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Peak: 6ft 9.59in (207.2cm)
Current: 6ft 8.67in (204.9cm)
anonymous said on 23/Jul/07
how much a difference in height would you say vegas? i,d say imo 7-8 inches.
Vegas said on 23/Jul/07
found this on nash's website Click Here the guy next to nash is reggie jordan (i think??). Jordan is listed at 6'4 by the NBA.
Vegas said on 23/Jul/07
a great pic of nash and 7'6 jorge gonzales that Chris Owens posted earlier Click Here
JT said on 18/Jul/07
Click Here Gene is around 5’8”. It looks like around a 13-14 inch height difference.
LV said on 17/Jul/07
Mattiew, 6'11" was likely in shoes. I feel Nash was a legit 6'9.5" to 6'10" barefoot.
Mattiew said on 17/Jul/07
I'll retrieve those pics soon. I'll send them to Editor Rob .
Btw I was measured at 180cm (around 5'10"3/4) lesser than a month before and it was in 1995 when I was 15 . I'll try to go to my parents to find those old pics tomorrow and upload them soon .

I didn't know if I had mentionned it but I asked him and I answered 6'11
Also one of my father's good friends was the director of the Tenessee high school where Nash used to play basket and he told us Nash was measured at 6'11 back then .
JT said on 15/Jul/07
Click Here
mike m said on 13/Jul/07
nash looks 4 inches shorter than dalip singh rana.nash 6'10",dalip 7'2" just as he stated on conan o brien.godsey i,d say 3 inches shorter than nash, 7 inches shorter than dalip,godey 6'7"legit.stone cold 6 inches shorter than godsey ,stone cold a legit 6'1" imo.nash appeared to be 3 inches shorter than wcw giant aka (big show).
Thorgrim said on 12/Jul/07
mattiew, could you maybe post these pics?.... and yes i agree, he has the body of a 6'4-5 guy, but those legs are like 5 inches longer than they should be! hehe... and his head is huge.

I would really like to see gim beside a 5'11 guy.... because i am much taller.

In m opinion i think hes 6'9 bare minimum, i personally think he had a 6'10 peak.
Mattiew said on 12/Jul/07
By the way about John Tenta, he his measured at 198CM barefoot at the eve of his sumo career, wich is precisely 6'5.95" so rather 6'6 than 6'5
Plus about his weight 432 could very well be 450 or 465 some years later for it's like gaining/losing 10lbs for a "normal" people .
Nevertheless I remember the soil of Earthquake's boots seemed much thinner than casual wrestling boots so maybe the other wrestlers ( like Hogan ) appeared taller when standing next to him, and he surely didn't have any lifts (pointless because he didn't even have the thick soiled boots to gain an extra inch or two)
Two bad we haven't pics of Tenta with Taker and Nash, I think it would pretty much end the debate about their height.
Mattiew said on 12/Jul/07
"Hes one of the men who really seemed as tall as me. But i still have a bit on him. Btw, this man has huge legs, ive never seen legs so long in my life"

This is amusing because I thougt extactly the same when I met him.
Two things popped out in my spirit : he had "small" feet for such a tall man and his legs were endless ...
On the pics I have with him his belt his almost at my shoulders level ( and I were 5'11 back then)
I remember some grand ma recognized him and asked him a pic. The old woman was about 5'2/5'3 and Nash was still taller after kneeling to hold her and take the pose ...Jeez...
LV said on 11/Jul/07
We've been over this before Viper, Godsey was listed at 6'8" and 6'9" in high school and 6'7" by the NFL, one 6'6" listing means nothing. I'll believe the NFL's measurements over anyone else. It seems you'll never believe an NFL measurement just because of your opinion on Shawne Merriman. Regardless, it doesn't matter, Magic Johnson and Oliver Miller are 6'7" or 6'7.5" and Nash was significantly taller than both of them.
Frank said on 11/Jul/07
No Mike i had it on a VHS tape
mike m said on 11/Jul/07
frank do you have that pic?
Vegas said on 11/Jul/07
interestingly Brennan Curtin was listed at just 6'7 by Notre Dame in that last link i posted and he was measured at 6'9 1/8" at the NFL combine
Vegas said on 11/Jul/07
there are quite a lot of 6'8 listings for Godsey out there including Click Here and Click Here and Click Here I don't see him at 6'8 though, seems to tall.

Notre Dame's offical website has him listed him at 6'7 Click Here and Click Here
Viper said on 10/Jul/07
I dont see any place that has Godsey measured at 6-7. I see 6-7 listings but nothing specific about being measured at 6-7. He was listed at 6-6 in college. The odds of Godsey gaining an inch to 6-7 just in time for the combine is pretty slim.
Frank said on 9/Jul/07
Yes Mike M I seen a clip on TV and Kareem was about 4 inches taller
mike m said on 8/Jul/07
was nash 3 or 4 inches shorter than kareem abdul jabar?
LV said on 7/Jul/07
We're in agreement here JT. Godsey was measured at 6'7" at the NFL Combine and Nash is at least a solid 2.5" taller.
JT said on 7/Jul/07
Gary Godsey is in the 6’6” to 6’7” range (Click Here). Singh is closer to the camera than both Nash and Austin. Nash looks to have around 3 inches on Godsey, which would make him 6’9” minimum as of 2006.
Duhon said on 25/Jun/07
Magic is 6'7" at the shortest, 6'7".5 is more likely. nba heights aren't just randomly exagerated their based on shoes width. 6'7.5"-6'8" is reasonable for a 6'9" listing in 1-1.5 inch shoes.
Gollum said on 24/Jun/07
Thorgrim "steve"
I believe you because alot of your estimations are like mine.
Alex said on 22/Jun/07
Paul was 420lbs in 1999 I know.
Viper said on 21/Jun/07
Magic being only 6-5 would shock the entire world.
Danimal said on 21/Jun/07
Paul hasn't been 410 pounds since the '90's.
Arjun said on 21/Jun/07
Magic is around 6'7", I believe.
Anonymous said on 20/Jun/07
Mgaic Johnson is not listed on this website.I remember Howard Stern being the same height as Magic(6'5") when he went on Magic's talk show.Howard then talked about it with Shaq on his own show and Shaq was forcing that Howard must be over 6'8"

[Editor Rob: should Magic get a place? Anyone remember what he was in olympics if he was there?]
david . said on 20/Jun/07
i remember when Paul White was arrested some years ago for breaking a man's jaw the police saying he was 6'11" and 410 lbs
mike m said on 19/Jun/07
kevin nash yes he looks 6'10 taker however does not.taker 6'7'6'8".
Mattiew said on 18/Jun/07
No I'm French xD

By the way when I met kevin nash I asked him about his height and he answered 6'11 to me .
He was billed @ 7' by WWE back then ...

By the way, I also read an itw of taker in the early 2000 where he stated (in a newspaper not some WWE BS) being 6'9 320 ...
mike m said on 18/Jun/07
imo probably close to 6'10" actually more like 6'8"peak for taker.the giant was billed at 7'4,which is about 3-4 inches taller than his actual height.
anonymous said on 17/Jun/07
without a doubt there was a 3 inch difference between nash and the,s quite possible there could,ve been as much as 4 iches.imo nash is at least 6'9" no less than that
Arjun said on 16/Jun/07
UT was 6'8" at best at his peak, maybe 6'7.5".
Danimal said on 15/Jun/07
Actually Alex, isn't Taker quoted on the top of his own page here that he was 6'10", but after being dropped on his head he is now 6'9". BTW, he HAS said he was 6'10" on a RAW episode in 2000, when he got off his bike and was ready to kick Vince's @#$@. He said: "You don't want a piece of my 6'10" 330 pound $#@$" and at that point he was at his tallest and heaviest.
Alex said on 15/Jun/07
I really think most here will agree. UT wasn't more than 6'8 at his peak. The tallest UT admitted to was 6'8 that I've read myself.
Thorgrim "steve" said on 15/Jun/07
It was just my opinion after meeting him, and he said that.... im not saying that it IS his height, i just gave my opinion as a very tall guy.
Arjun said on 15/Jun/07
I agree Viper - 6'9" is too high for peak UT.
Viper said on 14/Jun/07
Undertaker at a peak 6-9? Thats hard to beleive. With these super tall guys its so easy to be off by 1-2 inches. Ive overestimated super tall basketball players before.
Danimal said on 14/Jun/07
Mattiew, are you from Quebec?
Mattiew said on 13/Jun/07
I've met Nash in the US when I went in vacations there (in 1996).
i was 5'11 back then (been measured at highschool a monthe before I left for the US ) and he was at least 6'10" maybe 6'11 .
No way he is under 6'9 now .

Same as Thorgrim, i'll try to find the pic and upload it .
Frank said on 13/Jun/07
So when Taker told me he was 6ft 9 back in 94 he was not lying ??
Thorgrim "steve" said on 13/Jun/07
Yeah guys, i understand that its hard to prove my claims, i was in touch with rob, and im trying to find my old pics with the guys and scan them in. Ill post them here when i find them. And vegas, yeah i understand, there are many fakers on the internet.

I am from Norway, and i am about 6'11 without shoes, (210 cms i think).... I used to try strongman, but due to an injury i got when i was younger, my left arm was never strong enough for proper competition.

I met most of the wwe wrestlers during the wwf years, most noteably nash, kane, taker, big show, test and vicera. And for smaller guys, Paul Levesque (HHH), Bill Goldberg and more. I can tell you MY opinion on their heights, from my memory. And from the photos i took (which i will try my best and find) i can give you a relatively accurate estimate; (take it for what its worth guys, i can understand if you think my source is unreliable)

Big Show is between 6'10 and 7' depending on what way he stands, because his posture is so bad (due to weight i guess)... When he stood up really straight (i actually asked him to!) he had a cm or two on me, and he is one of the only ppl ive ever met who was taller than me. But with his usual posture he looked 6'9 - 6'10 even at times. I think shows true height is very near 7 feet. If he hadd kanes physique i think hed look every bit of 7ft. Nowadays tho with his worstening posture, id give him a firm 6'11, and not a cm under.

I Met Glen (kane) many many times. He says himself that he is 6'9... and i think thats a fair estimate, i had a good 2 inches on him, but no more really. And once again he has horrible posture, especially when posing with fans!, dont ask me why!.... i think its because they are usually much shorter than him, and he naturally stoops. I met kane when for the first time when he was wearing his wrestling attire, back about 99. And he was near eye level with me, and i thought... maybe he is near 7ft!. Then i met him many times after and without his boots, he had shrunk a good two inches. So i would say kane is between 6'8 and 6'9. Not a cm under 6'8 though, and if he looks it i think its because of bad posture or bad camera angle. Of course this is just my opinion, but being someone who has been around him a number of times, i can give you this information.

Undertaker is very similar to Glen, but has better posture. Taker usually stands quite slumped when close to people smaller than him, but if a guy comes along who challenges or beats his height, then he quickly stands up straight! LOL!.... his first words to me were actually; "your a big boy!" and i think this was back around 96'97. Taker was about 6'9 at this time, im sure of it, he was wearing normal sports shoes and a t-shirt, he looked every bit of 6'9 as i dont think that he was more than 2 inches shorter than me. BUT, when i met him about 2 years ago in the UK. he was a solid inch shorter, and im not joking. He was wearing similar clothing, and was standing up straight. I think he has shrunken a little over the years... back about 96, i would give mark a SOLID 6'9 but nowadays he is about 6'8 i believe, maybe a cm under.

I have never met matt morgan before, but nathan tells me that matt is a good 6'9 - 6-11, and he spoke highly of him. From what i seen of matt on tv, he has great posture and looks EVERY bit of 6'10 if you ask me. But thats simply opinion.

And im sorry arjun, but i have never met shaq.

And to answer a possible future question, i work out in many gyms accross the US when i travel for work. And i am a HUGE strength sport/wwe/f fan. and i try to meet the wrestlers whenever i can. I used to tour on the strength sport circles with guys like nathan and magnus samuelsson, between 94 and 98.

I will get a good picture of me soon, and i will prove my height. And i will send emails to rob whenever i find and scan those old shots.
Arjun said on 13/Jun/07
Steve, if you are 6'11", perhaps you could meet Big Show and Shaq as well, as their heights (especially Show's) are under considerable debate. Perhaps you could tell us if Show is really only 6'8" and Shaq really only 6'10" ...... or otherwise.
Vegas said on 13/Jun/07
steve no offence man but on this site you need to prove your claims 100% using videos, pics, proof of your own height (about nash and jones), because tomorrow some guy will come on here and say he met Nash and he was just 6'4 or jones was just 6'5 etc. How do we know who is telling the truth then???

btw just wondering if you have met any of these guys; big show, matt morgan, kane or taker and your estimate on them
Steve said on 13/Jun/07
sorry, i made a mistake "he has great posture which makes him appear TALLER"
Steve said on 12/Jun/07
Once again, i knew nash from the vinnie vegas times, and i met him once or twice during the wcw days, this guy is a big big man. I am 6'11 WITHOUT shoes, and he was pretty much eye level with me, i think i had an inch on him, he has great posture which makes him appear shorter,

nowadays id give him about 6'9.5 but back in the vegas times and even wcw, id give him a very solid 6'10, maybe pushing 6'10.5

Hes one of the men who really seemed as tall as me. But i still have a bit on him. Btw, this man has huge legs, ive never seen legs so long in my life.
andre fan said on 9/Jun/07
nash definitely looked 6'10" in all those pics.
JT said on 7/Jun/07
Nash in slippers and ~ 6’5” Hall in big boots, with the camera angle favoring Hall (Click Here) Hall could stand a little straighter however. I assumed Hall’s shoes give him only 0.5” in boost here (Click Here) One more screen cap of the two (Click Here) ~ 5’11” X-Pac is closest to the camera.
Alex said on 5/Jun/07
Vegas, I remember WM 11 and Nash was def at his tallest there. He could pass for a legit 7'0 guy there while really 6'10 barefoot.
Pam's height I'm unsure of, doubt as low as 5'3 but isn't as tall as 5'7 either. She could be as low as 5'5.
Viper said on 4/Jun/07
I wouldnt use Pam as your evidence. She might be as short as 5-3.
Vegas said on 4/Jun/07
nash looking approx 15" taller than Pam Anderson who is listed everywhere at 5'7 but here at 5'6. Anderson would also have major footwear advantage here too imo probably 1.5-2" over Nashs wrestling boots Click Here 2.44 mark onwards
Arjun said on 4/Jun/07
Nash has a biggish head for a non-acromegalic tall person, but his head looks really small next to Big Show's. It seemed that their chins were at nearly the same level in their staredown, though Show had an easy 2.5 inches on Nash .
Arjun said on 4/Jun/07
Nash is unlikely to be under 6'9" barefoot in his prime.
Arjun said on 4/Jun/07
5 inches is the standard top-of-head to eye-level measurement - but that is with the person looking straight ahead, it becomes effectively less, more like 4", with a "proud" pose. 4.5 inches would probably be correct for a slightly proud pose.
Jason said on 4/Jun/07
I think it'd just be the 4 1/2'' for Nash. He has a big head, but it's all from his eyes down. Look at the staredown pic with Viscera - Viscera's forehead is twice as big, though his head is smaller from the eyes down than Nash's.
JT said on 3/Jun/07
Mike M, it's usually about 5 inches from a guy's eyes to the top of his head, especially for a large person like Nash. His eyes were definitely at least an inch above Greene's head in that match, putting Nash at no less than 6'9".
mike m said on 2/Jun/07
funny in that pic nash appears to have only 5 inches on green,green,s probably more 6'4" with the boots.
Craiger said on 2/Jun/07
wow that is a very nice pic JT and those measurements seem spot on.
JT said on 1/Jun/07
I found a clip of Nash and 6'3" Kevin Greene having a stare down. Nash would come out to around 6'9" barefoot (assuming both had 1/2 inch heels) (Click Here). Greene is a little closer to the camera, which is also apparent since his upper body appears larger (mass-wise) than Nash’s when that was not the case. With a perfectly aligned stare down, that would probably get Nash to at least Editor Rob's 6'9.5" estimate, maybe 6’10”. Greene had Flair and Piper (both around 6’0” at this point) by an easy three inches so he’s no less than 6’3”.

Danimal, I suspect that Mane wore a good size heel and/or internal lifts since WCW probably wanted him and Nash to be close in height as tag team partners. As Vegas pointed out, Nash towered over a WCW Hogan, Piper, Mean Gene, etc. about like Andre did over these guys in the WWF days. That may make Andre a little taller than Nash but the difference is very small.
Vegas said on 1/Jun/07
As I said on Andre page why stop with just comparing Nash/Andre to Mane (and nash was one inch taller than Mane in one photo btw). Nash was as tall or taller next to Hogan as Andre was, ditto Macho, Piper, Dusty, Gene, dibiase etc and we have video to prove this, not just jammy pictures (where we can't see footwear) Danimal didn't you say photos like this were useless???

not to mention the fact that in photos Dan Spivey looks as tall or taller than undertaker yet Nash was a good 4-4.5" taller than Spivey when the two had a staredown in the WWF.
Danimal said on 31/May/07
JT, is Nash was 6'10", the so was Mane in 1990 and that means that Andre had a 6'10" Mane by 2" in 1990.
Anonymous said on 31/May/07
wight definitely looked no less than 7 foot,nash may be as low as 6'9" today prime 6'10".
JT said on 31/May/07
Alex is a good estimator of heights. He saw X-Pac in person and pegged him at 5’11”. Here, I made X-Pac (around 1996) 6’0” in his wrestling boots since his boots usually looked a little chunky (Click Here). Hall’s the only one not standing perfectly straight. I think he’d be around 6’4.5” to 6’5” barefoot if he did straighten up. Big Show would probably be ½” taller if he lowered his head. This shows that Nash was probably pretty close to that 6’10” mark barefoot, at least in the WCW days.

Here’s Hall as Razor Ramon looking around 6’5” with 5’10” Jerry Lawler (Click Here).
Alex said on 22/May/07
I remember about when Nash told a fan he was 6'10 a long time ago while he was billed at 7'0-7'1. He can easily go ahead and tell someone he's his billed height but instead says a height a few inches shorter which makes you think he's being honest.
mike m said on 21/May/07
kevin nash is billed at 6'11".
andre fan said on 20/May/07
kevin nash looks every bit of 6'10",remember this man as shawn michaels bodyguard deisel was billed at 7 foot.while his run in the nwo he had hogan and scott hall by five inches easy.
Ben Enos said on 20/May/07
I strongly agree with paul! Everyone that I have ever chatted with in person that have met the undertaker and nash have stated that taker was every single bit of 6'9'' and nash at least 6'11! swear to it!
Frank said on 19/May/07
I seen Nash up close a couple of times He Looked very Tall 6ft 10 was very possible
Jason said on 18/May/07
Nash has never physically looked over 6'8'' to me. I completely concur with Viper there. You have to remember he looks taller than he is because of his l-o-n-g legs. He was the exact same height as confessed 6'8'' Tyler Mane in the early 90s.
Alex said on 17/May/07
Paul, when I saw him in person he didn't even look 6'9 but I wasn't on the same level as him and he was 15-20 feet away.
Paul said on 17/May/07
Alex, to be fair we haven't seen Nash in the limelight for ages so we can't say for definite. I would be very surprised if Nash was less than 6'9 even now. Taker is 6'6 plus, maybe even 6'7 probably more like 6'6.5 as you say.
Alex said on 16/May/07
I think its more like this.
Nash- 6'10 peak, now 6'8.5
UT- 6'8 peak, now 6'6.5
Paul said on 14/May/07
6'10 1/2 peak and now 6'9 1/2 - Nash
6'8 3/4 peak and now 6'7 1/4 - UT
How does that sound ?
Red said on 8/May/07
After 1995 Survivor Series, Diesel and UT(with mask) had a Staredown in tv-interview and Diesel was at least 2" taller. I think Nash was nothing under 6´10" at his peak.
mike m said on 6/May/07
imo the old kane and nash the same height.
Ray said on 2/May/07
That's possible for Taker mike m; Taker could have been 6'8" and lost 1"; I wouldn't believe he lost more than 1" height though thru the years; he's still fairly young at 42; plus I never heard of back or neck surgery for Taker but that doesn't mean he never had it; but it takes a lot to lose height; my good friend shattered his vertebrea and also herniated two discs at the same time after a sever car accident and lost 1" in height so it takes quite a bit to lose height. It's also possible though Taker could have been 6'8.25"-6'8.5" at peak and is now 6'7" and change (6'7.25"-6'7.5").
mike m said on 2/May/07
today it,s hard to say if taker was 6'8" peak he coul,ve very well lost an inch over the years and now be only 6'7".
mike m said on 1/May/07
i see 2 inches at most between nash and sid. sid always appeared the same height as taker 6'8",so nash definitely 6'10".
Viper said on 1/May/07
"You're saying both Sid and Taker are 6'6" and Nash 6'8" because that's EXACTLY what the "Mentor's List" has them at. You base ALL wrestlers heights on the mentors list."

No, not everyone, but some. I only beleive Taker was that tall in his ring gear.
Danimal said on 30/Apr/07
Viper, be honest. You're saying both Sid and Taker are 6'6" and Nash 6'8" because that's EXACTLY what the "Mentor's List" has them at. You base ALL wrestlers heights on the mentors list. Taker was taller than 6'6" in his prime. I give him between 6'7.5"-6'8" and Sid 6'7". Nash was at least 6'9".
Viper said on 30/Apr/07
I think both Sid and Undertaker are of similar height LV. 6-6. It just so happens that Nash looks more 6-8 in comparison.
LV said on 30/Apr/07
Sid was 6'8" in wrestling gear. Barefoot, I don't know for sure, but he had a couple of inches on Hogan (I was theit WM match when I was a kid) in the ring. Good idea Viper, downgrade Sid to make Nash 6'8". You're right behind Ola in making ridiculous posts.
mike m said on 30/Apr/07
no way is he 6'6" hogan was 6'5" to 6'6" when he wrestled sid ,and sid had him by 2-3 inches easy.
Viper said on 30/Apr/07
2 inches you say Mike. I think Sid is 6-6 so that does put Nash at 6-8.
mike m said on 29/Apr/07
don,t know,i,ve seen nash have 2-3 inches on sid.imo sid 6'7" 6'8" absolute max. nash i can,t give anthing less than 6'10".
Alex said on 29/Apr/07
Perfect was billed at 6'3-6'4. I forgot which one. He looked more 6'1 though.
JT said on 26/Apr/07
Here's Hall, Nash, DiBiase, and Mr. Perfect. (Click Here). DiBiase and Perfect would probably be about the same height if they were exactly side by side (6'2" - my estimate and supported by 6’1.5” Chris’s pic with DiBiase). With Perfect's eyes only a bit above Hall's, Hall would have to be at least several inches taller than Perfect if they stood side by side, with Nash another 4-5 inches taller than that.
mike m said on 25/Apr/07
does anyone have a pic of nash next to kareem abdul jabar?
Shmuel said on 24/Apr/07
Kevin Nash's real height is about 6'9 1/2, because he's about a inch an 1/2 taller than Syhco Sid who's about 6'8 in boots. So I would say kevin Nashe's real height is slightly under 6'10. Because Kevin nash has about 2 inches on Kane, & about a inche an 1/2 on Syhco Sid
Alex said on 23/Apr/07
Vegas, your friend did look legit 6'4 though. Thing is here is that even with your own friends, people still argue about their heights and even weights when you are their friend and know their stats. Its not like its about a celebrity where you both can argue because neither of you know for sure. On the Nathon Jones page some months ago you probably remember where I posted 2 pics of 2 heavy kids I'm friends with and some people were off by as much as 50lbs underestimating, same with your friends height.
Viper said on 23/Apr/07
Hill is 6-7 in reality.
Arjun said on 23/Apr/07
McGrady does look taller AT THAT particular angle, Hill's head and body tilt make him look shorter there.At that particular head position of Hill and McGrady, the very top of McGrady's head is just a smidge higher than that of Hill. Does'nt mean Hill is shorter, it just means he looks slightly shorter in this particular leaning position.
Jason said on 22/Apr/07
Going just by that photo (I don't know how tall McGrady is exactly), Hill would clearly pip him. Hill's upper body is leaning about 20 degrees more than McGrady's and his head is virtually on it's side...
Vegas said on 22/Apr/07
LV coming from a guy who considers cinderblocks and doors as a fool proof way of measuring height i find that last statement of yours funny. there is your photo again zoomed up Click Here I honestly couldn't give a crap about mcgrady or hill. Both guys look nearly exactly the same height there. Your whole point was that hill is 1" taller than mcgrady despite both being listed at 6'8, so hill is a legit 6'8 and mcgrady isn't, how exactly does that work again??? Both are 6'7 imo barefoot.

Viper for someone who was out by 2.5" on my the height of my friend I think you are probably drunk all the time when you post here. Of course my friend wasn't listed on the Mexican mentor list so you were confused and decided to pluck a number out the air for him :)

Look guys I may be the human punching bag on this site but smart ass remarks aimed towards me does not make you guys rite. Following the lead of Danimal only lowers my opinions of you.
LV said on 22/Apr/07
No Vegas, your line doesn't even touch his hair. He has a small afro going on and I only brought that line down a fraction of an inch. You're saying his hair gives him no height at all? I certainly didn't take 1/2" from him. I'll wait for other's opinions because your hipocracy knows no bounds on height topics. You'll biasedly argue with anyone who doesn't agree with you.
Viper said on 22/Apr/07
LV, I think Vegas is drunk half the time with these picture estimates.
Vegas said on 22/Apr/07
Mcgrady's hair isn't giving him any height there and yes my line does go right to the top of mcgrady's head and it is your line that is biased because you are after chopping a good 0.5" off McGrady for no reason.
LV said on 22/Apr/07
Vegas, even the line you drew is biased. It's not even touching his hair for God's Sake! Zoom in on the picture and re-draw the line keeping in mind you have to take alittle height off for his hair and Hill is slightly taller WHILE LEANING. Click here (Click Here).
Vegas said on 22/Apr/07
McGrady is taller than Hill there yes Click Here if Hill stood up straight then he would maybe be the same height as McGrady. Why would I be biased against Grant Hill, LV?? I just call what i see in pictures end of story.

No way is Luger 3" taller than Yoko even in wrestling boots, try maybe 2" max.

If Viper is saying Yokozuna is 6'1 i think it is safe to add at least another inch to that figure :)
Viper said on 21/Apr/07
Nash looks 6-8 with 6-1 Yoko.
Jason said on 21/Apr/07
Yep, a solid 6'1'' for Yokozuna.
JT said on 21/Apr/07
Yokozuna could be 6’2” barefoot, maybe more. I just threw 6’1” out there since he looked around 3 inches taller than ~ 5’10” Owen Hart (in shoes) in the pic someone posted (though we could not see the footwear). Here’s Yokozuna with Hogan (Click Here) Hogan’s on his toes, and it looks like Yokozuna’s right foot is on the ground plus he’s leaning forward. I don’t recall Hogan towering over Yokozuna at that Wrestlemania when he wrestled in the low-heeled cowboy boots and spandex pants. Yokozuna’s legs may have been so large (from fat and/or extra padding) that he normally did not stand with his feet close together.
Derek said on 21/Apr/07
I remember when Yokozuna teamed with Owen Hart, Yoko was about 2-3 inches than Owen, and that's with Owen in boots. I think Owen wore lifts since he was one of the shorter wrestlers. If Owen is 5'8", he's 5'9" in boots and about 5'10"-5'11" in lifts. If he's 5'9", that's 5'10" in boots and 5'11"-6'0" in lifts. Either way, Yoko was at least 6'1" and could have been 6'2". I personally think Yoko was 6'1" and some change.
Vegas said on 21/Apr/07
mcgrady is slightly taller there LV in your picture and I posted a picture on Triple H's page of Mcgrady looking far from 6'8 with 186cm (6'1ish) legit Tony Parker Click Here

How tall was Yokozuna anyway I wonder, he had 5"+ on barefoot Mr Fuji who was only 2" shorter than Roddy Piper in the mid 80s

Here is yoko with lex luger who was listed at 6'3 with two different football teams over two different decades Click Here
With 6'7 Undertaker Click Here
LV said on 20/Apr/07
Here is Grant Hill looking taller than the 6'7" T-Mac...and Grant Hill is leaning (Click Here).
Anonymous said on 20/Apr/07
Nash looks 6-8 with 6-1 Yoko.
Vegas said on 20/Apr/07
One thing no one on here can argue is Tenta's weight of 423lb seeing as he is being weighed in that picture. It seems Tenta was very close to his billed WWF weight of 450lb
Viper said on 20/Apr/07
Grant Hill IS under 6-8, Im 100 percent correct on that.
JT said on 20/Apr/07
LV, just "refresh" the page and the pic should open.
LV said on 20/Apr/07
Thanks Viper. It's great that you "think" Grant Hill looked 6'7 1/2" when you met him. I'm glad you can see a 1/2" height difference and also remember it 13 years later! Get real. I'll rely on the fact the the NBA measures him and then you can tell he's shorter or taller than others players on known height.

Thanks for the Tenta picture JT. I can't get the Nash/Yoko pic to work.
Alex said on 20/Apr/07
Anyone could have came on here acting as a mentor giving a random list of heights for wrestlers. Didn't it have Andre at 7'4 yet Big Show at 6'11? LOL

Viper, Hill is listed at 6'8 so he's probably 6'6.5-6'7.
Vegas said on 20/Apr/07
Tenta told Richard in an online forum that he was 6'7, obviously that is wrong but 6'4.5 or 6'5 wouldn't surprise me. JT if Tenta was taller than Hogan in 1990 then he was most def over 6'4.
Viper said on 20/Apr/07
"Pippen is 6'7" at the shortest. He was fractionally shorter than Grant Hill, who is a legit 6'8"."

Grant Hill looked more 6-7-6-7 1/2 when I met him back in 1994.
JT said on 20/Apr/07
Lousy angle but here’s Nash with Yokozuna, who I think is around 6’1” barefoot (Click Here)
JT said on 19/Apr/07
Here's the link, LV (Click Here) Tenta and Hillbilly Jim do look the same height (~ 6'5") on Jim's site but we can't see the footwear. It looks like a recent pic as well. Tenta may have already been diagnosed with cancer at that point though that would not have necessarily affected his height. I do remember Tenta being a little taller than Hulk when they first wrestled.
LV said on 19/Apr/07
Can someone please post the sumo article where Tenta was measured at over 6'5"?

Vegas, you don't think those boots have a very generous sole versus a normal pair of wrestling boots? Just because he's wearing boots doesn't mean he's going to hurt himself. Military personel wear boots doing physical activities all the time and don't get injured.

I think their WCW height difference was 3". Big Show was about 7'1" in bigger boots and Nash just over 6'10" in flat-soled wrestling boots. The staredown picture of the two isn't the best because of the angles of their heads. If they were both standing as tall as possible, Nash would be 3" shorter.
Viper said on 19/Apr/07
Vegas, the mentors list gave Big Show 6-11.
LV said on 19/Apr/07
We're close to an agreement on Nash, Vegas. I still think he's closer to 6'10", I'd say he's 6'9.5" barefoot. I don't buy the fact that every tall guy Nash has his picture taken with have exaggerated heights. It's blatantly obvious tactic that people use to make Nash appear shorter. Anybody can do it. I can say your 6'4" friend is only 6'2", making Big Show 6'9" or 6'10". That doesn't mean I'm right, but if I think Big Show shorter, it makes sense. Magic Johnson was billed at 6'9" his entire career and there is no way he is shorter than 6'7".

I'm confident Tenta was closer to 6'6" than 6'4". He was a big guy and not much shorter than Kurrgan (I have no idea how tall Kurrgan is, maybe 6'8"?)

I've seen numerous pictures of Big Show's WCW boots and they are not standard wrestling boots. They gave him an inch over the boots he wears now either that or he's shrunk alittle.
Vegas said on 19/Apr/07
LV i think Powerslam listed Tenta at 6'4 but I am starting to question that listing myself. he looks the exact same height side by side with 6'5 Hilly Billy Jim, not in front like Hogan was.

LV there have been plenty of pictures of paul wights boots in wcw posted on this site and they were far from commando boots, and he wasn't 7'1 in wcw. Nash was no more than 6'9 in the 1990s, 6'10 is too tall for all we have seen of him in the ring. Yes he was ~2.5-3" taller than Magic, Rodman and Godsey but one could argue those guys are closer to 6'6 or 6'6.5" rather than 6'7.

I think we need to stick with 6'9 for nash as it is. before his many operations yes he may have been 6'10 but thats just a "maybe" or an assumption and we can't work on maybes here i am afraid. We can only go on what we see and what we see the majority of the time is a 6'9 Nash.
mikeV10 said on 19/Apr/07
found a little staredown video from Nash vs SID : Click Here
i think there is 2-3 inches difference ???
Halb said on 19/Apr/07
Viper, are these pics of a short Bossman on this page? I have thought Bossman was 6'4 for some time, but ppl are saying he is shorter than Rock??
Jason said on 19/Apr/07
Powerslam magazine said Bossman was 6'4''.
Jason said on 19/Apr/07
I think Bossman was 6'3''-6'4''. Akeem looks about 2 1/2 inches taller.
Jason said on 18/Apr/07
Well LV, you said on the Undertaker page Luger was listed as 6'4'' in football, measured at it, and looks it. Mistake? Hmmm...

It's relevant because it affects your credibility. I don't really mean to offend you ... but others here are entitled to their estimates as well. There really is no concrete proof either way for many of these guys, and at the end of the day we're discussing the most trivial of things here...
JT said on 18/Apr/07
Bossman was around 6'4".

Pippen is 6'7" at the shortest. He was fractionally shorter than Grant Hill, who is a legit 6'8". You can see that Pippen is close to 6'8" in this pic with Kareem (Click Here). Rodman is probably a 1/2 inch shorter than Pippen and no less than 6'7" himself.
Danimal said on 18/Apr/07
Bossman was 6'4", being billed at 6'6"-6'7". He was 2" shorter than 6'6" Akeem (One Man Gang).
Viper said on 18/Apr/07
Its possible Kevin Nash might have worn small lifts.
Vegas said on 18/Apr/07
very good point lv i forgot about that pic and all the work i carried out drawing that white line :P If Rodman is 6'6 then MJ is 6'4 and Pippen is 6'6 too as Pippen and Rodman are the exact same height there.

I see a bossman height debate brewing! Just after watching a video of him and Akeem together. he didn't seem any more than 3" shorter it could have been less in fact. When they tagged together they were known as the "twin towers", would mcmahon call a 6'2 guy a tower???
Alex said on 18/Apr/07
Bossman is more 6'4 in my opinion.
Alex said on 18/Apr/07
I wonder how heavy Nash is then. He's obviously lost some weight over the years. He was a little over 300lbs at least back then. Today looks a little under 300lbs.
mike m said on 18/Apr/07
have to agree with you vegas his knees are bent,rodman is basicly standing straight up.tna now lists nash at 7'0" actul height(6'10")the man has said it over several occasions.
Jason said on 18/Apr/07
Exactly, Viper. And Miller was 300lbs also...
Arjun said on 18/Apr/07
Vegas, the "nashrodman3" pic is better, Nash looks 3" taller there definitely. I don't see a full 3" in the other one, "nashrodman2" though, only around 2 - 2.5 max there.
Jason said on 17/Apr/07
Also, from Rob on the Lex Luger page:

[Editor Rob: ok, thanks vegas for digging that up, I hadn't even realised he was old player...there's another note from 1986 aswell

"In '78, Larry Pfohl was the starting right guard for the Hurricanes. A sophomore transfer from Penn State, he was the biggest (6-3, 252 pounds)"]
Jason said on 17/Apr/07
And even the Showboats list may be padded. They also have Reggie White at 6-6 on there when the NFL had him at 6-5.
Jason said on 17/Apr/07
LV, you also told us Lex Luger was listed at *and* measured at 6'4'' when he played pro football. Well, here he is listed by the Memphis Showboats as 6'3'' in 1984 at age 26: Click Here Where is this 6'4'' listing and measurement?
Viper said on 17/Apr/07
Oliver Miller is 6-7, Im willing to bet a ton of money on that. Jason, you are 100 percent correct in that Nash might have a little something extra in his shoes with Miller. I remember that videopic you linked sometime back where Nash barely had 2 inches over Rodman, and you didnt even see a full 2 inches yourself. And for some of you guys who think height matters that much in the NBA, wingspan and reach is a lot more important. Hell youve got 6-9 guys with longer reaches than many 7 footers. I dont know what Miller's reach is but I bet its pretty long. Longer than your average 6-7 guy. The guy was also broad.
LV said on 17/Apr/07
Typo...obviously I meant Nash is taller than 6'8 1/2". Whoops.
Vegas said on 17/Apr/07
Click Here there is Nash and Rodman side by side with Nash having his arm around Rodmans shoulder. Yes he is slightly ahead but nash's leg are also bent slightly. i see more than 2" there and cap is going to give nash max 0.5", more likely 0.25".

Nash didn't have miller by 2-3", it was more like 1.5", maybe 2" at a stretch.

Viper you cant believe Miller is 6'7??? He is still listed by the NBA at 6'9!!! 6'7 is chopping off 2" from his NBA height and you still want to see him shorter. What was Miller doing the day he got measured, wearing stilts???

nash closer to camera in tyler mane photo Danimal???? Funny that Mane's arm and hand are ahead of Nash's!!!! They are side by side, Nash just has a bigger head, look both of their chins start at the exact same spot, their mouths are level, shoulders level, its only when it comes to the eyes that Nash gets taller.
Viper said on 17/Apr/07
I can beleive that Miller is 6-7 though.
Danimal said on 16/Apr/07
That pic Vegas provided to compare Nash and Mane is invalid, because Nash is clearly closer to the camera, but Vegas won't point that out when he is trying to prove his point on something.
Alex said on 16/Apr/07
Oliver Miller is more 6'7 probably.
Nash is 6'8-6'8.5 today but as he looked to me a couple months ago in person, but was over 6'9 for his peak height.
anonymous said on 16/Apr/07
nash has 3-4 inches on Rodman.
JT said on 16/Apr/07
I took Vegas’s group NWO photo (Click Here) and compared it with a full-body shot of Scott Hall from a similar low angle. Since the consensus here is that Hall is between 6’4” and 6’5”, I made him the equivalent of 6’4.5” and matched the photos up. In the group photo (which first needs to be rotated 4 degrees to the right), Big Show comes out to about 7 feet even with Nash around 6’9”. Since the photo angle is low, each would be a shade taller since the higher the “object” is at that angle, the smaller its height will appear. X-Pac comes out to 6'0" but he's closer to the camera and therefore is probably in the 5'11" range. IIRC, Alex on this site saw X-Pac in person and estimated him at around 5’11”. Also, Nash has a clear head (~10 inches) on X-Pac so he’s going to be at least 6’9”.
LV said on 15/Apr/07
#1.Mane says he's 6'8" now and has said he was 6'10" in the past. He may have been slightly taller in his prime. If you recall, he was always referred to as 6'10" during X-men b/c they put him in 4" lifts to play Sabretooth to make him 7'2". If he were 6'8", they would have only made him 7'.
#2.Nash is taller than Mane.
#3.He's at least two inches taller than a legit 6'8" (he's no shorter than this and was listed at 6'9" in the NBA) Oliver Miller (Click Here). I don't think I need to elaborate any on this point. If you want to argue that Nash isn't 6'10", prove to me that Oliver Miller isn't at least 6'8"!
#4.He's at least 3 inches taller than 6'7" Magic Johnson (billed 6'9").
#5.How can Nash only be 2 inches taller than the supposed 6'6" Rodman, yet is 2" taller than the legit 6'8" Oliver Miller?
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/07
Nash had Rodman by 3" Viper did you not see my pictures there a while back??? Why do you still say 2"?? And by 1998 with Rodman, Nash was certainly not at peak height no more, he had probably lost close to 0.5" by then.
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/07
I think Andre was a 0.5" to full inch taller than Nash in his prime based on the photos/videos I have examined. I have Nash at ~6'9 and Andre at 6'10. personally I don't think Andre was shorter than 6'10 in his prime though, surely not??? By WM3 though, Nash was def as tall if not taller than Andre with Andre struggling around the 6'9 mark

It would have been very interesting to see Nash and Andre in the ring together doing a stare-down, end all the debates methinks
Viper said on 15/Apr/07
I think Nash should be downgraded to 6-8 1/2, his most realistic peak height. He only had 6-6 Dennis Rodman by no more than 2 inches.
Vegas said on 15/Apr/07
nash is def taller here Click Here with Mane only looking about 6'8 if Nash is ~6'9

I can only find his myspace page though Halb. Now if we are to truly believe myspace then Shad from Cryme Tyme is 6'7, Davari is 179cm (~5'11) and Mikey from Spirit Squad is 179cm too (all legit myspace pages btw) though based on my pic above 6'8 for mane seems about rite i guess.
mike m said on 15/Apr/07
nothing taller?if i,d say nash has him by 2 inches.Tyler Mane 6'8" Nash6'10"

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