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5ft 9.76in (177.2cm)
edwards said on 22/Mar/19
totally agreed dude.same here
edwards said on 22/Mar/19
dude it is not uncommon for 5'9 guys to be guessed as 5'10 or even 5'11 at times.i am 6 feet and i am always guessed as 6'1 or even 6'2 if i am wearing a bit higher shoes so seid can be guessed as 5'10 or even 5'12 ,if he go bald and head for measurement,i am personally sure he wont measure over 5'9.any solid 5'9 guys can be guessed as 5'10 or even 5'11 and depends on shoes.
Greg said on 21/Mar/19
@Edwards also Chestbrah is insistent on his 5’11 claim despite people calling him out and saying he’s 5’8-5’9. There’s also a guy on Instagram by the name of Imansta who claims 6’2 and genuinely an appear a guy whos 6’0.5-6’1 barefeet so likely claiming shoes but he told me Jeff’s 6’0 and Chesty is 5’10 however my guesses for their height are.
Jeff 5’10-5’10.5 with a chance of weak 5’10
Chesty 5’8.5-5’9.25
Greg said on 21/Mar/19
@Thukk not true 6’2 is perfectly tall enough to be ideal it’s not like where talking about 6’4-6’6+ range that’s starting to get too tall as filling out becomes a pain.. 6’1 is a very solid height I would choose that height any day especially with my frame and muscular I would look like a beast. 5’11 is okay though but I think 6’0 even is one of the best heights.
@Edwards you’re right with their being an ideal height for everyone and it’s all perspective based. However as for Jeff I doubt he wears lifts, his hair style yes he uses it to appear taller. He also stands on tippy toes I can tell he’s insecure and always tries to be taller than his peers. He has frauded his measurements like arm size and weight so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s majority frauding height. With that being said only people who lie up or just don’t understand how tall a mark is would over estimate someone unless say the person is many inches taller than you then I can see that happening. For example I’m around 5’11 morning height but I’ll generaly get guessed between 5’10-6’0, I’ve gotten 6’2 from really short girls ahd 5’6 from someone who must have been trolling that being said it’s easy to see if someone’s frauding their height. I have a 5’9 range friend he’s probably 5’9.25-3/8ths because I have exactly an inch on him at a low and he claims 5’11 or 5’10.5. He somehow doesn’t realize I’m taller than him and we had a debate about this. He’s guessed me at 6’0 previously in same footwear. I told him I’ll gladly measure us both to prove him taller because when we went back to back a friend of mine thinks we where about even despite me looking posture curving my spine and tilting my head backwards plus it was on carpet. So I’m going to wait until we actually measure can against the wall and laugh when we wouldn’t measure 5’11 let alone 5’10.
Primo said on 21/Mar/19
Another proof he is 5"9 to 5"10 look at him besides sahil khan who is 5"10.Jeff looks the same or a bit shorther.
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edwards said on 20/Mar/19
@thukk i personally think that there is no such thing as ideal varies on person or it simply depends on personal ideal range is anything from 5'11 to 6'2,i think it is golden range.
@greg dude i agree with some of what you said but before determining his height,consider this hair which is very thick and he wears lifts and like rob said he poses near camera to appear taller.he is getting higher guess due to his hair and his stance.bare foot and if he go bald,i say no chance over 5' is not uncommon for folks to guess tad inch taller or shorter.5'9 guys can be guessed as 5'10 or even 5'11 at self personally i am 6 feet 183 cm to be exact,i am always guesses as 6'1 or dven 6'2 it is not uncommon for seid to be guessed as 5'10.
Thukk said on 19/Mar/19
6'2 is too tall to be ideal. Legit barefoot 5'10 to 6'1 is the ideal. Honestly I would choose 5'11 barefoot more than 6'1.
Sakz said on 19/Mar/19
@Edwards That's also my ideal range as I mentioned in an 'ideal height' discussion. Heights in that range are comfortably tall without having any problems. As for Jeff he's obviously nowhere near 6'0 and probably just listed himself at it to come across as even more big and intimidating.
edwards said on 19/Mar/19
@Arlennnn i agree with you dude but imho ideal male height is from 5'11-6'2 or simply 5'11 to 6'2 .
Thukk said on 18/Mar/19
Ye I met him and he is 5'9 I could go 5'9 1/8 range and 5'9 1/4 max. I'm 5'10 during the day and he was shorter than me.
Greg said on 18/Mar/19
@Edwards 6’0 is absurd for Joff but he’s actually managed to look around 5’11 recently in India. I think he would have to be a minimum of 5’10 to pull that off. I can even see a possibility of 5’10 and change. Click Here I don’t think he’d only be 5’9 however I haven’t met him so can’t say for sure.
@Matty223 where did you see Freezma standing next to Igor? Vitruvian claims 5’11.75 and 6’0. Also Freezma had him under an electronic stadio when doing a video for his BMI but he never showed the height measurement I wonder why 🤔. He might be a 5’10ish guy or weak 5’11, he did look similar to Jeff in a posing video and I can’t see Freezma as 5’9 that would make Igor like 5’10 range and he is def taller than that.
edwards said on 16/Mar/19
those who think jeff seid is 6 must be smoking something.he is 5'9
Arlennnn said on 13/Mar/19

1)You do not answer to any of my arguments.

2)To say that zyzz was 6'0 is ridiculous and that proves that you do not do any research. The only people overflowing Zyzz on rare photos are the 6'4 6'5 people who are not aesthetically pleasing (above 6'2 womens do not like). Zyzz was 6'2 whether you agree or not and it is ideal male height.
Arlennnn said on 13/Mar/19
Haters gonna hate
Samishere said on 12/Mar/19
Arlennnn said on 12/Mar/19
Before posting comments read. The blonde guy is 6'0 . Even my friend told me he was 5'9 so he was as tall as my friend who is 5'9
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Samishere said on 12/Mar/19
Arlennnn said on 12/Mar/19
Lol.. yeah right but you forgot to discount 2 inches on them. You re funny. If you say Chestbrah is 5'11 you are just out of this game dude. Eveyone who met him and in Australia say he is in the 5'8 zone not even 5'9. Jeff in the 5'9 and Zyzz not even 6'1. He was clearly a strong 6'0 guy. He had too much ego. I would say he was 6'1 out of bed max!
Arlennnn said on 12/Mar/19
AzizShavershian(Zyzz)187-188cm 6'2
JeffSeid182-183cm 6'0 SaidShavershian(Chestbrah)179-180cm 5'11

When you look at the pictures of zyzz you see that he is taller than everyone, he measured himself at 186.7cm by laser during a medical test so out of bed he will be 187-188cm for sure.Chestbrah is about 3inch shorter than him and he claim 179-180cm wich is logic and legit i think. And based on his instagram story he is 178cm at after noon so a 179-180cm outside bed. For jeff seid we can see that he overflows chestbrah about 1inch so his reclamation of 6'0 182-183 seems okay.
RolyFlo said on 11/Mar/19
Jdubbz said on 9/Mar/19
Not agree. He is over overrated and Zyzz was 6'0 but he claimed 6'1.5
RolyFlo said on 9/Mar/19
Guy on the left is a legit 6'0. Jeff is 5'9. Stop fanboys
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Jdubbz said on 9/Mar/19
@Rob: Would you consider adding a page for Zyzz? He died in 2011, but was considered to be one of the most important figures in bodybuilding in the 21st century.
Matty233 said on 8/Mar/19
Jeff is 5’10-5’11. Search up him standing next to Freezma, they look identical in height. Now search up video and pictures of Freezma with Vitruvian Physique who stated that he is 6’0 on his OFFICIAL website and then do the math and you’ll get Jeff’s height.
edwards said on 8/Mar/19
i personally think that rob can edge him,jeff has quite thick hair and i also think if he go bald and head for measurements ,i am sure that this guy wont measure anything above 175 cm,before assuming his height one must concern that he has quite thick hair and wears lifts,i am sure rob would edge him or atleast both are similar.
RolyFlo said on 25/Feb/19
Steve Cook is a weak 6'0 guy but is funny he once claim 6'1 and once 6'0. Looks about 5'11.5 in his videos. He has moe than two inches on Jeff who is about 5'9 5'9 1/2
vin90 said on 24/Feb/19
Okay here is the picture, Jeff Seid onstage next to 6'0 Steve Cook.

Click Here
vin98 said on 24/Feb/19
This seems too short. He seems in the 5'10-5'11 range like Brad Pitt, but definitely nowhere near 6'0.
Dawn said on 24/Feb/19

saying fanboy like your have problems doesn't change the fact that simeon panda is 6'1 barefoot.

and it doesn't change the fact jeff is 5'11/6'0.

even his football application listed him as 6'0
Mileno5'9" said on 16/Feb/19
Arlennnn said on 15/Feb/19 You just believe all you see. 1) Every single word from a bodybuilder or fitness probably is over exagerrate or is fake. 2) He is 6'0 barefoot or 5'11.75 he was measure that mark in a competition. 3) Most of peope add 1 inch to their heights. 3) He clearly doesnt seem to be 6'1 just look at him. Looks a 6'0 guy. Jeff is clearly a 5'9 5'10 morning. His proportions are even far to be 5'11 guy. 6'0 is a joke and insulting to legit 6'0 guys. Met him and I say to you Rob even is a little generous He is not over 5'9.5 more 5'9.25
Arlennnn said on 15/Feb/19
@Mileno5'9 "

Simeon panda is 6'1 (he measured himself barefoot on a instagram story).
Jeff is a bit shorter than him so 6'0.
Dumb said on 14/Feb/19
He's listed in the 5' 9" and under category of natural bodybuilding...

If he's above 5' 9" it's not by much.
Mileno5'9" said on 13/Feb/19
@Arlennn fanboy detected... nice try lol
Mileno5'9" said on 12/Feb/19
I can confirm he is a bit over the 5'9 mark ( no pics..) not a full 5'9.5. I was literally eye to eye and I'm exactly 5'9 late evening going to bed at 5'8 7/8. He was slightly taller I can buy 5'9 3/8 struggling at 5'9.5.
Arlennnn said on 12/Feb/19
Is this a joke ?

I met Jeff Seid at FIBO 2015,he was 3-4cm taller than me.Im exactly 179.2cm out of bed and we had both Nike running shoes so Jeff is 182-183cm tall 6'0
Greg said on 12/Feb/19
@YallDeNyZ well the issue is Simeon isn’t 6’1 he’s more 6’0 so Guzman 5’10.5 Seid probably about 5’10.
@JustForFun yeah basically people think I’m 180 or 5’11-6’0 even sometimes. I wake up approximately 5’11 and go to bed like 5’10.25 or 5’10 at an extreme low. Proportions can also make you seem taller plus the fact that almost every guy lies about their height.
@Mileno 5’9 do you have a picture? If so show us that will end the mystery once and for all.
YaLLDeNyZ said on 10/Feb/19
More like 5'10.5" he a is not 10cm or 4inches shorter than simeon panda, in a photo next to christian guzman they seem on par but christian is leaning back.
Mileno5'9" said on 9/Feb/19
@dawn Simeon Panda is a 6'0 barefoot guy confirmed and his weight was 208.
Mileno5'9" said on 9/Feb/19
@dawn hahaha fanboy. Met Jeff and he is in the 5'9 zone. You probaby don't know he always cheats on measurements
Dawn said on 8/Feb/19
Jeffs 5'11-6'0 he has a picture with Simon panda who's a confirmed 6'1 he measured himself barefoot on his story.

JustForFun said on 28/Jan/19
@Greg so you are a 179 cm guy? You should be 5'11 morning right after bed. Am I right? I'm 5'10 right after bed but because my proportions I look taller similar as 5'11 guys
Greg said on 26/Jan/19
@JustForFun yeah I have a friend who’s similar stats as you thought he might be just a strong/flat 5’9 but most people don’t know how to judge height. He claims 5’11 and I called him out but he tried saying he was my height yet I had an easy inch and change on him. Jeff is a cheeky boy and claims. 6’0 which is obviously not true idk Jeff could be 5’9-5’10 range a lot of people don’t know how tall 5’10-10.5” is it’s actually tallish .
@Scandinavian178 ah okay that’s pretty cool, I think it’s all subjective and since you live there you would know for sure. Yeah basically, the imperial system makes it easier to fraud as opposed to metric but I’m sure some people given the chance would fraud in the metric I’m always guessed 180-183 5’11-6’0, a lot of people our height claim 6’0. My friend who’s around my height claims 6’0 and refuses to believe he’s any shorter. Next time I’m bringing a tape measure and showing my friends how tall they actually are.
Scandinavian178 said on 22/Jan/19
@Greg Yes and in the mornings I am closer to 179cm. I am definitely on the shorter side here, but still considered quite average. I think the exact average among men at their peak here is 181-182cm. I understand your curiosity, wherever I travel I usually feel somewhat taller at the destination. I also have a strong feeling that people inflate their heights more in countries using the imperial system as even I am quite commonly pegged at six feet.
JustForFun said on 19/Jan/19
@Greg said on 17/Jan/19
Full agree. I'm 5'10 out of bed If sleep 9-10 hours but mostly 5'9 7/8 or 177.5 cm 7-8 hours sleep. My lowest is 5'9.25 and I'm 5'9.5 at lunch and 5'9 3/8 evening. I'm from Spain and I feel pretty average. I'm usually guessed at 5'10 and 5'10.5
Jeff looks pretty similar with identical propotions, but I never see him taller than me. He could even be 0.25 inch shorter than me and weird If he is 0.25 inch taller than me.
Greg said on 17/Jan/19
@Your friend have a photo of them together? When I see it I’ll believe it until then my guess of Jeff being around 5’10ish stands. He looked identical to Freezma and I seen a photo of Greg Plitt who was supposed to be 6’1 but he might have just been 6’0 flat and Freezma looked 1.5 inches shorter than him.
@Just For Fun Greg O’Gallagher Claims 5’10 and he got measured at 5’9.75” at some point of the day i think 2 hours out of bed. Anyways I think Kinobody is likely similar to Jeff but we won’t ever know.
@Scandinavian178 so you’re 5’10? What’s your morning height and do you feel on the shorter side in Scandinavia, the average is 5’11 range right? I wouldn’t say you’re short considering you and I are similar but In America I feel above average at almost 5’11
Scandinavian178 said on 16/Jan/19
This guy is quite hard to pin down because of the fluffy hair and as he is tippy-toeing with forced posture in many photos with others. But I would argue that he has shorter proportions than me, ofc that is also hard to evaluate because he has bit more muscle mass and the height difference is not that big.
JustForFun said on 14/Jan/19
@MD said on 14/Jan/19
When we judge heights thare are a lot of things to watch:
Avantage shoes, posture, closer to camara hair,etc. Rob could say all. Just on shoe advantage there is 1 inch difference, Jeff is standing taller better posture. The guy has 2 incches easily
JustForFun said on 14/Jan/19
Jeff is a tricky guy who can look like a 5'10 guy or 5'10.25. Just measure him whithout hair and no shoes. Watch Kinobody channel he is an homest guy and one of the most in the fitness industry and he is natural. Ok now compare who look taller.. Well Kinobody is 5'9.5- 5.9.75. Jeff Seid with luck is the same height as him.
MD said on 14/Jan/19

I am super-confused. That instagram you posted showed the guy standing next to Jeff (looks like an older picture) both in shoes, and they are nearly the same height on level ground.

Click Here

There are other photos, too. Where are you all seeing three inches difference?
edwards said on 13/Jan/19
@ greg i dont think jeff is more than 5'9 barefoot.i have one dude who has meet jeff IRL.he is 5'10 and said jeff looked inch or atleast half and inch shorter.he is always on lifts and he poses infront of camera to appear taller.he may wakeup at 5'10 but personally i dont think so seid is more than 5'9 .he was 5'8.5 to 5'9 in his bodubuilding competions magazines,at that time he was 19 or 19.5 years old,i believe no body gets a spurt at 19.5 unless you are late bloomer .bty dont be fooled by his hair.
JustForFun said on 13/Jan/19
@edwards yeah man. Actually 5'9.5 would be more an early measurement. Jeff is 5'9.25 or a 176 guy no more
Greg said on 12/Jan/19
@Justforfun you literally used the worst photo lmao he’s dropping posture and you can’t even see the top of his head that guys is noticeably taller than 6’0, I have a legit 6’0 friend whom I personally measured at the end of the day hang on 6’0 and this guy looks noticeably taller I would say he’s 6’1 or 6’0.5 claiming an in shoes height of 6’2. Jeff is obviously not 6’0 but 5’10ish.
Greg said on 12/Jan/19
@JustForFun nah that guys not as short as 6’0, I seen some pictures of him minimal I would say he’s 6’1, so if Jeff is 3 inches shorter than he would be 5’10.. I looked at his proportions and many photos of him next to people and he looked noticeably taller if he was shorter than 6’1 or 6’0.75” I would be surprised.. at the end of the day we would never know because we didn’t measure either one of those guys you know? Just like people saying Zyzz wasn’t 6’1 range, he was I believe Zyzz was a strong 6’1 hopefully Rob adds him at some point and Chestbrah who I think is 5’8.5-5’9 but claims 5’11.
edwards said on 12/Jan/19
@ JustForFun i fully agree with you dude,the dude has 3 inch on jeff,i believe the dude is 6 feet and jeff is 5'9 flat,i cant even see 1cm more for jeff than 5'9,dont know how people be fooled by his shoes and tip toes which rob said. Jeff must be 5'9 Rob listing is perfect
JustForFun said on 11/Jan/19
Same guy wth Jeff Seid:
Click Here
A big lier claiming 6'2" He is 6'0. He has nearly 3 inches on Jeff
JustForFun said on 11/Jan/19
Greg said on 10/Jan/19
Sad how easily people let be fooled.. I saw the last post on his instagram and again liers.. You can clearly see the other guy is not 6'2" but 6'0. Adding 2 inches at least. You have to learn that these guys are always lying on their heights. Jeff is clearly shorter than 5'10 guys who met him just read all this comments and take a look all those pics. The youtube guy Kinobody is an honest and natural fitness guy and telling the truth about the fitness industry and he looks taller than Jeff Seid or same. Well Kinobody was measured beteween 176-177.5 5'9.75. Jeff must be 5'9 or 5'9.5 Rob listing is perfect
Greg said on 10/Jan/19
Honestly Seid is a tough one because on his Instagram him and another user imansta are posing together and the guys claims 6’2 and that Jeff is 6’0, however I would say he’s at least 5’10 range as he looks a little shorter than that guy with less footwear but that guy could be just 6’0.5-6’1 as he doesn’t look less then that
Charlie said on 24/Dec/18
Seid next to Palumbo says absolutely nothing, we dont even see footwear, Seid could be bare feet...
Primo said on 24/Dec/18
Here he is with Tim Gabel who is about 5"7, he looks about an inch or two taller than him.
Click Here
So Rob was pretty accurate about jeffs height.
Zim said on 23/Dec/18
Click Here - Jeff looks a good inch shorter than 5’9 bodybuilder Dave Palumbo in this interview (Jeff was 19 years old in this video so most likely did not grow anymore but keep in my mind Jeff is barefoot and Palumbo is in shoes). This would make them both around the same height if you take an inch off Palumbo making your 5’9.5 listing for Jeff pretty accurate. This video certainly convinced me Jeff is definitely below 5’10 and no where near his absurd 6’0 claim.
Sam Rastagar said on 20/Dec/18
Jeff is a legit 5’10
I can’t see him being under 5’10
edwards said on 20/Dec/18
no matter what anything for seid over 5'9.5 is hard to believe.
Bradder said on 19/Dec/18
Im 5,10 afternoon height,im using nike AF1 and i met jeff and he about the same height as me ( not sure about his footwear)
Zorwii said on 17/Dec/18
Rob all this listings refer to night guess? I mean Jeff being 176.5 would be at lunch or at night?
Editor Rob
I'd say afternoon is fair to go with.
edwards said on 16/Dec/18
@Zorwii yes dude,i fully agree with you,a legit 6 footer is taller in most part of world,you will be taller than 7 or 8 out of 10 men.there are plenty of proofs that seid aint over 5' is common for folks to say half or inch more than their real height but for seid he claims 3 inch more than his real height which is must be aware that how a legit 6 footer looks.
Yuval said on 15/Dec/18
My father is 5'11 and he is described as tall by anyone. I live is Israel if you ask. Its kinda suck cause at 5'11 he is considerd tall and I am 5'8 and get called short sometimes. Standing next to him I dont feel that short..
Zorwii said on 15/Dec/18
@edwards Full agree. Is good to see people who not be fooled. Just 20% of people are honest about heights. When you are a real 5'9 5'10 guy you notice how tall really is a legit 6 footer. Jeff is max 178 cm with sneakers and maybe 5'10.25 with shoes.
Zorwii said on 15/Dec/18
I'm at least exactly as Jeff Seid. I'm 5'9.5 (176.5 cm) and at morning 5'10 on the nose. People usually guess I'm minimum 5'10 or 178 cm.
edwards said on 15/Dec/18
@ Zorwii yes dude i agree with you,jeff seid being over 5'9 is ridiculous.he looks 3 inch or so shorter than legit 6 footers.i dont he is even 5'10,maybe he wakes up at 5'10.the guy is known to wear lifts and tip toeing.
edwards said on 14/Dec/18
@ Greg
dude seid cant be over 5'9.i may get hate on this one,like rob said seid uses tricks to appear taller like tip toeing,wearing lifts and appearing closer to camera for appearing taller.poster Toddy5'11"posted on 27/Nov/18.seid looked clearly 3 or 3 5 inch shorter than 6 feet dude
Zorwii said on 13/Dec/18
There are enough proofs Jeff is not over 5'10". Just search all those photos and videos. He looks a typical 5'9-5'10 guy like. Kinobody can look even a bit taller than him. Maybe Jeff Seid he is 5'9.75 at best.
Zorwii said on 13/Dec/18
@Greg Not agree because most of those fitness guys are lying about their heights too. I'm sure Jeff is 5'9.5 barefoot and without his hair. He looks a strong 5'10 to me when he has his sneakers on. I'm 5'9.5 too at lunch time and I wake up at 5'10 and I'm usually guess at 5'10.25-5. Most people's perceptions are screwed up when it comes to height. A legit 5'10.25 man usually is guess at 5'11 at least. Same when a real 5'9" guy claim to be 5'9 people can't believe because most of 5'8" guys claim 5'9. A legut 5'9" is not short he is average and over 5'10.25" you start on the tallish area
Yuval said on 13/Dec/18
Where do you live?
Zorwii said on 13/Dec/18
@Misterduky said on 20/Nov/18
lol you made my day. I see Jeff Seid
Take a look guys
Click Here
Click Here:
Greg said on 12/Dec/18
@Yuva height is important but not everything, people aren’t picking at him for being under 6’0, but simply for lying about being 6’0 there is a difference. Personally I think Rob has underlisted Jeff at least by a half inch. I would have thought more 5’10.25-5’10.5 for Seid and I have proof to back it up, seeing him with other various athletes. I’m shorter than 5’11, well I measure that first thing out of bed but I don’t hold it for the rest of the day. I’m often called tall, never short although I don’t realy consider myself tall simply above average.
Yuval said on 12/Dec/18
It says on the sheet he is 177 cm, what proof do you need? maybe check your
He probably wakes up at 5'10 and just claim that..cant blame him, maybe he was measured 5'10 in the morning at the doctor. By 2.44 pm you lose almost all your height from the morning unless you woke up late or you stay in bed for some time.
Maickeyguess said on 11/Dec/18
However she says 5'9 3/4 which is 177 cm I'm not downgrading the guy but I also hear 176. This is unreal like a joke. Why some hear 177
Yuva said on 11/Dec/18
All the criticim he gets for adding 2 inches just show how height is important for men. If you are 6 '+ you dont have these problems and sociaty will not try to bring you down. If you are shorter, like less then 5'11, people would pick on your height even with a body like Jeff.
Greg said on 10/Dec/18
Idk guys I think Jeff is around 5’10. When I first showed Rob a photo of Jeff standing in a photo barefoot he initially guessed him to be 5’11, that’s why I’m surprised with the 5’9.5” listing for him. I wouldn’t go lower than that. Although he did look similar to Freezma in a video they made they where standing next to each other in similar footwear and looked almost identical. Freezma himself claims 5’11 which isn’t too bad seeing he appears close to the claim. However, In Freezmas recent video he gets measured by a stadiometer and weighed for his body fat % but he doesn’t show the measurement so I speculate he is hiding it for that reason. I would estimate them both to be between 5’10-5’10.5” range.
Maickeyguess said on 10/Dec/18
Nurse words: "one seventy six centimeters" the word six is clear. Where do you hear "seven"
Maickeyguess said on 10/Dec/18
I agree he is 177 cm but lol I hear 176 cm. He is 5'9.75 yes. Jeff looks 1 cm shorter agree. Kinobody being a legit 177 cm man looks tall in his videos. lol at 6'0 claim from Jeff he would look so tall but he is 5'9.25 in my opinion ( 176 for Seid)
Yuva said on 10/Dec/18
Im glad this is clear now. I thing its a morning measurement. So he can be 176 cm after a good day of standing/lifting.
Trevor Long said on 10/Dec/18
I can't fathom how anyone would hear 176 centimers from that clip, and even less how logically that would reconcile with the fact she immediately says 'so 5'9 3/4' afterwards, which is 177cm.
Fisticuffs said on 10/Dec/18
Rob, Kinobody was measured 177 cm at 2:44 pm (it says so on the sheet) and again in an earlier video at 177.5 cm, but a little earlier at 1:20 pm. Care to add him?
Fisticuffs said on 10/Dec/18
Anyway, turns out she did indeed say 177cms. Skip to 8:15 in the video it has his height/weight on the sheet.
Fisticuffs said on 10/Dec/18
@Anthony6foot, lmao. I literally quoted everything exactly as she said. Sorry, if you honestly hear 176 cms you might wanna get your hearing checked, cause while I know there is some incorrect subtitles, it's still clear as day she says 177 cms. She even said about 5 feet 9 and three quarters which is 177cms not 176cms. Like yuva said she would've said about 5 feet 9 and a quarter or simply 5 feet 9 if it read 176 cms which she didn't. Don't downgrwade the guy. 177cms is his height. Whether it's afternoon or morning is another story.
edwards said on 9/Dec/18
seid being over 5'9 are ridiculous claims.he maybe 5'10 with his shoes but when talking about barefoot.i dont think he is iver 5'9.he and kinobody is of same height and maybe seid looks a cm shorter.rib listing him at 176 is more than accurate.
Charlie said on 9/Dec/18
The nurse clearly says "177 centimeters" 4:29, the only 176 that is mentioned is Kinobopdy that refers to his weight.
akky said on 9/Dec/18
please make a page for Aziz shavershian aka zyzz he was way more famous than jeff seid he revolutionized bodybuilding. I see this bodybuilding category getting a lot of traffic people want to know the real height of bodybuilders. zyzz claimed 6 foot 1 . There are many pictures and video of him. so you will get a god idea rob, thanks.
Yuva said on 9/Dec/18
But 177 cm equal 5'9 and 3/4. And you agree about the 3/4, so why would it be 176 cm? 176 cm is more like 5-9 1/4.
You can actually hear the "seven"..come on
timygateson said on 9/Dec/18
Nobody is saying he is not 177 cm. But what we hear and I have to agree the nurse says 176 centimeters. Well kinobody is 176-177 end of this story. Jeff is about his size watching both channels I think they are both in the 5'9 range. I would say Jeff is 1 cm shorter at 175.8 176 (5'9 1/4) Kinobody looks maybe 0.5 on him
Bwk said on 9/Dec/18
@Greg In one of his videos where he measured 177cm. It looked like he was Busting a Gut for that measurement to me.
Charlie said on 8/Dec/18
The picture that often is refered to is wrong, they had put wrong numbers there. In NPC there are different height classes, 2012 Jeff Seid competed in 1 of 6 hight classes. Class D is NOT 5’9” up to including 5’11”, thats class C. Class D is Over 5’9” up to including 5’11”, you can see for yourselves.
Click Here
Anthony6foot said on 8/Dec/18
If you pause at 4:21 the subtitles are worng too. He says 80 kilos so 1'76 and subtitles say "170 says"
Click Here
She never says 177 she clearly says so 1 76 centimeters and then about 5'9 and 3/4
Yuva said on 8/Dec/18
If you listen very carefully, you can hear the camera girl, Greg's girfriend maybe, she says "3/4 quarters?" jokingly as he is not 5'10 as he claim. Then he said 5'10 to round up the 1/4 of an inch. If all the deaf people here( And Im sorry for that language) would agree he is 176, why 5'9 and 3/4 and not 1/4? Or half an inch? Because he is ing 177 cm as anyone with healthy hearing can confirm.
Yuva said on 8/Dec/18
You can actually hear the nurse says 5'9 and 3/4 inches. Why would she say that if she measured 176? All the confusing is because the weight is 176 lbs. She clearlly says 177 cm. Even with the bad audio you can hear it.
Anthony6foot said on 8/Dec/18
No If you see the subtitles some words are wrong too. Type 1 76 centimeters on tradukka google and sounds exactly as the nurse says: so 1 76 centimeters about 5'9 3/4. This is unreal clean your ears guys
Fisticuffs said on 8/Dec/18
@Elton66inches, no. The nurse says "so 177 centimeters okay so 5 feet 9 and about three quarters." You can check the subtitles it reads 177 cms too.
Anthony6foot said on 8/Dec/18
@I agree he is deaf
@Yuva even with that proof you still say 177. Listen 4:29. She says "so 176 centimetres about 5'9 5'9 3/4
ur mom said on 7/Dec/18
lmao, people will do anything including hearing what they want just to make the people they look up to seem shorter than what they really are
Yuva said on 7/Dec/18
The nurse says 177 cm, and says about 5'9 and 3/4. And the he jokes with her and says 5'10 and she agrees to give him that quarter of an inch.
Elton66inches said on 7/Dec/18
HThe nurse never says 177 are you both deaf? She says 1'76 centimeters. You both gotta be kidding
Editor Rob
I listened to the clip and actually wasn't sure myself because the audio didn't seem quite as clear...
edwards said on 7/Dec/18
i dont think seid is more than 5'9 or a strong 5'9 and maybe wakesup at 5'10 rob said he uses trick to appear taller like tip toeing and using lifts and posing nearer tio camera.robs listing is accurate as it can be,i may sound crazy but noway seid is more than 5'9 barefoot
Trevor Long said on 6/Dec/18

clean your ears. she says 177 cm. on topic, I believe Jeff Seid is that same height. 5'9 3/4 or 177.2, I see 176.5 as an extreme low but most likely he hangs around 177 imo
Greg said on 6/Dec/18
@Elton66inches no he’s not deaf it seems you are the nurse called out 177cm, which is about 5’9.75” and he rounded it up to 5’10 it’s not unreasonable for Greg to claim 5’10.
Elton66inches said on 6/Dec/18
Man are you kidding or are u deaf?
Click Here
The nurse at 4:30 clearly says: So 1,76 cm
Yuva said on 5/Dec/18
He nurse says 5'9 3/4..177 cm. He laughes and say 5'10. At no point he is 176 cm.
176 lbs means 80 kilos which is his bodywight.
Elton66inches said on 5/Dec/18
Sorry at 4:3 the nurse says so 1.76 and she says that's about 5'9 5'9.5 and the guy laughs and says 5'10 joking
Yuva said on 5/Dec/18
Kinobody does not say 176. He says 80 kilos equal 176 lbs, and then they measure his height 177 cm and he rounds up to 5'10 and jokes with the nurse. The only question is it 177 cm morning or evening, maybe he knew that you are taller in the morning so he got the measurement early. He may be really a 5'10 or almost 5'10 guy.
Elton66inches said on 4/Dec/18
Nice man. Watching those videos we know without doubt Kinobody is 176 cm so I guess Jeff Seid is 176 cm too. They look pretty similar. Overall pretty average and good height. Kinobody maybe claims his morning height but is ridiculous Jeff Seid height claim. The dude is adding more than 2.5 inches to his height.
Anderaverage said on 4/Dec/18
Kinobody height at 4:25 He says 1'76 m own words:
Click Here

In this video Kinobody claims to be 5'10:
Click Here
But he is a solid 176 cm guy. (5'9.25)
Anderaverage said on 4/Dec/18
Greg said on 3/Dec/18
Kinobody got measured at exactly 176 cm. There 2 videos in his channel. In one 177 but was at a morning ckeck and the otther one the nurse says 176 cm and he says smily well I'm 5'10. Kinobody wakes uo at 5'10
Jeff is his height. The look pretty similar 176- 176'5 guys.
Anderaverage said on 4/Dec/18
Greg said on 3/Dec/18
Kinobody got measured at exactly 176 cm. There 2 viceos in his channel. In one 177 but was at a morning ckeck and the otther one the nurse says 176 cm and he says smily well I'm 5'10. Kinobody wakes uo at 5'10
Jeff is his height. The look pretty similar 176- 176'5 guys.
Yuva said on 4/Dec/18
Rob, the picture of Jeff that you put is probably the only picture he has with a shirt lol
edwards said on 3/Dec/18
@ rob why is he so insecure about his height and claims as much as 3 inch more than his real height,he is of average height.i personally think he wajes up at 177 or maybe 177.5 and his height is 176.claiming 6 feet is ridiculous for him.he dont look as tall as a genuine legit 6 footer.a legit 6 footer is where a legit tall starts.he didnt look that tall.he is a 5'9 guy. poster Toddy5'11"posted on 27/Nov/18.seid looked clearly 3 or 3 5 inch shorter than 6 feet dude.barefeet he is 5'9 at best.what is your opinion rob?
Editor Rob
I am not sure he is 5ft 9 flat, he has looked over that mark, though does use some tricks like rising on his toes a bit or posing nearer the camera to enhance his height.
Greg said on 3/Dec/18
I hope Rob adds these Fitness Youtubers:Maxx Chewning, Christian Guzman, Freezma, Bradley Martyn And Justin Martinelli, also dabkd Laid. Dylan Mckennna.
Greg said on 3/Dec/18
@Bwk KinkBody got measured at exactly 177cm in the afternoon so anything 178.5-179cm for his morning height is probable he always looks around 5’10 to me. As for Jeff he is likely over this listing because he has a video where he is seen with Stephan Freth aka Freezma who claims a more modest 5’11 and manages to look close to it if not 5’10 range.
@Trevor Long I don’t see 5’11.5 for Zyzz that’s a troll guess dude was over 6’0 his proportions are that of a 6’0+ guy the lowest I see for Zyzz is 6’0.5-6’0.75” a legit 6’0 guy met him before and he edged him out so Zyzz was around his claim.
@Toddy5’11 Pics or it didn’t happen.. I don’t think Jeff is 6’0 but can’t see him below 5’10 even a legit 6’2 guy who’s met and worked out with him said Jeff is 5’10.
Bwk said on 28/Nov/18
@Peter175 Kinobody is probably wakes up at like 178.4cm out of bed, but is probably around 176.5-177cm throughout most of the day.
edwards said on 27/Nov/18
@ Eric K dude can you photo where he look legit,he is what a strong 5'9 guy looks. lol 6 feet personally i dont think he looks 6.
Toddy5'11" said on 27/Nov/18
Eric K said on 25/Nov/18
You are a funny guy.. I met Jeff and he is 5'9 5'10 with shoes. The legit 6'0 guy is on the left. Link
Click Here
Trevor Long said on 27/Nov/18

Zyzz imo was 5'11 range. 5'11.5 is where I see him. Chestbrah between 5'8.75/5'9
Eric K said on 25/Nov/18
Rob, he is a legit 6'0. I've met him IRL and I can email you photos.
Editor Rob
Upload them to something like or a free image site, others would like to see how tall he looks.
AndyG1 said on 24/Nov/18
Bradder said on 23/Nov/18
lol. We all know he was 6'0 max. Another guy adding nearly 2 inches. He was 3 inches on his older brother chestbrah (Said Sergeyevich). Chest is a weak 5'9 guy watch all videos from Zyzz I see a 6'0 guy max
Bradder said on 23/Nov/18
Rob please add Zyzz or Aziz Sergeyevich he claimed to be 187cm
Misterduky said on 20/Nov/18
Jeff in 40 years lol
Click Here:
I think Jeff is a real mix of Patrik Swayze and Kurt Russel. The have similar proportions 176-177 guy
Click Here:
Heightfuntime said on 20/Nov/18
@Greg just watch those pics yamako32 said on 9/Nov/18
Jeff is probably 5'10 or 5'10.25 right after bed. He is in the 176 range. I see a strong 5'9 guy with a saiyan haircut who make you think he is a strong 5'10 guy
Greg said on 19/Nov/18
@Peter175 Yeah I’ve been asking Rob for ages to add Zyzz somebody told me he was 6’0, but he’s claims to have gotten measured at 187cm for a medical checkup. I say anything 6’1-6’1.25” would have been Zyzz’s height he always looked tall in his photos.
Greg said on 19/Nov/18
@HeightFunTime I wouldn’t say it’s a joke but I would say Chesty is probably around 5’9ish and Seid 5’10.5” that would make more sense to me wouldn’t go as low as 5’9.5 for Seid maybe a flat 5’10
Hijoputamos said on 18/Nov/18
Axel44, you mean I’m right! Is he an actor too? So you agree with me. He is not a top competitor in the sport.
He deserves a page in here? I never said he didn’t deserve this. It’s funny this guy has one and Dorian Yates doesnt. I guess being an Instagramer gives more credit than winning the Olympia 6 times in a row lol
Heightfuntime said on 17/Nov/18
Saiying chestbrah is 5'10 or 178 cm is a joke. He looks in the 5'8 range. The guy is 174 cm range and there is an inch between them. 5'8.75 chestbrah and Jeff 5'9.5.
Jeff seid and Chestbrah at the link:
Click Here
Heightfuntime said on 17/Nov/18
Ey Rob right after bed I'm 177'4 cm. How tall do you think does Jeff wakes up and who will hit more height. Thanks
Editor Rob
Well it is possible 5ft 9.5 could be a low and he probably does wake up near 179 range.
axel44 said on 17/Nov/18
Hijoputamos said on 15/Nov/18
You are wrong Jeff is not only an instagramer, he became an actor too and he is considered the most popular in the Fitness Industry.
Just names like Calum Von Morger (who became a new actor too movie Bigger as young Arnold) and Mike O'hearn deserves pages here.
Greg said on 17/Nov/18
@HonestSlovene Maybe in your country, here in America 5’10/5’11 is above average because the average is around 5’9 range.
Greg said on 17/Nov/18
Hey Rob take a look at this photo, I think Jeff needs to be upgraded to at least 5’10-5’10.5”, he’s definetly not the 6’0 he claims but 5’9 seems a bit too short. Here’s a 6’2 guy who at worst might be 6’1.5-6’1.75” he trains and is friends with Jeff I asked him how tall he thinks Jeff is and he responded 6’0, which obviously he isn’t but I think maybe somewhere in the 5’10 range. The camera angle works in Jeff’s favor here but he has a footwear advantage. My personal guess for the guys (Left to right) 6’1.5-6’1.75” Jeff:5’10-5’10.5” and Chesty 5’9-5’9.5” he told me Chesty is 5’10 despite him claiming 5’11 but I think he’s adding 2 inches. Jeff could be a 5’11 guy in those shoes at that moment.
Peter175 said on 16/Nov/18
Kinobody was measured at 177.5 cm in the morning but not right out of bed standing very straight and maybe Busting a Gut. I think he's probably around the same height as Seid. by the measurement a full 5'10 is probably unlikely but 5'9.25-75 is what I'd guess he is. It would work with the picture of him and Dan Bilzerian who I think is 5'7.5-8 since he isn't much taller than weak 5'7 floyd mayweather

Here's the footage.
Click Here
Skip to 3:20

Care to add him and Zyzz as well Rob? I think Zyzz was also measured before and was in the 185 range
axel44 said on 16/Nov/18
@HonestSlovene said on 15/Nov/18
5'8"-5'10" average. Above 5'10.25" starts tallish area
Emil said on 16/Nov/18

Greg/Kinobody was measured at 5'9.5 in some of his videos
MrTBlack said on 15/Nov/18

He was measured at 5’9.75” in one of his videos under a stadiometer but I think that’s a afternoon height. Willing to be anything he’s 5’9.5” in the evening(after standing for more than 6hrs).
TheBat said on 15/Nov/18
I have no idea why he claims 6'0" when he's 5'9.5" lol! Jeff has got the Harry Styles-syndrome of pure BS height inflation.
HonestSlovene said on 15/Nov/18
@axel44 Completely agreed. 5'8"-5'11" is average.
axel44 said on 15/Nov/18
Chestbrah is 174 cm barefoot o 5'8.5 without a doubt. Jeff looks 2 cm taller 176 176'5 max for Jeff.
Fanta125 said on 15/Nov/18
Jerdani kraja claims 5'10 so i think chestbrah might be a 1/4 inch under 5.10 6 foot for jeff seems about right and Jon looks like a strong 6.4
Hijoputamos said on 15/Nov/18
@axel44, Jeff wouldn’t make a top 20 in the Mens Physique category. He is an Instagram fitness model and not a serious competitor. He gets invitations because of the amount of fanboys followers etc he brings to the sport. Being popular doesn’t make you good.
Greg said on 15/Nov/18
@Kitkat Skywalker is a legit 6’4, I wouldn’t go as short as 6’2.75” he had over 7 inches on 5’8 listed Dan Bilzerian in a you tube video and about 5 or so inches on Vitaly. I think the lowest you could argue for Skywalker is 6’3.5” he looks very tall with shoes and easily towers the majority of people he is photos and videos with. I also don’t think Jeff is 5’9.5” that’s too low he is at least a legit 5’10. I would argue 5’10.25-5’10.5” no more no less.
Greg said on 15/Nov/18
@Jani Chestbrah stays adamant with his 5’11 claim at most 5’9-5’9.5 is what I can see for him. As for Seid he looks around an inch taller so I would go 5’10-5’10.5” for Seid. Freezema is about the same I saw a video where he looked the same as Jeff. Chesty has been called out many times for claiming 5’11, he says exact quote “ I am 5’11 I can even prove it, anyone who has met me in person can confirm”.
KitKat said on 14/Nov/18
@Jani - Chestbrah is not 5'10-11" like you're saying. Look at this picture Click Here

He's 5'8.25" or maybe lower. no way he would look that much shorter next to 6'2.75+" Skywalker
Jani said on 14/Nov/18
Chestbrah (Zyzz's older brother) is 178cm without shoes (has said in an interview with Freezma) and next to Jeff Seid in most pictures they look around the same in height. In all of the ones where Jeff looks taller than Chestbrah he seems to have some shoe advantage and/or is on his toes (to boost height). He could be maybe 179-180cm but most likely 178cm.
Sandy Cowell said on 14/Nov/18
@ KitKat - What a great name to go by! It always gives me a giggle, and induces a craving for one of those little chocolate biscuits - the two-finger one of course!
Bwk said on 14/Nov/18
How tall do you think Kinobody aka Greg O'gallagher is? He's a fitness youtuber, and he claims 5'10'', but looks more in the 5'9'' range.
Editor Rob
Seems an average height fella.
Annonymous said on 13/Nov/18
Pitt simply seems a little taller.
axel44 said on 13/Nov/18
Overall Jeff has one of the best genetics out there but I know he is not natural. He maybe used and sometimes takes low dosis. He has a great height but I hate he claims 6'0. 5'9 and 5'10 are pefect heigths
axel44 said on 13/Nov/18
Let Rob take his time. He is doig great on this page. I never thought he would add Jeff so soon. Jeff is the most popular in the fitness world. Other ones are just shadows. Just Calum Von Morger deserves being here. Other ones are just instagramers or youtubers not even close to names as Jeff or Calum.
Hijoputamos said on 13/Nov/18
Natural Bodybuilder? lol
Not natural and not a bodybuilding category competitor.
He is a Men’s Physique guy and fitness model most of the time. He can reach 6 feet mark with tricks just like Brad Pitt. Both same height close to 5ft10
Dingus said on 12/Nov/18
He's probably about 5'09.375" I cannot see him over 5'09.75" at the absolute out of bed max.
KitKat said on 12/Nov/18
Rob, you should do Jon Skywalker next. Here's a pic of him with Jeff Seid at the end of an EDM Concert (extreme lows). Click Here

He claims 6'4" but from what I've seen over the past year I think he's 6'2.75

2 years ago, when asked how tall he was on his page he replied "6'3-4" depending on the day lol" -- Click Here

but if Jeff Seid is really 5'9.5" which honestly is probably right, then Skywalker likely is a strong 6'3-3.25" since it looks like Jeff has .25" more footwear

Here's another pic of the two Click Here
KitKat said on 12/Nov/18
Yeah! you finally added him. 5'9.75"
axel44 said on 12/Nov/18
I agree. Just because people usually lie height perceptions are wrong. Most 5'8 guys claim to be 5'9 so when an honest 5'9 guy claim himself to be 5'9 people can't believe it.. I'm 5'10.25 waking up at 5'10.75 and people guess me at 6'0. This is the problem when we guess heights. We must be all honest. I'm sure most of you at a medical height check you'd be surpised.
Mickie said on 12/Nov/18
Natural body builder?? 🤐

Weak 5'10" maybe but 6 foot no way. Always looked too high.
Nik said on 12/Nov/18
@ axel44 - Telling the truth is much better because we should all be open and proud about how tall we are, if other people don't like the truth then it is their loss!

axel44 said on 12/Nov/18
The problem comes when a 5'8 guy claims 5'9 or a 5'10 guy claim 6'0. Some people think 5'9 is short but you are wrong. A real 5'9 is pretty average actually a really good height in terms of proportions etc.
If people would have never lied on heights.
Most people's perceptions are screwed up when it comes to height. Jeff probably hits 5'10-5'10.25 after bed with luck.
A correct measurement is barefoot not counting your hair at a medical check.
Nik said on 12/Nov/18
@ axel44 - 5'9.25" is bang on average in the USA!
Bwk said on 12/Nov/18
Wow, this is quite a surprise. I always thought this guy was between 5'11.25'' - weak 6'0''.
Greg said on 12/Nov/18
@Big D there’s a lot of fitness models Rob should add, I think Laid is around 6’2.25 maybe 6’2.5”, Justin Martinelli claims 5’11 but looked the same as 5’10 maxx chewning who might even be 5’9.5-5’9.75”. Christian Guzman claims 6’0 but seems more 5’10 range. Chase Chewning claims 5’11 but seems to have a half inch on maxx. The Dutch aesthetics guy merjlin honest 6’1, Callum Von moger could be 6’1.5-6’1.75”. Freezma might be 5’10-5’11 he looked similar to Seid but I wouldn’t go for 5’9.5 for either of them.
Greg said on 12/Nov/18
@yamako I can see 5’8.75-5’9 range for chesty but he seems maybe 5’9-5’10 personally I think Chest is 5’9.5 and Seid 5’10.5, just can’t see him at 5’9.5. Zyzz would have to be around 6’1ish that’s what he looks in photos. Maybe 6’0.5 at a worst which isn’t that far off his claim.
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Nov/18
@ Rob - 2006-2009 is long before I was even visiting the library to make comments! It was an hour's course at my local library where I learnt the internet - and I kept coming back!
Editor Rob
Only a small percentage are still around from that era. This site hasn't changed that much really, considering we are now into the 14th year of - Small changes happen now and again.
Sean95 said on 11/Nov/18
Oh my god, this listing has actually shocked me. I use to think 5'11-6'0. Was there anything like photos/videos next to celebrities that made you believe he was around 5'9.5?
andre oliveira said on 11/Nov/18
Rob estimate me here kai greene height with jeff seid with shoes , maby kai needs a downgrate tell me

Click Here
Editor Rob
Jeff can look 5ft 11 range that moment, but whether he is standing with his feet on ground or rising on tip-toes is always something to consider.
axel44 said on 11/Nov/18
Calum is 6'1! Why everyone lies on heights? All add 1 inch or 2. I love this page claiming for the truth. I hate liers.
axel44 said on 11/Nov/18
Nop. Actually is shorter than average. Too many fanboys here I've had the opportunity to talk with him eye to eye.He is under 5'10 so I'm 5'10.25 and he was about an inch shorter I'd say he is 5'9.25. The hair does not count lol.
Garrett188 said on 11/Nov/18
Seems about right, maybe 5'9.75'' max.
Rob would you mind adding Calum Von Moger? He played a young Arnold in the movie Bigger.
He claims to be 6'2, though in his photos next to Jeff Seid he looks under it. He also has photos with Bjornsson and Arnold.
Nik said on 11/Nov/18
He is taller than average!
yamako32 said on 11/Nov/18
To Greg said on 10/Nov/18
I know because I have bodybuilder mates who usually visit the Arnold classic and he once met Jeff and and Chesty. Chestbrah is 5'8.75 exactly just as my friend a weak 175 guy. Zyzzz was 6'0 barefoot the guy adding 2 inches funny.. another guy adding 2 inches. Jeff is in the 5'9 range at best. Watch this photo a 6 footer or maybe even 5'11.5 next to Jeff:
Click Here
Nik said on 11/Nov/18
@ Sandy Cowell - And now he has accumulated another! It always fascinates me when a celebrity receives a lot of comments in a short time period!

I have got to admit that 6'0" seems like a holy grail for a lot of men, I do take any 6'0" claim with a pinch of salt!
Crab said on 11/Nov/18
Yeah, somewhere in the 5’9-5’10 range. I say this for certain as there’s a photo of him competing in that height category.
Sandy Cowell said on 10/Nov/18
He's accumulated 29 comments in just 2 days; that must be heading for a record!
Editor Rob
I think in the distant past when people commented more on sites/blogs - there wasn't the need to tick checkboxes - there were far more comments, especially in 2006-2009.
big d said on 10/Nov/18
heyy rob can you post one about "David laid" he's a body builder as well. very tall. good looking and a nice guy for his profession and looks. unlike jeffery here
big d said on 10/Nov/18
bwahahahahhahha i actually though he was 5 11 minimum an used feel bad cause im 5 7 change and can never look like him. the world knows your height now jeff. paul exposed ya ass boi
MrTBlack said on 10/Nov/18
I remember reading 5’10.5” on the web, Sure that’s his height in shoes though.
tej said on 10/Nov/18
he is 6 ft this listing is wrong ive met in person at expos
Emil said on 10/Nov/18
He ain't 6'0 and he sure as hell isn't natural either lol.
But great physique none the less
Emil said on 10/Nov/18
Dilo said on 9/Nov/18
He is 182cm out of the bed

He'd be 178 cm at the most out of bed lol
Tomwash3r3 said on 10/Nov/18
@Greg Yeah, I see what you mean, but I know one guy at my school, he's like 5'8ish (maybe even a strong 5'7) and when he said he was 5'10, some girl who's 5'0 was like "You're not 5'10. If your 5'10 then I must be like 5'2 and change" So I think some people do notice when you boost your height by a couple inches, some don't. Also I'm starting to think Jeff is 5'11ish or at least a little above average height considering he doesn't look much shorter than Steve Cook who appears to be a clear 3 inches taller than Omarisuf who claims 176 cm Click Here .And Omarisuf does look a couple of inches taller than Elliott Hulse who has claimed 5'9. So my guess is 5'10 3/4.
Greg said on 10/Nov/18
@yamako32 Well if you Say Chesty is under 5’9 how tall do you think Zyzz was in his time? He’s always looked a legit 6’1 even said he was precisely measured at 187cm at a check up but still rounded down to 6’1. He always looked many inches taller than chest Brah and towered everyone in photos. A guy also met Zyzz before his death and he claimed to be 6’0 Zyzz looked to edge him out in a photo I believe. I personally have been looking into many fitness models heights like Lazar Angelov claims 5’11 he seems to look close enough. Chestbrah I thought was 5’9 adding a classic 2 inches to his height so that would make Seid 5’10ish since he’s claiming 6’0 in the video they have of them working out together Jeff just edges out Chestbrah. Maybe one day Rob will add Zyzz and Chestbrah.
Street Fighter said on 10/Nov/18
I knew it Jeff Seid is a legit 5' 9" guy. Rob dont change it. He always looked 5 foot 9.
Zampo said on 10/Nov/18 where near 6'0, not even close to 5'11 in my opinion. The most he looks in photos to me is around 5'10.25 range (and these are mostly in shots by himself). I would put him at possibly 5'9.75.

Think about it people, if he was truly near 6'0, he would have a much taller presence in photos among groups. Haven't seen any photos that portrays this. Seems in the tad above average range.
Joshua Davis said on 10/Nov/18
He looks way taller than this
Mateo said on 10/Nov/18
Great listing rob , if you look closely at his bodybuilding shows where he is standing barefoot next to all other competitors he really doesn't look above 5'10" . It's his very small head and great proportions wich make him appear taller than he actually is , when standing by himself.
yamako32 said on 10/Nov/18
An honest 5'9.5 is pretty average and good height. I would say perfect height. His 6'0 claim is disrespectful for legit 6 footers
yamako32 said on 10/Nov/18
Read these posts from yesterday guys:
Click Here
Click Here

Clearly his torso and proportions from a 5'9 guy. A confident guy with his particular hair style and good posture can pass like a weak 5'11 guy. Attitude is all friends! Don't forget it's about marketing too
yamako32 said on 10/Nov/18
Guys here are sceptical. Don't be wrong. If you shave his hair and measure him barefoot you would be surprised. Too many evidence he is in the 5'9 range. He is a 176 ish guy or 5'9.5. With shoes and his hair he can pass as a 179 or 5'10.5 guy but the reality he is 5'9.5 at best. Search photos guys. My friend met him he is 173 cm or 5'8.25. Told me he was an inch on him..
Chestbrah is a weak 5'8.75 guy Jeff has 0.75 on him.
All this fitness models lie about their heights. Call it marketing or selling.
Greg said on 10/Nov/18
@Tomwash3r3 you’d be surprised personally I see Jeff Seid as a weak 5’11 guy, not sure if I agree with this listing he looks similar to freezma who claims 5’11 and looks near the mark. Also I’m the same height as you wake up 5’11 and end the day 5’10.25” when I claim 5’11 nobody says anything. Now 6’0 is pushing it, but only legit 6 footers would call you out. I have friends shorter than me say 5’8-5’9 saying they are 5’11 or 6’0 and nobody says anything probably because they don’t know how those heights actually look like. And there’s a guy who’s shorter than me who claims 6’0 I called him out but he still wouldn’t believe me he’s not boosting.
Bobby said on 10/Nov/18
No way he's shorter than me, he's gotta be at least 5'10 flat.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 9/Nov/18
Pathetic claim
Tomwash3r3 said on 9/Nov/18
Damn, I was sceptical about his height, and I was suspicious he was under 5'10, since there is a picture from some physique show in 2012 where it listed people who were 5'8 or 5'9 and his name was there. Though I was thinking that he has to be at least 5'10, if he claimed to be 6'0, because as a 5'10 3/8 guy (5'11 max morning) myself I can't see myself getting away with claiming 6'0. Though maybe it's because I was only 5'9 earlier this year when I turned 17, so I'm still kind of used to being under 5'10...
Greg said on 9/Nov/18
Also Rob Jeff Seid is the furthest thing from natural 😂 he claims it but again just like his 6’0 claim it’s a load of nonsense!
Greg said on 9/Nov/18
Rob any chance of you adding Christian Guzman? He claims 6’0 but doesn’t look over 5’10.5, maybe in some photos can appear 5’11. A weaker 5’11 would be guess. I’m curious to see what you would list him as.
Editor Rob
Well I'm not sure, it took me a while to look at Jeff in more detail (rather than just a few photos).
Greg said on 9/Nov/18
Wow Rob you think he’s under 5’10? I remember once you said he could be 5’11, so if he’s 5’9.5-5’10 Chestbrah aka Said Sergeyvich is under 5’9 he claims 5’11 and in a video looks around an inch-inch a half shorter than Jeff. Yeah Jeff Seid apparently competed in a 5’9 or shorter bodybuilding completion and a guy who met him and is a legit 6’2. Said he thinks Jeff is 5’10. I would maybe upgrade him to 5’10 range didn’t see him as low as 5’9.5.
Editor Rob
I don't think he puts photos out there of himself to look shorter, most benefit his height.
Annonymous said on 9/Nov/18
5'10-5'10.5 rob, I think you're a little harsh on this one. Could be wrong.
Dilo said on 9/Nov/18
He is 182cm out of the bed
Drake said on 9/Nov/18
He's really that short? Thought he has at least 6ft
Flexbert said on 9/Nov/18
"Natural" bodybuilder.
Tunman said on 9/Nov/18
Looks like we found another super boosting guy.Would be funny if he stood next to Alex and brought his claim.5'10 would be fine 5'11 would raise many eyebrows but 6'?Maybe you should think about a ranking for the top boosters (like 2"+)
yamako32 said on 9/Nov/18
He could be 5'9 but I think his hairstyle push him to 5'10. He is in the 5'9 range. The listing is just correct. Look at this post:
The guy on the left is 6'0 at best. Jeff looks 5'9.5 with luck.
Click Here

Overall they guy is aesthetic and he is average good height for movies and bodybuilding 5'9-5'10
Scrappy said on 9/Nov/18
I would say 5ft10
Ar2mA2 said on 9/Nov/18
Wow I didn't think it was less than 5 ft 10.
Jo?o Pedro said on 9/Nov/18
Hey, Rob! How much do you think he weighs?
Editor Rob
5 years ago he was going with 190 pounds, though he wasn't as bulky as he has become. He looks over 200 pounds now.
berta said on 9/Nov/18
i am actually surprised too. i thought 183 was to tall for him but in some way his proportions makes him look like 179 ish guy. I would have thought 179-180 but i have never really seen him with anybody, just a couple videos of him training. But i would never believe he was shorter than this. the listing is probably a littel wrong. 5`10 would be better, cant see him under that. But then again bodybuilder proportions make them look taller.
hulver said on 9/Nov/18
This guy is tricky. 1) His hair style
Read this please:
Click Here=
He could be 5'9 too but I would give him 5'9.75 at best (my higuest guess)
Editor Rob
Yeah at age 18 he was somewhere in 5ft 8-9 range. How much he gained is a matter of debate.
hulver said on 9/Nov/18
Rob. You are the man! I've always guess he was 5'9.5 on the nose. Funy still claim 6'0. He is 5'9.5 no more no less
Height obsessed said on 9/Nov/18
I think this perfect listing rob thanks for adding jeff plz add calum von moger also he claims 6:2
Dream(5'9.5 said on 9/Nov/18

He used to list himself as 6'0?! I'M WHEEZING!
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Nov/18
I agree with CP. Jeff does come over as that much taller than 5ft9.5; I'd say 5ft10.25, purely from the picture, because I am not familiar with him, you see! He doesn't look like a six-footer though!

I trust Rob's eye, and will go for the 5ft9.5, but a very confident specimen of that height, who could clearly pass for more. 😁👍
CP said on 9/Nov/18
Surprised to see him listed this low. Never thought he was the full 6'0, but thought he'd at least be 5'10

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