How tall is Jay Z

Jay Z's Height

6ft 1 ½ (186.7 cm)

American rapper. He said once "I'm 6'2".

How tall is Jay Z
Photo by PR Photos

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Average Guess (144 Votes)
6ft 1.14in (185.8cm)
Michael Elam said on 30/Nov/23
They can't believe this much skill is in the human body
He's 6'2", how the f*ck he fit in a new Bugatti? “ -Jay Z (Heaven lyrics)
viper said on 21/Sep/23
He needs a downgrade to 6-1 1/4
Jawilder said on 16/Sep/23
@Rob maybe a downgrade to 6’1.25?

Click Here
Canson said on 15/Sep/23
Agree with viper. Same with Will smith who’s around that height
Jawilder said on 30/May/23
6’1 potentially
viper said on 19/Jan/23
Really needs a downgrade to 6-1 1/4
IceCold2 said on 11/Oct/22
Always been 6'1 or 186 cm max. The same height as R.Kelly Click Here Click Here
Ethan184cm said on 26/Aug/22
Rob, could you see 186cm peak 6’1.25 and a weak to decent 185cm nowadays 6’0.75-6’1. I think that would be the most accurate listing for Jay Z as his height fluctuates from looking almost 6’2 to looking barley 6’0.5 in some cases.
viper said on 13/Jun/22
6-1.25 is the absolute most he could be
Rowan182.5cm said on 12/Jun/22
Looks ~186 cm (~6'1.25)
5ft9giant said on 20/May/22
I think he's 6'1¼
viper said on 19/Apr/22
I can buy 6-1

6-1.5 is too much
IceCold said on 18/Apr/22
Why you not added information about his 6'1 mugshot height? Click Here
Editor Rob
It's been mentioned a few times over the years in the comments, unknown if he was guessed that tall by the person entering information or not.
IceCold said on 18/Apr/22
GTB173cm said on 17/Apr/22
Looks 6’0.5-6’0.75 with Beyonce at times. Probably a weak 6’2 in footwear.

That's probably good estimates, as he was listed 6'1 by a mugshot. No his height is over the place
GTB173cm said on 17/Apr/22
Looks 6’0.5-6’0.75 with Beyonce at times. Probably a weak 6’2 in footwear.
IceCold said on 15/Apr/22
Harry is not standing straight though
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 14/Apr/22
He’s no shorter than Prince Harry:

Click Here
IceCold said on 13/Apr/22
His height most of strange on this site
viper said on 11/Apr/22
Next to 5-10 Diddy

Click Here
IceCold said on 29/Mar/22
Looks small next to Jordan Click Here
IceCold said on 29/Mar/22
With listed 6'2.75 Lomelu Lukaku Click Here
IceCold said on 29/Mar/22
With Dwyane Wade Click Here
Ian Omom said on 19/Mar/22
this guy is one of the most fluctuative celebrity in terms of height, really hard to pinpoint cause sometimes he can look much shorter than he usually looks, but i would say with a good sleep +bust a gut, he would likely clear 186 cm around 2-3 pm measurement
rvi35 said on 28/Feb/22
Click Here Jayz 6'1 J.Cole 6'2.5 Kanye 5'7.75
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 6/Feb/22
Footballfan667 said on 21/Jul/21
Dr Dre makes him look shorter. 6'1 max for jay-z

why? he look 1-1,5 inch taller than Dre, 6'1,5 is plausible but he can definitely look shorter with other celebs, so i think 186 range for Jay Z
J.Blaze said on 6/Feb/22
Jay Z looks at least 6'1.5 with 6'1 Obama Click Here
sfsgf32 said on 9/Jan/22
Jay Z's Height 6 ft 0.5 in (184 cm) Click Here
Wehrmacht180 said on 6/Jan/22
185 cm
Soetan said on 28/Sep/21
He's 6'1. No more no less
Stinky 186 cm said on 29/Aug/21
ID say he’s about my height 6’ 1 1/4” maybe a little shorter now
177cm said on 28/Aug/21
Here he is with Candace Parker who’s listed at 6’4” on google but is likely shorter:
Click Here
177cm said on 9/Aug/21
6’1.25” for Hov IMO
Mickie said on 21/Jul/21
Similar to Jonathan Davis. Both claim 6'2" and can look near it at times but also can look 6'0" a lot of the time. And I think they're both 6'1" - 6'1.5" range types who have bad posture.
viper said on 21/Jul/21
I think a downgrade to 6-1 1/4 would be more accurate
Footballfan667 said on 21/Jul/21
Dr Dre makes him look shorter. 6'1 max for jay-z
Nzuben said on 31/May/21
This guy has a very trickish height tbh, sometimes he looks 5'11-6'0, other times he looks 6'1-6'2. I can't even put a finger on how tall he is, i'ma just leave it the way it is
viper said on 16/Apr/21
Lol, uhh he's still at his "peak"

He's a really weird one. I do think he's 6-1 minimum but has relaxed/horrendous posture
Incognito324 said on 14/Apr/21
His height from is 5'11 to 6'2+
Incognito324 said on 14/Apr/21
Comfort said on 13/Apr/21
I'm 100% sure this guy is shorter than a solid 6'1 guy like Rashford.
Peak Height 6'1¼
Current Height 6'0½
There's no way he's this tall

In some russian site He's listed as 184 cm
Comfort said on 13/Apr/21
I'm 100% sure this guy is shorter than a solid 6'1 guy like Rashford.
Peak Height 6'1¼
Current Height 6'0½
There's no way he's this tall
Incognito324 said on 26/Feb/21
LOL Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Nov/20
This mark is fine for him. He's a guy that can look both 6ft2 and 6ft1 flat
Slim 6'1" said on 11/Nov/20
gives off a 186-187cm impression
FriedChicken said on 10/Nov/20
Deserves a current and peak listing. He's bare minimum 0.5 inches shorter than Kyrie Irving who is listed 6'1 1/2 here.
1 man united said on 15/Jul/20
Rob, have you considered updating his current height, I agree this was his peak height but in recent photos he's shorter than 185cm Marcus Rashford and is barely taller than 181.5 cm Frank ocean. I believe his current height is 183.4 at best( 6'0.5).
Editor Rob
At 50 would Jay Z lose some height, or could it be a more relaxed posture...I can see how Jay Z in last few years does seem just 6ft 1
Vastlybetter said on 30/Jun/20
Rob, one person I'm missing in the "American Rappers" category is KRS One. Big guy with a bigger personality. Google has him listed at 6'4.

He is not really what you'd call popular at the moment, but there is no doubt he is a legend in the world of rap with a huge influence.
viol said on 20/May/20
Might have been 6'2 in his peak but looking like 6'1 right now. This is Hov standing next to Kyrie Irving who was measured 6'1.75 in his pre-draft.

Click Here
viper said on 11/May/20
If he's really 186-187cm it's really strange. Never seen anything like it.
Jam Cherry said on 10/May/20
186.5 cm seems about right
I'm 6'3' said on 30/Apr/20
The 5'11' claims are ridiculous this guy cannot be shorter than 6'1' he probably is 6'2' or close to it.
pov said on 26/Mar/20
6'1 Johnathon ross has even said he was suprised how tall he was, and he is taller than 6'1 obama, and will smith. He gets a 6'2 in my book
184guy2 said on 27/Feb/20
May be 6'0.75-6'1 and 6'1.5 a bit earlier ???
viper said on 26/Feb/20
It's unreal how short he can look for a supposed 6-1 guy or as tall as 6-1.5
Mickie said on 27/Nov/19
One of those guys who has a lot of variance from photo to photo.
viper said on 20/Oct/19
I'm not even sure he's 6-1.

6-2 Geno Smith has 3 inches on him
Tessa Van Nunen said on 19/Oct/19
I think he's a solid 6'2, he's even taller than 6'2 listed guys. looks more 188-189cm to me
viper said on 12/Oct/19
One of the weirdest on this site.

Can look 5-11-6-2
KStein said on 18/Sep/19
He is i think 187cm tall. I have seen a picture with him an german soccerplayer prince boateng who is 184/185 cm tall. Jay Z looks 2-3 cm taller in this picture.
Click Here
pov said on 11/Sep/19
He’s taller than a lot of solid 6”1 guys (Obama, Johnathon Ross, Will Smith) I think he’s a legit 6”2.
Space said on 3/Sep/19
@ Christian
Jay-z standing next to Durant is how I look next to a 7footer.. Yet I’m only 6’1.5”-6’1”.
viper said on 12/Apr/19
With 6-3 Nipsey Hussle.

Click Here
Canson said on 25/Nov/18
@Christian: That’s If Durant is even that tall. Pre draft is 6’9 flat and I don’t rule out 6’9.25 still
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 23/Nov/18
Looks about max 6'1" next to 6'9.5" listed Durant. Click Here
Canson said on 13/Nov/18
@Celebheights 6’1.5: he may be around your height but I doubt a full 6’2” either.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Sep/18
Can’t see 6ft1 flat for him but I’d also be pleasantly surprised if he measured the full 6ft2 even he can pull it off often enough
viper said on 6/Aug/18
It wouldn't surprise me If he wears lifts.

With 6-2 Jalen Strong Click Here
viper said on 6/Aug/18
Why does he look so much shorter than 6-1 a lot. Pics in which he has great posture.

Doesn't make sense
MAD SAM said on 5/Aug/18
187 cm or 6’1.75”, he’s not lying his height
J.E.M said on 13/Jul/18
Dream(5'9.5") said on 5/Jun/18
6'1" is silly. He's taller than Obama in every photo.

Really? I've seen several photos of the two in which Obama appears taller.
Not more than 6'1 for Jay Z
Dream(5'9.5") said on 5/Jun/18
6'1" is silly. He's taller than Obama in every photo.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 20/May/18
Jay Z 6'1.25"
henwhat? said on 27/Apr/18
P Diddy is listed 5'10, so you telling me there's a full 3 inch height difference by the looks of these pictures

Click Here:

Click Here:

Click Here:
zem said on 21/Apr/18
this is off im sorry rob. max 6'1
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 22/Mar/18
He looks to be about 187 CM range, with the full 6'2" not being impossible. He looks to be at least 6'2" by a Drake who is easily over 5'11":

Click Here
Emmanuel said on 18/Mar/18
This 5'11-6'0 claims are unbelievable. He clearly edges Obama out and Obama is no shorter than a legit 6'1.He would be around the 6'1.5-2 range
Emmanuel said on 18/Mar/18
He's quite a tall guy.Solid 6'2
Anonymous said on 27/Dec/17
Click Here 6ft at best in this video.
Spencer said on 5/Dec/17
Between 6 and 6’1”
Jalen C Gilmer said on 25/Nov/17
6'1.25 (186 cm) at most tbh..
Hovaworshipper said on 20/Nov/17
Legit 6'2 in most places imo - 1.8865638858 Click Here
Johnson said on 4/Nov/17
@Rob why is he listed 6'1 in the mugshot???
Editor Rob
it either is going to be from the suspected criminal or the estimate of an officer.

Since Jay Z already came out with 6ft 2, it's possibly the latter, though some people always inflate heights the more famous they become.
bez said on 22/Oct/17
I think that Obama is under 6'1 as Willem Alexander looked taller.
5'11.25 at noon said on 1/Oct/17
Rob who is taller jay z or will smith they seem to be very close in height
Slim said on 29/Sep/17
188 mornings to 186.5 evenings is plausible.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 27/Sep/17
Click Here

I’d love to see Ricegum claim 6’3” with Jay Z.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Sep/17
186-186.5cm lowest
:) said on 17/Sep/17
5'11 i a joke i can see 6'1 or 6'1 1/4
Slim 182 cm said on 27/Jul/17
186 downgrade should be thought about.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 23/Jul/17
He's perfectly listed.
Brad said on 19/Jul/17
As listed. In the big ones he's up there. I only had him by a deuce point 5.
Canson said on 3/Jun/17
Strong 6'1" barefoot
Canson said on 3/Jun/17
6'1" barefoot
Mark(5'9.25 said on 21/May/17
To tell you guys the truth, not a lot of people are taller than Barack Obama.

Jay Z is an exception. His 6'2" claim is not all silly as he's only rounding up by half an inch.
Sam said on 20/May/17
How anyone says Jay Z is 6ft flat is beyond me. He edges Obama out in every photo who is a legit 6'1. 187 is right for him. Not quite the full 6'2 but he has near an inch on Obama. I think he looks small in other photos because he has bad posture.
growtallerguru said on 8/May/17
how are some of you simpletons saying he is 5'11" or under 6 feet? or drake is 5'10"??? you do not deserve to have your comments on this site.
Jay Z is without a doubt above 6'1"
Drake is above 5'11"
Mark(5'9.25") said on 12/Apr/17
He edged out Obama who is a legit 6'1"
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 9/Apr/17
He's certainly not under 186cm, as he edged out Obama.
jay- X said on 17/Mar/17
5'11 to me
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Jan/17
He looks near 6ft2
jus sayn said on 12/Jan/17
am really curious if Jay is 6'2" how tall is fabolous coz he's neva dwarfed by him
Thereel said on 2/Jan/17
James B said on 29/Dec/16
Looks small/average next to his bodyguards

lets not forget that 6'1.5 isn't very tall or giant sized for that matter

I don't understand who in this thread is is 6'1.5"? what does a man who is SIX-FOOT nothing have to do with the height of people 6'1.5" LOL
Thereel said on 2/Jan/17
Aza said on 31/Dec/16
Great listing. He's 73.5 inches.

Aza said on 31/Dec/16
Great listing. He's 73.5 inches.
James B said on 29/Dec/16
Looks small/average next to his bodyguards

lets not forget that 6'1.5 isn't very tall or giant sized for that matter
A star said on 18/Dec/16
looks 6'1 next to 6'3.5" jerome boateng

Click Here
Jason said on 23/Nov/16
His daughter is only 4 but she's already as tall as an 8 year old she'll probably be bigger than him when she grows up.
joe joe said on 4/Jul/16
Here is Jay with 188 listed Future in the hat. Jay looks more like a 6ft here to me. Future has poor posture and still looks a good two inches taller than Jay. Obvs there is a footware difference but not massively so. What do you think Rob? Click Here
Editor Rob
I don't know if the Future has any advantage (if the camera guy was closer to Future than Jay Z)...jay can at times look just 6ft 1, but then standing tall can look over it I feel.
Joe said on 1/Jul/16
I really doubt he's even 6'1". If he's really 6'1.5" and look that short next to bill gates then he must be having some really horrible posture.
Dee said on 13/Jun/16
Do you think Jay Z is near 190cm in the morning if he's 187cm? I feel like 187 cm is more of his morning height
grizz said on 5/Apr/16
I'm not sure he's even 6'1 Click Here With
177-178 cm guy said on 13/Feb/16
He really doesn't look any taller than 6' to me.
Genius said on 5/Feb/16
Just somewhere above 6ft...
Mike Smith said on 1/Feb/16
Those pictures with Obama are across the room from each other. You can't tell from that angle. Plus Jay Z was wearing Timbs while Obama is in dress shoes with a suit. It's okay. I'll take NFL combine measurements over estimates from pictures from Obama who we don't have an official measurement taken from other than what the white house says. All I know is when it comes to someone barely over 6'2 they always tower him. Geno Smith did the same and he is 6'2 3/8. Doesn't really bother me tho lol. I just stumbled on this site and I saw Jay-Z name and I was like "no way lol"

God bless and have a great day Rob. =) Add Post Malone, Bryson Tiller, partynextdoor. They are blowing up in music atm
Mike Smith said on 28/Jan/16
Nah Jay Z is 6' at the most...Here is him next to Jaelen Strong his roc nation sports client. Jaelen was measured at 6'2 and 3/8 at the NFL combine. He plays for the texans now. I don't know where you got 6'1.5 from

Click Here

Click Here

I saw a lot of the rappers you had on here were wrong like Drake, 2 Chainz, Wiz. If you need me to provide pictures just let me know.

Drake is 5'10 btw.
Editor Rob
sometimes photos don't reveal the real difference. With the NFL guy he can look short, with With Obama in one shot he can look tall.
Thereel said on 7/Dec/15
jay z is 6 feet tall 183 or 184cm just as he looks in this picture with dwane wade Click Here

yes he can look around his 6'2 claim most of the time because he has good posture which may be giving him a height advantage over other celebrities in pictures who arn't standing as well (ie will smith) who i deffo believe would of been at least 4cm taller with better posture even though jay z was looking taller
Brandon Love and Lauren Mayberry forever said on 6/Dec/15
@5ft10 That's CJ Watson, who used to play for the Nets. He's 6'2" listed, measured 6'0.5" at the pre draft. Jay-Z may have a slight edge on him on that picture, hard to tell from the angle, but he's probably a solid 6'1" barefoot at worst.
Matt the great said on 21/Oct/15
never has look shorter then 6ft to me ever, his build is kind of lanky id say a solid 6ft0.5 -6ft0.75 so if he were to claim 6ft 1 that'd be ok
Lance said on 21/Oct/15
So for French?

Click Here
Joeprops said on 13/Sep/15
Jayz is about 6ft 1in tall. I've stood next to him & we're the same height.
Nats b said on 11/Sep/15
Jay z is 6'1 nobody tell me otherwise cuz I'm 100% right and your not plus John Cena is 6'3 not 6'1 and idgaf who don't agree GOd knows I'm right
b-mint94 said on 6/Jun/15
5'11" is crazy talk. He look at least 6'1" most of the time.
5ft10 said on 8/May/15
Jayz is the same height or slightly taller then this nba player .I dont know his name but if someone could finds out it would helpClick Here
6'1 Joe said on 25/Apr/15
Why would a supposedly 6'2" man be listed at 6'1" in his mugshot profile?? They usually add up 1 inch. No chance this guy is over 6'1", he wears lifts, simple as that.There can two reasons for his 6'1" listing in mugshot profile- either he has a horrible posture which comes from his skinny fat physique or he wears lift which didn't wear in those days.
Stewart said on 13/Apr/15
Its always been obvious that A-rod is 6'1". I think Jeter is a bit taller.

IMO I think Jay Z wears lifts. Didnt look taller than 5'11" with Geno Smith and also looked under 6'0" with Larry Johnson.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 10/Apr/15
The photo with Alex Rodriguez:

Click Here

Jay Z might even edge him out.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 9/Apr/15
The guy was also not destroyed Geno Smith when they stood up in even posture. There was no more than an inch between them (if that). He's also the same as Alex Rodriguez.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 7/Apr/15
The guy is taller than 6'1" Obama, and is the same height as Will Smith (who was every bit of 187 CM in person). Jay-Z is at least 187 CM.
5ft10guy said on 30/Mar/15
what "lifts" this guy is tall but I think he's closer to 6ft2 unlike some people posted here look at him next to Jermaine Cole(J-Cole) I think J-Cole is 6ft2 1/2 to 6ft3 tops while jay is 6ft1.75 like both of them are wearing boots but are very identical to height don't let J-cole hair fool you.He's also more upright then Jayz:
Click Here
Joe said on 4/Mar/15
I think he definitely deserves a downgrade. 186 cm is safe enough for him. He is a lift wearer.
Rixton said on 24/Feb/15
When hes not wearing lifts hes 5'11. 6'2 Geno Smith destroys him.
Joe said on 18/Feb/15
Here is Jay Z's mugshot profile. Just as CelebHeights said, he is mentioned 6'1 170 lbs.

Click Here
ChuleXico said on 15/Feb/15
@Joe show me the proof? Other then he's 6'3 and him an Jay-Z see eye to eye. Jay-Z even holds and looks definitely A sold 6'2 next to LeBron James. Next thing ppl are gonna say is LeBron James is short 👍
Mitch 185.8cm said on 13/Jan/15
Looks 185-186 MAX
Joe said on 29/Dec/14
@Chulexico: Deron Williams was measured 6'1 and 3 quarters.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Dec/14
Nah it's the camera angle I think.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Dec/14
Rob if anything he has the edge on Prince William here! Click Here
Rhonda said on 9/Dec/14
He is a couple of inches to three inches less than Prince William, another case of Americans adding shoe size to his height.
Click Here
Rhonda said on 9/Dec/14
He is a couple of inches to three inches less than Prince William, another case of Americans adding shoe size to his height.
Chulexico said on 1/Dec/14
Deron Williams is 6'3. My best friend is 6'2 I am 6'0 since he's normally the tallest person around he slouches a lot! In every picture we take we look the same height. and people tell him all the time he dosn't look 6'2 because if his posture then he fixes it stands straight and then immediately you can tell oh ok this guy is 6'2 . Same for me around shorter people i bend a certain way because it's awkward being tall normally you just want to blend in with the seen. Will smith never wore lifts in the fresh prince of bel air. Beyonce is 5'7 she wears high heels a lot! Jay z stills looks way taller then her....
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Oct/14
Jay-Z looks 6ft2 beside Rock
Gina said on 28/Sep/14
Agree with all the 5'11" deductions. I saw him in person. I'm 5'10" and he was pretty close to my height with boots on.
Joe said on 21/Sep/14
@188 CM Celebheights: You pegged Puffy at 186 cm based on just one pic. If you look at that picture, Diddy is standing closer to the camera.Plus, the camera is lower. Check out for one of the Rob's video on Youtube about Mugshots and camera angles. It can produce a huge difference.
Andrea said on 17/Sep/14
Rob, is "Celebheights 188CM" the old Seahawksfan guy? I mean, his trolling spirit is unique...
Editor Rob
if people change a name and stick to it, there's not much worry.
jusayn said on 17/Sep/14
Your pic shows a clear height difference, look at their eye level
jusayn said on 12/Sep/14
P.Diddy aint that tall...less than 6'0
CelebHeights 188cm said on 11/Sep/14
By the way, Jay-z's mugshot profile has him listed as 6'1" 170.
Joe said on 13/Aug/14
Looks shorter than 6'1" listed Obama here:

Click Here
Emil 182.5 cm said on 27/Jul/14
Seahawksfan says on 7/Feb/14
Looks 6'3" by Dr. Dre here whose 6'0.75:

Click Here

Dude, there's barely any difference... Jay Z looks 0.5-0.75 inch taller than Dre there... Jay Z is 6'1.25-6'1.5 and Dre is probably a scratch under 6'1
Joe said on 12/Jul/14
Deron Williams is a measured 6'1.75"(187.325 cm) guy, here is the proof:

Click Here

Now here is Jay Z with Deron Williams:

Click Here

Deron has 0.5 inches on Jay Z, Jay Z should be 6'1.25"(186 cm), that seems to be suitable, he also looks 186 cm with Obama.
Joe said on 12/Jul/14
I'm confused, there are plenty pics where he looks 6'2(especially with 6'1 measured Obama), then there are equal number of pics where he looks 5'11 range.
Mathew said on 10/Jul/14
MLB listing are always correct.


No, they actually extremely inaccurate sometimes. They're not as consistently too high like NBA listings but they can be as bad or worse at times. A-Rod is shorter than Jeter who might not even be 6'3" himself.

And he looks 6'0" tops in the Jordan pick.
unknown said on 18/Jun/14
i agree with this listing! 6'1.5 (1,87 m) on the nose for him is a good estimate for Jay-Z. He always looked taller than Obama, who's a legit 6'1.
Joe said on 11/Jun/14
Seahawksfan 187- 188: Dude, you're a complete idiot, if Jay z is coming up to Michael Jordan's eye level, he's easily 4 inches shorter.
Jay Z ain't more than 6'0, end of the story.
Brad said on 10/Jun/14
Must be without his Timbs with #23....I got Jordan by an inch and Jay Z by me didn't look that much shorter than a couple in Timbs. He been caught height sleepin' and #23 is leaning in.
Joe said on 9/Jun/14
@Seahawksfan: Jay z is looking 4-5 inches shorter than Michael Jordan in that pic.
Jz said on 6/Jun/14
Jay Z is about 5'11" or less we are about the same height. Saw him backstage awhile back.
Joe said on 31/May/14
@Seahawskfan: Thag guy is jamie fox
Joe said on 31/May/14
@Seahaeksfan: Jay z is a lift wearer simple as that, harry's pic below is more informative as you can see their shoes there, plus that guy in the pic is not larry johnson, larry johnson never had that tanned skin
Harry said on 20/May/14
Here is the pic of jay z with Larry Johnson,you can even see their shoes, jay z isn't more than 6 feet.

Click Here
Harry said on 16/May/14
Jay is 5'11-6' flat, he's a lift wearer, Geno brutally destroys and even if jay z would be in a god posture, he could not have pulled anything over 5'11.5, plus he's also shorter than Larry Johnson, he doesn't tower Bill gates, who's a very weak 5'9 now.
Rankin boy said on 15/May/14
He probably over 6'2 with his thick super heels on, without them he's only 6 feet or even 5'11, he's a lift wearer just like Puff daddy.
strong said on 22/Apr/14
Jay is 6' flat, all those pics are with lifts.
twade25 said on 14/Apr/14
I saw Jay Z at the 40/40 last summer. Im Barefoot 6'3/4 and a little over 6'1 with shoes on and I had on loafers and me and Jay were standing right next to eachother. He had an advantage with shell toe Adidas on and he still was a little shorter than me. so I would give him about 5'11.5 to 6'1 depending on footwear and posture. I dont think he is barefoot 6'1
strong said on 10/Apr/14
Let me know y'all one thing, Kobe Bryant is surprisingly equal to 6'3.5 Game, jay z is 184 max.
MD said on 28/Mar/14
Truly only in you dreams, Jeff.
Jeff said on 26/Mar/14
@ James Richardson: Drake is 5'9 barefoot and Jay Z is 5'11 barefoot.
TheTruth said on 4/Mar/14
Drake is 5ft11, Jay Z is 6ft1
James Richardson said on 28/Feb/14
@Opium: Drake is 5'10, 6' is like a joke, and that puts Jay in 6'-6'1 range.
truth said on 21/Feb/14
6ft1 flat tops
5ft 10in boy said on 29/Jan/14
I'm sure he is pretty tall, taller than 6ft
Lenad said on 28/Jan/14
rob is a full 6'2 possible??
Lenad said on 27/Jan/14
he's got a better chance of being a legit 6'2 than will smith.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Jan/14
"Jay Z height: 6ft 1.75in (187cm)"

Minimum 6ft1.5. Can easily pull off 6ft2
Lenad said on 29/Dec/13
I think he's a weak 6'2
adam said on 19/Dec/13
I used to see jay at a local starbucks and he is in my opinion 6'1. I'M 6'5.5 and he is a lot shorter than me
Trezzy Cole said on 17/Dec/13
Height can be deceiving
Cuz I matched with a guy who said he was 6'2 but I didn't believe him my height is somewhere between 5'9-5'10 he looked like a 6'0 or 6'1
captain buzz said on 5/Dec/13
check it out now
MD said on 1/Dec/13
@Jack, I think Seahawkfan is trying to be magnanimous. The point is that all of those ridiculous five-ten shots-in-the-dark are just that: ridiculous.
Jack said on 30/Nov/13
@Seahawksfan identical? He clearly looks an inch taller if not more than him in that pic.
Bosnia said on 14/Nov/13
@Mr. Sheridan are you kidding me??? You said that playing actually makes you taller? You are bit confused...
Star said on 12/Nov/13
I saw him in person. he is not taller than 5'11". Really unless you saw him in person you can't be arguing so passionately that he's taller against those of us who have seen him.
Mr. Sheridan said on 17/Oct/13
Actually, sportsmen appear to or three inches taller than they are cuz while playing their spine decompresses, and at times they appear taller, that is why you see Geno Smith far taller than Jay Z.It happened with me in summer vacations, I was 5'8 and my bully brother said you look 6', seriously.
5ft10 guy said on 15/Oct/13
yeah I heard that song but sometimes people can think your shorter then what you are by your body type or posture.You dont know how the 5ft7 claim came to be.You dont know if he was asked and he said "ehh 5ft7" or if it was assumed.People who are husky with a build like kanye look shorter but look at pharrell with Jayz look at the big difference in height does he really look only two inches taller then a 5ft9 man in dress shoes?
Click Here
Viper said on 15/Oct/13
Matt, how can he be 6'0-'6'1 when 6'0.4 measured Larry Johnson clearly as 1-2 inches on him.
Mathew said on 11/Oct/13
@5ft10 guy - I can agree with Nas somewhere around 5'8" but Kanye is 5'7". I'm not positive on Leo's height myself, I think 5'11.5" is pretty generous but it could be right. I just think that he's not over 5'11". I don't claim to know any of these heights for a fact, but I definitely do not believe Kanye is 5'8" if he's got 5'7" mentioned in his music.
5ft10 guy said on 10/Oct/13
@matthew if Leo is 5ft10.5 why does Rob have him at 5ft11.5 and kanye at 5ft8 along with Nas.So either you're wrong or Rob has been been messing up alot.Jayz cant be 6ft-5ft11 as that isnt a tall height.I think you should make a choice 4) which is jay is a 6ft2-6ft1.75 guy who slouches and doesnt stand as tall as he can.
Mathew said on 3/Oct/13
@5ft10 guy -- I've always thought Leo Dicaprio is more 5'10.5" - 5'11" anyways. Jay Z could be between 6'0" and 6'1". But Geno Smith towered him. Oh and Kanye is 5'7" btw, just as stated in that song "American Boy". You really think a guy with Kanye's ego would downgrade himself an inch? He's 5'7" tops.

Jay Z usually looks anywhere from 5'11" to 6'2" in photos, which either means 1) he's a 5'11" range guy who wears lifts and tries to look extra tall 2) he's around 6'0" - 6'1" tops or 3) he's a 6'1" - 6'2" guy who has a huge slouch. To me I think #2 is most likely.
5ft10 guy said on 27/Sep/13
Why are you getting upset so much?Seems like you have something against the man.The geno smith picture isnt very good.So what Robinson Cano is 5ft9 hmph Ive been to yankee stadium and have seen Cano upclose and hes tallish.Jayz is also farther away from the camera.I really do think hes about 6ft2-6ft1.75.Alot of guys Rob puts at 6ft2 Jay looks taller then them.For example Graham McTavish doesnt look as tall as Jayz did next to Kanye West or say Nas both 5ft8 guys like Rob .When you say Jayz is 5ft10 thats just stupid.Jayz has been next to diddy (5ft10) females 5ft9(Skylar Diggins) and is still taller then him and her in monster heels!Here is Jayz with Leonardo Dicaprio Who's close to 6ft.Ofcourse Jayz is taller by how much I'll let you decide. Looks 6ft2 he just is.
Click Here
Click Here
BigJOE said on 25/Sep/13
I'm 6'4.5, I've met Jay Z, he does'nt even look 6'1, top of his head was levelling my eyes, he would be 6' max. and 5'10 min. He's a ****ing liar, he was looking ****ed when he stood with Geno Smith.
Sawyer03 said on 24/Sep/13
Always found interesting reading people say that 1.87 isnt tall, especially when you take into account that the average male is 1.75
KROC said on 19/Sep/13
Jay is nowhere near 6'2. I use to see him at Rucker Park in 2003 around the time of the NYC blackout. He looked closer to 6'1.
DP said on 13/Sep/13
I expected Will Smith to be much taller than me also.
DP said on 13/Sep/13
i expected him to be taller. Jay said on his new album he's 6'2. He's at least 6 foot easily. He Always looked tall to me but not too tall.
I'm usually around 186 cm but i think Jay looks much taller than me on pictures. But i was also totally suprised when i heard a classmate say hes 185 cm cause to me he looked very tall. i thought i was much shorter.
can it be true that somebody of your own height looks taller to you in your own eyes when you look at them from a distance somehow?
Viper said on 7/Sep/13
His height goes up and down like crazy. Just like LL Cool J.

Hes at MOST 5'11, imo. The pic with Larry Johnson is very good because hes wearing what looks to be pretty flat shoes.
Mathew said on 28/Aug/13
vtec says on 27/Aug/13
jayz needs a serious downgrade


Maybe an inch? I wouldn't downgrade him by 3" based on that one pic, as he's looked much taller often enough. But 184 cm might be more plausible for Jay Z.
Viper said on 28/Aug/13
Sly stallone would be envious of his lifts.
Viper said on 28/Aug/13
Johnson is in another pic where he looks about 2 inches taller. How can a supposed 6'1.5 guy look 5'10. The answer is he wears lifts.
Viper said on 27/Aug/13
He cant be taller than 5'10.5 thats for sure. 6'2 Geno destroys him. He must be a lift wearer.
vtec said on 27/Aug/13
jayz needs a serious downgrade
Joe joe said on 26/Aug/13
im going to be honest I don't think Jayz is 6'2 either but in the pic with Larry Johnson, Johnson I think is wearing lifted boots. I've seen other pics with him and Jayz where he comes up shorter than jay. I will post them if you ask nicley
Mathew said on 25/Aug/13
Viper says on 24/Aug/13
He looks 5'10 with Geno Smith. I see 4 inches. He also looked under 6'0 with Larry Johnson as well.

Jay is 5'10. And remember the Geno measurement is in the morning too.


Jay Z at 5'10" isn't possible. 5'10" - 5'11" is arguable in that one pic, but look at him next to 6'4.75" Kobe Bryant, he's suddenly a good 6'2": Click Here
I don't know if lifts come in to play at all, but he CAN look his listed height or taller on occasion. That said, looking at other pics of him with Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Kanye West (who is 5'7", not 5'8" as listed here) I think 6'1.5" is VERY debatable for Jay Z. He can look 6'1" in one pic, and then be struggling mightily with 6'0" in the next.
Viper said on 25/Aug/13
Cano isnt 6'0. Hes 5'10. Geno was measured at 6'2 3/8 exactly in the morning.
Viper said on 24/Aug/13
Jay looking 5'10 with 6'0.4 measured Larry Johnson Click Here
Viper said on 24/Aug/13
He looks 5'10 with Geno Smith. I see 4 inches. He also looked under 6'0 with Larry Johnson as well.

Jay is 5'10. And remember the Geno measurement is in the morning too.
Mathew said on 21/Aug/13
Geno Smith measured 6'2 3/8" to be exact, which is 189 cm. Jay Z looks about 181 cm in that photo. If we assume that the difference in height is even half of what it appears to be in that photo Jay Z still only comes out at 185 cm. He could be 187 cm but I'd be leaning towards a 185 - 186 cm listing.
willriker said on 18/Aug/13
rob, how tall would you say frank ocean is? 5'11, possibly a little taller?
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
I wouldn't say above it, but near 5ft 11 might be a good shout
5ft10guy said on 26/Jul/13
Star you make no sense he is 6ft2. He is alot taller then drake a 6ft-5ft11.5 guy
Star said on 24/Jul/13
I saw Jay Z at 40/40 next to a 5'11" tall model at an event. He was wearing boots, she was wearing flats, and they were the same height. He can not be more than 6'0" or even 5'11".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jul/13
Might be 6ft2. Had 1in on Jonathan Ross whose 6ft1.5 claim is questionable.
wiltonstilts said on 10/Jul/13
6 02 a stupid thing for him to claim. Hes a strong 6 foot zero prolly 6 01 to be exact but not 6 02
Craig 177 said on 10/Jul/13
He shape-shifts, so his height can swing a fair bit.
Matt B said on 26/Jun/13
Based on his pic with Geno Smith, he needs a serious downgrade. Smith is 6'2 and it was verified during NFL combine. There is a solid 3 inch difference between them. Tells you that Jay Z wears lifts.
Xevan said on 25/Jun/13
looks 5'11" next to geno smith

vtec said on 18/Jun/13
looks 5'11" next to geno smith

Click Here
5ft10guy said on 16/Jun/13
Rob upgrade please 6ft2 no one ever really is taller then him.
teej said on 31/May/13
I used to think jay z was tall, but ive seen pics of him with snoop who is about 6.3/6.4 and he looks atleast 4 inches shorter. I dont think snoop would wear heel lifts, i believe jay-z would though, i reckon hes a 5 10 without his dressing shoes and 3 inch heels.
Opium said on 19/May/13
Click Here

Look at this pic.

If Drake is 5'11-6', Jay is 6'2 MINIMUM
Justaguy said on 19/May/13
Seems a legit 6'2 due to the obama pics. Obama is 6'1.5. Will seemed taller than Jay Z in the photos shown. He was leaning back more than Jay Z and was still taller. He had boots on though while the shoes Jay Z had didn't add much to his height.
Jed said on 2/May/13
Again, hardly taller than DiCaprio at the Gatsby premier.
penguinboy25 said on 26/Apr/13
I believe 6'0.75 or 185 cm max is closer. I'd say there is more evidence that shows this rather than him being 6'1.5 or 6'2. 6'2 is ridiculous.
Jed said on 23/Apr/13
He's under 6'1. The Deron Williams video proves that.
John said on 7/Apr/13
Hes definately around 6'2 with a straight posture. He slouches a lot.
BC24 said on 4/Mar/13
Yo guys, how bout this? Click Here
Dsmooth said on 25/Feb/13
NBA point guard Deron Williams is listed at 6'1.75 barefoot and 6'2.75 with sneakers on per Draftexpress.

Here is a video of him and Jay Z talking, both with sneakers on.

Click Here

There is at LEAST a full inch between them.
5ft10guy(Not Growing) said on 7/Feb/13
Here is jayZ with a picture of Heavy D(RIP) I wanted to post this a while back but I couldnt find it.
Click Here
Click Here
Put Jayz against really tall guys he still holds his own.Like 6ft4 Andre Harrell
Click Here
Now here is Hov with regular height people
Click Here
He's not 6'0.5 thats too low.That picture with 50 you dont know what their standing on and the picture below it shows Jayz and Dr.Dre.And in that pic Jayz is much taller looking 6'3 in that pic so you cant go on headshot pics at least this one with Heavy D(6ft2.5)their legs are visible anyways. Jayz looks 6ft2 with Heavy D same height with Heavy being taller by a slim.Jayz posture have to be put into account too.Jay-z is 6ft2 Heavy D is 6ft2 but Rob put 6ft2.5 for D.
Jayz is never really towered by 6ft4 guys ever.A rapper like 2chainz(needs to be added) who's like 6ft4.5(this guy's height is recorded since he played basketball) range did'nt towers Jayz in their pic together. I think Rob should upgrade him 6ft2 is his real height...Legendary Rapper Legendary Height.
Brad said on 4/Feb/13
As listed 1 foot from me at The Bellagio some years back. Wears Timbs most of the time.
5ft10guy said on 29/Jan/13
three inches taller then Justin Timberlake.With Justin hair advantage he looks two inches taller imo.So if Justin looks about 6ft something with the hair and Jay looks two inches taller then Jay is definately 6ft2. Both Men have the same shoes and similar posture.
Click Here
kalil said on 21/Jan/13
Jay-Z is a noted lift/Timberland wearer. That is the reason his height fluctuates so much/often. Jay is 6'0.5" tall. Trust me on this, as I've worked with him on several occasions.
5ft10guy(Not Growing) said on 5/Jan/13
fmb your an idiot for thinking Jayz is 6'0 tall. He towers too many people to be that.
fmb said on 27/Dec/12
jay z stood next to mark jackson, who is 6'1 and jackson was taller.......jay z is about 6.0......pdiddy wears elevator shoes.......hes only 5'8....just ask his kid
Mathew said on 21/Dec/12
MD says on 6/Dec/12
Besides them not looking identical in height in that picture (Jeter is clearly taller), you do know that baseball height listings are just as often exaggerated as any other American sport, right? There are a not insigificant amount of little 5'7" and 5'8" guys running around on the field listed anywhere from 5'9" to 5'11".


Yes Jeter is at least an inch taller than Jay Z in that picture and Jeter probably isn't even a legit 6'3". Look at the fan who caught his 3000th hit (this guy claims 6'3") next to Jeter:
Click Here
Click Here
Jeter is probably 6'2.5" - 6'2.75" range.
5ft10guy(Not Growing) said on 11/Dec/12
@MD Jeter has about 1inch-1.5 tops!Jayz isnt alot shorter then him at all. And you assumption that all athletes have their height boosted up is totally not true and silly.I dont think you notice Jayz neck isnt erect.Jeter's hair also increases his height.I look at the top of his hairline.
173 said on 8/Dec/12
Jeter's '6'3' listing is an "athlete height".
5ft10guy(Not Growing) said on 4/Dec/12
Jayz with Derek Jeter 6'3
Click Here
Looks identical to jeter.
5'10guynotgrowing said on 29/Nov/12
Jayz height 6'1.75-6'2.
Deron Williams 6'2-6'2.5
5'10guy(NotGrowing) said on 20/Nov/12
jayz isnt just 6'1 max the pictures Ive seen with him and williams hes never towered and their pratically the same. the time williams looks taller jayz isnt standing straight and 2. the floor hes standing on has to play a part as well. In my opinion same height .Jayz 6'1.75-6'2 range.Deron 6'1.75-6'2
Tony said on 16/Nov/12
I agree with Dsmooth. In pictures taken with 6'1.75 measured point guard Deron Williams, Jay-z looks at least .5 of an inch shorter.
173 said on 15/Nov/12
@MC: If he were 6'3", he wouldn't have claimed 6'2". He's as listed.
Dsmooth said on 14/Nov/12
Looks 6'1 MAX next to 6'2 Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams.
Greenbolt said on 8/Nov/12
Actually, I've changed my mind on Jay-Z and Obama... Obama was measured at 6'1'' according to the medical document, but we do not know what time of day he was measured.... he could be 6'0'' if he was measured at 6'1'' in the morning.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Oct/12
Looks 1in taller than Ross.

Jay-Z 188cm
Ross 185cm
Shaun said on 25/Oct/12
Looks a legit 6'2, taller than Jonathan Ross looks to have a good 6 inches on Kanye West.
5ft10guy(Not Growing) said on 8/Oct/12
Jayz was seen taking the train in nyc.Shame I missed it because I take the train alot . He was walking to the stadium and this guy obviously doesn't look 6'1.Compared to a big crowd Jayz looks 6'2 he holds his own against his bodyguards and that huge kid(6'5-6'6 dunno) to his left next to him.I really see only 4 people taller then him(including his 2 huge body guards)in a crowd of maybe 50 people or more.
Click Here
5ft10guy(Not Growing) said on 29/Sep/12
@Greenbolt ok the us president's height is documented everybody knows their presidents height but you can find it here
Click Here
this is the president's official medical exam available to the public this man is measured 73 inches w/o shoes which is.. you guessed it 6'1
5ft10guy(Not Growing) said on 27/Sep/12
Rob you gotta change this he is an honest 6'2 with president obama 6'1 hes taller in alot of pictures.
Click Here
Please rob he's 6'2 look at the top of both their heads.
Click Here now Obama head is titled but Jay-z is still taller.
Hes not a weak 6'2 hes 6'2 no more,no less.
Greenbolt said on 26/Sep/12
Jay-Z has the frame of an average man, which makes him look not tall at all. He looks 5'9'' when standing on his own because of his small frame. Does not give a tall impression in the slightest.
jtm said on 8/Sep/12
50 cent is not even 5'11 but we don't see their feet and the ground could be uneven. i think 6'1.5 is accurate for jay z and i never liked him.
johnnyfive said on 8/Sep/12
Can someone explain this to me?

Jay-Z with 6'0 listed 50 Cent. 50 and Jay are looking the exact same height, with Jay maybe .5 taller

Click Here

but yet on this picture, Jay is looking 2 inches taller than 50, how could that be?

Click Here

I think Jay-Z probably wears lifts on some occassions. He literally wants to be a larger than life rapper. I think his real height is 6'0.5 but I guess he wants to be 6'2 for some reason so wears thick footwear. I don't care if you Jay groupies wanna bash me for this one but the first 50 cent picture says it all.
The Exorcist said on 7/Sep/12
@cobra: Jay-Z's listing is correct. Will Smith is about 6'1" or maybe just a tad under.
cobra said on 4/Sep/12
Either Jay-Z or Will Smith are lying about their height. Look at the difference in footwear here:

Click Here

Jay-Z is probably 6-2 or a little under while Will Smith is 6-1 or a little under

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