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6ft 1.26in (186.1cm)
James said on 26/Jul/11
not the best camera angle in your pic Andrea.

6'0.5? How tall does that make Jonathan Ross 5'11.25? LOL.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 26/Jul/11
here's with snoop dogg who is 192 for sure:
Click Here
snoop is leaning, with leaned head... ok, he's closer to the camera, but he looks close to 5 inches taller! ok he's not that taller but there are at least 8 cms between them! search on google and you'll find other pictures of them! there's no one where there's only 5 cms of difference! in my opinion jay-z is a strong 6'0.5! no more!
James said on 25/Jul/11
Terrible camera angle with will smith so its hard to gauge.

All I will say is that he did look taller than Jonthan ross who is not under 6'1.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Jul/11
187.5cm I think
johno said on 18/Jul/11
People say jay z and will smith are the similar in height but if your freeze at 0:02 in the following video

Click Here

You will see jay z is 1.5inches taller then smith. In some photos jay z and smith are the same height and in some jay z is an inch or so taller.

Jay z is around 6'1-6'2 in height, around 6'1.5 and the funny thing is so will is listed at that height. Clearly jay z is the taller man.

Jay z 6'1.5
smith 6'0.5
James said on 18/Jul/11
lillo thomas says on 7/Jul/11
6-2 is hilarious because Will Smith and Jay never look like legit guys both are 6-1 at best guys.

Surely you mean 6'2 at best guys?
Chameleon said on 7/Jul/11
He was shorter than a 6'1 guy in Vipers pics.
Slim Shady said on 7/Jul/11
jay is approximately 6'2"
lillo thomas said on 7/Jul/11
6-2 is hilarious because Will Smith and Jay never look like legit guys both are 6-1 at best guys.
James said on 5/Jul/11
6'2 is not hilarious cause will smith is at least 6'1 and both him and jay look very similar in height.
James said on 3/Jul/11
maybe he had on big footware with Johnathan Ross? If not then i woulden't argue under 6'2. Maybe his frame can make him look a bit shorter than he really is?
tyler said on 30/Jun/11
hes like 6 feet no more than 6'1. makes me feel pretty ood because im 5'8 and only 13. have a while before i really start growing. doctor said ill be 6'3.
Lenad said on 29/Jun/11
the people saying hes 6'1 max really have no idea telling height. He had a good inch on Jonathan Ross. And dont say Ross is 6'0 max because hes not
Viper said on 28/Jun/11
6-1 is a joke, let alone 6-2

Hes like Will Smith
James said on 28/Jun/11
JJ says on 27/Jun/11
6'2 is a joke

Not when he had a good 1 inch on 185cm Johnathan Ross its not.
James said on 25/Jun/11
Rob do you think 188cm is possible?
[Editor Rob: I'm not convinced he looks 6ft 2 as often as between 6ft 1 and 2.]
Mohammed said on 23/Jun/11
Doubt he's 187 barefoot. He wears lifters (big boots/shoes) making him look taller.
Terryman said on 13/Jun/11
Rob once the illuminati topic starts it never stops,we have to put up with it all over youtube and now it coming over!
tom said on 13/Jun/11
illuminati... 6 foot 1.5
Lenad said on 9/Jun/11
weak 6'2 it is. Looked the same height as Alex Rodriguez actually who is getting listed at 6'1.5 (187cm)
Terryman said on 4/Jun/11
Click Here
Viper said on 3/Jun/11
1 inch shorter than 6-0.75 Larry Johnson.

5-11.75, or weak 6-0
Chameleon said on 2/Jun/11
Brad what do you me an
jtm said on 2/Jun/11
that is correct brad.
Brad said on 2/Jun/11
Detonate that piece of garbage shot, somebody is in whoppers or uneven flooring. He's as listed 1 foot from me. I burnt him by 2.5" and he was in big boots and me with 1/4" worn out Chuck Taylor tread.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jun/11
No way 5ft11.5 or 6ft0.5. He looked about 2 inches shorter than 6ft3.5-6ft4 Snoop
jtm said on 1/Jun/11
you have him at 5'11.5 because of that picture with snoop? we don
t even see what kind of footwear they are both wearing or if the ground is level.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 26/May/11
youre right thereel! the picture says it all! he's at least 3.5 inches shorter than snoop! so he's 182-183! no more! also look at him with sacha baron cohen! he looks like 8-9 cms shorter and sbc is 190-191!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/May/11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/May/11
Viper your little comedy act of lowering peoples heights just to keep your own vanity afloat died out ages ago. Just get one appreciates your arrogance
Andrea [ITA] said on 7/May/11
If sacha baron cohen is 192, hes no more than 185!
Viper said on 6/May/11
LOL at that bull**** evidence. Jay is way closer to the camera and 50 Cent is 5-10.5 Max
Viper said on 6/May/11
Your dad wasnt properly measured. Jay Z is shorter than 6-0.75 measured Larry Johnson, and he was properly measured at the NFL combine.
Keith said on 4/May/11
Haha a Viper my dad is 6'2 has been measured a 6'2 over 300 times and Jay and my dad were if not exactly the same heigh.

How the **** is jay z 6'0 feet ?

Click Here

and jayz does not wear lifts and clearly towerd over jonathan ross,stop tryna change things.
Viper said on 2/May/11
No tsller than 6-0. Rampage you are not even funny anymore. The joke of you going for the highest possible height is played out.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/May/11
I think Jay Z is 187-188cm or a weak 6"2 and Jonathan Ross is a flat 6"1
joeyj said on 30/Apr/11
well in this pic (Click Here) with 6'8" Mikhail Prokhorov he looks about 6'2"
Lenad said on 29/Apr/11
Looked 1-1.5 inches taller than Jonathan Ross. Even Ross seemed surprised how tall he was. If Ross is 6'0.5 than Jay Z would be 187-188cm which looks accurate to me. The people saying hes 6ft1 max have no clue in judging height
Chameleon said on 26/Apr/11
Well he cant be 184cm otherwise he wouldnt be taller than Jonathan Ross.
Lenad said on 24/Apr/11
i'D Say out of bed he measures bang on 6ft2.
mohammad said on 14/Apr/11
Downgrade him to 6'0.5 already, god.
Viper said on 14/Apr/11
6-0 Ronald Reagan looked taller next to Jackson than Jay Z does.
Mathew said on 12/Apr/11
Michael Jackson was NEVER 5'11", in reality I would imagine he was a weak 5'8" but for arguements sake 5'9" max. So no, Jay Z isn't 6'2" next to Jackson.
johan said on 8/Apr/11
needs a downgrade to 183-184 cm, seriously.
Viper said on 1/Apr/11
Just checked most of the pics with 6-7 measured Lebron. Jay Z looks 7 inches shorter or more with Lebron in most of them.
mohammad said on 1/Apr/11
definately not 6'1.75, probably 6'2 measured in shoes, 6'0.5 barefoot.

@M&M Michael jackson is 5'9 and jay z looks 6 foot in that pic with that premise.
d wade said on 1/Apr/11
with Lebron james Click Here Click Here
and with strong 6,5 Kobe Bryant here Click Here
Oye said on 1/Apr/11
Viper first LL is 5-11" and now Jay-Z is 5'11.75" in your eyes? What drugs are you taking?
Viper said on 31/Mar/11
It flat out sickens me to see how many people confuse a 6-0 guy for 6-1 or even a crazy ass 6-2.

Hell, Jay Z doesnt even LOOK 6-2 physically. Un****ingreal.
Viper said on 31/Mar/11
Ross must be shorter than people think on here. Its easy to do, especially If you cant tell height in the first place.

Last time I checked Ross has never been measured. Larry Johnson has. Not only that we also see both Larry Johnson and Jay Z's feet in one of those pics. So we know both of them arnt standing on anything.

Larry Johnson is slightly closer to the camera than Jay, but its obvious 6-1 Max Larry is the taller guy.
James said on 31/Mar/11
Jonathan Ross 6'0.75 (185cm)
Jay Z 6'2 (188cm)?
Chameleon said on 31/Mar/11
@SAK any 187 can claim 6'2 imo.

Jay-Z is 6'2
Darren said on 30/Mar/11
Viper stop trolling. It's pretty clear that Jay is a tall guy.

Viper maybe you need to be thrown into a mental ward because if Jay has never seen 6'1" then Ross must be 5'10".
Chameleon said on 30/Mar/11
O yeah Viper how tall u think he is then?
SAK said on 30/Mar/11
If u r 187cm u can get away with saying ur 6ft2, because @ some point throughout the day u will b 6ft2, most likely soon as wake up.
Viper said on 29/Mar/11
Jay Z has never seen 6-1 in his life. 6-2 should get you thrown into a mental ward.
Chameleon said on 29/Mar/11
Looked 6'2 to me also at that interview.
James said on 27/Mar/11
he had 4cm on jonathan ross which would mean he is a strong 6'2........
Milky said on 27/Mar/11
Click Here
M&M said on 25/Mar/11
Jay Z Is 6'2" Here With 5'11" Michael Jackson
Jay Z Is 3 Inches Taller than the king , That Makes jay 6'2"
Here it is
Click Here
Detox said on 6/Mar/11
Jay-Z is a solid 6'2" he made Ross look 6'0.5" (which he really is)
A star said on 13/Feb/11
and he had half an inch on 6"1.5 jonathan ross
A star said on 13/Feb/11
i think he possibly is 6'2 flat because whenever he stands next to 6"1.5 will smith he always has about half an inch on him
mememe said on 11/Feb/11
he sould be a bit taller then jonathan ross so mybe 6'2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jan/11
187-188cm or 6"1.75
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/11
he looks a lot shorter than 6'4 snoop dogg, he only looked 6 foot next to him, he can't be 6'1 unless snoop is 6'5
Lenad said on 7/Jan/11
I wouldnt rule out the 188cm for this guy but i agree with Rob 187cm is a safer bet
SH said on 5/Jan/11
Seen him at a club twice, he looked much smaller than I expected. 6' id say
Joanna said on 2/Jan/11
I think he is 1,88 m .Look at him with beyonce (1.68 m) in deja vu clip Click Here
Joanna said on 2/Jan/11
I think he is 1,88 m .Look at him with beyonce (1.68 m) in deja vu clip
paddy said on 4/Dec/10
To even consicer him 6'2 is a stupidity.
Please, see the vid. at 3:32. Nowhere near is he to 6'2. Possibly 6'1 at tops, considering the fact that Chester and McCartney are 5'10.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Dec/10
187-188cm or a weak 6"2
Allen,189cm morning said on 30/Nov/10
Jay-Z on Jonathan Ross,Jonthan Ross estimed his height to a good 6'2":
Click Here
James said on 21/Nov/10
Closer to 6'1 flat than 6'1.5. I think 185cm or 186cm?

with 5'10.5 P Diddy
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Viper said on 11/Nov/10
Hes not 6'1.5. Hes 6'0
LG69 said on 10/Nov/10
looks 1-1.5" taller than 6'0 dr.dre, so 6'1.5" sounds correct.
Mark D. said on 9/Jun/09
I met him when I was doing security at a show. I'm a bit over 6'4", there was three inches difference. His posture is normal. So 6'1.5" is very accurate.
Gingersn said on 29/May/09
Lebron is 6-7.
Stella said on 29/May/09
He is no more than 5'7" 180 lbs...I was shocked when i saw him in a restaurant last night....he is very small....
Damon said on 28/May/09
There is no way in hell that Jay-Z is 6'6. Just saw him beside 6'8 LeBron James and he looked like a dwarf. 6'2 is very generous.
Hugh 190cm said on 28/May/09
lol 6ft6. 6ft1.5-6ft2.
Mo said on 19/May/09
Jay-Z is the very least 6'6''...saw him yesterday...I'm 6'5''and he's def an inch or 2 taller than me.
Hugh 190cm said on 17/May/09
I agree with that Lenad.
Lenad said on 23/Apr/09
I think hes most likely a weak 6'2. 187-188cm
Truth said on 20/Apr/09
solid 6'2''..he just has bad posture.
Olly Bassett said on 5/Apr/09
I agree with Doug, he looked taller than Jonathon Ross by at least an inch; I think Ross even mentioned he was tall. I'd give Ross 6' 1" and Jay Z 6' 2".
Candyman said on 12/Mar/09
Looks 6'2" to me but who really knows.
Doug said on 4/Mar/09
He looked a strong 6'2" 188cm to me on Jonathan Ross, possible 189cm.
\\\\\\\\-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 16/Feb/09
I would say 187cm-188cm.
Zach #2 said on 14/Feb/09
TELLEM, Diddy is 5ft 10.5" MAX, that would make Jay-Z 6ft 1.5" as stated.
TELLEM said on 25/Jan/09
next to p. diddy (if diddy IS 5'11) he looks about 6'2
Hugh said on 19/Jan/09
He could be 6ft2 but over that I'm not so certain off.
jay89 said on 5/Jan/09
i know that i tend to say that people are taller than listed here.. but i really think that he's a strong 6'2. his broad shoulders, hip hop clothing and bad posture give a much shorter illusion though.
i'd bet my ass on that if he stood up straight he would be a hair over 6'2".
jonathan ross also described him as a strong 6'2" on his show.
Lenad said on 27/Dec/08
If he stood up straight I'd go for at least 6'1.
J.J. said on 25/Dec/08
Whitley, a 4 inch heels give 3 inches in height whether there is a platform or not the platform has been made to make you feel comfortable. so basically you have to wear a 5 inch heel to become 6'0"
jacky burton said on 15/Dec/08
Interesting, I thought for sure that he was below 6'! I thought it's because he appears to be a fairly stocky guy.
Brad said on 13/Dec/08
He's 6' 1" in his NYPD jacket. Fits in person if you meet him. Wears stealth Timbs or customs. Easy to confuse.
J.J. said on 11/Dec/08
it is possible for him to be 6'1.75"
Lenad said on 30/Nov/08
Apparently this guy has gone from looking as high as 6'3 and as low as 6'0!
Whitley said on 30/Nov/08
I have to say 6'0 at the most im 5'8 had on at the most 4 inch heels with a 2inch platform in the front I was taller than him by an inch or 2. He even looked short from a distance to the point i didnt think it was him, that def.. makes Beyonce 5'7 claim def invalid.
Lenad said on 27/Nov/08
If he stood up straight I can see 186cm at the lowest.
Bob Dole said on 19/Oct/08
On here Taylor Swift is taller and she's 5'11
Click Here
Lenad said on 18/Oct/08
He looks about 6'2 if he stood straight
Blackray said on 5/Oct/08
Definitely taller than UK chat show host Johnathan Ross by 2 cm hence 186-187 cm max.
wedge said on 25/Sep/08
6'1.5" sounds right. I've seen him a couple times. He has terrible posture but always looks tall. The only people taller than him are the REALLY tall guys. It's a good height because you don't have to stand up straight and you're still taller than most people. And you can never be mistaken for average height.
Ian said on 9/Sep/08
He is 6ft1.5. You all forgot about camera angles etc and standing to full height. See when he stands up to leave both the same height. That is part2 of the Utube clip and he walks out both the same. No more than 6ft1.5. 6ft2 is wishful thinking, as you can see as he walks out there is a small set up.
Chris said on 26/Aug/08
i saw him at the suns vs rockets game in houston when i was working out of town in houston i am 5'8 and he was much taller than me i would say 6'2 but i couldnt get close to him cause of security the closest i got was 10 feet or so away
Bruce said on 20/Aug/08
G said on 12/Aug/08
Scott said on 19/Jul/08

Something's got to give here ... either Jay Z is AT LEAST the height he says he is. OR Ross is not 6'1.5".

I appreciate a downgrade for Ross would send this site into meltdown and involve 100s of regrades ... so perhaps give Jay Z the full 6'2" he claims, or the 6'2.5" he looks :)
Alex said on 16/Jul/08
Viper, I would say he's 6'1 barefoot but can give a 5'11-6'0 impression at times. When I saw him on stage at a Linkin Park concert this past February. I would have said 6'0 tops.
jay said on 14/Jul/08
he was clearly taller than 6'1.5" jonathan ross on friday night.
check out this clip if you dont believe me. i think he's a strong 6'2"

Click Here
Catsman said on 10/Jul/08
Pause Scott's YouTube clip at 1:32 or 1:33 and you can see that Jay Z is at least an inch taller than Jonathan Ross, and he still looks to have a lazy stance (Jay Z). I'd say the height gap is larger. How tall is Ross bare foot, really?
Viper said on 6/Jul/08
So hes not even 6-1 barefoot.
Brad said on 5/Jul/08
Saw him again in Vegas. 6' 1" plus big footwear. His bodyguards are buildings so he looks smaller than you'd realize. Nice guy but his club is getting bad vibes.
amber said on 2/Jul/08
he dont look 6'2 people say he looks mad tall idk and idc cause i aint never c him in real life.
Scott said on 1/Jul/08
Hey Rob - an upgrade is required here.

Jay Z is 100% taller than Ross. Ross is in dress shoes and Zee is in sneakers:

Click Here

Ross readily, clumsily and slightly embarrassingly notes Jay Z is taller than he is. Ross is 6'1.5 therefore Jay Z is 6'2 MINIMUM.

In my humble opinion ;)

Hopefully the youtube clip is pretty conclusive.
Viper said on 1/Jul/08
He doesnt look anymore than 6-1 to me.
Sid said on 28/Jun/08
Jonathan Ross said last night (not in exact quotes) 'wow i thoought a little guy was gonna come out, you bigger than me your a good six footer, six two something like that' he did have easy 0.5 in on ross.
Bruce said on 27/Jun/08
i will definately give jay-z a strong 6'1.75" nearly 6'2" because he is very tall. No wonder he claims 6'2"
Rhonda said on 27/Jun/08
he was on the johnathan ross show tonight and he was the same height as ross
glenn said on 20/Jun/08
durst is 5-9.
Alex said on 18/Jun/08
Eminem could be 5'8 too. No more than that though. If Eminem is 5'7 than Fred Durst is no more than that too.
Viper said on 19/May/08
Eminem is 5-7.
mimi said on 1/May/08
he is 6'2,but he look damn tall in diz pix,as if he wear high heels
kev said on 6/Apr/08
lebron is listed at 6-8!
Jake Is Back said on 6/Apr/08
Looks 6'1" max next to 6'7.25" Lebron James in pictures. In some he is struggling w/ 6'.
ENY MIKE said on 3/Apr/08
I have a pic with me and jay n we both the same ht so JAY IS 6'1 barefoot if he's wearin timbs he's a good almost 6'3 with airforce 1's or any other footwear he 6'2
Ramsay Fan #420 said on 2/Apr/08
I'm 6ft and have met Jay-Z a few times, he was MAYBE an inch taller.
camaco 9 said on 30/Mar/08
i alwaya figured he was around 6 3 or so but years ago will smith presented him with an american music award and he was taller than jay and he is around 6 2
glenn said on 22/Feb/08
like dj 5 star says below,in the 90s the man looked 6-3 to me.lately looking 6ft.5.strange.
Alex said on 22/Feb/08
I went to a Linkin Park concert last night and I was on the floor and pretty close to the stage when Jay-Z made a special appearance and I tell you he didn't look 6'1 but I could be wrong since I was on the ground and he was on stage. He looked more 5'11 to me to be honest. I was suprised because he looks 6'1 on tv and in pictures.
DJ 5 Star said on 15/Jan/08
Let me end the rumors. Jay is about 6'2". I stand at the same height and have DJed at clubs that he has been in. He looks to be almost 6'3", but he's right at it.
glenn said on 18/Dec/07
maybe.but i think i grew around 1994.
glenn said on 10/Dec/07
he does look slighty under 6-1 lately.6-3 in the 90s.
Marc said on 10/Dec/07
I saw Jay Z at Paris airport last saturday december 8th. He walks beside me wiht Beyonce and 2 bodyguards.First I tought it was Usher! Because he is definitly shorter than 6'3. I really think that Jay Z is 6' or 6'1. No way he is taller that that!
Viper said on 14/Nov/07
You couldnt be more wrong about this. 6-0 for 50 cent actually seems more tall for him. And Jay Z isnt over 6-1 1/2.
J said on 13/Nov/07
Jay-z seems to be 6-2 to 6-4 range. Next to lebron james he only seemed to be 3 to 4 inches shorter and i think Lebron is 6'8. I read 50 cent being 6'0 which seems short for him.
Al said on 9/Oct/07
in 2003 when the lakers lost to the nets in blowout fashion in NJ i was there. at the time i was a freshman in highschool but i was 6ft tall. i know this because i had recently joined the football team where the physician took our height and weight. and i met Jay at the game and got his autograph. all my friends and i kept sayin was that we never new jay-z was that short he was 5'10" EZ.jay-z lied, and the guy in the picture is just tryin to compensate for some reason
Kate said on 17/Sep/07
Met Jay Z at the MTV premier at UN last year. He is 6'2" to 6'3". He is not massive as someone wrote below. He is actually quite slim.
sofia said on 1/Sep/07
AAAA says on 15/Aug/07
He looks close to 6'2 in this pic and he isn't even standing straight
AAAA said on 15/Aug/07
He looks close to 6'2 in this pic and he isn't even standing straight
Anthony said on 13/Aug/07
Jay-Z is 38.
Ben said on 12/Aug/07
Just to give Leonardi a heads up, he's over 40 dude.
glenn said on 5/Aug/07
jay z did appear shorter than i remembered him,and i said plenty of times how i know healthy people in their 40s that give the illusion of being shorter than what they were.jay seemed a hair over 6ft,as opposed to the 6-3 i thought i remembered him at.he did have a hell of a slouch going of course.
leonari said on 5/Aug/07
Matthew: Such bull****. Really. You are...Jay isn't even 40 !!! At that age when you are healthy you don't lose any height. How old are you 10? Check your facts before posting stupidities.
Matthew said on 4/Aug/07
Urr, Jay-z Is definately not 6'3 now, he wouldnt undercut his own height..although, i guess it is possible for him to have lost an inch since his "prime"...lets not forget, the man is nearly 40 now, and btw, Timms give you 2 inches, not 3-4. I assume he is 6'1/ 6'1 1/2 bare foot, which in timms, would bring him to 6'3...i can't see him being 6'2, that would mean in footwear (timms, airmax etc..) he would be 6'4 ...which he has never looked, so i give him 6'1 barefoot, 6'2 in shoes/trainers, 6'3 in timms maybe.
d said on 28/Jul/07
jay looks taller than rob bourdon, drummer of linkin park, who's about 6'2-3 ..he should be about 6'4.
Viper said on 20/Jul/07
jay is really no more than 6-1 in most pics.
Marc said on 19/Jul/07
I believe 6´2 or even taller ..
If jay would pull his shoulders back and the head up he could nearly lay his chin on Glenns head!
I saw him live and he seems massive!
dmeyer said on 2/Jul/07
if straight about 6'2
balla said on 1/Jul/07
Glenn is standing straight up, and Jay-Z is leaning a little, but look, Jay-Z's eyes are even with the top of Glenn's head (5'8") and his forehead cannot be any taller than 4 inches, making him 6 foot even. I will say 6'1 even because he is leaning a little.
James said on 22/Jun/07
Yeah I agree with Gwen i think the guy is almost 6ft2. I think the reason why Glenn thought he was 6ft3 is because he always seems to wear those big mountain boots which would make him appear 189cm - 190cm.
Gwen said on 23/May/07
I believe if the man say he is 6'2 he's 6'2 i really don't care i love him with his fine ass
Brad said on 20/Apr/07
I pulled his NYPD arrest jacket. He's 6' 1".
Anthony said on 10/Apr/07
I saw pics where Denzel was taller than Jay-Z, believe it or not. I do think he's around 6'1, though.
footballed28 said on 9/Apr/07
I can see an easy 6 -7 inch difference between the I dont see how he can be less than 6' even if Glenn is not a full 5'8 I will still give Jay Z 6'2
Erik said on 17/Mar/07
Me friends met Jay-z and Beanie Segal at a basketball game a while back. I was 5'10" at the time and he towerd over me. i also saw a picture of him with snoop dogg and snoop had him by a little bit. not much. plus air force ones actually give u almost a inch
Viper said on 11/Mar/07
A good chance he wears lifts.
glenn said on 10/Mar/07
yeah,jay looked 6-3 to me in the late 90s.i was shocked last month to see what you saw.6ft.
Clash said on 9/Mar/07
saw Jay Z yesterday on the street as he came out of an Art Gallery. I am 6'2" he is definitely shorter. I'd say around 6' even. It was cold so maybe he was slouching.
J. said on 23/Feb/07
Jay-Z and "The King": Click Here

He's defintely in the 6'1" range. And still hideously ugly after all these years.
Viper said on 11/Feb/07
Glenn, these pictures show A-rod is 6-2 at his absolute best, though I think hes more 6-1 1/2 exactly. He looks between 6-1 and 6-2 in most pics. Click Here
Glenn said on 12/Jan/07
Oh.really? there both listed at 6-3 though,correct?
Viper said on 12/Jan/07
No, Jeter has close to an inch on A-rod.
Glenn said on 12/Jan/07
I dont know about that one Viper.I thought Alex and Derek Jeter were of similiar height.
Viper said on 10/Jan/07
The funny thing is Alex Rodriguez is more 6-1 1/2, not 6-3. He looked the exact same height as 6-1 Barry Bonds in pictures similar to those. Ive seen a couple of pictures where Jay Z looks tqaller than A-rod actually.
Glenn said on 7/Jan/07
I always saw 6-3 as well.
Top Cat said on 7/Jan/07
I know Jay-Z. Ran into him so many times he thought I was a b list star or something. He's 6.3, I'm 6.1, he was atleast 2 inch taller than me.
Brad said on 8/Dec/06
Depends on his footwear. He goes from low cut sneakers to dress shoes to big a$$ boots. The guy was 6' 3" with me shaking his hand in boots. I'll give him around 6' 1" plus the added. His bodyguard was gigantic...not Snoop bodyguard large...but in shape 6' 7".
Glenn said on 23/Nov/06
I have witnesses with Denzel. and it wasnt me that spotted it.look at my Denzel pic.he is 6ft tops.with a slouch that makes him shorter.
Viper652 said on 22/Nov/06
Whats funny is Glenn says hes seen Denzel at only 5-10 once, and 6-3 for Jay-Z.
Lil D said on 21/Nov/06
I saw an episode of TRL with Jay-Z and Denzel Washington. Well Denzel looked about 2 inches or maybe even 3 inches taller than Jay-Z. Now Denzel had on a suit and most likely dress shoes while Jay-Z had on street clothes and tennis shoes so that might have gave him an advantage...but he really looked way shorter. Also Denzel was standing up very straight while Jay-Z had his usual slouch.
Glenn said on 19/Nov/06
Some kid I know was showing me his picture of him and Jay z.Jay z was an inch taller than this 6-1 kid.I used to misjudge Jay at 6-3.
Alex said on 19/Nov/06
He's at least 6'1, maybe 6'1.5 like he's listed here. Timberland boots really give you 1.5 inches of height, not 2-3. Well at least the ones I got give just 1.5 inches.
Glenn said on 4/Nov/06
He always looked 6-3 to me.
Viper652 said on 3/Nov/06
He and R Kelly look about the same height in pictures, and Kelly is 6-1.
Brad said on 3/Nov/06
Yeah, he wore those Timberland boots. I'll go to 6' 1" now. Those things add 2-3 inches.
Emily said on 18/Oct/06
i thought he was taller...hmm guess he just looks tall.
D. Ray Morton said on 17/Oct/06
Timberlands have about 1.5" in sole height. 3" would be the special KISS model (they recently changed their costumes to fit more of a Village People theme, lord knows why).
Viper652 said on 17/Oct/06
Yeah, I dont think Timberlands have 2-3 inches naturally. The real question is does he have lifts built inside them.
Jason said on 16/Oct/06
He wears Timberland boots all the time, my brother has those boots they add at least 2-3 inches

[Padraig: Nonsense. 2-3 inches, you throw that out there showing you have no idea how much. 3 inches is a f***ing heel height :=)

No offence Jason, but 1.5 inches might be more realistic. Sorry if I come across harsh.]
Anonymous said on 12/Oct/06
He's said himself that he's 6'2 and I think he looks like it. On differnt photos he doesn't look bigger.
Viper652 said on 29/Sep/06
Does Jay Z wear lifts? He looks well over 6-3 in a couple of dodgy pictures with Alex Rodriguez who I peg at 186-187. Click Here
Glenn said on 12/Sep/06
I had 6-1.5 friends I thought were 6-3.
Viper652 said on 12/Sep/06
Some 6-1 guys can pass off being 6-3. Beleive me, Ive overestimated 6-1 guys as well.
Glenn said on 11/Sep/06
I agree.I always thought he was 6-3.yeah, Brad.thank you.
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/06
looks 6 ft2 in piceven sloushing
David said on 23/Aug/06
I met jay-z at trl last year when he brought NE-yo in and 50 cent was also there promoting his movie, i can say that i shook hands with jay-z as he passed right by me towards the end of the shot. im 5"11 and have always wondered how tall Jay was, i can tell u that he is 6"1-6"1/2. tops!!! trust me on this 6"1 is the most accurate you can get without measuring him in person lol
Brad said on 6/Aug/06
Solid 6' 3" when I ran into him. I had him beat by 2". He likes to play black jack at The Bellagio. Nice guy.
Jeff said on 2/Aug/06
Definitly on the dot. I met him in my restaurant @ Morimoto and he is 6'1". He was wearing white uptowns so at would give him a extra inch.
Viper652 said on 26/Apr/06
Im sorry Rob, but ourlads can be wrong as well. For example they list 6-6 Julius Peppers of the Carolina Panthers as being only 6-5. Hes billed at 6-7, but couchscout gives his measured height of 6-6, and thats what his actual combine measurement was before the draft. And Ive actually seen the guy in person and he is 6-6. So ourlads is deffinitly not 100 percent accurate. They are also totally wrong on a few other guys as well. Couchscout may not have some of the heights down to an exact science on all, but for the most part they are correct.

[Editor Rob: yes, of course there'll be some errors, but even the couchscout guy said trust ourlads over his listings...but owens really does look nigh on 6ft 3, well mostly...

its irrelevant really since couchscout copied the ourlads listings and screwed some of the heights up in the process ;-)]
Jake said on 25/Apr/06
I thought T.O. was actually measured at 6'2"...

[Editor Rob:
ourlads is the most accurate, all data is obtained from the combine itself. If you don't believe it, ask like I did, the director of that organisation...As for Owens, 6ft 2, 7/8th is his height.

I know this 'couchscout' thing has been quoted on here in the past, but when I actually bothered to look properly, I saw it is operated by one guy who obtained the heights from ourlads itself!
But, the couchscout guy lost fractional parts in his copied database for some of the heights, hence he had incorrect listings...i.e. 6ft 2.0 for Owens.
Viper652 said on 22/Apr/06
I bet hes calling his height in shoes. He look exactly the same height as 6-1 R Kelly whenever they were together.
young t said on 20/Apr/06
in his latest internets chat on he says he is 6'2

[Editor Rob: why thank you for pointing this out young t!!!

JAY Z - "I'm really short. LOL. That was a joke. I'm not really short. My attempt at humor. I'm 6'2"


ali g said on 10/Apr/06
yeah I think Jay is a very solid 6"3. No smaller than that. In the pic jay-z is slightly leaning in toward glenn aswell.
~Nate~ said on 6/Apr/06
I remember when I almost met Jay Z a few years back at the Beverly Center. He walked right past me, if thats what a 6'1 man is suppose to look like that makes no sense what so ever. He was a good 3 inches if not more taller then me. This kid is tall, and I was wearing my Aldo boots when I met him which made me a little taller prolly like 6'1. So If I was 6'1 in those boots theres no way Jay was 6'1, he was wearing sneakers and like I said was still at least 3 inches taller then me, this 6'1 stuff is BS.

[Editor Rob: well, technically we're giving him 187cm ;-)

but, is this guy the same height as say Terrell Owens who is measured just about 6ft 3

maybe he is?]
Eddd said on 25/Mar/06
No WAY. I know him even more personally, I'm his home boy. And he's no less than 7'4"
ComeON said on 14/Mar/06
Jay-Z 6'3,I know him personally and he is defintely a solid 6'3....Get it right people.
Jake said on 5/Mar/06
Jay Z is not 6'3", or even 6'2", he is 6'1.5" and is making a stupid face in the pic w/ Glenn.
dmeyer said on 25/Feb/06
6'2" seems right
Glenn said on 24/Feb/06
I always thought he looked 6-3.
CoolJ said on 23/Feb/06
Willz: are we supposed to take the opinion of someone who says "shyt" seriously?

Hamilton easily has 4" on him.. maybe more. 6'1.5 looks good to me.
Willz said on 22/Feb/06
Jay-Z was recently standing in a pic with Richard Hamilton)Detroit Pistons,Guard) and he was approximately 2.7-2.9 inches shorter than Hamilton who is 6 foot 6,so i would have to say that he's around 6 foot 3 or 6 foot 2 and like 7/8 or some shyt like that

[Editor Rob: I think this link is the one you mean]
CBlack said on 19/Feb/06
Jay can't be more than 6'1", 6'1.5" at the most. I stood right next to him at the 40/40 club. I'm 5'6" or 5'9" with heels and my fiance is 6'2" and Jay-Z was a little shorter than him.
Ujane, Moscow said on 14/Feb/06
2 Viper652:
I`ma 6ft 1.5/2 and I play basketball 4 2.5 yrs! What kind of sport do your prefer to spend time to?
Ujane, Moscow said on 12/Feb/06
I wanna 2 say just three words: H-E I-S T-A-L-L-E-R! That`s it!)))

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