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Peak: 6ft 1.65in (187.1cm)
Current: 6ft 0.39in (183.9cm)
jtm said on 2/Jan/11
i heard connery has claimed 6'1.5 in the past.
Mister_Lennon said on 2/Jan/11
In sweet liberty, Alda was a little bit tallere than Caine, almost the same. Same that Connery with Caine. So,i think that both Alda and Connery are true 6'2 footers and Caine was close to 6'2 at peak, but not a true 6'2. Like a strong 6'1.
Shadow2 said on 2/Jan/11
Just a dumb question everyone, but if Sean Connery is now agreed on this site to have been 6'2" peak, and in 1975's "The Man who would be King" he was (consistently) slightly taller than Caine, then how is it that Caine can also be 6'2"?? Was Caine 6'1.5"?, or 6'1"?. In 1986's "Sweet Liberty", Caine is in scenes with legit 6'2" Alan Alda, so what height does Caine seem to be there, compared to Alda?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jan/11
I don't upgrade everyone, Anonymous...For instance I think Caine was almost 6"2 at peak but not quite but today I still think he may be a fraction over 6"1
Ben Bentz said on 21/Dec/10
I am 6ft 3ins and Caine is almost as tall as I am. I just stood next to him --so he must be 6 ft 2 in
Ian Fawn-Meade said on 16/Dec/10
Michael Caine was 6'1" on "Zulu"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Nov/10
In the Prestige he looks 2-3cm shorter than 189cm Hugh Jackman.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Nov/10
186cm now and 187-188cm peak
James said on 6/Nov/10
184cm today and 186-187cm peak
Pamco said on 5/Nov/10
Looked shorter than Hugh Jackson in 'Prestige' by a few cm, would guess his peak was 187 cm and he's 185 now.
James said on 21/Oct/10
In Alife I thought he looked an even 6'1 1/2.
Frank2 said on 9/Jul/09
I worked on the original GET CARTER. Caine was listed by MGM publicity as being 6'1". He's always looked that height to me. In DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, Caine was 2" taller than 5'11" Steve Martin. I've met Martin and he definitely 5'11". No question about it. We were eye-to-eye the exact, same height.
TNTinCA said on 6/Jul/09
He still looked like he had 2 inches of height on Bale in The Dark Knight. Doesn't appear to me that he has lost that much height.
Hugh 191cm said on 6/Jul/09
187cm max.
Lenad said on 3/Jul/09
At least 187cm nowadays Hugh? These days hes probably 186cm max
Lenad said on 25/Jun/09
I can buy 6ft1 at the lowest
Hugh 191cm said on 23/Jun/09
A legit 6ft2 in the cider house rules. A very solid 6ft1 in get carter. 6ft2ish in the Italian job. 187-188cm in batman begins.
Anonymous said on 23/Jun/09
188cm peak and 187cm now. Looked close to hugh jackmans height.
Lenad said on 22/Jun/09
186-187cm probably
Hugh 190cm said on 22/Jun/09
187cm nowadays.
Lenad said on 22/Jun/09
He looked 189-190cm in Educating Rita but hes obviously never been that high. Looked 186-187cm in Sleuth. Caine probably wasnt quite 6'2 being realistic. Probably not under 6ft1 but definitly not over 6ft2 either.
James said on 19/Jun/09
Yeah I think up untill the mid 80's Michael Caine was 6'2, nowadays in the 185-186 range
Hugh 190cm said on 19/Jun/09
Caine at 6ft2 peak is definate and is still close.
Hugh 190cm said on 18/Jun/09
I'll admit that he looked 6ft1ish in sleuth.
Lenad said on 17/Jun/09
6ft2ish in alfie 187cm min 189cm max
tubbs said on 16/Jun/09
Lenad, I agree with you aboout him in Educating Rita, he looked huge, after I saw that movie i thought he was 6'3".......i'm one of only a few people who have seen his movie Shadow Run, it's so bad I bet Caine hasn't seen it, anyway, he's noticably taller than 6'1" James Fox, and has atleast 2" on 6ft Leslie Grantham.
Lenad said on 15/Jun/09
6ft1ish in Get Carter 184cm min 186cm max
Hugh 190cm said on 12/Jun/09
Well Christopher Reeves was 6ft4.
James said on 11/Jun/09
I remember Christopher Reeve looked noticibly taller than Caine
Lenad said on 10/Jun/09
I watched a bit of Educating Rita and I swear he looked a solid 6ft2 and could pass for 6ft3!
James said on 8/Jun/09
6'2 in Alife as well
Hugh 190cm said on 6/Jun/09
I'll admit he didn't quite look 6ft2 next to Steve Martin. But I definately saw a strong 6ft2 in Cider House Rules.
Lenad said on 5/Jun/09
In Alfie I saw 187-188cm, I saw 187-188cm in Cider house rules and in sleuth I saw 186-187cm in the Quiet American and Sleuth.
James said on 4/Jun/09
Yeah I am kinda with Hugh on this one to an extent. But Caine did look 187cm in Dirt Rotten Scoundrels.
Hugh 190cm said on 4/Jun/09
I also saw 188-189cm in The Cider House Rules and 187cm in Batman Begins and Dark Knight. 187-188cm in the Quiet American.
Hugh 190cm said on 4/Jun/09
I saw 189cm in Educating Rita, 188cm in Alfie and 186-187cm in Sleuth.
James said on 3/Jun/09
Yeah Lenad he did look tall in Alfie like 6'2.
Lenad said on 3/Jun/09
I now think 185cm min. I saw 185-186 in Get Carter but 187-188 in Alfie
James said on 2/Jun/09
Hugh glenn did see Michae Caine at only 6ft though.
Hugh 190cm said on 30/May/09
Maybe his posture wasn't great. I buy 6ft1.5 now.
James said on 28/May/09
I agree Lenad even back in Get Carter 6'2 seemed quite extreme.
Lenad said on 27/May/09
I'm now betting 55 dollars on a strong 6'1 and 45 dollars on a weak 6'2.
James said on 24/May/09
Hmmm well Steve Martin could have been more a weak 6footer like 5'11.5-5'11.75 at his peak. Even if Steve Martin was a full 6ft back in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Michal Caine looked 187cm in comparison.
Hugh 190cm said on 24/May/09
He looked about 2 inches taller than Martin. Steve Martin was 6ft back then. Caine began shrinking some time in the 90's. He definitely looked all of 6ft2 then aswell. In the Cider House Rules he looked at least 6ft2, more like 6ft2.5. Was only 1-1.5 inches shorter than 6ft4 Delroy Lindo.
James said on 23/May/09
Well to me he looked to be struggling with 6'2 next to Steve Martin and that was in the late 80's.
Hugh 190cm said on 17/May/09
Still looks a solid 6ft1.5 guy. He was a legit 6ft2 in the 60's,70's,80's and early 90's.
Lenad said on 16/May/09
To me Caine was a solid 6'1, MAYBE a weak 6'2
Lenad said on 15/May/09
Alright I admit it. In Alfie he looked 6ft2ish
Lenad said on 11/May/09
Anonymous must be Hugh
Anonymous said on 6/May/09
Most likely 187cm today and 188cm peak.
Lenad said on 3/May/09
I think most likely a weak 6ft1 today like 184-185cm
Anonymous said on 29/Apr/09
Anything less than 6ft1 now or even then for that matter is ridiculous. I buy 6ft1.5 now and 6ft2 peak. Alan Alda is probably a weak 6ft2 nowadays and a strong 6ft2 peak.
Lenad said on 22/Apr/09
For his youth I'd bet 80 dollars on a strong 6'1, 10 dollars on a weak 6'1 and and 10 dollars on a weak 6'2. Never been a solid 6'2 in his whole life
ikbtops said on 21/Apr/09
I've been checking out "Sweet Liberty" stills and Alan Alda is definitely taller than him. Making Caine closer to 6'1" . Alda is built kind of like the Rza and I wouldn't doubt if at his peak if he and Rza were closer to 6'3" out of bed...different beds of course.
Lenad said on 19/Apr/09
Its possible he was a hair under 6'1 at peak but thats the min. A solid 6'1 is most likely for his youth and a weak 6'1 today
adam said on 17/Apr/09
How old are you Hugh?

Caine could have been near 6-2 peak. Nowadays 6-1.
Hugh 190cm said on 10/Apr/09
6ft2 flat no more no less peak and 6ft1.5 now no more no less.
Lenad said on 10/Apr/09
I think 183cm at lowest today. Hugh its dumb to say Caine was 6'2 min at peak and 6'1.5 min now.
Hugh 190cm said on 5/Apr/09
In Alfie and say The Italian Job I see a solid 6ft2 man.
Hugh 190cm said on 4/Apr/09
Lenad how tall would you say Caine is now at the lowest?
Hugh 190cm said on 4/Apr/09
Under 6ft1 peak is outrageous. 6ft2 peak and 6ft1.5 now. Next to Christian Bale in Batman Begins and Dark Knight he still looked 6ft2. 187cm solid now.
Lenad said on 31/Mar/09
There maybe just a chance he was under 6'1 at peak. But thats the min. 184-187. Come on Hugh thats tall.
Hugh 190cm said on 28/Mar/09
187cm now.
Lenad said on 24/Mar/09
185-186cm at peak.
Misha said on 21/Mar/09
Caine just turned 76 a few days ago and has lost at least a substantial inch from his early prime. I think he is probably around 6'0.5" or perhaps 6'0.75", so that adjusting up very slightly to 6'1" is certainly acceptable.

A general observation: I think the unit of measurement at which we begin to notice differences in height seems to be about half an inch. The passionate debating one sometimes sees over a quarter of an inch (i.e., whether Brad Pitt is 5'10.5" or 5'10.75" - we're never going to know and who cares?) is surely pointless and a waste of space.
\-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 22/Feb/09
Pretty Much James. 187cm it is.
Ange said on 22/Feb/09
He didn't look that much shorter than Morgan, but a hair taller than Bale in TDK. This seems legit.
-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 18/Feb/09
My mistake. I think Bale could be a little over 6ft. Clive Owen and Michael Caine looked the same height but it was a different movie. I think 187cm is right for Caine nowadays. Has lost no more than 1cm from his peak height of 6ft2. I think nowadays in the morning Caine could be 188cm.
-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 16/Feb/09
Hold on, Clive Owen was in Get Carter, right? Well maybe Caine looked as low as 6ft1 because he had lost some height anyway. But I still stand by my 187cm claim for Michael. 6ft2 in his prime and a solid 6ft1.5 now. 6ft1 is the lowest.
Hugh said on 10/Feb/09
Next to Clive Owen he could look 6ft2.
Lenad said on 10/Feb/09
He looked 6ft1ish next to Steve Martin. Caine has barely shrunken if you ask me. Look at him next to Clive Owen if you dont believe me.
Hugh said on 10/Feb/09
He's still 187cm. He dropped exactly 1cm.
Lenad said on 9/Feb/09
No less then a strong 183cm and no more than a strong 186cm today. As I said before, Caine still looks at least 6'0 today.
Hugh said on 8/Feb/09
187cm now.
mike said on 7/Feb/09
I worked on the set for batman begins and met Michael. He was 0.5inch smaller than me.I`m 6ft1inch.
Lenad said on 6/Feb/09
6'1 looks right for Caine.
Lenad said on 6/Feb/09
No less than a strong 184 and no more than a strong 187 at peak sounds right.
Lenad said on 4/Feb/09
Looked a solid 6'1 in Get Carter.
Hugh said on 3/Feb/09
6ft2 seems sensible for his peak height. Caine is still close to 6ft2. 187cm.
Hugh said on 2/Feb/09
pretty much.
Lenad said on 31/Jan/09
I'm a solid 177cm most of the day.
Hugh said on 31/Jan/09
I measured at 191.8cm this morning.
Lenad said on 30/Jan/09
Yes James I am 177cm most of the day
josh said on 29/Jan/09
Saw both Michael Caine and Sean Connery at a convention in 1985.Both were the same height 6ft1.5 inch.I was then also 6ft 1.5inch.
Hugh said on 28/Jan/09
Michael Caine 6ft2 188cm.
Sean Connery Connery 6ft2.5 189cm.
Lenad said on 28/Jan/09
I measured meself this morning I was 178.2cm.
Lenad said on 26/Jan/09
Could have been a strong 188cm out of bed. No more than that though. When he said 6'2 more than likely its in shoes or hes rounding up.
Hugh said on 23/Jan/09
It should be Connery 6ft2.5 (189cm) and Caine 6ft2 (188cm)
Josh said on 22/Jan/09
If sean connery connery is 6ft 2 then caine is about 6ft 1. In the film the man who would be king connery looked atleast half an inch to an inch taller.
Lenad said on 22/Jan/09
184cm at the lowest for peak. Likely more than that. A strong 6'1 for his younger days it is.
Hugh said on 19/Jan/09
I buy 188cm peak and 187cm now.
Lenad said on 19/Jan/09
I'm thinking Caine was at minimum a solid 184cm at peak and most likely 6ft1 on the dot. strong 187cm tops. He could have been a strong 188cm out of bed in the morning but no more. I also dont think he has shrunken.
Hugh said on 19/Jan/09
In Alfie, Sleuth, Educating Rita and The Cider House Rules he looked every bit of 6ft2.
Hugh said on 18/Jan/09
Nowadays Caine isn't quite 6ft2. But still close. 187cm.
Hugh said on 18/Jan/09
I think he could've been James. I'd say Big Sam was closer to 6ft3 if not 6ft3. Ben Affkeck is slap-down in between 6ft2 and 6ft3. Kutcher is possibly 190cm.
Lenad said on 15/Jan/09
Caine still looks at least 6'0 today.
Lenad said on 12/Jan/09
183cm lowest nowadays. Hugh what is the highest you can buy for his prime?
Hugh said on 12/Jan/09
Lenad what's the lowest you could buy nowadays for Caine?
Hugh said on 12/Jan/09
I think he's still 6ft1.5. 6ft2 was his peak height.
Lenad said on 11/Jan/09
He was not a full 6'2 ever. He was 187cm at the most. Nevertheless he was obviously a tall man. Likely 6ft1 on the dot. I could probably buy 184cm at the lowest for his peak. He looked like a legit 6ft1 guy in my eyes.
Lenad said on 11/Jan/09
The most he could have been is 187cm. I think 185cm prime and down to 183cm today. He looks similar height to Christian Bale who is probaly 5ft11.5.
Hugh said on 10/Jan/09
He's currently 187cm. 6ft2 in his prime is correct. He looked really tall next to Lawrence Olivier in Sleuth.
Lenad said on 10/Jan/09
187cm is the most Caine could have been. If anything 6ft1 probably is his youth height. No way a full 6ft2 but tall nevertheless.
Lenad said on 9/Jan/09
Rob downgraded his current height to 185cm from 186cm.
Marty said on 8/Jan/09
In The Dark Knight we clearly see Caine walking side-by-side with Bale and they're about the same height ( give or take 1 cm ) so I see Bale at 182 - 183 and Caine at 183 - 184 max !!!! Let's say he's a strong 6 footer while Bale is a weak 6 footer.
Hugh said on 5/Jan/09
C'mon not 185cm, 187cm nowadays.
Hugh said on 31/Dec/08
Caine 188cm peak.
Connery 189cm peak.
Hugh said on 31/Dec/08
6ft2 peak without a doubt. He towered over everyone in The Italian Job, Sleuth, Alfie etc. A solid 6ft2 up until the early-mid 90's.
Hugh said on 30/Dec/08
Currently Caine is 187cm.
Lenad said on 29/Dec/08
There are a few 187cm listings for this guy
Lenad said on 29/Dec/08
I think Caine was strong 185cm weak 186cm in his prime. But he was never a full 6ft2 thats for sure.
Hugh said on 27/Dec/08
Caine is 187cm yoyo. Bale is just over 6ft.
Hugh said on 27/Dec/08
Bale is 184cm and Caine is 187cm.
yoyo said on 24/Dec/08
Christian Bale was 180barely. Caine is only barely 183cm. Watch Children of Men you will notice some scene while 6ft2 Clive Owen with a about 0.5inch(1 to 1.5cm) flat slippers looks a solid 3cm taller than Michael Cain with a good shoe lift(2.5cm to 4cm). if Michael Caine was 6ft1 Clive would be huge like 6ft3 or 6ft3.5. If you put both Clive and Caine stands with braefoot. I truely believe you were see Clive had 2inch over Sir Caine. i"ll say 6ft for the old men.
Lenad said on 17/Dec/08
182cm is dead on for Bale. He doesnt look a strong 6feet.
Lenad said on 10/Dec/08
To tell you the truth James, 182cm for Christian Bale looks closer to the truth.
Hugh said on 8/Dec/08
No Caine was actually about 1-2 inches taller than Cage.
steve said on 8/Dec/08
If hes 186 cm why Nicolas cage quoted at 183 cm, looks the same height of him ?
Hugh said on 6/Dec/08
Caine was a legit 6ft2 at his peak. He's now 6ft1.5 (187cm).
Hugh said on 3/Dec/08
I think he's 187cm today.
anonymous said on 3/Dec/08
6 foot max.
Hugh said on 2/Dec/08
I can't see Christian Bale shorter than 6ft.
Hugh said on 27/Nov/08
I think he was 188cm peak. He towered over everyone in the Italian Job. Could've sworn I saw 6ft3 in Educating Rita! I think 187cm is his current height.
Lenad said on 25/Nov/08
Peak. I think 6'1.25 should be his peak height.In the man who would be king I remember him being marginally shorter than Sean Connery. But Michael Caine was never a full 6'2 thats for sure.
Hugh said on 23/Nov/08
Lenad, Peak or now.
Lenad said on 22/Nov/08
I can buy 187cm at the highest.
Hugh said on 6/Nov/08
Caine always looked like a legit 6ft2 guy to me when he was younger. These days he is shorter. Say 187cm?
Tubbs said on 27/Oct/08
I think Caine is about 6'1" these a show he did with Roger Moore a couple of weeks back, Roger looked to edge him in all the shots they had together.
Lenad said on 17/Oct/08
He was more 6'1 than 6'2.
nicole said on 14/Oct/08
Think too that Frazier is tall guy 191cm is possible.
Ray said on 14/Oct/08
Someone held a measuring tape up against him....hardly very accurate
Ray said on 13/Oct/08
Well Hugh, Fraser admitted to being 6'2". So Rob says. Also, I have a feeling Caine is the type to wear lifts.
Hugh said on 12/Oct/08
Caine did only look an inch at the most shorter than Brendan Fraser (6ft3) in The Quiet American. He towered over everyone in the Italian Job and Sleuth.
Hugh said on 10/Oct/08
I think 187cm is Caine's height nowadays. He looked half an inch shorter than Morgan Freeman in Batman Begins. I can definately buy 6ft2 for Caine in his prime. No more than that though.
Ray said on 10/Oct/08
I agree James on Connery but Caine in my opinion was a flat 6'1" peak. Possibly 187 cm straight out of bed.
Hugh said on 9/Oct/08
6ft2 was his height without a doubt.
ozzy osborne said on 7/Oct/08
well ime a bout 5'11" and when i met him once we were about the same hieght but i was wearing air force ones so hes probly about 6'0"-6'1" but hes lost a lot of hieght
Hugh said on 6/Oct/08
True but that doesn't mean he's talking about his peak height. He could be talking about his height nowadays. Aswell you don't need to be freakishly tall to downplay your height. For example Josh Holloway of Lost claims 6ft1 as his height and is listed as 6ft1 here but is clearly the same height as Matthew Fox whose a legit 6ft2. Hugh Jackman is another guy who downplays his height.
Hugh said on 5/Oct/08
I think he was nearer to 6ft3 when he was younger. He's probably just downplaying his height a bit.
Hugh said on 4/Oct/08
Actually James there is a source on Click Here where Connery says he's 6ft2 then pauses and admits he's 'actually' 6ft1.5.
Hugh said on 25/Sep/08
But was measured barefoot at 6ft2.5 during his bodybuilding years.
Ray said on 23/Sep/08
Sorry to go on about Sean on Caine's page but Sean has said himself he was 6'1.5" (in his prime). Why can't people accept that ?
Hugh said on 10/Sep/08
If Connery is under 6ft2 then so is Julian Glover and Hackman. He was taller than them.
Hugh said on 9/Sep/08
If you're 6ft1 and up you don't need to wear lifts.
Hugh said on 8/Sep/08
I know. It's stupid. Michael is still a tall guy. He doesn't need to wear lifts. He still looks near 6ft2. About 6ft1.5 now.
nicole said on 4/Sep/08
Yes, in this scene he looked 5ft11.Funny James, thougt also in this direction cause the slight lifts in case of Michael.
nicole said on 3/Sep/08
That`s really a good point, James. Hm, with Christian Bale`s height i`m not sure.Sometimes in photos and films he looks 5ft11inch, than 6ft or more. Really difficult case.Maybe Caine was in his youth 187cm and yet 184cm ? In Sean Connerys case was i evertime sure he was near 189cm peak height, but Frank2 and my goodfather Ben saw this men and the and i trust them because the came to the same result.
Gonzalo said on 3/Sep/08
Frank2, did you work in Get Carter? How was that possible since that movie was shot in the UK? What did you do exactly?
I guess Tubbs is interested in that too, aren
nicole said on 1/Sep/08
Hey James, my brother (6ft2inch) and a friend of him(6ft) were going to Tom a man who makes short films. He shows us the tricks with the effects and how you can make the people looks taller in the film and in photos and shorter in height. I was very surprised when both guys looks like the same height after that but there is a difference in reality of two inches!
nicole said on 1/Sep/08
Frank2, it`s me once again. Did you ever met Pierce Brosnan?
Frank2 said on 31/Aug/08
Not when I saw and spoke with Connery in 1999. He was about six feet. Never saw Bale in person so I can't comment. But remember that judging heights watching movies is not really a very accurate method. I've been on many film sets.

Think of it this way. The average frame of a movie has an aspect ratio of 1.85-1. It's shaped more like a letterbox. Some films are exhibited in 2.35-1 which is wider. So you're a cameraman. You look into the reflex finder and notice that given the shooting angle the director wants, there's no way to keep two actor's heads in the frame. To fix this, one actor is elevated using perhaps a board or even a box. This really has nothing to do with trying to make a short actor appear tall. It has to do with framing.
Frank2 said on 30/Aug/08
Peter O'Toole was at his peak, 6'1". Kennedy was 6'4". No question. But Caine was 6'1". I worked on a film he did called GET CARTER. His publicity sheet read 6'1". In person he looked to be two inches taller than me. I can buy Hackman at 6'2". He's tall. Connery could have been 6'2" when he was young, but today he barely makes it to an even 6'.
Hugh said on 29/Aug/08
Here's how I see it.

Caine:6ft2 peak, 6ft1.5 now.
Connery:6ft2.5 peak, 6ft2 now.
Hackman:6ft2.5 peak, 6ft2 now.
Kennedy:6ft4.5 peak, 6ft4 now.
O'toole:6ft3 peak, 6ft2 now.
Just a couple of elderly actors who I think have maintained most of their height.
Hugh said on 29/Aug/08
Here's how I see it.

Caine:6ft2 peak, 6ft1.5 now.
Connery:6ft2.5 peak, 6ft2 now.
Hackman:6ft3 peak, 6ft2-6ft2.25 now.
Kennedy:6ft4.5 peak, 6ft4 now.

Just a couple of elderly actors who I think have maintained most of their height.
Hugh said on 28/Aug/08
Micahel was a legit 6ft2 in his prime. He's now a solid 6ft1.5.
Frank2 said on 27/Aug/08
I have it on DVD. In some shots there's hardly any difference and I mean wide angles where we can see their feet. Martin isn't wearing lifts. In other shots, Caine does look about two inches taller. Split the difference.
Frank2 said on 26/Aug/08
Caine appeared to be an inch taller than 5'11" Steve Martin in DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS.
Frank2 said on 24/Aug/08
Yes, I did. One day when I was in Beverly Hills I spotted him in a posh men's store. I walked up and said hell. He was nice, but loaded! I mean really three sheets to the wind! He looked to me at that time to be my height, possibly slightly taller. This was back in the early 1990s so he could have lost some height. I think his peak was somewhere between 6' and 6'1". At the time he was living in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.
nicole said on 23/Aug/08
Thank you for the answer, Frank 2.Did you ever met Roger Moore?
Frank2 said on 21/Aug/08

I met Connery back when he starred in ENTRAPMENT at Fox. At that time he was around 69 years old and looked like he was 6' or an inch taller than me. I think 6'1" to 6'2" peak height.
nicole said on 18/Aug/08
That`s good that you are back Frank 2. In your opinion how tall was Sean Connery in his youth? 6ft seems correct for Michael.
Frank2 said on 14/Aug/08
Peak height was 6'1". Today he's about six even. He looked about an inch taller than 5'11" Steve Martin in DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS.

Never go by what an actor says or his publicity claims. Back when Caine came to Hollywood, he stated when he met Anthony Quinn, he towered over him and was surprised how short he was. That's bull 'cause Quinn was at least 6' possibly 6'1".
genekra said on 2/Aug/08
Just watching Escape to Victory. funny noon else mentions this as a great Caine movie. Stallone must be wearing HUGE heels
Eddie said on 1/Aug/08
i agree michael isn't 6ft 2in anymore. in the dark knight he and christian bales's heights are really close.
Mr. R said on 1/Aug/08
This is pretty close. He has described himself as hitting 6-2 at 14 years old. He has definitely lost an inch or so.
DTA said on 1/Aug/08
I'd say he had an inch tops on 6'0" Christian Bale in the Dark Knight. You get a good shot of them as they walk out of the "secret chamber" later in the movie. It alway surprises me what a small frame Bale has, he definately doesn't fit the mesomorphic bodytype of the stereotypical batman. He's more of an ectomorph who tried to bulk up a bit
alfredmcluvian said on 1/Aug/08
On every photo from the premiere of The Dark Knight Chrisitan Bale looks shorter than Caine. Therefore, it's reasonable to give sir Michael Caine 6'1.
Regards, mates
Anonymous said on 18/Jul/08
Peak height was 6'1, now about 6'0
Margherita said on 16/Jul/08
Oh no he has shrunk considerably and is now 6 feet tall. Christian Bale is the same height.
Valeri said on 15/Jul/08
6'1.25 fits perfectly with the new dark knight premiere group shots...caine is at least 1.25 incehs taller than bale. and i think bale is a legit 6ft,not mroe thoguh,considering caiens height and that aaron eckhart look only 1-1.5in shorter
Gerry Attrich said on 13/Jul/08
In "Billion Dollar Brain" Michael Caine (probably his peak height) looks slightly shorter than Karl Malden (stated at 6'1") in most scenes. In "Birdman of Alcatraz" Karl Malden (probably HIS peak height) looks shorter than Burt Lancaster (also stated at 6'1"). Of course, it's anyone's guess how high the heels were.
Anonymous said on 12/Jul/08
looked 6 ft 1 max next to jay leno
Hugh said on 20/Jun/08
I think he was a solid 188cm at his peak. I still think he's near 6ft2. 187cm?
dmeyer said on 29/May/08
looks 6 ft 0.25 to 6 ft 0.5 in but to me he is 6 ft 1
dmeyer said on 29/May/08
looks 6 ft 0.25 to 6 ft 0.5 in
GUK said on 5/May/08
I was watching Dirty Rotten Scoundrels the other day and Martin is only 1 to 1.5 inches shorter, and in some scenes Martin has converse type pumps on. In many scenes you can see them full length and often caine has the heel advantage. I can't see how Caine was 6ft 2, I think he boasted his height by 1 inch.
glenn said on 18/Apr/08
i saw it twice in the theatre.
glenn said on 17/Apr/08
deathtrap.great movie.1981 i think.
glenn said on 16/Apr/08
some say reeve was least that was what i read in the media circa early 80s.he did look 6-4 min.
Ray said on 15/Apr/08
I think Nicole is bang on the money. Caine never looked 6'2" to me. He did a film with Christopher Reeve and he looked 3 inches shorter. I believe he was 6'1". He looked an inch taller than Cage (5'11")in Weatherman so he's probably shrunk down to 6'.
nicole said on 7/Apr/08
For me Michael was never 6ft2inch tall, because he is always smaller in the films and photos then Sean Connery half inch. So for Michael 6ft 1inch and for Sean 6ft 1.5 inch peak height.But yes it`s very difficult to find the true. Both are tall.
dmeyer said on 23/Mar/08
if he is less then 186 then we have a problem since he is noticably taller than cage and bale who are both 6 ft
Anonymous KinG said on 23/Mar/08
in Children of men looks 3,4cm lower 6ft1.5 clive owen.. he can't be taller than 184 at most.. thats a scene clive owen wears a flat(1cm)slipper beside cain with an inch or unknown height footwear.. looks obviously 1in taller..
dmeyer said on 21/Mar/08
188 peak 186 now he havnt lost mush condering he is 175 by that age average is 4 cm loss ,guy like willis and travolta look to have lost about 2 cm in early 50s
Gonzalo said on 12/Mar/08
I saw him in his film with Nicole Kidman and he looked clearly taller, 6-7 cms. He was at that time around 1`85
Anonymous king said on 10/Mar/08
cain beside 6ft4 director philip noyce looks a solid 4in shorter than him.. his no more than 6foot.. does look 6ft1 with shoes..
EB said on 6/Mar/08
saw him in a movie with joaquin pheonix and he was at least 6 inches taller than him
Ivan 6'2.25 said on 6/Feb/08
6'1.75 possible now look at least 6'1
Anonymous said on 26/Jan/08
he looks around 6'0 flat.
dmeyer said on 13/Jan/08
186 cm fits him good 188 peak
Anonymous said on 12/Jan/08
looks 6'0.5
Robbie H said on 12/Jan/08
6'1 is right for him, he looks an inch taller than christian bale in batman begins who is 6ft
Greg said on 2/Jan/08
I agree Valeri. Caine had two inches on Jude and was wearing shoes with a bigger heal than Caine. Thus, Jude is somehwere between 5'10" and 5'11". I would say about 5'10.5" like you said.
Valeri said on 17/Nov/07
Caine looks 6'1 max nowadays. Looks 6'0.5-6'1 next to Fraser and also next to 6'2 Clive Owen.he looked 6'1 next to Owen,but Owen had slippers so caine had half an inch advantage over him.That puts him at 6'0.5 again.Im sure Caine was 6'1.5 back at peak,rounding up to 6'2 and now rounding up to 6.1.Pretty much like Brosnan is doing.6'0.5 during Bond. That makes me question Jude Law again,since caine had at elast 2 inches on him.Law might be 5'10.5
tubbs said on 29/Oct/07
Interesting picture Gonzalo. Personally to me Caine looks 6'2" next to Jmaes Stewart and Wayne, what also is interesting is the fact that Lee Marvin looks 6'3" next to Clint, and Mitchum looks 6'2". A very tall ensemble of actors in that picture. On the subject of Jackman though, if you go on Michael Caines official website, there are several pictures where he is the same as Jackman. I still believe Michael is touching the 6'2" mark.
Gonzalo said on 15/Oct/07
Hi , Tubbs.
I saw the prestige the other day and Caine looked tall next to Hugh Jackamn who is a legit 1`89.
In the John Wayne page I posted this link
Click Here
You can see Caine next to John Wayne, James Stewart and other tall actors. Caine looks clearly shorter. That can help to forget any idea of Caine being 1`90. Caine was in his heyday around 1`87
tubbs said on 11/Oct/07
People are forgetting that most men in their mid 70's have a stoop, it is quite obvious with Caine. Even with the stoop he looks 6'1+, this is evident in The Prestige opposite Jackman at 6'2.5", and 6ft Bale. In a couple of shots where Caine straightens up he is virtually the same as Jackman, with no more than half an inch between them.
Also on the extras of Zulu, James Booth commented that Caine was very tall, this coming from a 6'2" guy himself, if Caine was 6'1", I doubt that Booth would say that he was very tall. Was a genuine 6'2", and I think there is a good chance he still is.
Mr.Venable said on 4/Sep/07
In "The Black Windmill" Sir Michael's passport said that he was 6'2 . Being a huge fan of him and having seen a lot of his movies I can tell he always looked that height .
patrick said on 2/Aug/07
Mr Caine looks only 184cm beside 188cm tall clive owen who wear a half inch slipper in movie children Of Men..
sam said on 18/Jul/07
The difference between Caine and Fraser looked less than that in the movie. More like 1.5 inches.
16 yrs and 5"10 said on 18/Jul/07
in this pic Click Here
he looks about 2.5 inches shorter than brandon fraser who is 6"3 so he must be about 6"0.5 tall
dmeyer said on 10/Jun/07
dose look 186 cm in that pic he hasnt shrink mush from 188 cm he was noticably taller than cage maybe he is 6'1.5 now
AAAA said on 20/May/07
Yeah, but at the picture I posted on april 15. They look almost identical
tubbs said on 18/May/07
Anyone else seen Shadow Run with Leslie Grantham, Tim Healy and James Fox? Why Caine did it I don't know....
glenn said on 18/May/07
yes.ol shell toe.
Editor Rob said on 17/May/07
Caine does look a few inches closer than glenn there, maybe gaining a fraction, you in shelltoe again?
glenn said on 16/May/07
thats cool.i not a blockbuster guy.i like em to a point,and do watch em.but try to avoid them.i never watched those damon borne interest.give me 70s and 80s movies anyday.i see cgi got to die hard 4 now.not a fan of cgi.
glenn said on 16/May/07
he seemed like he shrunk to 6ft.i got 2.first one im not looking in,which is rare.i was trying to get someone to get my dressed to kill dvd out of my bag to get signed.had to go back the second night.thankfully he didnt care.he can be difficult i movies in the paper rob? i have zulu too.

[Editor Rob: yes, I have a ton of free dvd's from newspapers over the years, ok they aren't blockbusters, lot of old stuff, but I ain't complaining. Some of the old guff I can watch more than recent 'average' blockbusters.]
glenn said on 16/May/07
jaws 4.ooof.the swarm wasnt too good either but i saw it in the theatre back in 1978 or whenever it came out.

[Editor Rob: yeah, he's been in a right few of the 'best' british films, italian job/zulu/get carter/alfie...I forget how much he's done. I saw ipcress file and fourth protocol, those were freebies from the newspaper. Actually got about 500+ free dvd's from papers/magazines in last 5 years.]
Gonzalo said on 16/May/07
Great actor. His best movie is Sleuth, one of the best ever made. What`s your guess with Caine, Glenn? Around 6`1?
Anthony said on 15/May/07
"lots to not forget about."

"Jaws 4" is an exception. Still need to see a lot of his older stuff, though.
glenn said on 15/May/07
dirty rotten was one of his best.true.
Lmeister said on 15/May/07
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is one of my favorites and of course Batman Begins...
glenn said on 15/May/07
lots to not forget about.he was in at least 100 movies.
glenn said on 14/May/07
one of my favorites.dressed to kill.alfie.get carter.the swarm.

[Editor Rob: and secondhand lions, don't forget that one!!! ;)]
roy said on 30/Apr/07
I saw a pic of christian bale only 6ft and micheal caine and caine looks 2 inches smaller
AAAA said on 15/Apr/07
Maybe he is still a full 6'2. He looks pretty much the same as Owen here

Click Here
AAAA said on 8/Apr/07
He didn't really look shortrer than Clive Owen in CHildren of Men. In the beginning when clive still had shoes, and not flip flops, they looked real close in height. I am surpised caine is still this big
Anonymous said on 5/Apr/07
in zulu and the ipcress file he looked a few inches shorter than nigel green. if green was the 6'4 he was listed as(and looked) this would make caine 6'2 in the 60s
tubbs said on 16/Mar/07
I have to agree with P Smith....Caine looked like 6'3" in educating Rita, so 6'2" easily for Maurice.
P. Smith said on 20/Jan/07
Yeah, I think Caine was atleast 6-2 in the 80s (if not taller). I just watching "The Hand" and he literally looked gigantic. If someone asked me to guess his height in the film id of said 6-3 atleast.
Gonzalo said on 4/Dec/06
It is a pity Frank2 doensn´t post anymore. He made interesting comments. But he was a little bit haughty; he had a hard time accepting other people`s point of view. Anyway, take care, Frank2, I will miss your contribution to the site.
Refering to Caine, I stick to 1`87 in his youth and 1`85 nowadays
Mikex. said on 17/Nov/06
I was never to sure about Frank2 myself, tubbs. While his statements sometimes seemed a bit far fetched he also appeared to have a lot of insider knowledge about the stars. Was he for real, I don't know. As for Caine he was certainly a tall man. At least 6'1'' and maybe 6'2'' as he himself states. I've seen a photo of him in a John Wayne book where there a number of stars such as Clint Eastwood, Rock Hudson, Lee Marvin and of course Wayne himself. Caine looks a fair bit shorter than Wayne, Eastwood and Hudson all of whom were 6'4'' and Hudson maybe even taller. He also appears shorter than 6'2'' Lee Marvin in the photo although it is hard to be sure as they are not standing next to each other. Maybe Frank2 was right about Caine being 6'1'' afterall.
inbigins said on 14/Nov/06
I worked with Michael Caine on the Actors and he is 6ft 1in he was just turning 69 and looked it aswell but you can see he was taller in his youth.
tubbs said on 14/Oct/06
how is anyone supposed to believe anthing this Frank2 guy ever said. Why would someone who say's they worked for NBC or whatever it was be working on a British movie, filmed mainly in Newcastle, and never outside of Durham. Surely this goes to show this guy was living on fantasy island. What happened to him? Was it another case of McFly? - On the subject of Caine's height, he looked about the same as Clive Owen in Children of Men - 6'1.5" still possible for him.

[Padraig: From what I understand he claimed to be in editing or some technical aspect of movies. Possibly he meant worked, as in, dealt with negatives or some other aspect for its American Release?]
don said on 9/Sep/06
he is still about 2 inches taller then cage in the weather man, maybe cage is 5'11?
Picture said on 27/Apr/06
Brett, is right, in the early 90s Caine did still look a legitimate 6 ft 2.
The last 5 years it seems that Caine has losed some height.
Frank2 said on 26/Apr/06
Back when I worked on Get Carter (the original, not the crappy remake) I asked the fellow who was working on it with me who had been on the set how tall Caine was and he said 6'1". Then I read it in several publications. In fact I remember Caine himself saying in some interview that when he worked with Anthony Quinn who he had thought of as being at least 6'3" he was quite surprised to discover that Quinn was slightly shorter than him and Caine stated he was about 6'1". Then within the last few years I've started seeing Caine listed as being 6'2". Maybe in twenty more years he'll be listed at 6'4" and then a new batch of goofballs with more time on their hands than they should have like all of us will be arguing that he was just 6'2".

I can tell you that when he did Dirty Rotten Scoundrels he was only an inch to an inch and a half taller than 5'11" Steve Martin who I've met and can confirm his height without reservation. We were eye-to-eye the same height.
Brett said on 25/Apr/06
In that movie with him and Steven Segal, He really doesnt seem more then 1.5 - 2inches max shorter then Segal, although he has visibly large heels on throughout the whole movie. Im sure he was 6'2" back in the day
Gonzalo said on 30/Mar/06
Caine always looks tall in his movies. I guess he was around 1`87 when he was young and I think he hasn`t shrunk much. He must be 1`85 nowadays.
John said on 9/Dec/05
Connery was for sure never above 6'2.
Mario Nariano said on 8/Dec/05
Wich doctor in the world is gonna measure a guy with shoes on? And it's strange that they measure the other guys without shoes, but Connery with shoes, especialy for such important contest. And it's funny that Connery looks 2 inches taller than a guy who is at least 6 ft.

hmmmm, are you serious?
Tubbs said on 8/Dec/05
Another event that you were at was it?
Mario Nariano said on 8/Dec/05
McFly, do you think that poeple is stupid?
He was measured by the doctors of the Mr Universe Contest, they are always accurate in those places, even by 0.1 inch.
Mario Nariano said on 7/Dec/05
Connery was measured at 6 ft 2.5, so face it, you can´t negate this.
Connery looks old in the most recent pics but he is still over 6 ft 1, probably 6 ft 1.5

And I agree with Brett that Caine nowedays for sure not under the 6 ft 1 mark.
Brett said on 7/Dec/05
He cant be less then 6'1", he is taller then Chris Bale by over an inch, its damn obvious that hes 6'1" plus
Mario Nariano said on 5/Dec/05
The camera is at Caine's favor in some scenes and also in some scenes it's at Connerys favor. Still there are some scenes wich are good, and wich Connery is slighty taller than Caine and both are standing next to each other.

a 6 ft height for Connery is funny..
Tubbs said on 2/Dec/05
Frank, i watched The Man Who Would be King recently, and Connery is between 1/2 to 1 inch taller than Caine. The only scenes where Caine appears taller is where Connery is wearing very thin soled sandals, and Michael is in army boots. Theres no denying Michael was 6'2" peak height, it just leads me to beleive that Sean was the 6'2.5 possibly 6'3" that he's been listed as over the years.
Mario Nariano said on 29/Sep/05
I think that Caine rounded himself up when he was young. I watched last night The Man who would be a king and he looks 2/3 cm shorter than Sean Connery who was at that time 189 cm! So I say 187 cm was probably is peak height.
mcfan said on 22/Sep/05
Caine doesn't look 6'2 anymore, but he's still tall at 6'1.
JJ said on 8/Jun/05
Yes, at his peak Caine was 6'2" - an inch shorter than his good buddy Sean Connery as you can see in their great film "The Man Who Would Be King". Interestingly though, Michael only seems to have lost an inch in his old age compared to Sean who's lost two. So they're both now the same height at 6'1".
Lmeister said on 3/May/05
...if Ewan would really be 5'10'' or 5'11'' Michael wouldn't have said him in the list of short guys...It really doesn't make any sence that he'd be more than 5'9'' same goes for Colin Farrell...
CelebHeights Editor said on 3/May/05
This is an old quote from the WENN by Michael Caine: "I think Ewan McGregor, Stephen Dorff, Joaquin Phoenix, Ryan Phillippe and Tobey Maguire are wonderful actors. There are many other fine actors in Hollywood. But... I've never seen a tall one. It seems to me that there's a generation of very talented small people... maybe they are more ambitious because they are more angry because they are short"
Anonymous said on 26/Apr/05
In most pics of the 70 and also in the movie The man who would be a king, he looked like an inch smaller than Connery, but maybe was Connery 6'3 as some poeple say.

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