How tall is Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid's Height

5ft 9 ¾ (177.2 cm)

American fitness model and natural bodybuilder. He used to list himself as "6'0" tall.

How tall is
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Average Guess (124 Votes)
5ft 9.75in (177.2cm)
carlospe said on 14/Feb/21
@Rob. This dude is a lier. Yesterday he posted a photo claiming again 6'0 and 210 lbs. He has lied his entire life. I was looking to the comments and people agree he is 5'9 range.
I'd be ashamed claiming 3 inches over my height.
He is about 5'9.5 and 195 lbs. I wouldn't rule out 5'9-5'9.25
rAndy31 said on 3/Feb/21
Dilo 185.5cm said on 1/Feb/21
Stop joking please. 187-188 cm guess for Zyzz is jusy disrespectful for legit 188 guys. Do you even know how tall is a real 188 man? Zyzz neve looked neither close 185 cm. He always looked as a classic 182 guy. Just compare him next to other guys. He was max 7-8 taller than his brother who is 175 max. tops. Funny he claimed 5'11. He is shorter than Jeff seid.
Here his older brother with Jeff Seid
Click Here
Jeff is arounf 176 177 tops and chest brah like 175
rAndy31 said on 2/Feb/21
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 18/Jan/21
Zyzz was 6'0 barefoot max a fraction over 6'0. Maybe 6'0 1/4 who knows, but I think he claimed 6'2 and some people think he was 6'2 but that's not true. He just looked 3 inches on his older brother ChestBrah who is around 5'8.5 5'9
Dilo 185.5cm said on 1/Feb/21
Zyzz was measured at 186.7cm by laser during a medical test when he was 20, he said he was a late bloomer and was only 180cm at 18.
Here is the link of him saying he was measured:
Click Here

Since he died at 22 we can assume that he was still growing a little bit near the end.
My personnal guess for zyzz is solid 187-188cm RIP
Lancaster said on 21/Jan/21
David Laid is only 187 cm and Jeff Seid is 178.
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 18/Jan/21
@Rob-If Jeff is 5'9.75" , how tall was Zyzz ?
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 7/Jan/21
175 cm max.
Linke said on 20/Dec/20
Sahil could be 179 cms in that case. He has recently claimed as being 220 lbs.
Linke said on 22/Nov/20
Rob, how tall do you recon Sahil Khan is? His IMDb resume in past had a weird 180 cms / 6 feet listing (perhaps he got metric wrong). He doesn't look that tall.

Here he is with Mike Tyson:

Click Here

Tiger Shroff
Click Here

Jeff Seid

Click Here

Kai Greene (around 1:22 mark)

Click Here

To me he looks 178 cms guy. He's a bit of anomaly, he was a Bollywood actor who starred in a sleeper hit named "Style" and then left the industry for bodybuilding and then became a fitness youtuber. He also has a biological sister who is taller than him.
Editor Rob
Here is the one archive that exists of that old resume page.

With Jeff and Tyson I'd have thought 5ft 11 wasn't impossible for him...
Linke said on 22/Nov/20
Saiyan Rahman, you're spot on with Sahil khan. Next to generously listed 5'9 Tiger shroff, he struggles to look 5'10. I do think his posture at times isn't good but Sahil isn't over 5'10. Jeff I recon is a 176 cms guy.
KP said on 6/Nov/20
How do you know this about Zyzz’s laser measurement??
Saiyan Rahman said on 10/Oct/20
Jeff is most likely to be around 5'9
Just check out his pictures with sahil khan
He looks an inch shorter than sahil khan

Sahil khan is about 5'10
So jeff can't be more than 5'10
He is most likely to be 5'9
Greg said on 30/Sep/20
@Sean95 Yeah like Eric Kanevsky has a sticky frame and bad proportions. I’ve seen a few people guess him at 5’8-5’9 too. I never believed his 6’1 claim, he looked a few inches shorter than Connor Murphy. He even looked a bit shorter than 6’0.5 listed Steven Shapiro. I’ll give him 5’10 for now. Also Connor is pretty tall in his videos he can look at least a weak 6’2 I wouldn’t go lower than 6’1.5 for Connor he could also be 6’1.75 or about 187cm. I think Connor would have been about the same height as Zyzz peak or at least within a fraction. Rich and a few others are good honorable mentions for Rob. Keep asking and maybe one day we will get lucky lol. Rich seemed at least a good 6’0 although I’ve seen a few 6’1 claims by him. I think Greg Doucette is an honest 5’6 guy he looks it in most of his photos. Also yeah for Kenny I think 6’3ish might be his range. He doesn’t always have the best posture. But he has that ‘towering’ vibe like definitely in the very tall zone. Hell we could be wrong and he ends up being 6’2.5-6’2.75 it’s very popular for 6’2.75 guys to claim 6’4, in fact I believed the claim to before I saw him with anyone. Jon has a thick hairstyle and claims 6’4, but I think he could be about 6’2.5-3ish. Bradley is tricky he sticks to his 6’3 claim like super glue. He’s at best 6’1 or just over. With Kenny I can see up to a 1.5 inch difference. But like you said the angles and stuff. Also for Mike T aka Dom Mazetti it’s weird he has good proportions and I’ve seen him make a 5’10 claim but I would be surprised if he was that short. He looks about 6’0 usually but I’ve even seen him give himself a 6’3 listing as a joke. He looks really close to my one friend who’s around 5’11.5. Honestly for Jake I would be surprised if he was much over 5’10, he looks 5’10.25 at best I would believe 5’10-5’10.5 over 5’10.5-5’11 for him especially how he looked next to about 5’11 Odell Beckham Jr
Resurrection of Edward said on 28/Sep/20
5’9.5 for seid at most.dont forget that the guy has insanely thick hair and is also known to wear lifts and pose near camera to appear taller.even so,rob gave me taller impression than jeff seid.
Sean95 said on 13/Sep/20
@Greg It would be safe to rule out 6'1 haha. Yeah I hope he does add him and a lot of other Youtubers like Rich Piana who I think was around 5'11.5? Could've been 6'0 peak not sure if he lost anything. Would also like to see Scott Herman, Brad Castleberry, Greg Doucette, Mike o'Tren I mean o'Hearn and a few others. Yeah 6'2 for Connor, he always looked decently tall, never shorter than any of the girls in his videos. It's funny in videos of Connor Murphy with Jon Skywalker and another in Kenny Ko he calls them giants even though there's only like a 1" in it. I guess when you're taller than most people at 6'2, being any amount shorter will make you not use to it. Okay I might've been a bit harsh, 6'2.5 would be the lowest i'd estimate Kenny, but he could be a solid 6'3, I wish he got measured facing a wall barefeet, I use to believe his 6'4 claim when he was new. Had a little look on Dom I'd have guessed 5'11.5 with decent posture. It's interesting guessing Bradley's height, when he's with Kenny Ko he looks only about a inch shorter but that could be his hat and camera angles, but with Vitaly he only seemed to look 6'1? Yeah he's definitely not 6'3 , looks similar to Logan who I think is also 6'1.5. At least no one above is doing a Jake Paul claiming 6'2 at 5'10.5-.75 lol
Greg said on 12/Sep/20
@Sean95 At first I thought maybe 5’11 for Eric was appropriate but the more I seen of him the more 5’10-5’10.5 seems more likely. He did a video with VitalyZDTV listed 5’10.5 here way back and he seemed roughly the same height as him. I hope Rob adds him soon especially because he’s doing more pranks and stuff now he’s becoming more and more famous. It seems he’s clinging onto his 6’1 claim according to Instagram but it’s obviously he’s nowhere near that. Yeah Connor Murphy seems about 6’2, Kenny is a legit 6’3 guy probably even 6’3.25 I think Jon Skywalker is a weak 6’3 although he claims 6’4 which is likely an “ in shoe claim” what do you think? He seemed a little shorter than kenny in one of his videos but not by a whole lot. If I where to guess maybe half inch between Kenny and Jon. Ah you have Kenny at 6’2.5? Tbf the way he was measured was approximate and not accurate I would have to see using Robs method or stadiometer. How tall do you think Dom mazzetti is? I’m guessing 5’11 range, I think he holds up well next to Brand who I can see anywhere in the 6’1 range, certainly not his 6’3 claim though maybe 6’1.25-6’1.5 similar to Logan Paul. If Bradley is taller than 6’1 that’s good news for Vitaly because there didn’t seem more than 2.5 inches between them when they raced off that would bring Vitaly closer to 5’11 if not the full mark.
Lel said on 10/Sep/20
Rob next to 6'3 David Laid he looked pretty damn close to 6foot conaidering Laids Head is smaller. At least 5'11. Opinion? Also when will you add David?
Sean95 said on 9/Sep/20
@Greg I'd agree that Eric is around 5'10.5. Connor Murphy 6'1.5-6'2 who appeared less shorter next to Kenny Ko than David Laid did in expos, so I'd bet Connor Murphy has a better chance hitting 6'2 than David. I feel Bradley Martyn is taller than just 6'1 because he looks quite close to Kenny's height like 1" shorter max but didn't see their footwear. I'd give Kenny around 6'2.5" barefoot considering converse only give 0.6"
Greg said on 30/Aug/20
@Original no way he’s 5’10.5 lol, Chesty is not even 5’10, he’s barely 5’9, 5’8.5-5’9 and Joff barely has an inch on him I think 5’9.5 was a good listing.
Original said on 27/Aug/20
I can see 179 for Jeff Seid, but not 177. I think he is taller than most people think here.
Greg said on 22/Aug/20
@Sean95 You’re thinking of Eric Kanevsky, he seems to be about 5’10/5’11 although he claimed 6’0 and even 6’1 before. I personally think Kenny is a legit 6’3 he claims 6’4 but he seemed a bit over 6’3 in converse with that angle maybe no less than 6’2 7/8ths at an extreme low. I think Bradley Martyn is 6’1ish, David Laid maybe like 6’1.5-6’2. I always thought Connor was near enough to claim 6’2, I could see a case for a weak 6’2 or 6’1.5 for Connor.
Greg said on 22/Aug/20
@TheBat Honestly I think he should be put to 5’9.25 he struggles to look much over 5’9.
TheBat said on 7/Aug/20
He should be lowered back to 5'9.5" like he was originally at.
Sean95 said on 1/Aug/20
If the guy measured Vin Diesel I don't think he would have the nerve to ask him to take his boots off haha. It's good that there's a measurement so you can compare to other fitness influencers because there's some inflation in the fitness industry. Kenny KO has consistently claimed 6'4 and he described The rock as 6'5-6'6 and in a old video Jeff Seid 6'1! Click Here 3:01. Connor Murphy use to claim 6'2 but then upped it 6'3 and showed a jump cut height measurement of 6'3 at the gym but he's a bit shorter than Kenny in person Click Here 9:48
Sean95 said on 31/Jul/20
Hiya Rob, there's a video of a Youtuber measuring people at the fitness expo but in shoes. Click Here 11:02 Kenny KO got measured under 6'3 in converse shoes, and Kenny Ko is taller than people like Connor Murphy, Bradley Martyn, David Laid and a lot taller than Jeff Seid Click Here
Editor Rob
yeah, it was an interesting video. Imagine trying that with Vin Diesel!
Eagleeye said on 26/Jul/20

Can you add to David Laid? He is very famous
holyman175 said on 20/Jul/20
Rob ban this comment please:
Alir?za said on 17/Jul/20
I was thinking he is at least 6ft
This guy must be drunk or blind
Editor Rob
Well if someone was saying 6ft 2 or 5ft 6, that would be unbelievable, but I suppose some folk probably would estimate him as tall as 6ft.
Alir?za said on 17/Jul/20
I was thinking he is at least 6ft
176cmGuy said on 16/Jul/20
Phil heath is honest guy and he is legit 5’9 confirmed by himself aswell. Then look cutler next to heath. Max inch difference so cutler is legit 5’8 no less. Josie is then legit 5’9. That makes jeff 5’10-5’11 range
Greg said on 13/Jul/20
@176cmguy Yeah but that’s assuming Cutler is the full 5’8 and not 5’7.5 or something like that. Actually some people having met Jay reported him to be 5’7 range. I’m not sure I haven’t met him. But I’m just skeptical of things I hear on the internet. My guess is Josue might hit 5’9 somewhere early mornings but when he’s meeting people he’s probably down to about 5’8 and change.
Greg said on 13/Jul/20
@Hairlinecel Some photos Laid can look 6’2, but maybe he’s more 187.5ish...
holyman175 said on 13/Jul/20
176cmGuy said on 11/Jul/20
You have to count his hair. I agree 5'9 and 5'9.25 is too low but trust me that this listing is accurate. A real 5'9.75 guy with Jeff's prportions and hair can pass as a 5'10-5'11 guy. Overall I'm sure he is closer to 5'9.5 than 5'10. 5'10 is the absolute highest mark I'd go.
hairlinecel said on 11/Jul/20
Hi Rob!
What do you think, how tall David Laid is? He claimed 188 and 190cm if I remember but he doesn't look that tall in this video Click Here (3:28)
Guy from the right side claimed 180cm. I know that David had worse perspective but even with better perspective I won't give him more than 186cm.
Editor Rob
187 at the most there.
176cmGuy said on 11/Jul/20
Guys Rob have jay cutler 5’8 here which is legit. Then watch josue nex to jay cutler. Josue is inch taller so that makes him legit 5’9. I know jeff is insecure about his height and he tries to get closer to camera etc. We all also know that 6 feet claim is ridicilous but still Jeff looks too tall to be anything like slightly over 5’9. Lowest i would go to jeff is still 5’10. He also have some pictures with one finnish fitness guy who is legit 5’11.5 and with same posture they look about same height. I am sure that if u put jeff under stadiometer he would be atleast 5’10 trust me.
holyman175 said on 9/Jul/20
Greg said on 6/Jul/20
Well said dude and full agree! Jeff max at 5'9.5
holyman175 said on 6/Jul/20
176cmGuy said on 4/Jul/20
Need glasses man. Ask those guys who met Jeff and they would tell you he is 176 range. I know a guy who is 178 cm (american 5'10) and he was taller than Jeff. Don't be fooled by his hair and tricks. This guy said his eye level was just over Jeff eyebrows.
Look on the last commment the photo with Carlton Loth. Jeff is always with a great posture trying to look taller because he would like to be taller. I remember once he had on his instagram bio:
"Goals: 200 pounds 8% body fat and height 187 cm"
This was so funny because having a goal on your height doesn't makes any sense. He has always claimed 6'0" and people and his fans always laugh on his claim.
Greg said on 6/Jul/20
@176cmGuy Personally it’s not just Josue I have difficulty trust random posters online because it’s easy to give some random height claim and not even measure it. I wouldn’t go as high as 5’10 for Jeff, Max 5’9.5 and even that’s being generous. Jeff is insecure and is always standing on tippy toes wouldn’t surprise me if he actually wore lifts, he uses a few tricks to try and appear taller. In fact I’m more inclined to believe he is a bit over 5’9 than 5’10, a few people who have met Jeff in person even agreed he seemed shorter than they imagined. I think only a handful of people who upon meeting him said he was even near 6’0. Also, at first Rob thought Jeff could be 5’11; but after seeing more of him he gave him 5’9.5 and now 5’9.75 which I believe the extra 1/4th inch is completely useless. Even 5’9.5 is wishful thinking for Jeff...

Now going back to Josue if you want to know why me and a few others here are skeptical of his claim. It’s for one he has Guzman at 5’9, I would really be surprised if he was 5’9 because that would make Maxx Chewning 5’8.5, Maxx Chewning is a bit shorter than Christian Guzman. Josue was clearly edged by CG, and his logic is Jeff is taller than both him and CG, but I think personally CG is taller than jeff (Rob agrees) plus that would make more sense because there’s a you tuber Jesse West who has met and took photos with CG and Maxx and he seemed about the same as Christian and a bit taller than Maxx.. Jesse claimed 5’10-5’11, imo he could be right in the middle, Rob has CH at 5’10.5, he hasn’t listed Maxx yet maybe in the future he could get a page as he’s very popular. He himself claims 5’10, but I have him more or so at 5’9.5 range. Also his brother chase who is fractionally taller than Maxx has claimed 5’11 and 5’10.75” which I think he can manage to look anywhere from 5’10-5’11 range give or take. Now taking all that into consideration that makes me hesitant to believe Josue is 5’9. Not that I care about it or if he is frauding his height or not. But for the sake of this listing it makes sense. I’m telling you in reality Josue is under 5’9 and Jeff is more or less 5’9 range. Oh yeah Josue had a photo with Maxx where he is getting edged out for more than half an inch!! Yet he buys Maxx’s 5’10 claim lol so how would that make sense? That means all those other people get upgraded if Josue is 5’9. In reality my guess Josue is claiming an in shoe morning height or something like that. He just isn’t 5’9 at his lowest lol.
176cmGuy said on 4/Jul/20
Hey again rob, i just wonder why u dont trust that Josue guy who posted earlier? There is no excuse that he is 5’9 so on that picture with Jeff u can clearly see that even Jeff is closer to camera that he is atleast inch taller than Josue. Jeff has to be atleast 5’10. I know that over 5’11 is too much but 5’10 is clear shout!
Editor Rob
He could look 5ft 10 with the other guy.
heightguesser1 said on 27/Jun/20
Hello Rob. I found a pic where Carlton Loth is posing with Jeff and I know this guy is like 187 cm range. He is legit and I know he claims 6'2. This guy is the real King of Aesthetics and Jeff Seid looks like a fan next to him. Another proof showing Jeff is 5'9 range no more. What is your guess here Rob?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Would give Jeff 5ft 10 range there if that guy was 187
Jkiller said on 22/Jun/20
For sure around the 5'9.5 range, 177cm is probably spot on
madhair said on 19/Jun/20
@Rob.Thank you for your reply. As always or usual welldone on this listing. 5'9.5 range
madhair said on 15/Jun/20
Hi Rob your listings are usually your highest guess? I mean what's the lowest stimation on Jeff's height and how tall you'd say is right after bed?
Editor Rob
listings can cover a range, and there are a lot you could say might be the upper end of a possible range. In Jeff's case, it would be interesting if he got a proper measurement.
Darred1 said on 15/Jun/20
Click Here

just look at this photo no tip toes, short hair and normal shoes , he is clearly 5'9
Greg said on 14/Jun/20
@Bedic96 Simeon is not 6’1 he was measured 5’11.5 by Eric Kanevsky or 6’0.5 in shoes
Greg said on 14/Jun/20
@176cm guy dude Jeff is not 5’10, he’s around 5’9.
176cmGuy said on 4/Jun/20
@174cm spaniard
Yea that guy is 180cm but Jeff is clearly atleast 5'10.25 there. That one guy aswell comments below who was legit 5'9 and met him said that jeff is 5'11 range. I have looked lot of evidence and that guy just cant be under 5'10. That is absolute lowest that anyone can argue. Jeff is 5'10-5'11 range.
jerton179 said on 4/Jun/20
174cm spaniard said on 2/Jun/20
I know Jorge Table and he is 177-178. 5'9.75-5'10 . It's common guys witrh this height claiming 180= 5'11. What a surprise seeing Jorge taller than Jeff. My thoughts werre correct. Jeff is 176 = 5'9.25
174cm spaniard said on 2/Jun/20
In this video you can se him next to Jorge Tabet a spanish youtuber who claims a legit 180cm (5ft 10 and 3/4). Jeff seems to be 178cm or weak 5ft 10in.

They are in second 11 to 15:

Click Here
2pacalypse wow said on 25/May/20
@MD, I think he really is a 5'9.5"-5'10" guy so anywhere in that range I can understand people arguing. I think he's a tricky guy though and can even seem a bit above that at times more often than 5'9" flat,in my opinion. He has good proportions too.
peaky4 said on 25/May/20
176cmGuy said on 22/May/20
I guarantee you Jeff is around your height. Know some folks saying he is 5'9.5'9.5. He is tricky guy who can pass as a 5'10-5'11 guy due to his hair and posture. Trust me! Jeff is 5'9.25 range!
MD said on 24/May/20
The fanboys seem to be having a difficult time, lately...

Rob was right before the upgrade, and yet some of you are still trying to boost him.
176cmGuy said on 22/May/20
Rob i just dont get this listing. Look picture him with calum von moger. Click Here. Okay, Calum have little bit looser posture but u have Calum here 6'1 and half. There cant be more than 3 inches between them. Jeff is clearly between 5'10.5 - 5'11. Give him atleast half inch upgrade!
Editor Rob
He can look over 5ft 10 in that photo.
Original said on 13/May/20
5'10" imo.
Liam Smith said on 27/Apr/20
@Rob if I wake up at 5’9.0625” and sleep at 5’8.375”, how much would you say Jeff is taller than me by? You have him listed at 5’9.75” but I’m not sure if that’s his morning height or his night height.
Editor Rob
I'd say 3cm taller
pgjtftkwnbczmp said on 21/Apr/20

You also believe in santa claus?
bedic96 said on 19/Apr/20
There are quite a few pics of him standing next to the 185.5 cm tall Simeon Panda. He looks just a little shorter. 183cm or 6'0 if you ask me
counterman said on 15/Apr/20
Another great listing. @Rob we have the same perspective haha. I've always thought this guy was 5'9.5 but I could buy 9.75 at best. He is a height tricky and he claims 6'0 haha. Too much ego. I started watching his videos on youtube in 2013 when he was 18-19 and he has more ego those days.
Editor Rob
Jeff is a tricky guy actually, I think 5ft 11 seems impossible, but many would give him 5ft 10 range...I'm not so convinced he was that tall.
Hanov said on 26/Mar/20
More natural than Rich Piana
Greg said on 28/Feb/20
@edwards yeah no doubt I’ve been measuring 5’10.3-5’10.4 lately at a low and many hours out and even got 5’10 5/8ths after a few hours I would edge him noticeably.
edwards said on 9/Feb/20
@ greg

i think you would be visibly taller than seid or someone like seid.
Reee said on 16/Jan/20
"Natural bodybuilder"
Greg said on 3/Jan/20
@Actionboy we are the same height usually I’ll wake up around 180.3cm or 5’11 flat give or take depending on how much sleep I got. But I typical fall down to like 5’10.25-5’10 3/8ths. I usually claim almost/around 5’11. But on here I say 179cm or 5’10.5 judging by afternoon height. In America we use feet and inches so if I say “ around 5’11 that basically covers most of my range. I haven’t measured on a stadiometer in a while, the one at my gym is broken and under measures/over measures you because that top part doesn’t stay flat on your head. I used to claim 5’10 a few years ago because I thought I was like 5’9/5’10 but then at one point I started measuring taller so now I just use my morning height. I’m usually guessed taller anyways.
edwards said on 30/Dec/19
5'9.5 would have been better listing.
actionboy said on 29/Dec/19
@Greg what height do you usually claim when they ask you? I say 179 cm which is 5'10.5
actionboy said on 29/Dec/19
Greg said on 29/Dec/19
Yes so my after bed is 5'10 and 7/8 without doubt I actually have an stadiometer at home. My father is a doctor has a private room for guests. I live in Spain and we use cm so I was exactly 180.2 cm a hair under 5'11 today but I sleep nearly 10 hours. When I sleep 7-8 hours I'm 180.0 cm I have measured myself like 10 times to make sure I'm exactly180.0 cm and today was record being 180.2 cm. These days I'm really sleeping a lot.
actionboy said on 29/Dec/19
Greg said on 29/Dec/19
Oh you are right Greg! I thought 180 cm (my regular after bed) was 5'10.75 and I see 180 cm = 5'10 and 7/8!. Today I was 180.2cm maybe because I slept like 10 hours lol holidays
actionboy said on 29/Dec/19
Greg said on 29/Dec/19
Today I measure myself just 2 min after bed and I was a hair above 5'10.75. I was aexactly 180.1 cm. Before bed I'm a hair above 5'10.25 exactly 178.5 cm so I drop 1.5 cm and 1.5 cm is a little more than half inch. A half inch is 1.27 cm and I drop 1.5 cm. My absolute lowest ever was 178.2 cm after being awake 24 hours (hair under 5'10.25)
Greg said on 29/Dec/19
@Actionboy yeah I’m surprised you only lose half an inch you might either drop to 5’10 flat or be 5’11 out of bed most people generally lose 3/4th of an inch.

@Canson assuming Jeff is 176cm I would be roughly 3.3cm taller than him in the noon or 2.3 if he’s 177.

@The Bat exactly I have an irl friend that’s similar to Jeff height wise and frauds to 5’11.
actionboy said on 26/Dec/19
TheBat said on 25/Dec/19
Greg is my height and I agree him. I think he can hit 5'11 after bed but I hit a 5'10.75. oerall he goes down to my low (5'10.25)
actionboy said on 26/Dec/19
TheBat said on 25/Dec/19
Yes I know this guy since 2012 from youtube and when you are around same height you could be a good height guesser. Honest people around 5'9.5-5'11 I guess know what is talking abot. I'm 5'10 and 3/8 at lunch 5'10.75 after bed and I know 100% I'm taller than this guy like a full inch. Overall he has good proportions and pretty average on height.
TheBat said on 25/Dec/19
Jeff is no doubt 5'9.5". Greg, edwards, Canson, actionboy all share the same guess like me.
actionboy said on 25/Dec/19
edwards said on 24/Dec/19
I guess Jeff will be bald in 15 years
Canson said on 25/Dec/19
@Greg: at 5’10.25-.3 I think you would be maybe 2cm. I agree with Edwards 5’9.5”
edwards said on 24/Dec/19
@ greg

a solid 5'10 is probably above average height.i dont see jeff being anything above 5'9.5.i feel you could edge him by 1" or even 1.5".he has a proportion of 5'9 flat guy.he would be lucky if he ever manage to measure over 5'9.the guy has very thick hair and tip toes to appear taller.he also wear lifts.a legit measured 5'10 would easily gives taller impression and can loo easily taller than jeff seid.i agree with you.
Greg said on 22/Dec/19
@Edwards I bet if I met Jeff I would noticeably edge him out and I’m a bit under 5’11, it seems he would probably be looking at the bridge of my nose. I think CG edged him in a photo before.
edwards said on 20/Dec/19
@ greg

agreed.he is nowhere near 5'10.even 5'9 flat is possible.
Greg said on 18/Dec/19
@Justin Macho Kenny K.O lies about his height too he’s not 6’4, maybe more 6’2.5-3 he looked close to Jon Skywalker and was just a little taller than Brad Martyn. I think Jeff would only reach 5’10 in air maxes. He’s definitely in the 5’9 range wouldn’t say near 5’10.
@Actionboy oh 5’7-5’8 claiming 5’10 you mean like yourself?
Greg said on 18/Dec/19
@actionboy Jeremy 5’8 I thought you where 5’10 what happened you shrinking already? 🤨 Big G Syndrome sneak up on you?
actionboy said on 18/Dec/19
Justin Macho said on 17/Dec/19
5'10 is not pretty short. What are you talking about? Overall Jeff is shorter he is 5'9 range 5'9.5. 5'10 guy is above average. The problem here is people usually lie about heights but a legit 5'10 guy barefoot is sometimes tall and 5'9 is good too. The problem is when 5'7 and 5'8 guys claim to be 5'9. This is a reason why some think 5'9 is short what a joke. People need to learn to be real and honest.
Justin Macho said on 17/Dec/19
hes pretty short. Next to Kenny KO he looked a good 5 inches shorter, so Im going with a solid 5'10 height.
actionboy said on 17/Dec/19
@Rob lol :D. You are right and maybe sounds weird but I've just realized what I did seeing now all the comments. I have confused myself wtf.
Yes I refreshed cookies and I did it a coupe of times and the site asked my for another mail. I'll be actionboy.
Have a good day Rob
Editor Rob
It's easier for me to talk to the one person 😉 It makes things simpler...
actionboy said on 15/Dec/19
@Rob is the site deleting comments? I posted a link where a youtube fitness guy who met him and knows Jeff said he is 5'9.5.
Editor Rob
The site generally won't, unless it triggers a few automatic rules.

But I certainly will, if I spot spam, deceptive comments, links to dodgy sites etc.

For instance, you replied to jeremy5ft8, but both you and I know that actionboy/jeremy are one and the same person 😄

Be careful, as that kind of thing is a reason to get banned. Better sticking to the one name on here 👌
edwards said on 14/Dec/19
@ greg
i feel 5’9.5 was a better listing.idk what made rob decide that he was fraction over 5’9.5 but for me personally,i would even say flat 5’9 is very possible and i wouldn’t rule out flat 5’9 given that he has very thick hair and is known to wear lifts.but 5’9.5 was a better listing imho.a legit confirmed 5’9.5/5’10 gives much taller impression than seid.
actionboy said on 13/Dec/19
@Rob what's your lowest and highest mark you'd go on Jeff? Mine is 5'9 to 5'9.25 . I'm curiose If we agree. I'm learning to guess heights better thanks on this site ;
Editor Rob
9.25 to 9.75 for Jeff is the kind of range I've thought for him.
edwards said on 9/Dec/19
@ no way in hell is he more than max 5'9.5, wouldnt be surprised if he was even jut flat 5'9.known to wear lifts and very thick boots,have thick hairstyles and poses near camera to appear taller.the upgrade wasnt really necessary at all tbh.
actionboy said on 8/Dec/19
176'sh guy 5'9.25-5'9.5 nothing less and nothin taller
Greg said on 7/Dec/19
@Jesse Dumont from what I’ve seen of Laid I would give him 6’2.25” nothing under a flat 6’2”, he doesn’t seem as tall as 6’3 or 6’4 as some people claim him to be. I think this Youtuber Phillips Fit aka Phillip Rusnick Met him and said they where both 6’3 but he seemed a little bit shorter than him I would guess weak 6’2 or 6’1.5 range but he claimed they where both at that 6’3 mark lmao
actionboy said on 4/Dec/19
@jeremy5ft8 I agree @Rob Calum's height 6ft 1.5 might be the most I'd go more like a solid 6'1 guy. I think he is not over 186 cm. 6'1.5 might be his morning height. In my opinion his height is pretty like Arnies peak. Overall I guess Calum is 1.5 cm 2 cm max taller than Arnold's peak.
Calum 186 cm 6'1 1/8
Arnold 184-185 cm 6'0.5-weak 6'1
jeremy5ft8 said on 30/Nov/19
@Rob. What about Calum Von Morger ? He deserves a page here much more than Jeff Seid. He is more famous and has reached the movie industry too. I think he is 6'1.5 barefoot he claims 6'2. Thy say he looks like Arnold in his youth
Editor Rob
Yeah he did ok in Bigger and 6ft 1.5 might be the most I'd go.
Jesse Dumont said on 28/Nov/19
Anywhere from 5'9.25" to 5'9.75" for sure. No shorter or taller. Might just be 5'9.5" though. In the middle is probably the best guess. Also, where's David Laid on this website? I'd really like to know his height and what everyone thinks. He claims 6'3" and looks 6'2" max. I believe that's being generous too. I'd really like him on this website. Surprised he's not on here actually.
Greg said on 13/Nov/19
@Edwards @TheBat agreed Rob shouldn’t have upgraded Jeff in fact I can even see Jeff’s Dipping down to 5’9 3/8ths at a low 5’9.5 was a better listing.
edwards said on 2/Nov/19
no matter what,i dont see this guy over max 5'9.5,even flat 5'9 is possible.

@the bat
lol agreed dude.
TheBat said on 31/Oct/19
@Greg @edwards

I didn't know that Jeff stands on his toes lol. That reminds me of when Jeremy Piven did the same thing with Nina Agdal.
edwards said on 30/Oct/19
@ greg

yeah dude,fully agreed
Greg said on 29/Oct/19
@edwards Yeah you’re right Jeff looks 5’9 range in most photos he just wears thick shoes or boots and his hair adds height if measured I don’t think he would measure much over 5’9, he’s definitely not 5’9 or 5’10 I believe Greg O Gallagher would edge this guy out.
Greg said on 29/Oct/19
@edwards Yeah you’re right Jeff looks 5’9 range in most photos he just wears thick shoes or boots and his hair adds height if measured I don’t think he would measure much over 5’9, he’s definitely not 5’9 or 5’10 I believe Greg O Gallagher would edge this guy out.
edwards said on 28/Oct/19
there was no need of upgrading his height.i still dont see this guy over max 5’9.5,i wouldnt even rule out flat 5’9 for this guy.always tiptoes,wears lifts and poses near camera to appear taller.also has such a thick hair.a real measured or legit 5’10 guy looks easily much taller than seid.a measured 5’10 guy also gives much taller impression than jeff seid.he has a proportion of 5’9 flat matter what i dont see him above 5’9
Hijoputamus said on 26/Oct/19
@Josue, I’m back to let you know that you might be right. I said Jeff was 5ft9 but I saw a video of him with someone I know that stands 180 on the dot and they are same height. Maybe Jeff was wearing lifts I don’t know but his proportions were the same as my friend.
Sorry for not taking you seriously. Cheers!
Greg said on 25/Oct/19
@Edwards thanks mane, at least somebody agrees 👍

@Cedric 172cm yeah he’s not a natural everyone knows that but I think Rob just has it put down because that’s what he claims to be, it’s far from the truth. He’s on a lot of gear. A lot of Mr.Olympia competitors actually scratch that all of them are on something.
edwards said on 13/Oct/19
@ greg

well said dude,i agree on everything you said
Luke anderson said on 9/Oct/19
This is accurate, I am exactly 5”6 3/4, 5”7 out of bed in the morning.
I meet Jeff at the Brisbane fit expo 2017, we were both in wearing the exact same converse shoes and it was exactly a 3 inch difference between us making him 5”9 3/4 to 5”10.
He kept trying to get in front of me for the pic and out angle me, standing on one foot in most of the pics with fans.
Greg said on 9/Oct/19
@unvui I doubt you could say that without having met him. Jeff is in the 5’9 range in fact he manages to look closer to 9 than 10, this listing is generous and is likely an in shoe height for him. However I agree with the inflations as I’m almost 5’11 and get guessed at a legit 5’11 even 6 feet sometimes.

@TheBat I think Jeff is like 5’9 7/8ths or maybe 5’10 out of bed he’s definitely not this height in the noon though. Josue lies about his own height so we can’t really trust his estimates another case of the Big G if you will. Now for Guzman I think he’s around our height, I can see how he can seem 5’9 at times but he doesn’t stand well, I know a girl who claims 5’11 who’s met him and said they where about the same height. However based off of what I saw if Guzman I can’t see him at a legit 5’11, he just edges out 5’9.5 Maxx chewning. A while back there was a photo of him and Jeff where they looked close but Guzman was also dropping a lot of height, the issue is he doesn’t like to stand well. The fitness industry has a lot of height fraudders. I know there’s height threats that exist on Jeff and photos of guys being legit 6’2 and towering Jeff, there’s even guys who said they where 5’10 and walked by Jeff who where surprised to be taller that’s why I think this listing is a little too high.
unvui said on 8/Oct/19
He is about my height 5'9.5 and I'm usually guess at 5'10-5'10-5 range.. People judge height wrong and overstimate 1 inch. I'm 5'10 out of bed...
TheBat said on 7/Oct/19

He can definitely be 5'10" out of bed and I agree he gets edged out by true 5'10" and 5'11" guys. And Josue's 5'9" estimate for Christian Guzman is way off as well, he was slouching badly in that picture.
Greg said on 6/Oct/19
@Edwards Thanks at least somebody agrees with me.

@Rando182 Dude really? Look at how Jeff’s Standing and how Calum is standing, Jeff is Max 5’9 and change, he’s been edged out by legit 5’10 and 5’11 guys half the time he uses photos to his advantage and goes on tippy toes. He’s very insecure and wants to maintain his 6’0 claim. Calum is dropping so much height and he’s hunched over I think if he stood up right he would have Jeff by an easy 6 inches or so at the least. He did compete in the 5’9 and under class but maybe he grew a little since then. Not by a lot though.
Greg said on 6/Oct/19
@Josue you are the last person who’s estimates I would trust, in that photo they look the same plus Brad is dropping height so he’s most likely 6’2 at the very Least and so is Calum.

@TheBat I agree Seid got a pointless upgrade he’s nowhere near 5’10 maybe first thing out of bed.
TheBat said on 4/Oct/19
Don't know why Rob now has Jeff listed at 5'9.75". 5'9.5" was totally fine.
Josue said on 28/Sep/19
And Arnie is most likely 5'10".

Click Here
Josue said on 28/Sep/19
@Greg, Calum is not 6'2".

Bradley shorter than 6'1.5" Logan Paul.
Click Here

Calum shorter than 6'1" Bradley (claims 6'3".)

Click Here
rando182 said on 28/Sep/19

Jeff is not standing noticeably closer to the camera than David. Even if he was that's not a 4+in difference. That's roughly 3 in, maybe slightly more.

You say Calum's a legit 6'2. Click Here
That's definitely not a 4+in difference either.

Also Jeff never competed in the 5'8 - 5'9 category. He competed in the 5'9 - 5'11 category that's already been debunked. Those pictures are either fake or there's a typo. One of them even says "Women's Physique" on it.
edwards said on 27/Sep/19
i 100% agree on all of what you said
Greg said on 24/Sep/19
@Josue you pick the worst photos dude Collum Is dropping a lot of height Collums like 6’2, if he says 6’0 that would make Arnie 5’9 lmao you’re estimates are off in general.
Greg said on 24/Sep/19
@Edwards Tbf I think Seid could be 5’9.75-5’10 out of bed he certainly doesn’t look over that, Rob Gave him a generous listing lol I can’t believe he has Jeff listed higher than Greg O Gallagher I think the two would be similar in height. 5’9.5 is a modest listing for Jeff I would even go 5’9 3/8ths. That picture of Dave and Jeff is bad Jeff is closer to the camera so has the angle advantage and plus we can’t see footwear in reality I think Dave would have a solid 4.5 inches on a guy like jeff
Greg said on 24/Sep/19
@RYD get out of here Jeff! Before I spray some roid-be-gone spray and you vanish. Jeff’s about as 6’0 as he is a natural bodybuilder. It’s just laughable when he made that video talking about PED’s and how some people take them to gain a “natural” physique like him. David Laid isn’t 6’3 he’s always claimed 6’2 and 6’2.5, I can see Laid at a solid 6’2 like 6’2.25 def not 6’3 though.
edwards said on 24/Sep/19
Are you smoking something?jeff seid being 6” and david 6’3
RYD said on 22/Sep/19
David is 6'3. Jeff is 6'0. He is not 5'9 LOL anyone who has met Jeff irl knows that he is above average height. Also Jeff always wears flats/vans to these expos so he's at a disadvantage of height.
Blecawty said on 21/Sep/19
David isn't 6'2 he is 6'1.5 max ,
affaq ahmad said on 21/Sep/19
too mucch spelling mistakes in my previous comments lol,. this website should do more and more bodybuilders and instgram stars. thanks
affaq ahmad said on 19/Sep/19
. jeff exactly looks like 3 inches smaller than david laid here in this pic , and rob can you do height measurement of instagram stars like alex mapeli and henrique lima both are know for beauty and handsomeness. and whata about other bosybuilders like ulisses junior and sergi constance and lazar angelov. you should focus more on instagram stars
rando182 said on 18/Sep/19

Jeff looks more like 5'10-5'11 in that picture if David is 6'2.
edwards said on 18/Sep/19
Out of bed he maybe 5’10 but the listing of 5’9.5 was accurate.sometimes he may look over it while other time he may look under.
Ratman said on 17/Sep/19
Click Here
Here's a photo of him with David Laid, who is listed at 6'2, looks about 5'9 5'10
Greg said on 17/Sep/19
Click Here So recently Seid met Laid who claims 6’2 and 6’2.5 I think David is a legit 6’2, Jeff’s standing closer to the Camera and might even have a footwear advantage and there looks to be 4.25 inches between them if you take account the actual difference you might have a legit 6’2 guy and a 5’9 range guy, wouldn’t go as high as 5’9.75” for Jeff. Especially seeing he competed in the 5’9 or under class lol is a dead give away.
Greg said on 15/Sep/19
@Janito You could make an argument for 6’0.25-6’0.5 for cook but not the full 6’1
Greg said on 15/Sep/19
@Edwards maybe 5’9.75” out of bed, in the noon or his low he wouldn’t be much over 5’9, Jeff should have been left at 5’9.5. Lol
affaq ahmad said on 15/Sep/19
i always followed jeff seid since 2012 when he become famous at that time. but i always doubt his hands proportions. still he is good looking and famous and gets more comments
Josue said on 14/Sep/19
@Janito, I've met Calum before and compared with Jay I think he's only 6 feet max.
Click Here

Jeff compared with Calum, I see 1.5 inch difference. 5'10.5" height for Jeff.
Click Here
Janito said on 13/Sep/19
Josue said on 13/Sep/19
Wrong!Steve Cooks's real height is 6'0 he was measured 6'0 before Ifbb but this fitness models upgrade their heights they always lie. Calum Von Morger claim to be 6'2 but people say he is 6'1 and has almost 2 inches on Steve Cooks.
Jeff is 5'9.75 at most more 5'9.5
Josue said on 13/Sep/19
Jeff Seid with Steve Cook listed as 6'1"
Click Here

Confirmed 6'1" Steve Cook with 6'7 3/4"
Hafthor Bjornsson.
Click Here

Both Jeff and Steve Cook are both barefoot. Jeff is no shorter than 5'10.5". @Rob
MD said on 11/Sep/19

I basically agree with you on this one, but you didn't need to make four consecutive posts; you could have addressed the issue in a single post.
Janito said on 11/Sep/19
edwards said on 10/Sep/19
I agree man. @Rob 5'9.5 was the best listing!
rando182 said on 11/Sep/19

Relax dude. Even Rob said Josue looks 5'9. Cutler has a clear posture advantage on him and Josue still looks taller.

Look at the average guess. There's plenty of people that disagree with you. There's also plenty of guys that have met Jeff and said he looks 5'10+. But you don't pay attention to those guys because you disagree with them.
edwards said on 10/Sep/19
no way in hell is this guy 5'9.75,this listing dosent make any sense.this guy always has thick hair,wears lifts and always poses near camera to appear taller.the upgrade wasnt necessary at all.the listing of 5'9.5 was quite reasonable.
Janito said on 10/Sep/19
@Josue Christian guzman relax and chillin and Jeff always with militar posture nd closer to the camera looks shorter. I've seen 2 more pics on fitness instagram pages but I honestly can find now.. where Christian guzman was easily taller than Jeff Seid.
Janito said on 10/Sep/19
@Josue you can see Christian guzman has one inch on him and I've seen 2 more pics but I can't find now.. Without any doubt Christian guzman is taller than Jeff Seid.
Janito said on 10/Sep/19
@Josue you are a funny guy. Jeff 5'11"? I've never heard a guess more unreal than yours:
Click Here
Jeff is 5'9.25-5'9.75 at most. People who know him knows just ask. You are 5'8.5 barefoot max.
Janito said on 9/Sep/19
@Josue stop with this: We've seen you are not a legit 5'9 guy. You are like a solid 5'8", a chance of 5'8.5. Jeff is closer to the camera and look at your eyes and his. Jeff looks 1 inch taller than you maybe 1,25 at most.
@Rob. Josue is as tall as Jay or just over. Jay Cutler is 5'8 just visit Josue's Instagram. A lot of fellows who met jeff are saying he is 5'9. 5'9.5 is the highest I'd honestly go strugging at 5'9.75.
Janito said on 9/Sep/19
Ey @Rob I thought 5'9.5 was the best listing however 5'9.75 is the highest I would really go. What made you change the old listing?
Editor Rob
I think almost 5ft 10 isn't unreasonable from all that's out there of him.
Josue said on 8/Sep/19
Click Here

@Rob, please correct the listings for Christian Guzman and Jeff Seid.

Click Here
when I met Christian he was wearing these shoes
Click Here
and I had these shoes
Click Here

Me alongside Jeff with visible footwear.
Click Here

Considering I'm 5'9", posture, and footwear in the photos; Christian Guzman has to be 5'9" and Jeff Seid 5'11".
Thanks Rob.
Editor Rob
Whilst I'm not sure about 5ft 11, I can see why he looks in 5ft 10 range.
edwards said on 28/Aug/19
Josue said on 25/Aug/19
@Rob would you consider a 5'10.5" upgrade for Jeff? Here he is with 5'7" Kai Greene.
Click Here
Editor Rob
He can look 5ft 10 at times

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------rob listing is very accurate for seid,seid has quite hair advantages in photos,if he goes bald then not even higher than flat 5'9,like rob already said he uses lift,appears and poses in front of camera and uses tricks like doing tiptoes and wearing lifts.listing is very safe.
stylus said on 26/Aug/19
Josue said on 25/Aug/19
First accept you are not 5'9. We've seen your Ig with other celebrities. You are maybe in the 5'8 range. Jay Cutler is listed by Rob at 5'8 which of course I agree Rob and you are as tall as him or with luck 1/4 inch on him.
@Jeff listing is perfect as usually Rob does in his site! Stop your upgrading does not make sense at all. Too many evidences Jeff is a 5'9-5'9.5 guy
Josue said on 25/Aug/19
@Rob would you consider a 5'10.5" upgrade for Jeff? Here he is with 5'7" Kai Greene.
Click Here
Editor Rob
He can look 5ft 10 at times
edwards said on 24/Aug/19
I fully agree with everything you said.he dosent have proportion of a 5’10 guy let alone 5’11 and 6 feet.
stylus said on 22/Aug/19
rando182 said on 21/Aug/19
I hate when pople like you are judging photos like that. This is not serious. Do you even see see their shoes, look who is closer to the camera, posture and angles. Please stop. Photos like that are a joke.
stylus said on 18/Aug/19
Those few who said Jeff is 5'11... Please pause the video 6:15 Jeff with the overweight woman
Click Here
He is clearly a 5'9 guy and he was actually 5'9 since he was bout 16 years old probably 5'8.75 those days and now about 5'9-5'9.5. He just hit puberty and developed super early.
Rob did it again with this listing and I can say is not easy at all to guess heights when you don't know a guy but I'm impressed how accurate Rob usually is..
stylus said on 16/Aug/19
@Rob found the pic of the guy with white t-shirt on that video. Here with Jeff. Still taller than Jeff and this guy is sure 5'10-5'11 Click Here
stylus said on 16/Aug/19
@Rob look at 0.55. The guy with white tshirt is 180 cm (5-10.75) and is easy taller than Jeff Seid. Here you can see his instagram.
Click Here
Overall he looks 5'10. Hard to believe these days people's height. Everyone is adding 1-2 inches to their heights (Jeff 3 lol). The guy maybe is 5'11 but looks 5'10 and in the video paused at 0.55 he is taller than Jeff
Click Here
stylus said on 16/Aug/19
@Rob look at 0.55. The guy with white tshirt is 180 cm (5-10.75) and is easy taller than Jeff Seid
Click Here
stylus said on 16/Aug/19
Jeff is 5'9 confirmed by a guy who was that day. Read all comments they say he is 5'9 and he really looks that height.
Click Here
He was chosen because he is one If not the most aesthetic fitness guy and has very good proportions. Here was huge and bulky. I think the biggest he ever has been around 215 pounds at 5'9.
stylus said on 16/Aug/19
Jeff on the right with a legit 6-0 guy on the left.
Click Here
@Josue stop trolling and upgrading heights. You are exactly as Jay Cutler or maybe half inch o him so you are closer to the camera..and Jay is 5'8''.
Click Here
You are not a legit 5'9 guy but probably just over 5'8.. Jeff is 5'10 at morning
Ema said on 13/Aug/19
Hi @Rob , how tall is Simeon Panda here next to Jeff Seid? Click Here
Editor Rob
Could be an inch taller, though maybe his head is slightly further away than jeff's there.
Josue said on 13/Aug/19
Click Here
You guys that question my 5'9" height can check my IG and compare my height with other celebrities that I have met. I still have Jeff at a 5'11 height @Rob.
Editor Rob
I could see Jeff at 5ft 10.5 with yourself if you are 5ft 9 (and I wouldn't really say you looked less).
triplemagnum said on 5/Aug/19
Jeff at 18 years old.
Click Here
Being honest he has amazing genetics for bodybuilding but he is clearly a 5'9 guy maybe 5'10 at morning. Great height for bodybuilding and for athletes. He looked better at 18 than nowdays. It's like he's being overtraining I don't see improvements. He started training at 12.
edwards said on 5/Aug/19
If fanboys still think seid is 5’11-6’ then post a photo where he looks that,or anyproof rather than throwing anything that comes in might.rob’s listing is 100% accurate for seid whether anybody agrees or not.
Importer said on 5/Aug/19
@rando182 I wouldn't call it hating. They are just pegging Josue's height next to Jeff Seid based on @Editor Rob's estimation, which I trust is reliable.
triplemagnum said on 5/Aug/19
@JasonTheMan said on 2/Aug/19
Good try but Rob's listing is perfect. I know Jeff is 5'9-5'9.5 nothing more. Learn first what's a correct measurement and how a real 5'9.5 guy looks.. Use a stadiometer or just let the doctor do it. The bar must be touching the highest part of your head not the hair!. Jeff is max 5'9.5
TomD said on 5/Aug/19
I've met Jeff, I was probably around 5'11" at the time (last year) and his eye level was just, just under my eye level, both wearing the same shoes.
Jeff's 5'10.5-11, although he does look shorter in videos. I'm planning on seeing him next year so I'll try go back to back with him (I'm a bit under 6'3" out of bed)
JasonTheMan said on 2/Aug/19
Funny, I'm exactly 5'11 or 180/181 and I have met Jeff at an Expo. The guy is definitely around my height, who care if he round it up to 6ft. 5'10 or even under is just laughable. You guys over here love to be living in your own bubble anyway so you probably going to call me a liar like that Josue kid. But how about you guys go to see him yourself, its not even that hard to meet Jeff, its not like he is Brad Pitt and never show up in public. He constantly show up to raves and expos.
rando182 said on 2/Aug/19
I've seen Josue's instagram. He had pictures with Jay Cutler, Anthony Pettis, and Christian Guzman. He was taller than Cutler and Pettis, and nearly the same height as Guzman. You guys sound ridiculous hating on someone who's just trying to give some honest insight. Sounds like that one guy that made 10 different usernames trying to downgrade Seid.
TheBat said on 30/Jul/19
God the average vote is way too high. I'm still seeing 5'9.5" for Jeff.


Lol! Josue (the shortest 5'9" user on this site) definitely needs a page on here. I peg him at around 5'7.5"
Importer said on 22/Jul/19
@Josue like you said Jeff had 2inches on you, so you are 5'7 1/2 barefoot. Simple math
Hijoputamus said on 20/Jul/19
Rob, Josue should get a celebheights listing.
I think he’s 5’7
thi said on 14/Jul/19
He always look to short to be 6 ft imo, nice to know he's not 6' hmm
Mr.heighty said on 13/Jul/19
Jeff is a 176ish guy or solid 5'9.25. Average Guess is generous
TheBat said on 12/Jul/19

I agree. Josue looks about 5'7.5". It's hilarious how he claims 5'9" but looks nowhere near it. And that range for Jeff is correct from what I can see.
Greg said on 9/Jul/19
@TheBat yeah proportionally standing that guy doesn’t look 5’9, Jeff can’t be 5’11 I think he’s between 5’9-5’10 range. He looks 5’7.5-5’8 maybe weak 5’8.
Mr.heighty said on 9/Jul/19
Josue said on 7/Jul/19
lol Yes 5'9 with big boots on. Please go to the doctor and measure yourself barefoot with a bar touching your head
Importer said on 9/Jul/19
He used to list himself as 6'0 tall. That's progress
Mr.heighty said on 8/Jul/19
Jeff is 5'11 right after bed and with sneakers. He is 5'9.5 listing is correct and could be 0'.25 generous. His 6'0 claim is disrespectful for legit 6 footers and the biggest joke on heights claiming alomst 3 inches more than he is
Josue said on 7/Jul/19
@Hijoputamus @TheBat I checked my height just a week ago and I'm 5'9.
Hijoputamus said on 2/Jul/19
@Josue, you can’t be taller than 5ft7, dude.
Toumai said on 1/Jul/19
TheBat said on 30/Jun/19
I struggle to guess him a solid 5'9.5 but I really think he is a solid or strong 5'9 guy. I'd say 5'9 before bed and a legit 5'9.25 guy. Lol he list himself 2.75 inches . It's a shame and absurd upgrading so much..
TheBat said on 30/Jun/19

Lol you're not 5'9" at all. Jeff is a solid 5'9.5" and you're 5'7.5".
rism90 said on 27/Jun/19
Jeff Seid is known to be in the 5'9 range. In the fitness comunity is known this due to many 5'10 guys saying Jeff is not even 5'10
rism90 said on 27/Jun/19
Jeff Seid is known to be in the 5'9 range. In the fitness comunity is known this due to many 5'10 guys saying Jeff is not even 5'10
Josue said on 25/Jun/19
Click Here I'm 5'9" so Jeff must be at least 5'11".
Josue said on 25/Jun/19
Jeff is definitely nothing short of 5'11". I'm 5'9' and I took a picture with him at the LA Fit Expo 2015 and he had at least a 2 inch advantage on me.
Greg said on 20/Jun/19
@Scandinavian178 Idk he didn’t look much taller than 5’9.5 in there he was probably 5’10 range maybe just touching 5’11 in those boots some of those models edged him out they could have been 5’8-6’0. Jeff always looks difference but he could be a weak 5’10.
Greg said on 20/Jun/19
@El he’s likely not 5’11, maybe in a thick pair of 2 inch cat boots or something. I always estimated him to be in the 5’10 range If Jeff really was 5’11 that would make chest Brah closer to 5’10, Chest claims 5’11 but he’s really 5’8.5-5’9 maybe a weak 5’9 guy. I think jeff could be either 5’9 or 5’10 but certaintly not over I haven’t met him so can’t say for sure.

@Hamilton Blimey mate you must be dumb if you thought Rob couldn’t just see your IP address he’s the webmaster for sure and he designed and coded this website how did you think you would fool him? 😂
Linke said on 10/Jun/19
Sahil has never claimed to be 5'10". During his acting days, he had imdb pro account where he claimed 180 cms. I'm not entirely sure about his height. Dont think Sahil is under 5'10, possibly closer to 5'11.
Hamilton5'7.25 said on 8/Jun/19
I guess yes. I'd like to change my name for the last time so I don't feel good having this nick..and finally starting since the beginning doing all right..If is possible I'd like Alberto5'9.5. as my username Rob..and I'll have just this name so is my real identity
Hamilton5'7.25 said on 6/Jun/19
Yes. Rob and really sorry. Actually I knew this time was not a good idea fraud like this.. I like this site a lot and I apologize because I know honesty is the most important.. I agree unfortunately is not true.. but when I see a guy like Jeff Seid who is about 5'9-5'9.5 and claiming like 3 inches more than he really is. Also saying he is natural and lying his fans makes me feel like this is not fair. I was not an example this time and I feel bad and I guarantee I've learnt a lesson. To conclude.. well done Rob and If you don't spam myself I'll keep visiting your site with this name of course ;D I'm Alberto from Spain yes and I'm 5'9.5.
Editor Rob
It's easier to stick to one name and easier for me to respond to people with one name ;)
Hamilton5'7.25 said on 6/Jun/19
@celebheights. I'm the CEO of fitplan and I met Jeff Seid in 2015. Jeff is about 5'9 yes. @celebheights I doubt he is currently claiming 6'0 but they told me he claimed to be 5'11. My morning height is 5'8 and I'm the guy with Jeff and fitapp:
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
Unfortunately it's not true of course.

You are from Spain and have used names like Baltomire5'9.5, Farres, Millano182 😼
Farres said on 4/Jun/19
The guy is nothing over 176 cm. With luck 176.25 cm. I've said a have a 5'9 and 3/4 friend who stood face to face with him and was slightly taller than Jeff saying was a 175-176 guy.
Scandinavian178 said on 3/Jun/19
After seeing this video Click Here , I believe that Jeff Seid is easily taller than this 176,5cm listing. He is not towered by those runaway male models and seems taller than some of those girls who are in heels. He's footwear is not that suspicious either. Of course there is a possibility that those were just short models, but so what. Holy , what a beast he is!
El-m ismail said on 29/May/19
Guys how jealous can u be more than that from one's success
Jeff is defo nothing under 5'11 and he's not 6 ft he's exactly 5'11 which gives him the right to claim 6
I'm 5'10 and i'm not afraid to admit that the guy is defo taller than me
Dude's already tall ,he's successful and your words ain't gonna take from his ass .
One guy i know met him in spain's expo
Dude looks short because he has wider shoulders than regular skinny 5'11 ers
Baltomire5'9.5 said on 26/May/19
TheBat said on 25/May/19
I agree Jeff is 5'9.25 but I dont really think he is 5'10 out of bed so my out of bed is 5'9 7/8 and I'm 5'9.5 at lunch or a strong 5'9 3/8 during the day
Baltomire5'9.5 said on 26/May/19
TheBat said on 25/May/19
I don't think so. I'm exactly 5'9.25 after a hard journey or being 14 hours on my feet and out of bed I'm not a full 5'10 I'm exactly 5'9 7/8 or 177.5 cm. My low before bed is 5'9.25 or 175.8-176 cm. To be honest I think I'm still slightly taller than Jeff. My friends guess my at 5'10 5'10.5
Just a salty 5'11 guy said on 25/May/19
"natural" LOL

No more than 176 cm
Just a salty 5'11 guy said on 25/May/19
"natural" LOL

No more than 176 cm
TheBat said on 25/May/19
I still think Jeff isn't anything below 5'9.25", out of bed he would be like a flat 5'10".
Millano182 said on 25/May/19
Yes a flat 5'9 is the minimum or my lowest guess. 5'9.5 my higuest guess. So I'm sure he is 5'9.25 or 176 cm. He looks to be 5'9.25 on the nose.
Charlie said on 20/May/19
@Millano182 One moment you say Seid is 5'9 flat bc of pics, but later you say
he is a typical 176 cm guy, so then u also must realise both pics are bogus, most likley photoshop, its better if we could see a video showing the pic. In this video they confirm he competed in a class out of 6 classes, like I said class D is 5'9-5'11. So hope you realise that npcnewsonline is more legit than random posted pictures.
Click Here 0:25
Charlie said on 19/May/19
@Millano182 Besides, if you argue that he is 176 cm there is no reason to point at the pics.
Charlie said on 19/May/19
@Millano182 The pics dosnt prove jack tbh, it could could be photoshop or a misstake.
What you can do is to check some of the other guys on the list. Non of them are below 5'9, take Trent Calavan for example, def not a 5'9er. If you can show the pictures on a clip from the show we at least could tell they arnt photoshop.
I get you dont know much about about fitness competition(no disrespect). But the fact is there, Seid competed in class D. Click Here check at 0:24 they say "6 height classes" so check the page I linked class D is 5'9-5'11.
edwards said on 18/May/19
fan boys,stop upgrading him.y'all cant deny the truth.truth is seid cant be over 5'9.5 max.
Millano182 said on 17/May/19
Overall is not hard to guess Jeff's height.
Millano182 said on 17/May/19
Because is just clear Jeff is around 5'9 5'9.5 and I hate whern people always try to remove and try to argue something is just clear...
Millano182 said on 16/May/19
Yes Jeff is not over 5'9.5. 5'9.5 is the highest I'd try to argue and 5'9 the lowest. I'd put him at 5'9.25. He is a typical 176 cm guy
rando182 said on 16/May/19
Lol you are taking this way too personally. All I did was point out why your evidence is weak, why are you getting so emotional about it? Not everyone who disagrees with you is a fanboy. You're guessing just like the rest of us.
TheBat said on 15/May/19
I don't see Jeff being lower than 5'9.25", he looks to be 5'9.5" in the majority of the day. Definitely nowhere near his 6'0" claim which is just ridiculous.
Millano182 said on 15/May/19
rando182 said on 14/May/19
I dont mind your excuses to defend a fake claim and disrespectful not only to legit 6'0 guys but to 5'11 guys too. You can see he is a 5'9 guy. Look at his proportions and compare him to other guys he met. Why so many guys are saying Jeff is around 5'9?. Fanboy detected..
Millano182 said on 15/May/19
Charlie said on 14/May/19
Ok so as I said all those guy are 5'9 guys. Accept Jeff is 5'9 fanboys
Millano182 said on 14/May/19
Charlie said on 13/May/19
yeah right.. both pictures are wrong right? I posted 2 pictures. Fanboys might stop this and accept Jeff is 5'9 and nothing more. Overall I don't care watch him next to a legit 6 footer. Accept Jeff Seid is a flat 5'9 guy I can buy 5'9 and 1/4
rando182 said on 14/May/19
A couple things to consider..

The picture with the "6'0 guy" doesn't really prove anything because, how do we know that guy is really 6'0? How do we know the guy who posted it is actually the guy in the photo? In reality it's just a picture of someone and Jeff posted by a random banned user on the bodybuilding misc forums.. doesn't really say much. On top of that, we can't see their footwear (not that it really matters cause of the above).
The pictures of the NPC cards are worth noting but are kind of weird at the same time. For one, the second link you posted says "Women's Physique" which is kind of sketchy. It'd be nice to see something more official than some cutoff screenshot on the misc. And as Charlie pointed out, class D in men's physique is 5'9 - 5'11, not 5'8 - 5'9.. I wouldn't trust anything from the bodybuilding misc tbh.
Charlie said on 14/May/19
No he didnt, he competed in the D class, however that class is 5'9-5'11.
You can aslo tell that the height chart wrong since its more than 1 inch dif
between tallest and shortest. So its impossible for them to compete in that shorter class.
Click Here
edwards said on 13/May/19
you are damn accurate on seid height.he competed in 5'8.5-5'9 category in bodybuilding.he was maybe 19-20 when he competed andhis height was around 5'8-5-9 range.since nobody gets a growth growth at 19-20 ar atleast most of the people.even if they grew max half.he may have gain half inch from 19-21 that again puts him to max 5'9-5'9.5,he was 5'8-5'9 range at age 19-21 when he competed in competion.
edwrds said on 13/May/19
yes dude,i agree with you,was also saying that.
Charlie said on 13/May/19
No that chart is wrong, it even says "womans" on it, for men class D (six height classes) is 5'9-5'11 .
Click Here
Millano182 said on 12/May/19
One more photo here.
This guy is a flat 5'9 that's why he looks taller than some others just in this category is the tallest:
Click Here:
Millano182 said on 12/May/19
So those who said he is 5'11-6'0.. If he really is 5'11-6 why he would compete on 5'8.75 and 5'9 category? He did it at least twice 5'8-75 class 5'9.
Click Here
Here with a legit 6'0 who said Jeff is 5'9.
Click Here
Rob's listing is perfect as always or at least pretty accurate. Jeff is a strong 5'9 guy to me,
edwards said on 12/May/19
yes i agree on what you said Most people are terrible judges of height and don't even know their own true height to begin with. Or they'rejust straight up lying for whatever reason.but i have a friend who is quite passionate and lets say obessed in height and he is 5'11 and said he stood infront of seid and said seid looked 1.5 inch shorter than him and both were in normal shoes and both of them werent slouching ,he said me.
kaler said on 11/May/19
You can't really trust the opinion of people who say they've met him unless it's someone like Rob
Half the people who say they've seen Jeff say he's 5'8-5'9 and the other half say he's 5'11-6'0..
Most people are terrible judges of height and don't even know their own true height to begin with. Or they're just straight up lying for whatever reason.
rando182 said on 10/May/19
Wasn't trying to argue either, just pointing out that the other guy you mentioned (Steve Cook) is almost certainly a legit 6+ footer. And in terms of proof, no one really has proof except for Jeff and his doctor. We are all just guessing/estimating, and from what I've seen of him over the years it's just hard to believe he's under 5'10. I don't think the listing is too far off either though.. if I had to guess I'd put him at 5'10 flat.
Greg said on 9/May/19
@rando182 @edwards well I’ve never heard of Jeff wearing lifts or seen him in any photos but he does tip toe, and style his hair to make him look taller and he’s never made a measurement video or so. He probably just said 6’0 to make him sound cooler. I’m still not ruling out 5’10 for his height.
edwards said on 9/May/19
@Rutend4 said on 6/May/19
dude not trying to start argument or anything just pointing it you have any proof to back your claim that seid is 5'11?this guy has a quite a thick hair and is quiteknown to wear lift .barefoot no way over 5'9 barefoot if he go bald and head for measurement.the guy also is know to pose near camera to appear taller and bigger.i dont see any chance of him being more than 5'9.5 max
Shivam Agrawal said on 7/May/19
There is a video on youtube where we can see sahil khan and jeff seid together
Sahil khan is 5 10 barefooted and we can see that jeff seid is at least 2 inches shorter than jeff is not more than 5 8 barefooted
edwards said on 7/May/19
dude not trying to start argument or anything just pointing it you have any proof to back your claim that seid is 5'11?this guy has a quite a thick hair and is quite known to wear lift .barefoot no way over 5'9 barefoot if he go bald and head for measurement.
Rutend4 said on 6/May/19
@rando182 Jeff is a strong 5'11 (181-182cm)
rando182 said on 5/May/19
That guy is Steve Cook, and he is definitely a legit strong 6 footer.

As for the listing, Jeff's definitely not 6 foot himself but 5'9.5 is probably too low for him imo.
Greg said on 4/May/19
@ulaix idk they both seem 5’9ish to me, maybe 5’10 first thing out of bed. I would have to meet them to find out for sure. Many fitness models lie about their height so it wouldn’t be anything new.
edwards said on 2/May/19
@charlie 184 is almost 6'1,that dude dosent have any proportion of legit 6 feet guy let alone 184
edwards said on 1/May/19
its a terrible joke that seid is 6'.lol,the guys who have met seid said that he is in 5'9 range,rob is qyite accurate in what he does.seid cant be over 5'9,you can believe that seid is 6 feet,that's upto you ,dude do you have any proof to back your claim?
edwards said on 1/May/19
do you have any proof to back your claim that jeff seid is 6 feet?
Paveltroki said on 30/Apr/19
jeff is 182-183 OUT OF BED a weak 6'0
What a shame for celebheights to list a almost 6'0 guy at 5'9...
You lose credibility guys
Charlie said on 27/Apr/19
Jeff Seid and a 184 cm guy, confirmed measured at physio with stadiometer.
Could be tipping toes here.
Click Here
However here we see them confirmed with bare feet.
Click Here
Click Here

We cant tell about height if we want to narrow down on the inch or cm.
So this proofs its even harder to get a fair estimate between Kham and Seid.
ulaix said on 22/Apr/19
@Greg. We know Sahil Kham Yahil has claimed 178 cm and 5'10 just search this info. I agree we don't know his real height but seems to be at least more honest than Jeff Seid who claim 6'0 and he is taller than him!
Sahil being taller than Jeff and claiming 178 cm is a good proof Jeff can't be over 176 cm. In the video I posted on 17/Apr/19 clearly Jeff is shorter. You can search more vids on youtube to verify. To conclude any guy can see Jeff is a typical strong 5'9 guy and maybe he has a chance to be closer to 5'10 which I really doubt but is safe to say He is max 176.
As always Rob is a master guessing heights so I agree this listing. I think Rob in this page gives 0.5 inch benefit a higher stimation up If he has not met the guy so is objetive
Greg said on 22/Apr/19
Honestly those videos with Sahil Kham aren’t much Proof we don’t know his exact height to me they look similar now both Jeff and Sahil have hair styles that boost their height so they could realistically be within a fraction of each I would say similar range. I never met Jeff in person so can’t say for sure but his 6’0 claim is a load of bs.
Charlie said on 19/Apr/19
If one want to post a relevant video, then it shouldnt it start at over 2 minutes where its pretty worthless to judge, it is better at the start of the video, however the pants khan has is gold if one want to hide huge lifts. And theres still not a good fotage on what his foot wear really is.
ulaix said on 17/Apr/19
Charlie said on 16/Apr/19
Paused video at 16-17 seconds and watch. Before saying something you should read. Clearly you see him with footwear just as Sahil and Sahil is clearly taller by half inch at least. Jeff is a flat 5'9 guy. With luck he is 5'9 1/8
Click Here
Charlie said on 16/Apr/19
Posts here with video with Sahil Khan dosnt prove anything. First of alla we dont see footwear, secondly Sahil massivly outangles Jeff. Besides Sahil hair makes it harder to determine real height and is deceiving. Jeff has a cap on so this whole video is very bad if one want to judge height.
ulaix said on 13/Apr/19
Someone can ask him how tall he is on Instagram or twitter. Let's see If he dares to still claim 6'0 lol. I'm sure he know's this page and he is getting mad haha.
ulaix said on 13/Apr/19
He is 176.5 at morning and maybe 177 after bed. He is 175.8-176 or 5'9 1/4
edwards said on 13/Apr/19
sorry i mistakenly said 156 damn,seid over 176 is absurd
edwards said on 12/Apr/19
seid is clearly shorter than listed 177 or 178,seid over 156 is absurd,rob listing is quite reasonable
Mayalto said on 4/Apr/19
SAhil Khan with Jeff Seid. Paused at 16 seconds looks clearly a good inch on Jeff.
Click Here
Mayalto said on 4/Apr/19
SAhil Khan a honest guy claiming 178 cm lets say he is 177-178. Knowing most of these guys inflate their heights he could even be a strong 5'9 but he claim 5'10.He is even taller than Jeff Seid who is a strong 175 guy or 5'9
Click Here
Click Here
edwards said on 29/Mar/19
seid is half inch if not more shorter than listed 177 sahil khan,i am sure this guyv[jeff seid] aint over 175,rob listing is quite true and reasonable.
edwards said on 23/Mar/19
@ greg
totally agreed dude
Antonio Rofrie said on 23/Mar/19
Final demostration: SAhil Khan (178 claimed)with Jeff (177) and Chestbrah (173 at best) Click Here
edwards said on 22/Mar/19
@ greg
yes i agree on that dude
Greg said on 22/Mar/19
@Edwards this is because most 5’9 guys boost themselves to 5’10-6’0. I’ve witnessed it personally and have had a laugh. It’s the classic 2 inch rule boost which is what I commonly notice. Many people think of 5’11 as 5’9 or 6’0 as 5’10. However, me being familiar with each height I can tell whether someone is rounding or just lying up. I have a friend who’s no more than 5’9.25 maybe 5’9 3/8 as I have about an inch on him and he thinks he’s 5’11. I remember he casually inflated him and I in a conversation to our 6’3 friend. He was like “yeah if you’re 5’10+ it’s hard to build muscle him and I are both 5’11-6’0 something like that” I’m like thinking “ you wish” I mean I do too but making a dramatic inflation like that is insane. Seid never got measured on video I think that would debunk the myth properly of course not in a Jeff Cavaliere fashion.
edwards said on 22/Mar/19
totally agreed dude.same here
edwards said on 22/Mar/19
dude it is not uncommon for 5'9 guys to be guessed as 5'10 or even 5'11 at times.i am 6 feet and i am always guessed as 6'1 or even 6'2 if i am wearing a bit higher shoes so seid can be guessed as 5'10 or even 5'12 ,if he go bald and head for measurement,i am personally sure he wont measure over 5'9.any solid 5'9 guys can be guessed as 5'10 or even 5'11 and depends on shoes.
Greg said on 21/Mar/19
@Edwards also Chestbrah is insistent on his 5’11 claim despite people calling him out and saying he’s 5’8-5’9. There’s also a guy on Instagram by the name of Imansta who claims 6’2 and genuinely an appear a guy whos 6’0.5-6’1 barefeet so likely claiming shoes but he told me Jeff’s 6’0 and Chesty is 5’10 however my guesses for their height are.
Jeff 5’10-5’10.5 with a chance of weak 5’10
Chesty 5’8.5-5’9.25
Greg said on 21/Mar/19
@Thukk not true 6’2 is perfectly tall enough to be ideal it’s not like where talking about 6’4-6’6+ range that’s starting to get too tall as filling out becomes a pain.. 6’1 is a very solid height I would choose that height any day especially with my frame and muscular I would look like a beast. 5’11 is okay though but I think 6’0 even is one of the best heights.
@Edwards you’re right with their being an ideal height for everyone and it’s all perspective based. However as for Jeff I doubt he wears lifts, his hair style yes he uses it to appear taller. He also stands on tippy toes I can tell he’s insecure and always tries to be taller than his peers. He has frauded his measurements like arm size and weight so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s majority frauding height. With that being said only people who lie up or just don’t understand how tall a mark is would over estimate someone unless say the person is many inches taller than you then I can see that happening. For example I’m around 5’11 morning height but I’ll generaly get guessed between 5’10-6’0, I’ve gotten 6’2 from really short girls ahd 5’6 from someone who must have been trolling that being said it’s easy to see if someone’s frauding their height. I have a 5’9 range friend he’s probably 5’9.25-3/8ths because I have exactly an inch on him at a low and he claims 5’11 or 5’10.5. He somehow doesn’t realize I’m taller than him and we had a debate about this. He’s guessed me at 6’0 previously in same footwear. I told him I’ll gladly measure us both to prove him taller because when we went back to back a friend of mine thinks we where about even despite me looking posture curving my spine and tilting my head backwards plus it was on carpet. So I’m going to wait until we actually measure can against the wall and laugh when we wouldn’t measure 5’11 let alone 5’10.
Primo said on 21/Mar/19
Another proof he is 5"9 to 5"10 look at him besides sahil khan who is 5"10.Jeff looks the same or a bit shorther.
Click Here
edwards said on 20/Mar/19
@thukk i personally think that there is no such thing as ideal varies on person or it simply depends on personal ideal range is anything from 5'11 to 6'2,i think it is golden range.
@greg dude i agree with some of what you said but before determining his height,consider this hair which is very thick and he wears lifts and like rob said he poses near camera to appear taller.he is getting higher guess due to his hair and his stance.bare foot and if he go bald,i say no chance over 5' is not uncommon for folks to guess tad inch taller or shorter.5'9 guys can be guessed as 5'10 or even 5'11 at self personally i am 6 feet 183 cm to be exact,i am always guesses as 6'1 or dven 6'2 it is not uncommon for seid to be guessed as 5'10.
Thukk said on 19/Mar/19
6'2 is too tall to be ideal. Legit barefoot 5'10 to 6'1 is the ideal. Honestly I would choose 5'11 barefoot more than 6'1.
Sakz said on 19/Mar/19
@Edwards That's also my ideal range as I mentioned in an 'ideal height' discussion. Heights in that range are comfortably tall without having any problems. As for Jeff he's obviously nowhere near 6'0 and probably just listed himself at it to come across as even more big and intimidating.

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