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6ft 3.73in (192.4cm)
CVP said on 21/Jan/17
im a guy taller than cain velasquez whatever he is ... but jon jones i assume will look visibly lengthier than me in pictures let alone mirrors..Have him at 6'5 due to his wingspan
Justin K said on 14/Jan/17
Jon Jones and Michael Page are the best in the world, not Conor Mcgregor. Michael Page is better than Anderson Silva . Michael page should be the UFC welterweight champion.
Matt Kitz said on 14/Jan/17 on this link. You will then see Jones is taller than Silva by 2 inches.

Click Here
Jordan87 said on 13/Jan/17
Matt Kitz,

What Picture are you talking about, try Posting it, its easy.
Jordan87 said on 13/Jan/17

Nice FInd. Jones is 6'3.
Matt Kitz said on 13/Jan/17
Jones is 6ft 4in. These 39 votes are soo wrong. The 39 votes know that he is 6ft 4in, but don't want to admit it. That must mean Anderson Silvia is 6ft 1.75in in this picture.
Jackson said on 12/Jan/17
Jones is at lesst 6'4
I saw him up close at the la expo and he had no shoes on and still towered everybody
1987boy said on 11/Jan/17
This is a picture of Jon with Arlovski. Arlovski is 6ft 3.5in, right?. But it's reasonable to understand that DC is 5ft 10in.

Click Here
sproles said on 10/Jan/17
Njoke is 6'3 Click Here
sproles said on 10/Jan/17
He looks shorter than 6'3 david njoku. Click Here 99 percent chance david measures out at 6'3 max since hes listed at 6'4 in college.
Animus said on 17/Dec/16
Rob's right. Alistair Overeem is about the same height as Brock Lesnar.

Jones has got to be close to 6'4" - I don't see him lower than 6'3.5". I would probably downgrade him to 6'3.75", but I think the listing is acceptable.
JJTOM95 said on 17/Dec/16
Okay guys. Here is my next evidence testifying the fact that he is over 6'4

Jones with 6'4 Overeem (barfooted in the gym)
Click Here

He is lil bit taller. My notice 6'5 - 6'5.5
Editor Rob: I would say Overeem was very unlikely to be 6ft 4, I don't think he's much taller than Lesnar, maybe he's 6ft 3.
Don Morales said on 16/Dec/16
Jones is 6ft 4in
Drew Lobes said on 11/Dec/16
Hi Rob,

I wanted to know how tall Anthony Pettis is in real life?
Editor Rob: Drew, I'm not so familiar with Anthony.
Jordan87 said on 7/Dec/16
He doesn't show enough to make me think he is taller than his 6'3 Measured Brother. I mean when Jones says " Im 6'4", and he is actually 6'3" its not that big of a Deal. Most men inflate their height by 2", Sometimes More! I have a Friend that I happen to know is not taller than 5'10.75-5'11 and says he is 6'1". This is not the only time I have heard of such crap.

Does it really matter if he is 6'3 or 6'4, Either way he is HUGE for a 205 pound fighter.

He has bigger problems with his Soul then lyin a tiny bit about his height.
e said on 5/Dec/16
But seriously, if you want to know their height, then know that DC is much taller than Joe Rogan, who is taller than the 5'6 Dillashaw. This puts his height at somewhere around 5'10 which is just right for him, and is his listed height.
Now if you see all the pics of Cain and DC together, Cain is definitely way taller than DC, and I have no doubt Cain is 6'2. Now, for some weird reason, Brock is way taller than Cain in a lot of photos, but when barefoot in the octagon he is obviously just 1 inch taller. It was weird, but it shows how angles affect height, especially when the height difference is only an inch. Similarly, JDS is shown to be just as tall as Cain in lots of photos, as well as barefoot, but when he walked off suddenly he looked much taller. Still, angles. Now, in the octagon JDS was obviously 2 inches taller.
Do not believe most photos, its really misleading. Only when people are in the ring does the height difference show because they have close ups.
Greg Moores said on 4/Dec/16
This is a just a picture of him leaning back a little. If he wasn't leaning and was standing up straight, he's automatically 6ft 4in.
persk said on 2/Dec/16
Solid 190cm
e said on 2/Dec/16
if you actually believe Bob Sapp is 6'4 then I have no idea how short you are. Whys this site full of short people hating on bigger men? Come on, I am 5'7 and I have no trouble admitting Bob Sapp is around 6'5 to 6'6...
Come on guys, everyone knows sites that are fan made are complete jokes, but lying about something as trivial as this? Ive seen Jones, AND HES 6'2! Gimme a break.
Crane said on 10/Nov/16
@Rob I'm starting to doubt whether or not he's actually 6'4... Have you seen the picture of him with a 6'4 Bob Sapp yet ?
Josh Jeffords said on 5/Nov/16
Agree completely Jordan87 he is an embarrassment like many athletes.
Jordan87 said on 28/Oct/16
Brandon, Arthur is Combine measured at 6'3 not 6'2.25 from what I saw. I did not say 6'2, I said 6'2.75 since he is shorter than his 6'3 Brother in almost every pic. He is 6'2.75-6'3 tops. If you would like to argue about .25" thats fine too, b/c combine measurements are done in the morning and Arthur was 6'3.

Jones id give 6'2.75-6'3 which is still plenty tall, especially for his division. He also walks around at around 225-230 pounds and also happens to be a Piece of crap.
Brandon said on 26/Oct/16
Jon Jones: 6'3.25"
Arthur Jones: 6'3.25"
Chandler Jones: 6'5.5"
Alexander Gustaffson: 6'3.5"
Original said on 22/Oct/16
6'4 for to me.
josh jeffords said on 21/Oct/16
He is not a full 6 4 he was way over an inch smaller than that swede he fought.
Has very long legs and fairly long arms ufc inflates heights almost as bad as wwf.
Kol said on 12/Oct/16
Looks 6ft 4 to me..
Dinny said on 11/Oct/16
He is 6'3.5. usually people can't tell difference between 6'3.5 and 6'4. He has long legs which gives illusion of 6'4. He is only .25 taller than Arthur jones who is measured 6'3.25.
brad said on 6/Oct/16
Seeing him up against Barkley the most I'd give him is 6'3.
Brandon said on 1/Oct/16
Jon Jones is 6'3.25
6'3.25" measured Arthur Jones who is CLOSER to the camera was still BARELY taller which means Jon isn't 6'2" like some people think he is.
Jon is 6'3.25"
Arthur is 6'3.25"
Chandler is 6'5.4" (he was measured at 6'5 3/8ths" and also 6'5 1/2", so just go right in the middle i guess)
Jordan87 said on 30/Sep/16
6'2.75" Nest to his 6'3 Combine measured Brother.
Ken Baggins said on 20/Sep/16
Jones is 6ft 4in but I'm going to say DC is 5ft10.25in.
Vegas said on 20/Sep/16
Rob clearly jones needs a downgrade or Barkley an upgrade as there is more than half an inch between them Click Here
Brandon said on 4/Sep/16
@End of debates: but realistically 6'2.5" is too low for jon. I dont think you are taking into account footwear, camera angles, posture, and how close someone is to the camera compared to someone else. The lowest for jon that i could see is 6'2 7/8ths so about 6'2.875" im pretty sure. The highest about 6'3.5". Honestly though i think he is 6'3.25" and thats as accurate as it gets.
Ended of debates said on 2/Sep/16
Lmao Chael Sonnen @ 6' he's 5 10 tops for crying out loud this is getting ridiculous
Ended of debates said on 2/Sep/16
Jon a smudge taller than author oh freaking please if anything author is a quarter of an inch to half an inch taller than Jon and Chandler is a full 3 inches taller than Jon TRUST ME Jon Jones is 6 2 and a half
Micah said on 31/Aug/16
Knowing that Neil Magny is 6'3 , I wonder if he looks 6'2 standing next to Jon.
ly said on 25/Aug/16
he is looking the same height as the very 6ft4 snoop dogg in this video
Click Here
John said on 25/Aug/16
Rob please downgrade Jon by at least half an inch. In every photo with Charles Barkley, he looks easily an inch shorter.
Christian-196cm (6ft5.25) said on 24/Aug/16
For some reason though, Chandler looks 6ft6 range in the photo for some reason. Maybe he was wearing bigger heeled footwear than Jon and Arthur.
Christian-196cm (6ft5.25) said on 24/Aug/16
Arthur was measured in his Combine draft as "6032" Click Here which basically means 6ft3 1/4", and Chandler was measured as "6053" Click Here which is basically 6ft5 3/8". And here Click Here Jon would be a smidge taller than Arthur if he would have stood closer to the camera, so 6ft3.5 seems perfect for him rather than 6ft4 or 6ft3.
Canson said on 22/Aug/16
@Animus: Barkley is more like 6'4.5 according to most people) and Prob no more than 6'4.75 (he was measured 6'4 5/8 at the 92 Olympics). Jones looks 6'3 flat maybe 191 imho next to his brothers as well
Animus said on 19/Aug/16
How do you make sense of the relative difference between Jon Jones and Charles Barkley?

Although Jones isn't standing tall, it still seems like more than about an inch of difference.

Click Here

On this picture they look more similar:

Click Here

However, there is still a considerable difference. Is it fair to say that Jones is more 6'3.5" and Barkley is hovering around 6'5"?
Jordan87 said on 15/Aug/16
Click Here

Supposedly 6'4 Dos Santos with 6'5 Joshua. UFC Is A Joke with their Listings. Joshua is 6'5 With Rob on this Site. Dos Santos is lucky to be 6'2. Joshua looks more 6'4.75 with Rob on this site b/c he has a Heel Advantage.

He has Dos Santos by 4" inches more or less. Dos Santos 6'1-6'2. Gets Listed at 6'4 by UFC.
Quan said on 5/Aug/16

6'1" is too low for OSP. Even if Jon was only 6'3", that would put OSP at 6'2", since he looked an inch shorter than him. Personally though, I belive he's 6'2.5" and Jon 6'3.5"
Canson said on 4/Aug/16
He really doesn't look under 6'3. I have a hard time seeing 190. But can see a flat 6'3" easy at his lowest and maybe strong 192 out of bed 6'3.75
Brandon said on 30/Jul/16
Arthur Jones was measured barefoot 6'3.25".
Chandler Jones is probably 6'5"-6'5.5" range, was even listed 6'6" at some point. Most likely 6'5.25"
Jon Jones is 6'3.5"-6'4" range, Most likely 6'3.75"
Alexander Gustaffson is 6'3.5"-6'4.25" range. Most likely 6'4"
A 6'4" listing for Jon Jones is a pretty accurate one, there is no way he is anything under 6'3.5".
WhoNeedsAName91 said on 29/Jul/16

Agreed. 191/190 cm for Jon Jones.

Jones opponents heights:
Shogun Rua is 5'11"
Lyoto Machida is 6'0"
Quinton Jackson is 5'11"
Rashad Evans is 5'10"
Vitor Belfort is 5'10"
Daniel Cormier is 5'9"
Chael Sonnen is 6'0"
Ryan Bader is 6'1"
Glover Tex is 6'0" 1/2
OSP is 6'1"
WhoNeedsAName91 said on 29/Jul/16

Agreed. 191/190 cm for Jon Jones.

Jones opponents heights:
Shogun Rua is 5'11"
Lyoto Machida is 6'0"
Quinton Jackson is 5'11"
Rashad Evans is 5'10"
Vitor Belfort is 5'10"
Daniel Cormier is 5'9"
Chael Sonnen is 6'0"
Ryan Bader is 6'1"
Glover Tex is 6'0" 1/2
OSP is 6'1"
The Man said on 28/Jul/16
Jordan87 said on 27/Jul/16

Which brother are you talking about? Arthur is 6'3" and Chandler's 6'5". I think you mistook Chandler for Arthur. Becuase Chandler is taller than Jon.
Jordan87 said on 27/Jul/16
@ JJtom,

Dont Get Pissy b/c we all proving one of you heroes wrong on their listed Heights. Jones is not over 6'3. he is easily close to 5 Inches on Rua. Learn to look at pics.

JJTom. Rua isnt much taller than 5'10. Jones isnt 6'3 and has Rua by almost 5 inches here.
Click Here

He Is no taller then His 6'3 Measured Brother in Any Pics. He isnt 6'4.
Jordan87 said on 27/Jul/16
He Is no taller then His 6'3 Measured Brother in Any Pics. He isnt 6'4.
Ice said on 24/Jul/16
@ lucho just lol @ Tito Ortiz beeing 12 cm taller than DC
Ice said on 17/Jul/16
the height difference between him and Gustafsson intirgues me. In a interview Jones claimed 6'4 , and Gustafssom claimed 6'3 . Yet Guatafsson gets billed 1 inch taller than Jones , 6'5 . when comparing them standing next to each other , if anything one could say that Gustafsson does look taller some times , some times they look identical . Gustafsson needs a page , he might not have the appropriate fame status but his height really is a mistery to martial arts fans around the world .
Ice said on 17/Jul/16
@ender of debates no hes not lol
Ender of debates said on 13/Jul/16
He's 6 2 and a half guys I'm tellin ya
AAA said on 9/Jul/16
Liddell and Jones
Are these pics for real?
look nearly 2-2.5 inches shorter here to me
Click Here

If your up to someones eyebrows they have about 4 inches on you, right

Click Here
Jones is head is cut off. He is towering over him here. Is Jones is flat 6'4 Liddell looks 6 ft here to me.

Footwear and ground not visible, but still
Ice said on 21/Jun/16
IMO the Jones brothers are what legit 6'3" , 6'4" and 6'5" guys should look like . If I had to trade bodies with one of them it would be with Chandler . He is legit 6'5" and ripped at 265 ilbs .
Ice said on 14/Jun/16
Never looks shorter than 6'4 ..
Jay said on 11/Jun/16
@Rampage, no Silva used to get listed as 5'11-6'0 when he started in the UFC. I knew that was a lie.
Ice said on 6/Jun/16
He always seemes like a legit 6'4 to me . If a athleate is a legit 192 cm at fighttime he is a legit 6'4 .
😊😊 said on 3/Jun/16
6'1" for silva
6'3 for jones
end of story
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Jun/16
Silva looks 6ft1½-2 range. Didn't he used to get listed at 6ft3?
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jun/16
187 for Silva makes sense as Seagal had about 2.5 inches on him barefoot.
JJtom said on 25/May/16
Jordan87 ,

Shogun 5'10 ????? Hahahahahahahaha you made my day
Jordan87 said on 23/May/16

Ovince is not 6'3. He was only 3 inches taller than 5'10 Shogun. Ovince is 6'1 and Jones is 6'3. Jones is not 6'4 like his brothers. He is the same heights as the one who plays on the ravens who was combine measured at 6'3. Jones is 6'3.
Phil said on 19/May/16
He is a tall guy. 6 foot 3 or 6 foot 4.
John said on 2/May/16
Rob, how tall does Anderson Silva look in that picture with Jon?
Editor Rob: could be 187cm range
Ender of debates said on 1/May/16
How do I post a pic Rob, I remember this pic was posted earlier by someone else but I want to post it again.
Editor Rob: can you use to get a shortened url to wherever the image is and paste that into the comment.
MD said on 1/May/16
@Kevin, I totally believe his offseason weight can balloon to that, and it was more apparent years ago when he'd get up to that weight with a lot of fat. Now he does it with more muscle, so he doesn't look at bulk, but I can totally believe that. It's funny, because when he's not careful, he can put on a lot of fat around his stomach. His limbs stay thin as ever, but he can get what they call skinny-fat.
JJtom said on 29/Apr/16
Ironfist, on that photo st preux has cap which gives him some extra centimeters and jon Jones still looks like 2 inches taller
Jamal said on 29/Apr/16
Hi Rob, how tall does Sage Northcutt look next to 6'3 Alistair Overeem Click Here next to 187cm Adrian Peterson Click Here and here next to 204cm Blake Griffin Click Here
MD said on 29/Apr/16
More to the point, that's also just assuming that St. Preux is his listed height, which is something we don't do on this site, obviously.
Kevin said on 28/Apr/16
Jon claims to be 231lbs before he cuts weight to make 205.Click Here
Does he look that weight to you Rob? Or is he more of a 215-220 looking guy maybe?Click Here
Editor Rob: it is believable when not in fight shape to be near 230.
IronFist said on 26/Apr/16
Actually, he only appears to be 0.75 inches taller than OSP at most in that pic, JJtom.
JJtom said on 26/Apr/16
I meant Taller of course
JJtom said on 25/Apr/16
Jones with 6'3 st preux. He is clearly faller. Looks 6'4.5 to to 6.5.5, even more sometimes. nothing less.

Click Here
Mighty_- said on 22/Apr/16
People saying Jones is below 6'3 are laughable..
The guy seems every bit of his 6'4 listing ( at least ) on every pic where you can see the people's shoes and he has a good posture.
BT said on 19/Apr/16
6'3.5 is nearer
Johno said on 9/Apr/16
6'3, 6'2.75.
AAAA said on 2/Apr/16
By John wall. I believe he measured 6'2.75 without shoes on back in 2010. Nba listed at 6'4. Jones looks a bit taller than him here

Click Here
berta said on 2/Apr/16
Hello Rob can you add Alexander Gustafsson? I am from sweden and have seen photos of him with guys i have meet ( swedish gladiator mikael spreitz) who is my size 196-7. It says he is 199 but he was my height ore slighly shorter. either way There is photos with him beside alexander and he looks 5 cm ore more shorter. That makes alexander about 191 at most 192 and he is about 1,5 cm taller than jones. I think JOnes is 191 and alexander is 192
Ice said on 27/Mar/16
193 cm out of bed , 192 cm range fight time
Ice said on 20/Mar/16
I can only explain Gustafssons 6'3 claim with him beeing 6'3.5"/192 cm at his very lowest . I can see him beeing 194 cm out of bed . Jones , Id say hes a fraction shorter , like 193 cm range out of bed .
Verba said on 15/Mar/16
Hey @Rob can you give me your estimate or if you agree with my estimates on the 3 guys below?

Luke Rockhold: Listed at 6'3 and he's quite close to that. 189cm-190cm imo

Chris Weidman: Listed at 6'2 and also quite close. 187cm-188cm imo

Anderson Silva: Listed at 6'2. 186cm imo

You can look up staredown footage of them on youtube, they have good posture there. Chris had staredowns with both them
EzioAuditore711 said on 13/Mar/16
If Chandler Jones is 6'5'' Jon is 6'3''. End of story.
Ended of debates said on 7/Mar/16
lol @ Jokes being 6'4" and Gus being 6'5"

have you seen Jones brother Chandler?

That is what aa real 6'5" guy looks like.

He damn near towers Jones by 2.5 to 3"s

Gus is taller than jones by about a quarter of an inch if that.

I don't see Gus's being anything over 6'3" I've seen true 6'5" guys and Guss ain't one of them or even close
donny said on 27/Feb/16
Daniel Cormier is listed as 5ft11 or 5ft10, but I think he is even shorter. Here he is next to to 6ft3 Rockhold and 6ft1 Cain. He looks four inches shorter than Cain. Next to 6ft4 Jon Jones he doesn't look 5ft10 either. What do you guys think?
Click Here
Click Here
Ended of debates said on 20/Feb/16
Ended of debates said on 20/Feb/16
I love how when guss practically admits to being 6'3" all fans will come out with the excuse that "oh he doesn't know his height in feet and inches" as if he doesn't see his stats publicized on the UFC's websites and video games, as if Bruce Buffer doesn't scream "THIS MAN STANDS AT A 6' 5" TALL" every time he fights in the octogon. Lol Guys he knows his height in feet and inches... He just doesn't bull **** about it. Gus is probably one of the tallest guys in his division and he's only taller than Jones by a half an inch who when you actually look closer at Instagram picks and how he looks in public is actually about 6'2.5" tall. These 6'4" listings are insane every interview I see him do with 5'10" to 5'11" Ariel Helwanin he looks a good 3 and a half inches taller. Every Jones 6 5 brother chandler is a good 2 inches.
Verba said on 5/Feb/16
Hi @Rob,

Whats a reasonable height estimate for Anthony Johnson? He's listed at 6'2

With Alex Gustafsson (solid 6'4- 6'4,5 imo):

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

With Jimi Manuwa ( Sherdog lists him at 6'0, the UFC at 6'1..didn't really looked much into his height)

Click Here (Manuwa is in shoes here)

Click Here

With Dan Hardy (both Sherdog and UFC list him at 6'0)

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob: possibly 6ft 1
Ice said on 29/Jan/16
ROB 193.5 cm out of bed for Jones ?
Editor Rob: there is a chance Jones does fall shy of 6ft 4, but I think he'd still be at worst 6ft 3.5
Jason said on 26/Jan/16
@Canson: There is a picture of Charles Barkley and former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis together. Lewis was often billed as either 6'4.5" or 6'5", and in the photo, it looks as if Barkley might be a shade taller than Lennox. It'd be interesting to see both guys standing back-to-back barefoot to get a reliable comparison. Lennox Lewis always looked really tall; he dwarfed Mike Tyson, and he was noticeably taller than other tall fighters, guys like Andrew Golota (6'4") and Razor Ruddock (6'3"); Lewis always looked a legit 6'5" or at least very close to it. He was at least two inches taller than George Foreman as well (who is probably 6'3" and not the 6'4" he gets labeled as being).
Paul said on 19/Jan/16
Based on the above picture, I would say Jones is 6'4" and Silva is 6'1.5".
2.5 inch difference between the two.
Lucho said on 26/Dec/15
Rafael dos anjos Height is 170 cm
Crane said on 25/Dec/15
Can you do UFC Heavyweight Champ Fabricio Werdum Rob? he was listed 6'3.5 at his fight with Fedor Eemelianenko 5 years ago. I think that exactly his real height!
Kourosh said on 24/Dec/15
i had cung lee at 5'9 or something. Look at this photo next to mike tyson he doesnt look 2 inches shorter Click Here
in his face off against Bisping who i suppose to be around 5'11.5 to 6ft, he was just about 2.5 inches shorter.
Thats why i asked maybe he is wearing lifts.
thanks though
Canson said on 14/Dec/15
when a lot of people bring Barkley's name up in a height comparison with another celeb they automatically are ready upgrade him to make the other person taller when I think it's safe to say that the majority of the celebs here are at least an inch off on their listed heights,

I can say no chance Barkley is over 6'5 or even a solid 6'5. He is much shorter than a 6'7.5 measured guy in Calais Campbell, barely if at all taller than Danny ainge who is supposedly close to 6'4 as well, and still a good inch or so shorter than guys like Reggie Miller who admitted he's only a weak 6'6 himself. More than likely about a 6'4 1/2 guy (his olympic measurement was 6'4 5/8). Exactly why guys like ainge and Kenny smith have always called him 6'4. Exactly why Jon Jones is 6'3 barefoot which he actually looks.
Andy said on 13/Dec/15
I just met Jon Jones at the MMA convention in Nyc. We stood together and had pictures taken. A really nice guy have to say. My cousin in 6'1'' and Jon was clearly 4 inches taller. Jones is a full 6'5''.
SB said on 9/Dec/15
Look at any pic with 6'4 Andrei Arlovski and he seems visibly taller. Strange
Ice said on 16/Nov/15
Id say Jones is like 193.5 cm out of bed and 1.92 walking around at day time . Hes one of the taller guys who are listed at 6'4 , like Werdum and Bigfoot . Who both can pull off looking 192-193 cm during day time .
Verba said on 2/Nov/15
Hey Rob, whats your opinion on Alex Gustaffsson's height? He seems to edge out Jones but by how much?
If I had to guess I'd say 194,5cm-195cm for Gus seems fair.

Also, would be cool if you could add current UFC champions and/or top contender (Chris Weidman, Daniel Cormier, Fabricio Werdum, Robbie Lawler etc) from each weightclass over time on this site.
[Editor Rob: on alex official facebook he was down as 6ft 4 and 205 pounds, it is believable...jones might be a little less, I think his head is slightly bigger though.]
Sonny Black said on 25/Oct/15
@ Kourosh I've met Michael Bisping, I'm 6'0 flat and I don't exaggerate my height... Bisping was surprisingly shorter than I expected at about 5'11.5, yet he's listed at 6'2 or something. As for Jones I have him at 6'3.5 and Silva at 6ft 0.75; just a shade under 6'1.
Kourosh said on 30/Sep/15
Has anybody met Michael Bisping and Cung Le? if so , can share what height did they really look in person? thanks.
Tom said on 26/Sep/15
rob how tall do you think big country roy nelson is?
[Editor Rob: he always seems a bit under his billed six feet, but then he seems to have a lower kind of stance a lot and his physique maybe makes him seem shorter.]
Ice said on 14/Sep/15
Jones is a legit 6'4 . Overeem a 6'3.5" , Werdum a solid 6'4 . Stop downgrading fighters heights to make yourself feel better about your height .
WAF said on 12/Sep/15
Barkley has made Jones look 6'3" in the past, assuming that Barkley is about 6'5". Barkley, though, is one of the toughest guys to pin down. I've seen him with Chris Webber who is 6'9" and he looks at most 6'5" with him - arguably more in the 6'4 1/2" range. I've also seen him with Lennox Lewis, and on some pictures they look roughly equal, while on others Barkley seems to edge him out. Barkley also looks slightly taller than Michael Jordan at times and MJ was measured at 6'4 7/8" at the Olympics in '92.

If I had to guess, I would say Barkley is in the 6'4 3/4"-6'5 1/4" range. What he would measure at different times will depend on his current sleep schedule, levels of hydration, weight (he has fluctuated a lot in the past), and other factors.

I don't there is any doubt, regardless of how he stood up against Barkley, that Jones is 6'4". He looks it with 6'4 1/2"-6'5" Gustafsson. (I don't think Gustafsson would measure 6'5" on the nose--he's been listed at 6'4" before--but he is definitely taller than Jones.)

The most important thing to take into consideration regarding athletes is that physical exercise affects your ability to stand tall. Often when we see pictures of athletes they have been working out earlier in the day and may have lost more height than the average person would. Conversely, their strange sleep patterns (they perform late at night and they also lay down most of the day), especially those of NBA players, might occasionally "enhance" their apparent height relative to others. On the whole I think the athlete's lifestyle is mostly a disadvantage to their apparent height, though.
sixthreeoutofbed said on 3/Aug/15
here with charles barkley:

Click Here

no way 6'4 huh?

strong 6'3 imo. 6'4 ou of bed
Height183 said on 30/Jul/15
Rob, do you think you can downgrade Jon Jones?

He doesn't look 6'4'' next to Seagal who for sure is under 6'4'' today.

Click Here
Ender of Debates said on 16/Jul/15
Ummmm... Why is everyone still saying Jones is taller than author when author looks almost half an inch taller in every one of this pictures,
mId said on 27/Jun/15
Outlaw: The Cain Lopez video.. I'm dead serious.. I don't see more than max 1" difference there.. And look at the shoes Cain is wearing.. they are obvious lifts. If you see Three inches between cain and Lopez, How many inches do you see here between Justin Timberlake and Lopez? Click Here Overeem and Werdum are almost identical in height. And Overeem wasn't that much taller than brock.. half an inch max right? Now, how tall is brock.. 6'2? That's what he is listed as here. People even argue 6'1-6'1.5 because of Cena staredown. I would not be shocked if Werdum and Overeem was around 6'2-6'2.5 Click Here and Click Here If Brock isn't over 6'2 then Overeem and werdum don't look over 6'2.5 to me. Do you see more than half an inch between brock and overeem in their staredown?

I'll admit that the werdum - Ronaldo pic is weird.. Ronaldo is standing a bit hunched over, and for all we now he might be barefooted. I'm gonna look at werdum a Little more later.. I've been focused on Cain, and the Ronaldo vid is the best one to estimate his height because Ronaldo actually been measured at 185. Even if he had on soccershoes, if cain(who we can see has shoes on) was 6' or over, then the height difference wouldn't be as much as we see in the video. We're going to have to have different estimates for now I guess and maybe we get some other better pics/videos some day with another measured guy.

And MD: C'mon now.. Don't be mad just because I showed you that Obama and Romney are shorter than you thought ;) Did you read Outlaws post where he says Anderson isn't even a solid 6'2 guy.. And yet he still has an inch or more on Holyfield.. Who in turn has half or more on Romney :) Just further proof that Romney(and even Obama) is shorter than you think :)
Outlaw said on 25/Jun/15
No need to apologize for all the posts.

Well, we have some pretty good proof, I'd say. Did you see the picture with Werdum and Kevin Nash? I'd say it's clear Werdum is a minimum of 6'3". My sister and Kevin Nash used to work out together at the same gym. In fact, I used to do pull ups on the guy's arm when I was 8 years old. That was 18 years ago. I've talked to him on several occasions and he's told me he's 6'10". I've always been a pretty good judge of height, too. My Father's cousin was 6'7". Of course 6'10" was likely Nash's peak height (or a smidgen under, even). As pictured with Rob on this site, he appears to be down to 6'9" now. I haven't seen him in person in several years now, but my sister still sees and talks to him from time to time. So put a 6'3.5" Werdum next to a 6'9" Kevin Nash and it appears that picture with them is pretty accurate, especially considering they're wearing similar footwear (at least in regards to how much height it gives).

As for Cain and Lopez... I don't know if you're serious or not. The difference I see is around 3". Did we watch the same video? And this Alex O'Loughlin fellow -- if he claims 6'1" (or close to it), then Liddell is obviously taller than 6'1". Again, we never get to see Ronaldo's feet in the video. But if you truly believe that Werdum is not in the 6'3" range, why is he a good bit taller than Ronaldo? Compare his pic with Werdum and Cain's pic with Werdum. So you're thinking Werdum is in the 6'2" range or even shorter? I ain't seeing it.

I'd say Tyson is 5'10", for sure. Anderson isn't a solid 6'2" guy. I'd have to say around 187cm for Silva. Now Maia could be 185cm. I believe Weidman is a true 188cm guy. It's very rare, and I can't remember who exactly, but I've seen some guys have a listing that is actually lower than their height.
MD said on 25/Jun/15
If you're going to do this, the least you can do is compose paragraphs and at least try for halfway proper punctuation.
mId said on 24/Jun/15
Also, The new addition to UFC, CM Punk, is a tops 5'11 guy by my Estimates.. and the UFC has already listed him as 6'2.. to not reveal other fighters true heights.. like 5'9-5'9.5 cormier and 5'11.5 machida.. that's what they look like next to punk in the photos I've seen so far. But I already knew Cormier was around 5'9. Since he comes up short against a barefoot hendo while wearing shoes himself. Machida could still be a legit 6', but he looks like punks height in photos, and was just a smidge taller than 5'11 Shogun so I Think 5'11.5 could be more accurate. Anyway, this 6'2 listing for CM Punk just goes to show how they add inches in height to their fighters. When facing off with Lesnar punk look the same height as Cain with Lesnar, So I just can't see Cain as a legit 6' even.. I'm sorry :) And Cain with Ronaldo + at Lopez Tonight is pretty much proof for me.. Even Justin Timberlake is taller than Cain in weird clunky shoes next to Lopez :/
mId said on 24/Jun/15
Oh, btw.. Just thought I'd share this one too Click Here what is going on here with 5'9.5 tyson and listed 6'2 anderson silva. Maybe Anderson's original listing of 5'11 was right afterall.. Nah, just kidding ;) It must be a crazy Picture :) But then again, Demian Maia was pretty Close to him in height and he is listed 183cm pretty much everywhere.. One time in europe at an event he was listed as 184cm.. So you never know.. I can see a 185cm Anderson Silva.
mId said on 24/Jun/15
I'm really sorry for all the posts, but I just wanna throw this out there too.. Do we have any proof that werdum really is 6'3.5 or even 6'4 as some claim? I mean I'm starting to wonder now. Click Here I actually Think Ronaldo is barefooted(shoes in his hands from just Walking off the field. Here is Ronaldo with a legit 6'4(maybe 6'4.5) in Zlatan(both in soccershoes) Click Here Much bigger height difference. Cain in "vin diesel-shoes" on 'Lopez tonight' is not much more than 1" tops taller than Lopez. And Chris Angel is taller than both of them when he walks in :p And yesterday I pretty much got proof that 6'2 listed liddell is between 6'-6'1. Click Here Here he is with Alex O'Loughlin who himself claims to be 6'1 ON A GOOD DAY, but that he sometimes drops in height. In my ears that sounds like a 6'-6'0.5. Alex is also shorter than Another guy who claims 6' himself.. So I don't know anymore.. They ain't their listed heights though, that's for sure. Liddell and Cain(can't see shoes) Click Here My estimates: Cain 5'11 maaybe 5'11.5 Liddell: 6'0.5 C.Ronaldo 6'1. The Ronaldo video is the biggest proof of a 5'11 cain. My brother is 6'1.. I'm 6'.. and there's more of a difference in height between Ronaldo and cain than between me and my brother. Cain simpy cannot be 6' or over based on Ronaldos tv-documented measurements. But I would love to hear your and others thoughts on all of this, and once again I apologize for all the text/posts :)
Outlaw said on 24/Jun/15
You really went all out, didn't you, mId? While I agree with you that most, if not all fighters, are shorter than their listings, there are a some that are legit. But it's mostly in the smaller weight classes. Perhaps the worst of all was when Shane Carwin was listed at 6'5" and then I saw him at the weigh-ins vs. Frank Mir (listed as 6'3", but I peg him at 6'1.5") and he barely edged Mir while wearing sneaking and Mir being barefooted.

I've seen the Ronaldo/Cain video before. We don't see Ronaldo's feet at any time and him carrying his soccer shoes around, I believe that denotes that he's wearing shoes. It may not be very plausible, but he could even be walking on him tip toes the whole time, for all we know and can see.

You seemed to disregard the photo I posted of both Cain and Werdum, barefooted, facing off. This photo is irrefutable evidence that Cain isn't even as low as a flat 6'. Even you yourself said Werdum is a legit 6'3.5". And there isn't even 3" difference between them.

As a side note, on the Sherdog forums, many people claimed they met him. Some said he was 6', but the larger majority of them said his original listing of 6'1" was legit (now listed as 6'2"). Also, maybe one or two even said, 6'2" (these are probably the guys who add an inch to their own height). One or two even remarked: "6'0.5". Now are all of those people who have claimed to meet him lying?

Personally, I have him at 6'0.5"-6'0.75", but unlike those people, I've never met him.
mId said on 23/Jun/15
And riddle me this.. In this pic Click Here you see that Alex.G and Jones are taller than both Alex.E and Bob Sapp.. And those guys are listed and sold as those 2 meter giants :) Alex.E next to Jones seems 6'2 tops here. Now let's look at Another fighter listed 6'2 in CroCop with Alex.E Click Here It doesn't always add up. So like I said, you can shave off ~2" of most of them and in some cases even more :/ They just wanna make them seem bigger than Life or at least a Little bit more intimidating height-wise.. It's showbussiness after all.
mId said on 22/Jun/15
Outlaw: I'll show you one more example to back up my estimate.. Bobby Lashley who rob has met(He's listed at 185cm here, and if I'm not mistaken rob wrote that he would be shocked if Lashley was over 6'1, but not if he was a fraction under). Now here you have barnett and lashley Click Here they are both wearing wrestlingboots.. you can look it up on youtube. Barnett is a Little taller. Now here you have barnett and Mir both barefeet(you can look up that weigh in on youtube too to see that) Click Here Barnett on his old web-page was listed 6'2.. Mir on his old webpage was listed 6'1.. That looks pretty accurate with Rob's Bobby Lashley estimate. Now let's look at Mir and Cain. Click Here And again you get what a legit 6'1 like Ronaldo and Mir look with a 5'11 Cain. Just to throw something else in there too. Like we established Before Jones, Overeem & Werdum are pretty much identicall in height.. Now look at overeem with 192 cm listed(on his webpage etc) K-1 fighter Remy Bonjaski Click Here Weird huh?.. Even weirder is this pic of Remy with 5'9.5 Wanderlei Click Here But I'm telling you man.. They are shorter than you think. Another example is Roy Nelson.. Listed 6' but here Click Here he's shorter than Dana White, who is pretty much 5'10 when standing next to mike tyson Click Here .
mId said on 22/Jun/15
Outlaw: First time I've been called sir my good man.. Hehe, That's funny.. Reminds me of how they always say that in Kevin Smith movies :) I did watch the fight and lead up photos.. I've followed the sport since the beginning.. Never miss an event, so yes I saw it.. And while I at first had Cain at ~6'05 myself.. He simply cannot be based on the Ronaldo meeting. I don't think Ronaldo was walking around on his toes the whole interview. Click Here In the video you can see that he has his soccershoes under his arm and hands it to another guy off camera. I played soccer, and you don't have the shoes on outside the field(ruining the spikes), but even if he had soccer-shoes on, they don't give that much height really. I Think Ronaldo most likely is barefoot even. A legit 6'1 guy(measured outside of UFC-listings) is gonna look like that over Cain and other 6'1-listed UFC fighters anyday. Here you have Ronaldo with Werdum Click Here Again, I Think he is barefooted.. But Werdum is a legit tall guy ~6'3,5 ..A smidge taller than Overeem, but I think dead on with Jon Jones. The only thing weird is that my countryman Alex Gustaffson(listed 6'5) claims 6'3 for himself even though he is a smidge taller than Jones.. But I think he just messed up coming from the metric system. The pic from TUF with werdum and cain is a good one.. I'll give you that, but I've seen them do those things seperately and then cutting them together in post editing, Adjusting size etc.. It could be legit, but I'm just saying. Let's say it's legit, I think that just brings down werdum if he hadn't met Ronaldo himself, because honestly.. How can we look past the only measured on camera from the 3, in Ronaldo.. He has been measured by laser at 185 cm.. Also, by tape on Another show when they did a "statue" or something of him.. And he was 185 cm there too.. And that was even in shoes.. But he did stand a Little wide with his legs, so that stance evens out the shoes.. he's 6'1 tops based on those shows, and that's it. I'm sorry but I got to go with my eyes on this one.. Now if you find a pic from that meeting with cain, and Ronaldo is wearing heels or something.. I'll gladly say I was tricked by that :) I'm sorry for the long post, and I guess we just have to have a different height-estimate for Cain until we know for absolute sure. I see where you're coming from though based on the Werdum-Cain-pics, but I can't ignore how Cain looks next to other celebs & fighters.. Especially Ronaldo. And what I've learned through the years is that fighters are more often than not overlisted by ~2". Hendo, Wanderlei, Shogun, Couture, Rampage etc etc.
Gaz said on 22/Jun/15
A page for Conor McGregor would be popular on here!
Vegas said on 21/Jun/15
191 says on 8/Jun/15
jones with his nfl listed brother who is 190cm

arthur jones was measured 6'3 1/4 barefoot which is 191.2cm
Outlaw said on 21/Jun/15
I think Jones is a solid 6'4".

And, mId, if Cain is closer to 5'11", then Werdum is somewhere between 6'1"-6'2". There didn't appear to be much more than 2 inches between the two -- maybe 2.5" at the most.
Here is also a picture, both barefoot, of Cain squaring off with Werdum: Click Here - tell me, sir... How much of a difference do you see there? Werdum is supposed to be a legit 6'3.5" and he's always appeared it when facing off with everyone else.

I don't know if you saw the fight or lead up photos of Cain and Werdum facing off, but when they got in the cage

As for Ronaldo and Cain, that picture still remains a mystery, but this could help solve it: Click Here
mId said on 20/Jun/15
Cain 184 cm? Have you seen the big height-difference between him and measured 185 cm C.Ronaldo? Based on that, Cain is closer to 5'11.
joe 193cm night said on 17/Jun/15
Werdum and Kevin NashClick Here
Lucho said on 15/Jun/15
Dan Henderson is not 177 cm anymore . He looked 5'9" in his last fight against Tim B.(5'10").
Lucho said on 15/Jun/15
Cain 184 cm ,after watch his fight next to Werdum who is clearly no more than 192.Look at Connor nexto Dana white who isn't a 5'11 guy.
MD said on 15/Jun/15
@191, it's hard to tell from all of those pics, because in one of them, he Jon clearly looks taller than Arthur. I think it's about the angles more than anything else. So, perhaps Jon's no taller than listed, but I can also see him as tall as he's currently listed.

BTW, Arthur seems to have been measured at 6'3.25", and that really seems about right, because the difference between him and Jon doesn't seem to be that great in either direction.
Matthew said on 12/Jun/15
MD says on 11/Jun/15
@191, are you talking about Chandler Jones? Because his draft measurements was actually over slightly over 6'5".


He's talking about Arthur Jones, who was actually measured at 6'3.25" not 190 cm. 191 cm for Arthur Jones, Jon Jones could be more 192 cm range, 6'3.5" - 6'3.75" I would imagine.
Randomdude said on 12/Jun/15
at Lucho nah Conor is a strong 5'9(and yes long reach) he looks 2-3 inches than 5'7 listed Jose Aldo.

Barnett I would say is about 188cm
Maldonado I would put at 182

the rest look pretty accurate.
191 said on 11/Jun/15
@MD no, arthur jones, who is 190cm/6ft 3 by nfl stats.
jones looks significantly shorter than chandler, as here

Click Here


Click Here
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 11/Jun/15
He doesn't look taller than his brother. Is his brother's listing from a measurement? I heard that the NFL does publish legit barefoot measurements of their athletes.
MD said on 11/Jun/15
@191, are you talking about Chandler Jones? Because his draft measurements was actually over slightly over 6'5".
Lucho said on 10/Jun/15
Connor: 173.8 cm(long Reach)
Mir: 186.5 cm
Cain: 183.5 cm
Barnett: 189 cm
Roy Nelson: 178 cm(bad posture)
minotoro:186 cm (bad posture)
Glover : 186 cm
OSP: 191cm
Maldonado: 184 cm
Randleman: 174 cm
191 said on 8/Jun/15
jones with his nfl listed brother who is 190cm

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

id put him at 191
MrTBlack said on 5/Jun/15

Believe me when I say Fedor is far from 6'0"! He is 5'10" tops.
mId said on 5/Jun/15
randomdude: Check this out.. Click Here 0:22 - 1:10 Crocop talking to rampage back in the pride days. Mirko always wore regular sneakers back then.. Rampage did too.. Only later on(UFC Days) would rampage live in his nike shox or boots.. So they are pretty even in footwear here. I have rampage at 5'11.. and as you can see crocop is a bit taller. I remember after one fight in pride, rampage came up in the ring congratulating crocop on his win, and a barefoot crocop was still noticable taller than rampage in his shoes. So 6'0.5(2 cm under his claim) would be a good estimate for his height in those days I think. Unless rampage is even shorter than 5'11.. and I have a hard time seeing that. What estimate do you have on rampage, or do you think crocop somehow shrunk/lost that much height?.. He's not that old.. Is it even possible?
Gaz said on 4/Jun/15
Rob if Conor is 5'9 which he claims to be and i think he is what would you say Jose Aldo is? Click Here
[Editor Rob: could be near 3 inches smaller]
randomdude said on 4/Jun/15
can't see him being anything over 5'11 even next to Gonzaga who is listed at 6'1 he didn't looked a good bit shorter.I still think cro cop would be around 180/181 these days
mId said on 4/Jun/15
Lucho: Shogun and Ninja are pretty much the same height. 5'11
Click Here

randomdude: While it's true that frank mir even was listed 6'1 on his old, old official webpage. He seems taller than 6'1.5 most times.. Only time I ever really question that is when he was Lesnar(because of lesnars old 6'2 listing, and also lesnars staredown with 6' Cena in his pro wrestling days). Crocop himself said in an online chat long ago that he was 186 cm exactly.. But I must agree with you that crocop looks shorter these days. I have him at around 6' now.
randomdude said on 2/Jun/15
@Lunch Cro Cop is no taller than 180cm he was atleast two inches shorter than 6'1.5 Frank Mir
Lucho said on 2/Jun/15
Murilo Rua 179 cm
Shogun 182
mId said on 1/Jun/15
Murilo Ninja Rua(Mauricio Shoguns brother) is closer to 5'11 than Lawler.. So I can't see Lawler being legit 5'11.. I'l give him 5'10-5'10.5 I know some people who have trained with Murilo, and they say he's close to his listed height(5'11). And I thought i was quite a bit of height difference between lawler and hendricks Click Here Sidenote.. Hendricks is a litte taller than the boxer Miquel Cotto when doing a face off for fun. Hendricks is pretty much Floyd mayweathers height. 5'7-5'7.5 Click Here and Floyd - Cotto Click Here
joe 193cm night said on 1/Jun/15
not so Ufc, Bellator also has several good fighters
Lucho said on 1/Jun/15
Jones : 193 cm
Gustafsson: 195cm(he looked next to Weidman)
Weidman: 188.5 cm
Anderson : 187cm in the past / 186 now .
Machida : 185 cm
Rockhold: 190.5 cm
jose aldo: 166/167 cm next to Neymar .
Chad mendez: 159/160 cm next to chael .
Chael sonnen: 182/183 cm.
Fedor : 180.5 next to nogueira
Minotauro: 190 cm / 188.7 cm after injury.
Gsp: 177 cm.
Hendricks: 172.5 cm/173 cm
werdum: 192.5
belfort: he looked 179.5 cm at most against weidman / 181 cm when he was on GHG, TRT.
Big foot: 189/190/191cm . Hard to say ..
Arvloski: 192 cm.
condit: 185.5/186 at most (next to jones)
Lawler: 177 cm ( next to jacare)
Daniel Cormier: 176.5 cm with great posture.
Rumble: 184.3cm
Travis: 197 cm
Yoel yomero: 177/178 cm
ryan bader: 184/185 cm
dan henderson: 180 cm peak/ 177cm now.
Hunt: 178 cm
Miocic: 190 cm
Cigano: 190 cm
Cro cop: 184.3cm/ 182.5cm now.( next to A.Emelianenko, Ernesto)
Gonzaga: 184 cm
Couture: 182.0 cm/ 180 cm now.
Lidell: 187 cm ( Bad posture)
Tito: 188 cm
Forrest: 190.7 cm / 191 cm
Rampage: 181.5 cm
overeem : 191.5 cm during Pride/ 190 cm (next to Jones)
Brock lesnar : 188 cm
struve: 2.11 cm .. Hard to say
benson henderson : 173cm
Pettis: ??
Shogun: 182 cm
Wanderlei silva : 177 cm
Verba said on 31/May/15
My estimates for the current UFC fighters (or popular MMA fighters):

Cain Velasquez: 183-184cm

Fedor Eemelianenko: 180-182cm

Lyoto Machida: 184-185cm

Anderson Silva: Quite tricky.. either AS is not even 6'1.5 or Chris Weidman is smidge taller than 6'2.
So Option 1: Anderson Silva is 185cm and Chris Weidman is 187cm
Option 2: Anderson Silva is 186cm and Chris Weidman is 188cm.

Gsp: 178cm

Conor Mcgregor: 173-175cm

Alistar overeem: 192-193cm

Antonio Bigfoot Silva: 190-191cm

Fabricio Werdum: 192-193cm

Alexander Gustafsson: 194-195cm

Mirko Crop Cop: 184-185cm

Nick Diaz: 182-184cm

Travis Browne: 195-195cm

Rashad Evans:179-180cm

Daniel Cormier: 178-178cm

Andrei Arlovsky 190-192cm

Johnny Hendricks: The UFC lists him as 5'9 but he looks like only an inch and a half shorter than legit 5'11 Robbie Lawler..rare case of understatting? Not sure..maybe I'm way off.

Luke Rockhold: 189-191cm

Anthony Johnson: 187-188cm

@Rob what's your opinion on AS's and Chris Weidman's height?
Gaz said on 31/May/15
Anyone know what the true heights of the featherweights are? Jose Aldo is listed 5'7 but was not much taller than Chad Mendes who is listed 5'6 but he once claimed to be 5'5'. Like Uirjah faber is not 5'6 because Frankie Edgar was taller than him.
joe 193cm night said on 31/May/15
he was listed at 182cm when fighting in PRIDE think 5'10.75 a good listing for the stench
mId said on 30/May/15
Fedor is/was 5'10.5 Seen him next to a true measured 5'11.5 fan. Also, he was barely half an inch taller than listed 5'10 mike tyson Click Here and Click Here Here he is with shogun Click Here And here with Crocop who is not that much taller ~6 Click Here With randy couture Click Here who is barely 5'11. And lastly with Dan henderson who is about 5'10 - 5'10.5 Click Here . Most MMA guys are overlisted height wise. Wanderlei silva for instance barely hits 5'10.. 5'9.5 is more true height(like he was listed in his earlier pride fights).
joe 193cm night said on 30/May/15
Fedor deserves a page he was the best MMA fighter of all time
mId said on 30/May/15
Funny thing is that Alex Gustafsson himself says he is 6'3(He did it in an interview with jon jones.. The interviewer asks jon how tall he is.. jon says 6'4.. and then they ask alex his height, and alex looks at jon and says 6'3).. But I don't think he knows feet and inches.. He's from Sweden like me and it's rare that someone here in Sweden knows that system. I myself only really learned it because of this site ;D I think Alex is ~6'4. But oddly enough Alex doesn't look that tall in some friends photos I've seen on facebook(people who met him at the club). Or case in point here Click Here with his sister and girlfriend at a martial arts event in Sweden.. He doesn't come off as a REALLY tall guy in pics over here(And 6'4 is where you start to stand out as a tall guy in Sweden). He looks pretty tall in his fights in the UFC though(And with Jones).. so I'll peg Alex at ~6'4 for now. He's listed 196 Cm here(6'5).. But I think 6'4 is closer to it.. especially if we're talking Before bed-height.
Crane said on 29/May/15
From what I knew.. Velasquez 6'0.5 Werdum 6'3.5 (When he fought Fedor at Strikeforce) He was exactly that listed. Fedor 5'11.5 at his peak Pride FC days. Gusstafsson 6'4.5 not sure though (he got long hair). GSP appeared in 5'9 - 5'10 range. Silva 6'1.25 - 6'1.5 For sure! Cro Cop 6'1 - 6'1.25 by the looks. Machida 6'0.25 - 6'0.5 He appeared shorter than a 6'1 opponent. Big foot 6'2.5 - 6'2.75 by the staredown with a 6'3.25 Overeem. Nick Diaz 5'11.5 - 6' He had been listed 5'11 before and later 6' in the UFC. Rutten Idk..
joe 193cm night said on 28/May/15
if he is 6'4, Alexander alexander gustafsson is a legitimate 6'5
Verba said on 28/May/15
@Crane How can Silva be taller than 'the Chris' if he edged him out by ~.25" during the faceoff's.
Flat ground, barefoot and realitvely good posture (seems like fighter heights are the easiest to guess)

Anderson Silva= 186-187cm

Chris Weidman= 187.5-188.5cm

Click Here

Click Here
If few a names incase you decide to add more MMA fighters (which would be neat :))

Cain Velasquez

Fabricio Werdum

Fedor Eemelianenko

Alexander Gusstaffson

George Saint Pierre

Anderson Silva

Mirko Cro Cop

Lyoto Machida

Antonio Bigfoot Silva

Nick Diaz

Bas Rutten
mId said on 28/May/15
Click Here Click Here
Weidman is a smidge taller than A Silva and has Always been listed 6'2. He might not be quite 6'2 but I think he could be pretty Close to it. And he is a Little taller than Anderson as you can see in the pics I provided.
Crane said on 27/May/15
Judged by his pic with LESNAR. Jones is a solid 6'4 no more no less.. Silva looks 6'1.25 toe to toe face to face with a 6'1 Chris Weidman in the 2013 weigh-in UFC video.
mId said on 27/May/15
UFC just like boxing usually adds an inch or two to their fighters.
Cain has been listed both 6'2 and 6'1.. I give him 6' tops.. I think he's a little under that actually. Here he is with 6'1 Ronaldo. Click Here I saw the video these pictures came from and it's possible even that Ronaldo is barefooted since he came from the field and was wearing his soccershoes in his hands when he first greeted Cain. Here is Ronaldo with 6'3-4 Werdum Click Here And lastly Cain with Jones Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 27/May/15
I think I saw a Seagal interview once too where he said "Jon Jones is a big dude, he's my height".
MrTBlack said on 26/May/15

Velasquez is about 6'0-6'0.5", a little less than his claim. He appeared taller in person when I saw him but that's because he was wearing Nike Airmax.
Jason said on 26/May/15
In photos from a few years ago, Steven Seagal looks the exact same height as Jon Jones, maybe even slightly taller. Granted, we can't tell what type of footwear is worn by either guy; maybe Seagal was wearing his military-type boots and Jones maybe just in sneakers....But in every photo I've seen of Jones and Seagal together, Seagal is at least as tall as Jon Jones......So, both guys are obviously tall.....And Seagal was over 60 in the photos, so he kept his height.
184.9 on a bad day said on 26/May/15
Anderson Silva 6ft 1.25 (186)
Jon Jones 6ft 4 (193)
Clay said on 25/May/15
Hey I thought he was 6'2''!! Lol.
Jay said on 25/May/15
Finally! 6'4 for sho!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/May/15
Yeah, I think Silva is 186-187cm range. Not quite the listed 6ft2 but close.
Arch Stanton said on 25/May/15
Well, Seagal had about 2.5 inches on Silva barefoot, so Silva might be 6'1.5. I think Seagal and Jones looked about the same.
Powerhouse said on 25/May/15
I met Jon Jones & Rashad Evans in 2011 at a amateur MMA event in Niagara Falls. It was before he won the LHW title. The event was under a promotion called Raging Wolf and it was in the Seneca Niagara Casino. They were special guests and signed autographs and took pictures. Jones appeared absolutely towering, I've seen 6'4 guys before and Jones looked taller. I think he might be more 6'4.5.
miko said on 24/May/15
Nailed on Rob, he's a big dude and a rock solid 6'4.
Gaz said on 24/May/15
Yeah legit 6'4 for Jones
joe 193cm night said on 24/May/15
anderson silva 187cm
Jon Jones 192cm
Robert said on 24/May/15
Hi Rob!What you think about cain Velasquez,about 6 feet to me,what's your guess?
[Editor Rob: could be 184cm]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/May/15
Rob, how tall do you think Anderson Silva is?
[Editor Rob: he generally could look 6ft 1-2 range]

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