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John Matuszak's Height

6ft 7in (200.7 cm)

US footballer, turned Actor. He was famous as Sloth in The Goonies - Hey you guys! In 1968, when 18 there is a newspaper (Iowa Press) which mentioned "Another big line prospect is John Matuszak, 6-7 and 240". In 1972-4 there's a lot of 6ft 7 descriptions in media, but also 6ft 8.

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6ft 7.6in (202.2cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jul/17
Rob, maybe in the same range as Tyson Fury?
Editor Rob: possibly
anonymous said on 8/Apr/17
Absolutely loomed over guys like 6'5 Merlin Olsen and 6'6 Fred Dryer on TV shows',.. inches taller. Even a couple inches taller than 6'6 Bo Svenson. I have seen him called even taller than 6'8 in some places.
Anonymous said on 25/Dec/16
Was very specifically listed at 6'7.5 and 280 on draft day(1-3-1973) when he was the #1 pick. Wish I could copy and paste the article. A few months later in training camp he was listed at 6'8 288. In 1978 Worlds strongest man he was listed at 6'8 309.
Anonamous said on 11/Mar/16
"I asked him, 'John, do you really think at 6-7, 315 pounds you wouldn't be noticed on Bourbon Street?" Flores said. "He said, 'Coach, I was out making sure everyone else was in.' To keep from laughing, I just said, get out of here, go to your meeting."
Ian C said on 13/Apr/15
Now Wardady, of course I didn't know Matuszak, but when somebody talented enough to be the number one draft pick in the NFL keeps getting traded because of bad behavior, it is fair to deduce that he was not a nice guy.

As for me, I'm Canadian, and ineligible to vote in American elections. But if I were a politician running for office, and could magically claim the votes of anyone who wouldn't someone like John Matuszak, I would exercise the magic and easily win the elction.
Wardaddy said on 28/Mar/15
Ian C

A fascinating example of perfect assholishness

Self righteous preening about someone he never knew doing something he knows nothing about

The perfect Obama voter
Ian C said on 26/Mar/15
A fascinating example of perfect selfishness. If you are enormous and abnormally strong and rich and famous, and you can get people to imagine that being wildly irresponsible is, in your case, kind of charming, you can do things that would get other people evicted from human society. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that a lot of physical giants develop unusually gentle and affable personalities, just to keep people from fearing them. Not Mr. Matuszak, who seems to have delighted in doing whatever he wanted and scaring everybody who might be offended into putting up with him. He was the number one draft pick when he entered the NFL, and then managed to get himself fired multiple times, just by being a vicious bully and all-around dangerous fool. He died from an accidental drug overdose at age 39, which was excellent timing, as his next move would likely have been a felony conviction for one thing or another.
jasperwazap said on 23/Jan/12
anyone remember the bikers from hell episode in Miami Vice. He stood beside Sonny Landham who's 6'2.5'' peak height here. there was at least a 5'' difference they were both wearing biker boots given each an even boost.
Big MIke said on 22/Feb/11
He looked 6 ft 7 in the Gonnies but he may be 6ft8 I say 6ft7 and he was a strongman too and he weighs alot probably 315 or more and he's very strong
pete said on 7/Oct/07
He was a legit 6'8 and 300. That WSM competion was one of the few times that athletes had to get on the scale together in public and have their weights be known outside the training room, and he was 309, which is then is a minimum peak weight. And he played for all those pro teams and was a concensus 6'8. If fred dryer was 6'6, he was a little over 6'8. Probably the biggest NFL guy of the pre 90's era along with Erin Ladd who was 6'9 and 315 who also was all muscle and had no fat. Others who were as tall or as heavy were not built the same.
LOW said on 20/Jul/07
1978 Worlds Stongest Man. Gives a very accurate measurment for Matuszak and others like lou ferrigno. John was put at 6'8 309 lbs this was as accurate as could be because the entire nature of the compitition was to get equality for the sizes of the competitors as to best judge how to put who along with who in the events. They needed to be accurate. And they went on and on about how they were using olympic certified scales, used for the olympic boxers and wrestlers, so they would have been off like a quarter pound on a bad day. And the heights would have been within an inch because some of the events involed height considerations, so a 6'3 guy would not been able to get away with calling himself 6'5 when he would have been shorter than another guy listed at 6'4. Lou Ferrigno was 6'5 278.
DOW said on 8/Jul/07
I can't beleive that he is listed at 6'7 here. He was listed at 6'8 constantly his entire carear, and I don't know why the small sprinkling of 6'7 listings would trump the inumerable 6'8 listings. There are even some 6'9 listings. The database and offical NFL registers all list him at 6'8. other pro football players on this site have there heights transfered from these places. Just an observation.
Anonymous said on 27/May/07
Saw a picture of him with Fred Dryer in a Hunter episode in the mid 80's. Dryer was 6'6" 225-230 and Dryer looks like a stick figure, Tooz was a good 2 1/2 inch taller and had to be 300 pounds.
Anonymous said on 26/May/07
I saw an episode of M*A*S*H and he is talking directly to Major Winchester who is said to be 6'4. Matuszak can look directly across the top of Winchester's head, you have to be 6'8 or 6'9 to do that. He must have close to 300 lbs also because if Winchester is 6'4 and heavy set he must be about 240.
Anonymous said on 12/May/07
Matuszak was huge,I've seen him standing team photos' in the 70's & 80"s where no one has an advantage on anyone else, and since he was a lineman he is standing with like 12 other linemen in the row, he dwarf's the other guys who are all like 6'5 270. He is at least 3 in and 25-30 lbs bigger than those guys. There are even a couple of guys who are about 6'6 & 285 that he is about 2 in and 15 lbs bigger. Now I can see that a few guys might be a little smaller than listed but not all 15 of them!!. As for Bo Svenson, if you look close there a a couple of scenes in which Matuszak is standing next to Svenson and he does seem to be only about an 1 1/2 inch to 2 inch taller. But Svenson has those big oversized cowboy boots on(Which would bring him up to 6'7+ and John has on just regular dress shoes, even those things up and I wouid say that John was a soild 3 inches taller than Svenson. I also think that Svenson was a big 6'5. 6'5 1/2-3/4 because I saw Snowbeast and he was about the exact same height as Clint Walker!! nuff said.
Kid-Icarus said on 17/Apr/07
Matuszak was listed as 6'8". But he must be 6'7" cause in North Dallas Forty, Bo Svenson who is 6'5" (Not 6'4" or 6'6 1/2) Looked 2 inches shorter than him.
JT said on 2/Jan/07
Saw him in a record store in the mid-1980s. 6'7" is a good estimate. He was maybe 260 lbs. when I saw him.

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