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6ft 11.68in (212.5cm)
sing said on 12/Apr/06
my fault, I posted the wrong pics, I meant to post pic# 8, with kg, shaq, and yao standing together. kg is 6-9.5 or 6-10, no more. Duncan is about 6-9, same as Patrick Ewing.

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CoolJ said on 12/Apr/06
Wow Sing is annoying. The first pic of Yao and KG is no good.. The 2nd I think suggests he's around 6'11".. what I've been saying for nearly a year.
Shaq is a prankster. if you don't know that by now, you're a fool. If KG is only 6'9.5" than Duncan is like 6'8.. and that is ludicrous.. keep following that down the chain and you have guys like Kobe at 6'3 or 6'4. It just doesn't work out.
sing said on 11/Apr/06
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KG is not 7 feet, if Shaq admitted he's 6-11.5 barefooted, then how can KG be 7 feet? He's clearly 2-3 inches shorter than Shaq. I would put KG at 6-9.5 or barely 6-10 without shoes, with shoes on, probably 6-11 or just over that. No way is he 7-1, Shaq is 7-1, how on earth can he be as tall as Shaq? He is not even close to Shaq's height.
Alex said on 25/Mar/06
Garnett is listed at 6'11 so hes probably a solid 6'10 barefoot. He could easily get away with 6'11-7'0 though with his skinny build.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 17/Mar/06
Garnett looks 7'0 and TD is a solid 6'10er in bbare feet but wit shoes he's 6'11 and KG is 7'0 ive heard
NBA said on 19/Feb/06
I am pretty sure that NBA heights are increased or decreased acoring to the interest of the players. For example, I was at a movie last summer, steve nash was there too, in vancouver...when some guy is 6'3" as hes listed, u wud notice the guy..really, as someone mentioned here..6'3" is pretty uncle is 6'3" 5'11...nash dint seem too much taller..hes proly max 6'1"....nate robinson who won the slam dunk competition is listed 5 9"...but the guy is actually 5 7", even reggie miller said tht during the rookie game. Kobe was 6'6" for a while, then i saw it change on NBA.Com for a while to 6'7 and now its back to 6'6"..i guess they just want it to be itimidating to shorter players who wanna make it. this game is not for the small hearted...go boykins!!
da truth said on 4/Feb/06
Ayo in about three interviews i've seen KG in (one during his all- star game), when told he was 7 feet tall, Kevin admitted that he was 6-12, which means he doesn't want to be seen as a 7 footer.
CoolJ said on 23/Jan/06
Karee: Duncan isn't even a legit 6'11"
Karee said on 22/Jan/06
KG is at least 7 feet, probably more around 7'1". When you look at pictures of him and Duncan, Garnett is at least an inch taller. Duncan is listed at 7 feet. So, it would make sense that KG is 7'1".
CoolJ said on 30/Dec/05
KG is just under 7'.. 212-213cm.
J2 said on 28/Dec/05
If KG is not 7 feet tall than a lot of NBA players are lying about their heights i was at a lakers vs t-wolves the game the other day i saw kg and he is as tall as chris mihm who is listed at 7 ft and at least 2 inches taller than Lamar Odom who is listed at 6-10.
CoolJ said on 27/Dec/05
mask: I think you are close.. They are both about 6'10" barefoot.
mask said on 24/Dec/05
hey guys take a look:
To me Duncan has 2 1/2" on Malone and is even a 1/2" taller than o'Neal(always in shoes).So Malone 6'8 1/2"(205) Duncan 6'11 1/2"(212) and o'Neal 6'11"(211) "in shoes".Without 6'8"(203),6'10 1/2"(209),6'10"(208).
T Bizz said on 22/Dec/05
i am 6'3 3/4" barefoot and peopple come up to me and say wow your tall i hope you play basketball...i respond wow your short you must play miniature golf....its always fun to see their response
CoolJ said on 22/Dec/05
Garnett IS OVER 6'10.. He's got at least 1.5" on Duncan who is listed at 6'11 Here we go again with the misconceptions.

Not ALL players are listed 2" over their barefoot height. Yes, most players are.. but guys like Shaq, Garnett and Yao are listed at their actual height or damn close to it.
Anonymous said on 21/Dec/05
Is Tony Parker really 6'2"?
Anonymous said on 30/Nov/05
I am a solid 6'9" and Shaq was BARELY taller than me while wearing flip-flops in an elevator we shared in L.A. NBA heights are ALL bulls***.Stop the fanboy hand wringing and accept this.
CoolJ said on 29/Nov/05
I think Garnett is almost 7'... 7'1 I doubt.. because Shaq is not 7'1 barefoot and Shaq has a good 4cm on Garnett
J2 said on 28/Nov/05
Yall crazy Garnett is 7'1" Flip Saunders said it himself when they interviewed him after a Lakers game. And that man sees him bascially everyday.
yoshi said on 25/Nov/05
i mailed Wolves office how inches KG's actual height.

Wolves office replied " He prefers to be listed as 6'11", but is more
likely 7'0". "

Anonymous said on 23/Nov/05
NY2C: Thats the rumour, we know about that. It is never something KG has said himself.
CoolJ said on 21/Nov/05
Duncan might be 6'10 3/4.. with shoes.

KG is probably 212cm. 213 on a good day.
Anonymous said on 20/Nov/05
tim duncan is only 6'10 3/4 but it is rounded to 6'11
NewYork2Cali said on 17/Nov/05
KG is 7 feet without shoes and socks. He want's to be listed at 6'11" because he likes to play the 3 and 4 spots and being listed over 7' will just associate him with the 5 positon.
Ozzie said on 7/Nov/05
Okay... I don't believe anybody, quotes, pics, listings or sigthings. The only thing certian is that the NBA is not a reliable source. However, just to join in, with KG i think he is maybe close to, or even over, 7' in shoes, and then about his listed 6'11 without, but unlike most nba-players he does not want to pad his height (reminding you of Akindele who got boosted from 6'9.5 at the Chi Rookie Camp, to 7'1 when he signed with the Warriors, or Duncan: 6-10 as a rookie, 7' for the next 6 seasons before he got his will and was downgraded to 6'11, according to himself he is a shade under 6'11, or Barkley, or Pippen (whose case ive mentioned before). In the NBA, generally, the with shoes measurements are recognized as the 'actual height'. So then, in certain shoes, KG might scrape 7'1.
CoolJ said on 14/Oct/05
212cm for Garnett
CoolJ said on 9/Oct/05
KG is definitely no shorter than say 6'10.5" .. I've done quite a few measurements on him.. and most of them suggest he is slightly over his 6'11" measurement.. Something around 6'11.5"
yoshi said on 9/Oct/05
KG's friend's Chauncy Billups said KG's actual height is 7"1'
Sal said on 2/Oct/05
I think that one photo of yao and KG together are pretty conclusive... Yao came into the league at 7'5" and was rounded up to 7'6" in the video game's... I would say that if Yao is is 7'5" then KG is about 6'9.5"-6'10" and is given his shoe's height during measuring... I measured 5'5.5" in college and was given the half inch up rather than down...
yoshi said on 27/Sep/05
KG is 7"1'
Ball-A-Hallic said on 4/Jul/05
COOLJ u wer rite if u go 2 and scroll down to the photo store and look up the all-star portraits and click on Tim Duncan or Kevin Garnett and go to the Big Western All-Stars potrait and u can clearly c KG does hav about an inch over TD if not 2 so check it out 4 urselves.
CoolJ said on 30/Jun/05
Duncan is shorter than KG. Duncan is barely over 6'10"
Ball-A-Hallic said on 29/Jun/05
In my friends magazine i saw a pic of KG n TD(Tim Duncan) standing 2gether n TD had about an 1 inch or 1 inch and a half over KG so TD's probally 7'0 like he's listed and Kevs 6'11
JBricks said on 12/Jun/05
I think you're being deceived by the amount of Yao's hair. I believe Garnett is right around 6'11" barefoot, not 7'.
Sing said on 12/Jun/05
Alright, let's say you are right. KG is 7 feet. That would make Yao about 7-9 judging from these photos! Take a look at photo# 10, WOW what a height difference!!! Even KG can't believe how tall Yao is!!!
Sing said on 12/Jun/05
You don't think there are 7+ inches separating Yao and Shaq? You are delusional. If Shaq thought Yao was more like 7-10, and Shaq admitted himself being only 6-11.5, then you know Shaq thinks there are more than 7 inches separating the two. Even to Shaq, Yao looks like a giant. So I don't think you should be talking smack.

Anyhow the point I was trying to make with the photo is KG is much shorter than Shaq. Yao is stooping down in the photo, or else you won't be able to see his head from nose up. Peace.
JBricks said on 12/Jun/05
well if yao is "7'7" as you say Sing.. then Shaq is taller than "scraping 7'"

Its also pretty sad that u have 2 aliases you use to support your claims.
Sing said on 11/Jun/05
What's unrealistic is saying KG is 7-1 when in fact he's only 6-9.5,that's the only thing that's unrealistic here. Shaq is much bigger than KG in every way, taller, and wider, and Shaq is barely scraping 7 feet without shoes.
JS said on 8/Jun/05
I think you'll find that once you compare a lot of heights in the NBA, that Shaq is taller than 6'11" even though he claims he doesn't hit 7'. If Shaq was only 6'11, then Garnett would be 6'8 or 6'9 and that'd make Duncan 6'7 or 6'8.. keep going down the line and it starts getting unrealistic.

Ball-A-Hallic said on 7/Jun/05
Shaq's still bigger than K.G. and in real life Shaqs probally 6'11 and is boosted up to 7'1 or 7'0 wit shoes so K.G. b-in over 6'11 is Bull s***. I'm sure the NBA would have said somethin bout him if he was over 6'11 but I highly doubt the team would want 2 keep his tru height a secret
JCS said on 7/Jun/05
If KG was 7'1, that would mean Shaq is 7'3 or 7'4.. and Yao is about 7'8 or 7'9.. so it can't be true.
JS said on 7/Jun/05
Rumor has it, they don't list Garnett over 7' because they don't want him to be recognized as a center because he's not.
JS said on 6/Jun/05
Realistically, barefoot, I think he is right around 6'11".
JS said on 6/Jun/05
I know a lot of people will show him in a pic next to Shaq, then recite the ole "Well Shaq said he was 6'11 1/2." Well Shaq has also said Yao is 7'10 in shoes. Shaq has also referred to himself as the Big Aristotle and is a big clown. He likes toying with the public people and chances are, he probably doesnt even know how tall he is.

People have pegged Garnett all the way down to 6'9 (yeah right) and all the way up to 7'2

Anyway, I think Garnett is 6'10 1/4" at the absolute least.

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