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6ft 2.88in (190.2cm)
mo said on 18/Apr/09
There's a picture of him with Victor Mature --both are in their late 70s.
And I swear to God, Stewart is at least 3 inches taller than Mature, could obviously be due to Mature having lost more of his head in his late age.
Rusty said on 15/Feb/09
How could he possibly weigh only 138, it said he was 160 in 1936 and im 40 years old 6'3" and 170 pounds, which ive been for 20 years, and i am always called thin.
adam said on 18/Jan/09
Yes, he was a stick!
jake said on 8/Nov/08
wow 6 ft 3 and 63kg is unbelievably thin
Anonymous said on 30/Sep/08
James Stewart is the greatest American actor ever even greater than John Wayne Humphrey Bogart Marlon Brando and Cary Grant.His Peak height was a definitely 6'3 or 190 cms.
adam said on 5/Sep/08
Jimmy Stewart was one of the greatest actors of all time. Along with Henry Fonda, Robert Ryan, Gregory Peck, Cary Grant and few others they were the best there were and the best there ever will be.

Stewart was definitely a solid 6-3 and could have been half an inch taller.
rob roy said on 27/Jul/08
one of the greatest hollywood actor that i admire most until now is this lanky, actor, pilot Mr. James Stewart who captivated movie goers during his time and until now. i usually watch his old films specially those paired with the late grace kelly. and his film " vertigo" with kim novack and many more.
Anonymous said on 5/Jun/08
Well posted Gonzalo! I am (a bit late) joining you.
Gonzalo said on 20/May/08
Happy centenary Mr. Stewart. Thanks for those unforgettable moments you have shared with us.
patrick said on 21/Feb/08
I love Jimmy Stewart but I have to admit his height was changing (in appearance) as he went along his career.
In 1965, in that movie taking place in the desert, with a plane crashed whose he was the pilot, he definitely looks shorter than George Kennedy by more than one inch for sure.
Otherwise, he normally looked very tall and no less than 6'3.5.
Moon said on 15/Jan/08
I agree, Scott. I've stopped debating those height/weight charts years ago whenever someone brings them up. Those charts never seem to take into account the notion that a person might have larger than average muscle mass coupled with stocky proportions.
Scott B said on 13/Jan/08
You really can't go by the Height/Weight charts. I have been lifting weights
for years and weigh 215lbs at 5'10.
Rex Tanger said on 12/Jan/08
Grandad met this actor many times through his career. According to my grandad, he looks huge because he's so thin. My grandad said he's never seen anyone with his figure; just about the lankiest guy you could meet. When they spoke about this, Stewart said something like 'shucks, I'm exactly 10 centimeters short of 2 Metres, that's 6'3 and a half.' My grandad never thought about it twice, but he mentioned recently and, being 6'10" and height conscious myself, I realize old Jimmy had it wrong. I remember from when I was growning that 6'3" is 190.5 cm exactly, meaning, if Jimmy was 190, he was half a centimeter shorter than 6'3", and not 191.77, which is 6'3" and a half. You see, its strange, to think he was just 6'3" (who cares about half a centimeter) - to me he's always looked as tall as my grandad, who's 6'5", but my grandad has told me Jimmy's a good two inches shorter, but nobody (including me) notices because he's so damn skinny. That close-cut suit added to the lankiness really makes him seem giant. In one scene in Vertigo, I could swear he's almost my height... what a brilliant effect when you consider he's actually seven inches shorter!!!
Richard said on 10/Jan/08
Moon maybe your right im 6 foot 3 and hover around 180lbs to 185lbs im lean but im not lanky or a bean pole, I used to be around 230lbs but I lost the weight, my shoulders are quite wide and when I was 230lbs i was a bit chubby not obese but chubby and overweight so I dont know really.
clark said on 8/Jan/08
..even when he was old he looked tall
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/08
Medical recommendation for:

6ft 3in = 152 Lbs to 200 Lbs

6ft 3.5in = 154 lbs to 203 Lbs

6ft 4in cm = 156 lbs to 205 lbs

So 210-220 for 6ft 3in is not reccommended
Moon said on 29/Dec/07
Not true, Richard. I'm about the same height as Stewart and weigh 270 lbs and have yet to be called fat. At least, to my face ;). Seriously, though, I'm built about like John Wayne (I'm a bit more muscular and my feet are size 14) and unless I want to drop 30lbs to "get ripped" as it were, I stay a consistant 270 (and Im very light on my feet). Depending on your build, it is very VERY easy to hover around 250 or so. Especially for someone like me, whose weight gets evenly distributed throught his/her body.
bannarup said on 13/Nov/07
i agree with most people on this site who say that jimmy stewart was 6'3.5 which is what he was and always was.
Richard said on 2/Nov/07
if your 6 ft 3 and 210 to 220lbs you are either muscly or fat.
Danimal said on 31/Oct/07
When I was in grade 9, we had a gym class devoted to measuring and weighing each other. We were all around 14 years old at the time. I remember the tallest guy in our class was 6'3" (at the time) and weighed in his 140's and he was a RAKE. Anything under 175 pounds for that height is very scrawny. One should be at least 210-220 pounds if 6'3".
Richard said on 30/Oct/07
omg if he really was 6 ft 3 and 139lbs (joining the army) that is crazy skinny, I mean im 6 ft 3 and 180lbs and everyone thinks im too skinny, he must have been bordering on anorexic.
JanJ said on 30/Jul/07
James Stewart was 192 cm
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Ivan 6'2.25 said on 21/Jul/07
in the rope picture he look way taller but hitchcock was a short man 5'6/7 inches tall.
Anonymous said on 11/Jul/07
I notice the discussion of Harvey. Yes in the movie Stewart says that Harvey is 6'3 1/2"; that is correct. However, if one watches the special introduction to Harvey that was done by James Stewart, he says that he himself is 6'3 1/2" and that although the person inside the Harvey suit was 6'1 1/2", he said that Harvey was 6'8" that way Stewart would have to actually look up at Harvey.

Have a nice day.

Gonzalo said on 10/Jul/07
Stewart looking at least two inches taller than 6`1 Ronald Reagan
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Stewart looking huge next to Alfred Hitchcock.
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6`3 is out of the question. The only doubt is 6`3 or 6`3 1/2
DOW said on 7/Jul/07
In his bio it was stated that he was measured at 6'3 1/2 and 139 lbs by the military when he inlisted, and that was to skinny and they would'nt let him in. But they gave him a some time, and he ate spagetti like crazy and gained a few pounds quickly and they let him.
Ivan 6'2.25 said on 7/Jul/07
in Vertigo premiere beside hitchcook ,has 8 inches taller that s mean hitchcook where just above his lips.
steve nevil said on 13/May/07
I met Mr. Stewartin May of 1989 when I was working with him on the Campbell's Home Cookin' Soup campaign. I'm 6'1" and I remember being introduced to Jimmy by the director. I remember looking up at this movie legend and realizing how really tall he was. I'd say a good 6'3" at least...and I felt like I was four feet and ten years old. He was a truly great actor and, as director George Steven said, he was doing what Brando was doing fifteen years before...
al said on 7/Apr/07
stewart could have been a little over 6ft 3 when he was younger
but the 6ft 3 mark is right as he was a good 2 inches below the duke in the shootist.
Brad said on 1/Apr/07
6' 3" at The Tattered Cover book store in Denver years ago. My father met him at Jack Benny's house in the late 60's. He was still doing hard location films and Benny was all over him to "hang up the guns Jimmy!".
Anonymous said on 16/Dec/06
I think 6'3.5 is correct . Seemed to me slighty taller than 6'3 Charlton Heston in "The Greatest Show on Earth"
Glenn said on 24/Nov/06
Me-Vincent Price(6-4,Peter Lorre(5-5),Cagney(5-8?),Grant(?),Peck(6-2?),Brando(5-9),Charles Laughten(spelling,?),Flynn(?),Powers(?),Sofia Loren,Bridget Bardot,Raquel Welch,Lauren Bacall(5-8?).
Anthony said on 23/Nov/06
Yes. I also love Ann-Margret, Gene Tierney & Sophia Loren. Favorite actors (male) are Stewart, Grant, Bogie, & Cagney.
Glenn said on 23/Nov/06
I love early Liz Taylor and Audrey Hepburn.
Anthony said on 22/Nov/06
Yes, Glenn, they did. But I've been educating myself lately. I love Hitchcock, and I'm a huge Grace Kelly fan. Most beautiful woman ever.
sam said on 22/Nov/06
I've read 6'4" a couple of times for Stewart, but far more often have read 6'3". I think 6'3.5" was possible for the young Stewart.
Glenn said on 22/Nov/06
Cool.did you learn alot about music and movies from your parents?
Anthony said on 21/Nov/06
Yeah, pretty well. I'm basically into anyhting from older generations.
Glenn said on 21/Nov/06
You know your Golden Era too Anthony?
Anthony said on 18/Nov/06
I'm a pretty big Jimmy Stewart fan. 6'3 looks right, maybe pushing 6'4 in his 20s'. One of the best actors ever, too.
Gonzalo said on 7/Sep/06
I have a book about Stewart. There is a pic of him with his parents and he looks the same height as his father. Stewart was at least 6´3 and I read 6`3 and a half when he died. Tall guy anyway
Mario said on 2/Sep/06
I understand the point of making Bogart 2 or 3 inches taller in his movie's, but what would be the point of adding a half inch to James stewart who was so tall in his time?
Larry said on 15/Aug/06
The chacter that is 6'3 1/2" in HARVEY is... well, Harvey. :-) Stewart (Elwood Dowde) mentions several times that The Pooka is 6 foot 3 and a half. When Dowde talks to Harvey, he looks SLIGHTLY up. James Stewart is pretty well documented at 6'3". His dad owned a hardwear store and was also 6'3", but about 40 pounds heavier.
Frank2 said on 14/Aug/06
A line in a movie doesn't always mean it's the actor's correct height. Bogie was sometimes listed as being 5'10" in his films. In Saboteur, 5'10" Bob Cummings is listed on a radio broadcast as being 6'1"!
Anonymous said on 13/Aug/06
Frank2--then what about this comment from below---on the Harvey DVD Mr. Stewart says he is 6ft 3.5in
Frank2 said on 7/Aug/06
Stick with whatever you like. Stewart said he was 6'3". I met him and he was definitely 6'3".
John Doe said on 7/Aug/06
He was thin. Im sticking to almost six four.
Frank2. said on 3/Aug/06
Nope. 6'3".
John Doe said on 2/Aug/06
Id say tack on another half inch...James stood close to six four in his day.
Mario said on 14/Jul/06
To me he always looked 192cm, even in his later movie's.
Frank2 said on 4/Jun/06
No. He was always 6'3".
J-Dog said on 3/Jun/06
Hey Frank2, do you think Stewart was more 6'3.5" and closer to 6'4" in his earlier years?
Frank2 said on 26/May/06
Stewart didn't shrink when he got older. When I met him and shook his hand he was already in his late seventies and still a solid 6'3".
Giovanni Drogo said on 25/May/06
At one scene of Bend of the River, James Stewart and Rock Hudson are face to face, and they are exactly the same height; so probably Stewart is about 6'3-6'4. In a long career in movies, he was towered only once, by James Arness in Carbine Williams, but Arness is hour-concours...
Gonzalo said on 24/Mar/06
I saw Liberty Valance the other day. In the beginning Wayne looked a little bit taller. But afterwards, in the scene of the polls they looked the same height. Wayne´s lifts? Posture? I think they were both the same height. In The shootist, Wayne was taller, but they were both quite old so it`s easy to think that Stewart shrunk quicklier than Wayne.
I love Liberty Valance
larry said on 19/Mar/06
Watched WINCHESTER 73 yesterday and Mr. Stewart's "side kick" was Millard Mitchell (uh, I think... missed the credits). Stewart looked about 1" taller tan Michell & Mitchell was listed as 6'2" in several places. Will Geer (sp?) was in that one too as Wyatt Earp & Stewart was about 1" taller than him as well. Mr. Geer was listed as 6'2". 6'3" always seemed right for Jimmy Stewart, but wasn't Mr. Wayne supposed to have been about 1" taller? I need to watch THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE again someday.
Gonzalo said on 6/Mar/06
James Stewart was at least 6-3. I was in United States when he died and the newspaper I read said he was 6-3 and a half. He was always the tallest guy in his pictures, except when he was on screen with John Wayne (about the same height) and Rock Hudson (taller than James Stewart)
Frank2 said on 3/Mar/06
Stewwart is another actor who didn't lose that much in height as he grew older. I had the pleasure of talking with him at one of the Golden Boot Award functions just a few years before he died and he still looked to be six-three.
Xhavier said on 21/Nov/05
Go To, go to the memories section and read the museum's official statement of his death. It states 6'3".
Xhavier said on 5/Nov/05
Yes on the Harvey DVD Mr. Stewart says he is 6ft 3.5in. However, according to the curator of the James Stewart or Jimmy Stewart Museum, he was exactly 6ft 3in tall. Also his military physcial would have indicated he was 6ft 3in tall, since he was 138lbs and was 5 lbs under the 143 required for his draft eligibility. The weight height/requirements for US Airforce Service Prior to October 1999 was 143 Lbs minimum for a man 6ft 3in in height.
CelebHeights Editor said on 22/Oct/05
I accidentally deleted some comments yesterday. One was somebody saying on the Harvey dvd, his height is stated as 6ft 3.5.
CelebHeights Editor said on 23/Aug/05
In the 1936 Chicago Tribune he was described: "He is 6 feet 3 inches tall, and weighs 160 pounds"
sam said on 17/May/05
I've heard on occasion that he was 6'4" at his peak and many websites say 6'3 1/2", although most sources agree 6'3". At his peak, I think he may have been slightly over 6'3".
Mr R said on 14/Feb/05
At his hayday, he was this height - I met him in New York years ago.

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