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6ft 0.36in (183.8cm)
6'3.5'' said on 4/Oct/07
You got that right Alex, im not going to bother arguing that half inch for Cena anymore because i don't think Rob will upgrade him from 6'0.5''
Alex said on 4/Oct/07
JK, me and you tend to agree on a good amount of wrestlers but we can't seem to agree on Cena but hey I'm not going to keep arguing over 1/2 inch. LOL
I think 6'0.5 and you think 6'1. At least I'm not saying 5'11 like others have said in the past.
Anonymous said on 28/Sep/07
Morgan Warfield on 9-28-07
I hate it when I'm still 4'11 and Rey Mysterio is taller than me.
Kevin Durant said on 24/Sep/07
I have seen John Cena in person and he can appear at a solid 6'1 sometimes. I still stick with Rob's listing that Cena is 6'0.5"
JK said on 24/Sep/07
He dosn't appear near 6'1''....... he is 6'1''
Hope said on 23/Sep/07
I love john cena. well my birthday is in a few days and i am 13 and have nver gotton anything much on my birthday. but for all my birthdays still to come i wish cena will meet with me in real life. i will be at raw on oct. 1 to see him and i will die if he comes to me and lets me meet him in real life.
ted said on 23/Sep/07
Big Jim have you ever met Bobby Lashley?If you do what is your guess about his height?
Alex said on 23/Sep/07
This video of Cena and Angle, both look to have about the same footwear. Cena looks over 6'0 but not quite 6'1. Not a full 3 inches between the 2. 2 1/2 inches.

Click Here
Vegas said on 22/Sep/07
230lb in late 2005 Click Here looked at least 235lb when i met him last in March 2004 (i did see him briefly in April 2006)

Flair is much bigger (and better built) in person than on tv
Alex said on 21/Sep/07
Flair I think is like 220 something.
Alex said on 21/Sep/07
I would go with 240lbs today. 225lbs 3-4 years ago.
TheMan said on 21/Sep/07
Yeah Cenas probably a good 6 foot. When he faced up to lesnar who was probably in lifts he was minimum of 2 inches shorter making him a good 6 foot on the money who knows he may be as high as 185cm even. Id say he's a good 240 the guys built.
Anon_V said on 21/Sep/07
My husband is a big wrestling fan and I drift in and out of the room when it's on the TV but the other day I noticed how Cena looked so much more muscular than the last time I saw him. I wonder about steroid use. I sure hope it's not the case but great day, he beefed up mighty quick. Oh yeah, this is the height site, ummm... he's definitely 6 foot!
Viper said on 20/Sep/07
He looks 225 pouds intitially to me. but in the movie the Marine I dare say he looks over 240 there. He just looks so jacked.
Jason said on 20/Sep/07
He only looked that to me in 2003 and 2005, too. In fact, in 2003 they announced him as 220lbs ... guess they messed that one up! Flair is suprisingly bigger and burlier-looking in person than TV.
Alex said on 20/Sep/07
Vegas, he does look a little bigger than from 2004 so its likely he gained some weight since then.
Vegas said on 20/Sep/07
Cena didn't look 245lb to me in 2004, more in the 220lb-225lb range i thought. Flair was def heavier than Cena based on my meetings with the two guys.

Big Jim; you said on 21/Apr/2006; My guess was that Ric Flair was right at 6
ted said on 20/Sep/07
Big Jim what is your opinion about morning heights?For example in the morning you can be as high as 6ft?
Alex said on 20/Sep/07
Cena said 245lbs in Flex magazine. I could believe that. At least 240lbs. I'm the same height as Cena and he would have 50lbs on me and I'm not small.
Alex said on 19/Sep/07
Big Jim, at 5'11.5 if he was a hair taller it gives him 6'0-6'0.25. Would you say 1/2 taller than you he was?
Derek said on 19/Sep/07
I said a long time ago the 6'0"-6'0 1/4" range was more accurate. I do agree with the 245 pounds. He is HUGE in terms of muscle.
BigJim said on 19/Sep/07
I stood next to Cena two years ago. I am 5'11.5 (see the Rick Flair photo). Cena was just a hair taller than I was. However, he sat for the photo.... My
Viper said on 18/Sep/07
That is not a division 1 college football team thats for sure.
JK said on 18/Sep/07
Or maybe 6'1'' is his actual height and not rounded?!??
Alex said on 18/Sep/07
John Cena played center at 220lbs? Thats weird, never thought I'd see that.
But him listed at 6'1 back in 1998 he would have been done growing. Football heights are more legit than basketball heights so the 6'1 may just been rounding up from 6'0 1/2 or 6'0.
Alex said on 17/Sep/07
I do really think Cena is the height listed on this site. Almost sure, if not that then 6'0 flat. I think 95% of the people here can believe that. 6'0 at least, 6'0 1/2 tops.
Vegas said on 15/Sep/07
Ted i am not sure when you started watching wrestling but its not real at all.

Cena was listed at 6'1 in college football too at age 20 in 1998 number 54 Click Here Cena is one of the few wrestlers i have met in person, close to if not exactly his listed height. I am friends with wrestlers here in ireland and have met over 50 current and ex WWE stars over the years.
ted said on 15/Sep/07
Maybe Cena is overrated if wrestling is fake after all, but his height is also overrated.You have Cena 6-1 again and again or 6-2!I am not surprice because he wears the biggest shoes from everybody else in the ring.For example Steve Austin might wear a 3cm boots, Cena wears Shox that gives him 4cm.That means 187cm with shoes on which is big.
JohnP said on 15/Sep/07
Ted; Cena always wins because Vince/the other bookers wants him too. It has less to do with being "a great fighter".

Cena is a good wrestler, but personally I think he is overrated, just like Hogan.
Vegas said on 15/Sep/07
ted; seriously man what are you on about?? small hands??

Cena doesn't look stumpy to me, but then again he is much heavier than he should be for his height
Alex said on 15/Sep/07
Jason, when you said Cena looked 6'1. Was that counting his footwear or was that the height you saw him subtracting 1-1.5 inches and getting him downt to 6'1?
Viper said on 15/Sep/07
I wouldnt put an overstimation of 1.5 inches by anyone.
Alex said on 14/Sep/07
I doubt Jason was overestimate him by 1.5 inches!
ted said on 14/Sep/07
When Cena on PPV always win and keep his championship(a great fighter,no doubt about that)he lifts the gold high.A look at his hands makes me think about the 6-1 as they are short.
Alex said on 14/Sep/07
Cena being 5'11.5 I'd be very shocked at but you never know though but I seriously doubt that. I think the 6'0 1/2 listing makes the most sense.
Jason said on 14/Sep/07
It definitely could be possible if he has internal lifts in his shoes. He does seem stumpy for his apparent height. Though I'd give him the benefit of the doubt for now.
JK said on 14/Sep/07
JT great great pictures Proving that Cena is 6'1''!! but we might aswell not bother because Rob will never upgrade him, i mean there were so many pics showing that he is 6'1'' but then again he is still listed at 184cm on this site......
Viper said on 14/Sep/07
I actually dont think Cena being 5-11.5 is out of the realm of possibility.
Alex said on 14/Sep/07
Cena does look closer to 6'1 there
JT said on 13/Sep/07
Click Here
Click Here
Alex said on 13/Sep/07
The most sneakers will give to your height is 1.5 inches but most sneakers give just an inch. Then you have those converse ones that give no more than 1/2 inch if that.
Alex said on 13/Sep/07
I'd be shocked if Cena was under 6'0. I can't be the 5'11-5'11.5 estimates though but can't believe the 6'1 plus estimates either. Its common sense that he lies between 6'0 and 6'0.5.
Vegas said on 13/Sep/07
then ted its downgrade time for basically everyone, angle, christian, federline, lashley and the list could go on till christmas.

Why are you having such a hardtime believing Cena is 6'0-6'0.5?? Here is a nice comparison photo of Cena with 6'5 (~6'6 in shoes) NFL star big ben and my 6'4 (~6'5 in shoes) friend Click Here

Vince is 6'1, he was slightly taller than stevie richards on raw this week and he doesn't look 2" shorter than Donald Trump here despite Trump holding a military posture throughout and a toupee on his head :) Click Here screenshots here Click Here

Long-time poster Frank has met Vince, ted you tell him that Vince is only 6'0 :D Click Here
ted said on 13/Sep/07
Both Cena and Vince is way shorter than you imagine.Vince has lost height and barefoot he could be no taller than 184cm.Put Cena 1-2cm shorter than Vince and you're alright.
JohnP said on 13/Sep/07
Vince isn't 6-1 1/2. He is 6-1 max, I do believe more 6-0 1/2 though judging by some pictures. Vince supposedly wear lifts at occasional times.
JK said on 13/Sep/07
Viper i just cannot believe you said that LOL
Vegas said on 13/Sep/07
Viper says on 13/Sep/07
5-11.5 could very well be Cena's barefoot height

there is more chance the earth is flat and there is more chance he is actually a good wrestler than <6'0 :)
Viper said on 13/Sep/07
5-11.5 could very well be Cen's barefoot height.
JK said on 12/Sep/07
Vince is more like 6'1.5'' and Cena still always seems to be taller!
Anonymous said on 12/Sep/07
Cena is 6'0 (183cm) and Lashley is 6'1 (186cm) once in smackdown cena was barefoot in the locker room and he looked about 5'11.5 (182cm) so 6'0 sounds right.About hes weight he looks about 240 pounds.
Vegas said on 12/Sep/07
there is no sneakers that give 2" Click Here Cena wears Nike Shox most of the time which give him approx 1.4" but i have seen him in shoes that give much less. The shoes he is wearing in the staredown with angle for example don't give any more than 1"
ted said on 12/Sep/07
Vince McMahon's shoes can give him one inch,so if he is 6-1 barefoot he is 6-2 in shoes.Cena wears sneakers so he is 6-2 with them if he is 6ft barefoot,so they end up the same height?
Ben said on 12/Sep/07
when you see cena in person hes a strange shape, huge feet and forearms, not very thick from chest to back, but really broad, he looks 6ft to me, really hard to judge his weight, looks 250+ straight on, but from a side he looks around 230lb
Vegas said on 12/Sep/07
this is the only time the camera doesn't favour mcmahon throughout the whole segment Click Here Cena looks a hair taller to me. Interestingly Cena was taller next to khali in his sneakers than McMahon was in his dress shoes.
Alex said on 12/Sep/07
Vince is 6'1 and was a bit taller than Cena.
Vegas said on 12/Sep/07
i saw raw on monday night. you are obviously talking about this meeting at the end of this video Click Here The camera angle is greatly favouring Vince (the camera is directly behind him). There is one good shot near the start where vince and Cena are the exact same height, the only time the angle isn't favouring vince.
ted said on 12/Sep/07
I don't claim that cena is 5-11 but if you watch 9/10/07 Raw you will see that Vince is taller than Cena.
supes78 said on 11/Sep/07
Yeah, Cena is not anything under 6ft that's for sure. I personally think that his current height listing is right on the money although I would believe up to 6'1" for the guy.
Vegas said on 11/Sep/07
mcmahon sure aint 2" taller than cena here Click Here

Ted; if Cena is 5'11 as you claim then Kevin Federline is 5'7 (despite claiming 6 foot himself) and Kurt Angle is 5'8 Click Here
ted said on 11/Sep/07
I watch a Raw video today and Vince McMahon is 2 inches taller than Cena.
JK said on 10/Sep/07
Having Cena at 5'11'' is like having The Rock at 5'8'', its just ridiculous
ted said on 10/Sep/07
Rob, have you ever listed John Cena at 5-11 on your site?

Editor Rob
I think he started 184, then went down, then back up, but 180, no.
Derek said on 9/Sep/07
Austin at 6'0"-6'0 1/2" sounds right. The lower end is probably more likely.
Alex said on 9/Sep/07
I'd believe Cena was 6'1 before Austin. No way is Austin 6'1 barefoot. He's 6'0, 6'0.5 at the most barefoot.
Vegas said on 8/Sep/07
another photo of 6'2 Donald Trump and Bobby Lashley Click Here Lashley looks close to 6'3 in ring gear thats for sure based on that pic.
JK said on 8/Sep/07
Austin is 6'1'' as he is listed here, and as you say Alex Cena is taller than Austin and Austin is listed here as 6'1'' that Definetly puts Cena no lower than 6'1'', the only thing is i don't know how Rob is still keeping Cena at 6'0.5'' when he clearly is and looks taller
Alex said on 8/Sep/07
Ted you say Austin is taller than Cena or the same height. If anything Cena is a little taller than Austin. Austin is no more than 6'0 barefoot and Cena is about 6'0.5.
JK said on 7/Sep/07
Ted i met him aswell in 2004 and he was 4 inches taller than me! and i was a solid 5'10'' back then, he wore those classic looking Reebok Pumps
vegas said on 7/Sep/07
TV doesn't make Cena look bigger, he is that big in real life, i have stood right beside the guy.

And I met steve austin twice in person and he didn't look 6'3 in shoes, first time about 6'1 in shoes, second time around 6'2

Michaels is 5'11 alrite, met him too
ted said on 7/Sep/07
1. Tv makes Cena look bigger.It is possible he is 182-183,no more.
2. Stone Cold Steve Austin is 6-3 with shoes but 6-1 barefoot.Cena maybe look 6-2 with shoes and he is 6 without them.Cena's height is no more of a mystery.Without lifts and Michaels to 5-11.
JK said on 7/Sep/07
Ted is trying to say that Cena is 5'8'' - 5'9'' lol
vegas said on 7/Sep/07
I am not quite sure what you are trying to say ted??? Lashley is really 5'10-5'11 and Cena is 1 inch possibly 2 inches shorter than Lashley??
ted said on 7/Sep/07
There is an easy 2 inch difference from the right angle.Also with cena he seems 1 inch shorter(some claim 2).
vegas said on 6/Sep/07
they look almost identical to me (slight edge to henry maybe) but mark henry has slightly bigger boots too (i have that match on vhs)

Click Here no way a 3" difference though. Lashley is between 6'0 and 6'1 for me. He also matched up very well with the 6'2 Donald Trump Click Here and Click Here and Click Here
ted said on 6/Sep/07
This is what i'm thinking.Bobby Lashley is 6-1 only if Mark Henry is 6-4 which he is not because he is shorter than 190cm Batista.So FORGET the 6ft.Lashley can be from 5-10 to 5-11.
JK said on 6/Sep/07
Theres no way someone as big as Lashley be anywhere near 6'0.5''! Lashley is minimum of 6'1'' and so is John Cena
ted said on 6/Sep/07
Anybody that claims Lashley is 6ft or 6-1 have you seen him face to face with Mark Henry?He looks very small and Henry is no more than 6-1!
Alex said on 5/Sep/07
Cena and Lashley are both 6'0.5 I think.
ted said on 2/Sep/07
To rvd420.You claim that Lashley is 6ft and i claim he is 5-11.What's the difference?It's only 2cm.You can't judge weight and height for just one inch.
Alex said on 27/Aug/07
6'5 is yoo much for him. 6'4 is good for him I think.
Viper said on 26/Aug/07
Radny Orton is lucky If hes 6-4. 6-5 is crazy for him.
ted said on 26/Aug/07
Cena is exatly 183.I'm really a reserved man but i bet on that.
Crissy said on 26/Aug/07
John is like a legit 6'0 because when he stands face to face with Randy Orton (whom is about 6'5) there is definantly a 5 inch difference. But I think Bobby Lashley is billed to tall, he is definantly not 6'3 because him and John appear to be the same height.
Viper said on 26/Aug/07
My god Cena's arms are insane in that Roddick picture. Buffest looking tennis player ever.
JK said on 26/Aug/07
This is a good angle Click Here and here Click Here even though the angle dosen't favour Cena you can still see that he is 6'1'' Rob
JK said on 26/Aug/07
That is one of the worst angle you can judge by
hannah said on 26/Aug/07
Here is a pic of Cena next to 6'2" billed Andy Roddick. He looks more 6'0" even but Roddick is wearing tennis shoes so has more of an advantage. Click Here
JK said on 25/Aug/07
I still think Cena is going to be upgraded...
Alex said on 25/Aug/07
Cena isn't getting upgraded from 6'0.5 anytime soon I don't think and yes the guy can look 6'1 but you can be 6'0-6'0.5 and easily look 6'1 and its not easy the tell the difference from on TV anyway. I think the 6'0.5 listing is good for now.
JK said on 23/Aug/07
Well Ric flair is 5'11'' nearly all the people on celebheights are saying it Rob, you should give cena 6'0.75'' minimum then Rob because you have said so many times yourself that he does look 6'1''
deadman said on 23/Aug/07
the funny thing about lashley is they have him listed at 6'3 in this months flex magazine
Alex said on 23/Aug/07
Lesnar isn't more than 6'2.
rvd420 said on 23/Aug/07
Lashley is 6'0 or 6'1 imo. I don't belieVe a 5'11 person can way around 270 and look the way Lashley does.
JK said on 23/Aug/07
Rob please can you comment on this post? You have Ric Flair at 183cm here right? and John Cena at 184cm right? Look Here Click Here Does Cena look only a centimeter taller than Flair? lol, now are you convinced that Cena is 6'1'' or maybe even a minimum of 6'0.75'' because in the video Cena has him by 2 inches and not a centimeter!!

Editor Rob
yes he has him by a few inches. I never bothered with flair apart from the Jim pic and his quote of 6ft but he looks no more than 5ft 11 if giving cena 6ft 1
Dude said on 23/Aug/07
vince mcmahon is NOT 5 ft 11 he's like 6 ft 2 or 3 more like brocks height.even thought brock isnt 6 ft 2 he's 3 or 4.
ted said on 23/Aug/07
I'm sure cena is 6ft because he looks slightly taller than bobby lashley who is 5-11.I know Lashley's height because he looks 5 cm shorter than the
legit 6-1 Mark Henry.
rvd420 said on 22/Aug/07
ted, what proof that you have outside an obscure source that makes Cena 6'. The guy said it many times he is 6'1 on other sites and he looks that way too if not taller. If Cena is 6', then vince should be 5'11 and Randy Orton should be 6'2.5 because of it.
ted said on 22/Aug/07
Upgrade him?You can't be serious.You must see him barefoot in more than 10 pics to be absolutely sure.

184 is too much even for his huge footwear.
JK said on 22/Aug/07
Well Rob? are you going to upgrade him by a bit?

Editor Rob
not unless I'm certain he'd be closer to 6ft 1, until then...
JK said on 22/Aug/07
Well Rob if 6'1'' isn't out of reach how come you haven't still upgraded him mate? If not 6'1'' then why don't you put him to 6'0.75''?
JK said on 22/Aug/07
Rob, please do not ignore to comment on this post, is 6'1'' still out of reach for Cena Rob? I just don't get it how you have Vince at 187cm when you have Cena at 184cm Click Here Click Here
Click Here Click Here
i just don't get how you can have Vince at 187cm and Cena at 184cm, as you can see Rob Cena is a true 6'1'' so are you going to upgrade him to 6'1'' or even maybe 6'0.75''????? If you don't then Vince needs to be downgraded to 184cm because something is definetley wrong!

Editor Rob
6ft 1 isn't out of reach, but at 62 there's more chance of vincent having lost 1/2 inch or so. It's true Cena can pass for 6ft 1 in many pics.
Dude said on 21/Aug/07
Oh so im guessing u cant buy them,and they were made for him.I have seen similar shoes but not exactly the same.They're just cool and i wanted a pair.those trainers he wears now are crap. i know its got nothing to do with cena's size but hey.thanks.
JK said on 20/Aug/07
I think they were wrestling shoes and not sneakers
Dude said on 20/Aug/07
hey does anyone know anything about ,cena's old shoes the one's he wore in 2003 that look like converse,it's impossible to find any info about them.
Derek said on 19/Aug/07
JK- Looks like you're being biased. That is a horrible photo to judge by. I saw them in the ring on RAW and Cena was shorter than Umaga even in his sneakers.
ted said on 19/Aug/07
I'm telling you again Rob cena is 6ft.I don't understand why you disagree with him.He addmits 183.Doesn't he know beter about his height???
rvd420 said on 19/Aug/07
Cena could be a hair over 6'1 by those pics JK.
JK said on 18/Aug/07
Derek are you just being biased? or you can see that Cena is clearly taller even though he is miles away from the camera Click Here
Derek said on 18/Aug/07
Cena in sneakers was still shorter than a barefoot Umaga.
JK said on 17/Aug/07
Again Rob, Cena not looking 184cm next to Triple H Click Here who is listed 6'2'' on this site
JOHN CENA ROCKS ! said on 15/Aug/07
i am sure that Cena is a 6'1 less. he has no really billed height...his billed height could be even 6'4....because i think he is taller than Bobby Lashley and Umaga who measure "6'3-lashley" and "6'4-Umaga"....I think that lashley is 6'0 and Umaga 6'0.5....NOT MORE!
Derek said on 12/Aug/07
Alex- I was actually telling people I was 6'1". I'm probably around 6'1 3/4" at midday, so I might as well say 6'2". The only way you can tell 1/4" is by using a tape measure.
Air Attacker said on 12/Aug/07
I am a legit 6'3 3/4 and my estimation on the height of John Cena that the guy is probably 6'0 1/2.
Alex said on 12/Aug/07
Derek, so you tell people 6'2 if they ask?
I actually gotta do that one day, measure myself 3-4 times during the day. Right out of bed, a few hours later then another few hours later than before bed.
Vegas said on 12/Aug/07
xtremelove; funny that you saw christian cage 1.5" taller than cena yet here Cena is clearly about 1.5" taller than Christian Click Here
JK said on 11/Aug/07
I wonder who is the tallest out of Cena and his brothers...
Derek said on 11/Aug/07
Alex- I'm around the 6'2" mark. I measured myself as soon as I woke up, and I was 6'2 1/4". At bed, I'm probably around 6'1 1/4"-1/2".
Alex said on 11/Aug/07
My eyebrows are 3.5 inches from the top of my head. My eye level is 4.5 inches from the top of my head. I have a 9.5 inch head as well.

Derek, really any height would be ok but best would be someone in the 5'11-6'2 range to get a photo with Cena. Aren't you 6'2 you said now since you said you were 6'1 1/2 by the late evening?
Viper said on 10/Aug/07
I think my eyebrows are around 4 inches from the top of my head. And Ive got a 9.5 inch head.
lillo thomas said on 10/Aug/07
snoop is about 6-3.5 max
Derek said on 10/Aug/07
I guess we'll never know how tall Cena is unless 1)The doctor who does his physical comes out or 2)Someone around my height or Alex's height gets a photo.
Vegas said on 10/Aug/07
Derek; my 6'4 friend is adopting a similar posture with cena as snoop did (one shoulder up, the other down slightly), so if snoop is 3" taller than cena there then my friend is 4" taller than cena (plus cena is closer to the camera with my friend), this illustrates it better Click Here

As for cenas hair, cenas head does not stop at his forehead (snoops does which is weird and can be seen in the davis/richardson pic i posted). Cena has a head similiar to richardsons, there is a video on youtube showing him with a near shaved head (i will find it and post it) but for now i only have this photo Click Here
Viper said on 9/Aug/07
I have to agree with Vegas I think. I thought it was 3 inches, just looking at their faces originally. But the top of Cena's goes well above Snoop's eyebrows.
Derek said on 9/Aug/07
Vegas- I think you're taking Cena's hair into consideration. Like I said before, Snoop is slouching.

For the record, Richardson is a measured 6'4 3/4".
Alex said on 9/Aug/07
Eyebrows are 3, 3.5 inches from the top of someone's head, thats for most people.
Vegas said on 9/Aug/07
Derek; Cena is way over Snoops eyebrows there. Cena isn't standing straight in that photo either (draw a straight line along Cenas eyeline and you will see that he is slouched too). The video was much better evidence anyway.

speaking of Snoop, Glenn says he is 6'4 and this picture probably confirms snoop is 6'3.75-6'4 Click Here 6'3" listed Baron Davis and 6'6" listed Jason Richardson. Anyone care to estimate how short Baron Davis is in reality next to Snoop?? Richardson looks 6'5 max if Snoop is 6'4.
Viper said on 9/Aug/07
I dont think Snoop quite reaches 6-4. A solid 6-3-6-3 1/2 guy though.
Derek said on 8/Aug/07
Vegas- I don't know where you see 2 inches. Even with Snoop slouching, I see a good 3 inches. Cena is up to his eyebrows, which is more than 2 inches.
RVD420 said on 8/Aug/07
Viper, there is one source that Cena says he is 6'0. Every other source he list himself as 6'1. There was his myspace but Vegas proved that to be fake.
RVD420 said on 8/Aug/07
I agree with Vegas here regarding Snoop Dogg. At most I see 3 inches and I do think Snoop is at 6'4 or higher as he towers over 6'1 Dr Dre.

Cena is at least 6'1, as he was at least the same height as Jared who lists himself as 6'2.
JK said on 8/Aug/07
Not in one picture have i seen Cena less than 6'1'' not even when i met him in real life 3 years ago
Vegas said on 8/Aug/07
Derek i only see 2" between cena and snoop in that photo. I posted the video of their encounter a while back and there only looked 2-2.5" between the two.

Viper; i read your piece on hogans page and thats wild, maybe the guy doesnt know his own correct height??? (two of my friends don't even know what height they are ie never measured themselves).
Viper said on 7/Aug/07
I guess you could argue that Cena thinks hes only 6-0 in his mind, but thats a longshot. I personally met a guy who downgraded his height by at least an inch. Dont know why, maybe to make me look shorter or he really thought he was that height.
Derek said on 7/Aug/07
Go back to April 29th and you'll find the picture of Cena and Snoop Dogg. That will eliminate 6'1" for Cena JK.
JK said on 7/Aug/07
Look guys you can talk it, ive been showing proof that Cena is above 6'1'', why don't you do the same by showing pictures etc
Alex said on 6/Aug/07
John P, exactly. Thats what I said. a 6'1 guy isn't going to say he's 6'0. A guy 6'0 1/2 would say he's 6'0. I'm about 6'0 1/2 but I'll say 6'0 sometimes since I am that height for a good couple hours of the day at least.
JohnP said on 6/Aug/07
Just a question, why does some people think Cena is 6-1 or taller when Cena himself said 6-0? Why would Cena downgrade his height? He could be 6-0 1/2 and just downgrade himself to 6-0, but yeah, if he was a 6-1 then he would probably say that he was 6-1?
Mr. Alday said on 5/Aug/07
I just checked out a review of a WWE game for the N-Gage and they had John Cena at 6'5", 260 pounds and Rey Mysterio at 5'6", 260 pounds, LMFAO!
Alex said on 5/Aug/07
Hogan was a legit 6'5 at his peak, a lot of older guys will lose height and still think they're the same height when they were younger.

Booker T isn't 6'3. More like 6'1.5.
JK said on 4/Aug/07
Again Cena with 6'3'' Booker T Click Here Rob can't you get him to 6'0.75'' minimum then? although he is 6'1''
Derek said on 4/Aug/07
No one believes Hogan is 6'5" because he looked 6'4" tops with Shawn Michaels at Summerslam 2005.
JK said on 4/Aug/07
I don't think Cena cares about his height really but i still think Cena is 6'1'' barefoot
Vegas said on 3/Aug/07
Things you have to take into account 6'3" JK is that
Cena is:
1). closer to the camera,
2). he is wearing a hat (giving him approx 0.5" extra) and
3). he has the footwear advantage (as he was wearing the big basketball boots that day)

Like Alex i think more in the 6'0.5" barefoot region for Cena. I don't buy the whole Khaleej Times interview thing though, the myspace page was found to be a fake!! I lost count the number of times Cena called Khali a 7'5 giant on RAW, lol, so obviously he is not too good at this whole height thing, :)

Nobody believes Hulk Hogan is 6'5 despite him saying it on television a couple of days ago.
JK said on 3/Aug/07
Cena is a legit 6'1'' the picture with your friend proves it Vegas
Alex said on 3/Aug/07
Your friend is still 2-3 inches taller even with Cena a bit closer to the camera. If both are on the same level Cena would be about 6'0.5 I think.
Vegas said on 3/Aug/07
Derek imo there was close to a 4" difference between federline and cena in the staredown Click Here So a 6ft Cena equals a 5'8ish Federline. 6'3" JK; federline at 5'11 is out of the question as that would put Cena close to 6'3, of course if federline is really his listed 6ft (Federline claims 6ft himself btw) that means Cena was close to 6'4 that night!!!!

Derek; here is a photo of me and cena taken from a vhs video. Most of the video Cena is closer to the camera Click Here Cena was 6'2 in shoes that night or 6'2.5"+ with the hat on. i am a legit 5'11 barefoot or 6ft in shoes Click Here and Click Here

My 6'4 friend and cena (cena is slightly closer to the camera though) Click Here
Derek said on 2/Aug/07
Alex- 6'0 1/2" is possible, but he's certainly no more than that. The only way we'll be able to tell is if someone from here has a photo with Cena.

Viper- I put a pair of socks in each shoe to see if it made a difference, and it gave me an extra 1/2".

Vegas- K-Fed looked 5'9"-5'10" with Cena. Cena had a good few inches on him.
JK said on 2/Aug/07
To me it also actually seems like Cena does not absolutley care about his height, thats why he just probably randomly says he is 6'0'' because he knows he is around there somwhere when he is clearly taller
JK said on 2/Aug/07
Ill tell you mine 5'11'' as Rob had him listed
Alex said on 2/Aug/07
Vegas, I'll tell you mine. K-Fed looked only 5'9 to me.
Vegas said on 1/Aug/07
Derek what is your take on kfed's height after his staredown with cena in january??
Viper said on 1/Aug/07
I thought it was ridiculous at first, but a couple of people on this board have actually menbtioned doing just that.
Alex said on 1/Aug/07
Derek, Cena is possibly be 6'0 1/2 but not 6'1. He's not going to be 6'1 and say he's 6'0 above where Rob quoted him. At 6'0 1/2, about the same height I am you are going to say 6'0 sometimes too. I think thats in Cena's case.
Derek said on 1/Aug/07
Possible Viper, but highly unlikely. He is more likely to wear lifts. I believe the pumps are 1 1/4". 6'0" barefoot+sneakers+small lifts= a hair over 6'2". Regardless of what everyone else thinks, I think Cena is 6'0"-6'0 1/4".
JK said on 1/Aug/07
no offence but That is one of the MOST ridiculous thing i have EVER heard lol!
Viper said on 31/Jul/07
He could be stuffing socks into his shoes,
Vegas said on 31/Jul/07
Could Cena also have extra padding inside those shoes??

Cena looks 3.5-4" taller than Kurt Angle in this photo that JK posted Click Here Assuming that Angle is 5'11" in shoes that puts Cena at 6'2.5" in shoes there at least!!!
JK said on 31/Jul/07
He wasn't wearing shox, he was Wearing Reebok pumps so that makes him 6'1'' barefoot
Alex said on 31/Jul/07
He could still be 6'2 with shoes and be 6'0.5 barefoot. Those Nike Shox give about 1.5 inches of height to you.
JK said on 29/Jul/07
No, i am not not saying Cena is 6'2'' without shoes, I am saying he is 6'1'' without shoes, obviously with with footwear he is 6'2'' as i have seen him in 2004 and so has Vegas
Alex said on 28/Jul/07
JK, so you're saying Cena is 6'2?
I do agree on more than some of your estimates but just not with Cena.
I still think he's 6'0.5.
And that 1st picture with Angle he doesn't have no 4 inches on him. More like 2.5 or so since Cena's eye level is probably 4.5 inches and Angle comes above Cena's eyebrows. Thats pretty much the same height I had over Angle.
JK said on 28/Jul/07
The debut does not matter thats old news man, i just showed you solid proof he has 4 inches on angle
Alex said on 27/Jul/07
Those pictures he looks more taller than Angle than usual but Cena's debut where him and Angle had like the same boots on he didn't have more than 2.5 inches on Angle.
JK said on 27/Jul/07
Alex i just don't get it, why are you ignoring the pictures i posted at the bottom as proof?, can't you see that John cena is the same height as Shane Mcmahon in those pictures, he also has 4 inches on Kurt Angle, a very LOT more than you had on him! Click Here Click Here
Alex said on 26/Jul/07
6'0-6'0.5 isn't easy to tell the difference anyway, especially on TV. I'm in the 6'0-6'0.5 range most of the day and I'll say 6'0 sometimes since its easier than saying 6'0 1/4 or 6'0 1/2. Cena I think may actually be 6'0 1/4 and he isn't going to be 6'1 saying he's 6'0.
Vegas said on 26/Jul/07
for those wondering; john cena's offical myspace page was a fake Click Here some 17 year old.
JK said on 26/Jul/07
Rob can't you put him to 6'0.75'' minimum after the pictures i showed you, or are you just sticking with the 6'0.5'' for the moment?

Editor Rob
for the moment I leave him 184cm legit even though he only claims 6ft. I'm going to watch the marine dvd today...if its real bad he'll go back to 6ft...;)
Jason said on 26/Jul/07
I would list him at 6'0 1/2''/184cm.
dmeyer said on 26/Jul/07
i agree he does seem a 184 cm guy but whi does he claims 6 ft i guess it is easier to say 6 ft than 6 ft 0.5 in
JK said on 26/Jul/07
Well Rob, didn't you look atn the pictures i posted, look at the 4 inch difference between him and Kurt Angle Click Here Cena is 6'1'' so are you going to upgrade him? also look at the pics with Shane and Vince

Editor Rob
I'm leaving him 184cm.
JK said on 26/Jul/07
He is still really 6'1'', ill show you more proof, look here with Legit 6'2'' Shane Mcmahon Click Here He is looking same height, You have Vince at 187cm here then look at this Click Here and also look at this Click Here This is enough Proof to show that Cena is really 6'1'', youve got to Upgrade the guy to 6'1''
JK said on 26/Jul/07
Come on man Rob you gotta do something, I mean you have Shawn Michaels listed here at 182cm and Cena listed at 183cm when the real difference when both men stand straight is Click Here I mean Rob you gotta upgrade Cena or Downgrade michaels...

Editor Rob
I'll put him back to 184cm...
Anonymous said on 25/Jul/07
Click Here

Click Here

6'1 John Cena and 6'2 HHH
Alex said on 22/Jul/07
I wouldn't say he's 6'5. More about 6'4.
JK said on 22/Jul/07
Randy Orton is easily 6'4'' - 6'5'' without a doubt and I agree with Derek On Ortons height
Viper said on 21/Jul/07
How could Orton be 6-5?
Derek said on 21/Jul/07
Orton is 6'4" and I think there's 4 inches, not 5. Cena is around 6'0", maybe a 1/4" more.
Crissy said on 21/Jul/07
Randy Orton is 6'5 and when he goes face to face with John, I definantly see a 5 inch difference. But!! John and Bobby are about the same height, so I don't think Lashley is 6'3-6'4
deepestvoice said on 19/Jul/07
That's a good thing too. That means you don't have to be 6'5 to be a giant killer. Lashley and Cena have both taken out the very biggest in the WWE.
deepestvoice said on 19/Jul/07
I noticed the same thing JLA. Bobby Lashley looked just about Cena's height. Nowhere near the 6'3/6'4 they've listed him at before.
JLA said on 18/Jul/07
Why would they say that lashley is 6'3 and appear the same height as cena who is 6'1 at the show? I guess no body cares about heights in the arena.
First they even listed Lashley at 6'4 then John Cena At 6'2 now its one inch less for both. Also Angle is 5'10 and they listed him all the way to 6'2. Very big difference. Well the taller the Better. I hope lashley wins for story line can change for once.
JK said on 17/Jul/07
They were both the same or maybe again Cena was marginally taller Click Here Click Here
JLA said on 17/Jul/07
At raw tonight they said Cena is 6'1 and Lashley was 6'3. However when they went face to face they looked almost the same height. If cena is 6'0 then lashley would be 6'0.5 at the most.
mike m said on 15/Jul/07
cena looks about 1.5" to 2 inches shorter than hhh,and 3 inches shorter than orton.
Anonymous said on 14/Jul/07
cena has got 6foot 1 cauze triple h is almost the same tall as him and shawn michaels havent the same tall
JK said on 12/Jul/07
I think Rob is not going to change Cena from 6'0'' anymore, so im not gonna even bother, But obviously i still think Cena is 6'1'' Minimum
Alex said on 11/Jul/07
Minimum 1.5 inches between HHH and Cena there.
Derek said on 11/Jul/07
JK- Cena has his hat on, and yes, I see 2". Even with the hat, Triple H is clearly taller.
JK said on 11/Jul/07
Well Rob do you see a proper 2 inch difference? i see 1
JK said on 11/Jul/07
Rob you have Triple H listed here at 6'2'' right? Do you see a 2 inch difference here!???? because i don't!!!! Click Here
RVD420 said on 10/Jul/07
Where does this 1.5 inch advantage come from? Cena wears different types of shoes, such as the converse he wore on his feud with Kurt which gave him a .7 inch lift. I don't buy that his shoes contribute greatly to the comparison in height, especially since Lashley's boots might give him the same amount of lift.

PS Move Cena to at least 184 cm even though he is really 185.
Starfish said on 9/Jul/07
hey rvd420 cena was wearing shoes that gives him 1.5 inch advantage over lashly who wears thin boots lol .... soo cena's probably 6'2 at most.
RVD420 said on 9/Jul/07
IIRC, Cena looked taller than Lashley by a hair last monday but it could be the hat.
Alex said on 8/Jul/07
Yea, Lashley on TV looked a bit taller than Cena. It could be Lashley 6'1 and Cena 6'0.5 most likely.
Orton has more than 2 inches on Cena. If Orton puts his head more straight he would have more height on Cena and I've seen them in the past where Orton has over 3 inches on Cena.
JK said on 8/Jul/07
6'4'' Randy Orton also has 1.5 - 2 inches on Cena if he is lucky Rob, There is no way that i can see a 4 inch difference here Rob lol, Click Here
JK said on 8/Jul/07
Cena was taller, and i think we need a upgrade
Viper said on 7/Jul/07
Lashley still looks taller to me in those pics. And the last time I saw both face to face I thoiught Lashley was taller. Could have been the camera angles or something.
Alex said on 7/Jul/07
Both guys look very near the same height with a fraction of an inch difference. Cena is probably 6'0.5 while Lashley is the same. Lashley I thought looked 6'1.
Anonymous said on 7/Jul/07
Actually Lashley isn't shorter. Cena was wearing hat while Lashley is bald and don't forget Cena's notorious big basketball trainers. So I think they both are 6'0.75''.
JK said on 7/Jul/07
Viper, the fact is that Cena is a 6'1'' guy, I mean he is taller than a guy who is billed 6'3''!
Derek said on 7/Jul/07
Cena and Lashley were very close in height, with Cena about 1/4"-1/2" taller. 6'0 1/4" and 6'0" is very possible.
JK said on 7/Jul/07
Rob you really should upgrade Cena to his real height of 6'1'' Look at these pictures With Bobby Lashley who is listed 6'3'' Click Here Click Here What other proof is needed?

Editor Rob
I'll put him back to 184cm probably.
Viper said on 7/Jul/07
Thats weird JK, because Lashley has always given me a 6-1 impression.
Crissy said on 6/Jul/07
I Think John is a legit 6'0-6'1 but no taller, he does seem shorter than Bobby Lashley, because Lashley is 6'2 or something, bobby isn't 5'11
JK said on 6/Jul/07
John Cena was also 1/2 inch taller Than Bobby Lashley face to face on Raw, So i am guessing every on thinks Lashley is 5'11.5'' now LMAO!!!!!!!!
Mr. Alday said on 6/Jul/07
Look guys, to end all this frustration, etc. I actually met John Cena backstage a while ago. Im 6 foot 3 (6'4 with shoes) and John Cena is no less than 6'1". My wifes brother is Cenas height as well, so I think I would know.
RVD420 said on 2/Jul/07
Ok, if rob is still going to leave Cena to where he is, then he should change Vince McMahon's height to 6'0 also.
JK said on 30/Jun/07
I don't think K-Fed gives a sh*t, because he has got enough money!
Viper said on 30/Jun/07
Kevin Federline became a nobody after Britney divorced him!!
Alex said on 29/Jun/07
K-Fed sometimes looked taller by himself or with Britney but with Cena that made him really look shorter than he was. He looked no more than 5'9 with Cena.
Vegas said on 29/Jun/07
actually guys i am not blaming rob here but the absolute worst is cena and kevin federline. most sites list kfed at 6'0 while rob has him at 5'11 and there was like 4" between the two Click Here

Editor Rob
'had' him, he was a nobody though and got delisted.
JK said on 28/Jun/07
Yeah Rob You should really change the listings, If Brock lesnar is 6'2'' then John Cena is a Legit 6'1'', other wise You should change Lesnar to 6'1'' because there is only an inch difference between them, You also have Mr Mcmahon at 6'1.5'' here, and Cena ALWAYS is the same height as him face to face or even a bit taller, This Just Proves Cena is 6'1''
Anonymous said on 27/Jun/07
At that time Cena was wearing regular sneakers, which gave him about 3 cm (1.25''). But Lesnar's boots were also absolutely normal and they also gave him about 3 cm. Big wrestling boots I call RVD's, Jericho's or CM Punk's boots.
And of course Lesnar-Cena difference was clearly over 1'' - either 1.25'' or 1.5''. And since Brock is a solid 6' 2'' this makes Cena 6' 0.5'' or 6' 0.75''.

But this is not the only Cena-wrestler difference that comes out to be wrong. I've already told Rob that he can't list Cena as 6' and in the same time Vince McMahon as 6' 1.5''. Not to mention the insane Cena-HBK difference of only 1 cm, or the lack of difference between Cena and Ric Flair.
I think that Rob should seriously deliberate on some of his listings.
JK said on 25/Jun/07
Alex man, Lesnar's big wrestling Boots gave around near 2 inches which made him appear his billed height of 6'3'' - 6'4'' in the ring, Cena was wearing very low cut black sneakers, which gave him an inch at the most, they were both an inch apart, no way near 1.5 inches lol, id only say 1/2 an inch to 1 inch, so Either Cena is 6'0'' and Lesnar is 6'1'', or Either Cena is a Legit 6'1'' and Lesnar is also a legit 6'2'', Theses guys were NO WAY 2 inches apart, only 1/2 an inch seperated them, 1 inch at the most
Alex said on 24/Jun/07
Yea, he did only look 1-1.25 inches shorter than Lesnar, 1.5 inches at the most, but I think Cena's basketball sneakers which we know gotta give 1.5 inches of height were a bit bigger than Lesnar's 1 inch wrestling boots so really the 2 guys could be 2 inches apart. 6'2 for Lesnar and 6'0 for Cena. And again a 6'1 guy isn't going to say 6'0. A guy 6'0.25-6'0.5 may say 6'0, but not a 6'1 guy though.
RVD420 said on 23/Jun/07
Agreed JK. I'd say downgrade a lot of others too if we are also blindly agree that Test is 6'3.

Cena is 6'1.
JK said on 22/Jun/07
Get over it guys he is 6'1'', he was only an ich or maybe half an inch shorter than Lesnar face to face, Rob i think you also seen the pic, if you leave Cena at 6'0'' (which I still can't believe!!!) then you should downgrade Lesnar from 6'2'', because something is really wrong here and its confusing everybody
Alex said on 21/Jun/07
Or maybe 6'0.25.
RVD420 said on 20/Jun/07
I honestly think Cena should be changed to at least 6'0.5.
RVD420 said on 17/Jun/07
Agreed Derek, that is a 9 inch difference there. It is like a 5'10 guy saying he is 6'7.
Derek said on 16/Jun/07
A 6'3" guy isn't getting away with being billed at 7'0". Taker wasn't even billed at 7'0". I don't see Test being under 6'5", especially since he could step over the top rope with ease.
Alex said on 16/Jun/07
Was he billed at 7'0 in WWE though? I know he was billed at 7'0 in the Wrestlmania 2000 game for N64 though.
Vegas said on 16/Jun/07
i agree alex; somewhere between 6'4 and 6'5 for Test. Martin claims 6'6 on his offical myspace page btw. Could a 6'3 guy get away with being billed at 7ft?? not a chance imo; especially since so many tall guys follow wrestling and go to events etc. I don't think i ever saw as many 6ft+ guys in one place as last week in the queue for WWE raw in Dublin, they were everywhere.

that sign guy dude who is at all events is about 6'6 btw, i thought he was an ex basketballer or something when i saw him at the royal rumble and everyone was getting their picture taken with him near the entrance :)
Alex said on 16/Jun/07
Test at the shortest is 6'4 and tallest 6'5.
JK said on 16/Jun/07
Viper, how can you say Test is 6'3''? lol, I can't imagine him being my height, he is huge
RVD420 said on 16/Jun/07
Test is not 6'3. The guy has been billed up to 7' feet tall during the attitude era. HE was an inch or two shorter than Albert who I believe is 6'7. Plus I met the man personally and he is huge.
Alex said on 15/Jun/07
Test was taller than Snoop Dog though. So if Test is around 6'3 than Snoop would be 6'1-6'2.
RVD420 said on 15/Jun/07
I said lifts as I do think Cena is 6'1 but in that particular video he seems more 6'3 to me which is too much for him to give.

With that video with Snoop Dog, Cena looks 3 inches shorter and I do believe Snoop is 6'4.
Viper said on 15/Jun/07
I peg Test to be around 6-3.
tf said on 15/Jun/07
cena is 6 foot 1 on every site and the commentators state he is 6'1, it may be true but of course there are guys like great khalli who is 7'3, and they say 7'1 and 7'4 so basically only they know
Alex said on 15/Jun/07
Vegas, exactly. You know they use to have Coach spread his legs as far apart as he could to make guys look taller. I remember when Kurt Angle and him were the same height and Rock was a couple inches taller than Coach because of that.
Alex said on 15/Jun/07
Thing is Test I think may be as low as 6'4 but no shorter. And Test is actually a bit taller than Snoop Dog too because I've seen the 2 together 4 years ago at the Girls Gone Wild PPV and Test was about an inch taller or so than Snoop.
JK said on 15/Jun/07
yeah right cena is wearing lifts, what a pathetic excuse lol, Rob an Upgrade is needed minimum of 6'1'' and that video just proves it, that was a solid slap by test lol...
Vegas said on 15/Jun/07
rvd420; backstage segments like that in the wwe are not the best, because they try to minimise the height of the taller guy and make the shorter guy look bigger using various tactics. Just look at how short the coach and todd grisham are backstage next to people like shawn michaels and both of these guys are a legit 6'2 (i met grisham)

anyways here is cena and 6'4 snoop dogg in a short video at the 8.30 mark Click Here
RVD420 said on 14/Jun/07
Click Here

John Cena with Test. There is 2-3 inches tops between them and if Test is 6'5, then Cena must be wearing lifts to appear 6'2-3.
Angela said on 14/Jun/07
I think John Cena is between 6'1" and 6'3". He looks alot taller.
HellBoundPower said on 12/Jun/07
I'd say Cena is between 6' and 6'1". He does seem taller than 6' though.
Alex said on 11/Jun/07
I'm about 6'0 1/2 and I say that height mostly but really I'd be closer to 6'0 than 6'1 since I'm only 6'1 right out of bed and closer to 6'0 by the afternoon-evening. When I was 5'11 1/2 for a while back then most of the time I'd round up to 6'0. One day I gotta measure myself 3-4 times during the day and check again.
Derek said on 11/Jun/07
I've never seen anyone round down. My dad is 6'3 1/2" and usually says 6'4". There's a difference when you're 6'3 1/2" and claiming 6'4" as opposed to being 6'2" and claiming 6'4". No one is going to make a fuss over 1/2".

The only time I've rounded down is when I was at the 1/4" mark. When I was 6'0 1/4", I told people I was 6'0". Most people would say that I was at least 6'1" and I told them I was 6'1" in sneakers. Most people can't stand it when you're honest with your height.
Alex said on 10/Jun/07
You can be a certain height and a half and round down as I can see that but very rare will someone be a certain height and say they're an inch shorter.
RVD420 said on 9/Jun/07
Well Dennis Rodman says he is 6'6 but a lot of people disagree and say he is taller.
Alex said on 9/Jun/07
Yea, some people lose 1/2 inch then some lose 3/4 or an inch. To lose over an inch its unlikley but you'd have to be on your feet a whole lot in the day to lose that much. A few times I lost 1.25 inches of height believe it or not but it depends as its almost all the time .75-1 inch
Derek said on 8/Jun/07
Alex- I'm a little over 6'1" out of bed, 6'1" flat for the rest of the day, at least to the best of my knowledge. At day's end, I'm probably 6'0 3/4". But I am 6'1" at mid day.
JK said on 8/Jun/07
Alex, last time i saw Cena and Angle face to face at survivor series 2005, Cena had nearly 4 inches on kurt
Alex said on 8/Jun/07
Derek, I'm 6'1 right out of bed, 6'0.25-6'0.5 midday and 6'0 by the time I go to bed. What about you?
90% I do get 6'2 estimates though. Believe this is or not I've gotten estimates anywhere from as low as 5'8 to as high as 6'4. Thats an insane range to get guessed at but really most of the time its 6'1-6'2 but at 6'0 and change you can easily get guessed at 6'2 by most people.
alefre said on 8/Jun/07
i ave see him in italy and he was my same height : i'm 182-183 barefoot.
Derek said on 7/Jun/07
Alex- I agree. I'm 6'1" and I don't tell people I'm 6'0". Most people actually think I'm 6'2", but I tell them I'm 6'1" barefoot and 6'2" in sneakers. I know for a fact I'm not 6'2" because 5'10" comes up to my eyebrows, which is no more than 3".
Alex said on 7/Jun/07
Derek, exactly but the thing is that if he was 6'1 why would he list himself down as 6'0 and even say it in magazines. I can see 6'0.5 saying 6'0 and just rounding down but not a full 6'1 and deducting an inch from his height.
Derek said on 6/Jun/07
6'0 1/2" is the max, but I certainly wouldn't rule out a flat 6'0".
gras said on 6/Jun/07
Bro cena is 6'0 tall- i know because i played 4 yrs of college football with him-the kid is a monster-on and off the field-strong as a bull. John squated 675lbs for 4 reps his senior year-sinking his ass to the ground. The bottom line is he is a freak of nature. We all knew he was going to make it big, his pregame talks would have you ready to run through a ****in wall. And that dude got all the chicks at springfield. Now he is a multi millionare signing the longest contract in history of the WWE.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

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