How tall is Michael B Jordan

Michael B Jordan's Height

5ft 10 ½ (179.1 cm)

American actor best known for roles in TV shows The Wire and Friday Night Lights. In film he can be seen in Black Panther, Creed, Fantastic Four, Fruitvale Station and Chronicle. In 2018 he claimed "I’m 6ft"

How tall is Michael B Jordan
Winston Duke and Michael
Photo by /

How tall is Michael B Jordan
Michael and Tessa Thompson (3" heels)
Photo by Starfrenzy/

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Average Guess (253 Votes)
5ft 10.35in (178.7cm)
Slim1.75m said on 10/Sep/23
@Rob I've seen more & more photos of him wearing thick shoe small boots or Cuban heels jordan seems height awear for some reason🤔
Editor Rob
I think he is aware of stature, holds himself with good posture as well.
Leah Kims 02 said on 15/May/23
Looks no more than 178 cm even
davidg1007 said on 5/May/23
next to Drake looks at least 3 inches shorter, imo he is 174-177, just an average height.
Jazzy3000 said on 28/Mar/23
5’ 9.5”. And has a real ‘nice guy’ energy to him.
Leighton Tang said on 14/Mar/23

Chadwick never claimed to be 6'2-3, he was quoting Mahershala Ali in the roundtable conversation
Neil Michaels said on 5/Mar/23
With lifts he's level with Dukes nostrils, without those lifts he's level with Dukes top lip, at 6' 5" the measurement from mouth to top of head has gotta be around 8", the head size difference between the two is vast. 5'10" is generous.
UEDO said on 4/Mar/23
Click Here

Side by side with 181cm Jonathan Majors. Both are wearing thick shoes, but Michael looks to have footwear advantage with those giant soles. He's struggling to look 179 here.
Malcolm Oliver said on 2/Mar/23
Also the same case for him with 5’11.25 Jonathan Majors (claims 6ft)

I’ll give it to him though, he’s stacked up well next to solid 5’11ers, even 6 footers
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/23
Chadwick actually claimed to be 6ft2-3!
Malcolm Oliver said on 28/Feb/23
I think he claimed 6ft because he needed to stack up well next to 5’11.5 Chadwick (who also claimed 6ft)
Slim1.75m said on 2/Feb/23
Well he's certainly no 6' next to Duke.
Ben - 186cm said on 11/Jan/23
Not sure how people are seeing 7 inches between him and Duke. Zoom in on the picture and you’ll see that the top of Jordan’s head is fairly close to Duke’s eyes. At most 6.5 inches shorter with looser posture. That’s roughly what I look like next to my 5’7 mother.
Nathan Hatton said on 27/Dec/22
I'd guess him around 5'10.5- 5'10.75.
AK World said on 11/Dec/22

Why does he look taller than 5'11" listed Sam Clafin?
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Editor Rob
They could be very similar, see This shot maybe Jordan still has fraction better posture there. In the first shot I'm sure he's gaining some height with low camera and slightly closer.
Simon Horwell said on 28/Nov/22
The only time this guy measures 6ft is when he has 3-4” elevators on. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see him at 5’8” - 5’9” in reality. No legit 5’11-6ft dude wears elevators so pronounced.
Keyten DeGraef said on 18/Nov/22
Rob what do you think about upgrading him to 5’11 I think he looks it tbh especially with Tessa Thompson
Editor Rob
A fair proportion of people would go with 5ft 10.75, at least from what I've read on here and seen votes for. Nobody really goes under 5ft 10.5 or over 5ft 11 for him.
Slim1.75m said on 1/Aug/22
Yeah and some of the comments seem to think Duke ain't even the full 6'5 plus his feet are further apart in the photo above.
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 31/Jul/22
@simon horwell I agree looks 7 inches shorter in the photo above even with the lifts, he definitely deserves a downgrade to 5’10
Simon Horwell said on 29/Jul/22
I mean, look at the photo above with Winston Duke. At least 6-7 inches between them. Which would put Jordan in the 5’10” range. Then zoom in on his footwear lol. He’s practically wearing high heels, and on top of that looks like he has elevators inside. He looks like a child next to Duke.
Slim1.75m said on 27/Jul/22
Cool guy but nothing close to a 6 footer and Rod did he ware lifts in black panther it felt like he was trying to look taller than chadwick boseman.
Johnny Miles said on 25/Jul/22
I’ll give him 5’11 and that’s it
Jcampbell said on 29/Jun/22
He only looks an inch or so taller than an old Stallone so would think not even 5'10 but Sly is probably wearing lifts as usual
berta said on 23/Jun/22
not muthc taller than stallone. his 6 foot claim is way to high for him. possible range is 178,5-180. I think almosy 179 is what he would measure.
Thomas Shelby said on 28/May/22
Well He's more like 5'11"
Brockley said on 15/Apr/22
5'10.5 is Ok for him. He tends look this range. I wouldn't go above this listing nor much under it.
Vin Diesel said on 11/Apr/22
I think he is about 5‘10 1/2 looking at him standing next to big nasty.
Candyman00 said on 7/Apr/22
He looks around 5’11 next to Jim Fallon and Jamie Foxx. Jamie only appears to outheight them because he is closer to the camera and has obvious high heel boots on and possibly an internal shoe lift as well judging his ankle position. Fallon and Jordan both have similar heels and are closer together and about the same height with Jimmy having a slightly wider spread leg stance making him appear shorter than 5’11.5”
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 22/Mar/22
“ Ian Omom said on 20/Mar/22
@Celebheights 6'1,5 he look 0.75-1 inch taller than Jamie but Jamie's shoes is huge, i think Michael's height is solid.

179 cm”

Agreed. I’m in the minority of people who sees Jamie Foxx as nothing more or less than 5’9” flat on here. Michael B Jordan is definitely 4 centimeters taller.
Ian Omom said on 20/Mar/22
@Celebheights 6'1,5 he look 0.75-1 inch taller than Jamie but Jamie's shoes is huge, i think Michael's height is solid.

179 cm
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 18/Mar/22
Jamie Foxx has a footwear advantage in the photo I linked as well.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 18/Mar/22
I’m sorry, but Michael B Jordan is taller than Jamie Foxx:

Click Here

The beginning of Jamie Foxx’s hairline is lower than the beginning of Michael’s.
Jtm said on 12/Mar/22
clearly nothing over 5'10 to me. the only time he's ever looked taller is with stallone and that's because majority overrate stallone's height as well.
K.P said on 9/Mar/22
Just like Jake paul and KSI, it seems that having this body type where your head is on the smaller side and your limbs are long, with high can be 5'10.5 to 5'11 range and easily lie and say you're 6ft to 6'2.
Andrea said on 30/Dec/21
Would you say this is a "legit" photo, Rob? Click Here
Editor Rob

It looked real….It must exist on another site if it is.
Bobbyh3342 said on 30/Dec/21
5 10ish barefeet, with a pair of tim's he can reach his 6 foot claim
Dante Kuzman said on 16/Dec/21
After watching him in numerous roles over the years from 'That Awkward Moment' with Zac Efron to the 'Creed' movies with Sly and his appearances after, I have MBJ as pretty much 5'10 bang on, perhaps 5'10 and a quarter morning height.
LankyGuy said on 9/Dec/21
Click Here

Hey Rob, how tall do you think he is After these videos? The man next to him is Ernie Johnson who’s 6’1”. To me MBJ looks 5’8”/5’9” in this segment to be honest
Editor Rob
Maybe a little further away in that position, he was struggling with 5ft 10 range there!
Abhijit bhagavati said on 27/Nov/21
he might be slightly taller than jamie
Ehrin Snow said on 11/Oct/21
There are constant pictures of this man next to Jamie Foxx around the same height and Jamie is listed on here as 5'9. Take from that what you will.
San97 said on 15/Aug/21
I mean he looked shorter than ASAP there in pictures who’s 5’10 allegedly!!!
DM1001 said on 13/Jul/21
Click Here In this link he definitely forgot he’s shoe lifts cause he looks 5’8 to me for sure.
Duhon said on 11/Jul/21
I wonder how much Michael B. weighed in Creed 2? His character was listed at 214 lbs but also at 6'1" which we know he's not really. He certainly looked more pumped up from the first film Click Here
Editor Rob
214 seems slightly heavy for his real height
Motheo said on 8/Jul/21
def 5'11
177cm said on 7/Jun/21
I find it funny people in here are saying he’s 5’9” when he’s only slightly shorter than Chris Evans in pictures of them together and most people are in agreement that Evans is close to 6ft. I think 5’10.5” is fair for him
viper said on 17/May/21
looked clearly shorter than host Joe Lapuma who is 5ft 10.5.

Always thought Joe was 5-11, but you could be right
viper said on 17/May/21
Has always looked at least 5-10 to me
Aj06 said on 17/May/21
dont know why maybe but he always appeared as a 5'8ish guy to me but seeing him on screen he lookes about 2 inches taller then orginally thought 5'10 1/4
Joseph Hickey said on 16/May/21
Yeah around 5'10 looks good
Nzuben said on 15/May/21
This guy and Travis Scott are comedians for sure, both 5'9 flat claiming 6-0 6'1 LOL. Michael is 5'9 barefoot, 5'10½ in dress shoes, no more than that (not even on a good day), same as Travis.
kaycee said on 30/Apr/21
He looks too close to his co-star Jodie-Turner Smith in Without Remorse to be over 5'10.5 ..My guess is he wake up that height though , but throughout the day is 5'10 flat
Leesheff85 said on 14/Apr/21
He looks 7 inches shorter than Winston duke so I can't buy over a flat 5ft 10 for him
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 12/Apr/21
177 cm max
nalcus himai said on 21/Mar/21
this guy needs a serious down grade he looks as tall as jamie foxx who is only 5'9.Rob i think half an inch downgrade will do justice here
Carl Gallagher said on 13/Mar/21
Weak 5ft 10 would be his height. In a video where he was buying shoes at Complex, Michael looked clearly shorter than host Joe Lapuma who is 5ft 10.5.

In Black Panther, he wore elevator boots the whole time to match height with Chadwick.
Pragyan Bisht said on 4/Mar/21
The guys no more than 5'10 on a good dsy and 5'9 on a normal busy day .
BETA said on 14/Feb/21
Weak 5’11
QM6'1QM said on 12/Feb/21
178.5 cm, worst chance;
179.5 cm, best chance.
Vsquad said on 11/Feb/21
Jay Z only claims as high as 6'2, yet he literally looks north of 3 inches taller than a self-proclaimed 6footer in Michael. Those photos should say it all alone.
Vsquad said on 11/Feb/21
@mohammed elmskein

Michael is not the same height as Chris Evans and Chadwick. Chadwick edges him out in 90% of their photos together, and in Michael's photo with Chris he tried to raise his head to appear taller next to him (which he does all the time), yet he still looked shorter.

And btw, Chris isn't even a strong 6 footer himself, and Chadwick is 5'11 range. The fact that Michael still looks shorter than both of them is a strong testament to the fact that he absolutely doesn't touch 6ft.

Heck, Michael himself literally said he's only 6ft "on a good day" (even though that's still a lie).
Mbong said on 1/Feb/21
I find it hard to believe that this guy is 1.5in taller than Jamie Foxx after seeing them on numerous occasions. It's either Jamie Foxx is 5'10 (which is obviously impossible) or this guy is shorter than this listing. He looked at least an inch shorter than Trey Songz too. I think he is around 5'9.5-10, but no more.
mohamed elmsiken said on 27/Jan/21
he is 6 feet what are you all talking about hes the same height as chris evans and chadwik bosman
Black Noir said on 19/Jan/21
How tall is Winston duke in that pic with micheal rob? Is that also a good representation of there heights?
Editor Rob
I did think that photo was close to how they might look in person. MBJ certainly doesn't look a 6 footer beside Winston.
slim 6'1 said on 9/Jan/21
Pragyan Bisht said on 28/Dec/20
He's no more than 5'9 . Maybe on a good day 5'10
Click Here
Click Here
Mike Sui said on 9/Dec/20
5'10 on the dot, needs to be lowered abit.
John Mickey said on 4/Dec/20
I don’t understand what people mean when they say “on a good day” it’s just a way to get away with lying about your height. You can only be as tall as you are on a morning so why do people say on a good day lol. I would give this guy 5’10 1/4 I reckon he’s closer to 5’10 than 5’11 though
icberg said on 29/Oct/20
hi micheal b jordan and joe lapuma ont show complex basket lapuma mesure 1m78 micheal b jordan 1m77 get video on youtube 1min38 face to face get video tank my friends link video
Click Here
Tidus0825 said on 3/Oct/20
In a recent ad for Coach, someone guess his height to be between “5’9” to 5’10”, which he replied, “6 foot. Don’t be disrespectful; on a good day”.

Honestly, I think he is closer to 5’10 then 5’11. If he look at him with Zac Efron, he only every seems two inches taller, probably a little less.
Editor Rob
On a good day is quite subjective.

On a good day I'm 6ft 2...usually when I'm laying on the couch daydreaming.
Slim 6'1" said on 20/Sep/20
Nearer 5’10 than 5’11”
Robert Shaw said on 4/Sep/20
Rob, how do you think of Michael weight in the series Creed? I think in the 180 range maybe.
Editor Rob
at least that, a bit more I'd have thought actually
Hanz24 said on 3/Sep/20
I'm 5'8 but I claim 5'9 lol
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 23/Aug/20
Michael only look 5'10 with Winston Duke.
Vsquad said on 7/Aug/20
Looking at Michael next to Winston Duke alone proves his 6ft claim is crazy. Winston Duke only claims as high as 6'5, and there is so obviously more than just 5 inches between them.
JJJ75 said on 3/Jul/20
Rob, is 179 cm for a guy above average or just average?
Editor Rob
For an American like Michael, within average range, but a solid upper average.
Joseph177 said on 30/May/20
Rob is 5'10 1/4 completely ruled out or is it still a likely possibility? He does look 5'11 by himself but when he is with 5'9 range people he barely edges them out.
Editor Rob
He's looked 178 sometimes, but I don't think I seen enough to go with that, generally 179 range I would give him.
Sterling Heit said on 24/Apr/20
Its crazy he claims 6 foot. I'm 5'10.5-.7 and I even feel bad claiming 5'11
pov said on 26/Mar/20
He has a very good posture, one of the only people that can get away with standing the way he does without looking like a t**t. He is very height conscious but I think he'd measure 177cm at most. 5'9 3/4 for me, he probably measures around 5'11 in his big shoes, therefore claims 6 foot.
John Kerry said on 23/Mar/20
After viewing multiple photos of him and 5'9" actor Jamie Foxx, I've noticed that he only barely edges him out. I'm gonna give him 5'9.5" to 5'10"(176.5-177.8 cm)
Vsquad said on 10/Mar/20

But Michael is also raising his eyes in the photo (as he frustratingly does all the time), they're raised more than Jay Z's there.

But I do think if they both just looked straight ahead, Jay Z would have 3 inches over him. It looks like his eyes would be leveled with Michael's hairline, so that should be right.
Editor Rob
Jordan I think is a height-aware guy, which is obvious by raising his eyes a fair amount to feel taller.
P.ebz said on 6/Mar/20
My take is 5feet10
viper said on 26/Feb/20
And heres Jay Z with 6-2 Jalen Strong

Click Here

Click Here
Vsquad said on 24/Feb/20
Jay Z only claims as high as 6'2, yet he's got 4 inches on Michael who goes around claiming 6'0. Lol. That claim is thrown out the window with that photo alone.
Editor Rob
I wouldn't have thought that was 4 inches, he's raised his eyes up and has under 4 inch eyelevel there.
al001 said on 17/Feb/20
Sorry, 6’1.5* Jay Z.
al001 said on 16/Feb/20
Here with 6’1 Jay Z

Click Here

Definitely looks 3-4 inches shorter
Gearsbeast said on 28/Jan/20
Definitely 5'10
Vsquad said on 11/Jan/20
Michael edged out 5'11 Jimmy Kimmel yesterday... -

Click Here

... but as I suspected, it was because [Michael] was wearing a big boot (zoom in) -

Click Here

He's been wearing a lot of big shoes lately. Guess he has to live up to his 6ft claim somehow.
Editor Rob
Definitely a six footer in those boots.
6footTom said on 25/Dec/19

That picture doesn't really provide a solid angle to judge from.
Vsquad said on 15/Dec/19
Look at all of Michael's recent photos with self-claimed 5'9 Jamie Foxx (they're promoting their new movie). Michael literally only looks an inch taller.

If you want a real look at what 5'9 and 6'0 looks like together, look at a pair like Hayden Christensen with Ewan Mcgregor. You may just question what compelled Michael to make such a bold 2-inch inflation for himself.

I think it pretty much confirms that Rob's 5'10 listing is as accurate as ever.
Beej said on 20/Nov/19
Clearly a fan of wearing lifts.
TheBat said on 17/Nov/19
Typical 5'10.5" man claiming 6'0" lol
Trubiaky40 said on 30/Sep/19
This guy looks different every time I see him. And depending on who he’s photographed with.

Here is 5’9 Jamie Foxx looking TALLER than him. Or at least the same height. It’s an Instagram link, not sure how to post the link.

Click Here
Gyro said on 10/Sep/19
I'm pretty sure Michael wears insoles/height-increasing shoes (specially designed).

I never noticed how odd his shoes looked before until he started edging out people he shouldn't have. You can see it here with 5'11 Sterling K. Brown -

Click Here
Click Here

They're definitely not crazy like Robert Downey Jr's shoes, but they're noticeable.
Isaac Borunda said on 3/Jul/19
MICHAEL IS AROUND 5’10-5’10” 1/2
next to (5’9”)Jamie fox and (6’3”)Michael Shannon
Click Here
Click Here
James E said on 10/Jun/19
He has the exact same proportions as me, just more buff lol - the most he is, is 5’10. Solid average height dude, not short, not tall. No reason to be so self conscious at this height smh it’s a great height to be!!!
Twiga said on 18/May/19
Yeah, he’s definitely not 6 feet tall. I’m 6’2”, and he is at least 6 inches shorter than me, and I was wearing ballet flats every time I met him.
Sonnecker said on 15/Apr/19
Differently from many ones, I'd give him 180 cm clean, so about 5'10 3/4 or 7/8...
Kimblemur said on 13/Apr/19
6 foot claim is ridiculous haha, 5’9.5
Celebheightjr said on 29/Mar/19
How does this photo make sense rob , you have joivan wade at 5'8 but in this picture Michael b Jordan looks to have 4 inches on him in this pic

Click Here
Editor Rob
He can look 3-3.5 inches taller that moment (his eyes are raised so I don't think it looks as much as 4).
foxcov said on 24/Mar/19
with 183.5 cm Robert Pattinson Click Here if he is under 5'9... A$AP Rocky, Robert Pattinson, David Beckham need downgrade
TheBat said on 17/Mar/19

Chill out, no reason to be rude towards me at all lol. That's the only picture I could find with both of them standing. How about you just leave the site as a whole and take your hostility elsewhere.
Playb?ii said on 15/Mar/19
That pic with Jimmy Kimmel is stoopid lol theres no showing of od
f feet or anything and based on the way Michael is dressed he is most likely wearing dress shoes
Jay k said on 12/Mar/19
He is about 5,9 5.9.5 look at DJ envy’s og and you’ll see he look a inch shorter than marshawn Lynch, who is 5,11 nfl measured. Look up Michael b Jordan breakfast club and you’ll see he’s smaller than DJ envy who I believe is 5,10. He looks about the same build just more muscular than ASAP rocky .
TheBat said on 12/Mar/19
Lol the comments where people are saying Michael's under 5'10" are just not true. Yes his 6'0" claim is nonsense, but he's a flat 5'10" at the least. Especially next to 5'11.25" Jimmy Kimmel.

Click Here
Johann said on 2/Mar/19
Looks 5' 9 1/2" at most.
Playb?ii said on 28/Feb/19
Michael B is 5"9 same height & build as Jamie Foxx. thats why he got so offended by tht internet troll lol
KONE said on 25/Feb/19
There are a lot of photos of Jordan and Boseman, where Jordan seems to be taller or at least the same height. So they look pretty much the same. Generally speaking is it possible that Jordan looks taller because Boseman is closer to the camera?
Big Boy said on 21/Feb/19
Needs an upgrade. Y'all selling this man short. I watched Creed 2 and right before his first fight with Drago, he's barefoot and has a strong 5'11 frame. Not quite 6 feet but he's definitely well above 5'9 and 5'10..
Isaac Borunda said on 14/Feb/19
Angles can be deceiving but maybe 5’10”-5-10” 1/2
Chad still towers over him if he’s a legit strong 5’11”

Click Here
SMART BERRY said on 4/Feb/19
Any chance of him being a 180 cm / 5’11” guy ?
Editor Rob
5ft 10.75 is yet to be ruled out, but over 5ft 11 I think would be a stretch.
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Jan/19
I haven't seen Michael wear obvious lifts/elevators yet, though Carl Weathers was still at least 2" taller if he stood fully straight: Click Here
Bball said on 17/Jan/19
Do jimmy butler please, on net he is 6’8 but i dont think he is more than 6’6. But on the draft he was described as 6’6 without shoes tho.
Sotiris Gravas said on 14/Jan/19
Here he is trying to look as tall as now 6'0.5" Carl Weathers... Click Here Did Sly lend him some elevator shoes...?
Kevin said on 12/Jan/19
Yeah, 5'10.5" is just incredibly short.
olney28 said on 27/Dec/18
I swore he said he was 5'10 a while ago
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 17/Dec/18

Mesomorphs are naturally more athletic than endormorphs. Mesomorphic body types are designed to perform well physically. That's why you see that the vast majority of the greatest athletes in the world are mesomorphs.
KH said on 15/Dec/18
We sure this guy is 5'10 1/2? Seems more like 5'10 to possibly weak 5'10. He is totally unbelievable as a heavy weight boxer imo because even though he is all buffed up in the movies he has a medium frame to start with. Even a little shorter guy like Stallone was more believable as a heavy weight because he is a endomorph (large frame for his size) while someone like Jordan is a mesomorph (medium frame). Jordan's weight before he put on pounds for his boxing movies was probably 150-160lb range somewhere and even in those movies I doubt he weighed more then 180lbs tops.
ArjunaKorale said on 12/Dec/18
Jordan is a charismatic & likeable actor...there’s no doubt about that. I saw Creed II a few days ago & I’ve also seen Michael in several other films (Chronicle, Fantastic 4 & The Black Panther film). From these, I thought he was around 5 ft 11 (180cm) tall. Then I saw your listing & I looked at him again. Yes, 5 ft 10.5 is v plausible. In Creed II they publicise Michael’s height as 6 ft (just before his fight with Andre Ward), which is a 1.5 inch (4 cm) increase on his true height. By the way, I thought that the fights with Munteanu were ridiculous & not at all believable. It wasn’t so much the height discrepancy (5 to 5.5”) between the two boxers - it was more the difference in weight & size between the two. It would have meant that a light heavyweight faced off against a super heavyweight. In a REAL BOXING RING promotion, where safety is of concern, they would have never put Jordan & Munteanu together!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 11/Dec/18
Was he originally listed at 5'10?
Editor Rob
I'm sure at one point he might, but has been on this mark a few years now.
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Dec/18
@CDS: Thanks and yeah that's what I'd expect since I've always had Carl at least 6'1" peak while I think 6'0.5" is the most Ford could have been and 6'0.25" is more probable so actually, I'd even expect a current Carl Weathers to be taller than prime Ford!

The difference between Jordan and Teller can vary. It's not too big here: Click Here
CDS said on 6/Dec/18
Well this should probably go over on either Harrison Ford or Carl weather's page, but if you notice on basically solid ground and similar footwear, yes rising you are the master, I would say Carl does actually edge out Ford: Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 5/Dec/18
@CDS: I'll watch that film again soon because I'd be very surprised if Ford looked as tall as Weathers on solid ground. I do know that Weathers had at least 2" and very possibly more on 5'11" Billy Dee Williams in Dangerous Passion. Rob met Weathers in 2010, 2012 and 2015 and thought he was at still around 6'1" or a fraction under. He actually still looks as tall as 6'1" listed Philip Winchester: Click Here Click Here Click Here Even though Carl looks much younger, he's 70 now so there's a good chance he's lost at least a fraction. I don't think he's the 6'2" he always claimed to be or the Oakland Raiders listed him at, but I think a solid 6'1" peak is pretty safe for him.

Back to Jordan, I'd take any photos with Efron with a grain of salt if you can't see their feet. Case in point: Click Here
MrTBlack said on 3/Dec/18
The difference between 5’10.5” and 6’1” is big. He also looks 40lbs lighter.
Michael, 5'10" 178 cm said on 3/Dec/18
He was shorter than Chadwick Boseman in Black Panther so this sounds right. He looked like 2 inches taller than Stallone in Creed who is under 5’9” these days, so MBJ is definitely not 6’0” like he claims, but he is more like a strong 5’10” or weak 5’11”. I’ll say 5’10 1/2” minimum for him because he can give an above average height impression on screen.
CDS said on 3/Dec/18
@rising: is/was weathers the full 6'1"? Its been a long time since I last saw the 1978 film, force 10 from navarone, but I could've sworn I read on here someplace, a comment that 6'0.75" (peak) Harrison Ford edged him out by a tad in that film, and a lot on here don't even think Ford was ever quite that tall. I wish I could find the comment, but checked both ford and weather's page, and can't seem to. Remembering what he looked next to Stallone in the original, Rocky, films, he no doubt looked like he could've been that tall. Not sure about any height loss?
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Nov/18
@CDS: I have no doubt Weathers was a legit 6'1" peak since he can still pull that off at times, but I'm fairly certain he's somewhere between 6'0.5"-6'1" now. Either way, much bigger than Jordan since I think Rob is probably spot on with his listing. Jordan is about 2" taller than Sly when Sly doesn't wear lifts. I believe Sly has lost perhaps half an inch since the first 2 Expendables, though. He might have just said 6' because that's what he wants to be. Though claiming an in shoe round up would be the same thing lol. Jordan does appear to have a short eye level though so he might appear taller than he is at times.
CDS said on 27/Nov/18
should be pointed out too interesting enough,, In the movie, creed 2, dolph lundgren, as Drago Sr., says to creed,,, you are much smaller than your father (Apollo creed AKA Carl weathers). Weathers who I would guess to be a legitimate six footer..
CDS said on 27/Nov/18
Just seen "creed 2", and very hard to estimate Jordan's height, with Stallone wearing lifts all the time, but seeing that pic below with him and 6'0.25" miles teller, I'd say he's a little over 5'10" barefoot, end of day, so somewhere between 5'11" and 6' in shoes, maybe his 6' claim was an in-shoes, round up? Pretty common. In, "creed 2", he only looked an inch or 2 taller than sly, but I think that was about the difference between sly and Bruce Willis in the recent, "expendables" films, and I'd say the same height for Bruce.
Matt T said on 25/Nov/18
Next to 6ft listed Miles Teller, lol at him claiming 6ft tall, guy's lucky to be anywhere near 5'11. Prob a strong 5'9-weak 5'10 max.

Click Here
SportsHeight said on 23/Nov/18
@Juby "Jordan cut down to between 188 to 191 pounds for Creed II", according to his trainer.
Duhon said on 22/Nov/18
Side by side with Florian the young Drago actor Click Here
Zampo said on 21/Nov/18
The more I see of him, I think 5'10.5 is OK.
Juby said on 20/Nov/18
He also weighted "around 184 lbs" in Black Panther Click Here
If it's true, than he actually might weight more in Creed II where he looked even bigger. Hmm...
Editor Rob
Yeah, cutting down he could have been 185
Juby said on 20/Nov/18
Duhon said on 26/Jun/18
How much do you think Michael weighs here? Click Here
Editor Rob
Over 190 pounds

Sorry Rob, but no way. If he's only 5'11 or less, he can't weight +190 being so shredded. Christian Bale weighted 190-192 lbs during filming Batman Begins, and he looked like this: Click Here - Christian wasn't as ripped as Michel and Bale is taller (183 cm). Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel was 186-193 lbs and Henry was bigger than Michael is. I would say 185 lbs max. for M.B.Jordan in Creed II.

Althought, according to this article in Man's Health he was 188-191 lbs: Click Here
It's hard to believe, but I heven't seen film yet.
Editor Rob
Well he's been under 180 at times, but at his most impressive I think just over 190 pounds is very possible.
Duhon said on 27/Sep/18
With the new Drago Click Here
Tifi said on 12/Sep/18
A strong 5'9 at best
Peter175 said on 15/Aug/18
He has tons of pictures and videos with zac efron and there is no way he's more than 6 cm on zac.
179 at his absolute best.

Also ballsy of him to say he's 6ft when Boseman listed himself as 182 cm and he's clearly an inch or more taller
Rising - 174 cm said on 8/Aug/18
@Gracian: Jordan looks 2" max taller than Sly in the first pic you posted and appears to have a bit more footwear. Here's another pretty good pic from that premiere: Click Here and video: Click Here Jordan looks 2" taller than Sly, but Sly isn't taller than 5'8.5" these days and Jordan also looks at least 2" shorter than 6'0.5"-6'1" range Carl Weathers. Unfortunately, it's difficult finding good pics because Sly likes to stand closer to the camera, but some of the other pics you posted are taken from the side with Jordan closer to the camera making the difference look greater. I can't find any neutral pics from that other event, but when Sly has the advantage, it looks less than 2": Click Here I think you can argue either 5'10.5" or 5'10.75", but he doesn't really look taller than listed with Sly, especially since Sly might be only 5'8"-5'8.25".
Gracian said on 2/Aug/18
Rob, I think Jordan really deserve an upgrade, you can see him next to Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, Chadwick Boseman, Mila Kunis and Winston Duke: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
And besides in his photos next to Bradley Cooper, Jordan is farther away from the camera than Cooper, and when he looks up, it works to his disadvantage: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
However, when they stand at a similar distance, and when Jordan is looking straight ahead, there is definitely no two inch difference between them: Click Here
Rob, will you give him an upgrade to 5'10.75"?
Editor Rob
I'm 50/50 on that, at times I think 10.75 looks quite arguable, other times 10.5 seems possible...he does have a chance of measuring almost 5ft11, but 6ft barefoot is highly unlikely. Maybe he measured 6ft in shoes.
MAD SAM said on 2/Jul/18
Maybe 5’11” at 180 cm Rob he doesn’t seem that far from Chadwick ?
robstone said on 30/Jun/18
Doesn't look much taller then 5'9 jamie foxx. I would say 5'9.5-5'10 for him
Duhon said on 26/Jun/18
How much do you think Michael weighs here? Click Here
Editor Rob
Over 190 pounds
Prince. Late-bloomer said on 25/Jun/18
He is 5 feet 10 at most
RP said on 21/Jun/18
5’10.75” barefoot & 6’0” in shoes.
Jaffars said on 20/Jun/18
Rob, here's Michael with Bradley Cooper -

Click Here

Like I said in an earlier comment, once again Michael's eye level is so close to yet another legit 6fter (Bradley) but the top of their heads clearly shows difference. I know Michael's raising his head again which you told me would give him advantage in other photos, but still, I feel even if he dropped it the difference would be the same (as in, minimal)...
Editor Rob
Raising eyes vs lowering eyes suddenly makes Coopers eyes nearer 5-5.2.5 and Michael's eyelevel like 4 inch max, but I think there may still be at least 1.5 inches between them.
Zampo said on 16/May/18
Doubt he is the full 5'11, the guy has impeccable posture, so he is looking 181 cm in most photo's as most of the people around him are standing a little looser but he is standing possibly at his measured height even. I have analysed him quite a bit and I would say Chadwick Boseman is about 2 cm taller than him (difficult to pinpoint). I think he would be no higher than 5'10.75 but also no lower than 5'10.5. Same range as Mischa Collins, Brian Austin Green and Matt Dawson.
Ventri said on 15/May/18
Looks 5'10" at absolute most, and less would not be shocking. Loved him in Black Panther.
Smiles03 said on 11/May/18
5'10 1/2 5'11 with shoes on
Gracian said on 11/May/18
Rob, you said 5'10.75" is a good option for Michael. You also said that Michael has a better chance of almost 5'11" than Andrew Garfield. Rob, I think it's time to upgrade a quarter of an inch for him.
Guest66 said on 27/Apr/18
I like the guy and think he has a great personality. But he is a “height aware” type for sure. He forces his posture a lot to look straight as an arrow and never really look just casually relaxed on photos. I remeber people were guessing him even a bit below of 5’10 before he claimed to be 6ft. I say he can be anywhere in between of 5’10 and 5’11, it’s hard to pinpoint because of his posture.
Smiles03 said on 23/Apr/18
I'll give him a medium 5'11
Gracian said on 17/Apr/18
Rob, Michael looks at least two inches higher than Nate Parker (listed as 5'9) and Lupita Nyong'o looks very short next to Jordan. Please, Rob take a look at this photo: Click Here
Please, Rob, give Michael an upgrade to at least 5'10.75".
Editor Rob
The 10.75 figure is a good possibility.
EdD_171.4cm said on 13/Apr/18
In Black Panther, he looked far more physically imposing than Chadwick Boseman, even in height stature. Of course, he was wearing boots in most of the movie and may have had built-in lifts in the alternate Panther costume, but he just seemed larger than Chadwick. I'm going to give Michael a 5-11 guess listing since I thought he was just shy of 6'0, but I will wait until you get a chance to stand next to him Rob.
Kevin said on 12/Apr/18
As listed. He's nowhere near 6ft.
Tallish89 said on 10/Apr/18
Nothing more than a strong 5'9
kev said on 9/Apr/18
most actors claim 3 or 4cm taller. i'd say 179cm
Jafars said on 31/Mar/18
Rob, why is Michael eye level with so many guys taller than him? He always has his head shaved but you can still clearly see that guys like Miles Teller's head tops are taller than his, but yeah his eye level still matches up with theirs identically that it gives the illusion he's as tall if not almost-as tall unless you look properly.

Is it because he has a small head and has a clean cut all the time? Is his eye level higher/lower than usual?
Editor Rob
Slight raise of eyes and suddenly you can have a 4 inch eyelevel.
Cameron 15 years old (5'9.5) said on 29/Mar/18
He always looks about an inch or sometimes an inch in a quarter shorter then Chadwick. Also forever one saying he looked taller in then Chadwick in Black Panther is because he was wearing boots while Chad was wearing sandals
5'10 lad said on 24/Mar/18
I think a little taller than this. 5’10’75
5'10 lad said on 24/Mar/18
I think a little taller than this. 5’10’75
Emmanuel said on 22/Mar/18
Was clearly about 2cm taller than Boseman in Black Panther and Boseman is listed at 5'11.5 on website so why the 5'10.5 listing? Definitely needs an upgrade to at least 6'0
Matt99 said on 19/Mar/18
5’10 5/8 listing would be perfect, possible rob?
Frost said on 5/Mar/18
He does look nearer 5'11 than 5'10
The Answer said on 3/Mar/18
We need to figure out how tall Joe from Complex is that will help solve alot of heights. I have heaerd he is 5"11 he looks abt 2" shorter than 6"1 Joey Bada$$ and in the Video Michael B Jordan looks at best 5"9 next to him
Faza said on 27/Feb/18
At best he could be 5ft11 but looks a weak one in general maybe his 6ft claim was in shoes i think 179 maybe 180cm from what i gave seen of him if he really was 6ft than tony bellew is around 6ft4 easy
Tall Sam said on 26/Feb/18
@5'11", Jordan probably had a footwear advantage at times in the movie, there's a lot of premiere photos where they're both in dress shoes and Boseman is pretty consistently looking about an inch taller than Jordan.
Tallish89 said on 26/Feb/18
First off Zac efron is only 172.7cm (5'8) claims 5'10

Here is Michael B Jordan an 1.5inch at most taller estimate (5'9.5) claims 6'0 rofl

Click Here

Google for more strong 5'9 that's probably why he got mad at that meme
Quinn said on 25/Feb/18
Why would you guys expect him to tell the exact barefoot truth about his height when 99% of men lie or unknowingly give a higher amount?
electricblue said on 24/Feb/18
rob. you think it's possible he could hit 6ft in shoes if he was 5 10.5? i'm 6 1.75 and in my shoes i hit 6 2.5. admittedly i dont know if thats normal or not.
Editor Rob
If he was 5ft 11 barefoot, then claiming 6ft in shoes is what many would do.
5'11" said on 24/Feb/18
Looked same height or taller than Chadwick in Black Panther and is 4” taller than Jamie bell
Matt99 said on 24/Feb/18
@Khakim he most likely wore lifts that were around the 2.5inch mark and Chadwick most likely had flats.
Khakim said on 24/Feb/18
in black panther he looked 2-3 inch taller than chadwick and chadwick listed as 182???
Tall Sam said on 23/Feb/18
He claims six foot because the guy on twitter claimed Jordan was 5'9" like himself...maybe "almost 5'11"" or "six feet in good shoes" doesn't sound as good.
Foxtrot1 said on 23/Feb/18
He's a regular at my neighbourhood movie theatre whenever he's filming in Toronto, I've run into him a few times. I'm 177 cm and he's easily 2" taller than me, I think he's dead on six feet. He also looks bigger because he is insanely fit.
Wedd said on 23/Feb/18
Rob he's definitely not 6 ft, his appearances with guys like Miles Teller confirm that. But the difference is never more than an inch [with those guys]. Can you give him a bump to 180 at LEAST? He looks way taller than other guys you have listed at the same height, and not just because of his proportions. He's stood fairly well with other 6 fters.
Editor Rob
He did look nearly 4 inches on someone like Jamie Bell, but over an inch under miles I would have thought...
Matt99 said on 23/Feb/18
Rob this listing is perfect, but would you also consider a 5'10.75 listing? His Instagram pics are convincing enough for that listing, although he has that try and be tall as possible stance in a a lot of those pics. He might also be wearing a thick boot or sneakers too.
Editor Rob
He can look close to 5ft 11 at times, it may not be impossible 10.75
BuddaLover said on 23/Feb/18
He just said he was 6ft on Twitter. Not mad at that
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 22/Feb/18
So he got mad at a dude saying he's 5'9 on twitter and retailiated that he was 6'. If he really is 5'10½, that's the same deviation of inaccuracy. Lol
Editor Rob
Sometimes he actually pulled off looking near 6ft, other times he looks 5ft 10.5...maybe he is claiming a 6ft in shoes, which isn't entirely unbelievable.
Peter Syme said on 22/Feb/18
He really just claimed 6ft on twitter... lol
DPH said on 22/Feb/18
He looked way taller in Black Panther compared to Boseman, however, since his character was also bigger (more muscular) than Boseman's it's obvious he is supposed to look intimidating. They probably gave him lifts to be taller than Boseman.
Tall Sam said on 22/Feb/18
Generally I'd say he looks more or less as listed with Chadwick in stills, maybe 5'10.25" at the lowest. On the other hand, Jordan could pass as 5'11" maybe in the shots from Comic-Con there but might be sporting a thicker sneaker.
Click Here

Rob, could you add Black Panther to the credits too.
Chase said on 22/Feb/18
He generally looks 5’10-10.5 range. Definitely close to an inch above the U.S. population average. I think 5’10.25 is on the dot.
The Answer said on 20/Feb/18
yes he is more of a 5"9 guy ish abt the Same as A$AP Rocky( actually he was a tad bit shorter than Rocky) and also jus check out the newly released Complex Shoe Shopping with him lol He is 2" shorter than Joe La Puma who I have heard is 5"11
SUKO said on 16/Feb/18
there's a picture of him recently with Chad Wick(5'11) in the premier of the Black Panther and he really looks more of a 5'9 although he is wearing Nike sneakers with big sole.
Luker said on 14/Feb/18
I don't know if it's been mentioned here already, but I've looked at Jordan's footwear at some premieres and they seem to be the size of some of Bradley Cooper's collection.

Either way though... he keeps fluctuating between an inch to 2 inches under Miles Teller. Also he is much closer to Chris Evans than Aaron Taylor-Johnson (who is also listed at 179), so... I wouldn't hesitate to bump this guy up to 180.
MD said on 9/Feb/18
With 5'8" Terrance J. (middle).

Click Here

Also shows Lance Gross has been frauding with his 6'0" listing for years. lol
The Answer said on 7/Feb/18
Rob how can you list him @ 5"10 1/2 when he is cleary shorter than ASAP Rocky when they are both in dress shoes. He also barely looks taller than a 5"8 Bryson Tiller
Editor Rob
Asap can look over 5ft 10. I think he had a thicker Boot that day than other people, but you couldn't rule out Asap near 5ft 10.5.
Beej said on 2/Feb/18
Many actors are much slimmer than you imagine. This can transfer to looking taller if they have good proportions - esp if in excellent physical condition. Jordan appears about 5, 10 ish.
Real Fannn said on 18/Jan/18
I agree on him being more of a 5"9 guy theres a pic of him with 5"10 A$AP Rocky who he looks just a tad bit shorter than and also he is abt the same height as Bryson Tiller who is listed as 5"8

Click Here
Tonyx said on 27/Dec/17
With a 6ft tall Chris Evans.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Afnan said on 16/Nov/17
He's more like a 5 foot 9.75, he came to my middle school last year when I was 8th grade and he was like 3 inches taller than me. I'm 5 foot 6 and 5 foot 6.5 on a good day.
Grit said on 11/Nov/17
I see a strong 5'11"
Tonyx said on 26/Oct/17
I want to know his reach/arm span.
Click Here
Peter181cm said on 10/Sep/17
He is 1.78m - 1.79m ;-)
But not more than 1.79m!!
Spencer said on 9/Sep/17
Looks 5'11 ish in Creed.
Rising - 174 cm said on 31/Jul/17
He could measure up pretty decently to 6'1" Carl Weathers at the Creed premiere so I highly doubt he's less than 179 cm.
Hironaka said on 19/Jun/17
Same case as Jake Gyllenhaal. He is 5'11 1/2"!!!
jyr said on 29/May/17
i always assumed 5'9ish from the movies i've sseen
RisingForce said on 5/May/17
The reason Sly looks near his height in Creed is because Sly wore lifts for at least some scenes in that film. At the premiere with Sly in dress shoes, you could see Jordan had near 2" on Sly by that point: Click Here As for Leto, Jordan could look just an inch taller, but the best pics I've seen aren't full ones and Leto had boots. Leto in those same boots could look about the same height as Colin Farrell, who is listed here at 5'10" and I'd say is a good 5'9.5". As for Teller, Jordan can actually look close to his height at times. Isn't Teller a 6 foot guy who claims 6'1"? If that's true, Jordan actually looks a solid 5'11" in this photo: Click Here Certainly, Jordan looks taller with Teller than a near 5'10" J.K. Simmons does. This listing seems fine.
Sam said on 24/Jan/17
He can appear taller in films but there's enough photo evidence below to convince me he's a weak 5'10". He's put on some muscle but I think his naturally longish neck and good posture can make him appear as a taller guy.
Mr.Right said on 11/Dec/16
I thought he was close to 5'11" but after seeing the pics with Miles Teller and Jared Letto he is starting to look closer to 5'9.5".
anon said on 25/Oct/16
Dmeyer he was good in creed imo and a lot of it based on looks, He is a very good looking guy So no wonder they might try and bill this guy as the next denzel, I agree with your comment on charisma etc but he is hardly a bad actor.

No one is on denzel's level in terms of acting, guy is class
Dmeyer said on 15/Sep/16
Chiwetel ejiofor has à much better chance to be the next Denzel than b Jordan , i thaught he wasnt good in creed , he didnt have the charm or charisma that sly had
comeon... said on 13/Sep/16
So either this guy needs a downgrade or Kobe Bryant needs an upgrade...

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Aug/16
charlie said on 19/Mar/16
Michel is very tall I would say he is 5 foot 8 because in creed he looks a tiny bit taller than Sly who is around 5 foot 6. Remember sky is old now so hes shrunk with age and in the beginning he was never tall. In the 1980s sly was around 5 foot 8. Michael B Jordan is 5 foot 8 inches

Stupid comment
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Aug/16
Rob, any guesses for Tony Bellew?

He's been listed 6ft2½
toor said on 5/Aug/16
Hi rob , in Creed Sylvester Stallone is about 173 cm-174 cm without the hat , and Michael looks exactly an inch taller so isn't there a chance that Michael is 177cm- 178cm.
ahmed said on 31/Jul/16
Hi Rob , i watched creed last night and he looked around 174-176 cm tall , and sylvester stallone looked 170-173 cm .He definately is not 179 cm .Please clarify.
Isaiah said on 24/Apr/16
I thougt you were 5,11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Mar/16
Around 5ft10½-5ft10¾. Not convinced he's as high as 5ft11½ though. He doesn't have 3-4in on Stallone
charlie said on 19/Mar/16
Michel is very tall I would say he is 5 foot 8 because in creed he looks a tiny bit taller than Sly who is around 5 foot 6. Remember sky is old now so hes shrunk with age and in the beginning he was never tall. In the 1980s sly was around 5 foot 8. Michael B Jordan is 5 foot 8 inches
Sam said on 2/Mar/16
Did look around 4 inches shorter than former pro boxer Tony Bellew, who has a possibly measured height of 6'2.5", in Creed. Bellew has a big barrel chest and torso that Jordan could never match but I thought Jordan actually looked more formidable in his arms and shoulders! Generally he looked about 1.5 inches taller than Stallone, who I doubt was wearing lifts on this one. Jordan is really excellent in it.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Feb/16
Blink said on 10/Jan/16
Rob, how much would you say he weighed on Creed?
Editor Rob: not seen it yet

He claimed 180 in the film and looked about that I think.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Feb/16
@Rob, can you add Creed and Fantastic Four first and That Awkward Moment? Probably best known for Creed now I think. Looked about 2 inches taller than Stallone in Creed, I was guessing 5'10.5-5'11, though you can never be sure if Sly is packing a lift!
Axaros said on 31/Jan/16
I thought he was 5'10.5" too, however, after watching him compared to Efron I actually think he's 5'10" at most
Kourosh said on 15/Jan/16
On creed he looked about 6'0 hah thats why we should never trust the camera angles in movies.
Blink said on 10/Jan/16
Rob, how much would you say he weighed on Creed?
Editor Rob
not seen it yet
lelman said on 3/Jan/16
It's only just clicked that this is Wallace from The Wire. Dang! In that I'd say he looked around 5'10", but he was what, 15 when that was being filmed? I'd say 5'10.5" is pretty reasonable.


Come on, he is dropping a good inch of height there, while Zac is standing up straight. There is easily 2, 2.5 inches between them.
MD said on 29/Dec/15
@John, funny, I saw the movie and my first thought was how tall Stallone looked in comparison. I expected him to look much shorter. Michael has the kind of build that can make him look a bit taller than he is, but he's really 5'10" and maybe some change.
John said on 26/Dec/15
Looked around a strong 5'11 with Stallone in Creed.
TJE said on 9/Dec/15
A true 179er. I'd go as far to put him at a weak 5'11, but he carries himself quite well. I bet he can still edge out Andrew Garfield.
Idk said on 5/Oct/15
177-178 max
MD said on 10/Aug/15
More reference shots.

With Jamie Bell, Kate Mara, and Miles Teller:

Click Here

Click Here

With Toby Kebbell added in:

Click Here
james said on 8/Aug/15
jimmy kimmel is without a shadow of a doubt, 180cm, nothing more, he looks around 2cm taller than MB Jordan in the photo mentioned by MD, Maybe 178cm flat?? it looks possible.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 30/Jun/15
He's clearly 2-3 inches taller than Sylvester Stallone in the photos.
MD said on 28/Apr/15
With a 5'11.25" Jimmy Kimmel:

Click Here
james said on 27/Jan/15
Spot on 179cm
Realist said on 16/Aug/14
Correct 5'10-5'11. Looks closer in height to Miles Teller than Efron.
Max M. said on 28/Jul/14
Micheal is 5,11
Sean.rt said on 10/Apr/14
Anyone know what Alex Russell from Chronicle could be?
chrisssss said on 12/Mar/14
Jared leto wears lifts on off, so you can always tell, in that pic he was wearing about 2inch lifts making him 5'11, plus his 1inch boots, while michael b was wearing dress shoes that normally give 1inch, so that explains it, michael b jordan is 5'10/5'10.5
MD said on 18/Feb/14
With a 5'9"(ish) Columbus Short:

Click Here
truth said on 11/Feb/14
yes he is 5ft10.5 that is what I am saying, he is close to 5ft11.
Jeremy said on 8/Feb/14
@ chris 182 cm.

Ofcourse Zac is in lifts. but small lifts tho. Everyone would have done the same with those tall girls becoming taller in heels.
MD said on 7/Feb/14
@truth, I don't understand your post in response to the pictures I posted. Are you saying Jared is 5'10" and some change? I'm really confused, because you first say close to 5'11", which I don't see either of them looking in either of those shots knowing Michael's not over 5'10.5". I think my pictures show that he's (Michael) certainly is no taller than currently listed.
ajcf1995 said on 6/Feb/14
I agree with MD on this one. This guy's clearly 5'10" at most.
truth said on 6/Feb/14
Comparing him to Jared Leto, by the looks of it looks close to 5ft11, I guess he might be 5ft10 and some spare change.
Chris 182 cm said on 5/Feb/14
We just don't know if Zac wears lifts. We just know that we would all tap that, but there's nothing else that is definite. Let's focus on Michael.
MD said on 5/Feb/14
With 5'9" Jared Leto (second pic shows footwewar):

Click Here

Click Here
Balrog said on 4/Feb/14
Also on that pic, floor is tilted in Zac's favor
MD said on 3/Feb/14
I said it my very first post, but knowing that Zac may wear lifts is exactly why we shouldn't be comparing Michael and Zac's height. We have Miles Teller to compare Michael to. Zac's height can be all over the map.
Vic said on 1/Feb/14
Click Here

If Zac is listed as 5'8" in this site, then Michael can't be 2.5" taller than him. I'd say he's 5'9" max based on that picture if Zac is 5'8". He's wearing taller heels too.
Heylo said on 31/Jan/14
He is most likely somewhere between 178-180 so i think 179cm is a good listing. Michael can look a lot taller because he is afro-american. They tend to have longer legs and arms than White people in general and that's probably why they dominate Running sports and look taller than they really are.

A good example is Michael Jackson who looked pretty tall (5.11-6ft or even more) with his proportions and slim build but he was really just average at 5.9-5.10
Jack said on 30/Jan/14
He does not seem short, and I would guess about 5'11 or 6'0.
xaoxio said on 28/Jan/14
Click Here Rob, get real. Michael is 5'10"
MD said on 28/Jan/14
With Efron and Teller:

Click Here
MD said on 27/Jan/14
Well, just look through the media tour he's on. Either Miles Teller has to be raised, or Michael is less than 5'11". This much is pretty obvious, now.
Byron T. said on 25/Jan/14
Looks 5'11'' max.
MD said on 25/Jan/14
Rob, more photos with 6'0" Miles Teller on their media tour:

Click Here

Michael is much more 5'10" (aybe 5'10.25") than he is 5'11".

His build is almost identical to mine, except he's most likely heavier. I wouldn't call him skinny. He's nothing less than 160lbs, I'd guess. As Americans, where the average weight for a man is upwards of 190lbs at only 5'9.5", we are a bad judge of what normal is or should be. I'd not at all Michael "skinny" by any normal defintion.

But, again, he has some really long arms that kind of stretch him out, if that makes sense. It makes him look taller. I'm only 5'11", but with a 6'4" wingspan, I can look taller when in pictures by myself. I'd say that he has a similar wingspan, and if you photograph him from about the thighs up, he can look like a 6'2" guy. Here is a picture showing his long arms:

Click Here
Editor Rob
he can look about 179, although I don't think he looks 178 very often.
kevin said on 23/Jan/14
i thought more like 178-79cm max
Anon said on 23/Jan/14
I saw a screening for that akward moment, and have to agree with MD, Michael B. Jordan looked closer in height to Zac Efron than Miles Teller. Granted Efron was probably wearing lifts to make himself look taller, however I think 177-178 is a better shout out than 180.

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