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Peak: 5ft 9.99in (177.8cm)
Current: 5ft 9.32in (176.1cm)
Clay said on 8/May/14
Alex - in the evening, out of bed I would say pushing 6'3 - 6'2 evening with that mass bringing him down.

As for Angle, he does look more like 5'9.5 in your pic but he was leaning, I take your word that he looks 5'10 in person easily.
Alex 6'0 said on 6/May/14
Clay, I give Lesnar 6'2 flat. At worst he could measure 6'1.75 but no less. Faceoffs of Angle and Lesnar back then always looked 4 inches difference. Angle I gave a full 5'10. maybe 5'9.75 at worst. That was back in 2005 when I met him. Nowadays he maybe shrunk a fraction. Some people are still going to say Angle looks 5'9 max with me above not taking into account that he is leaning in a bit. He's losing an inch or so of height by doing that. When he first stood up with good posture he looked 5'10
Clay said on 5/May/14
Lesnar doesnt struggle with 6'2 first of all, he's actually a little over. Kurt's 5'10 at best.
Alex 6ft 0 said on 6/Apr/14
James B, before I met Angle years back I thought he was a legit 6'0 then I thought 5'11 but then when I met him 5'10ish was my guess. Id stick with 5'10 but at worst he could have dipped a bit below 5'10 looking at the picture I took with him
James B said on 6/Apr/14
He looks 5'11
Alex 6ft 0 said on 28/Mar/14
Angle at his heaviest he said was 230lbs in his book in 2002. He leaned out some during the end of his WWE career. I met him in late 2005 where my guess was 215-220 for him. After he was in TNA for sometime that's when he really leaned out and lost muscle and got too thin
Alex 6ft 0 said on 28/Mar/14
Lorne, there was a pic of me and Angle on here for a while before Rob only kept pics of himself with celebs. In the pic Angle does look 5'10ish with me he's leaning a bit so his posture isn't good and can look more 5'9 in the picture. Before I met Angle I thought he was 5'11 but when he stood for the picture I then thought 5'10 because I felt I had 2 inches or him or around there. the picture is on facebook though
The Ben said on 22/Feb/14

I'd say Angle was 5'10 but I wouldn't be surprised if he weighed more than 225 at times, In OVW he was pretty huge and he does have quite a large frame for his height. His weight really varies depending on his supplements.
Lorne said on 18/Feb/14
So Alex, he really looked a proper 5ft10? I always pegged him a 177cm guy, like weak 5'10. I swear several years ago, him and Chris Benoit had a stare down backstage, and Benoit was taller! However, you could not see footwear, and I now suspect maybe Kurt was barefoot for some reason, or more likely he was wearing regular sneakers, with Chris in wrestling boots.(Chris was in ring gear). But aside from that, Angle can give a shorter impression, perhaps because of his build and being bald! But he looks(ed) 177-178, if you say 5'10 I believe you. (PS: I believe he was 225 at his heaviest, and at 5'10, he was buil. The 6ft 240lbs is silly, ESP since he himself claims 5'10.)
Jeffery said on 17/Feb/14
Weak 5'11" (179cm) in his prime. I believe his terrible neck took off half an inch at least.
1997WWN said on 30/Dec/13
Lesnar struggles for 6'2 and looks massive against angle. I'd guess angle at 5'9. Solid 5'10 in his prime however.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 19/Dec/13
That picture is a lot in Brock's favor making him look even taller over Angle than he already is. In all their faceoffs in WWE it was really about 4 inches
Kourosh177cm said on 18/Dec/13
here is Kurt angle with 6'2 Brock Lesnar:
Click Here
i think there is 6 inches difference between them.
Kourosh177cm said on 18/Dec/13
Kurt angle is 5'9 3/4 or 5'10 max but why he was shorter than 5'8 AJ? i dont understand!!! unless AJ was in massive lifts
anon630 said on 16/Dec/13
I've met AJ in 2009 at a TNA show in Villa Park where he was taking pics in the ring. I'm 5'10 3/4 and he seemed about 3 inches shorter than myself. So probably hovering around 5'8. I've seen Kurt walk down the walkway at the live Impact earlier this year at the Sears Center. He was the shortest guy after Tazz. In this video it looks like Kurt and AJ are very close

Click Here
IR said on 30/Nov/13
he was listed as 180 cm 5' 11" in the 1996 olympics.
miko said on 24/Nov/13
Angle is at the age now where he could have lost a little bit, given his neck and knee injuries. I do think he was a hair over 5'10 in his prime though.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 10/Aug/13
Angle maybe 5'9 and change nowadays but when I met him in 2005 he looked a full 5'10
adyy said on 5/Aug/13
i think 5 ft 9 in is appropriate for him. because Rob, if u compare him with joel edgerton in the movie warrior, he is easily 2 inches shorter than him.
RP said on 2/Jul/13
I have not confirmed or researched this? But, a close friend of mine who I train with & competes in MMA all over the world. And was an accomplished college wrestler in the mid 90's. Who's name I'll won't release out of respect to him. However, he swears up & down that Kurt Angle was measured at 5'10 3/4" or 5'10.75" barefoot at the 1996 Olympics. But, after 17 years & the neck issues...Kurt probably is close to 5'10" flat now.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 27/Jun/13
Angle nowadays could be a bit less than 5'10. Def was 5'10 when I had met him but could have shrunk slightly since
Connor 184cm said on 23/Jun/13
Rob i watched TNA impact wrestling few weeks ago the one which had rampage jackson in it kurt and rampage were standing eye to eye and kurts eyes were looking in the middle of rampages nose if kurt is 5ft 10 then how tall do you think rampage is maybe 5ft 11-11.5? to me he doesnt look 6ft.
[Editor Rob: 5ft 11.5 is most I'd guess him]
The Ben said on 14/Jun/13
2 to 3 inches shorter than Rampage.
linke said on 12/Jun/13
Didnt look much shorter than rampage jackson
Red said on 31/Aug/12
I will try photobucket in the future red. this sight always suggests to use tiny URL so i used that.

I meant photobucket for the pic and then tinyurl to shorten the direct link to the pic.
joe joe said on 30/Aug/12
ok im clicking it and the link seem to be fine. I will try photobucket in the future red. this sight always suggests to use tiny URL so i used that.
Red said on 29/Aug/12
joe joe says on 25/Aug/12
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hope it works now alex

doesn´t work for me
I usually use
joe joe said on 25/Aug/12
Click Here

hope it works now alex
joe joe said on 21/Aug/12
sorry for some reason alex the picture wont link but ive seen your picture and would say it looks about the same difference.
Alex said on 9/Aug/12
Joe the picture doesn't show up. I'm curious to see how the pic compares to the one I had with Kurt and I'm 183cm too
Alex said on 30/Jul/12
At worst Angle hits 5'9.75 evening. When I met him that was almost 7 years ago. Hes 40 something now so maybe a slight height loss but if so very minimal
Alex said on 30/Jul/12
TNA has him at 6'0 240lbs. A legit 5'10 guy I can see being billed at 6'0 but no way does he weigh anywhere near 240lbs. At his biggest in WWF he was 220 something. In TNA he cut down but still was built. On pros vs Joes in 2008 he said 5'10 215lbs. Last I seen him a few months ago honestly he looks maybe 180lbs?
mike 6 feet out of bed said on 28/Jul/12
He was billed at 5 10 billed usually means upgraded
linke said on 16/Jun/12
styles is bout 5'8-5'9,could be 174 cms on money,terrific talent.Roode is 5'11.
Ras said on 14/Jun/12
MBH says on 5/Jan/12
so if angle is 5'10, aj styles is 5'8.5 and bobby roode 5'10/5'11, what do you guys think?
Is 5'7 for AJ Styles posible?

Click Here
The Ben said on 27/Jan/12
I just met him yesterday at a TNA fan interaction (no photos allowed with the wrestlers)
Angle looked 5'10 but he was in bad shape, Skinny arms and legs and a protruding stomach, Also in the ring he couldnt turn his head, No way he's making the olympics. His physique looked natural and pretty messed up, Its the first time I've ever seen him and It was a very sad sight. He wasnt very athletic in the ring.
miko said on 23/Jan/12
I've always believed Cena is 6'1, or at the very worst 6'0.75. He stands up too well to 6'2/6'4 guys etc, to be just a flat 6'0.

Kurt has always looked a flat 5'10 from 1996 to present day.
Alex said on 21/Jan/12
Vegas, yea they def will LOL! He was def a solid 225lbs at his peak in WWE from 02-04 but since he left WWE he began to lose size more and more. Last I seen him I'd be suprised if he was even 190lbs tops
Vegas said on 6/Jan/12
angle claimed to be 225lb in an interview yesterday, wrestlers really will try to claim anything Click Here
MBH said on 5/Jan/12
so if angle is 5'10, aj styles is 5'8.5 and bobby roode 5'10/5'11, what do you guys think?
Alex said on 16/Dec/11
5'9 3/4-5'9 7/8 is the lowest I'd buy for Angle
Why lie said on 15/Dec/11
Angle is more like 5'9"
Alex said on 3/Nov/11
Cena has a CM on me I'd think. About 1/2 inch at best
Alex said on 3/Nov/11
Vegas, yea exactly. I felt I had about that much or damn near it on Angle as Cena does when he was straight. Cena looks to have about 2.5 inches on Angle there. Looking 6'0 and change there
Vegas said on 3/Nov/11
johno says on 2/Nov/11
Alex, you have more height on angle then john cena did and that is for sure

thats cena and angle at 7mins 15secs onwards, angle with much better posture with cena Click Here
Alex said on 3/Nov/11
Johno, ehh I think me and Cena had about the same on Angle. You forgot in the picture above Angle is losing a bit of height due to posture. Cena had 2-2.5 inches on him as I did the same though he looks a solid 3 inches in the picture above
johno said on 2/Nov/11
Alex, you have more height on angle then john cena did and that is for sure
Alex said on 2/Nov/11
Christian looks a legit 6'0 maybe 5'11.5 at the lowest. 199lbs is closer to 227lbs for him for sure. He looks around 195-200 I'd say. WWE seems to be getting more legit with their weights now. I haven't followed WWE in a a good few years though
Legend said on 1/Nov/11
I'm going to get under 200 pounds. Hopefully I will still bench 315 when I do. I'm 204 right now.
linke said on 1/Nov/11
199 is more believable than 227 lbs.
Vegas said on 31/Oct/11
linke says on 31/Oct/11
Talking about weights can anybody guess how much christian weights

he was billed 199lb on raw a few weeks back Click Here
linke said on 31/Oct/11
Talking about weights can anybody guess how much christian weights?I remember while promoting a movie he starred in,christian claimed as being tad over 6 and 210 lbs.Cant find the video,the name of that movie was dark rising.
Alex said on 29/Oct/11
Legend, actually I read in his book from 2002 he had gotten up to like 250 in high school or college when he played football and thats it so yea hes been that heavy but the biggest hes been muscle wise was 225
Legend said on 27/Oct/11
Alex do you think it's possible he weighed 240 pounds before?
Alex said on 26/Oct/11
He was referring to himself about the 4 inch inflation. No way is every or even most 4 inches shorter than they are. Most are 2-3 shorter than listed and some even under an inch like Cena and Orton who I think are very close or right at their billed height.
Dan90 said on 25/Oct/11
I don't fully believe that statement by him about wrestlers being 4 inches taller than they actually are. Sure with guys like himself, Kane and Rey Mysterio it is true. If that were really true that would mean John Cena is 5'9", Randy Orton is 6', Shawn Michaels is 5'9", Austin is 5'10" and we know for a fact those arent their legit heights.
Alex said on 24/Oct/11
Legend, yea Angle was one of my top faves too if not my fave. He always had great matches, a good character. When he had went to TNA he fell off some. Hes getting toward the end of his career now though
Legend said on 23/Oct/11
I can't remember where but I saw somewhere that Kurt was supposedly measured at 5'9.5 once. I could give him 5'10 though. He's one of my favorite wrestlers ever.
Alex said on 21/Oct/11
Legend, yea true so 5'9.75 could be spot on but I wouldn't go below that. I dont think I had more than 2.25-2.3 inches on him.
Legend said on 20/Oct/11
Yeah he's also closer to the camera by a little margin making him appear taller.
Alex said on 18/Oct/11
Johno, well when he first stood up he was standing proper before he leaned in for the picture and I felt I had a solid 2 inches on him so I'd give him a full 5'10 in the picture but 5'9.75 could be spot on too. I could have def have 2.25-2.3 inches on him
johno said on 17/Oct/11
In that picture, the tip of angles head is about 0.25 inches above alex's eyebrows. Although alex could gain height by standing taller, where by angle would only reach alex's eyebrow, which would mean he would be close to 4 inches shorter then alex with his bent pose. Now, if angle were to straighten, he would gain an inch. The difference between angle and alex would definently be over 2 inches easy. The difference would be over 2.5 inches to i believe. But i would give angle, as some posters pointed below, a very fair 5'9.75

Alex 6'0.125
Angle 5'9.75
Alex said on 15/Oct/11
Clay, in his book in 2002 he said his weight was "almost 230lbs" so yea somewhere from 225-230 he was at his biggest in WWE which was from 02-04. I met him in 05 where he looked about the same. Yea 205lbs at best during those years. Last I seen him my guess is still 180-185 range. Hes lost everything almost
Clay said on 15/Oct/11
I can see a WWE peak of 230 lbs. In 2009-2010 he looked 200-205 at best.
Alex said on 13/Oct/11
He's saying he was 245lbs recently? No way and certainly no 215lbs today. His WWE peak was 225lbs and hes nowhere near that size today.
linke said on 12/Oct/11
I'm not at all into weights but interestingly he claims that he went down from 245 pounds to 215 now.I doubt 245,thats exactly what cena is.
Click Here
tell-em said on 12/Oct/11
i don't think benoit was ever under 5'9". jericho had a half inch on him, 5'9.5", and angle is 5'10" although in that backstage vid jerciho looks taller than kurt.
Alex said on 11/Oct/11
Legend, yea same with Benoit. Thats why I think Jericho can look Angle's height sometimes because of lifts while he's really 5'9. Yes he has looked shorter too but when I met him he had more of a casual shoe on and looked 5'9. 5'9.25 could be bang on. He looked 3 inches or so shorter than me
Legend said on 10/Oct/11
Jericho wears some giant boots sometimes and still looks short. Thats how you know he's not a full 5'9.5. Sometimes I think he's less than 5'9 too.
Alex said on 7/Oct/11
I've seen Angle had 1/2- an inch on Jericho plenty of times too. Jericho is known to wear lifts in his boots too so thats why he would appear at least Angle's height. I've seen it before too.
Jericho had a slight edge on Benoit too and Angle had at least an inch on Benoit. I think its
Angle- 5'10
Jericho- 5'9
Benoit- 5'8 1/2
Legend said on 6/Oct/11
I don't buy that. Jericho looks at least the same height as Kurt in a lot of places: Click Here
Alex said on 6/Oct/11
Jericho is 5'9 I think but I've seen Angle have an inch on him too though it looks under an inch in that video. Backstage videos aren't great to go by. In the ring Angle had noticeable height on Benoit and Jericho. Maybe 5'9.75 but I wouldn't go below that from my experience meeting the man.
Legend said on 5/Oct/11
Guys I might have to go with 5'9.5 for Kurt Angle: Click Here
Alex said on 3/Oct/11
Clay, yea true about the same but Benoit looked a bit stockier. Maybe because of his even shorter legs than Angle had. Both were billed 229lbs then Angle was billed at 237lbs after a couple years into WWF.
Clay said on 1/Oct/11
Alex says on 28/Sep/11
If you think Angle was stocky then look at Benoit. He was around 220lbs at 5'9 max!

Angle at his biggest was as stocky as Benoit ever got as well.
Vegas said on 29/Sep/11
jerry blackwell is what i would consider stocky, around 5'7 Click Here
Alex said on 28/Sep/11
If you think Angle was stocky then look at Benoit. He was around 220lbs at 5'9 max!
Alex said on 28/Sep/11
Legend, yea I've actually lost a good few pounds in the last few weeks. Alot due to on my feet at work. I peaked at 210 in the spring again but now between 200 and 205. I'd like to hit 220, maybe 225 but I can only get so big natural without steriods LOL
Legend said on 26/Sep/11
I definitely weigh more than he does now. I'm about 195 at the moment. Thats cool that I weigh more than a wrestler haha I'm still trying to get stronger though. I'm lean enough for 5'10 195, but I still need to cut some body fat when I don't feel too lazy.
Alex said on 26/Sep/11
In Kurt Angle's book in 2002 he said he was currently "almost 230lbs" so upper 220s. He looked his biggest in 02-03 I thought. I had met him in 05 where he looked pretty close to his biggest so my guess was 220 range. Pros vs Joes from 2008 he had said 5'10 215lbs. It wasn't until like 09 where he started to really get leaner and lose size. Today he looks 180 something. 190 for him would really be pushing it I think!
Legend said on 25/Sep/11
220 at 5'10 is pretty big! He must have been really strong at that time.
Alex said on 25/Sep/11
Legend, yea a stocky build could do that sometimes. He looked a solid 220lbs here. I am only between 185-190lbs here. If I were to meet Angle today I'd be bigger than him! since he looks to be so much smaller today than he was in WWE
Legend said on 23/Sep/11
We're probably the same height. He just looks shorter because he has a stocky build in this picture.
Legend said on 22/Sep/11
He looks around my height LOL I wonder if he could be shorter than me.
Clay said on 14/Sep/11
Did Jericho hook up with your sister or something Danimal?
Alex said on 12/Sep/11
Vegas, yea its def at least an inch no doubt. Not sure about 2 inches. I wouldn't put Benoit over 5'9 max anyway. More of a weak 5'9 plus I hear he wore lifts too.
Vegas said on 12/Sep/11
quite a few decent comparisons between benoit and angle in the first 2 mins of this, also see them standing together at 4mins 24secs, 2 inches between these men?? Click Here
Vegas said on 12/Sep/11
if jericho is 5'8 then mene gene was no more than 5'6 at best Click Here
Alex said on 12/Sep/11
Eddie is 5'7-5'7.5. Benoit and Jericho had over an inch on him and Angle had him by a few inches. Angle was at least an inch taller than both Jericho and Benoit but those both wore lifts I heard too. Jericho did look a legit 5'9 to me in person. He walked right by me at the autograph table. With that I'd say

Angle- 5'10
Jericho- 5'9
Benoit- 5'8 1/2
Eddie- 5'7
Danimal said on 11/Sep/11
Dan90 says on 10/Sep/11
Kurt Angle: 5'10" flat
Chris Jericho: 5'9.5"
Chris Benoit: 5'8.5"-5'9"
Eddie Guerrero: 5'8" flat

Seems correct for these under 6' wrestlers.

Kurt Angle - 5'10"
Chris Jericho - 5'8"
Benoit - 5'8"
Eddie Guerrero - 5'7"
Clay said on 11/Sep/11
Eddie was under 5'8'', not by much. Benoit was a solid 5'9'' IMO.
micyficy said on 10/Sep/11
I kurt and benoit height is a mystery, because on videos benoit is taller than kurt.
Alex said on 10/Sep/11
Dan, that looks about right. Angle def is the tallest. Benoit and Jericho are damn near the same, no more than 1/2 inch apart. Both had at least an inch on Eddie
Alex said on 10/Sep/11
Vegas, there was one point he had cut down to 200lbs flat a couple years ago he said. He was pretty lean but still had some size. Today he just lost almost everything. The MMA role make sense because when I saw him on TNA a few weeks ago he looked 180 something. 190 for him would be pushing it! Fact is the guy was 220 something at his peak in WWE
Dan90 said on 10/Sep/11
Kurt Angle: 5'10" flat
Chris Jericho: 5'9.5"
Chris Benoit: 5'8.5"-5'9"
Eddie Guerrero: 5'8" flat

Seems correct for these under 6' wrestlers.
Legend said on 10/Sep/11
Vegas says on 9/Sep/11
i think i found the reason for him looking smaller today, he recently appeared in a movie where he had to play a 185lb mma fighter so he had to cut weight for the role
It'll be harder at his age to gain the muscle back I would think.
Vegas said on 9/Sep/11
i think i found the reason for him looking smaller today, he recently appeared in a movie where he had to play a 185lb mma fighter so he had to cut weight for the role
Alex said on 6/Sep/11
Legend, yea he looks a lot smaller today. He reminds me of a track runner with his build today. Its crazy. Yea within the last few years he cut down but this is the smallest I ever seen him. A few reasons, hes older and doesn't go as heavy, eats less, off steriods now. Hes got some injuries too which is why too
Alex said on 6/Sep/11
Also I've said before that this picture was taken between 3 and 4PM so I was probably my evening height or damn near it here.
Legend said on 6/Sep/11
Thats a lot of muscle mass gone now. I wonder why?
Clay said on 5/Sep/11
I agree with Angle going a little under 5'10 by evening..
Alex said on 5/Sep/11
Legend, yea thats possible. Could have been 2.25 inches taller than him. Fact is he was a solid 220lbs when I met him and today he looks no more than 185lbs
Legend said on 5/Sep/11
He looks more like 5'9.75 to me evening height.
Alex said on 4/Sep/11
Legend, 5'10 he was before I'd say 5'10 1/2. I know 1/2 inch isn't easy to tell but I was point blank near him though. He looks 3 inches shorter in the picture but straight up he was more 2 inches or so shorter. This picture was also taken at between at 3:30-4:00 pm too. Honestly I wouldn't rule out 5'9 3/4 or 5'10 1/4 for him either. No taller or shorter than those though
Legend said on 3/Sep/11

Did he look closer to 5'10 or 5'10.5 if you can remember?
Alex said on 27/Aug/11
At least when he cut down a couple years ago he still had arms that were very cut. Hes lost all the mass he had now but hes 43 years old and has injuries. Probably changed his diet around a lot and stopped lifting heavy if my guess
Alex said on 27/Aug/11
Vegas, yea I remember after Angle left WWE in 2006 for TNA he was still big and in 2008 on pros vs joes he said he was 5'10 215lbs and was still good size. I noticed like 2 years ago when he had cut down and lost noticeable weight. He said he was down to 200lbs but this was a couple years ago. After seeing him last night I would say he looks 180-185lbs. When I met him he was a solid 220lbs at least. If I were to take a picture with him today I'd have good size on him I believe
Vegas said on 26/Aug/11
yeah caught tna last night and he looks really thin, he has no arms at all (which is very unusual for a wrestler), thin legs, still has a bit of size in his upper torso but under 200 for sure, i remember when my friend was 185 @ ~ 5'10 (about 3-4 years ago) he looked bigger than angle does today
Alex said on 25/Aug/11
Just caught TNA on TV and Kurt Angle is on and honestly this guys looks 190lbs max
tell-em said on 23/Aug/11
well he pulled off 5'10" w/ out the hair w/ mike tyson.
Alex said on 23/Aug/11
Jericho looked 5'9 and change at most to me. He could have pulled off 5'10 because of his hair
tell-em said on 22/Aug/11
jericho isn't 5'9" flat. thats ridiculous. hes 5'10". and doesn't go lower than 5'9.5".
Clay said on 20/Aug/11
Jericho at 5'8'' is silly.
Alex said on 20/Aug/11
Vegas, yea all 3 were within a 1.5 inch difference I think. Angle-5'10 Jericho-5'9 and Benoit 5'8.5-5'9
Vegas said on 19/Aug/11
jericho, angle and benoit were all quite close in height, at least on tv, i remember when angle tagged with benoit at a show i was at in 2002 they looked very close in height, when angle was aligning himself with frank trigg who is 5'8 in tna angle was noticeably taller than him on a shoot video on youtube larry zbyszko who hates jericho claims he is 5'6, scott hall butts in to correct larry and says "he is closer to 5'10", then someone whose face isn't shown but sounds like sean waltman says jericho is 5'9, i never met chris but he was a few inches shorter than miz (whom i have met) when they tagged so 5'10 is probably too much alrite alex if you are interested there is a big wrestling convention coming up in new jersey in october, they hold it twice a year and they do standing photos with the wrestlers, if you go to tommy tiny listers page on here and down to my post on 9/Aug/11 those shots i posted are all from the legends of the rings over the last 18 months, that chap goes to all those events Click Here
Alex said on 19/Aug/11
Jericho isn't 5'10. Hes shorter than 5'10 Angle by a bit at least. Benoit was 5'9 max and Jericho was his height or a hair taller.
tell-em said on 18/Aug/11
tyson isn't standing as straight as jericho. jericho is 5'10". maybe 5'9.5. 5'8" is silly.
Alex said on 18/Aug/11
Jericho walked by me at the autograph session last year and my guess was 5'9ish. His hair can also make him look slightly taller too.
Vegas said on 18/Aug/11
Danimal says on 15/Aug/11 Been reading for years that Jericho's real height is 5'8". ________ do you believe everything you read? or do you just pick and choose? i read arnie was 5'10 in lots of newspapers and magazines in the early 1990s so i guess that must be true as well then........fact is jericho in dress-shoes was at least 2 inches taller than your mene gene in the mid 1990s wcw (a man you claim was a minimum 5'8 himself) and jericho last year on raw looked taller next to mike tyson than 5'8 1/4 barefoot rob does i met lance storm back in early 2004 and jericho doesn't look 5'7 or 5'8 next to him in this shot Click Here
Alex said on 17/Aug/11
The debate should be over about my height since there was more than a bit of evidence that proves I am 6'0 LOL. Rob measured me a few mm over 6'0 at midday and everytime I been measured on a stadiometer at the doctor at midday or later I been 6'0-6'0.25
Legend said on 17/Aug/11
Danimal says on 15/Aug/11

Pathetic. Alex is a good guy. Honest and has been a regular poster for 6 years. Rob measured the man. Give it a rest already.
I have been posting on and off since 2006 as well. I said I wasn't going to comment about this anymore but I couldn't resist after you called me pathetic when in reality what is pathetic is you getting into other people's business. I said Alex could very well be 6 feet if you read my last comment and tried to leave it at that but you had to butt in didn't you?
Danimal said on 15/Aug/11
Alex says on 14/Jul/11
Interesting photo because Jericho is 5'9.

Been reading for years that Jericho's real height is 5'8".
Danimal said on 15/Aug/11
Legend says on 21/Jul/11
This Alex guy is not a true 6 feet people. He probably stretched his spine to the max or subtly raised his heel just enough so that Rob didn't notice or something to that effect. Your witness...

Pathetic. Alex is a good guy. Honest and has been a regular poster for 6 years. Rob measured the man. Give it a rest already.
Alex said on 14/Aug/11
Clay, haha yea. I often get guessed at 6'1 in person.
Clay said on 12/Aug/11
Alex doesnt look 6 feet next to Kurt?1? That is the craziest thing ever.
Alex said on 11/Aug/11
Legend, well yea guys who are skinny/lanky at whatever height will give a taller impression than someone who is fat or is built or muscular. This picture was taken almost 6 years ago. I wasn't built like I am now either. Also you think Kurt looks 5'9.25 and because of that then of course I wont look 6'0 to you LOL
Alex said on 10/Aug/11
Clay, I believe so after his last comment about me stretching my spine to the max and lifting my heel for the height picture which was clearly not LOL
Legend said on 10/Aug/11

I've been away lol Alex doesn't look quite 6 feet in the picture with Kurt. I guess I can buy 6 feet though because there wouldn't be any reason for him or Rob to lie. It's just that 6 footers can usually look taller. I'm not going to comment about it more than that.
Clay said on 7/Aug/11
Did you give Legend a time-out Rob? LOL.
Alex said on 23/Jul/11
I saw Kurt Angle on TNA a couple of nights ago and this was the smallest I ever seen him look. He looks 185-190lbs.
Alex said on 21/Jul/11
Legend says on 21/Jul/11
This Alex guy is not a true 6 feet people. He probably stretched his spine to the max or subtly raised his heel just enough so that Rob didn't notice or something to that effect. Your witness...

Stop trolling LOL
Legend said on 21/Jul/11
This Alex guy is not a true 6 feet people. He probably stretched his spine to the max or subtly raised his heel just enough so that Rob didn't notice or something to that effect. Your witness...
miko said on 20/Jul/11
Jericho gave me a very weak 5'10 impression.

He's somewhere between 5'9 and 5'10.
Alex said on 19/Jul/11
Clay, when I saw Jericho he was a couple feet in front of me walking from the autograph table when I was on line and my guess was 5'9 1/2 tops for him. Jericho was always a bit shorter than Angle too. The pic with Tyson I can't really explain lol
Clay said on 17/Jul/11
Whats up with that Jericho/Tyson pic? Maybe Jericho is actually taller than the impression he gave off in person when you saw him Alex?
Alex said on 15/Jul/11
Rampage, My eye level is 4.5 inches from the top of my head and he doesn't go much above that. 3.5 inches shorter in the pic but due to his lean and the slight angle in my favor it would come closer to 2 inches difference.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jul/11
Angle looks 5ft9.25(176cm) in the picture. Upstraight minimum 178cm.

I reckon 5ft10.25 or 5ft10.5 could be spot on
Alex said on 14/Jul/11
Interesting photo because Jericho is 5'9.
Alex said on 9/Jul/11
James, you got a pic of those 2 together? Tyson looks to be a solid 5'10 with Rob. Funny the day I met Kurt I thought he was 5'11-6'0 then when he stood up the picture I right away thought 5'10!
James said on 8/Jul/11
Kurt looks identical in height too Mike Tyson.... still though i think Kurt is 178-179cm range.
victor said on 4/Jul/11
Kurt angle is taller than i am.. I shook his hand on fri and I'm 5'10 id sy he had half inch on me and I wanna say more because he was hunched over.. he stands with his knees bent for some reason
Alex said on 3/Jul/11
I may have not mentioned but this pic was taken between 3 and 4pm so I was anywhere from 6'0 to 6'0 1/4 in this pic. I remember around this time I was measured at 6'0 1/4 at the doctor midday is why I had Rob put me down as 6'0.25 for this pic. Every cm counts haha
Alex said on 3/Jul/11
Legend, I could have gotten slightly more straight like military posture but I didn't. My first guess when he stood up for the pic was 5'10 but 5'9.75 could be dead on though.

Vegas, yea I guess when the guy took it it was slightly on an angle. The fact with the few things into account I would still say I had him by 2 inches or slightly more.
Legend said on 3/Jul/11
Yes but Alex you are also not standing with perfect posture here. I think you could get a little more height if you did. You're kind of leaning a little to the right. It's not a perfect picture to tell height so what did he look to you?
Vegas said on 2/Jul/11
as well as angles obvious lean, camera angle also favours alex in that shot, look at the poster on the wall and the letters spelling out carolines
Alex said on 1/Jul/11
Legend, hes slightly in front of me but also with his slight lean it balances out about. I could see 5'9.75 but I wouldn't go lower than that because I am 6'0.
Legend said on 1/Jul/11
If I were to be picky I would say he's 5'9.75. The thing about this picture is that Kurt is slightly in front of Alex making him appear a little taller than he really is.
tell-em said on 27/Jun/11
Vegas says on 25/Jun/11
tell-em says on 24/Jun/11
angle is shorter than 5'10" jeff jarrett

is he?? 9min 17mark Click Here

yes vegas, he is.
Alex said on 26/Jun/11
Angle and Jarrett look the exact same height or someone could be a hair taller like 1/4 inch.

And Vegas yea Lesnar claims 6'3 but said Angle was 5'9. There was never a 6 inch difference LOL. It always looked no more than a 4 inch difference.
Alex said on 25/Jun/11
Angle could have been like 5'9 3/4. I call it as 5'10 give or take a 1/4 because I had no less than 2 inches on him.
Vegas said on 25/Jun/11
tell-em says on 24/Jun/11
angle is shorter than 5'10" jeff jarrett

is he?? 9min 17mark Click Here

funny brock claims 6'3 for himself and 5'9 for angle, i never saw 6 inches between em
Legend said on 24/Jun/11
He looks 5'9 or maybe 5'10 because of his stocky frame.
tell-em said on 24/Jun/11
angle is shorter than 5'10" jeff jarrett
Clay said on 23/Jun/11
Brock's book came out a couple months ago. ''Death clutch'' it's his life story, I want to buy it someday.

He calls Angle 5'9''? Who knows. Doubt he lined Kurt up against a wall and measured him..
Alex said on 23/Jun/11
Angle at 5'9 puts me at 5'11-5'11.25 which isn't true. Unless had on lifts in his shoes when I met him I wont buy no 5'9 for him.
Legend said on 22/Jun/11
He looks 5'9 to me. Oh well.
Alex said on 22/Jun/11
Brock Lesnar had a book? I didnt know that actually lol
Well I could see Angle looking in the 5'9 range because he once had stocky type build but hes taller then 5'9 though.
patel2011 said on 22/Jun/11
In Brock Lesnar's book. Brock describes Kurt Angle as "5 foot 9".
clint said on 17/Jun/11
jericho is taller than angle. 5'11" to 5'9".
linke said on 29/May/11
kurt angle,mick foley and jay lethal visited Mumbai[Inorbit mall] last year,the place that they visited is like 20 minutes from my house. Too bad i missed it since I was having some work that day.
Alex said on 23/May/11
Angle had a bit of height on Jericho who is like 5'9.
Jake T. said on 22/May/11
Angle looks the same height as Jericho so 5'10 is right.
Alex said on 22/May/11
James, I had on nike running sneakers that didn't have a big heel. Roughly an inch. He had on dress shoes so he could have had a 1/4 inch footwear advantage but thats it.

Legend, yea I know in this pic he does because his posture is bad. Hes a full 5'10 standing straight.
James said on 21/May/11
Alex did Kurt Angle have footware advantage over you?
Legend said on 20/May/11
Haha, He looks short and stumpy though. He's the shortest 5'10 guy I have seen.
Alex said on 19/May/11
Angle at 5'9.5 max would put me at no more than 5'11.5 LOL
Clay said on 18/May/11
Legend says on 17/May/11
He's 5'9.5 max...

And you say I get it wrong most of the time...
Alex said on 18/May/11
Legend, hes taller than 5'9.5. At least he was when I met him. I am 6'0-6'0 1/4 and was measured by Rob and pics are on the site to prove it. Again it looks 3 inches difference because of his posture. When he first stood is was just a 2 inch difference I tell you. He's not under 5'10. Maybe today he could be with his injuries but not when I met him.
Legend said on 17/May/11
He's 5'9.5 max...
Alex said on 16/May/11
I was never sure on how tall Chyna was. Looked roughly 5'10 though she was billed at 6'0.
Vegas said on 14/May/11
kurt looked roughly same height as chyna on this weeks impact (both in similiar footwear), mick foley had chyna by no less than 5 inches on same show
linke said on 6/May/11
isis is the 6'9 girl from nxt who was fired before the show started.Anyways it turned out to be chyna.
Vegas said on 5/May/11
isis is 6'9 female wrestler lindsay hayward, she is an ex basketballer Click Here Click Here

anyway kurts mistress ended up being chyna not isis, tna thought isis was too green, she will work another role
Alex said on 4/May/11
Who is Isis? lol
Vegas said on 3/May/11
isis the amazon will be unveiled tonight as kurt angle new mistress at the impact taping (won't air for about two weeks), poor kurt is going to be totally dwarfed
Alex said on 2/May/11
James, I dont think Big Show is as low as 6'10. His posture can make him appear less but I wouldn't go under 6'11 for him today especially if Nash is 6'9 today.
James said on 30/Apr/11
Alex says on 30/Apr/11
James, I've seen Big Show usually have 2 inches on Nash.
Also when I met Angle I pegged him at a good 220lbs or so. In this picture I was a couple years into working out but I only weighed 185-190 in this pic haha

Well Kevin Nash is given 6'9 flat on this site so that would make Big Show 6'11 not 7ft and possibly 6'10 or 6'10 1/2 today? Talk about two seriously gigantic men.
Alex said on 30/Apr/11
James, I've seen Big Show usually have 2 inches on Nash.
Also when I met Angle I pegged him at a good 220lbs or so. In this picture I was a couple years into working out but I only weighed 185-190 in this pic haha
James said on 28/Apr/11
Alex says on 27/Apr/11
James, I agree Big Show was def 7'0 at his peak but today looks more 6'11-6'11 1/2 range. Kane I'd give 6'8 now and back then. I dont think he shrunk at all.

Alex look here when kevin nash squares up to the big show back in 1998

Click Here

How much taller do you think big show looks than kevin nash? Kevin nash is listed at 6'9 on this site but i thought he could look 6'10 as well. i personally think there looks 2.5 or 3 inches between them.
Alex said on 27/Apr/11
James, I agree Big Show was def 7'0 at his peak but today looks more 6'11-6'11 1/2 range. Kane I'd give 6'8 now and back then. I dont think he shrunk at all.
James said on 26/Apr/11
Hey Alex would you agree with this today

Big Show 6'11 (211cm) Peak 7ft (213cm)
Kane 6'7.5 (202cm) Peak 6'8 (203cm)
Alex said on 25/Apr/11
James, yea 5'10 1/4 could be Angle's height.
I'd give Kane 6'8 flat.
James said on 24/Apr/11
Yeah defenintly under 5'11 when you look at Kurt next to John Cena.

hey alex do you belive that Kane is or was 6'8? Kane is one seriously gigantic dude even just slightly taller than the Undertaker and only a few inches shorter than the Big Show. Complete MONSTER.
Alex said on 23/Apr/11
James, yea me and Cena are probably just about identical in height. 5'10.25 for Angle is possible. No way could I have told the difference in a 1/4 inch even point blank like I was. I just knew for sure he was under 5'11.
James said on 22/Apr/11
Yeah Alex you and John Cena would be identical in height. Fair enough as well in his dress shoes he is probably slightly taller.

Rob maybe 5'10.25 for Kurt Angle?
Alex said on 21/Apr/11
James, yea its been mentioned before but always good to talk about it again though. This picture was taken 3-4pm where I would have been no taller than 6'0 1/4. I was wearing 1 inch sneakers while Angle had on dress shoes which could have given a slight more than my sneakers. Hes not really bending but more like hunched over slightly. Just looking at the pic itself you would guess its a 3 inch difference but if he stood up proper he would have gained an inch probably. I am standing proper but I am not standing that straight. Maybe 5'10 1/2 at the most I could give him. Its a good comparison between me and him compared to him and John Cena.
James said on 18/Apr/11
Alex says on 16/Apr/11
Yea, that was my first guess when he stood up for the picture was 5'10. I felt right away I had 2 inches or so on him.

I think i have mentioned this before but he looks like he could potentially be 5'10.5 or 5'11 if he stood up straight.

Alex you yourself are a strong 6ft guy like 184cm and sure kurt looks 177cm
bending down but he looks like he could gain 1.5 inches standing better.

did he have footware advantage over you alex? And are you standing at your tallest in the photo???? Really this guy looks at least 5'10 judging the picture.
Alex said on 16/Apr/11
Yea, that was my first guess when he stood up for the picture was 5'10. I felt right away I had 2 inches or so on him.
Iconjj said on 9/Apr/11
My buddy just met him, and estimated him to be 5'10... I come here over from the Andre page, just to see what he is listed as, and seems to be dead on.
Ssk said on 27/Mar/11
Always thought he was around 5'9". Oh well, still nowhere near his 6'2 listing.
Viper said on 24/Mar/11
Vegas, you think Bart could be 6-0?
Alex said on 23/Mar/11
I dont think Angle shrunk in height at all.
Vegas said on 20/Mar/11
angles last major neck surgery was in 2003 Click Here
JBharat said on 18/Mar/11
When did Kurt Angle have his neck surgery? I just wonder if he shrank a bit over the last five years or so- because while he does look a flat 5'10 in the picture and his time in WWE, he seems to be a bit shorter these days. Though, it could just be because he's far less massive now, as well.
Alex said on 15/Mar/11
Clay, I'd say he is 200-205lbs now. was 215lbs for Pros vs Joes. When I met him he was a good 220lbs at least but he said he was "about 230lbs" in his book in 2002. He has a build still but all that mass he had in the early 2000s is gone. After he left WWE in 2006 he began to cut weight more and more.
Clay said on 12/Mar/11
Mick is closer to the camera and Angle is bending over in that shot. But damn, look how thin he looks especially in the legs.
Alex said on 10/Mar/11
Vegas, yea and hes looking even leaner in that photo. Angle looks 200lbs max in some pics.
Vegas said on 8/Mar/11
shortest i think i have seen angle look in a photo Click Here
Vegas said on 4/Mar/11
bart scott nfl listed @ 6'2 had two staredowns with angle on last nights impact, the second one in the ring, scott seems to be wearing skechers too and they give quite a bit of height (my brother bought a pair recently), 12mins 50seconds Click Here
Alex said on 19/Jan/11
Clay, from that angle is looks like Lesnar has him by like 5 inches but thats a high angle giving an advantage to Lesnar but in every faceoff I've seen. Lesnar looks 4 inches taller than Angle.
Clay said on 15/Jan/11
Click Here

lol@this idea that Lesnar only looks 3-3.5 inches taller than Angle. Here you can see the huge height difference.
Clay said on 14/Jan/11
Riley is definitely a big guy between 6'2 and 6'3.
Vegas said on 14/Jan/11
alex rileys college football listing Click Here
Vegas said on 14/Jan/11
nxt has been quite good with height listings up to this last season, they have brodus clay at 6'8 but he certainly doesn't have 3 inches on 6'5 listed jacob novak

season 1 and especially season 2 were quite good though on the height front, weights a bit questionable

eli cottonwood 7ft in nba Click Here 7ft on nxt Click Here cottonwood was listed 7'1 in college bb from time to time

alex riley 6'3 in college football 6'2 on nxt Click Here this guy looks legit 6'2 next to miz

percy watson 6'3 in college football Click Here 6'3 on nxt Click Here several sources suggest mcneil measured 6'2 barefoot exactly and 244lb at the nfl combine

titus o neal 6'4 in college football Click Here 6'4 in pro football Click Here 6'4 on nxt Click Here
Alex said on 14/Jan/11
On average a wrestler is 2 inches shorter than he is listed. Sometimes 3-4 inches off. Then you have the exceptions like Orton and Cena who are about or are the same height they are listed as. Kurt was always listed at 6'2 on in the past but he was always referred to as 6'0 on TV.
Editor Rob said on 14/Jan/11
I saw a quote by Kurt, "I'm listed at 6-feet-2...Everyone in wrestling is four inches shorter than the program says they are".

Good to see some honesty!
Alex said on 11/Jan/11
Clay, yea it has. Thats because Angle is one of the most easier heights everyone hear agrees on. Almost this whole board can agree he is a flat 5'10.
Clay said on 8/Jan/11
Boy did this page ever die.
Alex said on 25/Nov/10
I felt I looked 3/4- an inch taller than Frank in those photos. One pic of us barefoot it looks a bit over an inch but due to his head titled down a bit.
Clay said on 23/Nov/10
He looks close enough to his 5'11.5. I don't see a full inch for Alex over him.
anonymous said on 16/Nov/10
frank doesn't look his claim. he looks 5'11" flat
Alex said on 15/Nov/10
Clay, Frank looked his claimed height in person but then when I saw the pics he looked slightly less.
Clay said on 10/Nov/10
Frank looks his claim.
Legend said on 10/Nov/10
It looks like he is around 5'10 or less, no more for sure...
Alex said on 7/Nov/10
Frank did look his 5'11.5 when I first saw him but looking at the pics he could be as low as 5'11-5'11.25. I am 6'0.25 and felt I had no more than an inch on him.
anonymous said on 28/Oct/10
is that frank w/ mamun and alex? frank doesn't look like his 5'11.5 claim
Alex said on 27/Oct/10
HS, thats what I was saying all along. It only appears 3 inches due to that. In reality its only 2 inches difference.

At Angle's biggest in WWF he was 225-230bs. I remember him saying that in his book in 2002.
Alex said on 13/Jun/09
Dress shoes are only going to give a slight advantage over certain sneakers. The ones I had one were slightly smaller this his dress shoes, probably about 1/4 inch. My shoes gave an inch or so, most dress shoes give what 1.25 inches? He was more than 5'9, I can bet on that. Lowest he could be is 5'9 3/4 really.
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/09
Big King says on 30/Apr/09
5'10" is Angle's morning height then. It can't be possible that this guy is only 2 inches shorter than Alex although there is almost 4 inches height difference between them.

Can't believe I actually agree with Big King on something. Pros vs. Joes is a competitive show too and if he said he was 5'10" on it you gotta think more like 5'9". Also, Alex's outfit above would look weird with dress shoes so I'm assuming he's wearing sneakers and Angle's outfit would only look appropriate in dress shoes so I'm assuming a shoe advantage for Angle.
James said on 8/Jun/09
Funny my brother always thought Hulk Hogan was never more than 6'3 in his life. My bro was not bying 6'6 at all when I told him how tall he was.
Alex said on 8/Jun/09
Not saying for sure Hogan was a full 6'6 but def at least 6'5-6'5 1/2 at his peak.
James said on 28/May/09
Well to be fair Alex Hogan did hold his own in the 1985 wrestlmania staredown with Andra the Giant. But yeah I don't always find it too easy to belive a legit 6'6 for Hogan at his peak.
Alex said on 24/May/09
James, 6'5.5-6'6 I think was Hogan's peak. Today I'd give him 6'3. I honestly think he looks the same height as he did back in 2002 when he went face to face with The Rock.
Clay said on 24/May/09
LoL Funaki at 208 and Noble at 204 are some pretty hilarious weight billings.
Alex said on 21/May/09
James, its possible. Really the bare minimum he could have been was 6'5 but I think more in the 6'5.5-6'6 range is more correct for his peak. Today I give him 6'3. Personally I think he's been 6'3ish since 2002-2003 ever since that staredown with the Rock he hasn't looked more than 6'3.
James said on 20/May/09
Alex do you think Hulk Hogan was really 6'6 at his peak?
Alex said on 19/May/09
Rarely anyone is billed at under 190lbs but in reality a lot are under 190. Like Funaki billed at 208? Come on lol. Most WWE wrestlers are 210lbs plus legit anyway.
Clay said on 19/May/09
There are wrestlers 5'6-5'8 and under 190, but they're few and far between. It is a BIG mans profession, to say the least.
James said on 15/May/09
Alex I don't they would they would last very long against big show.
Pure Dynamite said on 15/May/09
I think Shawn Michaels is also clearly under 200lbs. 190 Max I think.
Alex said on 14/May/09
James, there are several who dont even hit 190lbs I dont think. Not just Rey, you'll have guys like Paul Londan, Brian Kendrick, Funaki, who are 180 max I think.
Vegas said on 14/May/09
James says on 14/May/09
lol is thier any wrestler under 200lbs? Ray Mysterio maybe?

loads, in the wwe the likes of brian kendrick, jamie noble, tyson kidd, evan bourne are all under 200lb, in tna guys like chris sabin, alex shelley and many of the x-division guys are under 200lb, in the indies i would estimate at least 75% of guys are under 200lb and really short
Alex said on 14/May/09
Tellem, yea at one point he a bit of weight but then lost too much. Especially since he has very little body fat which would make pretty much all the weight is loses be muscle weight.
James said on 14/May/09
lol is thier any wrestler under 200lbs? Ray Mysterio maybe?
TELLEM said on 13/May/09
thats good if he did Alex. He honestly didn't look healthy with all that lost weight.
Pure Dynamite said on 13/May/09
I also think that Angle is 5'10. Christian had 2.5-3 inches on him, and Christian is about 6'0.5.
6'2 Sting had about 4 inches on Angle, so I belive Angle is 5'10.

A Christian Cage (Jason Reso) and a Sting (Steve Borden) Page would be very nice...
Alex said on 12/May/09
I saw Angle recently on TNA. I think he may have gained a bit of weight back. Tough to tell but last reported he was down to around 200lbs flat. Because when I met he looked around 220lbs though he said he was 215lbs on pros vs joes but that was after I had met him.
James said on 10/May/09
I think Sting who is 6'2 had 4 inches on Angle on a recent TNA wrestleing match. Funny though Kurt can look taller than 5'10 next to 6'9 kevin Nash.
Alex said on 7/May/09
Angle has even admitted being 5'10 on Pros vs Joes so its very safe to say he's probably not over 5'10.25 max. Like I said 5'10 to 5'10.5 isn't easy to tell but I was point blank on him and got a 5'10 impression right away.
Anonymous said on 4/May/09
I could see maybe 179cm for Angle. But no taller.
Alex said on 30/Apr/09
Big King, again it looks 3-3.5 inches because he is slouching a bit. If he stands straight the difference is closer.
Big King said on 30/Apr/09
5'10" is Angle's morning height then. It can't be possible that this guy is only 2 inches shorter than Alex although there is almost 4 inches height difference between them.
Sam said on 30/Apr/09
I bet if you tipped Kurt on his side he'd be taller!

He seems to have more muscle than anything else
Alex said on 27/Apr/09
Doug, I been saying this for a while now. Angle isn't standing straight. Looking at the picture who it is right now it looks 3-3.5 inches, if he straightens he'll be a little taller. 6'0 and 5'10 fits right for us there.
Doug said on 24/Apr/09
Mmm if Angle is really 5'10" Alex looks around 6'1". I see roughly a 2.5 inch diff if Angle stood straight. I always thought Angle was 5'9" ish without shoes. He looks shorter than 5'10" because of his stocky build.
Martin Fogg said on 18/Apr/09
who cares Jordan? the man was an olympic gold medalist. And by the way, i'm taller than you, i'm six-four. By the way, I'm asking your little sister out to our senior prom.
Jordan said on 12/Apr/09
uh, excuse me, Kurt? I actually am 6'2" by the way, no way are you that height. I wish you and me would stand together, I would be a few inches taller than you. Yeah 5'10" is more like it Rob.
Jordan Lear's height is 6 ft 2 in ( 188 cm )
in WWE i'd be 6'3" no less. At least that's how tall I would be in dress shoes.
Alex said on 10/Apr/09
Based on that quote it looks like he's admitting to being 5'10.

Looking at the pictures of me and Rob, with Kurt leaning he only comes up to me a little more than Rob does, probably like an inch. I was noticed that before.
Doink said on 10/Apr/09
Click Here

Angle quote on his height and wrestling heights:

"I'm listed at 6-feet-2," he says in his deep ashcan voice. "Everyone in wrestling is four inches shorter than the program says they are."
Alex said on 5/Apr/09
James, not sure how to photo shop it but even doing that may not be very accurate. If someone here can do it then I'd like to see.

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