How tall is Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson's Height

6ft 5 ½ (196.9 cm)

American retired basketball player, who played as a Power Forward for the Charlotte Hornets and New York Knicks. In a 2003 NY Times article it mentioned "Mutombo said Larry Johnson, the former Hornets and Knicks forward, was among the biggest exaggerators. While at the Nevada-Las Vegas, Johnson was supposedly 6-7. At the N.B.A.'s annual predraft camp in Chicago, however, he barely topped 6-3".

However, that seems an exaggeration because in a Sporting News article from 1991, it mentioned specifically that "Johnson, who was listed at 6-7 throughout his college career, was measured at only 6-5 1/2 at the NBA's pre-draft" and Johnson himself said "When you talk about my game, you're talking about a 6-5, 6-6 power forward."

How tall is Larry Johnson
Photo by Debby Wong/
Because Johnson stands only 6-5 ½ some critics thought the Hornets might have erred. But not Johnson. "I've been playing power forward all my life, and I've done all right with my height. I'm not worried about my height"
- 1991
From the way they're calling fouls this year, there's no bodying up in the post. I'm 6-6, 6-7. That's about all I can do.
-- Courier-News, 2000
You know I'm Six-Seven, Six-Five with my shoes off.

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Average Guess (58 Votes)
6ft 5.99in (198.1cm)
berta said on 26/Feb/23
dont know who this is but just by looking at the photo above and his body i would have guessed 6´6 or taller.
Canson said on 29/Mar/22
@Ice Cold: I could see a weak 1/2” as the absolute best case. Meaning a guy in the mid 196 range at his afternoon. I struggle to see him as a weak 6’6 guy though. Meaning I doubt he’s 1/2 or over at the end of the day
Canson said on 29/Mar/22
@Icecold: yea he looks a strong 6’5 imho but that’s not far off what he measured. He measured 6’5.5 and I could see him dip to 6’5.25” perhaps. That would be his afternoon height though
IceCold said on 29/Mar/22
@Canson, if he is 6'5, that's bad news for others guys claiming 6'5
Canson said on 22/Nov/21
6’5.25 tops barefoot. Maybe 6’6 out of bed. He’s def closer to 6’5 than 6’6” from the comparison to a 199 cm teammate and myself
Canson said on 18/Sep/21
Another quote from Anthony mason calling him 6’5”

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He wasn’t a full 6’5.5 in person. 6’5.25 is prob as high as he is. He’s 6’6 out of bed perhaps
Sjane6 said on 7/Jul/21
@Canson Yeah 6'5" range now for Scott maybe at best 6'5 1/2" or slightly over peak height afternoon for 3D
Sjane6 said on 7/Jul/21
@Canson sorry this is in 3 seperate comments but Oakley was also significantly ogerlisted at 6'9". 6'7" or slightly over at best afternoon.
Sjane6 said on 7/Jul/21
@Canson tons of big height inflation in Johnson's era I can see him dipping to 6'5" flat and maybe slightly less.
Canson said on 25/Jun/21
Canson said on 16/Jan/21
@Editor Rob: speaking of John Starks since I brought him up before, see the picture with Plaxico Burress (6’5). He’s further down in the link I sent. Burress measured 6’5 3/8 at the combine in the morning so it’s fair that he’s probably just a solid 6’5” guy. Plax has at least 3” on Starks. Starks’s 6’2 claims look very good!

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Editor Rob
yeah I think his claim was fair enough...

sometimes for people I do add them to get (especially from the celebrity) figure out there when they are inflated.

Yea Starks was inflated his entire career. He was listed 6’5”
Canson said on 24/Jun/21
@Viper: I wonder if Starks wasn’t a full 6’2”. He looks shorter in some but then with Allan Houston he can look 6’2”. You saw where I posted what Anthony Mason said about LJ only being 6’5”. Keep in mind that Mason wasn’t more than about 6’5.5 or 6’6” himself barefoot. Maybe he was a solid 6’6 but not higher. LJ looked around “maybe” an inch taller than me and other posters here guessed him 6’5”. I had a teammate who was about an inch taller. I wouldn’t go as high as 6’5.5”. I’d say he looked closer to 6’5 in person than 6’6”. Keep in mind the half could be 1/4-3/8” range earlier in the day. Even if it’s a lunchtime it would
Make him 1/8-1/4” range afternoon. Other guys like Nick Anderson and Latrell Sprewell received 6’4.5 measurements and claim they are actually 6’4” flat. Him saying 6’6/6’7” is no different than them calling Scottie Barnes 6’8/6’9 when they interviewed him today and he measured a solid 6’7” barefoot at the combine this week.
viper said on 23/Jun/21
Starks is only looking 6-1ish in some of those
Canson said on 20/Jun/21
@Editor Rob: you should add this comment below from Anthony Mason about him only being” like 6’5”

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Canson said on 18/May/21
He’s referred to as 6’5” here

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Canson said on 16/Jan/21
@Editor Rob: speaking of John Starks since I brought him up before, see the picture with Plaxico Burress (6’5). He’s further down in the link I sent. Burress measured 6’5 3/8 at the combine in the morning so it’s fair that he’s probably just a solid 6’5” guy. Plax has at least 3” on Starks. Starks’s 6’2 claims look very good!

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Editor Rob
yeah I think his claim was fair enough...

sometimes for people I do add them to get (especially from the celebrity) figure out there when they are inflated.
Canson said on 16/Jan/21
@Editor Rob: that would put Augmon at his pre draft 6’6.5 and Johnson 6’5.25”ish. He could be a guy that measured 6’5.5 after 2-3 hours or since there’s no increment between .25-.5 maybe he was given a round up. I would go with .25-.5 range seeing him up close
recapa said on 20/Nov/20
6ft5 1/4 (196.2cm)
Canson said on 5/Nov/20
@Editor Rob: this looks more like it

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Editor Rob
Tricky as it looks about 3cm range, but maybe Johnson slightly further away...the previous photo had rubble ground, which might also be tricky.
Canson said on 5/Nov/20
@Editor Rob: what do you make of this pic with the supposed 6’6.5 Stacey Augmon? I’ve seen Augmon listed barefoot at 6’6 once so maybe he was rounded up or had morning measurement. Maybe it’s the camera. Augmon was always listed 6’8” in the NBA

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Canson said on 18/Oct/20
@Christian: I think it’s more position driven. He was drafted in 1991 when a normal power forward was 6’8, 6’9, 6’10”. To be 6’5.5” without shoes is a bit small lol
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 16/Oct/20
I think it's because the 6'5.5" was compared to the 6'7" listing. 6'5.5" is too tall to be considered as an "only" height, even in basketball.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Oct/20
How short is the girl standing next to him? 🤭 Is that platforms I detect on her shoes? She can't be more than 5ft.
Editor Rob
She is around 5ft 1, danica patrick
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 13/Oct/20
Precisely Julian! It sounds stupid, doesn't it? 😆

He can have a mere 6ft5.75!
6'3 Julian said on 12/Oct/20
“Only 6’5.5” had me laughing
Editor Rob said on 12/Oct/20
Also here's a video tip I recorded for anybody looking at youtube videos and wondering how to find a quote mentioned inside the video:

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You can use the above technique looking for any sort of phrases, not just height quotes within a youtube video...
Canson said on 11/Oct/20
@Height: I agree on Scott. Maybe it was his body proportions vs Penny’s why Penny looked much taller in his career. Penny may have been but it wasn’t by much maybe 1/2”.
Canson said on 11/Oct/20
@Height: I agree on Scott. Maybe it was his body proportions vs Penny’s why Penny looked much taller in his career. Penny may have been but it wasn’t by much maybe 1/2”.
Height said on 16/Aug/20

I have Dennis Scott at around 6'5.5"
Canson said on 3/Apr/20
Sylvio said on 2/Apr/20
Just ran into him in person, really nice guy. I'm a lot shorter so it's hard for me to tell but he looked 6'5 to me, so this could be spot-on.

That’s a pretty good estimate.
Sylvio said on 2/Apr/20
Just ran into him in person, really nice guy. I'm a lot shorter so it's hard for me to tell but he looked 6'5 to me, so this could be spot-on.
Canson said on 9/Jan/20
@Shane: as far as LJ my guess for his peak was 6’6 out of bed 6’5.25 afternoon height max
Canson said on 8/Jan/20
@Shane: I may have mentioned 3D. He was nowhere near 6’8” and I used to wonder how (based on afternoon heights) 6’7” (if that) Scottie Pippen was clearly taller than him when they played against each other. I don’t think Pippen was quite the full 6’7” but maybe a weak 6’7” guy. 6’6.5-6’7” perhaps. He never looked as tall as Magic and it really wasn’t all that close imho. Magic may have been what Rob listed him but not surprised if he’s more 6’7.25 afternoon height. As far as Dennis Scott he could even look shorter than Penny at times and looked shorter than Dominique Wilkins when they were on NBA TV together. I would not be surprised if Scott were really only 6’5” range by looking at him. Ingram I believe would be 6’8 out of bed and 6’7” or 6’7.25 afternoon height. I remember once that he got a 6’8” measurement at one camp but it’s possible that it was really a shoe measurement. I believed until this year that Ingram was at least the same height as Kuzma if not a bit taller and looks like could be a strong 6’7”. I can see Kuzma as 6’7.5 Afternoon height with a 6’8” early morning And Lebron being about the same height as Ingram now. We can probably agree that Lebron would be 6’8” morning height and 6’7” afternoon. I don’t rule out the listing Rob has but if talking afternoon heights I’d say 6’7 flat. But I’d be surprised if Ingram came out less than 6’7 flat in the afternoon but now that I see he only is listed 6’7 it makes me wonder. Maybe he was a guy who was measured 6’7.5 early morning and asked for a round down due to his weight and deceived us because of his long legs. Or maybe he really is like 6’7.25 afternoon. Whichever the case, he towers over Lonzo Ball
Shane said on 19/Nov/19
@Canson someone mentioned Dennis Scott and I'm sure you remember him. He was listed 6'8" and always felt he was way overlisted. Tonight on NBA TV he was interviewing 6"7" Brandon Ingram and even though Scott was closer to the camera, Ingram easily had him beat and it looked around 2 inches -- and again -- Scott had angle advantage with the camera. It was shocking. They were not even close. Now, it is possible Scott is wearing a very short dress shoe but still, they again were not even close to the same height .
Canson said on 24/Jul/19
Looked a hair over 6’5 peak. Today looks solid 6’5” with John Starks. Never 6’5 1/2 at a low but maybe more like 6’5.25 at a low peak height

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Canson said on 29/Apr/19
@Junior: that’s the truth and very well said. Larry Johnson looks what I saw him at 196 range whereas Barkley is 194 range peak. I would put LJ around Christian’s height 6’5 3/8 or maybe at minimum 6’5.25. Barkley 6’4.5 peak or 6’4 5/8
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 21/Mar/19
In Space Jam we can obviously tell that Larry is 2cm taller than Charles Barkley.
Canson said on 11/Mar/19
@Viper: that’s possible but it’s also possible that he’s measured earlier in the day at or near that mark. He’s for sure not less than 6’5” in person and could be something like 6’5.25 at a low is what I guessed him at
viper said on 10/Mar/19
I think he was measured at 6-5.25 and rounded up.
Canson said on 19/Sep/18
He’s somewhere 196 range at a low at his peak. Best case Christian’s height worst case he’s 6’5 1/8 prob
Canson said on 16/Sep/18
@Junior: he’s somewhere between 6’5-6’5.5. He is an inch taller than me
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 13/Sep/18
He might be 6'5 1/4.
Canson said on 13/May/18
@Saint_Germaine: i played basketball collegiately and in AAU back in the day. That’s why I’ve met so many players through playing and my friendships with coaches etc. But I don’t have a picture with LJ as this was back in the early 2000s when I met him. This was around the time he had retired from the Knicks or actually shortly after. My college team happened to be playing in a tournament in the New York area (believe it was actually in New Jersey) and he was at the tourney himself a couple days and we met him. I actually shook his hand and stood next to him at one point. He was “about” an inch taller. You’ll see now that The reason I mentioned below that I have “other 6’6 or a hair over friends” is because I had a teammate who was maybe a hair over 6’6” barefoot then and he was clearly taller than LJ when he stood next to him. I also have a 6’7” friend who was a teammate then and a buddy of mine still who is noticeably taller. But even the 6’6” friend looked about an inch taller imho, and then one of the coaches commented that LJ wasn’t as tall as he was listed, and LJ looked at most an inch taller than me when I stood next to him. Of course my teammate was listed 6’8 as I was listed 6’6 then when I’m 6’4 1/4 at my low and 6’5-6’5 1/8 out of bed. But my point back to Daniel is a very valid one. A guy who measures 6’5.5 at some point during the day could easily dip down not only to 6’5.25 but maybe even 6’5 if the measurement was an earlier one in the day which is the case with a lot of NBA players. Not to mention LJ was drafted in 1991 when they didn’t list by 1/4” increments let alone 1/8” increments. Today they do 1/4” but not 1/8”. Daniel came at me as a know it all which is why I posted the way I did when all I said was 198 out of bed 196-196.5 at a low which is very valid and reasonable for a guy that not only measured 6’5.5 at some point during the day but for someone who was measured most likely under 6’5.5 since there is no marker between 6’5 and 6’5.5. I also say it because people take the draft listing as gospel and don’t take that into account. Most players aren’t as tall as listed even barefoot. And there is another poster who posted on this particular page (I won’t mention the poster’s name), that said that he didn’t believe height varies throughout the day. He said less than a cm which is bologna. Even Rob has said that it does.

But not having pictures is also the case with Many of the others as I met them early 2000s to late 2000s and mostly playing ball in a tournament or a game in college. Being that I spent most of my earlier years playing against a lot of them, it’s nothing special when I see them to where I need a picture. If I had the opportunity to meet Michael Jordan or Kobe or Barkley where I could actually stand next to them and meet them as opposed to them walking in a distance then I would. I’ve seen Jordan play ball before but never actually been on the ground with him. I’ve seen Barkley play as well and from a distance walking once and I didn’t get the impression even from the distance that he was really any taller than me. But We did not have smart phones like this back When I played. If we got a Polaroid then yea but not with a digital camera or phone as often. But It’s not like I’m a celebrity myself or that I happen to meet people. Most of my interactions are through basketball and me playing. The only one who was recent was Carmelo Anthony in 2016 and that was inside of a restaurant so I didn’t take one with him. I think the next time I do get the opportunity I will get one though (of course with my face blacked out), and post.
Saint_Germaine said on 11/May/18
canson why don't you show the picture you took with him when you met him. I have read that you claim to have met many former players, so you must have taken pictures with a few of them.
Canson said on 8/May/18
@Daniel54: I’ve met LJ in person and yes he would measure 6’5.5 at some point in the day but do not believe that it would be a low for him. He looked closer to 6’5” in person than 6’6”. They don’t measure people near their low. It’s usually earlier in the day and back in 1991, they didn’t list 1/4” increments only 1/2” or full so even if he had only measured 6’5.25 that would be 6’5.5 on paper. You would be hard pressed to see a 1/4” difference. I only could because I have legit 6’6” or a hair over friends and they are noticeably taller than he was when I met him compared to me
Daniel54 said on 7/May/18
No Canson, this listing is correct. He is 6-5 and a half (197).
Canson said on 16/Apr/18
198 out of bed
196-196.5 at a low
Height said on 23/Feb/18
Same height as Dr. J and Dennis Scott: 197cm
Canson said on 12/Feb/18
@Junior: I don’t think he was at his peak but today not sure. Doc is a bit older than LJ. When I met LJ he had me by a touch. Didn’t look a full inch at first but that’s the absolute max. I also saw a pic where he was next to my 6’5.25 friend (night height for him) and they were identical to a T
Junior Hernandez said on 11/Feb/18
Larry Johnson may not be taller than Dr J.
Canson said on 13/Oct/17
At his lowest more like strong 6’5. 196-196.5. Had me by max 1” and looking at him with Dell Curry (192ish in person) looks 1.5” taller.
Canson said on 13/Jun/17
Practically Christian's size

198-198.5 out of bed and would measure closer to 6'5@ at his lowest than 6'6

196 to 196.5 at his lowest
Canson said on 10/Jun/17
i never realized how small John Starks actually was until I saw a pic with LJ and my buddy who is 6'5" and change both. Starks looks as if he "just" clears 6'2 and was listed 6'5 lol
Height said on 8/Jun/17
He is in the 196.5 cm to 197 cm range
Canson said on 23/Mar/17
He would edge Howard stern by a hair but not much. I'd put him maybe as 196.2-196.4 range and Stern 195-196 today
Canson said on 13/Mar/17
@S.J.H: id go with maybe 198/196.2. He's probably identical with Christian. He looked like he had me by a full inch in person but 7/8, 1", 1 1/8" aren't much in terms of difference. I also saw a pic with my 6'5" friend who met him. He's 196.3 cm to 196.4 and looked identical. Now could've been shoes or even hair but I'd say the lower 196 is a good shout for him
S.J.H said on 9/Mar/17
Canson said on 23/Nov/16

Larry johnson is more like out of bed 198.5 at night 196cm. Most of time he doesn't look over 2cm taller than mj
Canson said on 21/Jan/17
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He says 6'7" power forward and 6'5 with his shoes off in the video then another time says when you're talking about me you're talking about a 6'5/6'6 power forward. I've heard him say 6'5" on other occasions too
Canson said on 21/Jan/17
Nah. I've met him. 1" taller than me. Rob is close enough likely is a strong 6'5 on the cusp of a weak 6'6"
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 21/Jan/17
If Canson says that Johnson is 6ft5 1/4-3/8, then we should take his word for it. He's nowhere near the 6ft6.25 the Average Guess Votes currently has him at.
He looks to be barely 2cm taller than Michael Jordan, who is 195cm, so he can't be anything over 197cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/17
6ft6 isn't impossible
berta said on 19/Jan/17
hm i dont think he was measueed 197 just by looking at his i see he is taller than me. think he could be 198-199
Canson said on 23/Nov/16
Out of bed 198.3 at night 196.5
Canson said on 28/Sep/16
I've actually met him in person. He was 2-3 cm taller. I'd go with 6'6-6'6 1/8 out of bed 6'5 1/4-3/8 at his lowest
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Sep/16
6ft7 might be a slight stretch but 6ft3 is a joke
Animus said on 23/Sep/16
Rob, you are thinking of Michael Jordan. At age 15, Jordan was 5'11" and didn't make the varsity team.

By the way, Scottie Pippen is 6'6.5". He looks identical to Dennis Rodman (6'6.5") and Carmelo Anthony (6'6.25"). That's why he is listed at 6'8", since that would roughly be his height in shoes (within a small fraction).
Editor Rob
it was a book about Pippen, and said that he wasn't yet 6ft at age 15
S.J.H said on 23/Sep/16
I thought he look as tall as michael jordan
travis said on 22/Sep/16
that tall enough period u dont wanna be super tall and have problems
Borats Chicken said on 22/Sep/16
Rob, would you mind looking at retired nba Scottie Pippen? He is listed as 6'8 but looks lower to 6'7.25 to 6'7.5
Also stories about him being 6'1 and growing to 6'8 around 19 to 20.
Editor Rob
at 15 he wasn't 6ft, so from 15-20 had a decent spurt, I haven't found an exact figure for him really.

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