How tall is Jimmy White

Jimmy White's Height

5ft 8 ½ (174 cm)

UK Snooker Player. In 2001 Daily Mail said: "I'm 5ft 11in and 13st".

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5ft 7.9in (172.5cm)
Nik Ashton said on 21/Oct/19
His 5’11” claim is interesting!
Chris175 said on 17/May/18
Met him tonight and 5 foot 8.5 seems about right to Me, he is taller than I thought. I'm 5 foot 9 and I got a picture with him if I could figure out how to upload it
Bolton said on 14/Jan/18
He's on Eurosport now summarising the snooker with Neil Robertson- Robertson is young enough not to have lost any height, is skinny and therefore may look taller than he is and may have some sort of boots on but he is absolutely towering over White. The Australian who also has 'big hair' for a man is said to be 6ft and next to him White looks no more than 5ft 7- quite possibly smaller.
Anon said on 21/Apr/17
John Virgo doesn't look close to 6' anymore on the 40th anniversary ceremony at the crucible. He's also shaking. Seems like he has Parkinson's or something.
Tufty said on 2/Feb/17
He's on the box right now standing beside o sullivan and it looks like about a 3 inch difference. Robs met Ronnie so his estimate of 5'10 should be very close. White is at most 5'8.
Roger said on 17/Dec/16
2 inches I mean...

Could he be 5'8 flat?
Editor Rob
Roger, he certainly could have lost a half inch or so now.
Roger said on 17/Dec/16
Has he lost height? He looks like he could be a full 3 inches below 5'10 Ronnie O'Sullivan.
mick said on 16/May/16
alex Higgins must have been 5'9 when he was young because he looked about 1 inch taller than jimmy white unless jimmy white was 5'7 which would have made alex Higgins 5'8.
John said on 10/May/16
Alex Higgins must have been 5 ft 8in
Editor Rob
I'm sure at one point 10 years ago I had read a quote saying 5ft 8, but never noted it down so can't confirm if he said it.
Slh said on 10/Apr/16
How tall is Graeme dott?
Editor Rob
Dott mentioned in his book "If I am small now (about 5ft 6in), I was really diminutive back then"

I can believe him being near 5ft 6
Adam said on 9/Mar/16
Rob do you know how tall Dennis taylor is?
Jimmy White always looks a bit taller than him, but on commentary a few months ago Dennis claimed to be 5 foot 10!?
I know he's not that tall, me and my dad met him at the crucible theatre last year, I'm 5,11 or around 6 foot in shoes, my dad is maybe just under 5 foot 10 and we were both much bigger than him, and Dennis was wearing heeled dress shoes.
Editor Rob
he was right Here beside me...granted he was late 50's so it's possible he was taller 25 years before I saw him. But 5ft 10 seems impossible really!
david said on 3/Oct/15
hi rob do you know who is taller out of john parrott and neil Robertson.
Editor Rob
in person they can look similar range, but then I do think John probably has the looser posture, he really could look 6ft up close, but maybe he can stretch taller when measured.
ray said on 4/Nov/14
Rob, Just curious how Tall would you guess Judd Trump at I think you might have said 5ft10 or 11 before, cant remember, I know some people think he could look like a 5'9- 5'10 guy but that seems much too low, He Looks quite tall to me, I would have guessed close to 6'0?
Editor Rob
5ft 9-10 range seems too low, but 5ft 10-11 range is more possible
blink said on 9/Sep/14
I agree I actually thought trump was 5'9 but I agree he's in the 5'11 range, not as tall as Selby who's a solid 6, probably 6.025.
matt said on 15/Aug/14
Judd Trump at 5'9 or 5'10 is a joke, He is clearly above 175- 178cm range, He is more like 182cm imo
max said on 4/Aug/14
hendry is a weak 5'11 max, Ronnie is actually 5'10
Blink said on 27/Feb/14
we know for a fact that Mark Selby is 6. Ronnie is listed on many sites as 5'11, Judd Trump looks like 5'10~ even though I've seen him listed as 5'9 many times.
james said on 16/Feb/14
Hendry on eurosport is listed as 6ft 1 white is maybe 5ft 10
jack said on 3/May/13
ive met mark selby and being 6ft 4in myself messured by the way for a medical i can tell for sure selby is no more than 6ft maybe 6ft 0.5
GUK said on 18/Oct/12
I think this listing is about right. There are some photos of him at the Everton training ground with 1.70m Leighton Baines and 1.73 Leon Osman and he looks around the same height. I've also seen him in person and he looked around 5ft 8
Peter said on 25/Aug/12
At many websites Ronnie O'Sullivans height is stated as 5'11 ,respectively 180 cm. I would say,this is about right but of course 5'10 could also be right. I would also say that Parrott and Davis are very level. Parrott hasnt a good posture and his and Davis shoulders are always at the same level. I would say,both are 185-186 cm. Selby must be 6' flat,not more. He is thin which makes him look taller than he really is.
Tubbs said on 24/Aug/12
Saw Jimmy a couple of months ago, was stood by him for a good 30 minutes whilst working at the local theatre for an exhibition show with some of the old stars.....I think 5'8.5 is a little too short for Jimmy, atleast 5'9" i would say, spoke to him for a bit, and he was a good 2 and a half inches taller than Dennis Taylor. Saw Parrot too, he's just over 6'1" i would say, and Cliff Thorburn was a solid 6ft. A definite upgrade needed for Jimmy!
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 25/Jan/12
If Davis is 187cm like Rob thinks, I'd estimate Parrott at 185-186cm as he always looks at bit shorter than Davis:
Click Here
O'Sullivan seems to be around the same height as Hendry:
Click Here
I'd guess both O'Sullivan and Hendry at 5'9.5"/177cm. And Doherty looks around 6cm shorter than Hendry:
Click Here
I'd say Doherty is 171cm. I could buy 6'0" flat for Selby:
Click Here
Higgins I think is 175cm:
Click Here
Editor Rob
while parrot last time I saw him could look nearer 6ft than his 6ft 2 claim, he still might be 6ft 1.

Davis in person does look near 6ft 1.5.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 24/Jan/12
I think Ronnie O'Sullivan is nowhere near 6'0", take a look at this picture/vid of him next to John Parrott who Rob thinks is close to 6'0":
Click Here
Click Here
I think 6'0" is too low for Parrott though, he's probably around 6'1" which puts O'Sullivan in the 5'9" range.
Editor Rob
I met Steve Davis last year, he looked near 187cm
Leo said on 19/Oct/11
Met Ken Doherty about an hour ago, he's 5ft 8.25. I was standing near John higgins too and he was 5ft.9.25.
random said on 12/Aug/11
from my personal experience
higgins and allen are same height as me (5'9.3'') (maybe +/-0.5'', never mind), williams is about 4.5'' higher than me and he has a very bad posture. so for him looks like 6'.2'-6'.3''
Jefferson said on 9/Jul/11
I watched some snookermatches in the last couple of months. I think Selby and Williams are both 6',they were at same height at the german masters in february. Ronnie is a little bit below them,I think something between 5'10'' and 5'11''.I think, Ryan Day is also a sixfooter because he seemed to be around 2 inches longer than Ronnie.
Editor Rob said on 1/Jun/11
On the weekend there I saw 2 more snooker players, Ken Doherty who looked close to 5ft 8 and John Parrott who looked nearer to 6ft than 6ft 2.5.
anon said on 1/May/11
Mark Williams over 6'3''? haha

He's nowhere near this height.
Physics Enemy said on 28/Apr/11
Tim, I don't think Ronnie looks near 6' at all. Check him out at the end of this vid: Click Here

I think he's 5' 10". And Davis is meant to be 6' 1", not 6' 2".
Anon said on 25/Jan/11
robertson looks like 186-187 on shoes next to steve davis
Tim said on 16/Jan/11
Ronnie is very close to 6'. I think he is 181 or 182 cm. Selby is 6' like Hendry. Steve Davis looks 6'2 to me.
max said on 31/Dec/10
does anyone know how tall matthew stevens the snooker player is.
Drexyl said on 24/May/09
My estimates for barefoot height:

Stephen Hendry - 5,11"
Ronnie O' Sullivan - 5,10"
Mark Williams - 5,11.5"
Steve Davis - 6,1.5"
Mark Selby - 6,1"
Ken Doherty - 5,8"
John Higgins - 5,8"
John Parrott - 6,0"
Jimmy White - 5,8"
GUK said on 15/May/09
Jimmy is about 5ft 8.5 I've walked past him in Sheffield about 10 years ago, I'm maybe 5ft 11.5 in shoes and I had a couple of inches on him and he had big shoes. He's def not 177cm
Anonymous said on 12/May/09

You are are wrong about so many things. Yes. Ricky Walden is 6'4. That's the only thing you've got right.

Mark Selby is no more than 6ft 1/2.
Ken Doherty is about 5'9. Certainly no shorter than 5'8.
Jimmy White is not 5'7. He's about 5'9.
Stephen Hendry looks exactly the same height as Mark Selby to me so I'd have him at about 6ft.
Ronnie O'Sullivan is clearly about an inch shorter than Stephen Hendry so that would put him at about 5'11.
jon said on 6/May/09
Ricky Walden is 6'4 with a noticeable slouch. Dennis taylor remarked Mark Selby being very tall at 6'3"- we can't rely on him then.
stephen said on 5/May/09
jon mark selby is not 6'2 he is shorter than mark williams and john parrott and ricky walden. so he is probaley about 6'0 then.
jon said on 4/May/09
Dennis Taylor overestimates everyones height, terry griffiths once remarked about ken doherty as being 5'2" and Dennis Taylor said no he is 5'7"-which is overestimation. And anonymous you tell me what you are on cos you having delusions.
jon said on 4/May/09
stephen hendry is 5'11", ronnie 5'10", mark selby 6'2+, taller than mark williams, matthew stephens 6'0", jimmy white 5'7" or less and ken doherty 5'6"
Doug said on 30/Apr/09
Mark Williams is about 6'2". Hendry doesn't look tall, looks 5'10" maybe? O'Sullivan looks around 5'11".
michael said on 26/Mar/09
does anybody know how tall matthew stevens and stephen hendry are.
matthew said on 31/Jan/09
ken doherty is taller than jimmy white and dennis taylor once said that doherty was about 5'9''. so barefoot jimmy white is 5'8'' max and probabley 5'6'' or 5'7''. and stephen hendry is an awful lot taller than jimmy white so barefoot he must be 6' or 6'1''.
matthew said on 28/Jan/09
barefoot i would say exactely 5'11'' for ronnie o sullivan. i once emailed his website asking how tall he was and they said 5'11''. and stephen hendry is defenitely a bit taller than ronnie o sullivan. i would say barefoot that he is 5'11.5 - 6ft.
Anonymous said on 23/Jan/09
jon (19/Jan/09), what are you on? Every height for the players you've mentioned is wrong.

Ronnie O'Sullivan is at least 5'10 and I think he is closer to 5'11.
Jimmy White is at least 5'8 but I don't think he's anymore than 5'9.5.
Mark Selby is not 6'2. He's listed as 6' on the BBC Snooker profile of him. His thin build makes him appear to be taller.
Quintenn Hann I'm pretty sure is at least 6'4. He seemed at least 5 inches taller than Ronnie when he stood next to him in an interview once.
Ali Carter is not 5'6. According to his BBC snooker profile he is 5'9 although my guess is that they have rounded that up. He's probably close to 5'8.5
Mark Williams is definitely taller than 6'1. He's between 6'2-6'3.
Ken Doherty 5'5!? Ha! Betwen 5'8-5'9.
Steve Davis is probably closer to 6'2 than 6'1 and Stephen Hendry who looks exactly the same height as Mark Selby must therefore be 6ft.
jon said on 19/Jan/09
Jimmy white nowadays is barely 5'7", he wears a hair piece and probably wears lifts. Ronnie is barely 5'9"- 4 inches shorter than 6'1" Steve Davis. Stephen Hendry 5'11". Ronnie once mentioned his height as 5'10" when interviewed by Eammon Holmes and Holmes was skeptical of that. One of tallest players was Quinten Hann at 6'3", he was also a model, little know player Scott Mckenzie is 6'5" and Mark Selby 6'2". Mark Williams about 6'1" and Ken Doherty one of the shortest at 5'5". Ali Carter is 5'6" tops but claims 5'9".
martin said on 16/Dec/08
barefoot i would say that matthew stevens is exactely 6'. he is defenitely taller than john higgins and ken doherty but also defenitely shorter than mark williams who barefoot i would guess is exactely 6'3''. mark williams is taller than every other snooker player apart from maybe ricky walden who i read was unusally tall for a snooker player at 6'4''.
martin said on 16/Dec/08
barefoot i would say ronnie is exactely 5'10''. and i would also say that barefoot stephen is exactely 5'11''. this feels right in my opinion. i know for sure that whatever the difference stephen is definetely a bit taller than ronnie. i would say from photos i have looked at that stephen is exactely 1 inch taller than ronnie.
bruce lee said on 25/Oct/08
matthew stevens is much shorter than mark williams. barefoot i would say he is exactely 5'10''.
bruce lee said on 23/Oct/08
thanks for that picture but i have seen a photograph on yahoo images where hendry and o sullivan are standing next to each other and hendry looked a full 2 inches taller than o sullivan. you can find it if you go to yahoo images and if you type in stephen hendry and ronnie o sullivan its only a small photograph but it shows a clear difference in height.
gordon said on 22/Oct/08
sorry i meant 5'11.5 - 6' for hendry. and 5'11'' for ronnie o sullivan.
GUK said on 22/Oct/08
Here is Stephan standing straighter than Ronnie and still not much in it. If Ronnie is 180cm then stephan is no more than 181
Click Here
gordon said on 22/Oct/08
jimmy white is no more than 5'8''. stephen hendry is much taller than him. and steve davis towers over him. just watch the last few minutes of steve davis playing jimmy white in the 1984 world final and when steve comes to shake jimmys hand he dwarves him by at least half a foot.
gordon said on 22/Oct/08
guk that is not a very good picture to go by there not even standing straight hendry is defenitely taller than ronnie o sullivan. to a certain extent you have probabely go a point though. when i look at hendry i would say barefoot he is nothing less than exately 5'11.5. so his height in my opinion is 5'11.5-6'.
GUK said on 21/Oct/08
A post from Ronnies official site....
At the back of his autograph picture, they say: Height: 5ft 11ins

Therefore Hendry is 5ft 11.5 max! and probably 5ft 11
GUK said on 21/Oct/08
No way is Hendry over 6ft. He's no taller than Ronnie. 5ft 11.5 max.

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max said on 21/Oct/08
barefoot maybe stephen hendry is exactely 6' or maybe exactely 6'1'' or maybe 6'1.5'' or maybe even 6'2''.
max said on 21/Oct/08
steve davis said in his prime he was 6'1.5'' and that now he is 6'1''.
max said on 21/Oct/08
drexyl he is taller than stephen hendry maybe i over did it a bit but i would still say 6'2'' or 6'3''. because if you watch jimmy white playing stephen hendry in the 1994 world final you can hear a commentator saying quite a tall lad young stephen well over 6 feet. if i was guessing though i wouldn t say well over 6' for hendry i would guess he is 6' or 6'1'' and yeah 6'2'' or 6'3'' for mark williams trust me he is defenitely taller then hendry by at least a full 2 inches and he towers over ronnie o sullivan and john higgins.
max said on 20/Oct/08
how tall is stephen hendry i have always wondered how tall he is.
Drexyl said on 20/Oct/08
Mark Williams is nowhere near 6,4". He's 6,0" at the absolute max.
Anonymous said on 20/Oct/08
OK Rob he could be 5ft 9, if Ronnie is 5ft 11 I think 13 stone is as wide as his height claim, more like 14
GUK said on 20/Oct/08
Click Here

Ronnie is sub 6ft and tends to wear flat trainers, Jimmy tends to wear shoes with heals.

Jimmy with another height liar
Click Here
GUK said on 20/Oct/08
There is no way Jimmy is 5ft 11. I've met him and had 2 inches on him and I'm 5ft 10.5 midday

Editor Rob
I will give him a foul!
max said on 20/Oct/08
i think the tallest snooker player around is mark williams i would say he is 6'4'' or 6'5'' he is defenitely taller than stephen hendry ronnie o sullivan matthew stevens shaun murphy and peter ebdon.
Drexyl said on 19/Oct/08
I think the tallest players around are still Steve Davis and John Parrott. Both look to be at least 6,2". I thought Ryan Day was a taller bloke but when he stood next to Parrott tonight he actually looked a touch shorter.
Anonymous said on 16/Oct/08
Yes Nelson Heights I agree. Actually I think Ronnie O'Sullivan is closer to 5'11 than 5'10. Jimmy is no taller than 5'8.5 to me. Jimmy could be 5'11 in his stilletos.
Nelson Heights said on 16/Oct/08
No way Jimmy white is 5'11.Check out this photo with 5'10 O'Sullivan.Maybe 5'8 for Jimmy!.

Click Here
henry said on 2/Oct/08
i was watching a clip on youtube of stephen hendry playing jimmy white in the 1994 final and one of the commentators says quite a tall lad this stephen hendry well over 6 foot so mark williams and peter ebdon must both be 6'4'' or 6'5''.
peter said on 16/Aug/08
maybe stphen hendry is 5'11.75''.
snookerplayer said on 13/Jul/08
how tall is alex higgins.
snookerplayer said on 13/Jul/08
at the end of the 1999 world championship stephen hendry shakes mark williams hand and stephen hendry looks taller i d say 6'2'' and 6'1''.
snookerplayer said on 3/Jul/08
i dont think jimmy white is 5'11'' like he says ronnie o sullivan is 5'11 and definetely taller. and john higgins looks taller than jimmy white and hes shorter than ronnie o sullivan.
snookerplayer said on 3/Jul/08
how tall is mark williams.
snookerfan92 said on 2/Jul/08
I know for a fact that Steve Davis is 6ft2 because Ken Doherty once said he was.
I think Hendry is 6ft1 because he looked a inch shorter than Davis when they stood together.
peter said on 17/Feb/08
how tall is peter ebdon
peter said on 17/Feb/08
how tall is stephen hendry
Anonymous said on 17/Feb/08
Ronnie O'Sullivan is between 5'10.5 - 5'11.
Stephen Hendry is between 5'11.5 - 6ft.

Jimmy White is 5'11 in his stilletos.
peter said on 15/Feb/08
how tall is ronnie o sullivan and how tall is stephen hendry
annon said on 14/Feb/08
I walked past him outsise the crucible Sheffield in the 90s, no more than 5ft 8 I'm certain
Anonymous said on 21/Jan/08
No way are Ronnie O'Sullivan and Stephen Hendry over 6ft. Mark Selby according to the BBC profile of him have him as exactly 6ft tall. When O'Sullivan played Selby and they stood next to each other a few times Selby looked 1 inch taller than O'Sullivan and I have read somewhere that O'Sullivan is 5'11. When Selby played Hendry very recently Hendry looked possibly slightly shorter (like a quarter of an inch) than Selby.
Clonmel said on 20/Mar/07
Saw Ronnie O Sullivan play recently and had assumed that he was about 5ft 10 but he looked 6ft+
Mandelbaum said on 2/Jun/06
I have played pool with Tony Drago and he is muc taller than 6'0, more like 6'3 or 6'4
Tubbs said on 27/Feb/06
I actually met Jimmy White in 1999, when he was qualifying for the World Championships in Telford. I was with my dad, walking towards the foyet of the building, and we saw Jimmy walking towards us. My dad said good luck to him, and Jimmy replied, thank you very much. Jimmy seemed a genuine guy, that didn't surprise us though, what did surprise us both was that Jimmy was atleast 5'10.5". We always thought he was around 5'8", like 6'&18, but to actually see him in the flesh made us realise that he is much taller in real than when he is on tv. We also met a lot of other players over the years at the same venue, Willie Thorne was atleast 6'3", Dennis Taylor is around 5'8", Tony Drago was shorter than I imagined at 6', Ronnie O Sullivan was 5'10, Mark Williams looked 6'2", Clive Everton the commentator was huge, about 6'4", and so was John Virgo, atleast 6'3", and Steve Davis looked about 6'2.5", unfortunately I didn't see Hendry, as I always wondered how tall he is, sometimes he can look 6'1+ and sometimes 5'11, however, when stood next to guys like Steve Davis and John Parrot he looks 6ft, or maybe a smidgen over.
6' & 18 said on 25/Feb/06
To the Hendry; I always felt Hendry was tall, he always gave me that impression. I felt 6' 2" for Hendry, seriously...I know he has a good build and great posture for tallness but he really seemed a tall man and a fair 6' 2". Ahhh well. But 6' 1" for Hendry surely isn't taller than imagined, given his height, build and posture?!

Editor Rob
I never pictured Hendry as over 6ft 1.5 is taller than I had imagined him...
6' & 18 said on 25/Feb/06
Crazy, I always thought he was quite short. Like, 5' 7" - 5' 8". Guess I never payed particular attention, but always felt from a visual impression he was pretty short. Mmmm.

Editor Rob
no, I too thought this guy was 5ft 8...although he might be 179 and just rounding up...

if he's 179 then Steven Hendry must be 6ft 1+, taller than imagined...

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