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Peak: 5ft 9.22in (175.8cm)
Current: 5ft 8.64in (174.3cm)
Daii said on 16/Aug/08
Hes not tall, but hes not short either, he looks 5'9 in Street Fighter
Gago said on 31/Jul/08
JC's height is like Sly's, he gives himself 5'10, I saw him at the gym look 5'11 with a strange way of walking, looked like he was walking on his toes, and also he was at list an inch shorter than Paul Freeman who is listed here as 5'8, 5'9 peak, I'm little confused.
Yaspaa said on 27/Jul/08
Or he was making a joke.
Everardo said on 26/Jul/08
I guess he made a mistake with the conversion of the metric system
Kalvados said on 24/Jul/08
During an interview with Ruby Wax (for UK TV), JCVD stated that his height was 5'4" and that he was hiring actors who were 5'1" to make him look taller for the films.
jean's fan said on 19/Jul/08
i dont understand that... why does he raffers to himself as "so short"? hes just an inch bellow moderate height..
Yaspaa said on 11/Jul/08
Davey,you are totally in the wrong ball park,he is obviously 5'8.85 .
He only looks old because he hasn't gone under the knife.
Davey said on 9/Jul/08
In think hes around 5`8 and a half or 174cm
MD said on 18/Jun/08
Yeah, that was really kind of a given, Yaspaa.
Yaspaa said on 17/Jun/08
But a longer lower body.
Davey said on 9/Jun/08
Well he does have a short looking upperbody.
Yaspaa said on 6/Jun/08
I have no doubt that he is exaggerating his height Davey,5'10 is too much but 5'8 is too little,i'm sticking with 5'9.
Davey said on 3/Jun/08
Yaspaa Mark wahlberg says 5`10 and hes 5`8.
Yaspaa said on 2/Jun/08
Yeah,he's 0.5 inches taller than Bruce Lee,you prize nugget.
Davey said on 2/Jun/08
Van damme is 5'8.He is 5'10 only in hes wildest dreams.
Yaspaa said on 1/Jun/08
How big were her heels Dude.
Annoyed said on 1/Jun/08
out of bed height of around 5'9.25" and spends most of the day at 5'8.75"

Barefoot Height: 5'8.75" Height in sneakers: 5'9.75" Movie Height in lifts/comboy boots: 5'10.5". Anyone with me on this? ( to me it seems totally logical, enough say he is 5'8" and enough say he is 5'9" )
Dude said on 30/May/08
Yaspaa he may be 5'8". I say this because I am 5'9" and the female who met him is 5'7" and she said he was shorter than me and her in heels. She is no expert but if he was 5'9" or taller he would be taller or her size in heels.

Could be he shrinks more than an inch from morning to night. Most people vary in size by 3/4" to 1" during the day depending on the activities they do.
Yaspaa said on 10/May/08
"Using any technique that works.Never committing yourself to one style.To keep an open mind". Why??.........To honour his shidoshi of course....."Taragum".
Seriously though,he says 5'10,5'11 which is probably his 'in shoe' height plus the slight exaggeration so 5'9 is more than likely the median.
hero said on 4/May/08
the guy doesn't wear lifts,in fact there's a video in youtube where he's meeting claudia schiffer who i believe is about 180cm plus her heels and he kind of jokes his own height with her.....he ain't afraid to show he's not tall.....other side for example stallone the guy can't live without his lifts.. here's the can take notes of this..regards
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Sid said on 2/May/08
Okay so I came across this

Click Here

I always thought Richard Blackwood was around 6-1 maybe 6-2 turns out most sites list him at 5-11.
Yaspaa said on 2/May/08
Surely long legs + short body = normal body. I dont disagree...but Jonathan Ross is also partial to lifts and I wouldn't put it past him to wear them to make Jean look smaller than he is. If you are referring to the interview from like 15 years ago then I saw that and all I remember was Jonathan flinching like a bitch from a demonstratory kick from Jean. 5'8.5 at noon.
Tony said on 27/Apr/08
He is 5'8.5" barefoot but wears lift shoes. he looks taller because of his body proptions long legs short torso. but look at johnathan ross intereview he is clearly more than 4" shorter than ross 6'1".
Yaspaa said on 27/Apr/08
5'8 is farcical,come on! 5'8.5 absolute bare minimum, 5'10 absolute maximum, 5'9 he looks and probably is.
Sid said on 27/Apr/08
its hard for a 5-8 man to say 5-11, futhermore tougher for a 5-8er to be billed 6-1, although that CSI bloke was innit.
His 5-11 claim bit of a stretch but him sayin 5-10 fair.
Davey said on 27/Apr/08
Van damme is 5`8. no more , maybe less
thekiddd said on 23/Apr/08
Him being 5'8 1/2" has occured to me before.
Sid said on 23/Apr/08
Daniel watch the link I previously put Click Here and thats what he says 3:40-3:45

He says ' im not six eight, im only five ten, im only five ten eleven you know'
When talking about sex king roddaz.
Daniel said on 21/Apr/08
"Five ten eleven"?
Yaspaa said on 21/Apr/08
What he says and what is are two different things.
Sid said on 21/Apr/08
Well if you see my previous comment, and watch the link, van damme says he is "five ten eleven", as well as being consistently billed at 5'11 in movies and sometime 6'1.
Yaspaa said on 21/Apr/08
Mmm didn't know that,Jean definitely isn't close to 6'0 though.
Explodius said on 21/Apr/08
I thought he was 182cm, since that is what Solid Snake is off Metal Gear Solid, and they based Snake's body off Van Damme.
Yaspaa said on 20/Apr/08
I read an article around 15 years ago in Martial Arts Illustrated magazine about Van Damme. There was also an interview with Michel Qissi who is the guy who Jean Claude came to America with. Michel was saying how they got a few modelling jobs and that Van Damme would lie about his height and say that he was 5'10 when in actual fact he was 5'9.
Yaspaa said on 20/Apr/08
Bit of a contradictory comment.
Daniel said on 19/Apr/08
Well, it seems Rob got the correct listing for Van Damme, but he surely can look shorter than that in most of the movies he stars.
leonari said on 19/Apr/08
Dude: dude...there is no way JCVD is 5'7". impossible. Never ever below 5'8.5" and even 5'9.5 is a very low possibility in his prime if you ask me. I also used to believe he is 5'8" max but it's not true... No 5'8" man has legs as long as his. Yeah yeah he has a smaller upper body but he is 5'9" folks. get used to it!
Yaspaa said on 19/Apr/08
Ohhh, you are responding to the comment I made 2 months ago. I wasn't jumping down your throat or anything,but there is no way the guy is 5'7. 5'8 absolute minimum,more closer to 5'9. He always looks average in his films and in his early movies he was barefoot a lot. It sounds like you are basing your opinion on what some girl said.
Yaspaa said on 19/Apr/08
Dude,what are you talking about?
Dude said on 18/Apr/08
Yaspaa the man is 5'7" to 5'9" max, that in no way takes away from his martial arts skill. Think Bruce Lee a legend and about 5'6" to 5'7".
Yaspaa said on 11/Apr/08
David A,I also have a very similar story,it's funny people berate him for his acting skills yet no one ever berates Al Pacino for his lack of martial arts skills.
mule said on 9/Apr/08
he is listed in the film replicant at 5'11" but no way in hell is he look at his trainers at least 2.5" outside visble sole. He is 5'8" at his tallest. I have seen him in london, he wears chunky soles and there not hidden.
Sid said on 9/Apr/08
well said david.a
David A said on 9/Apr/08
Dudes! JC is the man. 5'6" or 6'5" to me he is bigger than Ben Hur! ive been a massive fan 4 at least 15-17yrs and because of him ive got a black belt in Taekwondo. His movies still rock, 2 me his 6'5". Reality says 5'9" and a half!
Yaspaa said on 4/Apr/08
Ozgur,please find a tape measure.
Daniel said on 28/Mar/08
No, no, no. 5'9'' is the tallest Van Damme could have ever been. Taller than this only in his wildest dreams
Sid said on 21/Mar/08

JCVD ON Dennis Rodman

I AM NOT 6-8 I AM 5-10-11


Click Here
Ozgur said on 21/Mar/08
5.7 feet = 1.73 - 175 CM
5.8 feet = 1.75- 178 cm
5.9 feet = 178 - 180 cm
6 feet = 1.80 182 cm
bad radio said on 21/Mar/08
he looks not more than 5'8
Chris175 said on 20/Mar/08
more 176-177 i think
Gago said on 20/Mar/08
I see him all the time in Gold's Gym in Venice,i've never seem him in shorts so i could notice his ankles, he looks close to 5'11 with sneakers, but has this wear way of walking, kinda on his toes, i think the most JC is 175, possibly shorter, the best way we can find out is in the movie Knock Off with Rob Schneider, who he shares a barefeet scene, but he never looks more than 5 inches taller, possibly less, my estimation is between 172-175.
dmeyer said on 19/Mar/08
i am sayng he cqn give imressionof a 180 person because of his long legs but he no more than 175 cm
glenn said on 19/Mar/08
wow.he looks 5-9 there tops.i thought springer was 5-11? i have a pic with him.maybe he is 6ft.
Sid said on 19/Mar/08

Click Here
Sid said on 19/Mar/08
Click Here

Leung said on 19/Mar/08
Dmeyer, you think JCVD can look 180cm barefoot? Sounds like you are losing it man.
glenn said on 18/Mar/08
never saw the guy.its clear he is 5-10 straight out of worst.
Sid said on 18/Mar/08
Van Damme is billed at 6-1 in hard target but replicant is a messed up one. why have him billed at 5-11 then on the same screen have the 'clone' at 5-101/2

I never said jc was at least 179, I was just pointing out film billings on height, but if he says 5-10..... he don't look short,
he held up well against lundgren, no less than 5-9 on a bad day.
dmeyer said on 18/Mar/08
vandamme did look taller than henricksen also ,i was looking at pics of him barefeet he has the build of a 180 cm guy
guy said on 17/Mar/08
On his MySpace page, he lists himself as 173cm or 5'8".
guy said on 17/Mar/08
Saw him again at my gym in Vancouver. Looked much better this time. Still 5'10"ish is my estimate. Doesn't look like a short man.
Yaspaa said on 16/Mar/08
Are you saying,Sid,that 'Jean' is at least 5'10.5??
Sid said on 15/Mar/08
Van Damme has his height mentioned in most of his films. He is usually billed at 5'11".

HOWEVER, Lance Henriksen goes through his personnel files in Hard Target and he is billed at 6'1".

In REPLICANT when they replicate him original is again billed at 5'11" and the clone van damme at 5'10 1/2". Second time I noticed half inches in a movie, the first being DAN AYKROYD AT 6'0 1/2" IN THE COUCH TRIP, AND others such as swordfish with hugh jackman at 6'2 1/2". Ok too much lol.

dmeyer said on 6/Mar/08
vandamme is nothing under 5 ft 8.25 like proper 173 but i think he could be 5 ft 9 or 5 ft 8.75
Yaspaa said on 27/Feb/08
I always assumed JC was 5'9. He always looks average height,yet his long legs (which seem to be able to point in all directions for abnormal lengths of time)can make you think that he may be taller.
There was a stream of martial artist/actors during the 80s who wanted to make it big,who wanted to be the next bruce Lee.You have got to be original to be remembered,and original Van Damme was!... and is!
In Britain,before DVD came along, you couldn't get Bruce Lee movies uncut.I ordered them on VHS 'uncut' from a advertisement in a martial arts magazine, after 30 days of waiting and countless unanswered calls,I cancelled the cheque and licked my wounds. Disappointment like this was a regular occurrence. When morale was low Van Damme arrived on the scene with his unique flexibility and stylish execution of techniques,and not to mention his vocal expressions. He really was a breath of fresh air back then and is still giving it his best and keeping in shape.
DVD lands a few years later and suddenly....Everything is available! This is good but I sometimes I miss that yearning,that need for a movie that you might not get.It is far more satisfying watching a crap quality hard to find movie than watching the same movie in fantastic quality that is readily available to everyone.Would I go back?...No!, are you insane! I think I am just in the first stage of oldness. I think he is a strong 5'8
Anonymous said on 20/Feb/08
Read through a sherdog thread on fedor's and other fighter's heights and with pictures, they can attest to fedor being between 5'11.5 to 6ft most
bbfan said on 12/Feb/08
Van Damme was recently at the BodogFIGHT event at St.Petersberg, he held up Fedors hand after his win over Matt Lindland. Fedor is listed at 6'1, Van Damme didn't appear more than 1-1.5 inches shorter than Fedor. Taking into account that Fedor was bare footed, and Van Damme was probably wearing shoes, probably take out another 2-3 inches. So at best Van Damme is 5'10, at wort 5'7.5. So 5'9 is a fair assessment.
Yaspaa said on 11/Feb/08
A ludicrous guess.
Dude said on 9/Feb/08
Van always looked short in films. Wore big boots and stuff. A girl that met him in the early 90's told me he was 5'6"

I would guess 5'7"
ER said on 7/Feb/08
Van Damme owns a condo in The Wall Centre (downtown Vancouver) and stepped into the elevator one day as I was coming down from visiting a friend. From him standing right beside me for that elevator ride it would be extremely hard to convince me he is anything over 5'9". I could much easier be convinced he's shorter rather than taller.
Tim said on 5/Feb/08
If u watch Bloodsport where Van Damme fights Bolo who is 5'6 there is little between them. Van Damme looks about 2 inches taller and they are both barefoot.

There is no way he is over 5'9
Leung said on 4/Feb/08
dmeyer is right, 5'9" is the maximum for Van Damme.
gton said on 4/Feb/08
5'9.5 i think
Leung said on 3/Feb/08
Yes, JCVD walking around the streets exploring and getting 2-3 hours sleep sounds believable. But I think you interpreted it incorrectly, it sounds like he is saying that he likes to explore cities that he is visiting so it wouldn
dmeyer said on 3/Feb/08
i like vandamme but i think 5'9 is the absolute maximum
Dean said on 3/Feb/08
he looks 5'11 on screen
chris175 said on 2/Feb/08
i dont think the sleep thing is too critical. back in early 90s he was def close to 5-10, probably 5-9.5 or 5-9.75 and rounded it up.
gton said on 2/Feb/08
I really dnt think he talks big 4 interviews , he said in july maybe in empire magazine , JCVD said he like 2 walk around the streets at night and explore so he only gets 2-3 hours sleep , if he slept 8-9 hours he probably be taller than 5-9 which he stands due to his lack of sleep
Leung said on 30/Jan/08
JCVD often talks a big game for interviews, so I would also say that the 2-3 hours sleep sounds like bs.
GSP said on 28/Jan/08
I call bs on the 2-3 hours of sleep.

He is 5'8.5-5'9.5 without a doubt in my mind. Somewhere in that range depending on time of day.
glenn said on 28/Jan/08
makes sense gton.possible.
gton said on 28/Jan/08
Take into consideration that JCVD doesnt get much sleep 2-3 hours 2 b exact , he said so in an interview last year in empire magazine , so his spines doesnt get much length as others do whn they sleep , so i believe he could reach a height of 5-10 , but due 2 his lack of sleep he reaches 5-9 wat du u thing about this glenn or rob ?
jim jim said on 23/Jan/08
His body to leg ratio are what makes him appear taller than he really is, he has very long legs and a short torso.
Notice in most of his early films like kickboxer, he always emphaized this by making his belt appear as high as possible.
leonari said on 10/Jan/08
5'8" is bull for Van Damme...
Scott B said on 10/Jan/08
He looks 5'8 to me. 5'9 max.
Mike G. said on 9/Jan/08
I always heard he was around 5'7", but Its hard to tell, he def. doens't look tall. Give him 5'8" max.
Danimal said on 19/Dec/07
PEOPLE, the conversion is so simple. Their is a BASIC calculation involved. It is NOT an opinion. It is NOT subjective. 1" = 2.54cm. 175cm therefore = 5.8.9" (or as close to 5'9" as you'll get). 172.5" = 5'7.91" (just under 5'8"). Why is this so difficult for people. GOOGLE people. GOOGLE. This is 2007. You have all this information at your fingertips. You don't have to go to a library for this information.

Van Damme - 5'9"
Yaspaa said on 18/Dec/07
ALBI. Matt Hughes probably walks around at 185+lbs before he cuts weight to make the 170 for weigh in's.
Van Damme's weight has also dropped significantly since he first got into movies. Compare physiques from No Retreat No Surrender and Timecop,there must be at least a 15lb difference.
dmeyer said on 23/Nov/07
even thaugh he can look 5'8 but his body dosnt look short so 5'8.5 to 5'9
Leung said on 22/Nov/07
Steven, 5'9" is 175cm. If you are 175cm then you are the same as Van Damme.
172.5cm is closer to 5'8".
Steven said on 22/Nov/07
I think 5 ft 9 in is not equal to 175cm.I think 5ft 9in is equal to 172.5 cm.My height is 175cm.My height is taller than him or short?
FIBBER said on 3/Nov/07
if you watch double impact, you will see that van damme is standing next to van damme in many scenes, now van damme is 5'10' so that puts van damme at 5'10' they are exactly the same height, and i know because i was there when they were shooting the film they were about 100 feet away from where i was based and im 5'10.1 but i think van damme was wearing lifts so hes prob 5'6- 5'8 which puts van damme a good 2-3 inches taller, certainly through my binoculars anyway an i wear shorteners which knock off 3" so im pretty sure 5'6" - 5'11"
hero said on 29/Oct/07
Sh'es wearing heels dude......and still he's taller than her.....the guy looks in te 5'8-5'9 range for sure.
Everardo said on 28/Oct/07
That means she may be 5'3 5'4 but on her heels she looks taller and this way we can see that van damme is not as short as people think.
leone510ss said on 27/Oct/07
anonymous Gretchen(the woman who is dancing with him) has the heels...!!! then? she is not 5'3 /5'4 them....!!!
Anonymous said on 27/Oct/07
Also...look at this video from the day he appeared in the TV Show...Gretchen(the woman who is dancing with him) is 5'3, maybe 5'4...the difference between them is not big...

Click Here

PS - Please, Editor Rob, can you unite this comment with the last(that one that i made no more than 10 minutes ago?)? Thanks
Anonymous said on 27/Oct/07
Well...once Van Damme came to the Domingo Legal, a Sunday TV Show produced here, in my country(Brazil), by SBT, and presented by Gugu Liberato...and it was said there that Van Damme is just 1,63m...or...5'4...i think this is kind of lame...but looking at the pictures, i think that he's really no taller than 5'7
leone510ss said on 20/Oct/07
anonymous , do u know if VanDamme weared shoes lift?
Anonymous said on 2/Oct/07
I used to work with a guy whose wife did house-cleaning for several movie stars. The wife was about 5'6". She said that Van Damme was short. He was maybe 2 inches taller than her. How could she tell? Her husband is also 5'8" and she said that Van Damme was the same height: 5'8". You can't make an accurate judgement on someone's height from looking at a movie. The studios know how to make anyone look taller (or shorter) than are actually are.
dmeyer said on 3/Sep/07
i agree he aint a full 175 cm a lot of guys say he is short like 5'7 5'8 to 5'8.5 for him
Brah said on 2/Sep/07
Van Damme is not 70 kg. He is 185 pounds....that is close to 84 kg
Mario said on 30/Aug/07
So the body of 173cm guy is totally different from that of 175cm guy?
Franco said on 29/Aug/07
as i said before his body never looked that of a guy that is 175cm,
as such 173cm-174cm is the most correct for Van Damme.

and again here's the picture (fixed)

Click Here

the other didnt work. ;) looks 175-176cm in that pic.
Everardo said on 21/Aug/07
Click Here
Cindy Crawford is listed here as 5 ft 9.5 in, so...
Anonymous said on 21/Aug/07
he was only 2-2.5 inches taller than the beast from the east who is 5'6 (bloodsport) I say Van Damme is 5'8-5'8.5
Jason said on 15/Aug/07
He wasn't 70kg in his movies. At least any I remember...
Albi said on 14/Aug/07
I've done a lot of gym and boxing so I can evaluate the weight of a many muscular people. I'm 5'10 and weight 92Kg. With his physique, if he was 5'10 he'd be at least 80kg. Especially when he flexes his muscles, he looks 95kg. Even Tyson was 98kg!!! Plus, unlike Stallone, this guy has always looked very short in movies.
Google for 5'9 Matt Hughes, UFC Middleweight Champion. He is billed at 77kg. 5'8 for Van Damme.
guy said on 14/Aug/07
One of JCVD's patented moves was the splits in various different scenarios and positions. A "short" guy would not have the same sprawling effect and legginess with this move. He seems more like a humble European who says it like it is.
Ironroman said on 12/Aug/07
how much do you think he weights, oh and van damme was reportedly 5 ft 10 and 70 kg, but he looks shorter than that and he surely must weight moore than 70 kg
Yitzhak said on 11/Aug/07
This guy is tough.
I saw some pictures on where he looks about the same height as his wife, who I doubt is over 5'8.
However, in many movies he looks 5'11+ considering Lungren was 6'5ish.
Just looking at his build though I can't see him over 5'9; I would think 5.8.5 would be accurate.
Everardo said on 10/Aug/07
Click Here
In this video,at 3:27, Van Damme and Lundgren are very close and Jean-Claude looks very tall
Everardo said on 10/Aug/07
Click Here
Click Here
Seeing these 2 pictures I strongly believe Van Damme is taller than I used to think (yes, months ago I thought he was 5 ft 7 in or 5 ft 8 in at the most)
Everardo said on 9/Aug/07
In this picture the difference between them seems even smaller
Tony-Muscle said on 5/Aug/07
Van damme is something between 170 cm-175cm because im 175 cm tall and muscular like him and i`ve fought several boxing fights against 2 meter tall giants. So im pretty sure thats his height.
Everardo said on 3/Aug/07
Click Here
In this video, at 0:37 seconds, Van Damme and Lundgren are very close. Jean-Claude looks very short because Lundgren is a giant, but taking into account Dolph's height, the Belgian actor must be at least 180 cm tall
Rachel said on 29/Jul/07
Just saw "replicant" which in the movie it is written in the pilice databast that is height is 5'11 which is 180cm...please, that would make him 183cm with shoes. Don't think so.
Everardo said on 28/Jul/07
If you pay attention to the behind the scenes section in Universal Soldier, Van Damme is walking beside Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude doesn't look so short in comparison. I think the difference looks greater in the film due to the camera angle to make the hero more "heroic".
guy said on 27/Jul/07
Hey I saw him with my own eyes and he's not short. I think he's suffered from lifelong Bi-polar and other thought disturbances that pushed him evermore to succeed in martial arts and film. He came to a breaking point when he started using street drugs, namely cocaine, and drinking excessively. I think he wound up in a difficult place that few can understand and thats when people make wrong decisions like accepting bad scripts ie: teaming up with Dennis Rodman. I think he's in a better place now despite not having a white hot career and who knows he might not even want to be in the spotlight anymore. That's not uncommon.
leonari said on 27/Jul/07
Gago: ridiculous story.
Gago said on 27/Jul/07
About few years ago, JC went to my friend's work place for some medical tests, and she told me that he was so short that everyone was laughing.
Everardo said on 27/Jul/07
First of all, he hasn't made Universal Soldier 3. Second, Van Damme looks older in his films due to characterisation for his roles (in real life interviews he doesn't look so old). And third, it's very difficult to measure his height because of his strong built, but I think he isn't as short as some people want us to believe. 180 cms seems realistic
Leung said on 26/Jul/07
It goes something like this guys, the more b-grade movies you make then the faster the aging process. Unfortunately for Van Damme, Universal Soldier 3 was his last decent film.
Otherwise he is not doing too bad for a guy that is only a few years away from 50.
dmeyer said on 26/Jul/07
van damme alwais claimed 177 or 178 cm in frensh magazine and guy saw him nearly 5'10 in his late 40s so he might be 5'9 i alwais thaught he was 5'8
leonari said on 26/Jul/07
Guy: You are right. The man has aged so terribly in a decade. Maybe due to coke?? Or simply bad genetics... He looks over 50 years old if you ask me.
guy said on 25/Jul/07
After further thought he was no less than 5-9 and no more than 5-10.
guy said on 25/Jul/07
Just saw Van Damme in my fitness club in Vancouver. I don't know what he's been doing but he's aged terribly. He's still big with large legs and a stocky frame but no longer does he have the bodybuilder physique. He was getting pretty sweaty on the stationary bike. He seemed taller than I expected. I might have expected a shortish height man but he seemed average. Definately no less than 5-9 and no more than 5-11. He suprisingly appeared to be 5-10ish in cross-trainers.
Brazilian observer said on 24/Jul/07
He went on a Brazilian TV show some years ago, and we could se clearly he was no more than 173cm. I was there, he was just a few meters from me!
dmeyer said on 17/Jul/07
i have been a fan for a long time i think vandamme real height is 5'8.25 proper 173 cm max 174 5'9 morning
dmeyer said on 9/Jul/07
looks 5'8 to 5'8.25 with ross almost a full head differance
l.t said on 8/Jul/07
in the movie where he plays the twins Chad and Alex... some scenes where he's standing next to Bolo Yeung he didn't seem more than 2 inches taller.
Zach said on 5/Jul/07
Here's a clip of van damme and Jonathon Ross (listed as 6'1.5 on this site). First you can see Van damme's footwear is pretty normal. Now forward to 5.35 and they are both standing up as van damme attempts to demonstrate a kick. There certainly doesnt seem to be 4/5 inches between them. Click Here
Rachel said on 24/Jun/07
his height is very tricky. he is not under 170cm, he can be 172-173cm barefoot I think. the 5'10 thing.. i doubt it. maybe with big shoes, sure.
Van Damme is taller than 167-8cm Bolo Yeung, for sure.
Bolo Yeung is one guy that is more scary and intimidating than any 190cm + guy anywhere. he is one guy I would not like to meet in a dark alley.
I swear i had nightmares from him when I watched Double Impact as a kid
Anonymous2 said on 8/Jun/07
He was a lot taller than 5'6" Bolo in Bloodsport, I think he's 5'9" rather 5'8", but nowhere near 5'10" as he claims.
dmeyer said on 7/Jun/07
i agree van damme is not tall i dont think he is shorter than 5'7.75 or taller than 5'8.75 172 to 175 cm 5'10 no and 5'6 no
dmeyer said on 7/Jun/07
even thaugh i am a huge fan of jean claude it is well none he is short i would say 5'8.5 max or strong 5'8
asfasf said on 31/May/07
in double team rodman almost one foot on him. i think he is 5.8 5'9 max
leonari said on 26/Apr/07
yeah I agree. Actually before coming to celebheights I was convined that this guy is 5'8" not a tad above...All the sites listed him 5'8" back in the 90's... to me he looks a tiny tad below 5'9" for sure...
Viper said on 25/Apr/07
Franco is right. Hes always had the body type of a 5-8 guy.
Stiffelio said on 25/Apr/07
Franco, Simon: the links for the pictures you've posted do not work.
leonari said on 25/Apr/07
Franco: great pic: no one can access it...
Franco said on 25/Apr/07
this is the definitive image people!

looks 5'9.5 with suspect shoes (lifts?)

his body looks like that of a 5'8 than 5'9 .....just take a look.

Click Here

Van Damme is 5'8 !!!! this guy needs a downgrade 100%
THE REAL ANONYMOUS said on 22/Apr/07
He looked pretty old at Bodog. 5'8=5

JCVD looked pretty old at the Bodog show,he does look in the 5'8-5'9 range though.
Simon said on 19/Apr/07
I'm pretty sure I read Mirko CroCop say Van Damme's around 5'7"-5'8" in an interview. Here's a picture of Van Damme and his daughter at Bodog. Click Here
She's a cutie.
Brad said on 17/Apr/07
Stallone has shoes like that. They cost about 2,000 big ones. He piles on 4". Van Damme is 5' 8" if the L.A. Sheriff's Dept. logged his DWI as such. I can't believe he's an inch shorter than Caan. I'm sure Caan was wearing monster shoes to keep him looking tall which he isn't.
Farga said on 16/Apr/07
Jean Claude Van Damme is 172.5 cm (5 foot 8 inches ) and he is around 170 lbs approx. My uncle is an LA custody cop who filed him in when he was arrested for drunk driving. He says when they took off his shoes his heels had like 2 or 3 inches on the inside of the shoe. Funny cos i am over 6 foot but he would still kick my ass! also btw he is a size 9 in shoe!!
Antonio said on 14/Apr/07
Hey Glenn, can u please get a photo with JC, so we can really know how tall he's, Thanks...
Antonio said on 14/Apr/07
I agree with Anonymous,the scenes with Caan, he was about inch or inch and half shorter than him, and it's funny in this site James Caan is 5'8.5, so that makes JC 5'7, which is more possible, actually about 3 years ago my friends saw JC in a store, they told me they were laughing at him, cause he was so short...
Anonymous said on 11/Apr/07
He looked absolutely tiny on TV series Las Vegas. Even 5'9 seemed questionable.
Jason said on 5/Apr/07
Definitely 5'9.5"
scott said on 1/Apr/07
i met him at the gym in vancouver. he's about 5'10
Ben said on 28/Mar/07
just seen video footage and photos of van damme with mirko cro cop and there were 5 inches in it at the most, id say 5,9 minimum.
spaz said on 20/Mar/07
saw him with his dad at a press conference he looked 5ft9 but he had boots on.his father was in the 5ft6-7 range
5'10'' said on 20/Mar/07
IF YOU CHECK Click Here THERE'S SHELDON LETTICH-DIRECTOR OF DOUBLE IMPACT GIVING ANSWER ON SOMEONS POST: I've just realized that a few of those photos validate one fact that's been in dispute for years. I am 5 ft. 9 in. tall. So it's quite clear that JCVD is slightly taller than me, 5 ft. 10 in. to be exact.
Brad said on 20/Mar/07
Chuck Zito opened a large can of New York whuppin' on him once. Howard Stern loves that story.
foot n inch said on 12/Mar/07
in films like kickboxer he actually looks 5'10'' some say he really short but thats not true id say he no taller the 5'10'' tall
Amanda said on 10/Mar/07
WoW..This is a surprising how he is 5'10 because I hear rumors that he about 5 it true or just rumors--How tall is he for real ppl**
Tom said on 8/Mar/07
Stench, do you think Jean-Claude has lifts on the beach? It would be ridiculous. Anyway, that doesn't change the fact that he is a big man, someone that managed to reach the American Dream... But I still think he is 177 or 178. I have all of his movies and I was able to compare to one to another one. It doesn't change anything if he has lifts because I think the other actors facing him in his movies like Mickey Rourke have also lifts. So, the values are never correct. To know his real height, we would have to measure it on our own. And, by the way, do we care about his height? Aren't you a little be frustrated be your height? Obsessed? To tall? not enough? Personnaly I'm 185 and it's ok, I don't ne more or less... It's ridiculous to talk about height, I'm out of here, lol.
Anonymous said on 3/Mar/07
maybe 5'10" max, but i think he might be just a little shorter. i think he's a little over 5'9" and a little under 5'10".
Anonymous said on 2/Mar/07
Tank in the pic with Lorenzo Lamas he could look close to 6' if he was standing level and tall. He's leaning forward, bent down, on lower sand, etc, shaving many inches off his height. I think Van Damme is 5' 10".
tank said on 2/Mar/07
a lot of times different types of clothes and how someone is dressed can make someone look taller or shorter. van damme has long legs for his height, so if he's wearing pants with his shirt tucked in he can look taller. look at the pic of him with lorenzo lamas. he's any where from 3.5 to 5.5 inches shorter but his legs are almost as long.
anthony said on 28/Feb/07
i know him hes 174 175cm positive
Stench said on 22/Feb/07
Tom, you're not considering his lifts
David said on 13/Feb/07
I am also Belgian and i've met and talked to him,let me put all the doubts to rest, Van Damme is 174-175cm.
Tom said on 5/Feb/07
Look at this : Click Here

Lorenzo Lamas is 6ft2/188cm, so, Van Damme is 177cm or 178cm

Look at this too : Click Here

Quentin Tarantino is 6ft1.5/187cm, so, Van Damme has to be 177cm or 178cm

Is it ok, now ?
Glenn said on 30/Jan/07
Thats about correct.never met him.just judgeing by pics I saw.
MarkyMark said on 29/Jan/07
Ive got a friend who met Van Damme several times, and he told me he was 174 cm.
Jason said on 26/Jan/07
Well, he may APPEAR to be 5'9". But I question whether or not he actually is 5'9" or not. I get a feel that he isnt quite 5'10" but not exactly 5'9", probably 5'9.5"
dmeyer said on 21/Jan/07
vandamme could be 176 morning 174 night
the shredder said on 13/Jan/07
Rob , how come you first had him at 5'8.5 ... but now think hes a minimum 5'9er?
hb45 said on 12/Jan/07
For me, he's 5'9" (1m75). He's sometimes also listed 5'8" (1m73), sometimes 5'10" (1m78), and his official website put him at 5'9" 3/4 (1m77). But according to me, the highest probability is 5'9" (1m75). It's an average height, he's not that short, he's not that tall, everybody is happy!!! Anyway, the appropriate height is when your feet reach the ground!!!
realheight88 said on 10/Jan/07
He is 172-173 at the most.I believe van damme has a good height.He isn't short like tom cruise who,i personally think,is 168 max.
dmeyer said on 27/Dec/06
kis stand in told me vandamme was 5'9 174 yo 175 cm
leonari said on 26/Dec/06
I agree with Dmeyer and what his friend saw: I see a full 172-173. He looks a bit below average on many youtube clips like interviewsor documantary...
leonari said on 25/Dec/06
In this clip Van Damme is wearing NIKE SHOX R4 which give you a solid 1.5-1.6 inches over barefootheight. I say the guy is nothing above 5'8.5 and somehow I think 5'8" is still closer to the truth.
mouse said on 24/Dec/06
i forgot to mention that she is dancing in heels while damme is in some sneakers. i'm not familiar with how high heels can be, but 3 inches should put damme at 5'9"
dave said on 13/Dec/06
he reminds me of a guy who has made a few mistakes but keeps on going. I'm sure hes made a good living so his last few flop films probably haven't killed him. But i just cant figure out why he cant go make another great action film. The world is loaded with talented film makers i would think. And i know there is a sizable audience for a good old fashioned action film. Why it hasn't happened for him is a mystery for me.

[Editor Rob: down the route of seagal/snipes, doing more euro based films in countries like romania/bulgaria/czech where its way cheaper to churn out titles for the straight to dvd market.
Van damme probably still making decent money on these movies...Cyborg/Timecop look like relative 'classics' compared to some of the stuff he's done last 5 years..]
dmeyer said on 12/Dec/06
he did look 2 inches aller than vivca in the hard corps i met his stand in and personal friend and told he is not 175 more 172 at the very best 173 even that i use to be a huge an he is no more than 173 175 in cowboy boots
sid said on 9/Dec/06
mmm i would say 5'8.5 at least,i met the guy few years ago in europe,i was taller than him,i'm 6'1 but i'm pretty sure that he was a bit taller than my girlfriend who is 5'8...really nice guy
Viper652 said on 6/Dec/06
Agreed, Van damme is 5-8 Max.
dmeyer said on 6/Dec/06
it is well none than vandamme is around 5'8
Anonymous said on 6/Dec/06
i meet jean last week in paris and trust me, i'm 5'7 and he was no taller than me, despite his 3 inche heels
Tom said on 17/Nov/06
He is definitly 177 cm !!! It's on his official website.
dmeyer said on 8/Nov/06
even thaugh i used to be a huge fan evrybody that meet him tell me he loks 5'8 8.5 tops
dani said on 8/Nov/06
I want to know what kind of streching was van damme doing.I do streching and Y don`t have such good results....can anybody help me?My yahoo id is : buchidau_daniel . thanks
Anonymous said on 7/Nov/06
In that beach pic with the 6-2 guy van damme is standing a bit forward with bad posture and his head bent down. standing tall in line with him, I'd say he'd look 5' 11 - 6'. Serious.
John said on 6/Oct/06
I saw him on japanese tv and he was standing at the same height as the other actor who is 1,76cm. In Brasil he was told to be at mere 5'3"/4" 1,60cm because of one magazine, I used to argue with friends but they wouldn't believe me, people don't think with their brains.
Danimal said on 3/Oct/06
Van Damme was wearing heels in Bloodsport in all scenes when he was wearing street clothes. It was obvious.
Cantstop25 said on 1/Oct/06
Here is an interesting pic of Van Damme looking the same height as book shields barefoot

Click Here

thoguh I realize that they are under water and the gorund is uneven favoring van damme, regarless he looks a lot taller then I thought.

Van Damme has alwasy striked me as the kind of man who did not care about his height. I bet he wears a low heeled shoe, the only time he wears lift are in the movies when he is forced to wear them. He also probably says that he is 5'10" because it helps him get movie roles(hell all of the other celebrities upgrade, why not him?) He is a legit 5'8.5" no less.
Nolifts81 said on 28/Sep/06
I've met personally Van Damme here in Italy some years ago, He is 5'9" or 5'9.5(176cm) max.
dmeyer said on 26/Sep/06
all the people i know that met him told me he is under 5'9
Viper652 said on 25/Sep/06
He has always looked 5-8 to me.
dmeyer said on 24/Sep/06
i have a friend that met van damme a few times and told me the were about the same height 172 cm
supes78 said on 24/Sep/06
I always thought he was probably around 5'7" 'cause he gets such a bad rap for being so short. But 5'9" is average height.
Gotxo said on 24/Sep/06
Roger Moore Dwarfed him in The Quest, like 4" taller.
What height is now Roger? Frank2 has given him 5'11", i think nowadays he might be
like 182cm or around 6'. So that puts him under 5'9", 174cm sounds good cause he doesn't looks as small as 5'8" neither taller than 5'9".
Cantstop25 said on 24/Sep/06
im not gonna lie I am a big fan, but he has stated that he is 174cm

I remember it being up on
dmeyer said on 6/Sep/06
he is more 174
Glenn said on 6/Sep/06
Really Doe?
Doe said on 5/Sep/06
Dude, im a pro MMA fighter and im 5'8-1/2 and they mark me down as 5-11.
John Doe said on 17/Aug/06
I just watched one of Van Damme's most famous films "Kickboxer" in which Dennis Alexio (famous real life kickboxer) played Jean's brother. Dennis is a well known 5-11, athletes have there heights taken to be announced before bouts. And Jean Claude and Dennis stand beside each other alot. Jean looked exactly one inch shorter. I think Van Damme stood 5-10 at his peak and probably lost an inch with age. His body isn't that long but his legs are very.
Fe said on 4/Aug/06
The guy that owns my local video store has a picture of him beside Van Damme and he's 3-4 inches taller than Van Damme. And this guy isn't extremely tall. He must be 5'11" or 6'0" tops. So 5'8" seems pretty accurate to me (maybe 5'9",but definitely not 5'10").
dmeyer said on 1/Aug/06
he wears lifts on ocasion in a french movie he apear similar height with benoit ppoelvoorde who is 180 to 183 range
TheMan said on 23/Jul/06
Van dammes another guy who wears cowboy boots making him look taller.
Glenn said on 22/Jul/06
He does look 5-10,maybe even more in movies.but in reality he is 5-9.I saw to many pics that peers have that look this.and some of these guys were 5-9 too.amazing how some celebs Ive never witnessed.hasnt been to New York since 2001.that doesnt help either.
JOE said on 21/Jul/06
steve said on 6/Jul/06
I met him in 1990 when he did an autograph signing, I am exactly 5'10 w/ my shoes on, Van damme was THE SAME height as me, looked like the heels of his shoe was about an inch. So I bet everything I own he is 5'9.
YaoMing said on 27/Jun/06
he looks short on this picture:
Click Here

could it be that he's even under 5'10?!

btw. i love his pornstar-stlye :)
hero said on 21/Jun/06
he looks to me like 174-175,he doesnt wear lifts,or at least he aint trying to look taller i mean what's the problem with being short? at least he is not crazy like stallone who wears like 3 inches soled shoes.
Nolifts81 said on 11/Jun/06
Seen him in Italy 2 years ago. He is at least 5'9", maybe also 5'9.5 (176cm).
JOHN said on 10/May/06
Jean Claude Van Damme is 2 inches taller then PAUL RANNI. As we all know PAUL RANNI is 5'8 tall so that makes Jean Claude 5'10
Brett said on 6/May/06
hes borderline 5'9 and weighed 79 kg few years back
loui said on 28/Apr/06
he looks more like 174,but isnt hard to believe he is 5'9....
trueheight said on 23/Apr/06
why don't u ppl look at the wealth of BAREFOOT roles he had early in his career; like the one in which he was MAYBE 2in max taller than Bolo Yuen?
Thomas said on 21/Apr/06
He is 177 cm! Can be sure of it. He looks smaller because he trains in fitness.
YUS said on 12/Apr/06
In his films, he look shorter than the 80% of the people, I think he would be 172
anthony said on 4/Apr/06
you have right, vandamme is 5ft9in,you can trust me i know him
sid said on 29/Mar/06
mmm well i met him 3 years ago,i'm a 6'1 and yeah i was taller than him,but he was a bit taller than my girl who is 5'8 so he is 5'8.5-5'9 for sure...aint under that..
kyle said on 28/Mar/06
People expect him to big the guy is small, i was shocked when i saw iam telling u he is not more than 5'8 with anything on.
r said on 26/Mar/06
yea i think hes gotta be at least 5'9 becuase in the movie knock out he looked at least 4in taller than rob schnider who is 5'5
kyle said on 26/Mar/06
i saw van damme in geneva several years ago, passed right by him were exactly same level 5'7 no taller.i dont think he is 5'9 nor 5'10.
Thomas said on 24/Mar/06
I'm from Belgium like him and his Belgium official website is correct. He is 177 cm. I don't know exactly the values in "foot and inche". I'm sure it is his correct height in centimeters because we use that metric system in our land.
tijo mathew said on 24/Mar/06
I think vandamme is 175cm in his height
marvel said on 16/Mar/06
mmmm he looks about that height (5'9) i mean he aint the kind of guy who's always trying to appear taller than he aint hard to believe he's 174-75
trueheight said on 16/Mar/06
5'8 would not be a stretch either, i think this is the most accurate. he was *marginally* taller than 5'6 Yang Tze(aka Bolo Yuen) in BloodSport
cantstop25 said on 10/Mar/06
I know who abdel qissi he also played atilla in lionheart he looked 6'1" in "the quest" I would say 4 inches taller then van damme but he did not seem that much taller in lionheart though. his brother michel is tall like 6'2" he played tong po in kickboxer and towered over van damme.
jack said on 10/Mar/06
the guy looks about 5'9 i agree.....
Jason said on 2/Mar/06
5'9'' is wrong for Van Damme. Check him opposite 5'10'' Abdel Qissi (5'10'' was his boxing measurement) in the movie ''The Quest''. Abdel Qissi plays the Mongolian wrestler ''Khan'', Van Damme's main nemesis in the film. Qissi was a few inches taller.
ray said on 22/Feb/06
i met him few years ago when he was in wcw nitro to do promo of universal soldier the return,i'm a 5'11 and he was shorter than me but not too much,i mean he really looked about 5'8-5'9....
Brett said on 17/Feb/06
Rob,Van Damme has said his height to be 5'9" 5'10" and 5'10.5" ( hes slowly been growing over time ), now would you believe a thing a guy whoes had like 4 wives had to say hahaha. In all Honesty he really does look short, I mean people have always joked about his height, honestly if he was 5'7" Id believe that, just always seems like somethings missing when you see him looking normal sized in photos, but his waist is noticbly higher then the person next to his , making him look to have a tiny Torso hahaha, I think he just wears lifts. BTW he was my hero when I was like 9 years old, no one can do a flying spinning kick as "hollywood style" as JCVD can, but Im sure Jet Li would have no problem kicking his butt.
Rocky said on 12/Feb/06
I remember watching a show on skyone a few years ago where richard blackwood (UK TV presenter/comedian) would interview celebs, anyway he interviewed Van Damme and said 'hey you're taller than i thought, what are you? like 5'8"?' at which Van Damme said 'no 5'9"'
julius said on 27/Jan/06
yeah the guy really looks in the 174-75 range,i haven't met the guy in person,i was in l.a. a few years ago, and he was having dinner,i just saw him leaving the place and i was like 30 ft away but the guy didn't look short to me.
dmeyer said on 27/Jan/06
his stand in is 174 cm i met him and told me that vandamme is the same but this stand in has a scene with van damme in double impact and vandamme looked a lithel taller than him
trueheight said on 27/Jan/06
being a huge JCVD fan, i own almost all of his films. There is no way this guy is under 5'8", from my experience in judging height. it also doesn't hurt that he's barefoot in many films
avi said on 22/Jan/06
hi guys - today van damme came to our gym in tel-aviv - he was standing right next to me and was about a cm or two shorter at most than me - i am 1.75 so do the math
Anonymous said on 19/Jan/06
Nice pic height detective. Even though we might argue abt Van damme's height to be 5'9 or 5'10, i dont think it really matters much to him, coz i feel when ur a martial artist its always better if ur shorter and more flexible. Sheesh, his finishing move, the spin kick is awesome, he will kick ass of any tall guy with tht signature move of his.
cantstop25 said on 18/Jan/06
height detective there looks to be exactly 5 inches there putting van damme at 5'9"
Height Detective said on 17/Jan/06
Haaa look at this photo !!!

Jean Claude was thinking : "Where are my boots when I need them !! "

Hey rob , they are barefooted , im really sure of that , can you determine his exactly height comparing him with Lorenzo , who is 6 . 2 ???
Height Detective said on 17/Jan/06
You notice his boots ?

How much cms put that on him ?

By de way, he is very elastic , and do streching all the time , this may be allow him to grow a bit all this past years?
ralph said on 17/Jan/06
could be,van damme some time wears lifts to look 5'10-5'11,but we all know he is not over 5'9...not to much taller and also not that its ok
dmeyer said on 17/Jan/06
van damme can look 5'10 5'11 sometimes there is a movie called narco he is standing beside a 6 feet actor and he looks almost as tall as the guy
dieter said on 6/Jan/06
yeah he looks in the 5'8-5'9max range.
TheMan said on 2/Jan/06
I think he's 5,8.5 exactly.
dane said on 2/Jan/06
mmm i don't think so......the guy is not a giant but he aint 5'6...he really looks 5'8-5'9,he wears elevators to look like 5'11,but youre right about the rule all short actors find a way to cover up the lack of height....and aint wrong to do that,examples: tom cruise,sly,brad etc.this guy may not be tha tallest action star,but certainly he aint under 5'8.
master said on 23/Dec/05
wrong! he is 5'9,the guy still is in great shape,and he doesnt hide his height,for example in universal soldier he weared the same boots than dulph,he didn't weared any lift,the guy also like to be with tall actresess on the this is a short guy in hollywood,but he aint afraid of his height.
Ivan said on 20/Dec/05
He's not 5'9". I have a friend who's 5'6" worked as a prop master on one of his movies. He said that Van Damme looked him str8 in the eye.
jax said on 17/Dec/05
norris always wears lifts,and yeah van damme aint 5'10,but deffinitly he aint under 5'8.
will said on 10/Dec/05
mmmm no this guy really looks 5'8-5'9mwell i preffer to believe in the people who have seen him,not in the guys who make conclussions by photos or rumors.....
ray said on 6/Dec/05
mmm this one of those cases where you really dont' know waht to think,but the thing is that van damme really looks about 5'8-5'9,i mean the guy aint tall,but also can't be under 5'8.
elio said on 5/Dec/05
My Brother, who is 6'0.5" and his 5'9" girlfriend (possibly in heeled shoes) saw him in France and said he looked short. I suspect he probably looked no more than 5'7" for them to say this.
rick said on 4/Dec/05
Damn! i can't believe all this controversy,the guy aint tall,but for sure he aint under 5'8,if anybody thinks he's in the 5'4-5'6 range is completly wrong!
Shred Guy said on 2/Dec/05
OK - one of my dad's pattients was the stunt man for Van-Damme in "The Quest". My dad introduced my brother to him as the stunt man has a gym where I live. He gave my brother a bunch of pictures of him and Van-Damme hanging out on the set of the film - without shoes. The Stunt man is 6' (this is a legit height as bodybuilders need to know their exact height to calculate their ideal weight they need to be). In those photos Van-damme is therefore 5'8" minimum and more realistically just over 5'9".

Don't know if people reading this will believe me, but why would I make such things up? I have better things to do than to lie to people who I don't know.....

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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