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7ft 2.03in (218.5cm)
lillo thomas said on 29/Oct/07
tanchan is joking 6-4 guys are taller than 99 percent of population in most countries and even more in china because average here is between 5-7and 5-8 .
is impossible that 100 million 7 footers exist in china. Maybe 1 million i could buy that after china has a population of over one billion.
Gonzalo said on 29/Oct/07
Tanchan worked to hard that day. Don`t take his words too seriously
cginhko said on 28/Oct/07
Ilmo tanchan is one chinese noob .i should say that the average height in china is 5'5-5'6 for man.Tanchan u make me laugh haha i am a 5'11 tower million of chinese in Taiwan and believe me i dont see 7' at Taiwan street but alot of 5'6 if there are the tall one i must they are not natural maybe limb lengthening surgery which are very famous over there and the excessively injection of Jintropin (China popular hgh for their athlete).one of my taiwanese friend say many of his friend wearing lift in their shoe.
Austrian said on 28/Oct/07
LOL what the hell are you talking about tanchan? :E
Ilmo said on 28/Oct/07
tanchan says on 27/Oct/07
u can find about 100 million of chinese are over 7'

WTF, I have visited china more than 10 times. I said 5
K.G said on 28/Oct/07
shaq is 7ft 1
Oden Is 7ft 0
Dirk is 7ft 0
Duncan Is 6ft 11
K.G is 6ft 11
Anonymous said on 28/Oct/07
This height is accurate.

Click Here

7'1.625" and 7'1" Andrew Bynum
Fred said on 28/Oct/07
It's all about those growth pills concocted since the dynasty days, which explains the whopping heights of many Chinese. It's different from being naturally tall.
tanchan said on 27/Oct/07
u can find about 100 million of chinese are over 7' in China and Mr Yao Ming is one of them. China are the tallest nation today compare to USA and Netherland and i am proud of it.i been to China before and it was surprised to say that me a 6'5 whitety look very very short.
Ilmo said on 27/Oct/07
I have seen Semi Eerola many times(basketball games). He is sure tall but i have seen even taller man in Helsinki railway station. He was working some electric company. He was something like 7
Anonymous said on 27/Oct/07
Vlade Divac is actually 6'11.5"
Anshelm said on 27/Oct/07
I live in a town of some 58,367 people, and the tallest person I know here is 214 cm (7'
Alex said on 26/Oct/07
95% does sound like a lot but 95% would be more like 6'3-6'4.
Mamun said on 26/Oct/07
That was the General Manager of the Dubai Intercontinental where Kareem was
staying at the time . I would like to add that if it wasn't for him There
was no way I could have gotten the pictures with Kareem . Glenn was right
on that point, Kareem is not much of a photo opp guy . I think he was around
5' 9" to 5' 10" ish .

Rergards ,
Danimal said on 26/Oct/07
I see 7'3" here.
Evanna said on 26/Oct/07
Btw there was a tv show a couple of weeks ago about British 7-footers. According to the show, there are only 30 (yes, thirty!) people over 7 feet living in Britain today. Thirty out of 60 million Britons! Admittedly we are below the world's average number of giants per country, but in a country which is the size of Britain there should be no more than two hundred 7-footers.
Evanna said on 26/Oct/07
Yeah, these NBA players are amazingly big when compared to "normal" human beings. My husband's got a photo with 7'0.5" Vlade Divac, and although Divac slouches, my poor hubby (who's in fact a rather big chap, 6'2" and 220lbs) looks like a little kid!
dave said on 26/Oct/07
Its scary how large some human beings can grow...95%? Hehehe...
Anshelm said on 26/Oct/07
Yeah, 95 % would mean 1/20 would be the same or taller than Abdul-Jabbar. I think not.
Alex said on 26/Oct/07
This is rarely but if I do lay down during the day for a bit for a nap I could regain 1/4 inch back I think.
Anonymous4 said on 26/Oct/07
Andre: 95 %? More like 99,999 % of the world population...
Kevin said on 25/Oct/07
that guy mamun, only like tall guys huh..
Andre said on 25/Oct/07
Damn what a giant.. ROFL. 95% of the worldpopulation is being dwarfed by these people
cantstop25 said on 25/Oct/07
he looks taller then 7'2" in this picture
glenn said on 25/Oct/07
he seemed to be a rare name here in new york for a 15 years or everyone is like "oh,i saw him yesterday".but i hear he doesnt pose.but everyone that doesnt pose eventually does.
Jordan said on 25/Oct/07
WOW, Kareem seems to be at least 7'1.5 in most of these pics. I always thought his height could have been Inflated, but this guy is one of the few Celebs on this site that really look their billed hieght in real life.
Danimal said on 25/Oct/07
Alex, I used to be 5'10" straight out of bed, but something has happened. Now I am MAX 5'9.5" straight out of bed. I think I've been slouching way too much and for way too long at my computer than I have curved my spine a bit. Normally I go down to 5'8 7/8" by nightfall. You can reclaim some of that height loss if you lie down for a bit during the day.
lillot thomas said on 25/Oct/07
mamun that would be wild but that height 7-8 is really extreme tall iam 6-5 and i dont want to be taller, i couldnt imagine being that height at all but still to see a guy of that height in person must be mindblowing.
hi said on 25/Oct/07
thx for the info JT. still 267 lbs is not that heavy for a 7ft1 guy
Anonymous said on 25/Oct/07
he looks 7'2
Vegas said on 25/Oct/07
kareem looks more than 7'2 in that pic, comparing him with 7'8 channa he looks in the 7'4 range(even after taking into account footwear) Click Here
l0ck n l0ad said on 25/Oct/07
Would anyone roughly know how tall his parents were?
Mamun said on 25/Oct/07
Lillo Thomas , How would you had reacted if you had met 7'8" 525 pounds
Alam Channa ?

Regards ,
lillo thomas said on 25/Oct/07
the tallest guy i ever seen in person was about 6-10 and was very impressive . i would like to see a guy over 7 feet in person someday.
lillo thomas said on 25/Oct/07
wow he is really a giant !! that how a a gigantic guy look next to normal people. to me a guy is gigantic when hit atleast 6-10 And he is 3 inches taller than that.
JT said on 25/Oct/07
hi says on 24/Oct/07
kareem constantly looks taller than other 7 ft+ centers (Wilt, I give O'Neal 7ft though he admitted himself to be 6ft11,5). But you also need to see his lanky frame (225 lbs) makes him look taller. I would say 7-1 barefoot

Kareem may have been listed at 225 lbs. in high school. He was probably 250 lbs. for much of his NBA career and was listed at 267 lbs. for IIRC at least the last 5 years with the Lakers. In seeing pics of Kareem with 7'1" Andrew Bynum, it looks like he's lost little if any height at age 60 as he still edges out Bynum in b-ball shoes.
Mamun said on 25/Oct/07
Thank you Glenn for the remark ! I am a very big fan of Bruce Lee too .

Regards ,
Anonymous said on 25/Oct/07
Shaq was probably joking when he said 6'11 1/2". Howard Stern probably said something about Shaq being 7 feet and he joked he was 6'11.5" to be a smartass. He was measured 7'1" barefoot and the 1992 pre-draft camp(he was already 303 pounds too!)- source Miami Herald and Rocky Mountain News Also why is it nobody has a link to Shaq claiming to be 6'11.5"? Patrick Ewing claimed he is 6'9" but obviously he was joking.
jimo said on 25/Oct/07
he wears lifts when hes acting in movies. watch carefully.
Gonzalo said on 25/Oct/07
One of the greatest, Kareem. Impossible for me to tell his height or Mamum
Alex said on 25/Oct/07
Honestly to me I see a good foot and a half difference.
Alex said on 25/Oct/07
Danimal, it depends when I get measured, really does.
Right out of bed I would be 6'1 on a good day but 6'0 3/4 at the least. Then after an hour or so being up I can get down to 6'0 1/2. But by midday I'm 6'0-6'0 1/4 where I stay the rest of the day. I'd be pretty suprised if I got measured at 6'0 1/2 by the midday. You may have been thinking of my out of bed height when you thought 6'1. I'll tell people either 6'0, 6'0 1/4 or 6'0 1/2, depends how I feel since all are rigth in their own way.
Even 6'0.75 or 6'1 would be right but I'm that height way too short to say I am that tall but som people do say their out of bed height though.
Whats your daily height loss?
Anonymous said on 25/Oct/07
Think the man on the right is 5'10?
Kevin Durant said on 25/Oct/07
Nice picture by the way and he certainly look like the height that is listed in this site.
glenn said on 25/Oct/07
great pic mamun.never saw him.but he appears to be common in new york in the last 3 years.i only want him cause its a bruce lee name.
Danimal said on 24/Oct/07
Alex, you're 6'0 1/4"? I thought you were 6'0 1/2" or 6'1". In that case, you're 2 3/4" taller than me.
hi said on 24/Oct/07
kareem constantly looks taller than other 7 ft+ centers (Wilt, I give O'Neal 7ft though he admitted himself to be 6ft11,5). But you also need to see his lanky frame (225 lbs) makes him look taller. I would say 7-1 barefoot
Anonymous said on 23/Oct/07
By 1993 Shaq was taller than Wilt who was 57 at the time.

Click Here

7'1" Shaq, 7'0.5" Wilt(At the time he was 7'0.5" but he was 7'1.06 in his prime)
cantstop25 said on 22/Oct/07
where is this photo of mamum with kareem?

[Editor Rob: thursday, it would be friday but I'm away that day.]
Alex said on 21/Oct/07
Demeyer, I find at my height 6'0.25 that it gets tougher for me to estimate heights for guys 6'8 plus.
mask said on 20/Oct/07
Maybe you are right guys I'm also starting to think that Shaq is 7'1" but what I know for sure is this:
Click Here
if you look at this video you can clearly listen him to be described as 7'1" but listed at 7'0" in the screen profile, as for Duncan and Woods they are respectively 209 cm and 215 cm tall and the tallest I give to Shaq is 214 cm now
JT said on 20/Oct/07
I didn't Vegas. He just rode by me on his bike. It was quite a site considering how long his legs are. I've seen Kareem a few times in person at Laker games but I never got down to courside when he walked over to the bench, etc.
Vegas said on 20/Oct/07
JT did you ever see kareem in person standing?? I stood beside his madame tussauds wax work in new york about 5 years ago and it was a easy 7'2, probably 7'3.5-7'4 with basketball boots on. The picture didn't come out though

Here are some Shaq details from his college years, he was listed at 7'1 294lb in college Click Here

Tim duncan was listed at 6'10 in college and loren woods at 7'1, both listed 1" taller in nba at 6'11 and 7'2 respectively Click Here

i guess college basketball is more accurate than the nba
Anonymous said on 20/Oct/07
Wilt Chamberlain claimed to be 7'1 1/16" in his prime and he was measured at 7'0.5" in the mid 80's when he was about 50. Shaq was measured a legit 7'1" here is descriptions of Shaq from 1992 draft articles.

1992 NBA Pre-Draft Measurements
Shaquille O'Neal 7'1"
Robert Horry 6'8"
Latrell Sprewell 6'4"

5th article

"7-1, 303, 12% body fat, only 20 years old"

Another description from the first article

"Shaquille O'Neal, all 7-1 and 303 pounds"

ROBERT HORRY, 6-8, 220, Alabama. Projection: mid-first round. Comment: athletic.

but Miner checked in at 6-3, 222


Click Here


Kareem- 7'1 5/8"
Wilt- 7'1 1/16"(Prime), 7'0.5"(later years)
Shaq- 7'1"
Bill Russell- 6'9.5"(Prime)
JT said on 20/Oct/07
This is one guy you can bet the bank on for being at or very close to 7'2". Kareem looked at least an inch taller than Wilt when they played against each other. I saw Kareem riding his bike on the UCLA campus back in the 1980s and he looked around 6'6" when seated.
glenn said on 19/Oct/07
yeah i was impressed with your work and stats.kareem lives here.everyone sees him except me.though only in the last 3 years tops.before that he was an enigma nobody met.ill get him one day.
Kevin Durant said on 19/Oct/07
glenn says on 19/Oct/07
great pics and info kevin.keep up the good work.never saw kareem.heard he doesnt pose.

Nice to hear from you again Mr. Glenn and it seems like Kareem is pretty shy sometimes but maybe in the near future, you can actually meet him again and take some picture of one of the greatest NBA Centers of all time.

Regards, Kevin Durant
glenn said on 19/Oct/07
great pics and info kevin.keep up the good work.never saw kareem.heard he doesnt pose.
Vegas said on 18/Oct/07
when yao stands up fully straight he has shaq by close to 5" (unless he has a really small forehead). Yao 7'5-7'5.5" and Shaq 7'0-7'0.5" is most likely imo Click Here kg is behind both yao and shaq there and leaning badly so no point trying to estimate him from that pic.
dave said on 18/Oct/07
7'5'' Yao Ming also had 4 inches maximum on Shaq.
Kevin Durant said on 18/Oct/07
Here are some of the newest Kareem Abdul Jabbar picture in the month of September and October.

Click Here

Here is Kareem with a legit 7'1 Andrew Bynum, who was officially measured at 7'0 1/4" in the 2005 NBA Draft at the age of 17 and reportedly was still growing and is now officially measured at 7'1" (barefeet) in the Los Angeles Lakers Camp.

Andrew's current physical stats

Height w/o shoes: 7'1"
Weight: 285
Wingspan: 7'6"
Standing Reach: 9'4 3/4
No Step Vertical: 33 Inches
Max Vertical: 37 inches

Here is the link of Andrew Bynum's Interview admitting he grow to a full 7'1 during the off season. Andrew Bynum will be celebrating his 20th birthday this month.

Click Here
Click Here

Another picture this time Kareem and the 6'9" Chris Webber of the Detroit Pistons. On the 2nd picture Kareem is leaning but he is at least 5" inches taller than Webber.

Click Here
Click Here

Kareem and the 6'5" Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers. ( Bryant was measured at 6'5", when he was 18 yrs.old in the 1996 NBA Draft)

Click Here
Click Here
Kevin Durant said on 18/Oct/07
Alex says on 18/Oct/07
He's 7'2, this listing for him is close enough. Pretty much 7'2 it is. Whats this in fractions, like 7'1 3/4?
Shaq is more 7'0 flat and puts Kareem at 7'2 there.

Alex i beg to disagree because Shaq lowest possibly height is 7'0.5" but i cannot see him under that because he is least 3" taller than Tim Duncan, who is officially measured at 6'10" in the 1997 Draft Camp.

Click Here
Click Here

Shaquille O'Neal 7'1, Tim Duncan 6'10

Click Here

6'10 Tim Duncan and 6'10" Dirk Nowitzki

Click Here
Click Here

Shaquille O'Neal 7'1" and 6'9" Alonzo Mourning

Click Here

Shaquille O'Neal and 6'11 Patrick Ewing, who is at least the same height as 2007 no.1 overall pick Greg Oden.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

6'11" Patrick Ewing and 7'1" Dikembe Mutombo, 6'9" Alonzo Mourning

Click Here

6'9" Bill Russell, 6'11" Greg Oden and 6'11" Patrick Ewing

Hakeem has said he is 6'10" barefoot and 6'11" in shoes and he was even listed at 6'10" sometimes He is struggling at 6'10" here with 7'1" Shaq but 6'10" sounds right.

Click Here
Click Here

I think Vegas and Alex are both right Kareem is a legit 7'2" because he could have grown at least .4 of an inch after his measurement at the age of 18 yrs.old
Vegas said on 18/Oct/07
you can find that 7'1 5/8 thing as far back as when he was 17-18 years old though (he could have grown .4 of an inch)

surely wilt should be downgraded because there was more than half an inch between these guys.

rob can you post a link to the mamun/kareem pic first (see we can get a look, same with scott schwartz) and then maybe post it later on the top

[Editor Rob: sorry, will be next week for this one.]
Alex said on 18/Oct/07
Markus, I get impressed by guys heights of 6'4-6'5 plus actually and I'm 6'0.
Alex said on 18/Oct/07
He's 7'2, this listing for him is close enough. Pretty much 7'2 it is. Whats this in fractions, like 7'1 3/4?

Shaq is more 7'0 flat and puts Kareem at 7'2 there.

[Editor Rob: Kareem was MEASURED at 7ft 1 and 5 8ths...

I'm telling it exactly as he was measured because fractions are important round here ;)]
Markus said on 18/Oct/07
Damn that's not tall...rather huge...

I had the weirdest thing last weekend. I walked in Rotterdam and saw a guy walking with his girlfriend...he must have been a basketball player.
I'm 6'4" (194 cm) and this guy was easily a head taller. (He looked about 2,5 heads taller than his girlfriend).

I don't get impressed by taller people easily, but this guy did the job. It felt too bothering to ask for a picture or something.
Kevin Durant said on 18/Oct/07
Got this picture from another site and I think Kareem is a solid 7'1 5/8" in his youth and possibly almost closer to his billed height of 7'2"

Click Here

Kareem Abdul Jabbar and 6'7.25" Earvin "Magic" Johnson

Click Here

7'1" Shaquille O'Neal and 7'0 1/4" Wilt Chamberlain

Click Here

Kareem Abdul Jabbar with 6'10" Hakeem Olajuwon

Click Here

with 7'0 1/4" Wilton Norman Chamberlain

This picture will also confirmed that Shaquille O'Neal is indeed a legit 7-1 Center in the NBA and not the 7'0 listing that Editor listed in this site.

Click Here

Kareem Abdul Jabbar 7'1.625" and 7'1" Shaquille O'Neal

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