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6ft 6.71in (199.9cm)
gfab said on 19/Jan/09
Arcuato, when visiting Dalmatia, don't forget Trogir (between Sibenik and Split). First of all it's a wonderful town. Second, when I visited Trogir I found the more impressive amount of tall people: I was there during the market day, and walking around I was really astonished by the average height. Probably it has been a coincidence, but sure Trogir is worthy another height check by you :-)
Herve said on 16/Jan/09
Just for anecdots : the mayor of Belgrade, Aleksandar Vucic, is 202 cm tall, same as the one of Bijelo Polje (Montenegro), Tarzan (yes !) Milosevic, whose nephew Stevan (a friend of mine) is 211... And the tallest deputy in Croatian Parlament (Sabor) is a former basket-ball player, Herzegovinian Franjo Arapovic (2,15 m, 1965)...
Herve said on 16/Jan/09
Hello gfab and other friends. I'll answer Arcuato : in the origins, the people from Zagreb are not dinaric ones, which means they are not extremely tall. But, due to the massive immigration there of Dalmatians and Herzegovinians (both od dinaric type) since the beginning of XXth century, many guys of modern Zagreb are tall. I don't think the average is the same as in Split, but not so far (maybe 182-183 cm ?). Arcuato, read again the testimony of my friend Ivan Zaradic that you'll find below. This perfect dinaric archetype (211 cm and 115 kg) will tell you that he meets many tall people every day in Zagreb. As many students in Zagreb are from Dalmatia, that's not surprising. But, again, " Splicani " are taller than " Zagrepcani "...
Arcuato said on 16/Jan/09
Ok guys, thank you for response my question. When I have holidays (I think in March or April) I will go again to the balkans (I love there) and I will go to Split and check that.Then I
Herve said on 15/Jan/09
Mr. Franjo Lukovic, governor of Zagreb's Bank, is at least 205 cm tall (just watch photos about him on Google)...
Herve said on 15/Jan/09
Sorry, bb, but I am not allowed to leave my e-mail on this forum.
gfab said on 14/Jan/09
Hi Herve, Arcuato, and everyone else. Arcuato, I was often in Split recently, at least three time in non-touristic periods (twice in November). Walking around there, in certain moments I could not meet anyone shorter than me before crossing about 15 very tall guys. That happened with good frequency. In Amsterdam I was impressed by male height, but never experienced that: taking by chance 15 dutch guys, you find at least a couple of them shorter than 183cm, but in Dalmatia that's not so sure (of course: according to what I see). Anyway, trust Herve, and ask him with new questions: he is a mine of informations and share them willingly! Finally, thank your for your further comment on Groningen/Amsterdam, your report is good!
Herve said on 14/Jan/09
Arcuato, if you want to have an exact impression how tall are people in Split, just go, as I did myself, in some supermarket, because usually stranger tourists don't go there. Then, you'll tell us your own impressions. But, believe me or not, the Dalmatians are taller than Amsterdamers, I have enough statistics to prove it, as I already did it on this forum before (just look above, please).
Arcuato said on 13/Jan/09
gfab another question... in what time did you go to split (winter,summer...) and in Amsterdam too? Because it's appear that for Split the tourist (mostly of people there was tourists) decrease the average height that one guy can feel in the summer, and in Groningen happen anything similar because the ducht students go out from the city.But for me is very hard to belive that the real people in Split are taller than Amsterdam when I was there, but will try to trust in you because as I said, there was 80% of tourist there. Thanks for everything ;)
Arcuato said on 13/Jan/09
Happy new year for everybody ;). gfab, about your question I can answer that the guy who refer that 190cm. is the average height in groningen probably is a younger and he refer among the younger (is like if I go to the "cafe kroon" in the center of amsterdam, in where there is only young RICH dutch people, and there I can fell (187cm myself) exactly in the average height or "little" shorter while among the normal people of amsterdam I'm tall (including youngers)). I was in the summer on holidays in groningen (groningen is a city of students and there was no students in summer), and then I can say that I still being tall (that's my final conclusion),but I cannon't give you another conclusion at the university period, that I can imagine that the height would increase about the students that move to groningen to study there.Sorry if my report don't help you too much, but I was only in the summer.
Herve said on 12/Jan/09
If my messages are still put off this way, I'll not write any more to this forum !
gfab said on 9/Jan/09
Herve, they should mention you in their paper! Just for sake of completeness, I mention the following link: Click Here where you find a message on Montenegrins by SassanidShah, on 14 December 2005. The message is hardly reliable, probably the guy drank too much wine before posting. The interesting part is that maybe that comment is a correct forecast for the next future...
bb said on 9/Jan/09
Herve I am fascinated by your work and would be interested in writing about it/you. Is it possible you could give your email address?
Herve said on 9/Jan/09
Wish you too all of you a happy new year. Yes, bb, you were right : this study of 2005 was mine, and I gave all my data to a French anthropolog, Mr. Jean-Claude PINEAU. I collected all the heights and he just published the results. But next time, I'll do it all by myself with new statistics.
Well, as I already answered all these who clam that Dutch men are the tallest people in Europe, Arcuato just needs to see what I wrote before. Anyway, it's prooved that young men in Split (185 cm) are taller than in Amsterdam (184 cm). What is about Groningen, I don't know, but if someone can go to Drnis (Croatia), Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina) or Niksic (Montenegro), he can be sure to meet people as tall as in Groningen...
gfab said on 7/Jan/09
btw, and first of all: happy 2009 to everyone. Arcuato, thank you for your report. I had an opposite impression than you. I was in Amsterdam four times and four times (or more?) I was in Split, and a couple of time in Belgrade. Agree with you that in Amsterdam they're a taller than in Belgrade, but I'm rather sure that in Split guys are taller than in Amsterdam. Actually it is possible that tourists distorted your perception. You should discuss this topic with Herve. Then I have a question for you: you mentioned that you're tall in all the places. "All the places" includes Groningen? I ask this question since in this list someone said in Groningen average height is 190cm so this info seems not coherent with your statement. Bye!
Arcuato said on 3/Jan/09
Hello guys. I'm 187cm (~6'2") and I can say about my self experience that in netherlands the people are the tallest that I ever saw (I live here long time), first groningen and after that amsterdam. I have been also in belgrade in the last september (no tourist there) and they are not far from dutch, but a "little" less.I travel also to Split but there was impossible to compare because there was many many tourist, but in my opinion in Split they are smaller than in Belgrade. I will go the next summer to croatia again and in this time I will travel to montenegro, but sinceraly I think that they will be equal that in Belgrade (a little bit smaller than in amsterdam). In conclusion: Groningen >= Amsterdam >= Belgrade >= Split (with tourists), and of course that I'm tall (but in the good way) in all the places. What do you think friends? That I have the true and in montenegro the people would be like Belgrade or finally in montenegro live the tallest people (for me now it's in Groningen)?
Herve said on 26/Dec/08
Also I don't think there are two women 210 cm tall in Serbia whose name is Zorana...
Herve said on 24/Dec/08
Zorana, I read an article about you in Kurir : Zenski Divac. That's the way I know you. My name is Herv
zorana said on 22/Dec/08
What is your name?How you now for me i havent team and i am not at the euro basket
Herve said on 20/Dec/08
Hello ! What's about my friend Mario, I asked him to give us his own testimony of a 204 cm tall man living in Split... what he did. By the way, he recently married a girl from Split whose brother is... 208 cm tall !
Regarding your question, gfab (what's your real name ?), the statistics show that difference of height between men and women is about 14 cm. As a matter of fact, in Split, young men are 185 cm tall and young women, 171. I think that anthropometry usually joins psychology or, if you prefer, psychology joins anthropometry within the human couples. It's a fact that women prefer men taller than themselves and men, women smaller. So does it " nature " or what people call such. Here are for illustration some parental heights of a dozen of Croats tall 210 cm and more (I asked them myself). One can see the difference is also respected among tall people : 195/180, 196/176, 200/180, 190/185, 203/170, 198/177, 198/185, 193/173, 192/184, 202/178, 187/183, 196/186... Bye !
gfab said on 19/Dec/08
Herve, you know everyone tall overthere, eh eh. I have another question for you. I read a psycology research claiming that the "ideal" difference in height between a man and a woman should be 14cm, in order to have the better chances for a happy life together. I suspect this research is real rubbish: looking at the statistics, I observed that if we fix a population (whichever population) and consider males and females, then the difference in height is 13-15cm. So I think it is quite erroneous invoking psychology when the simple statistics is enough to explain which is the most frequent difference in height that occurs when an adult male meet an adult female! I wrote too much and probably the topic is not interesting, anyway I asked for having a comment from you, Herve. Bye!
Herve said on 19/Dec/08
Mario is one of my Croatian friends...
Herve said on 19/Dec/08
Yes, I'll still go on with Dalmatia and Herzegovina, the only two regions (sorry) in Europe where stats are incredible. Every year, I get more and more data and that's really " funny " for me. Moreover, I expect that in the future Dalmatians and Herzegovinians will be much taller than Dutchmen even. That's a real challenge to follow !
gfab said on 18/Dec/08
Yes, Herve, I suspected my way is too rough. it has this advantage: it is really fast (good for me: I have little amount of time). Herve, after publishing your results, will you continue with your statistics in Dalmatia, or do you plan to study some other areas?
Herve said on 18/Dec/08
Hey gfab ! Nice to hear you. Your way of taking stats is not really scientific, but shows anyway that people in this area are tall. That's not surprising as most of them are from " Yugoslavian " descent, are not they (Nova Gorizia was Nova Gorica, etc.) ? If you really want to get true stats, you must do like me : contact sports' teachers and ask them to give you their pupils' heights (to get a good average, you need to take them in both classical and professionnal high schools). And if your study concerns boys 17 years old, you'll be able to add about 1,5 cm to the average you'll have found. That's a big, but sure work. Bye.
gfab said on 17/Dec/08
Hi friends. A little statistics. Herve, don't laugh, it is very rough :-) I picked a friend of mine, 188cm tall. I visited the three main towns in my area, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, north-east of Italy. The towns are Trieste, Udine, Gorizia (visited in this order). Walking around in the main squares, I compared my friend with other guys around. I wrote N (no) when my friend was equal to, or taller than the other guy, or in any dubious case. Otherwise (that is: when he was clearly shorter), I wrote S (si' = yes). That way in a few hours I got a good amount of data. I wrote 198 'S', out of 1260 comparisons. That means that about 15% of guys are 191 or more in this area (I think that I classified 189-190cm guys in the dubious/equal cases). I don't know how much this statistics is good/useful. Anyway this forum is the proper place where to put it. Bye.
Herve said on 8/Dec/08
This same Ivan Zaradic wrote me too regarding his village of Lovrec (only 2500 inhabitants) where lives also his friend Marijan Nikolic (209 cm, 1982) : " In my village there are many boys who are between 15-17 years old, and are 2 or more meters high ".
Herve said on 6/Dec/08
Hello friends. About height people in Zagreb again, one of my good friends, Ivan Zaradic (2,11 m, 1988), who is a Dalmatian living in the main town of Croatia, wrote me this yesterday : " People in Zagreb are unusually high, especially girls. I meet everyday people who are unusally high,and it is pleasant to see that you are not the only one who is so tall.
Most of those people are Dalmatian, here in zagreb because of work or college, so Dalmatians are, I think, the tallest in Croatia. People who meet me in the street guess that I'm from Dalmatia ".
Croat 1, is it good now for the other heights in your college ?
Herve said on 5/Dec/08
Croat 1, is it OK for the other heights in your school ?
Herve said on 4/Dec/08
No, sorry and it's only in Croatian...
gfab said on 2/Dec/08
hi friends, I had some problem posting. I hope now everything works. Herve, your articles will appear online?
croat 1 said on 29/Nov/08
I agree with you,btw.,I visited Paris last year and i noticed that French youngsters aren't small
Herve said on 28/Nov/08
Croat 1, no problem : I am 183 cm tall, more than the French average which must be today about 177-178 cm among youngsters. In southern Europe, we are a bit taller that Portugueses, Spaniards and Italians. In the south, people are smaller (mainly due to north-african and south-european immigration, that's what anthropologists say and what one can verify), while in the north and north-east, height notably increases (because of descendants of german Franks and Burgonds). But we are so far from Dinarics !
By the way, it's quite interesting that Dutch people seem to have almost finished growing up, when young Croatians are taller and taller. I think that in a few years, there will be a bigger difference between Dutch and Dalmatian people, for example, as this difference always existed in the past centuries (in 1865, the dutch average was only 165 cm and about 175-176 in Dalmatia and Herzegovina)... We'll see.
croat 1 said on 27/Nov/08
Herve,how tall are you ,if I may ask?What do you generally think of average height in France?
Herve said on 25/Nov/08
You'll also find another article about my researches regarding Croats 210 cm tall and more in " SUPER KOSARKA " of december 2008 too, but I think less interesting.
croat 1 said on 24/Nov/08
yeah,we were measured without shoes on.It's great that you will publish your studies in "Hrvatska ko
Herve said on 22/Nov/08
Thanks Croat 1. I hope too that the heights in your school are taken off without shoes ? For now on, we have 27 heights for an average of 182,70 cm, which means 184 at adult age. With the other schools, I think it could be between 182 and 184. Well, I did not think it would be this high in Osijek... If all my Croatian friends are interested, the newspaper " HRVATSKA KOSARKA " will publish in december an article about my studies... See you soon !
Herve said on 22/Nov/08
Thanks Croat 1. I hope too that the heights in your school are taken off without shoes ? For now on, we have 27 heights for an average of 182,70 cm, which means 184 at adult age. With the other schools, I think it could be between 182 a
croat 1 said on 21/Nov/08
Ok ,but I can get them next week.I think people are even a bit taller here than in Osijek cause when the war here ended,aproximetly 20 000 people from Bosnia moved as refugees to Sl.Brod and these people are even a bit taller than the locals in Sl.Brod.
Herve said on 21/Nov/08
Thanks and please give us the complete list of third class pupils when you get it from your teacher, OK ? What do you think of height people in Slavonski Brod ? Are they as tall as in Osijek ?
croat 1 said on 21/Nov/08
Herve,here is the list from around 20 other of my friends from highschool:186,182,195,184,192,177,193,188,181,185,178,191,180,183,175,168,180,177.(I asked my sport teacher to write down male heights from 2 other classes who are 3rd grade).btw,I don't live in the Osijek are bur in Sl.Brod
Herve said on 21/Nov/08
That's not enough ! To get an average, we'd need about 40 or 50 heights, not only 9. Maybe you could ask your sports' teacher that he gave you pupils' heights in other third classes of your high school... We can't conclude with only 9 men that height average in Osijek is 183,5 cm (182 cm at age 17, so 183,5 at adult age) ! Impossible ! We have to know too that many Slavonians are from dinaric descent, mainly in Osijek area. Let's take an example.
In this town, I have detected 4 men 210 cm tall or more : Ivan KROLO (2,16 m, 1983), Dino DOGAN (2,15 m, 1987), Danko BARISIC (2,12 m, 1985) and Davor PEJCINOVIC (2,11 m, 1971). Well, KROLO is from Dalmatian descent (his father is 202 cm tall), DOGAN, from Herzegovinian one (father 202 cm too), and I also believe that BARISIC comes from one of these regions. And the parents of another man 209 cm tall, Denis SUSAC (1970), are both from Herzegovina.
Maybe there will be " only " 3 or 4 cm of difference between Split's and Osijek's men (3-4 cm seems to me anyway a big difference), but without the Dinaric apport within the population of Osijek, it would be more.
croat 1 said on 19/Nov/08
SO this is the list of male heights in my class-9 males:176cm,178cm x 2,179cm, 181(me),183cm,184cm,186cm,192cm.And I'm going to gimnazija.Personally,I don't think there's more than 3-4 cm difference than in dalmatia.
Herve said on 18/Nov/08
OK Croat 1, I'm willing to believe you. I know that there are also tall people in Slavonia. But on the other side, all my friends from Slavonia, coaches, players and teachers are unanim to recognize that people are not as tall in Slavonia as in Dalmatia or Herzegovina. Are you in order to give us all the heights of boys in your class (I think it's third one = treci razred), from the smallest to the tallest ? And also precise if you are in high school (gimnazija) or professional school (strukovna skola), as pupils in the first one are usually taller ? The fact is that I also know 64 men from Dalmatia who are at least 210 cm tall and " only " 14 " from Slavonia, when Dalmatia has 845 000 inhabitants and Slavonia, 875 000.
I also don't think that Dutch people are 186 cm tall, even if they are really tall in the area of Groningen. But Groningen is not all Netherlands, as Dalmatia is not all Croatia...
anonnymous said on 18/Nov/08
croat 1, I agree with you regarding the Dutch. I posted while ago on general height section that I saw a group of over 50 Dutch tourists, which is pretty good sample size, and their average height for men was around 180cm, and 166-167cm for women. Also, if you check the average height of national football teams, that's pretty good sample size, the Dutch don't measure up with Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian national teams. On the other side, I do consider that people in Dalmatia, Herzegovina, and large parts of Montenegro are taller than rest of ex-Yugoslavians, but not by a lot. Probably around 2cm on average.
croat 1 said on 17/Nov/08
Listen people,I'm from Croatia(17 years old),precisely Slavonia(north region) and I'm 5
Herve said on 14/Nov/08
In my message of 3/Nov/08 about giants from Siroki Brijeg (Croatian Herzegovina), I forgot to mention still Josip Sakota (210 cm, 1987).
Herve said on 10/Nov/08
hey gfab, another information regarding your last question. Did you hear about Croatian super strong man Tomislav Lorber ? He's 205 cm, 135 kg, and challenges to beat some records from the Guinness Book. You can easily find some articles and youtubes showing his incredible strength on the net. Bye !
Herve said on 10/Nov/08
Are you Zorana Todorovic from Vrsac ? Well, I also know 130 Serbs 210 cm tall and more (and 1 woman, this Zorana).
zorana said on 9/Nov/08
Hello!Iam tall 210cm.Iam from Serbia
Herve said on 7/Nov/08
Hello ! I don't have anything about Dinarics' weight. But everybody recognizes that they are quite strong too and with excellent physical abilities. I read once that they were nicknamed, because of that, the " european Blacks ". For example, Ivan Radocaj, a Croatian wrestler who emigrated in Canada, was a huge man : 208 cm and 125 kg. But it seems that the strongest Croats live in Lika (between Dalmatia and Kvarner) : they are not too tall (180 cm on average), but very, very strong. That's what they say in Croatia. Bye !
gfab said on 5/Nov/08
Hi Herve. And thanks, of course! What about the rate height/weight for Dalmatians or Dinarics? Have you some statistics? I was impressed by their huge bodies: they're not only tall, they are thick bone men. Dutch are almost as tall as them, but they do not give the same impression of great strength, as Dalmatians do.
Herve said on 4/Nov/08
By the way, in the last football European championship, the tallest team was not Greece, but... Croatia ! And in the future, be ready to see more and more Croats at 2 m, as for example, the young goalkeeper from cadet team of Zagreb's Mladost, Ante Knezovic, 15 years old and 2 m tall...
Herve said on 4/Nov/08
Hi gfab. Thanks for having corrected the site of KK Siroki (you find the players' heights on the other site : Click Here then go on Bosnia). In Dubrovnik, the real height that I collected 4 years ago among 300 young men from the city is 184 cm tall, which means 1 cm less than in Split. In Albania and Kosovo, I have nothing, but sure they are not as tall as Dalmatians and Herzegovinians. Regarding Greeks, I asked 6-8 years ago to the Greek Ambassy in Paris last data about the height's average in Greece (for young men). They told me 176 cm. So, as you thought well, the Greek football team is not very representative of the national population. And the Greeks themselves are quite admirative, as they have the same religion, when they are asked if the Serbs are tall... Bye !
gfab said on 3/Nov/08
Herve, let me correct your link below: you put a comma that makes the link wrong. This should work (I mean, the link of the Siroki Brijeg basket team): friends, paste this link: Click Here
gfab said on 3/Nov/08
Hi Herve. I think your statistics beats each opponent of yours :-) Do you have some infos on the southern area, I mean the Dubrovnik area in Croatia, and then Albania, Kosovo and Greece? I remember the Greece football team as one of the tallest, maybe the tallest, in last european competition, with a lot of player taller than 190cm, but probably it was a choice of the coach, Rehhagel, to have very tall players, more than Greeks characteristic. Don't worry, of course, if you cannot be so precise as in the Dalmatian/Dinaric case. Just drop your impression on those people. Bye!
Herve said on 3/Nov/08
Again, if you click on the official site of basket-ball club Siroki from Siroki Brijeg (Croatian Herzegovina) : Click Here then go on " igraci ", click on n
Herve said on 30/Oct/08
American Marine about Split :
Herve said on 30/Oct/08
Hello gfab. Your question is quite opportune and I already asked myself where was this average for Croats of 180 cm taken off. The problem is that I don't know at all the average of Slavonians (180 cm seems to be much), maybe 178 or 179 cm. No real idea about that. But Slavonia is a well-populated region and you must not forget that Dalmatia has only 850 000 inhabitants. Sure the national average should suffer of that, even if Kvarner andn Istria have 18
gfab said on 28/Oct/08
thx Herve! I have the following question: on the web there are several statistics on Croats average height, and all of them give 180cm as average height. Now, this seems to me an underestimation: I visited Croatia many times, and, although in the north they are shorter, still north-Croats average height should be around 180cm (and you confirmed this figure), so if we add Dalmatians, the overall average height should be around 182cm (I guess). On the other hand statistics are often precise: what you find on the web about italian average height is accurate. So I do not understand where there is the mistake. Maybe I have a wrong perception on the average height in north Croatia, but I am not so convinced: Croats are clearly taller than Czechs, and Czechs average height is reported to be 180cm. So there is something to fix, about these statistics. What is your opinion? Bye!
Herve said on 25/Oct/08
Yes, the Illyrian descent of Dinaric people can be a good reason why there are tall. But not the only one, I think.
Herve said on 25/Oct/08
Among women, the tallest basket-ball player (after Polish Didek) is young Serbian Zorana Todorovic (2,10 m, 1989)...
Herve said on 25/Oct/08
For stats again, the tallest soccer players I know in a national first league are Croat Vanja Ivesa (205 cm, 1977, Rijeka) and Slovenian Nikola Drkusic (205 cm, 1975). Both are goal-keepers. Regarding rowing, you have in Makarska (Dalmatia) the young Frane Antunovic (207 cm, 1991), who's still growing up, and in Pula (also Croatia, but Istria), Darjan Saric (207 cm, 1988)...
Herve said on 25/Oct/08
About soccer in Dalmatia, if you connect to Click Here (football club of Sibenik), click on " moncad " (team), then " igraci " (players). Here are the heights of the Croatian players (without stranger ones, Cameron, Bosniaks, Albaneses) : 172, 175 (but 16 years old), 179 (2), 180 (2), 181, 182 (2), 183 (2), 184, 186 (2), 187, 188, 189 (2), 191 (5), 193, 201...
Herve said on 25/Oct/08
" Gbaf ", if you take an average in Italy, France or Dinaric Alps within an important number of students, you'll notice in fact that even you can find short Dalmatian guys for example (under 170 cm), you'll find a bigger number of short Italians or French, not only taller number but also smaller guys. So, for getting a right average, you need more than 20 guys. After only, you'll be in order to know how many are this tall among 20 Italian, French and Dalmatian students. That's why I can affirm that on average, among 40 Dalmatians, 10 are 190 cm and more, 4 are 195 and more and 1 is 2 m and more. These are real stats. But you could find a Dalmatian class of 20 students with nobody under 180 cm and another one with some (very rare anyway) under 170 cm. We need hundred and hundred heights to get that. That's what I got. If you have any other question else, don't hesitate.
gfab said on 25/Oct/08
Thank you again! Another question/remark: I looked at your statistics below. What seems to me is that the difference is made by tallest people. I explain: pick up 20 italian or french students and pick up 20 dinaric students. The shortest ones could be more or less the same in the two groups. But the dinaric group have more variation inside: for instance, the two groups can start from the shortest guys at 174cm, but then italian/french reach 186cm at the most, whilst the dinaric group could arrive to 210cm! Is this correct?
anonnymous said on 24/Oct/08
Croats, Serbs, Bosniacs, and Montenegrians of regions in Dalmatia, Herzegovina, and Montenegro are mostly Illiarans by origin. Rest of ex-Yugoslavians are more Slavic by origin. It may be that Illirians were rather tall people. Ex-Yugoslavians percentage wise have more Illirian than Slavic blood even though they speak Slavic language. Illirians lived in Balkans before Slavs and Avars came. That may explain. Also, Dalmatians and Herzegovinias have darker hair and skin than rest of Ex-Yugoslavians. Population of ex-Yugoslavia is mixture of Illirian, Slavic, Avar, and other people that camo to Balkans through the past. Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian football (soccer) national teams average 185cm, and are three tallest teams. One of the best world football players Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is 193cm tall is also Bosnian but plays for Sweden.
Herve said on 24/Oct/08
Dalmatia is not the only " Island of tall people " in this region. As I told you, Croats and Serbs of Herzegovina are as tall, even taller for the second ones (region of Trebinje). The well-known place of Medjugorje is the land of Herzegovinian Croats who look like their brothers from Dalmatia (same nation divided in two different countries). In fact, in the north (Slavonia) and west (Istria and Kvarner) of Croatia, people are smaller, which doesn't mean small (180 cm in Pula or Rijeka equals Germans and other Scandinavians, except Dutch, of course). But usually, when you meet tall guys (2 meters and more) in these areas, you can be sure at 90% that they are originally either from Dalmatia or Herzegovina. It's also the case in Zagreb, where the height average has significally grown up since the arrivals of tall Dalmatians and Herzegovinians. Plenty of them also went in the USA, south of America and Africa, New-Zealand and Europe (for example, the parents of one of the best " German " centers, Robert Maras, 216 cm, are from Dalmatia and Herzegovina). Same remark in Belgrade (Serbia) : young men are 184-185 cm tall (not far from Split), due to the immigration of Serbs from Herzegovina, Montenegro or Zlatibor (south west of Serbia). That's all for today.
Herve said on 24/Oct/08
The Dinaric people themselves (Dalmatians, Herzegovinians and Montenegrins) can't give you any sure information about their tremendous height. Maybe it's due to the so pure water from the Dinaric Alps which contains the largest quantity of mineral salts in the world. Maybe there is another reason. But the fact is that we can find since the Middle Ages some accounts of stranger people visiting these regions in support of the impressive height of their inhabitants. In Italy, you have for example Don Alberto Fortis, in France we have Don Andr
gfab said on 23/Oct/08
thank you, Herve: you entered this list and gave us a mine of informations! What is amazing about Dalmatians is that they are surrounded by not so tall people. Slovenian, Hungarian, Greek, Albanians, Croatian of the north and so on, are of ordinary height (I checked out: (a) I am not short there (b) two meter guys, who are so common in Dalmatia, become very rare in other areas): so Dalmatia seems an "island" of tall people. Have you some explanation for this height peak in that area?
Herve said on 23/Oct/08
I mistaked : " Anonymous " is Herve...
Herve said on 23/Oct/08
Something I forgot as it's about guitarist from Croatian descent Krist Novoselic (200 cm) on this forum. Sure he's not the tallest one in the world. In the city of Stolac (Croatian part of Bosnia and Herzegovina) plays a taller guitarist (39 years old) than him. His name is Mladen Papac : he's 209 cm (his sister Vesna : 190) ! Best regards.
Anonymous said on 23/Oct/08
Hey, gfab ! Happy I gave you some informations about tall people from Dalmatia. I am also 183 cm and when I went in Split, I felt almost ridiculous. One of my Croatian friend who's 2 meters tall even told me that (exagerating a little) he was sometimes like a draf at home... What about French people, let me tell you that. If the people in south are so small, it's because for a big part of large immigration in this region since a century of " latin " people (mostly Italian and Spaniards) or Maghrebin ones. Just look at their names : few are really French ones (like Greek-Hungarian-Jewish Sarkozy...). I agree that originally French are not tall (anyway a little much than our Italian and Spaniard friends), but in some areas (as in the north ), they are taller (178-179 cm). Soon I'll be also able to give you stats for the town of Drnis, which is regarded by Dalmatians themselves as the one where people are the tallest (I think 186-187 cm on average). By the way, former NBA player Stojko Vrankovic (217 cm) was born in Drnis (father 2 m, mother 180), and future one Ante Tomic (215 cm), like " Splicanin " Marko Krecak (218 cm) both are originally from this area... Of course, with 183 cm in Split, you are under the average (185), that means effectively that more that 50% of young men are taller than you... and I... See you soon !
Herve said on 23/Oct/08
Croatia's prime minister, Ivo Sanader, native of Split, is 195 ; Split's municipal assembly president, Zeljko Jerkov, is 208...
gfab said on 22/Oct/08
Hey Herve, great! Essentially you confirm all my remarks below in this list. I did *very* little statistics in comparison with you, just visited Croatia several times. I noticed an incredible increase in height from Sibenik southwards, and in that area at 183cm I see the most of guys towering me. In the north of Croatia (Reijka, Zagreb) people are not so tall, they are more or less as in my area (north-east Italy). On the other hand, I had a similar perception (of being short) in Holland, but to smaller degree than in Split/Sibenik/Dubrovnik. I visited Split three times and I am sure that much more than 50% male population is taller than me. Anyway, Herve, thank you a lot for your infos, keep going on! Just a last remark on your citations: croatian girls are very beautiful, yes, but of the tall & thick type. North-Italian girls are shorter but definitely have a better shape. ps: pardon my chauvinism :-)
Lord_Sauron said on 22/Oct/08
No, I appreciate your work, I just say that average height in Croatia is not the same as in Dalmatia. Forgive me if you understood something other, it may be because of my not very good english, keep up your work.
Herve said on 21/Oct/08
Another citation for Split tall people :
Herve said on 19/Oct/08
Yes, but Rijeka, as you know better than me, is not in Dalmatia. There the average is about 180 cm, which is tall anyway, but not as much as in Dalmatia or Herzegovina. From my own, I make these stats since several years, have thousands of boys' and girls' heights, keep in touch with more than 100 sport teachers all around Dalmatia, Herzegovina and Montenegro, so, please, I can easily proove what I say. Best regards.
Lord_Sauron said on 19/Oct/08
I am from Rijeka, and I am half-Dalmatian, I am not from Slavonia.
Herve said on 19/Oct/08
Some citations of tourists visiting Dalmatia :
Herve said on 18/Oct/08
You have to distinguish in Croatia the north region (Slavonia), where people are shorter, and the south one (Dalmatia), where they are much bigger. In Herzegovina (south part of Bosnia), live also huge Croats. Well, according to height statistics, when you are 15.5 or 16 years old, you still grow up in average 3 or 4 cm more. That means in Lord Sauron's class, the adult average will be 180 - 181 cm. But sure this is not an average from Dalmatia or Herzegovina. By the way, I never said the average in these regions was 190 cm ! It's 185 ! I just showed you that if you intend to have a real average among young pupils, you need to get in in all the schools of such or such town. Thus, in the one of Ljubuski (Herzegovina) this year, 24 young Croats (17 years old) from the " Gimnazija " are 186,79 cm tall, so 188 cm later (174:1 ; 175:2 ; 177:1 ; 178:1 ; 180:2 ; 183:3 ; 185:1 ; 186:2 ; 188:1 ; 189:1 ; 190:1 ; 192:2 ; 193:1 ; 195:3 ; 198:1 ; 211:1), while in the " Srednja Strukovna Skola ", it's " only " 181,35 cm = 183 cm later, for 34 pupils (163:1 ; 170:1 ; 171:1 ; 173:1 ; 175:2 ; 176:2 ; 177:1 ; 178:2 ; 179:2 ; 180:2 ; 181:2 ; 182:1 ; 183:3 ; 184:3 ; 186:1 ; 187:3 ; 189:2 ; 190:1 ; 191:1 ; 192:1 ; 193:1). But the average in both the schools is 183,60, 185 cm at adult age, as I said before. The girls have 171 cm... If you don't believe me, please take a ticket plane for Mostar (or Split) and verify these stats in the schools themselves...
ozzy osborne said on 18/Oct/08
wow thats way taller than i thought he was i was way off
Lord_Sauron said on 18/Oct/08
Hi, I live in Croatia and I am between 181 and 183 cm, and I am 16 years old. People don't consider me to be tall, but most of the pupils in my high school are my height or shorter, althrough I am pretty strong built so I sometimes look shorter, so 190 cm height average in Croatia is just absurd, there are probably few tall classes, but as the average height I would tell 183-5 max. Btw, male heights in my class (all 16 or 15.5 years old) are: 160, 161, 172, 173, 173, 176, 176, 176, 177, 179, 180, 180, 182 (me), 186, 186, 187, 187 at tallest. Average height in my class is 177,12 cm. Probably, some of us will grow-up but not over the average height of 180.
anonnymous said on 17/Oct/08
Herve, you have to now that Dalmatia and Herzegovina are not countries but regions of Croatia, and Bosnia, respectively. The averages of Bosnia and Croatia as a whole countries are little lower, probably 181-182cm for youngsters. Serbia, Slovenia and Montenegro should be added too. In ex-Yugoslavia 174cm for men is definitely short, especially for younger generations. I don't think Dutch are much taller, if any than Yugoslavians.
Herve said on 16/Oct/08
I told you two days ago we have to be prudent when it's about getting a height average among a population of pupils or students. In fact, the most intellectual persons are usually the tallest (in France, we have several centimeters of difference between engineers and workers, as everywhere I think). So, if you want to get someting coherent, you have to get statistics in each " high school ". Let me give you one more example. Four years ago, I could obtain these phenomenal stats from a high school of Sinj (above Split, again in Dalmatia) regarding 30 pupils. This time, the average reached 188,53 cm (!), so 190 cm definitely ! Look at that : 177:1 ; 181:1 ; 182:5 ; 184:2 ; 185:2 ; 186:1 ; 188:2 ; 190:2 ; 191:5 ; 192:2 ; 193:3 ; 195:1 ; 197:1 ; 198:1 ; 200:1... Is there another school on earth where you could get such stats ? So, please, even if in Groningen people are quite tall, one must give stats which cover the whole young population, and not such or such school...
Herve said on 15/Oct/08
When I wrote in my last comment : " all more or less 186 cm tall, even more (Montenegro) ", I made a mistake adding " Montenegro ". This very day, I also got some stats in Split among 43 young men (17 years old) : the height average is 183,53, which means 185 at the end of their growth. Here are the stats : 172:2 ; 174:1 ; 175:3 ; 177:3 ; 178:4 ; 179:1 ; 180:4 ; 182:3 ; 183:2 ; 184:4 ; 185:2 ; 187:2 ; 188:2 ; 189:1 ; 190:1 ; 191:1 ; 193:2 ; 194:1 ; 195:1 ; 196:2 ; 202:1. If you want to have a little idea of the incredible stature of Croats from Split (and also from Herzegovina), you have to consider that 1 young man about 4 is 1,90 m tall, 1 about 10 is 1,95 m and 1 about 50 is 2 m ! Same thing in a town like Belgrade (Serbia). But in Drnis, Trebinje or Niksic, it's still more impressive ! I'll show you that later...
Herve said on 14/Oct/08
I am French and make statistics about human height in the Dinaric Alps for 10 years. I don't have yet published my results, because I need some more years of investigation. What I can say now is that we have to be prudent when the average is to be known. For example, three years ago, I got these following data from a high school in Sibenik (Dalmatia) regarding 40 young men 17 years old (which means they must still reach about 1,5 cm). Their average was 187 cm tall, so 188,5 - 189 at the end of their growth ! Here are the individual stats : 174 cm:1 (pupil) ; 177:1 ; 178:2 ; 180:4 ; 182:3 ; 183:3 ; 185:5 ; 186:2 ; 187:1 ; 189:1 ; 190:6 ; 191:2 ; 192:2 ; 193:2 ; 194:1 ; 195:2 ; 197:1 ; 210:1 (Hrvoje Govic, now 212)... But the average of young men in Sibenik is not 188 neither 189, but 185 (like in Split). The tallest people in this whole region live in Drnis (Dalmatia), Trebinje (Herzegovina) and Niksic (Montenegro), all more or less 186 cm tall, even more (Montenegro). These are true scientific statistics.
Bowser said on 7/Oct/08
I'm Croatian, and I clock in at 183cm, all of my cousins are above 185cm, and I'd say that we have some of the world's tallest men. And the average Dutch height is NOT 1.88, that's ridiculous, that's way too tall to be an average height. How come Dutch women trail behind so much then? When I went to Amsterdam I didn't feel "out of place" with my height, I wasn't particularly tall, but definitely not short...
ARC said on 16/Sep/08
Man, the dutch are the tallest, its clear, my height is 2.01 or 6,7 - 6,8, but im tall in the netherlands, the average is in the north around 1.88, in the south where i live its around 1.82 so theres a difference.
Shikoku said on 7/Sep/08
181 in the netherlands is really short for a fullgrown man between 18-25 I really dont get where they got those numbers from but i can assure you that if you'll come to the netherlands at 181 cm you will feel far from average
gfab said on 25/Jul/08
hey friends, check this link:
Click Here
(you should cancel blank spaces above, if any)
I do not understand. It seems an underestimation of Dutch height. Is it possible that a statistics that encompasses oldest generations pulls down so much the average height of the youngest?
annonymous said on 20/Jul/08
Finally who REGION has the tallest population, South of Croatia or Friesland-Groningen?Have Anybody been in both regions?
cool said on 16/Jun/08
6' 7'' is really tall. its like almost 7 foot! people think dave grohl is taller then him dave is only 6'
croatian said on 4/Jun/08
avg_or_short says on 3/Apr/08
Hi everybody,
I am a 171 cm tall male (a little over 5'7"). I am 25 year old. Do you think it is short for a man in Crotia and Netherlands?
How would i feel if I were in Crotia or Holland?
And how would be the people's perception about me? Would it be considered normal?

Waiting for your comments for both Netherlands and Crotia...
--Well I don't think you would feel much different than in your home country,I'm 6ft.1 and I consider myself average here,but there are also many people who range from 5.7-5.10
Dubios said on 30/May/08
@shikoku Do you have proof of your statements, some links to academic papers perhaps?
Dennis said on 30/May/08
Dave Grohl mentions his height as 6 foot 8 in a concert.
dude said on 4/May/08
avg_or_short -you would definitely be short , in my class shortest male is 174 and we are always teasing him
nate said on 26/Apr/08
sometimes i think it would be kinda cool to be that tall. does anyone agree?
Charlie said on 13/Apr/08
Krist is 6 ft 7 1/2. Dave said in an interview
Shikoku said on 10/Apr/08
@ dalmatia, i dont see how they got to those numbers the dutch aerage for young men is actually around 185.5-186.5 somewhere in that region under 18-20 year old men, those numbers are clearly incomplete and not done through the whole country, and also the tallest young men come from groningen and friesland (northern of the netherlands) who average on 188-190.and also the dinaric alphs is not a country nor are is in that study even said that they een did research in the netherlands only in the dinaric alphs..

@ average or short: in your agegroup you would average with most women your age so you would be considerd short
Leung said on 7/Apr/08
I have heard that 5
Dalmatia said on 5/Apr/08
Click Here

Read it and weep Dutch guys hehehe. Official measurments don't lie. Dalmatians are the tallest ;-D (**Dinaric Alps - stretch of mountains on the west coast of Balkan Peninsula)
Anonymous said on 5/Apr/08
@ avg_or_short: i live in the netherlands in amsterdam, and i am 1,82 i am considerd average or shortish so you definately will be considered short but dutch people don't really care that much for height like myself i never really noticed height difference untill my friends called me shorty. But i have some friends that are about your height and it's totally normal.
avg_or_short said on 3/Apr/08
Hi everybody,
I am a 171 cm tall male (a little over 5'7"). I am 25 year old. Do you think it is short for a man in Crotia and Netherlands?
How would i feel if I were in Crotia or Holland?
And how would be the people's perception about me? Would it be considered normal?

Waiting for your comments for both Netherlands and Crotia...
mex said on 25/Mar/08
somebody knows wheres krist now??
i never tought that dave was a dick, anyway... i never liked too much
a few weeks ago i've read that he said that "he was so important like kurt"
gfab said on 22/Mar/08
shikoku, the comparison is not between Holland and Croatia, it concerns a certain large Balkan area (south Croatia, Montenegro and a part of Bosnia-Herzegovina). I understood from other in this list that in that area live the tallest people in Europe. I was skeptical, but as far as I could verified, I confirm that in southern Croatia male people average about 190cm. If you don't trust what you find in this list, please go to Split, or Sibenik, or Trogir (wonderful little town) and you'll get convinced.
shikoku said on 17/Mar/08
Well, 6'2 is not more then low average in frysland-groningen the nrothern of the netherlands the aevrage 18 year old is there between 188-190, i myself am 15 and 186 cm tall here in the north i feel short next to 18 year olds but if i travel down all the way south to limburg i feel actually tall where the averaga would be 183-184 in amsterdam it would be around 185, i dont beleive all the serbia and montenegro extreme tallness claims, people tend to overestimate those guys a lot. beleive me i have been on holiday around the coast in croatia and the younger guys around their dont quite measure up w ith theyoung dutch guys. i see a lot of claims of 'yes we are taller than the dutch' but they all seem to lack evidence...
gfab said on 11/Mar/08
Hi friends. Another short report. I was in the south of France last week-end. They are really short, over there (but my statistics is not so faithful: just one day and a half). Anyway, the difference with my last trip (south Croatia) seems impressive: is it possible that the difference between the two mentioned areas is 15cm, probably more: about 188-190cm are average south-Croats; about 171-173cm seem to be the south French people. Some French friend around, to confirm or rectify my statement? How is the height distribution in France, according to the various areas? All the best.
Montenegro said on 9/Mar/08
Average height of Montenegrins is 6'2 (188cm) and we are the tallest nation on Earth :)
mm said on 3/Mar/08
I can say, that croatians are really tall. I'm 185cm which is better than average in my country (czech republic), but in some parts of croatia I felt almost dwarfish.. there are realy lot of people over 190cm.
Austrian said on 18/Feb/08
@moke: ahahahaha, youre a funny ****er

@michael: Charisteas is 191 cm, no more

@orjan betil: another useless comment :)
Moke said on 17/Feb/08
In Switzerland the average height of young people is about 192cm. I`m 207cm.
Michael said on 13/Feb/08
I'm Greek. I'm around 183 - 185cm an i don't consider myself tall at all. I wouldn't say the Greeks are a tall nation but i was extremely surprised to see how tall some of the players were in the National Greek soccer an BasketBall team. Charisteas apparently is 198cm tall, but then again he grew up in Germany most of his life so maybe the diet or region plays are role in height.

I know quite a few Yougoslav's an it's amazing how there entire race isn't uniformally tall. When i see people from Skopje they are I'd say pretty short, they hit 170's - 180's i reckon but as you raise the scale an go further North an look at the Northern region of Bosnia an certain sections of Serbia an Croatia, It's just scary an really amazing seeing such tall heights. Most i know are easily in the 190' an 2 meters +.
I think the region an diet of certain ethnic backgrounds play a major role on how tall they become as a nation. This has been evidenced by the Japanese an Indians. Once a very short race but now in our days i see some of them hitting 185 - 190.
What do you reckon?
said on 4/Feb/08
in sweden is it normal with beeing 2 meters tall lot of people is 2 meters here :P
Metalmaniac said on 21/Jan/08
Novoselic told me he is 6-7 and 185 pounds.
6footkate said on 23/Dec/07
i actually thought he would be bigger but maybe im just used to guys that big considering i have and dad that big and an uncle close to it
glenn said on 10/Dec/07
i met nirvana members may times.grohl was a dick in the late 90s.lightened up now.krist was always the nicest in the band.
nate said on 10/Dec/07
just out of curiosity glenn, what kind of guy was krist when u met him?
Austrian said on 3/Dec/07
many croatians around here eh? lol
croatian dude said on 29/Nov/07
i am from north of croatia and there, people are shorter than on the south,i am 1.88 (6.2) my best friends are like-1.80,1.85,1.90,1.91 and 1.95
when i am in zadar ,split or
gfab said on 25/Nov/07
Evlekis, a question: did you go to Trebnje in Slovenja or Trebinje Bosnia-Herzegovina? they are spelled almost the same. If you went to Slovenia, then no contradiction with you being tallish there, since the "giant town" seems to be the Bosnian Trebinje. Anyway I tend to think as you: internet statitistics are not so precise, and as Glenn remarked the distinction based on countries seems rough. For instance here in Italy, if you go in the south, at 182cm you are tall, for sure. But in the north-east you'll feel short.
Best regards, friends.
peli said on 24/Nov/07
krist is taller than charles barkley, thats for sure
Evlekis said on 23/Nov/07
I've always been interested in this subject but sadly, I can only ascribe to original research (ie. the times I've taken notice). I was born in the UK, my parents are from the former Yugoslavia, and I stand at 1,82cm (a little over 5'11"). The Dinaric Alps male average I see is placed at 185.6cm, for Holland it rises at most to 1,84cm, as for the UK, it is about 180cm. This should make me above average here, however, I feel short; or more precisely, I permanently feel "just below male average" but it seems that 90% of the men are "that little bit" taller, they probably start from 1,87 here. I find the Dutch are permanently taller than I am, with every contact involving a Dutchman, I've been shorter. So how can the British average be 1,80 when barely 5% of brits are below 180? How can Dutch only be 1,84? As for Dinaric Alps, I've seen a few biggins but even there - I am taller than well over 70% of young for old ones, I am sorry to say that I have never met a person over the age of 70 even the same height as me, and that is in the Dinaric regions, even Trebine which is so-called renouned. Can anyone explain why? Surely I cannot be "going out on the wrong day"
gfab said on 10/Nov/07
Hi everyone. I have just returned from my (anticipated) Croatian tour (the coast). Had spare time and checked (above all, let me say, the girls :-) Now the height report. Well friends, my basis was near Zadar and moved southward and northward. In the North (Rijeka, for instance) my height (6'0 or 183cm) is above the average, there are a lot of short men. I'm still average in Zadar. From Sibenic southwards there is an incredible increase in height. Some of you knows why? I noticed the difference at a car fuel station in Sibenic. About 10 men, ALL of them a lot taller than me. From Sibenic to Split I found with great frequence guys much taller than me (sure around 190cm or above: 50% men are so in that area), and so Croat's statistics below in this list is absolutely confirmed by my experience. I speak with a 6'3 boy, and he told me that Montenegro people are even taller than in Split. It's difficult to trust him: if so, Montenegrins should average above 6'3, that's seem too much indeed. All in all, in the south of Croatia people seem to be taller than in Holland. Still a question remains: which is average height all over Croatia? In the North seems to be 180cm at the most. In the south I'd say about 190cm. That's just my experience of 7 croatian days.
All the best.
Anonymous said on 25/Oct/07
My father's father side is from the mountains of Herzegovina. My dad is 6'0.5" and he is the shortest in all his family. His cousins are like 6'7"-6'8". In Belgrade you will see so many girls at 6'1" and guys over 6'5".
boris said on 15/Oct/07
In former Yugoslavia, the endemic (original) region with extremely tall people is along the Dinaric Alps. However, due to massive migrations from this poor region to the coast (Dalmatia in Croatia), inner land (mainland Croatia and Serbia), one can't simply draw a line anymore. If one strolls down the streets of Belgrade, Zagreb or Split, he/she can easily see that people are very tall on average and there are many taller than 195cm... I grew up in Belgrade and with 179cm was the third shortest guy in the class among 19 men - I am below average, for sure. Remembering the aforementioned Croatia, they are very tall as well.
Montenegro (with its Montenegrins, Serbs and/or Montenegrin Serbs, whatever one feels like) is fully along the Dinaric "line" - thus their average height was at the Yugoslav top.
Finally, the improved living conditions (including the ever-popular team sports) in the Balkans have led to a very obvious increase in average height across the region.
gfab said on 5/Oct/07
hey Glenn, really detailed statistics, in your message! Keep us informed. Thanks Croat, too, of course. Next December I should return in Split, and that time I'll pay particular attention on height, more than in the past. Then I'll drop some comments here. Have nice days, my friends :-)
glenn2007 said on 29/Sep/07
yes,croats and especially montenegrins are among te difficult to determine who are the tallest nation,for that we shoul measure the whole population of each mentioned countries and it isnt possible. the places with tallest poultion are former jugoslavia,scandinavia including iceland,holland,baltic states,some areas in czech republic and poland ,some villages in scotland and some african tribes in sudan and rwanda.
in my opinion norwegians are the tallest in scandinavia. as for baltic states -estonia posses some of the tallest population in the world,even taller than scandinavians,but as the result of mixture with significantly shorter russians and ukrainians their population became a bit shorter,same with latvians. lithuania has some of the talles men in planet and their avarage population is very tall,especially in city of kaunas. it is also one of the strongest and influential countries in world basketball,dispite being a country of just 3 milion people.giants like sabonis(2.20m) ,ilgauskas(2.18) and many others came out from there. they also poses some of the physically strongesst men in planet,and although their football team ranked 80th in the world the avarage height in their squard is about 186 which is tallest even then croatian and serbian soccer teams.virgilius alekna ,three times world cempion on disk trowing is more than 2 metrs tall.
in former jugoslav republic serbes and montenegrins are the talles followed by croats which look more europeanthen serbs,many of which have middaritanian appearance.slovenians are shortest and most maybe most fair population of former jugoslav republics,maybe of strong german influence.
some czechs and poles are also very tall but it depend on the area they live.for example in the border with ukraine live shortest poles,in the north where is the border with germany and lithuania population becomes taller. in croatia tallest people live in split,in holland in the north. icelanders are as tall as norrwegians,danish are the shortest in scandinavia.
romanians ,hungarians and some ukranians and russians are comperatively shorter then above mentioned nationalities. scotts are the taallest in britain,good and open hearted people. flamandic belgians are almost as tall as dutch but the french spaking population decreases there avarage. tallest spaniards living in the area near madrid and some ara in the north. tallest titalians are in the north where mixed german population is high.
friends ,it is the picture i have collected by travalling more then a decade across the eurobe
Croat said on 28/Sep/07
Hey, I'm back. I have been researching human height, for some time, and I obviously know more than any of you. The tallest people in Europe are from the dinaric alps, go research it. Dinaric alps is basically Yugoslavia. They're a bit over 185cm, on average. Dalmatians, (From Dalmatia, Croatia. Croatia's biggest province.) are also 185cm. In some Croatian cities, such as Sibenik, Croats are 188cm on average.

Key words to remember: yugoslavia, croatia, serbia, montenegro, dinaric alps, etc.

Look at the Croatian tennisplayer: Ancic and Cilic 6'5'', Ivanisevic and Ljubicic 6'4'', and the tallest tennisplayer ever, Karlovic at 6'10''. In soccer, Zigic and Kalac are the tallest. Serb and Croat, 6'7''. In the NBA, Slavko Vranes is 7'6''. While Yugoslavia doesn't only have giants in the nba, we're all aware of the many Yugoslav centers that have played in the NBA. Croatia and Serbia are also the best countries in waterpolo and handball, and their players are known for being tall. The random Croat is tall, Visnjic 6'4'', Tesla 6'6''.

Etc. Etc.
glenn2007 said on 26/Sep/07
important note friends!! you have almost forgot Lithuanians from Baltics,they are also among the tallest in the world and from my impression from visiting this small baltic country they are also extremely beautiful people. country of basketball
gfab said on 17/Sep/07
... your objection is right. I was not precise, in my previous mail I wrote "I feel average" as synonimous of "I do not feel short", which is different. As to Croatia and Holland: I felt short in Split and in general in the south area, but not all over Croatia. On average, I'm not short in Croatia. But In Holland I felt short everywhere I went. Of course I speak just on my experience, I am not a height statistic office :-) bye
Austrian said on 13/Sep/07
as far as i can tell Hungarians are pretty much average in height... neither tall nor short

im like 1/8 Hungarian myself actually
henrih said on 12/Sep/07
are hungarians tall?they are much shorter then slavs though
gfab said on 4/Sep/07
When you see on the web statistic on Croats height you see that they are 1.80 average. If in some area (Split, Dubrovnik) average is about 1.86, that does not mean that all over Croatia the average height is so. Dutch people are taller than Croats, since they are uniformly very tall, all over Holland. I am 1.83 and I feel average in my area and so I feel in Slovenija, Croatia, Hungary and Germany. Croatia have a lot of giants and a lot of short people. But some time ago I went to Holland and there is some difference there: I felt short, much more than 50% males were taller than me.
shiko said on 18/Aug/07
15% of the dutch population is immigrant.. i have never been to croatia so i cant judge about that country. but the average height in northern of the netherlands is higher then in the south an average guy 18 years old would be 188-190 in the north while only 183-185 in the south that is the thing what compensates it not the immigrants because a lot of studys about height are measured on college students and the amount of immigrants in the netherlands who go to college is beneath 1%
Austrian said on 12/Aug/07
see you just have no clue

"Croatians are nothing big" HAHA proof you cant know many croats

"ill believe what the data says" WHAT data? plz

dont you get it? there IS no reliable scientific data about the average height in different countries
Matt Thomas said on 12/Aug/07
I never said it was proof that the dutch are the tallest in the world but something like that would never happen in england or the US. Croations are nothing big and ill believe what the data says. Call me ignorant or an idiot if you wish. :)
Austrian said on 11/Aug/07
lmao how am i a fanboy?

most people here cant even stand Croats cause they come to Austria in loads as immigrants

i dont mind them, im just able to recognize the fact they are very tall by average (and since many of them live here, i can tell)

so your father went into a restaurant once and met 3 tall guys..... wow.. must mean dutch people are tall, definately, so this proves it all..... ahahaha


PS ive been in Holland too, but im pretty sure you havent been to Germany, Austria, Croatia, or Norway - and even if you have, it doesnt really mean much
Matt Thomas said on 10/Aug/07
Actually im from England currently residing in the us though im not a fanboy like you are trust me the dutch are giants... Ive been there and i remember in one resturaunt my father whos 6'4 was towered by atleast three guys 6'6-6'8 maybe that was a one time thing but still anyways its obvious your a croation fanboy whilst im unbiased I seem to remember also awhile back another croation said croat was full of crap
S.J said on 5/Aug/07
does anyone know how tall his father mother and Brother are?
S.J said on 4/Aug/07
yeah i saw somewhere on those statistics that Netherlands was the tallest ppl in the world but something with Alps was like 2 cm taller why arent they the tallest in the World i live in the netherlands and there are allot of tall young people here but not everyone is tall its just statistics and netherlands gets all the credit but there are tribes in africa were they look like they are 6foot10

And about the 15 million ppl Most of them are not Dutch its a Small country with a Big Population
Austrian said on 29/Jul/07
statistics LOL

are you stupid? or didnt you read what i said?

statistics regarding average height dont really mean much since theres no worldwide standard for it or anything

so all statistics are very vague cause they are based on various very different regional measurment methods and other things

as i already said, in the Netherlands they only measured men around a certain age, which of course results in a different average height than when you measure men from all ages

do you understand this now or is it still too hard for you to get?

and as Croat already pointed out, Croatians are the tallest people in Europe

and hes right, thats basicly a fact

which again means dutch people cant be the tallest of the world, cause last time i checked they still lived in Europe

maybe youre just upset cause youre from Holland yourself?

and who knows, maybe Croatia wasnt included cause its just a small country with a few mio inhabitants, while theres around 15 mio people in the Netherlands

maybe in those 'statistics' they only counted nations with more than 10 mio inhabitants?

well so much for your statistics, maybe you realize now why all that stuff is pretty vague.... and if you still buy into it, sorry but then youre stupid... or lets say naive and narrow-minded :)
Matt Thomas said on 28/Jul/07
Austrian the statistics say the dutch are the tallest in the world... and until you can prove otherwise good luck being believed
Austrian said on 26/Jul/07
by the way Croat is right, the claim that dutch people are the tallest of the world is laughable

croatians and serbians are definately the tallest people in europe without competition, and i wouldnt even say they are followed by the dutch, that rumour only came up cause in the netherlands they only measured men around the age of 20-25, while in most other countries they measured men of all ages, which obviously results in a lower average

to me the 2nd tallest people in europe, after the yugoslavians, are the nordic (germanic) peoples of scandinavia, especially the norwegians

i dont think dutch people are any taller than germans or austrians by average
Austrian said on 26/Jul/07

Steele is a dwarf compared to Novoselic......... WELL maybe not, but hes clearly shorter
glenn said on 25/Jul/07
he is taller than steele by at least and inch or more.
Anonymous said on 24/Jul/07
I'd say that he's around the 6'7 area. Although i'd say that he's no taller than peter steele, making Steele at least 6'7 to 6"8.
bubbalu said on 11/Jul/07
I wouldn't be scared of him I think it's kind of cool to be the one people always look up to (pun intended)
Viper said on 8/Jul/07
Id be scared seeing somebody like Calvin Lane.
lillo thomas said on 7/Jul/07
why someone will be scared of very tall guys? the tallest guy i ever seen was at least 6-10 he could be 6-11 . he dont scared me but impress me , very tall guys looks impressive. some girls are scared of tall guys 6-4 and over for some reason but most tall guys that i know are nice guys like me . in my experience the trouble makers arent usually tall guys. usually are guys in the average and short side.
Jason said on 7/Jul/07
eli says on 13/Jun/07
''dear God, he's a giant! I'd probably run the opposite way if I encountered a person his height. nothing personal, just plain scary.''

You haven't come across anyone that tall before?
glenn said on 7/Jul/07
he was active 4 years ago.
Markus said on 6/Jul/07
Hehe at 1.94m people could take me for a Croatian instead of Dutch then ;)

This picture also proves to me that Cobain surely wasn't under 1.70m, like many supposed that he was. Kurt didn't look any smaller next to Novoselic than Glenn does in this picture.

And I wonder if Krist is still active in music at this point ?
Croat said on 6/Jul/07
Novoselic is 100% Croatian. Yugoslavia doesn't exist anymore. Croatia and Serbia were the 2 main republics of Yugoslavia. The tallest people in the world are not the Dutch. The people from the Dinaric Alps (Yugoslavia) are the tallest. 28% of males are 6'3'' and taller, and 1 in 40 is 6'7'' and taller. At 6'3'' I am just over the average height. Tons of references and sources points to Yugoslavs being the tallest. Tutsis from Rwanda, Africa are the tallest according to guinness, but this is really not proven. It is generally accepted that Yugoslavs, and this african tribe are the tallest, followed by the Dutch.
Markus said on 6/Jul/07
Have to agree with Lillo Thomas, must be 2 metres or little over!

Is Novoselic of Yugoslavian ancestry ?

Eli, he may be tall, but he looks very friendly so that shouldn't be the reason of being scared!
Danimal said on 14/Jun/07
I'd go so far as to say he is at least 6'7.5".
eli said on 13/Jun/07
dear God, he's a giant! I'd probably run the opposite way if I encountered a person his height. nothing personal, just plain scary.
lillo thomas said on 11/Jun/07
seeing the pic above again carefully Krist is really a legit 6'7
the difference between glenn and kris look exactly 11 inches . iam 6'5
and 5'8 is under my chin and glenn is only a bit taller than krisr shoulder.
OutBenchThis said on 22/May/07
Looks closer to 6'1" next to God he's tall!!
Kev said on 29/Apr/07
Clay that is weird man.. i almost always get estimated at about 6'2.. which is odd considering im 6'5... Although it may may have something to do with the 275 or or so pounds that im carrying.....
Arjun said on 28/Mar/07
Glenn said he had a footwear disadvantage that day. That said, I would say the difference is about 11.5" here, just under a foot. Look at the VERY top of Glenn's head - (that would be 1" or so above his hairline) it ain't that much below Krist's chin, I would say 1.5". Give Krist 10" for his head as he does have a big head (look at his head compared to Glenn's, who himself has a pretty average head for 5'8"), but no more than 10" as he's in a proud pose lifting his chin up. So 6'7 1/2" - remove the foot wear difference and we are right at 6'7".
What do you think, Glenn.
Markus said on 27/Mar/07
Got the same thing here with the height estimate. I'm 194 cm (about 6'4,25")
And people think I'm 2 metres exact....shorter people can't tell 6 cm difference for some reason. However, I really have to look up at someone who's 2 metres quite a lot. Bodytype can also lead people to make a very poor judge on height.

Anyway, an average head is about 9 inches, 10 tops long.
Krist - Glenn looks about 1 1/3 head difference is roughly 11 maybe 12 inches difference. Do the math...6'7" looks about right here !
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/07
this guy is an easy 6'7.5'', if i did not know better i would put him at 6'8''-6'8.5''
Viper said on 15/Feb/07
Clay, people really estimate you at 6-7 regulary? Thats insane. Im 6-3 and I never get estimated that high. Though I was estimated at 6-8 once from some chick who was below 5-0.
cliff said on 14/Feb/07
6ft 7 is right definitely !
Clay said on 14/Feb/07
Yes, Chris is 6ft 7 definitely or more! Just put a ruler of 1 ft inches on top of Glenn's head and you'll see that measurement is right. i'm 6ft 3 (about 191cm) and it's true, people always estimate too high, 'cause they estimate me 6ft 7 (about 200 cm).
S.J said on 10/Feb/07
He Looks a Little Bit Taller then Thurston Moore in ''1991:the Year Punk Broke'' and thurston Moore is about 6,6 or 6,5
Gonzalo said on 8/Feb/07
I totally agree with you Lillo and with Glenn that Novoselic looks 6`7 in the pic. But in that video with Charles Barkley, listed 6`6 with shoes on, Novoselic looks barely taller. That leaves a little bit mystified. Barkley doesn`t wear lifts so probably novoselic is 6`6 and Barkley one inch less.
lillo thomas said on 7/Feb/07
if barckey look very close to krist in height in that video then maybe krist is closr to 6'6 than 6'7 but in the pic with glenn he look a legit 6'7
lillo thomas said on 7/Feb/07
i never seen the video so i cant compare and explain why they look similar in height according to you guys.
Gonzalo said on 7/Feb/07
That may be true, lillo. But then tell me why they look so similar in height in that video....
S.J said on 27/Jan/07
you should look at the Video of Nirvana In Bloom it has a Footage of Kurt and Krist and the Drummer not Dave grohl all next to each other and Kurt is Like to Krist Shoulders isnt Kurt Like 5,9 or 5,10 so yeah i would say 6,7 is Good
lillo thomas said on 24/Jan/07
barckey isnt't 6´6 .6'6 is his list height with shoes. he is between 6´4 and 6´5
Danimal said on 23/Jan/07
Does it look like Novoselic has only 8" on Glenn Ball-A-Hallic?? I think not. I can believe 6'7.5" Easily. As for Barkely, the guy is at least 6'5", if not the full 6'6". He downplays his own height, just like Rodman did.
Ray said on 23/Jan/07
I read somewhere, he used to keep banging his head off the top of the doorframe in Kurt's house and it mentioned he was 6'7.5"....which I can well believe !
Ball-A-Hallic said on 16/Jan/07
barkely has said he is is 6'4 so that would make Novoselic like 6'4
Gonzalo said on 9/Jan/07
In the pic with Glenn, he looks 6`7, but in the video with Charles Barkley he looks one inch taller at the most. Barkley is closer to the camera but I doubt Novoselic would look more than two inches taller if both of them were at the same distance from the camera. If we weren´t talking about Barkley we would be using the word lifts
Glenn said on 5/Jan/07 me.this I bet my life on.
S.J said on 30/Dec/06
Well in the Video of Charles Barkley Krist looks also about 6,6 but he is standing behind charles barkley and is Defenitly 6,7
Gonzalo said on 19/Dec/06
Well, I`ve said this many times (in Kevin Nash`s and Mathew Modine`s page, for instance). Actors and musicians seem to shrink whenever I see them next to basketball players. Novoselic looks for sure 6`7 next to Glenn. And Charles Barkley was listed 6`6 with shoes on. Novoselic doesn´t look two inches taller. In fact he looks barely taller. Well, that is a mistery.
Everytime I see an actor or a musician next a basketball player I think about downgrading those artists
Viper652 said on 8/Dec/06
an average of 6-0 1/2 is just as insane.
Jake W. said on 7/Dec/06
I'd like to correct what some people below have written: there's no place in the world where 187 - 190 cm is average male height. The tallest people are the Dutch and they average about 184 cm.
Brad said on 18/Nov/06
Yeah, I was shocked the first time I saw Nirvana. I didn't realize he was that tall. Krist told me Kurt was into crazy obscure 45rpms by anything that made noise.Funny!. I think he's lost a lot of hair recently.
Glenn said on 12/Nov/06
Yeah,I agree,Penn is 6-5 tops.
Brad said on 7/Nov/06
He's 6' 7". Beat me by 1" but I woulda beat him in boots, maybe down the road as I told him. Nice guy.
Viper652 said on 30/Oct/06
Kuki, Im around 6-3 and people in america have estimated me as tall as 6-8 once, no joke. Usually 6-4 and sometimes 6-5 though.
lillo thomas said on 19/Oct/06
looks 6'7 to me
Emily said on 18/Oct/06
i think he could be taller than 6'7 but..hey Glenn's taller than me by 3
Austrian said on 23/Sep/06
hes just of croatian decent, all yugoslavians (croatians and serbians) are huge, most of them are 190cm or around that
Matt said on 23/Aug/06
He's 6'7. He looks gigantic hear and next to Cobain as well. He is not 6'4 like someone said. He is definitely a wopping 6'7!
Viper652 said on 5/Aug/06
He looks all of 6-7.
Stevie G said on 5/Aug/06
This guy is huge. His head is in proportion with his huge body, so he probably has a very big head. If you for example would put his head on Glenns body it would look weird.
Glenn said on 5/Aug/06
He is 6-7.
Danimal said on 5/Aug/06
Okay, we have to be logical here. How long is the average head? Like 9" or so, right? Okay, so right there, he can't be less than 6'5". Now, Chris has a pretty long head compared to the average guy (just look at it), SO, I give at least 10", which puts him up to 6'6". WAIT, we're not done yet. Glenn is nowhere near the bottom of Chris's chin. There's another 3-4 inches. I do not see Chris at anything less than 6'8". Who ever said 6'4" to 6'5" clearly can't judge height. I think Viper will agree with me on this one.
Anonymous said on 31/May/06

whoever says this guy look 6-5 has got to get there eyes checked he is CLEARLY 6-7 or more, c'mon now.
D.J. said on 29/May/06
He has about a foot on Glenn. 6'7"-6'8".
Viper652 said on 25/May/06
There is no way Krist is only 6-4-6-5 LOL.
J-Dog said on 25/May/06
The top of Glenn's head only reaches his shoulder, that is how a 6'7" guy looks near a 5'8" guy, there is at the very least 11" inches basically almost a foot between them, this seems more evident, just compare Krist to pictures of Steven Seagal and David Hasslehoff near Glenn.
J. said on 25/May/06
Actually he wouldn't. That's how a 5'8" guy looks next to a 6'7" guy. 6'7" on the nose seems pretty accurate compared to the picture above.
Anthony said on 24/May/06
He looks only 6'4 - 6'5. If he was 6'7, Glenn would barely appear in the picture, especially since it was shot fairly close. I find it hard to believe that he's a full 6'7. I'd buy 6'5 1 /2. If he was 6'7, Glenn would probably have to stand on his tiptoes so he can appear more clearly in the frame, like he did in his picture with 6'8 1/2 Brad Garrett.
Glenn said on 27/Apr/06
Hard to say.Krist Id say, wins.
cantstop25 said on 26/Apr/06
compare this pic with the pic with david hasselhoff, how can you guys say that there is only a 2.5 inch difference?
cantstop25 said on 26/Apr/06
glenn who do you think is taller krist or garrett? probably impolessib to tell because they are both so tall, looking at the pictures krist looks taller, however brad is slouching.
Gonzalo said on 24/Mar/06
He looks taller than 6`7. The biggest guy next to our idol Glenn
ice said on 15/Feb/06
Oh hell no! i can't believe that man is trying to claim 6'7. he looks more than that. At first glance, with me not paying attention and glenn's hair down, I thought that was some tall guy and his date.
CelebHeights Editor said on 11/Feb/06
Another taller bassist:
Adema's, Dave DeRoo has said: "I'm like 6' 9"
chris said on 9/Feb/06
I dunno Ive heard anything from 6'4" to 6'9" I'd guess hes about 6'6"
6' and 18 said on 6/Feb/06
6' 8" is my estimate based on what has been said so far and what I thought of the pic. Glenn is standing marginally less straighter than him and his footwear was quite flat...but the difference is huge and 6' 8" seems about right to me.
Sakanna said on 2/Feb/06
No wonder he made Dave Grohl (who's 6') look short--Let alone Kurt Cobain (5'8")....
this is to solve it all said on 1/Feb/06
if i hadn't known any better i'd say hes a good 6'10'' from this picture, solely because if you were to put a ruler on Glen's head it still seems novoselic would surpass it by a number of inches.
Marc said on 29/Jan/06
I have a cousing who is about 4'11". When she stands next to me,(I'm 5'10") she comes up to about my shoulder. Glenn and Krist are about propotionate to me and my cousin, since I'm 11 inches taller than my cousin, and Krist is 11 inches taller than Glenn.
Glenn said on 29/Jan/06
my long hair is always in a pony tail slicked back now.pain in the neck to let it frizzy.his footwear was normal.mine was dreadful black reebooks that always made me look as short as possible.
Jason said on 28/Jan/06
6'7'' looks right.
Jon Smith said on 28/Jan/06
this is right hes 6'7 if you ever seen nirvana play he dominates cobain by almost a foot if not a foot
Danimal said on 28/Jan/06
He looks taller than 6'7".
175cm16andgrowing said on 28/Jan/06
yes... I look nearly the same next to a &'7 guy so the guy is really that tall. but glenn has to tell us what footwear the guy wore and from when the pic is. I don't know if I get it right but Glenn, you first had long hair and now you have short hair, right? So this is an older pic? Or do you sport long hair again?

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