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Peak: 5ft 8.38in (173.7cm)
Current: 5ft 7.47in (171.4cm)
Ht said on 13/Jun/06
He's way under 175 cm. He's short. I'm from HK and I shook hands with him face-to-face in a concert (where he was a guest). I'm around 5-10, and he looked so much shoter than me. 5-7 would be a better estimate
Glenn said on 10/Jun/06
Exactly.he looks taller than 5-6 next to Tucker.
Anonymous said on 21/May/06
lol. I'd listen to the people who have actually met him. 5-8 to 5-9 it is
Glenn said on 16/May/06
Thank you trueheight.yes,I watched all those chan movies 20-25 years ago.old school style,42st kung fu double features.saw one called BOLO THE BRUTE.those were the days.
trueheight said on 16/May/06
quad-4 your comments are funny regard his 'body style'. Chan is just bulky and very muscular; have you ever seen his earlier films? like the 1st drunken master? he's ripping w/ muscles. Truth is, HK actors do come more on the short side. what's interesting though is that in most of Chan's ealierer films from the late 70s and early 80s, he plays the 'not-so bright *big* doof'; thats, of course, relative to the other actors who were almost always shorter. He's 5'8 and probably was 5'9 in his younger days. Ppl, especially american fans who don't watch HK cinema were 1st exposed to Chan as a 40yr old in Rumble inthe Bronx. There are music videos in which Chan appears 2in taller than fellow cantapop star Andy Lau. He doesn't look like a dwarf, not to me at least, he's just a big guy
Glenn said on 15/May/06
Yeah,and Tucker can look 6-1 or more in my friends photo.whichwould place Chan at the 5-9 I saw.he is no smaller than 5-8.
30 something and no girlfriend said on 11/May/06
Haha, Jackie is 5-10? That would make him as tall as Roger Moore, maybe he wants to be the next Bond?? He's 5-6, not more than that.
Quad-4 said on 10/May/06
why not lie and say your 5'10.5"? If your 5'7.5" You might as well give your height in stilts. Because Danny Devito doesn't make the best action star.
rj said on 7/May/06
i actuly seen jackie chan in hollywood and im about 5'8 , jackie seemed to be a little shorter then me mabey like 5'7
Glenn said on 5/May/06
Yes.its possible.but why lie and say 5-10.5?
Quad-4 said on 5/May/06
So, what? Maybe this guy likes to wear 2 inch elevators. If he was 5'6ish, which shouldn't be completely out of the question, he could certainly appear to be 5'8.5 or a little taller with elevators.
Glenn said on 3/May/06
You all need to stop this never met any of these people.CHRIS TUCKER IS 6-1! this isnt just my opinions,my friends,who met these people agree with has nothing to do with Chan being my hero,which he isnt.
Quad-4 said on 2/May/06
Jackie probably starts out with 1.5 inch soled shoes and adds 2 inch elevators in them. In the pic with 6'2" edwin moses, chan looks a good 6-6.5 inches shorter. subtract the elevators and you have 5'6.5.
Glenn said on 1/May/06
Qaud4, did you forget, I met him,he appeared if he was 5-6,he claims 5-10.5,that means he lied by almost 5 inches?.come on now.he is 5-8 minimum.
Jack'saShrimp said on 30/Apr/06
Most optimistic guess for jackie is between 5'5" and 5'7" maximum. I can believe Bruce lee might touch 5'7 on a good day, but Im sure Jackie isn't as tall as 5'8. 5'8 people, almost universally, never look 'short'. 5'7 still isn't 'short'. Even 5'6 isn't really all that 'short', but it depends on posture and body style at that point. Anything under 5'6 Id say is short. JACKIE CHAN LOOKS SHORT IN A LOTA PICS. BUT CAN LOOK JUST OVER SHORT IN SOME OTHERS.
Glenn said on 23/Apr/06
I love Chan and all the martial art greats.just telling you what I what Rob says on top of page describing him as 5-8.5.believe me when I tell you he looked 5-9.and Ill believe you he looked I think he might wear lifts.
Glenn said on 22/Apr/06
Now he goes from 5-7 to 5-6? believe what you want sitting at home DVD friend saw chan many times and agrees he can look 5-9.if he is under,then he wears lifts.
Lone said on 22/Apr/06
no way chan is 173, he's 5-6 at best. i don't think you guys realize how short this guy really is. just go out and rent any jackie chan film, you will change your opinion (i recommend rumble in the bronx, and operation condor). glenn and jon, both of you, just go home, or go sit in a corner and sulk, do us all a favor, please.
Lone said on 21/Apr/06
well, glenn, the top photo shows chan to be only an inch taller than her, so if she's 5-4, which is 165cm, then Chan is shorter than I thought, 5-5. You are probably referring to a photo at the bottom where Chan looks about 3 inches taller, but obviously he's not standing straight, it looks like he's jumping up or standing on this toes. but i tell you one thing, though some his movies are entertaining, jackie chan is one ugly

a comment on this german chinese couple, his height seems to vary a lot, like his wife's looks, depending on whether she's wearing makeup i guess, but oh man, this guy ain't much better than jackie in the physical beauty department, that's why you picked him Glenn???? LMAO
jon said on 20/Apr/06
Lone mate or whatever you wish to be called, i do agree with you in some parts you say, to be honest i cant really be bothered to analyse your last paragraph to me and tell you the things wrong with what you said, but i can tell you one thing, dont be such a child to a)change your persona to make it seems like someone is agreeing with you. and b) tell me that i do not know what im talking about, when i have actual experience in the fields you talk about, i have trained in gymnastics for over 6 years, i have been studying martial arts, mainly KUNG FU and WUSHU, specialising in Chan Quan and Dao Shu sword art for 5 years and have been fighting in the ring for 4 years. I DO know what im talking about. Someone who says something like this " Many of the things he(Chan) can do would be very difficult or slow if he were even a couple of inches taller" is hard to believe. If you were talking about Wushu, then you will be right, Chan however does not do Wushu, he does various other Martial arts, mainly Kung Fu and gymnastic tumbling, of which he is by no means of any great standard. If you are talking about people very tall, lets say 6 foot 2 and over i agree with you there, but you have clearly said only a few inches taller, which would say anyone over 5foot 9 would be rubbish at these sports. That is what I find ridiculous. This little convo of ours have gone so off topic ive forgotten the point I was trying to make. Just don¡Çt have the arrogance to tell people they don¡Çt know what theyre talking about and to go home, just because you cant deal with the fact there may be other people besides you who have knowledge on the matter. This is my last post of this matter because it has nothing to do with Chan, what Rob created this page for. Lone I¡Çm sure more people will be pleased if you were to ¡Ègo home¡É to be honest
Lone said on 20/Apr/06
glenn, note i said hong kong, not china, hong kong's average height is probably below china's but jackie chan is from hong kong and his movies, until recently, were all made in hong kong.

i seriously doubt yun fat is 6 feet because there is another hong kong actor who's very mean looking and looks towering in all the hong kong movies and always play a hotheaded enforcer type (sorry i forget his name) has appeared in a lot of movies with yun-fat and the deceased leslie cheung. this guy is 6-1 and looks about 3 inches taller than chow, so i will say chow's real height without shoes is probably 5-10 to 5-11 max. the only reason people think he's so tall, again, is because he appears in hong kong movies where the average height for the actors is probably 5-6 or 5-7, such as Jackie Chan.

chan is 5-6 barefooted.
Glenn said on 20/Apr/06
Lone-you could be right,but basing it on the average height in china isnt good enough.what about CHOW YUN FAT who is 6ft! my friend also met chan a bunch of times agree more on 5-9,than 5-7.
Lone said on 19/Apr/06
gleen, 5-9 is the average height of an american male, do you think jackie chan is as tall as an american male, that makes all the hong kong actors above average height by usa standards, do you think it's possible? have you been to hong kong before??? if you are 5-9, you would tower over most people there, in all of jackie chan's movies, and i have pretty seen all over them, he is shorter than a majority of the other actors, and only slightly taller than the women, do you think that's remotely possible. take a look at the movie operation condor with michelle yeoh, he is only a few inches taller than her, yeoh is probably only 5 feet or 5-1 tall, now if jackie were 5-9, he would look like a giant next to her and trust me he doesn't.
Anonymous said on 18/Apr/06
He's shorter than Owen Wilson who's say he's 5'10.5"
jonli said on 18/Apr/06
Jackie is 5-7. The camera angles make him look the same height as Owen Wilson and others. Come on people think about hollywood. What you see is an illusion.
Glenn said on 17/Apr/06
Im not arguing with you, I was asking you.IDONT remember.and CHAN himself told me himself what scene in 1996.I just dont remember,so how the hell am I arguing with you? and jon makes sense.I talked to CHAN while he wore a pink corderouy(how do you spell that?) suit and appeared 5-9.maybe he wore lifts.
jon said on 17/Apr/06
More people should listen to Glenns estimations. He actually has photographic proof of himself standing next to these celebrities. Rather than guessing based on 'how he looks in that film', thats rubbish. And i dont know what your problem is, Chan isnt that ugly, hes just not exceptionally good looking.
sing said on 17/Apr/06
no, just saw jackie on a chinese tv show he was showing a female reporter the sighs and sounds of Hong Kong, she was 5-5, and jackie chan looked no taller than her, maybe an inch or 2.

this guy is 5-7, no more. sorry to disappoint you glenn but the guy in the booth WAS NOT jackie chan. jackie got walloped with a stick in one of the fighting scenes, dont argue with me on this i am 100% sure.
Glenn said on 17/Apr/06
It was a choke hold and whack with the foot in the communication booth or a cell a thought.havnt seen it in 6 years. yes Rob,but Owen really did look 5-11 much to ridicule of most my friend witnessed this and other friend swears wilson is 5-7.which strangly, I saw that version from 30 foot distance too.Chan actually looked 5-9.5-8 slouched.
Glenn said on 16/Apr/06
I talked to the guy once.unless he wears lifts,he is 5-8 and even possibly looking 5-9.why dont you watch him in ENTER THE it.I dont remember the height dont tell me since your such chan or lee experts you didnt know both were in the 90% of you didnt know that.
sing said on 15/Apr/06
I agree with Rob, Chan is a really small but stocky guy, he looks short in every movie he is in, he's the same height as some of the leading women in his movies, so I would say he's 5-7 max. BRING HIM DOWN EDITOR ROB.
Sing Iz Da Man said on 30/Mar/06
I think Chan is a solid 5-7, I don't think he's 5-8. Either way, he sure is ugly!!!
Glenn said on 11/Mar/06
Chan is 5-8.goes to show Im not 5-6.cause Chan for sure is no 5-6,and stallone is rocking those lifts.
Trueheight said on 10/Mar/06
As a reference, the Chan/Stallone pic bears a very similar height differance to the Glenn/Stallone pic. We can infer that Stallone had an extra .5in added for his pic w/ Chan
dmeyer said on 1/Mar/06
in american movies he looks between 5'9 and 10
InTheZone said on 28/Feb/06
Back in 1993, Jackie Chan's height was listed as 171 cm in a book (featuring an interview with him) published in Taiwan. His height has been known as between 171 cm and 173 cm among fans in Taiwan and Hong Kong. I figure he adopted the usage of elevator shoes when he shifted his career focus to the US.
TheMan said on 31/Dec/05
Chan is nowhere near 5,10 5,8 at best that is all. He's in a dream world if he belives he's 5,10.
kennethz, sg said on 26/Dec/05
i seen his real near as i stand.. to be surprise his true height is 1.72m around there.. would't be more..
Anonymous said on 8/Dec/05
You have got to be kidding. I met him a couple of times and standing next to my 5'2" wife (wearing 1" shoes), he was about the same height. I am 5'10" and he is about as high as my chin. That would make him 5'4.5" at best. This is about an average height for someone his age from Hong Kong. Other famously short people like Robert Redford claim to be near 6' when they are a lot closer to 5'. People look at films and say how they all look about the same height because in two shots, they usually want them to have similar eye levels, so they have the shorter one stand on apple boxes.
Steiner87 said on 23/Nov/05
He can't be 5'8.5 ! I can believe until 5'8 but not beyong...
Look at "Rush Hour" knowing that Eddy Murphy is 5'10 you'll see they have at least a difference of 2inches !

Editor Rob
Mayuran said on 3/Nov/05
Jackie is not 5'7 , he is 5'10 because last time i went to Honkkong & I saw him and I asked is height he told that he is 5'8 my height was 5'9.5. So we went to the laser height, so jackiechan's height was 5'10 & my was 5'8.5.
Acquaidos said on 28/Oct/05
The average height of Chinese people has been largely misrepresented. It doesn't take into account the variations in the height within the population. The height difference between people from the north of China and the people from the south is quite big. In the younger generations, northern Chinese are around 5'11-6' on average while the southerners are about 5'8-5'9. The southerners in China were the first batch immigrants, and that gave westerners the impression that all Chinese people are short. Jackie Chan is from Hong Kong, and that's way down the south where people are known to be short, so 174cm would seem pretty accurate. I highly doubt that he was ever 179cm as he claims.
Al said on 25/Oct/05
You're right Jonny. 5"9 is not tall at all by Chinese standards.
J-Dog said on 23/Oct/05
Anonymous, Chris Tucker is not 6'1" but a "solid" 6'1".
Munnos said on 21/Oct/05
I think people make the mistake of assuming all Chinese people to be really small. The thing is, there are a lot of short Chinese people but there are also a hell of a lot of tall ones too. That's probably why when Yao Ming became known, Americans were shocked. It's just that the Chinese population's so big and it brings the average height down. If you go to a city like Shanghai or any other cities in northern China, you'll all be surprised to see the average height not less than 5'11. The people down in southern China are generally shorter, they're the first to go overseas, and created that short Chinese impression.
Sing said on 27/Jul/05
I agree, Jackie is exactly 5-7 barefoot. He's a small guy with a big head, but very coordinated, acrobatic, and fast. Many of the things he can do would be very difficult or slow if he were even a couple of inches taller.
GPM said on 12/Jul/05
Jackie Chan looks two inches shorter, than Owen Wilson, in that movie the two of them did. Owen Wilson looks about 5'9" on a good day. That would leave Jackie Chan about 5'7".
Oli said on 25/Jun/05
I shook Jackie's hand in 1995 or 1996 in Brisbane....he's an awfully nice guy. I'm 5'8" and he definitely wasn't taller than me, he was wearing really thick heels on top of that. He's kinda buff and it makes him taller than he appears.
hm said on 12/Jun/05
r u guys aware that jackie chan is 51? man naturally shrink in size because of the spinal bone issues and possible lose 2-3 inches. but i personally think jackie chan is 5'9 lol tat seems reasonable to me. peace
Anonymous said on 10/Jun/05
he propbably is about 5'8'', thing is tho, chinese people arent that small!!!, so u cant go by his old movies!, im 5'9'' and i went to china and was amazed at the number of people my height or taller! in police story 3 it says he's 175cm tall, that cud have been tru about 10 years ago, as next to sammo(5'6''-5'7''), he does seem to be at least 2-3 inches taller than him. A friend of mine who is my height meet sammo and was only 2-3inches taller than him,.!
Sing said on 17/May/05
I like Jackie's movies but no way is he 5'8.5". That's like the average height for an American male. Jackie Chan is 5'7" at most, probably shorter. In his movies he's shorter than most of the other actors. If he's 5'8.5" then the other actors must've been close to 6 feet or over, and no way there were that many tall actors at that time in Hong Kong. Martial artists are usually not very tall as you know.

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