imagine that Todd could just be a 4'10"-11" person. I, had thought that Duff was about 5'4" when I first saw her on TV in Lizzie McGuire. So it proves that angles can be adjusted to suit various stars heights.
Anonymous said on 26/Oct/05
I agree with Wicket Kid. She's always saying 5'1" so she probably is 5'0.5" and rounds up.
ingrid said on 26/Oct/05
my friend got to meet hilary backstage at a concert last year. she has a pic w/ her...both my friend and hilary were wearing friend is 5'4" and she looked somewhat taller than hilary....i guessed from that pic she's 5'1" i'll see if i can scan and send the pic....but its a rare occassion where she isnt wearing heels
Kelly said on 24/Oct/05
I bet she is no more than 5'2. Maybe she's 5'1 though. It's hard to tell-she's gotten so skinny tha past several months and has taken an equine look...if you ask me, her "horse" look doesn't look great for her small body. So 5'1-5'2 max. for her height.
heightgirl said on 8/Oct/05
From Australian Girlfriend magazine (this is a non-exact quote from the interviewer): "...she was really tiny...I'm pretty short but she was wearing three-inch heels and we were still at the same eye-level."
Anonymous said on 2/Oct/05
At 16 she said she was 5'1" she was pretty well developed already than doubt she did any growing afterwards.
ice said on 2/Oct/05
Don't forget the shakira pics! Even if shakira is the 5'2 she claim (which i doubt), Hilary would still be no more than 5'1.5
Anonymous said on 29/Sep/05
Gordo is like, 5'1", 5'2" and Hilary is always in chunky heels
Ronald said on 28/Sep/05
I think Hilary Duff is 5' 5" because on the TV series Lizzie Maguire she looks taller than Gordo which is 5' 4" today at age 21. In fact she looks almost the same height as me but I'm 14 and 5' 6¾" (1.69 m)
HK said on 28/Sep/05
Like I've said before, in her biography that was written in August of 2005, Hilary says she's 5'1" and 5'4" in her 3-inch heels! And maybe, when she was saying she was 5'1" two years ago, she was lying and fudging it up a few inches so that when she did grow, she'd be 5'1" but people would think she's taller. When the height of Haylie is not proven or known (she's said she's really short in one interview, 5'6" in the next, and 5'5" in the last), compare her to celebrities that we know for sure. i.e. Heather Locklear, the Olsen Twins, her bf Benji. Next to Heather Locklear, she looks 5'1" and next to the Olsen Twins, she looks 5'1", or 5'1.5". Then, next to her boyfried Benji who has once been described as 5'7", 5'1" looks like a push. And as for Jamie Spears and her both looking the same height, did you take a look at the heels on Hilary?
heightgirl said on 28/Sep/05
Kylie, I highly doubt whoever you're talking about grew six inches in two years. In any case, it's extremely rare, and looking at current pictures of Hilary, she doesn't look anything more than 5'2.
Anonymous said on 26/Sep/05
Yes it is about Hilary and for the other celebrities like elisha cuthbert and so on!Will you show the most correct information for celebrity heights besides this that we are now?
Wicked Kid said on 25/Sep/05
No way is Hilary 5'2" or above. I think Ashley Olsen is barely scraping 5'.
me said on 25/Sep/05
She looks short but I don't know her and thus cannot say her actual height but my guess is 5 ft. 2 - 5 ft. 3.

She appears slightly taller than Ashley Olsen but it could be because her build is larger.

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