How tall is Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk's Height

5ft 3 (160 cm)

Canadian Actress best known for playing Lana Lang on TV series Smallville.

How tall is Kristin Kreuk
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Average Guess (55 Votes)
5ft 3.19in (160.5cm)
Comentarista said on 27/Sep/22
160cm cutie.
mcguigan11 said on 20/Jul/22
Couldn't find a pic, but she didn't seem short on Reacher and I feel she would have on that show if she was 5'3.
mcguigan11 said on 20/Jul/22
Always thought she looked 5'5-5'6 on screen. Maybe 5'4 is accurate.
FrankR1 said on 17/Dec/21
In the early 2000s, various sites listed Kristin Kreuk as 5'4." I thought she might be a bit shorter. So, 5'3" is a good estimate.
Jackie Lee said on 17/Dec/21
Yeah. So many simps on this site pushing the average guess of female celebs up
Truthteller27 said on 12/Dec/21
I have noticed that people like to give female celebrities inches but take height from tall men. She is 5'3 give or take a cm but more likely atleast 5'3.
Chaeki13 said on 5/Sep/21
5ft3 height was not bad for a girls height.. the important is her beautiful face and cute smile...
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Sep/21
I thought Kristin might be taller, but then, look at the size of her shoe heels!


ALEXIZ/180cm said on 26/Apr/21
160 cm
Infalible said on 20/Apr/21
161 cm
Nik said on 5/Feb/20
@ Dave Riley - 5'3" ain't short!

I like her name!
Dave Riley said on 4/Nov/19
She's a small lass but pretty. Not more than 5ft 3.
Anabee said on 13/May/19
My boyfriend is 189cm , I am 163cm (I don’t lie about my height, although of course I wished to be a tad taller) anyways.. I’m the same body type as her! So my guess is, she’s 163cm (5’4) as well. Definitely not taller, but also not shorter. Her weight back then must’ve been 45-48 kg (100-105 lbs) She has a very slender build so that would fit well.
aleatorio said on 11/Oct/18
I say 5ft 3.5in
FE said on 1/Apr/18
@Editor Rob,

Here are some more pics…..
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

She looks near 5’4” at times.

Rob, maybe 5’3.5” could be closer?
Editor Rob
5ft 3.5 isn't exactly impossible for her...but I still go with around 5ft 3
FE said on 15/Dec/17
@Editor Rob,

Is 5’3.5” possible for this cutie?
Click Here
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Click Here
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She looks more than just 1 inch on Rachel Cook and not much shorter than Alison…

What do u think Rob?
Editor Rob
5ft 3.5 isn't impossible
Chip Chipperson said on 20/Oct/17
She's remarkably beautiful and I am actually surprised to find out she's 5'3. My instincts always 'screamed' 5'1. ts.
WenFan said on 8/Oct/16
Yes, she's stunning. What's her eye color? Hazel, green, amber? She definitely looks like her Dad, with his nose and sharp, strong Dutch features. She can easily play a variety of roles, like ambiguous black-haired beauty in Snow White, or Mary in a Bible movie. But it's hard to imagine her as a full-Chinese Chun Li in Street Fighter - unless Chun Li is actually mixed. And she could be because she appears to have brown hair in the Street Fighter games.

I've always thought Kreuk was very petite, like 5'1"-5'2". But in this interview with Kelly & Michael, she's definitely taller than Kelly Ripa: Click Here
Ripa looks tiny to me, but it's said that she's 5'2". Maybe she's actually 5'0"-5'1". In any case, Kreuk looks like she has 1"-2" on Ripa.

Kreuk seems to have a slight Asian build similar to mine. I'd place her at around 5'3". People are right that almost any girl will look tiny next to humongous Tom Welling.
BirchGirl said on 27/Feb/16
@anonymous Yes, people from Northern China are on average taller than those from the South, but using Yao Ming as an example is not right. Yao Ming is taller than about 95% or more of the people on this Earth. He is a rarity to any race. He is even taller than most White or Black people, which are, on average, taller than Asians. Yao Ming is one of the tallest basketball players ever!
John said on 1/Jan/16
Beauty has no correlation to height. An average heighted woman can look ugly as hell, while a very short or very tall woman can look gorgeous.
NoName said on 30/Dec/15
Never got that much into Smallville after the 1st season. However, I remember watching a behind the scenes special that showed how in walking scenes they'd dig a ditch for Welling or a plank system for Kreuk. In stationary scenes Kreuk would stand on crates of varying heights. Plus she mostly wore heeled shoes when on screen with Welling; his character lived in construction boots.
Usuario said on 30/Dec/15
Kreuk's beauty is really really preeminent.5ft 3in must be spot on.
sofia said on 22/Sep/15
we need to compare with nicole anderson who is 5'2 and is her co-star in beauty and the beast
Me said on 26/Mar/14
Do not give a correct information. Kristin Kreuk is 5 feet 4 inches (163/165 cm), is obvious. and she said this in an interview.
Look at her next 5ft 9in lauren graham and 5ft 1in Kristen Bell.
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nofearsorregrets said on 14/Nov/13
Yeah Tom really drawft her big time easily she is a foot shorter.I feel so protector and manly when I look down to a really georgeous girl like lovely Kristin!
Len said on 2/Nov/13
5'3" is bang on. At first glance on Smallville she seems even smaller, but then you realize she's playing opposite 6'2" or 6'3" Tom Welling, which makes her seem smaller than she really is.
Silent d said on 23/Jun/13
She looks petite and cute. She is quite small. I use to think 5 foot 1 but 5 foot 3 is about right.
Violet said on 2/Apr/13
She has a very similar body shape as me and looks identical in size and body proportions. I'm 5'3", small boned and about 103lbs. I'd guess she weighs around that. It's nice to see people around the same size as me. Every time I get measured at the dr they have never in my life asked me to take my shoes off and always say I'm 5'4" so that just that's what I usually say. Maybe that's what she is doing too? I know I'm 5'3" though because I measured myself! She only looks a few inches taller than kristen bell in those picture really...looks like she might have a little more of a heel too.
Leon said on 24/Mar/13
She's 5'4". Here next to Kristen Bell(5'1") she really looks it.
1. Click Here
2. Click Here
Christine said on 19/Nov/12
No matter, she's still stunning
Cliff said on 9/Nov/12
This looks dead on. She was always an inch shorter than Chloe on Smallville - who's listed here at 5'4".
leonari said on 2/Nov/12
5'3 is really max.
roxettefan said on 27/Jan/12
160cm or 155cm now matter she is a cutie
Karin said on 31/Jul/11
She is 5'4". She has even stated it in various interviews.
Sophia said on 20/Jun/11
She filmed at my high school in Vancouver. We had to have our gym classes outside in pouring rain on several occasions because they built sets in our gym. Anyways she's hard to place, in the low 5's for sure. I am 5'6" and she was quite a bit shorter. Just above my shoulders. I remember rolling my eyes when a newspaper referred to her as 5'4". But she's really stunning in person. Especially if you get close enough to be able to see the colour of her eyes.
Cliff said on 2/Mar/11
From watching Smallville, Mack was always clearly an inch taller than Kreuk whenever both were in regular trainers. In fact, their "official" heights are 5ft5 for Alison & 5ft4 for Kreuk. Rob actually met Alison and put her at 5ft4, which stands to reason that Kreuk is likely 5ft3. She's definitely not under 5ft3 though.
Amie said on 6/Feb/11
ALEX and Andi
look that!
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Sometimes appearances can be deceiving!
photos, perspective, posture, could be misleading.
also seems to me that Allison's heels are higher..
linke said on 5/Feb/11
she didnt look as small as 5'1 next to jimmy mistry
Andi said on 4/Feb/11
How does she look 15cm taller in those pics next to that girl?? That's six inches and she certainly doesn't look that much taller. Besides, does anyone even know how tall the girl was that she's standing next too? You're just guessing that she isn't shorter than 155, but she could very well be. There's no way that Kristen is 5'6", in pictures next to Erica Durance she is at least 4 inches shorter, Erica is 5'7", so that puts Kristen at 5'3".
In the picture Alex shows Kristen is shorter than Alison and they're both wearing heels. It's hart to know an exact height give an inch either way seeing as an inch really is hardly anything imho. She is definately around 5'3".
Lets remember Kristen is very slender and you can appear taller than you are when you are slim, just as being fat can make someone tall look shorter than they actually are. I myself am 5'1" and Kristen doesn't look much taller than I am, so 5'3" sounds about right for her.
ALEX said on 31/Jan/11
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Cliff said on 16/May/09
We can't see the footwear in the photo with Alba. Without this, the photo is pretty useless in determining height. I still think Rob has her pegged correctly.
Anonymous said on 15/May/09
That photo with Jessica Alba is very telling. I really don't think she's any smaller than 5'4"
gabri said on 1/May/09
Look next 5'6" Jessica Alba...
Click Here
gabri said on 30/Apr/09
look next to 5'6" Jessica Alba...
Click Here
Anonymous said on 2/Mar/09
That's the thing about Kristin Kreuk....she never really seems tiny compared to other actresses. She's shorter than some of the girls on Smallville, but she's hardly dwarfed by them. And I think she may be taller than Annette O'Toole. And as we've seen from previously posted photos, she's noticeably taller than clearly short actresses like Kristen Bell and Elisha Cuthbert.
VF1RJ said on 2/Mar/09
Just saw Streetfighter Legend of Chun Li, she looked tall among the crowd shots in Hong Kong and Bangkok. She wore sneakers while walking in the streets, and she seemed to tower over the extras. I am guessing her 5'4-ish claim is true. She doesn't seem that short. She is half chinese and half dutch, after all.
Anonymous said on 25/Jan/09
I disagree with a lot of the comments about short being bad - I am 20, 5'5 1/2" and would LOVE to be smaller!! Come to England guys, where shorter seems to be better!! :)
gabri said on 19/Jan/09
Look next 5'4" Krystal Vee
Click Here
..anyway..she is amazing!!
Vampiric said on 18/Jan/09
I think 5'3 is just about right :)
gabri said on 11/Jan/09
she's at least 5'4"!!
look next to 6'2" Chris Klein:

Click Here
Anonymous said on 10/Jan/09
No way, Johanna, Kreuk is much taller than Bell:

Click Here

No heel trickery, either.
Johanna said on 1/Jan/09
I compared pictures of Kristin Bell (5'1'') with Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk with Tom. Both of them come up barely to his chin and since those are not doctored photos (no boxes to stand on, etc) they should be about the same height. Since Kreuk has stated she always wears heels and Kristin Bell wore [high] heels to that premiere, these pictures show that the two Kristins should be the same height (5'1'')
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Click Here
sid said on 9/Dec/08
lakis allison mack is 5'4, not 5'7 i seen her at besford studios, she's a tiny little thing, not tiny as kristin kruek
Annie said on 3/Oct/08
Met her a few years ago, homeward bound from Mexico. I am 5'4 and we were wearing sneakers, she was about 1/2" shorter than I. Not too tiny, but well proportioned.
Bleda said on 25/Aug/08
She's short and yes, she usually stands on a box near Tom Welling. It's the oldest trick in the bussiness. If not how could they shoot any guy with Kylie Minogue or Salma Hayek?

BTW... She is gorgeous.
lakis said on 21/Aug/08
allison mack is 5'7

Editor Rob
zero chance.
Anonymous said on 29/Jul/08
Click Here

For what it's worth, a fan at the Comic Con asked her how tall she was, and she said 5'4"-ish.
Katherine16 said on 7/Jul/08
no,I think she's about 165 cm-which is quite good. i am 16 yrs old and I am 163 cm.
Euan said on 20/Jun/08
Natalie she is indeed standing on a box ore he is standing in a ditch. I remember reading somewhere they have to do that on smallville all the time for the females and guest stars. Which seems to be against the point of superman being particularly tall....
Natalie said on 18/Jun/08
in the pic of her i've got she's next to tom welling in a smallville scene in season 7 action and she looks really tall like 5ft 9 or 10 cause she looks 5 inches shorter than tom, is she standing on a box or something, personally i think she is around 5ft 3 or 4

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diana said on 17/Jun/08
she has kinda short arms and i think that makes her shorter
i used to think she was 5'1 when they did these zoomed out shots of her and tom welling she looked like his kid sister or something how smalll she was
but i dunno i think she may have grown i mean that's the only thing that can explain it, because her arms didn't grow but she definitely seems taller than in years past. i mean kristen bell is def. 5'1, possibly shorter and she is definitely taller than her. someone needs to get a pic of her and laura vandervoot asap!
leonari said on 19/May/08
Kate 16: She is never 164 cm.
Kate 16 said on 19/May/08
I say she is about 164 cm-she is not that short but i am 16 years old and i am about 159-160. she is a lot smaller than tmo Welling-he is 189 cm.
Anonymous said on 18/May/08
Does anybody have any photos of Kristin Kreuk and Laura Vandervoort standing next to each other? I'm curious as to what their height difference is.
I'm said on 15/May/08
look next to 5'9" Lauren Grahm and 5'1" kristen bell...
Click Here
Click Here
she's definitely around 165 cm...
I'm said on 14/May/08
I think she's 5'4"....
look next to 5'11" jimi mistry:
Click Here
Cliff said on 13/May/08
6'4" razor!?!?! - I know you probably meant 5'4".

I agree that 5'1" is pretty impossible. 5'3" - 5'4" is more likely. Some have mentioned how much taller Tom is than Kristin in their scenes, but this should come as no shock since Tom has nearly an entire FOOT on her. The male regulars on Smallville are all tall, so this tends to make the girls look very small since we are accustomed to shorter male leads these days.
RAZOR said on 13/May/08
Giving Kreuk 5'1" is the biggest height-nonsense I've ever heard. We all know that rob is a height-pessimistic and if he gives Kreuk 5'3" then 5'1" is absolutely the biggest junk ever. I would give her 6'4" too. She has the average height of a woman.
Anonymous said on 12/May/08
Soph, I don't buy that "skinny people look taller than curvier people" argument at all. The FACT is that Kristin is at least a couple inches taller than Kristen Bell and Elisha Cuthbert. Photographs have clearly shown them standing next to each other with Kristin taller. Even if being skinny made you look taller, it doesn't actually MAKE you taller.

I think she's easily 5'3"-5'4"
Rocky said on 12/May/08
That is blatantly false Soph. Skinny people can often look shorter too. When's the last time anyone thought of Reggie Miller as a tall guy?
Lau said on 12/May/08
Watch the episode when there is a meteor shower and a space ship comes down from the sky, in the end of the second-2 part episode Clark picks up Lana, 5foot 1 seems perfect because the height difference is massive and there is no way they could have used a box or made her look taller with heels in that scene.
soph said on 11/May/08
kristin is definitely 5'1 but the reason she hides it so well is because she's skinny. u know how it is-skinnier people tend to look taller. Elisha cuthbert and Kristen Bell are quite curvy thus making them look short.
nat said on 2/May/08
she looks smaller than allison mack, but allison is using a little taller heel:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Cliff said on 22/Apr/08
kreuk is still hotly debated since she herself has never said how tall she actually is. Perhaps Rob will get her some day at a convention and all the speculation will end. I do think he has her pegged correctly here - give or take an inch or so. I do agree that 5-1 appears to be impossible since she is clearly taller than the 5-1 girls (Bell, Cuthbert, etc.) I've seen her standing beside in photos.
Cb said on 22/Apr/08
Ok so if Kristin Bell is 5"1 (which I believe) then Kristin (Kruek) should be 5"3 - 5"4. In the pictures below they are beside each other, and Kristin 'K' has about a 2 or 3 inch advantage. Of course they are in heels but Kristin Bell's heels are much bigger than Kristin Kreuk's.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Linds said on 24/Jan/08
and look! next to 5'9" or 5'8.5" Lauren Grahm

Click Here
Tina said on 13/Jan/08
A friend of my husbands is active in Vancouver's film industry and she visited the Smallville set for one of the season 7 shootings, meeting some of the cast.

She recently told us about it, saying she could not believe how tiny Kristin was. She's about 5'6-5'7, saying Kristin was about "this small!"- placing her hand a little above her lip. That would make Kristin about 5'1-5'2.
Lion said on 9/Jan/08
Kristin Kreuk and Kristen Bell:
Click Here

Editor Rob
Looks like Happy and Grumpy and about 3 inches and similar shoe style.
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/08
The thing about Kristin is that she never looks exceptionally short with other actors and actresses, like Rachel Bilson, Hilary Duff, Elisha Cuthbert, and other short actresses. I don't think she's any shorter than 5'3" -- she may even be 5'4".
Gimm said on 2/Jan/08
and this...
Click Here
Gimm said on 2/Jan/08
Cliff Look this pics...!!I remember you that Erica durance is 5"8(1.75cm)...
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
I think that Kristin is 1.65cm...
Cliff said on 24/Dec/07
Gimm, you can't view the footwear in that pic. Kreuk is notorious for wearing some pretty massive boots/heels on that show. The giveaway is that Kreuk appears taller than Mack in that photo, and she is for certain at least one inch shorter than Mack (they both have been photographed together in trainers at events and on the show and Kreuk is always the smaller of the two).
Gimm said on 23/Dec/07
Allison Mack: 5"4 ft(1.65cm)
Annette O'toole: 5"4 ft(1.65cm)
see this pic...
Click Here
Kristin Kreuk is at least 5"4ft,1.65cm!!!!!
j said on 20/Dec/07
you know what would be really nice? if one day the world started speculating about tall people. but unfortunately, it seems like us shorties will always be the ones speculated about. tall will always be 'good'. short will always be 'bad'. i admire short celebs for having such high self-esteem and self-confidence, having to deal with people constantly scrutinizing them because of their height, rethinking whether they're beautiful or not simply because they're vertically challenged. man i'm sure glad i'm not a someone who's a mere 5'2, i could never deal with it on a such a consistent basis. life is too short to be constantly judging my self-worth based on something as trivial as my height, which i already do as a non-celeb, let alone as a celeb...
yes it's true that many people end their comments about short celebs by sayin 'but she's still very beautiful, regardless of her height', but that 'but' indicates very clearly that had she been taller, she'd probably be more desirable. that 'but' undisputedly states that 'she's pretty BUT she's short' which means 'major physical flaw'.
to all you tall people out there - be grateful for your genes is all i can say. we shorties couldn't help it, i promise.
Anonymous said on 1/Dec/07
Standing face to face with Annette O'Toole and is taller. You can't see their feet, but the females all usually wear heels to compete with the very tall males on the show:
Click Here
Click Here
Rome said on 30/Oct/07
Kristin is around 165 cm.
Look the pic with Sarah Chalke(1.73cm)
Click Here
Mae said on 26/Oct/07
I agree, I watched it (Smallville) last night and she was most definitely taller, I would say 5'3"-5'3 1/2"...:D
Anonymous said on 25/Oct/07
5'3"-5'4" seems right, as she was a good 1 or 2 inches taller than Christina Milian in the latest episode of Smallville.
Cliff said on 21/Sep/07
Kelly Ripa has stated that she is 158cm, so Kristin's 160cm listing here appears to be spot on. Btw, Kristin has never looked 170cm in heels to me. She is on record in several interviews as saying she would like a guy to be taller than her because "that shouldn't be too difficult since I'm very short."
j said on 20/Sep/07
On you tube, She was on regis and kelly, and all three of them look the same height. Kelly and Kristin have about 3 inch heels, and regis is about 5.6 to 5.7 so the girls height must be 5.3 or 5.4 and no more or less.
On small ville she clearly looks about 5.6, 5.7 with her heels
Anonymous said on 19/Sep/07
I think she might be taller than Annette O'Toole, and they both wear heels all the time on the show.
Becky said on 12/Aug/07
I've seen her in 2003, while shooting Eurotrip. I always saw her walking around, and she was my height, so she's definitely around 160-162 cm
anonymous said on 11/Aug/07
What about their heels guys? Does anyone have a pictures that shows her standing next to someone showing the heels? I have heard that she is barely 5'5" but that is nothing but hearsay.
breakingbenji said on 21/Jul/07
that pic of Kristin with Kristen bell, there's a few inches difference. Kristin may look taller say about 5"2 coz she looks a lot skinnier than Kristen Bell but I think she's definately about 5"1 1/2 .
luna said on 14/Jul/07
i think kk is 1.60 or maybe 1.62 she's not so tall , besides , she's very talent and very very very beautiful . see her pictures she is not so tall , you have to enter at the page web of spain , go to gallery , and you will see a lot of photos of her with all the actors of smallville...and you will find out if she is 5'2 or 5'3 , etc...many people who are short don't like to say their really height , they say that they are 5'3 or 5'5 ...kristin kreuk is beautiful there's no doubt
Anonymous said on 28/May/07
Or maybe Kristen Bell is shorter. I saw on Friday an episode of Smallville, Allison Mack was talking face to face with Kritin, she towered over Kristin for about 7 cms, maybe 6, which would again put her at 5'2.
Anonymous said on 19/May/07
Anonymous (12/5/06 posting):
in that picture of Kristin Kreuk and Kristen Bell, Kreuk looks more like three inches taller. Maybe Kreuk really is 5'4".
Anonymous said on 28/Feb/07
Well, I think she is 5'3" and that is small by most standards...
patrick said on 1/Feb/07
Of course! She is at least 5'3 and probably 5'4 indeed; i repeat that she palys with big guys in SV, to begin with Tom Welling and before, John Schneider; Her boy friends also were tall from 6' to 6'2 and Michael Rosenbaum is probably 6' and not less than 5'11 1/2! Any girl next to that and being under 170cm (5'7) should look relatively small.
Don't forget that in the forties, an actress like Veronica Lake was so "little" that they had to choose a small guy like Alan Ladd to co-star her.
KK and A. O'Toole are alike or so; She usually wears very big heels (i think 4 inches high) hidden under her pants to just not be ridiculous when with Tom from "far" and upon a box or so for closeups.
jennyk said on 25/Jan/07
there's no way kristin is 5-1".....she doesn't look short to me
Kristin Kreuk's height is 5ft4!! said on 24/Jan/07
I'm 5'3, and when I'm canadian girl!Few days ago I met Kristin Kreuk she was taller than me...and she wears no Heels...
Anonymous said on 5/Dec/06
Kristin Kreuk and Kristen Bell:
Click Here

Kreuk looks a solid couple inches taller.
George said on 6/Nov/06
I'll tell you something. I'm 5'2, and when I met Ms. Kreuk she was only a little bit taller than me... but then again, she was on heels, as usual..
Aynon said on 24/Oct/06
Sorry Sarah, I'm just stating what I saw in the pic. There's no need to be insulting. Considering Tom is around 6'3ish and in the scene she was nearly eye-to-eye with him (for the camera's sake) then YES, she would have to be around 6ft for that shot. Again, no need to be insulting.
patrick said on 19/Oct/06
TOM is simply HUGE and much more than it is said in other articles!
K.K. doesn't seem that short anyway...from the moment she is not close to big guys as Tom; even with J Schneider she didn't look as short;
If you thoroughly pay attention to season 4's bonus, you'll see that SHE DEFINITLY IS NOT THE ONLY ONE to be put upon a box: Sam Jones is too (so funny when he fells down it!)and even M. Rosenbaum does! That is worth seeing it;
So KK is on heels, pretty big, 5'5 as we can see her in SV and probably 5'3 barefoot;
Aynon said on 14/Oct/06
I've seen behind the scenes pics of that scene and she is standing on a box and wearing pretty big boots as well. You can't see the box in those screencaps below, but the from the pics I've seen the box is about 4 inches.
MMS said on 11/Oct/06
Another thing to consider is Tom 6'3" and Kristin is 5'3" so she is going to look a LOT smaller next to him. And in the pic from Mari, you can't see her feet on the box, it looks like it is in front of her and not her standing on it.
MMS said on 11/Oct/06
Ok, Kristen Bell siad she IS 5'1", and in the pictures from the CW party there is a 2" difference, if she is 5'2" or 5'1" that would mean Bell is 4'11" and that is shilly becuase she has said herself she IS 5'1".
Mari said on 9/Oct/06
Check out this photos from the season 5 DVD,
Click Here
You can see Kristin standing on a box while filming a scene with Tom, and she still looks small.....then there is another pic where she is still next to Tom, but apparently she is not on the box.....she looks really small there.
My opinion is she is 1m 57cm or 5'2" and maybe 5'1"
Kristen Bell is definitely smaller than that, I think she is not telling her correct height because she may not like being too short.
And most people from the Smallville set say Kristin Kreuk is very short
Anonymous said on 26/Sep/06
She is definitely, without a doubt taller than Kristen Bell. Consider the fact that Rachel Bilson (who is listed as being 5'2") is eye to eye with Kristen Kristin Kreuk must be at least 2" taller than Bilson. See these photos:

Click Here
Click Here
hi5 said on 26/Sep/06
she's standing away from tyra banks u can't tell...anyway i think she's 5-3" ..5-4" on a good day ...there's no way she's short as 5ft ....that's just stupid
Anonymous said on 22/Sep/06
Kristen Bell has siad she is 5'1", and in the pic from Luna, you can see there is a 2" difference in their she must be 5'3"
luna said on 21/Sep/06
i think she's about 5 ft 1 or 5 ft 2 cos she really looks short in this pics with 5 ft 10 tyra banks (both wearing heels)
Click Here
Anonymous said on 19/Sep/06
In response to the inquiry a few posters ago, I think I read somewhere that Kristin is taller than her mom, but I don't have any photos to back that up. Any help?
Wicked Kid said on 9/Sep/06
Allison Mack is about an inch or two taller than Kristin Kreuk. That's a definate.
anonymous said on 2/Sep/06
joe, other people who "work" at the smallville studio would disagree with you.
joe said on 1/Sep/06
jeez....for those people who thinks kristin is only 5ft ..u are off your rocker...she is at least 5-4" without shoes ...i should know cuz i work at the smallville studio with it and move on
Gerrard said on 15/Aug/06
Where can I find a picture of Kristin dwarfed by a much taller woman?
Anonymous said on 15/Jul/06
I've seen those photos from the CW event too, and indeed Kristin does look taller. However, it must be heels, because Allison most definitely is taller than Kristin, as evident on Smallville.
UNK said on 13/Jul/06
my free wireimage account won't let me get the large pic, but look at this...

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in this pic kreuk is one inch taller than 5'5" allison mack... looks like mack has small heels (probably 2-3"). i am sure kreuk's are larger, but still she's taller in the pic.

either mack or kreuk's height is wrong on this site.
anonymous said on 9/Jul/06
I'm not saying that asians in america aren't short...many asian americans and eurasians I know comment on how tall i am, even though at 5'7 i'm quite short compared to a couple of my female relatives who are 6'. The reason why asians in the US seem short is because people from southern china, taiwain, hong kong, vietnam, and the phillipines are the ones that usually imigrate to america or europe and they are very small, while people from northern asia tend to stay in their country and they are above average height. Its like comparing spaniards to the dutch in terms of height. I bet if you ask a random short asian where they're from, 99.9% of them will be from southern asia. I'm guessing that people from northern asia live in a higher terrain and have more mongolian blood in them and their diet is different so they tend to have heavier bones. I'm still growing and I hope to reach 5'10 or at least 5'8.
D. Ray Morton said on 8/Jul/06
I was going by what I've seen on average in the US. I've run into some tall 100%ers, for sure, but Eurasians *almost always* seem to be quite a bit taller than normal. From what I've witnessed, Kreuk, Aoki, et al are much more the exception than the rule.

"In places like canton people are short, but in places like shanghai and northern china people are quite tall."

Interesting. Why is that, I wonder?
anonymous said on 7/Jul/06
I am a "purebred" asian and am 5'7. All my female relatives are over 5'7 and the men are all over 6'. It really depends on what part of asia you're from. In places like canton people are short, but in places like shanghai and northern china people are quite tall. Yao ming is from shanghai.
Cliff said on 7/Jul/06
I still think this girl is 160cm on the nose. She just doesn't really look that short compared to other women on the show. I do realize that she is always wearing those massive heels, so I am not ruling out her possibly being 157cm. Besides, 160cm is short enough anyway!
D. Ray Morton said on 7/Jul/06
"She’s Eurasian! She is half Asian and not to stereotype but Asian people tend to be of smaller builds (frame and height wise)."

But a lot of Hapas/Eurasians are bigger and taller than "purebred" Asians - not always, but often. Look at folks like Russell Wong and Michaela Conlin. They're monsters! Again, not all Eurasians are huge, obviously, but many of those whom I've seen/met/known have been appreciably larger than regular ol' Asians/Asian-Americans.

The mixing of disparate immune system characteristics (especially when good genetics are involved) often promotes great strides in growth/strength.

All that said, though...I agree that Kreuk would be stunning at ANY height. Very beautiful (and, by all accounts, very cool.)
Sky said on 1/Jul/06
She’s Eurasian! She is half Asian and not to stereotype but Asian people tend to be of smaller builds (frame and height wise).
I’m Eurasian too and like only 5'2, and its not fair to compare to ppl with different ethnic background which tend to be bigger..ha. J/K.
She is pretty tiny, I’d say 5-5'1.
But seriously I think she is one of the most beautiful people EVER! She is STUNNING!!
She could be 4' and still just as STUNNING!
Churchill Secondary said on 28/Jun/06
Ok...ppl..I went to high school with her little sis in Vancouver..the school's on Heather Street if u don't wanna believe me (same Grade level)...her name's Justine..I don't know if I can post her pic here from our yearbook, though..that might be illegal...but from what I can see whenever I stand beside her, Justine is about 5'2 or 5'3...her sis is even I'd say Kristin is 5'0 or 5'1..give or take..
andrea said on 20/Jun/06
This girl I know is 5'2- 5'3ish and using my imagination, Kristin could easily be that height. At first I thought she was listed too tall but now that I think about that girl I know, I think its possible.
Anonymous said on 10/Apr/06
Does anybody have a picture of Kristin with her mother? I ask because I find it interesting that a lot of these reportedly very small actresses have noticeable height advantages over their mothers (Elisha Cuthbert, Hilary Duff, and Kelly Clarkson come to mind). I'd like to see if Kristin is taller than her mom.
Leung said on 7/Apr/06
Most women standing next to 6'3" Tom Welling would look short! 5'3" would be the absolute minimum for Kristin. Even 5'4" wouldn't be out of the question. Are these claims of 5'0"-5'2" based on wild fantasies?
Cliff said on 6/Apr/06
I think Rob MIGHT be right in leaving her at 160cm for now. As a few others have pointed out, she really doesn't look that tiny when standing next to the other five-fourish female actors on Smallville. Next to Welling, Schneider & Rosenbaum, all who are 6ft or more, she then naturally looks very small. My best guess would be that she is probably in the 157-160cm range. I would be surprised if she was shorter than this. Even at the 160cm that Rob has her at, this still makes her about a foot shorter than Welling which would explain the ramps, boxes, and huge Shakira-type heels that they have to place her in. Eventually, Kristin will let her height slip out in an interview or magazine article.
hmph said on 6/Apr/06
oh okay..I have to admit I am kinda curious...ü I think she's probably in the 5'1-5'2 range..after seeing Anonymous' photo. She can't be 5'3/4. No way.
UNK said on 5/Apr/06
@hmph... what are you talking about? everyone can see how beautiful she is... that's the whole reason she got the job on smallville. people just want to know her height... they aren't saying it in a negative way.

she is no doubt a petite beauty!!!!!
anyon said on 5/Apr/06
well... this is a website that focuses on CELEB HEIGHTS! hahaha!;) Of course we are going to pay attention to her height. If we wanted to talk about her face, we'd go somewhere else;)
hmph said on 3/Apr/06
okay, so everyone pays attention to the height, but not the face? can't anyone see she's beautiful? height doesn't matter! it's just a number! so what if you're small? and we can't blame tom welling for being tall!
Mari said on 19/Feb/06
I really think Kristin is 1m 60cm or 1m 58cm, in feet I guess 5'2" or 5'1"
Check out this picture,
Here you can see Kristin, Tom and Michael's feet, she is even wearing sandals with heels and barely reaching Tom's shoulder! The heels seem not very high but those are heels.....and she still looks small.
Anonymous said on 11/Feb/06
she looks quite small here( with bare feet)
and here I know she is wearing 4-inch boots because I have seen the episode of Smallville where she wears this outfit. (This picture is behind the scenes.) but even so, she comes up only to Tom's shoulder! how can she be 5'3"...
ds said on 8/Feb/06
I met her and Tom I didn't get to meet Allison though. I towered over Kristen but I couldn't tell you to the exact cm. I think like 5'2". Good job with Tom though...I think he is 189 on the dot...
Rae said on 3/Feb/06
I'm an obsessed fan of Smallville and I believe Chloe (Allison Mack) is at the tallest 5'5, perhaps 5'4 and she's like an inch taller than Kristin Kreuk. Keep in mind both wear high heeled shoes mostly all the time.
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/06
I've said it before, but I really dont' think Kristin is THAT short. Sure, when you compare her to a 6'2" (or whatever he is) Tom Welling, she's going to look tiny. I'm 5'10", and I dwarf my friend who is 5'3". COmpared to other actresses, Kristin never seems all that short.
anonoymous said on 16/Jan/06
I think the reason that Kristin was listed as 5'4" in the first place is because in the Superman comics they state Lana Lang is 5'4". I don't think Kristin ever said she was that height. I think her real height is around 5'2"
Anonymous 2 said on 15/Jan/06
In regards to the picture below. That picture really isn't really a good judge because it's not a true group shot. A lot of those pictures were taken seperately and then brushed in with everyone else. Al Gough made the comment that the season 2 cast photo was the first official group shot because everyone was on such a crazy schedule during season one that they couldn't get everyone together by the time promo photos were due. Sizes aren't exactly proportionate (most likely).
Lanafan said on 13/Jan/06
haha.. so she's still listed as 5'3" :) i wonder if we'll ever know.. why don't these actors / PR agents ever tell the truth? it's come to the point where everybody just assumes they are lying and adjusts the height by 1 - 3 inches
Lanafan said on 8/Jan/06
edit: plus the guy is wearing shoes!! I seriously doubt that she is 5ft 4, and probably not 5ft 3. But hey man, like everyone says, who cares, she's really pretty!
Jacqueline said on 19/Dec/05
Hey, it doesnt hurt being small. Tall guys look great with small gals. I'm 5'3" and I freakin love it!!!
Anonymous said on 17/Dec/05
Kristin is tiny- at awards shows with Tom Welling (like the MTV Movie Awards) she barely comes up to his shoulder!!! She needs AT LEAST a .5 inch downgrade.
Wicked Kid said on 9/Dec/05
Lol. So you're still undecided if she's 5'1". Well, Kristin does look kinda small beside Tom Welling. And you can always see she's wearing boots in Smallville.
vilz said on 5/Dec/05
if tom welling is 6"3 and kristin is 5"1-5"2. with heels..she maybe 5"3-5"4. she maybe wearing heels in this photo:

my boyfriend is 185cm...prolly around 6"2 i guess...and i am 5"2 or maybe less. 5"1.5 maybe. i reached my boyfriend shoulder standing beside him in barefoot. with 2 inches heels i'm standing exactly below my boyfriend's chin (just like in the photo of Kristin and Tom). so i guess she's 5"1 and a half.
Mari said on 3/Dec/05
I remember that WB pic that Cliff (below) mentions, where Lana and Clark are next to each other in the football field and she is wearing a cheerleader uniform.
She looked so little next to him, so I think she is 5'2 or 5'1.....aprox my same height, 1m 58cm I can't find that pic, but I have others.
This is a pic from Smallville from that episode where Clark and Lana were riding horses and she gets she was not wearing heel IMO, and looks so much shorter than him:

This is from a personal appearance where I am sure she was wearing heels:

This is from a magazine scan, where Tom is seated and Kristin is standing next to him, and apparently she looks just a bit taller than him:

Lol, guess I have thought about this a lot...because I am a Clark/Lana fan :-)

Lex said on 3/Nov/05
Kristin looks to be 5'2.
Oliver said on 16/Oct/05
where can I find a picture of tiny kristin next to a much taller woman?? please help me to find it
Anonymous said on 17/Sep/05
As far as I know, she has never stated that she is 5'1". Also, there is no way she is shorter than Elisha Cuthbert (although we cannot see their feet in the picture of them together, every other photo of Elisha from that weekend has her in high heels), and as long as Elisha is still listed as 5'2", i believe that Kristin is easily 5'3"
Hillary said on 15/Sep/05
If she said she is 5ft1in (155cm), so she is...something I know about short people is that if they are already short they would never say one single inch shorter. However, her beauty conpensates her lake f height.. Also in the zone area of celebrities etc.. Her talent for acting conpensates!!!
Come ON!! said on 15/Sep/05
Come on!!!!!!! Definetly Kristin Kreuk isn't 5ft3, only wearing heels.. drrrrr so then she isn't 5ft3... She certainly is 5ft1!!!!!
me said on 6/Sep/05
My boyfriend is 6'2.5 (like Welling) and with my boots on I am 5'4 on the mark. From watching Smallville and seeing pictures, the height comparison between Kreuk/Welling and Me/my guy are identical. Since Kreuk never wears flats on the show, I'm definately saying she is 5'-5'2.
Anonymous said on 31/Aug/05
I honestly haven't ever seen her in a photo where she looks absolutely tiny. I mean, consider that she works alongside guys like Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, John Schneider, and John Glover....all of whom are 6' or higher. I'm 5'10", and I know girls who are 5'3" and they look tiny next to me. It's only natural that, even with heels, she'd be dwarfed by her co-stars, if she is indeed 5'3". But I can't really say that I've noticed her being significantly shorter than other female actresses.
IRS said on 29/Aug/05
She's not 5'3" thats for sure i mean look at how little she with heels.Most celebs are shorter than they say like Tom Cruise.
Anonymous said on 24/Aug/05
In regards to their footwear, I have to say that I am yet to see a picture of Elisha at an event wearing flats. Considering how apparently self-conscious she is about her height, she's always wearing heels.
Gigy said on 20/Jun/05
She is no more than 5'2! And it is even more likely that she is only 5'1!
They make the difference in height between her and Tom seem less, by having her wear shoes with 4 inch heels, stand on boxes, have Tom lower his head when standing next to her etc...!
They use every trick they know to make her look taller than she is! And that is a known problem with tall actors and short actresses! On the other hand, had she been tall and Tom short, they wouldn´t let her wear high heels and he would wear 1 - 2 inch shoes! That´s how it goes!
Smoke said on 23/Apr/05
Yeah, I saw her on local tv and she looked to be in flats and looking VERY short. If Welling is about 6'2", and he is that much taller than her, she has to be closer to 5'0" than 5'4".
Vanny Town Gal said on 24/Mar/05
I'm thinking she is more 5'2. I have friends that have seen her out downtown and around (people who live in Vancouver) and they swear she is nowhere near 5'4. I watch Smallville every week and they put some enormous heels on that gal. Plus, you can tell that she walks on a ramp sometimes because she will gradually get taller (when walking beside Tom). I don't know... almost everyone in Hollywood seems to lie about their height!
Canuck said on 5/Mar/05
Actually she's Canadian, from Vancouver. She got her start on a Canadian show for kids called Edgemont and luckily has had luck with her career ever since. She doesn't look like a total dwarf next to the 6'2"-6'3" Welling, she definately doesn't look a foot shorter so I would say she's 5'3"-5'4". I wouldn't say Welling is a giant by any stretch either, one of the guys who confronted his character in Cheaper by the Dozen was a good 2 inches taller. I think he comes off taller because he's pretty well built.

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