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Peak: 5ft 8.59in (174.2cm)
Current: 5ft 7.68in (171.9cm)
Doug said on 8/Apr/09
Sometimes gives a short impression, I used to think he was around 5'7" but then I saw him looking at least two inches taller than 5'7" listed people so the man has to be 5'9" maybe a little more. Utter bull that 5'8" is "short" in general. Its bang on average around the world. Walk down most streets in the world at 5'8" and you will definately not be noticeably short overall, unless nearly every other guy is over 6 foot and how many places in the world do you think this to be true?. People really need to get some sense of reality on here. 5'8"-5'9" like Chan is a regular guy, short compared to some but very average compared to a higher number.
JP said on 7/Apr/09
6'... where you from holland? lol average in most places isn't over 5'9-5'11 i would say.
icecream said on 7/Apr/09
Ehm about 6', maybe more, is average here. Maybe my definition of 'short' is biased as I am slightly over average (6'1" in the evening) and most of my friends are 6' or over? I guess it depends on where you live. Anyway, I think 5'9" seems right for Jackie.
kate said on 6/Apr/09
not short, average.
I mean you might think 5'8" is short on paper, but when you pass 5'8" males in the street you don't immediately think "he's short"
JP said on 5/Apr/09
No... "icecream" i would have to say 5'9 is not short, why do you say this? is it some hint at your height being over 5'9 so you consider it short? please do correct me if I'm wrong.

He looks about 4 inches short than chris tucker so this seems right!
icecream said on 3/Apr/09
Ehm, 5-9 is short... right?
stan said on 31/Mar/09
Jackie chan is not short, i know this cos i've seen him myself, he's no shorter than 5-9 and thats a fact.
RisingForce said on 30/Mar/09
No he's not 5'10.5"....right now, but he may have been when he was younger. With all of his injuries/surgeries shrinking from 5'10.5" to 5'9" by age 54 is not hard to believe at all. Arnold Schwarzenegger was measured at 6'1.5" in the evening in 1969 meaning 6'2" morning height. Yet by Terminator 3 in 2003 when Arnold was 55, it's obvious that Arnie was 6'0" at best.

Chan looks atleast 5'9" next to 6-1 Chris Tucker at premieres even when Chan has very flat sneakers as well. Look at the pictures of Chan with Schwarzenegger and Jet Li below. Jackie is between 5'9" and 5'9.5".
sodapop said on 29/Mar/09
Chan is not 5'10.5
glenn said on 27/Mar/09
watching rush hour? thats a whole different ballgame than meeting these celebs.thats amature hour.i never met tucker,but according to my friends pics,he looks huge.6-1 minimum next to my 5-9.5,5-10 friends.6-2 as well.i imagine an illusioneither was,chan was 5-10.5 in his youth.looked it next to bruce lee.looked it in general.not that americanized rush hour talking his chinese films from late 70s,early 80s.something most people dont know about.knee and back injuries and or surgeries,contributed to his height lost.
sodapop said on 26/Mar/09
Rising Force I call it like I see it, I'm 5'9.5 and Jackie is not 5'9", From watching Rush Hour I can see he's around 5'7" by comparing him to Chris Tucker who is 6'0, and who the hell is viper??
glenn said on 26/Mar/09
confirmed! i met chan.he was at least 5-9.
sodapop said on 26/Mar/09
Jackie Chan is not 5'8.5" hes probably more like 5'7", hes obviously lying about his height, rising force you are wrong!! theres no way hes 5'9"
You're wrong said on 20/Mar/09
You're wrong says on 12/Feb/09
These are the true numbers(with sources):
HK male average height(younger):5'7.3"
HK male average height(entire population adults over 18 years,18+):5'5.8"

According to other scientific researches avg in HK is 5'7.8" for younger:20-30 years(HK) and 5'6.3" for all ages over 20 years...5'7.3" is the average for 17 years old guy in HK


Click Here
RisingForce said on 15/Mar/09
Chan is between 5'9" and 5'9.5" today.

No more than 3 inches shorter than Arnold Schwarzenegger
Click Here

More than 3 inches taller than Jet Li
Click Here
Alex (London) said on 12/Mar/09
To Phil: Are you outing yourself as a "big gay" OR did you mean big GUY?
TELLEM said on 16/Feb/09
this height seems right, he looked it next to chris tucker in rush hour.
Phil said on 15/Feb/09
You can visit some chinese education website, student has physical exam every year, 177 is the tallest city, not all! and it is the average data of the people who was born after 1980, the group between 18-24 is even taller! I am a average guy in north and when I visited the south, I am a big gay! It does has about 3-4 inches difference!

Because most of overseas Chinese are from the south, so people in the west always think Chinese are short, it is not true, it should be "South Chinese is short".
You're wrong said on 13/Feb/09
Phil says on 13/Feb/09
According to your data, Let's calcilate.
Normally a society about 35%-40% belongs to younger group(18-35). 40%-45% between 35-55. so 100 HK people, the total height is 100*167.5(5'5.8")=16750, the total younger group height=40*171(5'7.3")=6840. therefore the average elder people is (16750-6840)/60 the answer is about 165. Your data proves my words.
OK...very good numbers,well I know the average of urban chineses(younger):172,7cm,and (younger)all chineses between 18-30 years:171,3
You're right, you said:"Drunken Master is early 80's or late 70's film, AT THAT TIME HK adult average height is only about 5'4 or 5'5(162-165)."
I thought you don't mentioned the age mistake
Average 177cm?Really?Where you found these numbers?North China is a tall area nowadays...
Phil said on 13/Feb/09
According to your data, Let's calcilate.
Normally a society about 35%-40% belongs to younger group(18-35). 40%-45% between 35-55. so 100 HK people, the total height is 100*167.5(5'5.8")=16750, the total younger group height=40*171(5'7.3")=6840. therefore the average elder people is (16750-6840)/60 the answer is about 165. Your data proves my words.

I also have some data for some North Chinese cities.
Harbin,male average height(younger):176.91cm
Changchun: male average height(younger):176.78cm
Beijing: male average height(younger):176.83cm
Shenyang: male average height(younger):176.88cm
glenn said on 12/Feb/09
sounds to be the right one risingforce.there was another,at least one more,a decade later,not as good.
You're wrong said on 12/Feb/09
Phil says on 11/Feb/09
Drunken Master is early 80's or late 70's film, at that time HK adult average height is only about 5'4 or 5'5(162-165). Therefore 5'9 Chan looks very tall and strong! I met him recently in Beijing in Olympic games. He is max 5'7, even shorter!

These are the true numbers(with sources):
HK male average height(younger):5'7.3"
HK male average height(entire population adults over 18 years,18+):5'5.8"

Click Here
Phil said on 11/Feb/09
Drunken Master is early 80's or late 70's film, at that time HK adult average height is only about 5'4 or 5'5(162-165). Therefore 5'9 Chan looks very tall and strong! I met him recently in Beijing in Olympic games. He is max 5'7, even shorter!
RisingForce said on 10/Feb/09
The one I got was from 1978 I think.
glenn said on 10/Feb/09
risingforce-i hope you purchased the right one.yeah,there was a few people maybe in the background that were taller,but its clear chan was in the 5-10 range.he didnt look short at all.
RisingForce said on 9/Feb/09
By the way Glenn I got the original Drunken Master DVD not long ago. Great movie and I'm not sure how tall Chan looked in it, but I think he may have been the tallest guy in the movie, if not he was one of them. I had actually seen the movie a long time ago, but I had forgotten most of it.
stan said on 6/Feb/09
chan is no shorter than 5-9, his body proportions makes him look short but in person he looks much taller.
glenn said on 6/Feb/09
thank you risingforce and bam.
Brad said on 6/Feb/09
Everybody is taller than Cheadle. He's the hardest working short guy in Hollywood. Watch You Tube with a 5' 7" Ellen Degeneres. He's only an inch taller. A weak 5' 8" today.
bam said on 5/Feb/09
he is easily taller than don cheadle in rush hour compared to tucker, so 5'9.25 today. Dunno about peak..
RisingForce said on 27/Jan/09
Chan always looks anywhere from 5'9" to 5'10.5" in premiere pictures next to Chris Tucker, although Tucker slouches a lot, so more 5'9" in those pictures.

Chan did look atleast 5-9 in almost every premiere picture with Jet Li, 5-10ish in a lot too.

I don't find 5'10.5" peak(before all of those injuries) that hard to believe. He still isn't under 5'9" and I've never seen him in suspicious shoes.
X said on 23/Jan/09
met him recently....hes a solid 175 as he was about an inch and a half taller then me (171) and shorter then my dad who is 177
aram x said on 22/Jan/09
Click Here Whoa what a big height difference. If Jackie is indeed 5,8" then there would be about a 2,1" height difference between him and Mingming.
glenn said on 16/Jan/09
if i remember,i will.he lost way is he 5-7 flat now though.
Eric said on 15/Jan/09
hey glenn I saw chan on the ellen degeneres show and he seemed the same height as her if not an inch taller but ellen always wears shoes with the smallest heel and jackie appeared to be wearing a 1 inch heel. Look it up on youtube and see for yourself.
anonymous said on 6/Jan/09
Met Jackie Chan and took group pics with him when he came to San Francisco for the opening of an elderly center he sponsored a few years ago. I'm 5'9 and my co-worker is about 5'11. When Jackie stood next to us, he was looking up at us and laughed that we were too tall. He jumped on the window sill and leaned on us for the pics. Very funny moment. I would guess his height at about 5'7.
Felix said on 5/Jan/09
Stan met Chan in 1997, all the images I post is 2007 or 2008. He is about 170 in recent year!
Stan said on 4/Jan/09
I am 5-8ft and jackie seemed at least 1 inch taller than me so how is it possible that he can be 5-7. I doubt very much that he could hav lost 3 inches.
Jackie's Fan said on 3/Jan/09
I met him in Hong Kong in the summer of 2007. Back then, I was 5.8 and he was definetively shorter than me. I assume then that he is 5.7 or something around. He probably lost a couple of inches due to age and accidents. He was probably 5.10 once, but a long while ago.

glenn said on 29/Dec/08
thanks stan for backing my claims chan is 5-9 min now.5-10.5 max then.its those the meet these celebs that usually know the truth.
Stan said on 29/Dec/08
Jackie is defnitely not under 5.9ft, i've seen him on set filming 'who am i' in south africa in 1997 and looked closer to 5.10 to me,i doubt he lost any height since then
RisingForce said on 27/Dec/08
Thanks for the tip, the earlier films in series are usually the best in all genres. Of course there are exceptions but not many.
glenn said on 25/Dec/08
wow,thats a good price.i think one is called drunken master,the legend or return of drunken master.the earlier one was incredible.classic.the later one wasnt as good.still great compared to the american garbage.
RisingForce said on 24/Dec/08
Yeah, I'm going to order the original(it's only 4.56 used on amazon). I wasn't a big fan of Chan's American stuff either.
RisingForce said on 21/Dec/08
Rob, can you give Chan a peak height and a current height because he's clearly lost height from injuries and possibly a bit from age(He's in his 50's).
glenn said on 19/Dec/08
5-8.5 prime for chan? i guess everyone forgot what i saw in person and what is fact on film.he claims 5-10.5 and i believe him.had many injuries in his career.looks a legit 5-9 most of his career,closer to 5-10 in the 70s and early 80s.
felix said on 19/Dec/08
Now Chen Guan Xi. He is about 2-3 inches shorter than me, max 60kg. I am 178 barefoot. In the film "Dog Bite Dog", he is shorter than real 176cm Sam Li(LI Can Sen). This is a 174cm friend, although he always insists he is 175cm, Now I assume he is 175, chen is about 1 inch shorter than him. Click Here

"Felix Incorrect Again", I am boring to argue Andy Lau, Xie Ting Feng's height with you, if you have proof, such as you or your friend pics with them, please post it. sometimes screenshots can lie(Lift shoes, angle). I have post some to prove they are less than 170!
felix said on 19/Dec/08
My friend(In charge of light of a film) is 170.8cm barefoot(physical exam data, 100% sure), Xie Ting Feng is 1 inches shorter than him, he is 172-174? Click Here they both wear slippers in background of stage in this pic, he had taken off his lift shoes!
Xie has another claim height, 178cm, why you do not use it? Look at the postion of his knee, from barefoot image I post b4 we know he has stout calves, but in some pics, his knee is in a high position, It goes without saying he always wears lift!
Because of the subject in university, I have a lot of friend are working in film companies, they told me HK stars height equals claim height minus 3-9cm. The only guy whose height is real is Ma De Zhong(185cm).
Tian Liang height: Click Here It is one of the biggest website in China. If you know simplied Chinese and search sports site, he IS 168cm only! I know HK ruler is shorter than us. So Tian can grow 4cm after 25, Xie can grow another 5cm. Also I grows 5cm in HK within hours at the age of 28!
Felix Incorrect Again said on 19/Dec/08
Felix always insist that Nicholas Tse is 169cm based on the barefoot picture he had with olympian Tian Lian. He insists that Tian Lian is 168cm, but in fact he is listed as 172cm. --> Click Here
And that isnt the only website that lists him as that, Im sure that the majority of the websites that are revolved AROUND SPORTS would have his profile listing him as a 172cm.
Nicholas Tse is 172cm AT LEAST!!!
Lucifer said on 19/Dec/08
Look, Jackie is owning Chen Guan's height almost, and you can't tell a big difference in 2cm. If Chen Guan would be standing in the same position like Jackie they would be the same height.. So if it shows him as a 172cm he can still also be a 174cm. But 172 i still nice to know.^^
leonari said on 17/Dec/08
Felix: Those 3(Feng,Xi and Chan) look about the same height in that pic. But I agree: Chanc was 5'8.5 in his heyday like drunken master
Felix said on 17/Dec/08
Sorry, here is the missing image below: Click Here
Chan never wears lift, many stars wear it, it is another reason why he looks short.
Felix said on 17/Dec/08
Chan with 169cm Xie Ting Feng(right) and about 172cm Chen Guan Xi(left) Click Here
if "Felix Incorrect Again" insist Chen Xie is 174cm, go to view the pics I post before ith 168 Tian Liang and this one, with 172cm Lin Jun Jie Click Here
I belive Chan was 174 before. Chan has a big head, so he looks small. He is over 50 and lost about 2 inches. My grandmother lost 4-5 inches when she is 80!
Lucifer said on 17/Dec/08
Better pic with 172cm(Offical data) Xu Zhi An -> Jackie stands straight = He ownt Xu Zhi with 1-2cm.
With Andy Lau (174cm) -> Both not in any good position = Still shows a quite familiar height.

Really nice that you put all these pictures on here, but they are mostly not good to tell heights, still appreciated!

He still looks 174~ on the pictures, I have mentioned above.
RisingForce said on 16/Dec/08
By the mid 90's he looked 5-9 flat. In probable lifts Sly towered over him and even when he was liftless(probably) Sly had a good inch and a half on him.
Felix said on 11/Dec/08
Lau is 168-170, I do not want to repeatly post images, so please go to Lau's thread to view more images. why do not fight back in Lau's thread?
So-called 174cm Lau with 178cm Jin Chen Wu(Japanese name: Takeshi Kaneshiro) and 164.5cm(Sportsman's race booklet data) Jet Li
Click Here Click Here
Gu Tian Le is 176-177cm(He has criminal record and in jail for 12 months, when he is famious, some media explored his history, his height in police station record is 177 with a less than 1cm prisoner slipper),he(left 1) stand together with Chan he is about 2-3 inches taller.
Click Here
So "Felix Incorrect Again", are you from HK? I have found a lot comment from you against me. I know HK is a fantastic place and I can grow there at late 20s, people regard me 183(6 feet). I am 178, maybe 179 in the morning, If I say I am 180, nobody can find, but I am not. And in HK, I am a little taller than many 6 feet local guys. So if everybody who wants to be a big guy, please got to HK! Their ruler is different!
Felix Incorrect Again said on 11/Dec/08
With Andy Lau (174cm) Click Here

Jackie Chan = At Least 172 cm today
glenn said on 9/Dec/08
much better pics.but i still see him taller than you claim.maybe not what i claim.push him back in that line.and straighten him more.he would be taller.the man injured himself many times over the years.its possible he lost height and maybe alot of it.hulk hogan went from 6-7 to 6-3.5.i think in his youth chan was the height he claims.5-10.5.he looked 5-10 in his late 70s,early 80s films.5-9 as he got older.
Felix said on 9/Dec/08
Here are better pics. He WAS 174 in early 90s. But now...
With 172cm(Offical data) Li Zong Sheng, although Li has some angle advantage, Chan is not taller than Li. Click Here
Better pic with 172cm(Offical data) Xu Zhi An Click Here
Almost the same with Andy Lau(168-170), I post a lot of Lau's pics to prove lau's height in Lau's thread. Click Here
glenn said on 9/Dec/08
thats not the greatest pic to judge felix.but i appreciate your efforts.and respect your opinion.
Felix said on 8/Dec/08
glenn, As I said before, he was 174cm in old days. Now he is only 170 because of his injuires. in this image which is took June 2008, The left guy is one of the most famious singer in HK, 168cm's Tan Yong Lin, the shortest guy in the front is 160cm Zeng Zhi Wei. The middle guy is 172cm Xu Zhi An(offical data), Chan is behind the girl, he is a little shorter than Xu. In this event, all the stars weared the same T-shirt and the same shoes. So Chan today is 170!
Click Here
glenn said on 5/Dec/08
not only do i say it brad,chan says it.chan can look it too in earlier films.whats with your attitude though? thats your problem.your attitude towards me.state yourself properly and we would get along.just like bruce willis says 6-1,can look it at times,and i see it,it burns you baby.chan is nothing shorter than 5-9 today.he towers over 5-6 jet li in that recent movie by at least a few inches.if not more.and was taller than bruce lee in enter the dragon by a 2 inches at least.though thats not a great scene to judge by.chan was 5-9 when i saw him in 1993.with a horrendous slouch.i never factored the slouch.the hunch actually.hunched,5-10.5 was possible at one time.he looks 5-9,5-9.5 next to chris tucker.
RisingForce said on 4/Dec/08
5-9ish today, maybe taller peak.
Brad said on 3/Dec/08
Glenn says 5' 10.5" which is a joke. Get Chan's autobiography and you'll see him getting owned by 5' 10.5" people all over the place like a dog eating a bone. He's a weak 5' 8" nowadays.
Lucifer said on 27/Nov/08
What are you posting there felix? There is no picture with Chan? - Or am I blind - How are you comparing him someone, something, somewhat??
Jay lee said on 26/Nov/08
He is actually about 172 (a little less than 5'8)
felix said on 23/Nov/08
Cheng long(jackie Chan) very close to Xie TIng Feng, Xie is close to Olympic diving champion Tian Liang, so let's have a look how tall Tian is. In the interview in "Olympic today" during 2000 Olympic games, Tian said I am short and less than 170, In 2004 Olympic games the Chinese team offical data Tian is 168, and Tian is only 2 inches taller than his diving partner Yang Jing Hui. So Chan is 170 Max! Click Here
felix said on 22/Nov/08
I just tell the truth because I understand very well about Asian actors! Hongkong stars used to exaggerate their height. eg. Li Ming (182cm) is 2 inches shorter than Fan Zhi Yi(183, ex-captain of China football team). Cheng Long(jackie Chan) is definite 170 now, my friend met him before.Click Here

Yu Wen Le and Chen Guan Xi is definite about 172-174cm, I met Chen before, he is 2-3 inchies shorter than me. I am 178, 75kg, middle build. Chen is only about 62-65 kg. Tian Liang is definite 168cm. He won the champion in 2000 Olympic games and In CCTV(China Center TV) interview, I said "I am short, less than 170", at that time he was 21! 2004 Olympic games, the offical booklet from China deputation is also listed him 168! His diving partner, Yang Jing Hui is 162. Yang accepted it in TV. They 2 barefoot Tian is 2 about 2 inches taller! They are all gymnastics sportsman before, you know the gymnastics man are all short! Sportsman's height normally is real! Do not tell me Tian grows another 4cm after 25! Tian is an actor now, so his agency exaggerates his height!

Look the height between Xie and Tian! Click Here
168 Tian with 162cm Yang when they win the race in Olympic
Click Here
Felix Incorrect Again said on 18/Nov/08
Man Felix you really like downgraded Asian actors. Asian actors of today is much taller than the ones back in the day. Nicholas Tse is 174cm, not your claim of being 168-170. When he stands next to Shawn Yue or Edison Chen (who are both 178cm) I have never saw a drastic difference between their height. Tian Liang is 172cm tall. And also, Jackie Chan was a good 178cm back in his old days, he had at least 2 inches on Bruce Lee, who is about 171cm tall as listed on this site. I highly doubt that he had lost 3 inches in height even with all of the injuries that he had suffer. He has never appeared short in Asian Films starring THE YOUNG GENERATION of ASIAN ACTORS. So my guess is he is a minimal 173cm tall. Your 170cm claim is absolutely incorrect.
Felix said on 17/Nov/08
Standing together with Xie Ting Feng, he is almost the same with Xie. Xie claims he is 174cm, but he is shorter than 172cm's Lin Jun Jie, almost the same with 168cm's Tian Liang (Olympic Games Diving Champion.) Tian is a sportsman, his height is true, therefore Xie is about 168-170, Chan (Cheng Long) is 170 Max!
lucirz said on 28/Oct/08
watch him wheels on meals, he's taller than lola forner' who is listed as 5'6. and also she was wearing heals. this movie came out in da 80s so its safe to assume that he was 5'10-5'11 in his prime days.
Felix said on 24/Oct/08
He is almost the same height with his son Fang Zu Ming whose offical height is about 175cm-178cm. But in smae films, Fang is at least 1 inch shorter than 174cm's Yu Wen Le and 175cm's Huang Qiu Sheng! Only a little taller than 169cm's Xie Ting Feng. I estimate Chan is only 170cm now!
anonymous said on 14/Oct/08
In an Asian movie I watched I think it was Police Story and he said he was 175cm. I thought he was shorter but maybe because he's so built and he looks short.
MIKE said on 2/Oct/08
HE IS 175 - 176cm. ITS A FACT
Anonymous said on 16/Sep/08
looking at Lucifer's video and other early Jackie's movies i have watched,i can agree with him that Jackie looked at least 5'10 back then. :D
Lucifer said on 12/Sep/08
Look at this Click Here
Benny "The Jet" (5ft7in) vs Jackie Chan (5ft10in? - early times?)
What do you think?
Lucifer said on 12/Sep/08
CtCd: And about his footwear, he doesn't wear any lifts if you look at his shoes lol. I have never seen him wearing any.
Lucifer said on 12/Sep/08
That he was ~5.10 in his 20's is just true, since he and his old movies absolutely agree with it. It's said that a man loses 4-5cm height from age 30-70, and he's 54, plus count all his injuries. Lost about 2inch, ~5ft8 is ok, Absolutely Acceptable!
Anonymous said on 12/Sep/08
jackie's height might vary from 5'7 to 5'9, but his personality makes him at least 6 feet :). go jackie!
RAy said on 10/Sep/08
OK....saw a clip on youtube jackie chan on the ellen degeneres show. And i was in shock to see how short chan was. Ellen is liested here as 5'7". Chan looked that height or maybe half an inch taller. And ellen doesn't wear heels or anything, jsut normal flat causal shoes. So i'm saying Jackie Chan (one of my heroes) is 5'7.5"-5'8" tall now and was 5'10" at his peak. I truly believe that this is jackie chan's height before and after.
Tim said on 9/Sep/08
Not only that (countless injuries through the years in dozens of films), but count his age in too. The guy is in his 50's now. Perhaps he was 5' 10 and 1/2" as a 20 year old but age and accidents have taken its toll on his body.
Lucifer said on 29/Aug/08
He could have been 5.10 in his youth; Everybody knows that you lose bit of a height when you get old, and looking at his age he probably lost his 1 inch lol xD And all the injuries he had in the past 28 years (just guessing now haha xD) make problems in the height too, lol lol lol lol. He won't be under 5.8, but I believe he was about 5.10 in his youth. Anyways... I hate my 5.10(bit less) height hihihi xD

And to the guy who said he looks like 5.7 next to bhachan 6.0, bhachan is more than 6.2 ;/

H money bags said on 25/Aug/08
I think Jakie Chan is 5'8. If you were to watch most of his moviesyou would know to. You can tell he's around that hieght in rush hour whan he stands next to the black tall comedien guy. I know his name but it's just not registering to me right now.
Rikashiku said on 19/Aug/08
Pics or they didnt happen.

you do know 5'8 is the most common height on earth.

5'7 is common in the states aswell as china.

and Chan i dont think wore any shoes with thick soles.
Myth buster said on 18/Aug/08
jackie is 5.6. becuase if you look at bacchan's pic. For jackie to qualify as 5.8.5 will have to be at bacchans eyebrows. anything below bacchan's eyes he will be 5.6. I am damn sure about it!
Lift Expert said on 13/Aug/08
I would say hes 5'7 I saw him stand next to a famous chinese pop star self proclaimed 5'8 guy and Jackie was at least an inch shorter than him.
Chris said on 3/Aug/08
not more than 5ft8 for sure.Why do you think everyone says he is short?Because he is f*ckin short!Thats it.And thats not considering the lifts he almost always wears...
Rikashiku said on 2/Aug/08
He's HUGE! compared to Jet Li and that white kid on FK.

well ok not huge. 2 or 3 inches isn't much.

so 5'8-5'9.

ive seen him in Rotarua afew times =D and hes not exactly small. he actually looks 5'11 from afar.
same place Johnny Depp was and even he appeared taller from afar. i think i saw 5'10 with him.

Chain is one of the taller Martial arts actors.

most martial artist around the world dont even make the 6 foot mark. or get anywhere near it.
kjell said on 29/Jun/08
i met him 2006 in Shanghai live and saw him in madame tussauds in shanghai this year again. He is about 5,4 to 5,5 not taller. Go to Shanghai
Luis said on 26/Jun/08
Something must be wrong! how can Owen Wilson be 5'9 and Jackie Chan 5'10?! The asian is a lot smaller than the american in Shanghai Noon! Maybe Owen is 6.

I would also like to say that there is something wrong with the participants in this site. Some say he is 5'11, others say 5'3! You people don't have a clue, do you?
Anon said on 25/Apr/08
Jackie is definitely above 5.6 sinces he stands at least 2-3 inches taller than Jet in some recent shots and Jet Li does look like a typical 5.6ish Asian. In fact, Jet is often smaller than his other Asian co-stars. Jackie has never come across as being particularly short, and i always thought it was funny how Chris Tucker brings up his height when he's probably only 3 inches taller and is obviously a pretty tall guy...
trueheight said on 20/Apr/08
Jackie is 2.5-3in taller than Jet Li according to promotional shots from the film Forbidden Kingdom. Also a few inches taller than Michael Angarano, the American co-star.

movie was not my cup of tea though.
glenn said on 19/Apr/08
listen to stan.he knows the truth.
stoo said on 18/Apr/08
did any one see the ellen degeneres show? He was so close to ellens height, just maybe an inch taller, with shoes that were probably bigger than ellens thin sandle like shoes. People are debating Ellen is no taller than 5'6 or 5'7
Stan said on 18/Apr/08
I've met jackie chan in person I'm 5'10" and he's a little taller than I am. He visited Taiwan frequently back in the early 90's. He has a very low body fat, and skinny guy but is taller than you'd expect.
glenn said on 16/Apr/08
thats cause chan was 5-10.5 least 5-9ish now next to jet.
Anonymous KinG said on 13/Apr/08
crap.. Jackie Chan is only closer 5ft8 during his younger days in hongkong acting career.. Nowadays only stands around 5ft6 ~ 5ft6.5 barely by reality.. People who believe his ever 5ft10 or 5ft9 sounds funny.. His 5ft10 son has always a solid 4in topped him.. Against if he is 174ish now, that makes 5ft10 owen wilson 6ft1..
joe said on 6/Apr/08
i thinks hes a good 5'8.
No pity for the majority said on 31/Mar/08
Height detective He says woman like me just like "SNOOPY" not snoop dog.
leonari said on 21/Mar/08
Folks go to youtube and enter: "Sylvester Stallone and Arnold dance" at 1:27 he is on stage with Jackie Chan who wears quite chunky shoes. Stallone has him by a couple of inches...
glenn said on 20/Mar/08
thats what i initially thought too.but why would he lie? he did look 5-10 in the early 80s.
Anonymous said on 20/Mar/08
To glenn perhaps the height 5'10.5 was him with his shoes on, it's pretty easy for people to add an inch to their barefoot height because almost everyone is doing it, but he does seem a legit 5'8.5 these days, he wasn't dwarfed by letterman, and he stands almost head to toe with stefan raab who's about 5'10 with pretty flat soles.
C. said on 12/Mar/08
I've also seen several of his really old films and he does look easily 5'10" or so. Considering that he's broken so many bones and had so many injuries, I think it's pretty possible to lose a significant amount of height. He looks around 5'9" to me.
Anonymous king said on 12/Mar/08
jackie is a short guy.. no more than 170 or less than 168.. i'll comfirm his only 169(5ft6.5in) for sure. saw him in real for at least 10times.. use to wear lift up in hollywood.. watch his movie were notice his so much shorter than 5ft10 owen wilson.. at least 3.5in ~4in lower wilson height..
glenn said on 11/Mar/08
i believe 5-10.5.why would he lie? he can sure look 5-9.whats another inch and a half?.
trueheight said on 10/Mar/08
If you'll refer to the pics I posted months ago (don' know if they're still here) with actors Woody Harrelson and Kane Kosugi on the set of RH3, Chan looked at least 5'8.5 - even 5'9 w/ Harrelson. And if we take his injuries and age into account, 5'9.5 - 5'10 is very possible for peak height.
michael meresz said on 9/Mar/08
i have totally no problem with his height he's a good man and i will do anything to meet him in the future with my martial arts and acting talent all my wishes to him jackie im sorry about your father but i experienced the same stay strong get this advice from a 13 yr old boy like me see ya soon in the mear future all the best
Felix said on 7/Mar/08
Maybe he is 174cm before, but now he is definitly no more than 170cm. He is an inch shorter than 172cm Li Zhongsheng! they wear the same shoes!
glenn said on 3/Mar/08
chan was never shorter than 5-9.and was 5-10.5 peak.lost height probably due to injuries.
dmeyer said on 2/Mar/08
i just watch something interesting, gary daniels claims who claims 5'11 who i met was a bit shorter than me so 5 ft 10 to 5 ft 10.25 ,if you watch city hunter gary looks a solid 2 in taller so 5'8.25 for chan lets be nice 5'8.5 plus he was 10 years younger
glenn said on 25/Feb/08
5-10.5 never watched a single film of his that mattered.not the garbage he has been in over the last 10 talking 70s and 80s.he looked 5-10 easy in those.and in enter the dragon as well.
dmeyer said on 24/Feb/08
5'8.5 now 5'9 to 5'9.25 peak
dmeyer said on 24/Feb/08
waths funny about jackie is that he looks shoerter in asian movies than american
glenn said on 19/Feb/08
oh i forgot you met him bella.
LaBellaescrima said on 19/Feb/08
No way in hell that Jackie Chan ever came close to 5ft 9in. he is not a tall fellow, just look at Chow Yun Fat now this guy is a tall asian. And Sammo Hung too is not 5ft 7in. he is lucky if he is 5ft 4 in..
Anon said on 15/Feb/08
Exactly Spadger, that's what I've been talking about. Look at all the old movies and nobody will doubt Jackie was under 5-10 in his youth.
Spadger said on 7/Feb/08
also if you follow this link Click Here that was jackie before he wrecked himself with injuries, and he seems to have a rather long and lean torso, and looks proportionate from top to bottom, unlike how he looks now(a dominantly large skull), which leads me to believe he had lost height since.
Spadger said on 2/Feb/08
I wont be surprised if he was touching 5'10 in his youth, and shrunk to a little under 5'9 now.
height detective said on 28/Jan/08
in rush hour 2 i notice chris tucker and chan talking approaching the car chan says "Women like me just like snoop" (chan refering to snoop doog)chris tucker than say's he's like 6 inches taller than you........ this was obvousily intended
to be funny than accurate... if you do the math snoop dogg is 6-3.5 this would then make chan 5-9.5.. he does look short in this film but in Rush Hour 1 he definitely looked 5-10 agian gets the flak for his height by chris tucker who deos't tower him dramtically. chan in reality is 5-9 at most
height_police said on 25/Jan/08
he looks 5'8 to me...5'10 is can pushing it..but 5'8 would accurate
Anon said on 15/Jan/08
Nah, that's bull Core. Jackie is clearly not standing straight with Maggie Cheung in that clip. If you watched Legend of the Drunken Master, Jackie looked really tall and slim (he was skinnier and more toned back then), and he really did look his claimed 5-10.5 there back in the day...
CORE.2.DUO said on 13/Jan/08
Click Here an inch taller than "Maggie Cheung" who is listed 5'6 in this site and 4 inches taller than "Michelle Yeoh" who is listed 5'3.5 in this site.This video is from movie "Super cop"(1992). Jakie may be 5'7.5 in his 90s but today he is not more than 5'6.5.Sorry for bad english iam asian.
C. said on 10/Jan/08
Jackie has never looked 5'6". Ever. He's always looked 5'8", possibly 5'9". Goodness. Now, as for his comment about being 5'10 1/2" it's with his occasional lifts, lol.

@ Leonari: Yeah, he was quite tall for his generation at the time. It's pretty obvious that he was taller than Bruce (and Jet for that matter), so the 5'6" is just nonsense.
leonari said on 10/Jan/08
Jackie was taller than Bruce. almost 2 inches.Guys here saying 5'6" for Jackie are fools. The man has a huge head and weird proportions but for an asian of his generation he is quite a tall guy..especially in his youth before he broke every single bone of his body...
the unknown said on 9/Jan/08
in all his new movies, he looks 5'7 TOPS!!he looked 5'6ish in Rush Hour 3
Toucan Sam said on 4/Jan/08
I've stood next to Jackie Chan, and he is no more than 5'7".
Anon said on 8/Dec/07
Take a look at this clip which slow-mo's the part in ETD where Bruce Lee snaps Jackie Chan's neck..
Click Here

It's hard to tell since they both aren't in the best standing position as Jackie grabs Bruce from behind, but you can tell Jackie is probably a few inches taller than Bruce. If Bruce was 5-7.5, Jackie was definitely over 5-9+ in his prime.
Y2J said on 4/Dec/07
Jet li is 5"4 or 5"5.max bcz in danny the dog he is 1 or a half inches taller than Bob Hoskins and 9 inches shorter than Morgan freeman.For Jakie chan iam waiting for a movie "Forbidden Kingdom" then i will give my opinion.
Lmeister said on 3/Dec/07
I think Jackie was exaggerating his height when saying 5ft10.5, but his peak height was probably over 5ft9. He is not as short as ppl think. His body structure just makes him look shorter.
Edward said on 1/Dec/07
Most short Male celebs would claims themselves to be 5ft 7 and above regardless. I was at the 1st line and he walked past me, hes about the same height as me. I'm 5ft 6
Tim said on 29/Nov/07
Dumbass: If what you say is true the heights of alot of asian celebs could be in dispute.
Dumbass said on 28/Nov/07
asian height measurement is different than the american one. try getting a measurement tool from a 99cents store, and your height will increase by 2in. that is the measurement tool that people sell throughout asia.
glenn said on 26/Nov/07
yes,i met him and at least 5-9.who knows about his peak height.5-10.5,why would he lie? its possible he lost height in injury and age.
Brah said on 26/Nov/07
Simple explanation Tim. Chan has a gigantic head. In every photo I have seen of him, he always has a bigger head than everyone around him.
That is what makes him look short. People who meet him then realize he is taller than he looks in a photo.
Tim said on 26/Nov/07
Chan's height must be one of the biggest controversies. Some people say he is or was at his peak, as tall as 5'10.5" others say he could be as short as 5'7". He always looks short to me in his films, however, the majority of people who have met him say he is at least 5'9". Difficult one this.
lynn said on 26/Nov/07
compare to some hongkong actor who is really 5ft9.. jackie stands shorter than them.. appear more like 5ft7..
Spadger said on 24/Nov/07
Kenny ur dad taught you not to tell a lie, its a damn shame, and your dad wont be happy that you disclosed his height without his consent, if you ever had that pic, which i believe never existed, you can always post it here so we could all look at it.
kenny said on 23/Nov/07
whoever believe jackie chan is 176,177 is crap!! hes only 170 in real.. he use to wear lifted shoes in hollywood.. my dad is 5ft6 and ever take a pic with him in 1980s, he looks 1~2cm taller than my dad only..
peli said on 20/Nov/07
compared to julian sands whos 180cms, jackie is def between 173 and 175 cms. n e ways, no matter what his height may b, he's the best actor we've had coming from asia. better than bruce lee.
jackysht said on 4/Nov/07
Click Here i think jacky is a 5'6-5'7 and after wearing a lift he does look like 174cm
Anon said on 3/Nov/07
With all the broken bones and herniated disks he's had in performing his own stunts, I'd believe it.
glenn said on 29/Oct/07
chan is 5-9 now.5-10.5 in the 80s.indentical in alot of ways to stallone.
Anonymous said on 29/Oct/07
jackie is nowhere near 5'6. in rush hour he looks about 5'9 1/2 next to chris tucker
James Le said on 25/Oct/07
Sylvester Stallone is 5.9 and he's a lot taller than Chan. Chan is about 5.6, no more. A lot of Asian stars are taller than he is.
Rafael araujo said on 24/Oct/07
hes 176 cm i think

in the picture with the 6 feet 3 leandro barbosa down there
at norm said on 20/Oct/07
I disagree, I believe this guy is around 178cm. I saw him in early 90's, even shake hands with him when he performed a football exhibition game in our country. I was suprised he is huge in person contrary to what we see in his movies. He is kind and a nice man man too. I say Jacky Chan is 5'10".
korean said on 13/Oct/07
I am a korean girl, (sorry, I am not good at English :))almost Asia people love Jackie!! He is reall good actor. I agree that he is about 174cm. :)
Brah said on 24/Sep/07
Jackie has about the biggest head I've ever seen on a 5'8"ish guy. He has the head of a 7 foot man. Here he is standing with a NBA player listed 6'3":

Click Here
xxjohnnyxx said on 11/Sep/07
people forget Jackie have a mellon head with puffy hair...that's were the extra 2-3 inches come from.
Mark said on 9/Sep/07
My friend managed to get a photo with him a few years back. My friend is about 5'9.5" and with average posture he was about 1"-1.5" taller then Chan in the picture. So I guess a minimum of 5'8" for Chan is about right.
dmeyer said on 7/Sep/07
t hink chan could be 5'8.75 like weak 175 and defenetly strong 5'9er in 20s
Franco said on 7/Sep/07
compared to Cheadle who is a proper 174-175cm guy Jackie Chan doesnt look it.

172-173cm for Jackie Chan max.
bam said on 1/Sep/07
chan looks a weak 5'10 if not 5'10 near Chris Tucker. I just think its a combination of posture, and Chan's stocky proportions which give him an appearance of a 5'8ish man. If i'm not mistaken, I think Steve Carell was listed at 5'8 on this site, and this was due to his posture and stocky proportions.
Ms. Sunshine said on 25/Aug/07
In the Rush Hour 2 clip where Chan & Tucker are both barefoot & standing side by side Chan only looks about 2 inches shorter than Tucker, and Tucker is 6' & so Chan stands 5'8" to 5'10".
dmeyer said on 19/Aug/07
chan is about 1 cm taller than cheadle but i agree considering chan is standing by a nearly 6 ft 1 men he dosnt look small
glenn said on 19/Aug/07
thank you anonymous.and cheadle is 5-8.5.
Anonymous said on 18/Aug/07
He was taller than Don Cheadle in Rush hour 2, and didnt appear that much under Tucker, especially considering all the times in the movie he had a dig at Jackie's height. Cannot be less than 175cm even these days.
dmeyer said on 16/Aug/07
he was never more than 175 to 176 cm if he was 5'10 he would have look tall in asian movies and he dosnt
Dunken said on 16/Aug/07
yeah, people often forget just how broken down Chan is. i'm surprised he isn't in a wheelchair after decades of crazy stunts.

i'll stick to a little above 5'8 nowadays.
I Know It All said on 15/Aug/07
Hey, look at Hulk Hogan, he used 2 be around 6'7", but b/c of so many surgeries he's now a little over 6'4"(barely 1/2"taller than me). Age and/or injuries can be a factor. Jackie Chan obviously made a mistake stating one too many inches to his original height! He probably used 2 be 5'9 1/2" or 5'10"!
HE IS NOW 5'9" OR SLIGHTLY SHORTER! From my own experience, if a person is at your eye level or below(and you are a full grown person), he is at least 5" OR MORE shorter than you.
Chris Tucker IS BELIEVABLE AT EXACTLY 6'1" TALL, SO JACKIE IS DEFINITELY LESS THAN 5 INCHES SHORTER!!! CHRIS TUCKER CAN NOT SEE OVER JACKIE'S HEAD!! Think about it, and look at yourself in the mirror with a tape-measure! Take my word for word's always Gold!!
glenn said on 15/Aug/07
he is described as 5-10 in others movies too.
dmeyer said on 15/Aug/07
waths funny is that chan looks r=taller in american movies than he does in asian ones
Albi said on 14/Aug/07
How can one loose 5cm from injuries and still be in top athletic shape is beyond me. I saw am asian movie with Jet Li and he looked average. I'd say 5'8-9. Maybe the movies of Chan that Glenn saw were also asian movies. Not only are asians a little shorter than western people, but their older generation was very poor and much shorter than the new one. Plus martial artists (acrobats) tend to be even shorter.
I'm sure of the relation of economy & height because in my country, after the throw of the communist regime, height has increased 2 inches in 3 years and another inch the next years. At 5'10.5 for its generation, Chan would have to be one bloody tall chinese. Even 174 is probably too much for him.
Anonymous said on 14/Aug/07
in rush hour, the FBI dude described him as being about 5'10, but i reckonn hes 5'9
glenn said on 14/Aug/07
i think i have his first movie.1978 i glad you agree.
6'3'' JK said on 13/Aug/07
Glenn i also been a fan of Jackies films and also have watched some of his movies from the 80's and 90's and I do agree that he was 5'10'' in his youth, but now he is like 5'8.5'' - 5'9''
glenn said on 13/Aug/07
chan was 5-10.5 in his youth and is now 5-9 for the last 10 years or more.i met him.some clowns only know him for that rush hour garbage.ive been watching him since 1980.
Anonymous said on 12/Aug/07
He does look tiny on screen and I am sure he does wear lifts. 5-6 barefoot.
Duhon said on 12/Aug/07
In the rush hour movies his height is always being made fun of by tucker. In the latest he referes to jackie as a small asian cop. and in the 2nd one, in a scene at clothes store he asks a store clerk to pick out something for jackie in the kids department.
phil said on 9/Aug/07
i saw 176cm with big dress shoes..
TallAzn said on 3/Aug/07
If Woody Harrelson is listed at 5-10, or in reality is at least 5-9, then would Jackie be at least 5-9? Looking at TrueHeight's pic, the two look the same, if not Jackie being a hair taller.
dmeyer said on 2/Aug/07
can realy look 175 sometimes since he had a lot of injuries might have benn 177 cm
dmeyer said on 2/Aug/07
he is in perfect shape i doubt he has lost more than 1 cm or 2 max
6'3'' JK said on 2/Aug/07
At the Rush Hour 3 premiere looked same height as Paris Hilton who was in heels so he is no less than 5'8.5'' today
hmoob_vaj said on 2/Aug/07
I saw jackie in LA last summer, I'm 6'4 and he was up to about my nose so i say 5'11
irvine said on 1/Aug/07
I am not really a Jackie Chan fan but it makes me mad whenever he was made fun of his height in his own movie. It doesn't matter if he is 5-8 or 5-10 because these heights are not really considered short in American standard. He is simply not THAT short comparing to many American movie stars, probably about the same height as Johnny Depp (who I believe is about 5-8, not 5-10 as he claims - I shaked hand with him once) and Tom Cruise. Jackie Chan probably looks shorter than he really is because of his stocky build. In reality, I simply NEVER met any guy under 6ft don't boose up their height..... It is just a guy thing.
zillionairepoet said on 18/Jul/07
I was in Hong Kong visiting my travel agent, and there was a HK tourist cardboard duplicate of Jackie CHan. Of course, it's very possible the photo was enlarged or minimized, but it was one of those 'life-sized' posters boards, so you can take your picture with the 'star.' Anyway, the cardboard Chan was around 5'8".
dmeyer said on 5/Jul/07
something we shouldnt forget is people round up like my brother is a solid inch under me and claims 5'11 but he is 5'10 lets say when he is 60 and lost 1 in so 5'9 since he claims 5'11 his shildren will say he lost 2 in
Masato said on 25/Jun/07
I just saw a picture or Jackie Chan next to Jet Li in a chinese newspaper. Jet li is what 5'6'' or 5'6.5'' and chan looked no more than 1.5'' taller. Infact they were same around shoulder height, but jackie has got quite a long face and big head. I'd give Jackie 5'8'' barefoot now and probably 5'9.5'' in his peak where didn't suffer so many injuries.
Anonymous said on 25/Jun/07
hey 5'9 kid, I agree with Spadger, would you mind send more proofs for your words, if jackie is at least 3 inches shorter than you, i feel i would be 9'5. I suggest you to measure yourself again or simply get more factual. I am just being honest!
vtlee said on 23/Jun/07
Hey guys, i lived in Hong kong before 1991 and have seen jackie for many times, he lived in my suburb, i have stood next to him in a few occasions, I feels he is no more than 5 feet 8 ( bare feet ) if any different only less. Trust me!!!!!!
spadger said on 7/Jun/07
to 5'9 kid, post it, mere words don't count, we would appreciate ur posting ur pics with chan on here, there's nothing to hide!
Lmeister said on 4/Jun/07
There is no way on earth that he'd be over 5'9'' without lifts. He looks clearly 1-2 inches shorter than 5'10'' Steve Coogan in Around the World in 80 Days...
5'9 kid said on 3/Jun/07
i took a picture with jackie chan a few months ago, im 5'9 and i was at least 3 inches taller than him...
dmeyer said on 30/May/07
he look a hair taller than cheadle so 174 close enaugh 5'9 he does looks easy 4 in shorter than tucker in rush hour 3 might have lost 0.5 in or 1 in since late 50s so 5'9.5 at peak
trueheight said on 18/May/07
Woody IMO is like 5'9.5 barefoot, just my opinion after almost all of his films. He's got a tiny head, both Chan and Glenn's heads are huge in comparison
Viper said on 18/May/07
I give Chan 5-8 1/2.
glenn said on 17/May/07
my pic with woody that is.chan is difficult.hardly ever poses.
glenn said on 17/May/07
chan is 5-9 minimum now.maybe taller in youth.that is an odd angled pic to decipher.woody still looks 5-10 easy.5-11 if they werent touching each other.making chan at least 5-9.take a look at my pic with him.haha.thats called photo proof.not sitting at home at the out getting them in the flesh.
trueheight said on 17/May/07
why don't you take a look at the photo w/ Woody I posted weeks ago then Janice? The same Woody who Glenn claims is 5'11

here it is again:
Click Here
spadger said on 7/May/07
i would give chan no more then 5'10 in his early years, he is 5'9 now, but there's no way he had lost over an inch in height due to injuries, he looks bout 5'10 in his old films and no more, he wasn't exactly a standout in terms of height in his hk films.
Christopher said on 6/May/07
Jackie is taller than he looks. I'd give him about 5'9". Chris Tucker is listed as 6'1". Jackie doesn't look too short compared to Chris Tucker.
5'11.5 guy said on 5/May/07
Chan looked over 5'10 in his early movies. He was markedly taller than Maggie Cheung in Police Story 1 and 2, IIRC
janice said on 4/May/07
haaha... his true height was not taller than 5ft8... his only 171~172cm barefeet..
trueheight said on 4/May/07
dmeyer - Chan has seriously injured his back literally dozens of times; have you ever seen any of his stunt compilations films? Here's an example:

Click Here
dmeyer said on 27/Apr/07
so rob you are saying that if someone is healthy and no back problem at 40 he shouldnt loose anything and at 50 max 0.5 to 1 cm but at 60 people might loose more

[Editor Rob: that's what I think. But, some discs might thin more than others, spines may curve a little more. Generally I would say by 50 if your a man and lost 1/2 inch, that would seem more than average. But, if your body has been through the ringer, maybe you've worn your cartilage in knees or damaged vertebrae you'll likely lose a bit more than average.
From 50->70 loss will be more noticeable]
dmeyer said on 27/Apr/07
to me there is less than 4 inches between him and 6'1 tucker maybe chan is 5'9 or a bit under 5'9 you should give him a bit more at peak it is funny because he looks short in asian movies
TheJerk said on 14/Apr/07
Hes easily 5-8.
Editor Rob said on 12/Apr/07
Chan's been through the ringer so often, God knows how he still has cartilage left in his knees. I might give him at least 5ft 9 peak...maybe.
Anonymous2 said on 11/Apr/07
Yah, I agree with everything you guys Glenn, trueheight and Joe say. I was really surprised to see him listed as low as 5'8.5" here actually, as I always KNEW him to be 5'10"+ in his younger days. But with broken bones, injuries and stuff like Editor Rob said, he probablly did shrink down 1.5" or so.
trueheight said on 8/Apr/07
heres a pic of him w/ LA mayor Antonio Villaragosa who I shook hands with in 2004 and can testify that he's between 5'6 and 5'7:

Click Here

scroll down a bit
glenn said on 7/Apr/07
exactly joe.thats how i know your telling the truth.
Joe said on 6/Apr/07
he's 5'9". I've met him, he doesn't wear heels in real life that's why he looks short in real life. What you see is really how tall he is, although he will tend to wear heels in his movies.
glenn said on 10/Mar/07
thanks trueheight.he had a slouch when i met him.and was still a hair bigger than,5-9 minimum.possibly more.and was more 5-10 in youth.
trueheight said on 9/Mar/07
Brad: this one is not like Sly b/c there is no verifiable evidence that Chan is any lower than 174 cm in recent years. I would believe 1.78cm in the 1970s as peak.

Check out the pics I posted of him w/ Harrelson and Kosugi...and they were shot after hours of stunt work on the set of RH3. Glenn says he saw 5'9 - he's got like 100% credibility and respect on this site b/c he actually has empirical evidence. Too many folks here claim "I met this person and..." but never substantiate w/ a photo or two.
CJL said on 8/Mar/07
I'd say he's around 5-8. He was a Korean show where everyone was wearing just socks, and he looked the same height, if not slightly taller, than the female host who is 5-8.
6'2.5'' said on 7/Mar/07
Jackie was more 5'10'' in his proper earliest films in the late 70's and early 80's, nowadays i can't see him lower than 5'9'' although the least he is is 5'8.5''
glenn said on 7/Mar/07
he never looks 5-11 to 6-1 like sly.thats one difference.and i dont think he would be doing stunts in lifts.
Brad said on 7/Mar/07
Somebody find out the stealth footwear he wears....this one is like Sly: all over the place.
glenn said on 6/Mar/07
he was at least 5-9 when i met him.
trueheight said on 6/Mar/07
I'd say at the very least 174cm or 5'8.5 - 5'9 is quite plausible. Seeing his earlier HK films, he always appears taller than his co-stars. That was his personal RH3 diary - I wish he would post his plans beforehand so that I could go and meet him; I live around the LA/OC area and am exactly 5'9. Like alot of the places he visited, I had been to before many many times
foot n inch said on 5/Mar/07
in those pics with kane kosugi (5'11.25) and woody harrelson (5'10) he looks no shorter than 5'9... chan looks about 5'10. he might have been wearing boots at the time i say he is 5'8.5-5'9 bare foot
trueheight said on 3/Mar/07
Jackie Chan and 5'10(according to this site) Woody Harrelson:

Click Here

scroll down a bit
Anonymous said on 28/Feb/07
In rush hour they say he is 5'10 but I really think he looks about an inch smaller than that compared to chris tucker who is around 6'1
dmeyer said on 25/Feb/07
you should give him 5'8.75 since he looks 174 pushing 175
Glenn said on 9/Feb/07
I dont understand cm.then you mix cm with inches.why dont you stick to inches.thats irritating.or if you want cm,stay with that.dont mix.
dmeyer said on 9/Feb/07
could be 175 cm my father is 59 years old he claims 5'9.25 176 cm but he looks 3 inches shorter than me so lets say i get away with 181 so he is 5'8.25 now so it would mean he lost a full inch he did work very hard in his life to me he looks a proper 173 cm like 5'8.25 possibly 5'8.85 like 175 morning so if he 176 claim was a morning height or 1 pm so was about 177 like 5'9.5 morning and about 5'8.75 night so he lost only 0.5 in at about 60 it is pretty normal but if he was legit 5'9er like 175 evening so maybe lost 0.75 in i will never know since when i got tall my father was already mid 50s my brother claim 180 cm but he is 2 to 3 cm shorter than me but he is 180 morning and 178 night my brother is one of those 5'10.25 guys after 60 evrybody looose in height i read an article than says after 50 people loose 1.5 cm evry 10 years i hope i will never loose height i dont know if stretching can help not to shrink but i guess a lot of people lie about theyr height since many guys that i know claims 6 ft and they are barely 5'11 i thaught i was 183 cm thats wath i mesured at the doctor at 18 years old ans sometimes 5'11.75 at the doctor but those were early morning mesurment but comparing myself to mesured people and and mesuring myself at home i think i am a 5 ft 11 guy 181 on a good day since to me morning height dosnt count it isnt a lie but like rob said whos gonna see out of bed i was claiming 183 cm when i was 18 then 182 since 6 month ago now i claim 180 or 180.34 like 5'11
dmeyer said on 9/Feb/07
i met many times bret ratner he is about 5'8 possibly 172 strong i never seen him beside jacky
Spadger said on 8/Feb/07
For those who like to speculate on jackie's height being shorter then they wish must be a tad bit insecure bout themselves? if he looked short being 5'8.5-5'9 on his films, it's probably becuase most of the american actors he worked with stood in the 6 feet range. Listing chan as 5'6 is hilarious and an obvious contortion of facts, for that i will add in my own agenda saying chan is 5'11 bare footed just for good measure, and it won't matter to me anyhow since i would still be taller than him:)
Spadger said on 8/Feb/07
Since when have jackie ever quote his height, thats a lie, source the article or news where he did it, as far as his height goes, he is a good 174cm, bret ratner is around 5'8 and jackie is slightly taller then him in most photos they took together, so i say 5'8.

[Editor Rob: your tone and insinuation shouldn't even be dignified with a reply, but I'll tell you exactly:

early 1995 in an organised Compuserve chat, on behalf of People he said 5ft 10.5.

Now, scurry back under the rock from which you crawled.]
scott said on 1/Feb/07
jackie is wearing rather large soled shoes here:Click Here (on the pic where he is in the trunk of the car u can see this clearly). i say downgrade to 5'7.
S to the C said on 30/Jan/07
i think that jackie might have been close to 5ft 10 when he was in his 20's, but because of the stunts and how they have taken a toll on his body, he has shrunken at least 1 inch since his peak height, i say he is about 5'8, maybe just a lil taller
Dunken said on 23/Jan/07
Sammo Hung is 5'6, maybe less, which makes Jackie even smaller.

he was probably close to 5'9.5 when he was younger, until he virtually destroyed himself with stunts in the '80s/early '90s.

what was his footwear when you met him, Glenn?
Quezz said on 22/Jan/07
If you look at pics of Jackie next to Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao, it's clear he's at MOST 5'8.5". Yuen Biao is listed as 5'7", as is Sammo Hung. There is no way that Jackie Chan is anywhere near 5'10", and I'd question 5'8".
Robert.R said on 21/Jan/07
I am really surprised at how tall he is. I have seen his films and he always looked shorter to me, I suppose it could be his build and his stance which give him a shorter appearance.
dmeyer said on 21/Jan/07
it is funny that chan is 5'8 to 5'9 barefeet but looks taller in american movies than chinese also he was describe as 175 cm in the french version of police story
dmeyer said on 20/Jan/07
rob do you think chan could be 173 flat he did lok a lidl over 5'9 in rush hour compare to 179 penn and 185 tucker he looks nearly 177 could be as tall as 5'9 i met penn twice he was a hair shorter than me so 179

[Editor Rob: tricky, I have to give credence to glenn seeing him taller, has he shrunk? Age and life of body busting acting whipping 1/2 inch or more by 50...maybe]
Juan said on 19/Jan/07
I actually think that he's closer to 5'6.5, because Jet Li, who's 5'6, stood a tad shorter than him on t.v. Thats just my opinion.
Anon said on 17/Jan/07
I've met him. He was MC'ing a show at my university. A friend and I snuck behind the building after the show and caught up with him. He signed an autograph for me right in front of my face. The guy I was with is 5-9, and Jackie was shorter than him. I am 5-4, and I didn't have to raise my head to look him in the eye, which I would if he was 5-9. We were both wearing sneakers. I'd guess 5-7. Very nice and polite man.
Glenn said on 14/Dec/06
Maybe he was 5-10.5 and lost height in injurys.he is 5-9 most of his career.thank you St.Andrew.he was my height with a 5-9.
St Andrews said on 14/Dec/06
Glenn, no I have not met him. My observation is just photo based. I guess you are an a better position.
Brad said on 14/Dec/06
You heard Chan: "I'm 5 foot ten and a half". Drudge radio show laughter soundbite.
Glenn said on 13/Dec/06
You ever met him St Andrews? I did.5-9 min.
St Andrews said on 12/Dec/06
He is a short guy. Just look at the head to body proportion. Head size does not vary much. Therefore, short people tend to look as if they have big heads. He is no way 5'8.5" as you suggest here. At most, he is 5'7".
Dunken said on 22/Nov/06
Jackie was never 5'10.5.

he's just like Bruce Lee, Tony Jaa and countless other martial artists: wide chest and shoulders paired with small waist and hips gives the impression of being taller.

i have this body type, and at 5'6, 120 pounds, if someone stands at 10 feet from me, i can pass for 5'8.

Chan was 5'9.5 pre Police Story/Armour of God/Project A, 5'8 now.
David said on 16/Nov/06
Hey Ed,
Don Cheadle is the 5'8.25 like listed here but they forgot to tell you thats with shoes on, barefoot he is 5'7
Ed Kline said on 13/Nov/06
I just watched Jackie in Rush Hour 2, and in his scene with Don Cheadle (5'8.25 listed here), he ( Jackie) was the taller of the two but by very little. Possibly a footwear difference. regardless, he is certainly not close to 5'10.5
Indiana said on 13/Sep/06
I come from Hong Kong, and I saw him few times in Hong Kong. I can tell you that Jackie Chan is around 172-174cm.
Samby said on 8/Sep/06
I guess the actress would'nt be "shocked" if jackie were to be only 1 inch shorter than her.
HelloKitty said on 8/Sep/06
Samby, by the Indian actress' statements, based on her estimated height of 5'7 to 5'8, if she is 5'7 than Jackie is 5'6, if she is 5'8, Jackie is 5'7 and if she is 5'9, than Jackie is 5'8. I'll agree with this site that Jackie is 5'8.5 (when he's wearing shoes of course)
Samby said on 1/Sep/06
I read last year in an Indian newspaper (I'm Indian) that an Indian actress, known to be 5-7 to 5-9, met JC at some F1 race (don't remember which one) and she said she was really surprised to see how short he actually was (shorter than her).
Earl said on 18/Aug/06
HelloKitty, maybe you are right, I know he never looked tall but I always assumed it was because he was so stockily built.
HelloKitty said on 17/Aug/06
By all calculations Jackie is 5'8 with shoes.
Earl said on 16/Aug/06
So do you definately think he is 5'10" then C?
C said on 15/Aug/06
Chan is no more than 3 inches shorter than Chris Tucker in the Rush Hour movies. Tucker is 6'1''. You do the math.
dmeyer said on 14/Aug/06
in police story the frensh version he describe himself as 175 cm
Earl said on 14/Aug/06
Mous, I will take your word for it that he is 5'8" as you probably know more about him than me. Did he ever say he was 5'10.5" do you know?
mous said on 13/Aug/06
check out the link to this forum. this guy has a picture with jackie chan. and mentioned his height.

Click Here
HelloKitty said on 13/Aug/06
Chris Tucker towers over Jackie in the Rush Hour movies. I dont know if jackie wears lifts or "special shoes", maybe thick heeled shoes. And I dont know if jackie is being a comedian when he said he's 5'10 and a half, but I have to disagree with him. Jackie at 5'8 is more realistic.
dingdong said on 13/Aug/06
I saw a documentary about a guy who was 5'5 and a farmer who wanted to be the next jackie chan and he was standing next to jackie for an interview and Jackie was exactly 2 inches taller then him if not less. I would put Jackie at a solid 5'7.

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