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Peak: 5ft 9.22in (175.8cm)
Current: 5ft 8.64in (174.3cm)
Dmeyer said on 5/Apr/15
165 pounds today 170 topS
Arch Stanton said on 3/Apr/15
Doesn't look 185 lbs today. He looks quite gaunt in the face nowadays.
173-174 cm guy said on 24/Mar/15
For Me JCVD is 1.72 M
nico said on 19/Mar/15
jean claude van damme rost 177-178 cm 179-180 cm son kris van damme jr heights 182-185 cm 187 cm 192 cm
Baby said on 15/Mar/15
5'feet and 10.5 inches and 180 pounds
Fighter said on 26/Feb/15
5'9 for jcvd through the day and out of bed 176 cm-176,5 cm.
Jack Cavarro said on 24/Feb/15
174 - 175 cm
Julian said on 19/Feb/15
175 cm, no more.
Dmeyer said on 7/Feb/15
Today 174cm is possible 175cm peak
GP said on 5/Feb/15
The photo with Richie confirms what I have been saying all along. Van Damme is nothing close to 5'9". Richie is 65 and possibly has dropped .5 inch. Meeting Van Damme I can confirm that he likes to wear boots a lot even in summertime to possibly fit in an inch of lift. Rob, you should downgrade him.
184.3cm said on 3/Feb/15
His facebook page claims 175cm Demeyer but i read that he has a statue in Belgium that is 174cm. People forget that Jean Claude was another actor who loved his cowboyboots and chunky heels that is why he appeared taller than 5'9 at times in the past.
Leung said on 3/Feb/15
Does appear Lionel has 6cm on JCVD.
jim said on 29/Jan/15
jackie chan is 5ft 7 as jean claude is 5.9
Marcus said on 8/Jan/15
Hard to judge his height, seems like a 5'9,5"-5'10" kinda guy. Especially in his movies in the 90ties he never looked short and solid average. No way in hell this guy is 5'8".
Nico said on 6/Jan/15
Rost 177-178 cm
dapel said on 20/Dec/14
@NNA i think he is right. I too believe Jean Claude is a small guy.
NNA said on 16/Dec/14
Rob please downgrade his height. He has pictures if all the short height bollywood actors and there is hardly any difference.
NNA said on 9/Dec/14
Rob here is the picture of Jean Claude with Shahrukh Khan, Bollywood actor who is listed on your site as 5'7.5 and i have seen him in reality in Dubai and he is exactly 5'6 barefoot.

Click Here

in this picture, they both are almost the same height.
GP said on 30/Nov/14
Van Damme wore boots with large heels, more than 0.25" advantage over a normal shoe and I doubt Silver ever was 174. He was about 2 inches shorter than Charlie Sheen in the Arrival, who is 5'9". And Van Damme would most likely wear lifts.
Joe said on 18/Nov/14
Van Damme being around 5-9 seems about right, I do not think he was ever 5-10, probably 5'8.5". Still he made a name for himself regardless of height, I also think he is held in much higher esteem than his much taller contemporary Steven Seagal who is about 6'4".
NNA said on 15/Nov/14
Rob i think you have done a big mistake in calculating van damme's height. ON your website, Shahrukh Khan from India is listed as 5 feet 7.5 inches which according to my knowledge is still a generous mark for him. But if you see the picture of shahrukh khan with Van damme, they both have the same height.
I think you need to downgrade van damme's height as he is not that taller.
with that being said, you need to re-evaluate Sylvestor Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Statham's height as well.
richie said on 13/Nov/14
Looks legit 5'10" in the photo above
Nico said on 10/Nov/14
Jean claude van damme rost 177-178 cm
Danimal said on 4/Nov/14
5'8.5" guy.
Danimal said on 4/Nov/14
keith says on 12/Oct/14
5 foot 8.5 peak 5 foot 9.5

A healthy man of his age (54) would not have lost 1" in height.
Dicky curtis said on 2/Nov/14
176 maybe indeed 177 at peak height. I wouldn't be surprised that that measurement with his mother was pretty accurate. they both agreed. 175 seems a tad too short to me
keith said on 12/Oct/14
5 foot 8.5 peak 5 foot 9.5
Dmeyer said on 4/Oct/14
I think strong 175cm peak Like 175-175.5cm 5'9 today 175cm
184.3cm said on 28/Sep/14
No more than 175cm , its stated clearly on his facebook page...
GP said on 26/Sep/14
In his new movie Swelter with Josh Henderson and Grant Bowler, who Rob has photo with, Van Damme looks the same as Rob with Bowler and I also noticed that Henderson was few inches taller than Van Damme. No way he is 5'9".
Dmeyer said on 21/Sep/14
In Many pics he towers jcvd and js 6in
Andrea said on 4/Sep/14
He doesn't really look over 6'-6'0.5 in this pic and he doesn't seem to have such a bad posture to be honest... It's hard to believe he's losing more than 0.5-1 inch in posture, lets be honest!
Andrea said on 3/Sep/14
Rob, why do Van Damme and Jason Statham look at least 6'-6'1 in this pic with Lundgren? As far as i know that pics can add/remove height and since i find it hard to believe Dolph is losing 3 inches in posture, i dont know what you think. Of course i dont think Dolph is over 6'3 today, but it still doesnt make sense!
[Editor Rob: I think if taken higher up he might look about 6ft 2, but yeah at times Dolph can look an inch shy of 6ft 3, I am not sure he really is, maybe he just doesn't stand as tall as he can at times.]
jay7 said on 17/Jul/14
I saw him at ufc 70 in 2007 at Manchester England he seemed 5'8 at the most even my brother seemed shocked to see how short he seemed I'm 5'10 and he didn't look that tall
keith said on 6/Jul/14
5 foot 8.9
stan said on 25/Jun/14
i'd give him 5.9ft, same height as Jackie Chan as the most recent pics of the 2 of them suggests.
Lmeister said on 18/Jun/14
JCVD with Bolo Yeung
Click Here

Bolo Yeung is/was 167cm/5f6ish and 85kg/187lbs
176 cm man said on 17/Jun/14
lol 5'7...hes at least 176 cm
peruvian said on 3/Jun/14
jcvd is 170cm max
173 is imposible
Dmeyer said on 19/May/14
Rob i met briefly statham hé seemed decent 5ft9 are you sûre van damme Will be taller in most pics they are equal or Jason taller , in very few van damme is taller
[Editor Rob: they could be identical]
rockfellas said on 12/May/14
tired. van damme is part of this big group of action movie stars with overestimated heights. he was able to say:"I'm 5-foot-10, a good size for movies. If you're too big guy, it's hard to find good villains. That's why Stallone always has good villains. He's short." van damme 5'10"?!unbelievable!!

a very young jc van damme with 5'8" chuck norris:Click Here

this pic proves that van damme was max 5'8"(172-173cm)at his peak. Anything over 5'8" for jc van damme is out of real.
please, try to realize how a legit 5'11" really is, how a legit 6'2" really is, how a legit 6'3" really is, etc, please...
Yaspaa said on 1/May/14
I can see why you would think that. :/
ellie said on 27/Apr/14
I thought Jean Claude Van Damme to be 6ft
Lorne said on 25/Mar/14
I'm thinking more and more 5'9 flat for Mario, but yeah, he can LOOK 176-177 at times. But barefoot with 178cm Dylan Walsh, well, 176 is the absolute max!!!
the shredder said on 22/Mar/14
I believe his Measurement. Mario is over 5'9.
Ka said on 20/Mar/14
Rob, when Mario Lopez interviewed JCVD, I though JCVD edged Lopez out. So one of them had to be taller than 176 cm. Thought?
[Editor Rob: it's tough to say, in the interviews statham could look taller than lopez!]
Stan said on 17/Mar/14
If you were able to pit Dolph, Van Damme and Seagal against each other in their prime Dolph would definitely win. He's too powerful has a far greater reach and could keep both at a distance while kicking their heads into the wall. If you were to pit them against each other today Dolph still wins...haha. Oh, and Van Damme is a solid 5'9"er.
Jay said on 27/Feb/14
5'6.2 peak
today - 167.3cm
Yaspaa said on 25/Feb/14
Lundgren has fought a former UFC champion, he's far more formidable than Seagal. Seagal is good at throwing little Japanese guys around, but Aikido is not a particularly useful style against another trained martial artist. Close counter locks are no match for a powerful striker as Aikido guys have little defence against crosses and straight punches, let alone kicks.
I'm not saying Van Damme would win or Seagal, but pound for pound... the win for Van Damme, incredibly powerful legs.
Point is, Seagal knows his Aikido, Van Damme knows his Shotokan and Dolph knows his Kyokushin
176,2Tunman said on 13/Feb/14
Rob,according to you who was stronger Van Damme or Seagal?
Sly said that Jean Claude was probably too strong for Seagal after the latter declined his offer of a fight, but I'm not that convinced.
JC is 7in shorter than him and about 80pounds lighter and they have more or less the same fighting skills. With such difference in height but also in weight, it seems a little hard that JC could dominate him.I'm sure he has good chances against a guy like Lundgren despite his physical disadvantage but Seagal, unless age started to seriously affect him could hardly be beaten by an average guy.
[Editor Rob: Seagal knew his stuff...and in his 30's I think could take Van Damme, but depends if they use techniques that are aimed at weak points of the body]
dmeyer said on 25/Jan/14
177 was too generous 176cm peak is perfect now 175cm measuring 176cm late morning
Lorne said on 24/Jan/14
I can believe he measured 176.5, in the MORNING, and rounded up to 177... Anyway, this is perfect, IMO... Hehe, I said 176cm for Van Damme years ago, when you still had him at 175. Yet another prediction of mine comes to life! (and ps, Rooker wears lifts for sure, Van Damme always look a strong 5'9 to me...)
GP said on 23/Jan/14
If he is 5'9" or 5'9.5", then how can you explain him being shorter than Michael Rooker in Replicant, being shorter than Paul Freeman in Double Team, being shorter than Shia Labeouf on Jay Leno and the list goes on. Van Damme wears lifts, which I have said all along, not like Downey or Stallone, but an inch lift is easy to fit and move around comfortably.
[Editor Rob: we'll give him 176 and say his mum gave him an extra cm]
Stiffelio said on 21/Jan/14
Both him and his mom could have lied. C'mon they knew they were being filmed and there's no showing of either the mark on the tape or Van Damme's feet.
5ft6.5in Guy said on 21/Jan/14
The Guy is A Strong 5´8 Peak
In Bloodsport he 2 inchs Max taller than 5´6 Bolo Yeung
dmeyer said on 24/Dec/13
I think legit 175cm Is good before jc was measured rob had him 175cm it make sens , peak maybe 0.5cm taller now he still looks 175cm like as tall as Statham and like 7cm under 5'11.75 son , measures 179cm in a Nike shox of thick heels so pulled of 5'10
johnmcc said on 23/Dec/13
Life size statue made in Belgium for the boy from Knokke not Brussels as everyone thinks. Length 1.74 m .
Hypados said on 19/Dec/13
Looks 174/175 in Enemies Closer.
Marcus said on 12/Dec/13
Rob, maybe you should add that his official facebookpage states:

5' 9" (1.75 m) / 176 lbs (80 kg)"

If Van Damme himself now claims 5'9", I don't see any reason why we would suspect him being 5'9.5", although there is a good possibility that was once his peak height. Don't forget that action stars and martial artists like himself suffer countless injuries during his career; he might have lost a few centimeters that way.

So maybe a downgrade to current height, but a listing of his peak height, Rob?
Lutador said on 12/Dec/13
In Brazil jean claude was on a television program led by a presenter called gugu (I had read that gugu 1.73 see:

Click Here
height gugu this site :

Click Here
fff said on 11/Dec/13
I know a girl who met mario lopez and saw a pic with her and she's 5-7 and he was 1.5 to 2 inches taller so if mario is shorter than van damme than he is probably 5-9 to 5-9.5 ....never heard a 5-10 or 5-9 guy called short unless if it was pertaining to pro basketball or nfl
Vibram said on 9/Dec/13
I met Van Damme in 2010 when he was signing autographs in London and promoting his new film. He would of been age 50. We both had the same boot heels size and I had about 1 inch on him (I'm 177cm). He is 5ft8.5 > 5ft8.75 (about 174cm) but has a good frame. I don't think he's lost height since his peak in the 1990's.
Max said on 4/Dec/13
Great comment Liz !

I say something similar when people make a fuss about my height or size. I tell people, it's not like you get a menu and get to choose your features. Be nice, keep clean, and work hard, and good things and people will come to you.

liz says on 27/Sep/13
Look at it this way most good musicians and actors are not very tall. It means nothing(or maybe it means being shorter and hearing all the stuff growing up makes shorter people better at things because they gain strength inside and more talent). Only people who are insecure or ignorant will comment about your height in a negative way. Have confidence in who you are and don't dwell on something you have no control over. None of us have control over height,race,where we are born or anything else like that. There will always be disrespectful dumb people out there,just think to yourself(well they are not very smart or insecure)if they say something about your height because its true. Believe in yourself and you will have the right tall and short people drawn to you. There are good people every where tall and short
HHS said on 28/Nov/13
It's possible Statham's wearing shoes with a 1 inch lift. Putting him on a par with 5'10 Van Damme.
Kourosh177cm said on 25/Nov/13
he is no less than 5'9 175cm
dmeyer said on 17/Nov/13
Overall can really look 5'9 range sometimes 5'9.5
van said on 12/Nov/13
Ive read in a few Black Belt magazines , that Bolo Yeung is actually 5 feet 7.
Lutador said on 10/Nov/13
Van Damme always uses boltas soled high (almost 10 cms) to look more alto.Ele myself have said that to one reporter from the magazine Set in the 90s and using a trick photo, it looked like the greatest reporter of the magazine (1 , 70), when in fact it was menor.Pois he always takes pictures giving almost a step forward and and who is on your side and projecting the body forward.
Lutador said on 10/Nov/13
You sure you have jean claude 177 cm??

He's not wearing anything on the shoe that let him taller?
the shredder said on 9/Nov/13
Rob , 177cm also can be weak 5'10 .
Zipp said on 1/Nov/13
Who cares if he's 5/5 or 6/6 what the hell is wrong with you people!
At the end of the day there's height and there's stature,height means
Nothing,height is just something for insecure people to rely on
Ive met heaps of guys way better looking physique wise that are 5/5
Then guys that are 6/0 height means nothing!!!!!
Bakura said on 12/Oct/13
Rob- did it show whether or not he was in shoes when the 177cm measurement was made?
[Editor Rob: I don't think he had any on, but it was a measurement not as exact like celebheights visitors would do :)]
sabot said on 11/Oct/13
Peak: 5'10/178 cm - 5'9.75/177 cm
Today: 5'9.25/176 cm - 5'9/175 cm

Made my day. Thanks.
daniel from brussel said on 8/Oct/13
with elevator shoes statham , van damme and Stallone . Apparently " 6' "
liz said on 27/Sep/13
Look at it this way most good musicians and actors are not very tall. It means nothing(or maybe it means being shorter and hearing all the stuff growing up makes shorter people better at things because they gain strength inside and more talent). Only people who are insecure or ignorant will comment about your height in a negative way. Have confidence in who you are and don't dwell on something you have no control over. None of us have control over height,race,where we are born or anything else like that. There will always be disrespectful dumb people out there,just think to yourself(well they are not very smart or insecure)if they say something about your height because its true. Believe in yourself and you will have the right tall and short people drawn to you. There are good people every where tall and short.
mike said on 17/Sep/13
Was a trainer at worlds gym jcvd and stallone were friends with the owner these stallone is taller but much bigger bodied real height 5.95 190 to 200 jcvd 5.8 170 to 180
clement said on 18/Aug/13
I give sir jean claude van damme 5'9"
sabot said on 15/Aug/13
Body of a 5'9-10 man? I disagree: Click Here
His torso looks somewhat squashed these days.
Peak height close to 5'9
Today probably close to 5'8
Dmeyer said on 13/Aug/13
Not under 175cm péak and now , he has à body of à 5'9-10 men
Stratton said on 3/Aug/13
That is not his height. He is stands at about 1.65 m. I made a movie with him in cape town (wake of death) and stood toe to toe with him.
refresh said on 1/Aug/13
AHAHAHA 177cm:)
with 5'8 chuk norris years ago so heel arent popular yet:)
Click Here
The guy is lucky if he is 5'8 and stalone is even less but he's in heels all the time
sabot said on 24/Jul/13
Nice find GP. JCVD with 5'9 listed Shia Labeouf:
Click Here
Click Here
Shias shoes are looking normal. Lol @5'9.5 ;)
sabot said on 23/Jul/13
Good find GP. JCVD with 5'9 listed Shia Labeouf(he more 5'8.5 IMHO):

Click Here
Click Here
Mojo said on 20/Jul/13
Damn, what the heck happened to Dolph's height? He's really shrunk..
GP said on 20/Jul/13
Look, when Van Damme was promoting EX 2, he was on Leno with Shia Labeouf and he easily looked at least 3 cm shorter, you can even find photos of them online from that night. Check out the photos and the show video and then ask yourself if Van Damme is a 5'9" man next 5'9" Labeouf. Rob, you should check it out too.
Lorne said on 18/Jul/13
5ft9.5 peak is more than fair; he was defiantly 176-177cm range at peak, 175cm was always too low, I said that years ago. But I think the measurement, today is generous. There are two possibilities: the first is it's an early measurement. The alternative is he was really just a solid 176cm, and they rounded to 177cm. Either way, 175.5-176cm evening, he could hit 5ft9 at his worst, though I think he would still edge out a guy like Statham, he is still a strgon 5ft9. Could be he was 5ft9.5 peak, today 175.5-176cm evening. But he WAS NOT less than 176cm peak.., And Gordon Ramsey is a douch.
Ed said on 3/Jul/13
Ah ha! So if you take away that 3cm, that would make him around 5'8.5" then? I still wouldn't be surprised if he was 174cm. I don't know if you've seen this pic Rob, But he's definitely looking 174 in this pic i recently saw of the Ex 2 cast. Although the camera angle is a bit wide here. Click Here
[Editor Rob: 5ft 9.5 could be a breakfast time measurement]
Ed said on 2/Jul/13
No more than 175cm. Looks a good solid inch shorter than 5'10" james remar in The Quest. I'd downgrade him to 5'9". Anything over that is crazy.
[Editor Rob: he was measured by his Mother...maybe she watched a video on youtube called 'How to measure your height, Bronx style'...I heard it adds 2cm to the result.

the model who measured Gordon Ramsay used the video aswell, except she added 3cm to his height :)]
ice said on 24/Jun/13
dolph doesnt even look like 6 ft. in that pic
Terry said on 20/Jun/13
176-7 looks about right. At least Van Damme doesn't exaggerate his height like some actors do such as Daniel Craig and others.
sabot said on 7/Jun/13
I think most here will agree that 5'9.5 is a joke.
He is 5'9 max. It wouldn't shock me if he is slightly below that mark. You need a proof?
1. See the pics I posted below with J.Statham.
2. Here is JCVD next to Bolo:
Click Here
Click Here
Bolo's shoes looking dodgy, though.
Jeff C said on 5/Jun/13
I met Bolo Yeung many years ago at work. This was in Miami while he was filming "ShootfighterII". He walk in and was impressive to look at. He was really broad, however he was no more than 5ft.6. In "Bloodsport" Van Damme was barely taller., which wiil make him between 5ft7 or 5ft8 at the most.
Yaspaa said on 24/May/13
Coming up to your eyebrows wearing a 2" heel with lifts makes him under 5'5, making your statement... bogus!
John said on 24/May/13
No discussion, Van Damme has in his facebook profile his real height. 175 cm, so check it out
The 80's Rockstar said on 15/May/13
Back in the 80's I met Van Damme at a celeb party at the Playboy Mansion and he's not even close to 5ft 9.5in lol! I was wearing flat soled Converse sneakers, I'm 5ft 10in barefooted so I was 5ft 10.25in with my sneakers on and he was wearing boots with 2inch heels and most likely with lifts in them like he is in the photo above, and I was looking down at him. The top of his head counting his hair only came up to my eyebrows. He was standing straight up too. If you measured him barefoot he might make it to 5ft 7in but that's it, no more. My girlfriend at the time was a 5ft 7.5in Playboy Bunny and she was taller than he was with her 2inch heels. When she saw him her first words to me were, "he's so short, I thought he was much taller seeing him in his movies". I told her they make all actors who are short look taller in movies. You don't know the facts until you meet someone in person. They have been altering movie stars heights for years, it's old news. True story folks, he's short.
sabot said on 26/Apr/13
Some pics of JCVD with Statham. Jean appears slightly shorter than Statham here...
Click Here
Click Here
Dural said on 19/Apr/13
Sorry Rob, van Damme is 5'8". He's the same height as you next to the folding rule.
Here's the picture in better quality, remember the top of the folding rule is 182cm.

Click Here
Dural said on 12/Apr/13
Again, he was clearly measured around 5'8" by his mom on the show. I agree with Danimal, he might have been 5'8.5" in his younger days, maybe even closer to 5'9", but certainly not 5'9.5".
Don't forget his mom measured him and she's very short. He appears taller next to the folding rule from her perspective, especially if she's standing in front of him.


Click Here
Yaspaa said on 9/Apr/13
@Lou. He's at least 3" shorter than you were at the time and that makes him 5'7.5 - 5'8.5, that's some fine logic. Lundgren is the same height as Andre Arlovski and he's a good 6'3, the photo is not a good shot for Dolph. when the Rocky 4 team were looking for a 6'3 guy, they certainly found one. 2" height loss, give me a break.
HHS said on 2/Apr/13
It's possible Statham is wearing shoe lifts for one extra inch. That would make him almost level with Van Damme assuming Statham is 174
lou said on 1/Apr/13
i seen van damme when i was 17 years old outside the letterman show
iwas then atmost 5 10 he was at least 3 inches shorter, thats a fact
back in 1997 or 98 i think he was promoting street fighter whenever that was at most he is 5 8 5 8 1/2, more like 5 7 5 71/2
lou said on 1/Apr/13
i seen van damme when i was 17 years old outside the letterman show
iwas then atmost 5 10 he was at least 3 inches shorter, thats a fact
El Mariachi said on 31/Mar/13
Dolph Lundgren doesn't even look 6'3" beside Van Damme!
Dmeyer said on 23/Mar/13
Measures 177cm 1 hr out of bed but is a legit 175cm like 5'9 dinner Time
Dmeyer said on 19/Mar/13
CAN Look 175-177cm so 176cm fits the guy
Yaspaa said on 13/Mar/13
The pic above is weird, Dolph looks 6'0ish. JC's footwear looks suss.
Jack said on 1/Mar/13
He is often described as a short guy. Didn't expect him to be this tall...
............. said on 24/Feb/13
wow lundren is shorter than I thought...he's about 6'3 now with shoes...and van damme is closer to 5'10 statham closer to 5'9...all with dress shoes that add some height...
MrX said on 20/Jan/13
He looks solid 175 175 in the evening)
sabot said on 15/Jan/13
Jason is definitely not a full 5'9... more like a weak 5'9, maybe even less, but not under 5'8. There is no much differance at the picture above, plus they have similar proptions. 5'9 makes sense for Jean Claude.
Dmeyer said on 12/Jan/13
Even thaugh i think he could be just 175cm he does look 176.5cm in the peak above With statham who i met
Czech said on 12/Jan/13
Most sources say around 175 cm.
Chunkamonk said on 8/Jan/13
5'9.5 doesn't really fit him, probably in shoes. In his early days, he looked a weak 175. Now 173,5.
sabot said on 5/Jan/13
I doubt that he ever was 177cm/5'9.5. He is similar to J.Norris height (peak 5'8.5) just slightly taller. Watch this video (@0:52 Jean wearing dress shoes(?), chuck in sneakers):
Click Here
Pictures of them both standing side by side seems to be pretty rare. Norris appears to be similar, sometimes taller on them, probably wearing cowboy boots to be fair.
175cm/5'9 for Jean.
Jack said on 1/Jan/13
He was wearing slippers while his mother measured him against the wall on the Itv4 show (they don't show what the measurement tape actually shows), but if accurate then without the slippers he is about 176 cm tall (5.9"5), not that it really matters as he is an exceptional talent.
Elijah said on 30/Dec/12
@Silken, what the hell? That 5.83333 number that you got is in fractions of a full feet which nobody uses for their height, not the feet and inches that people actually report their height in.

If you want to convert from metric to imperial, you would convert the cm to inches, and then the inches to feet and inches. 178cm is a hair over 70 inches, and 12 inches make a foot, so you get 5 full feet with 60 inches. Then we have 10 inches left over which would make a 178cm person 5 feet and 10 inches, or 5'10"... not 5'8" like you thought.
Dmeyer said on 26/Dec/12
I agree they could have said 178cm or maybe hé is 175cm and thaught 177 would be more credible
Dmeyer said on 25/Dec/12
Brad should get measured by his Mom 5'11.5 by his Mom
Dmeyer said on 25/Dec/12
In other words is 5'9.75-9.8 morning and 5'9 night possible that still makes him 175.3cm night and 177.3cm morning making him tall enaugh to be measured 176.5-176.7cm 1 hour out bed and claim 177
Dmeyer said on 25/Dec/12
Rob i agree With all your listing within 0.25 in , and most Time we agree i trust your estimates since you are an height expert i learned a lot from you , but you had van damme at 175cm for a long Time that was before measured on tv , many celebs who met him in France saw his as about 175cm , hé get described as short in jcvd while 177 is strong average in France and belgium , hé dosnt tower bolo 168 yeung , With régis barefeet hé looks 175cm also With Roger Roger Moore hé dosnt look 177cm , hé defenetly measures 177cm morning but night hé is nearer 175cm , is strong 175cm night possible , since hé looks taller than statham in as many pics as hé looks shorter
[Editor Rob: I'm giving him the measurement with a caution that the measurement could have a margin of error bigger than if any of us measured someone!]
robert colantuono said on 24/Dec/12
seen him outside the letterman show aroun 1998 whwn i was only 18 and about 5'9 1/2 to 5 '10 at the time and i was shocked , he was atleast 2 or 3 inches shorter, that was 15 years ago and you cant say he wasn't in his prime. i would say then he was 5'8 to 5'8 1/2 being generous
now probably 5 8 at most.
and from the expendables poster stallone looks shorter than van d and thats weird cause i saw stallone also and he seemed taller than van d
Dmeyer said on 24/Dec/12
0.25 in loss is possible for him hé wakes 5'9.75 strong 177cm and go to bed 175cm nô more than strong 5'9
Dmeyer said on 23/Dec/12
Rob in 6 bullets hé really looked à solid 7cm under under his 5'11.75 son and nearly 3 in under 5'11.5 flanigan so solid 175cm today 5'8.75-9 in no more , in thé last scène hé looks 3 in under flanigan
JCvD said on 21/Dec/12
As a young looked at least 178cm ...
Today may be about 176 plus or minus
Frangus said on 7/Dec/12
Look at this picture Click Here
mId said on 25/Nov/12
Van damme is training with GSP now.. and he looks half an inch shorter than GSP.. and some people who have met gsp claim he's lucky if he's 5'9? Anybody here that has met george?
Dmeyer said on 24/Nov/12
I believe frangus 5'9 makes sens its possible van damme 5'9.25 peak now 5'9
Frangus said on 17/Nov/12
I was in the expendables premiere on Madrid and I could took a photo with Van Damme and Statham.Both are 174-175 and im about 6 feet or 183 cm.
leonari said on 16/Nov/12
Dmeyer: His son claimed 182 in the JCVD reality show. He is 5 cm taller than his dad. So Jean - Claude is 177.
Dmeyer said on 15/Nov/12
Vandamme CAN look just 6cm under 5'11.75 in son 176cm could be van damme height jc measured between 175-176cm mark at night hé is taller than 174cm and shorter than 177
Dmeyer said on 15/Nov/12
There are as Many pics were vandamme looks 1-1.5cm taller than statham than one were hé apears shorter by 1-2cm i think vandamme is solid 175cm , as hé looks That with régis and dosnr look 9cm on 168 bolo His son probably grew to 183-184cm
Silken said on 8/Nov/12
If you convert 178cm to inches it's 70.1" or he's not even 5'9" tall. That makes sense when you think about because he's normally much shorter than whoever he's with. Not that his height takes away from what the man can do with that bode.
Yaspaa said on 6/Nov/12
The statue also weighs 1.5 tons, and life size isn't actual size. I wouldn't be surprised though.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 4/Nov/12
He recently got a life-size statue here in Belgium, the statue measures 174cm:
Click Here

I think a downgrade to 174cm is needed for "The Muscles from Brussels".
Kartal said on 3/Nov/12
Rob, what height do you think barefoot Van Damme looks in this vid?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: harder to say with big baggy trousers, they can make you look shorter]
Silent d said on 31/Oct/12
Dolph lundgren doesn't look that tall in that photo. I thought he would look taller considering statham is 175cm and van damme is pretty much the same. I am shocked. Someone on the mario lopez page said he was same height as mario lopez who claims 5 foot 11. Someone was wearing lifts. 176cm.
GP said on 27/Oct/12
I just watched his recent movie "6 Bullets" and he was clearly 3 inches shorter than his son and Joe Flanigan who both are 182cm. As Dave said and anybody can search that to read it themselves that his real life statue stands 174cm. Funny thing is that I've been saying all along that JC isn't 177 or even 5'9" and people here were attacking me thinking that I was delusional, when I've seen him with my own eyes.
Frankie Eyes said on 27/Oct/12
In Bloodsport JCVD Was Clearly Taller Than Bolo Barefoot.
Anon said on 27/Oct/12
I'm surprised he gets called short at his height. He looked nothing less than 5'9.5 in his prime. Possibly down to 5'9 these days? Very polite and humble person. Great films, very talented individual. Always remember how much I enjoyed watching Bloodsport when I was a kid. The moral of the story? If your not happy about something, go kick the f**k out of everybody.
tuite said on 25/Oct/12
He looks in the pics like 5´7.75 but it cant be in theory he is much more taller than bolo
sabot said on 23/Oct/12
Some pics with 5'6 Bolo:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
meone said on 21/Oct/12
on facebook acount mentioned 5'9
swm said on 12/Oct/12
177 cm is a fraction over 5'9'5" if I am not mistaken, seeing as he was around 50 for the measurement and that he has lead a very physical life I would say that a peak 5'10" was more than possible.
Yaspaa said on 11/Oct/12
Please. The guy hasn't lost any height.
sabot said on 9/Oct/12
176 cm peak.
174-175 cm today.

Looks 5'9 next to 5'8 Jason.
Ace said on 7/Oct/12
I have to agree with Leonari. Trying to throw a kick in a cowboy boot is hard enough (it completely throws off your equilibrium), but lifts would be nearly impossible. The odds that Van Damme wears any padded shoes is slim at best. He is likely a solid 177 cm.
Dmeyer said on 30/Sep/12
176cm fits him perfect tall enaugh to look near 5'10 and claim and short enaugh to be seen as short from distance
leonari said on 26/Sep/12
Those who say he is a Lift wearer are not the brightest. The guy makes his kicks during every premiere. Try doing that in lifts.
leonari said on 26/Sep/12
Has body is in excellent shape and very fit for a over 50 guy. He hasn't lost height. He still is 176-177 cm and always has been.
Frankie Eyes said on 24/Sep/12
If He Is 5'9.5" Now, Then What Was His Peak Height?
Dmeyer said on 23/Sep/12
Van damme CAN look 5'9.5 alot
Woland said on 20/Sep/12
Just watched Replicant. Comparing lead actors footwear in the movie if barefeet M. Rooker is 5'10" (which I believe he is) then Van Damme is 5'9.5"(176)tops.
sabot said on 12/Sep/12
"look at this rob i found an interesting video look at 1.27 van damme and bolo ( listed here as 5´6( 1.68) but if you whatch this carefully really strange because they are face to face and looks like almost the same height , what is your opinion rob?"

Van damme is barefoot while bolo is wearing (strange) shoes...
tuite said on 9/Sep/12
look at this rob i found an interesting video look at 1.27 van damme and bolo ( listed here as 5´6( 1.68) but if you whatch this carefully really strange because they are face to face and looks like almost the same height , what is your opinion rob?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: when it's a small screen I think any difference becomes smaller, plus bolo with shoes maybe makes difference a bit nearer so it can look just 2 inches in some bits of that clip.]
jan said on 9/Sep/12
That picture proves statham is no more than 5'8", look at his footwear, he is wearing lifts, the heel is bigger than the other actors shoes.
Dmeyer said on 3/Sep/12
His son claim 182 but is more 184-185cm hé looks taller than flanigan and aleast 3 in on vandamme
Robban said on 1/Sep/12
Rob, would you say the angle favours the shorter guys here?
[Editor Rob: I don't think there's much favouring ]
Shaun said on 30/Aug/12
Rob was right on Statham all along, 5'9", if of course Jean was measured at 177cm which I think is more than likely, I doubt they'd invent that. Statham's build can make him look a little shorter. I generally think the "Dolph is 6'2" max" quotes are bunk but got to admit he doesn't look over 6'2.5" here.
MaskDeMasque said on 26/Aug/12
does look 5'9.5. has about 1 inch on statham on that pic. statham is 5'8.5 i think.
rom said on 25/Aug/12
GP would u be happy having Jcvd at 5'6, statham at 5'5 and lundren with 5'11?? I got an idea...get ur own website!!!
Reality said on 25/Aug/12
@GP: All this debate is provocated by downgraders not the other way around.Basically here's given his height (and he actually seems to be this height) and people are claiming 5'8 which is ridiculous.If you'll say somebodys real height then most people would call you a troll and upgrader.They just wanna compensate their own height by downgrading others because they had issues,but it's a self-delusion which won't help at all and is totally false in most cases.
Yaspaa said on 25/Aug/12
Click Here
GP said on 24/Aug/12
How could you call that a fact when you don't see his feet, you don't see the measurement, all you do know is that JC says 177. Well Stallone says he is 5'10"-5'10.75", so why don't we just stop debating and just say that all the actors are honest and they don't exaggerate their heights. Well Glenn used to say that he measured himself 5'8" and he had a friend who witnessed it, until Rob measured him and he couldn't even hit 5'7", lol. Maybe Rob should just shut down the website, lol.
the shredder said on 24/Aug/12
Why are folks even doubting 177cm ? Opinions don't matter anymore when it is a proving FACT he was measured 177cm . It does not matter If I think 5'9 or you think 5'8.5 ... He is 177cm so lets just accept the FACT please .
GP said on 23/Aug/12
JC was on Jay Leno on Aug.21. I suggest people who believe that he is over 5'9" or even 5'9" to go and look at at it. Shia Labeouf was there also, first JC was at least 1.5" shorter than him and he appeared to be 2-3 inches shorter than Leno. Like I said before, if he ever was 5'9" or 5'9.5", he would never be called short so much throughout his career.
Dmeyer said on 23/Aug/12
I met statham hé isnt less than 175cm and sly isnt less than 174cm now , van damme does look 5'9-9.5 , vandamme could have esaly lost 0.25 in now and hé yet looks 5'9-9.5 in . Being a fan i alwais thaught hé was smaller i could buy 175 176 for vandamme anyway 5'9.5 is 176.5 probably 178cm out of bed 176 dinner Time
Robban said on 22/Aug/12
Downgrade Lundgren...
leonari said on 22/Aug/12
Larix: Nice... Insulting the folks who post here is the way to go. Congrats!
sam said on 22/Aug/12
I stood next to JCVD and I'm 6' on the dot.. the man couldn't be taller than 5'8 and I was wearing skateshoes.. also with his age.. he's physically smaller too, I was very surprised. I always thought he was a big man..but at this point I'm wondering if he's even 170 pounds..
the shredder said on 22/Aug/12
Lundgren had to have lost height and not standing straight ... He looks well under 6'3 now .
ANDREA[ITA] said on 22/Aug/12
If Lundgren is really 6'3.5, Statham looks at least 5'11-5'11.5 and Van Damme looks 6'0.5!
the shredder said on 22/Aug/12
Well , I was joking with my last part but I don't see how anyone could not see that he was measured at 5'9.5 .

At Larix , sad but Agree , Me at G's height Knows that these guys are taller then myself and I don't downgrade actors to me me feel better .

BTW this is my user name , does everybody have a user name ? DUH lol .
GP said on 21/Aug/12
I guess Rob is very lenient with this shredder guy. I guess people aren't allowed to have their opinions without being called names by this immature person, who hides behind a nickname and feels like a man by calling people names. I gotta say I'm very disappointed in Rob for allowing this kind of behavior on his site. And just FYI shredder, I've met JC and he is under 5'9" and wears lifts.
[Editor Rob: if we all can try not to insult other opinions, that's the way to move forward.]
Larix said on 21/Aug/12
Most of people who comment here I think have very low self esteem and low success in life so they compensate it on downgrading actors true height. makes them feel better. you they was so short.... That is just ridiculous i really hate these low self esteemed idiots. True height in prime time for Van Damme 5'10 as he claims is true. Now most likely 5'9.5
Reality said on 20/Aug/12
5'9.5 is fair estimate.
Robban said on 20/Aug/12
This is more like it:
Click Here
Maximus said on 20/Aug/12
He is probably around 5'8.5" to 5'9" Max. That is probably most accurate. Usually when you have some one who is around 5'10" you dont get very much controversy that he is 5'10"....example....Vin diesel is 5'10" to 5'11"...but most people would agree that he does not come across as being 5'9" or 5'8"..the problem with Vin is that he claims 6'1" at times......Van Dam does not come across as being 5'10".
the shredder said on 20/Aug/12
Anybody saying under 5'9 proves there a troll to this site or flat out delousional ... So come out and admit your are joking or just leave the site as you have failed to be realistic !
Len said on 19/Aug/12
Always struck me as a 5-8 or 5-8.5 guy. And yes, Statham's not as tall as listed either.
GP said on 18/Aug/12
Rob, Van Damme has a movie coming out called "6 Bullets" with Joe Flanigan, who you have a photo with. The only photo I was able to find, Van Damme looks to be close to 3.0" shorter than Flanigan. May be if you have time you could research and see if you can find something that will be useful in determining JC's height. Thanks.
lee said on 18/Aug/12
5'9 mario lopez did an interview with him...van damme is a bit taller.. so i guess 176-77 is fair for the belgian movie star
sussie said on 17/Aug/12
some guys in here are just and my husband met him at a restaurant in hong kong, ill try to find our pic 5'8 and my hus is 5'11 and i remember van damme being a few cm taller than me but shorter than my husband...he does not look short in person let me tell you...5'9 range is pretty accurate. Really nice guy by the way.
Dmeyer said on 16/Aug/12
It is possible vandamme has lifts to look 5'9.5 but maybe is 5'8.75 , probably not
EdgarHernandez said on 15/Aug/12
I think that 5ft 9.5 is the apropiated height, he sure looks taller than stallone, even when stalollen is wearing those unholy mounstrosities:
Click Here
evest said on 15/Aug/12
Click Here

Check this out - another expendables 2 photo-shoot - lining all the famous muscle! Compare JCVD shoulder height to Arnie, and then Arnie to Stallone - JCVD definately taller than Stallone here.
I think Lundgren should be medically classified as a 'giant'.
GP said on 15/Aug/12
There is no way Van Damme is 177. The measurement most likely read 171 and Van Damme yelled out 177, before his mom could see it. No wonder why his mom tried to measure him again, because she didn't believe he was that tall, but Van Damme ran away from the camera the second time. Look, the bottom line is that there are lots of actors who are real 177 and they never get called short as often Van Damme had been called throughout his career.
macnamara said on 15/Aug/12
I thought this guy was shorter like tom cruise...after watching this...i do believe he is in the 5'9 dude
evest said on 14/Aug/12
Just watched that Ruby Wax video on you tube - weird interview! But van damme mentions that they cast short actor in his films, which makes him look bigger on screen.
I reckon 177cm / 5'9.5 is right. He also stated 177cm in the TV series he did - I'd think at his age he wouldn't have an issue with his height - as the Expendables article says, he's happy enough joking about it.
kevin Robinson said on 14/Aug/12
I met him at a convention,he is smaller then me by at least 4 or 5 inches I say he is 5ft 8 in but for those of you who like bigger numbers then I will say he is 1 foot and 56 inches tall,The pics your seeing where he appears tall are him with lifts
Truthman said on 14/Aug/12
No way he is 185 lbs today, he is Tom Cruise size. Statham is 175 and looks noticable bigger.

5'9 165
Owdalf said on 13/Aug/12
Hi Guys,
I remember Ruby Wax doing a interview with Jean Claude on board his boat many years ago. She got him quite annoyed by standing next to him saying i thought you were taller, To me she seemed as tall Ruby is 5' 2"
ANDREA[ITA] said on 13/Aug/12
Ok, but in this pic he's standing as tall as possible...
ANDREA[ITA] said on 13/Aug/12
Rob, do you agree that lundgren doesnt look over 6'1 above? How's that possible? A legit 6'3 1/2 guy should be way taller than 5-9/5-9.5 guys! Think about Josh Duhamel who makes Laboeuf look a dwarf...
[Editor Rob: dolph maybe loses a bit of height by bending his back at times]
Reality said on 12/Aug/12
Fairly 5'9.5.Here's a proof.
Dmeyer said on 12/Aug/12
Rob the pic above has great angle similar posture vandamme does look a bit on statham they both have same shoes great pics vandamme dosnt look shorter than 176cm also at 52 likely lost 0.5cm
[Editor Rob: it's hard to tell with guys like van damme if they would lose height, well, noticeable height...a small fraction is hard to tell]
Dmeyer said on 11/Aug/12
Vandamme looks í  haí¯r taller than 175cm statham , with arnie even considering arnie cowboy héels hé looks smaller than 177 , arnie wears biger footwear than sly lately
padrino 76 said on 11/Aug/12
In this photo he looks taller than statham but in a lot of phothos looks 1 inch smaller, sthatam is same height stallone, in photos jcvd looks 1 inch smaller than stallone.
padrino 76 said on 11/Aug/12
jcvd is 5 ft 8, statham is 5 ft 9 in the premiere jcvd make jokes about his height compared his co stars. magazines said: "Feeling short? He (jcvd) even poked fun of himself as he made light of his height compared to his hefty co-stars, who towered over him

Read more: Click Here
Reality said on 11/Aug/12
Rob,why does Dolph look near 6'0.5-6'1?He's staying a little further than them but it won't give him such a big disadvantage.And how much do you think he would look taller with better posture?

He already looks 1 cm taller than statham plus Statham seems to have footwear advantage and can have a little (they both have good though) better posture so 5'9.5 is clearly fair for him.
[Editor Rob: Dolph can look shorter than 6ft 3, but yeah maybe he just drops an inch more in height in his spine for photos with smaller guys like Stallone etc]
Shaun said on 11/Aug/12
Dolph looks like lurch in Evest's picture!
the shredder said on 11/Aug/12
As measured ... those saying under 5'9 just want him shorter .
rick said on 10/Aug/12
Well that pic with lundgren and statham seems to prove thag jcvd is in the 5'9 range for sure
evest said on 9/Aug/12
See here,

Click Here

Statham is listed between 5'9 - 5-11 (so lets say 5'10" or 177.8cm). Van damme looks a wee bit shorter,
abs said on 13/Feb/12
As measured, 5'9.5 at night now. 5'10 evening in his prime.
Dmeyer said on 12/Feb/12
Rob do you í¢gree hé could be 176cm by 7 pm
[Editor Rob: it is always possible to drop to 176]
Dmeyer said on 11/Feb/12
5'9-9.25 in by dinner Rob 175.5-176cm by night answer Rob 5'10 morning for him 177 cm 9am by now hé must have droped 3-5mm
tellem said on 11/Feb/12
hes 5'9.5". he measured that height. how is he 5'8.5?
Danimal said on 10/Feb/12
Dan says on 10/Feb/12
I've personally met Van Damme in 98. I am 5'10"...we were eye to eye. My friends, he IS 5'10". That is no guess, no "I did my homework online and compared photos and cropping, etc etc.." I was staring right in his eyes, eye to eye. Btw, he's one of the nicest Celebs you'll ever meet.

He must have had on his cowboy boots, cause he ain't 5'10" barefoot (that's for sure).. MAX 5'8.5".
the shredder said on 10/Feb/12
As measured ... People just want him shorter .
Dan said on 10/Feb/12
I've personally met Van Damme in 98. I am 5'10"...we were eye to eye. My friends, he IS 5'10". That is no guess, no "I did my homework online and compared photos and cropping, etc etc.." I was staring right in his eyes, eye to eye. Btw, he's one of the nicest Celebs you'll ever meet.
George Fergadiotis said on 2/Feb/12
I can't buy that his mother measured him and he was 177cm he is short 175cm fits him , it happens to me a lot of times i make a mistake when measure and suddenly i am 2cm taller.
Zach said on 28/Jan/12
Did anyone notice Van Damme's father in that documentary? He must be in his 70s now but still looks like an absolute giant next to JCVD.
frank said on 27/Jan/12
the guy has a few pics in his facebook page with dolph, sly, arnold and few other stars and action guys...he does looks in the 5'9 range...and he has one with Sly, where it's shown that van damme could be even taller than stallone.
Reality said on 23/Jan/12
Lmeister says on 11/Jan/12
I know what you mean Reality, but his other measurements were taken in front of the camera and said out loud except his height...

Well,now it sounds more reasonable but we should keep in mind that he's not just an actor but also a proffesional martial artist where weight is really important and weight is something that can change very much and at any age within kinda short time so that's why I think he took it in front of the cameras,as I also know he weighs him way more often than measures height so there's also bigger opportunity to get in front of the cameras while weighing himself.Also it could be just a coincidence.

But whatever it was he seems to be in a good height range unless he's staying next to tall and heeled models.
Dural said on 22/Jan/12

Trust the tape measure, Van Damme is 5'8"

Click Here

Rob, could you explain why he only looks 5'8" standing next to the tape measure?
[Editor Rob: it's hard to tell with a small photo]
Faghettaboutit said on 14/Jan/12
I wouldn't trust the foldable tape measure. i myself stand at 5'8.75. at Columbia U, students were measuring others for a project. i was measured at 180 cm barefoot. there is blatant error in tape measuring so i would say, judging by photos, 5'8 for JCVD
Original said on 14/Jan/12
5'8.5 for Van Damme for me.
Lmeister said on 11/Jan/12
I know what you mean Reality, but his other measurements were taken in front of the camera and said out loud except his height...
leonari said on 11/Jan/12
Davin HEIGHTMASTER: Thanks for posting pure crap.
Davin Heightmaster said on 11/Jan/12
Jean Claude Van Damme is 5' 6". The picture of him standing next to Mike Tyson is cropped, however in the uncropped version of that picture, Van Damme was so short next to Tyson he was standing on a 5" crate while the photo was being snapped. Also while filming his guest appearance on Friends several cast members were shocked to meet him, and stated that they couldn't believe how short he was, 5'6" max.
Reality said on 10/Jan/12
Lmeister says on 14/Dec/11
If he is 5ft10ish why would he "run" away, why wasn't he measured in front of the camera and why wasn't his height said out loud?

First of all it was just measuring height and why would he have to get in front of the camera while doing this?Not everybody thinks about this as the way of upgrading and downgrading and btw that wasn't done for celebheights or another site.I also haven't measured my height in front of other people because there's no need.I know that I'm 6'0.5 and I don't have t lie about it.He really is 5'9.5
vitto said on 9/Jan/12
sorry. but van damme is 5 8. look the pictures whith stallone and chuk norris height 5 9
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 4/Jan/12
"no offense Rob, but aren't you being a bit naive believing Van Damme's mum measurement?"

IIRC Rob's initial response to the video was what that yeah, he smelled a rat, but thought the measurement was close enough to give it the benefit of a doubt
linda said on 2/Jan/12
who cares.this height obsession with people is ridicules.are people that insecure they have to try and find something they think is wrong with someone to make themselves feel better?or is it ignorance?the height complex comes from all the people making fun of shorter people so don't blame small people for something society pushed on them=truth.
TruebloodFan said on 1/Jan/12
no offense Rob, but aren't you being a bit naive believing Van Damme's mum measurement? he really looks your height at best. although we've spoken about 'Maximum Risk' and Hendstridge where he did indeed look almost 5'11. On that 'Friends' episode with Courtney Cox, JCVD looked 5'8. In 'Universal Soldier' he was 5'8 barefoot.
Lmeister said on 14/Dec/11
I really started to doubt his height after seeing an episode of JCVD: Behind the Closed Doors. There was a scene in which his measurements were taken and when they were going to measure his height he started joking and ran away. Other measurements were said out loud except his height. If he is 5ft10ish why would he "run" away, why wasn't he measured in front of the camera and why wasn't his height said out loud?
daniel said on 10/Dec/11
in may 2003 me and the family met him at a bx exchange in san antonio,tex.we stood in line to get his autograph me,my wife and our seven kids.he was amiable to meet us that he wanted a group picture he stood in middle and yes he is 5'10 my son is 5'5 any way the man is down to earth film star.a shout to lackland afb.
kurk said on 10/Dec/11
van damme is almost the same height with mike tyson Click Here
Physics Enemy said on 7/Dec/11
He's not 5' 9.5" federline, he's 5' 7.75". Anyway, 177 is 5' 9.75" really. 5' 10" is pretty big sometimes with the right build, that's true.
Wolf said on 6/Dec/11
Sorry but 177cm for van Damme is IMPOSSIBLE! I found even 5'9 was too much for this guy.
federline said on 4/Dec/11
since when is 5-9.5 short? my uncle is 5-10 and people call him big...never heard anyone call him small
Physics Enemy said on 22/Nov/11
For once we agree Shaun! Van Damme does appear shortish. He appears a bit shorter than 5' 7.75" Peter Andre, that's why I think he might be under 5' 8". The 177 on camera is BS. That's virtually 5' 9.75" ... taller than me. No chance.
Alex said on 20/Nov/11
5'8-5'8 1/2 for Van Damme I think
Shaun said on 20/Nov/11
Well I always saw him and Stallone as 5'8", maybe with change guys around 174cm. I just find it hard to believe he measured a legit 5'9.5" barefoot. He always gave a shortish impression to me.
Tman said on 18/Nov/11
he dafinately aint 1,77m
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 18/Nov/11
Even if that measurement was done in good faith, it was still done with a wonky tape measure that could have easily had margin of error of a couple cm. Also, the ruler/whatobjectiswas placed on top of Van Damme's head was tilted in his favour if I remember the video correctly.
Physics Enemy said on 16/Nov/11
If 'Matt Damon effect' is cheating a measurement on TV to dispel claims of his short stature, then yes. He's a flat 5' 8"; always has been. Hasn't lost height aged 51 since he's flexible, in good health, with a short torso. Rob is a hair taller than Van Damme.
Shortish86 said on 13/Nov/11
He looked 175 in his early days, now looks to be 173.
nice guy said on 9/Nov/11
that vid below with young damme and regis philbin barefeet makes him look like 175cm ...since he is old nowadays 173/174cm..quite the average height in the in 179-180cm average germany he would be rather short
Nikki said on 5/Nov/11
The guy posted some pics in his facebook page with some of the cast of expendables 2. He does look in the 5'9 range...
johno said on 3/Nov/11
I doubt that measurement was actually shown on camera
Shaun said on 3/Nov/11
Its the Matt Damon effect. His build screams 5 ft 8 on screen but is actually nearer 5 ft 10.
nigel said on 2/Nov/11
he is 170cm my dad saw him in belgium and he is shorter than my dad my dad is 175cm
marisa said on 1/Nov/11
Yeah, debatable since the stretching in Bloodsport... :)
Physics Enemy said on 29/Oct/11
Also, his claim was 177; which is closer to 5' 9.75" than 5' 9.5", as I pointed out to Rob. 177 is only 1.6 mm off 5' 9.75". He can't be that.
Physics Enemy said on 29/Oct/11
He's not 177 afternoon, agreed Dmeyer. If the measurement was real I suspect it was out of bed ... or he lied. In either case, could have rounded up as well (as Rob hinted). I think he's exactly 5' 9.5" out of bed, 5' 9" lunchtime and closer to 5' 8.75" by evening.
dmeyer said on 27/Oct/11
he looks bang on 5 ft 9 in with regis vandamme is solid 5 ft 9 like 5 ft 9.75 out of bed 5 ft 9 night but 5 ft 9.5 seems a bit high
dmeyer said on 22/Oct/11
he could have tricked the mesurement and say 178cm he might have measured 176.5-77 cm and that was maybe late morning height and by night is 5 ft 9-9.25
dmeyer said on 22/Oct/11
vandamme does look to beat norris by a bit so 176cm is possibble but was norris as tall as 174cm at that time
Physics Enemy said on 22/Oct/11
Dmeyer - He's lean, light, flexible and has a relatively short torso, I doubt he shrinks a full inch in a day.

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Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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