How tall was Jimmy Stewart

Jimmy Stewart's Height

6ft 3 (190.5 cm)

American actor best remembered for roles in films such as It's a Wonderful Life, Mr Smith Goes to Washington, Vertigo, Rear Window, The Philadelphia Story, Harvey, Destry Rides Again, The Shop Around the Corner, The Naked Spur and Anatomy of a Murder. In a 1988 article it mentioned "Stewart looks even taller than his 6-foot-3-inch frame. 'I used to be 6-foot-4, but I'm shrinking'"

Annex - Stewart, James (Call Northside 777) 01
[On trying for the role of Chang, in film The Good Earth] I was 6-feet-3, and I weighed 138 pounds. They must have thought I looked as though I'd just survived a famine. So they slanted my eyes, gave me a bald wig, with a queue, and a pair of Oriental pants. Paul Muni looked at me and said, 'That's a big one for a Chinese.' So I kneeled down in a trench to match Muni's height. But I lost the job, and I haven't tried to play a Chinese since.

Jimmy Stewart Passport
1964 Medical Report: 6ft 4, 162 lbs

Jimmy Stewart Passport
1958 Passport: 6'3"

Jimmy Stewart Passport
1950 Physical: 6ft 3, 165 lbs

Jimmy Stewart Passport
1945 Physical: 6ft 2, 145 lbs

Jimmy Stewart Passport
1942 Physical: 6ft 1.75, 144 lbs
Jimmy Stewart tells lies about his height and weight like some women we know prevaricate about their age.
"I give a different answer every time. As far as I can remember now, I weigh 150 pounds, and I'm 6 foot, 2-something tall."

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Average Guess (138 Votes)
6ft 2.99in (190.5cm)
jusq said on 26/Sep/23
After watching Vertigo I never got the impression that he was THIS tall. I'd have imagined the average height was lower than what it is today when it was filmed, and even today 6'3 is considered incredibly tall. I would've thought 6'0 or 6'1 at most, but wow was I shocked when I discovered his real height.
Sandy Cowell said on 3/May/23
Jimmy was almost as tall as John Wayne. He died at 89 and everyone liked him.
Sandy Cowell said on 3/May/23
I’m watching Discovering James Stewart on my TV. The programme did mention his tall height, of course!

Slim1.75m said on 29/Apr/23
@Rob would Stewart or Cooper be taller.
Editor Rob
Might think Stewart could have the better chance of edging Cooper, though it really looks close.
Tawehret said on 24/Mar/23
He was a really good actor and I think a lot of guys could relate to his movie roles, movie roles aren’t interesting unless u can relate to em. What’s a very human movie u enjoyed of Stewart’s rob?
Lankyweasel635 said on 24/Feb/23
@Henrik - Even though he tended to wear his pants on his natural waist which is usually around the level of the naval and can even be an inch higher on some, even if he wore them a couple inches lower, below the naval, he would still be a leggy fellow. Conan O'Brien and Ru Paul have similar builds to him and that is something that many a tall person and often basketball players can identify with, myself included. In fact, when my wife first watched It's A Wonderful Life with me she drew the parallels between us right away. Ha! Regardless, he was definitely someone who had longer legs and a shorter torso, was a great actor, and a pretty decent human being too.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Jan/23
Stewart still looked around 6ft3 in later years.

Peak: Somewhere within 191-191.5cm zone and 193cm out of bed (same goes for Cooper).
Henrik said on 29/Jan/23
Just watched Vertigo. He had some really long legs. Compare him to John Wayne and his legs would absolutely dwarf Wayne's.

Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 24/Jan/23
Airport 77 it was, there was Airport 1975, but it was released in 1974, that's what I was thinking of...
Arch Stanton said on 24/Jan/23
In one of the Airport films, was it 74 or 77, Stewart looked about 2 inches shorter than Georne Kennedy, so likely nearer 6'2 by that time, though didn't he have the edge on John Wayne in his last film?, can't quite remember.
berta said on 24/Jan/23
i saw the classic vertigo couple days ago. Great twist at the end. I have said a couple times that 192 cm is very likely but i got a legit 6´3 feeling from wathing the movie. He was still at peak in it. 6´3 is a goo dlisting. He was extemelly skinny and that helped him looking taller. I tihnk 6´3 or 1/4 over was his peak height. 192 or over is harder to argue. and under 190 cm just seems imposbbile.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Jan/23
Watch his 30s films, often looked 6'3.5 back then.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Jan/23
JamesFreakingBond said on 8/Aug/21
He was 6'3 in his prime? Wow, I saw Vertigo the other day and I saw him more as strong 6'1, weak 6'2 range. He probably lost some height by Vertigo, so I'll say strong 6'2 range in his peak.

Jimmy was still looking 6 ft 3 in his 60s films IMO, he was only about 49 or 50 when Vertigo was shot.
Lankyweasel635 said on 27/Dec/22
Where's this last quote from Rob?

"Jimmy Stewart tells lies about his height and weight like some women we know prevaricate about their age.
"I give a different answer every time. As far as I can remember now, I weigh 150 pounds, and I'm 6 foot, 2-something tall."

Just curious
Editor Rob
The Atlanta Constitution (and Evening World-Herald), late November 1940.
Slim1.75m said on 28/Jul/22
So he grew 2.25 inches in his adulthood wow the man's a wizard.
East wind said on 17/Jun/22
He was 6 3 with shoes obvious
fdftddfd said on 14/May/22
seems tall
Lankyweasel635 said on 27/Apr/22
When the talent scout at MGM first saw him at Princeton, he described him as being 6'4", and when he started in Hollywood he was described as 6'4" in movies like Born To Dance, and 6'3" in various publications. He himself described himself as 6'3-1/2" when he was sent to the weight room in the beginning of his career and in the later half of his career when he recorded the Harvey VHS and DVD opening.

Regardless, whether he was 6'4", 6'3-1/2", or 6'3", he definitely retained most of his height in old age, and was a great actor.
Black Noir said on 10/Mar/22
Hey rob is it possible James didn’t lose much height in his mid 80s? He looked 188 cm or 189 cm
Editor Rob
He held up quite well into his 70's and even by early 80's still looked a tall guy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Nov/21
Stewart and Cooper were strong 6ft3 guys, Eastwood a weak 6ft4
Arch Stanton said on 21/Oct/21
Eastwood looked taller than Stewart did. I think of Eastwood as more a weak 6'4, Stewart more a solid 6'3.
berta said on 21/Oct/21
i think he was 191,5 he and clint eastwood was probably the exact same height 50 years ago.
viper said on 9/Sep/21
Stewart looks an easy 6-3 there with Perkins
Arch Stanton said on 7/Sep/21
So even in 1964 he was only 162 pounds. 11 and a half stone for a 6 ft 3 fella! About Brad Pitt's weight and he's thin at 5 ft 11!
Tall Sam said on 12/Aug/21
He could’ve easily passed as 6’3.25”-6’3.5” there wasn’t much height between him and Gary Cooper nor John Wayne, these three were like the 3 towers of old school movie stars.
Hong said on 11/Aug/21
He looked a comfortable 6ft3 too me,in fact I would guess him more 6ft3.5 range,and even in his 80s was looking a solid 6ft2 range.
JamesFreakingBond said on 8/Aug/21
He was 6'3 in his prime? Wow, I saw Vertigo the other day and I saw him more as strong 6'1, weak 6'2 range. He probably lost some height by Vertigo, so I'll say strong 6'2 range in his peak.
Hong said on 6/Aug/21
Click Here Here's Stewart with 6ft1.5 listed Tony Perkins,even at the age of 83 he's still looking a solid 6ft2 or maybe a bit more,but at 58 Perkins my have lost a fraction by then.
Tall Sam said on 18/Apr/21
Yeah, Stewart’s an odd case that held onto his height very well into old age.
Hong said on 16/Apr/21
Click Here Here's an elderly Stewart whit an elderly Grant,Stewart is still looking tall.
Tall In The Saddle said on 9/Apr/21

Nice clip. LOL. I have seen it before. Though legends, Jimmy and Orson were good sports without aloof pretensions though Orson could weave some yarns. To think that Orson Welle's height was, early in his career, was claimed to be as high as 6'4". Quite the inflation.
Hong said on 5/Apr/21
Click Here Here's a rare clip.
Height Guesser said on 19/Mar/21
solid 191 cm/6' 3 1/4" peak. Looked almost 6' 4" in shoes.
Tall In The Saddle said on 27/Feb/21
Stewart also appeared to hold most if not all of his peak height well into older age.

He was obviously taller than Cary Grant when both were at peak but years later, when they appeared as presenters at the Oscars, the difference between the two was notably that much greater again. I'd say Grant had lost an average amount of height while Jimmy's retention of height was above average.

Here's a couple of celebrities you wouldn't necessarily expect to find in a photo together. A sweet pic of 80 year old Stewart with 46 year old Muhammad Ali in 1988. Jim's slightly closer to camera but taking that into account and allowing for Jim raising his head, a fair argument to be made that he would've still edged Ali. Height only. At his peak weight in boxing, Jimmy would've landed in the Welterweight Class!

Click Here
5'10 Dude said on 24/Feb/21
I think that Pete is probably right that they put down 6'1¾ to 6'2 on his physical so that he could be a pilot. I can't see Jimmy Stewart being under 6'3 because he appears less than an inch shorter than John Wayne. He was very tall in his day and would still be in today's world.
Hong said on 18/Feb/21
Maybe his height to weight ratio was not compatible,he was maybe to light at 6ft3 so they reduced his height to match that up.
Lankyweasel635 said on 17/Feb/21
Although I could not confirm whether the system mentioned in this but according to a search, "Under the previous Medical Standards Directory requirement, the height requirement to become an Air Force pilot was a standing height of 64 inches to 77 inches (5’4” to 6’5”) and a sitting height of 34 to 40 inches."

But since that article, all military, navy, airforce, etc, just have height and weight standards from 4ft 10in through to 6ft 8in, but do note that if someone is within minimum weight requirements, if they are shorter or taller, than they have to be further evaluated to determine if they are fit for service.

However, during WWII, it could be quite possible that there were some additional height limitations.

Regardless, Mr Stewart being under or less than 6ft 3in seems unreasonable, especially seeing as he probably was actually 6ft 3.5in if not 6ft 4in at least at some point in his youth, if not during other periods in his life too, and the fact that he holds up so well with other known height individuals.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Feb/21
Yeah 6'1.75 would mean big downgrades for everybody!! That's a great point actually Pete, 6'2 cut off point to be a pilot back then, might well have been downgraded!!
Tall Sam said on 14/Feb/21
This is my first comment in a few months. These height records for Stewart are interesting and a bit vexing. I think its legit that Rob continues to list his height as 6'3", if he was 6'1.75" nearly all of his co-stars would be overlisted in comparison.
Pete Mulholland said on 9/Feb/21
On some of Stewart's early military medical records that show him around 6'2", this may be due to the military (I think) had a 6'2" cut-off to be a pilot - so Jimmy could have collaborated with doctors to do a little under estimating of his height....
Tall In The Saddle said on 7/Feb/21
In terms of judging Stewart's height relative to another celebrity of reasonably known height, here's a photo of Stewart right with Jack Carson left. IMO, Carson was as solid a 6'2" as you could wish for. Jimmy has an easy 1" on Carson with fair argument for an advantage of up to a 1 1/2".
Tall In The Saddle said on 7/Feb/21

True, for Grant, 6'1/2" barefoot, 6'1 1/2" shoes makes sense. Perhaps a bit more extra height than you'd expect from an average dress shoe heel but possibly also involving a round up to the next half inch.

Any chance you could provide a link to the US Govt. site you use and tips for efficient searching? Thanks in advance.
Jtm said on 6/Feb/21
He supposedly had good posture when he was measured under 6’2! The only explanation is that the 1942 and 1845 physical examinations was a lie so he could continue to get more roles and I really doubt they would want to risk doing something like that.
Tall In The Saddle said on 6/Feb/21
IMO, James Stewart was 6'3" minimum. I don't think the newly presented military documentation puts his listed height into any serious question for downgrading. Rather, the variance in military records clearly speaks for itself, discrediting the validity of such records, at least in this instance.

Heston is listed at 6'2 1/2" peak. Stewart was taller. By at least 1/2". Stewart was also 15 years senior to Heston. This 1961 photo shows Stewart as the taller of the two, Stewart age 53, Heston age 38. IMO, Jimmy has a touch of extra height in potential if stood as straight as Heston. There is also some possibility that Jimmy had lost a fraction of height by that time.

Click Here

I thought of Vincent Price as a reliable yardstick. Unfortunately, I could only find one photo for comparison. Not perfect, but something to chew over and Jimmy appears to be holding up well for an easy 6'3". Not sure of the year on this one but in terms of age, just 3 years separated the two men.

Click Here

I also believe Cary Grant was actually 6' 1/2" peak with the possibility of 6'1" absolute max. Stewart was easily taller in THE PHILADELPHIA STORY by a good 2" +. Comparing them in later age is problematic given height loss or lack thereof for either man. However, in older age Stewart, at the Oscars alongside Grant, was still clearly taller than 4 years senior Grant, and perhaps rocking even more than peak, pushing up to a 3" advantage IMO.

Tidbit. In the movie THE PHILADELPHIA STORY Katherine Hepburn refers to Stewart's character as a tower of strength. Grant's character sarcastically replies with something along the lines of "Let's just say a TOWER". Obviously that implied Stewart to be a notably tall man and that much taller than Grant himself. himself.
Editor Rob
Grant was supposed to have got a measurement of 6ft 1.5 in a 1942 physical...maybe that adds up to a shoe measurement, which would match the 6ft 1/2 on that costume file.
cmillz said on 5/Feb/21
I thought he was at least 6’2 range.
Lankyweasel635 said on 5/Feb/21
Looking at pictures of him with Monty Stratton he looks 2-3 inches shorter.

Monty was billed at 6'5" and 6'6", so let's take the average of 6'5-1/2", and using the 2.5" difference average it still suggests that Stewart was 6'3".

But still those military physical measurements really raise some eyebrows.

Oh well. :)
Canson said on 5/Feb/21
@Viper: I’ve seen the opposite with the military. They round up and mismeasure in some cases. Ali Baba once said it and I’ve seen some that have claimed an inch taller although that could be variance and then being measured 1/2 inch over in the AM and rounding up
viper said on 4/Feb/21
It would be hard to believe the military is as bad as these basketball camps lol
Lankyweasel635 said on 4/Feb/21

That range of 6ft 1.75in and 6ft 4in is definitely a surprise indeed. It could be interesting to see where this rabbit hole leads.

A person can still have good posture or look like they have good posture and slouch multiple inches, and then there is the possibility for measurements being taken at different times too, but maybe there were some significant postural issues at points and they eventually improved over time.

Regardless, based upon all the different celebrities on here, all the claims, and the documents provided, averaging all of them out, there could be a suggestion that he was only 6ft 2.75in or 190cm, but personally, I would tend to think that his listed and generally accepted height of 6ft 3in without shoes, would be a safe bet.

Where/how did you get all this information?

Regardless, still a great actor, a tall man, and fine fellow based on all of the biographies read and interviews watched.
Editor Rob
It's searchable on the US Government archives site.
Rory said on 3/Feb/21
Could it be possible he was measured 74.75 inches, maybe at a low, and then this was incorrectly put down as 73.75 ? Mind you that wouldn't account for the other 6ft2 description, and a mistake like that is unlikely to be made twice... I guess seeing as we never met or measured James Stewart if you end up half an inch to an inch out in your guess its not hugely shocking say if he was 6ft2.5. 6ft1.75 though would be astonishing.
Editor Rob
a real height mystery, even in elder age he could still have edged out Charlton heston and he was what, 15 years older than Chuck?
Outlaw said on 3/Feb/21
Those military medical records are good finds and also baffling. Even the military isn't infallible. I mean, come on, one had him at 65 inches (typo, naturally). And unless we're going to start in on how James Stewart was a lift wearer, I personally don't believe he was any less than 6'3" in his prime. In fact, I'd go for 6'3.25"-6'3.5". That's just me, of course. He's claimed 6'4" and 6'3", so for me, I'll say he's in the middle.

w/ 6'5" Rock Hudson: - if Stewart were standing tall, I believe there would be less than 2" between them.

w/ 6'1" Henry Fonda: - I can't see how there'd be any less than 2" there. Looks like more to me.

w/ 6'2.75" Cesar Romero and 6'2.5" Charlton Heston: - yeah, I know they were all rather old here, but Stewart still appears to be the tallest

w/ 5'11.5" Robert Wagner: - Stewart is about 79 here and still looks around 3" taller.

w/ 6'0.5" Ronald Reagan: - I know Reagan was older and had likely dropped height by this point, but Stewart was 3 years older and definitely clears 3 inches on him.
Canson said on 2/Feb/21
@Editor Rob: physically he does look more like a 6’3 guy than 6’1 so to speak but he could be in the 6’2-6’3 range perhaps if the measurements were all over the place like that. I’d be surprised if that 6’1.75 were accurate based on how he appears. I would’ve assumed closer to 6’3 myself. Then again I’ve seen pics of people around my height and assumed they were taller or shorter than they actually were based on body proportions. Being lanky makes you appear taller than you are
Hong said on 2/Feb/21
Yes Rob he did always seem a tall guy 6ft3 seemed very believable too me,as low as 6ft1.75? seems unlikely.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Feb/21
I'd go as far as to say guys like Jimmy and Gary Cooper were textbook examples of how a proper 6'3 looked in the Golden Period.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Feb/21
6 ft 1.75?? No chance. He got a 6'4, two 6'3s a 6'2 and a 6'1.75, all over the place. 6'1.75 does seem precise but he generally looked a solid 6'3 guy, not even as low as a 6'2 ranger like Heston.
Jtm said on 2/Feb/21
Needs a downgrade
Hong said on 1/Feb/21
It seems both physicals from 1942 to 1945 are very similar,could it be that he was 6ft2 all along,if that was the case it would mean a downgrade for many actors he acted along side during his career,like John Wayne and Cary Grant for example.
Editor Rob
at least it's documented for people to decide. Even I'm not so sure, I always would have said he could look nearer 6ft 3 than 2.
viper said on 1/Feb/21
What's interesting about the 6-1.75 measurement is that it specifically says his posture is good
viper said on 1/Feb/21
FrankR1 said on 23/Sep/20
Jimmy Stewart was 6'3"?! And he claimed that he used to be 6'4"?! That's hard to believe. He didn't look a quarter-inch over 6'1" in It's A Wonderful Life. He might have been close to 6'2" (peak), but I seriously doubt that he was close enough to 6'4" to round up.

You really think he only looks 6-1 in that movie? Would guess he looks 6-2 range at the very minimum
184guy2 said on 31/Jan/21
lot Rob put the Arithmetic Mean between 6'2 and 6'4
6'3 haha
Hong said on 31/Jan/21
Wow Rob he grew 2.25 inches from aged 34 to 56 he's a medical miracle.
Canson said on 31/Jan/21
@Editor Rob: hmm! such a variance with his height on his physicals? I’m not sure if he slouched. I say it because his first two were close 6’1.75 and 6’2. Even the 6’1.75 was when he would’ve been mid 30s (34) and full grown? Then he grew when he was 56? Lol I guess Donald Trump took the same therapeutics he took to grow from 6’2 to 6’3 at a late age. Wonder if one was in shoes 😉 😉

But it’s hard to tell suffice to say he was never 6’4 and even 6’3 is questionable although he can look it more so than 6’1.75 Maybe 6’2-6’3 range but it’s hard to see less than that

Click Here

Editor Rob

Mistakes are possible, but yeah, the fact he had those 2 army measurements, 1/4 inch apart is an eyebrow raiser.

The army aren't going to be putting down made up heights are they?

Trump had his self-reported height put on his medical...he was never really measured 6ft 3 ;)

Maybe that could explain the 6ft 4, as Stewart did claim that mark at one point. I always believed that in shoes was likely.
Editor Rob said on 31/Jan/21
I've updated Stewart's page with screencaps of the various Heights he was reported at.

As I say, as tall as 6ft 4, as short as 6ft 1.75...
Lankyweasel635 said on 29/Jan/21
Thank you for your comments. Yes there are a multitude of conditions that tall people may have. Thankfully, although I am very disproportionate and built much taller than I am, used to be, and even than I would/should be if everything could be fixed, as per the numerous scans and medical measurements, my legs are the exact same length as each other.

@Arch Stanton
Wish it was as simple and easy as a retractable musical stand, then I could just set it and forget it.

However, it's my reality, and I try the best I can to deal with and combat it, and my various other health issues. But we all have our various crosses to bare, so it could be worse.

Regardless, there's no need to continue this discussion on this fine actor's page of this light-hearted website that casually discusses celebrity heights.

James Stewart was an excellent actor, a fine fellow, and according to numerous biographies recalling his initial workout routine to bulk up when he first started in hollywood, and according to his own introduction to the Harvey movie (I have it), he was 6ft 3.5n tall, or at least at some point in his life he was. In the pre-movie intro, he states that he considered Harvey to be 6ft 8in tall so he would have to look up at him, given that he himself was 6ft 3.5in tall.

But he was considered 6ft 3in by the military when he enlisted as they required him to meet the 143 lbs minimum weight which was the minimum for 6ft 3in, and 148 was the minimum for 6ft 4in, and Stewart was 138 Lbs when he first got weighed for his military physical. So he may not have measured 6ft 3.5in at his physical. Wonder if Rob can find his records like he did for Henry Fonda.

And according to the curator of the Jimmy Stewart museum he was 6ft 3in tall.

Either way he was at least a strong solid 6ft 3in tall and an excellent actor.
Editor Rob

"Wonder if Rob can find his records like he did for Henry Fonda."

do people want to take the blue or red height pill.

Take the Blue, accept Stewart as 6ft 3 and never visit this site again...

If you want the red pill, well grab yourself a cup of water (or whiskey) and sit yourself down.

The truth about Jimmy Stewart's height is more of a mystery than I anticipated ... after digging into it, some of his Height recordings are eyebrow raising.

1964 Examination by A Chicago Doctor.
Height recorded as 6ft 4, weight 161 pounds.

1950 Examination in California
Height: 6ft 3, Weight 165 pounds.

1944 Physical
Weight 145 pounds. Height 74 inches (6ft 2)

1942 Physical for Flying
Weight: 144 pounds. Height 73.75 inches (6ft 1.75)

1941 Airman Certificate:
6'4", 150 lbs

1941 Physical for Flying
Weight: 151, Height 74 inches

1941 Selective Service Induction
Weight: 145. Height 74 inches

I mean this isn't some random person on an obscure forum pulling figures out of thin air. This is Rob Paul with 100% real figures - easily verifiable - like for instance this example...

So was he really that short? Not many (including myself) would have imagined 6ft 2 let alone 6ft 1.75 😲

Could he have been undermeasured?

Or what if he slouched on purpose to drop some height (what with weight requirements)?

It really is a rabbit hole on Stewart's Height.
Daycringeothon said on 3/Jan/21
Very interesting about your condition Lankyweasel635. I know there’s very tall people out there who can have one leg much longer than the other. Sometimes linear growth doesn’t go as smoothly for some so they end up with one much longer leg. Unfortunately this asymmetry of the legs can cause future problems standing and walking.
Height_Guesser said on 23/Dec/20
Looked a little under 6’ 3” peak. My guess is 6’ 2.75”.
Lankyweasel635 said on 12/Dec/20
Where did you get the passport photo Rob? Definitely a good source there.
Editor Rob
from one of the auction sites archives.
Arch Stanton said on 12/Dec/20
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Oct/20
"My variance between morning and night is significant as it has been a morning high max of 6ft 6.5in and an absolute night low of 6ft 2.75in, and in general usually varied between a morning height max of 6ft 6in and an evening high low 6ft 3in."

Rob, did you read this post?
Editor Rob
It would be a record for diurnal variation I'm sure, if true...

Must have a music stand type retractable spine haha!!!!!

Stewart could often look 6'3.5 but was super skinny. The only time I questioned 6'3 was in Rope. If you add up the total number of enjoyable films both Stewart and Cary were in, it's an extremely high rate of great performances!
Rory said on 5/Dec/20
That's definitely not a 3 inch difference. 2.5 at most and possibly as low as 2
Editor Rob
can look under 6ft 3 in another shot.
Hong said on 12/Nov/20
Click Here Here's James with 6ft.5 listed Clark Gable,I think he looks about 3 inches taller,so a comfortable 6ft3 for Stewart,maybe even 6 ft3.5?
Lankyweasel635 said on 18/Oct/20
@Editor Rob

Although I never lost the full 3.75in from 6ft 6.5in down to 6ft 2.75in in a day, I have lost 3in from 6ft 6.5in to 6ft 3.5in and also from 6ft 6in to 6ft 3in, and also have only lost 2.5in, 2in, 1.5in, 1in, and as little as half an inch in a day, but those losses did happen, and I know it is hard to believe.

Regardless I did not intend to have that conversation on this fine actors page, and if there was a way to move it to the height loss page or the general height page that would be great.

And if comments can be made on the height loss page still, I have a continuation to our height loss conversation from August 2016 that I will post Rob. :)

Regardless have a great day.

Stay safe, stay sane, keep busy, and keep on being awesome.

Gerry :)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Oct/20
"My variance between morning and night is significant as it has been a morning high max of 6ft 6.5in and an absolute night low of 6ft 2.75in, and in general usually varied between a morning height max of 6ft 6in and an evening high low 6ft 3in."

Rob, did you read this post?
Editor Rob
It would be a record for diurnal variation I'm sure, if true...
FrankR1 said on 23/Sep/20
Jimmy Stewart was 6'3"?! And he claimed that he used to be 6'4"?! That's hard to believe. He didn't look a quarter-inch over 6'1" in It's A Wonderful Life. He might have been close to 6'2" (peak), but I seriously doubt that he was close enough to 6'4" to round up.
Lankyweasel635 said on 22/Aug/20
@ Miss Sandy Cowell
The answer to your question is: 5ft 7in. Ha! I'm kidding.

The answer actually is: It depends. :)

My variance between morning and night is significant as it has been a morning high max of 6ft 6.5in and an absolute night low of 6ft 2.75in, and in general usually varied between a morning height max of 6ft 6in and an evening high low 6ft 3in.

However, when I stopped growing I was 6ft 5in, but I have a unique to me muscle condition that shortly after I stopped growing, kicked in, and has caused me to shrink/re-grow half a dozen time over the past 20 years, and will probably continue to do so until I am no longer on this planet.

However, although I had regained to being 6ft 5in at night after 16 hours of being awake, recent events re-aggravated and accelerated my condition, such that I am only 6ft 3.5in now, which the doctors then round down to 6ft 3in, but I am built much taller than I am rather very disproportionately so, such that I am built like someone 6ft 10in as is, and in fact, if they could fix everything I would be 6ft 10in tall built like 7ft 6in tall. However, we come in all shapes and sizes so, oh well.

Either way, now because of my shrinkage I am a little closer to everyone else and just a tiny 6ft 3.5in fellow who rounds down more often then up, but admits to both, and whether or not I will be able to regain any of my lost height and maintain it before either my condition or nature takes it away from me again is to be determined.

Regardless, most people do not like my answer and insist that I am at least 6ft 5in if not 6ft 7in tall, with a few having guessed me at 6ft 8in and one at 7ft, which made me laugh to say the least. But that seems to be because there are many people that are multiple inches off of their height, as I have met many supposedly 6ft 3in tall men who are at least two to four inches shorter than me, but I figure rather than argue with them like I have done from time to time, it is a waste of energy and really does not matter in the grand scheme of things, and is not really a big deal, pun intended, so although I used to be 6ft 5in, now I am only 6ft 3.5in, and I just thank them for the upgrade and keep on answering 5ft 7in or at least that I was at one point and now I am little taller than that, then walk away, and smile. :)

Have a great day.

Stay safe, stay sane, keep busy, and keep on being awesome.

Gerry :)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Aug/20
@ Lankyweasel635 - I like your name! Just how lanky a weasel are you by the way? 😁

All the very best!

Sandy 😉👍

The late Jimmy Stewart gets 6ft3. Good looks, height, an acting career....

Some guys really do have all their eggs in one basket!

Lankyweasel635 said on 20/Aug/20
In Roy Pickard's 1993 biography of James Stewart, his height related to his WWII weight requirements is listed as being 6ft 4in.

He was also referenced as 6ft 4in in the 1936 movie Born To Dance.

Sticking with he was 6ft 3in / 6ft 4in and probably was 6ft 3.5in but more often than not rounded down, and/or measured 6ft 3in more often than 6ft 4in and was probably even 6ft 3in at night, so definitely a solid strong 6ft 3in tall.
Lankyweasel635 said on 14/Aug/20
In Jhan Robbins biography of Jimmy Stewart, it details early on in his career when Stewart was sent to the studio gym to try to put on weight, when they ask him height he stated "six foot three and a half" and when for weight he stated "130 lbs".

Stewart may have been 6ft 4in at one point or at least measured it once, but also measured 6ft 3in at times, and probably had a 6ft 4in morning height and a 6ft 3in evening height, and a midday height of 6ft 3.5in.

Likely he was rounded down by doctors since medical science rounds down the half whereas math rounds it up, and at 6ft 3.5in he usually said exactly that figure or rounded down or up depending on his mood and how he felt that day.

Either way, at 6ft 3.5in tall, instead of being considered a weak 6ft 4in, he was a strong solid 6ft 3in tall.
Lankyweasel635 said on 10/Aug/20
Look at him beside Fred Gwynne in the 1972 version of Harvey. Gwynne was 6ft 5in and stated himself as being 6ft 6in and Stewart looks close very to him in height. Dare say a solid 6ft 3in, and his 6ft 3.5in claim is probably also solid and valid too.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Aug/20
Pot o Gold too, even Jimmy thought that film was his worst!
Arch Stanton said on 2/Aug/20
Stewart and Cary Grant are extremely rare in that virtually every film of theirs is good, they made films which would be mediocre with lesser actors in them great. I think Malaya was the only film of Stewart's I wasn't fussy on. Yeah he looked easily 6'3 in general though in Rope you could argue he looked under the 6'3 mark with John Dall.
Tall Sam said on 8/Jul/20
It's odd to me that some people see him as a weak 6'3". At what time did he actually look under the mark? Even in old age, he still looked close to the same height as Clint Eastwood.
OriginalAnon said on 5/Jul/20
He was my favourite actor of the era. May have been 190cm flat, as opposed to a full 190.5cm 6'3''.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/May/20
Jimmy was born 112 years ago. I found him written up as James Stewart, but it simply has to be the same guy because you don't find many James Stewarts who stand 191cm tall, which matches Rob's figure perfectly! Jimmy lived to the age of 89.

6ft3 😁👍

RIP Jimmy XX 🕯️
Tall Sam said on 8/Apr/20
I think he was certainly not imposing despite being tall. However, weakling is a bit harsh, he was an active duty Air Force soldier well after beginning his career as an actor, so presumably had a baseline level of fitness. In terms of Western roles, he certainly was miscast as a roughed woodsman in How the West Was Won but in Stewart's best Westerns like his Anthony Mann films and Liberty Valance he was one of the few western stars to be routinely overpowered and humiliated, often winning in the end by just outgunning his adversary. Eastwood in Unforgiven as the less than heroic protagonist (who is also beaten and humiliated by Gene Hackman) feels like it's in the tradition of the Stewart-Mann films.
Ian C. said on 6/Apr/20
Certainly tall, and with a handsome face, but Stewart was very nearly a physical weakling. He made quite a few westerns, and made them well, but he was just too thin and awkward to pull off being the hero of a western. If you look at contemporary pictures of real cowboys and soldiers from the America West, they all seem to have the same basic physique. They're squarely built, strong, athletic-looking men, and almost all of the have moustaches. None of them were built like Stewart.

On the other hand, there are hundreds of pictures of Civil War soldiers, and many of them seem emaciated. This was probably the natural effect of near-starvation, and marching a hundred miles every week. Stewart, when well-fed and rested, could have credibly played an infantryman in the Union Army at Shiloh or Antietam.
Canson said on 26/Mar/20
@Rampage: that’s certainly possible in his prime
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Mar/20
6ft3-3¼ is possible peak (w/h 6ft4 out of bed)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Dec/19
'I used to be 6-foot-4, but I'm shrinking'"

Interesting quote. Kudos to whoever found it. Could he have in fact been a guy who initially rounded down but later admitted to being taller? Like Paul Bettany.
Editor Rob
That would be me, from the newspaper archives. I think I exhausted a lot of quotes, though there are probably still quite a few surprises out there hidden waiting to be found...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Nov/19
Both Cooper and Stewart could have been a little over 6ft3
Ian C. said on 10/May/19
Notice that, despite Stewart's great height, no one has ever called him "big." He is in fact a little guy with a long body (135 pounds qualifies as little, I'd say,) although nobody ever called him little either.

Are there actors who are not especially tall but whom people call big? Well, let's see: Boris Karloff seems gigantic in Frankenstein, even though he wasn't quite six feet tall. Robert Shaw seems big in From Russia With Love. Oliver Reed seems big in everything. What these guys have is large, strong heads and nasty, violent movie personalities.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Mar/19
Nah in looking again it's about 3 inches maybe Arness was 6'6 then.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Mar/19
Watching Carbine Williams and James Arness honestly looked about 3.5-4 inches taller. So odd to see somebody markedly taller than him but seeing them together. If Arness was just 6'6 flat Jimmy looked no more than 6'2.5. Could Arness have been more 6'6.5 Rob?
Neelasish Send Roy said on 10/Mar/19
He might be 6'3" at peak but in 1942 he was measured as 6'2.5". But in a picture I had seen Stewart is 2 inches taller than 6'1" Errol Flynn& in another photo he looks 1 inch taller Than Basil Rathbone who may be 6'1.6"-6'2" and 2 inches taller than 6'1" Robert Montgomery may Rathbone was 6'2"?
Mark Harrison said on 18/Nov/18
Lee Marvin was 6'1".
Dave1 said on 2/Nov/18
Stewart was tall and lanky. His thin frame gave the illusion of added height. He was most likely in the 6’2”-6’2 1/2” range. John Wayne was pretty similar. Watch the film .... The Man Who Shot Liberty Vallance......Lee Marvin was a verified 6’2”. Wayne & Stewart look maybe 1/2” taller in all scenes. Gary Cooper was also lanky, but a solid 6’3”, perhaps another 1/2” in his prime. Cary Grant was 6’ 1”. Later in life..... 6’. Gregory Peck was 6’3” easy. Robert Mitchum was 6’ 1 1/2 “.
Mister lennon said on 20/Oct/18
Less than 6'3 is totally unlikely.
Tall Sam said on 17/Oct/18
A lot of co-stars would have to be downgraded if Stewart was only 6'2", I definitely don't see it.
Mister lennon said on 16/Aug/18
Stewart was a solid 6'3 guy. Grant a solid 6'1 guy. That was they looked in the philadelphia story
Neelasish Sen Roy said on 15/Aug/18
He was never 6'4" tall. He was measured 6'2.5" at 1942.But before it he would be 6'3". In Philadelphia Story if he was solid 6'3" then Cary Grant was 6'2". Iam right or wrong,Rob?
Tall In The Saddle said on 6/Aug/18
@Mark Harrison - not challenging you but I am just curious as to what evidence you have seen to indicate that Eastwood was taller than Stewart - I've seen a few pics but at least several that I have seen clearly imply Eastwood to be standing on higher ground IMO - even if Eastwood was taller in some measure he couldn't have held the advantage these pics appear to suggest. I've linked one such pic:-

Click Here
Mark Harrison said on 5/Aug/18
Eastwood was taller than Stewart.
Mister lennon said on 3/Aug/18
Maybe 191-192 peak.
Tall In The Saddle said on 31/Jul/18
1959 pic of 50/51 yo James Stewart appearing to rock a marked height advantage over boxer Henry Cooper -listed 6'1.5" on this site. Personally I'd give Cooper a touch more than that but even so, with head slightly bowed, anyone afford Stewart at least a 2" advantage over "Enry? The average guess here surprises me because imo, no way was Stewart less than 6'3".

Click Here
berta said on 28/Jul/18
this guy and clint eastwood back to back at peak. who would be tallest? its a hard one. I cant see the average of 190 guess for this guy. i thought he looked 191-191,5 ish peak
Rabindra sankar sen roy said on 15/Jun/18
Jimmy Stewart is solid 6'3.5"/192cm but he is so lean than he seems even taller.
Tall In The Saddle said on 5/Jun/18
I like 6'3.5" for Stewart. As a kid I never really thought of his height - just perceived a fairly tall extremely thin guy whose great acting was the focal point. Only later came to realise that he was a bit more than just fairly tall and always felt that he edged Coop. Here's a link to his intro on the Johnny Carson show - IMO nothing substantial to choose between 80/81 yo Stewart and 66 yo Ed McMahon (latter at least 6'3.5" peak imo), both of whom you would assume had lost height by this stage but Jimmy more so. If pressed I might give Stewart the slightest edge over McMahon but can settle for close enough to even. Both guys had nice straight posture well into their later years.

Click here - Click Here

For perspective, 4 years later, 69 yo McMahon appeared to have about .5" advantage over a less posture perfect 63 yo Clint Eastwood.
Tall Sam said on 18/Apr/18
Me as well, I've said several times that Stewart at peak could've well been 192 cm/6'3.25" at peak.
berta said on 17/Apr/18
i agree Gonzalo he lokeed like a 192 man to me.
Gonzalo said on 4/Apr/18
It puzzles me how people here guess Stewart to be under 1`90. One of the most absurd guesses in this site
berta said on 2/Apr/18
i can believe little over 6 foot 3 for stewart
Tall Sam said on 23/Mar/18
It's crazy to me these folks guessing him under the 6'3" mark, Stewart could look a bit over it in my eyes not under it. With Gary Cooper, I don't see how people can say Stewart is the slightly shorter one, Jimmy either appears dead even with Cooper or even edges him slightly. Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Mar/18
I think there's a shred of truth to that 6ft4 claim. Maybe close to it early morning at peak?
Ian C. said on 9/Feb/18
In The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Jimmy's character knocks John Wayne off his feet with one punch. Wayne must have weighed about ninety pounds more than Stewart. Now I don't mind a middle-aged male movie character winning the heart and hand of a much younger woman, but I draw the line at accepting a human breadstick like Jimmy knocking down a tree trunk like Wayne.
Mister lennon said on 1/Dec/17
Well, 6'3 or solid 6'3 is a better choice.
Mister lennon said on 1/Dec/17
Strong 6'3 peak.
Ted said on 30/Nov/17
6' 3.5'' on a good day.
Richard said on 8/Nov/17
He only looked 6'3" in westerns. His real height was about 6'2".
Scoobydoo said on 26/Oct/17
He looks 188 /189cm in "The rope" not more, maybe was a strong 6'2 and in his shoes 6'3... is easy!
Joseph said on 17/Aug/17
A guy like Jimmy really don't need to lie of his height......
Bruno said on 12/Aug/17
Saw a docu today on him, came across as a real gent. That poem about Bo the dog had me in tears. Looked at least 2 inches taller than 6' Terry Wogan at 80.
James said on 27/Jul/17
How else did a dying Cooper manage to look 4 inches taller than Richard Harris?
Mister lennon said on 27/Jul/17
Yeah, everyone wears lifts in your imagination.
James said on 27/Jul/17
Cooper died six days after his 60th birthday so he was never seen in his 60s. His last public appearance was for a ceremony honouring his career in February 1961, when his terminal cancer was still not publicly known.
James said on 26/Jul/17
Cooper wore lifts in his later films, which is why he looked four inches taller than six foot Richard Harris.
Mister lennon said on 26/Jul/17
Yes,he was. He looked every bit of a strong 6'3 guy at his peak. Boots or not boots.
In his late 50s and 60s he looked more in the strong 6'2-weak 6'3 range.
James said on 25/Jul/17
Cooper only looked above 6'3" in films because of footwear. He was mainly known for westerns and he wore boots with big heels.
James said on 25/Jul/17
No, he wasn't.
Mister lennon said on 24/Jul/17
No,he was a strong 6'3
James said on 23/Jul/17
No, Cooper was exactly 6'3".
Mister lennon said on 23/Jul/17
Cooper was more than just 6'3. About 6'3 .5 or 6'3.75. Stewart was about 6'3 or 6'3.25.
James said on 23/Jul/17
If Cooper was 6'3" then Stewart was definitely 6'2.5".
Mister lennon said on 22/Jul/17
And gary cooper was a solid 6'3 peak.
James said on 21/Jul/17
He was slightly shorter than Gary Cooper.
Mister lennon said on 21/Jul/17
Stewart was a true 6'3 guy. Not less than 6'3.
James said on 20/Jul/17
Stewart was 6'2.5".
Arch Stanton said on 20/Jul/17
6'3.25 is certainly arguable. I'm lucky if I watch one film a week at the moment, but be the summer, but don't feel that interested at the moment!
James said on 5/Jul/17
Stewart said 6'3.5" in the commentary for "Harvey". He also gave his height as 6'3" in other interviews.

Wayne's character in "The Quiet Man" claimed to be 6'4.5". In real life Wayne said he was less than 6'4".
paulie said on 3/Jul/17
Jimmy Stewart claimed to be 6'4" 1/2 in the commentary for Harvey.
Was Jimmy Stewart lying?
John Wayne also claimed to be 6'4" 1/2 in the Quiet Man. I'm pretty sure John Wayne also claimed to be this tall in another film.

What's strange is Jimmy Stewart looked taller than John Wayne in both The Shootist and Liberty Vallance
RichardSpain said on 21/Jun/17
I think he was a perfect 190cm in peak not more. I think he seems taller in screen because he had a long legs and he was thin but he wasn't 191 or 192 cm in my opinion.

Excellent actor and nice blue eyes.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jun/17
Cary Grant looks near 6ft2 in that photo.
James said on 15/Jun/17
He was measured as 6'2.5" in the Air Force.
Sam said on 14/Jun/17
@Charlie, that was good for a laugh or, if serious, you may need your vision checked.
@James, do you have a source? I haven't seen a credible source claims any less than 6'3" for him.
James said on 11/Jun/17
Stewart's actual measured height in 1942 was 6'2.5".
Charlie said on 10/Jun/17
I want to add one thing that supports my last comment. In the Glenn Miller Movie he approaches his Ben The leader of the Band Glenn Miller was with before he formed his own. Now Ben Pollack plays himself int he movie. Ben Pollack stood no less than 3.5 inches shorter than Jimmy Stewart. Ben Pollack was the shortest Of all his Band Members. I have him pegged at 5.6. All the photo's i came across shows his Band members almost a head taller than him and here i see Jimmy Stewart only 3.5 inches on him. It doesn't add up.Anyhow this supports my 5'10 claim for Jimmy Stewart. If anyone feels differently about my comment please look up Musician Ben Pollack with Jimmy Stewart on Google Image. Ben's head was higher than Jimmy's eyebrows. Another thing in the Movie Harvey Jimmy has a 6' imaginary Rabbit he walks around with. He later tells a Doctor that the Rabbit is more like 6'3. All through the movie you see Jimmy Stewart looking way up at the Rabbit's eyes when hes talking to him. If the Rabbit was 6'3 then the Rabbits eye level would be 5'10 but you clearly see Jimmy looking way up at this Rabbit. Jimmy was most likely 5'10.
Charlie said on 10/Jun/17
I just watched The Glenn Miller Story. Now we all know in Europe the average door height is 6'6 and USA and Canada the average door height is 6'8.5. Jimmy Stewart no joke was a good head and 2 inches shorter than the door in a scene where he buys a Trombone from a German Store Owner. The door height in all Retail Stores and Shops are under 6'9. He did not look 6'3 in that movie. Jimmy's head was well under the top hinge and his head was 11 inches shorter than the door. A whole head size plus 2 inches. I measured his head with a piece of Paper and lined it up with his face then i penciled in a little dot where the top of his head was at and a dot where the bottom of his head was at. Then i placed the bottom dot over top of his head and it gave m an idea how tall he was. Now many people do not realize just how tall 6'3 really is. For example i am 5'10. I have been mistaken as a 6'1 person why i will never know. I wake up measure myself back to the wall and i get the same measurements my Doctor gives me 5'10. Peoples perceptions can be way off. Statistics Canada say the average male is 5'9.5. Now in the afternoon i measured myself at 5'9.5 but i seem to tower over mot males. Then one Afternoon is asked Windows 10 Cortana the average Canadian male height and she said 5'7.So with all said i am going to go out here and say Jimmy Stewart was 5'10. In Shoes he was probably 5'11 and a quarter.
Editor Rob

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Jun/17
He was comfortably 6ft3 with a strong chance of measuring just over it.
shiva 181 cms said on 2/May/17
6'3.5 is possible only in certain footwear or might have pulled it off with his lanky frame he,s almost 6'3 like he's claimed
Unsub 5'10 said on 17/Apr/17
On our merry way( 1948) he really looked 6'3.5 next to Fonda, aprox. 2.75" taller than him, extremely tall, and made Fonda look 6'1", I'd rather say 1.85m.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Apr/17
In the 1930s I could really believe 6'3.5.
Unsub 5'10 said on 28/Mar/17
Peak height 1.92m, 6'3.5", that's what he claimed.
mister_lennon said on 24/Mar/17
Stewart was 6'3 minimum.
James said on 19/Jan/17
I wrote he was 6'2.5", not 6'2".
mister_lennon said on 18/Jan/17
He was 6'3 in normal shoes. 6'2 for stewart is just trolling.
James said on 16/Jan/17
He was only over 6'3" with cowboy boots.
mister_lennon said on 16/Jan/17
Stewart was a solid 6'3 guy. 191-192.
mister_lennon said on 15/Jan/17
No less than 191 peak.
James said on 14/Jan/17
He was 190 at his peak.
mister_lennon said on 13/Jan/17
191-192 peak
James said on 11/Jan/17
Stewart was less than 6'3".
berta said on 10/Jan/17
this is one of the guy i think was rounding down instead of up. to me he looked 192
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Dec/16
Stewart & Cooper: 191-192cm
Peck & Heston: 189-190cm
James said on 27/Oct/16
Stewart was 6'3" at his peak.
Unsub 5'10 said on 26/Oct/16
Stewart was nothing under 6'3.25"
James said on 6/Aug/16
Cooper put two stone on later life.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Aug/16
Stewart and Cooper were both painfully thin for 6ft3
FriendlyNeighborhood6Footer said on 7/Jul/16
Jimmy Stewart is my favorite actor. I have too many favorites of his to list, with Vertigo and It's a Wonderful Life being at the top of the list. I've seen most of his filmography, many of them more than once. I've always pegged him at a little over 6'3". I'd be surprised if he came in at just 6'3" given all the 6'3" actors I've seen him have a hair or two over.
James said on 1/Jul/16
Dean Martin should have been the romantic lead in "Rio Bravo".
Ian C. said on 24/Jun/16
Middle-aged men successfully courting women a generation younger than they are is practically a movie trope. Think John Wayne in Rio Bravo, for example. He was nearly double Angie Dickenson's age in that one, but nobody really minds much, because he's John Wayne, and we are supposed to close the gap between what he was and what he has become in order to follow the movie. Most male move stars over forty habitually play somebody who is roughly 32.

And six feet tall, if they are shorter than that. All Paul Newman's characters were six feet tall. And Kirk Douglas's and Dean Martin's and Humphrey Bogart's.

Sometimes I wonder what the typical leading man movie character's I.Q. is. Right around 125, usually. This is probably pretty close to the real I.Q. score of most movie leading men. Clearly smarter than average, but not intellectual. John Wayne did not play stupid men, but he did not play men who read a lot of books either.
Sam said on 22/Jun/16
I don't agree with that, perfect in both Window and especially Vertigo...his characters were more romantic leads in their own middle-aged minds. They rank along with Stewart's best performances along with Mr. Smith, Wonderful Life, Harvey and anything he did with Anthony Mann.
Tom said on 21/Jun/16
Stewart was badly miscast in "Rear Window" and "Vertigo", he was far too old to play the romantic lead.
Arch Stanton said on 18/Jun/16
OK guys, I'm sure Rob is with me on this, lets talk about Kim Novak in those green shoes now ;-)
Editor Rob
lovely shoes indeed!
Gonzalo said on 17/Jun/16
Willam Holden appeared shirtless in several movies, such as Picnic (shaved) or The bridge over river Kwai. In the 50`s it was more common to appeared shirtless, meanwhile it was very rare in the 30`s and 40`s, when it only happened in adventure films (Mutiny on the bounty). In the fifties and sixties there are many examples: Holden, Douglas, Hudson, Curtis, Lancaster, Jeffrey Hunter, Heston, Mitchum (Heaven knows Mrs. Allison, Gable (Mogambo), etc. It also had to do with the fact that stars of the 30s and 40s were in his late forties or fifties while the others were in his thirties. The fifties was the beef cake era!
Randolph Scott was in bathing suit in My favourite wife; he looked in great shape.
Stewart was skinny. Not the best guy to do a beff cake scene.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Jun/16
Charles Bronson I think overall had the best physique out of them all, the nearest thing to a modern day MMA fighter/boxer. He was in incredible shape. Hard as nails. Bronson was more of a professional fighter type, whereas Charlton Heston a physique of somebody who spends a lot of time with outdoor pursuits, similar to Laird Hamilton, I'd guess very similar height and weight. Hston looked strong as hell in the 60s, particularly Planet of the Apes.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Jun/16
Yes I was going to say what Sam said, Jimmy appears shirtless in Read Window. It was after seeing him that that I could well believe he was just 130 pounds range in younger years, rake thin, unhealthily thin, and by Rear Window he was probably in 155-160 pounds range.
Ian C. said on 10/Jun/16
Well Sam, if Eastwood is going to take off his shirt in his movies he'd better look good without a shirt. And he's sung in a few movies too. He shouldn't oughta have done that either, as those were also cases of undeserved self-regard.

I have seen Rear Window, and that shirtless scene is arguably part of the plot. It is brief, and Stewart lies on his stomach all through it, and doesn't actually display his torso. It isn't in the movie to thrill anybody. And of course his character gets Grace Kelly, which makes my point for me, which is that it used to be that you could be a male lead without looking like that guy on the cover of Men's Health.
Sam said on 9/Jun/16
I guess you've not seen Rear Window where Stewart is shirtless for a bit, definitely far from an ideal strapping Hollywood hunk there but he still gets Grace Kelly there...I've not spent as much time contemplating these stars physiques...kinda weird to be annoyed by Eastwood because his bone structure wasn't as good as Heston's or whatever.
Ian C. said on 7/Jun/16
Yeah, Arch, I forgot about Lancaster. But he did the muscle display routine only in his action movies, and managed to keep his shirt on in his forays into serious drama. Charles Bronson is also a major contender in the shirtless movie guy competition and he really did look terrific without a shirt on, so you can forgive him. Also, he did it less than half his roles. Eastwood has always kind of annoyed me when he did his shirtless routine because, unlike Bronson and Heston, who really were physically extraordinary, he was just an average guy who lifted weights. His hips are as wide as his shoulders, and he has bad posture. So who was he kidding?

Of course Jimmy Stewart (remember him?) would have been laughed at if he gone shirtless in a movie. Stewart was, not a weakling exactly, but certainly less than average in terms of male strength and stamina. And yet he was a successful romantic lead, and sometimes a successful man of action in a few westerns, like Broken Arrow and Bend of the River.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Jun/16
Burt Lancaster used to show off his physique a bit, even in Swimmer in 1968 when he was in his 50s! Clint Eastwood didn't take up bodybuilding at 40, he'd lifted weights in his teens and 20s too, there's a few pictures of him. Eastwood did bulk up in the 80s though and must have changed his diet and lifted heavier as in his late 50s he was in 220 pounds range.
Ian C. said on 5/Jun/16
Yes, Fruit, you've got me there about Flynn and the Sea Haw, but look at how few shirtless scenes Flynn did, when he really did have a terrific body. The larger point is that, for most male leads at that time, taking off shirts in movies to display beautiful torsos was uncommon, and probably regarded as vulgar display.

If Sinatra worked out, it wasn't out of physical vanity but professional utility, which is a different thing entirely.

Which old-time stars did show off their bodies? Not too many. Charlton Heston couldn't resist, but at the same time vigorously denied that he would ever do anything so crass as indulge in bodybuilding. Paul Newman has a few look-at-how-beautiful-I-am scenes, but in only a handful of his movies. Robert Redford the same. Sean Connery appears shirtless in all his Bond movies, but at the same time you don't get the impression that he had been dieting, or working with a trainer. In Diamonds Are Forever, he is downright paunchy.

Clint Eastwood avoided appearing shirtless until he was forty. He took up bodybuilding and then you couldn't keep a shirt on him until he was sixty.

Sylvestre Stallone is perhaps the worst offender in the gratuitous shirtless sweepstakes, aside from Arnold Schwarzenegger, for whom muscles are most of his talent.
Bruno said on 4/Jun/16
Check this out Ian C. and he was an older man at that stage.
Click Here
Fruit said on 3/Jun/16
Errol Flynn was also shirtless in The Sea Hawk and maybe Captain Blood (not %100 sure about that one).

Sinatra did work out, mainly to improve his lung capacity.
Ian C. said on 1/Jun/16
James B, of course Jimmy Stewart didn't hit any gyms. Nobody in his generation of movie leads did. I'm not sure if John Wayne ever made a movie where he took his shirt off. Or Cary Grant or Randolph Scott either. Errol Flynn has made only one movie where he appeared shirtless (Gentleman Jim) and in that one he played a boxer. Rock Hudson has two, and in one he played a boxer and in the other a Native American. Other leading men like Charlton Heston, who usually had a shirtless scene in any movie he made because he was so proud of his physique, did not work out. Do you think Robert Mitchum ever lifted a barbell or ran a mile? It doesn't seem likely. How about Peter O'Toole? Richard Burton? Lee Marvin? Frank Sinatra? Steve McQueen? Sean Connery? James CoburnÉ Forget it. Marlon Brando? Double forget it after he became a big star, even though much of his initial appeal was based on his physique.
Tom said on 5/Apr/16
Cooper was measured as 6'2.5" in 1924.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Apr/16
Neither of them were under 6ft3. Hard to tell who was taller because it could vary. Cooper could edge Stewart and then vice versa. They were both skinny guys...
James said on 24/Mar/16
I said Cooper was measured at just under 6'3", not Stewart.
Sam said on 22/Mar/16
I've read quite a bit on Stewart and have never read of a measurement under 6'3" and would doubt it pre-old age height loss.
LoganNoll1996 said on 21/Mar/16
Jimmy Stewart - 6 feet 3 inches

Gary Cooper - 6 feet 3.75 inches

John Wayne - 6 feet 3.75 inches
James said on 19/Mar/16
Cooper was never 6'4". He was measured at just under 6'3" when he went to Hollywood.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Mar/16
Cooper and Stewart were about the same. Both 6ft3 minimum peak
Bruno said on 17/Mar/16
No way Tom peak Coop would edge out Stewart.
Tom said on 17/Mar/16
Stewart was slightly taller than Cooper. Stewart was 6'3" and Cooper was 6'2.5".
Bruno said on 16/Mar/16
Ya defo Arch, Coop was probably very close to 193 peak.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Mar/16
@Bruno, I was citing Rampage's claim#links. Personally I would have thought that at peak Cooper could have edged him out. Cooper could look near 6'4 in the 30s, Stewart never really looked nearer 6'4.
jtm said on 12/Mar/16
i wouldn't be surprised if he really was 6'3.5. he was over 3 inches taller than cary grant in a couple of scenes in the philadelphia story.
Arch Stanton said on 8/Mar/16
@Rob, Stewart edged out Cooper, was an inch taller than Walter Pidgeon and 1.5 inches shorter than Rock Hudson. Would 6'3.25 be that unreasonable?? Watch him in some of his earlier 30s films, I think it would be fair Remember that Stewart claimed 6'3.5 himself and is even mentioned in Harvey. He claimed both 6'3.5 and 6'3".
Editor Rob
I never thought 6ft 3.5 was as probably as 6ft 3, but then maybe earlier in the day he could have been 6ft 3.5 and still held a solid 6ft 3. I'm ok with the 6ft 3 mark just now but 3.25 isn't impossible.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Feb/16
Click Here
Click Here

Stewart has a slight edge over Cooper in these
Tom said on 7/Feb/16
Stewart was about half an inch taller than Cooper.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Feb/16
Fruit said on 16/Jan/16
6'2" is average nowhere. It's always tall.

Male average height in Germany is approximately 5'10".

In some very very secluded parts of the world it can actually come in at just over average. But other than that it is legit, stand out tall
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Feb/16
Rob, is it possible they were both a fraction over this mark?

They both edged out Peck and Heston
Editor Rob
they may well have fallen into the legit 6ft 3 range and if measured even a little over 6ft 3 wouldn't be rules out for either.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Feb/16
Rob, who do you think was taller at peak Jimmy Stewart or Gary Cooper?
Editor Rob
it can be very close to call between them.
Tom said on 31/Jan/16
Stewart was slightly taller than Gary Cooper.
Fruit said on 16/Jan/16
6'2" is average nowhere. It's always tall.

Male average height in Germany is approximately 5'10".
Thomas6ft1 said on 16/Jan/16
I know that Germans are tall in general. Most of the time when I feel average height at 6'1", its usually with Caucasian white people. I'm not surprised though as tallness seems to be the most common in white people. However, the world doesn't revolve around Germany or places like Netherlands. Elsewhere, 6'2" and 6'3" are pretty tall heights. Its not average height at all.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jan/16
Stewart and Cooper were both 6ft3-3½ range in their prime. A little taller than Gregory Peck and a little shorter than Wayne and Eastwood.
Moke said on 26/Dec/15
@Adam 1.88 -
Reynolds stands 6'2.
@Rusty190cm - My brother weighs around 180 at 6'2.75 and he doesn't strike me as particularly tall, being 6'2 myself. Every third or so young man nowadays stands around that height. Running around at 6'2-3 you just tend to blend in perfectly with crowds in german cities like Hamburg, Berlin or Cologne...In 20 years it very well be the same phenomenon with 6'4...
Rusty190cm said on 2/Dec/15

Yeah I weigh about 180 lbs at 6'3" and people often guess me 6ft4-5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Nov/15
A rail thin 6ft3 guy can be mistaken for 6ft4-5.
Adam 1.88 m said on 23/Oct/15
On an interview with David Letterman, Ryan Reynolds guesses Jimmy Stewart's height at 6'4 to 6'5. It's funny how Reynolds underestimates his own height and overestimates on other celebrities.
Click Here
Larry said on 24/Sep/15
Not really Arch, Stewart was far too old to play Lindburgh which is why the film flopped.

Of course it was also very controversial given Lindburgh's anti-Semitism and pro-Nazism.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Sep/15
The Spirit of St Louis IMO is actually one of his best films and performance. A genuine joy to watch.
Larry said on 20/Sep/15
Stewart was exactly 6'3".

I liked most of his films except for "The Spirit of St Louis", as he was far too old to play Charles Lindburgh.
Sam said on 30/Aug/15
Bear in mind that 6'3" was like 6'5"-6'6" for his generation, not many 6'6" beanpoles do you see among the top male stars today.
Matthew190 said on 4/Aug/15
Stewart was definitely right in around the 6'3" mark. 6'3" is fine for him, I wouldn't even be surprised by 6'3.25".
Sam said on 28/Jul/15
I forgot, are you 6'5" or 6'6" Brad?
Brad said on 23/Jul/15
Strong 6' 3" peak. I had him by 4 30 years ago at book signing.
Sam said on 16/Jul/15
Cooper and Stewart were pretty dead-even IMO.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Both 6'3.25"...LOL
Bruno said on 13/Jul/15
Rob, both Stewart and Cooper I think should be upgraded to 6'3.25. I just watched Bend of the River and in one scene Rock Hudson had between 1 and 2 inches on him,.
Not a full 2 inches IMO. I'd say it's more like 6'3.25 vs 6'4.75 than 6'3 vs 6'5. I can see I'm wasting my time arguing Stewart and Cooper were over 6'3" flat though LOL.

I agree Arch, although I think peak Coop was slightly taller than JS, My guess is

JS 191.5
GC 192.5
JW 192.5

All peak estimates
James B said on 6/Jul/15
Arch a small built 6'3 man like Stewart should have weighed 12 stone 4

He probably did not hit the gym or had the right diet
Arch Stanton said on 6/Jul/15
Excellent quote Rob, well, there we go, there's proof he was almost as low as 135, at least he admits to be being absurdly skinny! 138 and 6 ft 3 is nuts!
Arch Stanton said on 5/Jul/15
Rob, both Stewart and Cooper I think should be upgraded to 6'3.25. I just watched Bend of the River and in one scene Rock Hudson had between 1 and 2 inches on him,.
Not a full 2 inches IMO. I'd say it's more like 6'3.25 vs 6'4.75 than 6'3 vs 6'5. I can see I'm wasting my time arguing Stewart and Cooper were over 6'3" flat though LOL.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Jun/15
I used to weigh 155lbs at almost 6ft4 and a lot of people thought I was at least 6ft5.
Matthew said on 19/Jun/15
modeus says on 5/Jun/15
"This is what a 6'2" athlete looks like in the high-130s: Click Here"
lmfao that is photos hoped


lol no it isn't! Here's more photos of him: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Lorne??? said on 8/Jun/15
... 140 is not skinny for a 5'7 guy. Lol at Cruise at (supposedly) 147.

Agree, slim and skinny are two different things.

Stewart was extremely skinny at one point, and clearly was barely 140 to have been rejected by the army.(at 5'8, they said 125 wa acceptable, though borderline.)

And to another poster below: 180 is NOT skinny at 6'1, at all.

A guy like Matthew Gray Gubler, who is 6'1 range, is quite thin, and at one point weighed around 140.(now could be 150)
modeus said on 5/Jun/15
"This is what a 6'2" athlete looks like in the high-130s: Click Here"
lmfao that is photoshoped
Matthew said on 16/May/15
Vladman says on 7/Apr/15
Below 150 pounds of weight? Lol that´s rubbish. I am 6´2" and skinny and haven´t weighted under 170 pounds since I was 18 years young. i have a long torso, short legs and quite a big head and still I am skinny and weigh betwwen 180 and 185 pounds and I am over 40 years old.


You can be 6'3" and weigh 150... But the sub-140 stuff at that height, is really extreme. This is what a 6'2" athlete looks like in the high-130s: Click Here
JB said on 25/Apr/15
Just watched the documentary "a wonderful life" on youtube and it mentions that he's 6'4"
Vladman said on 7/Apr/15
Below 150 pounds of weight? Lol that´s rubbish. I am 6´2" and skinny and haven´t weighted under 170 pounds since I was 18 years young. i have a long torso, short legs and quite a big head and still I am skinny and weigh betwwen 180 and 185 pounds and I am over 40 years old.
Editor Rob
at one point he was...he failed army physical because he was 138 pounds.
Sam said on 9/Jan/15
I believe I've read something that stated Stewart was 6'4" before, but I don't believe it was a quote from him. If there was a Stewart quote where he claimed 6'4", would you slightly uplist him Rob? Heightwise, I think he would have been very similar to Sacha Baron Cohen.
Sam said on 2/Jan/15
When you read about the Golden Age stars in their bios, from Bogart to Davis to Grant to Cooper, the consistency is that they were all consumate pros, always punctual, knew their lines and were quietly serious about their work. I think Stewart was the ultimate though, the great directors like Hitchcock, Capra & Anthony Mann knew he was going to deliver every time with minimal direction and that's why he had such fruitful work with them and was in so many classics.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 20/Dec/14
A tad shorter than John Wayne in the timeless, marvelous classic 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance'. He was a proper 6ft 3in guy and one of the most endearing Hollywood stars of all time in my opinion. I'm a big fan of Stewart.
Sam said on 1/Dec/14
Around the Corner is the perfect blend of romance, screwball comedy and social drama, as they said back then pure Lubitsch.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Nov/14
I wouldn't blame anybody for wanting to get out of fighting in World War II. It's not cowardice, it's simply that they want to live a life.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Nov/14
The Shop Around the Corner -wonderful film
Sam said on 13/Oct/14
Could you add to his known fors?: Destry Rides Again, The Shop Around the Corner, The Naked Spur and Anatomy of a Murder.
...Wickedly difficult to keep it to just 10 films, Stewart had one of the keener eyes for material of any his generation of stars.
Realist said on 3/Oct/14
His body type kind of reminds of Nicholas Hoult, absolutely skinny and tall. Most tall guys i meet are heavy like Chris Pratt, the shorter guys like me are normal and mid-range guys skinny. @Crash yup this guy was skinny, abnormally thin in his younger days but by 1950's he had bulked up a little in the Hitchcock movies.
Gonzalo said on 29/Aug/14
Millard Mitchell was very tall, over 1`85 for sure
Sam said on 21/Aug/14
Here's a shot of Stewart with Millard Mitchell and Charles Drake and, not the best comparison picture, but he does look a bit taller I think than these two more than six feet guys.
Click Here
Ian C. said on 13/Aug/14
Jimmy Stewart was so thin that he was rejected for military service in World War II the first time he tried to enlist. He had to go an a forced eating diet to make the threshold weight. Think what an amazing man he was to have done that. He could have sat out the War with a legitimate 4-F, but got into combat anyway. Compare this to Frank Sinatra, whose rejection for military service was that he claimed to be anxious in crowds. An odd affliction for a man who performed before large audiences for a living.
Gonzalo said on 8/Jul/14
A legit 6`3 guy. Always looked that tall in movies. He even could have been a bit over that. One of the best actors ever
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jun/14
Mmm in Harvey he looks fractionally taller than Charles Drake. Perhaps Drake was a similar height to Joel McCrea or something and 6'2.5.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jun/14
Harvey's obviously taller than 6'3.5". More like 6'6! He looks up to speak to him in the film! If he was 6'3.5" he'd be looking directly ahead!
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jun/14
Oddly looked a tad shorter than 6'2 listed Charles Drake in The Glenn Miller Story!
Arch Stanton said on 12/May/14
Actually 135 pounds is quite possible at least in his 20s and early 30s. in Destry Rides Again he's tucking his shirt in and around the waist and his upper torso he was ridiculously skinny. Paper thin build which he often hid with his suit jackets. He really was super thin, nothing of him, and considered he was 6'3" his upper torso is actually more like that of a skinny 5'7" guy with very long legs and arms. I'd guess his waist could have been as low as 27-28 . I think he was telling the truth, as hard to believe as it is. In the 50s though he looked nearer 155-60 pounds to be though.
Arch Stanton said on 10/May/14
It must have been Wayne's cowboy boots with a little advantage. Wayne still looked very close to 6'4" in the Shootist, his last film and clearly had an easy inch on Jimmy.
Arch Stanton said on 10/May/14
Although I think Wayne had footwear advantage with cowboy boots.
Arch Stanton said on 10/May/14
Rob how much height do you think he's have lost on average by 1976? He was pushing 70, an inch? He's looks more 6'2" range next to John Wayne in The Shootist who should have lost the same sort of height!
Editor Rob
on average maybe an inch, but I don't think he lost that much
John said on 6/Apr/14
I could have believed 192cm for JS, he had very long legs and looked really tall even with other tall actors.
Sam said on 19/Mar/14
Naturally, he lost some height with age. Charlton Heston looks to have edged him out in 1987. I'm guessing at peak that Stewart would have been around 0.75 in taller than Heston was. Note how short Robert Wagner looks compared to Heston.
Click Here
long time movie buff said on 20/Feb/14
Jimmy Stewart was 6' 3 and 3/4 in.. Gary Cooper was 6' 3 in. at peak.
Arch Stanton said on 8/Jan/14
Ha I guessed John Dall at 6'1" by his proportiond in Rope. And when Jimmy Stewart walks in he has about 2 inches on him so I was right!

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