How tall was Jorge González

Jorge González's Height

7ft 7 (231.1 cm)

Argentinian basketball player and wrestler (Giant Gonzalez), who was described commonly as being 7ft 6 and 7ft 7 during his career and billed as high as 8 foot during his wrestling career.

How tall is Jorge Gonzalez

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7ft 6.86in (230.8cm)
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Jun/20
@Alex Katch
A portion of your guesses are just based off of the wrestlers inflated billed heights.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 2/Jun/20
If memory serves, didn't you use to list Gonzalez at 7'6" before?
Editor Rob
without checking past databases I couldn't remember this one.
Canson said on 1/Jun/20
@Hanov: The thing is Rob gave Sid 6’6.25 not quite 199 and only because some of the other wrestlers may be overlisted. So Sid can seem taller than he is by deduction. It’s possible Sid was only 198 being he claimed 6’6”. That said, I agree. 7’6.5 is possible
Hanov said on 28/May/20
230 cm still possible
Hanov said on 28/May/20
With Taker at 201 cm and Sid 199 cm, a weak 7'7 is better
Big ed said on 18/Jan/20
Andre wasn't that tall he was214 prime alot taller than killer Kowalski infact your whole list is off
Alex Katch said on 29/Dec/19
Jorge González or Giant González 7'6" (2.29m) ✓
Max Palmer or Paul Bunyan 7'5-½" (2.27m) ✓
Daniel Gilchrist or Mighty Sequoia 7'5-½" (2.27m) ✓
Sunil Chaudhary or Great Angaar 7'5" (2.26m) ✓
Jerry Sokoloski or Jerry the Giant 7'4" (2.24m) ✓
Rajesh Kumar or New Khali 7'4" (2.24m) ?
Jason the Giant 7'4" (2.24m) ?
Eddie Carmel or Eliezer har Carmel 7'3" (2.21m) ✓
Jon Harris or Silo Sam 7'3" (2.21m) ✓
Martin Paquette or Giant Martin 7'3" (2.21m) ✓
Chris Miller or Mighty Biggs 7'3" (2.21m) ?
Jordan Omogbehin 7'3" (2.21m) ✓
Muhammad Riaz or Raja Lion 7'2" (2.18m) ✓
Paulo Silva or Giant Silva 7'2" (2.18m) ✓
Dharam Bhojwani or Chhotu 7'2" (2.18m) ✓
Sukhi Grewal or Giant Wonder 7'2" (2.18m) ✓
Kurt Zehe or Gargantua 7'1-¾" (2.18m) ✓
Édouard Beaupré or Willow Bunch Giant 7'1-⅜" (2.17m) ✓
Dalip Rana or Great Khali 7'1" (2.16m) ✓
Garry Robbins or Canadian Giant 7'1" (2.16m) ✓
Victor Soprano or Bullmoose Calhoun 7'1" (2.16m) ✓
Ron Reis or Yeti 7'1" (2.16m) ✓
Shaquille O'Neal or Shaq 7'0-¼ (2.14m) ✓
Paul Wight or Big Show 7'0" (2.13m) ✓
Kipp Christianson or Eli Cottonwood 7'0" (2.13m) ✓
Gurvinder Malhotra or Shanky Singh 7'0" (2.13m) ✓
Michael Järvi or Giant Titan 6'11" (2.11m) ✓
Steven Slocum or Jackson Andrews 6'11" (2.11m) ✓
Conan Stevens or 7ft Thunder 6'11" (2.11m) ✓
Scott Grimez or Giant Pharaoh 6'11" (2.11m) ✓
Nathaniel Stathom or Nathan Jones 6'10" (2.08m) ✓
Brian Norton or Tron 6'10" (2.08m) ✓
Steve Pienkoski or Paul Isadora 6'10" (2.08m) ✓
André Roussimoff or André the Giant 6'9-¾" (2.08m) ✓
Kevin Nash 6'9-½" (2.07m) ✓
Robert Leo or Killer Kowalski Jr. 6'9" (2.06m) ✓
Robert Maillet or Kurrgan 6'9" (2.06m) ✓
Giant Darko 6'9" (2.06m) ✓
Jeff Bearden or Giant Warrior 6'9" (2.06m) ✓
Lindsay Hayward or Isis the Amazon 6'8-½" (2.05m) ✓
Matt Morgan 6'8-½" (2.05m) ✓
Stanley Frazier or Uncle Elmer 6'8" (2.03m) ✓
Tyler Mane or Sky High Lee 6'8" (2.03m) ✓
William Morrissey or Big Cass 6'8" (2.03m) ✓
Matt Sforcina or Massive Q 6'8" (2.03m) ✓
Mike Iorio or Big Guido 6'8" (2.03m) ✓
Chadwick Rowan or Akebono Tarō 6'8" (2.03m) ✓
Martin Ruane or Giant Haystacks 6'7-½" (2.02m) ✓
Glenn Jacobs or Kane 6'7-½" (2.02m) ✓
Mark Calaway or Undertaker 6'7-½" (2.02m) ✓
Joseph Rudd or Erick Rowan 6'7-¼" (2.01m) ✓
Manny Yarbrough 6'7" (2.01m) ✓
Sid Eudy or Sid Vicious 6'6-¾" (2.00m) ✓
John Minton or Big John Studd 6'6-½" (1.99m) ✓
Nelson Frazier Jr. or Big Daddy V 6'6-½" (1.99m) ✓
George Gray or One Man Gang 6'6-½" (1.99m) ✓
Adam Scherr or Braun Strowman 6'6-½" (1.99m) ✓
Futahaguro Kōji or Kōji Kitao 6'6-½" (1.99m) ✓
Shohei Baba or Giant Baba 6'6" (1.98m) ✓
Eugene Snisky or Gene Snitsky 6'6" (1.98m) ✓
Edward Spulnik or Killer Kowalski 6'6" (1.98m) ✓
Terry Bollea or Hulk Hogan 6'6" (1.98m) ✓
Matt Bloom or A-Train 6'6" (1.98m) ✓
Cedric Rougeau 6'6" (1.98m) ✓
Alex Katch said on 28/Dec/19
The Best match is Hornswoggle vs. Giant Gonzalez
Xeon 5'8 said on 18/Dec/19
Guys and Rob, imagine a fight between Rey Mysterio and The Giant Gonzalez in 1995
Editor Rob
I suppose the closest was dalip singh and rey, and that didn't end too well.
Alex Katch said on 16/Dec/19
Click Here
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 16/Dec/19
@Matt Logan
You're probably just trolling.
Matt logan said on 13/Dec/19
Jorge is more like 7'2" next to 6'4.5" undertaker theres 10" between them
Alex Katch said on 12/Dec/19
7ft 6in and 403 pounds.

Click Here
Alex Katch said on 12/Dec/19
Click Here this is the only remain from his page, the photo who i said is on last with red letters
Alex Katch said on 12/Dec/19
Max edmund palmer he was 7ft 5½in, i saw on his page who now is closed, a photo who said "hinn 227"
DarkM said on 26/Aug/19
I think the 7'7" comes from his billing in WCW and he looked over a foot taller than 6'7/6'8 Undertaker during their stare down. I think Gonzalez was measured at 7'6 during 2000 he probably lost an inch by then.
SeanR said on 19/Aug/19
Can’t see more than 7’6”, I’m curious where the 7’7” comes from?
Roderick said on 6/Aug/19
Really, who can you compare him too? If he was 7'7"... I don't think he would ever get a 7'6" listing. Probably 7'6" max
Sotiris Gravas said on 4/Aug/19
Fan w/ Giant Gonzalez (1990)... Click Here

Same fan w/ Giant Baba (1989)... Click Here

W/ JBL... (1993) Click Here , (1994) Click Here

W/ Don Leo Jonathan... Click Here

@Big ed Luger was never more than 6'3", maybe only 6'2.5"... Click Here He was never 6'4". Here he is w/ 6'4.5" Michael Jordan... Click Here

Same fan w/ Luger (1988)... Click Here
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Jul/19
Maybe he was 7'6 1/2.
Big ed said on 6/Jun/19
He was given 7'6 by Guinness records in 2000 so he probably was 7'7 at sometime wcw didn't exaggerate heights back in 1990 they had luger at 6'4 WWE had him 6'6 Ron Simmons wvw 6'1 WWE 6'3 and 6'4 Dan spivey wcw 6'6 WWE 6'8
ImAlexandros said on 1/May/19
Tallest Wrestlers

Giant Gonzalez 7' 6" (2,29m)

Paul Bunyan 7' 5½" (2,27m)

Mighty Sequoia 7' 5½" (2,27m)

Silo Sam 7' 3" (2,21m)

Giant Martin 7' 3" (2,21m)

Raja Lion 7' 2" (2,18m)

Giant Silva 7' 2" (2,18m)

Chhotu 7' 2" (2,18m)

Gargantua 7' 1¾" (2,18m)

Willow Bunch Giant 7' 1" (2,16m)

Great Khali 7' 1" (2,16m)

Reese 7' 1" (2,16m)

Shaq 7' 0¼" (2,14m)
oRiOn said on 25/Feb/19
Miiiiiiighty_- said on 21/Aug/17
He has been measured 232cm ( 7'7.3" )by Guinness Book staff...

You can't be more legit than that

( and at such height weight his morning height is probably an inch taller )

But he was measured at 7’6 by Guinness Records
Dan Trojan said on 1/Feb/19
Well seeing as i believe undertaker was 6'7" at his peak then 11
Phenom89 said on 31/Jan/19
How many inches he had on Taker?
Dan Trojan said on 28/Jan/19
Phenom he was actually legitimitely measure 7'6" by the guinness book of world records so that is his true heighr
Phenom89 said on 25/Jan/19
More i think about more , in my opinion, he was few inches less than 7'7.
I exaggerate, and i say 7'4 7'5
mohammad said on 25/Jan/19
His real height was 7 and a half feet . His billed height however , was actually 8 feet !

He was actually 200 kilograms , yet he did not look fat !

There is no question in my mind that this man was classified as being afflicted with Gigantisims .
Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 7/Dec/18
Giant Gonzales and Andre were both were way overlisted by the WWE, they were nowhere near their listed heights. They were both big dudes though undoubtedly. He was nowhere near 8 feet tall, only 17 people in history were verified as 8 foot or taller. Gonzales was more like 7'6"-7'7" and Andre was like 7'0".
Sotiris Gravas said on 24/Nov/18
Just for fun, here's Gonzalez w/ Ron Simmons... Click Here

Simmons and 6'5" JBL for comparison... Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 22/Oct/18
Here's a nice pic of 6'2" Sting w/ Gonzalez that I've never seen before... Click Here

Compare Sting w/ Big Show... Click Here

Sting w/ 6'6.5" Sid... Click Here

And finally, Sting w/ Hogan... Click Here
Dan Trojan said on 22/Oct/18
Sotirus I have to say this that pic with hulk hogan you can clearly see Gonzalez is leaning down that's not a good picture sorry I had to point that out
Sotiris Gravas said on 20/Oct/18
The dude is 7'6", not 7'7".

W/ Taker... Click Here , Click Here

W/ Hogan (currently 6'2")... Click Here , Click Here

W/ Sting (6'2" peak)... Click Here

George Napolitano w/ Gonzalez... Click Here

Napolitano w/ Andre in 1974... Click Here Or here... Click Here

Napolitano w/ Studd... Click Here

This is what Napolitano and Hogan look like now in terms of height... Click Here
Nik said on 2/Aug/18
He is mega mega tall!
UndertakerFrank said on 31/Jul/18
Jorge was measured @ 7ft 6 he had a Website and i emailed the site asking how tall he was
They said he grew to 2.32 meters so he could have grown to 7ft 7 after is WWF Debut
Canson said on 24/Jul/18
This should go to show that most wrestlers (Andre the Giant, Taker, Hogan, etc) are over-listed when this guy measured 7’6”and was listed at 8’0” tall
HarrySachs said on 24/Jul/18
Shaq is 7'0 taller barefooted according to him.
Sal29 said on 20/Mar/18
Willow Bunch Giant 8'2.5"

Max Palmer 7'8"

Giant Gonzalez 7'7 1/4"

Silo Sam 7'3"

Giant Silva 7'2"

Kurt Zehe 7'2"

Ron Reis 7'1.5"

Raja Lion 7'1.25"

Great Khali 7'1.20"

Shaq 7'1"

Andre the Giant 7'0.75"

Big Show 7'0.5.

Eli Cottonwood 7'0"
DRK said on 27/Feb/18
Billed 7'7" in WCW, and 7'11" in WWF.
Mike said on 1/Jan/18
Giant Gonzalez was 7 ft 7 inches tall
Takerfan said on 23/Dec/17
@Christian-6'5 3/8"

Your right Shaq is not a wrestler, if he's 7 foot then so is Khali. There's pics of the 2 side by side and they're pretty much identical in height. Gonzales peak would've been 7'7 imo. He had a good foot over Taker in their Wrestlemania match.
ImAlexandros said on 21/Dec/17
Giant Gonzalez he was 7' 6" not 7' 7" or 8' 0"
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 18/Dec/17

Anonymous is also wrong at calling Shaq a wrestler, and he's more like 7'0" rather than 7'1".
Takerfan said on 16/Dec/17
Anonymous said on 26/Nov/17
Tallest Wrestlers
1. Giant Gonzalez 7' 6" (2.29m)
2. Paul Bunyan 7' 6" (2.29m)
3. Mighty Sequoia 7' 5½" (2.27m)
4. Willow Bunch Giant 7' 3" (2.21m)
5. Raja Lion 7' 3" (2.21m)
6. Silo Sam 7' 3" (2.21m)
7. Gargantua 7' 2" (2.19m)
8. Giant Silva 7' 2" (2.18m)
9. Chotu 7' 2" (2.18m)
10. Reese 7' 2" (2.17m)
11. Great Khali 7' 1" (2.16m)
12. Shaq 7' 1" (2.16m)

Raja Lion is nowhere near 7'3 YouTube him with Giant Baba, doesn't even look 6'10 with him
day day said on 8/Dec/17
7'7 legit just wondering did early wcw not bill heights cause they had spivey 6'6 luger 6'4 simmons 6'1 seems they used legit heights
Anonymous said on 26/Nov/17
Tallest Wrestlers
1. Giant Gonzalez 7' 6" (2.29m)
2. Paul Bunyan 7' 6" (2.29m)
3. Mighty Sequoia 7' 5½" (2.27m)
4. Willow Bunch Giant 7' 3" (2.21m)
5. Raja Lion 7' 3" (2.21m)
6. Silo Sam 7' 3" (2.21m)
7. Gargantua 7' 2" (2.19m)
8. Giant Silva 7' 2" (2.18m)
9. Chotu 7' 2" (2.18m)
10. Reese 7' 2" (2.17m)
11. Great Khali 7' 1" (2.16m)
12. Shaq 7' 1" (2.16m)
Anonymous said on 22/Nov/17
Okay let's break it down. I've seen him billed at 7,4 and 7,6 and 7,7 even my friend says he is 7,9. He is often billed as 8,0. Looking at him beside the Undertaker in 1993 he looks legit 7,6-7,7. But the Undertaker at the time was 6,8 solid, let's assume Undertaker was wearing 1 inch soles. That would make him 6,9. Plus Giant Gonzales hair makes him look about 7,8 I say Gonzales is about 7,7.5. Even his basketball contract says he was 7,7.5 or 7,8 and at the time he probably was not wearing those big soles in basket ball.

In conclusion I would bet my taco on that Giant Gonzales is probaly barely 7,7.5
Height Sky said on 21/Sep/17
Yes Rob, good chance he grow 1/2 inch after of his wrestling days
even said on 20/Sep/17
he's real height was 7 foot 6
PotatoMcCain said on 2/Sep/17
Good you finally added him.
No doubt he is the tallest.. In those times people probably thought he was legit 8ft.
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 31/Aug/17
Click Here
tree said on 24/Aug/17
With 6ft3 Kevin Sorbo Click Here
JT said on 21/Aug/17
Some height comparisons from WM 9 showing how large Giant Gonzalez really was compared to Hogan, Luger, Scott Hall, Ed Leslie, and Bob Backlund (all are standing in similar spots in the ring)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Miiiiiiighty_- said on 21/Aug/17
He has been measured 232cm ( 7'7.3" )by Guinness Book staff...

You can't be more legit than that

( and at such height weight his morning height is probably an inch taller )
DRK said on 20/Aug/17
Guinness World Records measured him officially at 7'7.25", so his height isn't really up for debate and should be set to this number.
Guanzo said on 20/Aug/17
Brahim Takioullah would be 5'' on him.
Me said on 20/Aug/17
Seems about right
JT said on 20/Aug/17
Click Here not sure if he would have grown after 23
Click Here Click Here Click Here (same event but in ring at different times)
Zahid said on 19/Aug/17
Check here: Click Here

About 15 inches taller than Hogan considering posture. Considering footware, 13-14 inches taller. A 6'5" Hogan would mean a 7'6"-7'7" Gonzalez.
Vegas said on 19/Aug/17
eminmim said on 16/Aug/17
The tallest wrestler!

There are a couple of guys that were arguably taller like Max Palmer and Édouard Beaupre. Modern post territorial pro wrestling yes he was tallest for sure.
Miguel said on 19/Aug/17
I saw this guy on TV, looks 7'7 to me, possibly less
Undertaker Frank said on 18/Aug/17
He had a Website and i was told he grew more because of hos condition so it might be possible They said he was 2.32 cm
Chaz said on 18/Aug/17
****sock said on 16/Aug/17
Rob, he was listed as 7'6" in the Guinness Book in the early 2000s. He should be lowered to 7'6". I forget which year but I'm telling you for a fact that between 2000-2002, he was officially listed as 7'6" by Guinness Book of World Records.

That is not true,he was only listed as a side note saying he was not 8' as billed by the WWF .that would of made him 3'' taller than Radhouane Charibib.who was the GBR tallest man,at the time.and they quote he's NBA draft saying he was 7'6'' even that is wrong because in Argentina he was listed at 230cm.(7'6.5'') so that was a USA round down from the 230cm.and the 2000 GBR only gos up to July was then said in about 2002 that he had started growing again and had been measured at 7'7.25''.now if you get any Guinness publication like sports book of Records you find him listed as the tallest wrestler at 7'7''.
Vegas said on 17/Aug/17
He was listed 7'6 in the NBA so I don't think he was taller than that.
Zahid said on 17/Aug/17
I would also guess in that range. Could be slightly under. But not sure due to lack of photos (especially with Giants closer to his height).
John B said on 17/Aug/17
I had read reports he was a lot closer to 7'4 ?? Sad ending for this giant who ended up in a wheel chair before he died.
eminmim said on 16/Aug/17
The tallest wrestler!
MSJC said on 16/Aug/17
Aha yes! WWE and WCW regularly billed him at 8 feet. In one of my many editions of the GBOR they list him as 7'7.
Leah said on 16/Aug/17
8ft according to WWE
Dalziel said on 16/Aug/17
Was billed as 8ft in WWF.
Chaz said on 16/Aug/17
Good to see him on here,could have been the 7'7.25''in later life that has been the Argentina office of the Guinness Book of world Records,but I don't think he was under 7'6.5''.
177cm said on 16/Aug/17
Dwarfed the undertaker
dicksock said on 16/Aug/17
Rob, he was listed as 7'6" in the Guinness Book in the early 2000s. He should be lowered to 7'6". I forget which year but I'm telling you for a fact that between 2000-2002, he was officially listed as 7'6" by Guinness Book of World Records.
Marc said on 16/Aug/17
ive heard people say he is 8ft but, in wrestling they lie
Danimal said on 16/Aug/17
Not much to dispute here. The man was around this height. I heard 7'6" during his wrestling days (early 90's) and I remember hearing he continued to grow and was measured at close to 7'8" at some point?
JohanS said on 15/Aug/17
7'7 in 2017 is not even tall anymore...
Mincer said on 15/Aug/17
I believe he was the tallest wrestler so far
Undertaker Frank said on 15/Aug/17
I was about 20 feet from him Hugh Man !!!!
loka said on 15/Aug/17
The tallest wrestler of all time. His fight with the Undertaker stays in the memories.
176cm guy said on 15/Aug/17
Hey Rob, you should add his WWF's billed height as they describe him as a whopping 8 feet tall lol.
Mayfield said on 15/Aug/17
Worth mentioning is he was also billed a 8'0 as well. Kinda like how Kane was billed at 7'0 while in reality, not even close to cracking that area
Aza said on 15/Aug/17
In WCW he was listed as 7'6 although he's so gigantic I would honestly be able to tell the difference so will guess at 7'6.5.
RP said on 15/Aug/17
Rob, why the 7'7" listing?...when he had a documted barefoot height measurement of 7'6.25" from the early 1990's? With the NBA & Atlanta Hawks, if I'm not mistaken?
Editor Rob: he could have still grew a bit with gigantism.
Sean said on 15/Aug/17
Nice add Rob. Wasn't he more 7'6" than 7'7"?
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 15/Aug/17
Great Rob! Probably a rare case who grew still slightly until he got really ill
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Aug/17
Rob, why not 7ft6½?
Eddie is under 170 said on 15/Aug/17
Please mr . Rob ... kalisto height and other wwe cruiser weight ...
James B said on 15/Aug/17
This seems right

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