How tall is Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

Russian mixed martial artist, who has been a UFC Lightweight Champion.

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Average Guess (103 Votes)
5ft 9.19in (175.7cm)
Guest66 said on 25/Jan/21
Cormier is a 5'9.5" guy that rounds down to just 5'9" apparently. Whittaker is about 5'11", and probably had a bit thicker shoes encountering Khabib.
Paul parisi said on 13/Jan/21
Hi Rob! Cormier said that is 5’9 and he look taller than khabib like 1/2cm and McGregor is shorter than khabib. How can be khabib 176cm?
Editor Rob
Cormier could have been rounding down that time he mentioned 5-9.
Hamad 170.7 said on 13/Jan/21
Rob, how much can you estimate Robert whittaker height with khabib in this video, and is he really 6,0"

Click Here
Editor Rob
in that brief encounter he could look near 3 inches taller than Khabib
semihkaya5656 said on 19/Dec/20
hey rob how can I get between conor and 1 cm?

Click Here

They're the same height as gsp (178cm)

Click Here

dustin poirier is longer than conor but shorter than khabib
khabib and dustin ;

Click Here

dustin and conor ;
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here advantage)

I think

gsp 178
khabib 177
poirier 175
conor 174
What do you think about that?
Editor Rob
for a good while I thought 176-7 range was possible for Khabib, but the more I looked I wasn't as convinced.

if you want to have him 5ft 9.5, then that's your's not exactly ruled out.
Bob K said on 17/Dec/20
No, come on Khabib is lowest 5 9.5
Stop downgrading people so much he's literally the same height as most 5 10-11 people
Editor Rob
from all I've seen he seems shorter than 5ft 10 guys.

however many folk would (and do) give him about 5ft 9.5.
elvis said on 14/Dec/20
@lalal i legit 5“9 guy is a guy who is 177 cm range mornig and doesnt fall under 175 cm range night time thas a solid 5“9 guy at least for me

or actually doesnt raelly matter what your mornig height is as long as you dont drop under 175 cm youre a solid 5“9
Als said on 10/Dec/20
Rob,do Robbie Lawler please,wait for it,always,thanks
Lalala said on 28/Oct/20
Same as my doubt, but I never hit full 177cm at morning (it’s around 176,5cm) but almost never lower than 175cm (only sometimes 174,7cm) at evening (just before sleep)

Don’t know how my height would compare to khabib
Lalala said on 27/Oct/20
Rob, do you think that Khabib Nurmagomedov at night could drop to below 175cm (like 174.5cm)?

What is your lowest estimative for him?
Editor Rob
at worse a fraction shy of 5ft 9
Vieana said on 27/Oct/20
Click Here
This camera angle has better height difference
Guest22 said on 26/Oct/20
Hi Rob, I got measured my morning height as 177cm, and my latest evening height (just before sleeping) as 175cm/174,5cm (it is the lowest I had). Could I be the same height as Khabib?
Editor Rob
I doubt there would be much between you if photographed together.
Animus said on 26/Oct/20
Justin Gaethje is 178-179cm, I think. 5'10¼ would be my guess without having looked at him carefully.
2pacalypse wow said on 24/Oct/20
@lala, that's a legit 5'9", yes.
Kiven4663 said on 23/Oct/20
Rob, how tall do you think justin gaethje can be
Editor Rob
Could be under 180cm
Duhon said on 22/Oct/20
Khabib and Justin Gaethje who's listed at 5'11". Am I wrong to think he actually looks close to that height with Kahbib? Looks more than the 1" difference they are listed at. Click Here
Editor Rob
Seems under 5ft 11
Sssessa said on 21/Oct/20
Click Here 3:00 has khabib at 5'8 lol
Editor Rob
I'd be surprised if he were just 5ft 8!
lalal said on 14/Oct/20
How tall a guy should be in the morning to you put him at 5'9 (175.3cm), rob?

A guy who is around 1,76.5cm at morning and around 175cm at night (his lowest) is a legit 5'9? what is your opinion?
Daniel said on 14/Oct/20
In the fight between Khabib and Conor, the former eas listed 1.77m and the latter 1.75m. So, are those heights inflated?
Big185 said on 1/Oct/20
Rob, I'm pretty convinced both Conor and Khabib need a 1/4 downgrade.
Cormier is pretty much confirmed 176cm, here's some pictures with Khabib to consider:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
As for Conor, he always looks closer to 173 than 174 from the photos I've seen.
Editor Rob
All these heights could be plus or minus a fraction...except maybe Daniel, I think maybe he's not just 5ft 9 flat, but over it.
MMAfan1 said on 14/Aug/20
This is ridiculous Rob. If you put DC down as 176cm then you HAVE to downgrade Khabib to around 173-4cm. Anyone with a good pair of eyes can see DC has at least 2-3cm on him (Even while barefoot training).

Look at them both barefoot in the gym. Video link: Click Here

BTW when DC said he's 5'9 he might've just been understating his height trying to make a point that he's a short fighter for Heavyweight. By no means does DC look like a 5'9 flat guy.
Z1 said on 8/Jul/20
DominikMMA said on 11/Jun/20
Hey what are you think Whats the height of Darko Stosic, he is measured at 6ft or 1,82m , but in this picture he look next to Satoshi Ishi like 1,78.
pov said on 29/May/20
I'd give him 5'9.5
JohnMoore-162cm said on 24/Apr/20
Not 5ft 10, but a good flat 5ft9 ..
EH said on 7/Mar/20
Just with a quick look on google images...Dana White is taller than Mcgregor...maybe 1.5 inches. Khabib looks slightly taller than Mcgregor but shorter than Dana so maybe 5’9 flat. Ferguson looks slightly taller than Dana so maybe 5’10.25

With that said I don’t know how to explain the picture of Connor and Ferguson looking the same height...
pacenik said on 8/Feb/20
so rob, what would tony ferguson's height be then? honestly he does not look under 5ft10 1/2 to me.
Editor Rob
5ft 10.5 might be a good shout for him
Joseph175 said on 22/Jan/20
I watched the Khabib McGregor fight again. On second thought 176cm for Khabib is reasonable. My guess for Khabib is 5'10 flat out of bed or around high 177cm. 176ish throughout the day and may be dip to 175.5 cm at his extreme low.
Dylan Harris said on 13/Jan/20
Rob: how big of a difference do you think there is roughly between Ferguson and khabib
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Editor Rob
Might only be in inch range, though the angle was a bit funny.
Jkiller said on 12/Jan/20
Looks a tad taller than conor, would put him right over 5'9. 175-176cm range
Animus said on 12/Jan/20

I agree that Khabib is overall somewhat thicker and bigger than McGregor. But look at them in the octagon together? They are the same weight class, in my view.
What I was trying to express in my last comment was that frame-wise McGregor do hold particular advantages with respect to reach and shoulder width. Leg length (McGregor has longer legs) is highly context-dependent: Longer legs are advantageous to striking, in terms of closing the distance and kicking range, whereas shorter legs with a concordant lower center of gravity can help in wrestling. Ultimately, though, different styles emerge within the martial arts as a result of different body types.

As for Khabib's walk-around weight it is a bit hard to say. What level of conditioning and body fat are we assuming for a representative 'walk-around weight'? In fighting shape I don't think Khabib is more than 180lbs; in fact he might be more like 175lbs. He is muscular but not excessively so due to the cardiovascular demands of his sport. Furthermore, his frame (in terms of clavicle length and wrist size) is not larger than average. He is too small for welterweight. Khabib may be a better wrestler than Usman but Usman is 190lbs, so on account of sheer size Usman may best him in a wrestling match.

Khabib does have a large head, though, I will give you that.
Notorious said on 2/Jan/20
If Conor is a 5"8 Khabib is 5"9
Duhon said on 27/Oct/19
Can't see the footwear but how tall does Georges St.Pierre look next to Khabib? Click Here
Editor Rob
Could be in half inch range there
Meo said on 20/Oct/19
Rob hall tall do khabib looks next to David
Click Here
Editor Rob
Not 5ft 10, but a flat 5ft9? 5ft 9-9.25 maybe.
saltyfish177cm said on 4/Oct/19
Big Rob, how tall do you think Yoel Romero can look next to Khabib in the below video? He is listed as 6 foot but is definitely not that tall

Click Here
Editor Rob
Struggled to look almost 5ft 11 let alone 6ft there, but I am not sure on footwear.
Weyland said on 22/Sep/19
Rob, please take a look at this
Click Here
He is no more than 5 ft 9(175) Mike have a good inch on him
Umair said on 18/Sep/19
My strong 5'10 brother was actually next to him in Mecca, last year, while praying and said that he's either 5'9.25 or a hair under that mark.
Eagle said on 18/Sep/19
Hi rob. What do you think the height difference is here between these fighters? Al iquinta on the right (khabibs past opponent) listed as 5’10 and Sterling on the left listed as 5’7. Seems legit?
Thanks.Click Here
Editor Rob
Seems at most 2 inches between those 2 guys
khaled taban said on 8/Sep/19
5'9" is the most I can see , Khabib is 0.5 inch taller than Mcgregor.
Guest66 said on 22/Aug/19
c-mo needs to see that photo of Khabib with a little more footwear edging out 5'9.75" listed DC. Proves that Khabib is nothing under 5'9".
Mew said on 10/Aug/19
Admin what about this photo he is looking taller than Daniel cormier
Click Here
Editor Rob
It's possible that footwear and a bit less posture accounts for the difference there, I'd definitely say 0.4 inch less footwear for Daniel
ConorFan. said on 6/Aug/19
Admin Rob, Robert Whittaker claimed to be "181cm and 183cm on a good day" on his podcast (GrangeTv on YouTube) cant remember which episode. I still believe that he's about 179cm - 5'10.5 at best since he didnt look to much taller than 174cm - 5'8.5 Olympic listed Yoel Romero. Plus legit 6ft Stephen Thompson had about an 1 1/2 on him. I wouldnt take much notice of that pic with Robert and Khabib because when Robert was having a staredown with Luke Rockhold, Luke mentioned that he was taller than he thought he was (mid Staredown) and Robert replied with something like "its the shoes". So his shoes are probably giving him a big height bump.

You guys can search both of those videos and see for yourself.
YautjaMk said on 28/Jul/19
What about this Click Here 1.78 mbappe
Editor Rob
Hard to tell exactly as maybe both aren't standing at their best.
Mew said on 26/Jul/19
Jorge masvidal is at least 5 ft 10 and 1/2
KingSerph said on 21/Jul/19
How about the lord, jorge the street Jesus masvidal?
Tunman said on 17/Jul/19
Click Here:
Maybe a good chance for 5'9 flat with Brazilian Ronaldo?
Mew said on 9/Jul/19
He is very much looking 5 ft 9 next to Whittaker
rony said on 9/Jul/19
He is taller than poirier so at least 5 ft 9
Frost said on 7/Jul/19
5'9" is about the most I can see as of now

Click Here

With Whittaker who is not the 6'0" he's listed at.
Mew said on 7/Jul/19
Rob any idea on jorege masvidal how tall is he
c-mo said on 27/Jun/19
cormier with poirier

Click Here

so I guess khabib is 178cm now right ? lol
Strange danger said on 13/Jun/19
Khabib was slightly taller for sure maybe 1/4 inch than poirier
Joseph175 said on 12/Jun/19
The face off for UFC 242 press conference just finished. Khabib and Poirier looks identical in height. Is 5’9 at night possible?
c-mo said on 3/May/19
Strange danger said on 2/May/19
I think he might be a weak 5 foot 9 inch guy his range could be174.5-175.5


thats not a weak 5'9 but a legit 5'9 range

wtf is going on on this site smh
Strange danger said on 2/May/19
I think he might be a weak 5 foot 9 inch guy his range could be174.5-175.5
c-mo said on 1/May/19
@Stanger danger

but Ali183 posted a pic of his brother who he measured at 181.4cm next to khabib together . and it is obvious that khabib can not be a mm above 174cm and Ali also says that he is 100% sure that khabib is not above 174cm in the afternoon

why is this ignored ? I dont get it . it is annoying tbh

conor : 173.5cm

khabib : 174cm

khabib looks slightly taller than conor but not 2cm . at max ...ULTIMATE MAX I might give khabib 174.5cm but no way 176cm

I posted my pic below with a friend who measured as 180.6cm or something around that mark . compare us I am 176cm in the evening . compare me and my friend to khabib and alis brother . I dont know why you can not see it
Stanger danger said on 30/Apr/19
I think 5.9 is better for him..he looks around 1 inch shorter than guys who are are around 5.10 check him next to GSP,Daniel cormier,Mike Tyson.conor is 1/2 inch shorter than him make him more close to the actual height that 5.9
wladimir said on 11/Apr/19
you need to change him rob,he is for 100% not 5'10 guy.Easy to see in pictures with CR7 or Tyson that this guy is around 174,5 (5'8 1/2) -175,3(5'9)
c-mo said on 10/Apr/19
Guest66 said on 9/Apr/19
@c-mo, If Khabib is only 174cm, how tall is Conor then, barely 5’8” ? You think it’s a possible figure Rob ?


look at my pic I posted together with my friend who I measured as rouhgly 180.6 cm . I am 176cm in the afternoon

and then look at the pic of ali183s brother who is 181.4cm at the moment of the pic together with khabib

my 181cm friend and me when we stand and talk to each other there is some difference you can tell but not NEARLY as much as between alis bro and khabib

so Rob how can you say khabib is close to my height ? he doesnt look anything above 174cm which ali183 also says
Boyka Mk said on 9/Apr/19
Khabib and Mcgregor inside the cage ( no the best photo but they are really close in that posture)
Click Here
Boyka Mk said on 9/Apr/19
Khabib is maybe 1.74
Cr7 AND Khabib Click Here
Cr7 and Jason Statham (1.74)
Click Here
Guest66 said on 9/Apr/19
@c-mo, If Khabib is only 174cm, how tall is Conor then, barely 5’8” ? You think it’s a possible figure Rob ?
Editor Rob
5ft 9 flat and 8.5 could still be realistic for them.
c-mo said on 7/Apr/19
Ali183 where are you bro. please answer my questions

and again ....khabib looks 174cm max with Alis brother

I am 176cm IN THE AFTERNOON and here I stand next to a friend who I measured 180.6cm or so (I dont remember the exact value anymore but it was something around that) in the evening

he is leaning a little and loses height but at the same time he also has the camera angle advantage which balances/equilazes it a little . when he stands in front of me while we talk he is only a little taller than me and I dont have the feeling of looking up at all

Click Here

now compare

Click Here

Alis bro is roughly 1cm taller than my friend . but the difference between me and my friend is a lot less . I can tell you this from real life for sure that when I stand next to my friend the difference is less than the difference between khabib and alis bro . and the pic with my friend makes the difference between us look a little more than it is in real life . and I am 5'9.25 . so how is khabib my height then ?

rob whats your take on this ?
c-mo said on 17/Feb/19

thanks a lot for your answer

is there a chance that khabib could be rather 172-173cm even ? or rather not ?

also I would say fedor is 181-182cm no ?

and isnt cormier rather 177-178cm ?
Ali183 said on 15/Feb/19
@c-mo there was a wall in our old house where I used to measure myself in the last few years and I used that wall to measure him with aerosol can method (181.4cm), he was wearing socks.My bro is a fighter he wakes up early at around 6-7 am If I measured him at around 12pm he would be close to 182 cm maybe but as we met Khabib later in the day (8pm) I decided to measure him at about the same time.
Im 100% sure about the measurements because I've used like 3-4 different tape measures and measured myself on different walls and always got the same results so my bros measurement of 181.4 at 7pm is legit
Well my bro isn't as interested in height as me but he thought they would be closer in height.
I'm 100% sure that Khabib wouldn't measure taller than 174cm at 5-6 pm
Fedor is definitely shorter than 5'11 cuz that photo that i posted was taken in like 2014 and my brother was a little shorter than he is now.

This is my estimations from what I've seen

Khabib 174cm
Connor 172.5-173cm
Cormier 176cm
Tony Ferguson 179cm
Max holloway 178cm
Fedor 179cm
c-mo said on 14/Feb/19
khabib looks 173-174cm next to the brother of Ali183

khabib night height : 173.5cm

DC night height : 176.5 - 177cm

Guest66 said on 10/Feb/19

I still think Khabib is not under 5’9, it may just the angle + your bro’s big hair that favors him to look taller a bit. And I don’t see Fedor under 180cm either, take a look at the shoulder level as well, he has to be around 5’11 flat.
c-mo said on 9/Feb/19

nice pics !!!

I have a few questions

1. how did you measure your brother ?

2. how long was your brother awake / on his feet when you measured him ?

3. did you measure your brother barefeet ?

4. are you sure you measured your brother correctly and that he is really 181.7cm ? how sure are you

5. how tall did your brother guess khabib and fedor ?
Ali183 said on 4/Feb/19
One of my friends has a video with habib, dude has a solid inch on habib and he is 175-176 cm himself. I really dont see habib as "short" as 173, but 174 cm is what he really is, not a mm taller im 100% confident
YautjaMk said on 24/Jan/19
DC 1.77 vs Khabib 1.76?
Click Here
Click Here
ConorFan. said on 15/Jan/19
@Ali183 - @Ola - @Okidoki

I agree with you guys, Khabib is definitely a little shorter than this listing. Daniel Cormier is taller than him by at least 3cm, 1cm doesnt seem logical considering the height difference in pictures. Imo Khabib is around 174cm - 175cm flat. Conor is around 172cm - 173cm flat these days. Daniel Cormier seems to be closer to 178cm.
Okidoki said on 14/Jan/19
Sorry for the grammatical errors down there Rob, heheh. Ali183, i still believe that if Khabib raises his posture to the max without busting a gut, he would look around 6 cm shorter than you're brother. If what you are saying is right about you're brother being a strong 181 in that moment, Khabib does seem about 175.3-175.5 centimetres from that picture, with a tiny margin in footwear possible, i see atleast a flat 175. In my opinion, he has always looked sometimes 175 range or weak 176 range. That makes me think that he is either a few mm above 175 or between 175 and 176. I think he is likely around a flat 5-9, watching from videos and pictures with Cormier and with Mcgregor. I can't see Cormier under atleast 177 personally and from almost every single picture or video, he regularly looks more than a centimetre taller than Khabib (atleast juding from their eye levels and also often heads).
Okidoki said on 13/Jan/19
Thanks for the answer Rob. I posted the comment twice, because it never showed up here and sorry for the grammatical errors heheh. Well, i hope you consider my opinion, because i usually trust you're judgement, you do it really, really well. But i haven't seen enough pictures to make it logical or convincing enough that it's only a 1 centimeter difference personally in my opinion. Also when you see pictures with other people (Ronaldo the Brazillian for example), he seems to be looking just above his mouth which is around a 6 centimeter difference, you're better than me at judging footwear ofcourse. I understand you also think Khabib is 176 when looking at him with Conor (It regularly looks like a (1.5-2 cm difference between them, also in the fight. Only at times only a 1 cm flat difference). But Conor may be 173.5 cm or around 5-8 and a quarter though. Well, if you want you can take a look again.
Ali183 said on 13/Jan/19
I have posted a comment a few months ago saying that my brother has a pic with him, here it is

Click Here

I measured my bro by myself , i got him at 181.4 at 7pm. My bro wearing yeezys and Habib had sandals with decent platform. Do you guys still think that Habib is 176-177? There is no way. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a photo with him that day, but my bro did and he himself was expecting Habib to be a little bigger (taller). I'm a big fan of him im not trying to downgrade him, im just saying that he is shorter than this listing.

My brother also has a photo with the legend Fedor Emelianenko, you might want to add him as well Rob

Click Here

It was taken a few years ago. I would give Fedor a 179cm mark
Editor Rob
He could be a 5ft 8.5-9 guy that moment.
Ola said on 12/Jan/19
and including other factors like shoes, hair, posture and other factors who influence the height of someone. So i respect you're opinions, but it doesn't seem to be logical for me from all pictures i have seen, that Cormier is only 1 centimeter taller than Khabib. Yes, Khabib may perhaps have a larger head than usual like you stated, but his eyelevel from all pictures we have seen from for example Conorfan below here, his eyelevel always seem to be between 2-3 cm shorter than Cormier's. It looks quite supspicious that in every single picture were Cormier bows down his head, his eyelevel is about the same. In videos aswell, Khabib seems to always look just above the nosetip of Cormier (4 cm), or close to the middle of the noes. You have ofcourse taken into account the footwear advantages, but can you explain have you have conclude only a 1 centimeter difference? It almost never looks like that from every picture between them. I hope you answer, it's just an opinion as i have looked at them 2 very closely. I believe Cormier is around 177/178 cm, while Khabib i think personally is likely around 175 flat, (175.5-176 is not impossible). Conor was always listed as 5-8 or 173 cm in Cage Warriors, you can gain around a centimetr from stretching excercises, so 174 is not impossible ofcourse now.
Okidoki said on 12/Jan/19
Rob, you are a proffesional who is working with this for many years, studying the proportions of people and including other factors like shoes, hair, posture and other factors who influence the height of someone. So i respect you're opinions, but it doesn't seem to be logical for me from all pictures i have seen, that Cormier is only 1 centimeter taller than Khabib. Yes, Khabib may perhaps have a larger head than usual like you stated, but his eyelevel from all pictures we have seen from for example Conorfan below here, his eyelevel always seem to be between 2-3 cm shorter than Cormier's. It looks quite supspicious that in every single picture were Cormier bows down his head, his eyelevel is about the same. In videos aswell, Khabib seems to always look just above the nosetip of Cormier (4 cm), or close to the middle of the noes. You have ofcourse taken into account the footwear advantages, but can you explain have you have conclude only a 1 centimeter difference? It almost never looks like that from every picture between them. I hope you answer, it's just an opinion as i have looked at them 2 very closely. I believe Cormier is around 177/178 cm, while Khabib i think personally is likely around 175 flat, (175.5-176 is not impossible). Conor was always listed as 5-8 or 173 cm in Cage Warriors, you can gain around a centimetr from stretching excercises, so 174 is not impossible ofcourse now.
Editor Rob
3/4 of an inch difference might be easy to see
Original said on 27/Dec/18
Looks 7cm / 7.5cm shorter than Ronaldo (listed as 181.5) and 6cm shorter [pic in his Instagram] than DiCaprio (listed as 181), looked imo ~1.5cm taller than McGregor (listed as 174). Maybe he is just around 175. 5'8.75" my opinion for now.
BT said on 16/Nov/18
@Editor Rob: Found one with Khabib and (Brazilian) Ronaldo, listed 5'11 1/2: Click Here. I think the original 5'9 listing was better. I at least struggle to see him much over that. There wasn't much of a difference between him and McGregor inside the cage, and he looks around 1 inch shorter than Cormier most of the time, and he is not a 5'10 + guy.
buiut said on 21/Oct/18
touch over a half inch difference I seen between him and mgregor, 5'9.25 is fair
joshjeffords said on 16/Oct/18
Funny comments folks might wanna get to the gym..anywho clearly much heavier than conman.
Id guess he was 185 similar weight to kevin lee but much less brute power built mostly core "very smart"
Not comparable to fergie or holloway who are much taller longer limbs.
Physics 101 kiddies mass moves mass bigger mass "IS" stronger technique is only way to negate.
If conmac is 5 8 .5 he is 5 9 or on a perfect day in zero g maybe listed :?.
Jon A. said on 15/Oct/18
Josh Thomson said he was 183 before starting camp and 172 at the press conference in NYC (on Schaub's podcast). Walk-around weight is irrelevant.

As for height, I don't think he's over 5'9.
Ali183 said on 13/Oct/18
Unnecessary upgrade trust me. My 5'11 brother has at least 2 inches on him. 174.5 max for him
saltyfish(177cm) said on 13/Oct/18
@FMExTREME khabib is not thin, at walking weight he is 190lbs give or take. he posted a picture on twitter years ago of him on scale and the scale read (if memory serves correct) around 86-88kg
Myself said on 12/Oct/18
Rob, do you think he looked that (176) near Ronaldo?
Editor Rob
He's still shorter than a guy like Cormier, but near Ronaldo he could be 175 or 176.
Jon A. said on 11/Oct/18
Uhh..He was around the same weight as Conor in cage (170-175~). Its a myth that he's a bigger lightweight. Tony and Lee are easily bigger than him. Lee said he is 185 in cage, and I think a 165 division would be good for him.
JD 5'9" said on 11/Oct/18
He's 5'9" flat. Just barely edges out Connor Mcgregor.
ConorFan. said on 11/Oct/18
Definitely more than a cm difference between Khabib and DC. Pic's: Click Here | Click Here | Click Here | Click Here | Click Here
ConorFan. said on 11/Oct/18
Rob you've upgraded Khabib (from 175cm to now 176cm) so you wouldnt have to downgrade Conor. All the face off's with Khabib and Conor seem to indicate that Conor is in the 172-3cm range (ill admit that i thought Conor was 5'8.5 in the past also) but all the face off's indicate differently. When you first started a page for DC i linked you a couple pics of (now 177cm Listed) DC with Khabib and you agree'd that Khabib seems to be in the 174-5cm range, no more than that or DC would need an upgrade, there's clearly more than a cm difference between Khabib and DC. It's time to downgrade Conor imo.
khabib said on 10/Oct/18
Hi Rob!The all of heights listed here are medium heights?I mean you think khabib is 175.9cm during the day(medium) or its his highest or lowest height?
FMExTREME said on 10/Oct/18
I doubt he walks at easily over 190lb, he's still quite thin and we can agree he's only in the 5'9 range, trust me I'm 6'0 1/2 and quite a wide frame with more fat than Khabib and I weight 195lb theres no way he could cut that much weight from around 195lb, Khabib walks at 175lb max.
Rick1 said on 10/Oct/18
Glad to see the upgrade Rob i still personally feel Mcgregor is 5'8 3/4 and khabib is more like 5'9 1/2
Matt99 said on 9/Oct/18
Nice upgrade rob, the original listing would of made Conor 173cm range, although he still could be!
Bwk said on 9/Oct/18
This guy is 5'9''3/4s at most. He never looks 5'10''
Deepesque said on 9/Oct/18
He is about one and a half inch shorter than Daniel Cormier, Google the pic.
saltyfish(177cm) said on 8/Oct/18
@animus, nope khabib is the bigger man. its clear to see when you see them next to eachother. conor isnt small, he has really wide shoulders and long arms. but if you look at the width and thickness of khabibs body, neck and head, he is far bigger then mcgregor. he walks at over 190 easily.
saltyfish(177cm) said on 8/Oct/18
Big Rob, here is Mike Tyson next to Khabib: Click Here

I think Khabib is over 5'9 for sure, his head is very large (comparable to tysons) so that gives him extra cm's. What do you think?
Editor Rob
I think overall, he could be the 176cm range.
OG said on 30/Sep/18
5’9 1/4 is the optimal fit for him, not quite half inch, but still little bit above 5’9
Here in Russia they list him as 177 см, which very well could be Khabib’s morning measurement
Gob901 said on 30/Sep/18
I think you need an upgrade to 5'9 1/2. When they are in the octagon, I think he will have 1 inch on Conor.
Animus said on 30/Sep/18
While Khabib is (slightly) taller than McGregor, you could argue the Irishman is still the bigger man. McGregor’s reach is longer and his shoulders are broader and so is his overall frame. His longer legs will not do him any favours in the inevitable wrestling and grappling exchanges, however, since a lower center of gravity is advantageous. I don’t believe Khabib can get as heavy as 200lbs as some sources claim — his frame is much too small for that. I don’t think Khabib will be much heavier than 175-180lbs on fight night, but then he still outweighs Conor by 10-15lbs. McGregor’s light feet and elusive, snake-like striking game is not predicated on size as much as skill and athleticism, but the size might play a factor on the ground and in securing takedowns.

Khabib can look almost 2cm shorter than Cormier, so roughly 5’9 is right — doesn’t drop under it much, if at all, though.
Miiiiiiighty_- said on 29/Sep/18
We'll see how much apart they really are ( with Conor ) at the weigh ins staredown when they will be barefeet ( or during the octagon staredown ).. if Conor doesn't do his height conscious Bruce Lee like posture that is..
Guest66 said on 29/Sep/18
Yes brother Rob, he’s definitely something over 5’9 flat. Giving him 5’9 1/2” won’t be a crime, this listing is like a round down for Khabib imo.
Nanisi said on 29/Sep/18
Rob, standing in front of McGregor he looks a lot taller. How can 1-2cm height difference be so noticeable?
Editor Rob
Well you could argue 5ft 9 and change range for Khabib.
BW said on 28/Sep/18
Cheers Rob!
Yes please can you get the Nate Diaz page up? And may be one for Dana White & Bernard Hopkins?
In the Nate Diaz vs Joe Hurley fight, Nate’s listed as 5’11” & on the UFC page, he’s listed as 182cm.
Thanks and Cheers!
bash said on 28/Sep/18
5'9.5 seems pretty accurate. im sure he is more than just 5'9.
Vlad_Fyodorov said on 27/Sep/18
5'9 sounds fair, but Rob, please give Nate Diaz a page, i tried to find a video or a tweet where he claims his height but i couldn't, i mean he's listed at 6 foot tall and i'd say that's his minimum height, maybe 6'0.25 max i think.
Vexacus said on 26/Sep/18
Based in his thumbnail , I thought this guy was 6'3 or something.
micl said on 26/Sep/18
I would've guessed 5'9 1/4"

Looks more than 1 cm taller than Conor
Kyle Cranston said on 26/Sep/18
Come on you guys how can we be almost the same height with 5'11 barboza but you guys say 5'9? Same height as 5'10 Cornier as well. He's 5'10 you guys please be serious. He's like the most legit 5'10 guy
Ar2mA2 said on 26/Sep/18
I have it clear...
Khabib 5ft 9.25
Conor 5ft 8.5
Guest66 said on 26/Sep/18
Not even 5'9 1/4" Rob ? He had 2cm on Conor easily, I thought he could have 5'9 1/2" honestly.
Matt99 said on 26/Sep/18
Good listing rob, he’s edges Conor by 1/2-5/8 of an inch a lot of the time
BT said on 26/Sep/18
In the past I've thought he could be 5'8 1/2. At times I still believe that is possible, but closer to 5'9 is probably fair, as he did look a little taller than McGregor, and I generally can't see him much under 5'8 1/2. I'll wait with entering my guess until we see them barefoot together, and before saying 5'8 3/4 or 5'8 7/8 is more likely, or if McGregor is indeed a little under 5'8 1/2.
Nik said on 26/Sep/18
I like his name! 5'9" it is!
Sandy Cowell said on 26/Sep/18
Actually to look at him, I'd have thought he was a couple of inches taller!

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