How tall is Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens Height

5ft 10 (177.8 cm)

Canadian professional wrestler. He wrestles in the WWE, who billed him as standing at a Comfortable 6 foot and a scale-shattering 266 pounds.

Kevin Owens in April 2016

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Average Guess (148 Votes)
5ft 10.01in (177.8cm)
Ali said on 21/May/23
His son Owen will be 16 this year but he's already taller than both his parents.

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The last one was Owen when he was turning 14 and he looked already over 6'0 there and it looks he's grown even more in under 2 years!

His mum is saying he's only 6'6 right now and not 7'0, yet lol

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How tall do you think he is right now and do you think he'll continue to grow?
7272 said on 3/Apr/23
Sami Zayn can be a solid 5'11
nz said on 3/Apr/23
Is 5'9 possible? At 7:48 he looked a bit shorter than 5'10 measured bron breakker at the combine.
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I guess shoes played a role there
Njp said on 16/Apr/22
The height and weight seem right tbh. I’m 225 and the same height as Kev and I don’t look like that! He looks like he has about 30-40lbs on me.
ChristianPerkins said on 15/Mar/22
Not that surprising since his mother (Kevin's wife) is quite tall, maybe 5'8" range I'm guessing, based on pics I've seen. His son could be an early bloomer and already have stopped growing either nearly or completely. Still, tall for his age to say that he has a 5'10" range father and 5'8" range mother.
John moss said on 15/Mar/22
Nah he's like a 5'9-5'11
Linke said on 28/Dec/21
His 14 year old son towers over him in some pictures.
mojeime said on 8/Dec/21
He is nowhere near 6' lol, maybe 5'9 (in his shoes)
RL said on 31/Aug/21
I think KO could be over 5'9" but under 5'10". I will say 176cm-177cm.
Parth Dang said on 28/May/21
Kevin Owens is 5'10" so Apollo crews may be 5'10½-5'11"
Tavion said on 23/Mar/21
He's 5'10.5 or 5'11 because he is 1 inch taller than 5'9.5 Chris Jericho
Tavion said on 23/Mar/21
5'10-5'10.5 He always seemed a bit taller than 5'10 with Shane McMahon. If Sami Zayn is 5'11.5, then Kevin can't be any shorter than 5'10.5
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 23/Dec/20
Never realised Owens had a page here. I agree with his average guess
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 28/Sep/20
Zayn isn't maybe anything over 5'11.5", seeing him next to Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. Click Here
6'3 Julian said on 28/Sep/20
@Bensim I think Graves is probably over billed and is maybe 6’0, and Sami Zayn is billed correctly
Bensim1993 said on 26/Sep/20
How tall is Sami zayn really he looks more than his built height 6ft 1 cause he stood near to Corey graves and he was built 6ft 1 too but he looks like an inch or 2 taller than Corey graves
6'3 Julian said on 4/Sep/20
So maybe 5’10.5 is possible?
6'3 Julian said on 1/Sep/20
I’m not saying 6’0.6” because the camera angle might be off a bit, I’m saying he might be taller than his 5’10 listing
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 22/Aug/20
So are you basically saying that Owens is 6'0.6"?
6'3 Julian said on 21/Aug/20
I’m that picture, the 4’6 top rope is halfway up his back. An average mans head is 9.3 inches and you could probably fit two of his head in the space between his hair and the rope.
Linke said on 5/Jul/20
177 cms, he had an inch on 5'8.5 Elgin
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 12/Jun/20
Some wrestlers are just billed higher than others. I don't like the inconsistent listings, but it is what it is. Is WWE really trying to convice us that Samoa Joe's taller than legit 6'1" Montez Ford? Lmao Click Here
Bensim1993 said on 8/Jun/20
If Samoa joe is really 5ft 10 then why is he built 6ft 2 and same for r truth who is 5ft 11-5ft 11.75
Roderick said on 11/Apr/20
"A scale-shattering 266 pounds"... lol
KingSerph said on 6/Aug/19
Click Here rob, do you think joe could measure 179? Or would he just hit a solid 5'10? Joe looks about 179-180 next to lesnar, kofi Kingston, Seth Rollins but not more than 5'10 flat at times next to kurt angle(during their tna days) and owens.
Editor Rob
He might fall in that 179-180 zone
KingSerph said on 17/Jun/19
Rob do you think Samoa joe will edge out kevin owens? If yes then by how much do you think is possible?
Manpreet Singh Virk said on 9/Jun/19
This is Owens real height, his real height is 5'10. Actually his billed height in professional wrestling is 5'11. But the problem is when he's in wwe, vince makes him 6'0.
Jagjit Singh said on 8/Jun/19
Owens real height is 5'10, actually his billed height in professional wrestling is 5'11, but the problem is when he's in wwe, they give him 6'0.
TheBat said on 13/Apr/19
5'10" is a perfect listing for Kevin Owens.
Name hu said on 28/Jan/19
He’s minimum 6 foot and 390lbs, dude is huge! Could rip any apparent 6’6” guy to shreds!
Michael Allen said on 25/Dec/18
5'10 240 seems legit for Owens
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 5/Jul/18
@Jordan87 Really? There's no way he's 266 pounds.
Jordan87 said on 8/May/18
266 pounds I can Believe, but he is not even close to 6'.
Ali said on 25/Feb/18
Kevin Owens 5'10
Sami Zayn 5'11.75
Johnny Gargano 5'7.5
Tommaso Ciampa 5'10
Andrade Cien Almas 5'9.75
rikashiku said on 23/Feb/18
I can definitely see 5'10" with Owens. The height difference with him and Sami Zayn is pretty big, and Sami is dtaller than Cena, and Cena easily had 2" over Owens.

There are mentions of Gargano and Ciampa. I always thought Gargano was about 5'8" or even 5'7" just because of the difference in height with him and Ciampa who I thought was 5'11" but looks more in the 5'10" range.
Sepanta said on 6/Feb/18
Rob, please add Sami Zayn.
M.E said on 23/Jan/18
I was actually expecting shorter
Justin Simonsen said on 20/Jan/18
I met him once an i’m taller than him. I’m 6ft tall so him being 5ft 10 sounds more accurate.
The height expert said on 15/Jan/18
Downgrade Owens to 1.76/5ft 9.5
Ronel said on 11/Jan/18
downgrade him to 5ft 9.5/176.5CM
Ronel said on 21/Dec/17
No more than 177CM
Sumit said on 15/Dec/17
No I am not sure the real height of Kevin Owens is 5"8
Boba Fett said on 9/Dec/17
Owens being billed as 6 feet isn't that much of an exaggeration, to be fair, he did look quite tall back in NXT when he was leaner. Definitely a 5'10" guy though, ROH listed him as 5'11" back in the day.
Boba Fett said on 5/Dec/17
@Annom Yeah, that makes sense. Off-topic, but I think Gargano should have won the CWC last year instead of TJP, he's much more charismatic and likable.
Annom said on 28/Nov/17
@Boba Fett, I'd say Johnny is in 5'8 range, he wasn't that much shorter than 5'10 range Shawn Michaels. Plus sincr Johnnys weight loss, he is looking fairly taller than his NXT debut. Also, I'd say Tommaso Ciampa was a weak 5'10, he definetly had two inches on Johnny.

Kevin Owens 5'10
Tomasso Ciampa 5'9.75
Johnny Gargano 5'8
Boba Fett said on 15/Nov/17
Does anyone know how tall Johnny Gargano is? He's billed at 5'10", but honestly doesn't look anything over 5'8", could even be shorter than that as well.
reality or truth said on 25/Sep/17
this guys looks like a monster physically. Does anyone know his true weight?
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 14/Sep/17
7.5-8" shorter than 6'5 5/8" measured football player Donovan Smith Click Here Click Here= Donovan's around 6'5.25" lowest becaaue he was measured early, so 5'9.5" or 5'9.75" is my guess for Owens, although footwear is invisible.
Anon2 said on 6/Aug/17
zaq, Kevin looks 2 inches taller than you if you are actually 5'8''. the angle is favoring you and you are also standing closer towards the camera/phone. Makes sense Owens at 5'10, he was only 2 inches shorter than Shane Mcmahon on Smackdown and he looked 3 inches taller than Daniel Bryan.
zaq said on 27/Jul/17

here is me with daniel bryan
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i would say i have 1/2 inch on him so 5'7 1/2 sounds right for daniel and yes 5'10 for owens seems impossible
Tarinator 6'0.5 said on 25/Jul/17
He is a bit taller than that. Maybe 5'10.5". About an inch taller than Jericho.
Darius said on 15/Jul/17
The picture of Owens with 5'8" Zac makes me think that Kevin Owens is 5'9.25"(176 cm) max. If thats correct it makes Finn Balor about 5'9" as listed here on Celebheights. And Adrian Neville around 5'6" max. And Daniel bryan 5'7" max. My opinion is that owens is anywhere from 5'9" to 5'9.5". But best bet would be 5'9.25".
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 14/Jul/17
@Mark 5'9.5"

I don't think he would even be a full cm taller than you, you're about 176.5 and he's 177 maybe even 176.5 so virtually the same.
zaq said on 14/Jul/17

Here i am with him, same footwear camera angle slighly higher but we were almost eye level i dont think he had more than an inch on me and im 5'8
id say he is 5'9 max
Mark(5'9.5") said on 13/Jul/17
He would be a cm taller than me and would be edged out by Bobby.
Shredder said on 21/Jun/17
Rob , no way is this guy just 5'10 , he is 5'11 minimum , He looked about 2 inches taller than a friend of mine who claims 5'10 , but is really more 5'9 and other who is 6'3.
isaac ajao said on 5/Jun/17

look short on my tv.. yall taller than i thought :-|
Kaben said on 1/May/17
He could hit around 5'11 in trainers, but more 5'10 to me. He does carry some weight which could drop his posture down on occasion.
Wrs567 said on 24/Apr/17
Rob, can Kevin look over 5'10'' to you here?

with a 6'3'' Hogan?

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Frank R said on 23/Apr/17
Kevin Owens is only 5'10"? He looks monstrous on TV!
TamaN said on 22/Apr/17
Finally, I would say 5'10, can appear shorter at times with leaning posture
Socrates said on 19/Apr/17
A bit shorter than 5'10'' Samoa Joe, probably a strong 5'9''.
heightchecker34 said on 5/Apr/17
One of my favorite current wrestlers Rob! No matter how I try to downgrade him to the strong 5'9 range, or make excuses because of his boots or spiky hair adding height, he does look a legit 178 cm guy next to just around everyone. He is no doubt taller than Chris Jericho, however Y2J does wear large boots and his hairstyle definitely puts him around 5'11 during their stint together, (however in reality, he is solid 5'9). Great example of how looks can be deceiving and I think he is proud of being simply "different", and I think that is something we can all learn in our daily lives, to celebrate our differences rather than antagonize people because of it.
Editor Rob
one of this site's purposes is to show that famous people come in a variety of heights or body shapes.
Annonymous said on 28/Mar/17
Easily nearly 6'0'' in wrestling boots, so not so much of a ''terrible'' exageration by WWE.
ma said on 21/Mar/17
Yeah, this guy has an awful posture, he never stands tall as Brock Lesnar or Cena do. I agree that he could look 176 cm but when stands tall around 178 seems believable.
jack said on 20/Mar/17
naw he 5'10 without shoes because if had shoes on he would be at 5'11
Wrs567 said on 19/Mar/17
In shoes Kevin's going to be a strong 5'11'' range, like 181cm

I wouldn't put him under 5'10'' barefoot, with someone like Randy Orton

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andre said on 18/Mar/17
178cm with shoes at night
Darius said on 18/Mar/17
This listing is spot on i think. At worse, may be 5'9.75".Generally a 5'10" guy.
andre said on 18/Mar/17
this guy is like 5ft8 5ft9 barefoot
Wrs567 said on 17/Mar/17
Owens is a decent 5'10'' guy

and he is taller than Jericho, even if Jericho is closer to the camera here

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Jericho can look the same height at times because his heeled shoes/boots give more height
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 17/Mar/17
ma said on 17/Mar/17
You always make accurate listing but this time you fall wrong. Probably because Owens is fat he has a very poor posture... but for what I saw the minimum he can be is 177 cm...I personally believe that 178 is also an appropiate listing because he has bad posture and flat shoes.....Look at his flat footwear and Jericho big soles...Jericho has always an inch of footwear over him in boots and they look very close in height. I agree with you if you say that he look around 176 cm in the ring but for a measurement if he stands appropiatly he would be taller; same as Samoa Joe, who thanks to his big belly looks shorter


He may be 177cm (weak 5ft10), but I won't put him above that. Goldberg easily has over 4 inches on him and Goldberg isn't even a full 6ft2 these days.
ma said on 17/Mar/17
You always make accurate listing but this time you fall wrong. Probably because Owens is fat he has a very poor posture... but for what I saw the minimum he can be is 177 cm...I personally believe that 178 is also an appropiate listing because he has bad posture and flat shoes.....Look at his flat footwear and Jericho big soles...Jericho has always an inch of footwear over him in boots and they look very close in height. I agree with you if you say that he look around 176 cm in the ring but for a measurement if he stands appropiatly he would be taller; same as Samoa Joe, who thanks to his big belly looks shorter
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 16/Mar/17
176.5cm, similar to Chris Jericho.
Sammy Derrick said on 16/Mar/17
If you shave his beard and loses about 40 pounds he could look like the average guy.
5'10 GUY
Randomdude said on 16/Mar/17
I would guess 5'9.5
Strong 5ft9 said on 16/Mar/17
I think Owens could be right on the 177 cm mark. Judging by the guy's appearance, at first. I thought he could be a 6 footer, but once i found out Comparisons with him and Cena or Chris Jericho. Rest my case that he's not quite a 6 footer.
Jim hopper said on 16/Mar/17
More WWE bull. 6-0?????? LOL. Yeah 5-10 max!!
Wrs567 said on 16/Mar/17
Shave KO's hair like Cenas and it's 3 inches, Cena also has less footwear

Click Here

But yes, 5'10'' is spot on for Big Kev
miko said on 16/Mar/17
I dont know with this guy, Jericho did look taller than him 75% of the time, although maybe it was footwear related.
ma said on 16/Mar/17
Great Rob!!! My eyes were shining when I saw this page!
He can look a 5 ft 10 guy... Definitly at least 1 inc taller than Balor and very similar to Jerichoin the ring (with J2Y big boots) 2.5 inc shorter than Cena seems correct
anon said on 16/Mar/17
5'9.5- 5'10 seems fair for Kevin could be a 177cm range guy

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