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Peak: 5ft 9.3in (176cm)
Current: 5ft 8.01in (172.8cm)
iClarke-93 said on 18/Feb/09
Could still be 5'9 but no more than that , maybe he tends to waer lifts more nowadays.
T.J. said on 2/Feb/09
He looks exactly the same height, if not a quarter of an inch taller than adam sandler (5'10") in Anger Managment. But, I really don't think Adam Sandler is 5'10, more like 5'8.75" or 5'9" so 5'9" seems right for Jack.
RisingForce said on 23/Jan/09
5'9.5" peak, more like 5'9" now. Always dead on average height. He never really looks short or tall.
TELLEM said on 19/Jan/09
he looks 5'9 here next to 6'0 timothy hutton @ 1:42: Click Here
glenn said on 19/Jan/09
he looked 5-10 to me alot in the street.early 90s.
stevie said on 18/Jan/09
In batman he looked about 5 11 next to 6 3 6 4 jack palance so i guess he was wearing lifts. You can't go buy movies you can only tell in person
Lenad said on 17/Jan/09
He looked average height in The Shining. 177cm is believable for his peak.
Bouncer said on 11/Jan/09
Why does this article claim Nicholson being 5'7 max?
Wore he elevator shoes in The Shining next to 5'8 Shelley Duvall?
Transylvania said on 7/Dec/08
Well, look, I am 1,76 cm high, and I have a collage that is french and is the same high and it means I am a tall woman. He is a doll-man, so, the same is to Jack.
glenn said on 13/Nov/08
buscemi is another tricky one.ive seen him 5-7 to 5-9..he might be 5-8.5.keitel 5-7.5. exactly leonari.
TELLEM said on 13/Nov/08
keitel was an inch shorter than 5'8 steve buschemi in reservoir dogs
leonari said on 12/Nov/08
I think Rising is right. Nicholson was close to 5'10 in his prime. Watch ...the Prizzis" or whatever that movie is called. Looked a decent height. I think Keitel never was a s short as a flat 5'7". 5'8" flat peak height and even today in "Life on Mars-US" he looks a tad over 5'7"
glenn said on 12/Nov/08
thank you tellem.and ive seen keitel look 5-7 to 5-10 in the street.i think he is 5-8 actually.
TELLEM said on 11/Nov/08
i can vouch for 5'9 peak...he looked 2 inches taller than 5'7 harvey keitel
glenn said on 11/Nov/08
no way was he ever 5-8. 5-9 to 5-10 not watching movies.i met the guy over a 18 year period.5-8.5 now maybe.
anonymous said on 10/Nov/08
I'm just trying to prove a point. He's not five foot 10 or 11. That's crazy. He is 5 foot 8 to 9.
leonari said on 9/Nov/08
Shorter than Morgan Freeman?? Euhh...yes. Freeman is huge.
anonymous said on 9/Nov/08
He is five foot 8 no taller or shorter. He was shorter than adam sandler in anger management and morgan freeman in bucket list.
RisingForce said on 29/Oct/08
I'd say Jack was about 5'9.5' or 5'9.75", pushing 5'10" in his peak and now when he stands straight he's about 5'9" flat.
adam said on 12/Oct/08
Oliver Reed said that Nicholson was 5-7.
quas said on 10/Oct/08
I think 5'8.5 - 5'9 is about right. He looks a couple of inches taller than Dennis Hopper who is listed at 5'7 on this site. Heres a pic below.

Click Here
Brando said on 7/Oct/08
Yea, jack is at this point 5'8''
Lenad said on 2/Oct/08
Steve says on 24/Aug/08
Jack is about 5'7. I saw him in Cannes festival in a swimming pool. He looks very short. Sorry but 5'9 or 5'8 its too high!!!

There is no way Jack Nicholson could be as low as 5'7.
adam said on 16/Sep/08
I agree with Glenn: Nicholson can look taller than 5-9
Jason said on 7/Sep/08
Is there anywhere where Jack's height is given as 5'9 as I'm struggling to believe he was anything over that even in his prime!
Lenad said on 30/Aug/08
The 5'11 listings are inaccurate. Jack never seemed as tall as 5'11 even in his prime. 5'10 peak I can buy...
Steve said on 24/Aug/08
Jack is about 5.7 i saw him in Cannes Festival in a swimming pool. He looks very short. Sorry but 5.9 or 5.8 it's too high!!!
yoney said on 7/Aug/08
5 ft 8.5 sounds accurate to me.
Daii said on 6/Aug/08
Hes probably around 5'9, 5'8.75 would be accurate i think
Mr. R said on 6/Aug/08
I met Jack at a play a few years ago, right after I saw Keanu Reeves. Jack is between 5-8 and 5-9 at this point.
Brad said on 11/Jul/08
Weak 5' 9" '68, 5' 8" for years.
Shone said on 30/May/08
I agree with Chewy & Frank2: 5' 8" always. Glenn wasn't 5' 8" in that pre '93 photo. He admits 5' 7" in pre '93.
Lenad said on 24/May/08
Thought he was about 176cm when I watched the Shining the other day.
glenn said on 20/May/08
your speaking sense mcfan.shelly was on the tall side.not sure of her least 5-8.jack can look 5-10 in the street.but thats probably lifts.
mcfan said on 19/May/08
Jack always looked 5'9 in the early films. Even in the Shining he was about a half-inch taller than Shelly Duvall. Shelly probably had an extra half-inch on him with the footwear, though. So, 5'9 in 1980 at 43 y/o. If he's 71 now, I would guess he must have lost at least something.
JOSH said on 8/May/08
In his biography hes listed as 5ft 8.5 inches. He could be a touch under 5ft 9 now but whe he was younger he could well have looked near 5ft 10.
Chewy said on 4/May/08
Frank2: "I stood right next to him, he's 5' 8"". 5' 6.5" Glenn plus 1.5" is 5' 8" above. Both are in added height.
glenn said on 31/Mar/08
if you never met jack,dont be so sure.he can look 5-10 at times,mainly in the early 90s.he was 5-9 in his youth.lost some height perhaps and uses a slight lift to compensate.if he would look taller than 5-10 he would be laughed at,at his age.because everyone knows he is in the 5-9 region.
Orlando said on 30/Mar/08
In the screen Nicholson always seemed a middle-short man to me. In the "Cuckoo's Nest" he looks like a 1.70-1.72 m tall man. He's short-legged, quite common a feature in 1.70-1.73 m tall men but quite uncommon in taller men. Elevator shoes make wonders in Hollywood and that's the case of Jack. No way he was 1.77 m ever. (In the USA you people should skip to the metric system. Much more reliable and objective than this "ft & in" business of yours...)
glenn said on 28/Jan/08
forgive my ignorance is what i meant.
glenn said on 28/Jan/08
thank you dmeyer.he ever saw him? forgive my igorance.
dmeyer said on 27/Jan/08
i agree with glenn jack steel looks near enaugh 5'9
Valeri said on 22/Jan/08
he was only 1.5-2 inches udner either hes 5'9 strong still or leo is 5'10.5 like gisele said.
Ronno said on 16/Jan/08
He's about 5'9. Full body shot photo next to 5'8 Shelley Duvall in the Shining shows it true. Looks a solid 1 inch taller
Farmsy said on 10/Jan/08
A solid 5'9 from my point of view
glenn said on 28/Dec/07
there is no question he can look short and average.
dmeyer said on 28/Dec/07
he did tower tom cruise in ,a few good men so 5'9.5 aleast there and he was already 55 so possibly 5'9.75 to 5'10 peak ,now i have scene a scene were jack looks 3 in smaller than sean hayes ,who i met and is barely 5'11
glenn said on 28/Dec/07
always and still looks 5-9 to me.and 5-10 in the early 90s.never 5-8.never.not even in movies to me.
dmeyer said on 28/Dec/07
i think he is more 5'8 now 5'9.5 peak 1.5 in loss at 70 is possible
Socom said on 7/Dec/07
He looks 5'8 sometimes. Kind of strange, maybe just height loss.
JI said on 3/Dec/07
I agree with adam in some respects but I thought it was the other way around, shelley looked taller in many shots, and in most others they were the same, Jack never seemed to top her at all unless she was slouching and he was wearing those big boots.
JT said on 27/Nov/07
Just saw him a couple days ago. He's around 5'9".
glenn said on 10/Nov/07
thats correct alex.
Alex said on 8/Nov/07
Jack I think was 5'10 at his peak and at times can still look 5'10. He's at the least 5'9 today, look that with Glenn.
Viper said on 22/Oct/07
Beatty looks 6-4 there.
George H. said on 22/Oct/07
Anthony: this picture of Nicholson and Garfunkel with Beatty probably was taken around the time of that movie Click Here
Anthony said on 22/Oct/07
You're welcome. Small lifts are possible.
Anthony said on 21/Oct/07
Jack looked a solid 5'10 and sometimes a tad taller in 1970's "Carnal Knowledge". He wasn't fat then and was a good deal taller than Ann-Margret and stacked up pretty well against 5'11-6' Art Garfunkel.
glenn said on 19/Oct/07
5-10 peak is very possible.
the shredder said on 18/Oct/07
Rob , what do you think the MAX Nicholson ever was ? 5'10 ?
sleuth said on 29/Sep/07
its funny how you guys say that 5-10 is sometimes considered short. But the high side of 5-10 is never considered short. 5-10.5 or 5-10.75 is never short. People have such precise categories for stuff and they can't even guess a person's height within 1.5 inches!
miles smiles said on 28/Sep/07
Hey glenn, is that the Easy Rider soundtrack on vinyl in your hand in the pick with Jack? Did he sign it? He seems kinda loose and mellow in the photo.
Cpt Crunch said on 28/Sep/07
shorter than 5-10ish Cuba Gooding in 'As Good As It Gets'. But maybe they were trying to make Gooding look taller because his character intimidated Nicholson's character.
George H. said on 27/Sep/07
My wife searched for Warren Beatty clips on youtube and found this video of a little known movie Beatty made with Nicholson. The difference in height is obvious. Also Nicholson was about half the size he is now Click Here
glenn said on 23/Sep/07
well put alex.
Alex said on 22/Sep/07
He has always given me the impression of a man of average height, 5'9-5'10.

He has shrunk over the years though.
glenn said on 22/Sep/07
thank people can believe me i saw jack at 5-10.
Anonymous said on 21/Sep/07
I'm convinced after watching how he towers a young Tom Cruise in A Few good men that he was around 5'10" peak
glenn said on 4/Sep/07
exactly adam.
Adam Brennon said on 3/Sep/07
I also observed that there was no significant elevation in Duvall's footwear. I also think its fair to reason that when people are only seperated by an inch, they can appear the same height in many social contexts. Returning to 'The Shining', Nicholson 'always' seems to have a comfortable edge.
Adam Brennon said on 2/Sep/07
Shelley Duvall is an undeniable 5' 8" and Nicholson consistantly looks taller in 'The Shining'.
Lmeister said on 1/Sep/07
Totally agree with you Glenn.
glenn said on 31/Aug/07
he looks 5-8ish with a slouch sometimes.5-9 more straightened.
Lmeister said on 31/Aug/07
I also thought that DeNiro looked 5'10''ish. I think his peak height was 5'9.75''. He never looked short in his older movies.
Anthony said on 30/Aug/07
I saw a pic where De Niro looked barely taller than 5'6 Bloomberg. Bloomberg could've been in lifts, though. De Niro looks 5'8-ish to me now. I'll tkae your word if he appears 5'9 now.
glenn said on 30/Aug/07
i thought deniro looked 5-10 in those early movies.and i believe he was.he is 5-9 now.
glenn said on 29/Aug/07
i cant explain it.whenever i see nas,he looks a legit 5-10.then see other legit 5-10ers that look smaller.skinny or stocky.
Anthony said on 29/Aug/07
I thought DeNiro looked 5'9 in "Taxi Driver", and he had boots on there.
Adam Brennon said on 29/Aug/07
But generally, do think characteristics such as a small slender frame with small proportions can conspire to make a man look shorter?
glenn said on 28/Aug/07
talking to friends over the years,they all consider deniro short.i never noticed it.i notice it more now over the years.he is average in reality.i dont remember taxi driver least not in height examination.
Adam Brennon said on 28/Aug/07
It's interesting that De Niro was considered short. I noticed that he had a very slight natural build in Taxi Driver. Do think this may have contributed?
Adam Brennon said on 27/Aug/07
You have a fallid argument there Glenn. I can vouch for that. I'm 5' 10.25" and sometimes feel short. So many of my friends are so bloody tall, I'm surprised mountaineers don't try and climb them.
leonari said on 27/Aug/07
Get real people. Only tabloids or giants can think that 5'9" or even worse 5'10" is short. That would somehow imply that 6 feet is "normal". It's not. Except for the Dutch and Montenegro people...there 5'10" is short.
glenn said on 26/Aug/07
5-10 is still considered short at times.i read deniro was short at 5-10.and stallone is a legit 5-10 and considered short.
Adam Brennon said on 26/Aug/07
This does'nt strictly pertain to Jack Nicholson, but I've always wondered why the 5' 10" man is totally immune from any critism as short, where as his fractionally shorter 5' 9" friend could be vulnerable to ridicule.
Adam Brennon said on 26/Aug/07
How do you distinguish between a 5' 9" and 5' 10" man? It must require close scrutiny.
glenn said on 25/Aug/07
he can look 5-10 in movies and in person.and as low as 5-9.
Adam Brennon said on 24/Aug/07
He looked distinctly medium height and build in 'The Shining'.
18,181 said on 25/Jul/07
this guy sure has all the right words to fill in the blanks a'la the comment under photo,about me section.No idea though if this is the real thing,just wanted to point out,that he stands there at 5' rounding it up he is 5'8.5.
Click Here - the interesting thing about this guy is that I sent the imposter report and I got a message back(myspace administration)that this guy actually presented a salute,it's a confirmation of ones identity,a photo,where you're holding the myspace url. So either it's him or myspace lied/messed up something.
George H. said on 18/Jul/07
Nicholson with Dustin Hoffman in 1975 Click Here Too bad we can't see the footwear.
Melvin said on 14/Jul/07
On that recent MTV or vh1 movie awards show he was only slightly taller than Michael Chicklis and shorter than Jessica Alba (in heels). Definitely was looking 5ft 8 on stage. Didn't come close to Ioan Gruffud.
christian said on 7/Jul/07
With Warren Beatty who is a proven 6'2" in all the pictures Jack is to the bridge of his nose thereabouts. Supposing 4.5 inches from Warren's eye level to top of head add 1 inch to bridge of nose that's 5.5inches. Even on younger pictures of Jack with Warren this is what it appears to be. Being generous at best in his younger days Jack was 5'9". What do you think Rob? Change to 5'9" peak height!
17,181 said on 4/Jul/07
he looked kinda tall in anger management.though Sandler holds his neck the way he does,which makes him lose an inch automatically.He looked 5'9.5 there,becuase of Sandlers slouch,jack had good posture himself.So 5'8.5 seems correct.
robotix said on 7/Jun/07
Are you sure Jack is not using the Ian McKellen technique+ the Stallone stance?
lrua said on 5/Jun/07
Jack always looked 5'8" to me, watching Easy Rider, he looks kind of short and stocky, he has short legs.
UNK said on 9/May/07
I think you have a point Kevin T about how leading roles and sex appeal play into perception.
George H. said on 9/May/07
I think Jackie will be fine with me borrowing the urls to her pictures: Click Here , Click Here , Click Here All of Nicholson with his bud Beatty.
Kevin T said on 8/May/07
Jack has never looked taller than 5 feet 8, in any film. (Sort of like Bogart.)
Back in his heyday, even in Easy Rider, Jack looked short and stocky. I think a lot of time people attribute "shrinkage from age" to elder actors when, in truth, the audience starts to see them without the glow of sex appeal or
The few Actors who never stop playing leading men stay eternally tall.
Franco said on 30/Apr/07
looks 5'9.5 with shoes next to 5'9 glenn (both with shoes)

barefooted = 5'8.5 JACK , 5'8 GLENN

this is correct, so the site height is right. ;)
Jason Jeffers said on 8/Apr/07
Could anyone tell me what you should class your height as, is it the measurement when you get up, midday or last thing at night? Also how much does a man of average height shrink during the day and how much would a 7ft 6 man shrink?
glenn said on 4/Apr/07
in the postman always rings twice,he looked the shortest i thought.
Anthony said on 3/Apr/07
Jack also looked shorter than 5'8.5 Sutherand in "A Few Good Men".
Anthony said on 26/Feb/07
Jack looked a lot shorter than 5'6 Diane Keaton last night, though I'm sure Diane had heels.
MikeW said on 24/Feb/07
I would evisit the 5'-7" height. Look at him in Goin' South with Nary Steenburgen (listed as 5'-8"). Assume he is wearing cowboy boots and they are still the same height.
When they are seated together on the wagon he is clearly shorter. Women usually have shorter upper bodies, longer legs. I saw the movie and was surprised at how short he appeared. Click Here
The Vicar said on 20/Feb/07
I think Jack Nicholson in his prime stood 5'9.5 (1.77m) in his prime. I would agree that he started loosing height in the 1970s and by the time Batman(1989) came out, he stood around 5'9 (1.75m). I would also agree that Nicholson these days stands 5'8.5 (1.74m).
Glenn said on 14/Jan/07
He did look 5-10 to me in the early the flesh.lifts?
G-MANN said on 13/Jan/07
Maybe 5'9.5" is a little generous. In his prime he must have been 5'9", but he's getting old. A lot interviewer desribe him as being rather stocky and shorter than you'd imagine, but then he has huge screen presence.
Brad said on 8/Dec/06
Go to the photo of Jack with Hoffman Frank2 put up. 3" taller than a man who is quite short.
chitown said on 6/Dec/06
I was an extra on the set of hoffa, and was next to him a bunch of times. I am 5' 9". He was shorter by 3/4" to 1" inch. Now devito...he was really really short to the point I could not even estimate.
sleuth said on 4/Dec/06
gave up more than 2" to 5'10" Cuba Gooding in "As Good As It Gets"
Glenn said on 17/Nov/06
True David.but he did appear 5-9 that night and 5-10 in the early 90s.possibly all in lifts.
David said on 17/Nov/06
Don't let anyone be fooled by this foto of Jack and Glenn.
Thing is that Jack has way more experience and is smarter than most of you (no disrespect). Look at the pic very closely and you can tell that he stands a little in front of Glenn and uses the arm-shoulder thrick so Glenn looks about an inch shorter,also you cannot trust his footwear all the time, smart guy Jack tends to mislead people about his height!
Glenn said on 16/Nov/06
He is great.but doesnt always pose.
Glenn said on 10/Nov/06
Wow.Im shocked about Boggie.
sam said on 9/Nov/06
In a Bogart biography, an army physical gave him a barefoot height of 5'8.5" in his early 20s. His co-stars in Casablanca, though, were Ingrid Bergman, at almost 5'10" (not counting her heels), as well as Paul Henreid and Conrad Veidt, both of whom were 6'3". I think Bogart's lifts made him around 6'4"!
dmeyer said on 8/Nov/06
does look 1 inch taller than glenn so 5'9
Glenn said on 8/Nov/06
I always heard Bogart was 5-6,yet Rob I think said 5-8.
Anthony said on 8/Nov/06
I never understood why so many actors think it's absolutely necessary to look tall onscreen, when in reality most of the all time greatest actors are on the short side. In addition to Jack and Bogie, Pacino, De Niro, Cagney, Jack Lemmon, Kirk Douglas, James Dean, etc. were all on the short side.
sam said on 8/Nov/06
It's awesome that Jack is cool with taller co-stars, I think it's kind of silly for stars to be overly sensitive about looking short (although I understand why they don't). For some reason, it cracks me up that Bogart wore gigantic lifts and sat on phone books while shooting Casablanca.
Glenn said on 8/Nov/06
I agree.great find.
Chris said on 7/Nov/06
God find Dee
Dee said on 5/Nov/06
Quotes from Nicholson biographies seem to agree with the 5'9" and a bit:

Shepherd, pages 93-94:
"Jack had signed to do a $2 million comedy drama for Paramount Pictures, The Last Detail...Unlike some of the male stars before him who refused to work with anyone taller than they were, Jack had no second thoughts about working between six-foot-two Otis Young and six-foot-four Randy Quaid. In fact, Jack's such a commanding presence as Billy "Bad A--" Buddusky that no one really notices or cares about the differences in their heights."

McGilligan, pages 242-245:
"A tall, goony-looking young actor named Randy Quaid captivated them. However, no final decision could be made unless Quaid proved compatible with Nicholson. ... Just as Quaid was leaving, Jack jumped up to shake his hand. Ashby had warned Nicholson' that Quaid was very tall (six feet four), but now, for the first time, Jack (five feet nine and a half) realized just how tall."

Click Here

It sounds like Nicholson doesn't mind working with taller actors. But it's understandable that any leading actor would be reluctant to be paired with an actress who's taller than he is. (Or even almost as tall.)

According to height charts, 5'10" is average for men, and 5'4" is average for women. That's a six-inch difference between the sexes; but there seem to be a lot of short actors and tall actresses in Hollywood, for some reason. Maybe the directors should start looking to cast taller actors and shorter actresses.
Smoke said on 27/Oct/06
Anthony you have super taste. The departed. Film of the year by far. Yeah and he did look 5"9 in it.
Anthony said on 10/Oct/06
Jack with the cast of "The Departed":

Click Here
Anthony said on 7/Oct/06
Keaton is 5'10. Jack looked 5'8-5'9 next to Keaton when he was in the Bat-suit.

In "The Departed", which I just got back from seeing, Jack looks 5'9 throughout. As a side note, I urge everyone here to see "The Departed". It's incredible.
Glenn said on 6/Oct/06
Look at Keaton and I.and Im wearing boots and him in casuals.
Lmeister said on 6/Oct/06
Jack Nicholson he is a mystery. 1) he is at least 2 inches shorter than Adam (5'10'')Sandler in Anger Management 2) taller than Michael(5'9'')Keaton in Batman 3)Looks shortish in movies from the 60-70s. Maybe he lost some height, but I do believe Jack was never taller than 5'8.5'' which was he publicized height 20 years ago.
Glenn said on 4/Oct/06
Watched The PostmanAlways Rings Twice for the first time since the WHTcable days.I was surprised to see Jack no taller than 5-8.even smaller at times.
George H said on 3/Oct/06
Hey Anthony, another picture of Jack and Art Garfunkel with 6'2" Warren Beatty Click Here
Brad said on 2/Oct/06
He wasn't that much taller than Davy Jones in production scenes of The Monkees' "Head" motion picture in early '68. I'd say 5' 7.5"
Anthony said on 2/Oct/06
I think I've got decent proof Jack was at least 5'10 in his prime.

Click Here

Jack and Art Garfunkel. Art is about 5'11 or 6'. Jack isn't too much shorter than him. I've seen "Carnal Knowledge", the film from where this pic is taken, and Jack looked about 2 inches shorter throughout, from what I can recall.
Glenn said on 2/Oct/06
5-9 now.5-10 peak.
Clinton said on 1/Oct/06
I think there's a general misconception of the height of stars. Actors and actresses alike seem to be on the small side, and they all lie about their height. I'm an actor, i've been around many stars and it just seems that they're all usually smaller than you'd think from seeing them on film. I'm 5'8", I'm not insecure about my height so I don't lie about it. I've met Jack and I'd say he's about 5'6"-5'7". Hopefully he doesn't read this or he'll give me s*** next time I work with him.
MHouillon said on 5/Sep/06
Is Kim the one in the middle of the picture ? Or the one that looks like Robert Urich ? ;-)
Anthony said on 2/Sep/06
Jack had to be close to 5'10 in his youth. In a pic I posted below, he is with Scatman Crothers, who is listed as 5'10 (he was in his mid 60s' so he probably lost some of his height by that point) and you can tell that if he straightened up he'd be shorter than Jack. Jack is also taller than 5'7 Kim Basinger in this pic, and Kim only had one shoe on in this shot:

Click Here
ForensicNYC said on 28/Aug/06
"Adam, get down from that stairs or I will SQUEEZE this thing 'till it breaks..."
Click Here
"Now thats better, my boy..."
Click Here
Glenn said on 17/Aug/06
Thank you Danimal.classic Frank for you.and his answer would be that Im 5-6.
Glenn said on 17/Aug/06
No arguments here Marco.thank you.
MHouillon said on 16/Aug/06
Dear Frank2. I don't think Jack is 178cm. I just watched "About Schmidt" and 174cm is just right.
Studying art doesn't mean to judge a height correctly. The pic you are refering to is one of the best examples for a bad, a very bad height-judging picture. Are you really serious ? It is totally sloping! Forgot your glasses ?
1.) Andy is a little nearer to the camera than Jack = A matter of perspective, art-student!
2.) 175cm/176cm Garcia is using a trick that many not so tall actors use to appear taller: He lays his arm above the shoulder of Jack (pushing him a LITTLE down).

You should come up with a picture with the accuracy of Glenn's pics (which are almost always a direct straight shot)

Best wishes, Marco
Danimal said on 15/Aug/06
Frank, if Jack is only 5'8" today, then how do you explain him looking at least an inch and a half taller than Glenn in that above pic? I say he's 5'9" today, not less that that.
Glenn said on 14/Aug/06
What I mean Frank,is you could be right.Jack is fishy.Colin and Sly your not right on.this one is yours.
Frank2 said on 14/Aug/06
Huh? First you say in his youth he was near, or was 5-10, maybe always 5-9. Then you contradict yourself by saying: I agree he could be 5-7,5-8 barefoot.

Which is it?

I stood by him. He even offered me a nice Havana to smoke. We were both kicked out of the lobby of the Pasadena Civic during the Emmys since they didn't allow smoking inside. Jack's definitely at least three inches shorter than me. No question in my mind.
Glenn said on 14/Aug/06
Jack in his youth was near or was or maybe always was 5-9.never saw him at 5-8,but this despite your idiotic comments and estimations,Im not going to argue with.I agree he could be 5-7,5-8 barefoot.but I think,as does Rob,the real truth is 5-9.however,you might be right about this one,you still look like your shrinking people.including me.
Frank2 said on 14/Aug/06
Explain why the photo of Garcia and Jack doesn't prove anything. I studied art. I understand perspective. Obviously you don't. The ground is not slopping where Jack is next to Garcia. There's a whole series of shots taken. In every single one, Jack is shorter. If you think Nicholson is 5'10" you're living in a dream world. The same dream world that Glenn seems to exist in. Nicholson is today no more than 5'8". I've stood right next to the man several times. When he was younger he was no more than an inch taller.
Glenn said on 13/Aug/06
Thats classic Frank for you.I FORGOT his judgement of photos too.not even myself or anyone can judge right on certain photos.
MHouillon said on 12/Aug/06
Are you serious, Frank2 ??? The picture with Jack, Andy, Joe Pesci and Bill Murray is just ridiculous. Just ridiculous. Taking this picture serious, means, that Bill murray (187cm)is almost the same height as Jack Nicholson! Don't ever show such sloping pictures when referring to a height. Oh man....
Frank2 said on 8/Aug/06
Believe what you want. I've stood right next to him and these days he's 5'8". I'm three inches taller. When I first met him he was about 5'9".
George H said on 7/Aug/06
Again Jack with 6'2" Warren Beatty on 2 separate occassions in two different decades. First one in 2000 Click Here
And one from the early seventies with ARt Garfunkel in the same picture Click Here
Alana Willans said on 7/Aug/06
I'd say he's somewhere between 5'8 1/2 to 5'9- in The Shining, he wasn't much taller than Shelley Duvall who is 5'8- but Shelley could be 5'9 though...
jimw said on 25/Jul/06
When I was in london in 1973,I spoke to Jack Nicholson at an outdoor flea market.I was standing very close.I would say he was about 5 ft 9 ,maybe less.
Anthony said on 24/Jul/06
Yeah, in "Cuckoo's Nest", as I mentioned he came up to about Simspon's chin. Sampson I think was closer to 6'8, so Jack was probably 5'10 or close to it back then.
Glenn said on 20/Jul/06
Yeah,I saw him look close to that in the early least 5-10.
Orlando said on 13/Jul/06
In this photo with Gleen, maybe he's wearing lifts. No way of Nicholson being 1.77 m, ever! In "Cuckoo's Nest" he seemed a fairly middle-short guy like 1.72-1.73 m, and was shorter than Louise Fletcher.

Him next to:

Warren Beatty (6'2"/1.88m)
Click Here

Angelica Huston (5'10"/1.777 m)
Click Here

Randy Quaid 6'4" (1.93 m)
Click Here

Peter Fonda (6'2"/1.88 m) and Dennis Hopper (5'8"/1.727 m)
Click Here

Jordan said on 8/Jul/06
Glenn I remeber you saying that some cool celebs were George Clooney and Christopher reeve.
Glenn said on 8/Jul/06
The rudest has always been Madonna.I have all sorts of words for celebs,some work,some dont.if you want to email me,Ill tell you.otherwise,some secrets Id like to keep out of here.thanks.
Anthony said on 7/Jul/06
Yes, from what I heard he is always a very nice and courteous person to everyone he meets. I do have to ask you two questions, Glenn:

1) If you don't mind saying it, would did you say to Jack to make him get a picture with you?


2) Who's the rudest celebrity you've met so far?
Glenn said on 6/Jul/06
Yes,he is always nice,but tries to always avoid posing with people by saying "not right now".other than that he loves to sign and talk.
Jordan said on 5/Jul/06
Was Jack a nice guy---It seems he is in your photo?
Anthony said on 5/Jul/06
Click Here

Jack with 5'10 Scatman Crothers in "Cuckoo's Nest" (they were also in "The Shining" together). If Crothers were to straighten up, I'd say Jack would have a slight advantage, so I'm not ruling out 5'11, though his shoes in the movie seemed pretty big.
Glenn said on 30/Jun/06
Thank you Trueheight,see what I mean?
trueheight said on 29/Jun/06
he looked about 5'10 in about schmidt
Glenn said on 28/Jun/06
He is still 5-9 when I see him.
Glenn said on 27/Jun/06
Im not saying he really is 5-10 or even 5-9.he is a lift wearer.even Rob agrees in certain movies he can look 5-10.
Frank2 said on 27/Jun/06
I first met him was back in the 1970's. Back then he was about 5'9". I was at least two inches taller. The last time I saw and talked to him he was about 5'8".
Glenn said on 26/Jun/06
He did look 5-10,even to me,13 years ago.still looks 5-9.and your right on Jack not posing with fans.he is very nice actually,and would rather sign than pose.but,I know the words to say.broke him down and he actually got sentimental with me which I didnt expect.
Frank2 said on 26/Jun/06
Jack was never, ever 5'10".
Mr. R said on 25/Jun/06
Sad to say our boy has definitely lost a few inches. When I met him a few weeks ago, I stood right behind him, and I was looking down at his bald spot. He is about 5'8" now.
Anthony said on 24/Jun/06
I just watched "Cuckoo's Nest", and compared his height to 6'8 1/2 Will Sampson (Chief Bromden). Jack came up just to about his chin, so I'd say 5'10 in his younger days. In "Batman" he looked a tad smaller. Nicholson came up to about Michael Keaton's nose when he's in the Batsuit. If the boots added two to three inches in Keaton's height (5'10), than Jack must have been 5'9 by then. He came up to Keaton's nose.

Great actor, my favorite as a matter of fact. I'm surprised Glenn managed to snag a shot with him. I read that Jakc hates having pictures taken, even with his fans.
trueheight said on 24/Jun/06
I strongly believe he can't be lower than 5'9(peak)
Marty said on 14/Jun/06
Jack's taller than 5'7" indeed. I just watched "One flew over a cuckoo's nest" a few days ago and he seems to be a good 5'10 "then" now he maybe around 5'9" like the picture above shows.
George H said on 24/May/06
Looks more like 5 inches to me Click Here
Click Here
Frank2 said on 23/May/06
Yeah, but Jack was never 5'10". He was 5'9" in his youth and is now about 5'8".
George H said on 15/May/06
Check this link out Click Here (my wife's favorite site because it's got many Warren Beatty photos!) Scroll down to screencaps of The Fortune and see the height difference between Nicholson and Beatty. Most clearly in these pictures Click Here and Click Here and finally Click Here
Glenn said on 15/Mar/06
I wish I was.thanks for upgrading me,not downgrading my height.
Gerry H said on 14/Mar/06
Nice pic Glenn....are you growing to be 5'9"? Looks like you have the same height!
Frank2 said on 12/Mar/06
Oliver Reed was slightly under 6'. Check him out in the Robert Mitchum British-made version of The Big Sleep. When they're standing together, Mitchum is slightly taller. When Mitchum got to be older than when he made that film he shrunk a bit. A friend of mine met him a couple of years before he died and he told me that Mitchum was his height and my friend is 5'10". Also Mitchum wore a terrible set of clicking false teeth when he got to be older.
Mr. O said on 4/Mar/06
I stood right next to Jack when I got his autograph on the set of "Hoffa" in 1992. I'm 5' 10.5" and I was at least an inch taller than him. I think 5' 9" sounds about right for Jack.
Frank2 said on 26/Feb/06
Jack is five feet nine on a good day. The last time I saw him in person he looked more like five feet eight.
Rut said on 24/Feb/06
Considering the more taller people and comparing him with that, he doesn't look that short, I think a little taller in his prime, but still 175 cm today....
D. Ray Morton said on 12/Feb/06
5'9" is just about right. Almost bumped into him on the street around the time he was doing "Wolf." He had those huge mutton chops goin'.
Anonymous said on 28/Jan/06
In One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest he looked about 5`11"-6`0"

Editor Rob
in Prizzi's honor he looked tall in some scenes too!
Pathy from Brazil said on 28/Jan/06
Jack are the best!!! I love him!!!! And he's taller than I tought!
CoolJ said on 11/Jan/06
I said it before.. Nicholson only looked about 5'8.5-9 or so in Anger Management.. and Sandler only looked 5'9.5
Stiffelio said on 26/Dec/05
I agree with Mikex: Oliver Reed was taller than 5ft 11", maybe as tall as 6ft 1". Btw, could you please list him, Rob?

As for Nicholson, I'd say not quite 5ft 9" but then no less than 5ft 8"
Mikex said on 26/Dec/05
Oliver Reed was 6'1 1/2'' not 5'11 as stated below. Ozzy Osbourne mentioned in an interview meeting Reed and being surprised how tall he was in person.
stAs said on 19/Dec/05
compare to sandler in anger management his 178cm. but there may be used lifts
cendrin rovini said on 5/Dec/05
They wrote 176cm in a German magazine, I think he was 178cm when he was young and the best actor of that generation.
Seb said on 21/Oct/05
Oliver Reed said, "Nicholson? As far as I'm concerned he's a balding midgit. He stands 5 foot 7 you know. He tries to play tough guys and doesn't quite hit the mark." Reed had spent a day working with Nicholson in the rock opera Tommy, so he would have been able to see for himself.
DP said on 14/Oct/05
If I was as a great as an actor as Jack Nicholson - possibly the greatest actor of our time - you can call me 5'7"

I believe he WAS 5'9" during his heyday. Today, I bet he's near 5'8.5" at best. Regardless, this guy keeps you mesermized on the screen so his height is insignificant to his amazing acting ability.

I always wished I was taller but I'd trade it in to be a Jack Nicholson of acting.
Drooperdoo said on 11/Oct/05
You HAVE to lower Nicholson's height. Carol Kane was right--he's about 5'7''. I watched "China Town" the other night and, in a full body-length shot, Faye Dunaway is in heels and is about 2 inches taller than Nicholson. I just checked her height: 5'7''. In heels, she's be about 5'9'' . . . and she was 2 inches taller than he was.
Jack's height said on 13/Sep/05
Heights are routinely altered in movies. I read taht Jack had to stand on a box in "Tommy" next to the 5'11" Oliver Reed. Jack may well be only 5'7".
Bonnie said on 5/Sep/05
At least 5'9, maybe 5'10". I'm 5'5" and I've walked beside him at the Laker games a few times and he's several inches taller than me
Height Detective said on 7/Jul/05
Adam Sandler and Nicholson

In this photo is clear the tendency of slouching of Adam Sandler , and look at " 5.11ter " Nicholson hi is strugle whit the 5.9 mark.
In this photo you se de Nicholson"s lack of height clear.
trueheight said on 25/Jun/05
spot on. He was never 5,10. always 5,9 even in his heyday. watch the movie one flew over the cuckoos nest, and compare to Brad Dourif, who seems really short and slight in that movie.
sam said on 31/May/05
I thought he was about 5'9". I doubt he was ever 5'11", but I also doubt he is as short as 5'7". 5'9" compared to other actors seems roughly accurate.
Rut said on 23/Apr/05
I think in his last movie "Something's gotta give'' he wore lifts, or maybe Diane Keaton is indeed a bit shorter now..(shorter than 5 7)
I think Nicholson did schrunk very fast, maybe Five easy pieces (1970) was the last film he stood his full height, but it's hard to tell he sometime did wear flat shoes, But in let's say Chinatown (1974) he didn't stood 176,5 any more or did you think he stood a full 177 cm once..?
Ra said on 17/Apr/05
Sly(175cm) and Nicholson(174cm).
sarah jessica parker said on 17/Feb/05
5.4" no way!!!!

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