How tall is Krist Novoselic

Krist Novoselic's Height

6ft 7in (200.7 cm)

American bassist and musician from Nirvana, Sweet 75 and Eyes Adrift.

Krist with Dave Grohl
Photo by PR Photos

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6ft 6.88in (200.4cm)
Spencer said on 10/Jun/17
Looks 6'7
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jun/17
Funny but Krist now looks more like a Pacific Northwest geography teacher than a rockstar but Duff still looks every inch the stereotypical LA Strip rocker.
Headbanger said on 1/Jun/17
Rob a downgrade is so good for Krist and Dave
Canson said on 31/May/17
@SJH: to be fair he looks 6'6" but not 6'7 I agree on that. But That angle is horrible with Barkley. The pic and video are a complete utter Joke for comparison of the two. If Barkley were say 6'9" he would only look an inch taller than him or 6'3 only maybe an inch or so shorter because they are so close to the camera you need distance to see them clearly. But krist looks 6'6" Barkley 6'4.5 imho which brings Krist to 6'7" in shoes (maybe he was measured in the morning and rounded up) which sounds. Adequate being Barkley would be over 6'5" out of bed by a hair or so. It's just everyone likes to play the Barkley downplays his height to make his axxomplishmaents better or sell a book game when he really was only a 6'4 1/2 guy legitimately in bare feet
S.J.H said on 30/Mar/17
No way Krist Novoselic is 2.25' taller than 6'4.75 charles barkley. Max 6'6 is generous
pjk said on 18/Jul/16
Krist Novoselic has always looked a bit taller than 6'7" to me to be honest, unless Dave Grohl isn't 6 feet ( which i think he is ).

I think he could be 6'8" possibly.
Leo said on 5/Jul/16
Duff McKagan and Krist Novoselic. Rob, why Krist looks shorter than 6'7? What do you think?

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Editor Rob: not sure what shoes they are wearing, I believe Duff claimed 6ft 3, so he can still look 6ft 6-7 range there.
Sixseven said on 1/Jul/16
At least 2 meters.
Lord Beerus said on 22/May/16
Look 6ft6 when legs aren't together with full posture and leaning back a little.
Jason said on 6/Feb/16
Hervé said on 4/Mar/13
Yes, he's a former attached of embassy in Paris, now back in Croatia. Originally from Drnis (30 km north from Sibenik), a small town where people are extremely tall on average (about 187 cm for the youngsters), he told me once, as a matter of fact, that when being in Dalmatia, he felt himself sometimes a kind of "draw" beside men much taller than him...

@Hervé, I heard the same thing from a Croatian friend, he is 202 cm, but he also told me that he has met many new kids are taller him in his home town. I think that Croatian embassy felt he is dwarf not because the average height of Croatian youths are over 200 cm. But there are still many people reach 200 cm and taller here.
Hardi said on 3/Jan/16
I don´t know, but if you look the way Krist is standing and still looks much taller than Grohl and Smear then I would say that he is a bit over 6feet7 or then very strong 6feet7 definitely not less.
Darwin said on 15/Nov/15
6'7 average height with shoes. Out shoes is 6'6 (NBA)
Armandy said on 16/Jul/15
@ hal
The average height of a croatian player is 6'6 out shoes
hal said on 27/Jun/15
The average NBA player is 6'7".
Daniel said on 6/Jan/15
Daniel says on 29/Nov/14
Herve croatian average height is only 180cm. Basketball players are around of 6'5
Sorry, im wrong. Basketball players are around 6'4 ...6'5 not.
UK said on 7/Dec/14
202 cm is more possible for Krist than 201cm
Arch Stanton said on 7/Dec/14
@Halb Grohl is a text book example of a proper 6 ft guy, virtually always looks it, he made Jimmy Page look 5 ft 10. Above strangely looks shorter than normal. This guy is bloody huge. This is what a proper 6 ft 7-8 looks like,
Halb said on 5/Dec/14
Only 6'7? He's either taller, or the chap in the middle isn't 6".
Daniel said on 29/Nov/14
Herve croatian average height is only 180cm. Basketball players are around of 6'5
Darwin said on 27/Nov/14
Peak 202cm
Now 201cm
Danimal said on 27/Nov/14
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 6/Oct/14
Oh big time...he made Cobain and Grohl look like his kids. Massive dude.

You always have been infatuated with very tall people haven't you? Is that why you want everyone to taller than they really are?
Bruce said on 27/Nov/14
Krist Giantselic
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Oct/14
Oh big time...he made Cobain and Grohl look like his kids. Massive dude.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Sep/14
Rob can you put the Dave Grohl photo up here too and add "Bassist and musician from Nirvana, Sweet 75 and Eyes Adrift".
pjk said on 12/May/14
In his youth he had to be the listed height - 6'7". He was taller than Thurston Moore in photos and i saw Thurston last year and he is still very tall and i think was 6'6" in his youth. they are both older now and we all lose height
Joe in Seattle said on 11/Apr/14
Saw him years ago at a club/bar in Seattle's Capital Hill district. Cant remember the name of the place. I'm guessing it was around 1999-2001. It was dark and he was wearing a hat like a top hat so impossible to measure him lol. My general impression though was very tall. Definitely 6'6". Possibly taller.
Bon_ said on 21/Feb/14
@ issuetall , why are you sure their heights are without shoes ?
Arch Stanton said on 23/Nov/13
LMAO OK Hervé we get it, every Croatian man is well over 2 metres and Novoselic would be considered really short in Croatia!!!
issuetall said on 24/Apr/13
Hervé, I found those Croatians'hights on WK(List of foreign NBA players )

Perhaps the data on wk website is discrepancies with your statistics. But I choose to believe yours. Never post message? I understand, never mind. Thank you for decribing those tall Croats!
Hervé said on 23/Apr/13
I'll never post any more message on this site !
Hervé said on 22/Apr/13
Hey, issuetall ! Two weeks ago, I posted a message with the exact heights of all Croatian giants 210 cm tall and more I know. So, my friend, why do you mention Mario Kasun at 216, for instance, when it appears on my list at 213 ? I really don't understand...
issuetall said on 20/Apr/13
And Herve, I know some Croatian Centers played in NBA

Dalibor Bagarić 216cm
Mario Kasun 216cm
Dino Rađa 211cm
Bruno Šundov 221cm
Žan Tabak 213cm
Stojko Vranković 218cm

If I remeberred correctly, their heights are barefoot/ without shoes:)
issuetall said on 20/Apr/13
Sorry, I made a mistake, about American players'height

height without shoes height with shoes
Andre Drummond 6' 9.75" 6' 11.75"
Andrew Nicholson 6' 8.5" 6' 9.5"
Anthony Davis 6' 9.25" 6' 10.5"
Arnett Moultrie 6' 9.5" 6' 10.75"
Austin Rivers 6' 3.5" 6' 5"
Bernard James 6' 8.75" 6' 10"

I reversed the order This is right one.
issuetall said on 20/Apr/13
Hi Hervé, Bon, as far as I know, many American basketball players' height is with in shoes.
such as: height with shoes height without shoes
Andre Drummond 6' 9.75" 6' 11.75"
Andrew Nicholson 6' 8.5" 6' 9.5"
Anthony Davis 6' 9.25" 6' 10.5"
Arnett Moultrie 6' 9.5" 6' 10.75"
Austin Rivers 6' 3.5" 6' 5"
Bernard James 6' 8.75" 6' 10"

But when many European basketball players claim their heights, they are usually barefoot heights. Like Donatas Motiejūnas: cliamed height 213cm, he is really 213cm without shoes, Rudy Gobert: cliamed height 214cm, height without shoes: 214cm, Artem Pustovyi: claimed height 216cm, measured height without shoes: 216cm......and so forth
Hervé said on 19/Apr/13
No, Antonio will not stop yet growing up (208 cm in september, 209 today, even maybe 210)... I remember, while in Omis (south of Split) in 2002, the first three men I met was all double meters...
issuetall said on 17/Apr/13
Hi,Hervé! Yep, You are right! 2% of 2 meter men is huge enough for a city. Now, I know Drniš is tallest city in Croatia, interesting! I bet that froeign people may see many tall men in there. And Antonio is already 209! I think that he will be over 210cm when he is adult. I hope he does not stop growing.
Hervé said on 16/Apr/13
@Bon :
I don’t understand your question : who are the basketball players you talk about ? Did I recently mention some of them ?
Anyway, the stats I posted only regarded pupils from a high school, and not at all basketball players, even if maybe some of them play basketball (which besides is not the case of the tallest guy 203 cm tall) !
Of course, I know that basketball players are measured with shoes (false stats coming from the United States to Europe in the 1990’s), but since many years, when I ask someone how tall he is, I ALWAYS add : “WITHOUT SHOES” !

@issuetall :
Yes, I think about 200 boys attend at this high school from Makarska (50, more or less, by class). But, because of the proximity of Split, the main town from Dalmatia, some of young “Makarskian” guys go studying there (or practicing sport at higher level). For instance : Srećko Bokšić (2,02 m, 1995), who could have been registered with the third class if he had stayed in Makarska this year…
No, no, no : the proportion of 2 m tall men in Dalmatia is not (yet) 5%, for sure ! Even if - I tell you once more - you may meet sometimes a bigger, other times a smaller proportion of such guys. But the AVERAGE still remains : 2% or 2,5%, which is huge enough, don’t you think ?
The tallest men in Dalmatia (and therefore Croatia) live in the region of Drniš, a small village 30 km north from Šibenik. Former NBA player Stojko Vranković (2,17 m, 1964) comes from there (his son Antonio is already 209 cm at 16 years old). Many other big men, born in other places (or countries), also have roots from Drniš, among then Marko Krečak (2,18 m, 1984, Split), Ante Tomić (2,15 m, 1987, Dubrovnik), etc., or my friend (2 m, 1968) working in the Croatian embassy in Paris a few years ago…
After Drniš, come Split (and its area : Omiš, Makarska, Sinj, Vrgorac, etc.), then Šibenik, Dubrovnik and Zadar...
issuetall said on 14/Apr/13
And Hervé,which city is tallest in Croatia? Split? Sibenik? Makarska? Drnis? or Dubrovnik?
issuetall said on 13/Apr/13
Hervé, how many boys attend at this high school from Makarska? Given the population in Makarska, I think the number of Croatian boys are no more than 200 in one high school, and 10 of them have already reached 2 meter even taller, approximate 5%? That's high percentage of it!!!
Bon_ said on 13/Apr/13
Herve, do you know that many of these basketballer's heights is measured in shoes? Or you have some reliable stats which show height without shoes?
Hervé said on 13/Apr/13
Hey, issuetall ! No, only boys, of course ! Regarding the girls, they reach 171,5 cm in height... Well, the 203 cm tall boy is now the tallest in his school, but there are some youngers (in other classes, so), who'll be maybe taller than he is at the same age. We'll see. Last year, the tallest one was 204 cm. Don't forget there are only 50 pupils 17 years old in this school. In order to find one guy who is 210 cm tall, you must also find a bigger school, at Split or Sibenik, for instance...
issuetall said on 12/Apr/13
And Hervé, the tallest guy among those 50 pupils, who is 203 already, I don't think he is tallest student in high school, some of his schoolmates may be tower than him?
issuetall said on 12/Apr/13
Hi,Hervé! it's wonderful! the heights of Croatian pupls you introduced are so fascinating! 78% 180+!!! Are those pupils both boys and girls? or just heights of boys?
Hervé said on 6/Apr/13
Here are the present heights of the 50 Croatian pupils (only 17 years old) in the “third class” of a high school from Makarska (Dalmatia), whose average reaches 185 cm (exactly: 184,9) in height (which means about 186,5 - 187 cm at the end of their growth).
Considering that they will be at least 1 cm taller later, you can notice that 13 pupils are 189 cm tall and more (1 out of 4), 5 are 195 cm tall and more (1 out of 10), and 3 are 199 cm tall and more (1 out of 15).
Thus, sometimes you may find in the same class, like here, 3 guys 2 meters tall (and 10 in the same school, even more according to the number of pupils), other times no one (in a class, not in a school). I remember once, in the village of Drniš (Dalmatia), 10 years ago, to have found a concentration of 4-5 guys measuring 2 meters out of 50 pupils ! But whatever are the differences, one must take in count the usual proportion of “giants”, which is incredible anyway : 1 out 40 !

P.S. : the tallest man in town is basketball player Jure Lalić (2,11 m, 1986), while 2 other guys are 2,09 m ; the tallest woman is Ana Bagarić (1,98 m, 1991)…

174 cm : 1 (pupil)
175 cm : 3
176 cm : 1
178 cm : 5
179 cm : 1
180 cm : 2
181 cm : 4
182 cm : 1
183 cm : 1
184 cm : 7
185 cm : 4
186 cm : 5
187 cm : 1
188 cm : 1
189 cm : 2
190 cm : 2
191 cm : 2
193 cm : 2
195 cm : 1
196 cm : 1
199 cm : 1
200 cm : 1
203 cm : 1

From Makarska (only 13 000 inhabitants) also come :

- former boxer Stipe Drviš (incorrectly written : Drews), 2007 WBA world champion (light heavyweight), nicknamed “Spiderman” because of his long arms and tall size (1,97 m, 1973) ;
- former soccer player Alen Bokšić (1,87 m, 1970), 1993 European Champions’ League winner with French club O.M. (Marseille), whose own brother is 2 m tall and nephew is 2,02 m (Split junior basketball player Srećko Bokšić) ;
- former tennis woman junior world champion Mirjana Lučić (1,81 m, 1982) ;
- rower Toni Urlić (2,04 m, 1989) and waterpolo player Alen Vujčić (2,04 m, 1989), who are among the best in their respective sports…
Hervé said on 6/Apr/13
Here are the present heights of the 50 Croatian pupils (only 17 years old) in the “third class” of a high school from Makarska (Dalmatia), whose average reaches 185 cm (exactly: 184,9) in height (which means about 186,5 - 187 cm at the end of their growth).
Considering that they will be at least 1 cm taller later, you can notice that 13 pupils are 189 cm tall and more (1 out of 4), 5 are 195 cm tall and more (1 out of 10), and 3 are 199 cm tall and more (1 out of 15).
Thus, sometimes you may find in the same class, like here, 3 guys 2 meters tall (and 10 in the same school, even more according to the number of pupils), other times no one (in a class, not in a school). I remember once, in the village of Drniš (Dalmatia), 10 years ago, to have found a concentration of 4-5 guys measuring 2 meters out of 50 pupils ! But whatever are the differences, one must take in count the usual proportion of “giants”, which is incredible anyway : 1 out 40 !

P.S. : the tallest man in town is basketball player Jure Lalić (2,11 m, 1986), while 2 other guys are 2,09 m ; the tallest woman is Ana Bagarić (1,98 m, 1991)…

174 cm : 1 (pupil)
175 cm : 3
176 cm : 1
178 cm : 5
179 cm : 1
180 cm : 2
181 cm : 4
182 cm : 1
183 cm : 1
184 cm : 7
185 cm : 4
186 cm : 5
187 cm : 1
188 cm : 1
189 cm : 2
190 cm : 2
191 cm : 2
193 cm : 2
195 cm : 1
196 cm : 1
199 cm : 1
200 cm : 1
203 cm : 1

From Makarska (only 13 000 inhabitants) also come :

- former boxer Stipe Drviš (incorrectly written : Drews), 2007 WBA world champion (light heavyweight), nicknamed “Spiderman” because of his long arms and tall size (1,97 m, 1973) ;
- former soccer player Alen Bokšić (1,87 m, 1970), 1993 European Champions’ League winner with French club O.M. (Marseille), whose own brother is 2 m tall and nephew is 2,02 m (Split junior basketball player Srećko Bokšić) ;
- former tennis woman junior world champion Mirjana Lu
(1,81 m, 1982) ;
- rower Toni Urli
(2,04 m, 1989) and waterpolo player Alen Vuj
(2,04 m, 1989), who are among the best in their respective sports…
Hervé said on 5/Apr/13
Yes, we can say that. Just wait : I'll post some new heights in a high school from Dalmatia in a few days...
issuetall said on 4/Apr/13
Hi Hervé, in other word, perhaps we can say that there are a dozen of young men are tower 2 meter at least at some high schools in Dalmatia and Herzegovina. Or, we can say 2 meter is kinda tall, but not "very tall" in there, Right?
Hervé said on 2/Apr/13
Yes, I know all these teams and guys. Of course, in Dalmatia or Herzegovina, you find plenty of men above 2 m...
issuetall said on 1/Apr/13
@Hervé. Hi, Hervé ! Look at some basketball clubs in Croatia. These Croatian kids are very tall!

# Name Pos. Height Nat. Born
4 Luka Zugaj G 190 CRO 12/09/1996
5 Jaksa Milatic G 180 CRO 22/07/1996
6 Vuk Lazic G 180 CRO 15/04/1998
7 Marko Milekic F 197 CRO 03/05/1995
8 Toni Turkalj F 196 CRO 08/08/1995
9 Nemanja Krtolica C 203 SRB 15/04/1995
10 Dominik Mavra G 195 CRO 15/06/1994
11 Filip Knezevic C 202 CRO 11/08/1994
12 Bruno Aleksic F 203 CRO 26/08/1995
13 Mateo Jurkovic G 190 CRO 23/01/1995
14 Luka Sucevic C 201 CRO 31/12/1995
15 Dario Saric F 207 CRO 08/04/1994
- Mario Hezonja G 197 CRO 25/02/1995
- Luka Pavelic G 190 CRO 20/06/1994
- Luka Jusic G 185 CRO 01/01/1995

# Name Pos. Height Nat. Born
4 ZGANEC, BRUNO F 203 CRO 25/07/1995
5 JUKIC, IVAN G 196 CRO 21/07/1995
6 MARINELLI, PAOLO G 194 CRO 10/04/1995
7 VUCIC, KRISTIJAN G 194 CRO 27/06/1995
8 FILIPOVIC, GORAN G 183 CRO 26/11/1996
9 BENDER, DRAGAN F 208 CRO 17/11/1997
10 BOKSIC, SRECKO F 203 CRO 12/08/1995
11 ZGANEC, KARLO F 206 CRO 25/07/1995
12 BENDER, IVAN C 205 CRO 18/08/1995
13 KRAJINA, FILIP C 205 CRO 12/02/1995
14 ZIZIC, ANTE C 205 CRO 04/01/1997
15 JUKIC, JOSIP C 202 CRO 09/09/1996

# Name Pos. Height Nat. Born
4 SABIC, EMIR G 186 CRO 12/09/1996
5 MARIC, MIRKO G 192 CRO 09/04/1996
6 MIKULIC, STJEPAN C 206 CRO 21/09/1996
7 PALAC, FILIP G 196 CRO 17/08/1995
8 ZEBIC, IVAN G 191 CRO 17/12/1996
9 VUCIC, IVAN F 196 CRO 26/10/1996
10 JELENEK, DORIAN F 201 CRO 15/07/1995
11 TOMIC, LEON G 200 CRO 01/04/1996
12 LONCAR, MARKUS C 211 CRO 08/04/1996
13 GRDANJSKI, DOMINIK F 196 CRO 19/07/1995
14 GASPERT, MATEJ C 210 CRO 05/07/1997
15 ZIVKO, LUKA F 202 CRO 01/09/1996
16 ATIC, EDIN G 198 BIH 19/01/1997
17 MANDIC, LUKA C 205 CRO 01/04/1996

I am 189cm honestly, but compare to them, I am just midget. And I believe that there are many youthes from Dalmatia are as tall as them.
Hervé said on 1/Apr/13
Yes, these stats are true, but only for younger generations (18-30 years old) ! This study was made by myself and signed by other people. So I know exactly what it is about... Nowadays, in some high schools, you may find 2 guys about 10 who are now 195 cm, but not yet 4 (on average) ! Just wait some more years, and it'll become thus...
issuetall said on 30/Mar/13
@Hervé, Hi, Hervé! Never mind. I want to ask you one thing. I saw a statistic that is about height of Croatian some years ago. It showed that when a person goes in Split (Croatia) and walk in the street, you’ll meet 1 young man about 4 who is 190 cm tall (6′3), 1 about 10 who is 195 cm (6′5) and 1 about 50 who is 2 m (6′7). Is it right?

According to this study, I estimate the Croatian youthes are very tall in local high schools. Perhaps 4 boys about 10 who are 195cm or taller. Every Class has several tall guys who are 200cm or tower in there. As far as you know, Hervé, do you think my estimation is correct?
Hervé said on 20/Mar/13
I have no intetest for height in France, sorry...
Hervé said on 19/Mar/13
Yes, it seems me right, as the average is France among young men is now 178 cm and still more in the North. But don't forget that Dinaric people did not yet increase their height as much as Western Europeans, which means when the last ones stop (and it's the case in the Netherlands, for instance), they will go on reaching centimeters. So, they'll stay from far the tallest people in Europe...
issuetall said on 18/Mar/13
@Hervé: Hi, Hervé! I heard of Northern French youthes are tall. I have a friend who lived in Northern France, he told me that high school boys are much taller their parents now. The percentage is rough 30% young boys are under 180-, 180-185 :30% 185-188: 20%, 188-190:10%, 190+: 10%, Really? Since you are from Northern France, I hope you can judge that.
Hervé said on 12/Mar/13
Anyway, one of the tallest Croats of the history could be Bosnian Edhem KADUSIC (as muslims from Bosnia are from a huge part from Croatian descent). He was exactly 238 cm and 118 kg (I personnally know one of his nephews), born in 1917 in Domislica (region of Zenica), deceased in 1961. Was a farmer.
Hervé said on 11/Mar/13
Hey, issuetall ! You have all data you need about tall Croats just below (Frano Marasovic is 213 without shoes, Josip Mikulic is 211 and Matej Gaspert was 207 in september 2012)... What about Grgo Kusic, one of his relatives told me he was 237 cm, and another one 218 cm. So, it's difficult to know his exact height... Anyway, tennisman Ivo Karlovic is really 211 cm tall, and not 208 as officially listed...
issuetall said on 9/Mar/13
@Hervé, Hi,Hervé! I know some young croatian basketball player are 210 cm or taller:

Frano Marasovic C 2.16 16.08.1992 Split (CRO)

Josip Mikulic 213 1993 CRO

Petar Madunic C 2.11 23.07.1993 Split (CRO)

LONCAR, MARKUS C 211 CRO 08/04/1996

GASPERT, MATEJ C 210 CRO 05/07/1997
issuetall said on 9/Mar/13
@Hervé : Hi Hervé! I heard of the tallest croatian is Grgo Kusić (1892–1918),According to some accounts,his height reached 238cm.
Hervé said on 8/Mar/13
Not 116, but 119 ! Here they are :


* : still growing up at.: athletics bb. : basketball hb. : handball tn. : tennis vb. : volley-ball


1 ANDRIĆ Lukša 210/1985/Dubrovnik/bb.

2 BARIŠIĆ Danko 210/1985/Osijek/bb.
3 BEČA Bruno * 211?/1994/Zagreb?/bb.
4 BIBER Vjeko 215/1974/Split/bb.
5 BILAN Miro 213/1989/Šibenik/bb.
6 BILIĆ Ante 214/1956/Lovreć
7 BOBANOVIĆ Darko 218/1985/Rijeka/bb.
8 BORČIĆ Branko 210/1973/Mona Val(AUS)/bb.
9 BOTA Marin 215/1979/Ludwigshafen(GER)/bb.
10 BREKALO Kristijan 211/1985/Zagreb/bb.
11 BUDANOVIĆ Vedran 210/1977/Zadar/bb.
12 BULJUBAŠIĆ Mirko 211/1978/Metković/bb.

13 CINGEL Marko 212/1991/Našice/hb.

14 ČEČUK Milan 210/1979/Omiš
15 ČIRKO Ivan 210/1987/Trogir/bb.
16 ČOVIĆ Vedran 210/1978/Makarska/bb.

17 ĆURKOVIĆ Ivica 210/1966/Sinj

18 DELIĆ Nenad 210/1984/Split/bb.
19 DIVIĆ Josip 214/1980/Slavonski Brod/bb.
20 DOGAN Dino 212/1987/Osijek/bb.
21 DOLIĆ Stipe 211/1981/Sinj

22 ÐUGUM Ante 212/1988/Makarska/bb.
23 ÐUGUM Dragan 213/1985/Split/bb.

24 GOJEVIĆ-ZRNIĆ Zvonimir 213/1982/Zagreb/bb.
25 GOVIĆ Hrvoje 210/1988/Šibenik/bb.
26 GRBIN Peđa 210/1979/Pula/bb.
27 GRGAT Ivan 210/1974/Sinj/bb.
28 GUDELJ Mario 210/1984/Split/bb.

29 HENJAK Hrvoje 214/1978/Split/bb.
30 HORVATIĆ Silvio 213/1973/Zagreb/bb.

31 IVANKOVIĆ Danijel’ 210?/1963/Zagreb/bb.

32 JURIĆ Damir 211/1959/Split/bb. [son of Joško JURIĆ]
33 JURIĆ Joško 210/1935?/Split

34 KARLOVIĆ Ivo 211/1979/Zagreb/tn.
35 KASUN Mario 213/1980/Vinkovci/bb.
36 KAŠTROPIL Franko 211/1984/Blato/bb.
37 KODRIN Marko 213/1990/Karlovac/bb.
38 KOPLJAR Marko 210/1986/Požega/hb.
39 KRALJEVIĆ Marijan 212/1970/Pforzheim(GER)/bb.
40 KREČAK Marko 218/1984/Split/bb.
41 KRNČEVIĆ Vlado’ 214?/1952?/Zagreb/bb.
42 KROLO Ivan 217/1983/Osijek/bb.
43 KRSTULOVIĆ Željko 210/1963/Split

44 LAKOŠ Jere 220/1968/Šibenik/bb.
45 LALIĆ Jure 211/1986/Makarska/bb.
46 LIVAJIĆ Dario 211/1979/Split/bb.
47 LONČAR Krešimir 210/1983/Split/bb.
48 LOVRIĆ Josip 213/1968/Split/bb.
49 LOZANČIĆ Jure 211/1983/Split/bb.

50 MADUNIĆ Petar 211/1993/Split/bb.
51 MARASOVIĆ Frano 213/1992/Split/bb.
52 MARIJANOVIĆ Marino 214/1986/Zagreb/bb.
53 MILANOVIĆ Grgo 211/1990/Sinj/bb.
54 MIOČ Ante 212/1992/Zagreb/bb.
55 MOŽAR Igor 211/1984/Slavonski Brod/bb.
56 MUSTAPIĆ Željko 210/1978/Rijeka/bb.

57 NICEVIĆ Sandro 210/1976/Pula/bb.
58 NOVOSEL Darko 210/1989/Karlovac/bb.

59 PAPAC Ivan 210/1987/Vinkovci/bb.
60 PARAVINJA Miloš 210/1979/Pula/bb.
61 PEJČINOVIĆ Davor 211/1971/Altenkirchen(GER) /bb.
62 POJATINA Marijan 213/1981/Zagreb/bb.
63 POLJAK Joško 213/1978/Split/bb.

64 RAÐA Dino 210/1967/Split/bb.
65 RIBARIĆ Mario 214/1959/Sisak/bb.

66 SABLJIĆ Ivan 210/1989/Split/bb.
67 SEDLAR Igor 213/1984/Zagreb/bb.
68 SKELIN Mate 212/1974/Zagreb/bb.
69 SLAVICA Ante 212/1976/Šibenik/bb.
70 SLIVAR Filip 210/1987/Zagreb/bb.

71 ŠODA Toni 212/1988/Split/bb.
72 ŠOLIĆ Vicko 212/1978/Šibenik/bb.
73 ŠUNDOV Bruno 221/1980/Split/bb.
74 ŠVERKO Ivan 212/1992/Rijeka/bb.

75 TABAK Žan 213/1970/Split/bb.
76 TADIĆ Marko 212?/1993/Ðakovo/bb.
77 TOMIĆ Ante 215/1987/Dubrovnik/bb.
78 TONČINIĆ Filip 212/1984/Opatija/bb.

79 VISKOVIĆ Zoran 211/1975/Makarska/bb.
80 VLADIMIR Igor 210/1977/Metković/hb.
81 VLADOVIĆ Nikola 211/1987/Split/bb.
82 VRANKOVIĆ Stojko 217/1964/Drniš/bb.
83 VRSALJKO Denis 212/1982/Zadar/bb.
84 VRŽINA Hrvoje 219/1981/Split
85 VUČIĆ Hrvoje 210/1991/Split/bb.
86 VUJČIĆ Nikola 211/1978/Vrgorac/bb.
87 VUJIĆ Ivan 210/1977/Split/bb.
88 VUKIČEVIĆ Ivan 210/1993/Zagreb/bb.
89 VULIN Šime 210/1983/Šibenik/vb.

90 ZARADIĆ Ivan 211/1988/Šestanovac/bb.
91 ZUBČIĆ Tomislav 214/1990/Zadar/bb.

92 ŽAJA Ivica 210/1956/Aržano/bb.
93 ŽORIĆ Luka 210/1984/Zadar/bb.

00 BRZICA Marin * 209/1994/Split/bb.
00 BULJEVIĆ Lovro * 204/1998/Zagreb/bb.
00 GAŠPERT Matej * 207/1997/Rijeka/bb.
00 MARIĆ Marin * 208/1994/Split/bb.
00 RADUNIĆ Matej * 207/1996/Pula/bb.
00 VRANKOVIĆ Antonio * 208/1996/Minneapolis (USA)/bb. (son of 217 Stojko)
00 VUKIČEVIĆ Josip * 209/1997/Zadar/bb.


1 ARAPOVIĆ Franjo 215/1965/Slipčići/bb.

2 BAGARIĆ Dalibor 217/1980/Munich(GER)/bb.
3 BARAĆ Stanko 216/1986/Mostar/bb.
4 BLAŽEVIĆ Draženko 210/1963/Mostar/bb.
5 BRKIĆ Jozo 210/1986/Mostar/bb.
6 BUBALO Domagoj 211/1991/Mostar/bb.

7 JOVIĆ Antonio 211/1970/Stolac
8 JURKOVIĆ Ivan 210/1990/Čapljina/bb.

9 KALINIĆ Vedran 210/1982/Zenica/bb.
10 KRALJEVIĆ Filip 214/1989/Mostar/bb.

11 LONČAR Markus * 211/1996/Livno/bb.

12 MIHALJ Ivan 210/1990/Odžak/vb.
13 MIKULIĆ Josip 211/1993/Mostar/bb.
14 MILIČEVIĆ Zlatko 211?/1973/Jajce/bb.

15 NOVAK Mario 215/1989/Mostar/bb.

16 PILIĆ Jakov 210/1993/Split(CRO)/bb.
17 PLANINIĆ Darko 210/1990/Mostar/bb.
18 PRIMORAC Mladen 210/1990/Mostar/bb.

19 RIKIĆ Robert 217/1990/Mostar/bb.

20 ŠEKELJA Dragan 210/1991/Livno/bb.

21 VRANJEŠ Nediljko 210/1992/Posušje/bb.

00 ANTOLOVIĆ Stjepan * 206/1997/Zenica/bb.
00 ANTUNOVIĆ Sandro * 204/1998/Sarajevo/bb.
00 BENDER Dragan * 207?/1997/Čapljina?/bb.
00 ČOLAK Mateo * 203/1998/Mostar/bb.
00 JURKOVIĆ Valentin * 209/1994/Metković(CRO)/bb.
00 ZUBAC Ivica * 207/1997/Mostar/bb.


1 BULAT Boris 211/1988/Belgrade/bb.


1 KLEPO Milan 212?/1980/Ljubljana/bb.


1 BOGUT Andrija (Andrew) 212/1984/Mulgrave(AUS)/bb.

2 MARAS Robert 216/1978/Freiburg/Breisgau(GER)/bb.

3 RUBIĆ Denis 216/1975/New-York(USA)/bb.



1 BELIĆ (Josip ?) 210?/1955?/Split?

2 KOLOVRAT Ivan 210?/1945?/Imotski?

3 MEDIĆ Josip 210?/1972?/Šibenik? [brother of Mario MEDIĆ]
4 MEDIĆ Mario 210?/1973?/Šibenik?

5 SAMARDŽIĆ Filip 211?/1977/Zagreb?/bb.


1 BAGARIĆ Damir 210?/1975/Munich(GER) [brother od Dalibor BAGARIĆ (217/1980)]

2 KARAČIĆ Gordon 210?/1981/Sarajevo?/bb.
3 KRALJEVIĆ Željko 211?/1964/Ljubuški?



1 BENČEVIĆ Mato 211/1934/Bicko [+ 1983] [grandfather of Josip DIVIĆ (214/1980)]
2 BILIĆ Jakov 217?/1900?/Lovreć [+ 1969?]
3 BOGUT 220/?/? [+] [ancestor of Australian-Croat Andrew BOGUT (212/1984)]

4 ČERINA Ivan 213?/1964/Split?/bb. [+ 1984?]

5 ĆOSIĆ Krešimir 211/1948/Zagreb/bb. [+ 1995]

6 ÐUGUM Jozo 210/1886/Vrgorac [+ 1968] [great grandfather of Dragan ÐUGUM (213/1985)]

7 FARČIĆ Ferucijo 213?/1908?/Milna

8 IVKOVIĆ Stojan 210/1915/Bijeli Vir [+] [grandfather of Stojan IVKOVIĆ (207/1966/Dubrovnik)]

9 KOLOVRAT 215?/1920?/? [+] [great granduncle of Milan KOLOVRAT (207/1986/Zagreb)]
10 KUSIĆ Grgo 218?/1892/Grabovac [+ 1918] [also claimed 237 cm tall]

11 MIJOVIĆ Perica 210/1881/Ðurinići [+ 1942] [great grandfather of Perica MIJOVIĆ (209/1961)]

12 PEĆIRKO 220?/1890?/Petrinja [+] [great grandfather of Slobodan PEĆIRKO (207/1958/Zagreb)]
13 PETRIČEVIĆ Zvonko 210/1940/Prizren(KOS)/bb. [+ 2009]

14 SPRČIĆ Nikola 218/1902/Bijeli Vir [+ 1971]

15 TOMIĆ Matija 223/1739/Split? [+]

16 ANONYMOUS 210/?/Sućuraj [+] [exact measure of his skeleton]


1 HRGOVIĆ Petar 210?/1917/Livno [+ 1945]

2 MUSTAPIĆ Perica 210?/1920?/Stolac [+ 1945] [granduncle of Željko MUSTAPIĆ (206/1990/Sarajevo)]


1 BENČIĆ Martin 210?/1979/Bratislava(SLQ)/vb.

2 DABICH Michael 210?/1942/Lander(USA)/bb.

3 MARDESICH Mike 210/1977/Long Beach(USA)/bb.

4 REDIC Larrell 210?/1977/?(USA)/bb.

5 SMREK Mike 210?/1962/Welland(CAN)/bb.
6 STIPANOVICH Steve 210?/1960/Saint Louis(USA)/bb.

7 THOCOLICH John 223?/1982/Watkato(NZL)/bb.
8 TONKOVICH Andy 210?/1922/?(USA)/bb.
Hervé said on 8/Mar/13
At that day, I know exactly 116 (sure there are still more) ! And many youngsters are coming...
Bon_ said on 7/Mar/13
Herve, how much individuals who are 210 cm tall are there in Croatia?
Hervé said on 5/Mar/13
Not "draw", but DWARF (you should have understood anymay) !
Hervé said on 4/Mar/13
Yes, he's a former attached of embassy in Paris, now back in Croatia. Originally from Drnis (30 km north from Sibenik), a small town where people are extremely tall on average (about 187 cm for the youngsters), he told me once, as a matter of fact, that when being in Dalmatia, he felt himself sometimes a kind of "draw" beside men much taller than him...
issuetall said on 27/Feb/13
@Hervé : Hi! Hervé! Glad to see you come back! And you told another story if I remeberred correctly: you have a Croatian friends who is 200cm, and he worded as Croatian ambassador to France. He used to tell you that he usually has met a lot of guys are tower than him in his hometown(belong to Dalmatia). Even if he is 2 meter, he felt not tall in there. Could you tell this story again? I am so interested in it.
Hervé said on 21/Feb/13
@issuetall : Hey, my friend ! The name of the guy was Olivier CABON (2,09 m, 1972). So, he spent some days in the town of Makarska (60 km south-east from Split, Dalmatia) during the summer 2000. He told me his kind of "frustration" when nobody there seemed to notice his height (when elsewhere, he was the attraction in the streets) and the number of men 2 m tall, which seemed to him the same as the ones 1,90 m in France. But his biggest surprise was some evening when, arriving to a night club, he met in the entrance three guys even taller than him ! Quite incredible ! Take care !
M said on 1/Feb/13
In this video, Dave says that Krist is 6' 7 1/2" at 1:04: Click Here
issuetall said on 29/Dec/12
@Hervé: Hi! Herve, I remeberred you said that you have a French friend who is basketball player, and he is 209cm. When he visited to a small city in Dalmatia, he felt frustrated, cause a lot of Croatians he had met are over 200cm, his height in there is just so so.

Could you describe the interesting story specifially, again?
getting_taller said on 17/Nov/12
Rob, Krist could be 6'8", Dave even mentioned it in a concert. Look at this pic with 6'0" Dave Grohl, he's just an inch above Krist's chin lol Dave looks so small. Rob?

Click Here
Hervé said on 12/Sep/12
The three goalkeepers of Football Club Hajduk (Split, Croatia) for 2012/2013 : Goran Blazevic (2,01 m, age 26), Lovre Kalinic (2,01 m, age 22) and Pavao Vugdelija (2,01 m, age 25)...
pochy said on 23/Aug/12
@ Vlad Yes. Got the same impression as you. In some Montenegrin towns you very rarely stumble across a male under 6'3/6'4....if you have to bet the age of a male shorter than 6'1, you'd better bet an age under 15 years. Of course girls are VERY tall too. Montenegrins are definitely the tallest in Europe. I wonder why someone still insists with the Dutch.
vlad said on 16/Aug/12
i have been to montenegro this summer, as i do to visit my family, and the people by the coast are tall, like you see a lot of 6 ft 10 ppl and the occasional giant lurching at 7 ft, but you have to go to central montenegro to really see the giants, i was driving in a town there, and we saw like 3 7 footers all walking together and a 6 ft 6 girl in a span of 2 blocks, and you see a lot of big guys. they are also very tall in niksic and podgorica, both cities i have been too. if you want the REAL montenegrin experience, go inland to see niksic and podgorica and tara canyon, the second biggest canyon in the world to grand canyon, only 200 meters more shallow then the grand canyon, niksic and podgorica are not attractive cities, as poor apartment blocks lined with run down and abandoned buildings, leaking with water along the sides. but town center is a great experience. dt niksic is the worst place to pick a bar fiht, youll fight 7 foot cowboys every time. montenegrins look unique , and you can tell a local apart from a tourist anytime, even white tourists. having gone to croatia many times, montenegrins are muchhhhh taller, and would tower over croatians
Hervé said on 14/Aug/12
As previewed, Croatian water-polo team won the gold medal at London 2012...
Hervé said on 25/Jul/12
Look at the Croatian water-polo team's heights in London 2012 : 187 cm, 190 cm, 192 cm, 195 cm, 196 cm, 198 cm, 199 cm, 200 cm, 200 cm, 200 cm, 202 cm, 203 cm, 205 cm... Good luck to other opponents !
Hervé said on 24/Jul/12
Hey, issuetall ! In a country with 60 millions inhabitants, it's not so difficult to fond a lot of big men. Of course, young generations in France are taller than olders. But we are still far away from Dinarics, as they are themselves taller and taller...
issuetall said on 8/Jun/12
@Herve: Are you here? Did you hear of a U18 basketball game had been hosted 3 weeks ago, in Germany. France sent a team.

this list of U18 basketball team in France is so tall


Name Born Height Position Club
Alexandre Chassang 22.11.1994 203 cm Forward Centre Fédéral de Basketball
Vincent Couzigou 11.02.1994 197 cm Forward Elan Bearnais Pau Lacq Orthez
Boris Dallo 12.03.1994 195 cm Guard Centre Fédéral de Basketball
Kevin Harley 20.04.1994 197 cm Forward Stade Poitevin Basketball
Mouhamadou Jaiteh 27.11.1994 206 cm Center Centre Fédéral de Basketball
Benjamin Meri 29.11.1994 204 cm Center ES Chalon Sur Saone
Antoine Pesquerel 16.02.1994 213 cm Center Centre Fédéral de Basketball
Guillaume Plas 10.03.1994 200 cm Forward Saint Thomas Basket Le Havre
Anthony Racine 11.01.1994 190 cm Guard Centre Fédéral de Basketball
Louison Thomas 17.01.1994 204 cm Forward Stade Poitevin Basketball
Tristan Toneguzzo 06.05.1994 203 cm Forward OL Antibes Basket Amateur

All of them are born in 1994, no one is under 190cm.The average of height of the team is 202cm, which is even taller the French adult national team(about 200cm). For this point, I think that French young boys are generally higher than their old generations.
issuetall said on 8/Jun/12
@jovan: I believe what you said. Many people who visited montenegro always insist this viewpoint is that the montenegro people are very tall, extremely tall. I don't think each signle one is liar.
Alexander said on 9/Feb/12
He's and head and neck above cobain and a head above grohl. I think he's 6-8
pochy said on 2/Feb/12
@radek. No. I was in Groningen. It should be close to the towns you mentioned. People of Groningen are not as tall as Dalmatians.
jovan said on 15/Jan/12
i go to montnegro-serbia-montenegro every summer, my dad is 6,3- 6,4. he is taller then bessicly 90-95 percent of all torontonians. But when he goes to montenegro he seems SOOO short. OMG, i even hear him talking to his cousin about it,his cousin is like 6,4 6,5. And I went there this year, I am 13 turning 14 in like 1 week and I don't remember more then 5 people being shorter then my dad, and not that much shorther. Everon eis SOOO much taller then my dad there and compared to like 99 percent of Montenegrins he is a dwarf. just saying.
Jay said on 6/Jan/12
Is this even about Krist anymore?
Harry M said on 6/Jan/12
im 6'4 just 14.3 years old and size 14 us in shoe size
radek said on 14/Dec/11
pochy says on 7/Sep/11
No. Dalmatians are taller than Dutch. Go and visit South Croatia + Montenegro, then visit Holland, and then you'll change your mind.

No Its wrong most people who visit holland only go to places like amsterdam and rotterdam, which are around 50% of foreign origin people, and out of the 50% of ethnic dutch the dutch/indo mixed are considered by goverment as natives, therefore real dutch in amsterdam/rotterdam/den haag are below 50%, in comparison montenegro is about 99.9% natives. Go to leeuwarden or sneek in northern netherlands, people there are by far the tallest you can encounter anywhere in the world, montenegrins dont even come close, the ethnic dutch, specially the ones from northern/northeastern regions are not only quite distinctive for their huge average height(as they are by far the tallest in europe) but also for having the regions with highest concentration of natural blond people anywhere in the world, you can find far more extremely tall/extremely blond people in norther-netherlands than you would do in most of scandinavia.
dzeko said on 5/Dec/11
im bosnian and 16 years old and im 1.85m tall and growing fast....
kino said on 25/Oct/11
lithuanians are actually very tall and underestimated here. definitelly not shorter than serbs or croats.
Civis Batavi said on 25/Sep/11
Albanians and Montenegrins are the tallest on the planet i believe.
issuetall said on 14/Sep/11
@Shawn Yeah, he is tallest basketball player in Montenegro. But I don't know whether the new negeration(15-18 years old) are over 210cm in Montenegro. If anybody knows that, please introduce those Montenegro youth giant.
Shawn said on 14/Sep/11
Herve says on 9/Sep/11
Slavko Vranes is 229 cm tall
Herve said on 9/Sep/11
Yes, Vincent Pourchot is exactly 2,22 m, but stopped growing up now...
joe said on 11/Aug/11
The height could be right. He is a head taller than Dave Grohl on photos. I think he lost some height. I would say nowaydays he is 198cm. I dont know why you talk so much about Croatians. There are tall guys everywhere not only in Eastern Europe. By the way Dutchman are the tallest people.
issuetall said on 8/Aug/11
pochy says on 28/Mar/11
No. 176 average is totally wrong for Lithuans, also considering the oldest people. I wonder who did such kind of statistics...Maybe at the beginning of 1900. Everyone could check that Lithuans are well above 180cm average. Herve's right.
Yeah,Lithuanians are also tall. I'v seen the data that the average height of new generations is reach 181+ in Lithua.And its U20 basketball team are very tall one:
c 215 Mindaugas Kupšas
c 205 Giedrius Staniulis
c 201 Karolis Brusokas
f 206 Gilvydas Biruta
f 203 Saulius Kulvietis
f 200 Darius Tarvydas

The only problem is population base is too small in Lithuania. None of the new kids who was born after 1990 is over 220cm.Compared with their predecessors,such as Arvydas Sabonis, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, I suggest the Lithuanian need to encourage childbirth. There will be a large number of big guys when the population reaches 100 million in Lithuania.

BYW: For Dalmatians standards, 6'7 is normally tall, but not "damn tall"
issuetall said on 8/Aug/11
Hi,Herve! Did you know the Vincent Pourchot is chosen in French U20 basketball team. The team is very tall in this year.8 players are over 200CM, and 3 guys in it are above 210CM. Perhaps this line-up is the one of the tallest teams on their age in the all U20 teams in the whole countries,which excludes the Théo who is just 180CM. The rest of official 12 guys are so giant, let's see the list:

Evan FOURNIER 2.00 1992
Rudy GOBERT 2.13 1992
Romain HILLOTTE 1.94 1991
Henry KAHUDI 1.94 1991
Joffrey LAUVERGNE 2.10 1991
Maí«l LEBRUN 1.96 1991
Kevin MENDY 2.02 1992
Vincent POURCHOT 2.22 1992
Ferdinand PRENOM 2.03 1991
Axel TOUPANE 2.00 1992
Leo WESTERMANN 1.97 1992
Wilfried YEGUETE 2.03 1991

The average hegiht of these 12 guys is 202.8cm, I'v never seen any other U20 teams are taller than it.

Congratulations France!
Chris said on 27/Jun/11
lol.I didn't know he was so tall.I taught he was like 6'1 or something...
Happihills said on 19/Jun/11
6'7!! That's pretty damn tall!. I wluld've guessed 6'2... He didn't look THAT much taller than Kurt Cobain.
Herve said on 11/May/11
Herzegovinians probably, because they are all at least 185 cm on average (even 186-187 in Trebinje) while Dalmatians are in some areas 183-184, like in Zadar or Dubrovnik...
Bon_ said on 29/Apr/11
Herve, who is taller, Dalmatians or Herzegovinians?
I have Herzegovinians in my family and they are of 'normal' height mostly(~180 cm), and I remember when I was a kid we always used to say that the people from Lika are the tallest. But obviously they aren't.
Herve said on 1/Apr/11
Thanks for this info, Lika... True, Licani are very tall, but not as much as Dinarci...
Lika said on 31/Mar/11
Serb with roots to Lika here. I'm 6'5, some of my cousins reach 6'8", others are only 5'9". Licanje are usually tall, but Dinarac are usually the tallest
pochy said on 28/Mar/11
No. 176 average is totally wrong for Lithuans, also considering the oldest people. I wonder who did such kind of statistics...Maybe at the beginning of 1900. Everyone could check that Lithuans are well above 180cm average. Herve's right.
Herve said on 28/Mar/11
Hey, jsmith230, it's OK, I'll send you soon a message...
jsmith230 said on 26/Mar/11
Hi Herve, I would like to talk to you very much. Would you be willing to chat with me over Yahoo Instant Messenger? My ID = jsmith230 and my email is I am very interested in height, especially in Slavic countries as I have a Slavic heritage. Also I would like to chat with any tall Serbian or Montenegrin guys too about height. Just message me.
Herve said on 25/Mar/11
Hey, Linas ! Everybody knows that Lithuanians are very tall people. I once read the average of young men was there about 1,83 m (176,3 m regards maybe all the generations together or an older one). It seems to me much, but why not ? I'm not a specialist about this country. But according to several testimonies, Lithuanians are not as tall as Dinarics...
Linas said on 23/Mar/11
Herve, what would you say about lithuanians (sub-ethno group of "baltics")? The average male height - 176,3 cm, but here grew so tall basketball players like Arvydas Sabonis 2,23 m (1964), Zydrunas Ilgauskas 2,21 m (1975), Martynas Andriuskevicius 2,18 m (1986), Giedrius Rinkevicius 2,18 m (1983), Ovidijus Galdikas 2,17 m (1987), Eurelijus Zukauskas 2,16 m (1973), Darius Silinskis 2,16 m (1984), Antanas Vilcinskas 2,15 m (1975)... Here the only examples of those, that i personally know equal or greater then 2,15 m. Population of lithuanian - 2,7 millions habitants.
Herve, do you have any data or opinion on this matter. Thanks.)
Damian said on 20/Mar/11
I was shopping in our local Tesco store this afternoon and I saw many guys ffom what I assumed to be Eastern Europe there and some of them were extremely tal. I happen to be much shorter than the average adult male but these guys were especially tall - about 195cm at least, perhaps a lot taller, say 200cm+ It seems they come mainly from Poland and the Baltic countries, but perhaps also the Balkans, where I know for sure many of the males are virtually giants. Maybe it's something in the water there! I think it's great.
Herve said on 15/Mar/11
I agree with you ! But the data I got are true...
pochy said on 12/Mar/11
There are too many posts to read, and I do not trust all these data. I just trust my eyes. Clearly Dalmatians are the tallest in Europe. and second ones are Dutch and Lythuans. In all these three areas the percentage of people above 195cm is impressive. But Dalmatians are the tallest.
Herve said on 11/Mar/11
Yes, the new French generation is tall enough (I'd say 178-179 cm on average for the generation 18/25 years old)? Anyway, young men and women are taller and taller. That's an evidence. An English friend of mine confirmed it by estimating that young Frenchmen are now as tall as Englishmen, which was not the case for the older generations... But I can't believe that French people could be taller than Croats on average !
issuetall said on 10/Mar/11
@Herve: How about the French new generations' height? I guess most them must be tower than their old ones. I've seen some French movies and videos on web, I feel the French youths are also tall(It's just my own eye measure).
Herve said on 10/Mar/11
Igor is his given name (ime), Vladimir his family name (prezime). I know him personnally...
Bon_ said on 8/Mar/11
Igor Vladimir? That's his surname? Because it sounds like two names
Herve said on 8/Mar/11
Yes, Bon, and Croatia has some players this tall : Kopljar, of course, who is really 210, but also Igor Vladimir (2,10 m, 1977, Metkovic) and Goran Gorenac (2,09 m, 1987, Koper). Don't forget either that Robert Rikic (2,17 m) played handball till 16 years old (in the Croatian national cadet team), like Kresimir Loncar (2,10 m, 1983, Split)...
Bon_ said on 4/Mar/11
Herve there is a handball player who I think really is 210 cm as listed - Marko Kopljar. In handball listings are very accurate in fact.
Herve said on 4/Mar/11
Yes, he's a good prospect, still growing up (last year 220, now 222, maybe more, but I am in touch with him)... Sure the centers' height will be still improving more, following the increasing of height average. And I hope Croatia will soon have such a big man about 220 and more...
issuetall said on 2/Mar/11
Thank Herve and Bon_ for your answer.

Herve, you introduced Vincent Pourchot who is the tallest basketball player now, I hope the French basketball club does not waste his hegiht, make sure he will be strong center in the French national team. Nowadays, Height suppression is turnning into a trend in the basketball world, Vincent is a tall talent player, if the coach pays attention to develop him, he will make the French national team will be not afraid of any tall center in other countries. Like in other European countries, we need more 215cm+ and 220cm+ basketball players to face future.
Hervé said on 1/Mar/11
I think that each country has different human heights according to its own geography (this is the case in Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, etc.). As a Frenchman, I can give you more details : as a matter of fact, people from north and east of France are taller than in other parts, mainly the southern one. Why ? The French people living in the northern and eastern parts have mixed roots, but especially German ones (for example, the Franks settled mainly in the north and the Burgundians in the east). From my mother side (Burgundy), I can say that people are often tall and blond (I am 46 years old and 183 cm tall : my grand uncles were all above 180 cm)... But in the south, you have a lot of Latin people, due mainly (since a century), to Italians, Spaniards, then Maghrebians who came there. When I am there, I also feel tall...
Bon_ said on 27/Feb/11
@ issuetall, here's how it is, I know very good all parts of Croatia:

1)South(Dalmatia) is the tallest, of course, but still the stats show average is 179 cm. What's interesting in Dalmatia you will se many frickin tall men but also the shortest individuals can be found there. For example, I know a guy who is 148 cm tall from there. One my cousin from Dalmatia is 170 cm tall. Short guys there are fairly common, it's a genetic rulet.
2)North-Western part(kajkavians) - statistically the shortest, in Koprivnica and Čakovec counties average for men is only 172 cm. The capital of Zagreb is located in this part of Croatia, and although it's a mix of whole Croatia and many from Bosnia and other from Balkans, still the kajkavian natives prevail.
I would guess the average for whole north-western Croatia is some 174-175 cm.I include Istria and Rijeka in this part also.
3) Slavonia, the north-eastern part. I am from here, so I can tell you here people are mostly of moderate tallish stature, like 178 cm. You'll rarely see very short people( they mostly happen to be of southern German origin), and you'll rarely see people 195 cm+, but they are not a weird thing to see - mostly those extremely tall people have origins in the southern, Dinaric region, there are many people with origins in Herzegovina, and Dalmatia to a lesser extent.
issuetall said on 27/Feb/11
Herve, Thank you for explaining my questionis. I have another theory of my own, there are big difference height among different regions even in the same country. Like people from the Dalmatia are taller than the other counterpart in Ctoatia. Or like in France( I heard of you are French), once one of my colleague visired France, then he told me the Northeast part is tall in France, it is commonly to see many people are 6' or taller in there, but when he moved in the Southern rigions, he saw only a few of guys above 5'11. Please judge if it is the correct?
Bon_ said on 26/Feb/11
I thought i posted a comment here, but it didn't show up? Or maybe my memory doesn't serve me well. I hope it's just that, or Rob is beggining to use some Gestapo methods.If not, then I apologize.

anyway Herve, as you know I'm not quite buying this 'new generation' thing, maybe the new generations grow faster but not particularly taller.
Herve said on 25/Feb/11
I think 185 cm must be a good average for the young Dinaric men today, even if in some places, they are taller (mainly Drnis in Dalmatia, Trebinje in Herzegovina and Niksic in Montenegro). The average height of 176 cm in Croatia seems also very strange to me, even if it comes from an official inquiry. But I say it again, it concerns all the generations, while the one in Germany of 180 cm only regards young people. But "issuetall", don't worry, Croats from Dalmatia and Herzegovina are much taller that Germans or Australians...
issuetall said on 24/Feb/11
Herve says on 18/Feb/11
... Joking more or less...


Even if he exaggeratted, it can aslo proof people can see many guy over 2 meter in Croatia, and the proportion of giant is higher than the most other parts of the world.
issuetall said on 24/Feb/11
To Bon_:

the average height in Croatia is 176 cm,
the average height in Germany is 180 cm,
the average height in Australia is 178cm

But why I always feel most Croats are taller then most Germen and Australian. Even some Germen and Australian I knew who told to me the Croats are very tall.

It's very strange..... I'm confused.
issuetall said on 24/Feb/11
Herve says on 15/Feb/11
The official average in the Dinaric Alps comes from my own investigations in this region that I communicated to a French anthropologist who published them. But it's more an estimation than a sure data (it would be too long to explain that here).


Herve, how to explain this? Please tell me, I want to know that.As far as I'm concerned, 185.6cm is not overevalued the data that the arveage height of youths(male) in the Dinaric Alps.
issuetall said on 24/Feb/11
To Bon_:

I still say maybe you are right. I know the average height never be 190, but it doesn't mean a guy is around 6'4 feel himself is "very tall". Because everyone lives in different surroundings even in the same country, ot even in the same ciry. Perhaps, in the same city,a guy who is 6'5 feels most his friends are the same size as himself, or taller him, he doesn't feel tall, then a guy who is 5'10 finds most of his friends are shorter than him, so he feel tall. I have found everyone has his/her own different "standard of tall", maybe it is the reason that no one lives the same enviorment.
issuetall said on 24/Feb/11
Sorry to Herve and Bon_

because I am a little busy recently, not reply you immediately.

To Herve: Thank you answer my question. I have my own comment:China, which near to Russia, has 1.5 billion people, it is 5 times population more than USA, YES, it has many giants over 210cm,but I don't think the number of giant above 210 in china can be over USA or Russia. I visited those three country, seen a lot of 2 meter guys in USA and Russia, but rarely in china. As far as I' concrened,I assume that the 1st rank that has most number giants may be USA or Russia, china can reach the third one.

BYW: the average height of Russian volleyball team is the NO.1 in all of country ( height is 203cm)
francesco said on 22/Feb/11
yas i am italian but i dont live in italy right now
Anonymous said on 22/Feb/11
Aren't you from Italy, francesco? I remember your comment where you said you from Italy.
francesco said on 21/Feb/11
look anonymous shut up bcs i live in region between dalmatia herzegovina and montenegro and here at 194 cm i dont feel u got? in my region live the tallest men in the whole planet.....we are taller then dutch in northern provinces and even of african tribes (dinka masaai and tutsi) u see many men over 1.90 and 2 metres is common shut up please
Anonymous said on 21/Feb/11
This page for trolls or something? 2 meter feels like a dwarf? 194cm and average? Stupid trolls are stupid
francesco said on 21/Feb/11
well bon u are right
Bon_ said on 21/Feb/11
Maybe you don't feel it because many guys are of your height but in the end you are way above average.
francesco said on 19/Feb/11
i am 21 years old and at 194 cm(my height) i would not even considered tall in dinaric alps region between guys age 18-25......incredible....
francesco said on 19/Feb/11
i am 21 years old and at 194 cm(my height) i would not even considered tall in dinaric alps region between guys age 18-25......incredible....
Herve said on 18/Feb/11
... Joking more or less...
Bon_ said on 17/Feb/11
2 meters and feels like a dwarf? That's fact it's ridiculous and he was probably joking
Herve said on 16/Feb/11
No, I did not measure them of course, but asked them (or father and son for Arapovic) ! What's about your cousin, probably I'll never know him if we have to wait for 3 or 4 years more... but I understand your point of view. When I wrote until 77 years old, it was just an expression for including all generations. So maybe it was until 60, I don't know exactly. Anyway, there must not be a huge height difference between people born in 1950 and others in 1940 or before... One of my Croatian friends working 3 years ago at the Croatian Ambassy in Paris told me once he sometimes felt like a dwarf (!) at home while he's exatcly 2 m tall... So I guess it's not that ridiculous when 6'4-6'7 Croats say they don't feel tall. Sure they are, but not so much in fact...
Anonmyous said on 15/Feb/11
herve, are you sure that 176 cm includes 77-year olds...i thought it's for adult men from 18-60, which would be very representative in fact
Anonmyous said on 15/Feb/11
Average will certainly never be 190, unless, I say, women start to radically pick men based on height. There are certain phenotypes, each of them with their fixed heights, if a man is a mix of 3 phenotypes, his height is a mix of those three heights(for example, 180+175+185=180). it works even for my grandfather's generation, so I'm skeptical about this 'new generation' thing...there might be some politics evolved even.
that's a little from physical anthropology what i've researched. the tallest 'unmixed' types are two paleolithic types, you can see them in carleton coon races of europe-phorographic supplement- upper paleolithic survivors in morocco.
the last type and that 'very blond youth' description under the picture. very ancient types i would say, unmixed height over 8 feet i would say, but it's very hard to find them unmixed of course.
6'4'-6'7 Croats not feeling tall is absolutely ridiculous. whoever starts this crap, it should be cut off.
Concerning Rikić and Arapović - have you measured them, Herve?
And about my cousin - I will follow his development still a little, then let you know surely if he clears 210. i don't want to hype things around him in that tender age.
Herve said on 15/Feb/11
OK, I have many questions to answer... First, Bon, if your 15/204 cousin is Croat, let me know his name please (plus birth date and place)... 176 cm on average in Croatia regards all the generations (from 18 to 77...) in all the counties (Slovenia, Istria, Dalmatia...). But if we consider the youngest ones, it must be about 179-180, I think... From my own, I don't believe Croatian people have reached their maximum in height : first it's obvious than younger generations are taller and taller ; secondly, they were not yet "feed" by western products increasing height as it appeard especially in the Netherlands... Many sites give wrong stats about the players' heights, but I can affirm you, as I control it every time, that Arapovic is really 215 and Rikic 217 (217,5). No doubt about that ! Normally, when you are measured in the morning, you are not 1 cm shorter, but taller !... I think the country which has the greatest number of 210 cm tall men should be, proportianally to the population, either the USA or (yes !) China ! All the former countries of Yugoslavia together should appear in a good rank, but I don't think the first one (only 20-25 millions of inhabitants), then Russia, Netherlands and Germany (and sure India, due again to the large population)... The official average in the Dinaric Alps comes from my own investigations in this region that I communicated to a French anthropologist who published them. But it's more an estimation than a sure data (it would be too long to explain that here). The fact that 6'4-6'7 Croats don't feel tall among youngers does not mean that the average should be more than 185,5... Anyway, sure it is not (yet) 190...
Bon_ said on 13/Feb/11
@ issuetall

i doubt they are really significantly taller, you are probably just amazed like 'wow, look at these 15-year olds, they are so tall' and in fact those are probably a few early bloomers who already reach their final height. that is typical clichee crap like that old saying 'look at these youths, they are so spoiled, my generation was so much better'.
I don't know for Eastern Europe proper(Russia, Romania ?) but Central European countries like Croatia, Slovenia and Czech Republic have reached their genetic top long time ago, probably in generations born somewhere in 60-s. I was born in 1989 in Croatia and I think I've never really met a person here who was forced to starve by atleast few days, not talking about the extreme situations like being lost in the mountains of course.
And I sincerely doubt the average in Croatia will ever get anything significantly more than 176 cm, just as in vast majority of European countries.
Those are simply genetic reasons.
issuetall said on 12/Feb/11
To Bon_

Perhaps you are right, but compare to the youths(17-18 years old), I have noticed most of them are taller than my generations(23-25). And look back on the history of NBA or NCAA, for example,2 meter could be centre in baskerball teams before 50 years ago, but now if you want to be a useful centre, you must be 210cm at least.

And I agree that genetic potential in the western and northern Europe has reached it's top. But like Balkan states and other eastern Europe, since they are not devepoled counties, the new generations in those counties still have potential.

I deem the average of Croats will be above 176cm if the Crotian parents pay attention to their children's height.
issuetall said on 12/Feb/11
Thank Herve for intrduceing these information. They are interesting!

Another two questions to ask Herve:

1: Do you think which country has the most numbers of giants above 210CM? USA? Russia? Holland? UK? France? Sweden? Norway? German? or Ex-Yugoslavia?

2: As the acceptable data indicates that the average height in Dalmatia is around 6'1(185cm), but why my some friends who is between 6'4-6'7 from there, they told me they never feel tall when they were among youths? What's the reason, the visual error or others?
Bon_ said on 12/Feb/11
Herve I have a cousin who is 15.4 years old and 204 cm tall barefoot, if he clears 210 cm I will let you know OK?
Bon_ said on 12/Feb/11

No, they new generations are not getting taller and taller, that is absolute bunk, generations born somewhere around in 50's already had proper nutrition.
if this generation is significantly taller, then the next one will be shorter, unless women start to radically pick men based on height.
Genetic potential in western world, including Croatia, has already reached it's top.
Btw the average in Croatia is 176 cm, those are official stats.

Herve, concerning Arapović and Rikić...I've found some sites which state that Arapović is 211 cm and Rikić 214 cm. If they measured it in the morning, they could even be 1 cm shorter.
Herve said on 11/Feb/11
And don't forget Serbian giants who are now at least 167 according to my own stats, from whose 107 in Serbia !!!
Herve said on 11/Feb/11
By the way, the tallest French basketball players are Vincent Pourchot (2,22 m, 1992, still growing up), then Olivier Gouez (2,19 m, 1984)...
Herve said on 11/Feb/11
Besides, I know "only" 35 men in Montenegro 210 cm tall or more (for about 620 000 inhabitants) while they are 80 in Dalmatia (with 845 000 inhabitants). This is just an indication, not a proof, but...
Herve said on 11/Feb/11
What is about Montenegro where I contacted a lot of sport's teachers these lat years, I am not so sure that Montenegrins are taller in average than Dalmatians. For example, if you go to Niksic, the height will be there a little above the one of Split (186 vs. 185). But except Podgorica (185), in the other places such as Pljevlja, Bijelo Polje, Berane, Budva, etc., it will be lower (183-184), excepted for the region of Herceg Novi which was "colonized" after World War II by Serbs from Herzegovina (186)... Herve
Herve said on 11/Feb/11
Yes, of course, in, let's say, 10 or 20 years, the number of Croats 210 cm tall and more will have increased about at least 7 or 8 persons more a year. It could have been much more if (this is a real problem nowadays in Croatia) the demography was not going down so dramatically... Herve.
issuetall said on 11/Feb/11
Hi! Herve, I'm glad to see you back. You are the one of most objevtive in celebheight.

To Bon and Herve. With the younger croatian are taller and taller, they can increase the total, then, I deem that the 150-200 Croatian above 210cm are believable. Perhaps 400 Croats will be above 210cm after 50 years, since most youths are taller than their parents. But now it isn't.

What do you think?
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/11
Yes, I am here, Bon, after a long while far from this site... As I know all these Croatian giants personnally (or more rarely, one of their parents), I can answer to your questions. Franjo Arapovic is exactly 215 cm (without shoes, of course), while his son Marko is already 201 at 14... No, Robert Rikic is not the tallest Croat as he told me three months ago he's "only" 217,5 cm, while Bruno Sundov is 221 (1980), then Jere Lakos 220 (1968)... 400 Croats at 210 cm and more seems to me exagerated. I know exactly 109 of them at that day. So, I'd say maybe 150, but 400 ???
Bon said on 23/Jan/11
Herve, are you here? What about Robert Rikić, he's said to be the tallest living Croat at legit 7'3? How tall is he really do you know?
Bon said on 17/Jan/11
though it may be just like 150 in the end. For example, Croatian basketballer Franjo Arapovic is known to be 215 cm(7'1), but I found that he is also listed at 211(6'11). I wouldn't be surprised if in reality he's even under 210, alot of basketballers seem to exagerrate their heights.
monologue said on 31/Dec/10
Bon says on 20/Nov/10
@ Herve I don't think there are just 150 Croats 210 and taller, in everyday life + famous people I've already seen them about 30. Perhaps 400 is a better estimate.


I agree. I've seen a data says that the number of people growed above 210cm in ex-Yugoslavia(Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina) is 200 times more than the ones in japan. Even if these are 10 men are above 210cm in japan, we still have 2000 people are 210 or taller, and it's just rough estimate.

Now, maybe 500 Croats are 210cm is mostly guessing.
Bon said on 20/Nov/10
@ Herve I don't think there are just 150 Croats 210 and taller, in everyday life + famous people I've already seen them about 30. Perhaps 400 is a better estimate.
boris said on 15/Oct/07
In former Yugoslavia, the endemic (original) region with extremely tall people is along the Dinaric Alps. However, due to massive migrations from this poor region to the coast (Dalmatia in Croatia), inner land (mainland Croatia and Serbia), one can't simply draw a line anymore. If one strolls down the streets of Belgrade, Zagreb or Split, he/she can easily see that people are very tall on average and there are many taller than 195cm... I grew up in Belgrade and with 179cm was the third shortest guy in the class among 19 men - I am below average, for sure. Remembering the aforementioned Croatia, they are very tall as well.
Montenegro (with its Montenegrins, Serbs and/or Montenegrin Serbs, whatever one feels like) is fully along the Dinaric "line" - thus their average height was at the Yugoslav top.
Finally, the improved living conditions (including the ever-popular team sports) in the Balkans have led to a very obvious increase in average height across the region.
gfab said on 5/Oct/07
hey Glenn, really detailed statistics, in your message! Keep us informed. Thanks Croat, too, of course. Next December I should return in Split, and that time I'll pay particular attention on height, more than in the past. Then I'll drop some comments here. Have nice days, my friends :-)
glenn2007 said on 29/Sep/07
yes,croats and especially montenegrins are among te difficult to determine who are the tallest nation,for that we shoul measure the whole population of each mentioned countries and it isnt possible. the places with tallest poultion are former jugoslavia,scandinavia including iceland,holland,baltic states,some areas in czech republic and poland ,some villages in scotland and some african tribes in sudan and rwanda.
in my opinion norwegians are the tallest in scandinavia. as for baltic states -estonia posses some of the tallest population in the world,even taller than scandinavians,but as the result of mixture with significantly shorter russians and ukrainians their population became a bit shorter,same with latvians. lithuania has some of the talles men in planet and their avarage population is very tall,especially in city of kaunas. it is also one of the strongest and influential countries in world basketball,dispite being a country of just 3 milion people.giants like sabonis(2.20m) ,ilgauskas(2.18) and many others came out from there. they also poses some of the physically strongesst men in planet,and although their football team ranked 80th in the world the avarage height in their squard is about 186 which is tallest even then croatian and serbian soccer teams.virgilius alekna ,three times world cempion on disk trowing is more than 2 metrs tall.
in former jugoslav republic serbes and montenegrins are the talles followed by croats which look more europeanthen serbs,many of which have middaritanian appearance.slovenians are shortest and most maybe most fair population of former jugoslav republics,maybe of strong german influence.
some czechs and poles are also very tall but it depend on the area they live.for example in the border with ukraine live shortest poles,in the north where is the border with germany and lithuania population becomes taller. in croatia tallest people live in split,in holland in the north. icelanders are as tall as norrwegians,danish are the shortest in scandinavia.
romanians ,hungarians and some ukranians and russians are comperatively shorter then above mentioned nationalities. scotts are the taallest in britain,good and open hearted people. flamandic belgians are almost as tall as dutch but the french spaking population decreases there avarage. tallest spaniards living in the area near madrid and some ara in the north. tallest titalians are in the north where mixed german population is high.
friends ,it is the picture i have collected by travalling more then a decade across the eurobe
Croat said on 28/Sep/07
Hey, I'm back. I have been researching human height, for some time, and I obviously know more than any of you. The tallest people in Europe are from the dinaric alps, go research it. Dinaric alps is basically Yugoslavia. They're a bit over 185cm, on average. Dalmatians, (From Dalmatia, Croatia. Croatia's biggest province.) are also 185cm. In some Croatian cities, such as Sibenik, Croats are 188cm on average.

Key words to remember: yugoslavia, croatia, serbia, montenegro, dinaric alps, etc.

Look at the Croatian tennisplayer: Ancic and Cilic 6'5'', Ivanisevic and Ljubicic 6'4'', and the tallest tennisplayer ever, Karlovic at 6'10''. In soccer, Zigic and Kalac are the tallest. Serb and Croat, 6'7''. In the NBA, Slavko Vranes is 7'6''. While Yugoslavia doesn't only have giants in the nba, we're all aware of the many Yugoslav centers that have played in the NBA. Croatia and Serbia are also the best countries in waterpolo and handball, and their players are known for being tall. The random Croat is tall, Visnjic 6'4'', Tesla 6'6''.

Etc. Etc.
glenn2007 said on 26/Sep/07
important note friends!! you have almost forgot Lithuanians from Baltics,they are also among the tallest in the world and from my impression from visiting this small baltic country they are also extremely beautiful people. country of basketball
gfab said on 17/Sep/07
... your objection is right. I was not precise, in my previous mail I wrote "I feel average" as synonimous of "I do not feel short", which is different. As to Croatia and Holland: I felt short in Split and in general in the south area, but not all over Croatia. On average, I'm not short in Croatia. But In Holland I felt short everywhere I went. Of course I speak just on my experience, I am not a height statistic office :-) bye
Austrian said on 13/Sep/07
as far as i can tell Hungarians are pretty much average in height... neither tall nor short

im like 1/8 Hungarian myself actually
henrih said on 12/Sep/07
are hungarians tall?they are much shorter then slavs though
gfab said on 4/Sep/07
When you see on the web statistic on Croats height you see that they are 1.80 average. If in some area (Split, Dubrovnik) average is about 1.86, that does not mean that all over Croatia the average height is so. Dutch people are taller than Croats, since they are uniformly very tall, all over Holland. I am 1.83 and I feel average in my area and so I feel in Slovenija, Croatia, Hungary and Germany. Croatia have a lot of giants and a lot of short people. But some time ago I went to Holland and there is some difference there: I felt short, much more than 50% males were taller than me.
shiko said on 18/Aug/07
15% of the dutch population is immigrant.. i have never been to croatia so i cant judge about that country. but the average height in northern of the netherlands is higher then in the south an average guy 18 years old would be 188-190 in the north while only 183-185 in the south that is the thing what compensates it not the immigrants because a lot of studys about height are measured on college students and the amount of immigrants in the netherlands who go to college is beneath 1%
Austrian said on 12/Aug/07
see you just have no clue

"Croatians are nothing big" HAHA proof you cant know many croats

"ill believe what the data says" WHAT data? plz

dont you get it? there IS no reliable scientific data about the average height in different countries
Matt Thomas said on 12/Aug/07
I never said it was proof that the dutch are the tallest in the world but something like that would never happen in england or the US. Croations are nothing big and ill believe what the data says. Call me ignorant or an idiot if you wish. :)
Austrian said on 11/Aug/07
lmao how am i a fanboy?

most people here cant even stand Croats cause they come to Austria in loads as immigrants

i dont mind them, im just able to recognize the fact they are very tall by average (and since many of them live here, i can tell)

so your father went into a restaurant once and met 3 tall guys..... wow.. must mean dutch people are tall, definately, so this proves it all..... ahahaha


PS ive been in Holland too, but im pretty sure you havent been to Germany, Austria, Croatia, or Norway - and even if you have, it doesnt really mean much
Matt Thomas said on 10/Aug/07
Actually im from England currently residing in the us though im not a fanboy like you are trust me the dutch are giants... Ive been there and i remember in one resturaunt my father whos 6'4 was towered by atleast three guys 6'6-6'8 maybe that was a one time thing but still anyways its obvious your a croation fanboy whilst im unbiased I seem to remember also awhile back another croation said croat was full of crap
S.J said on 5/Aug/07
does anyone know how tall his father mother and Brother are?
S.J said on 4/Aug/07
yeah i saw somewhere on those statistics that Netherlands was the tallest ppl in the world but something with Alps was like 2 cm taller why arent they the tallest in the World i live in the netherlands and there are allot of tall young people here but not everyone is tall its just statistics and netherlands gets all the credit but there are tribes in africa were they look like they are 6foot10

And about the 15 million ppl Most of them are not Dutch its a Small country with a Big Population
Austrian said on 29/Jul/07
statistics LOL

are you stupid? or didnt you read what i said?

statistics regarding average height dont really mean much since theres no worldwide standard for it or anything

so all statistics are very vague cause they are based on various very different regional measurment methods and other things

as i already said, in the Netherlands they only measured men around a certain age, which of course results in a different average height than when you measure men from all ages

do you understand this now or is it still too hard for you to get?

and as Croat already pointed out, Croatians are the tallest people in Europe

and hes right, thats basicly a fact

which again means dutch people cant be the tallest of the world, cause last time i checked they still lived in Europe

maybe youre just upset cause youre from Holland yourself?

and who knows, maybe Croatia wasnt included cause its just a small country with a few mio inhabitants, while theres around 15 mio people in the Netherlands

maybe in those 'statistics' they only counted nations with more than 10 mio inhabitants?

well so much for your statistics, maybe you realize now why all that stuff is pretty vague.... and if you still buy into it, sorry but then youre stupid... or lets say naive and narrow-minded :)
Matt Thomas said on 28/Jul/07
Austrian the statistics say the dutch are the tallest in the world... and until you can prove otherwise good luck being believed
Austrian said on 26/Jul/07
by the way Croat is right, the claim that dutch people are the tallest of the world is laughable

croatians and serbians are definately the tallest people in europe without competition, and i wouldnt even say they are followed by the dutch, that rumour only came up cause in the netherlands they only measured men around the age of 20-25, while in most other countries they measured men of all ages, which obviously results in a lower average

to me the 2nd tallest people in europe, after the yugoslavians, are the nordic (germanic) peoples of scandinavia, especially the norwegians

i dont think dutch people are any taller than germans or austrians by average
Austrian said on 26/Jul/07

Steele is a dwarf compared to Novoselic......... WELL maybe not, but hes clearly shorter
glenn said on 25/Jul/07
he is taller than steele by at least and inch or more.
Anonymous said on 24/Jul/07
I'd say that he's around the 6'7 area. Although i'd say that he's no taller than peter steele, making Steele at least 6'7 to 6"8.
bubbalu said on 11/Jul/07
I wouldn't be scared of him I think it's kind of cool to be the one people always look up to (pun intended)
Viper said on 8/Jul/07
Id be scared seeing somebody like Calvin Lane.
lillo thomas said on 7/Jul/07
why someone will be scared of very tall guys? the tallest guy i ever seen was at least 6-10 he could be 6-11 . he dont scared me but impress me , very tall guys looks impressive. some girls are scared of tall guys 6-4 and over for some reason but most tall guys that i know are nice guys like me . in my experience the trouble makers arent usually tall guys. usually are guys in the average and short side.
Jason said on 7/Jul/07
eli says on 13/Jun/07
''dear God, he's a giant! I'd probably run the opposite way if I encountered a person his height. nothing personal, just plain scary.''

You haven't come across anyone that tall before?
glenn said on 7/Jul/07
he was active 4 years ago.
Markus said on 6/Jul/07
Hehe at 1.94m people could take me for a Croatian instead of Dutch then ;)

This picture also proves to me that Cobain surely wasn't under 1.70m, like many supposed that he was. Kurt didn't look any smaller next to Novoselic than Glenn does in this picture.

And I wonder if Krist is still active in music at this point ?
Croat said on 6/Jul/07
Novoselic is 100% Croatian. Yugoslavia doesn't exist anymore. Croatia and Serbia were the 2 main republics of Yugoslavia. The tallest people in the world are not the Dutch. The people from the Dinaric Alps (Yugoslavia) are the tallest. 28% of males are 6'3'' and taller, and 1 in 40 is 6'7'' and taller. At 6'3'' I am just over the average height. Tons of references and sources points to Yugoslavs being the tallest. Tutsis from Rwanda, Africa are the tallest according to guinness, but this is really not proven. It is generally accepted that Yugoslavs, and this african tribe are the tallest, followed by the Dutch.
Markus said on 6/Jul/07
Have to agree with Lillo Thomas, must be 2 metres or little over!

Is Novoselic of Yugoslavian ancestry ?

Eli, he may be tall, but he looks very friendly so that shouldn't be the reason of being scared!
Danimal said on 14/Jun/07
I'd go so far as to say he is at least 6'7.5".
eli said on 13/Jun/07
dear God, he's a giant! I'd probably run the opposite way if I encountered a person his height. nothing personal, just plain scary.
lillo thomas said on 11/Jun/07
seeing the pic above again carefully Krist is really a legit 6'7
the difference between glenn and kris look exactly 11 inches . iam 6'5
and 5'8 is under my chin and glenn is only a bit taller than krisr shoulder.
OutBenchThis said on 22/May/07
Looks closer to 6'1" next to God he's tall!!
Kev said on 29/Apr/07
Clay that is weird man.. i almost always get estimated at about 6'2.. which is odd considering im 6'5... Although it may may have something to do with the 275 or or so pounds that im carrying.....
Arjun said on 28/Mar/07
Glenn said he had a footwear disadvantage that day. That said, I would say the difference is about 11.5" here, just under a foot. Look at the VERY top of Glenn's head - (that would be 1" or so above his hairline) it ain't that much below Krist's chin, I would say 1.5". Give Krist 10" for his head as he does have a big head (look at his head compared to Glenn's, who himself has a pretty average head for 5'8"), but no more than 10" as he's in a proud pose lifting his chin up. So 6'7 1/2" - remove the foot wear difference and we are right at 6'7".
What do you think, Glenn.
Markus said on 27/Mar/07
Got the same thing here with the height estimate. I'm 194 cm (about 6'4,25")
And people think I'm 2 metres exact....shorter people can't tell 6 cm difference for some reason. However, I really have to look up at someone who's 2 metres quite a lot. Bodytype can also lead people to make a very poor judge on height.

Anyway, an average head is about 9 inches, 10 tops long.
Krist - Glenn looks about 1 1/3 head difference is roughly 11 maybe 12 inches difference. Do the math...6'7" looks about right here !
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/07
this guy is an easy 6'7.5'', if i did not know better i would put him at 6'8''-6'8.5''
Viper said on 15/Feb/07
Clay, people really estimate you at 6-7 regulary? Thats insane. Im 6-3 and I never get estimated that high. Though I was estimated at 6-8 once from some chick who was below 5-0.
cliff said on 14/Feb/07
6ft 7 is right definitely !
Clay said on 14/Feb/07
Yes, Chris is 6ft 7 definitely or more! Just put a ruler of 1 ft inches on top of Glenn's head and you'll see that measurement is right. i'm 6ft 3 (about 191cm) and it's true, people always estimate too high, 'cause they estimate me 6ft 7 (about 200 cm).
S.J said on 10/Feb/07
He Looks a Little Bit Taller then Thurston Moore in ''1991:the Year Punk Broke'' and thurston Moore is about 6,6 or 6,5
Gonzalo said on 8/Feb/07
I totally agree with you Lillo and with Glenn that Novoselic looks 6`7 in the pic. But in that video with Charles Barkley, listed 6`6 with shoes on, Novoselic looks barely taller. That leaves a little bit mystified. Barkley doesn`t wear lifts so probably novoselic is 6`6 and Barkley one inch less.
lillo thomas said on 7/Feb/07
if barckey look very close to krist in height in that video then maybe krist is closr to 6'6 than 6'7 but in the pic with glenn he look a legit 6'7
lillo thomas said on 7/Feb/07
i never seen the video so i cant compare and explain why they look similar in height according to you guys.
Gonzalo said on 7/Feb/07
That may be true, lillo. But then tell me why they look so similar in height in that video....
S.J said on 27/Jan/07
you should look at the Video of Nirvana In Bloom it has a Footage of Kurt and Krist and the Drummer not Dave grohl all next to each other and Kurt is Like to Krist Shoulders isnt Kurt Like 5,9 or 5,10 so yeah i would say 6,7 is Good
lillo thomas said on 24/Jan/07
barckey isnt't 6´6 .6'6 is his list height with shoes. he is between 6´4 and 6´5
Danimal said on 23/Jan/07
Does it look like Novoselic has only 8" on Glenn Ball-A-Hallic?? I think not. I can believe 6'7.5" Easily. As for Barkely, the guy is at least 6'5", if not the full 6'6". He downplays his own height, just like Rodman did.
Ray said on 23/Jan/07
I read somewhere, he used to keep banging his head off the top of the doorframe in Kurt's house and it mentioned he was 6'7.5"....which I can well believe !
Ball-A-Hallic said on 16/Jan/07
barkely has said he is is 6'4 so that would make Novoselic like 6'4
Gonzalo said on 9/Jan/07
In the pic with Glenn, he looks 6`7, but in the video with Charles Barkley he looks one inch taller at the most. Barkley is closer to the camera but I doubt Novoselic would look more than two inches taller if both of them were at the same distance from the camera. If we weren´t talking about Barkley we would be using the word lifts
Glenn said on 5/Jan/07 me.this I bet my life on.
S.J said on 30/Dec/06
Well in the Video of Charles Barkley Krist looks also about 6,6 but he is standing behind charles barkley and is Defenitly 6,7
Gonzalo said on 19/Dec/06
Well, I`ve said this many times (in Kevin Nash`s and Mathew Modine`s page, for instance). Actors and musicians seem to shrink whenever I see them next to basketball players. Novoselic looks for sure 6`7 next to Glenn. And Charles Barkley was listed 6`6 with shoes on. Novoselic doesn´t look two inches taller. In fact he looks barely taller. Well, that is a mistery.
Everytime I see an actor or a musician next a basketball player I think about downgrading those artists
Brad said on 8/Dec/06
He has a major slouch when he plays so one never realizes he is that tall. I always thought Nirvana's stage persona really sucked. They played to the floor. Mumbled a lot. Trashed out their gear in the end. What came out of the speakers was a different story. They just destroyed Los Angeles. All those Sunset Strip metal bands were a cartoon by '90. I remember Kurt mumbling about you people wanting to see Trixter and doing a side to side guitar thing with a retarded face. Priceless.
Viper652 said on 8/Dec/06
an average of 6-0 1/2 is just as insane.
Jake W. said on 7/Dec/06
I'd like to correct what some people below have written: there's no place in the world where 187 - 190 cm is average male height. The tallest people are the Dutch and they average about 184 cm.
Brad said on 18/Nov/06
Yeah, I was shocked the first time I saw Nirvana. I didn't realize he was that tall. Krist told me Kurt was into crazy obscure 45rpms by anything that made noise.Funny!. I think he's lost a lot of hair recently.
Franco said on 16/Nov/06
holy craps. he is taller than me too! i stand at 6'4 (evening measurement, im 6'4.5 outta bed) i wonder what glenn felt there... the word midget gotta apply to Glenn and all those in the street compared to Novoselic, the guy is a tower.

Glenn said on 12/Nov/06
Yeah,I agree,Penn is 6-5 tops.
Brad said on 7/Nov/06
He's 6' 7". Beat me by 1" but I woulda beat him in boots, maybe down the road as I told him. Nice guy.
Viper652 said on 30/Oct/06
Kuki, Im around 6-3 and people in america have estimated me as tall as 6-8 once, no joke. Usually 6-4 and sometimes 6-5 though.
lillo thomas said on 19/Oct/06
looks 6'7 to me
Emily said on 18/Oct/06
i think he could be taller than 6'7 but..hey Glenn's taller than me by 3
Austrian said on 23/Sep/06
hes just of croatian decent, all yugoslavians (croatians and serbians) are huge, most of them are 190cm or around that
Matt said on 23/Aug/06
He's 6'7. He looks gigantic hear and next to Cobain as well. He is not 6'4 like someone said. He is definitely a wopping 6'7!
Viper652 said on 5/Aug/06
He looks all of 6-7.
Stevie G said on 5/Aug/06
This guy is huge. His head is in proportion with his huge body, so he probably has a very big head. If you for example would put his head on Glenns body it would look weird.
Glenn said on 5/Aug/06
He is 6-7.
Danimal said on 5/Aug/06
Okay, we have to be logical here. How long is the average head? Like 9" or so, right? Okay, so right there, he can't be less than 6'5". Now, Chris has a pretty long head compared to the average guy (just look at it), SO, I give at least 10", which puts him up to 6'6". WAIT, we're not done yet. Glenn is nowhere near the bottom of Chris's chin. There's another 3-4 inches. I do not see Chris at anything less than 6'8". Who ever said 6'4" to 6'5" clearly can't judge height. I think Viper will agree with me on this one.
Anonymous said on 31/May/06

whoever says this guy look 6-5 has got to get there eyes checked he is CLEARLY 6-7 or more, c'mon now.
D.J. said on 29/May/06
He has about a foot on Glenn. 6'7"-6'8".
Viper652 said on 25/May/06
There is no way Krist is only 6-4-6-5 LOL.
J-Dog said on 25/May/06
The top of Glenn's head only reaches his shoulder, that is how a 6'7" guy looks near a 5'8" guy, there is at the very least 11" inches basically almost a foot between them, this seems more evident, just compare Krist to pictures of Steven Seagal and David Hasslehoff near Glenn.
J. said on 25/May/06
Actually he wouldn't. That's how a 5'8" guy looks next to a 6'7" guy. 6'7" on the nose seems pretty accurate compared to the picture above.
Anthony said on 24/May/06
He looks only 6'4 - 6'5. If he was 6'7, Glenn would barely appear in the picture, especially since it was shot fairly close. I find it hard to believe that he's a full 6'7. I'd buy 6'5 1 /2. If he was 6'7, Glenn would probably have to stand on his tiptoes so he can appear more clearly in the frame, like he did in his picture with 6'8 1/2 Brad Garrett.
Glenn said on 27/Apr/06
Hard to say.Krist Id say, wins.
Gonzalo said on 24/Mar/06
He looks taller than 6`7. The biggest guy next to our idol Glenn
ice said on 15/Feb/06
Oh hell no! i can't believe that man is trying to claim 6'7. he looks more than that. At first glance, with me not paying attention and glenn's hair down, I thought that was some tall guy and his date.
CelebHeights Editor said on 11/Feb/06
Another taller bassist:
Adema's, Dave DeRoo has said: "I'm like 6' 9"
chris said on 9/Feb/06
I dunno Ive heard anything from 6'4" to 6'9" I'd guess hes about 6'6"
6' and 18 said on 6/Feb/06
6' 8" is my estimate based on what has been said so far and what I thought of the pic. Glenn is standing marginally less straighter than him and his footwear was quite flat...but the difference is huge and 6' 8" seems about right to me.
Sakanna said on 2/Feb/06
No wonder he made Dave Grohl (who's 6') look short--Let alone Kurt Cobain (5'8")....
this is to solve it all said on 1/Feb/06
if i hadn't known any better i'd say hes a good 6'10'' from this picture, solely because if you were to put a ruler on Glen's head it still seems novoselic would surpass it by a number of inches.
Marc said on 29/Jan/06
I have a cousing who is about 4'11". When she stands next to me,(I'm 5'10") she comes up to about my shoulder. Glenn and Krist are about propotionate to me and my cousin, since I'm 11 inches taller than my cousin, and Krist is 11 inches taller than Glenn.
Glenn said on 29/Jan/06
my long hair is always in a pony tail slicked back now.pain in the neck to let it frizzy.his footwear was normal.mine was dreadful black reebooks that always made me look as short as possible.
Jason said on 28/Jan/06
6'7'' looks right.
Jon Smith said on 28/Jan/06
this is right hes 6'7 if you ever seen nirvana play he dominates cobain by almost a foot if not a foot
Danimal said on 28/Jan/06
He looks taller than 6'7".
175cm16andgrowing said on 28/Jan/06
yes... I look nearly the same next to a &'7 guy so the guy is really that tall. but glenn has to tell us what footwear the guy wore and from when the pic is. I don't know if I get it right but Glenn, you first had long hair and now you have short hair, right? So this is an older pic? Or do you sport long hair again?

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