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7ft 2.06in (218.6cm)
Andrew1995 said on 9/Jul/11
look where the other guy (especially the 6'2'' guy in the middle) hit Kareem. There is no way Kareem is 7'0.25'' in this interview. And he was 15 years old at that time
w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = 7 W a B 5 H S I m N U
Fred said on 28/Jun/11
come!!! 7ft 0 at most
SaimoN_ said on 22/Jun/11
@ikbtops hahaha! :D
ikbtops said on 9/Jun/11
C'mon. Kareem is obviously wearing lifts here.
Vegas said on 26/May/11
haystacks was listed in the back of the book as being the uks heaviest man at an unconfirmed weight 40 stone
Big Show said on 26/May/11
Vegas says on 25/May/11
i own a guinness book of records (1982 version) where it states giant haystacks is 6'11

But what was the reason Haystacks was listed for in Guinness? I doubt it would've been for his height. If they're not listed for their height, Guinness would have no reason to measure them. They'll probably just use the guy's listed height. Andre was also referred to at 7'4", but was listed for his salary.

Gonzalez was listed for his height in Guinness, though I have my doubts that Guinness actually measured him. I believe they just used his old basketball listing.
Vegas said on 25/May/11
i own a guinness book of records (1982 version) where it states giant haystacks is 6'11
Big Show said on 24/May/11
Mamun says on 23/May/11
I have actually seen a Guinness book listing for kareem of 7' 4" and to answer your question , some people like Bill Walton do like being labeled as super tall and would prefer anything that makes them seem shorter ! Yes I have seen them photos of Kareem being measured but one thing we both can agree on is the fact that we can't actually see at what point the mark ends ( like the pictures ROB has posted of himself being measured ) ! yes I was measure at 173cm at 2.25 p.m on the 26th of July 2008 !

Even though I haven't seen this Guinness Book listing, I'm willing to bet he wasn't listed in there for his height, but for his scoring record. And if he's listed for his scoring record, Guinness probably didn't measure him (unless you wanna argue that measuring each record breaker is a standard procedure with Guinness).
The caption with the pic clearly states at what height Kareem is being measured at! His height there coincides with the heights Kareem was being referred to in prior years. Plus he was listed in the NBA at 7'1.5" at the time, so it's not a shock he was measured at 7'1 5/8".

There are pics out there where Kareem wears cowboy boots. So he's not doing anything to make himself look shorter either.
d wade said on 23/May/11
no way was kareem a mm under 7,2 the 7,1 3/8 must be a neight measurement he has a solid inch on Shaq who is a legit 7,1. i could believe 7,2 1/2 he looks it next to 6,7 1/2 magic johnson and kevin nash but 7,2 is fair for him.
Mamun said on 23/May/11
I have actually seen a Guinness book listing for kareem of 7' 4" and to answer your question , some people like Bill Walton do like being labeled as super tall and would prefer anything that makes them seem shorter ! Yes I have seen them photos of Kareem being measured but one thing we both can agree on is the fact that we can't actually see at what point the mark ends ( like the pictures ROB has posted of himself being measured ) ! yes I was measure at 173cm at 2.25 p.m on the 26th of July 2008 !


Big Show said on 23/May/11
Mamun says on 21/May/11
Vegas , 56 or 50 ! The bottom line is a person let alone a legendary sports person is not in his prime by this age . Yes , a normal person does not lose any height under normal circumstances by the age of 40 or even 50 ! But I will not beleive without any hard evidence that Kareem was only 7' 1.6" aged 22 when he is clearly more than an inch taller than this 7' 1" gentleman shaq aged 60's ? How are you going to beat me at my logic ?

What harder evidence is there than an actual measurement. That's far more conclusive evidence than any picture. Kareem was measured at 7'1 5/8" at age 22. Proof has been posted here! I've posted proof that Kareem's height was also referred to as 7'1 3/8" at age 19 and that his growth basically had stopped at that point.

How did you actually determine your own height? Did you just look at pictures of yourself and thought you looked slightly over 5'8" or have you been measured at this height? If it's the latter, than why do you seem to think that measurements of celebrities don't count as evidence (as you have the same animosity towards Wilt Chamberlain's 7'0.5" measurement at age 44).

And if you want to talk about logic: where's the logic that a guy who claims 7'2" for himself and has been listed as such for nearly his entire career, is in reality 7'4". It makes no sense!
Mamun said on 22/May/11
I know Abdul Jabbar personnally and he is a tower of a man ! There is noway he is less than 7' 3" !


Legend said on 21/May/11
Looks more like 6'13.625 to me.
Mamun said on 21/May/11
Vegas , 56 or 50 ! The bottom line is a person let alone a legendary sports person is not in his prime by this age . Yes , a normal person does not lose any height under normal circumstances by the age of 40 or even 50 ! But I will not beleive without any hard evidence that Kareem was only 7' 1.6" aged 22 when he is clearly more than an inch taller than this 7' 1" gentleman shaq aged 60's ? How are you going to beat me at my logic ?


Vegas said on 20/May/11
btw not convinced that chap is 7'5, i did a few photo comparisons and he is coming out more 7'2-7'3 and thetallestman site also has him 7'2 Click Here
Vegas said on 20/May/11
mamun, kareem was measured in his 20s at the height rob has him here (i have posted proof said measurement took place), you could argue he grew to 7'2 and thats entirely possible but 7'4 or 7'5 no way, why would nba downgrade him that much and why when he came up against someone taller such as 7'3.75 barefoot mark eaton did the media always describe kareem as shorter, that shot with shaq is from feb 2004, making kareem 56 there, that like every other shot with shaq is of little value

here is a shot of kareem these days, this was taken late last year, Amar'e Stoudemire is a measured 6'8.5 barefoot Click Here there is amare and shaq e.g. Click Here Stoudemires measurements stats and thats direct from the nba themselves page 3 Click Here
Big Show said on 18/May/11
Andrew1995 says on 17/May/11
Unless Mamun is not shorter than 5'3'', which would put many celebs down by 5 inches, i don't believe 7'2'' for Kareem in his youth. Mamun, how old is this image? I suggest Kareem was about 60 when this image was taken and he still looks nearly 2 feet taller than Mamun. If Mamun is 5'8'', Kareem LOOKS 7'4'' in this image. Of course I don't believe that for his 60's, but in his youth he could be around this 7'4'' mark.Astonishing,if he was 7'3.5'' for example, today he would get listed at 7'5''( 1-1.25inch footwear).

Kareem doesn't have anywhere near 2 feet on Mamun. Analyse the pic in Photoshop or MS Pain and you'll see that Kareem hasn't got 2 heads on Mamun. The difference between Mamun and Kareem is roughly 1 2/3 of Kareem's head. Let's be generous and give Kareem an 11-inch long head. That still would put the difference at 18 inches, which would put Kareem at (shockingly) 7'2"
Andrew1995 said on 17/May/11
Unless Mamun is not shorter than 5'3'', which would put many celebs down by 5 inches, i don't believe 7'2'' for Kareem in his youth. Mamun, how old is this image? I suggest Kareem was about 60 when this image was taken and he still looks nearly 2 feet taller than Mamun. If Mamun is 5'8'', Kareem LOOKS 7'4'' in this image. Of course I don't believe that for his 60's, but in his youth he could be around this 7'4'' mark.Astonishing,if he was 7'3.5'' for example, today he would get listed at 7'5''( 1-1.25inch footwear).
Cranberries said on 13/May/11
Relaxed, he ooked more than 8 inches taller than 6'5" Craig Kilborn on his show; Kilborn was below his chin and his shoulders were much, much lower. Not 7'2", but CLOSE!
d wade said on 9/May/11
atleast 7,2 if notslighty taller he looks so tall with 6,9 nash and 6,7 magic johnson
Physics Enemy said on 8/May/11
Reality: About 7' 3" ...
Celebheights typical downgrade: '7ft on a good day' ...

Big Show said on 2/May/11
Andrew1995 says on 2/May/11
@Big Show
nah, when he was 14 he was at the ed sullivan show and already measured 7'1/4''! At 14!! Astonishing Guy, minimum 7'3'' in prime, if not taller

Click Here
I believe you're referring to this show. It's from March 1963, so Kareem was 15 year old there (almost 16 even as he's from April 1947).

So let's sum up his height chart:
Age 13 6'8"
Age 15 7'0.25"
Age 17 7'0.75"
Age 19 7'1 3/8"
Age 22 7'1 5/8"
Looking at these heights it's obvious that Kareem experienced a huge growth spurt in his childhood and early teens, but it slowed down after age 15. He only grew 1.25" in 6 years, so it's doubtful he grew another 1.5" after that. Unless someone can prove Kareem experienced a second growth spurt. The height he's listed at here seems bang on!
Andrew1995 said on 2/May/11
@Big Show
nah, when he was 14 he was at the ed sullivan show and already measured 7'1/4''! At 14!! Astonishing Guy, minimum 7'3'' in prime, if not taller
Big Show said on 29/Apr/11
Click Here - Browse to page 53 & 54
According to this article he was 7'0.75" at age 17. In 1966 he was credited with a height of 7'1 3/8". So if he was measured at 7'1 5/8 in 1969, it's safe to say he stopped growing. He was listed at 7'1.5" til 1971 before it got upped to 7'2.
He was supposedly 6'8" at the age of 13.
Mathew said on 26/Apr/11
He'd be a legitimate 7'3" in shoes.
Mamun said on 14/Apr/11
Yes he did look like that my friend and it would be a big mistake to say kareem was only 7' 2" in his youth ! Even today in his mid 60's , he is still taller than Shaq !


Andrew1995 said on 13/Apr/11
well mamun, he does look like 7'4'' next to you. You've met many tall guys ( like allam channa), do you believe him to be in the 7'4'' range? He did tower above nearly everyone in the NBA and did not look much shorter than 7'5'' chuck nevitt.
LG69 said on 22/Mar/11
I remember reading a book about "Lew Alcindor" way back in the 70's, and it said he was 7'3".
Marc said on 15/Mar/11
Another nugget. I was watching footage from game 4 of Milwaukee's sweep of the Baltimore Bullets in the 1971 NBA Finals and the late Chris Schenkel of ABC, who was doing play by play, said that Alcindor (as Kareem was then known) was " seven foot five no doubt". I think he was between 7'2" and 7'3" in his earlier years. I also saw him play against Artis Gilmore when Artis was with the San Antonio Spurs and to me, Kareem looked just a little taller than the 7 ft 2 Gilmore.
Mamun said on 14/Mar/11
Marc I definately agree with you in that one ! Kareem looked to me to be more than 7' 2" ! Even today at 60 plus he is still taller than Shaq !


Marc said on 13/Mar/11
One more comment about Kareem's height. Tom Heinsohn, former player and later head coach for the Boston Celtics, once said that he thought Abdul-Jabbar was 7'5".
Marc said on 13/Mar/11
When Kareem was a young player in the NBA an announcer on a game he was playing in said that Abdul-Jabbar had recently been measured and was found to be 7'3 and 5/8" tall.
pjt said on 8/Feb/11
Alcindor had tall parents. Both his mother and father were over 6 feet tall. Was not a tyroid case.
fuzzblaster said on 4/Feb/11
This is one celeb height that needs no confirming.
Clay said on 31/Jan/11
There are 40-50 people in the NBA 7 feet or more, and plenty who are 6'10-6'11. 6'9 would be the start of tall in the NBA.
Anonymous said on 24/Jan/11
6'5 is about average because most NBA players are 6'3-6'8. 6'7 or 6'8 and plus is tall for NBA. For regular normal people who have normal growth tall is 6'1 or 6'2 plus. you can't judge or compare your own height to people who are handpicked into the NBA because of their height. These are people from all over the country and sometimes world of course there's bound to be people in the upper 6 foot range to 7 feet.
Clay said on 13/Jan/11
6'5'' is not tall whatsoever in the NBA what a dumb comment.
Frank said on 10/Jan/11
Height becomes difficult to judge after about 6'6". I would guess Kareem is roughly 7'1.5". This guy is a perfect example of the ceiling effect. Once you grow above 6'3", it becomes unattractive. They start to look like they have Marfan syndrome. Kareem seems like a great guy though... nice man
Shaun said on 26/Dec/10
Oh I thought Kareem was a natural giant. I didn't think he had acromegaly or a pituitary gland problem. He was 22.5 inches and 12 pounds at birth.
Shaun said on 25/Dec/10
This a legit barefoot mesurement. If he was in the NBA today he'd be listed at 7'3" as that would be about his height in basketball sneakers.
Shaun said on 25/Dec/10
Moke says on 15/Nov/10
I'd feel a bit awkward standing this short next to my dad :) Click Here

Rob,how tall would you estimate his son to be? He looks 6'3"-6'4" to me, what do you think? Also, why is he so much shorter than his father? You'd naturally expect him to be at least 6'9".

This guy must wear 42 inch inseams.

[Editor Rob: kareem's pituitary gland might have had a role to play in his excessive growth, his son looks somewhere in 6ft 4 range from that one picture]
Truthman 6 ft 4.5 in said on 22/Dec/10
195cm is only TALL ENOUGH? You Must Be Joking! It's much taller than average guy and pretty tall even for NBA (Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Kobe Bryant).
Truthman 6 ft 4.5 in said on 21/Dec/10
Kareem Abdul Jabbar on Kilborn (6'5) show, pause at 0:31

Click Here
Chris said on 29/Nov/10
The reason Kareem seems taller than other 7'1" and 7'2" guys in the NBA is that most players are measured in their shoes. Kareem is 7'1.625" barefoot. So, on the court he's pretty much 7'3". A lot of the 7 footers in the NBA aren't really 7 feet barefoot.
Moke said on 15/Nov/10
I'd feel a bit awkward standing this short next to my dad :) Click Here
proud to be italian said on 10/Nov/10
isn't so, his son claimed 6'6'' looking in reality 6'3'' or max 6'4''

atleast from the pictures together on the net

Mr. Kaplan said on 1/Nov/10
Interesting fact, his son Kareem Jr. is "only" around 6'6".
Alex said on 26/Jun/09
kareem is not 65 as one guy state dhere, he is born in 47, so he's about 62, early sixties
very skinny man as you can see, compared to the two small men 5"8 guys there, same width. that skinny frame, kept him young and healthy.
Dallas said on 19/Jun/09
In Game of Death he looked at least a foot and 6 inches taller than 5'8 Bruce Lee. 7'2 is probably right on the money. That was an awesome fight in that movie though.
Mikew said on 17/Jun/09
Putting aside the fact that he actually looks taller, the man is 7'2", period, end of story. The 7'1.625 measurement was when he was in high school. He has been listed (legitimately) and cited as 7'2" for over 30 years. This needs to be changed.
Mark D. said on 9/Jun/09
Based on the many pics below, Kareem's about an inch taller than Shaq and Wilt. I'd put him at a solid 7'2". I wear a size 12 shoe, and could envision one and a half of my shoes difference, between Kareem and Mamun, in the above picture.
Haze said on 5/Jun/09
thats one big mofo
Jack said on 1/Jun/09
Pics aren't working, guys! They need to work ESPECIALLY on a page like this!

[Editor Rob: the mamun photo is showing now.]
aram x said on 10/May/09
Kareem is about the same height as this guy:
Click Here
Shagari Alleyne
Jay said on 8/May/09
Kareem is at least 7'4" some say likely 7'5"

Listed a 7'2" yes, but certainly taller. I am 7'1" and he was noticeably taller then me when we meet 18 years ago.
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/09
I will round 7'1.625 up to 7'1.630.
aram x said on 5/Apr/09
For some reason he looks taller than only 7,2" in the above pics. I looks 7,4" more than 7,2" (although it is well known that he's 'only' 7,2" or maybe 7,3")
Janette said on 22/Mar/09
I was crossing the street once years ago (i.e. over 20 yr), next to Mr. J; at 5'2", I will say, being near him left an impression!
glenn said on 27/Feb/09
my father was stocky.big arms.amature i hit weights on and off through my whole life.started curling with 5 pounds when i was 10.then went through the skinny years.i guess i just filled out more.happens with age.
RisingForce said on 26/Feb/09
I couldn't have that type of frame even with shoulder pads. Go figure considering my father was 6'0" and 230 lbs in mostly muscle and my brother is even bigger.

I noticed you looked pretty skinny in some of the older pictures Glenn. Did you work to get bigger or did you just naturally get bigger? I work out, but I don't get bigger, I just get leaner with even more visible veins.
glenn said on 23/Feb/09
risingforce-i do notice my frame does scare off some to my advantage.
RisingForce said on 22/Feb/09
I have that problem about calling out big guys Glenn. I'm 5'8"(on a really good day) and really skinny, and I've made the mistake of calling out really big guys before. A few times I've been close to fighting some huge guys and by that I mean 6'2"-6'4", 230-250 lbs. Man am I glad those fights never happened because I don't even weigh half of that!
Jordan said on 19/Feb/09
Kareem at AGE 65 is at least an inch taller than Bynum, as evident in this vid. I would say if Bynum is at least 7'0, Jabber is still 7'1, and was prolly 7'2.5 when he was younger.
Click Here
glenn said on 8/Feb/09
i guessed we are good at one liners brad.i hate fighting.rarely ever did,and im a wuss too.but i have heart.meaning i step up to big guys all the time.luckily nobodys knocked me.though nobodys messes with me in the autograph/photographer world.maybe my mouth for the heavy setters,i know what you rather fight off heavy goin through it a bit now.what are they thinking? bumped into clay a couple weeks ago.couldnt resist repeating some lines he said back in the day.i always thought people were dumb doing i am doing it to clay.the more obscure lines.he loved it.always nice to me.though i heard otherwise.
sabah said on 8/Feb/09
kareem abdul jabbar is so tall ab mein kya batayu stupid hey!i want to go africa my sister is there my sister like africa
Brad said on 8/Feb/09
I've never been in a fight. I just insult people to the point they walk away. Lots of good one liners work. Dice Clay greatest hits. I've seen fat chicks who could beat me up. The ones that go "Whuddya mean ya won't dance/go out/take my number etc. am I too fill in the blank for you?" are more scarey than a pack of gangstahs. Them free buffets in clubs can be scarey when all you want is the freaking food not a steady line of er, unattractive secretaries hittin on ya. The best buffet was at a club at a hotel where United based their flight attendants. Tony Curtis Operation Boeing Boeing. To hell with the food.
Tommy said on 7/Feb/09
This guy is an absolute minimum of 7'2" barefoot today. Considering he is nearing 62 years of age, and much jumping up and down on the court compressing the spine, it wouldn't have surprised me if he had been closed to 7'4" in his twenties. If ever a basketball player's listed height was there true unexaggerated barefoot height, it has to be without a shadow of a doubt KAREEM ABDUL JABBAR! Thoughts anyone?
Tom W. said on 5/Feb/09
Retired NBA Superstars:
Click Here
Kareem Abdul Jabbar 7ft 2 in (2.18 m)
Bill Russell 6 ft 10 in (2.08 m),
Bill Walton 6 ft 11 in (2.11 m)-on the pic. Bill Walton seems to make hiself taller.He probably tried to be the same height as Kareem.

By the way all of Walton's sons are tall, at least 6 feet 7 inches, but none is as tall as their father, who stands 6 feet 11 inches.

With George Lucas and NBA stars (+ 6'11' (211cm) Nate Thurmond)
Click Here
glenn said on 5/Feb/09
damn.thats pretty least nobody would want to fight you.
Brad said on 4/Feb/09
My height figure is myself with a ruler against a wall and measuring up. I wouldn't doubt off by some in the plus column. I hate my height with a passion. Gotta wear boots in the damn snow. I already know what I'd be by Glenn with the bass player of Nirvana the key. I'm positive I was his height almost 20 years ago face to face.
Fisher said on 4/Feb/09
Here is the Samuel Jackson, Kareem photo Freddy was talking about a little over a month ago. Keep in mind Sam Jackson is 6'2...

Click Here
MikeM said on 4/Feb/09
wow this guy is huge, If Glenn is 5'8, this guy looks to be a legit 7'2 or 7'3
lillo thomas said on 3/Feb/09
the guy is really a giant . Is atleast 7-2 even now .
glenn said on 3/Feb/09
imagine a photo with my arms around brad and kareem.
Brad said on 3/Feb/09
I really went at Cindy Crawford. "Gee yer short", etc.. I think she mumbled we were the tallest guy-gal here. She was over 6' in heels and I stood over her head looking at her gorgeous hair.Kareem made me look like a shrimp. Most NBA centers can make everybody look small.
glenn said on 2/Feb/09
tommy-apparently mamun thinks maybe thats possible.i was seeing an illusion of 6-10,a couple times meeting him.the complete opposite.and more foolish.
Tommy said on 2/Feb/09
Glenn are you sure this guy is only 7'2" because you appear to be a good 4 or 5 inches BELOW his shoulder, making 7' 4" very possible. Thoughts anyone?
RisingForce said on 2/Feb/09
I'd guess he's taller than Khali. I remember Shaq being taller than Khali in a picture, but I remember another picture where Kareem was taller than Shaq.
joe said on 1/Feb/09
wow! this guy is HUMOUNGOUS! he is truly gigantic. is he taller than wwe wrestler, the great khali? i think he is 7'2. nobody can realistically give his height as 7ft 1.625in from an estimation. that is too specific lol!
miser said on 31/Jan/09
i wish i were this guy. just for one day though, lol
runt said on 31/Jan/09
Brad, if you're 6-8.5 in boots, Kareem can be barefooted and see over your head. What a shrimp!
mma fan said on 30/Jan/09
he has a good inch on Shaq, he is 7'2
Sam said on 30/Jan/09
Jabbar didnt look taller than Shaq
glenn said on 30/Jan/09
has anybody ever called you shorty brad? to mess with you,like you did with,i think you said cindy crawford?
Brad said on 29/Jan/09
Very few times in public I'm owned big and I'm talking Kareem. Courtside of course. Most of these players BS their heights. I don't think Lew-Kareem did.
glenn said on 29/Jan/09
exactly mr.r.well said.
Alex3 said on 29/Jan/09
Def a 7'2 guy. He can pass for even more than that.
Mr. R. said on 29/Jan/09
I met Kareem and Wilt Chamberlain at different times. Once they get above 6-6, for me its a lucky guess.
Jordan said on 28/Jan/09
How many inches did Kareem have on Shaq. i cant acces those pics anymore. I remeber Kareem looked to have about an inch on Shaq in their photos but im not sure.
TNTinCA said on 28/Jan/09
Anyone ever remember that one Bruce Lee movie that Kareen was in where they did a stunt fight?
Great moment is when Bruce gets kicked by Kareem and they show him with a huge footprint on his shirt!
aram x said on 28/Jan/09
I definitely see a 18" gap between Glenn and Kareem.
aram x said on 28/Jan/09
Kareem looks a legit 7,2" barefoot. No problem. Never thought he would become bald too.
Morg said on 28/Jan/09
Ive seen bigger
glenn said on 28/Jan/09
how many times has that happened to you brad? where someone towers you?
glenn said on 28/Jan/09
yes,gonzalo.thank you.i wrote down the correct spelling.
Mamun said on 28/Jan/09
Me too Glenn . High heels can put me off too .


Gonzalo said on 28/Jan/09
God, he looks huge.
Glenn, I guess you are talking about Lamar Odom, the forward o Los Angeles Lakers. He is listed 6`10
Derek said on 27/Jan/09
Pretty obvious he's well over 7'0". I'd feel like a midget at 6'2" lol.
Brad said on 27/Jan/09
I walked down by the Lakers' bench once. 6' 8.5" in boots and he made me feel small.
glenn said on 27/Jan/09
yeah,mamun.your the expert on tall people.guessing and snagging them for a photo.i cant tell womens height either.footwear can throw me off.
Jordan said on 27/Jan/09
Looks still above 7'0 at his age.
Lego said on 27/Jan/09
wow now that's tall.

at this point makes no difference how tall he is, but he does seem 7'1
AKK said on 27/Jan/09
First Google result for "Kareem Bruce". Click Here

I never want to get in a fight with somebody that size. It's a bit like being a 10 year old kid trying to stand up to that almost-out-of-age-of-minority teenaged bully. O_O
Mamun said on 27/Jan/09
Glenn Thanks for all those info ! Glenn like you said what's really funny is
to me he looked like 7' 4" or more unless I knew his height in advance . But
it's funny how you see someone who is really this tall as a much shorter
person than they are and then I see Sly at 5' 8" or so and you see him at
5' 10" or more . Guess we are at opposite ends in the guessing game . I mean
you see a tall person shorter than they are and I end up telling people who
are in the Sly range shorter than they are . It means we really are connected.


glenn said on 27/Jan/09
mamun-my pleasure to add you on bad at judgeing height after 6-7.especially after 6-10 actually.though i guessed a basketball players height and asked him recently,and was right on 6-10.just forgot his name when was told just the other day.i wrote,oh wait,lamar oden? something like that.anyway,as far as kareem,i wouldve guessed 6-10 or so.thats how bad i am,but in the photo,he is,i guess,clearly 7-2.more or less.he seems shorter to me,a few feet in front of me.from the distance more.usually,with a different person,tall or short,its the opposite effect.did you think he was 7-4? see,i saw him smaller.when i see guys like stallone and willis i see them an easy photo to get.your lucky to have it.never poses in new york city.i was with someone last night who said they have this photo with from the only one that has this photo here.not the first time i saw him.lately has been common,and has turned me down before.i had a line that worked i rather not reveal.put it this way,fan talk wont work in .in new york at least.which is odd,cause he lived here up until recently.harlem townhouse.oh,had dress shoes.didnt examine them enough.thanks for posting!
Mamun said on 26/Jan/09
Glenn , what about footwear ? How huch thickness do you think he had on the
soles of his shoes ?


Mamun said on 26/Jan/09
Glenn if you didn't know his height , How tall did he seem to you ? Will you
by any chance have given him more than 7' 4" ?


Mamun said on 26/Jan/09
Wow Glenn !!!!!!!!! Your the man !!! That's a fantastic picture ! By the way
thanks for adding me on facebook . Your page there seems awesome !

Lots of regards

supes78 said on 26/Jan/09
I don't this guy's height is up for debate. He's absolutely huge.
runt said on 26/Jan/09
What was his reach advantage over Bruce Lee?
glenn said on 26/Jan/09
i dont about the tallest i ever met.tallest thats on this site maybe.met alot of baseketball players.nobody legendary except above.
glenn said on 26/Jan/09
thanks metric.i appreciate the comment.
Markus said on 26/Jan/09
Must be the tallest guy you've been on a pic with Glenn!
Clay said on 26/Jan/09
Supermun' has pics with 7'8-7'9 giants but everyone knows K.A.J so this is awesome.
Metric said on 26/Jan/09
GREAT pic, Glenn! Not many good pics around of giants with normal sized people for comparison. This is one of the better I have seen.
runt said on 26/Jan/09
obviously, this guy has a camera, footwear and pavement advantage over Glenn and Mamun >_>
Sam said on 26/Jan/09
Wow, Roger Murdock is a true giant (a movie character reference). Definitely the tallest celebrity I've seen with Glenn or Mamun.
Jordan said on 25/Jan/09
Yep, is taller than many NBA Greats like Shaq, Garnett, and Bynum. The man has great posture even in his 60's b/c he is still taller than al lthe young studs. He must have been 7'2 in his youth.
Freddy said on 7/Dec/08
Got to be 7'2, type his name in google images Look at the first image and he has a clear foot on a 6ft2 and a half listed Samuel L Jackson on this site
zach said on 4/Dec/08
man good he doesnt go to my school i like being considered the tallest kid there and hes clearly 7'2''
Haze said on 7/Nov/08
still holds his own with shaq even in his later years. good listing for him imo
Salva11 said on 4/Nov/08
Hey guys please switch Kareem Height from 7'1.625" to 7'2" (218) ! ! ! Coz this last is his really and proved height.
Salva11 said on 3/Nov/08
Yes Bynum seems an hair taller than Pau, but he seems a little closer to the the way LAL s'got the real Twin Tower, 2 player with a terrific 9'6" of standing reach and both very skills and athletics specially Pau!!!

Kareem's arms looks short for is height or not???
Shaq said on 1/Nov/08
Bynum is a full 7'1"
Click Here

He's a little taller than Gasol and numerous reports over the last few years have said that he grew to 7'1". Gasol is 7'0.5" as you said. Kareem is still 7'2" at age 61.
Salva11 said on 29/Oct/08
I think Kareem is a strong 7'2" (218) clearly taller than Bynum and Gasol both 7,0,5" (215) at 61, but his arms seems quite short for a 7'2" man or not???
Ron said on 28/Oct/08
I just got back from the Johns Hopkins University MSE Symposium that featured Abdul-Jabbar as this week's speaker and he is really, really tall. I'm 6'1" so I have no clue exactly how tall he is but I wouldn't be surprised if he is 7'1" or 7"2."
Lozzer said on 25/Oct/08
If you think 6 foot 1-2 dad with 4'8" son then yeah definitlet, just right hehe!
aram x said on 14/Oct/08
I guess the difference is probably greater lol...Kareem is huge...easily 7,2"!
Realme2008 said on 10/Oct/08
Is the difference between Kareem and Mamum bigger than the difference between a little kid, and a full grown man (5'10")? If so... wow. It doesn't really make a difference to debate his height, because he's obviously very tall.
aram x said on 30/Sep/08
Kareem Jaber is pretty easily 7,2"...i googled his weight at only 240 lbs? he maybe very skinny but even his height i am little surprised he only weighs that much! i thought he would weigh around 250 lbs at least...
mma fan said on 30/Sep/08
Kareem looks 7'2 atleast. I never saw a pic from him which makes him less than 7'2. The fact is he looks 7'2 at age of 61. I do not know if he was taller in his 20's
Shaq said on 30/Sep/08
Gasol is 7'0.5" so that means Kareem is still 7'2" at 61 years old. Maybe the rumors of him being over 7'2" when he was younger are true?
Massimo said on 21/Sep/08
Kareem looks quite clearly taller than Pau Gasol:

Click Here
Clay said on 20/Sep/08
You missed the biggest giant sportsman of all Yao Ming who is 7'5.5/7'5.75. And dont forget wrestlers Paul Wight and Dalip Singh who are both 7'0+ and of great bulk, much more than other athletes.
Gonzalo said on 8/Aug/08
Nowitzki is clearly taller than 2`08. Watch the Plympics now and you will see he is tallert than that
nba pro said on 6/Aug/08
"Phonix says on 3/Aug/08
giant sportsman of all kinds

NBA Player

Dikembe Mutombo 7'1.25 = 2,16 m
shawn Bradley 7'6 = 2,29 m Yao ming 7'5 = 2,26 m
Shaquil o'neal 7'1 = 2,15 m
Dirk Notzki 6'11.5 = 2,12 m "

its been said before dirk is only 6'10
Phonix said on 3/Aug/08
giant sportsman of all kinds

NBA Player

Dikembe Mutombo 7'1.25 = 2,16 m
shawn Bradley 7'6 = 2,29 m Yao ming 7'5 = 2,26 m
Shaquil o'neal 7'1 = 2,15 m
Dirk Notzki 6'11.5 = 2,12 m

K1 fighter & mma

Giant silva 7'2 = 2,18 m billed height 2,30 m
Montahna silva 7'0 = 2,13 m Billed height 2,25 m
Hong man choi 7'2 = 2,18 m
Semmy schilt 6'11 = 2,11 m
Jan nortje 6'11 ? 6'9 = 2,06 m
Julius long 7'1 ? 6'11 = 2,10 m

Nikolai valuev 7'0 = 2,13 m
Vitali Klitschko 6'7.5 = 2.02 m
Wladimir klitschko 6'6.5 = 1,99 m
Akinwande 6'7 = 2,00 m
Jameel Mccline 6'6 = 1,98 m
kevin mcbride 6'6 = 1,98 m
Mamun said on 20/Jul/08
I do agree my friend !


Shaq said on 20/Jul/08
Mamun, do you agree that Kareem is a legit 7-2? I believe he is atleast that tall.
Mamun said on 19/Jul/08
nice pictures JT !!!
JT said on 19/Jul/08
Click Here
Click Here
Shaq said on 14/Jul/08
I don't know what his wingspan is but how is he under 7'2"?

Kareem and 7'1 1/16" Wilt Chamberlain
Click Here

Kareem and 6'10"-6'11" Hakeem Olajuwon
Click Here

Kareem and 6'7"-6'7.5" Magic Johnson
Click Here

Kareem easily has 7 inches on Magic, about 4 inches on Hakeem and about an inch on Wilt. I wouldn't be surprised if Kareem was over 7'2".
Anonymous said on 9/Jul/08
Kareem seems to be somewhere between 7,1-7,2". just wondering what is his wingspan?
Shaq said on 5/Jul/08
NY Times says 7-1 7/8

Click Here
Shaq said on 27/May/08
Garnett actually grew from 6'11" to 6'11.75" and I've read Amare grew from 6'8.5" to 6'9.25". You've mentioned Dwight's 6'9.5" claim and Lebron may have grown a bit too. Of course those are all guys who were drafted as teenagers straight out of highschool. Kareem does look taller than 7-1 5/8 though and there was a link that acknowledged the 7-1 5/8 measurement but stated he grew past it.

You may be right but growing 3/8 of an inch at 22 years old isn't too hard to believe.
Ozzy said on 25/May/08
Shaq: why is it more likely for a big man to grow at an older age than a shorter man? I was 6'3 at 16 and never grew taller, only filled out. I think it has more to do with physical maturity, body frame or something like that. Wayne Rooney, Dwight Howard, LeBron James, all had grown up bodies at an early age. Even Amare and KG haven't changed much from when they were drafted, 245-249 and 217-220 respectively.
Arnie said on 18/May/08
5'8 Mamun is at least up to his lower chest,I myself being 4'9.5 think I would be scarcley above this guys waist,in this picture Kareem looks like a titan, hes got to be 7'2 like Ive heard. He is way above the norm and Iam way beneath.
Shaq said on 5/May/08
I find the 7'2" even measurement possibly legit because it acknowledges the 7'1 5/8" measurement from 1969 but Kareem also has looked atleast 7'2" in 95% of the pictures I've seen of him.

I agree JT. 6'7" and change for Magic and 7'2" even for Kareem. Kareem is still over 7'1" because Andrew Bynum does really look like a legit 7'1". He had atleast 2 inches on 6'11" Andrew Bogut at the 2007 Rookie/Sophomore Game.
Shaq said on 2/May/08
I can buy Bynum growing to 7'1" because he was already 7'0.25" at age 17 and I've seen a dozen articles reporting the Lakers measured him 7'1".

I can also believe that they measured him 7-1 5/8 but that he grew shortly after that. A man of Kareem's size could easily grow 3/8 of an inch at age 22 or 23. The link also is easier to believe for me because it acknowledges the prior measurement of 7-1 5/8. I've almost never seen Kareem look under 7-2 in pictures and he looks a solid 7 inches taller than Magic.
JT said on 2/May/08
Another good find there Shaq is 7'1". There was always a good inch at least between Kareem and Wilt and even Shaq. This is Kareem and Magic from 1984. Click Here Magic was probably a shade over 6'7" but was listed at 6'8" in college and 6'9" in the NBA. That's still easily a 7 inch height difference, if not a bit more. Kareem (age 61) is still taller than Andrew Bynum of the Lakers, who reportedly is now 7'1".
Vegas said on 1/May/08
thats kareem getting measured aged 22 and 5 months Click Here
Shaq is 7'1" said on 1/May/08
Some good new evidence here and it is a newspaper article stating Kareem grew in 1970 to an even 7'2". Click Here

Lew Alcindor is just a growing boy, according to physical reports of the Milwaukee Bucks. Alcindor, who checked in at 7-feet-l 5-8 as a million dollar rookie with the National Basketball Association team a year ago, has grown three-eighths of an inch since and now measures an even 7-feet-2.
I can buy a legit 7-2 for Kareem.

Plenty of searchs came up in 1969 for Kareem so I guess the 7-1 5/8 measurement was from his rookie season. Click Here

I can buy the claim in the newspaper article that Kareem grew to 7'2" even. Kareem use to get estimated at 7'4" all the time so a legit 7'2" is not hard to believe.

What do you think Rob? Is the article enough to upgrade him?
Shaq is 7'1" said on 30/Apr/08
Back during Kareem's playing days the rumor about his height was similar to the rumor about Bill Walton's. I heard people say Kareem was more above his listed but he was uncomfortable about his height so he liked to be listed lower.

This is the best picture I've seen of Kareem and Shaq.
Click Here

I'd say the 7-1 5/8 listing for Kareem looks accurate in that picture.
JT said on 30/Apr/08
If Shaq's a legit 7'1" barefoot, that certainly calls into question the 7'1 5/8" listing for Kareem, which I always thought was a little low.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 29/Apr/08
Here is a legit pre-draft link Ip. Not a newspaper article.
Click Here

Players are given the option of choosing their barefoot height or their height in shoes. Most guys choose the height in shoes but if you look through enough pre-draft measurements you'll find guys like Shaq, Bosh, Durant, Garnett who are listed at or even below their barefoot heights.

Hey Rob by the way what book is Kareem's 7-1 5/8 measurement mentioned in?
Shaq is 7'1 said on 26/Apr/08
Shaq was measured a full 7'1"
Click Here

That shows Shaq at 7'1" 303 and former all star Tom Gugliotta at 6-9 1/2

Click Here

That has Shaq at 7'1" with a 7'7" wingspan and a 9'5" standing reach
Ip said on 26/Apr/08
Most of u guys are wrong. Shaq measured out at 7ft. without shoes when he was measured at the Chicago pre-draft camp in 1992. They show the old drafts on NBA TV every year around draft time and I watch it every year for the sake of nostalgia but also because I am curious to see what their heights are barefoot. So for him to be listed at 7-1 is accurate because the heights that u see them listed at are their heights in shoes.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 14/Apr/08
Massimo since Kareem is 7-1 5/8 and Shaq is 7-1 so it can be hard to tell the difference in pictures.

lsu alum Shaq has claimed 7'1" twice and back when he was 17 claimed 7'0" so those 3 claims contradict your BS. If I didn't have 4-5 articles saying Shaq measured over 7 feet in 1992 then i'd have no problem saying Shaq could be 6'11.5" but since I have seen 4-5 articls stating that I'll continue to believe 7'1" until you come up with a link proving the Chicago Pre-Draft camp use to release fake measurements.
lsu alum said on 13/Apr/08
yea well shaq also said he was 6'11.5 also but you refuse to beleive it because your obsessed.i think you may be in love with him,non sexually of course hm hm
Massimo said on 12/Apr/08
Hey guys, what do you think about this picture I found ?
Click Here
I know, it's not a very good one, but I think it's still interesting.
To me, Shaq looks about the same height as Lew there.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 8/Apr/08
lsu alum the majority on the Shaq page know I'm right.

I posted some new links that prove O'Neal was measured without his shoes.

In 1992 Shaq himself said "I'm 7 feet 1 inch, 300 pounds if i were a fan I'd expect 20 points, 15 rebounds every night"

That icture is also very good lsu both are standing right next to eachother.
lsu alum said on 7/Apr/08
again shaq is 7'1"uses a terrible picture to try and prove his point.people all over the web are questioning oneals true height,because he is not his listed 7'1".the other picture with walton is the picture where i say he's taller than oneal.also dirk appeared to have oneal by half an inch.i will continue to follow you where ever,and when ever you are printing the incorrect stat that oneal is 7'1".the truth will set you free.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 7/Apr/08
LMAO lsu alum the fact you follow me to every page on this site shows you are the one who needs help.

You really need serious help consider you think Walton's taller than Shaq when Shaq has atleast 2" on Walton.
Click Here

Massimo mentioned Shaq looked taller than Bill so get over it lsu alum. I proved he is a legit 7 footer without shoes on the Shaq page so get out of your fantasy world and stop following me around you loser.
JokeMaster said on 6/Apr/08
Q: How many surrealist painters does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: A fish
lsu alum said on 4/Apr/08
massimo oneals only 6'11.5"and walton is perhaps 7'0"even.shAQ IS 7'1"has some serious emotional problems,and thinks oneals as tall or taller than anyone.everyone hopes he'll get the help he needs.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 28/Mar/08
Probably correct Massimo. Kareem has a slim frame maybe making him look 7'2" or 7'3" while Shaq's big shoes make him lookg 7'2" or 7'3" when in reality Kareem is 217 cm and Shaq is 216 cm
Massimo said on 28/Mar/08
I think 7'3" is exaggerated for Lew. I have seen him next to Bill Walton and he was only slightly taller than Bill. This might shock and amaze ya, but I have also seen Shaq next to Walton on gettyimages and there looked to be more difference between Shaq and Bill (in Shaq's favor) than between Lew and Bill.
But, in reality, I think this is not true. I think Lew is every bit of 2.17, while Shaq can't be over 7'1".
Shaq is 7'1" said on 26/Mar/08
Kareem looks more in the 7'2" or 7'3" range

Kareem and 6-10ish Hakeem Olajuwon
Click Here
MP said on 19/Mar/08
At Kareems prime he was 7'6"
I have his card to prove it
I really doubt he lost 5"
Shaq is 7'1" said on 27/Feb/08
I meant Shaq doesn't even look 4" shorter. Shaq's head is well past Yao's eyebrows meaning even with Yao's big forehead he doesn't have 4" on Shaq.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 27/Feb/08
lmfao lsu alum almost everyone agreed Shaq is over 7 feet on the Shaq page so you come here? Back to Back Yao doesn't even look 4" shorter. You can't judge height to save your life.
lsu alum said on 26/Feb/08
dream34,dont believe shaq is 7'1",hes obsessed with shaq his hero being taller than 7'0"Yao looks to be 6 inches taller than shaq
Shaq is 7'1" said on 16/Feb/08
Dream34 Shaq's head is over Yao's eyebrows when they stand back to back. O'Neal was measured 7'1" barefoot and 7'2.75" in shoes while Yao was measured 7'5" barefoot and 7'6.25" in shoes.
jobu said on 10/Feb/08
I recall a basketball announcer saying that Kareem was measured at 7' 3-5/8" in the late 70's. It's likely that he's shorter now, especially since he jumped for a living for close to 20 years.
Fisher said on 3/Jan/08
Kareem's thin body structure makes him look a little over 7'2 but hes not.
Dream34 said on 18/Dec/07
shaq is even 7'. yaos eyebrows are as tall as shaq is. eyebrows to top of least 5". measure from ur eyebrows to head and that will be more than u think and yao has a frankenstein forehead. shaq is taller than dream but that didnt help him at all. that pick is of end of sweep and shaq runnin' to the exits but dream being humble and all gave him some words of wisdom. i think it payed off.
Anonymous said on 2/Dec/07
I saw the movie "Game of death" and I can garantee you he was taller than Bruce Lee. This guy is taller than Wilt, much taller than Kevin Nash. This guy is no midget! I would love to see him next to Yao, just to check how much shorter he is than the Chinese. Of course, Kareem next to the Big Show would be a legendary picture! I have seen many picture of Kareem on gettyimages etc. and, to me, there is no way he is shorter than 2.15, even today. 7 ft 1.625 in sounds accurate.
LOOK UP TO THE TALL PEOPLE!!!!! said on 12/Nov/07
[Editor Rob: you can't even get the figure right. No wonder I delete most of your posts, you insult this site. He was measured 7ft 1 and 5/8ths. I'm sure even you can understand what 0.625 of an inccvh eeeequates to...]

lol i try to give my inputs on this site but theyre not appreciated apparently i was just curious how u can look at somebody and accurate;y place them to the .625 of an inch. if that calls for a scolding , and if you think its right to delete my contributions to the site thats on you. its yourr site i just thought my opininons on this site were just as important as the next guy. especiially since i have a huge obsession with my height and experience being tall and judging height ((6'3 at 17and 18 now) so yea

[Editor Rob: you call the site ridiculous, what do you expect? The man once measured to 5/8th of an inch, so I simply put that precise mark down on here. There's no great mystery as to what 5/8th equals...]
Shaq is 7'1 said on 12/Nov/07
Click Here

Kareem and 6'7.25" Magic
Shaq is 7'1 said on 12/Nov/07
Shaq was joking on Howard Stern here he is with 6'10.25" Hakeem Olajuwon.

Click Here
Click Here

He has 3+ inches on Hakeem

Shaq and 7'5" Yao back to back

Click Here

That is not a 5.5" inch difference. It is 4 max.
mask said on 11/Nov/07
Some info on the heritage of Mr. "Sky Hook":
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/07
guy on the other side looks 5'10
burppp said on 9/Nov/07
the door in the picture is pretty big
Big T said on 9/Nov/07
However....the angle is funny..the guy on the other side of Kareem looks 6' compared to Mamum but what's the bet he's only 5'9" or something like that cos of the angle
Big T said on 9/Nov/07
ok, I've done the measurements, and the interesting thing is- Mamun's head in this pic is 1.2cm long on my screen, and the difference in height between Kareem and Mamun is 2.6cm. So, the difference in height is more than double Mamun's head length! This puts Kareem at at least 7'2" in this pic (18 inches taller than Mamum, assuming Mamun has a smallish head well under 9 inches) but probably taller.....??
this site is rediiculous how could u acurately measure him to the nearest .6125????????

[Editor Rob: you can't even get the figure right. No wonder I delete most of your posts, you insult this site. He was measured 7ft 1 and 5/8ths. I'm sure even you can understand what 0.625 of an inch equates to...]
Colby said on 8/Nov/07
Shaq admitted on Howard Stern that he is NOT 7 feet tall. He just claims he is because it looks better than 6 something. You cannot compare athlete to athlete because they routinely lie about their heights and usually its accepted.
Serg said on 7/Nov/07
I was actually a writer during the 92 nba draft and 7'1" 295 i believe were shaq's pre-draft numbers. I've never seen 6'11" for shaq in any official print.
cantstop25 said on 7/Nov/07
in that kareem bynum picture I dont think there standing I think there sitting on stools
Mamun said on 7/Nov/07
My friend Vegas, I agree with you 1000 percent that it would have been a
wonderful idea to bring my 6'6" cousin to these meetings and having him stand
beside Nash and Sid . Even he would have gone crazy ! But unfortunately he
lives in Bangladesh and there is no way the united states is going to give
him a visa for a tall man contest . Vegas I don't know how tall you are but
let me tell you something . You see every one of these guys , my cousin, kane
Sid , nash and even Tiny Ron have a full head over me and my eye level is
always below their shoulders . At that level it is very hard for a short guy
like me to properly estimate anyone who is more than 6'6" height . I mean
some one can be 6'7" and if he tells me he is 6'10" , I would not find it
hard to believe . That is why for each and every tall persons picture I take
I always try and compare to see if he is really that much taller than my
cousin or does he look less .
In regards to the picture below , well Randy Orton definately looks at least
two and a half inches taller than Hasselhoff even though none of these men
are standing fully stright . But I doubt that even Randy is a barefoot 6'4".
Because he just does not have a 4 inches on a John Cena who many don't regard
to be 6'1" barefeet . And Vegas please don't tell me that the big Nikes he
wears are only half inches soles . and in regard to the Kareem and Nash pic,
I think the whole world including my self could see that Kareem is not
standing as stright with Nash as he was with me . There is also something
wrong with the angle of the picture . Vagas post that picture again and let
everyone see my point .
Regards ,

lsu alu said on 7/Nov/07
shaq was not measured at 7'1'at the pre draft,he was measured at 6'11.5",i know because i was there,that year no one was offically 7'0"in their bare feet,you need to quit saying he was measured at 7'1" barefoot,because he was not
Vegas said on 6/Nov/07
mamun my advice to you would be to bring a tall friend along to these meetings as it will give you a much better perspective of heights on the day, your 6'6 cousin would be perfect. reading your posts it is obvious you are not the best estimator of heights in person (sorry i don't mean to offend but it is true, you did say to me back on andres page that kane looked 7 foot to you in person then you changed your mind when you looked at the photo. having met kane in person he looked nowhere near 7 foot to me, it was much easier having a 6'4 guy stand beside him but even without my friend there i would still never have estimated kane at 7 foot).

Height estimation is a fine art, i have been at it since i was a child because i was short when i went to school and my brother was always slightly taller than me even though he is 3 years younger. most of my friends are awful when it comes to height estimations, my female friends are so bad, some of the things they say make me laugh.

again like i said before comparing photos is next to pointless unless the people you are comparing stand side by side, e.g. your photos of kareem and nash, it looks 5 inches+ difference between the two yet when kareem and nash were standing side by side in a video at an awards ceremony in late 1995 (both in dress shoe footwear) it barely looked 4 inches.

i have posted these photos before; mamun what is your opinion of them, they show 6'4 listed Randy orton next to 5'9.5" listed Howie Mandel Click Here now here is 6'4 david hasselhoff next to the same guy 5'9.5" howie mandel Click Here who is taller orton or hasselhoff??
hi said on 6/Nov/07
of course mamun, that's what I meant! anyway, I think we can close this case. Mamun is definitely 5'8''. He's a nice person and wouldn't lie on his height.And he sure looks his claim. I don't why people doubt it
Mamun said on 5/Nov/07
hi , the only reason why you won't want to fight with me is because if you do
meet me , I am sure I will earn your respect with my charming personnality !
Regards ,
Mamun said on 5/Nov/07
Funny thing my friends , When people meet me in person they always tell me
I look 5' 10" . I don't why the good people here consider me the other way
round which is 5' 6" . Either way I respect your opinions but it may not be
at the best interest of the celebrities that I took picture with for me to
be short ! Because if I am short , you may as well take off a good few inches
from celebs like Kevin Nash , Sid, Rock and so on . I now weigh 205 pounds
because I am training . Here with Kareem I only weighed 185 pounds . With Ron
I was 218 pounds and Channa I was the heaviest at 225 pounds . Answering your
question about if I thought Kevin was only 6'7" well I don't want to show any
disrespect to Kevin because he treated me so well and gave me a compliment
too .


sweetchari said on 5/Nov/07
you know whats funny I thought he was taller but looking at the picture 7ft1 seems accurate b/c I dated someone 7ft and I'm 5'8"
jim said on 5/Nov/07
yea he is 7'1 hes a giant
hi said on 5/Nov/07
besides I think I read on some page that Mamun weighs something around 200 lbs. He's quite large, and his wide torso probably makes him look shorter than what he really is. I wouldnt want to fight with him :)
Danimal said on 5/Nov/07
So Mamun, you are saying that Kevin Nash is only 6'7"?
Mamun said on 4/Nov/07
Thank you JohnP!
JohnP said on 4/Nov/07
Why would somebody who starts putting real pictures of himself with actors/athletes lie about his height? There is really no point in it.

Come on, Mamun is not Franco!

Stop picking on both Mamun and Glenn for exaggerating their heights, there would really be no point of doing it for neither of them.
Mamun said on 4/Nov/07
I have two things to say to my friend omar . First , If you and every other
memeber here believe that editor Rob is 5'8" , then I am a rock solid 5'8".
Because if you look at the Lance Henriksen site , even a six year old could
see that Rob is not taller than me and vise versa .I mean How can you argue
with that picture ? The evidance is right there ! If I was 5'6" as you claim
I am to be, then I would have been shorter than Lance . But I am not ! There
are even more pictures where both me and Rob has the same Celeb . Check-out
Walter Kooneg,, Mick foley and luo Ferigno .Secondly and most important of
all , if I go down so does all the other celeb that I have taken pictures
with are going down too . If I am 5'6" , then people like Sid is only 6'4"
and Kevin nash 6'5" and how on earth are you going to bring down 7'8'
Alam Channa . I mean he has been measured by the Guiness book of records
and not by me ? Omar , believe me man , if Rob is going to change my Height
to 5' 6" , this site is going to get crazy with hate mails and a lot of
whats ?????????????????

Regards ,

cginko said on 4/Nov/07
6'0 guy(a shorty perhap) is another chinese noob lol average height in China is 5'10 omg very very funny.The average height over there is 5'5-5'6(man) in Taiwan.Look at the taller chinese all of them have acromelagy issue compare to white and black athlete which many of them grow taller naturally.There are many evidence show chinese abused the HGH injection(Jintropin Perhap) in their athlete and their celebrity,last and no least the number of limb lengthening in China is quite frightening and to my surprised even a chinese teenager are risking their life to do the surgery omg.Click Here
cginko said on 4/Nov/07
6'0 guy,(a shorty perhap) is another chinese noob lol the average height in China is 5'10 omg very very funny.The average height over there is 5'5-5'6(man) in Taiwan.Look at the taller chinese all of them have acromelagy issue compare to white and black athlete which many of them grow taller naturally.There are many evidence show chinese abused the HGH injection(Jintropin Perhap) in their athlete and their celebrity,last and no least the number of limb lengthening in China is quite frightening and to my surprised even the chinese teenager are risking their life to do the surgery omg.
Dan said on 4/Nov/07
6'0 guy. Are you an idiot? you think Oden, Stoudemire and James abused HGH? HAHA. Are you aware that Lebron James first dunked a basketball when he was 10 years old? Was he taking steroids in elementary school? And you know the average height in a country because you've been there?... this is a legitamite website, we're trying to get ACTUAL information here. Thanks.
Anonymous said on 4/Nov/07
btw the Milwaukee Bucks have stated Yi Jianlian is 6'11" barefoot. Shaq is every bit of 7'1" he was measured 7'1" at the 1992 pre-draft camp and he looks every bit of it.
omar said on 3/Nov/07
mamun sorry to say this but im dead sure ur not 5 8. ur suffering from the syndrome of exaggerating height by 2 inches. judging by the height of ur skull, the lenght of your humerus bone and femur length( in the other pictures) i can easily predict ur height. ur arround 5 6 or 5 6 and half. no more than that. i can put my reputation online for this claim. thanks but still great photoz. have a nice day
6'0 guy said on 3/Nov/07
LOL at all the accusations of Chinese using HGH. Look at the 7 foot Chinese athletes like Yao or Yi Jianlian. Completely normal looking guys. It's the black American athletes like Greg Oden, Amare Stoudemire and Lebron James that show symptoms of HGH abuse.

The average height in China is around 5'10. I know since I've been there.
Evanna said on 2/Nov/07
I absolutely agree guys, Shaq is a tad taller than Divac, and Divac is 6'11.5" MIN! (in fact, when I met him I thought he was a legit 7-footer). Shaq can't be anything under 7'.
Kevin Durant said on 2/Nov/07
Vlade Divas was measured at 6'11.5" and Shaq is at least 1-1.5" TALLER than him.
Ozzy said on 2/Nov/07
Divac was measured at 212cm at the 1998 WC, i.e. 6-11.5, he was listed at 6-11 his rookie season with the lakers as well. Shaq is a legit 7-1 as I see it, and Kareem fractions of an inch taller than him...
Gonzalo said on 31/Oct/07
Shaq also said he was Superman. Shall we believe that too? By the way, Shaq looked around 2 or 3 cms taller than Vlade
Gonzalo said on 31/Oct/07
Shaq also said he was Superman. Shall we believe that too?
Da Man said on 31/Oct/07
Shaq did say he was "only" 6'11" and change on one Howard Stern show, I saw it on the old E! TV show.
Anonymous said on 31/Oct/07
Yes Divac is 6'11 1/2" which is huge anyway.
Gonzalo said on 31/Oct/07
Very interesting what you said Evanna about the surname Divac. Thanks for the information. I
Danimal said on 31/Oct/07
It's not a claim. You want the proof? Find the Howard Stern episode where he says it himself and it's DANIMAL, not Danial.
Duhon said on 31/Oct/07
Yes danial we've been over this, yet no one has ever provided any actual sources for that claim aside from message board gossip.
dave said on 30/Oct/07
100 million 7 footers in China? LMAO. Maybe 200/300 thousund legit.
Evanna said on 30/Oct/07
Thanks Gonzalo. I'm from England (not the greatest basketball nation, I know...) but I do have Serbian roots. The picture with Divac was taken in Belgrade in 2003 - we attended a family wedding and Divac happened to be among the guests as well. He's a great guy.
Btw do you know that his surname means something like "gigantic" in Serbian? ("div" = giant!) Obviously his family did not choose that surname accidentally! Anyway he is from the southwest of Serbia, bordering with Montenegro, and people from that region tend to be extremely tall.
Gonzalo said on 30/Oct/07
Nice pic, Evanna, thanks. I believe Divac is taller than 6.11`5. He was listed taller than that while paying in Europe. Divac currently lives in Spain. Where are you from, Evanna?
Danimal said on 30/Oct/07
Shaq has stated on record that he's 6'11.5". The 7'1" listing is him in sneakers. We've been over this for the last 3 years on this site.
JT said on 29/Oct/07
Click Here Roughly a 7 inch difference.
JT said on 29/Oct/07
Editor Rob, IIRC Kareem was measured at 7
Mamun said on 29/Oct/07
Thank you Rob and God bliss you for this ! This picture is far more accurate
than the first one . Remember even according to the Guiness Book of records
Alam Channa has almost 7 inches over Kareem and even in your comparison if
you add another 2 inches of Foot wear to Channa , Kareem will easily go down
his eye level . Every one can see that Channa was barefoot with me and Kareem
definately has foot wear on .

Kind regards ,

Evanna said on 29/Oct/07
Anonymous, is that Divac's official height? Because in person he looks well over 7 ft, believe me he's enormous! Here's a picture of him with my husband, a legit 6'2" guy: Click Here Divac is actually slouching there; if he stood straight, my husband would be under his chin.
Anonymous said on 29/Oct/07
K.G. You are right that Shaq is 7'1" but Oden was measured 6'11" at the Orlando pre-draft camp and I think 6'11.5" at a private workout. Duncan is 6'10"-6'10.5". KG is 6'11.25"-7'0" and Dirk is 6'10"-6'11".
sofia said on 29/Oct/07
must be easy to play basketball beeing that tall :D
lillo thomas said on 29/Oct/07
tanchan is joking 6-4 guys are taller than 99 percent of population in most countries and even more in china because average here is between 5-7and 5-8 .
is impossible that 100 million 7 footers exist in china. Maybe 1 million i could buy that after china has a population of over one billion.
Gonzalo said on 29/Oct/07
Tanchan worked to hard that day. Don`t take his words too seriously
cginhko said on 28/Oct/07
Ilmo tanchan is one chinese noob .i should say that the average height in china is 5'5-5'6 for man.Tanchan u make me laugh haha i am a 5'11 tower million of chinese in Taiwan and believe me i dont see 7' at Taiwan street but alot of 5'6 if there are the tall one i must they are not natural maybe limb lengthening surgery which are very famous over there and the excessively injection of Jintropin (China popular hgh for their athlete).one of my taiwanese friend say many of his friend wearing lift in their shoe.
Austrian said on 28/Oct/07
LOL what the hell are you talking about tanchan? :E
Ilmo said on 28/Oct/07
tanchan says on 27/Oct/07
u can find about 100 million of chinese are over 7'

WTF, I have visited china more than 10 times. I said 5
K.G said on 28/Oct/07
shaq is 7ft 1
Oden Is 7ft 0
Dirk is 7ft 0
Duncan Is 6ft 11
K.G is 6ft 11
Anonymous said on 28/Oct/07
This height is accurate.

Click Here

7'1.625" and 7'1" Andrew Bynum
Fred said on 28/Oct/07
It's all about those growth pills concocted since the dynasty days, which explains the whopping heights of many Chinese. It's different from being naturally tall.
tanchan said on 27/Oct/07
u can find about 100 million of chinese are over 7' in China and Mr Yao Ming is one of them. China are the tallest nation today compare to USA and Netherland and i am proud of it.i been to China before and it was surprised to say that me a 6'5 whitety look very very short.
Ilmo said on 27/Oct/07
I have seen Semi Eerola many times(basketball games). He is sure tall but i have seen even taller man in Helsinki railway station. He was working some electric company. He was something like 7
Anonymous said on 27/Oct/07
Vlade Divac is actually 6'11.5"
Anshelm said on 27/Oct/07
I live in a town of some 58,367 people, and the tallest person I know here is 214 cm (7'
Alex said on 26/Oct/07
95% does sound like a lot but 95% would be more like 6'3-6'4.
Mamun said on 26/Oct/07
That was the General Manager of the Dubai Intercontinental where Kareem was
staying at the time . I would like to add that if it wasn't for him There
was no way I could have gotten the pictures with Kareem . Glenn was right
on that point, Kareem is not much of a photo opp guy . I think he was around
5' 9" to 5' 10" ish .

Rergards ,
Danimal said on 26/Oct/07
I see 7'3" here.
Evanna said on 26/Oct/07
Btw there was a tv show a couple of weeks ago about British 7-footers. According to the show, there are only 30 (yes, thirty!) people over 7 feet living in Britain today. Thirty out of 60 million Britons! Admittedly we are below the world's average number of giants per country, but in a country which is the size of Britain there should be no more than two hundred 7-footers.
Evanna said on 26/Oct/07
Yeah, these NBA players are amazingly big when compared to "normal" human beings. My husband's got a photo with 7'0.5" Vlade Divac, and although Divac slouches, my poor hubby (who's in fact a rather big chap, 6'2" and 220lbs) looks like a little kid!
dave said on 26/Oct/07
Its scary how large some human beings can grow...95%? Hehehe...
Anshelm said on 26/Oct/07
Yeah, 95 % would mean 1/20 would be the same or taller than Abdul-Jabbar. I think not.
Alex said on 26/Oct/07
This is rarely but if I do lay down during the day for a bit for a nap I could regain 1/4 inch back I think.
Anonymous4 said on 26/Oct/07
Andre: 95 %? More like 99,999 % of the world population...
Kevin said on 25/Oct/07
that guy mamun, only like tall guys huh..

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