How tall is Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless Height

5ft 9.25in (175.9 cm)

New Zealand actress, best known for starring in Xena: The Warrior Princess, Spartacus and Battlestar Galactica. She said on the Howard Stern radio show, "I'm 5'10.".
I'm sure there are people who wouldn't want to see me because they are convinced I am 7 feet tall. I'm only 5-foot-9 - I used to say 5-10, but I actually checked it, did the math, the other day. But then, I think the average man is, what, 5-feet-8, so I guess I am still a little taller.
-- 2005

How tall is Lucy Lawless
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Average Guess (16 Votes)
5ft 9.56in (176.7cm)
Valhalla said on 10/Jun/17
Do you think she could've been better than care Blanchett?
Editor Rob: I think she is taller, but better actress?

I'm not sure...
indy said on 7/Nov/16
She's a strong 177cm for sure.
Athena said on 8/Oct/16
If, in the morning she can reach as high as 179cm which I think she could, it is unlikely that she would be anything lower than 177cm before bed. Most of the times, she looks an inch taller than 5'9" Viva Bianca and can look quite similar to 5'10" co-stars.
A said on 8/Oct/16
At times she looks closer to 5ft 9 in Spartacus.
Phil said on 2/Oct/16
@Mat: A lot of actresses will downplay their height to get roles. Most studios don't want to cast a lead actress if she is taller than the lead actor. It's no different than when an actor says he is taller than he really is to get a role. Ben Affleck claims 6'4" but is only a hair over 6'2".
Athena said on 30/Jul/16
@Mat On the show Spartacus, Lucy Lawless looks 2 cm taller than Viva Bianca (who's a legit 5'9" or 175cm as listed on this site). Just look at them:
Click Here
Click Here
Mat said on 14/Jul/16
Rob, if she said that she checked her height and she is 5'9 instead of 5'10 what makes you believe that she would be 5'9.5? She was quite specific about not being 5'10 but instead ''only'' 5'9..
lucy lawless said on 14/Jun/16
Rob, do you think she could be 178 cm or even close to 179 cm right out of bed, after 8-9 hours of sleep?
Editor Rob: yes she might be 178-9 zone out of bed.
truth said on 13/Jun/16
@dan Exactly dan 5'9.25" is average for men of all races and ages. Near 5'10.5", like 5'10.4" (178.8cm) is the average for young white Americans, the tallest racial demographic group.
dan said on 5/Jun/16
average height 5'10.5 LOL, measured averages they all say 5'10 for younger generations and 5'9 range for men in general. but then again when you only take notice of the men taller than you, or like most men overestimate your height by a inch plus I can see why you would think 5'10.5 is average ;-) 😜
MrTBLack said on 4/Jun/16
@Ala Mae

Average height in USA is 179cm or 5'10.5".
Silent_D said on 7/May/16
She could have been wonder woman in the nineties. Thought she was close to 6 foot. Tall amazonian woman! 177cm.
Celine Special said on 20/Mar/16
Waho pretty tall, I love Lucy Lawless height. She is wonderful am still enjoying one of her movies Xena 'The Worrior Princess'. U too much God bless u.
Ala Mae said on 24/Feb/16
Considering that the average American is 177 cm, if she puts heels she turns Amazonian. Pretty tall anyway!
Aza said on 19/Jan/16
Good listing. She still looks fabulous.
Filippo said on 7/Jan/16
Ahah! She has admitted to be 5'9 and still people call her 5'10?!
She is 175 on the dot. Which is pretty tall for a woman, but definitely not monstruos..
Carlos said on 2/Aug/15
176.5 or .5
Albyam said on 12/May/15
She's like 5'9" - 5'10" about the same height as Lynda Carter. Both beautiful women and great actresses.

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indy said on 24/Apr/15
here is the pic with footwear:
Click Here
Lucy had flat shoes + was 'sitting in her hip', as she often does, which makes her look shorter. Linda seems to have small heels.
Andrew said on 16/Apr/15
She met 5'9 Lynda Carter recently and they were nearly the same height (footwear wasn't pictured).
David said on 3/Apr/15
Of course, "just shy of five ten" is most likely 5'9 3/4, not 5'9 1/2. I was not sure of the 5'9 1/2" belief because Lucy's legs are very long and during Xena, she usually said 5'10". It seems unlikely that she added a half inch when she gave her height during Xena. Before your post last November Indy, I was thinking of posting that we need to consider the possibility that Lucy may be 5'9 3/4", but unfortunately I never posted this. It turns out that my guess was correct.
David said on 27/Mar/15
Indy I guessed that she might be 5'9 3/4 because she said just shy of five ten and she seems just over 5'9 1/2. I was thinking of posting that here months ago, and just saw your post today that she said she is 5'9 3/4.
indy said on 26/Feb/15
Saw her again last week-end. Flat shoes. Definitely a strong 177cm.
indy said on 15/Nov/14
at a recent con she confirmed to a fan she was 5'9 3/4. As she said previously, just shy of 5'10 then.
thatguy said on 13/May/14
She looked tall in Hercules and in Xena, could have been the boots too, but I'd say she was 5'9.5 - 5'9.75, but not 5'10.
indy said on 14/Mar/14
I would not agree with a downgrade. I stood very close to her once, with same flat footwear, and 5'9.5 seems pretty much realistic to me.
Adam said on 13/Mar/14
Average height is below 5'10 you clowns.
Spike said on 13/Mar/14
She may need a downgrade. Nick Offerman looks consistently shorter than 5'10.5 Rob Lowe, even with a footwear advantage, and Lucy looks to be two inches shorter than Nick.
1.85.8 79 kg said on 22/Feb/14
1.77 is the average man
Yaspaa said on 4/Feb/14
It depends where you live, the world's average is below 5'10.
truth said on 22/Jan/14
lol average man 5ft8 nice joke anyway more like 5ft10 at least.
David said on 10/Oct/13
After comparing her height to Nick Offerman's on Parks and Recreation, who is 5'11", she looks like she is about an inch and a half shorter than him, so five nine and a half is very possible. Compared to Nick she does appear a little under five ten, as she has said before. However, I am not able to compare their shoes to get the most accurate estimate of her height.
indy said on 7/Sep/13
saw her recently. I'd say she's slightly below 1,77 m, so 5'9.5 seems like it.
J.Lee said on 8/Jun/13
Rob why did she think she was 6 foot?
[Editor Rob: the idea of a 6 foot Amazonian warrior princess was appealing to everybody, I'm sure she liked the idea at the time]
David said on 6/Mar/13
I met her in Seattle in May 2005 and she was wearing flat shoes. I am about five nine and she looked just a little taller than me. She is definitely not six feet. She is not more than five ten in my opinion and its even possible that she is just under it in fact as she said in a video in February 2011 posted on her website. She said she is "just shy of five ten."
Steven said on 8/Jan/13
Below 178
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If she removes the high heels she we`ll be below Andy`s height
Jen said on 8/Jun/12
On Lucy's official website she says that she measured herself and she was 5'9.5.... it must have been to boots making her look 6'0. Click Here
ANDREA[ITA] said on 7/Feb/12
5'11 and 6' are impossible for her... Kevin Sorbo, who looks around 6'3 with Rob, has about 5 inches on her! 5'10 seems ok...
Jack said on 4/Jan/12
She's obviously more than 5' 10. How is 6' impossible?

She's listed as 6' here:
Click Here

And here:
Click Here

And as 1.8 in bare feet here:
Click Here
Stuart said on 31/Dec/11
There is no way on earth Lucy is only 5' 10". In Battlestar Galactica she is taller than most of the men, and in Xena she is taller than most of them too. But remember that there are some pretty big men in Xena. Have a look at her in pictures with friends, too, and singing on Youtube. 6' isn't extraordinary for a New Zealand woman anyway. I know a couple over 6' in my immediate neighbourhood and go to any netball game and you'll see plenty of them. The acting agencies always try to make out tall women are shorter because it is supposed to make them more acceptable for a wider range of roles.
Bob said on 6/Dec/11
I read somewhere that Lucy Lawless was only about 5 foot 10. But in the shows she's been in she towers over the other women and is taller than many of the men. Gabriele once described her as about "6 feet", and even although that was in a fictional show I think that is closer to the mark. 6 foot isn't exceptional for a New Zealand woman. It's pretty tall, but not gigantic. I'm about 5' 10" (below average for a New Zealand man) and I'd bet the farm Lucy is taller than I am even when she has flat heels.
linke said on 13/Oct/11
rob,do you think she was joking when she said 6 feet in the interview posted below or was she serious.She surely seems serious.
[Editor Rob: 6ft is pretty impossible, well 6ft in a basic heel isn't, but way.]
linke said on 12/Oct/11
Rob,i found an old interview of hers where she claims "They're also surprised I'm only 6 feet tall. They expect someone much bigger. They say I'm younger and prettier in person, which I like. "

here's the interview
Click Here

Do you think she was serious when she said 6 feet,it was done long before she said 5'11,5'10 and now just under 5'10.I find it amusing.
Kat said on 19/Jul/11
This is a quote from when Lucy Lawless appeared on Regis & Kathy Lee, back in her Warrior Princess days: "I'm, uh, just shy of six foot. I've been told I'm not allowed to tell people my real height anymore.... Five-ten, five-ten, five-ten and a half." From the horse's mouth, as they say.
kaylee said on 13/Jul/11
I am an american woman and I am 6'1"
Vixen said on 1/Jul/11
You called the other person a moron but you said Spartacus is played by Manu Bennett. Wrong! Manu plays Crixis so perhaps you shouldn't call other people names when you are wrong yourself!
Apartment dwelling hillbilly said on 26/Feb/11
Lucy is a good strapping girl I guess. Sexy too. But I don't think 178 or 5 foot 10 is really that big of a deal. At least not here in Sweden – my girlfriend is 180 cm. I have noticed at work that native Swedish women are regularly a head taller than the men from the Middle East or Asia, and their women are often tiny in comparison. So I guess on a world scale, 5 foot 10 is definitely tall. But I personally don't think it really matters too much about a woman's height and think this perfect height stuff is really just personal preference.
JackOfficer said on 23/Jan/11
Chris 1.89m with shoes on is most likely a midget or a dwarf at best :)
Anonymous said on 29/Nov/10
5'9.5 is her height
CHarper2 said on 21/Nov/10
I agree with 5'10" for Lucy. In Xena she towers most male actors.
Anonymous said on 30/Oct/10
2010 1.77 which is very tall for a woman
Chris 1.89m with shoes on said on 27/Oct/10
Anonymous you are wrong.. perfect height for man is 6'1'-6'2' but some people are saying that the perfect height for man is 5'11 but i cant accept it its just not enough..
Chris said on 12/Aug/07
In an episode of "Seinfeld", jerry's dad says she must be about 6'6" but jerry's mom then says she's not 6'6"

funny moment
Franco said on 30/Apr/07
i gotta be honest, saw her on tv many times barefooted, with shoes, with heels and with boots.

barefooted looked max 5'9 , with shoes looked 5'10, with heels looked 6'0 with boots about 5'11.

taking all this into considerations i'd say she's 1.76m
Brah said on 23/Feb/07
In this interview, she says "Between 5'10" and 5'11", depending on how tired I am."
Click Here
Glenn said on 18/Sep/06
She is 5-10.nothing less.even looking over 6ft in heels.
Xhavier said on 31/Jan/06
To anonymous, human height fluctuates throughout the day. I usually have 1/2" difference from morning to night (191.5 cm vs 190.2 cm, and I usually stand at 191.0 cm throughout most of the day). It all depends on the activities you do in the day and the pressure you put on your back and legs in particular.

Have a nice day.
nj said on 25/Dec/05
Lucy is about 7-8 inches taller than Renee. I think Renee is 5'3" and Lucy 5'10.5"
anonymous said on 4/Dec/05
This sounds weird, but whenever I measure myself in the afternoon I am about an inch shorter than I am in the morning. Lawless could definately be 5 ft 10 then, and only appear 5 ft 9 if she shrinks a bit.
CelebHeights Editor said on 17/Aug/05
This girl is shrinking...In a recent Zap2it interview she said:

"I'm sure there are people who wouldn't want to see me because they are convinced I am 7 feet tall. I'm only 5-foot-9 -- I used to say 5-10, but I actually checked it, did the math, the other day. But then, I think the average man is, what, 5-feet-8, so I guess I am still a little taller."

Lawless has been described in many articles over the years as 6ft and 5ft 11.
CelebHeights Editor said on 25/Jun/05
Back in 97 on Regis talk show she said: "I'm, erm...just shy of six foot. I've been told I'm not allowed to tell people my real height anymore....(she whispers) Five-ten five-ten, five-ten and a half!"

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