How tall is Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne's Height

5ft 5in (165.1 cm)

American Rapper, known for songs such as "Sucker for Pain", "Lollipop" and "How to Love". In 'Pop That' he did rap "I'm 5'5"

How tall is Lil Wayne
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Average Guess (17 Votes)
5ft 4.63in (164.2cm)
Anonymous said on 29/Sep/17
Between (163cm nd 164.5cm)5'4
Nelo said on 9/Sep/17
164 cm
MD said on 5/Sep/17
Not sure if it's been talked about, but his most recent public arrest record (NYPD) back in 2010 had him at 5'5" and 130lbs, so he's certainly not over 5'5".
Nik said on 29/Aug/17
I think you are about right Rob!
Peter175 said on 27/Aug/17
Laughing so hard at "become height reformed" 😂😂😂😂

He gets every bit of 165-166 from me
Bee123 said on 19/May/17
Looks smaller than Bruno Mars
Got to be around 163cm for sure
World Citizen said on 18/May/17
He looks 5 ft 3 with 5 ft 7.5 ers like Tyga and Big Sean.
World Citizen said on 18/May/17
He looks 5 ft 3 with 5 ft 7.5 ers like Tyga and Big Sean.
Bee123 said on 29/Apr/17
Looks weak 5'4... 5'3 maybe
ok said on 28/Mar/17
162cm imo
Dahi said on 14/Mar/17
He's only become honest recently Rob! A few years ago, I recall him stating in a rap that he was "only 5'8".
Editor Rob: there's always time to become height reformed.
Ultimate said on 24/Feb/17
He has a song called "Six foot seven foot"
A 171cm male said on 29/Dec/16
Seems about right for Wayne
anon said on 28/Dec/16
Rob, have you seen Lil Wayne's music video Amilli if you have check that video out, any Idea how Tall is the bodyguard?, they are walking in street so tough to tell but looks massive.
Editor Rob: unfortunately not able to estimate that guy.
tony t. said on 17/May/16
Could you add Kevin Rudolf Rob?
Duncan said on 10/Feb/16
Hey Rob, how tall do you think Birdman is? He is listen as 5'11 which is ridiculous
Click Here
Looks 5'8 to me
Editor Rob: yeah my first thought was, he could be 5ft 8, at times can look above or under that mark...
Mickey said on 26/Jan/16
Here is Wayne with Drake who is 6 foot. He has a good 7 inches on him.
Click Here
Mike said on 18/Dec/15
No way, Floyd Mayweather had about 5 inches on him. I'd say closer to 5'3 seriously
5'11.5 said on 17/Nov/15
You are spot on again Rob nice
Weezy said on 2/Nov/15
If he is in the 5'5 range, Birdman can't be more than 5'8

Click Here
Google gives him 6'0, which is same as Drake... check how much he edges him
L24 said on 3/Sep/15
If he's just 5'5" like you list him here then Kendrick Lamar must be about 5'4.5-5'4.75 because Lil Wayne clearly edges him out.
Having said that, I think 5' 5.25 might be a better listing for him, what do you think Rob?
C said on 11/Jul/15
I think he might be a bit shorter 5'4.5-5'4.75
120 said on 29/Mar/15
@Bishop Haha, in his dreams!! lol
Bishop said on 17/Mar/15
Here is the lyrics to his song "The Only Reason":
Click Here
He says "I'm only 5'8" and y'all short to me"
lol, guess we got another Corey Feldman.
Joe said on 13/Dec/14
Looks more like 5'3"(Seriously).
Stark said on 22/Nov/14
I listened to waynes single 'president carter' and heard a line where he referred to himself as 5'6. However, wayne is 'bout nicki minajs height.
Stark said on 22/Nov/14
I listened waynes single 'president carter' and he referred to himself as 5'6 not 5'5
Blank p4ge said on 4/Nov/14
I am 6'5 and when i met lil wayne backstage during the BET awards he was a little inch above me i wore ma nikes and he wore retros idk why rappers dont grom dis days.
iknow said on 17/May/14
I ran across lil wayne back in like 2001 In an airport before they started flying private jets just hanging out and I swear I'm just 5' 4 -5'6 in heels and it felt like I was towering over him. Him, Baby and Mannie were all short, juvie was just a lil taller than me and Slim looked like a giant. Wish I would've got a picture, didn't expect him to blow up so big
John said on 21/Apr/14
One thing is Kevin Hart is 5'2" and in one picture of him with Kevin Hart he looked like he would be about 5'3. But I met him and he was about 5'5". So Kevin Hart might be a little taller than 5'2".
John said on 28/Mar/14
@James Richardson I met him. He's 5'5" for sure.
bill said on 2/Mar/14
I'm 5' 2" and when I me thim he was just an inch above me, 2 the most - we were both wearing air jordans. So I don't get this 5' 5"/5' 6" ****. 5' 3" sounds about right, weak 5' 4".
James Richardson said on 28/Feb/14
No way 5'5, he 5'2.5.
Ted said on 18/Jan/14
Wow. For someone so tiny, Lil Wayne sure talks a lot of smack.
heigth said on 16/Dec/13
whattttt? so i find a picture of kendrick lamar and lil wayne, kendrick is stated 5'6 but he is actually wearing high shoes in this pic and he is still shorter than lil wayne by an inch wich is obviously not more than 5'6. i dont even think he is slouching so whats up? lil wayne need an upgrade or kendrick downgrade? anyways lil wayne look really short really short my dad is 5'5.5 as well but he look much taller idk why! kendrick look short aswell maybe its just cuz of their type of body
MD said on 16/Dec/13
With 5'4" Bow Wow:

Click Here

Click Here

With 5'11"(ish) Jimmy Kimmel:

Click Here

He is not a thing over 5'5". Oh, and it's always been obvious that Kendrick Lamar wasn't 5'6", either. lol
Chicky13 said on 14/Dec/13
Actually he's like 5-5.5 so please get your facts right! ;)
kt said on 14/Dec/13
Not a fan of his, but he's definitely 5' 6". He's the exact same height next to 5' 6" Kendrick Lamar. They are both wearing similar shoes in the photos
Ud191cm said on 20/Nov/13
SRV says on 6/Aug/13
Howevr....if he is 5.5 or 5.4.... Thats not inportent......lil Wayne is lilwayne the best rapper...

I bet you're either a 12yr old kid or you're new to the hip hop genre.
Mr. Sheridan said on 22/Oct/13
I've met him, he's just a feet shorter than Wiz Khalifa.
SRV said on 6/Aug/13
Howevr....if he is 5.5 or 5.4.... Thats not inportent......lil Wayne is lilwayne the best rapper...
Juicey said on 25/Jul/13
Same height as bieber. He should get an upgrade or biebs should get a downgrade
Mike T said on 1/Jul/13
5'3" or 5'3.5 next to 5'10" Porcelain Black
truth178cm said on 22/Jun/13
A bit shorter than this, 5ft4 -5ft4.5 range. 5ft5 right out of bed. Looks quite short.
Kumaka_Official said on 4/Apr/13
I met him and I'm 5'3 and we were both wearing sandals and he was the same hight as me so probably had something in his sneakers
Kumaka_Official said on 4/Apr/13
I met him and I'm 5'3 and we were both wearing sandals and he was the same hight as me so probably had something in his sneakers
tye said on 8/Mar/13
In my world i think that drake.wiz Khalifa,rick ross and french montana and all the other rappers are tall right,so if you seen the song love me drake
theenforcer said on 10/Feb/13
A friend of mine has a mate, and his girlfriend's sister used to work with a guy who was the cousin of the sister of one of Chris Brown's security guards. This guy also knew some of Wayne's guards and one of them (Dave) told him that they once measured Wayne's height and he was Wayne is 5ft5, so an accurate reading from a reliable source. Everyone else on here is just guessing, this guy was there when he got measured barefoot.
KJ said on 6/Feb/13
He's 167 or 168 saw him twice.
Mikey T said on 1/Feb/13
If he's 5'4" then Justin Bieber's gotta be 5'5" because he's barely taller than him
Johnnyfive said on 20/Oct/12
Hes probably 5'4.5 (164cm) but rounds up to 5'5. He needs a one inch downgrade. Props to him for not claiming three and a half inches taller like some other celeb out there (Bieber i'm looking at you!)
-- said on 30/Aug/12
In the new song (2012) Pop That by French Montana ft. Drake, Rick Ross and Weezy he claims 5'5. "Im 5'5 but I can six-nine, then beat that p**sy like klitschko...". He 5'4 tops. A while back he was at warner studio a friend went over to his guard and asked if she could get he autograph, they let her next to him. My friend (who is 5'4.5 barefoot) had sandle on (so she was like right at 5'5) and he had sneakers on they were the EXACT same hight. His shoe were thicker so they gave him a good inch. I dont know if he had anything else inside of them to give him even more (which i dont think he did). So yea hes 5'5 with shoe on, seemed like a cool guy very nice.
Lil' T said on 29/Aug/12
defo he's 5'5 bruv met him at his last concert
jtm said on 22/Aug/12
he claimed 5'8 in a song called the only reason so he is lying just like many other celebs and even 5'5 is generous. he looks 5'4 to me.
Duhon said on 21/Aug/12
I know the song obviously. The 5'5" line part doesn't actually rhyme with anything. Besides no man would make himself out to be shorter in a song. It's taken from his own mouth. Again he should be respected for not frauding on his true height like a lot of other celebs.
Mimi Luvs U said on 15/Aug/12
@Duhon.. That song is called Pop That and it was by french montana he said that so it could rhyme
the shredder said on 9/Aug/12
I saw him when I was 15 He was 5'5
Duhon said on 9/Aug/12
He actually refers to himself as 5'5" in a new single: "I'm 5′5" but I could six nine". Props to him about open with his height.
Mimi Luvs U said on 31/Jul/12
no 5'6 bieber is 5'7 and he looks taller than 5'5 Bruno Mars anyway.
Shaun said on 13/Jun/12
Click Here
Shaun said on 13/Jun/12
Yeah he looks the same height as Bieber.
Vinny said on 12/Oct/07
Atleast this guy was blessed with musical talent and money because he defiantly got screwed when it comes to height and looks. He looks like a troll.
black said on 10/Oct/07
i saw lil wayne at love night club in d.c. and i'm 5'7 i couldn't believe how little he was, he is not 5'6, i will give give him at least 5'3 or 5'4
jarrell said on 6/Oct/07
Im all most taller than you and Im only 11 years old.
Andre said on 4/Oct/07
Derek says on 20/Mar/07
In the "You" video with Lloyd, Wayne looked about 3 inches shorter. If Lloyd is 5'9", then Wayne is 5'6".

Lloyd is 5'8, not any taller, in that video it looks like 2inches MAX difference.

Rob could you find out Lloyds height? And J. Holidays?
Lil Jc said on 30/Sep/07
a whole bunch of people here are wrong talkin bout wayne being 5'7 5'8 wtf? 5'4 and 5'3 wtf is that.. weezy says in his songs his 5'6 and ive seen him before. wayne is from 5'5 to 5'6 and dats it he aint shorter than 5'5 not taller dan 5'6 so yea all u peoples dat dont know just get ure info strait or shut da fck ^
MEL said on 8/Sep/07
caro waro dawg said on 29/Aug/07
oh yeah LT you think your cool cause you supposably shott a video thing with him. please when was this last night when you were dreaming about it.
bonnie said on 26/Aug/07
that just turned me off lol i thought they would at least be 5'8
Lt said on 31/Jul/07
yeah, lil wayne is def 5'6 cause i done seen him on the making of stuntin like my daddy and he gave me his glasses so i was like a inch taller than him cause im 5'7.
16and5'7.25'' said on 6/May/07
lloyd 5'9''??!! are u serious?? he looks 5'6''-5'7'', and lil wayne is 1-1.5'' shorter than him 2'' MAX! there's no way that was a 3'' inch difference between them in that video
andrea said on 15/Apr/07
lil wayne is 5'6 on his police report it even states that and in one of his songs. trust me hes good in bed =]
internatinal-p said on 13/Apr/07
I watch the nick cannon show, and lil wayne was at least 2 inches taller than omarion! so lil wayne is 5:6 like he said it on a mixtape song, and omaion, bow wow and J.D. are 5:4. true story
sweet mommy said on 6/Apr/07
That mean good in bed.
-CG said on 5/Apr/07
Yo he was in south beach last night and he wasn't even at my shoulder.

He's bout 5'2, he is exactly the same height as Trina.
he is like bent over like an old guy.
Derek said on 20/Mar/07
In the "You" video with Lloyd, Wayne looked about 3 inches shorter. If Lloyd is 5'9", then Wayne is 5'6".
the shredder said on 21/Feb/07
5'2 ?? No Way , I met him alot of times ! 5'5 ( MAYBE ... 5'6 ?? ) with a 5'4ish impression ! ... If I ever get a pic , I will post ... ONLY if Rob covers my face ! Im now 169cm was 168cm a few months ago and Im 20 !
caliqt610 said on 20/Feb/07
I just saw Lil Wayne this past weekend at the NBA All Star game and he is about 5'2 if that, I'm 5'7' and had to look down at him. but what makes him looks even shorter is his bad posture.
fireman said on 30/Nov/06
i met wanye at a mall in jersey, and im 5'4 and he was like an inch taller than me, so he was about 5'5 or 5'6.
Glenn said on 14/Nov/06
Stood right in front of him.didnt understand my photo request since he was too drunk.5-6ish.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 13/Nov/06
he seems 5'6 but he also seems the type that doesnt care about his height
george said on 3/Sep/06
yeah he's not 5'8, bc we talked at the mall and i was expecting him to be shorter than i was and he was.
Viper652 said on 18/Aug/06
J, how do you know he lies about his age?
J. said on 17/Aug/06
Lil Wayne's police report for a very recent arrest says 5'6", 140: Click Here . So, maybe he's not lying about his height but he sure lies about his age. He claims 1982 for his year of birth when in reality it's 1979. So he's 26 going on 27, not the 23 that he advertises.
Rae said on 30/Jul/06
Hes 5-6 he says it in a rap "5 foot 6 ,nice sized d**k,long ass hair u can pull my shit"

[Editor Rob: any guy who attempts to rap about having a nice sized d*** should automatically be downgraded!]
5'7" (still growin) said on 28/Jul/06
id say hes 5'5-6" (not sure) i saw him in at a concert and he coulnt have been only one inch shorter, so id go with 5ft 5.5in
the shredder said on 19/Jul/06
yes he is 5'4 atleast -5'5 max! he really is just a tad shorter then me ! btw , where is the pic with nikki ? also rob you can make a page for c-murder ! he told me himself ' 6'3 1/2 '!
Shay said on 19/Jul/06
5'6? nah 5'5 just seen him in concert the other day.
Angel-S-N da carter chick said on 17/Jul/06
Lil Wayne is 5 ft 6 becuz it says dat in da add for real u can cheat by lookin in da adds by searchin him.
the shredder said on 13/Jul/06
iam waiting to see the pic you have of him nikki ! all that i know is that hes not taller then me and i have met him about 20 times at the bowling alley and a alot of times other places ! he is 5'5 looking 5'4-ish ! .... btw rob, how come you can't post a comment with internet explorer ?
Nikki said on 12/Jul/06
First off I'm not going to get rude like these other ppl who post something like almost every other day. Like I said, I stood right next to him and unless he had on platform right... he is 5'6 to 5'7.............. and leonari I know how tall I am and I do know what I'm talikng about. STOP being a hater................. next time any of you stand back to back with him or shoulder to shoulder with him let me know.......... seeing and standing next to are two different then I know that he was 5'6 to 5'7 when I took that pic and hung with him......... :)..... Rob look at the pic that I sent you. Like I said I'm definitely 5'5...........:)
Lil Wayne is 5'6 to 5'7 Prove me wrong............ you can't, cause I'm right............... ;) don't get mad....

[Editor Rob: yes I see this picture you sent, thanks]
leonari said on 10/Jul/06
Honestly and with all due respect ROB: why do you keep this guy at 5'6"? There is absolutely no proof that he is that tall. So ROB but I have never been so sure that you are way off. Look what the others say who have met him. And btw: the pic with P.Diddy proves that he ain't 5'6". Do me this favor: downgrade.(I was right with Elijah Wood and others as well, I'm one of those who always said Sly is around 5'9" not shorter). PLEASE DOWNGRADE.
the shredder said on 10/Jul/06
i have met most of the rappers in the new orleans area . i once asked c-murder's height ( master p's brother , before he went to jail .) i said 'what are you about 6'4' . he said ' na no 6'3 1/2 . my sisters bestfriend has a photo with master p . master p says 6'3 alot she said. my sisters friend is 5'7 and is alot taller then lil wayne with and without heels . before lil wayne was even a * so called celeb * i have seen him alot ... bowling alley's city park's night club 's ... everywhere , and once thing i can say is if lil wayne is 5'7 in barefeet , then i can just go for 5'10 !
Giselle said on 9/Jul/06
lil wayne defintely isn't 5'6 or 5'7. He dined and stayed at the hotel where i work and I am a 5 foot 8 woman and lil wayne was defintely at most 5'4.5 inches. please downgrade lil wayne rob. you are giving pleasure to this man my saying he's 5'6. shredder you hit it on the nose!
leonari said on 8/Jul/06
And liwwayynee faNN: Yeah right everything rappers say in their song is the truth. You figured it out dude. Very smart...I will write a song as well that says I'm 6'4"...Maybe I will be that tall then?? NONSENSE : thats what you are talking...." he said it in the song"...sometimes I have the feeling 12 year old kids visit this forum far too frequently...
leonari said on 8/Jul/06
I agree with the shredder: This guy is truly tiny tiny. Not small. 168 is mall but soemhow still normal. Lil wayne is 5'4.5" on avery good day, 12 hour sleep and perfect posture. And NIKKI: Go measure yourself. I bet you are not 5'5" that would explain why you say absurd things like: Lil Wayne is 5'7". Please: Get real, look at pics...You have truly no clue what you are talking about!
the shredder said on 8/Jul/06
5'6 to 5'7 ? yea right ... i must be 5'8.5 then . lil wayne to me can look from 5'3 to 5'5 , i seen him alot . 2001-ish he looked 5'3-5'4 . 2004ish (last time i saw him .) 5'5ish . he could have reached a legit 5'6 ? hes only in his early 20's. just to add... he was always shorter then me and the last time i checked i was 168cm in barefeet .
Nikki said on 6/Jul/06
I have a pic with LIl Wayne and he is taller than me............. I'm 5'5, so he's gotta be at least 5'6 to 5'7................ What's the deal even if he wasn't he's still sexy so back off..............But for real I'm looking at my pic right now and he was taller than me not a whole lot taller but 1 1/2in or maybe even 2in taller...............:)
Say what you want but I have proof............. and I know I'm 5'5 for sure

[Editor Rob: why not send me the pic, blank out your face if you want...]
liwwayynee faNN! said on 25/Jun/06
He is 5ft 7 just like from VA said.. because it mentions it in the song..!!
leonari said on 3/Jun/06
The Shredder is right ROB. This guy is never 5'6"!!! NEVER.
thomsone said on 15/May/06
I spoke with lil wayne in my hotel a year ago I was surprised to see how short he was compared to the proportionality the producers put on tv. I'm 6'4 so he should be between 5'3 to 5'5.
Pulla said on 27/Mar/06
Lil Wayne height is probly 5 foot 6 in he lives at my house in New Orleans. I see him all the time.
FromVA said on 27/Mar/06
R U serious!!! Every1 on here is actually commenting a Lil Wayne's height? True every1 has there own opinion, but he says in his mixtapes "5 foot 6, nice size dick, long ass hair u can pull my shit" then leave it @ that. No one investigates whether rappers wear real diamonds during video shoots, or even knows if they r renting/borrowing jewelry for a video (and ya'll r arguing about his height like he's ur luver or sumthin, lol). I'm stationed down here in the Heart of New Orleans, been 2 da 17th Ward Hollygrove(by Carrolton/Earhardt Blvd)and da majority of New Orleans population "in general" is short. I'm out and ya'll be easy, but "Young Tomb" aka Weezy F. Baby! is (after Jay-Z) da best Rapper alive... I never get a chance 2 buy his CD's b/c the whole first week he shyt is gone...
Hung Lao said on 25/Mar/06
Lil Wayne is a short ass nigga i am taller then him i am 6'6'' and i can do a 360 windmill jam and between the legs 360 dee brown no look dunk i am the next Jordan and i shall team with yao ming and we shall be like the shaq and kobe duo but better then i will tell the rockets to trade yao then i will win many games this make no sense at all
What???? said on 25/Mar/06
Some of these replies are absurd because first of all I do not know what part of New Orleans some of you are from but if you ever seen Lil' Wayne you know that he is not shorter than 5'6"...sure he is not tall but but yall make him seem minute...and New Orleans is not a city of short people, maybe across the river (westbank) where you claim to be from but in the east we are tall!!!
COOP said on 25/Mar/06
I use to see Wayne all the time in Esplanade Mall (in Kenner, LA) and I am 5'9" and he was above my he is at least 5'6" or 5'7" which is short for a man especially when i see him in Footlock and he is standing next to my boyfriend who is 6'5"...He's still cute!!!
NIc said on 14/Mar/06
I know for a fact Lil Wayne is 5'6". I have been right next to him twice- I'm 5'9" and by best friend is 5'6" we were wearing low tennis shoes at Celeb. Basketball game in MIAMI and they were the same height also Trina is 5'2" and when she wears heals next to him they are right up there with each other.
leonari said on 22/Feb/06
SORRY Rob but you are on the wrong track here...This guy ain't above 5'4". He looks tiny like no other rapper. He has a frame of a child. You should check out some pics, because it's quite rare to see such a small guy exagerated by minimum 2 inches on your great site.
Leslie said on 21/Feb/06
Lil Wayne's height is listed as 5'0 on many websites, including this one I saw an episode of Lil Wayne in "Cribs" on MTV - he was standing next to the door. He was standing next to a light switch and his eyes only came up to the top of them. Plus, he is known for wearing high boots (as all short actors are). I totally agree that he is 5 feet tall and not much more.
Man said on 10/Feb/06
In a song he says he's 5ft 6in.
tgri said on 7/Feb/06
ive seen him many times at the bowling alley . 5'3-5'5 was my first guess.
J-Money said on 4/Feb/06
Lil Wayne is one my farvotie rapper I saw him in preson.I AM 5FT7 He a inc shorter then me so he is 5ft6.
Matt G said on 1/Feb/06
lil wayne should be called big monster, i saw him at the Baskin Robins, and he has to be over 6' 8". just a little bit over though, not too much over. maybe a cm or so, that's probably accurate.
REGINA said on 17/Jan/06
g-arm said on 5/Jan/06
where are you guys getting your info? if you watch mtv cribs, when they featured lil wayne's house he stood right next to the fridge and was almost the same height as it (give or take an inche). i personally have that fridge and it's 5'10" tall. from that i deduce that lil wayne is about 5'7" to 5'8" (he was wearing some thick heeled shoes).
Lord Jesus said on 21/Nov/05
Ok, I had to comment on this because this is definately wrong, if Lil Wayne is 5'6 then my grandma has balls.. At the VMA awards he was standing next to Lil Jon in a picture and was a few inches shorter then him.. he's 5'4 tops.
Rach said on 29/Oct/05
I promise you that he is no more than 5'3". I live in New Orleans where he is from and lives and I see him all the time. I'm 4'9" and my boyfriend is 5'4". We've seen him at the movies and talked to him at the mall, and he is quite a bit shorter than my boyfriend. By the way...New Orleans is a very short city. My height is not uncommon at all here.
janova said on 14/Sep/05
yea hes five six i saw him at a vma party in miami this year and he was my height nd im 5'6 on the dot. besides , he says it in alot of his songs proudly , he is definately one whos comfortable with his height
J. said on 6/Sep/05
There was a concert review for Lil Wayne on the 'net a couple months ago. In it, the writer describes Wayne as being 5 foot 8! I think 5'7" is more like it, personally.
CoolJ said on 6/Sep/05
If memory serves correct, in the music video "I need a soulja" by Destiny's Child, the Destiny girls absolutely dwarfed Lil Wayne.

I remember thinking at that point he could be no more than 5'4". Then again, they may have had monsterous heels on. I think 5'5" is probably more realistic. They don't call him "Lil" for nothing.

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