How tall is Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann's Height

5ft 1 ½ (156.2 cm)

American adult film actress. On her twitter page she mentioned her height a few times, saying "I am 5'2"" and "5'2" almost". Her shoe size is "6 in shoes 6.5 in boots".
Everyone is always surprised how tiny I am I person.. I'm 5'2" on a good day. I looked talked when big hair was a thing.
She also said her shoe size: "I wear a 6 in shoes 6.5 in boots"

How tall is Lisa Ann
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Average Guess (22 Votes)
5ft 1.53in (156.3cm)
Nik Ashton said on 27/Dec/20
Maybe she is 5’2” in a morning!
Mike Jeff said on 25/Dec/20
Hello, Rob

So Alexis Texas seems about 5’5-6 range?

Merry Christmas btw
Editor Rob
look at her and Nikki Benz...I don't think she looks 5ft 8
borat1 said on 9/Dec/20
@Rob!! why 5'4-5'5 pornstars like mia malkova, ariella ferrera often claim 5'7 as seen on site?? If not for celebheights, many claims would go unnoticed.
Editor Rob
maybe some claim a heel height? 2 inch inflation is pretty big, 3 inch is huge!
da123489 said on 7/Nov/20
hiw much do the heels in the picture give rob?
Editor Rob
xouls be in the almost 4 inch range
borat1 said on 25/Oct/20
how tall do you think ariella ferrera is ?? she claims 5'7 but looks more in 5'4.5-5'5 range honestly with ava addams who is 5'2.
Editor Rob
yeah, she is another who is likely adding a couple of inches.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Oct/20
Rounding up 1/2"is fine, but not the most honest of claims. She did say almost 5'2", but "almost" is often a vague claim.
Andrea said on 23/Oct/20
Interestingly, this girl who met Mia did claim on Twitter "So at the doctors I found out I am exactly 5’5. Now I’m sad because I thought I was 5’7 😔": Click Here
Editor Rob
Looks likely mia is adding 2 inches to her claim.
Nik Ashton said on 22/Oct/20
This girl is so honest!
borat1 said on 21/Oct/20
Hey @rob!! How tall do you think Mia malkova is?? In most pictures she doesn't look anything above 5'5 but claims 5'7.
Editor Rob
Check her out with Jenna Twitch who also said 5ft 7...Mia may well be a bit shorter than her claim
john196 said on 3/Jan/20
@Rob. how tall do you guess Holly Michaels, most sites list her as 5’11” but i think she’s even taller, something like 6’0. what do you think?
Editor Rob
I find it hard to tell her height...because other people use my computer and I have to be very careful about what I search for!
Jason93 said on 26/Jul/19
what about Kortney Kane, Keiran Lee,Jenni Lee,Johnny Sins,Manuel Ferrara,Danny D
Lazar99 said on 12/Jul/19
@Rob, could you create a page for Dani daniels?
Heem said on 27/Apr/19
how about Kortney Kane?
also male porstars like Keiran Lee,Manuel Ferrara,Ramon Nomar,J Mac,Jason Luv,Louie Smalls
Rem said on 22/Apr/19
Rob what about Brandi Love and Ariella Ferrera? They both get listed at 5'7 and 5'6 respectively
Editor Rob
Brandi does claim 5ft 7 barefoot, but I question that, she looks shorter.
da123489 said on 14/Apr/19
Rob, what kind of heels could she use to get into the 5'8 range?
Editor Rob
They need to have over 2 inches in the platform area, maybe near 2.5 to enable her to get 5.5 inch of height and be close to 5ft 8.
Rem said on 21/May/18
Rob, do you think she drops to 155 at lowest? Or is she more a solid 5'1.5, who woulde be 156-156.5 at night?
Editor Rob
I've not seen enough of her standing up to tell if she was as short as 5ft 1 😶
Sfkllsffd said on 16/Apr/18
Rob how tall do you think Manuel Ferrara is?
Hans Meiser said on 19/Nov/17
Since you are talking about Phoenix Marie, I think Jayden Jaymes is also pretty interesting. A very curvy, robust woman. She is always listed as 5´8, but when I look at pictures of her Standing next to Phoenix Marie, I´m getting more of a 5´7 vibe. In some pictures she can appear 5´8 or 5´8.5, but I don´t think she is over 170cm.
Editor Rob: she has been saying 5ft 9 for her height, which looks like Phoenix, a little bit of a stretch.
spainmen192cm said on 29/Oct/17
Rob, could you please add Phoenix Marie? She claims 5ft9 but that is too much
Editor Rob: it's possible she's doing a 2-inch inflation
Rem said on 8/Oct/17
Rob, which type of heels would she need to get i the 5'7 range?
Editor Rob: the kind with a 2.5-3 inch range platform part.
Hans Meiser said on 2/Oct/17
What about Romi Rain? She gets listed as 5'8 on Google and 5'6 on most other websites. Sometimes 5'7. I don't see her over 5'4 and even that is a bit optimistic. 161-162cm is more like it.
Editor Rob: given she only claimed 5ft 5, the 5ft 8 is a bit of a silly statement...I think it's safe to say the most she looks is 5ft 4 in any case!
teo said on 14/Jun/17
Rob isn't phoenix Marie more in the 5'5-5'6.5 range? I was "investigating" her with other actresses
Editor Rob: compared to Lisa Ann, who seems to be quite believable with her claim, Phoenix own 5ft 9 claim seems a bit of a stretch...5ft 7 could well be a possibility.
Andrea said on 27/Apr/17
So, you think she looks 4 good inches taller than Lisa there? Considering that I doubt Lisa's heels give her much more than 3 inches... I'm not sure I would have said as much as 4 inches, there!
One thing, the other girl certainly isn't standing at her tallest but again you could say the same thing for Lisa...
The thing is... The other girl has consistenly claimed 5'11 on Twitter!!!
Editor Rob: both seem to be similar posed, although the taller girl might be slightly further away. 5ft 11 could be a bit optimistic from her.
Andrea said on 27/Apr/17
Rob, how tall would you guess the girl on the right is? Click Here
I tried to "delete" some parts of the photos for obvious reasons... 😜
Editor Rob: she could be a good 7 inches taller
spainmen191cm said on 25/Mar/17
Rob, could you add Phoenix Marie to celebheights? I think she claims 5ft9, but is too much for her she is shorter than Tori Black
TheManWithNoName said on 19/Feb/17
Juelz Ventura is listed everywhere as 5'5"; however, she just recently claimed 5'6" on twitter.
Editor Rob: she looks like she upped her claim...I checked and she had claimed 5ft 5 on at least 4 occasions previously on twitter.
Giorgi said on 5/Feb/17
Rob, any idea how tall Stoya is?
SRK said on 29/Jan/17
@Rob, Alexis Texas is proven 5'8.
Shortest5'11 said on 17/Jan/17
Based on this pictures online with here and Alexis Texas , how tall would Alexis Texas be around (my guess is 5'5)
Editor Rob: yeah she might be around that mark.
paul said on 5/Nov/16
rob you can add Nina hartley she's a famous pornstar all time and she replied that she's 5'4 on twiitter :) Click Here
Johan said on 2/Jul/16
Editor Rob: I might keep a note of their claims, I have a big file of possibles...I'm not so familiar with glamour models, I haven't really spent enough time researching them properly...

Well get on it man! You have a site to run and all that. Its all in the name of thorough research after all :)
spainmen191cm said on 1/Jul/16
Rob, here I have 2 interesting claims of two UK "glamour models" very well known Hannah Claydon and Emma Green
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: I might keep a note of their claims, I have a big file of possibles...I'm not so familiar with glamour models, I haven't really spent enough time researching them properly...
Saqib said on 7/Jun/16
Rob do you watch/used to watch porn?
Editor Rob: only on days that end in a Y.

But seriously, I don't watch anything too x-rated.
Andrea said on 23/May/16
Yeah, good idea! 6'1.75 rather than 6'1.5 would probably fit him more! He recently did a mini "tv series" talking about his life and he shot some scenes on the streets and he really stood out in crowds next to other people, so he can easily pull off 6'2 at times! He still doesn't look under 186-187 now! He did say in an interview that a doctor told him that he has used his body 3 times more than a normal person, so a 1-2 cms loss wouldn't be that shocking for a guy like him, right? Maybe he really was near 188 when younger and now is more 186-187...
Editor Rob: well the physical exertion of a job like that might take it's toll.
John said on 30/Mar/16
I was hoping you wouldnt do adult entertainers for ethical reasons as many claim ridiculous heights too, like lisa, she looks close to 5ft -5ft 1 very short and some male perforers wow, biggest BS I've ever seen
Editor Rob: there is probably a dozen or so, but they are the more famous ones and someone like Tera, there's always people interested in her height.
spainmen191cm said on 14/Dec/15
Rob, you will make my dreams come true if you add, the pornstar Madison Ivy to celebheights! She claims 4ft11
Andrea said on 11/Dec/15
Lol, i'm sure many visitors (at least the male ones) would appreciate those photos!
Anyway, it is hard to say whether they are this or that height, just watching their movies!
Even in Lisa's case, based on what would you say she really is 5'2 or not? xD
Btw, Lisa has also claimed to be "almost 5'2" or something like that on her Twitter...
And that James Deen guy... I've recently heard an interview where they described him as very short in person but he seems quite convinced to be 5'8, if you look at his Twitter!
Editor Rob: I might throw a few onto the database, there are only a handful or so. But it is harder to guess heights because which of these stars is really truthful and honest. From there, you have a better idea - big Alex met one of the girls and she looked a bit less than her own claim, so that is a starting point.
Andrea said on 10/Dec/15
Rob, I wasn't sure if writing this post on the Request page or just here...
Here are other "adult film actresses" (as you call them) heights (or at least their claim):
Dani Daniels: 5'7 Click Here
Holly Michaels: 5'11 Click Here
Mia Malkova: 5'7 Click Here
Kayden Kross: 5'5 Click Here
Nicole Aniston: 5'3 Click Here
August Ames: 5'6 Click Here
Brandi Love: 5'7 Click Here
Chanel Preston: 5'8 Click Here
Tori Black: almost 5'10/5'10 Click Here
Asa Akira: 5'1 Click Here
Madison Ivy: 4'11 Click Here
Christy Mack: 5'1 Click Here
Dillion Harper: 5'4 Click Here
Romi Rain: 5'6 Click Here
Stoya: 5'6 Click Here
Lexi Belle: 5'2 Click Here
As for the guys, i just post a couple (probably the most famous ones):
James Deen: claims 5'8 Click Here
Manuel Ferrara: says 6'1 Click Here
Couldn't find a claim for one of the most famous actors ever (the italian Rocco Siffredi) but i do think he'd be over 6'1 and probably near 6'2!
That's all, Rob, now go check if they really are as tall as they claim ;)
Editor Rob: I will wait till Jenny goes on a weekend break, then thoroughly research those claims!

Nah, thanks for listing them, I might add a few, but researching these girls is tricky, I have a lot of visitors to my house so even researching some of the female actresses I've had a few awkward moments pop up in image searches ;)
Amaze said on 1/Sep/14
@arch Stanton my buddy is a depressed short guy that likes finding out how tall his fav stars are xD he was so happy I remember him jumping when he found out he was an inch taller than lisa. trust me some guys actually do care about heights xD
Arch Stanton said on 1/Sep/14
Hehe, perhaps wait until Jenny has gone out :-)
Arch Stanton said on 1/Sep/14
Rob do you really get requests for heights like this? Surprising that anybody would search for their heights if you know what I mean, especially men!! I've actually heard of her!! Serreh Paylin right? LOL. You'd have thought she was taller but as somebody says she's not usually standing up :-)
[Editor Rob: well the page is roughly similar to kris kristoffersen, pages that don't get many views a month, but get enough to make it worth keeping. There's thousands of pages in that level, 1-5 page views a day.

yeah she does look a bit like Palin, might have to look into that.]
honey said on 2/Dec/13
awesome! still bang every bit

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