How tall is Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo's Height

6ft 3 ¼ (191.1 cm)

American actor best known for his role as Hercules in the TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and as Captain Dylan Hunt in sci-fi show Andromeda.
I'm 6-foot-3, and I got up to 235 pounds.

How tall is Kevin Sorbo
5ft 8 Rob and Kevin @ Collectormania
I was a reasonably big guy, a tad over six-foot-three and 220 pounds at the time, but I figured they would need a guy who was 280 pounds of no-neck steroids to play the legendary half god-half mortal, the strongest man in the world.
I am 6 feet 3 1/2 inches.
In the 80's the average male model was a lot smaller than me. Five-foot-ten to six feet tall was the norm, 38-40 regular. I came in at almost six-foot-four and a 46 long jacket, but my agent told me my height would be a bonus for fashion shows because the woman in heels were all over six feet tall.

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Average Guess (77 Votes)
6ft 3.24in (191.1cm)
Slim1.75m said on 1/Sep/23
@Rob between Teddy Sears & Kevin Sorbo who would be taller.
Editor Rob
At Kevin's peak, I doubt you'd be able to spot them apart if they ever met.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Apr/23
Slim, could be a flat 6ft3 maybe. Not sure he's lost as much as half an inch unless of course he was the full 6ft3½ peak? I know he's had some injuries going back to when he played Hercules but he's stayed in excellent shape through the years
62B said on 5/Apr/23
Slim1.75m said on 2/Apr/23
Rob would you say Sorbo hasn't lost much height still looked like a 6'3 guy today at 64.

I met him last summer. He and I are very similar in height. He told me he was 6'3" and I would say he is close enough to claim it even though he is most likely a fraction under.
Arch Stanton said on 3/Apr/23
Where did I defend their politics Jtm?? Where did I state their political opinions were my opinions?? I said it's a shame they were cancelled for being conservative. I'm a centrist and not American, and I see issues on both side of US politics. A lot of Republicans have much further right views than myself. I just don't think anybody should have their careers cancelled for having a different opinion to the left! I'm interested in films!!
Slim1.75m said on 2/Apr/23
Rob would you say Sorbo hasn't lost much height still looked like a 6'3 guy today at 64.
Editor Rob
Not really seen anything of him in recent years, but I think up to 60 he held onto near 6ft 3 fairly well.

This age he's at now (64) is when many guys who held onto their height, suddenly will find losses over the next 3-4 years.
Jtm said on 30/Mar/23
not holding a grudge at all. i was somewhat a troll back then so i could understand why you didn't really respect my opinions back then and believe or not Arch Stanton I actually like reading your comments despite not agreeing most of the time and that you could be very defensive at times. you also have a tendency to be off topic. if you want to discuss and defend Sobro and Woods's poliitcs then go to a site that's about politics not height but I guess that's not up to me to make that decision so whatever. time for me to move on.
Editor Rob

I prefer keeping as close to the topic of height as possible on here. Political opinions can derail topics.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Mar/23
Arch, don't waste energy on this rubbish...I've been getting trolled on here for years and have learned to take the high road. No offence to Jtm but what he's here is uncalled for and frankly bullying. But knowing you strictly from being on here over the've got a thick-skin and use your wit to deflect any negativity which is great.

I for one enjoy your perspectives not just on height but your overall impression of these people listed here...whether it be in movies, how they carry themselves, their resemblance to other actors, it's brilliant. Very detailed, nuanced and how you've this amazing eye for spotting actor in old films and how they fair stature next to others, even the most obscure character actors who many can't put name to face. No one else on here does shouldn't have to apologize for anything coz I've never seen you attack people. Some disagreements on height but that's whole point of this forum...
Arch Stanton said on 29/Mar/23
So you have a grudge against me for something said in 2010 JTM?? 13 years ago.. Not healthy to hold a grudge against somebody that long but I'm glad you're out in the open with it. I have never intentionally bullied anybody online unless they were acting like a complete t*t or were saying some really outlandish things. If you thought Pitt and Crowe were 6 ft I'm the sort of guy who would shrug and chuckle and say "wow that's generous!", I'm not the kind of person who is going to get nasty like some others on here, but I might occasionally be sarcastic. If I ever said anything which p*ssed you off I'm sorry you were offended by it.

Sorbo and James Woods were big Hollywood actors who were essentially cancelled because of their views, it destroyed their careers. I'm a big fan of James Wood's work in particular, so it's very disappointing, even if they don't make films like they used to. It's relevant when talking about an actor and commenting on how they look in films what they are doing currently and how they look currently. My post started "Maybe 6'3.5 was earlier in the day in his prime"..... Sorbo still looks a big guy in his 60s.

It adds to the charm of the site reading posts of others which might not strictly be about height, as long as you're generally constructive and try to comment on it.
Jtm said on 28/Mar/23
Arch Stanton said on 25/Mar/23
Is there some issue JTM? Did I upset you somewhere? I keep seeing negative comments from you on various pages and it's not often I get that sort of thing online. 6ft Pitt and 6 ft Crowe??

you used to do the same thing to me back in 2010-2011 and i was exaggerating about Crowe and Pitt. the same thing you did about James woods being canceled because he's a conservative. everyone already knew he was a conservative long before he was canceled and I don't understand why you would even discuss this or Sobro's politics when this site is about height. you just look way out of place when you do that.
Arch Stanton said on 25/Mar/23
Is there some issue JTM? Did I upset you somewhere? I keep seeing negative comments from you on various pages and it's not often I get that sort of thing online. 6ft Pitt and 6 ft Crowe?? When talking about Pitt I've mostly said he seemed shorter in his early 90s films than later on. I've said in Thelma and Louise and Across the Tracks he can look as small as 5 ft 9 range in some scenes. But he was definitely noticeably taller than Rick Schroeder. I don't think Crowe is an actor I comment on, I think Rob's listings seem about right.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Feb/23
Jtm, I've never seen anyone on here argue 6ft for those guys...Arch certainly not
Jtm said on 3/Jan/23
Arch Stanton said on 16/Dec/22
Maybe 6'3.5 was earlier in the day in his prime. Sorbo is still making films, got to hand it to him, despite being cancelled by Hollywood for being conservative. Cancelling James Woods for the same thing is even worse, he was one of the best actors in the industry.

do you still believe brad pitt and russell crowe is 6'0?
Arch Stanton said on 29/Dec/22
True Rampage, though there are still some good films being made, but they're typically not the commercial films and are typically independent films which few people know about. Same with music. I've heard some great albums from last few years but they're ones which typically don't have more than a few hundred views on Youtube. Both commercial music and film have gone to hell!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Dec/22
Arch, Hollywood is gone to hell in a hand basket. Nothing but rubbish films year after year. Wish they’d just stick to what they used to be good at doing and make films that people want to see.
berta said on 23/Dec/22
always loked legit 191 in hercules. if he was 192 cm i wouldnt be shocked. i think he have been measured at al his claims exept from 6´3 flat. almost 6´4 in the morning and 6´31/4 in the late afternoon. 6´3 1/2 just before lunch.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Dec/22
Maybe 6'3.5 was earlier in the day in his prime. Sorbo is still making films, got to hand it to him, despite being cancelled by Hollywood for being conservative. Cancelling James Woods for the same thing is even worse, he was one of the best actors in the industry.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Dec/22
He's basically claimed 6ft3, 6ft3¼, 6ft3½ and 6ft3¾. Fairly consistent. Could strike all those depending on what time of the day you caught him. Not impossible for him to be 6ft4 straight out of bed and 6ft3 before bed. He still looks about this range today
Slim1.75m said on 28/Nov/22
6'3⅜ could be something he could measure.
62B said on 10/Jul/22
I posted this a few days ago, but it hasn't posted yet, so I am posting again. I met Kevin the other day at an autograph signing. I did not get a picture but had my son with me to compare Kevins and my height, Initially I appeared to slightly edge Kevin, but he has a tendency to not stand tall. Once he stood tall, he was easily the same height as me. I was not able to see his shoes, but Kevin is certainly close enough to 6'3" to claim it, which is how tall he said he was. My guess is barefoot Kevin is just under 6'3" and probably rounds up. I'm sure his peak like mine was just over 6'3"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jul/22
Sorbo and Smits are two guys that have retained their height well through the 50's-60's...still look roughly 6ft3 now
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jul/22
Still looks around this today
6'4" Leprechaun said on 5/Jun/22
Sorbo is right about males models being 5'10". Id guess the average is 5'9". Sorbo passes 6'2" though he's not my height, 6'3.75".
Darksol64 said on 20/May/22
Easy 6'3 and a quarter, look how much he's leaning and Rob's head is still 2 inches below his eyes.

I almost want to say 6'3 and 1/2 (I rarely guess higher than Rob's listing) but I don't think he's quite that. 6'3 by itself is incredibly tall next to a 5'8 guy, so just a quarter over sounds closer to the truth. Not impossible by any means though!

If he's claiming a max of 6'3.5 that's super honest claim. Would not be surprised one bit if he measured that at some point in his life.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Mar/22
Kevin recently said his eldest son Braeden is 6 ft 5 and 250 pounds and lifting heavy weights. Kevin's wife looks around 5 ft 9, so the kid could have been even taller potentially.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Dec/21
Sorbo is a very smart guy though....and a tough guy, recovered from an aneurysm that could have paralyzed him or even killed him...had to basically learn how to walk again...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Dec/21
Arch, Arnold is what the Trump cultists would refer to as a RINO

Anyway, unless Sorbo's claims of Arnold being 5ft11 are from recent years, they are a gross exaggeration. He was probably just shocked to see that Arnold was shorter than he appears onscreen

Heck, growing up I assumed Arnold was 6ft4 at least for some reason! Even when I read 6ft2 I was shocked as it didn't really align with the "Austrian Oak" label....
Editor Rob
It was in a video from over a decade ago...Sorbo has probably seen Arnie in the flesh, maybe when he'd fallen under 6ft and thought this guy is BS'ing a few inches.
Canson said on 18/Dec/21
Ethan Wolf said on 16/Dec/21
After looking again, nevermind, he has the head of a 6'4" man.

David Prowse had an abnormally large head even for a guy who was maybe near 6’6 at his peak. It looked even more abnormal when he shrunk several inches later in life
Arch Stanton said on 18/Dec/21
Ah Arnie is actually Republican too?? With some of his comments and hatred of Trump I assumed he was very much a Democrat LOL!
Arch Stanton said on 18/Dec/21
Sorbo is a Republican and Arnie a Democrat, perhaps there was more to the harsh words about Arnie than we think.. He does look around 6'3 and seems to have his head screwed on the right way unlike a lot of Hollywood actors.
Ethan Wolf said on 16/Dec/21
After looking again, nevermind, he has the head of a 6'4" man.
Ethan Wolf said on 16/Dec/21
After a bit of looking. He has the head of a 6'5" man but I believe he's 6'3.5". His head is just a bit disproportionate compared to the rest of his body (no offence)
Duhon said on 11/Dec/21
I heard he was very dismissive of Arnold's height claims...very.
Seal said on 5/Dec/21
Rob who do you think has greater chances of measuring taller? Gwendoline Cristie or Kevin?
Editor Rob
I don't think there is much in it, you really would need to measure them at same time out of bed to see who might have a slight edge...
Johno said on 20/Sep/21
I don't think he would have a hard time hitting 6'3.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/May/21
I think Rupert would measure taller than Kevin
Hyper said on 26/Jan/21
Sorbo would be close to Rupert, but the latter looks quite tall, next to Rob, even without Rupert’s disadvantage footwear.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jan/21
Rupert Young has a better shot at 6ft3½ than Sorbo
Eric W Tam said on 14/Nov/20
I can give his son Braeden at least 6'4 then.
recapa said on 8/Nov/20
191cm guy.
Hyper said on 6/Nov/20
Who would you say has a better chance of 6’3 3/8”, Kevin Sorbo or Rupert Young?
Editor Rob
tough to call, maybe Young
Vincent Caleb said on 24/Oct/20
Good listing.
Nik Ashton said on 14/Sep/20
He looks like he is a strong 6’3” with Rob!
Canson said on 10/Sep/20
@Christian: I don’t necessarily no if he’s the full 6’3.25” but he may very well have been at his peak. I’d say still a solid 6’3” however and don’t rule out a small fraction over
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 9/Sep/20
He does look more 6'2" range, only if we're judging by the top of their heads, but Kevin's posture is worse than Rob's. I don't think he's below 6'2.75" worst case though.
Canson said on 9/Sep/20
bobbyh3342 said on 6/Sep/20
6'2 not a full 6'3 a full 6'3 guy would not look like that next to a 5'8 guy

Probably just an instance where they look shorter than normal
Nik said on 1/Jul/20
@ Canson - I agree!
Fezz123 said on 11/May/20
6’3” flat.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/May/20
6'3 1/4 was a peak if he lost height down to 6'2 3/4 now.
Canson said on 27/Apr/20
Definitely at least 6’3”
viper said on 22/Apr/20
I could buy taller than 6-3 with his posture in the above picture
Tootalljones said on 20/Apr/20
Using Charles Barkley as a reference point isn't a good example. Charles has gone through major hip and leg surgeries over the years and he often wears orthopedics shoes, those things are practically boots!
Vat said on 26/Feb/20
How tall is Shane Harper from the movie God is not dead, he seems almost the same height as Kevin
Editor Rob
He's claimed 6ft 2 for a while, but I think it is in shoes.
Jkiller said on 29/Jan/20
Yep 191cm is spot on. I could see a 192cm peak.
talha227 said on 27/Aug/19
6ft2.75-6ft3 Now
Nik Ashton said on 14/Aug/19
One tad = 0.25”!
KaziSh said on 13/Aug/19
Peak height: 6'3.5"
Now: 6'2.75-6'3"
Talhakazi said on 26/Jul/19
Rob next to Bob Bonilla who I think is 6-1.5 Kevin has 2" on him so I reckon Kevin is more 6'3.5" than 6'3.25"
Nik said on 5/Nov/18
I respect his honesty!
berta said on 5/Nov/18
very legit 191 guy. Similar to Liam hemsworth BUt liam could be more in the 6`3 3/8 range
Halb said on 18/Sep/18
225lbs seems heavy for his frame, he normally looks around 14 stone.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 18/Aug/18
6'3 and 225 pounds now.
thisismoe! said on 11/Aug/18
Kevin Sorbo is a minimum 6ft3 and could pass for 6'4. Met him years ago.
Ian555 said on 30/Jun/18
Hey Rob for some reason I’m not as convinced he’s a legit 6’3. He doesn’t look 6’3 next to you. He looks more like 6’2 3/4 to me. Could that be a possibility instead?
Editor Rob
Sorbo in person looks a decent 6ft 3 I feel.

I can see him measuring a fraction over 6ft 3 in his 30's. Nowadays he might be at an age in which he's lost a fraction, but the times I met him (10 years ago) he was late 40's and probably still near peak.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 31/May/18
I feel that Zachary Levi and Sorbo could be measure exactly the same height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/May/18
Maybe 6ft2⅞ or something today at worst
Nik said on 19/May/18
He is anywhere from 6'3" - 6'3.5"!
Caesar said on 15/May/18
The most legit 6'3 you will ever see!
berta said on 4/Apr/18
191 is what he have looked most of the time. this lisitng is very good. also a fit huy so i dont really think he have lost anything
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Sep/17
Rob, could shoes have been the reason he looked taller the second time?
Editor Rob
well it didn't seem much different, a normal shoe and then last time just a running sneaker.
tshark said on 6/Sep/17
Met him at a con in Tulsa, Ok. super easy guy to talk to. Doesn't have the bulk from his Herc or Andromeda days but is no question at least 6 3 to 6 4.
S.J.H said on 25/Jun/17
I think a 190cm guy could fool honest 5'7-5'9 range guys as 6'3-6'3.25 it's just a cm or 1/4 difference. Sorbo might be as low at 190cm and look lower with Barkley because he never stand straight. Maybe morning he is closer to 6'3.5 like he claim and 6'2.75 before bed same as Levi
World Citizen said on 29/May/17
Looks about right
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/May/17
Rob, who looked taller in the flesh Sorbo or Skilton?
Editor Rob
to be honest Sorbo seemed taller the second time I seen him, but guys like Dave Legeno, Sorbo, Mikkelsen, Christie and Skilton are all honest 6ft 3-3.25.
Arby said on 13/May/17
More like 6'2.5-6'3" in person. I'm maybe 1/2" taller at 6'3-6'3.25.
S.J.H said on 21/Mar/17
I think sorbo is 6'3 peak and 6'2.5 ever since some years ago and few years ago he have look at least 6cm shorter than 6'4.75 charles barkley. The recent 6 feet 3 1/2 inches must have claim it with shoes for sure.
HonestSlovene said on 10/Feb/17
At least 190.5 peak and 189.5 cm now.
190 cm said on 7/Feb/17
Classic 188 cm.
berta said on 7/Feb/17
i still must say to all guys that believe most guys at age 60 have lost 2 cm, that this is not the case. my uncle at 65 is still just under 187 and my mother at 62 i measured the other day . she was 175 last time measured in afternon and this time she was 175,2. i guess she had a good day and was even 2 mm taller than ever before at the age of 62. a fit guy like sorbo is likely still strong 191 guy.
berta said on 29/Jan/17
i tihnk he is very honest with his cliams one time he said 6 foot 3. was just rounding down. the other tima he said little over wich he is. and third time he said 192. and i belvie he was measured to that but not in the afternoon. 191 is good
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jan/17
Peak: 191-192cm
Today: 190-191cm
abcd said on 25/Nov/16
190 sounds good
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Oct/16
Might be somewhere in the 190cm zone today.
S.J.H said on 19/Oct/16
Sorbo look 6'2 with charles barkley and they have same posture
D said on 15/Oct/16
Actually.. Kevin is kinda slim now... Have you ever met him in person? Since 2000 he has been with kinda skinny legs which make him look freaking tall in person. His big part is his upper body. Even in Hercules his legs were slim. 2000+ skinny. You are just hater with your goofy part.
josh jeffords said on 10/Oct/16
This guy is one big funny goofy dude hercules was hilarious on accident.
And on rare occasion he does a fair job of acting usually as a big lug hero, and a decent villain due to his mass.
I figure hes an easy 6 3 with a good build and likely doesnt need to lie about it which seems as bad as height nowadays.
He does display very bad posture for such an athletic guy he may do it for others so they dont feel so small.
Peter 179cm said on 2/Oct/16
LOL at @sb's comment... Does there have to be a downgrading/ludicrous troll on every page in Celebheights?? It's clear the man is legit 6'3 if not a tad more next to legit 5'8er Big Rob...
AlexMahone said on 24/Sep/16
Cyrus...please...Rob has right. I highly doubt too that he was ever that low. If you're right David James Elliott is only 188cm, Bruce Campbell is 180 and Zachary Levi is 186cm.

Compare with Levy in 2004.

They are the same: Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Sep/16
Does he really look just 189cm today?

I think 190cm now and 191-192cm peak is more of a compromise.
Cyrus said on 18/Sep/16
It's me again. In my opinion, his barefoot height was 186 cm, but this is just my estimation. This doesn't mean that I'm right. Anyone can have an opinion.
Editor Rob
true, but sometimes an estimate can be too far from a possible range. I think you could make an argument for 189cm, but 186 seems hard to believe.

In person he certainly looked seemed several cm's taller than 186 and I doubt is a guy who wears lifts.
Cyrus said on 16/Sep/16
Hollywood is famous for exaggerating celebrity heights. I think he was advised by his agent to say that he's 6'3 to create the image of Hercules for the fans. According to me, his peak height during the Hercules filming was 186 cm (barefoot). The weight of 235 lbs at this height is legit because being so tall, he wasn't too muscular.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jul/16
Rob, how likely would 6ft2¾(190cm) be now that he's pushing 60?
Editor Rob
quite likely now.
sb said on 17/Jul/16
I am totally with Rocketman's comment in 2013. I was exiting an airplane, and saw Kevin Sorbo gathering up his luggage. He was waiting on his ride. I was surprised. I am 5' 6". He was barely taller than me. I realize that Hollywood can create what image they want. But, it's a shame we can just love this actor for his talent, and campy humor. I loved the series Hercules.
S.J.H said on 2/Apr/16
6'3 , 6'3.25 and 6'3.5 as he claim i still believe he drop till 6'3 by night and could be probably drop a fraction and just 6'2 and 3/4 lowest by now in his late 50s
kurtz said on 7/Feb/16
height spot on 190 cm.

about weight i think he never goes or went over 215 pounds, nor in hercules
Kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 30/Aug/15
I thought he was close to 6ft 4.This listing is spot on.
Silent_D said on 25/May/15
I believe hercules is 6 foot 3.
Harold said on 12/Apr/15
Arnold just called again: he said that if it wasn't for that pesky double hip replacement, the knee surgery, and the shoulder replacement surgery, he could still be almost five foot eleven, like his real peak height. He also wants to ask Kevin where he can find a good stepladder or box for photos taken above the knees...
actor said on 25/Mar/15
I did a few scenes with Kevin Sorbo back in the "Andromeda" days for one episode and I'm 6ft4 1/2 inches tall.. Kevin and I were almost much eye to eye but he is a bit shorter so id say he was easily 6ft 3 back then. It was a real pleasure to work with him, very down to earth individual.
Lorne said on 24/Mar/15
Yeah, a legit 191cm is fine. I wasn't aware he has also now claimed 6'3.5, and I don't think he's lying, but if he measured that mark it was probably earlier in the day like Rob said. More likely, I think maybe he's measured between 6ft3-6ft3.4 throughout his life, so he alternates between saying 6ft3 or a tad over 6ft, and just happened to come out with the 6'3.5(or vice versa).

I still say, if he was 10-20 years younger in the above pic, he looks exactly like I have pictured Richard Rahl(but primarily just in the above pic, with the hair and height).
Mathew said on 22/Mar/15
I think this listing is reasonable. Just to show the difference between claims vs appearances check out his pictures with Seal and Bill O'Reily. In his picture with Seal (who has claimed 6'4") they looked pretty much exactly the same height. Yet in his photo with O'Reily (who also claims 6'4") there looked to be at least a 1" difference if not closer to 1.5". Of course posture, footwear, and camera angles can influence things in a photo but I believe he and Seal are roughly 6'3" or a shade over it and Bill O'Reily is about an inch taller.
Rusty 190cm said on 6/Feb/15
I met the guy recently at Disneyland when I went there with some friends, he was dining at a restaurant. I am 1/8 shy of 6'3" and did not think he was any taller than me. I think he has lost a little height which isn't unreasonable for his age since he's 56 now. I think he is 190cm at best these days but I certainly buy the 6'3.25" for his prime but i think hes heading for weaker 6'3" area these days.
Rudolph said on 3/Jan/15
Arnold just called: he said Sorbo is really five foot ten or so and has spent years masquerading as six foot three or so.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jan/15
What's he like, Rob?

A lot of these big super-hero type guys tend to get a bad rep for being quite arrogant on unapproachable
Editor Rob
he seemed personable and friendly from what I've seen of him.

But remember cons are different than in a public setting. You are being paid to attend and interact, so luckily the percentage who might not be as friendly in that environment is quite low compared to that of a street type scenario.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Nov/14
Rob, is it possible that he may have been 6ft3½ in his 30s?
Editor Rob
I think his fraction over 6ft 3 is fine, he might not have been measured at night.
Just because said on 6/Nov/14
thatguy says on 2/May/14
A legit 6'3. He was the tallest person in Hercules, the only one bigger than him in the show was Tony Todd (6'5).

Thats not exactly true Click Here
KROC said on 5/Nov/14
@Lillo Thomas
That makes good sense. I'm actually starting to waiver a little on 6ft being the start of tall. Maybe 6'1 is the new 6'0.
Without a doubt. I actually mistook him for 6'4 when I met him at a book signing for True Strength, some years ago. Real cool guy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Oct/14
He probably could get away with claiming 6ft4
Lillo Thomas said on 24/Oct/14
KROC I'm aware that most people think 6'3 is very tall. I guess that depends when do you think the tall classification starts. Many people think 6'0 is the start of tall in the USA. I and others disagree. 6'0 is more in the above average range and 6'1 is the start of legit tall on my opinion. 6'3 guys are in the solid tall range. The tallest guys you can see everywhere are usually between 6'3 and 6'4. 6'5 - 6'6 is the start of the very tall range and when it becomes rare to see legit guys at this heights. It's matter of opinion. I'm aware you think 6'3 is very tall and you are 6'5. I'm 6'5 but I don't see this height as very tall. 6'3 is solid tall no doubt about that.
KROC said on 23/Oct/14
@lillo Thomas
Curious, why do you think that 6'5 is the start of very tall? In my opinion a strong 6'3 is the start of it and 6'6 is the end of it.
Lillo Thomas said on 23/Oct/14
5'11 barefoot what the hell you are talking about ? 6'3 is a legit tall guy . A solid 5 inches over average young black and white guys. Most people will say 6'3 is very tall . In my opinion 6'5 is the start of very tall range. 6'3 is tall period. I guess you are trolling.
5'11" barefoot said on 21/Oct/14
6'3" I not very tall. Unless your like 5'8" and under. I play basketball and hate playing against small people. Tall guys love playing smaller opponents until they play against me. I make guys 6'5" and taller look very bad playing ball. I'm assuming most people on here are small and must think that 6'3' is tall. How funny!
thatguy said on 2/May/14
A legit 6'3. He was the tallest person in Hercules, the only one bigger than him in the show was Tony Todd (6'5).
Mario said on 21/Apr/14
6'3'' with plenty of spare change.
Alucard said on 27/Mar/14
I never ever imagined that he was that tall seeing him in Hercules, but he really looks about 6'3... Very tall man, 6'3 seems correct...
KROC said on 19/Feb/14
@Rampage Clover
Michael Clarke Duncan didn't look anything over 6'3 when I saw him at a function 5 years ago. And I remember seeing a picture of The Rock and Brendan Fraser at a movie premier (It was probably the Mummy)looking the exact same height. The Rock is probably 6'2.5.
Dietmar said on 18/Feb/14
Kevin looks moore like a 6'4 guy. He was about 3 inches taller than Autolycus (Bruce Campbell) in Hercules. I think 192cm is dead on.
moe said on 23/Jan/14
i_rocketman is a liar, plain and simple. I saw Kevin Sorbo at the Grove in 2011, and he is definitely 6'3. He could actually say 6'4 and I'd believe him. Looked taller then Zachary Levi.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Dec/13
KROC: I think he can look it. He was about 1in under the late Michael Clark Duncan who was a strong 6ft4 at least, possibly 6ft4.5. He edged out Brendan Fraser in The Mummy.
KROC said on 25/Dec/13
Rampage Clover Just curious do you really believe that the Rock is a strong 6'3? I just can't see it. Especially compared to Kevin Sorbo! Got to meet him in person almost 2 years ago for a book signing for True Strength. Strong 6'3... could probably even pass for 6'4.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Dec/13
I can't to see The Rock as Hercules. Probably won't hold a torch to this guy
Ted said on 2/Dec/13
Good call Rob, 6'3" indeed.

Since you mention his weight, interesting sidenote: Sorbo said in an interview that he went down to 210 pounds to play Dylan Hunt in the Andromeda TV show.

I guess all the weightlifting he did for Hercules got to be a bit much, and/or it wasn't the right look for Hunt.
Yaspaa said on 30/Sep/13
1/4 inch upgrade, cool.
Len said on 12/Sep/13
One of the few guys who claims 6'3" and really does look it... props on his honesty.

And of course he was great on Hercules and on Andromeda. He's even pretty good in the occasional really awful SyFy Channel movie, aka Lightning Strikes.
kreyzig 6ft 3in said on 1/Sep/13
At least 190cms for sorbo.
PLB said on 29/Aug/13
Sorbo was almost killed by a chiropractor who cracked his spine and tore his carotid artery which precipitated a stroke. He was in very bad shape for several years. We are all happy to see that he has made a recovery. These are not the kind of injuries that effect your height.
Lorne said on 4/Aug/13
Looking at him now, he really looks like he could play Richard Rahl!!!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Jul/13
But Rob, when you met him did he appear 191-192cm?
Editor Rob
I could buy him having been 6ft 3 and 2 matchsticks, he appeared 6ft 3, but not as tall as 6ft 3.5-4 men can look
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Jul/13
I think this guy, Paul Bettany, Jimmy Smits, Sacha Baron Cohen and The Rock
are strong 6ft3 guys.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jul/13
But, could the 6ft3.25 be a morning height, Rob?
Editor Rob
no, he's probably 6ft 4 out of bed. Or at least was, with all stunts and action roles over years always possible to shed a fraction by today.
Rey said on 9/Jul/13
Dead On!!! 6'3".25 Congrats on this one...I think I ll have a drink.
i_rocketman said on 9/Jul/13
Something doesn't add up here. I worked a few days on the show Andromeda. My first day, I opened the studio door to enter, when out came Hercules himself! I was stunned because I'm 5'11" and he was at least 2-3" shorter then me. He was standing straight. Either he took some massive growth hormones in the last decade, or did some kind of height surgery to get there. All I can say is I saw what I saw.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jun/13
Rob, are you going to give him 6"3.25'?
Editor Rob
a strong 6ft 3, the 'tad over' bit seems reasonable, there isn't many 3.25 maybe I'll give him it.
David said on 16/May/13
His height has been given as six three for years. In his book True Strength he said he was a tad over six three when he got the role of Hercules. Do you think he was possibly six three and one quarter in his youth? That was the first time I saw that.
Editor Rob
yes it's possible, not many people are going to say 1/4 inches
Lenad said on 2/May/13
looks like a 6'3ish guy to me
jimmy said on 23/Apr/13
Looks big 6'3" here.
Click Here
Lenad said on 23/Apr/13
whatever he is he sure makes rob look like a shrimp
Bard said on 6/Apr/13
Accurate listing.
Mojo said on 15/Mar/13
Hercules <333 Good timeees
Elijah said on 1/Feb/13
Just goes to show you that 6'3" really is the start of very tall. Good listing.
Alex said on 30/Jan/13
Legit 6ft3. He's losing a lot of height in this pic though.
Mike 181 said on 23/Jan/13
Rob did you ask him how he saw arnold at 5"11?
Editor Rob
no, he talked about that in an interview, I can believe he was surprised when he saw arnold and probably thought he did look 5ft 11.
Mike 181 said on 23/Jan/13
191 is right for sorbo
thorterr said on 21/Jan/13
defo 6ft 3,,hes leaning to,,maybe even a bit more height there
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 8/Sep/12
No way under 190-191 for this guy, he never look under 6'3.

186-187 is crap.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Sep/12
He's dropping 1in at least on the right because he looks no more than 6"1.25(186cm). So he should look 188-189cm with better posture. He's 6"3.5(192cm) on the left strangely enough.

Okay, the current height is fine. Forget about what I said earlier...
tom said on 26/Aug/12
looks right,hes leaning alot in pic2 to adjust to a shorter person,Im 6-2'5 and do this for shorter people.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Aug/12
"Kevin Sorbo height: 6 ft 2.5 in (189cm)"
Tanner said on 14/Aug/12
Wow. Look how much bigger his hand is comparing to Robs in the picture on the left!
Bert said on 7/Aug/12
I always thought rick springfield was a thin guy until I met him. Big tall guy, frame similar to Sorbo--Rick was about 6'2"-everyone in shock that he was not this small skinny guitar player.
txdrummerboy said on 7/Aug/12
I'm 6'2" and 244 and I have to say that he looks bigger than me (in his prime).
So I can accept 235 ...
Xhavier said on 5/Aug/12
Just a thought, but wouldn't you think the man knows his own height and weight.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jul/12
235lbs at his heaviest looks believable. He looks
jacked up in Hercueles. Aswell when your that tall
it's easier for the body to distribute muscle mass. So
he doesn't look as big as he really is.
aaron1337 said on 28/Jan/12
This interview is from 2010. Watch the part after 08:50. He says he is 6'3" and weighed 220lbs, now 215 lbs. He also claims Arnold Schwarzenegger is 5'11".
Click Here
Cranberries said on 22/Jan/12
In Hercules, I'd estimate him at 6'3" ~222 lbs. 235 might be possible if he were on a creatine bulk (adds lots of water and food weight). I don't think he was anything less than 220.

@isra: I find your stats impossible to believe. With those stats at your height you could be nothing less than a shredded and extremely cut 200 lbs. I'm 6'4" and 215 with a graceful build and my chest is 42", arms 16". I can see my abs.
steven said on 20/Jan/12
in hercules he is probably 235lbs with his outfit and shoes weigh it. i believe 225lbs peak in hercules. most of the time he look 215-200lbs.
Silent d said on 17/Jan/12
He said he was 6 foot 3 on craig ferguson last night. He talked about his 3 strokes and anaerism. during season 5 and 6 of hercules. He said he was in the best physical shape of his life but he still looks ripped today. He didn't look 235 pounds in hercules. I thought he was 200 pounds. I guess i didn't watch many episodes. I believe he is 6 foot 3. Much taller than 5 foot 10 lucy lawless.
jake, 1.82 m/ 1.83 m said on 17/Jan/12
On Ferguson 16/01/12, claimed "I' 6-3, 235 lbs and 6% body fat".
steven said on 14/Jan/12
isra, you were 6'2 180lbs and a chest at 47"? are you kidding? usually at 188cm and weight of 81kg with a built upper body should only had a chest measure at 40-42" max. 47" sounds like 6'2 240lbs person should have. im quite in a built and 185lbs 6'3 range my chest only measure at 40.5".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jan/12
On the left he's 191.5cm/6ft3.25 but
might be wearing boots. On the left he's
max 6ft2, more like 186-187cm...
isra said on 22/Dec/11
I'm 6'2", 180 lbs. I've 18" biceps,47" chest, skinny-ish legs at 16" calf and 25" thigh though so I only weigh 190. 235 is simply impossible for Sorbo. Look at David Haye who at 6'3" averages 208 in the heavyweight division
Mathew said on 29/Nov/11
anonim says on 15/Nov/11
Seems to me maybe 189 cm 185-188 cm

Surely could be 190 cm, but I'm fine with the full 6'3". You have to keep in mind he's slouching on the right, that's why he looks shorter.
D said on 23/Nov/11
Super nice chap. 6'3" flat.
dicksock said on 19/Nov/11
He is clearly 7" taller than Rob. So he is 6'3".
Tman said on 18/Nov/11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 12/Nov/11
"Kevin Sorbo height: 6 ft 2 in (188cm)"

Maybe 189cm at a push, but no more

Maybe 1,89-90m?
anonim said on 15/Nov/11
Seems to me maybe 189 cm 185-188 cm
logan noll 1996 said on 12/Nov/11
Kevin sorbo was my favorite actor in the early 2000s when he played Hercules. He was about 6 foot 4 or so. He looks 6 foot 4 in the picture above where he has long hair.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Nov/11
"Kevin Sorbo height: 6 ft 2 in (188cm)"

Maybe 189cm at a push, but no more
Mathew said on 11/Nov/11
6'3" is right on for him. No upgrade or downgraded needed.
Tman said on 1/Nov/11
Cranberries says on 30/Apr/11
235 lbs. is reasonable. Arnold wasn't very tall, so that's why he weighed 237 competing. 6'3" is a lot bigger than 6'1" and especially 6'0".

Cranberries (18m, 193cm) says on 22/Sep/11
Solid 190cm, and I agree he didn't look 235 lbs in Hercules. More like 220 lbs.

Some people *shakes head*
PatB said on 24/Oct/11
The news just hit today. We haven't seen Sorbo around fora while because he had three strokes at age 38. The story in the neurology journal is that he had a rare aneurysm in his arm and he went to a chiropractor who cracked his neck which precipitated a stroke. The second picture above was taken after he got a little better but he'll never be the same.He still suffers from anxiety, depression and migraines but at least he hasn't lost any height.
Danimal said on 18/Oct/11
george555 says on 17/Oct/11
he looks like a healthy 6'8 to me

6'8"? You mean 6'3" right?
george555 said on 17/Oct/11
he looks like a healthy 6'8 to me
Sword said on 17/Oct/11
I didn't think he was so tall! However, by judging the photos near Rob and considering he is not straight in them, about 6'3 seems accurate to me.
Alex said on 6/Oct/11
I always found him to be quite skinny for someone playing Hercules. He certainly got the height though.
Cranberries (18m, 193cm) said on 22/Sep/11
Just remembered that he was in Meet the Spartans and felt like coming here to commemorate his abruptly ended career.

Solid 190cm, and I agree he didn't look 235 lbs in Hercules. More like 220 lbs.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Sep/11
Looks 191-192cm or a strong 6"3 on the left but has a shoe advantage. In similar shoes to Rob he would look at least 0.5in. I doubt he's shorter than 6"2, but on the left he struggles to look 187cm.
I think Kevin's height is 6"2.5(189cm).
Hansen said on 24/Aug/11
i once read a magazine they had Kevin Sorbo at 6ft2.25 listed and 225pounds over ten years ago. also i find out there is a listing given 6ft3 at 190cm for Sorbo. maybe he hover 6ft2.5 so either he round up now 6ft3 or round down 6ft2 during past. also to me he look a solid 189cm in hercules.
Terryman said on 1/Aug/11
when you see him with fans he looks lanky and looks like he could be 1,91m, so yeah even though he never looked the full 191cm on Hercules maybe he is that height,and please 235lbs? go and look at Rughby players who are that weight and then compare them to Sorbo's frame in Hercules,also use Adam baldwin(230lbs)
5'8.56784 said on 26/Jul/11
A strong 6'3 even now. Doesn't look that much shorter than 6'6 Chuck Finley, it's just that Finley is a massive guy that could dwarf even 6'4 dudes. It's funny how much older Sorbo looks from 2 years apart, and Rob looks exactly the same, lol, what's your diet Rob?
Editor Rob
actually I think he looked better in the longer haired photo than in the first one from 2005 (him in shirt).
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jul/11
He looks a lot broader in the left picture...
Rob would you have noticed a difference in his weight during the two occasions that you met Kevin?
Editor Rob
maybe he had an extra bit of weight in preparation for a role, possibly he was going to do that Meet the Spartans film around that time, he had a bit more bulk to him for that than in 2006 photo.
James said on 20/Jul/11
oh ok rob i just thought he might have been losing like 1 inch of height with his posture.
Editor Rob
yeah he'll lose some height, of course I am not standing at my tallest either, although in that older shot I did stand tall.
Yaspaa said on 13/Jul/11
Tyson was barely 5'10 and weighed 220, 235 peak for Sorbo is completely reasonable.
daveyy said on 6/Jul/11
Solid 1.91 m guy.
James said on 6/Jul/11
he looks like he could be 6'5 if he stood better with rob in the left pic.
Editor Rob
6ft 5 is crazy, he's not losing that much and I'm not standing like a military man there ;)

this is the same man who looks like this with a 6ft 6 Chuck Finley
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Jun/11
189cm or 190cm
James said on 27/Jun/11
190cm is not impossible
Mathew said on 24/Jun/11
I definitely don't think he's taller than 6'3". But 6'3" flat is very reasonable, especially on the left.
Terryman said on 17/Jun/11
the wasn't a single episode of hercules where he looked near 235lbs,he was probably high when he said that! Anyway 1m90 no taller than that.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jun/11
Well actually he looks more like an ectomorph on the right...but regardless of that he's built like a brick house and would make an ideal candidate for Superman
James said on 10/Jun/11
looks around ashton kutchers height 6'2-6'3.
Lenad said on 8/Jun/11
I'd give him a weak 6'3
James said on 8/Jun/11
6'3 mesomorphs are not common.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jun/11
He's definitely mesomorph
James said on 2/Jun/11
Moke says on 2/Jun/11
His name is "Ralf Mí¶ller" (it's german origin) or for you guys overseas: "Moeller". Sounds funny when you pronounce that name ;)

i am english actually
Moke said on 2/Jun/11
His name is "Ralf Mí¶ller" (it's german origin) or for you guys overseas: "Moeller". Sounds funny when you pronounce that name ;)
James said on 31/May/11
Kevin is a big guy but he's no Ralf Moellar
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/May/11
I think he's fluctuating between 189-190cm
PHL said on 24/May/11
looks about 7 inchs taller than Rob.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/May/11
More likely under James...But he does look 192cm on the left.
James said on 8/May/11
i guess there could be more of a chance he is under 6'3 than over?
Cranberries said on 30/Apr/11
235 lbs. is reasonable. Arnold wasn't very tall, so that's why he weighed 237 competing. 6'3" is a lot bigger than 6'1" and especially 6'0".

I'm 6'3" and I'm built like a rail but I weigh 195 lbs. (I'm 17 and a lot of it's bone weight; a simple benchmark increase from 6.5" wrists at 16 to 7.5" wrists at 17 bumped up my lean body mass by 10-15 lbs.). Seriously, no muscle (12.75 inch biceps), very little fat, 6'3" 195. 235 lbs. is very reasonable.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Apr/11
6"2.5 or 6"2.75 I think
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Apr/11
186-187cm on the right and 191-192cm on the left
Lenad said on 23/Apr/11
Looks a solid 5 inches taller than Rob on the right. So 185-186cm on the right. Straighten him up and hes at least 6'2. I doubt hes over 6'3 but
James said on 21/Apr/11
190-191cm bending down on the left and 185cm-186cm with rob on the right
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Apr/11
He does look 191cm or 192cm on the left
LankyWeasel said on 15/Apr/11
Okay, well related to his height, 6ft 3in seems correct, after all that is what he said.

However, on to another comment. This fellow would quite honestly make a great superman.

He has the height, the build (or can at least get it back--basically what he was in Hercules, just about 10Lbs less)---go based on the original first drawings of superman, the smile, the charisma, and the presence.

Just a thought.
mohammad said on 1/Apr/11
there's a lot more bulky people than that nobody romero lol, check mr. olympia.
hhh said on 12/Jan/11
he is 6.3 tall and 220 pound
josh b said on 14/Dec/10
@Observant: Perhaps, it's hard when the differences are so small to measure
Observant said on 13/Dec/10
@josh: coleman is 188cm compare this photo with brandon rouths (legit 189cm) sorbo is shorter than 189cm for sure.
josh b said on 11/Dec/10
@Anonymous He's taller than that, compare his pic with Jack Coleman's and even with the shoe advantage he looks a legit 6"3
Matt thomas said on 19/Nov/10
@RampageClover so 6"3 is near 6"4 but 6"2.75 is not?
Dave said on 10/Nov/10
Arnold Schwarzenegger weighed 237 competing, had the world record chest size and 22 inch biceps.Dwayne Johnson weighs less than that now.Seriously doubt Sorbo's claim
Roger said on 24/Jun/09
6'3.5'' I'd say, seems to be my height.
Mathew said on 7/Jun/09
guessing legit 6'3", not higher though.
dave said on 6/Jun/09
weak 6'3? no way.... hes about 6'3.5......... tell me this, if that zack levi guy or whoever, whose pic has recently been added to the page is 6'3.5 then sorbo is at least that.
Anonymous said on 6/Jun/09
he looked tall to me. I would have guessed taller than 6'3" at least in person he looked everybit 6'3" if not taller. Very cool guy.
Anonymous said on 5/Jun/09
Bad posture on the right. Looks well over 6'3".
Lenad said on 5/Jun/09
I'd say a weak 6ft3 190-191cm
Leung said on 2/Jun/09
Sorbo is a towering figure, he
Lenad said on 2/Jun/09
I can buy 189cm at the lowest
Hugh 190cm said on 19/May/09
Big solid 6ft3 guy. I'd say 6ft3.5 in the morning.

Editor Rob
could be near 6ft 4 morning.
Big King said on 11/May/09
In some german websites, Sorbo's height is written as 192cm.
J.J. said on 9/May/09
Looks 6'2" on the right . But as we all know some people are built different. So 6'3" is right. Huge
Halb said on 8/May/09
Rob. How do you explina the large difference in height difference in the pictures above, that is. Why does Sorbo look 2 or so inches taller in the later pictures.

Editor Rob
there's about 1.5 inch swing I think. On the left I am standing looser than on the right, and maybe sorbo has 1/4 possibly 0.3 inch more sneaker.
jerome moses said on 24/Apr/09
kevin sorbo was in his 30's in hercules series. and was built natural , 235lbs being 6'3 seems close . my brother who is at least 6'2 is 240 lbs . not built just naturally wide shoulders and looks stocky build.... so kevin could look build naturaly 235lbs or so....just a comparison in height and built ....wide shoulders and chest makes built bigger....
Big King said on 28/Mar/09
One result is that Sorbo is 191cm or 6'3.25" in the morning and 6'3" later.
Big King said on 28/Mar/09
mickey, Sorbo is 6'3" at least, he's already 7 inches taller than Rob. Just because you're several inches taller than him doesn't mean that he's at 6'1"!! You dwarf everyone with your height.
sprint84 said on 13/Mar/09
Micky, at 6'10" you may not be the best judge of his height -- you tower over everyone! I know I'd have a tough time judging the height of someone 7-10 inches shorter than me. Incidentally, the difference between you and Sorbo is about the same difference between Sorbo and Rob.

I have to agree with a strong 6'3" for Sorbo -- even with casual posture. Unrelated, but he has an enormous head and hands. In that lower pic with Rob, I'd swear Rob was standing next to a seated 7-foot-plus guy.
Dogstar said on 12/Mar/09
Renpic, the people who made Herc & Xena sold their costume wardrobe some years ago and I bought a Herc suit offa Ebay, which was one of Kevin's Hero costumes. I'm 5ft 11.5, and what I couldn't figure was Kev's body shape, because the trousers fit me perfectly - well, they did once I lost 2 stone, but that as they say, is another story LOL.

Anyway, my point - after much watching of Herc and comparing, I eventually figured that Kev must have a long body and short legs - proportionally speaking, for the trousers to fit me as well as they do. The top is far longer than when Kev was wearing it, which kind of makes sense.
Chains said on 6/Mar/09
Jerome 5'4 to 5'6 is short 5'7 to 5'9 is average 5'10 5'12 is tall 6'0 6'3 is big 6'4 plus is giant well giant is not the professional term but this info came from this science of humans book or some crap along that term i'm sick of people saying 5'6 to 5'11 is short get your facts right people
jerome moses said on 23/Feb/09
my dad seen him in hawaii at the air port , and talked to him . he said kevin sorbo 6'2 or more my dad height 6'1 , during 2004...anyways kevin sorbo is tall.. 6'ft or more is tall not really tall not short but average....most guys are under 6'1 5'10....
micky said on 5/Jan/09
I'm 6'10'' and I met him on the set and was towering over him. I'd have to say he's 6'1'', no more, no less.
adam said on 22/Dec/08
Rob is well below his eyelevel. Minimum 6-3.
yoyo said on 20/Dec/08
huge guy. once saw him in real. 6ft3.5 possible.
Big King said on 15/Dec/08
Rob, is there a source when Sorbo got measured as 6'3"? Was it more like in the forenoon or in the afternoon?

Editor Rob
I doubt Sorbo is saying his out of bed height.
Anonymous said on 14/Dec/08
always looked 6'3 to me
Lenad said on 7/Nov/08
He looks solid 6'1 in the bottom pic i agree with Rob taken into account his bad posture.
Lenad said on 5/Nov/08
He looks a solid 188cm or a bit more.
The Horse of FUNK said on 21/Oct/08
I think the 192cm makes sense. He probably rounds down.
Big King said on 21/Oct/08
Sorbo could hit the road with his 6'3" height.
Big King said on 4/Oct/08
I guess Sorbo is 6'3" at the same time when Rob is 5'8".
Lenad said on 16/Sep/08
Big king its Lenad not Leonad dufus!
matt Thomas said on 15/Sep/08
Nothing Below 6'3 this guy is hige
Big King said on 14/Sep/08
Leonad, you can't tell me that Sorbo is only five inches taller than Rob. That's nonsense. On some german websites, Sorbo is at 192cm. I think that Sorbo is at least 6'3".
Captain Spaulding said on 14/Sep/08
In the top one he looks 6'4" and in the bottom one he looks 6'2", different shoes?

Editor Rob
he's got running shoes, either 1/4 or 1/3 inch more than my 1 inch. Bottom we both had shoes. I offered a little illustration on 12th to show how I can see the top photo as near 7 inch.
Lenad said on 14/Sep/08
Looks 187/188 range there.
Lenad said on 13/Sep/08
You guys look like crime fighting partners.
Kurt said on 12/Sep/08
I agree with his height of 6'3". I was an extra on the television show Just Shoot Me when he guest starred. And, yes, he is one of the most pleasant, down to earth actors you will ever meet.

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