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5ft 9.15in (175.6cm)
Pplrfllofcrp said on 12/Nov/13
Anyone who say they've seen him, and say he is 5'11, are either blind or full of crap!!!!! Was at rooftop of Thompson in manhattan, and saw him there. He is at most, MOST, 5'9!!! He is very short!!
Samuel said on 29/Oct/13
This guy looks like a weak 5'8.
172-173 cm maybe.
Well, at times he actually appear in the 5'9 range (in photos), but I can't see him at that height really ..
michelhalion said on 29/Oct/13
mmmmm is 5'11 - 180
barefoot ,with help 181 or 183
also it indicated in the twitter 5'11
Md said on 22/Oct/13
With Robert Downey Jr., and Jared may even have a footwear advantage, here:

Click Here

Click Here

Not even 5'9".
Mr. R said on 20/Oct/13
Saw JL tonight at a screening of the new movie Dallas Byers Club with Matt M. Leto stood on the stage and he was clearly not the 5-9 he claimed to be. He is closer to 5-8.5 without shoes, and MM is just over 5-10.
chrisss said on 19/Sep/13
Rob can you tell me how there are pics where he looks much taller than 5'9 cameron diaz and he's barefoot?
[Editor Rob: I don't think diaz is 5ft 9, 5ft 8 at most]
Rashisama said on 30/Jun/13
He's 5'11 I met him and I'm 5'4 and he topped me by a few good inches and I was wearing 3" heels. Also, he's stated he's 5'11 on twitter
cole said on 25/Jun/13
A friend of mine who's 6'4.5 met Leto in Norway yesterday, and he seemed a good 5'9 or maybe even a bit taller in that photo, can't see their footwear though, I thought he might have worn a boot or something whilst my friend allways wears converse. Leto was a bit over the top of his nose. He's 5'9 minimum for sure.
SolidSnake said on 4/Apr/13
In that pic from arch stanton he probably weighed about 100lbs, its insanity. hed be dead if he had lost much more
Matheuscore said on 1/Apr/13
Legit 5'9.

Click Here

Not shorter and no taller
Original said on 20/Feb/13
He's legit 5'9", maybe a little taller.. 5'9.25" sound good.
Maximus Meridius said on 16/Jan/13
@Arch Stanton he is too slim he should be at least 168 pounds. said on 13/Jan/13
he is hard to judge because in my opinion he always wears lifts and still just looks average.
Matheuscore said on 10/Jan/13
No more than 5'9.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Nov/12
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Looks 5'9" but can't be much more than 140 pounds usually. and not an ounce of fat on him. Bodyfat usually near 6% but this weight loss for his role in McConaghy's film is insane. I can't imagine how long you'd have to go without eat to have that waist, its shocking.
MaskDeMasque said on 21/Sep/12
Looks like a 5'9 guy to me.
Dan said on 22/Aug/12
Definatley 5'10", was only at the most an inch shorter than me (yes, I am 5'11").
Badanger said on 18/Aug/12
Rob, i just watched Panic Room again...and i came on here to find out how tall Dwight Yoakam is but you haven't made a page for him yet... on other websites he is labelled as 6ft...i don't really buy it because he only looks an inch taller than Jared Leto and is dwarfed by 6'2 Forest Whitaker. Could you please give me an estimate? Thanks very much.
billa said on 17/Aug/12
he is 178cm.
Attila _194cm. said on 9/Jan/12
Maybe 176cm barefoot,179/180 footwear.
the real truth said on 2/Jan/12
cmon he is either 5ft8 or 5ft9 max...
Uxie said on 24/Dec/11
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Colin is 5'10" isn't he? Makes Jared look sub 5'8", even though it's not the case...what's going on...
AnonQ said on 23/Dec/11

That half an inch is important.
Kalyn said on 11/Sep/11
Jared Leto Is Cute and a good Guy 5.9
ashley said on 9/Sep/11
Forums are great for random stuff like this! I love it! But when people start the 'no, i correct and you arent!' b.s., it gets annoying...oops! Im doing it too now...
MC1220 said on 18/Aug/11
Click Here tryin one more time to post the link if it doesn't work just type both their names in google or yahoo images search and you'll see what I'm talking about.
MC1220 said on 15/Aug/11
Click Here

pic of him next to Justin Theroux who's listed as 5' 9" on this site.
ak said on 6/Aug/11
looks small but when i met him was about 5'11 wearing trainers i am 6'1.5 btw
Satoue said on 12/Jul/11
Yo you guys are ****ing confused! My sister saw him recently walking down a street in Montreal and she sais he was really small. She said he was 5'6 MAX
JaredThomas said on 26/Jun/11
I was an extra in a movie eventually called "Highway" in '99, which Leto starred in. I had a chance to be right next to Leto with non-raised shoes, on concrete. I am 6'2", dead even..and I had 6 inches on him, easy enough. He's 5'8", no more.
TruebloodFan said on 25/Jun/11
as listed.
Foxxy said on 13/Jun/11
I was standing next to him on stage, and he is definitely smaller than me. I'm 1.75 and he's about 1.73
TheVerve180 said on 18/Mar/11
yeah he is puny, 5ft7 for sure.
172 said on 15/Mar/11
jared is 178! if Kameron diaz is 175 (there were daiting)
there were a picture of them hugging and they hady nothing on there foots and Kam was like 3 cm shorter than Jared
SolidSnake said on 2/Mar/11
5 foot 9 inches is 175.26 cm
1 inch is 2.54 cm
12 inches make a foot
Jolly Roger said on 16/Feb/11
I had already commented a while back about the mistakes on this site regarding American to metric conversions. 175cm is converted as 5ft 7.4in not as 5ft 9in. As the others said, just type "convert 175cm into feet" in Google, and it will do the math for you.

[Editor Rob:

175cm = 5.74 feet. Correct.

BUT 5.74 Does Not equal 5ft and 7.4 inches because there are 12 inches per foot. It is not base 10!

You have 5 whole feet plus 0.74 of a foot, to get the inches multiply 12 * 0.74 which gives 9. 5ft and 9 inches.

It's a very common misunderstanding people have.]
Anonymous said on 11/Feb/11
i bet more than half of the commenters on this page don't even know their true height and can't judge height properly.
Silke said on 8/Feb/11
Jared is 1.78 I had a meet&greet with 30 seconds to mars last december and we're the same height (I'm 1.78)
Will said on 29/Jan/11
Kirker, I'm sorry you don't know what you're talking about, so please be less dogmatic. Ask any tailor to show you a tape measure with Imperial as well as Metric measurements and you will quickly see that 5 feet nine inches (5'9") is slightly more than 174cm (not quite 175cm). And if you don't believe that, try consulting another tailor or seamstress.
MD said on 19/Jan/11
It's really sad Rob had to explain that to you after I had already explained it to you. We don't work on a decimal system where everything is done in tens. 5'9" does not equal 5.9 feet. I don't know what you're not getting about that.
kirker said on 18/Jan/11
I know there are 12 inches in a foot, there are in every country's 'foot' measurement (for those still using archaic measurements). The simple fact remains 5 ft and 9 inches does not equal 175cm. It is 5ft 7 and a bit. Google it and you will see, use a converter and you will see.

[Editor Rob:
you are probably seeing 175cm = 5.74 feet?

0.74 feet is 8.88 inches. 5 feet and almost 9 inches.

MD said on 17/Jan/11
You don't know the difference between metric and American length measurements? I mean, obviously you don't, so you should go read up on the simple difference. American measurements aren't based on a 10-scale. There are 12 inches in a foot. Surely, you know that.
kirker said on 16/Jan/11
MD you've lost me. What on earth is 5.9 you refer to then if it is not meant to mean 5ft 9 inches. Look at the top of this section-it clearly says 5ft 9 inches equals 175cm.
MD said on 15/Jan/11
Kirker, you are the one converting incorrectly. 5'9" does not equal 5.9' which I think is what you're assumming and where you're going wrong.
kirker said on 14/Jan/11
5 9 is not 175cm and never has been. where did this calculation come from-its like an urban myth?? Maybe actors made it up to make themselves sound taller in feet. 5 9 is actually 180cm according to all scientific conversion charts. Having met him I would lean toward at least 180cm as I have recently been measured with a laser height thing which put me at 175cm.
Patt said on 4/Jan/11
I can tell you that he is like 1.75 cm, I won a meet and greet, and he was taller than me, I'm like 1.64
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duncan said on 26/Dec/10
@ Jared (Subway) LOL
Jared (Subway) said on 11/Dec/10
If I stacked 6 of my delicious low cal subway sandwiches next to Jared Leto he would just be just a few inches smaller. 5' 9" sounds about right. Eat Fresh!
cosmina said on 5/Dec/10
if i have 174 cm,i have 5' and how many in. ? btw,i was a pic with Jared standing next to Angelina Jolie,and she's 173 cm,and they had the same height there,but i'm sure Angelina had high heels,cause she was wearing a dress.So,i think jared has 1,78...
kirker said on 28/Nov/10
Ok I met him last Friday and have a photo with him. I am 175 cm which according to my iphone us 5 7 1/2. He has a good 10cm on me which again according to my phone would make him 6 foot. I was sceptical before meeting him and thought he looked short but I think its beacause he is sol slender. By the way he is a lovely guy.
Jared Leto said on 17/Nov/10
I`m 5´8.5 happy now?
Panic Room? said on 28/Oct/10
I figured he was 5'9 - 5'10". I also assumed Dwight Yoakam was in the 5'9 ' 5'10" range also.

Turns out he's listed as 6 foot. Funny, because Forest has more then 1 - 2" inches on him, i'd guess 3"
Will said on 7/Jul/09

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Shawn said on 31/May/09
Nah, he's not 5'10, no way, I'm even doubtful on 5'9. I clearly remember his pic with Glenn. They were the same height. Jared had a slightly flatter sole to his shoe. So if Glenn is 5'7 at night, Jared would be 5'7 and a half.
Shawn said on 30/May/09
He's certainly not 5'10, nor 5'9 even. I clearly remember his pic with Glenn, they were the exact same height, only thing is Glenn had a slight footwear advantage. Leto's 5'7.5-5'8.
Del Mar said on 25/May/09
he's a mystery, in fact I think his heights differ even more than the notorious changes og brad pitt. I have seen jared on pics look from 5-8 to 6-1. That's helluva difference! Most of the time tho, he seems to me 5-9, 5-10 range
mikec said on 25/Apr/09
exactly one inch taller than kanye west, 5'9" for sure.
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glenn said on 25/Mar/09
austrian-i studied him well in person.he lived in my city.he wore flat moccasins shoes too once.and he is bending in my photo with him.its clear im stretching to look as tall as possible too.he looks shorter cause his posture is horrendous.
Austrian said on 24/Mar/09
Glenn why do u think Colin Farrell is 5'11? i mean ive never seen him in real life, but to me he never looks more than 5'9-5'10
Anonymous said on 31/Aug/08
5'9 for sure.
anon. said on 19/Jul/08
the beach picture explained: take a look at the way the rooflines of the houses in the background slope, especially the gray one. that tilt in the pic has to be giving leto at least an inch and a half if not two inches. add that to the fact the he has his arm around her, forcing her doen/him up, and even though she looks as if she's standing straight her back does look pretty limp.

the end. 5'9
glenn said on 18/May/08
he isnt talking about my pic.i dont know where you got that from.i agree,that jared is 5-9.
perspective said on 17/May/08
you can't judge a person's height just from one pic...the glenn's pic can be explained by angle and jared might be leaning-in a little. He's definitely not shorter than glenn so why should he been downgraded
Anonymous said on 8/May/08
downgrade him!
I'm 5'8" and i ran into him. he might even be a little bit smaller than me! so 5'8" tops!
Chris T Na said on 28/Apr/08
He is 5'9", I know because I met him in March 2007 after a 30stm show as well, and I am 5'9". We were the same height. However, he is super scrawny. He is still beautiful, none the less!
Anonymous said on 22/Apr/08
saw him after 30sec concert,
he was a few cms taller than me & im 174cm.
looked a solid 176cm
glenn said on 15/Apr/08
now thats crazy cause i know for a fact colin is 5-11.and leto 5-9.lifts?
glenn said on 15/Apr/08
you know,sometimes ill meet a celeb and think they are 5-8ish,5-9 only to find they are 5-10 with better posture.but whats truly perplexing about leto is there was no way in hell he was taller than 5-9.and even seemed 5-8.5.
Chris175 said on 14/Apr/08
Click Here
Chris175 said on 14/Apr/08
this diaz pic needs to be explained.. firstly is it even jared lol? secondly there is a crazy slope on the beach in jareds favour, and his hair is giving him another inch.. hes still got to be 5-9 though lol
bam said on 13/Apr/08
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That is by far the most perplexing picture on this site. How do you explain it rob?
bam said on 13/Apr/08
its bizarre how he looks 5'11 near diaz.Even his frame looks 5'11 near diaz.
glenn said on 5/Apr/08
post over here too,didnt least 4 post the whole site.maybe 5.
glenn said on 3/Apr/08
i never understood how he would look 5-11 barefoot on the beach with diaz.who i thought was 5-9.
Random Person said on 3/Apr/08
Looks no more than 5'8" with Glenn...but can look a very strong 5'9" in movies. Hell, sometimes he can pass for 5'10". Though oddly enough, this guy always gave me a short-ish impression, like around 5'7".
dmeyer said on 29/Feb/08
absolute max 5'8 to 5'9 in that pics he can look 5 ft 10 in many pics like with diaz
Lebensdorf said on 13/Feb/08
There is no reason to think that he is above 5'8'' (or 5'8'' and a half, if he is leaning in) judging by the picture with Glenn. Jared has more hair up front than Glenn does, so this gives the impression that Jared is a bit taller. I really doubt that he is.
Anonymous said on 31/Jan/08
Guy's built very similarly to me, and it can definitely give the illusion of height when standing alone. I'm 5'8, 140 with a 29 in. waist and I get that I look tall in pictures a lot. Never when I was 155-160 for hockey and was a 32 waist.

If anything I'd even believe 5'8-5'8.5 for him, it all depends on the ground in the Glenn photo, but certainly he is not much over 5'9 maximum.
AshnarLynx said on 10/Dec/07
He looked taller than Devon Gummersall in My So-Called Life, but Gummersall looks short.
chris175 said on 3/Dec/07
in urban ledgend he is referred to as being kinda short, cant remember the exact quotation, im 5-9 and i consider myself average height. i say 5-9 is spot on
glenn said on 30/Nov/07
he had black sneakers,maybe vans or similiar.they give no height.
John said on 29/Nov/07
Glenn do you mean 5'9 in shoes? Cause he is always in boots.
chris175 said on 18/Nov/07
i think 5-9 is correct, saw him with 30 seconds to mars and he was about my height and im 175cm
Kevin said on 22/Oct/07
he said 5'9 1/2 in an interview, but he's probably stretching the truth
Claire said on 6/Oct/07
What are you sayging about jared leto? He is so tall and so hot you dont think so
glenn said on 31/Aug/07
surf around the site.youll see i met everyone.
elisa said on 30/Aug/07
i dont really care about his height ,i am also that tall,and who the hell is glenn?i love him as the way he is,i love him!and his band :30 seconds to mars1
ariel hijoe said on 29/Aug/07
what? Jared's alittle taller. And who's Glenn?
Lmeister said on 24/Aug/07
to: Bombay Rocker, when a skinny person is standing alone, but good example is Lord of War. Mr Cage isn't a hulking guy, but he looked quite big standing next to Jared Leto
Bombay Rocker said on 23/Aug/07
I thought skinny people are supposed to look tall.
Lmeister said on 22/Aug/07
As I said befor he probably is his official height 5'9'' and a bit = 176cm. He doesn't look short or tall. The only reason why he might look small sometimes is that he is so skinny.
Polly from the Echelon said on 18/Aug/07
Jared is really perfect but has such skinny legs!how does he walk on those and who is that Glenn guy he's lucky
sam said on 7/Aug/07
depending on shoes and angle (remember jared does look a bit taller), jared could be 5 foot 10. I mean he's already a little bigger plus allowing for angles and positions, etc, he could be a tallish size (5'9.5 - 5'10.5)
steph (30 secs 2 mars fan) said on 16/Jul/07
i dont think jared is that small, if you think about it there is probz men who are smaler than him. i'm only 5ft 5, but if i was going out with jared (i wish) it would be fine, i dont see what the big deal is! xxx xxx xxx
Bombay Rocker said on 21/Jun/07
I think hunkymalecelebs is another site which is very often pretty accurate when it comes to listing height of male celebs.....i checked and they are very close to listing heights as is but there's no discussion thing over there and there's no Glenn who actually meets people and reports what he saw so yeah celebheights is far better but if i had to choose between i mdb and hunkymalecelebs, i will choose them hands down.
Chelsey. said on 14/Jun/07
Woah, i must say he seems to be taller then Glenn.. but wtf what's the big deal? This is an incredible picture, why would anyone care about his height huh? Jared's hair rocks.
Lmeister said on 31/May/07
He might be his official 5'9'' and a bit = 176 cm...
glenn said on 31/May/07
im wearing lifts.just shoes were thicker.he had those black converse.i was still suprised he looked my height though.i read 5-11 for him years ago.
Anonymous said on 31/May/07
He doesn't look a hair taller than Glenn in that pic, and his posture looks good. Why is he listed as 5'9?

[Editor Rob: he could be wearing 0.6 inch converse like he does a lot, I don't know what glenn is wearing]
Anonymous said on 30/May/07
you guys are the exact height? why 5-9?
Bombay Rocker said on 26/May/07
Hey man, i dont know whats wrong but that was me who posted the last comment with that link from his fansite which says 176....Thx
Anonymous said on 25/May/07
Its just camera angles and strange pose + strange slope, he is for sure a max 5 feet 10 and a minimum 5 feet 8.5 so around 176 maybe and even his official fansite lists him as 176.....Click Here this out, it says he is listed as 5 feet 11 and all but hes just a shade over 5 feet 9 in reality around 176 and i totally believe that.
#1stunner said on 24/May/07
glenn, why do you have such a weird look on your face like this in almost all your new photos? Is it because you're so concerned with standing as tall as possible that you neglect your facial expression?
Bianca said on 24/May/07
I wish I could met him because he's like The Master of Laughter! :P
30 Seconds to Mars will finaly come to the Netherlands new monday and preform on Pinkpop... and guess what? I can't go because I'm right in the middle of my exams.....
Ah well, let's hope the will come back. Jared, Shannon, Tomo and Matt; YOU ROCK!!!
Eriko said on 23/May/07
I met him!!! w000t for me!!! uh...right about his height... to be honest i wasnt paying attention to his height i was paying attention to his gorgeous face
Bad Radio said on 18/May/07
glenn, in the picture you look slightly taller or dead on the same height...and if your 5'8... how is he 5'9?
Del Mar said on 18/May/07
That's the unbelievable 6-1 picture if you ask me. Cause even if the beach is sloping to his favor, Cameron is stretching out and Jared has a big slouch. If only judging by that picture I would be 100 % certain he really was 6-1. In other events and movies I've never seen him below 5-9, maybe 5-9 - 5-11. But from the pic with Glenn he seems 5-9 max!
bam said on 17/May/07
he looks pretty much 5'10+ near cameron diaz, who is 5'8.
But he appeared barely 5'9 with glenn. He really is an enigma.
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Drew said on 17/May/07
Trueheight since when do "normal" shoes give you 3-3.5cm advantage? Boots perhaps or chunky sneakers.
trueheight said on 15/May/07
bombay rocker: remember that Leto wears 1.5cm converse all stars. Glenn's shoes are normal - about 3-3.5 cms.
Anonymous said on 25/Apr/07
from : "saw Jared Leto at the always-celeb-infected tapas-hole, Cobras & Matadors (Beverly Blv) last night (7/7)[...]A small, small, mildly glowly man, in the end leaving little impression on you."
click here: Click Here
Del Mar said on 22/Apr/07
We've been discussing that before Drew, and we found out that Leto is a height illusionist, which also is able to look 4 inches taller than Cameron Diaz
Drew said on 19/Apr/07
How come in Fight Club he looks Brad Pitt's height?
Anonymous said on 8/Apr/07
I wouldn't be surprised if he's 5'9. When standing next to other people whose height we know, he definitely looks in the 5'9 range. But he's got that frame that gives him the appearance of a few extra inches.

You look at this picture below (of him on the left), and regardless of his height, he has a really slim frame, especially his waist/legs. I'm about his height (maybe 174), but I've got a wider upper body/shoulders and definitely a bigger waist (32), and I just don't have that appearance of being taller than I really am, like Jared Leto or, say, Johnny Depp have. If you look at me and Jared Leto separately, he'll definitely appear taller. But seeing the picture of him next to Glenn, I'd definitely be about eye-to-eye with him. It's understandable that his build causes some confusion over his height. Some of us 5'8-5'9ers just aren't blessed with that faux-tall appearance. :(

Click Here
G-unit said on 16/Feb/07
I agree he can look taller, for example in this picture where he looks about 5'10.5:
Click Here

But I'd give him 5'9, no more no less. Because he reminds me very much of one of my skinny friends whose 5'8½ (174cm) and weighs 120 pounds And he also use same kind of clothing style as jared, slim jeans and converse/vans shoes.
He gives everyone the impression of being at least 5'10, just like jared leto.
Spoony said on 14/Feb/07
I saw Cameron a few months ago at Gucci. We were amazed at how short she looked compared to movies. My friend stood right next to her and they were the same height....friend is 5"7'. So, 5'9" seems right for Jared.
Lyndsey said on 11/Feb/07
He's shorter than my friend Joey but taller than my friend Jon, Joey is 5'11 and Jon is 5'8. So he's between 5'9 and 5'10.

How do I know this? Jon and Joey toured with them last year.
MD said on 3/Feb/07
How can you just tell that "he looked 5'10"? You have to have something to compare him to, or that's worthless.
horacle said on 2/Feb/07
He was on french tv today and he looked 5'10 and he was in converse (1 inch soles). This guy is at least 5'9.
Anonymous said on 27/Jan/07
from "My buddy Nathaniel at Film Experience noticed something striking about former hottie Jared Leto and current hottie Jennifer Connelly. They look vaguely similar from certain angles. Not as similar as Fergie and Kirstie Alley, but I'll just blame that on Jared Leto's short stature."
click here: Click Here
Apparently, he has a reputation for being short...
bombay rocker said on 21/Jan/07
Are you guys serious..... i mean ya in movies he looks like a solid 5 feet 10 and sometimes 5 feet 11 but no more than that, he might be wearing lifts or some strange camera angles making him look taller. The pics you guys are talkin bout with cameron diaz on beach and barefoot, now there he is like 2 inches taller at most since he's standing on the upper side of slope and shes sloping downward and i strongly believe cameron diaz is between 5 feet 7.5 and 5 feet 8 at the veryyyyyyyy most so that makes him5 feet 9.5 and 5 feet 10 at most but in this pic with glenn he looks at most 5 feet 7.5. Evn if hes wearing .5 inch shoes ,hes 5 feet 8.
bombay rocker said on 21/Jan/07
Looks less than 5 feet 8, looks like 5 feet 7.5 in this pic with you then how come 5 feet 9 although looks a solid 5 feet 8 atleast in other pics. Glenn do u wear lifts.....just kiddin.
Glenn said on 12/Jan/07
I have the Brooklyn Bridge ready for you.
bombay rocker said on 11/Jan/07
have you guys ever heard of a cream, which when applied on your feet can give you 3 - 4 inches instantly. am a memeber of a forum where a guy bought it and he did say that he got an increase of atleast 3 inches but it just stays for 3- 4 hrs. I did see jared pics with cameron on a beach barefoot and he looks quite tall like 5 feet 11 to 6 feet and on the same page i saw pics where he is taller than her by like an inch at the most. So i am thinking about the possibility of that cream.

[Editor Rob: I've got this cool little bridge for sale...]
Glenn said on 24/Dec/06
Just missed Diaz the other week.I knew where she was headed,but didnt care as I know she doesnt pose.still mysteriously never met her.and we hung out in the same clubs.
anonymous2 said on 22/Dec/06
Glenn, there are some who believe Diaz is in the 5-6 range. I had always believed 5-9.
dmeyer said on 20/Dec/06
didnt look that small near cage
Del Mar said on 20/Dec/06
More 5-9,10 if you ask me but the angle is hard to judge by. There's at least a 10 cm difference
Glenn said on 20/Dec/06
Barefoot on a beach and in sneakers in the street he was around 3 inches taller than 5-9 Cameron Diaz.totally supernatural.
Viper said on 19/Dec/06
Not sure, he might wear lifts. Or its just that certain shows or movies make people look taller.
Glenn said on 19/Dec/06
Whats up with that Viper?
Del Mar said on 19/Dec/06
He did look 5-10 in most of the scenes next to 6' Cage
Viper said on 19/Dec/06
I remember him from my so called life where he looked closer to 6-0. But then in Lord of War I thought he looked closer to 5-8 in that. Strange
Del Mar said on 18/Dec/06
Yes, Glenn, he is a very skilled height illusionist, he's like a David Copperfield height cheater!
Glenn said on 17/Dec/06
Its weird isnt it del mar?
Anonymous said on 17/Dec/06
He's 5'9" MAX.
Marc said on 17/Dec/06
He looks to be the same height as Glenn in this picture.
dmeyer said on 10/Dec/06
converse give you 1.3 to 1.9 cm depends wath size and how new they are at 2 pm i mesured 180.8 and 182.6 in converse aproximatly 1.5 cm 0.6
Glenn said on 8/Dec/06
No,Fashion party.I think.
Glenn said on 8/Dec/06
I heard he is really nice.he didnt seem overly friendly to me and was trying to run.maybe because photogs were around.this was some party.I think a preMTV awards party.
Viper said on 8/Dec/06
Leto looks out of it in this photo as well. Whats he like in person Glenn?
Glenn said on 7/Dec/06
My early years were embarrasing in alot of least you have skills.
Glenn said on 7/Dec/06
Too much information there Rob.didnt need to know that.just kidding ;-).though that is a tad embarrasing.

[Editor Rob: hey, every webmaster has to start somewhere ;) why you think I'm hiding my face :) I'm still red from embarrasment!]
Glenn said on 7/Dec/06
In pics of him and Cameron Diaz he looked an astonishing 6ft.I give him less.I had the shoe advantage.

[Editor Rob: I'm embarrased to admit this, but back in 1995 I created a 'My so called life' fan site...god knows what heights I had the cast at back then...used to be on my University account or early 1996 moved it to geocities. Man, 11 years ago...I cannot believe how fast time is marching on.]
MD said on 6/Dec/06
Everyone is saying that he's 5'9" or over, but what's the deal, Glenn? What was your take? Is he slouching or standing lower than you?

[Editor Rob: if Leto is wearing his designer converses and glenn in, I don't know, 1.5 inch, less? He could be giving 3/4-1 inch away in shoe advantages...]
anonymous2 said on 9/Nov/06
from website 9/16/06: "saw Jared Leto at the opening of Shepard Fairey's exhibition at Merry Karnowsky Gallery on La Brea. He was so short my friend didn't notice him even though she was standing right next to him. He may be height and fashion-challenged, but he's still cute as hell."
Click Here
Elena said on 16/Oct/06
he's amazing...those eyes can really hypnotize someone...and if you guys say that he's also a great guy...and yeah, in most pics he does look 5'9-ish
Del Mar said on 13/Sep/06
Yeah, I've noticed the picture with him and Cameron looks level ground there, so I guess you have to trust that, but there is this other picture I really meant to post: Click Here where he has this slouching posture, even if they are not ground level, and he STILL looks some inches taller than her, but you know: Pictures are really not to trust!
Glenn said on 13/Sep/06
Yeah,Rob.the best since April-May 2005.MTV,FASHION,TENNIS.whew!
Glenn said on 13/Sep/06
Yes,I think that was the footwear.he appeared 5-8.meaning he is no bigger than friends warned me for years he was short.
Del Mar said on 12/Sep/06
Glenn, that sounds unbelievable! Sure you met the right Jared Leto? Just kidding :P, but that really is extremely strange. Taking him to 5-8 would make Cameron about 5-4 in those pics...

[Editor Rob: the beach is sloping in his favor mind you, get them on flatter ground and I'm not sure you've got a dmx effect

the 5ft 8 version there a chance he was wearing black/white type trainers he's been photoed in a fair whack recently? Those have low soles...]
Glenn said on 12/Sep/06
Finally got him last night.shockingly looked 5-8! so 5-9 tops.cant explain this guy.

[Editor Rob: this short...its been a good month for you autowise and picwise then?]
Del Mar said on 11/Sep/06
Laughing :D. Well it's obvious he has his own technique: The Jared Leto Technique!
Del Mar said on 11/Sep/06
Laughing :D! You know, I think Leto has his own technique, especially when he's with girls: The Leto Technique!
Del Mar said on 10/Sep/06
Laughing! :D. You know, I think Jared has his own technique ruling over both the crudup and the mckellen: "The Leto Technique!"
Glenn said on 10/Sep/06
Geez Christ.that wasnt the pic.that only males him look 6-1,6-2 like you say.damn.this cell phone wont let me look at that 2nd pic.will check it out on a computer.thanks.why cant I look that tall when Im with a chick?
Del Mar said on 10/Sep/06
Yes, this is the picture I believe Click Here

They are not at the same level, BUT Leto has a slouching posture so next to Diaz (if she's 1.74) he actually looks 6-1, 6-2 here!

Here Click Here he looks like 1-2 inches taller which makes him the 1.77 listing.
Glenn said on 10/Sep/06
Yeah,I was shocked when one friend told me he was my height,and reading 5-9ish here.I though was 5-11 for sure.he would dwarf Cameron who I thought was fact he looked 6ft in one pic.
Del Mar said on 9/Sep/06
Sure, Glenn. When that's what it seems, you have to tell.
Glenn said on 8/Sep/06
Thanks Del Mar for backing me that Jared can look 5-11.
Del Mar said on 7/Sep/06
Looks 5-10 with 6, 6-1 Cage in Lord of War, from 5-9 to 6' with 1.74 Cameron Diaz, depending on which picture you look at, no more than one inch less than Brad Pitt in Fight Club, where it also seems like Pitt wears boots, and 5-11 with 5-5 Lindsay Lohan. Only next to Christian Bale in American Psycho and C Farrell in Alexander he might look 5-9. I give him 177-178.
Viper652 said on 5/Sep/06
Ive read where he acts really weird and crazy at times.
mous said on 4/Sep/06
makes you think he might be a method actor. since he did requiem for a dream; probably never kicked the habit. he's been showing up on celeb sites recently looking out of his mind
Viper652 said on 3/Sep/06
Man, is it me or is Jared coked out of his mind. Look at his eyes!!
Glenn said on 3/Sep/06
I read 5-11 on this guy once.and did look it next to Cameron Diaz.the 2 Ive never seen,yet always around me.
dmeyer said on 1/Sep/06
near cage he could be 5 10
Anonymous said on 17/Aug/06
in alexzander he was clearly abt 2 inches shorter then 5''10 colin so i dont knw ..
Del Mar said on 7/Aug/06
By the way, that link for my posting at 8th are updated so it will not show Leto next to Lohan anymore, but now he's back thin and good, youthish lookin' again! He really could be 25!
Del Mar said on 7/Aug/06
Sorry to tell Forensic, but in those pictures Leto actually looks more 5-10 than 5-9. Think Cage does a lot of slouching in Lord of War, yet proves Leto being at least 5'9.5"
ForensicNYC said on 5/Aug/06
He's 5'9" with 6'0" Nicolas Cage...
Click Here
Telephoto shot with Cage...
Click Here
jal said on 28/Jul/06
i saw him at the party in las vegas and i think that he just near 5''9 height.
Guy said on 15/Jul/06
I met him at a 30stm concert last december, and 5'9.5 seems to be right. I'm 5'11 and was wearing normal shoes, and he was about 1.5 inches shorter than me, I'm pretty sure he was wearing normal footwear.
del Mar said on 8/May/06
Great pictures that verifies Leto being taller than 5'9". Next to Lohan, he could been even 5'11": Click Here Is there somone who knows if Leto has lost his overweight by this time?

[Editor Rob: close to losing 1cm in fact!]
shanti said on 15/Apr/06
and yeah that is from the same show I was at, I can see the 'budget' blue sign in the background and on the far left, thats a car rental place right by the show venue in manitoba
shanti said on 15/Apr/06
yeah thats what I told rob, that I thought anywhere from 5'9.5-5'10 mark.
Elio said on 14/Apr/06
still a good inch taller than you? Could be the camera angle, but to me he looks at least 2.5"+ inches taller (assuming you are Ms D).

If so that would make the guy ~5'7.5" (your height) + ~1.5" (your shoes) + ~2.5" (the difference) = 5'11.5" in shoes. So maybe he's around the 5'10" mark?
Editor Rob said on 14/Apr/06
Here is another pic of Leto, I think from same show as the one Shanti was at. Anyway, 5ft 6 Ms K thought Jared is 5ft 9ish...
shanti said on 13/Apr/06
haha yes no lifts at his show, my point exactly he is 5'9.5
shanti said on 13/Apr/06
yes Rob, you are right I was wearing heels that were about 1.5-2 inches and he was still a good inch taller than me. My friend Christie also met him and she has a picture with him, she is 5'9 exactly, we measured, and he is about half an inch taller than her. So i would say he is 5'9.5, he was not wearing lifts.

[Editor Rob: yeah, this pic was at one of his band shows you met him at, lifts=highly unlikely.

actually, he was pictured filming some scenes with lindsay lohan and looks the height you estimate]
shanti said on 12/Apr/06
ha I am not exaggerating my height, infact I was lowering my height I am inbetween 5'7-5'8 no where lower than 5'7. he isn't as short as people say he is.

[Editor Rob: shanti, I think you said you had 1.5-2 inch shoes on aswell?]
sebastian said on 12/Apr/06
i dont know. she could be exagerating her height.
Editor Rob said on 12/Apr/06
I added a pic of a 5ft 7 lady who met him recently at one of his shows and thought he looked near 5ft 10, also that he's a great guy.
Anonymous said on 6/Apr/06
Charisa if he was 5.11 that would make Colin Farel 6.4.
trueheight said on 14/Mar/06
Christian Bale towered over him in American Psycho. 3in bigger
Charissa said on 28/Feb/06
I have met Jared twice when he was here with his band. My husband is 6 ft even. Jared is very close to the same height maybe 5' 11. I am 5 4 and I have a picture of me standing with him and he is a lot taller than me.
Anonymous said on 21/Feb/06
saw him at lollapalooza while he was playing with his band, later on i literally bumped into him out in the courtyard area. back then i was 5'9" and he was a good inch or more below me.
sebastian said on 16/Feb/06
there is a picture of him with jolie at the premiere of alexander and he is a good 2 to three inches shorter than her. Though she is wearing heels.
LeeStone said on 10/Feb/06
I saw him at the Lord of War filming. He was walking right at me and then by me. I'm 5'7" now and this was like 2 years ago and I remember looking down on him...He can't be that short but I doubt he's 5'9". (he has that funny lean-forward jumpy walk)
jdo said on 31/Jan/06
I met him in person in October 2005 and I am 5'6" and he was barely the same height as me... I might even say 5'7 or 8 MAX...
luky said on 25/Dec/05
is 5ft 9 is 174 175 cm sure
Jen said on 29/Nov/05
I saw him w/ Lindsay Lohan in NYC... he's 5'10 max
UNK said on 15/Nov/05
IMDB has him at 5'9". In this picture with Diaz, both in sandals, they are looking pretty much the same. Every one seems to think Diaz is below 5'8"... either way I think 5'9" is a stretch, let alone 5'9.25".
Pheeeb said on 7/Nov/05
I watched Jared Leto in Urban Legend recently and he was in some scenes shorter than Alicia Witt (5'8.5") Shame...
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/05
Angelina is about 5'4" in real life. I also met Cameron Diaz and she can't be over 5'7". Jared is 5'8".
NewAmsterdamn said on 15/Oct/05
I dunno how tall Leto is, but in this photograph at the premiere of Alexander, he is standing next to Val Kilmer (6'- according to your site) and Angelina Jolie (5'7''- according to your site). I'm sure Jolie is wearing heels, but both her and Kilmer are towering above Leto.
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/05
I took pics with him at the concert and i'm 5'8 and he was a little taller than me so he's probably 5'9
CelebHeights Editor said on 23/Aug/05
From Gawker - "I saw Jared Leto.....much shorter than I expected, probably like 5’8 max?"
lola said on 25/Jun/05
In paparazzi pictures, when he was with Cameron Diaz, he looks to be a bit taller than her (or at least the same height) and she's listed as 5'9".
funkymonk said on 14/Jun/05
in Fight Club he looks not more than an inch shorter than Brad Pitt. So it depends on Pitt's height. Pitt is listed on this site as 5ft 11 or i personally think between 5ft10 and 5ft11.
ajwells11 said on 25/May/05
Mike, I doubt Jared Leto is 5'6... I am sorry but just because you have a grudge against his band doesn't mean you have to give him a low blow like that, lol... But yeah, Jared Leto is a little bit about 5'9 there is not way he is 5'8!!! trust me, seeing him next to Colin he looks maybe an inch shorter.
Mike said on 28/Apr/05
I saw Leto in concert with his crappy group. I'm 5'8" on the dot and he was about 2-3 inches shorter than I am. Guess he forgot the lifts that day.
Dude said on 9/Apr/05
Hey, I think he's really just 5'9. Look in Alexander and you'll notice that he's slightly short compare to Colin.

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