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6ft 11.68in (212.5cm)
godzillaislarge said on 19/Nov/08
im 6'2 in the mornings i am around 6'2.5 in my shoes in the morning i am 6'3-6'4 i wear size 14
Shaq said on 9/Oct/08
Matt, Kobe admits that though.

matt lopez said on 5/Oct/08
i think the nba should remeasure everyone because there is such a confusion. go to draft express (google it) gives you all the measurement history in the nba and over 60% say they are 2 inches taller than they are. stupid. kobe is no way 6 foot 6, i met him when i flew down to watch the finals and i was the same height(6 foot 4). Whereas KG was just insane, easy 7 foot +
Shaq said on 28/Sep/08
Interesting, Paolo but the Spurs claimed Duncan's measurement of 6'11.5" was barefoot although I think they are lying. Duncan at 6'10.25" or 6'10.5" sounds right. I believe Dirk is 6'11.5" barefoot.
Paolo said on 24/Sep/08
Eyes and internet rumors...not much!
Duncan at 6'11 1/2 was a predraft measurement from San Antonio workout (they don't specificated with or without shoes), in a tv interview Duncan declared "6'10 and change", from these info (and some internet photo), i've supposed that he is 6'10 1/4 (or 1/2) barefoot and 6'11 1/2 in shoes.
Nowitzki in DJK Wurzburg(96/98) was listed at 209 then in his rookie season the Mavs sayed that he gro and in photo always seems a bit taller then Duncan but never 7 feet. Conclusion he can be everywhere around 6'11 only the tape knows the truth
Shaq said on 23/Sep/08
Paolo you're correct about Garnett but what are your sources for Nowitzki and Duncan?
Paolo said on 22/Sep/08
Garnett measured 6'11 at 19 but now is more 6'11 1/2 or 6'11 3/4
Duncan measured 6'11 1/2 with shoes and declared "6'10 and change"
Nowitzki in Germany at 19 was yet 209cm=6'10 1/4 but now is more 6'11 or 6'11 1/2
Shaq said on 18/Sep/08
Garnett is 6'11 3/4" without shoes and 7'1" with shoes.
DJ said on 11/Sep/08
I measure 6' 3 1/4 barefooted. In my new Jordan shoes I measured 6' 4 1/2. gained 1.25". KG is definitely 6' 11". With his shoes I'm real sure he is over 7'0" I have seen both KG and Shaq in person. In fact KG nearly landed in my lap diving after a loose ball back in 1999 in a pre season game. I was amazed at how tall and lanky he is. If you have ever looked at the thickness of Shaq's shoes, you can see there is a good chance they add 1.5 to 2.0 inches to his 7' 1" stature. Almost all NBA players 6'7" and under, their listed heights are with shoes. So if a guy is listed at 6'5", you can bet he is roughly 6'3 1/2 barefooted.
Shaq said on 29/Aug/08
There are a few others like Desmond Mason(measured 6'6" but listed 6'5") however you're right. KG's listing is a rarity. He's nearly an inch taller than his listed height.
NOMAD1990 said on 27/Aug/08
KG is prob the only guy to be listed under his exact height,at least a solid 212cm-214cm i would say.
Shaq said on 24/Aug/08
212 cm minimum but Garnett admitted to being 6'11 3/4"(213 cm) twice.
Paul 178cm said on 24/Aug/08
I think 'the big ticket' is 212cm barefoot
Louis said on 19/Aug/08
can you get a scholarship for basketball in England and still come to America wit it and use it there??
Shaq said on 12/Aug/08
Good video Imate50. Gasol looks less than an inch taller than Garnett. I've heard Gasol was measured 214.4 or 214.5 cm barefoot which equals 7'0.5". By the way Milicic was measured 6'11.5" barefoot.

Garnett is clearly 6'11.75" like he's claimed twice.
Imate50 said on 12/Aug/08
Garnett is almost 7
Shaq said on 29/Jul/08
Who knows? Last summer they also downgraded Josh Howard from 6-7 to 6-5. Howard's without shoes measurement from 2003 was 6-5 1/4.

Listing KG only 4 inches taller than Pierce makes no sense.
Click Here
Click Here

Garnett is about 6 inches taller.
Derek said on 29/Jul/08
Shaq says on 28/Jul/08
The NBA now has him at 6-7 and 235. Click Here

"They had him at 6-6 and 230 for years but in 2007 they upgraded him an inch and 5 pounds. Pierce stated when he was drafted that he was 6-7 in shoes".

I don't know why they would upgrade him after he was listed at 6'6" for 9 years. Perhaps KG arriving in Boston had something to do with it?
Anonymous said on 28/Jul/08
Pierce can look from 6'4" to 6'6".
Shaq said on 28/Jul/08
The NBA now has him at 6-7 and 235. Click Here

They had him at 6-6 and 230 for years but in 2007 they upgraded him an inch and 5 pounds. Pierce stated when he was drafted that he was 6-7 in shoes.
Derek said on 28/Jul/08
Shaq says on 27/Jul/08
"By the way Pierce has been measured at 6'6" and is listed 6'7""

NBA has him at 6'6".
Shaq said on 27/Jul/08
By the way Pierce has been measured at 6'6" and is listed 6'7"
Shaq said on 23/Jul/08
That's right Anonymous. Russell doesn't seem to have lost much height from his 6'9.5" peak height. Garnett also is listed below his height for a reason. He hates the 7 foot label so if anyone is listed below their actual height it's him. KG is probably 6'11.5"/6'11.75" and at worst 6'11". I wouldn't be shocked if Garnett was a hair over 7'0" either.
Anonymous said on 21/Jul/08
Anyone see that comerical with Pierce and Bill Russell? Russell (6'9" - 6'9.5" peak height) was taller than Pierce by about 4.5" - 5". Garnett is a couple inches taller than Russell meaning even if Pierce is only 6'5" Garnett may still be 6'11" - 7'. I really don't think KG is 7'+ but he may be one of the rare players who is fractionally taller than his listing.
Shaq said on 21/Jul/08
BigBen, your best bet is to go to the Height Request page. I'm not sure if Rob reads all of the basketball players pages.
BigBen said on 20/Jul/08
Hey Rob.
Make a Dwight Howard page. There is so much talk about him, that he need a page here.
Shaq said on 8/Jul/08
More evidence that he's atleast 6'11 3/4".

From an October 3rd, 1997 article in the St. Paul Pioneet Press.

A Wolves source said Garnett's height was measured at 7 feet, 1 inch, an
indication that he's still growing.

Later in the article this was included.

Since coming to the Wolves in 1995, Garnett has
being officially listed at 7 feet out of fear the coaching staff
will move him to center.

The 7'1" measurement was probably in shoes so that backs up KG at 6'11 3/4". That also explains again why he isn't listed at 7 feet.

Timberwolves GM Kevin McHale said Garnett is 6'11 1/2". Here is his quote from an April 30th article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press

``Kevin is so unique. He's 6-11 1/2 and quick as a cat.

So there you have it. He's 6'11 1/2" or 6'11 3/4" and I have the sources to prove it.
Shaq said on 7/Jul/08
Can you give a link to that 7'0" statement? That's BS. I doubt Dwight is even 6'11" in shoes.

If Bosh is now 6'11" then I could buy 6'9.5" without shoes for Howard. Click Here

Chris Bosh's 6'11" claim Click Here (at 1:20)

This picture however makes Dwight look 6'9" flat because even with bad posture 6'9.75" Rasheed Wallace is taller than Dwight who is standing up straight. Click Here

I noticed Dwight's height gets as much discussion as any basketball player and he doesn't even have a page here.
Viper said on 6/Jul/08
I dont think Dwight is above his flat 6-9 measured listing.
rishard lewis said on 6/Jul/08
rishard lewis sayes that dwight howard isnt 6-11 that dwight howard grew an inch in 2008 and he is now 7,0 ft
BigBen said on 5/Jul/08
6'9.5" for Dwight Howard. Never heard anything about 7.0" ft for Dwight. Thats nonsens.
Shaq said on 5/Jul/08
Garnett's former teammate Stephon Marbury talking about his height.

"Marbury on the T-Wolves zone defense, which utilized Garnett at the top: "They say he's 7-foot, but I think he's 7-2 or 7-3."

That's from The Record(Bergen County, NJ) February 17th, 2002
Shaq said on 4/Jul/08
Dwight isn't 6'11". I doubt he's even 6'10". he's 6'9.5" at best.
Anonymous said on 3/Jul/08
well at first dwight howard was at 6,11ft but he grew an inch and he is now 7,0ft
Anonymous said on 3/Jul/08
dwight howard was 6-llft but he grew an inch and now is 7ft
Shaq said on 28/Jun/08
Aram X, Garnett is 6'11.75" but Perkins is actually closer to 6'8" or 6'9" at best. Click Here Click Here

I agree Marion looks like a muppet btw.

You can see in the first picture when Garnett is standing straight he has 4 inches on Perkins and even with KG looking down at Perkins in the second picture he still has him by a few inches.
Aram X said on 27/Jun/08
^First of all shawn marion looks like a muppet. Second of all if you look at how his head sits on his shoulders, its like 3-4 inches shorter than most players, his chin sits at about his collar bone, now look at chris Bosh, he has a neck of a giraffe. in conclusion marions useful body parts (shoulders and arms) sit where the average 6'10" players would be, thats why he can play the way he does, he should be listed as a 6'9" or 6'10"^
Good point...Maron's got high shoulders and his seem pretty long too so he should be more like a 6,9" person on the court rather than his listed height of 6,7" (i think his standing reach is pretty close to 9 feet). same goes with kendrick perkins. Although Perkins (6,10 barefoot) is shorter than Garnett (6,11 barefoot) in head height, Perkin's got a very short neck (but Garnett does not) and his wingspan is also much longer (at nearly 7,7" eek) so he can play taller than Garnett due to his greater standing reach (which i believe is about a freakish 9,4 1/2!). Kendrick is also much stronger (or at least it appears that way) than Garnett and with his greater length he plays center instead of Garnett.
Shaq said on 20/Jun/08
KG towers over 6'6.5" James Posey(listed 6'8") by a good 6 inches.
Click Here

KG has atleast 3 inches on 6'9.5" Bill Russell
Click Here

Right.....lsu alum...KG is 6'10.5". That makes James Posey about 6'5" and Paul Pierce maybe 6'4.5".

Garnett is a legit 6'11 3/4" without shoes. He's said so himself.
Shaq said on 18/Jun/08
"Seven-foot center Michael Olowokandi, on his Timber-wolves teammate Kevin Garnett, who is listed at 6-11: "He's seven feet, but with his (long) arms, he plays at 7-4."

Olowokandi was measured 6-11 3/4 without shoes and is listed 7 feet so that backs up KG being 6-11 3/4 even more
Shaq said on 18/Jun/08
Editor Rob, considering the fact that Garnett was clearly taller than 6'11" Chris Bosh in the 2008 all-star portrait and he is known to downgrade his height, can you upgrade him to 6'11.75"? He has claimed that height twice.
Shaq said on 14/Jun/08
In the Finals KG has stood next to 7'0.5" Pau Gasol numerous times and he is less than an inch shorter. Garnett was probably telling the truth when he claimed 6'11.75" and he's possibly a full 7'0".
Rocky said on 7/Jun/08
Some of the recent pics regarding comparison of heights are horrible.
Shaq said on 6/Jun/08
Joe now I saw your picture and Garnett's posture is horrendous. That's not a good picture to judge his height.

And I agree Anonymous
Shaq said on 4/Jun/08
If KG literally hates being called 7 feet then why would he lie and say he's an inch and a half taller than he is?

Get over it, Garnett is 6-11 3/4 just like he claims. Look at him here with 6-4 3/4 Kobe. Click Here

There is a reason everyone in the NBA is convinced KG is 7'1" and that's because that is his height in shoes.

Shaq is 1 1/4 taller than him because Shaq is 7'1" and KG is 6'11 3/4".
Anonymous said on 3/Jun/08
joe on your photo garnett is taller than TD (isu alum so boring...)
lsu alum said on 2/Jun/08
joe the reason duncan looks taller is because he is by about a quarter of an inch.garnet is only about 6'10 1/4",and duncan is 6'10.5".garnett seems so tall because he's so thin,look at shaq next to garnett,shaq has him by 1 1/4 inch.
Joe Falk said on 2/Jun/08
Click Here

Now tell me guys why garnett is 7 feet and duncan only 6'10.
I can't understand this difference, duncan seems even taller!
Shaq said on 27/May/08
Wilt says on 25/May/08
Comparing KG to Chauncey Billups is nonsensical by all means.

Not if you realize an average mans head is about 9.5 inches and you can see KG has more than a head advantage on Billups.
Wilt said on 25/May/08
Comparing KG to Chauncey Billups is nonsensical by all means.
Shaq said on 25/May/08
KG's head reaches Yao's eyebrows and besides I think Yao has grown to 7'5.75" because of these pictures with Dikembe Mutombo.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Everything points to 6'11.75" for KG.
cantstop25 said on 24/May/08
shaq are you crazy there is much more then a 5 inch difference in that picture with yao, more like 7" though I do think KG is a legit 6'11"
Shaq said on 23/May/08
Kevin Garnett looks huge here next to 6'3" Chauncey Billups. Click Here

KG is slightly closer to the camera but even considering that he looks over 7 feet there. I think 6'11.75" is accurate for Garnett
Ozzy said on 22/May/08
Ostertag was 7-foot even at the pre-draft camp. has got measurements from the camps in 91-07, minus 96, 97, and 99.
Shaq said on 20/May/08
I always thought Ostertag looked closer to 7'1" or 7'2" on the court but you can't judge height that well during games. I was also never really trying to estimate Ostertag's height either.

He looks 7'0" in these pictures.
With 6'11" Brad Miller Click Here
With 6'9" Chris Webber Click Here

Since Ostertag is only an inch shorter than Shaq it's not strange that he looks as tall. It's very difficult to estimate to the exact inch when they are on the court.
lsu alum said on 20/May/08
that pre draft measuremnt just got blown out the water.look what they have ostertag at.even you must admit that hes as tall as shaq
Alex said on 7/May/08
Garnett's lean frame can make him look at least 7'0-7'1 but I think he's minimum 6'11-6'11.5.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 29/Apr/08
The facts about Garnett's height

Garnett is always estimated between 7'0"-7'2"

He seems uncomfortable about his height but has claimed 6'11.75" in 1996 and 2007

He was already measured 6'11" right out of highschool

He has also claimed 6'12"

Garnett's 6'11" pre-draft measurement. Click Here

Garnett claiming 6'11.75" in 1996 Click Here

Garnett claiming 6'11.75" in 2007 Click Here

Garnett claimed "6-12" Click Here

Considering Garnett is uncomfortable with his height I doubt he'd lie to make himself seem taller.

So with all of that said why not upgrade him Rob?
Rocky said on 29/Apr/08
I do remember the T-Wolves for quite a while had a player named gaRRett as well as Garnett himself...KG was clearly taller than the 6'11'' listed Garrett.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 25/Apr/08
I'll let my links do the talking. Many people believe Garnett to be over 7 feet but I believe him to be just under at 6-11.75 like KG himself claims. He is a minimum 6'11" because he was measured that height by the NBA in 1995. All of that information is in the links provided.

You haven't provided a single link. Post a link to back up any of your statements.
lsu alum said on 25/Apr/08
dont beleieve anything shaq is 7'1" says.all he does is try to upgrade nba players heights to prove shaq is taller than he really is.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 25/Apr/08
Aside from the video I posted where he tells Craig Sager he is 6'11" and some quarters he has been claiming 6-11 3/4 since 1996.

He was measured barefoot in 1995 at 6'11"
Click Here
Click Here

However he claimed in 1996 to be 6-11 3/4".
Click Here

Garnett claiming 6'11.75" at the 2007 all star game
Click Here

Garnett claiming his height as "6-12"
Click Here

As you could see in the third link requested not to be listed 7 feet because he thinks the Wolves would make him play center. He's also explained in recent years that he wants to be thought of as a versatile player and thinks that if he's listed 7 feet people will consider him only a post player.

In the 4th link you can see he is reluctant to admit he is even 6-11 3/4 at first saying he's 6-11 before finally saying 6-11 3/4.

KG saying he's "6 foot 12" also backs up that he is closer to 7 feet than 6'11" but doesn't like being thought of as 7 feet.

KG has at times tried to downgrade his height to the point where it got laughable. He even once claimed to be 6'10.5"
Click Here

Pretty much KG is widely considered 7'1" around the NBA and that's because at 6-11 3/4 barefoot he would be 7'1" in shoes which is how most players are listed. His thin frame can give the illusion of 7'2" I'd think.

Pretty much it's obvious he is atleast 6-11 3/4. If he hates being thought of as 7 feet I highly doubt he'd like to make himself seem taller. Garnett is now a minimum 6-11 3/4.
Rocky said on 24/Apr/08
I've heard various times that KG though listed at 6'11'' is really 7'0'' - 7'2'' from gurus around the NBA. He's played a variety of positions (from SF-PF-C) in his career so that may have a factor in his height listing. Also, his wingspan is very long so it may be a factor as well.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 21/Apr/08
Truth? Well Shaq has claimed 7'1" twice and the Chicago Camp had his measurement at 7'1" and measurements were only barefoot back then(they added the shoes measurement after several players complained when they measured under their listed heights).

I'm sorry but I don't see anyway how the Chicago Camp released fake measurements, Shaq would lie about his height when he's that tall and he could look like a legit 7'2" guy even with big footwear.
lsu alum said on 21/Apr/08
shaq is 7'1",i'll stop bothering you when you admit the truth,that shaq is 6'11.5"
Shaq is 7'1" said on 17/Apr/08
That's exactly right Enrico. Kevin Garnett never wanted to play center so he always chose to be listed 7 feet even though he finally admitted he was 6'11 3/4".
Enrico said on 17/Apr/08
Yes, even if he is officially listed as a 7-footer after all these considerations I assume that Bargnani is 211 cm barefoot.
Next to Garnett he was really the same height, taller only thanks to his thick straight hair-style...
Anyway if Bargs is considered a 7-footer so should be KG to me...
Maybe KG refuses to consider himself a 7-footer because that could some-way affect the consideration people have on his way of playing...
Shaq is 7'1" said on 14/Apr/08
lsu alum stop following me to every page. I was posting about Garnett not Shaq you idiot. Stop following me to every page once and for all it's pathetic. I have backed up my arguments on Shaq so get a life. This page has nothing to do with Shaq though and my last post was about Garnett.

Get a life and stop bothering me. You are the one who is obsessed with Shaq's height you loser.

By the way I've heard that too Enrico although Bargnani looks more like 6-10 to me. These are the supposed measurements I found for Bargnani

7-0 in socks
7-1 1/4 in shoes
Standing Reach 9-2
Weight: 249lbs
Enrico said on 12/Apr/08
Bargnani was listed 211 cm in Europe w/o shoes, when he was drafted he was measured by raptors staff and he was officially listed as a 7 footer w/o shoes... These are Bosh and Bargnani measuremente taken during 2006 summer.

Player - Height in shoes - Wingspan
Bargnani, Andrea - 7
lsu alum said on 11/Apr/08
shaq is 7'1"thinks hes an expert on every nba players height.the truth ishe uses pictures that are poor evidence of anyones height.and hes goes on every site trying to prove oneal is over 7 feet.dont beleive any of his so called evidence.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 2/Apr/08
If Bargnani is 6'10.5" then Bosh is closer to 6'11" now.

Click Here

Bosh was only 19 when he measured 6'10.25" so it's possible he grew although I haven't heard anything about it myself.

KG looks clearly taller than Bosh so 6'11.75" sounds accurate.

KG was already 6'11" at 19 when he was drafted so he's nothing under 6'11" and probably the 6'11.75" he claims.
Ozzy said on 2/Apr/08
Enrico: Bargniani was listed at 209cm/6'10.5 in Europe, 7'0 in the NBA with shoes on. Same height as Bosh w/o shoes, only Bosh uses his w/o shoes listing as his official listing, rounded down to 6'10, for unknown reasons... If KG looked the same height as Bargniani I would say it argues for him not being a 7-footer, although probably a bit taller than B.
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/08
Rob can you mention Kevin Garnett's quote about his height on top.

He says on a video posted on youtube "I'm 6-11 and some quarters".
Shaq is 7'1" said on 23/Mar/08
Everyone can rule out anything below 6'11" because he was measured at that height straight out of highschool and here are too links to prove that.

5. MINNESOTA-Kevin Garnett, Chicago Farragut Academy. They're trying to dump Christian Laettner and J.R. Rider. This 18-year-old is talented, 6 feet 11 in stocking feet and seems a great cornerstone for a rebuilding project. Says one personnel director, "You could make a case for him going No. 1."

Click Here

Barefoot heights from the Chicago pre-draft camp showed prep star Kevin Garnett at 6 feet 11, meaning he's sure to grow into a 7-footer.

Click Here

Kevin Garnett and 6'11.75" Michael Olowokandi
Click Here

Kevin Garnett and 6'7.5" Wally Szczerbiak
Click Here

Kevin Garnett and 6'6" Paul Pierce
Click Here
Click Here

Garnett is easily as tall as Olowokandi, 4.5" taller than Wally Szczerbiak and 6" taller than Paul Pierce

Pierce confirmed at 6'6" and Olowokandi confirmed at 6'11.75"
Click Here

Wally confirmed at 6'7.5"
Click Here

So because KG was already 6'11" in 1995 barefoot it's impossible he's anything udner that because he did not shrink. KG's claim of 6'11.75" is probably very accurate for a few reasons.

1.He looks it next to other NBA Players
2.Everyone around the NBA is convinced he's 7'1" or 7'2".
Shaq is 7'1" said on 20/Mar/08
As wrong as "Shaq is 6-11 barefoot's name is he's actually making some pretty good posts.

Duncan is 6'10.5" barefoot I believe and I know he is 6'11.5" in shoes. Not sure about the barefoot height for Tim but I heard it a while ago said to be from the 97' pre-draft camp and it seems accurate.

6'11.5" in shoes makes sense for Duncan because the NBA could have been rounding up for his 7'0" listing his first 8-9 years and now rounding down his shoes height or rounding up his barefoot height for the 6-11 listing.
shaq is 6'11 barefoot said on 20/Mar/08
duncan is a solid 6'10 and kq has 1 to 2 inches on him
Duhon said on 16/Mar/08
Based on how he looks next to bosh i would say 6'11.75" is pretty close.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 14/Mar/08
Garnett interview with Craig Sager. Confirms his height as 6'11.75"

Kevin Garnett: I'm 6-11 First Off. First off I'm 6-11
Craig Sager: Yeah but
those sneakers make you 7 foot
Kevin Garnett: Right right....I'm 6-11 and some

Click Here

Garnett, who so fears being edged into the paint as a center that he refers
to his 7'0" height as "6'12"," is a true 3 who slid out of the blocks when the
Minnesota Timber wolves re-signed Joe Smith.

Click Here

2 links stating Garnett was already 6-11 without shoes when he was drafted.

5. MINNESOTA-Kevin Garnett, Chicago Farragut Academy. They're trying to dump
Christian Laettner and J.R. Rider. This 18-year-old is talented, 6 feet 11 in
stocking feet and seems a great cornerstone for a rebuilding project. Says one
personnel director, "You could make a case for him going No. 1."

Click Here

Barefoot heights from the Chicago pre-draft camp showed prep star Kevin
Garnett at 6 feet 11, meaning he's sure to grow into a 7-footer.

Click Here

Reasons why 6'11.75" makes the most sense.

1.Since almost everyone in the NBA says Garnett is 7'1" 6'11.75" barefoot would put him right at 7'1" in shoes which is what most people in the NBA go by.
2.He was already 6-11 at 19 years old and it's not hard to believe a very tall skinny teenager who looked to be still growing grew another .75"
3.No reason for KG to try to make himself seem taller because he likes to seem shorter than he is
4.Garnett usually looks 6'11.75" atleast
5.The "6-12" claims could be 6-11 3/4" rounded up

Kevin Garnett should be upgraded to 6'11.75" or maybe a note at the top of the page stating his "6-11 and some quarters" claim.

Duhon how tall do you think KG is?
Enrico said on 14/Mar/08
Garnett is same height of Bargnani who is a true 7-footer, I saw them together in last year Europe Live Tour in Rome, Garnett next to the big Italian was about the same height, slightly shorter only because he has no hair, but they are the same, so I assume Garnett is a true 7-footer, because Bargnani is a True 7-footer.
Duhon said on 13/Mar/08
lsu alum garnett looks more than an ich taller than 6'10.25" chris bosh Click Here
Shaq is 7'1" said on 13/Mar/08
Editor Rob please ban lsu alum at this point. All he's doing now is following me to whatever page I post at and insulting me.

I have a link stating Garnett was 6'11" in stocking feet when he was drafted so it's impossible he's under 6'11". He's probably 6'11.75" That's why everyone is always saying he's 7'1"(his height in shoes)

As far as O'Neal being 6'11.5" well nobody has posted any evidence supporting it and I have posted a ton of PROOF he is 7'1". O'Neal himself has said he is 7'1" twice.
Jake Is Back said on 13/Mar/08
Russell is still 4" taller than Pierce today. His peak height was 6'9.5" I don't know if he's lost anything. Garnett is 6'11" give or take a bit.
Brah said on 13/Mar/08
7'5" Yao has more than 5 inches on Garnett. Yao does not have a normal 4.5" forehead, the man has a huge head. He has more like 6 inches on Garnett. Garnett is around 6'11".
lsu alum said on 13/Mar/08
guys don't beleive anything shaq is 7'1"says he's so obsessed with oneal being over 7 feet that he refuses to believe any evidence anyone else has oneal in 6'11.5 barefoot,so garnets probably about 6.10.5"
Shaq is 7'1" said on 2/Mar/08
Pierce actually measured 6'6" barefoot when he was drafted. He is now listed 6'7" by the NBA.

Below is an article that has some of the 1998 pre-draft measurements and also I put a link to Pierce's page. I've heard 6'9.5" peak height for Russell too.

Click Here
Click Here

As for Garnett having more than 5" on Pierce that may be because Garnett was already 6'11" without shoes when he was drafted and he has grown. He said his height as "6-11 and some quarters". KG is a solid 6'11.75" now.

5. MINNESOTA-Kevin Garnett, Chicago Farragut Academy. They're trying to dump Christian Laettner and J.R. Rider. This 18-year-old is talented, 6 feet 11 in stocking feet and seems a great cornerstone for a rebuilding project. Says one personnel director, "You could make a case for him going No. 1."

Click Here

Garnett- 6'11.75"
Russell- 6'9.5"(peak height)
Pierce- 6'6"
Allen- 6'3.5"
Anonymous said on 2/Mar/08
Russel has 4" easy on Pierce, in his old age.
Anonymous said on 2/Mar/08
If Russell was 6'9'' then Pierce is a legitimate 6'6'' as Russell is no more than three inches or so taller than Pierce in that picture.
Jake Is Back said on 2/Mar/08
Bill Russell was 6'9" - 6'9.5" peak height (I don't know weather he's lost height or not) but was not only taller than Pierce by a lot in that picture, but in person too (seen them next to each other before). The other one speaks for itself. Garnett clearly has more than 5" on Pierce.
Jake Is Back said on 2/Mar/08
Yep, I meant why Allen looks so tall. Paul Pierce is NOT 6'6" BTW. He's definantly shorter than that. Garnett does seem like he's around 6'11" anyways.
Peirce isn't 6'6":
Click Here
Click Here
Shaq is 7'1" said on 2/Mar/08
More proof Garnett is 6'11.75" barefoot.

KG would easily have over 4" on 6'7.75" Glen "Big Baby" Davis if he stood up straight
Click Here

Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins who is probably in the 6'9"-6'10" range.
Click Here
Anonymous said on 2/Mar/08
Click Here

Both Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Garnett look tiny in this pic. They look no taller than Kobe Bryant who is around 6'5''.

Very odd.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 1/Mar/08
You mean what Pierce is wearing because I can't. If you mean how 6'3.5" Ray Allen looks so tall that is just the angle.

BTW here is another picture of Garnett looking 6'11.75" or taller.
Click Here

Wally Sczerbiak is 6'7.5" and KG looks close to 5 inches taller.
Jake Is Back said on 27/Feb/08
Can somebody please explain this pic to me: Click Here
Shaq is 7'1" said on 22/Feb/08
Another good picture. KG and 6'11.75" Michael Olowokandi again. Garnett looks the same height to me.

Click Here

What do you guys think? I'm sticking with 6'11.75" barefoot myself but this is one of the more interesting heights IMO.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 21/Feb/08
Yeah but some guys just look shorter than they are. I'm thinking 6'11.75" for KG now after seeing him with Olowokandi and check out this picture with Yao.

Click Here

Yao is a legit 7-5 and he has 5" at best on KG.

I also found out Garnett measured 6-11 without shoes right out of highschool so you can rule out anything below 6-11.

5. MINNESOTA-Kevin Garnett, Chicago Farragut Academy. They're trying to dump
Christian Laettner and J.R. Rider. This 18-year-old is talented, 6 feet 11 in
stocking feet and seems a great cornerstone for a rebuilding project. Says one
personnel director, "You could make a case for him going No. 1."

Click Here

Seems like a solid 6-11 3/4 now
Viper said on 20/Feb/08
Joe Smith looks short for 6-9 1/2. I remember he was listed at 6-9 when he was a freshmen at Maryland. Then 6-10 his sophomore year.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 19/Feb/08
Editor Rob check this out.

In an interview with Sideline reporter Craig Sager at the 2007 All Star Game Kevin Garnett said this.

"I'm 6-11 and some quarters"

Now many people assumed that meant 6-11 1/4" but the quarterS part would suggest 6-11 3/4

In a mid to late 2007 interview Garnett claimed to be 6'10.5" without shoes.

Reggie said that KG looks to be 7'2" but KG said he is 6'10.5" without shoes and 6'11.5" with his shoes. Patrick said he had it on good authority that KG was 6'14" and KG was sure he got that from Flip.

Click Here

Here are pictures of Garnett with some of his former teammates

With 6'11.75" barefoot Michael Olowokandi. Garnett looks to be the same height

Click Here

With 6'9.5" barefoot Joe Smith

Click Here

With 6'9.5" barefoot Joe Smith and 6'7" listed Sam Mitchell.

Click Here

1998 draft article stating Michael Olowokandi is 6'11.75" barefoot

Click Here

1995 draft article stating Joe Smith is 6'9.5" barefoot

Click Here

In case you don't know the story Garnett is said to always be trying to dwongrade himself because he wants to be known as a finesse player with perimeter skills instead of a 7 footer with power skills.

Which height do you believe 6'10.5", 6'11.25" or 6'11.75"? Personally the Olowokandi picture and the "6-11 and some quarters" claim plus the numerous claims of him being ove r7 feet makes me think maybe an upgrade to 6'11.75" but I am not too sure. Garnett also once said he entered the league at 6'10.5" but has grown a little over a half an inch since pointing to maybe 6'11.25"?
Shaq is 7'1" said on 15/Feb/08
Dirk in recent years has been listed 2,12 M in Europe and I hear those heights are barefoot so maybe he is actually 6'11.5" and KG is the 6'11.25" he claims?
nobody012 said on 9/Jan/08
Garnett is one of the rare basketball players who is listed in barefoot height.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 21/Dec/07
KG is 6'11.25"(claimed it himself and probably 7'0.5"-7'0.75" in shoes(that is where you get people thinking he is 7'1".
Viper said on 20/Dec/07
6-7? Im sorry but you are smoking crack with that statement.
tim said on 20/Dec/07
WOW time out flag on the play hold up KG aint 6'11 he is 6'7 he wasnt even close to being taller than shack when they played the heat again the nba just adds inches to basketball players heights
allen 4 said on 7/Dec/07
new pictures :
Click Here
Click Here
Vegas said on 5/Dec/07
there is more chance duncan is less than 6'10 than above it; i met matt morgan in person who was also listed at 6'10 in college at the same time as duncan was circa 1996-97 and he is under 6'10 slightly
Shaq is 7'1 said on 3/Dec/07
6'8.5" is possible for Horry but I am positive 6'6.25" exactly for T-Mac. BTW 6'10" could have been rounded down from 6'10.5' for his college listings that would make sense for his nba listings too. That would make him 6'11.75"-7'0" in shoes and he was listed 7'0" for a while and 6'10.5" could be rounded up to 6'11".
Vegas said on 30/Nov/07
duncan was listed at 6'10 in college and upgraded an inch in the nba Click Here

i believe someone on here said horry was measured 6'8.5" barefoot at the draft and mcgrady at something like 6'6.5"
Anonymous said on 30/Nov/07
Horry measured 6'8" while T-Mac measured 6'6.25" and Boozer measured 6'7.75".
Daniel said on 29/Nov/07
I am a big Spurs fan and Duncan is closer to 7'0 than 6'10 guys. He has got easy 1.5 or more on Robert Horry who is listed at 6'10 and see him next to guys like Mcgrady and Boozer who are about 6'8 and 6'9 respectively and he is 3 to 4 inches taller than them.
Shaq is 7'1 said on 16/Nov/07
Garnett is 6'11.25" and Shaq is 7'1"
hi said on 15/Nov/07
he can't be 7'1. Knowing that Shaq is around 7'0 and constantly has 2 inches on him, you do the math.
Anonymous said on 29/Oct/07
He is not 7'1". He might be 7'1" in shoes but he looks 2 inches shorter than Shaq(7'1" barefoot and 7'2.75" in shoes). Garnett is 7'0" max.
yoshi said on 27/Oct/07
Chauncy Billups said he is 7-1.
Anonymous said on 22/Oct/07
Kevin Garnett claimed he was 6'11.25" at the 07' ASG that is the most accurate.
Rocky said on 20/Oct/07
I've heard various times that KG though listed at 6'11'' is really 7'0'' - 7'2''. He's played a variety of positions (from SF-PF-C) in his career so that may have a factor in his height listing.
Anonymous said on 20/Oct/07
Garnett is 6'11.25" atleast. I've heard Duncan is 6'10.5" and Dirk was only 19-20 when he was measured 6'10" so he could be 6'11" now.
David said on 13/Oct/07
In my opinion Nowitzky, Duncan and Garnett are more or less the same height (Dirk has also his Hair shaved in the photos I've seen down below) I don't see anyone having a full inch on the other, if you want to be precise we can argue that maybe duncan is 210 cm tall and both Dirk and Garnett are 211 cm.....that is probably the best height!
Anonymous said on 12/Oct/07
100% right Robinson measured 7'0" at the 1988 Olympics and he is an inch shorter than Shaq who measured 7'1" at the 1992 pre-draft camp.
Alex said on 5/Oct/07
Robinson 7'0
Duncan 6'10
Anonymous said on 27/Sep/07
Kevin Garnett claimed he is 6'10.5" barefoot not too long ago but he also claimed he is 6'11.25" barefoot. I think he is a legit 7'0"

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

KG looks every bit of 7'0" with 6'9.5" Joe Smith

Click Here

With 6'11.75" Michael Olowokandi

He can't be any lower than 6'11.25" and I think he might be 7'0"
Viper said on 25/Sep/07
Dirk looks to be 7-0 on the court during a game to me. Im surprised that he was measured out at only 6-10.
Anonymous said on 25/Sep/07
Dirk could be 6'11" now. He was only about 20 when he measured 6'10". He always looks like a legit 7 footer when he is on the court.
Gonzalo said on 12/Sep/07
Nowitzki, when he plays in Europe doesn´t look shorter than 2`10. Saw a pic of him next to Papaloukas, qho is listed 2`00, and Nowitzki looked minimum 10 cms taller
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/07
Kevin Garnett has admitted he is 6'11.25" Tim Duncan is 6'10", Shaquille O'Neal is 7'1", Hakeem Olajuwon is 6'10".
anonymous said on 5/Aug/07
Gasol has got at least 2 inches on Dirk. If you think that difference is 1 inch, than you may as well downgrade everyone on this site by an inch.
lillo thomas said on 29/Jul/07
kobe could be as low at 6-4.5
Eclipse said on 19/Jul/07
There is no way Kobe is as low as 6-4. NO CHANCE!
BK said on 14/Jun/07
He's 7ft. Like many said, a solid 7ft.
Burgos said on 6/Jun/07
Gasol is 2.15 m which is almost 7'1". That's why he has about an inch on nowitzki.
Alex said on 19/May/07
Robinson I remember had 2 inches on Duncan, could have been 1.5 inches. It was over 1 inch though. Robinson 7'0 and Duncan 6'10-6'10.5.
Garnett is 6'11 I think.
Anonymous said on 14/May/07
Yeah Robinson has 2 inches on Duncan

Click Here
Viper said on 14/May/07
David Robinson had 2 inches on Duncan?
Anonymous said on 13/May/07
Well KG is 6'11 1/4 so that makes David Robinson 7 feet and backs up Duncan being 6'10
wolverinejoe80 said on 12/May/07
Click Here

here are some nice pics of NBA players. thanks to berniewilliams from espn board.
someone said on 11/May/07
I have seen basketball match between minnesota and memphis. I look that garnett is taller than gasol on the court. what do you think?
Anonymous said on 7/May/07
Kevin Garnett said himself he is 6'11 1/4 and Dirk is 6'10...that was his pre-draft measurement and look at him here with a legit 7'0 Pau most Dirk could have grown to 6'10 1/2 because he was 19 when he was measured 6'10

Click Here
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/07
Tim is listed at 6'11 but is 6'10 and Dirk is listed at 7 feet and is 6'11
Anonymous said on 25/Apr/07
Alright so if KG's 6'9 than what is Dirk 6'8...T-Mac 6'4?
Art said on 24/Apr/07
According to Duhon's pics, I would say KG is probably 6-11 to 6-11 1/2 range barefoot, given how he stands next to Amare, who is 6-9 in shoes.
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/07
KG looks about 5 inches taller than Tracy McGrady who is 6'6.5
Duhon said on 15/Apr/07
Pictures that should put the KG at 6'9" theory to rest: Click Here

Click Here
Duhon said on 12/Apr/07
I believe garnett's a legit 6'11". After some research i discovered td was listed at 6'10" in college likely his accurate height. KG always seems to have an inch on him.
asfasf said on 29/Mar/07
i had a pic with kevin mchale, when "da kid" was signed from minnesota in 1995, and he got the same height of him or a bit less. I don't believe kevin had grown from that time, KG is 210cm or 211cm max. 215cm or more is insane.
Duhon said on 28/Mar/07
Ozzy although, if any player did grow i think it could be chris Bosh. he came in with a pretty underdeveloped looking body he was very skinny like 210 and he was 19. Dwight and lebron both looked physically developed, bosh not so much.
Ozzy said on 24/Mar/07
Come on, D-Howard have said himself that he's 6'9.5. This age argument and growing is BS, some develop physically early (I myself was 6'2.5 at 16, 6'3 now ten years later) and my bet is guys like LeBron, Howard, Oden and Wayne Rooney fall into that category. these struck me when I saw them up close as shorter than listed: Antonio McDyess does not look a bit like 6'9 (I've had 6'9 and 6'10 teammates myself), more in the 6'8, maybe even 6'7 range, and Webber is no way 6'10, 6'8.5-6'9 tops.
LV said on 22/Mar/07
Anonymous, I'll repost that picture of them together later with lines drawn. Trust me, it's at least an inch. That makes Bosh 6'11" in shoes so Howard is likely 6'9" barefoot and 6'10" in shoes. His listed NBA height is in shoes, big shoes since he's listed at 6'11". Either way, they are listing him 1" taller than his shoed height.
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/07
He doesn't have an inch on Howard and Bosh is 6'10 1/4 barefoot so Howard is atleast 6'9 1/2
aerotive said on 20/Mar/07
Looks 6ft 11 to me.
LV said on 14/Mar/07
Did no one see the interview at the All Star Game with Garnett? Craig Sager referred to him as 7 feet and he corrected Sager and said, "I'm 6'11" and some quarters". No reason to lie. He's easily over 7ft in shoes. Also, Howard would be lucky if he's 6'9 1/2". I've never seen Bosh listed taller than 6'10" and he has over an inch on Howard. Just looking at the Western Conference All Star picture you can see some startling height differences in guys that are supposedly the same height (Okur, Duncan, Stoudemire, etc).
Gonzalo said on 13/Mar/07
I saw him in the All Star weekend next to spanish player Jorge Garbajosa, listed 2`04 to 2`07. Garnett didn´t look much taller, 3 or 4 cms. I think Garbajosa is more 2`07 than 2`04 and that would make Garnett around 2`10 barefoot
Viper said on 12/Mar/07
Dwights shoulders are the first thing I notice about him. Very broad.
Viper said on 12/Mar/07
Here is 6-1 Barry Bonds with Garnett. Click Here
Duhon said on 11/Mar/07
I think dwight has high shoulder that give him the appearcance of looking taller. however whenever i've seen him play against guys like bosh or garnett i can tell he's shorter.
oki84 said on 11/Mar/07
garnett look 209-10cm because zaza pachulia who's 211cm barefoot is slightly taller
Viper said on 10/Mar/07
That picture is WILD. How in the world does Dwight look so much taller otherwise?
Anonymous said on 9/Mar/07
D-Howard looking shorter here than 6'10 chris bosh: Click Here
Viper said on 9/Mar/07
Howard physically looks 6-11-7-0.
Anonymous said on 9/Mar/07
Howard was 6'9 1/2 at 18 years old and is now 6'10 1/2
Anonymous said on 8/Mar/07
No way is Howard 6'9. Garnett may only be 6'11 he is with 7'1 Shaq. Click Here
Art said on 4/Mar/07
Anonymous, if that's true, then Stallone is 5'11 barefoot.
Anonymous said on 27/Feb/07
Shaq is 7'1 barefoot, KG is 6'11.5 barefoot. Howard is around 6'11 barefoot.
Anonymous said on 26/Feb/07
Shaq is 7'1 barefoot. KG is an inch or 2 shorter. This is pretty obvious. Garnett is only 220 pounds though which makes him look taller. Howard is taller than 6'9 1/2 too.
Art said on 25/Feb/07
KG and Shaq were both in the game at the same time for extended lengths during the ASG. If Shaq's barefoot height is 6'11.5, KG could be no shorter than 6'11 barefoot; they looked nearly identical, and I'm talking about towering over 6'9 1/2 barefoot Dwight Howard. That 6'9.5 measurement by FIBA sounds bogus, not only are there no such measurements online anywhere (much less stamped by FIBA), he would've been measured at 24 during the 2000 Olympics, and it's a heavily unlikely scenario for KG to randomly grow 2 inches past 25. If anything, someone's memories must be off, because during FIBA broadcasts of the 2000 Sydney games, KG was always introduced at 211cm.
jamoms said on 25/Feb/07
First of all shawn marion looks like a muppet. Second of all if you look at how his head sits on his shoulders, its like 3-4 inches shorter than most players, his chin sits at about his collar bone, now look at chris Bosh, he has a neck of a giraffe. in conclusion marions useful body parts (shoulders and arms) sit where the average 6'10" players would be, thats why he can play the way he does, he should be listed as a 6'9" or 6'10"
asfasf said on 22/Feb/07
garnett td and dirk are in the same range of height about 6'11'. Garnett never seems 7 footer to me. Anyway Td imho is 1cm taller
Viper said on 21/Feb/07
Hes lucky If hes even 6-11.
Rocky said on 21/Feb/07
I've heard from others that he underlists himself - he could be anywhere from "7'1'' - 7'3''.
LV said on 20/Feb/07
Did anyone watch the All Star game? Garnett admitted he was 6'11" and "some 1/4's" in an interview with Craig Sager. Obviously over 6'11" but not quite 7'.
shaq said on 16/Feb/07
lol jermain two incs on wallace? loool sheed is a bit taller than him and u put him at 6'10' wtf
Anonymous said on 13/Feb/07
Ok here the heights of the players in the pictures

Jermaine O'Neal 7'0(Jermaine has claimed this himself)
Gilbert Arenas 6'2
Vince Carter 6'5 1/2(pre draft measurement)
Chris Bosh 6'10(NBA listing correct)
Ben Wallace 6'6 1/2
Shaquille O'neal 7'1(NBA listing correct)
Lebron James 6'7(pre draft measurement)
Rasheed Wallace 6'10
Rip Hamilton 6'5
Chauncey Billups 6'3(NBA listing correct)
Dwyane Wade 6'4(NBA listing correct)
Allen Iverson 5'10 1/2
Paul Pierce 6'6(NBA listing correct)
Shawn Marion 6'6
Steve Nash 6'1
Elton Brand 6'8(NBA listing correct)
Kevin Garnett 7'(Claims to be "6 foot 12")
Dirk Nowitski 6'11
Yao Ming 7'5
Pau Gasol 7'0(NBA listing correct)
Tim Duncan 6'10
Tracy Mcgrady 6'6
Kobe Bryant 6'5 1/2
allen4 said on 10/Feb/07
ok,look this!!!!
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Masato said on 6/Feb/07
who ever thinks that yao ming is 223 cm is wrong...his clearly 4.5-5 inches taller than mutumbo in some pics...where mutumbo is listed as 218 cm but probably is only around 215-216 cm. Making yao around 227-228 cm. Which is his true height. His 7'5.5'' to 7'6''.
kg said on 3/Feb/07
how many of you here thinks garnett is a LEGITIMATE 211cm barefoot ??
Masato said on 28/Jan/07
I would say shaq: 214 cm, KG: 211 cm, Tim Duncan:209 cm, Yao ming: 227-228 cm, Michael Jordan: 196 cm and Allen Iverson: 181 cm.
Anonymous said on 28/Jan/07
Oh come on Shaq 6'11?! Yeah right. Shaq is the 7'1 he's listed at.
Leung said on 28/Jan/07
Gonzalo, it's funny that you mention Earl Boykins, I just out that the dude can dunk, he's never dunked in a game but can do it during practice.
Gonzalo said on 26/Jan/07
You guys say strange things. Garnett 6`9? He was two inches taller than Kirilenko, who is 6`9. Now you would say Kirilenko is 6`7, Michael Jordan 6`3, Steve Nash 6`0 and Earl Boykins according to what you say wouldn`t even exist.
charles said on 25/Jan/07
why all u guys put 7'0' garnett and duncan only 6'10? they both the exact height
Anonymous said on 23/Jan/07
No way is Garnett 6'9...atleast 6'11 probably 7 foot. Ben Wallace I've heard is only 6'5 but I think he's 6'6 - 6'7.
Anonymous said on 21/Jan/07
I have heard that garnett is only 6 foot 9 as well. Also, Big ben is only six foot seven. That I know.
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/07
Shaq is 7'1 and Garnett is 7 foot I think both are obvious. No way does Tracy have 2 inches on Kobe probably have an inch maybe a whole inch.
Anonymous said on 16/Jan/07
In that picture Tracy might not even have an inch on Kobe. Yao is 7'5.5 max and i still think he is 7'5 even. As you can see though Shaq is clearly 7'1-7'2. If Shaq is 7' than Garnett is 6'10.
Gonzalo said on 16/Jan/07
From the pic anonymus sent on january 13th, Shaq looks at least two inches taller than Garnett. Which pic are you talking about legend stopper?
Viper said on 14/Jan/07
If hes really taller than Duncan, then he is 6-11.
jo said on 8/Jan/07
i would like to add in the 2003 issue of 'Kicks' with Garnett, Duncan and McGrady(then an Orlando Magic) on the cover, the conversation turned to height whereupon Duncan and McGrady excitedly told the journalist to add that "Garnett is 7-1" with Garnett, who was worried, telling them that that was rubbish. McGrady added that he "might even be 7-2"...But in my opinion the only sure way is to be measured barefoot, no shoes, nothing with them standing at their full heights. Case closed!
jo said on 8/Jan/07
garnett has always given his height as 6-11", in fact he once quoted himself as being 6-12 in order not to overstep the 7ft mark! the reason for this has to do with the fact he plays power forward in the NBA which is his natural position. Garnett can easily, but does not like to, play out of position, such as center. Its very rare for power forwards to exceed 6-11, if they are taller then this they r generally made to play center which limits them in what they can do on the court. Hence, Garnett does not want to flaunt how tall realistically he is. This is why u might notice in the past in a lot of photos garnett is often seen stooping or bending in order not to draw attention to his height. But recently, as seen in the 'Kicks' issue, he stands at pretty much his full height. Its prob cause hes accepted as a natural power forward so his height is no longer a threat to his position.
Ozzy said on 21/Nov/06
Well, I agree that judging from photos is difficult, however in the latest "kicks" there are pics where KG "obviously" as you say, is standing up straight, Duncan on the other hand seems to always stand with a slightly bad pose, shoulders forward and neck a bit forward. show me a pic with TD standing chest and chin out... so with those two (KG and TD) standing next to each other it's a pretty tough call in my eyes...
Ann said on 16/Nov/06
Don't use photos to measure. People can be shorter if they want to be. Obviously KG doesn't stand very straight when he is in the photos.
Alex said on 16/Nov/06
Derek, I figured 6'5.5-6'6 but I'd like to know which for sure.
Derek said on 16/Nov/06
Alex, average NBA player is 6'7" 220. Barefoot, it would be 6'5 1/2"-6'6".
Ozzy said on 15/Nov/06
your q, ghah ghah.. i will not bother to do it again, i posted a pic of those two standing next to each other at the ASG some time ago... do the research yourself.. or start paying attention.
Alex said on 15/Nov/06
Does anyone know for sure what the average barefoot height is for NBA players today? I am sure its over 6'5, but not sure if its a full 6'6 since some guys are listed more than an inch taller than they really. 6'5.5 or 6'6 its gotta be.
Alex said on 13/Nov/06
The average could be 6'5.5 though since the 6'7 was almost def in shoes, but I could see 6'6 as the average still. The average in the NFL is 6'2 245lbs or 250lbs.
Viper652 said on 13/Nov/06
Id say the average is 6-6 in the NBA and 6-5 in college.
Alex said on 12/Nov/06
Guys, I read the average height/weight for an NBA player was 6'7 220 or it was 225lbs, but about the height though is that in shoes or barefoot? I would assume in shoes but I could be wrong, but if its in shoes then the average height for an NBA player would be around 6'5.5 barefoot I'd say. What do you guys think.
Alex said on 9/Nov/06
I thought Duncan was 6'11 barefoot. If he's 6'10 then Garnett is 6'11 then. Yao looks 7'5 there, maybe 7'6 tops.
Leung said on 7/Nov/06
If KG isn't 7' then he is pretty damn close.
Duncan has never been a legit 7 footer, probably 6'10".
Derek said on 6/Nov/06
Funny thing about Duncan is that he was always listed at 7', until about 2 years ago when they brought him down to 6'11". KG was actually listed at 7' himself for a brief period and he was brought down to 6'11". KG and Duncan look around the same height and T-Mac is 6'7" tops.
Viper652 said on 6/Nov/06
You might be right Coolj.
CoolJ said on 4/Nov/06
That's cause Duncan is shorter.. About an inch or so.
Viper652 said on 3/Nov/06
Now in that picture it looks like Duncan would be shorter If he took a step back.
Viper652 said on 1/Nov/06
Actually, KG is closer to the camera in that shot. He might even be a tad shorter If he stepped back towards Duncan.
CoolJ said on 1/Nov/06
Viper, he's definitely taller than Duncan. You can judge that with various pictures on the net.
Viper652 said on 1/Nov/06
He looks the same exact height as 6-10 Tim Duncan.
ghah ghah said on 30/Oct/06
gasol is significant taller than kg ?? where is your source to prove it ??
i have seen the highlight of gasol dunking on kg, and once they both reached the ground and stared at each other head to head, i noticed that kg is almost as tall as gasol, maybe gasol is half inch taller but thats about it.
i would say gasol is 212cm and kg is 210cm while duncan being 207cm.
Ozzy said on 30/Oct/06
But then you're just taking Duncan's height as a given... I always thougth 6-10 looked more accurate for TD, and it is harder than it might seem to judge from that Kicks cover, you have to take into account leg stance and slouching, even a slight slouch takes off over an inch off your height (which TD is doing). Amjan, where is the source for your Dirk height, the only player i know for sure is 214cm is Gasol, and he's significantly taller than both KG and Dirk. Compare Garnett to the player next to him in that pic, the 6-9.5 Stoudemire (Stoudemire said this was his height in an interview during the olympics, when he got confronted with his the 6-7 the official olympic site had him on).
Anonymous said on 27/Oct/06
im sorry but if Duncan is 7-0, then garnett is 7-2 cause if you check out the newest edition of Kicks with them all on the cover, garnett and duncan are standing at their full heights, and Garnett is definately two inches taller then duncan, hes definately 7-1 at least.
Amjan said on 14/Oct/06
Just compare KG to 7'0.5" (214) Nowitzki. KG is taller, which makes him over 7'. In support to what i said - they're both taller than Duncan
[url=Click Here]click[/url]
Gonzalo said on 28/Sep/06
He was two inches taller than kirinlenko, listed 2`06 in Europe. 2`10-2`11 for Garnett looks feasible
Viper652 said on 22/Sep/06
Dirk looks taller than 6-10 to me.
Ozzy said on 22/Sep/06
Yes... And Louie, maybe, just maybe, I would make your statements worthy of consideration if your rhetoric was just a little bit better (that is, a lot, you sound like a kid), and stopped claiming "that is the truth" without backing it up with anything remotely close to a good argument.
Viper652 said on 21/Sep/06
But to say 6-8 is small in the NBA is laughable.
Louie John Buluran said on 21/Sep/06
He is 7 ft 0 at least Dirk is 6 ft 10 and that is the truth
Viper652 said on 20/Sep/06
Louie, your claims are ridiculous to say the least.
Louie John Buluran said on 20/Sep/06
i mean in Today's NBA even a 6 ft 8 is small cause there are many tall guys in the league today KG is 7 footer u must take the hair of dirk and he is barely 6 ft 10
Viper652 said on 13/Sep/06
KG is anywhere between 6-9-6-11. But the 7-1 claim is ridiculous.
Ozzy said on 12/Sep/06
The lying about his height argument to avoid playing center is just too thin... LJB: disagree, your images don't prove anything unless you can state the heigths of the players you compare with, dirk and td are always hunching while kg is standing up straight. Yeah, and learn to write, and stop contradicting yourself... The average nba player is 6'6.5 w/o shoes, 6'7 with shoes... 6'9-6'11 is small??? When did you start believing everything you read? yeah, kg claims t-mac is 6-10, barkley claims he is 6'4.5, shaq claims he is 6-11.5, mutombo claims ewing is 6-9, to which ewing didn't protest, d-howard laughs at himself being listed at 6-11, and he doesn't mind being a PF or a C, so... who to believe? i have no idea, but i do think the trend is that players are shorter than listed, or at best the same height, just trying to be objective, i don't want a player to be a certain height, i just find it interesting that the heights listed obviously are incorrect.. so, well... i posted a link under, i think, the jordan thread... check out the tendencies...
Leung said on 4/Sep/06
KG is at least 6’11”, he could very well be a legit 7 footer and lying about his height because he never wanted coaches to automatically slot him into center position. This guy is a phenomenal talent and could finish his career as one of the most dominant forwards in the history of the game.
Viper652 said on 3/Sep/06
Louie, are drunk when you post, or sober? Please tell me you are drunk. No sane man would say 6-9-6-11 in the NBA is small.
Viper652 said on 30/Aug/06
6-9-6-11 is small in the NBA?
Viper652 said on 29/Aug/06
You inflate eveyone's height on here Louie. 7-1 for KG is ridiculous.
Louie John Buluran said on 11/Aug/06
Click Here

KG is a 7 ft 0
Almost 40 and no girlfriend said on 7/Jun/06
yes, I agree with Ball-A. 6-9+ for KG. He looks a lot taller than he is due to lanky frame. This is the same reason why if a girl and a man are the same height or even a bit shorter, the girl will always "look" taller. A 6 foot girl looks very very tall, whereas a 6 foot guy doesn't look all that tall.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 4/Jun/06
I read an article that when KG was still in HS he was 6'9 as a senior but everyone called him 6'11 so he said everyone thought he was 6'11 but he was only 6'9.
Oz said on 23/May/06
CoolJ: Yes, I was, considering gasol's 213-14, i think kg is 210-11 w/o shoes.
Almost 40 and no girlfriend said on 22/May/06
Really, since did you ever see NBA players appearing in photos barefooted CoolJ? I can maybe see 6-10 w/o shoes for KG, but standing next to Shaq he looked a good 2 inches shorter (and a LOT skinnier), so 6-9 1/2 w/o shoes or 6-11 with shoes is spot on. But if he cranks his neck up and stand a tad on balls of his feet then he will easily be 6-10.
CoolJ said on 22/May/06
"Almost 40" I believe Ozzy was referring to Garnett's height W/O shoes there bud.. He's taller than 6'9.5 without shoes. Compare to Amare who is 6'8.5-6'9 w/o shoes.
Almost 40 and no girlfriend said on 22/May/06
Ozzy you are right, 6-11 with shoes, about 6-9 1/2 without shoes.
Ozzy said on 22/May/06
On Basketballplayers in general, KG in particular: Go to gettyimages and search for pics of garnett and duncan/garnett and gasol/garnett and dirk. gasol measured in at 214 cm (7'0.5)for the spanish national team, and for barcelona, in europe the listings are generally w.o. shoes. in the pics gasol is clearly taller than garnett (by at least an inch, and garnett is a visibly taller than duncan (about an inch is my guess), and about the same height as dirk. Garnett has got a smaller head and a more slender and longish frame than the others which might make him appear even taller than he is. Judging from these photos, taking account for that gasol is max 215 (but i don't think, because then he would be billed as a 7'1 guy in the nba) and minimum 213, i'm guessing TD at 208-209cm (6'10-6'10.75), and KG/Dirk at 210-211cm. Duncan also doesn't seem that much taller than Amare who according to himself is 6'9-6'9.5. Think TD is marginally taller than 6'10 but still closer to that mark than 6'11. As a curiousity: search for pic of magic and bird as well, both listed at 6'9, there are some really good pics where it is clear that bird has close to at least 2 inches on magic.
CoolJ said on 19/May/06
If only it looked about right.
Viper652 said on 9/May/06
6-9 1/2 sounds right for KG.
Anonymous said on 7/May/06
in the fiba archives KG is listed at 207 cm (6-9.5). Mutombo claims Pat Ewing is 6-9, and Pat admits to it, but he insists it is a "good 6-9".
CoolJ said on 28/Apr/06
If Duncan is 6'10.. which I believe he is.. or at a minimum 6'9 3/4".. Garnett has to be 6'11" which debunks Shaq's whole 6'11.5" thing.
Viper652 said on 28/Apr/06
Duncan looked a solid 6-10 at Wake Forest to me. Not 6-9
30 something and no girlfriend said on 27/Apr/06
duncan was listed as 6-10 at wake forest, then when he went to the nba all of a sudden he's 6-11 or 7 feet. so 6-9 for duncan isn't out of the question. i mean coolj, would you have believed it if someone had told you that patrick ewing was really 6-9?? you would say no way he looked big on the court and he was listed as 7 feet all his life. but pat ewing is indeed 6-9. So why not duncan and kg?

i seriously doubt kg is taller than alonzo mourning or pat ewing, or duncan, for that matter. he's a beanpole, that's why he looks tall, but seeing him stand next to shaq, you realize, ok, he's not that tall.
CoolJ said on 27/Apr/06
Something is foul here.. if KG is really 6'10" than Duncan is struggling with 6'9" and sorry, I don't buy that for a second.
Jason said on 27/Apr/06
I'd agree with 6'10'' for KG. Where did the 207cm measurement for him at the Sydney Olympics come from, though? He was 24 years old then - did he grow after?
Ball-A-Hallic said on 26/Apr/06
the guy 2nd tallest gut there looks like he'd be maybe 6'8 hes the second man on the left
sing said on 19/Apr/06
no, the camera angle is null in this case since shaq is right against the wall. shaq will be below that 7 feet line if he takes his shoes off, no question about it. btw the guy he was standing next to was pretty tall too, his probably a legit 6-6 since his head is tilted to one side, who was that guy? Lol.
CoolJ said on 19/Apr/06

Then again there.. you're taking a movie prop and the camera angle for what its worth.
sing said on 18/Apr/06
yes, you are talking with shoes measurements. If shaq is over 7 feet with shoes, then that means he's close to 7-3 with shoes. Take a look at the photo below from the movie Steel, Shaq, with shoes on, is 7 feet even or a tad over 7 feet, shoes off, he's most likely exactly 6-11.5. This photo doesn't lie. The man knows his own height.

Click Here

KG is 6-9.5, 6-11 with shoes, Amare is 6-10 with shoes, 6-8 or so without shoes. Kobe is 6-5 without shoes, over 6-6 with shoes on.
CoolJ said on 18/Apr/06
Editor Rob,

Care to interject here and offer a voice of reason for the last four or five posts?

[Editor Rob: sorry, I've barely read any basketball posts, I skim them but honestly my voice of reason is on temporary hold for sport stars at the moment]
CoolJ said on 18/Apr/06
Sing.. They may be in somewhat of a semi circle.. but KG and Amare are right next to each other.. So what you're suggesting is Amare's official pre-draft workout measurements are incorrect?

So.. you mean Amare is shorter than 6'8.5 in the picture?? (Or 6'9.5 considering its true he grew an inch?) What would that mean for Kobe.. Is he only 6'4?.


True Marion looks taller than Duncan.. but Marion is closer to the camera.. Much easier to compare the guys next to each other, rather than across the room or in different distances from the camera.

What's most likely is this Shaq thing is unrealistic to start with.. If Shaq really is 6'11.5" then everyone else is FAR shorter than the 1-1.5" they are given on top of their barefoot heights. What's most likely is that Yao is 7'6, Garnett is 6'11 and Amare is 6'9 while Shaq is over 7'
siing said on 18/Apr/06
well in your photo coolJ shawn marion looks taller than Duncan!! obviously there are some camera angle distortions etc. so it's hard to compare the heights of the players. they are standing in a semicircle so that makes it even more difficult because photos aren't 3 dimensional...

this photo below, however, proves that KG is much shorter than shaq and since shaq is 6-11.5 or 7 feet even barefooted, KG cannot be 6-11 or even 6-10 for that matter. I think KG is legit 6-9.5.

Click Here
CoolJ said on 17/Apr/06
Click Here

Garnett with an easy 2" over the 6'8.5" measured Amare Stoudamire who supposedly grew an inch after his first year with Phoenix. Garnett is even a half step back from Amare.
CoolJ said on 17/Apr/06
Well Sing.. Get Garnett next to a officially measured player.. (pre-draft proof required) who came out of school after 4 years of college so there's less chance they grew since..

sing said on 17/Apr/06
no garnett is 6-10 without shoes MAX. he looks tall because he's really skinny and lanky. but stand him next to Shaq, and he looks like a short skinny guy. Lol.
CoolJ said on 17/Apr/06
Ball-A-Hallic - I'd like to see that... because that would make Duncan like 6'7.5 - 6'8 which isn't likely.

Unless Garnett grew since then.. I still think the absolute minimum is 6'10.5"
Ball-A-Hallic said on 16/Apr/06
I read in my cousin Sports illustrated mag, there was an article on how famous pro players got their nicknames, well KG was called 6'11 wen he was a HS because he was so tall, but KG himself said I'm only 6'9, but since my friend started callin me 6'11 it stuck with me.
CoolJ said on 14/Apr/06
When did Yao mysteriously grow to 7'7 without shoes?? Source please?
sing said on 13/Apr/06
well yao is also leaning to 1 side or else the top of his head would be out of the photo. I disagree, I think Shaq, as he himself said on Howard Stern show, is 6-11.5 without shoes, 7-1 with shoes, Yao is 7-6 (7-7 now) without shoes, 7-7.5 with shoes, Garnett is 6-9.5 without shoes, 6-11 with shoes.
KG standing a bit behind Shaq makes no difference, come on, he has his arms around Shaq, they are virtually even.

KG is 6-9.5, maybe 6-10, definitely not 7 feet barefooted!!
CoolJ said on 13/Apr/06
Sing, I think that picture proves my point.. Yao has about 7" on Garnett and about 5" on Shaq.

Yao = 7'6"
Shaq = 7'0.5"-7'1"
Garnett = 6'10.5-6'11"

Also realize Garnett is a half-step back from Yao and Shaq thus making them look larger.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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