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Peak: 5ft 9.99in (177.8cm)
Current: 5ft 9.32in (176.1cm)
Alex said on 25/Mar/09
James, yea and it took some people a while to realize he was leaning and wasn't that much shorter than me as it looked, lol.
Alex said on 23/Mar/09
TellEm, it was 3-4PM when I got the picture with him and he looked 5'10 so chances are he'd be like 5'9.75 by the evening or something. I may have been as low as 6'0 flat by 3-4PM but could have been 6'0.25 which I have been measured at before in the late afternoon so.
Alex said on 23/Mar/09
When Cena debuted he looked 2 to maybe 2.5 inches taller but in a few stardowns he looked closer to 3 inches taller.
TELLEM said on 23/Mar/09
that makes sense alex...the man is 5'10 and most likely can be under 5'10 by night...he looks it next to several wrestlers.
Alex said on 23/Mar/09
I've said this before but I always dont mind talking about it again since its a height site. When he first stood up from the chair I felt he was roughly 2 inches shorter than me so 2-2.25 inches. Then in the picture he leaned in a bit probably losing an inch in height making it appear 3 inches or so difference in the picture. I had sneakers that were only giving an inch, he had dress shoes that gave probably 1.25 inches so he may have had a very slight fotwear advantage. He could be like 5'10 1/4 but I doubt anymore. 5'10 1/2 is pushing it a bit. He's no way 5'11.
TheMan said on 23/Mar/09
A good example is a video on john cena's debut its on you tube hes 6.0 and looks about 2 inches taller than angle as well. Kurt's for sure around 5,10.
TELLEM said on 22/Mar/09
which puts kurt angle at 5'10? i think so.
Alex said on 19/Mar/09
I am standing straight but if I wanted I could stand even more straight than that. Either way it wasn't a 3 inch difference when he stood straight.
TELLEM said on 19/Mar/09
Hugh says on 18/Mar/09
Kurt Angle looks like he could pass for 5ft11 if he stood straight with Alex.

no he wouldn't because A. alex isn't standing straight either, and B. he looks 3 inches shorter than alex here.
Hugh said on 18/Mar/09
Kurt Angle looks like he could pass for 5ft11 if he stood straight with Alex.
Clay said on 11/Mar/09
Stallone is 5'9.5-5'10, lol. So no, that wouldn't be me.
Mikey said on 27/Feb/09
If you watch the US olympic wrestling video from 1996 he's listed at around 5'10'' Or 5'11''
M.o.r.g said on 17/Feb/09
The Same country as me Britain.I should'nt be saying this but he has to exercise like f*ck to keep the weight off otherwise he goes massive.Fair play to the guy he has.Every time ive seen him he looks different.
M.o.r.g said on 16/Feb/09
Clay says on 9/Feb/09
6'0-6'1 and say...230/240 pounds of bulk makes you look shorter than what you are. At the same time 6'1 and a slender 170-175 can make you appear 6'3ish at times.

sorry you fail.Like ive said my cousin is 6'1-2 and used to be not far off that size i bet and he always towers everyone.
Alex said on 15/Feb/09
Yea I can see 4 inches there and Sting isn't more than 6'2 I dont think.
Vegas said on 15/Feb/09
angle and sting from this weeks impact, sting looks a good 4 inches taller there Click Here
Alex said on 14/Feb/09
Clay, true. Though I have a friend who is 6'0 and at least 350lbs now and he does look his height most of the time, sometimes can give a taller impression as well.
Clay said on 13/Feb/09
Batista is also ripped to shreds though and at 6'3+ you have no choice but to look tall. Im saying 6'0ish with a ton of bulk and flab can hide the fact that you're 6'0.
Alex said on 10/Feb/09
It depends. Look at Batista 6'3 275lbs and he's huge and he still looks tall. Certain guys who are muscular will look taller then some will look shorter.
Clay said on 9/Feb/09
6'0-6'1 and say...230/240 pounds of bulk makes you look shorter than what you are. At the same time 6'1 and a slender 170-175 can make you appear 6'3ish at times.
Alex said on 9/Feb/09
James, well I can get away with 6'2 sometimes and I'm not thin or lanky. I am considered lean but also built, some will say I can look bulky at times but depends on your build. Some muscular guys can look taller while sometimes skinnier guys can look taller.
Alex said on 8/Feb/09
James, yea I'd think he's 6'1 out of bed and drops down to 6'0-6'0 1/4 at his lowest. Similar to me but I am normally just under 6'1 out of bed and 6'0 at the lowest.
Brian said on 7/Feb/09
I met Kurt Angle at a TNA event here in Montreal and had a picture taken with him. I'm 5'8 and a half. And we were both standing at the same height, so that's an answer?
Alex said on 1/Feb/09
I actually would like to meet Angle again. Its always good to meet your favorites more than once unlike others you dont like as much.
Alex said on 16/Jan/09
Cena also had between 2-3 inches on Angle.
amit said on 16/Jan/09
christian cage was same height as cena,if i can remember.He use to slouch a lot to make other wrestlers taller.In tna,he looked 2-2.5 taller than angle.
Alex said on 16/Jan/09
James, actually a bit because I thought he would have been closer to my height than he really was. I was expecting him to be 5'11 but years before that I would have thought 6'0. But it was no big difference though than I expected, just an inch. You'll have some guys inches shorter than you'd expect.
The Ben said on 14/Jan/09
Angle doesnt even look 5'10 with alex, id say he probably is 5'10 and no more, christian is 6ft tops and scott steiner no more then 5'11 and angle is shorter the both. he still a specimen though!
Alex said on 14/Jan/09
Lenad, we all knew that for a long time, LOL. I never bought into his 6'2 billing even when I was younger because it didn't fit with the other billings. I did believe 5'11-6'0 for him until I met him I will admit.
Lenad said on 14/Jan/09
6ft2 is BS
Alex said on 13/Jan/09
I havne't been to a wrestling event since June 2003 when I went to both Raw and Smackdown back to back nights at MSG in NYC.
Alex said on 12/Jan/09
Vegas, when I met him he was 215-220lbs, not his biggest but he was bigger than he is right now in TNA.
Danimal said on 12/Jan/09
Vegas says on 11/Jan/09
Danimal says on 11/Jan/09
What was he at his heaviest? 230 pounds?

yeah probably, somewhere between 225-230lb, very solid guy, i saw alot of him at live shows in 2002, he was every bit as big and bigger than benoit at the time (they were tagging in a few shows) and benoit was heavy on the juice at that time.

i have ringside seats for tna this coming friday night will try to get an guesstimate on his current weight.

Have fun Vegas.
Alex said on 11/Jan/09
Danimal, as a pro wrestler he was his heaviest at about 230lbs he says so say 225-230lbs and he said that in 2002 in his book. It wasn't until 2004 where he looked to trim down a bit but then last year he leaned out even more. He did bulk up to 250-260lbs in high school though.
Vegas said on 11/Jan/09
Danimal says on 11/Jan/09
What was he at his heaviest? 230 pounds?

yeah probably, somewhere between 225-230lb, very solid guy, i saw alot of him at live shows in 2002, he was every bit as big and bigger than benoit at the time (they were tagging in a few shows) and benoit was heavy on the juice at that time.

i have ringside seats for tna this coming friday night will try to get an guesstimate on his current weight.
Danimal said on 11/Jan/09
What was he at his heaviest? 230 pounds?
Alex said on 11/Jan/09
I saw that episode. He stated 5'10 215lbs but that was a bit over a year ago before he lost more weight. Kurt at his biggest in pro wrestling was in 2001-2003.
The Game said on 10/Jan/09
Angle is 5'10". Kurt made an appearance on that show Pros vs Joes and on it he said he was only 5'10".
Alex said on 31/Dec/08
I saw him last week on TNA and he def no more than 200-205lbs max. I wouldn't be suprised if he was as low as 195lbs perhaps. When I saw him on Pros vs Joes he was 215lbs he said and looks to be a minimum 10-15lbs less than that now. He's still not a small guy on average joe but small compared to what he use to be. I can't stand now when you have fans saying Angle is so skinny.
ralf said on 30/Dec/08
he looks like the average anglo-american to me - height 5'10" brown hair (when he had it) and blue eyes
Danimal said on 27/Dec/08
Vegas says on 21/Dec/08
sting is ~6'2 imo, this is a good comparison between angle and jarrett who are approx the same height and sting who has 4 inches on jarrett Click Here

Strange how WCW BILLED Sting at 6'2" at times and other times at 6'3". They BILLED him at his actual legit height, YET, they had legit 6'3" Luger at 6'5" and sometimes as low as 6'4".
Alex said on 26/Dec/08
Jarret is in the 5'10-5'10 1/2 range I believe too.
Alex said on 22/Dec/08
Also in the picture with me and Angle, its shot from a lower angle than a higher angle which can make the shorter person look a slightly closer in height to the taller person. If it was shot from a bit higher it would look a bit different. It that correct Rob?

[Editor Rob: it can change things a little.]
Vegas said on 21/Dec/08
sting is ~6'2 imo, this is a good comparison between angle and jarrett who are approx the same height and sting who has 4 inches on jarrett Click Here
Alex said on 20/Dec/08
How tall is Sting? 6'1? Angle is also a few inches shorter than Sting.
TELLEM said on 20/Dec/08
i think kurt angle is only 5'10. look at him next to scott steiner whos 5'11
Clay said on 19/Dec/08
Danimal, im around the same height as you but I feel like I should still be adding size to my frame and im 183-184 pounds.

Matt Hardy is 6'0 and about 215 pounds IMO.
Danimal said on 19/Dec/08
Alex says on 14/Dec/08
Danimal, nice. I am comfortable with my weight for the most part though if I wanted I could drop to 190-195lbs and be a bit more leaner and have better abs but I'd end up losing a bit of strength and maybe size. Right now at 200-205lbs I may think of getting up to 220lbs. But I dont wanna put on too much bad weight.

I'm down to 186.2" now. It's amazing, the way things were going, I didn't think I would even see my 190's again, but once I started losing the weight, it just got easier. Been getting a ton of compliments lately. People have been saying that my 31 year old butt looks a lot younger at a lighter weight!
Alex said on 18/Dec/08
Angle was billed at 229lbs in 1999-2000 then in summer 2000 started getting billed at 237lbs. He wasn't far from his billed weight either. He did say he was about 230lbs in 2002 which was during the period he was his biggest in pro wrestling then by 2004-2005 he started leaning out a bit and once he left WWE in 2006 he got even leaner.
M.o.r.g said on 16/Dec/08
Oh yeah i was watching on old wwe clip from 1999,and matt hardy was announced at 213 lbs! but now he's announced at 236.
Alex said on 14/Dec/08
Danimal, nice. I am comfortable with my weight for the most part though if I wanted I could drop to 190-195lbs and be a bit more leaner and have better abs but I'd end up losing a bit of strength and maybe size. Right now at 200-205lbs I may think of getting up to 220lbs. But I dont wanna put on too much bad weight.
Danimal said on 14/Dec/08
I'm down to 187.2 pounds Alex. I've officially dropped 32.5 pounds. Been jogging daily and have been watching what I eat. I think my ideal bodyweight is somewhere between 174-181 pounds. I've been as low as 156-160 pounds and that was far too light for my height/build.
Alex said on 14/Dec/08
Yesterday I weighed myself at the gym in just workout cloths and got 206lbs which is very close to 15 stone. But in the morning I weighed 202 which is more realistic.
Alex said on 14/Dec/08
Matt Hardy has size. Hes not huge or very big but he's a big guy. Easily above average far as muscle goes but you sometimes dont see it because he'll be around guys that are very big or huge. Put him on the street next to aveage guys hes going to be big. I'd say his arms gotta be like 17 inches around flexed.
M.o.r.g said on 12/Dec/08
Oh turns out i was near 13 stone myself a while ago when i thought i was under 12.Bit irrelevant but yeah.
M.o.r.g said on 12/Dec/08
Actually shannon moore is billed at 5'9 and 175-180 everywhere ive he must be 5'8 in reality.He didnt look that much smaller than matt though weight wise.So are these lot as big in real life as they look on tv? ive actually seen wrestlers close up but not wwe wrestlers.I went to this tribute to wwe in 2001.the guy who was obviously meant to be triple h was massive.And what build would u say ppl like hardy are?
Alex said on 12/Dec/08
James, he would def be slightly more taller at least. 1/2-1 inch. No more than an inch is he gaining from standing up more straight. He was to the middle of my forehead when he stood up straight, in this picture he is just above the eyebrow.
Alex said on 11/Dec/08
Moore looks more in the 180's I would have thought. Unless he has gained weight since.
Clay said on 10/Dec/08
Morg, Shannon Moore is like 5'9-5'10 and about 195, 200 TOPS. So yeah, Alex is bigger framed and heavier.
Alex said on 10/Dec/08
James, thats a tough one to say. If I had to I'd say more money being over and it so then only 5'10 1/4, not as much as 5'10 1/2 because I was 6'0 1/4 max by that time of the day and I had a minimum of 2 inches on him.
Alex said on 9/Dec/08
By the time this picture was taken above I was already up for 8 hours during the day and on line for 1-2 hours so I was likely at my lowest height or damn near it so the 6'0 1/4 is the max height I could have been at by that time and likely just 6'0 flat but I've also been measured at 6'0 1/4 in the late afternoon/evening so.
Alex said on 9/Dec/08
Today is actually Kurt Angle's birthday. He's 40. A bit off topic but I just wanted to say that.
Alex said on 9/Dec/08
Most cruiserweights really weigh 200lbs or less in WWE but are billed even heavier. Matt is probably 215-220lbs so yea he's at least a bit bigger than me.
M.o.r.g said on 9/Dec/08
well matt hardy was a cruiserweight at one u think you're bigger than him haha.And what about shannon moore? he's pretty big too you know.
Alex said on 9/Dec/08
Morg, I never claimed to be wrestler size though I am bigger than some WWE guys. mostly cruiserweights, maybe a few others. I am going to post a picture from the same time I met Angle and watch how I look. I only look leanish because I am with Angle in the picture above.
M.o.r.g said on 8/Dec/08
Ok i take it back,That alex" person does look somewhat big-ish in that photo he posted on the 25th.well arms n chest anyway.But definately not wrestler sized.
Alex said on 8/Dec/08
I wear a large for a fitted look or an XL for a comfy look (in between loose and fit). If I wear 2XL I actually can look a bit leaner though.
Clay said on 8/Dec/08
Alex - I dont mean baggy like Im wearing the Big Shows shirt, I mean a t-shirt that is a size or two too big for you but you can still see your muscle definition. That definitely mkaes you look bigger than you really are.
Alex said on 7/Dec/08
James, and like I said in the past on here before Angle may have had a slight footwear advantage. He had on dress shoes which can give up to 1.5 inches and my sneakers only give an inch.
Alex said on 6/Dec/08
James, with his poor posture I dont think he drops as low as 5'8 IMO because he doesnt' even look 4 inches less than me in the picture how it is. More like 3-3.5 inches making him look 5'8.5-5'9. I say this because my eye level is 4.5 inches from the top of my head and his head looks to be at least an inch above that.
Alex said on 5/Dec/08
If I wear a big white t shirt I think I'd look leaner. If I wear a fitted or comfy size one I'd look bigger.
Alex said on 4/Dec/08
Derek, on built guys I think baggy cloths makes you look leaner unless you're HUGE. For thin or skinny guys it can go either way because some who wear more fitted or tight clothing will look thinner then some will look thinner with looser stuff.

James, more like a little over 6 years ago.
Clay said on 4/Dec/08
Baggy clothes baloon me out and make me look north of 200 pounds. Mainly white t shirts, lol.
Derek said on 3/Dec/08
Baggy clothes on a thin person will certainly make them look a little bigger. Also, dark color clothes will make you look smaller as it hides your muscles.
Alex said on 3/Dec/08
Yea, in my case if the clothing is very baggy I can look smaller than I am. If I buy 2XL which I dont unless its sweatshirts, but if I did in t shirts or other shirts it would be more baggy. A large fits me tight while an XL fits me comfy, a bit tight as well depending on the brand.
Viper said on 3/Dec/08
baggy clothes can make you look smaller at times actually.
Alex said on 3/Dec/08
Clay, Angle was roughly 215-220lbs in the photo above I believe and I was 185 so thats a 30-35lb difference. Today I may edge out Angle by a couple pounds. Thats if he is really as low as 200lbs flat. Also I have a 2 inch height advantage and he has lower body fat still even though I am in good shape.
Alex said on 3/Dec/08
Clay, yea I think I'd stack up against him well today. Also 6-7 months prior to the picture above I was 215lbs but ended up trimming down to 185lbs by the summer of that year. I was 215lbs after bulking from 195lbs, I put on muscle but a bit more fat than I wanted to I decided to cut.
Clay said on 2/Dec/08
I look 200+ pounds in baggy t shirts though im 185. In tight-fitted shirts, namely black ones, I'll look like 170-175. Alex - I think if you took a picture with Kurt today you wouldn't be as humbled mass-wise, Kurt has leaned out a bit and you've bulked up.
Alex said on 2/Dec/08
James, look at this picture of me when I was 18 in 2002. I was 170-175lbs here and yea I know I may even look a bit less because I wasn't built. I was just an average 6'0 170-175lb person. In the photo above I was around 10-15lbs heavier but I look even more because I was built at 185lbs compared to a normal thin frame at 170-175lbs.

Click Here
Alex said on 30/Nov/08
James, I been to 4 live events. 3 of those at MSG in NYC. I wasn't close enough to really see how tall they looked in the ring. The closest seats I had were just above ground level.
Alex said on 30/Nov/08
James, that depends on the person I think. If I wore big baggy cloths I think I would actually look a little leaner. I think when skinny guys wear more fitted or tighter stuff they look smaller but when they wear bigger stuff they may look a bit bigger.
Alex said on 28/Nov/08
For me if I wear big loose clothing I will look leaner than I am or dark colors can do that as well. I look bigger in more fitted or tighter cloths. Some people are the opposite.
Alex said on 27/Nov/08
I think even if I was the size I am not and stood next to Kurt Angle how he was in the picture above I dont think I'd look very big still. Who knows, maybe close in size though, at least closer than it appears in the above picture. I am a bit more bulkier now as 3 years ago I was more leaner.
Alex said on 27/Nov/08
Danimal, yea I been hitting my calves more lately but they are a pain to get even a bit bigger. My thighs are pretty big and I need my calves to be more proportioned to my upper legs. My calves are just naturally not big.

James, I am not not a bodybuilder. I am not cut enough to be on stage but I just do it for a hobby.
Viper said on 27/Nov/08
Some of these NFL linebackers have relatively small calves yet they are still 250 plus pounds. Calves can be hard for some people who can actually gain quite a bit of muscle in every other area of their body.
Danimal said on 26/Nov/08
Alex looking great. If I have ONE piece of advice, I would recommend you hit your calves a bit more, or go a bit heavier. Aside from that, you're looking thick bro. Keep it up!
Alex said on 26/Nov/08
Clay, thanx.
Clay said on 26/Nov/08
Lookin pretty pumped there Alex man.
Alex said on 26/Nov/08
James, well yea I do. 15lbs heavier and even more built so I'm going to look different, lol. Sometimes front shots are better than shots on the side or leaned a bit.
Danimal said on 25/Nov/08
Alex says on 25/Nov/08
James, I was actually googling The Rock's height on yahoo or because I wanted to know what other listings did he get other than 6'4 and 6'5 and at the time I thought he was a legit 6'4. This was in August 2005 and then this site came up. What about you?

A bunch of wrestlers I have downgraded since finding this site.

Found this site in December 2004, doing a search on Hogan and Andre's height and the funny thing was that those were the ONLY TWO wrestlers on this site at that time. God, I don't even think either of them was a full page long. I remember Jason being around at that time. Viper was called Viper652 and there was Cyclops and I don't really remember who else. Glenn wasn't here yet. I've been posting regularly since January/February 2005.
Alex said on 25/Nov/08
James, here is a newer photo of me taken 3 months ago. I was 200lbs or slightly over here.

Click Here
Alex said on 25/Nov/08
James, I was actually googling The Rock's height on yahoo or because I wanted to know what other listings did he get other than 6'4 and 6'5 and at the time I thought he was a legit 6'4. This was in August 2005 and then this site came up. What about you?

A bunch of wrestlers I have downgraded since finding this site.
Alex said on 24/Nov/08
James, also you can be built, in good shape and even pretty big and still look smaller next to these pro wrestlers, let alone body builders.
Alex said on 24/Nov/08
James, I was 21 in the above picture. I am now 24. I have more muscle now than I had in the above picture but also I have a little more fat now than in the above picture. But I am bigger and stronger now, not that I was small above though because I am next to Kurt I am going to look leaner.
Alex said on 23/Nov/08
Morg, ok again the picture above was taken in November 2005 where Angle was bigger than he is now but not at his biggest during his pro wrestling career. I was 185lbs (around 13 stone) in the above picture. I am now 201 (between 14 and 15 stone). You seem to not be very good at guessing weight, that or you like to downgrade people.
Alex said on 22/Nov/08
Morg, the picture above was taken in November 2005 where Angle wasn't his biggest but he's bigger there then he is now. And I am 185lbs (13 stone) in the above picture and now 201 lbs (14-15 stone). Stop trying to downgrade people, lol.
M.o.r.g said on 22/Nov/08
Well considering that photo at the top is kurt angle nowadays,since he has lost a ton of weight,that alex" guy is nowhere near 14 stone.
Alex said on 21/Nov/08
Derek, thats true for the most part but I will see guys 6'2-6'3 claiming 6'4 and even 6'5 at times.
I know a guy who was measured at 6'2.5 barefoot but claims 6'4 and still claims it sometimes and even said 6'5 once but also claimed 6'2 and 6'3 heights, its weird LOL.
Alex said on 20/Nov/08
Clay, I would say that. Its more common that guys under 5'10 will lie about their height but I seen a few guys 6'0-6'2 lie about their height. But is it whether they are lieing or just believe they are taller than they think.
Derek said on 20/Nov/08
To me, once the person is 6'2", they stop exaggerating. I've seen 6'0" and 6'1" guys claim 6'2", but I've known several 6'3" guys and none of them exaggerated their height.
Clay said on 20/Nov/08
I find that anyone 6'0'' or over doesnt lie about their height. Its the 5'8 and 5'9ers who are adding inches..
Alex said on 18/Nov/08
James, your height loss is just about the same as mine. I wake at 6'0.75 and am 6'0 in the evening but sometimes I'll hit my evening height by the early afternoon. Sometimes I can hit as much as 6'1 flat out of bed and as low as 5'11.75 by night.

Yea I have, once this old guy claimed 6'0 and was really 5'8 to 5'9 at most but he thought I was 6'3-6'4 which would make his 6'0 claim be right but he was old and probably closer to that in his younger days.

Timberlake I think is in the 6'0-6'0 1/2 range. 6'1-6'2 is too much and 5'11 is too short as some claimed for him.
Clay said on 18/Nov/08
Anything under 5'9'' barefoot comes across as short to me. James, in highschool guys who were 5'8/5'9 were always claiming 6'0'' - LoL.
Alex said on 17/Nov/08
A legit 5'9 barefoot isn't short. Problem is a lot of guys who claim 5'9 end up being around 5'7 to 5'8 at most. Whats your height throughout the day?
Alex said on 17/Nov/08
James, I am around the same height as you and I feel 5'8 and under is when you're short.
Alex said on 14/Nov/08
James, how tall are you again? And what height in your opinion begins to be short?
Alex said on 12/Nov/08
If I had to look like any wrestler I'd honestly say Kurt Angle, but I am talking about Angle from from 2001-2003 when he was bigger.
Alex said on 12/Nov/08
James, thats absurd then. At my height I start to consider guys under 5'9 to be short.
Clay said on 11/Nov/08
Well, 5'10'' is on the upper scale of short to me, so if I saw someone like Angle who I grew up watching on TV thinking he was this huge wrestler, if I saw him struttin around barefoot at 5'10'' thats exactly what I would think.
Alex said on 11/Nov/08
Its like anything under 5'11 people consider short sometimes and thats crazy. Its because they compare it to tall heights.
Clay said on 10/Nov/08
I bet if you saw Angle backstage in barefeet your first impression would be 'man he's short, shorter than I thought'.
Alex said on 8/Nov/08
James, Angle is no short man but you will have guys call Angle short. Its because they're comparing him to tall guys like Nash, Big Show, etc.
Alex said on 7/Nov/08
James, thing is if I asked Big Show to stand he might have but since he's very tall and very big if he stands for me then others might keep on asking him to stand since he's well known for his size. With Angle he's a tall guy so most wont ask him to stand so I did and he easily willingly stood since I was the only one who asked him to stand.
Cobra said on 6/Nov/08
Another trick is put the shirt in the trousers, and wear a bright grey shirt.
in this wardrobe you would have been as wide as angle.
Alex said on 6/Nov/08
James, Big Show was sitting down so I wasn't going to be able to tell. I should have asked him to stand. The guard told me he probably wouldn't stand but I should have asked anyway.

TELLEM, I had the picture of me and D-Von taken but the person who took it got their finger in the way and the top half of the picture was messed up so you couldn't see anything. I was 5'11 1/2 at the time and he looked 6'1 to me.
X-Pac looked 5'11 to me.
TELLEM said on 6/Nov/08
hey alex how tall did x-pac look to u? i've met d-von aswell...he looked about 6'0-6'1 to me...
Alex said on 6/Nov/08
Some say black t shirts make your arms look bigger. Loose and baggy shirts hide your size I think, at least with me it does. Its more the fact that Angle is more built than me making me seem not as big. I could have been in a tank there and I dont think I'd look that big still.
Clay said on 5/Nov/08
Black shirts that are a tight fit on your body completely hide your size I have noticed. Look no further than the Khali/Shaq pic, and Alex here. Have you noticed that just in general Alex? White shirts hi light your size and black ones hide it, its weird.
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/08
5'9 barefoot with shoes 5'10-11
Alex said on 5/Nov/08
I met Big Show, Batista, Melina, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, X-Pac and D-Von. All of those the guys were sitting down except X-Pac and D-Von.
Alex said on 4/Nov/08
Clay, yea I guess I could see up to 3.5 inches there, at least 3 in how the picture looks. Shows how much height you can lose from bad or loose posture. The way he is he'll def gain about an inch if stood straight.
Alex said on 4/Nov/08
James, I guessed him at 220lbs then. He's not less than that. I am going to post a picture of myself during around the same time when I met Angle and I look heavier. These are pro wrestlers and will make someone who works out and is built look leaner than they are. My arms are 15-15 1/2 inches there too but you wouldn't guess that.
Alex said on 4/Nov/08
Clay, yea I can probably look like 180 near him because of his size but I have pictures from around the same time and I look bigger. I am actually 185-190lbs here. I guessed him at 220lbs.
Clay said on 3/Nov/08
In this shot:

Alex: 6'1 180
Kurt: 5'9.5 225

Would be my guess at a first glance.
Alex said on 3/Nov/08
James, I dont use stones. I use pounds. I am 185lbs in this picture. I am built but because of Angle's size its going to make mea appear even leaner. I am 200lbs now. I am way more than 11 stone! LOL thats downgrading me.
Alex said on 1/Nov/08
James, what would you guess both our weights are there? I'll tell you next post.
Alex said on 31/Oct/08
James, my eye level 4.5 inches from the top of my head and his head is at least an inch shorter. But yea the difference can give a 4 inch impression but its easily a 3 inch difference and likely 3.5 how it shows in the picture. If you look at the picture bigger then it doesn't appear as much. Smaller pics can do that.
Alex said on 30/Oct/08
ALso James, I never try to slouch. I can be with someone 5'5 then with someone 6'5 I'd still be standing with good posture when it come to pictures. Maybe when talking to someone much shorter I may not stand as straight.
Alex said on 30/Oct/08
James, I am American. Irish and Italian ethnic backround. It was taken in NYC in November 2005.
I dont think he's trying to slouch a bit on purpose. Its probably because his feet are further from mine and leaned in a bit to make sure he was closer in the picture I guess.
Clay said on 29/Oct/08
Yeah, I feel sorry for the Show and Khali at their autograph signings..everyone asking for a hug/wanted them to stand.
Alex said on 29/Oct/08
James, I didn't get to talk to him much at all with the line behind me waiting and they tried to get the line going as fast as possible. But I did get to say a thing or so to him. When I did ask him if he could stand he said sure and seemed nice about it. After the picture I then said Kurt you're the man and he said thanx and then I shook his hand and left. He did seem nice though.

I didn't see anyone else having a picture with him standing. Also he's not known for his height so its not like Big Show or Khali where you'll have everyone asking for them to stand.
Alex said on 28/Oct/08
On line while waiting I was talking to a 2 guys behind me who were going to meet him too and after the photo they said yea you were def. taller than him but not sure how much they meant by. I thought he was going to be 5'11 before meeting him but I had some 5'11-5'11.5 friends and Angle def wasn't as tall as they were up to me, not that says anything for sure. I also felt my eye level wasn't much further than the top of his head too.

The 6'2 olympic listing I dont understand to be honest. LOL
I have no idea why they would list him as that.
Alex said on 26/Oct/08
James, its already 3 inches in the picture. I can't see him gaining that much height if he stood up straight to be that close to my height. When he first stood up I felt I had 2 inches on him and I was literally a few inches away from him. Reason I felt 2 inches difference is because my eye level was above his eye brow level.
anonymous said on 26/Oct/08
he looks shorter than 5'10 jeff jarrett
Cobra said on 26/Oct/08
Angle could be 5ft11 morning height, though.
Alex said on 26/Oct/08
Nick is 100% right. Its 3 inches in this picture but if Angle stands up he'll gain another 1/2-1 inch. Also I am not standing my very straighest either but pretty straight still.

James, are you saying Angle would be 5'11.5?
nick said on 26/Oct/08
he is 5-10 100 percent fact, no taller, at all. Alex is a little over 6 foot tall and in this picture he is 3 inches taller, however angle is leaning in so ill give him an inch if he stood straight. He is 5'10.25 maximum, and 5'9.75 minumum and thats that.
Alex said on 23/Oct/08
I guess I am 6'4 to some people then :) LOL
Anonymous said on 22/Oct/08
Wow he was listed at 6'2" wow, then the guy Alex on the pic must be like 6'4".
Alex said on 20/Oct/08
Eddie may be as low as 5'7 though. He had no more than 3 inches on Eddie. Angle is not 5'11 barefoot either.
Big King said on 19/Oct/08
Oh come on, 5'10" is ridiculous for Kurt Angle. He looked at least 3 inches taller than Eddie Guerrero during a match.
mikey said on 12/Oct/08
he's exactly 1.80 m's tall look at his old olmpic tape roughly 5'11"
M.o.r.g said on 12/Oct/08
Anonymous says on 12/Sep/08
Kurt Angle is definetely smaller than both Lesnar and Cena. Both Cena and Lesnar have to bend down in order to go nose to nose with Kurt Angle in two matches

What are you talking about,cena had to look up to lesnar nevermind angle.
Alex said on 22/Sep/08
Angle had Jericho by an inch from what I remember. Jericho and Benoit are the same height pretty much, Jericho may edge out Benoit by 1/2 inch if you look at most of their faceoffs.
Clay said on 12/Sep/08
I think Jericho could be as high as a weak 5'10 but he is likely 5'9/5'9.5. Its amazing how a little help in your boots can hide how short these guys actually are.
Anonymous said on 12/Sep/08
Kurt Angle is definetely smaller than both Lesnar and Cena. Both Cena and Lesnar have to bend down in order to go nose to nose with Kurt Angle in two matches
Alex said on 11/Sep/08
I thought back then Angle was a legit 5'11-6'0. He could give that impression on TV while Benoit and Jericho didn't. Benoit and Jericho could be as short as 5'8-5'8 1/2 though. Really 5'9 max.
Cobra said on 10/Sep/08
5ft10 is spot on. But IMO Angle gives a tall impression, a much taller impression than Benoit or Jericho. I was surprised that Benoit and Angle were just an inch apart.
Clay said on 10/Sep/08
If they're not then Jericho is a half inch taller max. I would say they were basically the same height.
Alex said on 9/Sep/08
Angle I wouldn't consider short. Average height he is but he can look short in WWE with all those tall guys. Benoit and Jericho are under average to begin with so they'll appear even more shorter in WWE.
Do you think Benoit and Jericho are the same height?
Clay said on 9/Sep/08
I dont (lol) but knowing im in the same height region as people like Jericho, Angle, Benoit etc. who didn't look like smurfs is comforting. :D
Alex said on 9/Sep/08
Angle looked to be pushing 6'0 in wrestling boots. I dont think he wore lifts. Just the standard 1.5 inch boots so he was probably around 5'11.5 in them.
Why do you feel tall now at 5'9.5?
Clay said on 9/Sep/08
In any case I though suddenly feel tall myself at 5'9.25/5'9.5 seeing as im basically the same height as Kurt. Angle looked like a big guy in the ring and held his own height wise a lot of the time. Obviously in huge boots.
Alex said on 6/Sep/08
Clay, actually with him leaning its more like 3-3.5 inches. His head comes around 1-1.5 inches above my eye level which is 4.5 inches from top of my head. I said more 2 inches, maybe 2.5 inches at the absolute most when he stood straight.
Clay said on 6/Sep/08
Bruno is either 5'11 or he is in some lifted footwear there. Man, Angle is just looking shorter and shorter. Really I dont know how you can consider 2 inches between you and him Alex its at least 2.5 inches there even with the lean.
David Mills said on 5/Sep/08
Kurt Angle 6'2? pffft, bull! no way! he is no taller than 5'11" back in the olympics, I happen to actually stand 6'2". If me and Kurt were to stand together I'd actually have a few inches on him. Actually 6'1.75" (187cm) for me is dead accurate but close enough.
Alex said on 5/Sep/08
No, Angle is not as low as 5'8.5. That picture is tough to call though. And maybe Bruno was taller at his peak or in his some sort of footwear. The absolute lowest Angle could be is 5'9.5-5'9.75 based on when I saw him up close.

Clay, yea I got a few pictures with her. Def some nice ones too. Shes not tall herself either. She had 4 inch heels on and I still had her by 7-8 inches.
TELLEM said on 4/Sep/08
look at kurts posture compared to bruno's...and plus who knows about bruno's footwear
Clay said on 4/Sep/08
Oh I know who Jenna Haze is! LOL.
Johnny said on 4/Sep/08
This pic Click Here is really strange. Bruno Sammartino at his very peak was 5
Alex said on 3/Sep/08
Clay, I have a couple more but none are good pictures for heights since nobody is really standing. This is the only one with a wrestler where we are both standing next to each other. I do have one with Jenna Haze. Great picture though! Not sure if you know who that is though.
Clay said on 2/Sep/08
Its a cool pic Alex do you have any others with wrestlers?
Alex said on 30/Aug/08
I had Rob put this picture up 2 1/2 years ago at least and I dont think I ever asked Rob his opinion on it much. Rob do you think it would be a 2 inch difference considering Angle is leaning slightly? And do you think Angle is 5'10?
Alex said on 28/Aug/08
Clay, there you go. So at most Angle had 1/4 inch footwear advantage. I still would argue under 5'10 though 5'9.75 I couldn't tell the difference from even at point blank.
Alex said on 27/Aug/08
All I know is my sneakers gave just an inch of height. I am not totally sure how much dress shoes give so I can't say for sure he had an advantage. Rob what do dress shoes give? Anywhere from 1-1.5 inches?

[Editor Rob: usually 1-1.25 is common, 1.5 dress shoe is like a cuban heel, the type Pitt wears sometimes.]
Clay said on 26/Aug/08
Man if he had a footwear advantage he is 5'9.5/5'9.75 and wears lifts in his boots when he wrestles.
Alex said on 24/Aug/08
Clay, also Angle I think had a slight advantage in footwear since dress shoes give what 1.25 inches compared to my 1 inch sneakers.
Alex said on 22/Aug/08
Clay, I had on nike sneakers that really gave me no more than an inch to my barefoot height so I would be 6'1 or 6'1 1/4 max in shoes there. This picture was taken at 3:30-4PM. I was no more than 6'0 1/4 tops in this picture since I was up since 7-8AM that morning. There still isn't 4 inches between us even looking at the picture the way it is. Its like 3 since my eye level is 4.5 inches from the top of my head.
Clay said on 20/Aug/08
Alex were your shoes legit in this shot? Even with that Angle lean I think if he straighened out you would have him by still at least 2.5 inches. Possibly you were at 6'0.5 here? You look 6'2'', lol.
Alex said on 12/Aug/08
Alex 2, thanx. We have other photos on here that are much harder to judge height by.
Clay said on 12/Aug/08
I agree he is definitely 5'10''. Im saying if Edge looked as low as 6'2'' next to him Angle definitely had a footwear advantage.
Alex2 said on 12/Aug/08
Alex says on 11/Aug/08
Alex2, yea most would agree on that. I just have to keep saying a lot how he looked in person because a lot of people are not taking into consideration that he's slightly leaning in the above picture and think its 3-4 inches difference while its really more 2.

Lol, I think its a good photo :)
Alex said on 11/Aug/08
Alex2, yea most would agree on that. I just have to keep saying a lot how he looked in person because a lot of people are not taking into consideration that he's slightly leaning in the above picture and think its 3-4 inches difference while its really more 2.
Alex2 said on 10/Aug/08
God Kurts a legit 5'10" get over it people lol.
Alex said on 10/Aug/08
Lifts with Edge or with me?

I dont have 100% proof he wasn't in them with me either but I am pretty sure he wasn't. He was in standard dress shoes that give 1.25 inches Rob says and I was in nike sneakers that gave me no more than an inch so he probably had a slight advantage in footwear on me. Thats why I dont get when people say h e looks 5'8-5'9 in the photo. Well 5'9 yea since he's leaning but straight up when he first stood up I saw a legit 5'10.
Clay said on 9/Aug/08
Kurt could have been in lifts though Alex.
Alex said on 8/Aug/08
Clay, when Edge faced off with Angle he didn't look 6'4. He looked in between 6'2 and 6'3.
Clay said on 6/Aug/08
Really based on some recent photos, I would give Edge close to 6'4''.
Alex said on 4/Aug/08
Christian aint 6'2. He was billed at 6'1 for his last few years in WWE so thats his absolute max height but he was at least 3 inches shorter than Edge who is no more than 6'3. 5'11 1/2-6'0 I'd say for Christian.
Alex2 said on 3/Aug/08
Christian aint 6'2" but he could be 6'0-6'1" legit.
BerryRed said on 2/Aug/08
I remember reading that Chrisitan was deliberately underbilled in the WWE to fit their Cruiserweight division. In actuality, he's 6'2".
Alex said on 31/Jul/08
Christian was listed at 5'10 for some years. He was def at least an inch taller than his billed height and its very rare, pretty much never that a wrestler is underbilled.
Rikashiku said on 31/Jul/08
Ramesh. i seen that and the one at the royal rumble and Cena was always taller.

yea it was the shoes mainly.

ok maybe both are 6'0
TELLEM said on 30/Jul/08
christian is 6'0...edge is 6'3
sidewalk said on 27/Jul/08
Idk why anyone would doubt lance Storm. He said Christian was 6'1 or 6'2. Storm has nothing to gain from saying that and he's one of the few people from wrestling he's friends with and keeps in contact. . Storm seems to be a honest guy. Look up the blog yourself on his site if it's archived.
Alex said on 27/Jul/08
Edge I give a legit 6'3 or minimum 6'2.5 and he always had Christian by at least 3 inches. That puts Christian in the 5'11-6'0 range. He can just give a taller impression because of his lean build I think.
Alex said on 26/Jul/08
I woudn't be suprised if Angle was down to 190-195lbs sooner or later. In the above picture I think he weighed 220lbs so he'd have me by 35lbs believe it or not because I was 185lbs in the above picture, more leaner and a bit less mass than I have now at 196lbs.
Rikashiku said on 26/Jul/08
If christian is 6'0-6'1 then Cena must be 6'1-6'2.

their myspaces are related to the billed heights on wwe
sidewalk said on 25/Jul/08
I read the same blog as Dustin on Lance Storm's site. Storm also said(paraphrasing)that the wwe will bill someone as they want the to be perceived. It's unusual to be billed shorter but the wwe wanted Christian smaller for some reason or never cared to get it right. Billy Kidman is another wrestler billed smaller than he really was. He was not a cruiserweight. Storm said 6'1 or 6'2 for Christian I can't remember.
Alex said on 25/Jul/08
Clay, for all I know I could be as low as 5'11.75 in this picture too since it was 3:30-4:00PM and I was up since 7AMish that day.
Clay said on 25/Jul/08
Thats true he is leaning. 5'10'' I can believe as well. Christian always looked 6'0/6'1 to me I was baffled why they billed him at 5'10. And yeah - Undertaker is another one of those guys who has lost a lot of weight in the past 10 years. He was huge when he came back in that American badass persona, well north of 300 pounds.
Josh said on 24/Jul/08
This is definitely ACCURATE some said he's 6'2" which is not!
TELLEM said on 24/Jul/08
if christian is 6'2 then so is steve austin
Danimal said on 23/Jul/08
Alex2 says on 22/May/08
I think the period when Undertaker was around 300lbs was when he was in the "Big Evil" persona, his arms and chest just looked so much bigger than today, I could personally go as low as 260-265lbs today, but I think the max he couldf be today is 280ish.

Undertaker at his biggest was 335 pounds. This was in the late 90's. He was very heavy back then and very strong. Last time I saw him he looked to be down to 280 pounds. He could be even less now.
Alex said on 22/Jul/08
Christian wasn't no 6'2 though. 5'11-6'0 he looked to me.
Dustin said on 22/Jul/08
Alex, Lance Storm stated in one of his blogs that the WWE listed Christian at 5'10" when he was a legit 6'2". The WWE doesn't measure their wrestlers, according to Storm, but rather just ask them their heights or go off the announcers' estimates.
Alex said on 20/Jul/08
Clay, looking at the picture the way it is Angle looks 5'9 but because he's not fully straight he loses around an inch of height. Up straight he was def 5'10.
Clay said on 20/Jul/08
To be honest if Alex is 6'0'' I see Kurt under 5'10'' here.
TELLEM said on 5/Jul/08
hes shorter than kurt angle guess is hes 5'8.5-5'9
Alex2 said on 4/Jul/08
I don't think AJ Styles is below 5'9", he never looks 5'8 i don't think, Id be suprised if he was.
Alex said on 29/Jun/08
Davey, I read a 5'10 and 5'11 listing for him in the olympics too. Rob posted one above. From meeting him the highest you could for him is 5'10.5. I still felt no less than 2 inches taller than him and thats when he stood up straight.
Davey said on 28/Jun/08
Why would the olympic team list this guy at 6'2?
TELLEM said on 5/Jun/08
jericho's 5'10
Alex said on 2/Jun/08
I could go as low as 190lbs for Jericho today but I think he was around 210-215lbs at his biggest.
Alex2 said on 1/Jun/08
210lbs is rediculous for Jericho, hes around 5'9" and id say 190lbs tops.
Chris said on 1/Jun/08
The reason he's cutting weight is he's thinking about his submission match in the fall with Randy Couture. A legit submission match not no pro wrestling stuff.
Alex said on 29/May/08
Clay, also when Angle leaned out he got more cut. Jericho lost weight but appears more softer but still in good shape.
Clay said on 28/May/08
I think Jericho's bulk loss was more dramatic than Angle's. When he was flyin high as the first ever undisputed champ some 6 years ago, he looked about 230 and they billed him at 240 I think. Today he lookes no more than 210 soaking wet and when he first re-debuted he looked 195/200, I actually think he has bulked up some in the past 3 or 4 months.
Alex said on 25/May/08
Clay, Jericho was at his biggest his first couple years in WWF.
Angle I notice started to get leaner was in 2004 at somepoint but it wasn't until 2006-2007 where he even got more leaner.
Alex2 said on 24/May/08
Alex, yea I havent been watching much lately, if you tune in to TNA he wil be on their, but I think hes injured at the moment lol.
Clay said on 23/May/08
Angle and Jericho have both lost a lot of muscle mass in the past 3 or 4 years.
Alex said on 23/May/08
Alex2, I dont think I could go as low as 260lbs. Well I haven't seen UT latey since I haven't been watching. But 270-275lbs seems reasonable for him now.

I wonder if Angle will try to get even leaner. I have yet to see him at 200lbs. last I saw him he was 215lbs on pros vs joes.
Alex2 said on 22/May/08
I think the period when Undertaker was around 300lbs was when he was in the "Big Evil" persona, his arms and chest just looked so much bigger than today, I could personally go as low as 260-265lbs today, but I think the max he couldf be today is 280ish.
marotte said on 21/May/08
I did not see him either but one thing is sure is that he was over 300 pounds at one point (in wrestling shape) because gain like 60 pounds and loosing it in a matter of month is impossible hope that makes sens.
Alex said on 19/May/08
That I can believe since he probably wasn't working out at all and gained some fat but I never seen him during his injury though.
marotte said on 18/May/08
undertaker said in"this is my yard" video or something like that that he was around 350 pounds during an injurie in 2000 or 2001.
Alex said on 18/May/08
UT at his peak I think was 320-325lbs and some of his career he was around 300-305lbs, from 2004-2006 he looked 280-285lbs but today looks even less. I'd say today he's probably 270-275lbs.
Alex2 said on 18/May/08
Alex, what would you say Taker's weight is today? Id say at peak he was pushing 290-300lbs but today around 270lbs looks right, but i don't know,Im sure your better at guessing weight than I am lol.
Steve said on 17/May/08
When he was with WWE, their magazine had him listed as 6'2"! The WWE exagerates big time about their wrestler's heights. This picture undoubtedly shows 5'10" to be his real height. Triple H seems to be one the biggest exagerations, with the WWE listing him as 6'4". I would give him 6'2"-6'2.5" at the most. I guess you can't believe everything the WWE says, not that everyone does anyway.
Alex said on 16/May/08
I personally dont think Angle was on steriods, not saying that just because I am a big fan of his.

5'10 and 200-220lbs is going to be a big guy especially if you're muscle. I am 6'0 200lbs and I look pretty big. Angle was pushing 230lbs at some point in WWF he said in his book. In the above photo was in late 2005
Jason said on 16/May/08
I would say he's just gone off the juice. Good for him.
JT said on 15/May/08
Click Here
Alex2 said on 15/May/08
5'10 and 200-220lbs is a healthy weight, but if he is using steroids then I see a reason for it, otherwise its fine.
JT said on 14/May/08
Vegas says on 14/May/08
all the major gossip sites were reporting angles weight loss a couple of days ago Click Here...

IIRC, there is a history of heart disease in his family - maybe that explains the desire to keep his weight down. He may not want to be added to the list of dead wrestlers under 40.
Alex said on 14/May/08
Alex2, I consider myself fit at 195-200lbs. I am not the best in cardio exercises but I am not unfit with them, more good than bad.
Alex2 said on 14/May/08
Yea, well maybe hes losing the weight so he can maybe improve his fitness, Alex im curious, would you consider yourself fit as alot of 200lb+ guys I know are huge in musculerity but are kinda unfit in cardio exercises, im also down to about 165-170 lbs now at 5'9" and I feel great, ha I loved him on Pros vs Joes, he ended up destroying everyone and also claimed "im 5ft 10 215lbs" at the time.
Vegas said on 14/May/08
all the major gossip sites were reporting angles weight loss a couple of days ago Click Here

the bigger worry for angle is his current neck injury which he sustained in a nothing match over in korea, he really needs to slow down, nobody wants to see angle hurt himself real bad
Alex said on 13/May/08
Alex2, yea I just googled "Kurt Angle 200lbs" and a thread came up. Probably where you heard it from. I can believe it since over the past few years he's gradually lost weight. Honestly now I think I may be a bit bigger than him. Its his arms that really trimmed down though, other parts dont lookt much smaller. But still 5'10 200lbs and under 10% body fat is still big and in shape. I gotta see how he looks now because on pros vs joes he was 215lbs and still big.

Click Here
Alex2 said on 11/May/08
Alex I have read that Kurt Angle has recently dropped his weight to around 200lbs flat right now.
Alex said on 21/Apr/08
Ola, actually in the above picture with Kurt I weigh between 185 and 190lbs and if Kurt is 220lbs like I estimated him at there it would make it at least a 30lb difference between us but it kinda doesn't look that much. Also we're both built guys, he's obviously more built though, lol. I know I appear leanish there but in reality I was big there. When you go next to these wrestlers even if you're big you're still not going to appear as big as you do next to them. I can actually post a picture of myself alone around that time to show how Kurt made a difference in how I look.
Alex said on 14/Apr/08
Ola, Angle was actually 211lbs in 1996 olympics but thats in the 220lb weight class. At his biggest while wrestling he peaked at almost 230lbs back in 2001-2003. From 2004-2006 he looked more 220lbs. Today he looks more 210lbs.
Alex said on 14/Apr/08
She looks 2-3 inches taller than Kurt in heels so I am guessing she is at least 5'9 barefoot.
Alex said on 2/Apr/08
Christian was listed at 5'10 for some years in WWE and I swear he was underlisted which is the only time I seen a wrestler underlisted. He was def minimum 5'11 and more likly 6'0. He was a few inches shorter than Edge who looks 6'3ish.
Mr anonymous said on 30/Mar/08
I agree biochemist.
Biochemist said on 1/Mar/08
Some people are such idiots.
He didn't lose one inch off his height just because he broke his neck.
I don't see where you people get this from.
Hulk Hogan has not lost 3 inches of height due to back operations either
Alex said on 26/Jan/08
JT, cool. It looks close to being accurate. My head is 9.5 inches.
Right, Angle is a tad closer to the camera than I am which would make him hit more 5'11 in shoes while I would hit 6'1-6'1.25 in shoes. I know for sure my sneakers gave me an inch, he had on dress shoes which I assume give at least a full inch, if not a bit more so he might have had a slight advantage in footwear but likely its dead even between us. Taking the 3 things into account, his slight lean, him being closer to the camera and the tilt in my favor still makes it 2 inches or so height difference.
JT said on 25/Jan/08
Alex says on 25/Jan/08
JT, could you take the picture of me and Angle and have the ruler on the side like you did with many other pics? I am just curious on how that would look even if its the most accurate.

Alex, since you don
karl said on 24/Jan/08
there is no way that at 10% ur abs start to show. im 5'9 200lbs and around 17% and my abs show. i do however do 45 inverted sit ups 3 times a week.
Alex2 said on 24/Jan/08
I must admit from 2 months + hard training in the gym 5 times per week i still dont have great abs. But i do have really big arms. P.S. Do you go to Gold's gym? I dont have one near me so i just use a standard gym with about 20 members.
Alex said on 22/Jan/08
They say 10% and under is when your abs start showing most. Right now mine show but not enough to be 10% or under. I feel about 12% or maybe 11%. Still low body fat.
Alex2 said on 21/Jan/08
I will try and find a device that does that Alex, but i do know i once got 12% when i was kinda skinny.
Alex said on 21/Jan/08
Alex 2, I weighed this morning at 200lbs. My weight flucuates from 198-200lbs. I was 190lbs for the summer into fall and gained 10lbs since but my weight is normally less in the summer.
Whats your body fat %? Mine is 14-15% according to some hand held machine at my gym but they only take your height and weight and get an estimate. I am too cut to be 14-15%, not saying its a bad %. I believe I am more 11-12%.
Alex2 said on 20/Jan/08
Cool, thanks for that info Alex :) P.S. Whats your current weight? I weighed myself at 176lbs this morning.
Alex said on 19/Jan/08
I could agree on that mostly but I'd say more toward 210lbs right now. When I met him he looked 220lbs in late 2005 but at his biggest I'd say he was at least 225lbs, he said in his book he was about 230lbs and his book was made him 2002.
Alex2 said on 19/Jan/08
Id say Angles a solid 200lbs today.
Alex said on 19/Jan/08
Also I think Angle is natural. Of course he could have been on steriods to get bigger but I doubt it. He looked more natural to me. Hes at the size where if someone works out hard enough they can get to, not like Batista or Steiner where you'd have to take steriods.
Also he has lost a little size at least over the last few years.
Alex2 said on 18/Jan/08
Lol, yea well you lokk excellent for a natural anyway, but to be on those guys level you would need some sort of anobolics of some sort, but anyway i look forward to see the pictures.
Alex said on 17/Jan/08
Alex 2, thanx, but I wouldn't go as far and say I was bigger than my 6'5 friend in mass. I had more lean muscle even though he was more massive still. But I meant in general I looked smaller near Angle than my friend and I was same size in both pics. I had some new ones of me on the general height page where I am a bit bigger. I can post some new ones in the near future as well.
I never tried to enter any contests. I am in good shape but not like those guys are though.
Alex2 said on 17/Jan/08
I think you looked bigger than your 6'5 friend in mass, you do have a very good physique. I have recently noticed now i am protein powders, my mass and strangth is increasing alot, so that helps me and i have develope more mass since, and yes 1/4 inch can matter lol. Have you tried entering any bodybuilding contests at all?

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