How tall is Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson's Height

5ft 6 (167.6 cm)

American Actress best known for starring in films such as Almost Famous, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Skeleton Key, Nine and Bride Wars.

How tall is Kate Hudson
Photo by s_bukley/
I'm 5 7 - I'm rounding up. I'm really about 5ft 6.75
- Allure Magazine

How tall is Kate Hudson
Chevy Chase and Kate
Photo by s_bukley/

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Average Guess (41 Votes)
5ft 5.71in (166.9cm)
Leesheff1985 said on 31/Mar/22
Rob how much height is she getting from those heels with chevy chase? Would they be near 4 inches? As if chevy is 6ft 4 in shoes she should look shorter next to him than she does. I'd say that's less than six inches between them
Editor Rob
Her heels might be roughly 3.5 inches.
Cappi said on 6/Jan/22
If she's 5'6", she's the tallest 5'6" woman I've ever seen. She looks huge compared to the average sized woman and looks nearly as tall as the fashion models she poses with.
FrankR1 said on 10/Dec/21
Kate Hudson is "deceptively taller" than she appears because of her bodily proportions. I think that 5'5" is a fair estimate.
Abbey said on 25/Sep/21
She’s 5’5 at the most. I only say this because I was hired to be her stand-in. Everyone on the set was confused at the blatant height difference between us. I was subsequently asked by multiple people what my height was and I replied that I have been exactly 5’7 my entire adult life. The DP was laughing because it was so obvious she’s been lying about this her entire career (for what reason, I have no idea)….. seems stupid.
Nik Ashton said on 27/Jun/21
I wonder if 5’6.75” is her shoe height!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Jun/21
Well, well, well... would you believe it? Kate's brand of trendy Keep Fit clothing is being advertised before our very eyes as we Celebheights visitors read about celebrities' heights!

I thought it was a great idea of Kate's when she launched the range, named 'Fabletics'. A fit, beautiful actress advocating that we get out and about and keep - or get! - in tip-top shape is a brilliant endorsement, especially if we end up looking as healthily toned as Kate does while wearing her designs and exercising.

5ft6. 🏃‍♀️👍
borat1 said on 10/Apr/21
Rob what would be the height difference between peak goldie claim at 5'6 and kate ?? Goldie would always seem a bit taller than her.
Editor Rob
I do think they'd be quite close
borat1 said on 15/Mar/21
Hey @rob!! Although a very beautiful women, she seems to be in minority of hollywood actresses who are shorter than their parents. Goldie hawn at her peak 5'6 would always be 1-1.5 inch taller than her. Nowadays kate always wears platform heels to look taller than her.
With goldie: Click Here Click Here Click Here
Shell said on 29/Jun/20
She can’t be shorter than 5’6 if Matt Bellamy is supposedly 5’7 and appears shorter than her (when she’s in flat shoes too). I think she likely is 5’6.5. She has a long waist, which makes her seem shorter IMO.
Alice Bennett said on 22/Jun/20
Rob what would you guess her weighting in Almost Famous? Click Here
Editor Rob
120-125 pounds
Nik said on 16/May/20
@ az - 5'3" - 5'4" is averags!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/May/20
I just saw Kate talking about the lock down to Ellen. She said that she's living in her Fabletics - and has a garage full of vodka!


Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Apr/20
💐🎂🎈🎁 Happy Birthday Kate! 🎁🎈🎂💐

Wishing Kate Hudson a Very Happy 41st Birthday!

5ft6 😁👍🎊

Hacker said on 11/Mar/20
She is easily taller than 5'6.25 Jessica Alba whenever they posed together in similar footwear. 5'7 for Kate. Similar height to Miranda Kerr.
Melisentia pheiffer said on 9/Mar/20
She is definitely not 5' She is taller than Jessica Alba. She is one of the celebrities that is not lieing about her height. She is a tad bit over 5'6.
The hamburger said on 8/Mar/20
I don't believe that she's full 5 foot 6. 5'6 is tallish for a woman and she doesn't look tallish at all. She always looks a bit taller than average height. I will go with legit five five.
KOLINSpol said on 24/Nov/19
Rob how tall is she in these huge heels? Click Here
Editor Rob
If I met her and was 5ft 9 in shoes, I'd expect she would look 2 inches taller than myself!
Jancys said on 21/Jul/19
There's no chance that she is more than 165 cm. Gisele Bundchen (178 cm) on this picture Click Here is for 12/13 cm shorer. They have similar heels. I think she is around 165/166 cm. No more no less.
Nik said on 21/Apr/19
The average vote is 5'5.65" after 25 votes!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Apr/19
🎂🎁💐 Happy Birthday Kate! 💐🎁🎂

Goldie's little girl is 40 today. It doesn't seem possible!

Have a great day Kate! 😉 XXX

lee168cm said on 14/Nov/17
How tall is her brother Oliver Hudson? I've seen 6'1" listings but id say 6 foot even
Editor Rob
around six foot can look believable.
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/17
You can't have her at 1.67 and Angelina Jolie at 1.68. Angelina Jolie is clearly at least 4-5 cm taller than Kate. You can tell at the premiere of Kung Fun Panda 3. Angelina wore much smaller heels than the platformed heels Kate wore and they were the same height. definitely more than one cm between them.
Lee168cm said on 6/Sep/17
Anne hateaway is 5'7" so the listing is fine
Lee168cm said on 6/Sep/17
Is the 5'6 and three quarters what she'd measure in the mornings?
Editor Rob
doesn't seem like she'd measure that tall in the evening.
Elle said on 7/Aug/17
I stood next to her for hours when I was an extra in a movie she did. She was wearing running sneakers and looked about 5'3. No way she is 5'6 or even close to that.
KH said on 3/Aug/17
Weak 5'6 look at photo with Matt McConaughey who is 5'10. She probably has more heel then him and looks at least three inches shorter.
anonheight said on 31/Jul/17
I saw her in the movie Bride Wars, with Anne Hathaway who is 5'8. They looked similar in height; I'd honestly say the higher side of 5'6, close to 5'7.
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Jan/17
I'm going along with 5ft6, because that is what I have read for her many times!
She plays the girlfriend of Liv Tyler in the film 'Dr T and the Women' and as I fervently believe that Liv is 5ft10, the height difference between the two, which looks like 4", would indeed make Kate 5ft6!
Az said on 19/Jan/17
She's about 5'4". I think 5'3" too sometimes when I see her.
silverleaf said on 1/Oct/16
Antoinette you need to get schooled in estimations of height because you are completely off. Kate is definitely not as tall as she says she is. she has short features and can absolutely not be more than "5'5. To the rest of you, just because a person tells you their height does not mean it's true. I saw her up close and personal at an outdoor dinner table in Chicago one summer with Chris Robinson and she looked massive, but she was in atleast 8 inch platform wedges and looked about "5'10. Kate Hudson is "5'3-"5'4.
Antoniette said on 23/Jul/16
I was talking 5'8.5 for kelly rohrbach
I think about 5'6 is right for kate.
What do you think for rohrbach?
Antoniette said on 18/Jul/16
I dont think she looks under 5'8 too.
But i think her height is between 5'8 and 5'8.75. She doesn't look a full 5'9 i think.
What would your guess be for her rob?
Like 5'8.5?
Editor Rob
I would never have guessed her quite that high, sometimes with a good heel i think she can pull off looking like a 5ft 7er, but 5ft 8.5 I really can't see her quite that tall.
Antoniette said on 15/Jul/16
Click Here
There is also this one rob
So, how tall is kelly rohrbach?
Antoniette said on 15/Jul/16
How tall is kelly rohrbach next to kate hudson here?

Click Here

Click Here

She is a model (dicaprio's ex)
And she is listed 5'9
But maybe 5'8 range would be a better call?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't have said she looks under 5ft 8 there, Kate does look to have a noticeably bigger heel size.
Mat said on 20/Mar/16
Lol, she's friends with Mcconaughey that's why she claims 3/4 more
J.Lee said on 11/Jan/16
Rob, how tall do you think Kate would stand in these shoes she just wore at the Golden Globes? Are these
6 inches?

Click Here
Editor Rob
they are a very large heel, should give her around 5 inches.
5'5 gal said on 8/Oct/15
She also looks taller than Jessica Alba in every photo. Jessica Alba must be in the 5'5.5-5'6" range then and not the 5'6.25" you have her listed as.
5'5 gal said on 30/Sep/15
She looks 5'5 next to 5'10 Gisele, both are in platform heels. 5" difference.
pj said on 24/Jul/15
i notice she always wears big chunky platform shoes. maybe conscious about her height? idk, but she looks above average to me. that's all i can say.
Az said on 21/Jul/15
Kate's shoes: Click Here
Dom said on 12/Jul/15
Doesn't even look 1 inch shorter than Anne Hathaway, could be 5'6,5"
Az said on 24/Jun/15
With 5'8" Agyness Deyn, Deyn in non platform heels Kate in platforms in this dress. Kate is 5'4".
Me said on 27/Jan/15
She would be the same height or taller than Matthew on that pic with those heals if she was almost 5'7''.. Pleaseeeee Kate...
jtm said on 9/Aug/14
she was struggling to look the same height as ashley greene and much shorter than zach braff with heels. her almost 5'7 claim is a joke. 5'4 is much more realistic.
az said on 15/May/14
see her all over the place. 5'3-4". very small.
Dom said on 8/Apr/14
Looks a strong 5'6"
Arch Stanton said on 12/Feb/14
Yeah she looked shorter in Almost Famous. I absolutely love her. Matt from Muse is a very very lucky guy!!!! She's one of the coolest chicks going. One of the actresses I'd like most to spend a week with, she' d be a helluva lot of fun!
Lenad said on 28/Dec/13
167cm could be closer
SK said on 14/Oct/13
Jane, I agree with you that Kate is probably 5'3" or 5'4". She claims to be 5'6.75", which is basically 5'7", but she has never looked anywhere near 5'7" or even 5'6". She just doesn't have the body length. Also, someone who is that height would easily look 5'9"-5'10" in heels, but she's never looked that tall even in heels (see the photo above). She's been in all those Ann Taylor ads for a few years now, and they rarely photograph her standing up. Most of the Ann Taylor photos are of her sitting down or from the waist up. It's highly unlikely that they would do that with someone who is 5'6.75".
Jonathan said on 12/Jul/13
No way, look this: Click Here
Eva Green states her height as 5ft 6.75 (1.68 m). Eva looks highest
jtm said on 17/Jun/13
i doubt she is 5'6. she looked 5'4 in almost famous.
Hoghead said on 20/Apr/13
Eh, sorry. Met her in LA last october with my girl at LAX. My girl is 5'9'' and is a ballerina and Kate was as nice and friendly as can be. Kate made a comment about my girls lean legs being so long for only being 5'9" and Kate stated she was 5'6 1/2". Direct from the horses mouth as they say!
Lenad said on 4/Apr/13
She looks 5'6ish to me.
Silent d said on 10/Oct/12
5 foot 6. No way she is 5 foot 3 jane. She was always around that range.
Jane said on 9/Sep/12
She's not 5'6 for sure. My sister is almost 5'7 and met Kate. She was wearing at least 4 inch heels and was only about one inch or half and inch taller than my sister, who was in flats. I'd say she's probably only 5'3 or 5'4.
Roy said on 27/Dec/11
What's wrong with being a wee bit shorter? Less to feed, less material to clothe and remember, good things come in small packages! ;)
SK said on 30/Nov/11
Aims, 5'5" isn't "short" for a woman. The average height for women in the U.S. has been 5'3"-5'4" for many years. While 5'5" isn't tall, it's definitely not "short," especially if the person is thin. I think the problem is that so many women who are really 5'3"-5'4" inflate their heights to 5'5" that it seems shorter than it is. Also, contrary to what you wrote, people in the U.S. have not necessarily gotten taller over the years. Studies have shown that the U.S. boasted the tallest average height in the world at one time, but (1) Americans have actually gotten shorter and fatter recently because of the American diet; and (2) other countries have caught up with, and even surpassed, Americans in height. In fact, the U.S. now has one of the shortest populations among advanced nations.
Silent d said on 20/Nov/11
Pretty much same height as anne hathaway even though anne is a little taller. 5 foot 6.
mat said on 12/Nov/11
kostas, i think you're Greek because of the name..I'm Greek too..5'6 is tall for a woman, especially in our homeland..the average is around 5'4 back there
theenforcer22 said on 30/Sep/11
Kostas says on 14/Sep/11
i find her very attractive...i could care less about her height...
Think you've missed the point, people aren't saying there is anything wrong with her height, people are just debating her height. She is far from short!
Kostas said on 14/Sep/11
i find her very attractive...i could care less about her height...
heavanly said on 1/Sep/11
Dom the average woman is 5 feet 5 inches so most woman are on the shorter side
Lenad said on 22/Jun/11
Looked 1-1.5 inches taller than the 5'5 (at most) Ginnifer Goodwin. 5'6 is accurate
Lenad said on 14/May/11
She and her mother look pretty much the same height.
Lenad said on 21/Apr/11
I'd say 5'6-ish
Dom said on 19/Apr/11
Kel first of all, 5'5" is not short for a woman, it's taller than average and second of all her mother is 5'6" and so is she.
Lenad said on 26/Mar/11
looks a good 5'6
ai said on 9/Mar/11
I read in a 2005 in style magzine article that Kate stands at 5'6 , hope that helps :)
mememme said on 24/Feb/11
she looks 5'6 right on rob
kel said on 24/Feb/11
she looks short and petite like her mother so i would say she's more 5,5" tall.
Helga said on 30/Jan/11
@ Chels: Haha it's the same with me, but the other way round. When I was young I loved to be small, but now I wish to be tall...I would do anything to be 5'10!
jake said on 4/Jan/11
for what it's worth Chels I find 5' 10" a great, attractive height for a woman.
dana said on 29/Nov/10
she looks 5`5
Mari said on 17/Nov/10
Hey Chels, I'm 6 1 and was 6 flat at age 12. It's rough in middle school and high school but gets better and better as you get older. Promise. ---- Stand up straight and be proud of the pretty girl you are.
Lenad said on 11/Jun/09
Kate Hudson is 166-167cm and pure heaven
jessica said on 25/May/09
She looks 5' 7" sometimes. I def. don't agree with the 5' 5.5" height. That height has come and gone for her.
chris said on 4/May/09
Goldie Hawn is taller than Kate Hudson (and she's in her 60's). And she has been known as 5-6. That makes Kate 5-5 to 5-5.5 only. Period.
Anonymous said on 10/Apr/09
looking at the picture from raising helen hayden and kate look only a few inches a apart as hayden is about 5`0-5`1 wouldn`t that make kate about 5`3-5`4?
Mr. R said on 26/Mar/09
People mag has her at 5-6.
5 ft 3.2 said on 11/Jan/09
Really? 5 ft 6? She is above average, but I don't know if she is that tall. I've seen pictures of her and her legs are kind of short. Guess her torso must be tall because I've seen girls my height with legs her length.
Jem said on 8/Dec/08
I've always thought she was short and I'm pleased to learn she is not. :)

In her new movie with Anne Hathaway it seemed like she was only an inch to an inch and 1/2 shorter than Anne. 5'6" to 5'6.5" for her height seems reasonable.
Lenad said on 24/Oct/08
i just watched Raising Helen and what Im convinced is if kate is 5'7 then John Corbett is pushing 6'6.
leonari said on 21/Oct/08
anonymous2: where is mathew listed as 6'2. What a joke. He ain't even 6 feet!!!!!
anonymous2 said on 21/Oct/08
In you me and depree she's shorter than owen wilson by 5 cm with heels on. She looks taller than 5 foot 6 jessica alba. Maybe she's 5 foot 7max. In how to lose a guy in ten days, she was shorter than matthew macounohay by 15cm with heels on. He's listed at 6 foot 2.
Lenad said on 22/Sep/08
She also looked 5'5ish in Skeleton Key. I urge you to see this movie as well. An unusually dramatic role for Hudson.
Lenad said on 15/Sep/08
Looks 5'5-ish in How to lose a guy in 10 days
Lenad said on 11/Sep/08
Rob says "You know Ive downgraded her after looking at pics and the 5ft5.5 might be closer to the truth!"
Then why not downgrade her?
Georgia said on 8/Sep/08
5'6" is probably right. Kate has shorter legs and a long torso, which could make her appear shorter. She is an absolute natural beauty. She doesn't always wear heels like most celebs, which makes it more difficult to distinguish her height when standing next to them.
Anonymous said on 8/Sep/08
She has the frame of a 5'3" woman. I'm surprised she's 5'6".
Lenad said on 24/Aug/08
Kate is not 5'7...
Lenad said on 8/Aug/08
I think Kate is using the 1 inch rule in hollywood when she says she is 5'7.
Lenad said on 24/Jul/08
She is 1/2-1 inch taller than Kirsten Dunst who I think is around 5'5 so 5'6 sounds right.
t said on 15/Jul/08
i just saw her in person recently. she was standing right next to me. i'm 5'7"...i would guess she was 5'5"...maybe a little over, but not much!
violet said on 19/Jun/08
for that picture linds has
i would like to point out that the taller girl is bending
and kate is strectching her back
i agree she us probably 5"5
julie said on 10/Jun/08
Hi some of the things said on here are really funny, I am a bit over 5'10" and I wear size 6.5-7 shoes.
September said on 10/Jun/08
I wouldn't peg her as anything over 5'5.25" tops. She's never come across as tallish to me, rather more average-heighted.
Gordon Freeman said on 4/Jun/08
She's way shorter than 5'6 Eva Green, check out this photo: Click Here
Aimie said on 30/May/08
I agree with vampiric, she looked 5'5'' at the most.Her legs looked short in the Skeleton Key.
Vampiric said on 13/May/08
I thought she was shorter, really. 5'5, not more.
gordon freeman said on 27/Apr/08
she's way shorter than anne hathaway, both with the same sized heels...kate's may even be a inch taller. search google for this set of photos: Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson On the set of "Bride Wars" in Boston.
C. said on 23/Apr/08
A woman at 5'5" hardly says she's short. Usually women who claim they are that height are shorter, that's all. However, it is pretty average.

Kate looks 5'5" on the dot though.
gordon freeman said on 15/Apr/08
she looks a bit shorter than eva mendes.
Anonymous KinG said on 29/Mar/08
she looks a whole foot shorter than john corbett in Raising Helen.. 5ft5 sounds better..
yoohoo said on 24/Mar/08
why do girls who are 5'5 say they are short then?
brapp said on 7/Mar/08
the average USA woman is 163-164 5'4.2" - 5'4.6"

so I suppose 5'5.5" could be percieved as taller than average and anything over 5'7" is tall.
diana said on 4/Feb/08
around 5'5 is average height for a girl
and a little under 5'10 is average height for a guy
so basically 5 inches apart
im sure many people think 5'6 is tall for a girl
i think its definitely a good solid height
but its definitely not really tall
Linds said on 20/Jan/08
look at this
Click Here

if liv tyler is 5'10"+ there isno way kate hudson could be much less than 5'6"
boston gal said on 12/Jan/08
kate was filming down the street from my apt and i walked right by her. she's def 3-4 inches shorter than i am and i am 5'8".
kate said on 29/Dec/07
she looks taller than 5'6
nate said on 22/Dec/07
2 questions: is 5'6 short, average, or tall for a girl? and how tall is chris robison, her ex husband
suburbanite said on 26/Jul/07
I saw her last year doing an interview in NY. She walked right past me. She is incredibly petite. I am 5'5.5" and she was shorter even in platform shoes. She MIGHT be as tall as 5'3" but no taller.
Chuck said on 25/Jun/07
All this discussion about Kate's shoe size help me narrow her size down to 6.5. Check it out here: Click Here
Anonymous said on 12/Jun/07
u idiots, shoe size has got nothing to do with height!
Jessica said on 11/Apr/07
"What" said that no 5'6 girl wears size 7...I'm 5'6 1/2 and I wear 6 1/2 to 7...foot size can vary so much I don't think that really matters..I'd say Kate is about 5'6.
Evanna said on 19/Mar/07
hey guys, for those of you who believe that Kate should be downgraded on the basis of her picture with Froddo, did you forget that Wood might be boosting his height by wearing boots or even lifts? He's certainly not barefoot in that pic.
samantha said on 3/Mar/07
Kate may seem little, but I saw her in Chicago and we were just inches from eachother and she was walking with her husband in wedge heels and she was a giant. 5"6 is a good height. She is MUCH taller in person.
anonymous said on 10/Jan/07
i think kate is about 5'6. she's petite in form which may make her seem smaller a la pam anderson. but she is def. a good height, on the taller side.
Alexa said on 16/Dec/06
The shoe sizing comments are ridiculous! I wear a size 3.5(US FEMALE) and am 5'3.5, my mother who is 5'1 wears a 6.5 and my best friend, Andrea who is a good 5'9 wears a 7.
Anonymous said on 4/Oct/06
I have to agree that the Elija Wood pic sets her at 5'4". She's just doing what all Hollywood does, adding two inches plus. It's not a crime but reality shows that she is a petite 5'4" possible 5'5".
hey said on 21/Sep/06
I just saw raising Helen, I'd say she is 5'4
sianna said on 18/Aug/06
no way...this is right....she is definately 5'6 coz when she was on rove ( australian interviewer) she was about 2 inches taller than him in heels ( rove is 5'7.5) and she was the same height as Owen Wilson, even slightly taller...
Jen said on 2/Aug/06
In celeb mags she looks around 5'5ish
Melissa said on 14/Jul/06
If you look at pictures of kate next to her mother, goldie hawn who is 5'6, they are the same height. And look at her next to Joan Cusack at the premiere of Raising Hellen. Joan Cusack is 5'8 and when her and kate are standing next to each other Kate is like 1 inch shorter at the most. So i believe that she is 5'7 or like she said 5'6.75
Anonymous said on 27/Jun/06
That picture with Elijah Wood says it all. She is 5'4" max.
Anonymous said on 27/Jun/06
Everyone looks tall in Wedge Sandals.
samantha said on 22/May/06
She walked right past me last June when I was eating at an outside italian restaurant in downtown Chicago, and she looked TALL. She was wearing very high heeled wedge sandals, but even at that she looked very tall. on the cover of Raising Helen, though, she looked so tiny.
Anthony said on 13/May/06
I just watched "Almost Famous" again, and Kate is definitely no more than 5'6. In the scene in which she's arguing with Patrick Fugit in the field, he is much taller. I've seen him listed at 6', and since he was 17 - 18 when the film was shot (the age teenagers normally stop growing), but I think he's shorter (5'8 Billy Crudup looked about as tall as him in the movie), but even so, he still had a good 2 - 3 inches on her, easily.
Anonymous said on 26/Mar/06
How do you explain this then:With Elijah W. she is in her usual 3-4 inch heels and looking closer to 5'4" than even 5'5".
Click Here
Anonymous said on 26/Feb/06
This is okay 'cause she looks 5'6" with her biuld. However, I've seen her a lot in Aspen, Co and Telluride (in uggs every time) and she is in reality 5'4" (a bit shorter than my 5'5" sister). However, in Hollywood, 5'4" EQUALS 5'6" SO whatever.
ds said on 11/Feb/06
I don't know. I think she looks 165cm...I dunno though...and about the size 7 shoe thing. I am 172 cm. And I can fit into a size 8. And isn't Gisele Bundchen a size 6. Shoe size has nothing to do with it...
mcfan said on 1/Feb/06
Be aware, I think the photo I posted with Naomi Watts and Kate Hudson is deceptive a bit. (I think Watts one leg is bent so she might be a half-inch shorter than she looks) I looked at other photos of the two and don't see as much of a difference. Rob's 5'6 is probably more accurate.
Anonymous said on 10/Jan/06
Next to 5'8" De Niro in tall heels. I would say she is 5'4"-5".
Anonymous said on 31/Oct/05
Yes, she would lie about her height. She is very short. Not 5'6". 5'6" is pretty tall in Hollywood. She should be downgraded to 5'5".
Anonymous said on 18/Oct/05
Well, I have met Goldie Hawn on several occasions. She is 5'4" (not too close to even 5'5"). How does Kate stack up to her.

And I did see Kate in Kemo Sabe in Aspen, CO two years ago. I am 5'8" and she was definitely under 5'6". She was really short in her uggs.
What said on 28/Sep/05
Spent 30 minutes shopping next to Kate in Aspen. She was in Uggs and I was in flipflops. I am just under 5'8" and she was about 5'4". Very very short. My sister, 5'4 3/4" came in to gawk and Kate was shorter than her. She is majorly fudging her height at 5.6". The girl was tiny tiny. She was even looking at cowboy boots in a size 7. No 5'6" girl wears a size 7.
CelebHeights Editor said on 20/Aug/05
From - "Kate Hudson and hubby Chris Robinson. They’re both much taller than I had imagined and super thin. They walked past us and Kate shot us a friendly smile"
Z. said on 18/Jun/05
In another magazine last year (sorry, I cant remember which) she said that she is 5'5.5 but rounds it up to 5'6.
CelebHeights Editor said on 9/Feb/05
Thanks to Jeannine, the exact quote from Feb 2005 Allure is: "I'm 5 7 - I'm rounding up. I'm really about 5ft 6.75"

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